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[Hiring] Manager of Database Admin & Tech Initiatives - New York, NY [$80k - $85k] CUNY EDGE · New York, NY

2023.05.30 19:46 techjobsforgood [Hiring] Manager of Database Admin & Tech Initiatives - New York, NY [$80k - $85k] CUNY EDGE · New York, NY

Position Summary
Multi-faceted position involving database system administration, product roadmapping and feature generation, data analytics, and user training. The Manager spearheads CUNY EDGE’s efforts to identify and implement technology-based strategies centered on the Database Management System, our custom data system built with an external developer. This role will be expected to conduct user research, recommend new features, access and report on data stored in multiple sources, as well as analyze and visualize the data using business intelligence tools. The overarching function is to streamline operations, data collection and reporting, and data-related collaborations. This is an ideal position for someone with data management experience who is seeking a broader role in program operations.
General Description
CUNY EDGE is the latest initiative to support public assistance recipients enrolled in college during a twenty-year partnership between the City University of New York (CUNY) and the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA). Launched in 2016, CUNY EDGE supports public assistance recipients to attend CUNY, meet HRA work obligations, graduate in a timely manner, and find gainful employment. The program model balances academic advising and personal supports with career development and community engagement while maintaining students’ compliance with HRA regulations. Serving over 5,000 students across 18 campuses each year, CUNY EDGE is led by a Central Office team supporting over 70 staff at the campuses who provide direct services to students.
Housed within the CUNY Central Office/ Office of Academic Affairs, CUNY EDGE is seeking a motivated self-starter with significant product and data management experience to serve as a full-time Manager of Database Administration and Tech Initiatives. Reporting to the CUNY EDGE Deputy Director, the Manager spearheads CUNY EDGE’s efforts to identify and implement technology-based strategies centered on the Database Management System, our custom data system built with an external developer. This role will be expected to conduct user research, recommend new features, access and report on data stored in multiple sources, as well as analyze and visualize the data using business intelligence tools. The overarching function is to streamline operations, data collection and reporting, and data-related collaborations. This is an ideal position for someone with data management experience who is seeking a broader role in program operations.
Salary Range: $80,000 - $85,000 Per Year
Learn more about this job and apply here
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2023.05.14 22:48 BobTheGoon80 Question about coverage with different plans through employer

I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this question.

My employer is offering three medical insurance plans, different prices and coverage.
Anthem Blue Access PPO HSA- the cheapest plan, seems like it doesn't cover anything until you hit a certain amount for the year, I want to say $3000. With this plan they give you a Health Savings Account which will roll over if anything remains at the end of the year. The company will provide $1000 into this account through the year, and you can put money into this as well, up to a certain amount.

The other two choices are Anthem Link Pathway EPO w/HRA and Anthem Blue Access PPO w/HRA. These two plans are a bit more, offer more coverage, you pay a small amount when you visit a doctor, get meds, etc. The differences are in the amount they cover, if you can visit out of network and such. I have used these choices in the pass, understand them a bit more but the prices are always going up and coverage is going down.

I am be covering just myself, regardless of what choice I make. I am a male in my early 40's, I have multiple prescriptions, high blood pressure, acid reflux, allergies, arthritis, etc. Nothing crazy, probably all common stuff. I see my doctor 2 or 3 times a year at the most. My meds currently cost me out of pocket like $60 for a 3 month supply but it seems like with the changes being made that might go to what I'm paying monthly even with the better coverages. When they provide a breakdown of cost the medication cost are broken down into 30 day supplies, tier 1 being $10, and then they go up from there. So assuming everything I take it tier 1 it seems reasonable to assume I'll now have to pay for 30 day supplies instead of 90 day at about the same prices out of pocket.

So my question. As it seems like the benefits of the higher plans go down, and prices go up, I am considering changing to the PPO HSA plan. I am just worried what I'll be paying for my meds will be insanely high with this plan if it seems like I am paying full price for these until the deductible kicks in. Yes, I'll get the $1000 in my HSA plan from the company and can add to that myself to hopefully help. Does anyone have experience with these PPO plans and do they seem beneficial for someone in my shoes?
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2023.04.26 22:14 xxdainty12 Recertification Successful? [NYC]

I completed my SNAP interview and it says my interview was kept and then Access HRA said I needed two more documentations by Apr 28 (which I already submitted but I submitted again and it was received Apr 17). The banner still says documents needed but when I click in it says documents received. I have to recertify by Apr 2023, after the interview my recertification is now March - Apr 2024, does that mean that my case recertification is successful? Tried calling in but on phone for hours and just need some sort of confirmation. THANKS!
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2023.04.25 18:21 Ricshoe64 HRA Transfer Question

I “retired” from my prior employer, and part of their benefits included contributions to an HRA account in leu of a defined retirement medical program. I have a significant amount of money in the account held by McGregor, and I can access the funds via a Visa card for qualified medical expenses. My problem is that it does not appear to be earning any sort of interest, and there is no way for me to direct any of the funds into any growth vehicle. This money is mine, and I’m wondering if I have any options to transfer it into another similar account elsewhere (such as my HSA account I have with my current employer). I talked to my financial advisor about it, who had no idea but was going to look into it for me. Figured there would be others out there in this sub that had to deal with a similar issue.
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2023.04.22 12:01 smittenkittyyan The japanese series that has content related to BL or a BL subplot. Shedding a light on them.

The japanese series that has content related to BL or a BL subplot. Shedding a light on them.

Every year, Japan releases a few japanese series or movies that has content related to BL or has a small BL subplot in it, with the amount of BL content varying to different degrees depending on the story.
I have recently tried to make a post in the sub about Kashimashi Meshi , a new japanese BL series that has a gay character in one of the lead roles alongside two other main characters who are women. The series can`t be categorised as a BL, since the story will not focus only on showing the life experiences, love life and struggles to our guy, but the other two woman in the lead as well, but it still counts as a series that has a BL subplot or content related to BL or LBGTQ at least.
In this post, i want to highlight Kashimashi Meshi and another upcoming japanese series named Aa, Love Hotel: Himitsu/Diversity Love Hotel. This series which will premiere soon and is similarly with the Kiss x Kiss x Kiss japanese series, in the sense, that is an anthology series with 10 eps, in which each ep will have a different cast and story, the only thing in common being the story in each ep takes place in a LOVE HOTEL. The last ep of this series revolves around a gay couple.
Will start by tackling those two series, and then i will dip my toes in all the japanese BL series or movies that have content related to BL and think are worth checking. I think this post will be especially interesting to people who like to watch japanese series and movies in general.
To be honest here, about at least 30% of japanese BLs can`t be fitted perfectly in a BL, LGBTQ, Non-BL because it has enough content to be considered as part of the BL category, but the story is so unique or different that it`s impossible to come to an unanimous consensus when it comes to them. Some of those are Zettai BL, More than words, Me, my husband and my husband`s boyfriend etc. The japanese series that i will mention in this post has BL content, but most of them toes the line between a BL and non-BL series even more. Some of them are very enjoyable, so i will continue to make posts where i will promote those series from now on as well. Japan does have the most unique stories around there, with shocking twists and direction, taking a different turn where you last expect it, being really hard to fit in one category most of the time.
I. Kashimashi Meshi.
Food x Human Drama \"Kashi Mashi Meshi\" by the talented Mari Okazaki is getting a live-action drama adaptation! 3 art students reunite after the death of a classmate. Two women & 1 gay man, all 3 struggle with their own hardships in their lives. But sharing a meal helps them heal. The series has premiered in April 10, has a total of 10 eps of 40 minutes in total, with 2 eps being released until now. This is a slice of life- food themed series, so what can i say hahahaha-people who like Our dining table and Naked Dining will like this one as well.
In short, the story centers on two three former classmates in their 30s, who meet up after a former high school classmate of theirs committed suicide. They catch up on each other's lives, bond over food, and finally end up living together.
In short, this is the synopsis:
" A man killed himself. Due to his death, three of his former classmates from art school, reunite for the first time in a long while. These three people have connections to the man in different ways, including his ex-girlfriend, the manager of a rugby club where the man played, and his ex-boyfriend. While struggling with their own lives, these three people begin to meet and have meals together. "
This is the link to where the teaser for it can be watched. This is another short teaser for the BL part.
The series is an adaptation of the manga with the same name written by Mari Okazaki. The manga doesn`t have a fantranslation or an official eng translation. It has 5 volumes released until now. Hopefully, this will change soon.
The series doesn`t have an international release, but it has been picked up by a fansubber. I will share the placed where the fansubber translation can be accessed, since it takes a while to access it.
The eps can either be accessed via the tumblr account of the fansubber, but the raws aren`t easily accessible. In my case, i prefer to access the translation via the drama-otaku platform ( which has become a really popular for their ability to offer a safe place for fansubbers to share their translations). Most people who like to watch japanese series knows of this website. Sometimes drama-otaku let`s you download the raws in a faster and safer way and shares the soft subs of the fansubber while giving the proper credit for it. It`s a private website where you have to make an account for it, but for people who don`t have the patience to search for the places where japanese series that weren`t picked out by an international streaming platorm can be watched ( and search the comments from the MDL page of it, because that is the place where the links are shared), drama-otaku is the place for you.
Gonna add two more pics.
I love the slice of life stories that comes from Japan

The love interest of our guy. In case people haven`t noticed, our main lead here is played by Shiono Akihisa, who was part of Zettai BL- the love interest of Mob`s brother.
II. Aa, Love Hotel: Himitsu/Diversity Love Hotel.
“Love Hotel: Himitsu (Secret)” is a mature-comedy drama set in a love hotel, an “ultimate closet”, highly secretive, and confidential that anyone can’t think of anywhere else. The drama revolves around the characters’ happiness and sorrow in one situation.
The last ep of the series depicts the story of a gay couple, a lawyer and a paralegal, who come to Love Hotel and discover that the hotel facilities lack consideration for LGBT. It will star actors Hayashi Kento (from the hit drama “Ossan’s Love”) and Itagaki Rihito as Shota and Toru, respectively.
The drama is scheduled to be released on July 14th on the local channel WOWOW. I don`t think this series will have an international release, but is highly likely to be picked up by a fansubber.
The teaser can be watched here.

I missed Kento and the other actor has a lot of acting experience too. I have seen him in many movies and series.
Don`t be tricked by the synopsis, because from watching the teasers for the other eps, this series is meant to shock people. It focuses in showing the unhibited and real side that each couple experience in that love hotel. In a way this series remembers me of the series Hatsu Joji Made Ato 1 Jikan, which i checked because it has Riku Hagiwara staring in one of the eps ( ep 2). It has a story that begins one hour before the couples sexual activity starts and ends just before it begins. Different men and women meet with the intent of being intimate together. The drama will go into their specific struggles and unique perspectives. While watching the series, those struggles and perspectives were so unique that i was torned between feelling embarassed about how real those struggles are and

What the hell did i just watched??????? or wooaaa, they have actually gone so far as to show this??????, BUT I STILL COULDN`T STOP WATCHING and was glued to the sceeen hahaha. This kind of remembers me of seeing people reactions to watching Dangerous drugs of sex or Fujimi Orchestra or most of the older or darker japanese BL movies hahaha. Seeing people reactions to watching The end of the world with you was also very entertaining, because i have previously watched some of the most fucked up and sexually explicit japanese BL movies, so to me THE END OF THE WORLD WITH ME was tame hahaha.
You see, this is why i love japanese series and movies and subsenquently JBLs, many of them dare to go and explore things much more deeper than you would ever see from other countries.
The light, cute and fluffy JBL series are the way they are, they will always fall short in complexity and will avoid exploring things that other more mature, serious or darker JBLs dare to explore. They will also always fall short in the way kisses and sex scenes are portrayed, this is not related only to japanese BLs, but also non- BL series and movies. This is the way it is, and i mentioned the reason for it in one of the posts i made in the past**. But, there will always be JBLs that will give us more and will satisfy other people preferences when it comes to them. In a way, i think is better this way, because the overall vibe or category that a JBL has will be able to give a clue to most people on what to expect from them.**
III. Tonari no Kazoku wa Aoku Mieru/known as Residential Complex in Viki.
The story focuses on three couples, and among them there is one gay couple, which is very well written and acted. After all, they have casted Kitamura Takumi and Mashima Hidekazu to play the roles.
The story of our couple sounds like this: " Having spent his entire life living in the closet, Wataru (Hidekazu Mashima) has no plans of changing anytime soon. The polar opposite, Saku (Takumi Kitamura) wants nothing more than to live his life loud and proud, enjoying his life with Wataru to the fullest. But how can he do that when his partner refuses to acknowledge their relationship in public?
IV. Kiss x Kiss x Kiss series.
Will share this couple pic, since is kind of the face of the BL parts from this series hahaha. They are amazing together. I am still waiting for a full length series revolving around their story. They have explosive chemistry.
Me and other people in the sub have mentioned about this series, so i will only keep things short and will once again share the comment where i compilled all the places that the parts can be watched.
Kiss x Kiss x Kiss is japanese miniseries that has many parts released, in which every series has a few eps ( each ep has about that features a BL story.
They are three kiss x kiss x kiss series ( there are more than one) that features BL eps.
Basically, each of these three different kiss x kiss x kiss series has one or more eps that features a BL couple. Each series revolves around various couples and their stories of how they came to kiss each other. It`s a kiss focused series hahaha, but each story is really interesting to watch neverthless.
V. Kamisama no Ekohiiki
A few posts about it has been made in the sub. I have enjoyed it a lot too and there was only a thing that bothereed me about it and kind of prevented me to promote it in this sub. It definitely has a refreshing take on the gender bender trope, but i was still not 100% satisfied with the ending. Beside this, is a very well written, directed and acted series, just slighltly disappointed on how they adapted the manga for the last eps. I remember even now how much i anticipated watching each ep while it aired.
The series has been fantranslated by Furritsu and was also picked by Gagaoolala, but is possible that it has been restricted in some regions because i can`t find the link to share it directly anymore.
I 100% love our BL couple made of Kenta and Yashiro, i just think that their story would have been more touching if they followed the ending of the manga for this one.
I remember even now how much i rooted for those two.
Happy that it ended well
This is the synopsis from it : " Amano Yashiro has a crush on his best friend, Nanahara Kenta. Yashiro died in a car accident after being rejected by Kenta. However, due to God's favoritism, Yashiro was reborn as a female student called Tendo Kagura, and lives a new life. Yashiro decides to make use of his girly look to have Kenta fall for him. While Yashiro and Kenta become closer, they were interrupted by Kenta's ex-girlfriend, Torii Rin, who told "Kagura" to stay away from Kenta. Furthermore, it was discovered that Yashiro's body is still alive. What is actually happening? "
VI. Fudanshi Bartender no Tashinami
The BL content is related to the main character (who is a batender) being secretely a FUDANSHI, and who has daily BL fantasies related to his customers and people around him. It has only 2 eps and has been fantranslated by Furritsu. It`s also on Gagaoolala and this time i was able to find the link to where it can be watched.
The synopsis: "Soichiro Hibiki is a bartender at a bar in Shonan. He is usually cool and mysterious, but he has a secret he doesn't want people to know: he is a "secret fudanshi otaku," and he is always trying to make the customers who come to the bar for drinks into his favorite coupling, secretly fantasizing about them and worshipping their precious relationships. "
Our cool bartender.
And where his thoughts wanders hahaha.
VII. 8.2 Byo no Hosoku
This series has been uploaded in youtube and it has eng subs. The youtube is the oficial source, the production team has decided to put it on youtube. This is the link for it.
The synopsis: " Amai Koichi is good at baking and making sweets trying to help ikemens (good looking, handsome guys). If two people look into each other eyes for 8.2 seconds they will fall in love. Amai is attracted to men as he looks at them and falls for them. Each love interest per episode has a problem so Amai makes sweets/deserts for them in hopes to help them. "
The Bl content relies on the main character being gay and falling in love with the guys he encounters in his life, but the guys remains as that, love interests and Amai doesn`t get to get together with any of those mens hhaha.
This is a really heartwarming and well made miniseries, hope more people will check it.
VIII. BL Metamorphosis
This is a movie whose story is related to BL by having their two main characters bond and get closer by their love towards BL.
The movie has been fantranslated by Furritsu, which is a well known fansubber for japanese BLs and is easy to find if people search for their website.
The parent story of the short series “Kimi no Koto Dake Mite Itai”. If you’re going to watch this movie, make sure you watch the special series too!
Synopsis: " Urara Sayama (Mana Ashida) is a 17-year-old high school student. She doesn’t have any friends or a boyfriend. Her only enjoyment is reading boy’s love manga, which she keeps it as a secret. She also works part-time as a cashier at a bookstore. There, she meets 78-year-old Yuki Ichinoi (Nobuko Miyamoto). Yuki Ichinoi has lived alone since her husband passed away. She happens to buy a BL manga due to its eye pleasing cover. Since that purchase, Yuki Ichinoi becomes a fan of the manga genre. Due to their common interest in BL manga, Urara Sayama and Yuki Ichinoi develop a friendship and they decide to take on a challenge"
I feel i only tackled a little of how big my love for japanese BLs is and why i am so fond on them. So, i will show you even more about it in other posts i am currently working on, where i plan to tackle all the japanese BL series and movies that i watched ( which are almost all of them), with all their strenghts and weaknesses and talk more about my favorites and love for JBLs in general.
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2023.04.20 04:32 deus207 More List Of Help Options & Resources For Our Lost Generation As Times Are Tough

As people on our subreddit suffer from an unfair economy here are a list of help for people in need.

Are you in serious debt such as student loan debt, medical debt, or consumer debt?
Click or Tap here
Are you financially screwed by payday lenders?
Click or Tap here
First-time needing United States Federal Government Or Native American Government (If you are proven Native American) Assistance?
Click or Tap here
Have you newly arrived in New York City or currently already reside in New York City as a homeless person or very low-income person?
Click or Tap here
Another New York City help page here
New York City will pay one-year of your rent if you are eligible of this program called 'special one-time assistance'
Go click or tap here
Get a free greyhound bus ticket when you need to go somewhere with more welfare and resources for homeless people (I hope these help)
Here are some other help resources you can rely on too.
Get Help Pay Your Bills By Clicking Or Tapping Here
Call 211 for any economic emergency help or assistance and you can go on United Way 211 website by using your search engine.
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2023.04.11 15:00 code_hunter_cc How to add header to request in Jquery Ajax?

I'm trying to add header to request in Ajax with JQuery.
Below is the code :-
$.ajax({ type: "POST", contentType: "application/json", url: "http://localhost:8080/core-service/services/v1.0/patients/registerPatients", data: JSON.stringify(patientDTO), //crossDomain : true, dataType: 'json', headers: {"X-AUTH-TOKEN" : tokken}, success: function(patientDTO) { console.log("SUCCESS: ", patientDTO); /* location.href = "fieldagentHRA.html";*/ if (typeof(Storage) !== "undefined") { localStorage.setItem("patUrn",; location.href="?id=1286"; } }, error: function(e) { console.log("ERROR: ", e); display(e); }, done: function(e) { enableRegisterButton(true); }}); I inspected this with chrome and found that header's body is not being added.![Without Header Body](
Then I used Requestly (Requestly is chrome+firefox plugin with which we can manually add a header to the request).
After manually adding header :-
![After Manually Adding the header](
In both the pics request header x-auth-token is present in "ACCESS-CONTROL-REQUEST-HEADERS" but "X-AUTH-TOKEN" header along with header value is present in second pic which is not there in the first pic.
So my question is how to add request headers in Ajax with JQuery ?
Answer link :
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2023.04.04 21:04 ConfusedAsker HOW do I report temporary income changes for NYC SNAP?

I understand that I need to report if my income is over 130% of the poverty level in any given month, within 10 days after end of month.
Question 1: HOW do I report this income? Is mailing in the change form that I received with my SNAP approval the only way? I've never been able to reach someone on the phone to ask or report by phone. 5+ hr wait time. I can't find where to report income on, or the Access HRA mobile app.
Question 2: Are gifts counted as income?
Question 3: What happens when I *do* report the income? Do they skip giving me benefits for one month, or does it have some longer term effect?
Thank you for any advice you may have!
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2023.03.31 02:17 Then_Marionberry_259 MAR 30, 2023 LEM.V LEADING EDGE MATERIALS CEO'S REPORT FO THE SHAREHOLDERS

Stockholm, March 30 , 202 3 – Leading Edge Materials Corp. (“Leading Edge Materials” or the “Company”) (TSXV: LEM) (Nasdaq First North: LEMSE) (OTCQB: LEMIF) (FRA: 7FL) provides a letter from the Chief Executive Officer.
The past year has not been short of geopolitical turbulence and macro-economic challenges. As the pandemic crisis has subsided, the war in Ukraine, rising inflation and recent bank failures have added to the tension. And of course, the impacts of climate change remain a high priority on political agendas. Our vision, materials for change, is right in the middle of these societal challenges. A change in the energy system towards renewables and energy storage, electrified mobility solutions and resilient and sustainable supply-chains will need new materials and new sources for those materials. This is where the projects we have and the work we do on them becomes critically important.
Governments in the western world are launching initiatives to support the development of domestic sources of critical raw materials to reduce reliance on China, the European Union being no exception, with the recently proposed EU Critical Raw Materials Act. i
In brief, the proposed legislation is an enormous effort to support current and stimulate future sustainable supply chains of these deemed critical raw materials from within the union. The impact on us and our activities cannot be overstated: we are in Europe, it applies specifically to all the materials we are exposed to, streamlined and predictable permitting procedures for strategic projects, improved access to finance, etc. Cautiously factoring in beneficial additional order effects and improving public realisation of importance of sustainable access to these materials, we have to conclude that it is about twenty years since we felt such optimism for extractive industries.
Woxna - Graphite
Graphite is a key material to enable the energy transition, where most lithium-ion battery chemistries use graphite for the anode. As demand for lithium-ion batteries grows exponentially, demand for graphite is expected to grow by a factor of three by 2030 ii
Our Woxna graphite mine in central Sweden is one of few already built and permitted graphite mines in the western world. The Company’s strategy is to establish a vertically integrated mine to anode material production unit which could offer a secure and sustainable supply of anode materials for European battery producers at the same time demand is expected to grow significantly. During last year, we announced plans to consider re-starting the mine. However, a change in the Company’s executive management during the second half of the year delayed a decision on this process.
A PEA iii issued in 2021 indicated the potential viability of a Swedish operation producing battery grade graphite anode material utilising the existing graphite mine and concentrator with the addition of a value-add processing facility offsite. The proposed process route in the PEA uses a thermal purification process which, combined with access to low-cost hydropower offers a low carbon footprint for the operation. The PEA utilised only one of four deposits currently owned by Woxna under granted exploitation concessions, where two of the other deposits also have indicated and inferred mineral resource estimates offering potential upside for further expansion in future development or studies. Based on this, the PEA reports a Post-tax Net Present Value (NPV) of $248m using an 8% discount rate and IRR of 37.4%.
Norra Kärr - Heavy Rare Earth Elements
Rare earth elements are needed to produce the high strength permanent magnets that are critical for the motors for electric vehicles and generators for wind turbines. As these technologies are set to grow significantly, the market for magnet rare earth oxides is forecast to increase five times by 2030 iv
Our Norra Kärr (NK) rare earth project is one of the world’s most significant deposits for heavy rare earth elements such as dysprosium and terbium, and the only deposit of its kind in the European Union. It is identified as a critical project by the European Parliament (ERECON study). Bringing the project into production could be a key enabler for a European mine-to-magnet value-chain.
Highlights of the Preliminary Economic Assessment v (PEA) completed on NK reported potential to recover the industrial mineral Nepheline Syenite (NS), zirconium oxide (Zr) and niobium oxide (Nb) in addition to the rare earth oxide (REO) products, resulting in more than 50% of total mined material planned to be sold as products. The PEA, in comparison to previous studies, substantially reduced land area usage of the Project by approximately 80% and results in no chemical process tailing dams being required at Norra Kärr. These changes considerably reduce the environmental risk profile of the Project at Norra Kärr, including potentially reducing additional water requirements by almost 100% and the elimination of discharge requirements to local water bodies compared to if mine dewatering is used solely for water supply. Financial highlights of the PEA are a post-tax Net Present Value of $762M (using a 10% discount rate) and an Internal Rate of Return of 26.3%.
We are currently in the process of undertaking the Natura2000 environmental study for the project which is expected to highlight the much-reduced environmental footprint of the project as defined in the PEA. Current Swedish legislation requires a Natura 2000 permit prior to the evaluation of a mining lease. In addition to the Natura2000, the Company is planning on commencing the Pre-feasibility Study for NK in the second half of 2023.
Bihor Sud, Cobalt-Nickel Exploration Project
The Bihor Sud exploration license perimeter covers a 25 square kilometre area in the Northern Apuseni Mountains in Romania. Located approximately 90 km south-east from Oradea, which is the administrative capital of Bihor County, the Project lies within the Upper Cretaceous and Neogene Carpathian magmatic arcs which extend from Turkey to Hungary and are host to several well-known mines and mineral deposits such as the Timok-Bor-Majdanpek copper-gold zone, Skouries and Chelopec. The Northern Apuseni Mountains have documented high grade skarn and carbonate replacement mineral deposits and historic production of Cu, Mo, Ag, Au, Zn, U and Pb. Within the License area, there is a significant amount of historical mine works including a substantial former underground uranium and polymetallic mine which stopped production in the 1990s.
After receiving the exploration license for Bihor Sud in May 2022, the Company has commenced field work on the property which it holds through its 51% (potentially to be increased to 90%) owned Romanian subsidiary, LEM Romania SRL (“LEMR”). Initial work focused on field mapping to investigate petrographic, structural, alteration, and mineralisation data with the latter especially located in a carbonate lithology.
Over the last couple of months, LEMR’s team of geologists have performed geological mapping work from the established exploration camp in the Leucii Zone in the south-western area of the license perimeter. Entrance to this area is facilitated by an existing forestry road and grants the exploration team and consultants a base for accessing gallery openings G7 and G4 in the Leucii Zone, and G Dibarz in the Dibarz Zone. This area was prioritized based on results from previous work done and sampling of historical mined material during the prospecting permit, with samples assaying up to 28% nickel, 6.8% cobalt and 17.75 ppm gold.
During this mapping work the carbonate level has been identified precisely in several new locations extending previous knowledge of the extent of the carbonate lithology. Alteration and mineralization zones associated with major fault zones have also been outlined. Additional findings have been several previously unknown historical mining galleries, believed to be from exploration work performed by Soviet geologists in the 1950-60s. These newly identified mining works are two hidden gallery mouths, eight prospecting trenches as well as a number of drilling locations, including discarded drill cores on the ground. These discoveries will aid to better understand the extent of historical exploration work done on the project.
Since having received permission to enter the underground galleries in January, we have continued advancing rapidly. Results have not disappointed: in the first target gallery G7 we have encountered visual Co-Ni mineralisation over 135 m. Additionally, further extensive Co-Ni mineralisation has been identified in G4, 50 m above and in the cross-cut and raise connecting these two galleries. This indicates that we are potentially encountering sizeable systems with good potential. Immediate focus is on finishing the five exploration trenches, mapping and sampling the mineralised zones inside the galleries. A drill program is planned for the second half of this year.
We are grateful for the support of all our shareholders. In the recently closed first fiscal quarter of 2023 we saw continuing support from insiders through the exercise of warrants for proceeds of C$1.3m. Looking forward, we are committed to develop our assets and thereby realising shareholder value.
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Leading Edge Materials Corp.
Eric Krafft, Interim CEO
For further information, please contact the Company at:
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Follow us
Qualified Person
Martin S. Oczlon, PhD Geo, CEng MIMMM, a consultant to Leading Edge Materials and Qualified Person as defined in NI 43-101, has read and approved all technical and scientific information related to the Company’ projects contained in this news release.
About Leading Edge Materials
Leading Edge Materials is a Canadian public company focused on developing a portfolio of critical raw material projects located in the European Union. Critical raw materials are determined as such by the European Union based on their economic importance and supply risk. They are directly linked to high growth technologies such as batteries for electromobility and energy storage and permanent magnets for electric motors and wind power that underpin the clean energy transition towards climate neutrality. The portfolio of projects includes the 100% owned Woxna Graphite mine (Sweden), Norra Karr HREE project (Sweden) and the 51% owned Bihor Sud Nickel Cobalt exploration alliance (Romania).
Additional Information
The information was submitted for publication through the agency of the contact person set out above, on March 30, 2023, at 1:00 pm Vancouver time.
Leading Edge Materials is listed on the TSXV under the symbol “LEM”, OTCQB under the symbol “LEMIF” and Nasdaq First North Stockholm under the symbol "LEMSE". Mangold Fondkommission AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North and may be contacted via email [email protected] or by phone +46 (0) 8 5030 1550.
Reader Advisory
Certain information in this news release may constitute forward-looking statements or forward-looking information within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws (collectively, “Forward-Looking Statements”). All statements, other than statements of historical fact, addressing activities, events or developments that the Company believes, expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future are Forward-Looking Statements. Forward-Looking Statements are often, but not always, identified by the use of words such as “seek,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “plan,” “estimate,” “expect,” and “intend” and statements that an event or result “may,” “will,” “can,” “should,” “could,” or “might” occur or be achieved and other similar expressions. Forward-Looking Statements are based upon the opinions and expectations of the Company based on information currently available to the Company. Forward-Looking Statements are subject to a number of factors, risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual results of the Company to differ materially from those discussed in the Forward-Looking Statements including, among other things, the Company has yet to generate a profit from its activities; there can be no guarantee that the estimates of quantities or qualities of minerals disclosed in the Company’s public record will be economically recoverable; uncertainties relating to the availability and costs of financing needed in the future; competition with other companies within the mining industry; the success of the Company is largely dependent upon the performance of its directors and officers and the Company’s ability to attract and train key personnel; changes in world metal markets and equity markets beyond the Company’s control; the possibility of write-downs and impairments; the risks associated with uninsurable risks arising during the course of exploration; development and production; the risks associated with changes in the mining regulatory regime governing the Company; the risks associated with tenure to the Norra Karr property; the risks associated with the various environmental regulations the Company is subject to; rehabilitation and restitution costs; the Woxna project has never defined a mineral reserve or a feasibility study and the associated increased risk of technical and economic failure in case of restarting production; risks relating to the preliminary and non-binding nature of the MOU with Sicona . On June 9, 2021, Leading Edge announced the results of an independent preliminary economic assessment for the development of Woxna (the "2021 Woxna PEA"), the full details of which are included in a technical report entitled "NI 43-101 Technical Report – Woxna Graphite" prepared for Woxna Graphite AB with effective date June 9, 2021 and issue date July 23, 2021, available on Leading Edge's website [*]( and under its SEDAR profile [*](*. The 2021* Woxna PEA is preliminary in nature, it includes inferred mineral resources that are considered too speculative geologically to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves, and there is no certainty that the preliminary economic assessment will be realized. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. On July 22, 2021, Leading Edge announced the results of an independent preliminary economic assessment for the development of Norra Karr (the "2021 Norra Karr PEA"), the full details of which are included in a technical report titled “PRELIMINARY ECONOMIC ASSESSMENT OF NORRA KARR RARE EARTH DEPOSIT AND POTENTIAL BY-PRODUCTS, SWEDEN" prepared for Leading Edge Materials Corp. with effective date August 18, 2021 and issue date August 19, 2021, available on Leading Edge's website [*]( and under its SEDAR profile [*](*. The 2021 Norra Karr PEA is preliminary in nature, it includes inferred mineral resources that are considered too* speculative geologically to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves, and there is no certainty that the preliminary economic assessment will be realized. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (“WHO”) declared the novel coronavirus outbreak identified as “COVID-19”, as a global pandemic. In order to combat the spread of COVID-19 governments worldwide have enacted emergency measures including travel bans, legally enforced or self-imposed quarantine periods, social distancing and business and organization closures. These measures have caused material disruptions to businesses, governments and other organizations resulting in an economic slowdown and increased volatility in national and global equity and commodity markets. The Company has implemented safety and physical distancing procedures, including working from home where possible and ceased all travel, as recommended by the various governments. The Company will continue to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, the duration and impact which is unknown at this time, as is the efficacy of any intervention. It is not possible to reliably estimate the length and severity of these developments and the impact on the financial results and condition of the Company and its operations in future periods.
iii See National Instrument 43-101 report entitled “NI 43-101 Technical Report – Woxna Graphite” prepared for Woxna Graphite AB with effective date June 9, 2021 and issue date July 23, 2021. See Leading Edge Materials Corp.’s SEDAR profile on or for report and more information. The PEA is preliminary in nature, it includes inferred mineral resources that are considered too speculative geologically to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves, and there is no certainty that the PEA will be realized.
v See National Instrument 43-101 report titled “PRELIMINARY ECONOMIC ASSESSMENT OF NORRA KÄRR RARE EARTH DEPOSIT AND POTENTIAL BY-PRODUCTS, SWEDEN” prepared for Leading Edge Materials Corp. with effective date August 18, 2021 and issue date August 19, 2021. See Leading Edge Materials Corp.’s SEDAR profile on or for report and more information. The PEA is preliminary in nature, it includes inferred mineral resources that are considered too speculative geologically to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves, and there is no certainty that the PEA will be realized.
Universal Site Links
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2023.03.23 19:14 VariationNo6228 Who needs $7 this bad??? I don’t know who’s worse IC or the customer.

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2023.03.20 01:14 acronson Event digest for week of March 20, 2023

In Search of Colorful Butterflies with Claire Messud ⌧✓
Greene Science 9
Reception foods
RSVP here

Lunch with Joseph Greenwell of University Life
Location TBA
Unspecified lunch
RSVP here

GSAPP Common Circle Debrief
Location TBA
Refreshments possible

Signature Speakers Series: James Irungu Mwangi 4-6pm Faculty House 2 Reception foods RSVP here

Center for Teaching & Learning Symposium Reception 4-5pm Low 1 Unspecified refreshments RSVP here

Anti-Gender Politics in Turkey & Beyond ✓ 4:10-5:30pm IAB 7 Rogers Room Reception foods RSVP here

GSAPP NOMAS Portfolio Review 5:30-7:30pm Avery 600 Ware Lounge Unspecified snacks RSVP here

Labor, Power, and the Meaning of Life Group 6-7pm Earl 101 Light snacks

Meaning of Life Reading Group 10:30-11:30am Earl 1 Light breakfast

TC Afternoon Tea Talk 2:30-4pm Grace Dodge 363 (TC) Desserts and tea

ASL/TESOL Rountable Screening of "Arrival" (2016) 6-8pm
Grace Dodge 363 (TC) Unspecified snacks



* Special event ° Held off of Columbia campuses ✣ Held on CUIMC campus ⌧ Held on Manhattanville campus ¤ Graduate student event ✓Open to the public † Open to alumni ⤫ Open to undergraduates only

______________________________ Looking ahead

Art in Time of War: Celebrating Ukrainian Culture Mar 27 6:30-9pm Low 1 Reception foods RSVP here

Columbia Neighbors Career Expo ⌧✓ Mar 28 9am-1pm Forum 1 Refreshments/giveaways likely RSVP here

CUIMC Women in Science Lecture Series: Frazer ✣ Mar 28 4-5:15pm 50 Haven Avenue Reception foods RSVP here

‘How Data Happened" Book Launch ✓ Mar 28 6:30-9pm Pulitzer 1 Brown Institute Reception foods RSVP here

LiPS Lecture Series: Anna Lora-Wainwright Mar 28 1:15-2:45pm Fayerweather 209 Boxed lunch from Strokos Deli

Ethics for Lunch Series: Treatment Over Objection ✓✣ March 29 12-1pm Vagelos TBA Unspecified lunch RSVP here

SEAS Colloquium in Interdisciplinary & Applied Math - Andrew Stuart Mar 29 3:45-4:15 Mudd 200 Reception food RSVP here

"The Wayland Rudd Collection" Opening Reception ✓ Mar 29 6:15-8pm IAB 12 Harriman Atrium Reception foods RSVP here

Bundles Communing Scholars Lecture: Carving Architecture & Careers Mar 29 6:30-8pm Forum 1 Reception foods RSVP here

Columbia Stem Cell Initiative WIP Series: Kousteni Lab ✣ Mar 30 11:30am-12:30pm Hammer 401 Pizza and refreshments RSVP here

Awakening Our Democracy: Affirmative Action Mar 30 12-1:30pm Low 1 Refreshments likely RSVP here

Decarbonization, Resilience & Climate Justice Conference Mar 31 9am-7pm Heyman 2 Breakfast and lunch RSVP here

LiPS Lecture Series: Scott Bollens Apr 4 1:15-2:45pm Fayerweather 209 Boxed lunch from Strokos Deli

Columbia Stem Cell Initiative WIP Series: Wang Lab ✣ April 6 11:30am-12:30pm Hammer 401 Pizza and refreshments RSVP here

Roundtable with Carl Wennerlind and Fredrik Jonsson April 6 5-6pm Heyman 1 Reception food

Seminar With Kyoko Matsushita of WPP Japan ⌧✓ April 11 12:30-1:30pm Room TBA Unspecified lunch RSVP here

LiPS Lecture Series: Mat Coleman Apr 11 1:15-2:45pm Fayerweather 209 Boxed lunch from Strokos Deli

LiPS Lecture Series: Franziska Sielker Apr 18 1:15-2:45pm Fayerweather 209 Boxed lunch from Strokos Deli

Columbia Stem Cell Initiative WIP Series: Lu Lab ✣ April 20 11:30am-12:30pm Hammer 401 Pizza and refreshments RSVP here

Neurodiversity Awareness Day at Columbia ✓ April 21 10am-7pm Location TBA Refreshments likely RSVP here

CJEB Science of Asians’ Bamboo Ceiling Event ⌧✓ Apr 25 12:30-1:30pm Geffen 640 Unspecified lunch RSVP here

Kenzo Estate Winery Event at CJEB ⌧✓ April 27 7:15-8:15pm Room TBA Reception food and wine RSVP here

Columbia Stem Cell Initiative WIP Series: Dalerba Lab ✣ May 18 11:30am-12:30pm Hammer 401 Pizza and refreshments RSVP here Please note that this newsletter is provided for informational purposes. Attendees are strongly encouraged to RSVP and arrive on time to ensure proper access; entry is at the discretion of each host. The inclusion or emittance of events on this email list should not be construed as an intentional endorsement or opposition of any group, individual, or viewpoint. Should you have any questions or wish to be removed, please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.02 21:18 Engrenaje Access HRA app and trouble uploading documents

I'm applying in New York and having trouble getting the Access HRA app to recognize my documentation, and was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and knows what to do.
The primary issue is all of my documents are in PDF form, but the Access HRA app only allows you to "Take a Photo" or "Select a Photo." PDFs appear to not be recognized.
Initially I assumed this just meant I needed to convert the PDFs to jpgs, which are recognized by the Access HRA app. Access HRA is able to see the .jpgs in my phone's camera folder, in my screenshot folder.... virtually, all jpgs.
But when I converted my PDFs to jpgs and saved them to those same folders, the Access HRA app still can't find them. I tried PNG files too, just to see if that changed it, but there's still no luck.
I'm 100% certain the newly made and converted files are in the correct folders. I've even tried things like moving them to the screenshots folder, where I can see the Access HRA app allows me to select from, but the app for some reason just doesn't recognize the documentation. Frustratingly, it does recognize new photos, new screenshots.
I've reset my phone several times and logged in and out of the app even more times, but this hasn't helped.
Does anyone know what might be going on?
I was hoping I could do a workaround of individually taking photos of each and every page on my monitor, but those come out too wavy and grainy to be readable.
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2023.02.25 09:43 diamondhandsmoving HRA moving companies

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2023.02.21 21:12 HoHangClub Help pls, HSIL with LSIL but p16 staining negative?

I'm 35 yr male in the U.S, just had a surgical excision of one anal wart and the biopsy came as ' High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL; AIN-2) arising in a background of condyloma acuminatum with low grade squamous epithelial lesion (LSIL; AIN1). Immunohistochemical stain to p16 fails to show diffuse strong staining. ''
Please help me understand the p16 staining result here please? Is it negative? If so does it still rule out high-risk HPV infection, although there is some HSIL now?
How can I test HPV strains in the anal canal, pap?
How sensitive is the anal pap for high-risk HPV genotypes in anal canal, and what are the best screening tests for HSIL/AIN in anal canal? I saw HRA(high-resolution anoscopy) was mentioned in many medical paper, but not sure how widely used/easy-accessible is it in Texas/U.S?
Any advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated!
(I'm yet for the first follow-up check, very anxious about possible recurrence, I'm taking selenium, zinc and 1g of Vitamin C daily now hope it helps boosting immune, also just received 3rd dose of Gardasil 9).
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2023.02.20 20:51 FfierceLaw Have I been ripped off by my Pharmacy Benefits Manager?

My health insurance has a $2000 deductible that applies to both physician and pharmacy expenses. It is called a “shared deductible plan“ because it comes with a $1000 health reimbursement account that pays the first half of the deductible. I signed on to my Online portal a couple of weeks ago and was surprised to see that over $70 of that 1000 deductible was already consumed. My partner and I only had pharmacy claims until that time and our medication‘s are not expensive. I got into a chat on the pharmacy benefit manager portal and asked for an itemization of how much each medication cost against my health reimbursement account. It is not at all ascertainable on the consumer side of the portal. The guy on the chat was very helpful, he gave me a screenshot of some internal data that showed one single drug cost over $60. This drug should not cost that much. In fact, I filled it today without even using my coverage and paid only $12. I reported this to the insurance company and they called the pharmacy benefits manager while I held. They came back on the line and said that the pharmacy benefits manager claims that it’s actually an $80 drug and the only way my pharmacy could give me the drug for $12 was they had used the coupon. None of this is true. This is a basic generic drug that until recently even cost less than $10. Now I don’t want to even submit any medications for coverage under this plan because I don’t know how much of my HRA they will grab. I don’t have access to the HRA and I don’t spend it, the PDM and the health insurer do. I want my $50 back, which is the difference between what they grabbed for the medication out of my HRA and what it should have cost.
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2023.02.17 23:58 asking-4-a-fiend Can I use the EBT money that accrued in my account since I cancelled SNAP? I just got a letter that seems to say yes.

I'm in NY state. I cancelled my SNAP benefit in mid-January because I no longer needed it. I stopped using EBT right then because I wasn't sure if I could still legally use it.
Today I got a "Notice of Decision" letter. It says my benefits will be discontinued in late February, and because that date is after Feb 2, I can still access my benefits for February. For 274 days!
The AccessHRA app says I have over $1,500 remaining, so that's February plus January. So am I reading this right? Can I really use this EBT money and not worry that I'll have to pay it back?
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2023.02.16 06:42 diamondhandsmoving HRA moving companies

Searching for the best HRA moving companies in NYC? When you choose us for your relocation needs, our insured services provide movers, a driver, and a truck to streamline your move. In addition, if you receive or are eligible to participate in qualified public assistance programs through HRA, you might be able to receive services with no out-of-pocket costs. Those services might include our secured storage units that remain safe and accessible to qualifying individuals and households. You can be certain that your relocation will be as quick and easy as you make a reservation with Diamond Hands Moving & Storage. So call us today at (718) 689-6969 and visit our website
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2023.02.15 03:28 dustyblue3 RE: NYC SNAP and MARCH 2023

I have NYC SNAP as a Single Person~ $281 per Month. Yet recieved a Letter with the announcement that the Emergency Allotment added (during Co-Vid) will end at the end of Feburary. Yet they never mentioned what my SNAP Amount will be when it's issued on March 2nd, 2023, when the Extra funds go away?
Can anyone share what my March SNAP will be, so I can Plan accordingly. Appreciate.
Also, I applied for Cash Assistance on 1/19/23, with documents, I had my phone interview on a Saturday on 2/4/23. Yet when I log on to HRA ACCESS~ it is NOT DOCUMENTED there that I had an Interview? Today is 2/14/23 and still do not see? In these day an age of Technology~it should be shown I had a confirmed Interview, even with yes understanding HRA is backed logged. Can anyone give insights for this and should I go to my Local HRA Office at Bergen St to make sure, my Interview has been confirmed and documented? Appreciate! Thanks
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2023.02.07 05:35 Dr_Occisor The 1924 Election - PSUS History

The 1924 Election - PSUS History

Map of the United States, 1920
A summary of the Term of President Warren G. Harding and First Term of President John F. Fitzgerald
President Warren G. Harding (1921-1923), John F. Fitzgerald (1923-1925)
Vice President John F. Fitzgerald (1921-1923), Aurelian Shaft (1923-1925)
Secretary of State Charles E. Hughes (1921-1925)
Secretary of the Treasury Herbert Hoover (1921-1925)
Secretary of Commerce Stanford Cabot (1921-1924), Robert P. Lamont (1924-1925)
Undersecretary of Commerce for Labour James J. Davis (1921-1925)
Secretary of Defense William W. Lincoln III (1918-1925)
Undersecretary of Defense for the Army John W. Weeks (1921-1925)
Undersecretary of Defense for the Navy Edwin Denby (1921-1925)
Undersecretary of Defense for the Airforce William Mitchell (1921-1925)
Attorney General Gregory Anderson VI (1921-1922), Hiram W. Evans (1922-1925), Clarence Darrow (1925), William Jennings Bryan (1925-1925)
Postmaster General Hubert Work (1921-1923), Charles W. Bryan (1923-1925)
Secretary of the Interior Robert Henderson (1914-1923), Albert Fall (1923-1925)
Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace (1921-1923), William Jennings Bryan (1923-1925), Frederick Uperson (1925-1925)
Secretary of Health Charles E. Sawyer (1921-1925)
Secretary of Transportation Waddler Vandergrift (1921-1923), Joshua W. Alexander (1923-1925)
Secretary of Immigration Grace Abbot (1909-1925)
Minister to Britain George Harvey (1921-1923), Frank B. Kellogg (1923-1925)
Minister to France Myron T. Herrick (1921-1925)
Minister to Germany Alanson Houghton (1921-1925)
Minister to Mexico Charles B. Warren (1921-1925)

The Beginning of the Debs’ Recession - December 1920
As President Eugene Debs departed from office, following a historic twelve-year tenure, the nation found itself in the grip of a recession. The newly elected President Warren G. Harding, who emerged victorious in a landslide election, inherited an economy in dire straits. The root cause of this economic downturn can be traced back to the exclusion of the United States from the new trade bloc formed by Imperial Germany and its European allies.
This trade bloc, which came into being following Germany's decisive victory over Russia, France, and Austria, has left the United States on the outside looking in. As a result, American businesses have been dealt a severe blow by the loss of access to the lucrative European market. Industries such as steel and manufacturing have been particularly hard hit. Furthermore, the closure of arms and munitions production industries, which had been booming during the war, has also contributed to the recession. The sudden drop in demand for these goods has led to mass layoffs and factory closures.
The previous administration of President Debs made several attempts to negotiate a trade agreement with the bloc, but these efforts ultimately proved unsuccessful. Some experts posit that the President's controversial foreign policy stance, which prioritised peace and diplomacy over economic interests, played a role in the failure of these negotiations.
The recession has also led to an increase in unemployment, as many businesses struggle to stay afloat in the face of decreased demand for their products. It has been reported that there exist within the Harding Treasury Department plans to stimulate the economy through tax cuts and government spending on infrastructure projects.
Despite the current economic difficulties, many Americans remained optimistic. As President Harding stated in his inaugural address, 'We shall not be defeated by this economic setback. The United States has always been a nation of resilience and resourcefulness, and we shall emerge stronger than ever.'
The Harding Administration began taking steps towards reopening trade negotiations with the European nations and rebuilding the industries that were severely affected by the recession. The government is also focusing on creating jobs and providing financial assistance to those who have been affected by the economic downturn, along with providing a 4% income tax cut to Americans.
As for the cause of this recession, it is clear that the exclusion from the trade bloc formed by Imperial Germany has played a significant role, but it is also important to note that other factors such as the closure of the arms and munitions production industries and the previous administration's foreign policy stance have also contributed to the current economic situation.
Going into the 1924 election, the recession is ongoing, Harding and Fitzgerald having taken steps to mitigate the effects.
Yellowstone Scandal - February 1921
Secretary of the Interior Robert Henderson, before beginning his political career, made a fortune in business. In January 1923, he had an estimated net-worth of 65 Million USD, placing him as the 20th richest American in the country. A visionary for the future, Henderson sought to use his fortune to accomplish his high goals. Henderson’s largest project was what he referred to as “Eleutheria”, a massive planned city in the middle of Yellowstone State, a city for the future, to live, work, and design technology in. Henderson’s method of obtaining the land, however, brought significant controversy to the office.
In February, accusations of corruption by Herald Reporter Lincoln Steffens against Henderson were brought up. In his oversight of the Yellowstone Territory, Henderson allegedly made several sales of land and material to himself or companies backed by himself, in the papers released by Steffens, these purchases connected to the Eleutheria project.
The United States Attorney's Office for Yellowstone, Idaho, and Sarge began an inquiry into the business deals of Secretary Henderson, following the papers' release.
Appointed first by President Debs, Secretary Henderson represented the bureaucratic civil service - members of the administration who are not partisan-inclined, but instead are appointed from the ranks of civil service. Henderson's first appointment by President Debs was also in question, as rumours over his qualifications and bribery emerged, due to the Secretary's young age at the time of his appointment.
Eventually, the accusations became too much for the Liberal administration, and in August 1923, newly inaugurated President Fitzgerald dismissed the Interior Secretary.
The proposed location for Eleutheria, 1921
The Healthcare Reorganisation Act - March 1922
In 1916, President Debs, using his recently gained congressional majority, passed his magnum opus. The American Health Reform Act, authored by Vice President John McCarthy, established a single payer Universal Healthcare system. However, the system established itself contained several notable flaws. McCarthy’s act provided $103 USD of Coverage for every American, regardless of income, and did not set any premium or deductible.
McCarthy’s healthcare costed an estimated 4$ Billion USD annually, and accounted for nearly half of the federal budget. Seeking to replace the act, Secretary of the Treasury Herbert Hoover, in cooperation with the Department of Health, drafted a replacement for the AHRA, known as the Healthcare Reorganisation Act, or HRA.
The HRA established a system of insurance premiums, extended coverage for the lower classes, and a larger deductible for the upper class. Coverage for the poor was set at a maximum of $250, with a $5 dollar monthly premium for the service. The amount of coverage lowered and the premium plus deductible grew as the income brackets grew, with no coverage being provided to those making above $100,000 USD per year.
With the addition of the premium, the HRA was able to reduce the cost of the Government Healthcare Program from $4 Billion to $167 Million, while nearly doubling coverage. This act, while commended by Liberals, became a subject of controversy among the Democratic-Labour party
The US House voting on the HRA, 1922
War of Hawaiian Succession - December 1920 - Current
In December 1920, the death of the King of Hawaii prompted a multi-sided civil war to break out. Initially, power was peacefully transferred to the current Prime Minister of Hawaii, Alexander Luthor von Morgenstern. The ability to appoint a PM, a power of the King, being concentrated on the current PM of the country raised alarms of some in Hawaii, who attacked Alexander for trying to consolidate power. Hawaii exists as a diarchy, with one King chosen by the von Morgenstern family and another chosen by Hawaiian nobles. Due to a concerted effort to homogenise the island chain by the previous king, Lukas, the nobles have become less native Hawaiian and in 1917, elected Takayuki Kobayashi, a Jewish-Japanese resident of Hawaii, to the position of King. On December 10th, a large Japanese fleet arrived in Honolulu harbour and succeeded in occupying the city and taking the van Morgenstern family hostage. The family was then forced to hold another vote declaring Kobayashi to hold both thrones of Hawaii, uniting the two crowns in a single man.
The war of succession intensified when the Republican of Hawaii was established, founded by Mohamad Al-juzor, a Lebanese-Hawaiian politician and former ally of Alexander. After many of the northwestern islands were seized by Japanese-aligned forces, the Golden Circle Company, which holds land in Central America, sent a fleet to blockade the islands and support the Republic. The GCC was successful in defeating a left-wing faction of the republic that had taken control of the island of Lana’i, but after Japan begun an offensive into Republican-held land, made possibly by a troop surge, the Republic was defeated. Shortly after the defeat of the republic, the Japanese-backed Kobayashi kingdom took control of all islands except for the big island of Hawaii. In an attempt to weaken the resolve of the Japanese, the van Morgenstern-led kingdom orchestrated a number of assassinations of Hawaiians collaborating with the Kobayashi regime. The Kingdom also unintentionally destroyed the entire settlement of New Jerusalem on the island of Ni’ihau when a bomb was set off on a ship containing large amounts of High Explosives. The explosion, which was roughly equivalent to 3 kilotons of TNT, also damaged several Japanese navy vessels.
The New Jerusalem Disaster
After the New Jerusalem explosion, Japanese forces made successful landings on the island of Hawaii, with limited success inland. War crimes were reported by both sides and a was of propaganda took place in America and the rest of the world. In Japan, increasingly violent anti war protests, funded extensively by the Hawaiian regime, have forced the government to commit to a plan of “Hawaiianization” and eventual withdrawal after the Imperial Diet was stormed. The German Empire has also engaged in negotiations with both sides, seeking to form either a protectorate over von Morgenstern-led Hawaii or a condominium with the Japanese. The war effort by the Japanese has stalled and their attempt to take the island of Hawaii is still in progress on election day
The situation on Big Island, November 1924
Death of President Harding - July 1923
The President had been ill for several days before his death on July 25th, however with the 1924 Election gripping the minds of the President and the Cabinet, no attention was paid to this illness. Senator Sinclair’s Presidential announcement only heightened this fear. On the morning of July 25th, President Harding, Vice President Fitzgerald, Secretary Hoover, and the Mayor of New York Hylan, met in the city to discuss the recently passed Welfare Act, which began the process of handing over the Debs-era Welfare programs to the individual states. While walking out of the meeting, President Harding suddenly began gasping for air, before collapsing on the ground. His final words were believed to have been a curse on his predecessor, President Debs. The President was rushed to a nearby medical facility, where he was declared dead.
Soon after, Secretary Hoover swore new President John Fitzgerald into the office. Fitzgerald’s first, and most controversial move, was to name Aurelian Shaft as the next Vice President. The 76-year-old Texan Senator had been the chairman of the Association for American Interests for over two decades, building a fortune of $1.45 Billion USD off of the backs of the mass exploitation of the people and resources of Central America, by far the largest in the United States.
Shaft would get the opportunity to hold the powers of the Presidency in late 1924, after President Fitzgerald was hospitalised as the result of a fall, making the now 77-year-old acting President for several weeks. By November, the powers had been returned to Fitzgerald.
Newspaper heading from 1923, announcing the death of Harding
Knock, Knock, it’s the United States - December 1920 to Current
Only a few weeks into the intervention of the United States into the chaotic Mexican Civil War, the balance of power among the different factions quickly and dramatically shifted. Factions that were situated mostly in the north, especially the Villistas and the Neo-Reyes Clique, both lost large amounts of land. In the case of the Villistas, the sudden occupation of the vast majority of its land has led the Right-Zapatistas to leave its alliance with it; while the Neo-Reyes Clique, after being rejected by the Republican Front, are currently divided on whether to seek a non-aggression pact with the United States, or to join the Cotilla Government.
The Maderistas and Carrancistas, citing their relative agreement ideologically, have agreed to fully merge into a multi-party republican government. The Obregonistas, after seeking reconciliation with the Currancistas, have also been accepted into the united government. In the East, the bombing of monarchist factions by the United States has been quite effective thus far, drastically weakening the Imperial Coalition's Government to keep itself firmly together.
In the south, the invasion of the United States only justified the anti-foreign sentiment of the ultranationalist Nacionalistas and the regionalist Magonistas; the latter of which grew quickly in territory that the faction was allowed to form an official government, the Mexican Revolutionary Confederation. The United States strangely did not enter Right-Zapatista land despite bordering it, while the Left-Zapatistas seemed to be able to expand in ways that it could not previously fund itself to do so.
State of the War, December 1920
After Warren G. Harding began his term as President, the scale of the American intervention increased dramatically. The American army near the Mexican-American border continued their pursuit of a strategy that targeted socialist groups that threatened the safety of American settlements near Mexico, a strategy that soon after resulted in the complete obliteration of the Villista faction, and the Zapatista forces in the north.
The entrance of President Harding also resulted in a radical shift in the American attitude towards the Zapatistas - funding towards the group immediately ceased, while bombing campaigns by the American Air Force heavily weakened the faction, despite the negotiated merge of the Left and Right Zapatistas.
The tactic of quickly and precisely manoeuvring through Mexico with advanced technology by the Golden Circle allowed it to penetrate deep into the former heartland of the Zapatista, placing the Golden Circle in closer proximity with Mexico City. Meanwhile, American forces took over significant portions of the deep south of Mexico, destroying all except one of the military juntas in cooperation with the Cotilla Government. With increased funding towards the Imperial Coalition (now officially named the Holy Kingdom of Mexico) and the limited monarchy of Cotilla, these factions were able to consolidate their influence in their respective regions.
However, this also came with a number of unintended consequences. The sometimes contradictory approaches of the United States, forcefully crossing into monarchist territory, and the Golden Circle, quickly conquering the southern half of Mexico, led to clashes and skirmishes between the two groups; the anarchy left in certain zones also led to the takeover of gangs over large swaths of land. The extremist coalition of fascists, libertarian Marxists, and Anarcho-Communists, the FLR, became the largest, and sometimes, sole opposition to the corruption-ridden Republicans and the dictatorial Monarchists, resulting in their rise in support, and in turn power, in rural areas of Mexico. Most notably of this was the sudden expansion of the Nacionalistas. This sent a wave of terror for the rise of extremist fascism/socialism among the Mexican elite and American commanders, leaving many puzzled as to what the approach towards these groups should be.
Lastly, in the northwest, the Republican front decides to mostly maintain existing land to build a working government in the area. This was mostly successful due to the relative lack of foreign intervention; while the continued decline of Huerta's grip on power led to the expected stagnation of the faction. As of the 1924 Election, the Civil War, and America’s involvement, is ongoing.
State of the War, March 1922
State of the War, November 1924
The Candidates
John F. Fitzgerald is the 61-year-old incumbent President of the United States, and the Liberal Party nominee for the President. Fitzgerald had a significantly difficult time receiving renomination at the convention, with freshman Senator Kermit Roosevelt challenging the President for his position. Roosevelt argued the President held “outdated beliefs” and that a new candidate needed to be chosen in order to win against the radical Upton Sinclair. After several ballots, however, Fitzgerald managed to secure renomination, this confirmation coming alongside several deals and series of negotiations made with his opponents.
Secretary of the Treasury Herbert Hoover was Fitzgerald’s endorsed running mate, however, Hoover rescinded his candidacy and instead endorsed Senator Roosevelt for the position, arguing party unity was what was truly needed for victory. Roosevelt, however, refused, and instead announced he would run a third party campaign with the intent of providing a third party option. In replacement of Roosevelt, the Governor of Massachusetts, Calvin Coolidge, was chosen as the Vice Presidential Candidate. Fitzgerald runs on a platform of economic stability, continuing to lower the high Debs-era taxation policies and further reform the healthcare system. He has been heavily criticised for his controversial cancellation of the ETIMA, a national Energy program started under President Debs. This cancellation contributed to his decline in nation-wide approval, which currently sits at 46% to 46% as of election day. He has also been criticised for his appointment of billionaire Aurelian Shaft to the position of Vice President, due to the brutal methods and tactics in which Shaft made his $1.45 Billion USD fortune.
President John F. Fitzgerald, Liberal Nominee for President
Governor Calvin Coolidge, Liberal Nominee for Vice President

Upton Sinclair is a 46-year-old United States Senator for California, and Democratic-Labour Nominee for President. Sinclair was first elected to the Senate in 1906 as a member of the Union Party. During his tenure in the Senate, he earned a reputation for his no-compromise stances on certain issues, such as Healthcare and America’s foreign policy. He runs on his so-called “unapologetic socialist platform”, which calls for the implementation of many Debs-era programs, such as the extensive welfare and the popular ETIMA. Alike his Liberal counterpart, his nomination too came with controversy, with Louisiana Senator Andrew Lattimore, a champion figure in the southern caucus of the Democratic-Labour Party, initially presumed to win the convention until Sinclair managed to convince enough delegates to back his bid for the Presidency, convincing many that Lattimore was simply too moderate, and would lead to another landslide loss like fellow Moderate McCarthy delivered in 1920.
His most controversial move came in 1916, when he attempted to overturn the Presidential Election results in the states of California, Oregon, Illuvia, and Washoe, arguing that fraud had taken place that allowed for a Liberal victory in the four states, even though President Debs had won the national election. He has also been criticised for statements he made at the 1920 Democratic-Labour Convention, when he challenged then-Vice President McCarthy for the Presidential nomination. Sinclair argued that moderate voters weren’t worth extensive focus, and that the party should instead double down on the socialist rhetoric of Debs, the most memorable of the Senator’s statements during this convention being “Moderates aren’t worth a token of trouble”. He has selected the Governor of Sauk and former Progressive Robert Marion LaFollette, or “Fighting Bob”, as his running mate, who is often referred to as simply Robert Marion after francophobic fears spread across the country in the aftermath of the War of the 8th Coalition.
Senator Upton Sinclair, Democratic-Labour Nominee for President
Governor Robert Marion LaFollette, Democratic-Labour Nominee for Vice President
Henry Ford is the 61-year-old Governor of Michigan, and Progress Nominee for President. His third bid under the same banner, Henry Ford offers a moderate compromise between the radical policies of Sinclair and the conservative policies of Fitzgerald. Ford started his career in politics as Attorney General under President Debs, assisting in the investigation into the UKA and other illegal organisations under the President’s watch. First seeking the Presidency in 1912, Ford ran under the banner of the National Reformist Party, the predecessor to the Progress party. He received 26.5% of the vote, the best showing for a third-party since 1892. However, his luck ran out in 1916, after receiving 18.5%. After an 8 year hiatus, he is back on the ballot.
Ford has been criticised for his controversial past statements on specific religious minorities, particularly the Jewish community. Critics also label him as “out of touch” with the American people, these comments being in regard to his fortune of $110 Million USD made in the automotive industry, his fortune placing him as the tenth richest American as of 1923. Harry Truman, a judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, is his running mate.
Governor Henry Ford, Progress Nominee for President
Judge Harry Truman, Progress Nominee for Vice President
Other Candidates
Kermit Roosevelt is a 35-year-old US Senator for Pennsylvania, and joint Salvation Party / Independent Candidate for President, and son of former President Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt, initially a Liberal, challenged President Fitzgerald for the party’s nomination in 1924, citing controversial moves made by the President and the general disapproving attitude of the nation as reason for his bid. Although failing to win the nomination, he and some of his supporters launched a third party campaign for the Presidency, adopting a platform that advocates for most of what he tried to win the party’s nomination on, including, the enactment of strict limits and disclosure requirements on political campaign contributions, the creation of legislation providing workers' compensation for workplace-related injuries, the creation a federal securities commission to regulate and stabilise banking, the providing farm relief to the many agricultural workers of this nation through agricultural subsidies, providing of financial assistance to farmers who are struggling due to an excess crop supply creating low prices, and tax credits for agricultural cooperatives, and the modernisation the navy and comprehensive army reform, as well as a generally hawkish stance.
Roosevelt has been criticised for his bid for President, many arguing it is an attempt to prevent President Fitzgerald from winning the election. His hawkish stance on issues has also put off many voters, as support for war or efforts against neutrality being viewed upon negatively by the majority of the public. Despite these controversies, Roosevelt has managed to achieve ballot-hood in several states on the East Coast, in the Rust Belt, Coal Region, and West Coast, however has not achieved universal ballot hood. He runs with William W. Lincoln III, a 1920 Presidential Candidate.
Senator Kermit Roosevelt, Salvation / Independent Candidate for President
Secretary William W. Lincoln III, Salvation / Independent Candidate for Vice President
To vote for this candidate, you CANNOT vote on the poll. State in the comments “I vote for (Kermit) Roosevelt” or clearly state your support for Roosevelt.

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2023.01.24 09:55 Karsaathi4872 Why digital trust is so important in 2023?

Why digital trust is so important in 2023?

Why digital trust is so important?

Digital trust is important for a number of reasons:
  1. Security: Digital trust ensures the security of transactions and data by using advanced cryptographic algorithms to secure the information stored on the blockchain. This makes it virtually impossible to alter or tamper with the information, which reduces the risk of fraud and hacking.
  2. Transparency: Digital trust ensures transparency in transactions by providing a decentralized and open-source system for recording and verifying transactions. This allows all parties involved in the transaction to access and verify the information, which increases transparency and reduces the risk of fraud or manipulation.
  3. Decentralization: Digital trust ensures decentralization by eliminating the need for a central point of control. This reduces the risk of single point of failure and makes the system more resilient to attacks.
  4. Efficiency: Digital trust can increase efficiency by automating the process of recording and verifying transactions through smart contracts. This reduces the need for intermediaries and can save time and money.
  5. Compliance: Digital trust can ensure compliance with regulatory standards and laws by providing a tamper-proof and verifiable record of transactions. This can help to reduce the risk of regulatory fines or penalties.
  6. Innovation: Digital trust can foster innovation by creating a secure and transparent environment for the development and deployment of new technologies, such as smart contracts and decentralized applications.
In the current digital world, where most of the transactions and data are stored and handled electronically, digital trust is increasingly important to ensure the security, transparency, and integrity of transactions and data. It also ensures the compliance with laws and regulations, fostering innovation and increasing efficiency.

What is digital trust in Blockchain?

Digital trust in the context of blockchain refers to the trust that is established through the use of digital technologies, specifically blockchain, to secure and verify transactions.
Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that is used to record and verify transactions. It is a secure and transparent method of recording and verifying data, as each block in the chain contains a unique code that verifies the authenticity of the information it contains. This makes it virtually impossible to alter or tamper with the information stored on the blockchain, which establishes a high level of trust in the system.
One of the key features of blockchain that establishes digital trust is the use of cryptography to secure transactions. Each block in the blockchain is linked to the previous block through a unique code, or hash, which is generated using advanced cryptographic algorithms. This makes it virtually impossible to alter or tamper with the information stored in a block without being detected.
Another feature that establishes digital trust in blockchain is the decentralized nature of the system. In a decentralized blockchain network, transactions are verified and recorded by a network of computers, rather than a central authority. This eliminates the need for a central point of control and reduces the risk of fraud or manipulation.
In addition to these technical features, digital trust in blockchain is also established through the use of smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. Once the contract is signed, the code automatically executes and enforce the agreement, this feature further reduces the risk of fraud and increases the level of trust in the system.
Overall, digital trust in blockchain is established through the use of advanced cryptographic algorithms, decentralized networks, and smart contracts, which work together to create a secure and transparent system for recording and verifying transactions.
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How do I transfer a home loan from my current bank to another bank?
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2023.01.18 16:47 AppleApple89 Access HRA NY App

I’m in NYC and I am trying to upload documents for my recertification but the app has been down since yesterday. Can anybody tell me if they are having the same issue or if it’s just me. I have tried calling the number but I am on hold for an hour with no answer
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2023.01.17 18:12 Barry1m HRA Funds NOT Available until 03feb2023

Existing HRA and FHA funds that were in VIA were closed out on 13jan2023 per the notices to request any 2022 reimbursements before that date.
Today (17jan2023) when my fund (over $30k) still did not show up in Optum Bank, I called. Was told that funds would not be available until 03feb2023.
  1. Why the delay?
  2. Who gets interest/use of funds during the delay?
  3. What about reimbursement for 2023 expenses already expended?
Is this another financial engineering ploy?
This is NOT how to treat retirees (voluntary or involuntary)!
First we are forced to take UHS Medicare Advantage to even have access to FHA monies and now we can't access those monies for a month.
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