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2023.05.31 02:55 Gcnlink [USA-NY][H] Unpatched Nintendo Switch w/ Dock [W] Paypal

Selling my day one launch Switch. Includes the tablet, grey joycons, dock, joycon grip and charger. It has had a screen protector installed since day one and a dbrand skin for most of its life, but still shows some wear on the body from use. There is a slight chip in the back (shown in pictures) and the fan is a little loud, could likely use some cleaning. The left joy con has been repaired for drift. RARELY, it does come back. Rare enough where I considered not mentioning it but I'd like to be transparent.
This model is as unpatched as can be and would be an excellent choice for modding.
Looking for $200 + shipping OBO, or local cash in Rochester or Buffalo, NY.
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2023.05.31 02:55 MajorParadox Superman & Lois [3x10] "Collision Course" Post Episode Discussion

Collision Course

Live Episode Discussion Cast & Characters
Lois interviews Peia in the hope of unearthing the truth about an old case; Clarke struggles to spend quality time with the boys; Jonathan and Jordan find themselves at a party where tensions between Sarah and Jordan come to a head. (May 30, 2023)
DCTV Discord
Please keep all discussions civil and about the episode. Mark comic and future spoilers. Report any rule-breaking and enjoy!
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2023.05.31 02:55 HerrMorgan1899 [PC] [2010's] Web browser game that I can't find

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Endless zombie survival game?
Estimated year of release: Early 2010's maybe 2012 or 13
Graphics/art style: 2D
Notable characters: I remember there were 4 characters and I remember one had a shotgun.
Notable gameplay mechanics: It is an endless 2D zombie game, you basically try and survive, sometimes you will come across small neighborhoods or truck stops and there you can sleep and eat and loot the building. Sometimes you will get scrap which you can use to get better armor or a trailer on the back of your vehicle for more storage. And there are a lot of zombies in the road, which you don't want to hit without armor or your station wagon will die. and it goes until your 4 survivors all die or if the vehicle breaks down.
Other details: They all start at a bar. And the car was an old beat-up station wagon.
And it wasn't Organ Trail: Directors cut, whenever I look up what I described, that's what shows up, nor was it any of the Earn to Die games. nor was it death road to canada.
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2023.05.31 02:54 Abblehh Still struggling a year on. My ex is still in my personal space and causing issues.

From Dec19 to April22 I was in a relationship, which I'd tried several times to fix, leave, change. I know I played a part in the huge amount of toxicity. Due to working in a public space, I'm having to watch my ex repeat the same behaviour and it is triggering emotions.
Brief timeline of major events to where I know I needed to leave: - 2 weeks into relationship they were fired as they didn't go into work but failed to call in sick. Claimed it my fault as I'd kept them up late. - Showed 'proof' of savings and hold account of monies due from inheritance house sale so allowed to move in with me to save money - unemployed 3 months, got new job for 3 weeks before covid furlough, made redundant in July and didn't seek work until April following year (8 months + 3 months. 11 months out of 17 months unemployed) - When they got a new job, they said they got paid double their salary, monthly. It was infact weekly. Refused bills help month 1 due to 'deserving a treat' and then 2nd month lies came out. He'd spend everything he'd earnt.
Summary of lies: - Falsified University degree, other qualifications and employment history (let me make a CV on lies) and pretended to apply for jobs under this, instead he wasn't trying. - Had no savings, had no inheritance. Moved in knowing couldn't afford to pay me. - Lied about competing in sports, lied about martial art training, drug use, steriod use and tried to force this on me too - He cut off his family, telling me he hated them and then met them in private behind my back and told them I wouldn't let him see them - Falsified holidays, places he'd lived and people he knew (to back up relationships and university that didn't happen)
Issues: - Victim complex. Any breakup wasn't his fault. He acted like a victim of child abuse but friends+locals state spoiled. He said he was depressed. He cut off sex largely, would only be interested if I had to be up early for events. He cancelled on friends or bad mouthed them then said he was lonely. - Poor self care, personal hygiene, house cleanliness. I was responsible for finances, household duties, ensuring he got up, attended appointments, had clothes to wear (lay them out) - Financial abuse: would not cover lost money for time taken off, did not save monies to pay me ahead so my entire salary working part time and being a student went to living costs and if I needed things during the month I had to ask him for money as I had nothing left. If I saved student finance for treats e.g. festival tickets, a tattoo, planned well in advance and budgeted, he said I had caused the money issues but 80% of his income fueled junk food and betting. - When I got drunk and went out, he'd make up stories the next day of things I'd done which weren't true, to make me feel shameful - When I tried to kill myself, he turned it into how he struggled and was angry people weren't checking he was ok
---‐------ the post break up
He didn't stop lying. I was given bad advise to not over react, and feel this was done due to persons bias
I couldn't let go of the lying. If he lied to people infront of me, I would point it out. He called this public shaming, but after so much hurt I just could not sit back and accept when he lied!
We had been in an open relationship. I had actively been on dates, my ex told me he was always polyamorous. He set those boundaries. However, after the lies and attempted break ups, I began to secretly see my now partner, who was also mid exiting a relationship and therefore could not disclose. The affair is wrong, and is what makes him look a victim. He was my support network in trying to escape, and I don't regret it.
Over 2021, I broke up with my ex in July, August, September, October (after he purposely ruined my birthday by spending our money behind my back, and refusing to do anything), December. By 2022 - January, February, very much so pleaded for help and him to go every other day in March, then finally he accepted it in April. The whole time, things were toxic. I was much moved on, and he wouldn't go.
My mental health plumitted in the time we were together between April 2020 to October 2021. I blame the toll of being his forced carer when I have my own issues, and the spiteful things he'd do, for the decline in my wellbeing - my mental assessments advised me to leave, and confirmed his actions were part of my stress and anxieties.
In the July 2022, the affair came out at an event. Post breakup. Our mutual friends found out.
I was drunk and given drugs (I won't justify, but this is only time in my life). People allowed him to force me home despite my protest. He forcibly strangled me pushed down on the bed, door closed. He had let two people enter the home by leaving door unlocked and telling them to come - once he went to leave after he stopped pinning me down, I bit him. This was as he was exiting the room and all the saw. What he had done to me was behind a shut door, and therefore I was labelled as abusive and the iniator. This was reactive, and he knew my history and was aware locking me a room and pinning me down would be a trigger (he knew my past), and timed it perfectly so my reaction would be seen only.
Since then, I've been largely sober for 2023 (drank once). I refuse to make this mistake again.
AFTER THE PHYSICAL INTERACTION. He still refused to move out somewhere I'd lived 5 years before him as was the sole tenant of. We argued daily. I recorded our arguments due to threats of violence, admittance of disturbing behaviours, lies about other people. He told me my relatives were dying when they weren't. I have the proof.
In April 2022 to November 2022 he refused to not be naked around me. I slept mostly on my sofa, as he wouldnt leave the bed. The short duration I used my room, he came into the bed even after I'd had major surgery. During my recovery he faked a back injury so he could justify staying in bed with me, and took time off work falsely. I saw him walking fine in public (he didn't know) when my actual partner took me out for a recovery walk.
He would go to people's houses when I was out at work or with my own friends, and claim he'd left for safety as I was beating him (even though on social media it was clear I was not home!!), he made fake bank documents to try show he had paid for everything. He acted as though me putting up a privacy wall in the one bedroom apartment, and keeping my own toiletries aside was emotional abuse vs telling the truth it was due to him being naked when I'd asked him not to, refusal to leave, and use of my belongings without replacing it. To this day, many people who fell for his lies still tell others that I physically and emotionally abused him which all accounts other than the one night witnessed, can be disproven. If I did hit him, why did he come back? Why didn't he leave? He tried to arrange for help to ransack my belongings which fortunately fell through, and tried to get my utilities turned off even though he still wouldn't leave.
I contacted the local authority.
I finally issued an eviction notice after I found he posted my nudes to Fab Swingers, and was offering me and himself out for sex the whole time and had updated private nudes of my genitals etc in the Nov/December 2022. My partner began staying with me until he was gone. We stayed in the living room until he vacated the bedroom in February. Due to his own separation and having children, he felt unable to take forceful action and remove my ex himself. We had to play it strategically.
I legally couldn't evict him as he had been on council tax list and council advised me of this, without filing for the revenge porn or filing it under domestic abuse. He also sent my nudes around his workplace.
---------- PRESENT TIME
Now. He is still telling people we are together, 14 months on. That I'm seen with my boyfriend due to the open relationship. Yet, selling a sob story to new female victims of his lies how I made him homeless.... he had 10 months to move out!! And knew I wanted out 17 months before he was forced. He literally stayed put whilst I slept with my boyfriend in the other room?!
My new colleague began only last week and he's spending hours talking to her and I've overhead him bad mouthing me, bad mouthing my business, discouraging clients, promoting his own ego of success. As it is a place of work for me, I can't cause conflict. The simple comment of telling the new colleague he isn't the nationality he said, set him off on the sorrow stories.
I have zero idea what to do or how to react. I know I was wrong for the affair, but I really did try to leave for months without outing (due to the other persons request), I got him medical help, got him an autism diagnosis. I feel any abuse towards him was reactive to lie manipulation and being trapped. He wouldn't go. Even having physically broken up with him, he'd touch me, be in my space, kick off when I didn't fulfill his needs attention wise. He manipulated almost 9 months extension from pure refusal of appectance.
Do I have right when I was also wrong, to kick off? I feel in every part of my being what he did is abuse, and I have no evidence that he strangled me before i hit him back to support i wasnt the iniator.
He actively pays a membership and chooses to attend where I work. I can't have him banned without good reason. I feel using the lying will make me appear jealous, vengeful and petty to others. I don't want to make my partner look stupid, if people see me responding to my exes behaviour, as it is him flirting, of such, it'll look like jealousy rather than an emotional response of hurt, hearing him tell the lies and play the same game all over again.
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2023.05.31 02:54 Beeseumz26 Grossi 30in30 St Jude Charity in New York 6/6

Hey everyone! For those who don't know Tom Grossi is a Packers YouTuber who covers all things Green Bay as well as lots of other NFL news and reactions. Tom regularly works with the NFL community to help support charity and is currently working on his biggest project yet "30 in 30". There is a full breakdown video on the attached tweet (links below for those who hate Twitter). Starting today and going through the end of June, Tom is traveling to every NFL stadium to do live fan meets and other events to help raise funds for St. Jude Children's Hospital and local business using his classic chaotic good charisma. There are benchmark goals that have fun punishments attached to them for Tom to do in the specific cities. Tom is paying for the whole thing out of pocket and all proceeds will go to St. Jude. He will be posting live updates on his Twitter as well as the meet up information for both the stadium and whatever local business he goes to highlight afterwards. Fans of every team are welcome regardless of the venue so show up and represent! We all understand if you aren't able to donate, but just spreading this movement can do such much good and keep the momentum going, as of right now were at $35k out of the $100K in the first 20 hours! #J-E-T-S!
Twitter: Video breakdown: Donation Link:
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2023.05.31 02:54 MainUnderstanding9 28/Toronto - Looking for a daily texting friend

I am a 28-year-old male living In Toronto, Canada.
I am in search of genuine and lasting friendships. I wish to converse about life, indulge in random banters, share my passion for food, travel, and anything else imaginable. I would love to exchange memes, tiktoks, and other hilarious content.
Since I work from home, I miss social interaction, and hence, I am looking for like-minded individuals. I consider myself an introvert, and my MBTI test result indicated ISFJ.
As far as entertainment goes, my taste in TV shows includes The Office, HIMYM, Friends, B99, Squid Games, Manifest, while I like playing video games like Overwatch and Borderlands.
When it comes to music, I mostly prefer pop/Indie/rock genres.
Additionally, I am 420 friendly.
If you've reached this far, I'd love to know what's on your travel list, so please message me, but only if you are 21 or above.
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2023.05.31 02:54 Anish316 Freakin' Stunads complain too much about MSON.

So there's too many "sista's cunt" phrases from JS. Sure Johnny boy isn't the funny charismatic guy tony envisioned him to be. Sure, apparently ray liotta's character was a cuck.
But the movie actually ain't that shitty. it's just rushed and too in your face for a lot of fans of the show. I feel like had this been a series like many people said, it would've been received much better. btw almost all the actors were fantastic.
You gotta get over it fellas.
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2023.05.31 02:54 Enerology What eye-safe (1400nm) wattage equals a 5mw laser for eye damage/safety?

Hi, I am going to work on a project that involves using a laser in an open environment similar to the laser projector shows. The laser needs to heat 1 mg of water to over 60c over 5 seconds starting from room temperature. Would the laser still be safe for people nearby or is it impossible? The focal size is 3mm. Ideally, I wanted a laser wavelength that gets absorbed mostly by optical fluid so it gets diminished over the entire first half length of the eye to reduce local temperature heating in the retina/cornea/lens.
Thanks for your help. :)
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2023.05.31 02:54 EquivalentConfusion9 How can I help to make my wife understand that sex is largely mental?

For background, I am more of an abstract theoretical thinkeartist type and she comes from an engineering background. She has problems reaching orgasm easily unless she is watching porn and grinding my leg or some unexpected novel situation happens.
For instance I surprised her once and came home early from a business trip when she was in bed. I quickly washed and jumped in bed and she came very easily. More similar stories exist.
I am very aware of the mental aspect of sex and I would go as far to say that it is almost 100% mental for me and very little to do with the physical touch part of it (I can get 99% of the way to Cummings without any penile stimulation)
I try to explain to her that arousal exists inside her head without the mechanical aspect of where and how to touch, etc. She acknowledges me but I still feel like she doesn't fully get it because when I ask her how I can enhance her experience and make her cum she just answers with things like touch here, try this, etc. It's all very dry like she wants me to just oush the right buttons to make a robot finish a task. When I ask her why she cums during porn or the occasional good time we have, she reverts to "oh you just touched it right that time" without acknowledging the mental jumpstart porn or an exciting situation provides.
I try to give her examples from my own experience. For example I have a bit of a denial kink so sometimes I'll ask her to play with my nipples for a while and just not touch my pens at all. It creates a situation where I am denied the stimulation I want and that drives me crazy. If she jumps on top after that I can't last more than a minute while I can basically last as long as I want if we start PIV from a cold start. I tell her this and she basically responds with "yeah because you like me touching your nipple" 😔. It reverts right back to the mechanical aspect of it...
How can I make her truly understand that it is mostly in the brain? I've had previous partners who have gotten inside my head so much and gotten me so horny that when I finally came my whole body went numb. I want to give her that kind of intensity to show her how good it can be but I can't seem to get it to click in her mind...
Any ideas how I can help get accross to her?
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2023.05.31 02:54 kaefiveness Helpful Amazon purchases for ADHD

Helpful Amazon purchases for ADHD
I can never for the life of me find my air pods. Even with the “find my” app I still can never find them within the house. My friend showed this case that hold an air tag I got so excited because now I just have to remember to put the headphones in the case 🤣 also I saw this phone case and RAN to Amazon. The ADHD in me was flipping out with excitement 🎊
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2023.05.31 02:54 BenQ_Lion 【News】💛🧡 Vote for Your Favorite BenQ Ceiling Projector Pictures to Receive a Gift Card🧡💛

Hello everyone!
I'm excited to announce the upcoming second round of the "Show Me Your Ceiling" voting event!💌
Have you ever wondered how fellow enthusiasts revel in the magic of an ultimate movie night with the splendid BenQ GV series projectors? Prepare to be enchanted!😍
Join us and cast your vote for your preferred GV11/GV30 picture! As a token of our gratitude, every voter in this round will receive a delightful $10 GrubHub code!

✨Here are the details for the second round:
  1. Date: May 29th, 2023, to June 18th, 2023
  2. Open to users in the United States only

✨Voting process:
  1. Visit the BenQ campaign page and provide your Email address.
  2. Select and vote for your favorite picture (*Note: One vote per person).
  3. Receive a $10 GrubHub gift card (sent to your email on June 23rd, 2023).

Don't miss out! Show your support for your favorite photo and treat yourself to some delicious food while enjoying the BenQ GV wide-angle projectors!🎉
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2023.05.31 02:53 Beeseumz26 Grossi 30in30 St Jude Charity in New York 6/6

Hey everyone! For those who don't know Tom Grossi is a Packers YouTuber who covers all things Green Bay as well as lots of other NFL news and reactions. Tom regularly works with the NFL community to help support charity and is currently working on his biggest project yet "30 in 30". There is a full breakdown video on the attached tweet (links below for those who hate Twitter). Starting today and going through the end of June, Tom is traveling to every NFL stadium to do live fan meets and other events to help raise funds for St. Jude Children's Hospital and local business using his classic chaotic good charisma. There are benchmark goals that have fun punishments attached to them for Tom to do in the specific cities. Tom is paying for the whole thing out of pocket and all proceeds will go to St. Jude. He will be posting live updates on his Twitter as well as the meet up information for both the stadium and whatever local business he goes to highlight afterwards. Fans of every team are welcome regardless of the venue so show up and represent! We all understand if you aren't able to donate, but just spreading this movement can do such much good and keep the momentum going, as of right now were at $35k out of the $100K in the first 20 hours! #GMEN
Twitter: Video breakdown: Donation Link:
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2023.05.31 02:53 AnalysisSubstantial1 Any Black The 1975 fans? Am I the only one feeling conflicted during the Twitter drama?

As a black woman who’s not on Twitter and social media that often…I had no idea that Matt Healy said such questionable things😔 I feel so stupid. Their music has saved my life and meant so much to me for years. I literally write The 1975 on every pair of converse I get. I’ve spent hundreds on concert tickets and posters and to discover what he said on that podcast is beyond heartbreaking.
Idk what to do. Being a black woman is so fucking exhausting. We have to wonder whether or not the artist’s music we enjoy is problematic. I’m so close to just blocking that shit out and continuing to enjoy their music considering how much it’s meant to me in some of my lowest moments in life. For me, it’s easier to just pretend he never did that than take down all my concert videos from Instagram and throw away my poster I spent a lot of money on. Definitely will not be going to his next show that’s for sure!!
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2023.05.31 02:53 SexyBroke Just starting out. Any advice?

As the name suggests I am broke and have been called sexy more than a few times in my life. So of course I've decided to try and profit from it. Try being the operative word. I've posted a few photos on Fancentro which is mainly sexy sfw content. Clothes or censors block all the fun stuff so live shows seem like a really big leap for me. I just started on fancentro so no existing fanbase.
I'm plus sized with an hourglass figure that I get alot of compliments on. African American with a large ass which guys that are into me tend to love and I have no problem being nude on camera. I also have lingerie that i wear in photos, but im not sure if its right for cam.
I have no toys because I've never needed them before. I joined stripchat and I'm planning on going live tonight. But I have no idea what I'm doing. Do I have a conversation with people first? Or do I just start stripping and touching myself? Will viewers tell me what to do or do I have to have everything planned before hand?
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2023.05.31 02:53 Simple-Guard9521 If you could cast Henry Cavill as any character in the history of Middle Earth who would it be? (my personal pick would be either Fëanor or Fingolfin)

If you could cast Henry Cavill as any character in the history of Middle Earth who would it be? (my personal pick would be either Fëanor or Fingolfin) submitted by Simple-Guard9521 to u/Simple-Guard9521 [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 02:53 Vito-53 Chalk board in No show S4:E2

Anyone ever noticed the chalk board in no show during Adrianas interrogation? Snapped a picture of it, but the admins must not like that cookie shit
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2023.05.31 02:53 Randi_Butternubs_3 AGT has officially jumped the shark. It's no longer worth watching.

Just watched the Russian girls fail, and fail and fail.
Yet they move forward... because they're so brave!
It used to be such a good show of talent. Now it's just a feels fest.
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2023.05.31 02:53 SovietPropagandist Why does it feel like 5G has worse connectivity than 3G or 4G when you have fewer than full bars?

Okay so, this might sound confusing.
I used to have a phone with a data plan that used 3G and then later, 4G. Those phones seemed to always have good service no matter how many bars I had. The phone could show 3 or 4 bars out of five and I could still send/receive messages and load the internet.
With 5G it feels like unless I have full service, full bars nothing happens. I had four bars just now and tried to google something, no signal. I have three bars as I'm typing this and the app won't submit the post.
Why is 5G so much worse at maintaining a stable connection under anything less than ideal conditions?
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2023.05.31 02:53 lllustosa JUST VENTING ABOUT MY FAMILY SITUATION, SENT THIS TO THIS GUY AND THE WHOLE FAMILY, DONT CARE ANYMORE. This is just a fraction of what I sent.

"My mother stays all day, all day, working AND cleaning the house, and only stops at lunchtime, just like you. Only for you to come home every day and say that she does nothing all day. A person who doesn't empathize with anyone, treats everyone like dirt, and thinks of himself as superior. He has the audacity to talk about other people's families, but doesn't look at his own, which is nonexistent. You have ZERO interaction with your family. You talk about "who is making a show about food" while you are literally screaming and making a show about YOUR WRONGNESS. Me, my brother and my mom are a family here inside this house. You are just a sick guy who comes in here daily, cusses everyone out because of your own problems, and leaves. Every time you talk about my mother with insults, you don't look at yourself and what you are doing. Inside this house, nobody talks to you, nobody really respects you, you only act with threats, insults and personal attacks and don't weigh the consequences, my brother and I interact daily with our mother differently with a certain person. Every day of this psychological abuse. If we recorded one day... ONLY ONE DAY... of what you fucking do and say to my mother and send this shit to the police, or put outside this house for the world to see would realize very quickly the shit you do, because you would be put in fucking jail for mental and psychological abuse. You are the lowest of the low type of person. Talking shit about my grandmother on my mother's side and my mother and grandfather's family. You make me sick. My mother's relationship with us and her family is much better than yours with anyone, which is totally non-existent. My mother, Paulinho and I are family. You are just a guy who comes here daily, offends everyone in an inhuman and disgusting way, and leaves, without talking to anyone. Everyone in your family just feels stress and fear of having to deal with you. You are a horrible person and you disgust me. I don't know how you can look in the mirror and not vomit with all the lies you tell yourself. Think for 5 seconds about everything you've done and it will be enough to vomit blood from how sick you are. I remember the day that because of work you blamed my maternal grandmother's death on my mother, things totally out of sync with you, and you kept repeating for hours that it was my mother's fault that her mother passed away. Her fault that "kids are like that", her fault and her fault and her fault. EVERYTHING. You make her work all day for you without making any money, "It's our money", and you always come and say that she "doesn't do anything all day". Any mistake you make? It's my mother's fault that "let mom die" and "she's going to leave dad too"; YOU THINK WE FORGET ALL THE SHIT YOU SAY, YOU THINK WE FORGET ANY SHIT YOU "threaten to playfully beat her". IF I DON'T FORGET, IMAGINE MY MOTHER !!!!!! "
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2023.05.31 02:53 MorphogeneticSorrow_ 24 [NB4F] EST/Anywhere - A Contract with Terms and Conditions

To whom it may concern,
Herein lies a contract, pre-signed, including the terms, conditions, and all relevant information regarding the love, support, and value offered by one MorphogeneticSorrow_. Herein also lies a co-signature line for whomsoever deems said contract worthy of their signature.
Terms and Conditions:
-The initial signer indicates that they are an AMAB Non-Binary Individual with They/She pronouns.
-Although this post is marked “4F” it is mostly to deter men who can’t read. The co-signer may fall into the category of F, TF, or AFAB Non-Binary; all are acceptable.
-The initial signer indicates that they are from the Eastern Standard time zone, but that the co-signer may retain the right to originate from any other time zone.
-The co-signer agrees that they have ample time to devote to communication, either textual, verbal, or both. Verbal is preferred but not required at first, although the initial-signer has been told, on record, that their voice is very soothing and nice.
-The initial signer indicates that they are not without flaw, are victim to numerous debilitating mental health issues, and understands that that is not for everyone. The co-signer indicates that they are okay with this and can handle the requisite reassurance and comfort required by said conditions.
This position comes with benefits that are not without merit. Entitlements of this contract are listed as follows in no particular order:
The co-signer is entitled to all love, affection, and care the initial signer is capable of providing.
The co-signer is entitled to gratuitous feline images of the utmost adorable variety.
The co-signer is entitled to either join the initial signer for video games, or to watch along and chat while the initial signer plays if that is their preference.
The co-signer is entitled to lots of movie nights and/or show binges.
The co-signer is entitled to the semi-professional quality cooking of the initial signer.
The co-signer is entitled to as much of the initial signer’s free time as they would like.
The co-signer is entitled to Tarot readings performed by the initial signer.
The co-signer is further entitled to anything agreed upon by the two at a later date.
This contract of course comes with a series of failsafes in place to protect both the initial and co-signers. The contract is singular and binding, meaning no co-signature is to be made until agreed upon by both parties. However, there is a “trial” period wherein the co-signer is entitled to all the benefits listed herein until they are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that they wish to sign the contract. If interested, please contact the initial signer via Direct Message or the Chat functionality upon the Reddit website or mobile application.
X MorphogeneticSorrow_
X__________________ Date:________
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2023.05.31 02:53 SitriHyo Am I the only one who thinks they are running too fast when building more complex things during episodes?

I really like the anime, don’t get me wrong please…. I feel like in previous seasons we really saw new stuff being built from scratch, but this season they just show up. Like, everything is done from one hour to another... I haven't read the manga and I’m intrigued if they are following the same pace as the original format or if there was another reason for this change. I’m not feeling that curious or eager to see new stuff getting done… does anyone know the answer of feels the same way?
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2023.05.31 02:53 DoctorWoofWoof New MU Subscriber, Running into Some Issues..

I just joined Marvel Unlimited 7 days ago, to get ready for the migration from the Marvel App. Most of the transition, so far, has been good. Only two questions/issues I have run against. I tried emailing Support, but that didn't work out so well, so I am reaching out on here. The issues are as follows:
1) When reading all five parts of “The Family Snikt”, I noticed some of the panels appeared to be not scanned in as clear as the others. Is this something you are aware of, and working to fix?
2) So, over the last five years of purchasing digital comics, I purchased a more than fair amount through the Comixology app, then the Marvel App, and the last few months, I purchased via Amazon Online. I am not seeing them in My Library. Will these show up by June 2?
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