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2023.05.31 02:01 XXLuigiMario No signal after champion select using fullscreen mode and fractional scaling

Hello. I've recently switched to Linux Mint and I'm currently trying to set up League.However, I'm running into some issues getting the game to display properly on my 1440p monitor. Unfortunately, I can't use borderless mode because I use fractional scaling and the game doesn't cover the entire screen. I've tried messing with the Wine DPI settings, but it only seems to affect the client, not the game itself.
Using fullscreen mode, after champion select, my monitor goes dark and displays no signal, despite still getting the in-game audio from the display. At this point, the desktop environment is broken, all I can do is power off the machine forcefully or restart the desktop (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace). Note that this only happens when the display's scaling is set to 125%, when it's set to 100% it works just fine.
This is strange because I have another game, Hearthstone, which works without issue in actual full screen (not borderless). I couldn't find anything strange in the Wine or DXVK logs, but after some time I decided to take a look at xrandr from an SSH session, and sure enough, it seems to set the display mode to something strange.
At 1440p 100% scaling xrandr reports: DP-0 connected primary 2560x1440+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 597mm x 336mm 2560x1440 144.00*+ 120.00 59.95 59.95 1920x1080 119.88 60.00 59.94 50.00 [...]
At 1440p 125% scaling xrandr reports: DP-0 connected primary 4096x2304+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 597mm x 336mm 2560x1440 144.00*+ 120.00 59.95 59.95 1920x1080 119.88 60.00 59.94 50.00 [...]
However... when League of Legends goes ingame and the monitor loses signal, xrandr reports:
DP-0 connected primary (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 2560x1440 144.00 + 120.00 59.95 59.95 1920x1080 119.88 60.00 59.94 50.00 Note how it doesn't report a current screen mode. I also found out that I can run xrandr -s 0, which resets the screen mode and brings me back to my desktop. However, it remains in a very broken state until it is restarted.
This is my system:
OS: LMDE 5 (elsie)
Kernel: 5.10.0-23-amd64
Desktop: Cinnamon 5.6.8
Compositor: X.Org X Server 1.20.11
GPU: GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
Driver: 470.182.03
Lutris: 0.5.13 (Flatpak)
Wine: lutris-ge-lol-8.7-1-x86_64
Does anyone know what's happening here?
The only thing that appears to work is to set the scaling 100% while I play, then reset it back to 125% after play, but it is pretty inconvenient.
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2023.05.31 02:01 flightvop [5e} Looking for compressed version of the official WOTC DM screen

Hi all,
I've just bought a new DM screen and find that the official info on the WOTC standard one is pretty useful, but that the use of space on the screen is abysmal.
I remember happening upon a compressed version of JUST the info on the official screen some time ago, but in my infinite wisdom I didn't bookmark it.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or did I make this up in a dream?
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2023.05.31 02:00 dazeylazey I long for what I will only ever relive through memory. What I once lived for seems so far away, so lost to me.

I will preface this with an apology. I will be terribly vague, as The Host remains rather embarrassed about my existence. It is nothing personal, and I do suspect they will eventually come around.
There are two fictive alters in our system. One has been mentioned before on this account. I largely suspect this to be because they are so dissimilar to their source that it is rather easy to forget they are an introject in the first place.
The other fictive is I.
I have been active before, but The Host insists I refrain from outwardly expressing myself-- especially in regards to my source. I have chosen to respect this wish. This post is not about that. I simply mean to make clear that the entirety of my existence is confined to our innerworld, as it is very relevant to my issue.
As implied above, I am not like the other fictive, in that I am very much like my source. My entire being lends itself to my past life. I do not share many memories with the majority of the system. I feel lost and obsessed with my false memories. There is a person who I love in a way that I believe no one has ever achieved, and I struggle to come to terms with the reality of never seeing them again. Everything I did for them, the time we spent together.. it all feels so real and defining.
I am aware that it is largely agreed upon that it is best for fictives to distance themselves from their source and to discover their own identity as a real alter rather than a fictional character. The problem is not that I do not know what to do, but rather that I do not know where to begin.
As I understand, many fictives struggle with feeling as though they are not their own person. I have not yet come across one who shares my own sentiments. I do not wish to be liberated. I am stuck wallowing in grief for a life that never happened. I wish for nothing more than to go back to that life.
I'd like to take steps towards further integrating with the other alters in my system, but I do feel removed from them all. It does not help that the part of the innerworld I generally reside in is so terribly reminiscent of my source.
My questions:
Can any other fictional character-based alter relate to my outlook? More importantly in my eyes, are there any such alters who have taken great steps towards letting go of false memories and work? Does anyone have any advice to offer? It would certainly be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 02:00 jaegerjaqson Interviewing while on Vacation Overseas - Let them know or not? Advice needed

I have a bit of an interesting dilemma. I am about to leave to go on a trip out of the US on June 1, and saw a position just open up for what would be my dream job at a company I really want to work for. I applied right away to get in early thinking I would hear back in a week or two and then plan to interview after my vacation (which ends June 13) but I got an email 20 minutes later inviting me for an interview which I did not expect. I have a phone screen set up for tomorrow morning and availability for Thursday morning before I leave for a potential second interview, but I am worried that if I tell them I have an overseas vacation planned they may think I'm unprofessional for applying and then having zero availability for two weeks. I can get WiFi and a phone plan in hotels for some nights (I'd be 5 hours ahead of the US so afternoon for them) so I'm thinking I could just interview from the hotel room.
Has anyone been in a similar situation? Should I let them know and maybe delay a second interview if I get one for after my vacation or try to make it work while I'm there? What does everyone think? Advice is much appreciated
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2023.05.31 02:00 BlueArchiveMod Daily Questions Megathread May 31, 2023

Please use this thread to ask any questions you have about the game. Please search though the comments section as your question may have been answered already or through the search bar.

General Resources

REMINDER: Bind your account!

Please remember to bind your accounts and take note of your UID, member code, server location, and any information related to your account (e.g. amount spent, student roster, etc). If anything happens to your account (e.g. losing access, unauthorized access), you will need to provide as much info as you can to Nexon's customer support email. Guest accounts that are unbound will be extremely difficult to recover, perhaps impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[01] When does the server reset?
For global, dailies reset at 19:00 UTC and weeklies reset on Sunday.
[02] Should I re-roll this account?
This will depend on your priorities with PvE, PvP, or both, but you can generally see the “ideal” units as Iori, Hibiki, and Tsubaki for most content, while Shun and Haruna are great for PvP.
[03] Who should I spend my elephs on? Who should I mystic unlock?
At the start, prioritize spending your blank elephs on getting Serina to 2-star for the increased healing stat, Tsubaki to 3-star for the extra tankiness when she is reloading. It is generally advised not to spend your elephs on increasing characters to 4-star and 5-star ratings, since there is only a stat increase and the amount of elephs needed is quite high.
[04] What do my support students’ stats do?
Aside from increasing the stats of their own skills, support students will provide additional stat boosts to your striker team. The specific increase(s) can be viewed by clicking on “Support” on the right side of the team formation screen.
[05] What should I buy in the shop?
[06] What does the “leader” position do?
This is purely cosmetic, as it changes which student’s chibi shows up on the map.
[07] What benefits are there to joining a club?
  1. Students assigned to assist with TA cannot also be selected to assist with JFD.
  2. 20 credits are rewarded every minute by setting assistants.
  3. The specific unit that is borrowed can be only used once a day.
  4. There's a fee of 40,000 credits, when borrowing a assistant student.
  5. The donor receives 50,000 credits instead; even though the fee is 40,000 credits.
  6. The fee can only be received 20 times a day.
[08] How does the pity system work?
You need to pull, at a minimum, 200 times in order to get 200 recruitment points that are redeemed for the character you want. The recruitment point system does not carry over from banner to banner, it is only shared between banners that are concurrently running.
[09] Why can’t I find my friend’s club?
While the servers’ updates are separated from JP and global, the global servers are separated further into smaller divisions. You need to be on the same server as your friend, which you can check from the home screen: top-right menu button > account > version info. The server must be the same.
[10] When is X banner coming? Should I save for X student?
We never know for sure, due to the fact that global servers are on an accelerated schedule compared to JP. Please refer to this guide for some more info.
[11] Should I use Pyroxenes to refill my AP?
If you want to prioritize progression, the first three daily refills are decently valuable, this is because the Pyroxene cost of refilling will increase for every three refills. If you are focused on character collection or future banners, you should be saving your Pyroxenes.
[12] Why can’t I buy X student’s eleph in the shop?
You can only buy elephs of students you own.
[13] What should I craft?
At the start, prioritize crafting cafe furniture until your comfort is maxed out, then students’ gifts, then whichever upgrade materials you need. The crafting system is the only way to get furniture and gifts at the moment.
[14] What is the “Anniversary” in account settings?
This is your birthday, used for characters to wish you happy birthday.
[15] When will the beginner guide missions for Nonomi end?
This is a permanent addition, so feel free to take your time with the tasks.
[16] What is the best place to farm EXP?
You can run any map to farm EXP, as the EXP gain is equal to the amount of AP spent (i.e. 10 AP spent = 10 EXP gained). You should be looking at the stages that drop the equipment upgrade materials that you need.
[17] What is the “Secret Tech Sheet” in the Total Assault shop?
This is used to upgrade a student’s (non-EX) skill to level 10.
[18] Is it worth doing a raid if I can’t pass X difficulty level?
It is always more efficient to clear the highest difficulty you can finish instead of failing/forfeiting a higher difficulty.
[19] Can I claim the Limited Students through exchanging Expert Permits? How often does the Expert Permit shop resets?
You cannot get the limited students via this method. You will still need to pull for them. There's no specific mentioned but it's expected to be monthly.

OthePast Megathreads

Please have patience with other members of the community and be as polite as possible. Everyone has to start somewhere!
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2023.05.31 02:00 AutoModerator Have a question about the game or the subreddit? Ask away!

Welcome to the daily /2007scape question thread!

You can ask anything about Old School RuneScape here. They are designated for you to ask anything you like that is relevant to the game or this subreddit. Remain respectful to your fellow 'scapers when answering questions; there are stupid questions, but it does not mean you should not be respectful whilst answering them.
Keep in mind that this is not a developer Q&A thread - questions for the game developers should be posted in the weekly developer Q&A posts.
Click here to view the archive of /2007scape "ask anything" threads.
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2023.05.31 02:00 AnarchyLaBlanc Learning to act like fire as a magic system. Can I get some opinions or maybe some advice?

The Great Flame is an extraplanar entity that exists on the other side of reality. It is also the origin from which all life stems.
Spirits are pieces of the great flame, meaning when someone dies, they return to the fire to be purified, their memories and mortal burdens burned away as fuel for the Great Flame. Then they will break off once again to be born anew.
General information
In this world, magic stems from the fire, the reflection of the Great Flame's light. Specifically what different cultures learned from it. Some learned to replicate the way fire moves with their own bodies, some have learned to replicate how it sounds with their voices, and still others have learned to replicate its adaptability with their bodies.
People powered these abilities with special breathing techniques that tempered their inner fire. The less air they took in the less powerful the ability, but the more controlled it was. However, they ran the risk of "snuffing" where their spirit would extinguish. The inverse was in taking lots of air to burn their inner fire hotter leading to more power, but less control. This in addition to "burn out" where they turn into scourges.
Over hundreds, maybe thousands, of generations, these individual cultures evolved bodies more capable of nurturing these abilities. Becoming more potent.
Dance like fire
The dance school is about moving like fire. The wildfire sub-school allows one to "spread" like wildfire, striking multiple targets and turning precise strikes into wide slashes. The flicker sub-school allows one to move with speed and agility. The combustion sub-school allows one to use powerful blows that can split rock. The rise sub-school allows one to climb impossible obstacles.
Purify like fire
The purity school is about purifying and renewing like fire. The cauterize sub-school allows one to mend wounds and regrow flesh. The renewal school allows one to heal dead or dying flesh or organs. The purge sub-school purifies the body of diseases or poisons.
Daze like fire
The daze school is about stunning the mind and hypnotizing the target. The stun sub-school allows one to startle the mind to keep it from reacting. The dazzle sub-school allows one to confuse the mind so it struggles to recognize stimuli.
How I want to use this
I want this magic to start mysterious and dangerous. Some ten thousand years ago it was first discovered by humanity. People began to examine their campfires and notice the patterns within. Then began to imitate these patterns for daily life. Moving like fire gave them the speed to outpace their prey during the hunt, speaking like fire allowed them to be more agreeable and work together, purifying like fire allowed them to heal and survive fatal diseases. All these things moved humanity forward. Ten thousand years of using this magic, people started to evolve bodies capable of better using specific types of fire magic.
In a more present-day setting, humanity is using magic more effectively though they are still divided into clans by their power. At this point, through education, people have begun to use this magic more efficiently and without as many downsides. They started domesticating animals to use this magic and use them as luxuries. Examples being a sort of doglike being that can warm like fire and help people survive the cold nights in the desert. Or beetles that glow like fire that they keep in special jars like lanterns.
However, they still use this magic themselves. improving themselves in these magics and using them in more modern ways like agriculture, medicine, construction, and eventually technology using a tool called the wildfire engine to create energy for electronics. Basically, people sit around an engine and meditate creating energy for society. People can even learn this skill for the sake of charging their own devices. These technologies are biological in nature or biomechanical. As in they grow certain components and craft others.
Where I need help
I have very few abilities and nine clans that need to each have an interesting power. I have been racking my brain, but I've only come up with the three abilities I listed above. If anyone has any ideas based on the system I presented, please let me know.
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2023.05.31 02:00 plzdontsuemescribe The Real Scoop on the Scribe Media Layoffs

Throwaway account because I am absolutely terrified of legal repercussions from Scribe. I was a full-time employee at the company for over 3 years and I just want my voice to be heard. If you have questions, leave them here, because I'm ready to tell the truth. Apologies if this is a little scattered. I have a lot to say and I don't think I have the energy to be particularly coherent. I also apologize if some of my timeline info isn't 100% correct; the months at Scribe have all blended together and I don't have access to any of my Scribe tech to confirm my dates. One last disclaimer: I was not a ghostwriter for Scribe, and my work never involved writing, so don't hate me for typos and grammar mistakes!
First, this Glassdoor review is the most honest thing I've ever seen a current/former employee write about the company. Despite the fact that Scribe has won a number of "Best Workplace" and "Best CEO" awards, it was a truly horrible place to work. I, as well as many of my coworkers, was constantly shocked when we won or ranked in those categories; we were all filling out the surveys with the lowest scores possible.
Two groups of people seemed to float the company through with those surveys: 1) the leadership/crew members who had been there for 5+ years and made a lot of money off the backs of the lower-paid workers and 2) the constant stream of new employees that were being hired to replace those who left or were fired. These new employees were practically waterboarded with the "Scribe is the best company in the world" juice.
For crew members like me, who were "veterans" with 3+ years at the company, silence was the code. If you wanted to make it to "veteran" status, you had to keep your mouth shut about the things you were seeing, and the way people in leadership were treating employees. This created a really stratified work environment where you had:
To be honest, things didn't really get bad until Tucker and Zach left the company in Jevon's hands. I know that Jevon is revered in the business world, but he is the closest thing to a modern-day snake oil salesman that I've ever seen. He coasts on charisma and re-purposed adages so that nobody questions his poor decision-making skills.
The truth is that Jevon was always in over his head. Scribe never had a CFO because Jevon kept insisting that we didn't need one. But his decisions about money were so erratic and set off alarm bells for many of us.
Scribe’s last allegedly profitable month (according to the finance documents that the Master of Coin would release every month) was January 2021. In 2022 alone, the company lost $3 million and revenue was down by a quarter. By March of this year we were losing $800K a month. Meanwhile, payroll doubled from 2021 to 2023 and JeVon decided to double the office space (rent is $100K a month). He also seemed to spend a lot of money on his own personal branding/marketing. At one point, cameras were following him around the office.
It was clear to anyone looking at the numbers that the path we were on was unsustainable. Multiple times every month, employees would beg leadership for an explanation of how we were still operating, or ask for a plan to make us profitable again. In response, the inner workings at Scribe became more and more opaque.
For example, the all-hands call that was supposed to take place in January was canceled with absolutely no explanation, and when all-hands meetings resumed, the "open discussion" about finances was removed from the agenda. On two different occasions, we were informed that checks would not be sent out on time because of "payroll issues," but when pressed for an explanation, leadership intimated that it was due to some kind of error or technical issues rather than a lack of funds.
In August of 2022, leadership enacted a hiring/salary freeze, but kept telling us not to worry, and that "Jevon had planned for this dip in profit and everything was going to be completely okay because Jevon knew what he was doing." He then set out to find outside investors to sink more money into the flagging company.
I'm told that he turned down a number of lucrative offers ($60 mil was the amount being thrown around) because potential investors wanted Jevon to stay on as the CEO, while he wanted to leave the company and start a hedge fund. He was basically looking for someone to finance the company so he could dip (from what I could tell).
Early this year, we were all very relieved when it was announced that Jawad Ahsan was coming on as an investor (co-owner? I have no idea; the announcement made about this move was not very detailed). Things seemed like they may genuinely improve, and hiring ramped up, which we all took to mean that the money necessary for new employees did actually exist.
Then, in late April/early May (I no longer have access to my Scribe slack, so I can't confirm the exact date), we were informed that Jawad had "pulled his funding." Jevon's message to us stated that Jawad had "been offered a dream position as CEO of a new company" and had pulled out his investment in Scribe, which was why we wouldn't be making payroll that week. (Come to find out later that this was a lie).
At this point, my coworkers and I are very, very nervous, and are pinging the leadership team constantly, asking for explanations or updates. Anything to ease our anxieties. We are all given the run-around.
Then, the sudden layoffs. At around 3ish on the 24th, everyone receives a Google calendar invitation to what is ostensibly an update meeting about the future of the company. However, we're told that there are two separate sessions (because they want us in smaller groups to leave more room for questions) and to make sure that we all attend the correct session. We start looking into the different groups and realize that one group has 85+ people while the other only has 20ish people. And on top of that, the group of 20ish people contains all of the executive team's closest friends.
That's when we realize we're about to be laid off.
In a group Zoom call, we are told that our jobs no longer exist, that our tech is being shut down immediately, and that insurance runs out at midnight. No severance.
One of the people in our meeting is the Editor in Chief who was at the company since day 1; I still cannot believe they treated him this way.
Another person in our group is the IT guy, who is then told that he would actually have to come back into work the next day (paid an hourly wage) so that he can shut off all of our tech....THEN he's gone.
On the call, one employee specifically calls about Jawad, who we are all surprised to see on the call, as we'd been told that he pulled out his investment. She asks him to explain why he pulled funding from Scribe. He is shocked and confused, because not only has he not left Scribe (he is still on the board of directors today) but he has also invested more money in Scribe than Tucker, Zach, or Jevon. Jevon immediately cuts in and directs any questioning from Jawad (I think he got caught in his previous lie).
Since the layoffs, a few ex-Scribe members and myself have been keeping track of some very suspicious financial/legal behavior (which I do not want to disclose in case it is actionable). However, there are still many freelancers who have not been paid in over a week; one freelancer is owed $17k in back payments.
Scribe is telling its authors that it is "still operating" with a skeleton crew, which is laughable. They maybe have enough people on staff to launch the next two weeks' worth of books, but beyond that, there is no way the 20ish employees left can keep 300+ books alive. Not to mention some of the people kept on the skeleton crew have been at the company for less than a year, and were only kept on because they were old friends of the CXO. Not the most competent employees...
The executive team is still claiming that once the sale of the copmany goes through in 2 weeks (I do not believe there really is a buyer lined up) that they will reach out to all employees laid off an extend an invitation to return. I can promise you that nobody will return. This means that if Scribe wants to be "fully operational" after the sale, they will have to hire an entirely new company. This isn't going to happen, given the media already out there about Scribe.
If you are a current Scribe author, please be very very cautious of what you hear from the company. We were directly told that Jevon is stepping down as CEO and President, but I'm hearing from current authors that he is still reaching out to them as the CEO and offering reassurances.
Please leave any questions below and I'll do my best to answer.
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2023.05.31 02:00 Hanzheyingle Theory: The gateway to the final circle

Quick breakdown on the levels of the abyss and how they relate to Dante’s Inferno…
Layer 1: Limbo… This is the place of unbaptized children (or orphans)
Layer 2: Lust… Ozen is a ‘virile bull’ dom who crotch stomps Reg. Her assistant is a total fem boy.
Layer 3 - 4: Gluttony (Riko gets vored), Greed: (I think Nanachi actually kinda fits this)
Layer 5: Wrath and heresy; this is where the River Styx is. Dante needs to cross it to reach the ‘City of Dis’.
There’s a minotaur guarding the entrance (Bondrewd).
Nanachi has every reason to seek revenge for Mitty.
Layer 6: This one is a bit more direct: There’s a group literally called the ‘Suicide Corp’ and they get turned into a wood like substance via parasites. (Suicide forest)
There’s the ‘burning sand’… if you swap out the turtles for people then it looks really close to ‘Brunetto Latini speaks with Dante in Canto XV.’
Layer 6.5: Fraud
Basically most of Srajo’s group have ‘panderers and seducers’ strongly implied. Also Srajo openly admits to stealing a bunch of stuff from Bodnrewd.
In Bondrewd’s case, he could fill the ‘corrupt politician’ of this arc since he tried to use the same rules he openly flaunts to stall and trap Srajo’s group.
We then have the amputee fetishists who oddly align with ‘leper alchemists’ along with their clothes resembling ‘leaden cloaks weighing down hypocrites.’
…and they’re associated with stench… omg… I don’t think that scene was necessarily supposed to be sexual since ‘falsifiers’ existed in a ’pit, tearing each other to pieces.’ The symboligy of MiA would be the incest twins tearing off their prosthetics.
…and yes, there’s an ‘incest’ subtext with this circle of Hell too. They’re oddly checking off A LOT of boxes, as are Riko’s team.
Actually, there’s a fair amount of ‘dismemberment’ punishments here.
Riko would qualify as an ‘imposter white whistle.’ She ‘has’ a white whistle, but she’s missing the experience and skills.
Getting to the image…
The passage to the last circle of Hell is the ‘Central Well of Malebolge.’
There are BIG f-kers, half hidden in the entrance.
”At Virgil’s persuasion, Antreus takes the poets into his large palm and lowers them gently into the final level of Hell.”
Reg is effectively ‘Virgil.’ Instead calling in favors like Virgil does, he fights monsters instead.
A couple of theories…
- The ‘eye‘ is alive and proactively guarding the hole it resides in… it might even be a collection of creatures
- The incest twins are victims of a disease
- The incest twins are secretly evil (sowers of discord)
This is kind of an interesting possibility. Riko’s group already doesn’t trust Srajo. The twins by the end of ch 65 suggest what happened to them will happen to Riko’s group.
The thing is, the prevailing pattern of each arc is there’s usually an adult a—hole in power. The ‘a—hole’ would be Srajo in this case. However, Srajo being the ‘a—hole’ role wouldn’t be a ‘WHAM’ moment, since its pretty much assumed.
Meanwhile, the the last two circles of Hell deal in misinformation and treachery. You *cant* be ‘treacherous‘ if nobody trusts you. Therefore, there would really need to be a ‘third party’ to drive a wedge between Team Riko and Team Srajo.
- The final curse?
Kind of a weird one, but looking at each of the circles, things get progressively more gory, until you reach the end where people are just frozen.
- (…and as with my other theory lists) The ‘grand betrayal’… Reg and/or Lyza turn out to be the main antagonist.
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2023.05.31 02:00 Strict_Anything_8751 New love is Suspicious Ig…

What are we doing? It feels like we’re trying to love each other… but we don’t know how. Just that we probably can? Being with you is like an out of body experience. I see you as a man… but can you feel the things I can? That I can’t.
I want to be with you. But I think we had sex too soon. I meant to hold out on it. I meant to wait until I knew your mind better… until I trusted you more. But I wanted you…so badly. I love the way that you want me. I’m afraid that even though I made you wait… it’s all you want me for now. Your eyes don’t convey to me the things I long for them to say… even though you’re there every time I need you. You convey the patience with your action and words alike sometimes…. But your eyes. They feel so empty sometimes.
I can’t whisper that I’m afraid. I asked you in the beginning if you thought that we were just too different. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m afraid that you see all the things that you want me to be… that you can’t see me. I spent the whole day beside you, near you, you inside me. Together… and once I left you, you seemed like a stranger all over again.
I don’t know what to say to you. I don’t know how to speak to you… but you don’t seem to mind. We laid beside each other and cuddled misaligned.
I guess I just worry that it’s not me that you want…it’s just somebody. Somebody to fill the gap in your life you think needs filling. Is it a me shaped hole, or am I just around the right size? I’m not good enough for you… I’m just waiting for you to say it out loud. That having my body was fun…but it’s time for you to find something real now.
It’s impossible how much I want you. Because I know that means you won’t stay. But there is so much future and hope in the things you say.
I guess I’m just asking… do you mean them?
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2023.05.31 02:00 Gist_it Living Better: What it takes to get healthy in America

Diseases like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes complications and liver disease contribute to preventable daily deaths in the US.
Health crisis: America faces a hidden epidemic of chronic preventable diseases that has become more prevalent than smoking as a leading cause of death. * Despite a world-class healthcare system, the nation's overall health is not improving. * The COVID-19 pandemic exposed these issues, with life expectancies falling and remaining lower in the US compared to other countries.
Addressing social determinants: Research indicates that factors such as stress, trauma, social isolation, racism, poverty, and lack of access to resources are driving poor health outcomes. * Access to health insurance and medical care alone does not guarantee good health without addressing these social factors.
Living better: NPR's ongoing "Living Better" series explores how Americans can take back their health. * This series will highlight communities and individuals who have found success in improving health outcomes and policy changes that promote increased access to health resources.
View original article on NPR
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2023.05.31 01:59 Fresh_Selection_3145 Am I allowed to be here?

I’m only 15 but I do unfortunately suffer from porn addiction. I think it’s because I started doing stuff like that on my own before I even Learned what the word sex meant. If I am allowed to be here then:Is there a way to control temptations?( I only watch porn when I’m uh whacking off but since I didn’t “learn” when to watch it I didn’t realize that you could just watch and not whack but I knew that people do it everyday). I whack like 10 times a day but I hate it and I want to stop(I’m not sure if this is considered a porn addiction, but I’m guessing it does since horny and porn control my life). It’s gotten to the point where I’ll play through pornography scenes in my head with people in real life but I don’t like being perverted. How long will it take? If it is a porn addiction then I know it will take a while to see change but is there a way to stop being perverted Atleast a little bit? If I am allowed on here even though I’m <18 then I will probably ask a few questions in the comments. Thank you if you answer and I hope this post stays up because I don’t know where else to ask this and I’m running out of options.
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2023.05.31 01:59 oasklaaklaoasnw What does it mean when a class has no CAPES?

There’s been a couple classes I’ve taken where there’s no capes and it kinda sucks since one of them i’ve been crazy struggling in 😓 i had no idea what to expect and i thought i could’ve helped future students at least
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2023.05.31 01:59 Sudden_Question_9520 [F4A] Looking for long-term RP partners!

Hi, I’m F22, looking for 21+ partners to go absolutely feral over OCs and plots with.
I adore swapping Pinterest boards, playlists, discussing headcanons and lore. RP means a lot to me and I'd love to find someone equally passionate. I love making friends and chatting OOC! I'm begging on my hands and knees please go off the rails with me.
I work a full-time job but I will do my utmost to make time for our RP. I prefer third-person, past tense, and I consider myself literate. My response lengths vary depending on the scene, and my timezone is GMT+1.
As for preferences, I write with OCs only. I'm super flexible with plot and I love world-building with my whole heart. Let's create universes together! In terms of genre I have a soft spot for romance, but I particularly love urban fantasy, psychological horror and crime. I have a whole host of characters at your disposal, so please let me know what you are most into and I will work around that.
I write on Discord exclusively. I'm not kidding when I say I will fill our server with so much content.
If this sounds like your kind of thing, please get in touch!
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2023.05.31 01:59 TPDonut Need Help Finishing a Build

1. What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games (ex: resolution, FPS, settings) or programs you will be using.
Some gaming, and work (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
2. What is your maximum PRE-TAX budget before rebates and shipping?
Probably in the range of $500 - $800 as I already have some of the more expensive parts of the build. There is some flexibility here though
3. When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Within the next week or two.
4. What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ex: toweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
PC parts, I already have externals that I am happy to use.
5. If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? How old are they? Brands and models are appreciated.
AMD RADEON RX6800 AMD Ryzen 5 7600X (does not include a cooler) XPG LANCER DDR5 RAM 8 X 2 GB
6. Will you be overclocking (ex: CPU/GPU/RAM)? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line?
Probably not
7. Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSDs, mass HDDs, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, VR, VirtualLink, tensor cores, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc.)
WiFi and Bluetooth would be great. I have a cat and my bedroom gets a bit dusty/furry, but I'm not sure if that has any implications for cooling
8. Do you have any specific case preferences (ex: mITX/mATX/mid-towefull-tower sizes, styles, colours, window or not, LED lighting, etc.), or a particular colour theme preference for the components?
Open to a mid or full tower. Happy with a dark colour like black or gray. No lighting. I like the panels where you can see into the tower but not mandatory by any means.
9. Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? Note: some post-secondary students can get Windows 10 for free at OnTheHub or through their school's IT software distribution department.
I think I may be able to get this for free, but include it in the budget anyway. There's some leeway as I mentioned earlier.
10. Will you be upgrading this PC in the future (ie: will you swap out better parts later on or will you build an entirely new tower later)? If so, when?
Probably not for at least 4 to 5 years, maybe longer. My current build is pushing 10 years with minimal upgrades.
11. Do you have a brand preference? (ex: AMD/Intel for CPUs, AMD/NVIDIA for video cards, etc.)
Not really but it looks like I am going with AMD lol
12. What are the specs of your old PC / laptop? Do you want to see if it can be upgraded instead? If so, paste its build from PCPartPicker here.
13. Extra info or particulars:
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2023.05.31 01:59 The_Mad_Pantser K10 Pro/Q6/V6 Top right keys

I'm in the market for a Keychron keyboard and I'm interested in the full-sized boards. I see in the pictures that the K10 Pro/Q6/V6 seem to have Playstation joypad-looking keys in the top right and I'm wondering if that's actually what those are (to allow "controller" support through the keyboard, something that would be helpful for me as I'm in game development) or if they're simply spare programmable keys. The website doesn't have any info that I can find on that.
Also, how do I know which keyboards are programmable? From what I gather only the K Pro and Q series are. And what exactly does that mean? Can you customize the RBG lights and individual keys? Anything else you can do?
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2023.05.31 01:59 PineapplePanda_ Struggling in first senior level position, looking for some advice

I was laid off early this year actually as a junior dev. At that point I had 4 YOE. Within 2 months I found a new job as a senior dev, at a F100 non-tech company. The engineering dept is decently sized, around 100 devs.
The app I work on is split into multiple parts. They have most of it re-amped with react and a mobile counter part in RN. Their backend is mainly Node. And then they have a Drupal CMS which makes certain things difficult.
Now I’ve worked with all these technologies except Drupal before but here are my obstacles I’ve struggled with:
  1. Lack of proper documentation. They have docs but they’re all over the place or out of date. This made setup a nightmare.
  2. third party integration hell. They have so many third party providers we need to integrate the app with. This means having the proper secrets and knowing the proper endpoints and this is difficult being new and not knowing what I’m missing or where to find it.
  3. lack of hand holding. My manager is non-existent. I barely received any KT, just some old videos. I have another senior dev on my team but they’re not very forward with information. I have to ask very specific questions to get the answers I need.
  4. this leads me to 4, I haven’t received much work in my first two months. First month I received nothing. Second month I received two tickets. One was a css change and the other was a logging update in the RN app. Each ticket was completed within a day. Meaning I haven’t had a “goal” so to speak to work towards. Just browsing the code base isn’t a great learning mechanism to me. I need to be working towards a specific problem. They have a lot of new work incoming but that may be a sprint or two away.
  5. I still haven’t got the backend knowledge I need to do my work. They have several collections on postman for example. For most I am unable to make a proper request due to authentication errors. Meaning missing secrets, or improper body parameters. But again there is a lack of docs on all this info so it often feels like I’m poking around in the dark.
  6. I am used to Unix OS but received a windows. It’s not the end of the world but. I can’t even get Docker running properly for some repos because of it. And I’m tempted to dual boot Ubuntu but there are some other issues involved with that, mainly the laptops are super locked down by IT.
So when the backend work is intended to start I feel like I will be at a huge disadvantage. I’ll still have to learn on the job but I’m sure more will be expected of me as a senior and now 3 months in. Yet I’m still struggling to make basic REST calls work due to missing info.
I’ve reached out to devs and I only get partially helpful answers. I’m tempted to say to someone “I need a copy of your environment variables and I need to see you make the request to see what I’m missing” I received a partial set of variables so am not sure what else is missing.
And I have pending anxiety every day going in because I am in absolutely no position to lose this job.
Yes I’ve completed all the work I’ve received so far but i feel ill-prepared for the upcoming project.
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.31 01:59 PopeksLoL While I do generally agree with Vaush I think the way he covered the Kosovo Riots is plain wrong

Now look I am Serbian and I know Vaush doesn't really like people from Serbia, but when it comes to these last protest specifically the Kosovar police 100% were the ones who escalated the situation. Vaush was completely wrong when it comes to the coverage of the riots. And yes while they did devolve into an all out brawl between ROSU, KFOR, and the Serbian minority on this specific issue the US is 100% right to sanction Kosovo.
The part of the video that is extended can be found on the Serbia subreddit, however since the sub rules state that I cannot link to other subs I will post this newspaper article link instead.(Yes I tried to find a news source with the full video but failed :^( )
You can see people in the video holding up hands and having a peaceful blockade, which is their right, only to have shots fired at them and teargas thrown. When it comes to this specific issue it is without a doubt you
Furthermore, these are most likely the normal citizens of Kosovo since on the same day Aleksandar Vucic, who is the Serbian president and an autocratic piece of shit that I can't wait to see fall from power, held a protest opposing the previous anti-violence protests calling for resignations in the government and more media freedoms, following the mass shootings in Serbia (yes, I know it's fucking stupid he is basically holding a pro-violence "protest"). When it comes to these pro-government protests, around 85% of people are coerced into attending them, and since the anti-violence protests were by some estimates the biggest in our history with some estimates going as high as having 100k people showing up, he used all of his logistical capabilities to amass people over in Belgrade.
On why it is important to establish the community of Serbian municipalities:
  1. Let me start off by saying that I don't believe this is a permanent resolution only a temporary formation to allow integration of the Serb minority into Kosovo in a way that would make it so that the citizens can go on with their lives as peacefully as possible. I do not think it should be a permanent thing.
  2. There is legitimate fear that there would be ethnically based violence towards the Serb population in Kosovo because the thing guaranteeing a somewhat-peace is KFOR and if they were to leave, there is a good possibility violence would break out considering these happened previously right after the war https://www.hrw.org/reports/1999/kosov2/ and a bit later in 2004 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_unrest_in_Kosovo since then UN has been more involved, but due to the high prevalence of nationalism in both communities I suspect more of these would happen if Kosovo were to fully gain independence as-is (in fact I think an independent Kosovo would be good, but I would just like to see some benefits for Serbia in such a scenario). Also there are 300+ reported instances of ethnically based violence against the Serbs in Kosovo however this is according to the Serbian government so the truthfulness of these numbers is debatable https://www.kim.gov.rs/eng/incidenti.php.
  3. A large majority of the Serb population does not speak Albanian which is a big problem since while Serbian is an official language in Kosovo, institutions are only required to use at least 1 of the languages, meaning that a lot of government documents, news stations and other general things would be in Albanian which they do not speak.
  4. It would guarantee that Serbs police themselves so as to prevent any ethnic conflicts due to aforementioned nationalism present in Kosovo. At least for the time being it would be the same as people from America actually being policed by the people from within the community rather than people outside of it, which could lead to abuse of power.
Lastly, why was the election boycotted. Basically Serbs were pissed that it has been 10 years since the Brussels agreement to establish the Serbian municipalities (in these agreements these were supposed to be a concession from Pristina while Belgrade had some other concessions. Tl;dr Belgrade followed through, Pristina didn't). Additionally our shitty ass government was probably intimidating the people into not voting, and as is they will most likely get fucked either way. Also these elections if ratified would end up being the 2nd lowest turnout elections ever to be ratified (or at least the 2nd most successful election boycott ever https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_boycott).
Thank you for reading and I'm sorry if I made any grammatical mistakes, since English is obviously my second language. I probably missed something in all this, but as far as I've seen on the subject from mainly independent media over here in the Balkans and social media, Kosovo is 100% in the wrong here.
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2023.05.31 01:58 Jteslaa Square footage?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. It seems to me they base the value of a home off of the average price per square foot in it’s respective region. What would be the developers incentive to add luxury features? For instance, Jason mentions he used 150k flooring opposed to 50k flooring. Is that extra 100k tacked on to the final price? At what point does the added features no longer justify the price per square foot?
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2023.05.31 01:58 freemind_ed Do I have to rebuild my fence per HOA?

My house is in a neighborhood with a Home Owner's Association. Its fencing rules are stated as follows:
FENCING. All fencing must be pre􀂾approved by the ACC. Split rail fencing two (2) rails high not to ex.ceed four feet (4') in height, measured from the ground to the top of the fence posts with decorative chain link fencing attached to the inside of the split rail fence shall be pennitted around the perimeter of each lot, not to ex.tend past the front setback tine of the dwelling.
I received permission to build a fence around my backyard. I hired a contractor and told him many times that the fence had to be split rail. He asked me if I wanted cedar wood or pressure-treated wood, saying that pressure-treated is much more durable. I chose the pressure-treated wood and he erected the fence.
The next day a rep from the HOA came to inspect the fence and said that it was not split rail. He said I used flat boards instead of split logs, so I must tear it down and rebuild it. I was so confused because I had googled "split rail fence" and there were several pictures of flat-board fences that were labeled as "split rail." I thought I was fine.
Since the covenant does not specify what it means by "rails," do I have any recourse?
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2023.05.31 01:58 -Piano- TotK and continuity

I feel like TotK could have been so much better if they scrapped the unorganized story telling in favor of building suspense and creating a story that the player feels part of.
Being allowed to see any memory at any time, to get the Master sword by just stumbling upon it, to accidently start the Dragonhead Isle main quest early ruins the flow of the story. Where before, you felt like you were talking to characters and trying to work out a mystery, feels like you will always naturally be 20 steps ahead of them while you wait for them to explain something you've already done as if it's the next big thing. Then it just devolves into:
"oh I did that"
Main Quest: Do thing
wait 5 seconds
Main Quest: Do thing completed!
If I hadn't gone back to Kakariko I would have completely missed the entire rings questline.
It does more damage than good, and I'm very worried Nintendo will do the classic Nintendo thing of somehow misinterpreting the most basic of complaints to mean people hate stories or something.
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2023.05.31 01:58 Carringtonnnn Need attachment advice, I M21 got attached too fast to F19

I M21 met this girl online, and she happened to be from the same state I’m in right now, but she’s in the military, so she is training right now in a different state. However, after all her training, she only moves to a base which is 3 hours from me. Recently has just got out of her first marriage, she’s only 19F but she dated her first bf for 8 years then they got married. During her training, she came back home to where I’m at, she take her belongings from their house and get all the divorce paperwork finalized. She was home for 3-4 days.
During those days, her and I hung out every day…. I mean like we hung out then I ended up staying the night every night and we slept together, had sex, and were affectionate the entire time we hung out. I even met her parents and hung out with her family on 2 of the days. She says she just wants me to be a friend, since she wants to focus on herself right now, especially just since she ended an 8 year relationship / marriage. However, she always calls me love, said that she definitely sees a future with me, and wants to hang out more in the future when she gets stationed closer to me.
However, she has a lot of guy friends, doesn’t text often, like she’ll text me for awhile then will go ghost for a day or so, goes to bars and clubs a lot, and overall at times I kinda just feel like a backup option to her or she just doesn’t wanna be mean and just is being nice to keep my feelings from getting hurt.
I really don’t know what to do or how to react, I’m way too attached because it was the first time I got real love and affection in my life. Now all I want is too be with her, like even looking at other girls just disgust me because she is just constantly on my mind.
I need some help on how to cope with this, if I’m being over dramatic, or if I’m truly just screwed in this situation and that I should just forget about it.
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