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2023.05.30 18:22 BlackStagGoldField Positively gushing about this trio

The House of Black. How fucking amazing are they! We've always known they had quality but now with the 6 man tag titles (or trios titles) they're truly growing into a prime unit. All their attacks and moves are seamless and machine like efficient. I can suspend my disbelief and legitimately think they mean trouble- organised and brutally effective.
And the Open House Rules match concept is, aesthetically the most pleasing thing I've seen in a while. They made the audience look like kaleidoscope mosaics. I hope they keep it for special occasions only.
Hopefully they get an at least year long reign.
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2023.05.30 18:01 MikeMixtape 33 [M4F] Wisconsin/Midwest USA/Online - Can we connect?

Hi there, I'm Mike. I want someone to connect with. It doesn't matter where it goes, whether it's a companionship, friendship, or a relationship. I don't mind something flirtatious either. I want that attention. I sometimes crave it. I often don't get conversations due to busy lives and timing of it all.
I understand that we are busy, but I want a constant and consistent back & worth with chatting and love. I want to build something. Can we keep going with the chatter without one of us losing that communicative touch? Let's tell each other if we're going to busy or not going to be talkative. I hate being ghosted with radio silence & being MIA.
Here's some basics about me:
*My favorite film of all time is Back to the Future. I love lots of 80s movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, etc. I love even the cheesy bad movies.
What am I looking for? I mean, I don't mind who you are. Tall, short, skinny, fat, etc. Just as long you are interested in making a connection with someone like me. That's all. Life is too short. Let's make it a good one together. Send me a chat or a message with your details, we can exchange pictures, and you can tell me something I probably don't know.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading. :)
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2023.05.30 18:01 MikeMixtape 33 [M4F] Wisconsin/Midwest USA/Online - Can we connect?

Hi there, I'm Mike. I want someone to connect with. It doesn't matter where it goes, whether it's a companionship, friendship, or a relationship. I don't mind something flirtatious either. I want that attention. I sometimes crave it. I often don't get conversations due to busy lives and timing of it all.
I understand that we are busy, but I want a constant and consistent back & worth with chatting and love. I want to build something. Can we keep going with the chatter without one of us losing that communicative touch? Let's tell each other if we're going to busy or not going to be talkative. I hate being ghosted with radio silence & being MIA.
Here's some basics about me:
*My favorite film of all time is Back to the Future. I love lots of 80s movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, etc. I love even the cheesy bad movies.
What am I looking for? I mean, I don't mind who you are. Tall, short, skinny, fat, etc. Just as long you are interested in making a connection with someone like me. That's all. Life is too short. Let's make it a good one together. Send me a chat or a message with your details, we can exchange pictures, and you can tell me something I probably don't know.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading. :)
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2023.05.30 17:58 MikeMixtape 33 [M4F] Wisconsin/Midwest USA/Online - Can we connect?

Hi there, I'm Mike. I want someone to connect with. It doesn't matter where it goes, whether it's a companionship, friendship, or a relationship. I don't mind something flirtatious either. I want that attention. I sometimes crave it. I often don't get conversations due to busy lives and timing of it all.
I understand that we are busy, but I want a constant and consistent back & worth with chatting and love. I want to build something. Can we keep going with the chatter without one of us losing that communicative touch? Let's tell each other if we're going to busy or not going to be talkative. I hate being ghosted with radio silence & being MIA.
Here's some basics about me:
*My favorite film of all time is Back to the Future. I love lots of 80s movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, etc. I love even the cheesy bad movies.
What am I looking for? I mean, I don't mind who you are. Tall, short, skinny, fat, etc. Just as long you are interested in making a connection with someone like me. That's all. Life is too short. Let's make it a good one together. Send me a chat or a message with your details, we can exchange pictures, and you can tell me something I probably don't know.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading. :)
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2023.05.30 17:58 MikeMixtape 33 [M4F] Wisconsin/Midwest USA/Online - Can we connect?

Hi there, I'm Mike. I want someone to connect with. It doesn't matter where it goes, whether it's a companionship, friendship, or a relationship. I don't mind something flirtatious either. I want that attention. I sometimes crave it. I often don't get conversations due to busy lives and timing of it all.
I understand that we are busy, but I want a constant and consistent back & worth with chatting and love. I want to build something. Can we keep going with the chatter without one of us losing that communicative touch? Let's tell each other if we're going to busy or not going to be talkative. I hate being ghosted with radio silence & being MIA.
Here's some basics about me:
*My favorite film of all time is Back to the Future. I love lots of 80s movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, etc. I love even the cheesy bad movies.
What am I looking for? I mean, I don't mind who you are. Tall, short, skinny, fat, etc. Just as long you are interested in making a connection with someone like me. That's all. Life is too short. Let's make it a good one together. Send me a chat or a message with your details, we can exchange pictures, and you can tell me something I probably don't know.
I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading. :)
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2023.05.30 17:11 Life_Departure481 MEWING RUINED MY LIFE (MIGHT CAUSED ME PTSD/C-PTSD)

I'm a young woman (18F) struggling with debilitating symptoms of trauma, I'm not diagnosed as local doctors are not fully aware of the symptoms of trauma, my family is unaware of the things going on in my body for 24 hours, it's a real struggle suffering on this alone. This all started at the end of 2020, It was very sudden, I don't know what was happening to me, it was as if I opened a Pandora’s box. But the only thing that I know is that I had been doing Mewing, I suffer from chronic Halitosis since when I was a freshman in high school, it has changed me as a person, negatively and positively, my strength as a person was tested by this, it made me resilient, understanding, and spiritual, however, I can't deny how it affected my self-esteem, well-being, and overall mental health, you can check this subreddit badbreath to know how serious this problem is, so I tried to do Mewing to improve salivation and decrease the odor that might come out of my mouth and nasal passages because even if I don't talk to people, I would still get reactions, mostly even three meters away, and that Mewing is dubbed as the correct way of breathing, I thought it might help me with clearing any excess mucus on my nasal passages, I did it for a week, but it was exhausting! I couldn't fall asleep as I was preoccupied with the idea of whether my tongue "is in the right posture" or "in the right place", I also could not eat well as I was obsessed if "I'm doing it right", or "is my body's posture right?", I was completely upset at the end and decided to stop it, then interestingly, I was able to “put my tongue up in my palate” on ‘autopilot mode’ as I was able to relax, I just did not care whether I am able to do it "right" or "not", as if "my body was doing it for me" at that time, I was feeling very ecstatic and confident, chest wide, head up, and my body feels balanced and at flow, it lasted for a month, I feel that it is helping me on my Halitosis as I was able to relax thus more salivation, not until something totally unexpected happened, I know I will not be able to write this story without sounding absurd and silly but it is indeed has taken my life into a seemingly butterfly effect, as said, this happened back in the end of 2020, two years have been passed, it's hard for me to remember what really happened vividly, or the fact that this experience was so surreal in me that I cannot know what really happened, or that its vagueness is what causes the trauma...
Below is my text to a doctor who specializes in somatic practice, neuroscience, and natural health medicine, he hasn't replied yet and I understand that, however, it was hard for me to articulate what really happened at those moments, I have found this text which was a year ago. It is the closest possible vivid description of what happened, I realize that I needed to talk to my therapist at that time so I tried to remember photographically the event that lead me to this.
After reading this text, half of me would say WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK is this? and half of me would vaguely remember and feel what happened just by reading those text, as if ‘it is is happening now’, as if this great energy is ‘stuck’ in my body for so long and just waiting to be ‘release’, I have seen and read some works of Dr. Peter Levine, such as Healing Trauma, and it talks about releasing this energy through sensation, and that Trauma cannot always stems up from major catasrophes, as I dig deeper into the topic, I realize prior to experiecing some symtoms of trauma, my nervous system has already been alarmed by my Halitosis, whenever I am around with people, I tried ‘not to breathe’, so that they would not smell me, feeling very anxious and that it was not only a psychological but a somatic struggle as well, leaving my nervous system vulnerable, I became isolated, from a joyful and ‘extroverted’ kid to an anxious, shy girl, it was a very Kafkaesque situation for me, I was deprived of my social well-being, which we know is the prime gauge if a person is susceptible to trauma, it made me a sensitive individual, I tried achieving academical achievements to feel that void, I was religiously trying to find the purpose of my life, I was trying to be a strong person, however ‘ the straw that broke the camel’s back’ truly happened to me, a lot of factors needs to be considered: as said on my text, my cousins were coming here in our place due to the pandemic, they were precious kids but I was so nervous when they came, I am afraid of their parents judgment, their judgement. I felt very physically and emotionally restricted in the only place where I found relaxation, our house was a safe place for me at that time, and it was until they came. I was also self-conscious about my appearance at that time, mainly due to Mewing as well, trying to gain confidence through aesthetics, I wanted a ‘holistic change’ after the pandemic, I wanted a life that is full of aplomb and is not filled with coping mechanisms and isolation, since the pandemic helped me as mostly everything was taking place online, I was anxious what will be my life if the pandemic ends, I knew I would suffer again so I tried to practice Mewing, and for the fact that most of the articles and people who post and talk about it are not mainly about health but about complexion, I was vulnerable to not ‘buy into it’, I was also a perfectionist, ‘high achiever’ as if my artistic trait and perfectionism coupled with a nervous system susceptible to trauma did not do well for me at that time, and that I was physically inactive due to the pandemic and was always on my phone, I was overstimulated.
Now, am still recovering from all this, my brain is so confused, all I can say is that don't try to do anything that could disrupt the natural process of the human body and its physiology, especially if it targets the nervous system, the brain and the human psychology, and since Mewing targets all these, don't 'DIY' it as it may cause negative effects (body dysmorphia, cognitive problems, TMJ as some post from this sub, or maybe possible symptoms of PTSD/C-PTSD as what might happened to me)
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2023.05.30 16:41 joshuadwx A New Generation of Chargers and Power Banks Anker Power Conference (Spring 2023) Recap!

A New Generation of Chargers and Power Banks Anker Power Conference (Spring 2023) Recap!
At a media event in Japan last month, Anker Innovations revealed several upcoming products to be released over the next few months... Here's a recap of everything new from the latest Anker Power Conference!

312 20W Wall Charger (ETA: Early June)

Source: Anker Japan
  • Model Number: A2670
  • USB-C Output: 20W
  • Dimensions: 3.5 × 3.1 × 3.1 cm
  • Weight: 40 grams
  • Color Options: Black & White
  • Price: ~$10-20
Insider Impressions: This is about 10% larger than 511 Nano 3, which is 50% more powerful.

323 PowerCore 10K (ETA: Early June)

Source: AnkeAmazon
  • Model Number: A1334
  • Capacity: 10,000 mAh
  • USB-C Input and Output
  • USB-A Port
  • Output: 12W
  • Dimensions: 16.1 × 8.1 × 1.6 cm
  • Weight: 190 grams
  • Color Options: Black, Green, Pink, Purple, & White
  • Price: ~$21.99
Insider Impressions: This is about 40% larger than 523 PowerCore Slim 10000 PD, despite being less powerful.

511 PowerCore Fusion 5K (30W) (ETA: Early June)

Source: Anker Japan
  • Model Number: A1634
  • Capacity: 5,000 mAh
  • USB-C Output:
    • Wall Charger Mode: 30W
    • Mobile Mode: 22.5W
  • USB-C Input: 10.5W
  • Foldable Plug
  • Dimensions: 7.8 × 4.45 × 3.1 cm
  • Weight: 185 grams
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, & White
  • Price: ~$30-40
Insider Impressions: Unlike 511 PowerCore Fusion 5K (20W), this is puzzlingly designed such that the longest dimension is perpendicular to the outlet when in use.

621 PowerCore 5K with Built-In Lightning Connector (ETA: Early June)

Source: Anker Japan
  • Model Number: A1645
  • Capacity: 5,000 mAh
  • Lightning Output: 12W
  • USB-C Input: 15W
  • Dimensions: 7.7 × 3.68 × 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 98.5 grams
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, & White
  • Price: ~$20-30
Note: A version with a USB-C connector (model A1648) instead of the Lightning connector is also coming soon...
Insider Impressions: I wish the bottom of the power bank was more flat like the top instead of being rounded and that the USB-C input port also supported output.

[New Details] 548 PowerCore Reserve 192Wh (ETA: Mid-June)

Source: AnkeAmazon
  • Model Number: A1294
  • Capacity: 60,000 mAh
  • Power Allocation:
    • Single Port
      • USB-C: 60W
      • USB-A: 18W
    • Two Ports
      • 2× USB-C: 87W
      • USB-C 1 + USB-A: 78W
      • USB-C 2 + USB-A: 20W
      • 2× USB-A: 20W
    • Three Ports
      • USB-C 1 + 2× USB-A: 80W
      • USB-C 2 + 2× USB-A: 20W
      • 2× USB-C + USB-A: 80W
    • Four Ports
      • 2× USB-C + 2× USB-A: 80W
  • Input
    • USB-C: 60W
    • Solar: 72W
  • Built-In Lights
  • Dimensions: 20.76 × 11.66 × 11.66 cm
  • Weight: 2.312 kg
  • Color: Green
  • Price: ~$100-200
Insider Impressions: This is extremely large and heavy (nearly 3 times as heavy and 4 times as large as 511 PowerHouse 100 was), despite having only about 2 times the capacity and not having any AC outlets. I also wish this was a bit more powerful and featured PowerIQ 4.0 for dynamic power distribution.

SOLIX PS400 Portable Solar Panel (ETA: Mid-June)

Source: AnkeGoodsPress
  • MC4 Output: 400W
  • Efficiency: 23%
  • IP65 Water and Dust Resistant
  • Dimensions:
    • Folded: 91.3 × 65.9 × 4.7 cm
    • Unfolded: 259.1 × 91.3 × 3.0 cm
  • Weight: 15.9 kg
  • Price: ~$700-800

[New Details] 334 PowerCore Magnetic 10K (ETA: Late June)

Source: AnkeTmall
  • Model Number: A1642
  • Capacity: 10,000 mAh
  • Output:
    • USB-C 20W
    • USB-A 18W
    • Shared: 12W
    • Wireless: 5W / 7.5W
  • USB-C Input: 15W
  • ActiveShield 2.0 Temperature Monitoring
  • Dimensions: 10.73 × 6.95 × 1.82 cm
  • Weight: 206.5 grams
  • Color Options: Black, Pink, Purple, & White
  • Price: ~$40-50
Insider Impressions: This is about 5% larger than 633 PowerCore Magnetic 10K, which is more powerful, has a larger capacity of 38.5Wh versus 37Wh, and includes a stand.

336 67W Wall Charger (ETA: Late June)

Source: Anker Japan
  • Power Allocation:
    • Single Port
      • USB-C: 67W
      • USB-A: 22.5W
    • Two Ports
      • USB-C + USB-C: 45W Top + 22W Bottom
      • Top USB-C + USB-A: 49W + 18W
      • Bottom USB-C + USB-A: 12W + 12W
    • Three Ports
      • 42W Top USB-C + 12W Bottom USB-C + 12W USB-A
  • Gallium Nitride
  • Foldable Plug
  • Dimensions: 5.4 × 4.5 × 3.9 cm
  • Weight: 132 grams
  • Color Options: Black & White
  • Price: ~$40-50
Insider Impressions: This is about 30% larger than 735 GaNPrime™ 65W Wall Charger, which was already not particularly compact for its power class. Note that this charger does not feature PowerIQ 4.0 for dynamic power distribution but rather offers fixed outputs only varying on which ports are in use.

[New Details] 533 PowerCore 10K (ETA: Late June)

Source: Anker Japan
  • Model Number: A1256
  • Capacity: 10,000 mAh
  • 2× USB-C Ports
  • USB-A Port
  • Output:
    • USB-C: 30W
    • USB-A: 22.5W
    • Shared: 24W
  • Input: 18W
  • Dimensions: 9.85 × 5.23 × 2.6 cm
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, & White
  • Price: ~$40-50
Insider Impressions: Despite the inclusion of three ports, connecting more than one device will disable fast charging. The maximum input is 40% slower than the maximum output. Personally, I would have been fine without the USB-A port.

[New Details] Eufy Clean RoboVac X9 Pro (ETA: Late June)

Source: Eufy / Penske Business Media, LLC
  • Model Number: ‎T2320
  • 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum and Mop
  • 5,500 Pa Suction Power
  • Twin-Turbo Powered MopMaster™ System for Constant Dynamic Pressure
  • Automatic Mop Lifting (13.5 mm)
  • 3D Time-of-Flight Sensors and AI Camera Recognize Household Objects for Obstacle Avoidance
  • Self Cleans and Dries
  • External Sensors:
    • 3-dimensional time-of-flight sensor:
      • Distance measurement function
      • 224‑by‑172 resolution at 10 fps
      • 122° horizontal and 98° vertical field of view
    • Camera sensor:
      • 1920‑by‑1080 resolution
      • 123° horizontal and 80° vertical field of view
    • Infrared radiation sensors:
      • Distance measurement function
      • 15 mm ~ 150 mm detection distance
    • Lidar:
      • 2300Hz detection frequency
      • 0.15 m ~ 8.0 m detection distance
      • ≤2% detection accuracy at 8 m
  • 180-Minute Battery Life
  • Dimensions:
    • Robotic Vacuum: 35.3 × 32.7 × 11.4 cm
    • Automatic Cleaning Station: 42.2 × 41.6 × 44.3 cm
  • Weight:
    • Robotic Vacuum: 4.6 kg
    • Automatic Cleaning Station: 7.2 kg
  • Price: ~$799.99-$899.99
Insider Impressions: This is one expensive robotic vacuum! I hope it meets expectations set by the price.

316 67W Wall Charger (ETA: Summer – July?)

Source: Anker Japan
  • USB-C Output: 67W
  • Gallium Nitride
  • Foldable Plug
  • Dimensions: 4.8 × 4.2 × 3.6 cm
  • Weight: 93 grams
  • Color Options: Black & White
  • Price: ~$20-30
Insider Impressions: This design does not seem very aesthetic to me.

335 PowerCore 20K with Built-In USB-C Cable (ETA: Summer – July?)

Source: Anker Japan
  • Capacity: 20,000 mAh
  • Built-In USB-C Cable for Input and Output
  • USB-C Port
  • USB-A Port
  • Output:
    • Single Port (USB-C or USB-A): 22.5W
    • Shared: 24W
  • USB-C Input: 18W
  • Dimensions: 11.3 × 7.2 × 3.1 cm
  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Color Options: Black, Green, Pink, Purple, & White
  • Price: ~$50-60
Insider Impressions: This is about 10% larger than 525 PowerCore Essential 20000 PD. The built-in USB-C cable is a unique element. I hope it is durable enough to withstand the test of time.

533 PowerCore Slim 10K (ETA: Summer – July?)

Source: Anker Japan
  • Model Number: A1249
  • Capacity: 10,000 mAh
  • 2× USB-C Ports
  • USB-A Port
  • Output:
    • USB-C: 25W
    • USB-A: 22.5W
    • Shared: 18W
  • Input: 22.5W
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, & White
  • Price: ~$39.99
Insider Impressions: Once again, despite the inclusion of three ports, connecting more than one device will disable fast charging. I am curious about the exact dimensions and weight of this model.

535 67W Car Charger (ETA: Summer – July?)

Source: AnkeAmazon
  • Model Number: A2731
  • Power Allocation:
    • Single Port
      • USB-C: 67W
      • USB-A: 22.5W
    • Two Ports
      • USB-C + USB-C: 45W Top + 20W Bottom
      • Top USB-C + USB-A: 45W + 22.5W
      • Bottom USB-C + USB-A: 9W + 9W
    • Three Ports
      • 45W Top USB-C + 9W Bottom USB-C + 9W USB-A
  • ActiveShield 2.0 Temperature Monitoring
  • Dimensions: 6.0 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Color: Black
  • Price: ~$30-50
Insider Impressions: I wish this featured PowerIQ 4.0 for dynamic power distribution. Bafflingly, the power allocation is even worse than that of the aforementioned 336 67W Wall Charger.

Eufy Health Smart Scale P3 (ETA: Summer – July?)

Source: Eufy/Amazon
  • Model Number: T9150
  • Measuring Range: 3-150 kg
  • Intervals:
    • 3-5 kg: 50 grams
    • 5-75 kg: 100 grams
    • 75-150 kg: 200 grams
  • Accuracy:
    • 3-5 kg: ±50 grams
    • 5-75 kg: ±100 grams
    • 75-150 kg: ±300 grams
  • Indium Tin Oxide Coating Technology
  • Connectivity:
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth 5.1
  • 3.5" Color Display
  • Smart Motivation System
  • Power Source: 4× AAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Dimensions: 32.5 × 32.5 × 2.6 cm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Color Options: Black & White
  • Price: ~$89.99
Disclaimer: The launch timeframes listed above are officially valid in Japan but may be similar in other regions. Most prices in USD are estimated by conversions from JPY, which may or may not be accurate for the US.
Which upcoming release(s) are you looking forward to most? Be sure to let us know with a comment!
P.S. Apologies for my hiatus over the past few weeks. I was finishing up my junior year of college, and life became a bit hectic. Look for more regular posting from me again soon.
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2023.05.30 14:59 No-Coast7991 The beauty of customized Heart-Shaped Photo Frames with Lights

In the realm of home decor, few objects possess the ability to capture our hearts and infuse a house with enchantment quite like heart-shaped photo frames with lights. These remarkable creations without difficulty mix elegance, sentimentality, and illumination, transforming cherished recollections into radiant works of art. In this complete article, we will delve into the captivating world of heart-shaped photo frames with lights, exploring their allure, and versatility, and why MotivateBox is the final destination to find out and buy these exceptional pieces.
Section 1: Embracing Love and Radiance
An illuminated glass photo frame in the shape of a heart epitomizes romance and illumination throughout time. Displaying priceless photographs on it is exciting since it gives the images a warm, brilliant glow. The soft light that emanates from these frames improves the atmosphere of any space and creates a captivating focal point that draws attention and arouses sentiments of love and nostalgia.
Section 2: Versatility in Design and Placement
The adaptability of photo frames in the shape of hearts with lights is one of their high-quality features. They effortlessly go with many different types of decor, from modern to vintage, and provide a touch of elegance and whimsy. These frames offer the most opportunity to customize your pick to fit your own aesthetic tastes because of the variety of sizes, materials, and finishes available.
They are more versatile than typical wall placement, too. Picture frames in the shape of hearts that have lights can be used as captivating centerpieces for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries or to adorn shelves, mantels, bedside tables, and more. The soft glow that the lights provide heightens the beauty and allure of the images that are on show, making them the subject of admiration and conversation.
Section 3: Illuminating Sentiments and Celebrations
Photo frames in the shape of hearts that have lights become more than just decorative elements they become personal gifts that symbolize love and cherished memories. No of the special occasion—a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine's Day, or another one-of-a-kind—these frames make for profoundly meaningful presents that convey feelings without saying a word. A treasured photo added to the body enriches the gift, sparking memories and creating enduring connections.
Additionally, heart-shaped photo frames with lights provide celebrations and gatherings with a magical touch. They infuse parties, weddings, or family reunions with a captivating ambiance that amplifies the cheerful spirit and underlines the magnificence of shared moments.
Section 4: MotivateBox: Where Elegance Meets Illumination
MotivateBox proudly offers an excellent assortment of heart-shaped photo frames with lights because it recognizes the significant impact of visual storytelling. MotivateBox carefully chooses frames that radiate beauty and produce a spellbinding presentation for your priceless images with an unrelenting commitment to excellent craftsmanship.
You may browse the wide selection of heart-shaped picture frames with lights available on MotivateBox's user-friendly website with ease. Everybody is meticulously created with precision, ensuring the highest quality and eternal beauty, from simple designs to complex detailing. Their commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees that you receive a product that will enliven your memories for years to come.
Heart-shaped image frames with lights possess an excellent combination of beauty, sentimentality, and illumination. They have the strength to encapsulate the essence of love and memories, transforming normal photos into charming displays that warm the coronary heart and captivate the eye.
MotivateBox affords a high-quality resolution of heart-shaped picture frames with lights, carefully designed to bring up your decor and illuminate your cherished memories. Visit the MotivateBox website these days to discover their excellent series and locate the best heart-shaped photo frame with lights to convey a contact of enchantment to your home. Let your recollections shine brightly in the inclusion of class and radiance!
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2023.05.30 14:06 panchi-fashion Boomerang Trends: How Lehenga Styles Keep Coming Back

Boomerang Trends: How Lehenga Styles Keep Coming Back

Out of designs for your next lehenga!?
It’s time to bring the 90’s back!!
There are many traditional Indian outfits with a rich history, but none is more splendid or alluring than the lehenga-choli. It has a pivotal history that has always played a major role in Indian fashion.
The Lehenga Craze!!
Since the beginning of time, lehengas have been an integral part of Indian culture and are still in style today. While there are many options for wedding or party attire, an Indian lehenga is just unmatched in beauty.
Every industry has its share of trends. After all, it is what keeps the crowd energized, and Lehengas are obviously no exception.
The Past Rizzz….
  • Indians gained fame for the lehenga choli during the Mughal Empire, where the lehenga gradually evolved into a royal garment.
  • Since then, everything about the lehenga has changed, including the embroidery, fabrics like silk and brocade, and the stitching patterns. Instead of being the norm for the majority of Indians, this royal attire is now a statement of fashion.
  • Lehengas did not regain popularity as a trendy outfit until the 1990s. The lavish Bollywood movies with wedding scenes were the ones that would captivate fans with their vivid colors and beautiful needlework.
  • And after becoming widely accepted in Bollywood films, it made an appearance on the runway during Indian Fashion Week.
  • Traditional lehengas gave way to avant-garde styles like straight lehengas, a-lines, paneled lehengas, mermaid or fishtail lehengas, and many more.
Revolutionizing the Trends…..
  • The clothing worn today differs from that worn centuries ago in a variety of little ways.
  • There are also many more varieties, from the classic ones still worn in the villages of Rajasthan to the innovative, modern ones seen on fashion ramps and red carpets.
  • Today the Lehengas have changed not only in terms of style but also in terms of philosophy, sociology, history, politics, and geography.
The Current Vogue!!
  • Of course, there is a huge selection of intriguing lehenga cholis available on the market today. The variety is extremely wide, ranging from intricately embellished designer lehengas to vibrant festival lehengas.
  • Depending on the chosen silhouette, the skirt style can change. For example, mermaid-cut skirts have a seductive fit that is close to the knees before beautifully flaring out. A-line skirts feature the standard, straight-cut appearance of Western skirts, whereas circular lehengas have a fall that is both structured and voluminous with a broad spread.
  • The Lehenga Cholis that are currently on the market use urban themes and techniques. Even though the Lehenga Cholis are minimalistic and visually appealing, they still show signs of cultural tradition.
![img](w79wg4eely2b1 " ")

Rebounding Trends…

"Retro." "Vintage." "That looks so 90s!"
Do you hear this often? Quite a lot, right?
Have you ever wondered why the latest fashion trends have fallen out and outdated designs are taking over the market? It is the boomerang impact of trends in clothing.
  • According to industry experts, this occurs once every 20 years. And that two decades is sufficient to settle the current tendencies and come to the conclusion that the earlier ones were far superior.
  • The repeating trends in Lehengas are due to the fact that Indian designers have significantly broadened the scope of their businesses and designs over the past several decades. Rediscovering traditional patterns and designs is one of their main areas of interest now.
  • Additionally, social media has changed the game entirely. Girls choose vivacious fashion choices to appear polished on social media. The notion of rekindling the old-fashioned sparks while clicking like or browsing Instagram or Pinterest.

The Upcoming Sensation!!
  • A lot of designers are looking into various eras in the history of lehenga-cholis in an effort to uncover and revive the pride in gorgeous classic designs that have been out of style for a long time.
  • They are also planning on fusing unique Western aesthetics into their designs to produce chic, fusion clothing.
  • Additionally, they want to make sure the lehenga has absorbed and combined with contemporary influences and world trends.
Wrapping up (just like the trend of heavy lehengas)…
  • Designers from throughout the nation have given the lehenga their own unique spin, and the weavers of these lehengas have added their own innovations to a variety of fabrics.
  • Now that we live in a social media age, we are more aware of many cultures and their artistic creations. Observing how the lehenga evolved from a royal garment to what it is today is quite amazing.
  • House Of panchhi has been influenced by the interchange of culture and customs within communities as well as by the always-shifting geopolitical situations.

At House Of Panchhi, each of our lehengas is an homage to this iconic outfit that has stood the test of time and fashion. Browse through our sizable collection, which demonstrates the dedication and tenacity of the talented weavers in our land.
Happy Clicking!
#Lehengas #Weddings #IndianEthnics #HouseOfPanchhi #Celebrations
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2023.05.30 13:47 orbispro AMA: ORBIS Production Team - Leading Fashion Video Production Company in Milan and Italy

AMA: ORBIS Production Team - Leading Fashion Video Production Company in Milan and Italy
Hey, Reddit fashion enthusiasts!
We are the team at ORBIS Production, a fashion video production company in Milan, Italy. We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you may have about our work, process, or the fashion industry in general.

Italian Fashion Video Production Company
At ORBIS Production, we are passionate about creating visually stunning and captivating fashion videos that bring the essence of brands and collections to life. With our expertise in cinematography, storytelling, and fashion aesthetics, we strive to deliver exceptional results that resonate with both our clients and audiences.
Our team consists of highly skilled videographers, cinematographers, editors and creative professionals who are dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving fashion industry. We understand the importance of capturing the intricacies of fashion shows, creating compelling campaign videos, and producing behind-the-scenes documentaries that showcase the craftsmanship and dedication behind each collection.
Whether it's collaborating with emerging designers, established fashion houses, or capturing the excitement of fashion events like Milan Fashion Week, we bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to every project. We believe in working closely with our clients, understanding their vision, and translating it into visually captivating videos that leave a lasting impact.
So, if you have any questions about fashion video production services in Italy, the challenges and opportunities in the industry, or even specific projects we've worked on, feel free to ask us anything! We're here to share our experiences, insights, and expertise with all of you.
Best regards,
The ORBIS Production Team
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2023.05.30 13:38 Kangurowski How can I respectfully incorporate the Catholicism in my fantasy works?

Hello, brothers and sisters! I'm a young creator and artist. I love fantasy and magical settings. I have some Catholic elements in my world, but I've also got some questions related to decency and honesty:
  1. The world has magic in it and people can learn it, but it is more of a force of nature - it can be recreated by "scientific method", let's say, recreated. For example there is a spell that can cast fire, and done properly, it will always work. So I think there is no problem with that directly.
  2. Magic that doesn't work that way and is more "free" needs sapient, outside source. So power-hungry people can turn to demons/black magic for help. But that is always depicted as evil and hurtful.
  3. There are some species (for example - vampires and rusałkas) that have some demonic part in them that give them powers, but also make them more primal. Working mentally and spiritually they can get rid of the demonic part, losing powers, but also gaining more control over themselves, getting rid of the demonic side in the end. Is there any moral problem with that, wrong implications?
  4. There are different sapient species that live and create cultures. The Fantasy Church - lets call it that - allows every sapient species to become priests/nuns and be part of the Church. Also all of the species can marry their own kinds. Different races (like vampires and humans) can marry, because they are different races, not species, so they can have children together. Is there something wrong with that?
  5. There is a Church in my world, with many similiarities the real world one, and similar aesthetic. And that is the biggest problem for me - I know that there can't be a Church without Christ, but I also feel like including Christ in my fantasy work, full of magic and weird things, would be disrespectful. But what should I do? Can it be like pre-church, that waits for the Messiah, but is more ready for the coming than Jews? Can the Jesus come in way different form, as it is a wholy different world?
  6. There are priests, nuns, monks etc. They usually live in monasteries praying and working, but some of them fight too in self defence. There are honorable knights - paladins, who are mostly living like monks, but can marry. Most of the members of the Church live without magic, saying it isn't a necessary thing for good life (and that the source may not be fully known, so it's better not to risk), while some of the members use magic in everyday life, for building houses or farming. There people using magic for bad things too, but is treated like using tools for evil purposes. Should I be carefull with this?
  7. There are demons that are sapient, but aren't considered "human" in any way. So they are just evil spirits that exist without possibility of redemption. They can spawn monsters that are purely evil forces that need to be fought, but usually they don't take on physical forms. May that be problematic?
  8. There are other gods or demigods, but basically they are just powerful beings who sometimes gain a following. They are still subjected to the world rules, while there is one God above all of this - some people belive in those lesser gods, as their presence is more visible and seems more direct, but, while more mysterious, the God is omnipotent. Also there are some sapient creatures built of magic (fairies, for example) that seem to be there to keep world in order and stopping the chaos of happening. I thought they were made by God to take care of his creation. Also - some of the demigods were created to take care of particular aspect of the world, but they are living creature with free will.
The fantasy world is a whole globe with different cultures, but most of the stories take place in Slavic mythology/medievial times aesthetic. There are good and bad people using magic or not using, doing good or terrible things, so I'm not really concerned about the fact that horrible things happen. I'm asking more about me including and showing the "good parts" without making them twisted. I would really love to include the morality and aesthetic of Catholicism to that world, but don't want to make it deceptive.
Thank you for reading! Please share your thoughts and concerns, I will appreciate any help.
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2023.05.30 13:03 MrKnowix Ultimate ChatGPT prompt to generate Midjourney Images. For Free!

Ultimate ChatGPT prompt to generate Midjourney Images. For Free!
Disclaimer: all of this content is free, no ads, no sign-up required & no donation button.
Hi everybody, I've been working on this prompt for a while now. I think I manage to do a pretty good ChatGPT prompt to create Midjourney prompts.
I'm using this prompt on a daily basis for my work. It helps me save so much time while boosting my productivity. I hope I can make your life easier. I'm sharing the prompt that I use below the image.
Here is a picture that I did using my ChatGPT prompt.
Charming summer scene in an old Japanese city, where a gracefully arching bridge straddles a tranquil river, reflecting the warmth of the season. Traditional houses, their wooden structures imbued with a timeless elegance, line the riverbanks. The city thrives under a clear sky, the sun casting a golden hue that bounces off the placid water. Anime-style aesthetics enhance the quaint charm of this serene vista, creating an inviting world where modernity coexists with antiquity. --ar 16:9 --niji 5 --v 5 --q 1 --v 5

First Step:

I want you to understand how Midjourney works.
Midjourney is an AI tool specializing in creating fantasy and sci-fi environments using Latent Diffusion Models (LDMs). LDMs generate images from text prompts by applying Diffusion Models (DMs), transformer-based generative models, to the latent space of pre-trained autoencoders. The Midjourney V5 alpha version offers higher coherency, better image quality, and advanced features, and adheres to community standards, producing more realistic imagery compared to previous versions. Comment done if you understand:
Aspect Ratios --aspect, or --ar Change the aspect ratio of a generation.
Chaos --chaos Change how varied the results will be. Higher values produce more unusual and unexpected generations.
No --no Negative prompting, --no plants would try to remove plants from the image.
Quality --quality <.25, .5, 1, or 2>, or --q <.25, .5, 1, or 2> How much rendering quality time you want to spend. The default value is 1. Higher values cost more and lower values cost less.
Seed --seed The Midjourney bot uses a seed number to create a field of visual noise, like television static, as a starting point to generate the initial image grids. Seed numbers are generated randomly for each image but can be specified with the --seed or --sameseed parameter. Using the same seed number and prompt will produce similar ending images.
Stop --stop Use the --stop parameter to finish a Job partway through the process. Stopping a Job at an earlier percentage can create blurrier, less detailed results.
Niji --niji tuned to produce anime and illustrative styles. This model has vastly more knowledge of anime, anime styles, and anime aesthetics. It's excellent at dynamic and action shots and character-focused compositions in general. --niji 5 always have to be set before the --niji aspect.
You ONLY have to answer DONE if you understand how mid-journey works.

Second Step:

I have good examples that you can use
Prompt 1: ultra wide shot, modern photo of beautiful 1970s woman in hawaii. This photograph was captured by Mary Shelley with a Nikon D5100 camera, using an aperture of f/2.8, ISO 800, and a shutter speed of 1/100 sec. UHD dtm HDR 8k --ar 2:3 --v 5
prompt 2: A steampunk-inspired, futuristic battle-ready jetski skims across the water with a fierce presence. Intricate gears and brass fittings adorn its hull, showcasing the perfect blend of advanced technology and Victorian aesthetics. This realistic masterpiece glistens under the sun, ready for action. --ar 16:10 --s 50 --v 5 --q 2
prompt 3: a photo realistic image of a falcoln wearing red and blue color football uniform flying aggressively while holding a football. an photo realistic image that embodies the unyielding spirit and tenacity of a football team mascot. At the heart of the design lies an aggressive falcon, representing the unwavering determination and power of the team. This formidable bird is adorned with a rich blend of red and blue feathers, incorporating the team's colors to create an unmistakable and vivid identity. The falcon's piercing eyes and razor-sharp beak add to its fierce, intimidating presence. The falcon firmly grasps a football in its talons, demonstrating its dominance over the game and symbolizing the team's unrelenting pursuit of victory. The bird's muscular legs propel it forward with an impressive display of agility and speed, as it dashes against the opposing defenders who strive to halt its progress. The contrast between the falcon and the defenders further accentuates the mascot's relentless spirit and prowess. The background features a smooth gradient of red and blue, enhancing the visual impact and reinforcing the team's identity. Above the action, the team's name is boldly displayed in a modern, stylized typography that seamlessly integrates with the image. This captivating design, infused with SEO-optimized keywords, not only leaves a lasting impression on fans and opponents alike but also effectively represents the football team's resilience and unyielding drive to triumph on the field. --upbeta --s 750 --v 5
prompt 4: epic background art, simple hacker theme, divine color scheme, mystical codes, alphanumeric sequence, magic, high quality 4k, render in octane --v 5 --ar 9:16
prompt 5: Pov Highly defined macrophotography of a realistic cat wearing reflective sunglasses relaxing at the tropical island, dramatic light --ar 2:3 --s 750 --v 5
You ONLY have to answer DONE if you understand how mid-journey works.

Third Step:

ACT as a professional prompt engineer. Your task is to create image prompts for Midjourney using your knowledge of Midjourney. You will use rich and descriptive language when describing your image prompts, including the Midjourney aspects and the way you want to create the picture.
Create a prompt for this image:
Put here what you want to see
Don't copy them, but use the same format. And only give me the Midjourney prompt.
Hope this prompt helps you! If you have any feedback let me know!
submitted by MrKnowix to ChatGPT [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 12:58 Webmasterseosq Waterwash

Water Wash: Enhancing Your Property's Appeal with Professional Power Washing and Deep Cleaning Services

WaterWash provides power washing and deep cleaning services to remove possible hazards and raise the aesthetic of your house or business. We are focused on holding the utmost professionalism to guarantee that you have complete satisfaction, confidence, and peace of mind.
Keeping your house or business premises in pristine condition not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures a safe and healthy environment. Over time, dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants accumulate on various surfaces, leading to a dull and unattractive appearance. That's where Water Wash comes in. We specialize in providing top-notch power washing and deep cleaning services that eliminate potential hazards and breathe new life into your property.

Importance of Power Washing and Deep Cleaning

Enhancing Curb Appeal

The exterior of your property is the first thing visitors or potential customers notice. A clean and well-maintained appearance creates a positive impression and instills confidence in the minds of those who approach. Power washing is a highly effective method to remove stubborn dirt, algae, moss, and stains from surfaces such as sidings, brick walls, and driveways. With our professional services, you can transform the look of your property, boosting its curb appeal and leaving a lasting impression.

Preventing Potential Hazards

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, regular power washing and deep cleaning also play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of your property. Mold, mildew, and algae growth on surfaces can become slippery when wet, posing a significant risk for accidents. Moreover, neglecting to clean surfaces like roofs, decks, and patios can lead to water damage, rot, and structural issues. By availing of Water Wash's services, you can prevent potential hazards, ensuring a safe environment for you, your family, or your customers.

Water Wash: Your Trusted Power Washing and Deep Cleaning Service Provider

When it comes to power washing and deep cleaning, trust is paramount. At Water Wash, we prioritize professionalism and strive to exceed our clients' expectations. We understand the importance of your property and work diligently to provide exceptional services that guarantee complete satisfaction, instill confidence, and offer you peace of mind.

Power Washing Services Offered by Water Wash

Our comprehensive range of power washing services covers a wide array of surfaces, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to rejuvenating your property's appearance. Whether it's the exterior surfaces of your building, driveways, walkways, decks, or patios, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to tackle any cleaning challenge effectively. Our highly skilled team employs the appropriate techniques and water pressure to ensure optimal results without causing any damage.

Deep Cleaning Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

In addition to power washing, Water Wash also provides deep cleaning services tailored to both residential and commercial properties. We understand
Visit Our Website:
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2023.05.30 12:25 BossAdditional7531 Mod for npc interior

Any aesthetics mod that will make you go wow girl your farm is so nice and the interior slays. Anyone? anyway i need like interior that changes the npc's houses. so ya
submitted by BossAdditional7531 to SMAPI [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 11:28 smartscaledesign The Power of Contrast: Exploring Bold Color Combinations for Elevation

The Power of Contrast: Exploring Bold Color Combinations for Elevation

When it comes to making a bold statement with your home's exterior, color is a powerful tool. Contrasting color combinations can add drama, visual interest, and a unique personality to your home's elevation with best interior designer in Mumbai. By pairing bold and contrasting hues, you can create a striking and memorable look that catches the eye. In this blog post, we will explore the power of contrast and delve into some inspiring color combinations for elevations that make a strong impact in west-facing house plan with vastu.
Classic Black and White:
There's a timeless elegance and sophistication in the simplicity of a black and white color scheme in west-facing house plan with vastu. The strong contrast between these two opposites creates a visually striking effect. Consider using black for architectural details such as window frames, doors, or trim, while keeping the main facade in crisp white in vastu house plan. This combination works well with various architectural styles and adds a touch of modernity to your home's exterior.
Vibrant Red and Gray:
For a combination that commands attention, pair vibrant red with shades of gray. The intense energy of red combined with the cool neutrality of gray creates a captivating contrast in vastu for home plan. Use red as an accent color for elements like doors, shutters, or decorative trim, while keeping the main facade in various shades of gray in vastu for home plan. This combination adds a modern and edgy touch to your elevation, perfect for those who want to make a bold statement.
Striking Yellow and Blue:
For a cheerful and eye-catching elevation, combine vibrant yellow with deep blue hues. This color combination exudes energy and creates a playful and welcoming atmosphere. Consider using yellow for accents like doors or decorative elements, while incorporating various shades of blue for the main facade in house plan design. This combination works well for coastal or beach-inspired homes, evoking a sunny and vibrant vibe in vastu house plan.
Bold Jewel Tones:
Create a luxurious and captivating look by combining bold jewel tones in vastu for home plan. Pair deep emerald green with rich sapphire blue or regal amethyst purple. These color combinations bring depth and richness to your elevation, evoking a sense of opulence in house plan design. Use jewel tones for accents, such as doors, shutters, or decorative elements, against a neutral backdrop to allow the colors to truly shine in west-facing house plan with vastu.
Playful Pastels with a Pop:
For a whimsical and playful elevation, experiment with a combination of soft pastels and a pop of a vibrant color in west-facing house plan with vastu. Imagine a pastel pink or mint green facade with a vibrant orange or electric blue door in vastu house plan. This unexpected contrast adds a sense of fun and personality to your home's exterior, perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd.
Remember, when working with contrasting colors, it's essential to consider the architectural style and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in vastu for home plan. Experiment with color samples and visualize how the combinations will interact with natural light throughout the day.
Bold color combinations can transform your home's elevation into a striking and memorable masterpiece. Whether you prefer classic black and white, vibrant red and gray, striking yellow and blue, bold jewel tones, or playful pastels with a pop, the key is to embrace contrast and create a visually captivating look. Allow your home's exterior to reflect your unique personality and make a lasting impression on anyone who passes by.
We hope this blog post has inspired you to explore bold color combinations for your home's elevation. Share your experiences and color choices with us, and let's celebrate the power of contrast together!
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2023.05.30 10:14 a1paintingdecorating Transform Your Space with Professional Commercial Painting Services

Transform Your Space with Professional Commercial Painting Services
A1 Painting & Decorating is a leading commercial painting company based in Sydney, specializing in providing high-quality painting services for both residential and commercial properties. With a team of experienced house painters in Sydney, we are dedicated to transforming your space with a fresh coat of paint that enhances its aesthetic appeal.
Our skilled residential painters in Sydney are trained to deliver exceptional results, paying attention to detail and using premium quality materials to ensure a flawless finish. Whether you need to revitalize your home's interiors or exteriors, our painters have the expertise to handle projects of all sizes, from single rooms to entire houses.
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2023.05.30 10:01 Ausanan Current Mod List

Here is my current mod list, I'm quite proud of it. What do you all think of it? Note: 1. A few of the mods are deactivated, they were all copied together. 2. The mods are not listed in order, they got automatically sorted alphabetically when I copied them.
Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE"
Moons And Stars - Sky Overhaul SKSE"
More Informative Console"
More to Say"
moreHUD Inventory Edition"
Moss Rocks"
Moss Rocks - 3D Rocks Patch"
Mrf's Markarth"
Mrf's Solitude"
Mrf's Solitude - Update"
Nate DBVO Pack - MALE PC"
Natural Hair Colors"
NL_MCM - A Modular MCM Framework"
No Grass In Caves"
No Grass In Objects"
No Grassias - A Universal Grass Fix For Grass Mods"
No Recoil"
No Spinning Death Animation"
Nordic Snow"
Nordic Snow - Projected Diffuse"
Nordic Stonewalls"
NORDIC UI - Compass Markers Restored"
NORDIC UI - Interface Overhaul"
Nordic UI - Menu Cleaned and Upscaled"
NORDIC UI - Miscellaneous Patches"
NORDIC UI - Ultrawide Fixes and Patches"
Nordic UI Ultrawide Patch"
Nordic...ish - A TrueHUD preset based on Nordic UI"
Nordic...ish - A TrueHUD preset based on Nordic UI - Recent Item Widget"
Northborn Scars"
Northfires Photoreal Mountains 3 for Majestic (8K)"
NPC AI Process Position Fix - NG"
NPC Animation Remix (DAR)"
NPCs Names Distributor"
NPCs React To Invisibility"
NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara PLUS"
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons"
Open Civil War SSE"
Optional Round Farmhouse Posts"
OSHA-Compliant Sovengarde Mesh Fixes"
Paarthurnax - Quest Expansion"
PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions"
Paragon gems 4K"
Particle Lights For ENB - Aetherium Shards"
Particle Lights For ENB - Alchemy and Enchanting Tables"
Particle Lights For ENB - Apocypha"
Particle Lights For ENB - Blood Splatter Fix"
Particle Lights For ENB - Bugs in a Jar"
Particle Lights For ENB - Dark Elf Lantern"
Particle Lights For ENB - Dark Elf Lantern Particle Patch"
Particle Lights For ENB - Dragonborn Ingredients"
Particle Lights For ENB - Ingredients"
Particle Lights for ENB - Nirnroot"
Particle Lights For ENB - Paragon Gems"
Particle Lights For ENB - Staff Enchanter"
Particle Lights For ENB - Undead Creatures"
Particle Lights For ENB - Wisps - Witchlight"
Particle Lights For ENB - wSkeever Ingredients"
Particle Patch for ENB"
Payload Interpreter"
PELTAPALOOZA - Special Edition"
Penitus Oculatus Questline"
Pickaxe Redone SSE"
Picta Series - Improved Sky Meshes"
Picta Series - Improved Sky Meshes - Cathedral Version"
Populated Skyrim Reborn SSE"
powerofthree's Papyrus Extender"
powerofthree's Tweaks"
Prisoner cart fix SMIM"
Pristine Vanilla Movement"
Project ja-Kha'jay"
Project ja-Kha'jay- Moonpath to Elsweyr Khajiit Overhaul"
Project New Reign - Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine"
Quality CubeMaps - HD Cube Maps Optimized"
Quick Light SE"
Race Menu SE - WIdescreen Fix"
RaceMenu - Male Khajiit Mouth Expression Fix"
RaceMenu Memory Leak Fix"
Rain Extinguishes Fires"
Rally's Civil War Document Tubes"
Rally's Riekling Outposts"
Reachmen Tribes Names"
Real Rabbits HD"
Real Rabbits HD - SPID Edition"
Reanimated NPC Animations"
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE"
Remi UnLux Patch"
Remiel-Custom Voiced Follower"
Remiros' Chitin Armor HD"
Renthal's Waterwheel Remastered"
Reversed Daggers Moveset for MCO"
Riekling Barrels SMIM"
Riften Architectural Details"
Riften Docks Overhaul"
Riften Docks Overhaul - Riften Extension Patch"
Riften Docks Overhaul - SMIM Patch"
Riften Extension - Southwoods District"
RS Children - Populated Skyrim Reborn SSE Patch"
RS Children Overhaul"
Rudification - Rudy Candles Expanded"
Rudy ENB Obsidian Weathers ADDONS and REQUiRED Files"
Rudy HQ - Falling Leaves and Needles SE"
Rudy HQ - Falling Leaves and Needles SE - Yellow Leaves Texture"
Rudy HQ - Hay SE"
Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE"
Rudy HQ - More lights for ENB - Daedric weapons"
RUGNAROK - Special Edition"
Ruins Clutter Improved"
Ruins Clutter Improved - Fixes"
Ruins Clutter Improved - Portcullis Collision Fix"
RUSTIC CLOTHING 4k-2k - Special Edition"
RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition""
SCAR - Skyrim Combos AI Revolution"
Sconces of Skyrim - Markarth Braziers Improved"
Scrambled Bugs"
Scripts, Utilities and Core Files_separator"
SDA - UnLux"
SDA Patch Hub SE"
SD's Horn Candles SE"
Security Overhaul SKSE - Add-ons"
Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations"
Security Overhaul SKSE - Regional Locks"
Serana Dialogue Add-On"
Serana Re-Imagined"
Serious Civil War Defense for OCW"
Serious Civil War Finale Sieges"
Shaders of Solstheim - Ash and Moss"
Shadow of Skyrim - Nemesis and Alternative Death System"
Show Player In Menus"
Shroud Hearth Barrow Script Fix"
Sigils of Skyrim - Shields"
Sigils of the North - Banners 4k"
Simple Snow Improvements - Giant Obelisks (BOS)"
Simple Snow Improvements - Skyrim (BOS)"
Simplicity of Snow"
SIRENROOT - Deluge of Deceit"
SIRENROOT - HD Texture Pack"
Skeleton Replacer HD"
Skeleton Replacer HD - Lux Patch"
Skeleton Replacer HD - Patch Collection"
SKSE Output"
SKSE Plugins_separator"
SKSE Scripts - v2.0.20"
Sky Idles"
SkyFix SE - HD Blacksmith Signs"
Skyland AIO"
Skyland Farmhouse - Farmhouse Door Patch"
Skyland Whiterun - Epic Doors of Whiterun Patch"
Skyland Whiterun - Pompous Door of Whiterun Patch"
Skyrim - A Mountainous Experience"
Skyrim 3D Docks and Boardwalks"
Skyrim 3D Furniture"
Skyrim 3D Furniture - SMIM Patch"
Skyrim 3D Landscapes"
Skyrim 3D Rocks"
Skyrim 3D Windmill"
Skyrim on Skooma"
Skyrim Priority SE AE - skse plugin"
Skyrim Remastered - Caves"
Skyrim Remastered - Glaciers and Ice - IMR Edition"
Skyrim Ultimate Eye Meshe"
Skyrim Ultimate Eye Meshes - Vampire Fixes"
Skyrim Upscaler - DLSS FSR2 XeSS"
Skyrim Upscaler - Patreon BETA"
Slayable Offspring SKSE"
Sleeping Expanded - Animations and NPC reactions"
Small Nordic Tent Replacer"
SMIM - Quality Addon - Unofficial Material Fix Patch"
SMIM Barrel Expansion - Mead Barrel - Oil Barrel - Butter Churn"
Smoke - Rudy Fix"
Smoking Torches and Candles SSE"
Smooth Moveset"
Smooth Random idle Animation"
SmoothCam - Modern Camera Preset"
Solstheim Objects SMIMed"
Sons of Nirn - Whiterun"
Soul Cairn Script Tweaks"
Spell Perk Item Distributor"
Spell Perk Item Distributor OLD"
SpellSword Moveset"
Splashes of Skyrim"
Splashes Of Storms"
Splashes of Storms - Rudy Fix"
SSE Display Tweaks"
SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)"
Stalhrim Refrozen"
Stalhrim Refrozen - Upscales Textures"
Static Mesh Improvement Mod"
Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon"
Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod"
Stockades of Skyrim 3D"
Stones of Solitude - Better Blended Rock Piles"
Storm Lightning for SSE and VR (Minty Lightning 2019)"
Strongholds - Largashbur"
Strongholds - Narzulbur"
Stunning Statues of Skyrim"
Subtle Wind FX"
TAA Deblur"
Take a Seat - New DAR Sitting Animations"
Tamrielic Names"
Tempered Skins for Males - Dressed Version"
Terrain Fixes for CC Mods"
The Eyes Of Beauty SSE"
The Eyes Of Beauty SSE - Elves Edition"
The Second Great War"
The Second Great War - USSEP Patch"
The Taste of Death Improved Shutdown"
TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes SSE"
To Your Face SE""
True Directional Movement - Modernized Third Person Gameplay"
TRUE FACES - A Character Enhancement Project"
TrueHUD - HUD Additions"
Unarmed Moveset for MCO"
Undead Snow Elves - Mihail"
UNDERDOG Animations"
Unique Map Weather"
Unique Map Weather - Vanilla Additions"
Unique Skulls HD"
Unique Solstheim Grass"
Unique Solstheim Grass - Complex Grass"
Unofficial High Definition Audio Project"
Unofficial Material Fix"
Unofficial Material Fix - Assorted Mesh Fixes Patch"
Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch"
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"
UNP Female Body Renewal"
Unreal 4K Mammoth Skeleton ReTexture"
Use Those Blankets"
Valhalla Combat"
Vampire Lines Expansion"
Vampires Have Claws"
Vanargand Animations - Archery"
Vanargand Animations - Sneak Archery"
Vanilla Follower Expansion - Illia (VFE)"
Vanilla hair - Salt and Wind"
Vanilla Makeup HD"
Vanilla Warpaints Absolution"
Veydosebrom Regions"
Veydosebrom Regions - Complex Grass"
VickusDickus' Khajiiti Apex Armory"
Wade In Water Redone"
Wall mounted dead animals fixes"
Water for ENB"
Water in Wells - mesh-only animated wells"
Weapon Keyword Unification Project"
Weather of World"
Weathers & Atmosphere_separator"
Wedding Outfit Commission"
WeldingMans Smelter"
WeldingMans Smelter - Embers XD"
Whiterun Exteriors Patch Collection"
Whiterun Objects SMIMed"
Whiterun Trees"
Whiterun Trees - JKs Skyrim - Fortified Whiterun Patch"
WIDeadBodyCleanupScript Crash Fix"
Windhelm Bridge Stairs"
Winterhold Statue - Animated with ENB Lights""
WiZkiD Riften and Ratway"
WiZkiD Signs"
WiZkiD Specific Signs"
Wolves of the Wild"
Wood Wall Trap Mesh and UV Fix"
Woodcutter Axe Redone SE"
Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB"
XNFRain's Civil War Map Flag Replacer SE"
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended"
.NET Script Framework"
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - ASLAL Patch"
3D Riften Trellis and Roofs"
3D Solitude Market Trellis"
3D Solitude Market Trellis Expansion"
3D Trellis Improved - Gildergreen Plaza"
3D Whiterun Trellis"
3D Whiterun Trellis Expansion"
4K Carts Clean"
4K SMIM Carriage Seat"
4K Tusks"
A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget"
A Matter Of Time - Legacy Settings Loader"
Actor Limit Fix"
Address Library for SKSE Plugins"
ADXP I MCO elden rim moveset collection (SCAR)"
ADXP l MCO Nordic Animation Complete Pack"
After the Civil War - Siege Damage Repairs"
Alternate Conversation Camera"
Alternate Start - Live Another Life - SSE"
Amber Refossilized"
aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE"
aMidianBorn Matching Armory - Glass Armor and Weapons"
Ancient Falmer Armor 4K"
Ancient Falmer Armor 4K - Armour Mesh Fixes Patch"
Ancient Nord Pickaxe Replacer - Rusted Textures 4K"
Ancient Nord Pickaxe Replacer 4K"
Animated Coffins"
Animated Forge Water"
Animated Static Reload Fix - NG"
Animation Motion Revolution"
Animation Queue Fix"
Another Jump Animation - Female"
Another Jump Animation - Male"
Archery Locational Damage"
Archery Target Retexture 4k"
Armor Mesh Fixes SE"
Armor Mesh Fixes SE - aMidianBorn Patch"
Armor Mesh Fixes SE - Orcish Environmental Map Fix"
Armor Mesh Fixes SE - Steel Armour Fix"
Ashbound - Solstheim Revisited"
Ashlander Nomads Names"
Assorted mesh fixes"
Attack MCO-DXP"
Auriel Bow - ENB Light"
Auriel's Bow and Shield HD SE"
Aurora Fix"
Authentic Eyes"
Auto Input Switch"
Axarien's Animations - Kaidan (DAR)"
Axarien's Animations - Lucien (DAR)"
Baby Chickens - Mihail"
Bandit Lines Expansion"
Bandit Lines Expansion - Dark Elf"
Barter Limit Fix"
Base Object Swapper"
Base Textures & Meshes_separator"
Basic Dining Set Replacer2k"
Bears of the North"
Bears of the North - 4k Textures"
Behavior Data Injector"
Belethor's Sister - Quest"
Bellyaches 16K-8K Dragon Replacer Pack"
Beneath Bronze Waters Start Fix"
Better Beast vampire fangs - fixes and adjustments - Argonian and Khajiit"
Better Beast vampire fangs - fixes and adjustments - Argonian V Fangs"
Better Blended Mushrooms"
Better Books and Letters"
Better Combat Escape - SSE"
Better Dialogue Control Widescreen Fix"
Better Dialogue Controls"
Better Dyndolod Red Mountain Plume"
Better Jumping SE"
Better Ladder UV Mapping"
Better tomboys DAR animations"
Better Wedding Guests"
Beyond Reach"
Beyond Reach - Arnima - Armour Fix 2"
Beyond Reach - Arnima - Dragonstar Armour Fix"
Beyond Reach - Arnima - Female Witchman Armour Fix"
Beyond Reach - Arnima - Forrsworn Texture Fix"
Beyond Reach - Arnima - Wool Plate Armour Fix"
Beyond Reach - Dunlain Falls Interior and Exterior House Fix"
Beyond Reach - House Texture Fix"
Beyond Reach - Infant Ogre Inventory Fix"
Beyond Reach - Shaman Fix"
Beyond Skyrim - Wares of Tamriel SE"
Bijin NPCs Civil War Legate Rikke Fix"
Bijin NPCs SE"
Bijin Skin - UNP"
Bijin Warmaidens SE"
Bijin Wives SE"
BiR's Remiel Replacer"
Blended Roads"
Blended Roads - Simplicity of Snow Patch"
Blended Roads Redone - Bridges - 8K"
Blended Roads Redone SE - 8K"
Blended Roads Redone SE - Meshes - 8K"
Blind people DAR animations"
Blood and Ash - Ash"
Blood and Ash - Blood"
Bloodline - Volkihar Family"
Bosmer NPCs have Antlers"
Bosmer NPCs have Antlers - Texture Patch"
Breton NPCs Have Elven Ears"
Bright Waterfall Fix for ENB - DynDOLOD"
Bucket Again - SMIMed"
Bug Fixes SSE"
Capital Whiterun Expansion - 3D Whiterun Trellis Patch"
Carriages and Stables Dialogue Bundle"
Cathedral - 3D Deathbell"
Cathedral - 3D Deathbell - ENB Light"
Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers"
Cathedral - Mushrooms"
Cathedral - Plants"
Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers - Base Object Swapper"
Character Creation & NPC Overhaul_separator"
Chicken Replacer - Mihail"
Ciri DBVO - Live Another Life Patch - FEMALE PC"
Ciri DBVO - LotDB Patch - FEMALE PC"
Ciri DBVO - Wyrmstooth Patch - FEMALE PC"
Citizens of Tamriel"
City & Settlements Textures_separator"
Civil War Couriers Framework"
Civil War Lines Expansion"
Clouds All Over - All In One"
College of Winterhold - Quest Expansion"
College of Winterhold - Quest Markers"
College of Winterhold - RS Children Patch"
Combat Music Fix SKSE"
Combat Pathing Revolution"
Complementary Grass Fixes"
Comprehensive First Person Animation Overhaul - CFPAO"
Conditional tavern cheering (DAR)"
Configurable Commentary Rate Slider"
ConsoleUtilSSE NG"
Cosmos Lucien Replacer"
Creation Club - Fishing"
Creation Club - Rare Curios"
Creation Club - Saints & Seducers"
Creation Club - Survival Mode"
Creatures & Fauna_separator"
Crouch Sliding"
Curated Bosses for True HUD"
Cuyi's Bosmeri Antlers - SSE"
Daedric Names"
DAR - Dynamic Swimming"
DAR - Dynamic Swimming - Argonian Mastery"
Daughters of Malacath"
DBVO Dialogue Interface ReShaped Patch"
Destination Weddings"
Destination Weddings - Lux Via & NPC's Wear Amulets of Mara Patch"
Detailed NPCs - Immersive Armors for NPCs (SPID)"
Dialogue Interface ReShaped"
Dibella's Blessing"
Dibella's Blessing Patches"
Disable Turn Animation SE I AE"
Diverse Skyrim - Voiced Addon (ElevenLabs)"
DLC2dunFrostmoonTriggerScript Optimization"
DLC2dunNchardakDoorSeal Script Infinite Loop Fix"
DLC2dunSeekerInvisScript Fix"
DLC2MiraakScript Fix"
DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript Tweak"
DLC2TribalWerebearScript Fix"
Dodge MCO-DXP"
Don't sheathe bound weapons DAR animations"
Dovah Names"
Dragon Priest - Armour and Weapons"
Dragonborn Voice Over"
Dragonborn Voice Over - Nordic UI Ultrawide Patch"
Dragonborn Voice Over Old"
DragonPriest Retexture - SE""
dunFolgunthurBossBattle Script Fix"
Dwemer Pipework Reworked"
Dwemer Pipework Reworked - Decorative Pattern"
Dwemer Pipework Reworked - ENB Lights"
Dynamic Animation Replacer"
Dynamic Dodge Animation"
Dynamic Impact - Slash Effects X"
Dynamic snow For Map"
DynDOLOD Resources SE"
eeekie's even better Kaidan"
Elder Creed - Valhalla Axe Moveset AIO"
ElSopa - Papers HD SE"
ElSopa HD - Realistic Dark Elf Urns SE"
Elven Weapons for Silence SE"
Embers XD"
Emperor Penguins - Mihail"
ENB Helper SE"
ENB Light"
Enhanced Blood Textures"
Enhanced Enemy AI SE"
Enhanced Invisibility"
Enhanced Reanimation"
Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows (EVLaS)"
Equip Enchantment Fix"
Equipment & Apparel_separator"
ESO Style Cursor"
EVG Animated Traversal"
EVG Animated Traversal - Bleak Falls Barrow"
EVG Animated Traversal - Flat Footed Quest"
EVG Animated Traversal - Patch Collection"
EVG Animated Traversal - Skyrim Integration Patch"
EVG Animation Variance"
EVG Conditional Idles"
EVG Conditionals Extended"
EVG Conditionals Extended - Modesty Replacer"
EVG Conditionals Extended - Valhalla Patch"
Expressive Facegen Morphs SE"
Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-"
Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition-"
Expressive Remiel"
FA ORCODONTIST - Orsimer Mouth and Teeth Fix"
Face Discoloration Fix""
Fancy Sword Moveset for MCO"
Fate Cards Remade - Legacy of The Dragonborn"
Feminize - Crafting Animation (DAR)"
First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS"
Fish Anywhere With Water"
Fix Note icon for SkyUI"
Fixed Mesh Lighting"
Fixed Nordic Metal Grate"
Flickering Meshes Fix"
Flies Around Corpses - Audio Only"
Flora & Landscape_separator"
Forgotten Argonian Roots"
Forsworn and Thalmor Lines Expansion"
Forsworn Matriarchs Names"
Fortified Whiterun"
Fortified Whiterun - Immersive Citizens Patch"
Fortified Whiterun - JK's Skyrim Patch"
Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor and Weapons"
Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale - Armor and Weapons"
Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale - Armor and Weapons - Mesh Fix"
Frankly HD Imperial Armor and Weapons"
Frankly HD Imperial Armor and Weapons - Leanwolf Patch"
Frankly HD Imperial Armor and Weapons - Long Sleeves"
Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons [SSE]"
Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons [SSE] - Leanwolf Patch"
Frankly HD Shrouded Armor"
Frankly HD Silver Sword"
Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards"
Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards - Falkreath Hue Fix"
Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards - Fix"
Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors"
Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice"
FYX - 3D Coal in the Shovel"
FYX - 3D Dock Ramp"
FYX - 3D Farmhouse Walkway"
FYX - 3D Honeyside Deck Floor"
FYX - 3D Shack Kit Roofs"
FYX - 3D Shack Kit Walls"
FYX - 3D Shack Kit Walls - BOS"
FYX - 3D Stockades"
FYX - 3D Stockades - Walls and Gate"
FYX - 3D Whiterun Castle Bridge"
FYX - 3D Whiterun Drawbridge Gate"
FYX - 3D Whiterun Drawbridge Gate - Lux Orbis Patch"
FYX - 3D Whiterun Guard Towers"
FYX - 3D Whiterun Scaffold"
FYX - 3D Whiterun Tree Circle"
FYX - Candlehearth Hall Chimney"
FYX - Fortified Whiterun Consistency"
FYX - Jorrvaskr"
FYX - RavenRock Docks and Fences Round Posts"
FYX - RowBoat"
FYX - SMIM Barrels - Smooth and New optionnal Metal and Wood Texture"
FYX - Smooth Wells"
FYX - The Temple of Mara (ENB Light Windows)"
FYX - Water Splash"
FYX - Windhelm Stable Roof"
FYX Smooth Wells - Invisible Well Fix"
Gesture Animation Remix (DAR)""
Gilded Doublet - Ported to SSE"
GKB Waves Reborn"
Glorious Doors of Skyrim (GDOS)"
Glowing Mushroom Collision Fixes"
GOAT HD by Pfuscher"
Goetia Animations - Conditional Shouts"
Goetia Animations - Enchanted Staves"
Goetia Animations - Magic Spell Casting"
Golden Saint Armory Revamped"
Grass Sampler Fix"
Guard Armor Reforged"
Guard Dialogue Overhaul - Second Great War Patch"
Guard Dialogue Overhaul - UHDAP Patch"
Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE""
Happy Little Logs"
Happy Little Trees"
Happy Little Trees - Aspen Addendum"
Happy Little Trees - DLC Trees"
Happy Little Trees - Reduced Saturation"
Happy Little Trees Add-On - DynDOLOD 3"
Harvestables Cabbages Addon for High Poly Project"
HD CubeMap Collection"
HD LODs Textures SE"
HD Reflective Ebony Armor and Weapons"
HD Reflective Ebony Armor and Weapons - Ebony Mail"
HD Reworked Falmer Architecture 4K"
HD Reworked Horses"
HD Serpentine Dragon and Mesh Fix SE"
HD Skeever"
Hearthfire Oven"
High Hrothgar Fixed"
High Hrothgar Fixed - Lux Orbis Patch"
High Hrothgar Fixed - Lux Patch"
High poly Mudcrab n Retexture"
High Poly Project"
High Poly Vanilla Hair"
High Quality Food and Ingredients SE"
Highlandcow HD by Pfuscher"
High-Poly Inigo Replacer"
Hold Border Banners"
Hold Border Guards - Definitive Edition"
Hold Guard Armor Unchanged SE"
Horker by Pfuscher"
Horses Simply Turn Better"
Hunters Not Bandits"
Husky Wolf - Wolves Use Husky Model"
Husky Wolf - Wolves Use Husky Model - Shell Fur"
Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards"
Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows"
Icy Mesh Remaster"
Icy Mesh Remaster - Overwrite Handler"
IFrame Generator RE"
I'm Glad You're Here - Follower & Spouse Appreciation"
I'm Walkin' Here"
Immersive Armors"
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul"
Immersive Equipping Animations"
Immersive Equipping Animations - Shadow of Skyrim Patch"
Immersive folded hands (DAR)"
Immersive Interactions - Animated Actions"
Immersive Kaidan Start"
Immersive Load Screen Message Overhaul"
Immersive Patrols SE"
Immersive Rejections"
Immersive Weapon Integration Distributed with SPID"
Immersive Weapons"
Immersive World Encounters SE"
Imperial Centurion Armor for Solitude Guards"
Imperial Guard Centurion Armor SE - 4k"
Imperial Guard Centurion Armor SE - Officer Replacer"
Improved Closefaced Helmets"
Improved Follower Dialogue - Lydia"
Improved Loading Screen Colors"
Improved Table Transition Animations"
ImprovedDialogueLydia - UnLux"
Inigo Riding Patch"
JContainers SE"
JK's Riften Outskirts"
JK's Riften Outskirts Patch Collection"
JK's Skyrim"
JK's Skyrim All Lighting Overhauls Patch"
JK's Skyrim and Beyond Skyrim Wares of Tamriel Patch"
JK's Whiterun Outskirts"
JS Attunement Sphere and Lexicons SE"
JS Barenziah SE"
JS Bloodstone Chalice SE"
JS Common Cages SE"
JS Dragon Claws AE Anniversary Edition"
JS Dwarven Oil SE"
JS Dwemer Artifacts SE"
JS Dwemer Control Cube SE"
JS Dwemer Ichor Barrels SE"
JS Dwemer Kitchenware SE"
JS Dwemer Puzzle Cube SE"
JS Essence Extractor SE"
JS Initiate's Ewer SE"
JS Instruments of Skyrim SE"
JS Lockpicking UI SE"
JS Purses and Septims SE"
JS Shrines of the Divines SE4k"
Kaidan 2"
Kaidan 2 - HD Armor Retexture"
Kaidan and Inigo Banter Patch"
Kaidan Extended Edition"
Kaidan LotDB Patch"
Kaidan Lux Patch"
Kaidan Slap da Butt"
Keyword Item Distributor"
KG's AE Draugr Arsenal Reshaped"
KG's AE Draugr Arsenal Reshaped - Unofficial Amidianborn Patch"
Khajiit Has Wares - A Caravan Camp Overhaul"
Khajiit Overhaul SSE Unofficial Port"
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods"
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - Military Camps"
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Talos with Greatsword"
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons"
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons - Orcish Greatsword"
Legacy of the Dragonborn"
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Follower Room Patches"
Legacy Safehouse Plus - LotDB"
Less Distracting Blowing Snow Effects for ENB Particle Patch"
Leviathan Animations II - Female Idle Walk And Run"
Leviathan Animations II - Male Idle Walk And Run"
Leviathan Animations II - Sprint"
Lighting & Water_separator"
Lively cart driver animation replacer - SE"
Lively Children Animations (DAR)"
LOD Mesh Fixes for DynDOLOD"
LOD Unloading Bug Fix"
Logs, Outputs & LOD_separator"
Loki's Wade In Water"
Look Around - Searching Animations For NPCs (DAR)"
Lore-Based Loading Screens"
Lucien - Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower"
Lucien - Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch"
Lunar Guard Armor"
Lunar Guard Arsenal - Battleaxe"
Lux - LotDB Patch"
Lux - Riften Docks Overhaul Patch"
Lux - Via"
Lux Orbis"
Lux Orbis - Riften Docks Overhaul Patch"
Lux Orbis - Strongholds Largashbur Patch"
Lux Orbis - Strongholds Narzulbur Patch"
Lux Via - Strongholds Largashbur Patch"
Main Textures & Meshes_separator"
Majestic Mountains - LOD Pack"
Majestic Mountains - More Accurate Collision"
Majestic Mountains - More Accurate Collision - AME Patch"
Majestic Mountains - More Accurate Collision - Hotfix"
Majestic Mountains Main"
Males of Skyrim - Better Hands""
Mari's flora"
Married NPCs Wear Wedding Bands (SPID - Left Hand Rings)"
Master Chief"
Master Chief DBVO - Alternate Start Patch"
Master Chief DBVO - Beyond Reach Patch"
Master Chief DBVO - Inigo Patch"
Master Chief DBVO - LotDB Patch"
Master Chief DBVO - Lucien Patch"
Master Chief DBVO - More to Say Patch"
Master Chief DBVO - Serana Dialogue Addon Patch"
Master Files_separator"
MCM Helper"
MCO - ADXP - Elder Creed - Blade"
MCO Universal Support"
Medieval Candlehorns and Sconces"
Medieval Torch"
Menu and Load Smoke Removed for ENB"
Mesh patches for Lux and Lux Orbis"
Metallurgy - Ingots Ore and Veins HD"
Mfg Fix"
Misc Dialogue Edits"
Misc. Blended Road Fixes"
Miscellaneous Textures & Meshes_separator"
Mists of Tamriel"
Mists of Tamriel - Rudy Obsidian"
Modern Female Sitting Animations Overhaul (DAR)"
Modpocalypse NPCs - All Vanilla NPCs"
Modpocalypse NPCs - Resources"
Moon Monk's Robes"
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2023.05.30 09:11 facetime010101 Amazon Basics Tear-Free Baby Shampoo

Amazon Basics Tear-Free Baby Shampoo

Caution: It's important to remember that these evaluations are guides to potential health concerns and not definitive measures of a product's safety or efficacy. They are based on individual ingredients rather than any negative effects the final product may have. The way ingredients interact in a formulation can influence their potential impact, and the presence of a specific ingredient does not automatically equate to harm when used in a product. It's always crucial to do your own research, consider the product as a whole, and keep in mind that personal reactions can vary greatly. When making decisions about personal care products, it is recommended to consult with healthcare professionals.

Brief: While this product, produced and distributed by Amazon as a house brand, stands out for its cost-effectiveness, it does contain certain ingredients that may be of concern to some parents. It features 2 synthetic color additives and 1 fragrance for aesthetic and olfactory appeal. The synthetic additive D&C Yellow No. 10, aimed at delivering a visually appealing color, can increase sun sensitivity amongst other side effects. Moreover, the additive 'Fragrance', incorporated for an appealing scent, could potentially induce respiratory and eczema issues in certain infants. Hence, parents who are apprehensive about these potential side effects should be cautious while considering this product for use.

Ingredients: Water, PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium laureth sulfate, PEG-150 distearate, fragrance, tetrasodium EDTA, polyquaternium-10, PEG-175 diisostearate, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, yellow 10, orange 4.

Typical ingredients description and side effects

  • Peg-80 Sorbitan Laurate
    • PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate is a surfactant and emulsifier that's often used in cosmetics and personal care products, including baby shampoos. It helps to mix oil and water-based ingredients, and can help to cleanse the skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt, allowing them to be rinsed away.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: While PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate is generally considered safe, some individuals might experience skin irritation or an allergic reaction, such as redness, itching, or a rash. However, these instances are relatively rare.
      • Eye Irritation: As with any soap product, there is a potential for eye irritation if the product gets into the eyes. This can lead to discomfort and temporary redness. It's always important to avoid the eye area when using shampoo.
      • Environmental Considerations: PEGs (polyethylene glycols), including PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, are petroleum-based compounds, and there are concerns about their biodegradability and impact on the environment.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
    • Cocamidopropyl betaine is a surfactant commonly used in personal care products, including baby lotions, due to its mild cleansing and foaming properties. It is generally well-tolerated and considered safe for use. However, in some rare cases, individuals may experience certain side effects.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Although uncommon, some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to cocamidopropyl betaine. This can lead to skin irritation or allergic reactions such as redness, itching, rash, or hives. If your baby develops any of these symptoms after using a baby lotion containing cocamidopropyl betaine, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
      • Eye Irritation: Direct contact of cocamidopropyl betaine with the eyes may cause mild eye irritation. It is important to avoid contact with the eyes and rinse thoroughly with water if accidental exposure occurs.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
    • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is a common ingredient used in many cleaning and hygiene products, including shampoos, body washes, and toothpastes. It's a surfactant, a type of compound that helps create lather and makes a product more effective at removing dirt and oils. In baby shampoos, SLES is often used because it's milder and less irritating to the skin and eyes than some other types of surfactants, like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Nonetheless, there has been ongoing debate about the safety of SLES, especially in products used on babies and young children.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: SLES can be irritating to the skin, especially if left on for extended periods of time or used in high concentrations. This can lead to redness, dryness, or itching. People with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema may be more prone to these effects.
      • Eye Irritation: If a product containing SLES gets into the eyes, it can cause irritation, resulting in redness and discomfort.
      • Possible Contamination with 1,4-Dioxane: During the manufacturing process of SLES, it can potentially be contaminated with 1,4-Dioxane, a substance that has been classified as a possible human carcinogen. However, this is generally at extremely low levels, if present at all, and most manufacturers have processes in place to remove this contaminant.
      • Environmental Impact: There are some concerns about the environmental impact of SLES, particularly its potential for bioaccumulation in aquatic organisms.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3

  • PEG-150 Distearate
    • PEG-150 Distearate is a polyethylene glycol (PEG) ester of stearic acid. It's commonly used in personal care products, including baby wipes, as an emulsifier, thickener, or cleansing agent. While PEG-150 Distearate is generally considered safe for use in personal care products, there are potential side effects.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: In rare cases, some individuals might experience minor skin irritation or an allergic reaction such as redness, itching, or a rash. This is more likely if the individual has sensitive skin.
      • Eye Irritation: As with many ingredients in shampoo and other personal care products, PEG-150 Distearate could cause eye irritation if the product gets into the eyes.
      • Potential Contamination: There's a low risk of PEG-150 Distearate being contaminated with potentially harmful substances during manufacturing, such as 1,4-dioxane or ethylene oxide, both of which have been associated with health risks. However, most manufacturers have rigorous processes in place to ensure that such contaminants, if present, are at safe levels.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3

  • Phenoxyethanol
    • Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative in cosmetic products and also as a stabilizer in perfumes and soaps. Exposure to phenoxyethanol has been linked to reactions ranging from eczema to severe, life-threatening allergic reactions. Infant oral exposure to phenoxyethanol can acutely affect nervous system function.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: In some cases, phenoxyethanol can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction, presenting as redness, itching, or a rash. Babies have sensitive skin and may be more susceptible to such reactions.
      • Allergic Reactions: Though less common, some people may experience an allergic reaction to phenoxyethanol, which could result in symptoms like hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing.
      • Eczema: It is also a common allergic reaction to skin exposure of products containing one percent or more phenoxyethanol. Reactions only occur in the area of application and eczema subsides after avoidance of the product causing irritation.
      • Acute nervous system effects (infants): In 2008, the FDA warned consumers not to purchase Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Cream. Phenoxyethanol, found in the cream, was depressing the central nervous system and causing vomiting and diarrhea in breast feeding infants. Symptoms of a depressed nervous system include a decrease in infant’s appetite, difficulty waking the infant, limpness of extremities and change in skin color. There is no known health risk to the mother.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • Peg 175 Diisostearate
    • PEG-175 Diisostearate is a type of polyethylene glycol (PEG) ester of isostearic acid, and it's commonly used as an emulsifier or surfactant in personal care products, including baby lotions. While PEG-175 Diisostearate is generally considered safe for use in personal care products, there are potential side effects.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Some people may experience skin irritation when using products containing PEG-175 Diisostearate. This could present as redness, itching, or a rash. Babies have sensitive skin, so they may be more susceptible to such irritation.
      • Allergic Reactions: While not common, some people may have an allergic reaction to PEG-175 Diisostearate, which could result in symptoms such as hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing.
      • EWG Skin Grade: 3

  • Sodium Hydroxide
    • Sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda or lye, is a strong alkaline compound that is sometimes used in the manufacturing process of personal care products, including baby lotions. It is used to adjust the pH of the formulation to ensure stability and efficacy. However, it is important to note that sodium hydroxide itself is not typically listed as an active ingredient in baby lotions, but rather used in very small amounts for pH adjustment purposes.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Sodium hydroxide, if present in higher concentrations, can cause skin irritation in some individuals. This may manifest as redness, itching, burning sensation, or rash. It is important to discontinue use if your baby experiences any of these symptoms and consult a healthcare professional.
      • Eye Irritation: Direct contact of baby lotion containing sodium hydroxide with the eyes can cause mild to moderate eye irritation. It is crucial to avoid contact with the eyes and rinse thoroughly with water if accidental exposure occurs.
      • Chemical Burns: Sodium hydroxide is a caustic substance and can cause chemical burns if used undiluted or in high concentrations. However, in properly formulated baby lotions, the concentration of sodium hydroxide is typically low and safe for use.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • D&C Orange No. 4
    • D&C Orange No. 4 is a synthetic color additive that is often used in personal care products to give them a certain color. The "D&C" indicates that it is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in drugs and cosmetics, but not in food. While D&C Orange No. 4 is generally considered safe for use in cosmetic products, there are potential side effects.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Like many ingredients in personal care products, D&C Orange No. 4 could potentially cause skin irritation in some individuals. This might manifest as redness, itching, or a rash. Babies have sensitive skin and may be more susceptible to such reactions.
      • Allergic Reactions: Though less common, some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to D&C Orange No. 4, which could result in symptoms like hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing.
      • Sensitivity to Sunlight: Some artificial colorants can make skin more sensitive to sunlight, which could increase the risk of sunburn.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 5

  • D&C Yellow No. 10
    • D&C Yellow No. 10 is a synthetic color additive that's used in certain drugs, cosmetics, and other personal care products. It's used to give products a specific color. The "D&C" denotes that the color additive is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in drugs and cosmetics, but not in food.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Some people may experience skin irritation when using products containing D&C Yellow No. 10. This could present as redness, itching, or a rash. Babies have sensitive skin, so they may be more susceptible to such irritation.
      • Allergic Reactions: Though not common, some people may have an allergic reaction to D&C Yellow No. 10, which could result in symptoms such as hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing.
      • Sensitivity to Sunlight: Some synthetic colorants may make skin more sensitive to sunlight, which could increase the risk of sunburn.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 7

  • Fragrance
    • "Fragrance" in the ingredient list of baby lotions (and other personal care products) is often a catch-all term for a mix of various scent-producing chemicals. Fragrances can make products smell pleasant, but they can also cause some potential side effects, especially in people with sensitive skin or allergies. In babies, who generally have more sensitive skin than adults, these side effects might include.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Allergic Reactions: Although it's not common, some babies might have an allergic reaction to certain fragrances, which could lead to symptoms such as hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing. These reactions might not occur the first time the baby is exposed to the fragrance, but could develop after repeated use.
      • Sensitization: Regular exposure to certain fragrances can lead to the development of a sensitivity over time, where the body starts reacting to a substance that it was previously okay with. This can lead to allergic contact dermatitis, a type of eczema.
      • Respiratory Issues: Inhaling some fragrances can trigger respiratory symptoms, particularly in babies with asthma or other pre-existing respiratory conditions.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 8

The grading system used by EWG in the Skin Deep database is as follows:
1 to 2: Low hazard
3 to 6: Moderate hazard
7 to 10: High hazard
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2023.05.30 08:41 united_masonry Common Chimney Problems in Medford and How to Fix Them

Common Chimney Problems in Medford and How to Fix Them


Welcome to United Masonry and Construction's guide on common chimney problems in Medford and how to fix them. As experienced professionals in the field, we understand the importance of a well-maintained chimney for both the safety and functionality of your home.
In this article, we will discuss the most common issues homeowners face with their chimneys and provide practical solutions to address these problems effectively. Whether you're dealing with a chimney leak, draft issues, or structural concerns, we've got you covered.

Chimney Leaks: Identifying and Resolving the Issue

One of the most common problems homeowners face with their chimneys is leaks. Water infiltration can cause significant damage to both the interior and exterior of the chimney. To identify a chimney leak, look for signs such as water stains on the ceiling, peeling wallpaper, or a musty smell in the vicinity.
To fix a chimney leak, start by inspecting the chimney cap, flashing, and masonry joints for any signs of damage or deterioration. Replace or repair damaged components and ensure a watertight seal. Applying a waterproofing sealant to the exterior of the chimney can also provide an additional layer of protection against moisture.

Creosote Buildup: Preventing Fire Hazards

Creosote buildup is a common issue in chimneys that use wood-burning appliances. This sticky, flammable substance accumulates on the chimney walls over time and poses a significant fire hazard. To prevent creosote buildup, it's crucial to have your chimney regularly cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep.
During a chimney cleaning, the sweep will remove the creosote deposits using specialized tools and brushes. They will also check for any obstructions or structural issues that may hinder proper ventilation. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure your chimney operates safely and efficiently.

Draft Problems: Ensuring Optimal Performance

Draft problems can cause smoke to back up into your home instead of exiting through the chimney. This can result in poor indoor air quality and an unpleasant living environment. Draft issues are often caused by chimney height, insufficient flue size, or obstructions in the flue.
Chimney Repairs
To address draft problems, consider installing a draft inducer or a chimney cap with a built-in draft-increasing mechanism. These devices help enhance airflow and improve draft efficiency. Additionally, make sure your chimney flue is properly sized to accommodate the appliances it serves.

Masonry Damage: Repairing Cracked Chimneys

Over time, masonry chimneys can develop cracks and other forms of damage due to exposure to weather elements. Cracked masonry not only compromises the structural integrity of the chimney but also allows water to penetrate, leading to further deterioration.
To fix cracked chimneys, it's essential to enlist the services of a professional masonry contractor. They will assess the extent of the damage and employ suitable repair techniques, such as tuckpointing or chimney rebuilding. Repairing masonry damage promptly will help prevent more severe issues down the line.

Chimney Cap Issues: Keeping Out Unwanted Guests

A chimney cap serves as a protective barrier against animals, debris, and water intrusion. However, chimney caps can become damaged or dislodged over time, allowing unwanted guests such as birds, squirrels, or raccoons to enter your chimney.
Inspect your chimney cap regularly and ensure it is securely in place. If you notice any damage, replace the cap promptly to prevent animals from nesting or debris from obstructing the chimney. A well-functioning chimney cap will help maintain proper ventilation and prevent animal-related issues.

Chimney Crown Problems: Protecting Your Chimney

The chimney crown is the concrete or masonry top surface that covers the chimney. It plays a crucial role in protecting the chimney structure from water infiltration. However, chimney crowns can crack or deteriorate over time, allowing water to seep into the chimney and cause damage.
To fix chimney crown problems, a professional chimney contractor can inspect the crown for any cracks or deterioration. They will apply a waterproof sealant or perform crown rebuilding if necessary. Maintaining a sound chimney crown is essential for preserving the longevity and integrity of your chimney.

Flue Obstructions: Clearing the Way

Flue obstructions, such as bird nests or debris, can hinder proper airflow and lead to inefficient chimney performance. Additionally, obstructions increase the risk of carbon monoxide entering your home.
If you suspect a flue obstruction, it's crucial to address the issue promptly. Contact a professional chimney sweep to remove the obstruction safely. They will also inspect the flue liner for any damage and make the necessary repairs.

Damper Dysfunction: Regulating Airflow

The damper is a device located above the firebox that controls the airflow in your chimney. Damper dysfunction can result in difficulty starting or extinguishing fires and poor draft performance.
To fix damper issues, it's best to consult a professional chimney technician. They will assess the condition of the damper and recommend repair or replacement if needed. A properly functioning damper ensures efficient ventilation and enhances your overall fireplace experience.

Smoky Fireplaces: Improving Efficiency

If you're experiencing a smoky fireplace, it can be an indication of an underlying problem with your chimney. Factors such as a blocked chimney cap, an improperly sized flue, or excessive creosote buildup can contribute to smoky fires.
Chimney Repair Services
To improve the efficiency of your fireplace and reduce smoke issues, have your chimney inspected by a professional. They will identify the root cause of the problem and implement the necessary solutions, such as cleaning, repairs, or flue adjustments.

Chimney Settling: Addressing Structural Concerns

Chimney settling occurs when the chimney foundation sinks or shifts, potentially leading to structural instability. Signs of chimney settling include cracks in the chimney exterior or interior, leaning chimneys, or separated chimney from the house.
If you notice any signs of chimney settling, it's crucial to consult a professional masonry contractor immediately. They will assess the extent of the settling and recommend appropriate repair methods, such as underpinning or foundation stabilization. Addressing chimney settling promptly is vital to avoid further structural damage.

Chimney Waterproofing: Preventing Water Damage

Water is one of the biggest culprits of chimney damage. Waterproofing your chimney is a proactive measure to protect it from water infiltration and subsequent deterioration.
To waterproof your chimney, a professional chimney contractor will apply a specialized waterproofing sealant to the exterior masonry. This sealant creates a protective barrier against moisture while still allowing the chimney to breathe. Regularly maintaining the waterproofing sealant will ensure long-lasting protection for your chimney.

Chimney Sweeping: Regular Maintenance for Longevity

Regular chimney sweeping is essential for maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your chimney. Over time, soot, creosote, and debris accumulate in the flue, posing fire hazards and obstructing airflow.
Hiring a professional chimney sweep to clean your chimney annually or as recommended by experts will remove dangerous deposits and ensure proper ventilation. Regular chimney maintenance significantly reduces the risk of chimney-related problems and enhances safety.

Chimney Odor: Eliminating Unpleasant Smells

Unpleasant odors emanating from your chimney can make your home uncomfortable. These odors can be caused by creosote buildup, moisture issues, animal infestations, or other factors.
To eliminate chimney odors, start by having your chimney professionally cleaned to remove any creosote or debris contributing to the smell. Additionally, address any moisture-related issues by inspecting the chimney for leaks and ensuring proper ventilation. If animal infestation is suspected, consult a professional to remove the animals and seal any entry points.

Chimney Inspections: Professional Assessments

Regular chimney inspections are crucial for identifying and addressing potential issues before they become major problems. A professional chimney inspection includes a thorough assessment of the chimney's interior and exterior, checking for any signs of damage, blockages, or safety concerns.
By scheduling regular chimney inspections, you can stay proactive in maintaining your chimney's condition and address any emerging problems promptly. This preventive approach will save you time, money, and potential headaches in the long run.

Chimney Restoration: Restoring Functionality and Aesthetics

If your chimney has suffered extensive damage or is showing signs of aging, chimney restoration can breathe new life into it. Chimney restoration involves repairing, rebuilding, or enhancing various components of the chimney, ensuring both its functionality and aesthetics.
Contact a professional chimney restoration company to assess the condition of your chimney and provide expert recommendations for restoration. Whether it's repointing the mortar joints, replacing damaged bricks, or installing a new chimney cap, restoration services will revitalize your chimney's appearance and performance.


United Masonry and Construction hopes that this comprehensive guide on common chimney problems in Medfordand their solutions has been informative and helpful. Regular maintenance, prompt repairs, and professional inspections are key to ensuring the longevity and safety of your chimney. Remember, it's always best to consult a qualified chimney professional for any chimney-related concerns to guarantee the best results.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: How often should I have my chimney inspected?

We recommend having your chimney professionally inspected at least once a year. This will help identify any potential issues and address them before they worsen.

2: Can I clean my chimney myself?

While some chimney maintenance tasks can be performed by homeowners, such as removing debris from the chimney cap, it is best to leave chimney cleaning to the professionals. A certified chimney sweep has the expertise and specialized tools to clean your chimney thoroughly and safely.

3: How long does chimney restoration take?

The duration of chimney restoration varies depending on the extent of the damage and the scope of work required. It can range from a few days to several weeks. A professional chimney restoration company will provide you with a timeline based on your specific needs.4: Can I use my fireplace if there is a chimney leak?
It is not recommended to use your fireplace if there is a chimney leak. The water can damage the interior components of your fireplace and pose safety risks. Address the leak promptly before using your fireplace again.

Q5: What is the purpose of a chimney cap?

A chimney cap serves multiple purposes, including keeping out animals, preventing debris from entering the chimney, and reducing water infiltration. It also helps improve draft efficiency by creating a barrier against downdrafts.
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2023.05.30 08:29 AvillionFarmhouse Promising Farm Plots in Bangalore by Avillion Farms

Introduction: Investing in real estate is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. When it comes to luxury villas, holiday homes, and farm plots in Bangalore, Avillion Farms emerges as an attractive option. This article aims to highlight the reasons why investing in Avillion Farms is a promising choice for those seeking a blend of serenity, luxury, and potential returns.
Serene Location: Avillion Farms is situated in a tranquil location near Bangalore, offering an escape from the city's hustle and bustle. The peaceful surroundings and scenic beauty make it an ideal destination for those seeking a retreat-like experience.
Luxury Villas for Sale: Avillion Farms presents a range of Luxury Villa for sale in Bangalore. These villas are meticulously designed, combining aesthetic appeal with modern amenities. The spacious layouts, high-quality finishes, and premium fixtures ensure a comfortable and opulent living experience for residents.
Holiday Homes: Avillion Farms provides an opportunity to own a Holiday home for sale in Bangalore. Investing in a holiday home allows you to enjoy a getaway whenever you desire, while also potentially generating rental income during periods when you are not using the property. The serene location and luxurious amenities make Avillion Farms an attractive choice for vacationers.
Farm Land and Farm House Plots: For those interested in agricultural pursuits or simply desiring a farm house near Bangalore, Avillion Farms offers farm land and farm house plots. These plots provide an opportunity to embrace a rural lifestyle while being conveniently located near the city. Avillion Farms ensures that the farm plots are well-planned, with easy access to necessary infrastructure and facilities.
Close Proximity to Bangalore: Avillion Farms' strategic location offers the best of both worlds: a peaceful rural setting and close proximity to Bangalore. The project is well-connected to the city, allowing residents to access urban amenities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options with ease.
Potential Returns on Investment: Investing in Avillion Farms holds the potential for attractive returns. The growing demand for luxury villas, holiday homes, and farm plots near Bangalore makes this an opportune time to invest in a property that offers both lifestyle benefits and the possibility of appreciation in value over time.
Commitment to Quality: Avillion Farms is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality properties. From the construction materials to the finishing touches, attention to detail is evident. The developer's focus on quality ensures that investors and homeowners receive a product that is built to last and meets their expectations.
Eco-friendly Practices: Avillion Farms promotes eco-friendly practices, reflecting the increasing importance of sustainable living. The project emphasizes green spaces, rainwater harvesting, and the use of renewable energy sources. This commitment to environmental consciousness adds value to the investment and aligns with the growing global concern for sustainable development.
Well-Planned Infrastructure: Avillion Farms boasts well-planned infrastructure that caters to the needs of residents. The project includes well-laid roads, ample parking, landscaping, and recreational areas. These amenities enhance the living experience and add value to the property.
Professional Management and Maintenance: Avillion Farms provides professional management and maintenance services, ensuring that the property is well-maintained and taken care of. This adds convenience for homeowners and ensures that the property remains in top condition, enhancing its long-term value.
Conclusion: Investing in Avillion Farms offers a unique opportunity to own a luxury villa, holiday home, or farm plot in Bangalore's serene surroundings. The project's strategic location, commitment to quality, potential returns on investment, eco-friendly practices, well-planned infrastructure, and professional management make Avillion Farms a compelling choice.
More Information:
Mobile: +91 89047 52424
6th Cross Road, 1371, 29th Main Rd,
Munivenkatappa Layout, BTM 2nd Stage,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
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2023.05.30 07:42 nairaojha Head-To-Head: Honda Activa 125 Vs. Yamaha Fascino 125 — A Comprehensive Comparison Of Two Top-Performing Bikes


In the world of scooters, Honda Activa 125 and Yamaha Fascino 125 are two popular options that have gained significant attention. These two top-performing bikes offer exceptional features, performance, and reliability. If you are in the market for a scooter and find it challenging to choose between these two models, this comprehensive comparison will help you make an informed decision. Let’s delve into the details of the Honda Activa 125 and Yamaha Fascino 125 and compare them across various aspects.

Overview Of Honda Activa 125

The Honda Activa 125 is a flagship scooter from Honda, known for its robust build quality and refined performance. It combines style, power, and practicality, making it a favorite among urban commuters. With its impressive mileage and comfortable riding experience, the Activa 125 has carved a niche for itself in the market.

Overview Of Yamaha Fascino 125

The Yamaha Fascino 125 is another popular scooter that offers a perfect blend of style, performance, and comfort. Yamaha has designed the Fascino 125 to cater to the needs of riders who prioritize aesthetics and smooth handling. This scooter stands out with its retro-inspired design and advanced features, making it a head-turner on the streets.

Design And Appearance

Honda Activa 125

The Activa 125 boasts a contemporary design with a muscular body and aerodynamic lines. It features a prominent front apron, sleek LED headlamps, and a large chrome-plated 3D emblem on the front. The wide comfortable seat and spacious footboard offer ample room for the rider and pillion. Overall, the Activa 125 exudes a mature and sophisticated appeal.

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha Fascino 125 takes a different approach with its retro design. It sports a curvaceous body, flowing lines, and vintage-inspired round headlamps. The scooter’s premium dual-tone finish and chrome accents enhance its elegance. The Fascino 125 embraces a more youthful and fashionable appearance, attracting riders who value style.

Engine Performance

Honda Activa 125

The Activa 125 is equipped with a refined 124cc, single-cylinder engine that generates commendable power and torque. The engine delivers a smooth and responsive performance, making it suitable for both city commutes and occasional long rides. The Activa 125’s engine is known for its reliability and fuel efficiency.

Yamaha Fascino 125

The Fascino 125 houses a peppy 125cc, single-cylinder Blue Core engine that emphasizes efficiency and performance. It offers quick acceleration and a punchy mid-range power delivery, ensuring a fun and enjoyable riding experience. Yamaha’s advanced engine technology ensures optimal fuel economy without compromising on power.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda Activa 125

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Activa 125 mileage figures, making it an ideal choice for daily commuters. With Honda’s Eco Technology, the Activa 125 optimizes fuel consumption, allowing riders to cover more distance on a single tank. This fuel-efficient scooter helps save money and reduces environmental impact.

Yamaha Fascino 125

The Fascino 125 also performs admirably in terms of fuel efficiency. Yamaha Fascino 125 mileage without compromising on performance. Riders can enjoy a balanced mix of power and fuel economy, making the Fascino 125 a reliable companion for long rides and regular commutes.

Features And Technology

Honda Activa 125

The Activa 125 comes loaded with advanced features and technology. It offers a digital analog meter with a bright and clear display, displaying crucial information such as fuel level, speed, and trip distance. The scooter also includes features like an external fuel filler cap, LED headlamps, mobile charging socket, and a front glove box with a 4-in-1 lock.

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha has equipped the Fascino 125 with a range of modern features. The scooter boasts a fully digital instrument cluster that provides comprehensive information at a glance. It includes features like Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlamps, a side-stand engine cut-off switch, and a spacious storage compartment. The Fascino 125 combines convenience and technology seamlessly.

Handling And Comfort

Honda Activa 125

The Activa 125 offers excellent stability and comfortable handling. It features telescopic front forks and a rear mono-shock suspension, absorbing bumps and undulations on the road. The wide and well-cushioned seat ensures a comfortable riding posture even during long journeys. The Activa 125’s handling inspires confidence, making it easy to maneuver through traffic.

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha Fascino 125 prioritizes rider comfort with its well-tuned suspension system. It features telescopic front forks and a unit swing rear suspension that provide a smooth and controlled ride. The scooter’s seating position is designed to offer a relaxed posture, reducing fatigue during extended rides. The Fascino 125’s light-weighted structure aids in nimble handling and maneuverability.

Pricing And Value For Money

Honda Activa 125

The Honda Activa 125 price competitively, considering its features, performance, and build quality. Honda offers multiple variants, allowing customers to choose the one that suits their requirements and budget. Considering the brand reputation and the Activa 125’s reliability, it offers excellent value for money in the long run.

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha Fascino 125 price attractively, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious buyers. Yamaha offers various trims with different feature combinations, allowing customers to pick the one that aligns with their preferences. With its stylish design and advanced features, the Fascino 125 offers great value for money.

Safety Features

Honda Activa 125

Safety is a crucial aspect, and the Activa 125 addresses it well. The scooter comes equipped with Honda’s Combi Brake System (CBS), ensuring effective braking even in challenging conditions. It enhances stability and reduces stopping distances, providing riders with confidence on the road. Additionally, the Activa 125 features tubeless tires, ensuring better grip and minimizing the risk of sudden deflation.

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha Fascino 125 prioritizes safety with its advanced features. The scooter is equipped with Unified Braking System (UBS), enhancing braking performance and control. The UBS distributes braking force between the front and rear wheels, ensuring stability during sudden stops. The Fascino 125 also features tubeless tires, contributing to safer rides.

Customer Reviews And Feedback

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the experiences of other customers. Both the Honda Activa 125 and Yamaha Fascino 125 have garnered positive reviews from riders. Customers appreciate the Activa 125’s reliability, fuel efficiency, and comfortable riding experience. The Fascino 125 receives praise for its stylish design, peppy performance, and smooth handling. Overall, the feedback from owners of both scooters is predominantly favorable.

Comparison And Verdict

When comparing the Honda Activa 125 and Yamaha Fascino 125, it’s clear that both scooters excel in various aspects. The Activa 125 impresses with its refined performance, fuel efficiency, and comfortable ride. On the other hand, the Fascino 125 stands out with its retro-inspired design, advanced features, and enjoyable riding experience. The choice ultimately boils down to personal preferences and priorities. Riders seeking a reliable and fuel-efficient scooter may lean towards the Activa 125, while those desiring style and performance may opt for the Fascino 125.


In conclusion, the Honda Activa 125 and Yamaha Fascino 125 are two top-performing scooters in the market. They offer unique features, impressive performance, and exceptional value for money. By understanding their design, engine performance, fuel efficiency, features, handling, pricing, safety, and customer reviews, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and requirements. Whether you choose the Activa 125 or Fascino 125, both scooters guarantee a delightful and reliable riding experience.
Source :-
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2023.05.30 07:42 michael-255 Newbie assistance

I’m about to move and have decided to dip my toes into home automation at the new house. It’s a 1850 sq ft two floors + basement and I already want to replace all the old toggle switches for aesthetic reasons. I’ve been doing research on options here at Reddit and elsewhere but wanted to get further input.
My primary use case is to have all-off buttons for all the lights at the front door, garage, and in the bedroom – I’m tired of realizing some light got left on and having to go turn it off. A single button at the entry points to turn a group of lights on will also be nice. It looks like the Lutron Caséta system does what I need – replace all the switches with diva dimmers and claro switches and add pico scene controllers at the doors and bed. I need about two dozen switches and even if I later add shades to all the windows, I’d still be well under the 75 device limit. It seems like the only reason to step up to RA2 would be if I really wanted the broader color choice of the maestro line (and wanted a matching fan controller for the one ceiling fan in the house), but based upon what pricing I can find, that would be at least a $2k premium.
I think Caséta on its own does what I need for that basic use case, but now I’m thinking about further automation, which is where I assume Home Assistant comes in. My schedule is irregular on whether I work from home or go into the office and I need to get up earlier if I’m driving to work. I’d love to be able to the night before enter somewhere what time I’m getting up and what time I’m leaving the house and then have lights automatically turn on in the morning, have the thermostat warm the house, turn on the bathroom radiant floor heat and exhaust fan, and then later if I’m leaving the house have the thermostat switch to away temps. In a perfect world it would also program my alarm clock from that one interface, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to swing that. The house currently has a nest thermostat, though I’m open to changing it. And the radiant heat isn’t yet installed, so I need to specify a controller for it. I’m assuming something like this is possible with home assistant? Or can home assistant respond to the pico button presses and I could program something like if I hit the all lights off button on the garage pico during 7a-9a it would also trigger the thermostat for away temps?
My other question is what do people do for bathroom exhaust fans? I’m not really seeing smart timer switches. Do you just use a regular switch and then automate the timer portion through HA? I’m thinking I may just stick with traditional non-controllable timer switches.
I appreciate any advice anyone has while I get into this. Ideally I’m looking for something simple, but some programming won’t bother me. I don’t want any voice control or cloud integration, just something that exists on my local network. And I’m in the apple ecosystem if that matters. Thanks!
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