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Russia's war in/against Ukraine

2015.05.21 22:20 cwboog Russia's war in/against Ukraine

A un-biased source of news, analysis, discussion and investigative journalism of Russia's(Muscovia) and Belarus war in/against Ukraine, and about energy problems and critical against UNSC P5, EU and socalled "climate change" or "global warming" hoax Facts makes the difference between NEWS and PROPAGANDA.

2023.05.31 01:37 griffinrc $AI Momentum just starting

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2023.05.31 01:30 kirchererbsen8 Reporting in on my (35f) bisalp experience!

I read so many personal stories before my surgery. Reading these stories was reassuring and informative. So I’m glad to add my own anecdata now.
Now to practicalities: I live in Germany and the surgery is not covered by insurance. I paid 1125 euros out of pocket, all included in the price. The surgery was carried out at an outpatient surgical facility, not a general hospital.
I wanted a female surgeon on principle (and because the statistics show that female patients have fewer complications when the surgeon is female), but I chose a male surgeon who I felt comfortable with and had positive reviews. I liked that he was mid-career, meaning he was instructed in relatively newer methods but also had considerable experience (~10 yrs of doing bisalps weekly), and I liked that he asked me exactly ZERO questions about my personal life during the initial consultation.
Before the surgery I prepared everything I could think of: -bought an electric heating pad (this was a great purchase) -OTC anti-bloat medicine (w the ingredient simeticon), anti-nausea medicine, cough drops for post-intubation discomfort - prunes for constipation - pure cranberry juice for UTI (in the case I was catheterized) - cleaning my whole apartment and preparing my space so I wouldn’t have to bend down - preparing a lot of healthy frozen leftovers (I cooked extra portions for a week) - pillow for under the seatbelt on the taxi ride home - Extra sterile bandages/band aids to cover my stitches afterward
I live alone in an apartment with an elevator. I had a close friend pick me up from the surgery and stay with me for a few hours (we ordered lunch and watched a movie). I arranged other friends to check on me by phone for the first 24 hrs.
The worst part for me was the worry and anticipation before the surgery. I could hardly concentrate the week before. But on the morning of I felt ready and even a little positive anticipation!
Pre-op: I take St. John’s wort (johanniskraut) and Valerian, which I stopped 3 weeks before the surgery. Supplements also stopped a week before (vitamin k+D, B, melatonin). I had a scheduled phone consult with the anesthesiologist a few days before. Finish eating by 8pm the night before, clear liquids allowed until 6 hrs pre-op (I had two cups of black coffee and a big glass of water morning of). Shower with antibacterial soap the day before and morning of surgery, no shaving day-of, no deodorant, hair products, or lotion.
Here is how my surgery went: Check in, wait, speak with anesthesiologist, wait, nurse gave me a pain pill, wait, invited back to change into gown. I was surprised to be able to leave my socks, underwear, and bra on during the surgery. I was not catheterized and they did not use a uterine manipulator (nothing through the cervix).
Next I was brought to operating room, there were about 7 people, surgeon comes in and says hello, anesthesiology assistant tells me to take deep breaths, then I’m out like a light by the third breath. I woke up a little hazy (like from a deep nap) in the operating room - they say it’s already done!
Post-surgery recovery room: Next thing I knew, I woke up again fully alert and calm in the recovery room, nurses check on me and bring me coffee and water, they direct me to a bathroom, no issues walking or using the bathroom, about an hr later I get to change and leave - able to walk out unassisted with my friend. I felt maybe a little shocked / like a kind of sedated relief.
I expected to be pretty bloated and/or for my abdomen to look a bit serious but it was actually fine, 3 big bandaids/wound coverings and no visible-to-me bloating.
Pain after surgery: I was fortunate to have only very minimal pain. I expected to wake up with a crater of pain in my abdomen, but it felt like three bee stings or big deep papercuts.
(Since it is so subjective, for pain scale reference my period pain has on rare occasion been a bad 8/10, like blurry vision from blinding pain, nausea and vomiting, pain all the way through the toes bad. And in the past I have herniated one of the discs in my spine/had radiating sciatic pain 7/10 and had my wisdom teeth out 4/10).
I’d rate my pain a 2/10, and the pain was very localized/not radiating. What hurt most was standing up, I guess this puts pressure/stretching on the lower abdomen, a brief 4/10. For several days after surgery I’d having short, random shooting pains in my cervix area and near the side incisions but still only 2/10. I managed the first day on 600mg ibuprofen and day two on 400mg of ibuprofen. No meds needed by day three. My doctor gave me 1 oxycodone but I did not need it.
Other after surgery: No post-op bleeding, but again they did not need to use a uterine manipulator.
It was very helpful to sleep propped up with pillows also under my arms. Normally a side sleeper, but that wasn’t comfortable until a week or so post-op.
Was also careful with stairs for a few days, but a single step, like off the sidewalk, was no issue even on day zero.
I did have some residual gas feeling which felt like pressure under my sternum and on the right side of my shoulder where it meets the neck. I had some discomfort taking deep breaths, especially in the right diaphragm/lung area. This went away by day three.
I had zero appetite for a few days after surgery.
What I did not really anticipate was considerable fatigue. I went for a slow 20 min walk outside on the day after (against the blood clot risk) but then needed a 3 hr nap. I was sleepy throughout the day for the first few days after the surgery. By day 4 I felt around 75%.
The other thing that was surprising is my sense of smell became very sharp for about a week. A quick Google suggests this can temporarily happen, but was a bit strange!
I couldn’t comfortably wear anything that buttoned right at my bellybutton incision for about 3 weeks.
Post-op follow up: I got regular surgical stitches that were removed on day 16. The stitches itched from days 5–10. I used antibacterial soap on the incisions when showering, and dried the bellybutton afterward with a q tip. It was a lot more comfortable to have the stitches covered under clothing with extra bandages (so that they didn’t pull or catch on clothing), so I was glad I bought those. Some light bruising around each of the three stitches.
My first period after the bisalp was delayed by 10 days and not fun for a few hours on the first day - managed w 800mg ibuprofen and a hot water bottle. The incision areas also felt sore. But normalized to my usual 2-400mg by the second day.
Emotional feeling after: My bisalp felt like one of the best and most defining days of my life. I felt a sense of freedom and unburdening I have never before experienced. For the first time EVER I feel like I’m guaranteed to be able to live my life for myself on my own terms
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2023.05.31 01:19 EasyNewzApp The natural gas outlook will pressure fertilizer prices.

Natural gas futures in New York have fallen by 75% since reaching the highest level in 15 years last August. The fall for European prices has been even more extreme, now over 90% off the highs. Some analysts suggest prices could go negative this year due to high inventories and weak demand from the industrial sector.
European manufacturing is not rebounding the way many had hoped. German’s revised first-quarter negative GDP technically places the country into a recession. With the summer approaching and renewable energy sources about to increase, this is a recipe for periods of very depressed prices. Global exporters are worried that buyers may look to cancel existing purchase agreements.
The positive for farmers is fertilizer prices in most categories have returned to historical averages and could fall throughout the summer. Biological fertilizers gained market share as prices of chemical fertilizers reached all-time highs a year ago.
Farmers will have more choices between price-competitive chemical and biological fertilizers, which should support profitability in the second half 2023. This could also keep South American production trending higher even as profitability in Brazil returns to more normal levels.
Source: Easy Newz App
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2023.05.31 01:18 CompetitiveRaise3597 [WTS] AR-10 Barrel: 308, 20in, WC SS Fluted

Used WC SS 308/ 20in barrel, exactly 60 rounds thru the pipe. Shot great, nothing wrong, switched to the 6.5cm. Rifle length gas tube, used Aero’s and worked fine, uses .875 gas block.
Price: $275 shipped
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2023.05.31 01:15 DinoGarret Optional solar roof on the new Prius Prime adds about 3–4 miles of range/day

Optional solar roof on the new Prius Prime adds about 3–4 miles of range/day
It's a 185 watt panel with a list price of $610.
It seems the best use case is if you commute to work, park outside at work, and don't have access to charging. In that case it would save about 1/10 gallon (or 1/3 liter) of gas/day. If your gas is $4/gallon it pays for itself in roughly 4-5 years. If you pay $2/L that time comes down to 2-3 years.
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2023.05.31 01:14 Objective_Bee_6973 [WTS] BCM BFH ELW 16", Vortex PST 1-6x, G$ 11.5 barrel, Triarc 10.75 rail, and more...

Moving sale... Prices are fairly firm. Lmk if prices are off on anything.
Can take more pictures of any items upon request.
BCM 16" BFH ELW Upper: $650
Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x, ADM 1.93 QD mount & Vortex throw lever: $600
Triarc Trilok 10.75 Rail: $250
Geissele 11.5 CHF barrel: $225
BA 10.3 300BLK barrel, melonite gas tube, & pinned gas block: $120
BCM MCMR-9: $100
Streamlight HLX & Cloud Defensive LCS: $110
Geissele DDC SCH: $60
Radian CH: $60
Magazine lot: $50
No Brand 2-6x scope with riser & scope caps: $50
SBA4: $40
Triarc A5 buffer tube: $35
Dibs then PM
PayPal FF is preferred
Only things I'm looking for:
LMK if I'm forgetting anything por favor... thanks for looking
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2023.05.31 00:57 newbie_123_123 [WTS] Faxon 18" Big Gunner .308 barrel

$210 - For sale is a brand new, Faxon 18", Big Gunner, .308 WIN, Rifle-Length, 4150 QPQ Nitride AR-10 Barrel. Decided to go with a heavier bench style barrel instead. Paypal F&F preferred, will do G&S if you pay the fees. NO NOTES in payments Shipping included in prices. Ideal for any competition or duty use. Barrel Material: 4150 CMV Barrel Type: Button Rifled Barrel Caliber: .308 WIN Barrel Twist: 1:10 Barrel Length: 18” Barrel Profile: Big Gunner Barrel Gas System: Rifle Inside Finish: Salt Bath Nitride Outside Finish: Salt Bath Nitride Muzzle Thread: 5/8x24 Gas Block Diameter: .750" Gas Block Journal Length: 1.9" Barrel Extension: LR-308 (DPMS Compatible) Weight: 2.13 lbs Magnetic Particle Inspected 11-degree Target Crown
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2023.05.31 00:52 54ltymuch Re-Structuring the MCU from the ground up - Phase Two

For those who haven't read the first phase, here's a link. I want to thank the people who upvoted and the ones who commented, I thought this sub would be tired of cinematic universe re-writes by now but I'm glad to see that my take on it is fresh and appreciated! Now, let's move into phase two of this universe.
This phase keeps the mutants separated in their factions so that the phase three final event can feel larger in scale and more earned, and rather focuses on building up the Avengers.

Captain America: Out of Time

This movie is about the Winter Soldier story arc. We've already seen the mystery aspect of the whole Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier thing and Bucky wasn't introduced in the first film properly so I would avoid the mystery, rather skip straight to expositing to Steve that Bucky is back and deal with the emotional ramifications. Crossbones and Aleksander Lukin play the same roles they do in the comic arc, a side and the main antagonist respectively, Crossbones is a bit of a one-and-done. We will replace Union Jack's role in the original story with Ian Zola to continue their surrogate fatheson relationship, but Union Jack will be present at the end of the story in a post-credit scene joke.
This is a bit asshole-y of me but I want it to be out in the dirt-sheets that Captain Britain has been cast and may appear in the new Captain America film. We set that up and have someone like Taron Egerton on set for the film in 'leaked' pictures, and we finally have him show up after the credits, only for him to reveal himself to be Union Jack... and that's it. He probably won't show up in any other project again.

The Wolverine: Brothers in Arms

The movie starts with cameos from Cyclops and Iceman alongside Wolverine, showing Wolverine deciding not to stand by Scott's side and leave Scott's X-Men.
This is the start of the formation of X-Force, we have a couple of extra characters alongside Wolverine: namely Colossus and Deadpool. To be clear, this Deadpool is the same one from the Untitled Deadpool sequel, so he can continue to make meta jokes about the universe and try to bounce off of the new Colossus everytime he forgets its not the one he first interacted with in the first two Deadpool films. The main antagonist is a mysterious group moving behind the scenes to take down political enemies of mutantkind, who are using Nightcrawler and the newly introduced Spider-Woman to get things done, as well as Kitty Pryde, who audiences as of now still think left with Scott. This catches the attention of Moira, who is involved with the British intelligence at this point in time and passes word to a 'friend', later found out to be Psylocke.
The group is revealed to be Worthington Industries, as Warren Worthington III is behind it all (can't call him Angel because he isn't really powered anymore with his wings gone). He is eventually shut down but isn't killed.
Post-credits: Psylocke introduces the now unaffiliated Nightcrawler, Spider-Woman and Kitty Pryde to the idea of joining her team of mutant defenders and introduces them to their leader: Captain Britain. Excalibur, here we go!


Roster: Captain Britain, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Spider-Woman
This film is basically Kingsman but less spy and even more British. Our main villain is Modred the Mystic, and I would have him and a couple of minor antagonists working for him all played by BBC legends. Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson, the works. This film is basically a love letter to old BBC comedies and thespian culture, maybe some more cameos from actors who were in the IT Crowd, Yes Minister, BlackAdder and the like. Get Matthew Vaughn he knows how to balance British humour with an action plot he's done it quite a bit and we've had him in the universe already. There's room for social commentary about the villains all having south English accents and being played by actors all associated with that posh background too.
We have a smaller role from Black Knight too, he plays a part in fighting Modred but he isn't an official member of the team, more of a wildcard.

Iron Man

This will be an adaptation of the Demon in a Bottle storyline. Unlike Iron Man 2 it will not be a side plot but rather the focus of the film, as we've already seen Tony fight physical threats similar in skillset to himself a lot.
Ideally I want to bring Sam Rockwell back as an older Justin Hammer putting together a set of smaller villains - Blizzard, The Melter and Whiplash. We have Henry Gyrich and Nick Fury in small roles, as well as the Wasp and Namor making cameos similar to their roles in the original Demon in a Bottle comic arc.
I want Tony's emotional turmoil to bleed over into his personal life too, so we have Bethany Cabe and Pepper Potts both in the film, Potts just as his personal assistant while Cabe is the one he is in an actual relationship with. But it's clear that Tony has some reservations about Bethany and may be falling for Pepper. Rhodey is in this film too to give him some platonic support to lean on but no mentions of War Machine. A couple extra footnotes, Jarvis is a physical butler like in the comics, not an AI, and Tony does not go public with his identity.
The film ends with, yes, Hammer in jail, and two out of the three side villains dead (Whiplash survives and is in custody), but the real victory comes when Tony gets over his alcoholism. I don't want to insist upon any specific story beats, but getting someone like Dexter Fletcher to direct would be perfect as his work on Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman shows a deep understanding of egoist, narcissistic but undoubtedly talented people falling into substance abuse. That is the real core of this film and it's okay if the physical antagonists fall to the way-side for it.

The Brotherhood of Mutants

Magneto starts a cult in Latveria based around mutants being the next step in humanity's evolution. Members of the cult are Rogue, Mystique, Toad, Pyro and his twin children Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I would get someone like Greta Gerwig in on this who can create scripts that study characters inside and out as this movie should focus a lot more on the complexity of all the morally grey characters than any actual fights between the characters.
This obviously raises the eyebrow of Victor von Doom (who was already introduced in F4 if you recall), and the two ideologies clash. While Doom is not the outright villain in this film as both sides have problems, it's more a mix of grey. Magneto does 'lose' as Doom kills Pyro and warns Magneto to leave Latveria which Erik complies with. The film ends with Colossus hearing about the 'brotherhood', misinterpreting it as a school like Xavier's, and introducing Erik to his sister: Magik.

Uncanny X-Men

Established Roster: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Kitty Pryde
New Members: Armor, Gambit, Blink, Sunspot, Havok
This film basically begins with Kitty leaving the team which explains her involvement in the The Wolverine: Brothers in Arms. Cyclops very clearly has issues with Xavier and its explored how Scott feels Xavier failed the team by being too soft. The team have their internal conflicts about if this is the right thing to do, with Bobby and Jean pulling one way while Scott pulls the other. The villains are Sebastian Shaw and his latest recruit to the Hellfire Club: Abyss (Alexander Koch).
Abyss is killed by Shaw so he can absorb his power in the final battle, and Shaw fights Jean and Armor, seemingly having the upper hand after absorbing Abyss' energy but he is killed by a stray laser beam from Cyclops. The team is distraught that Scott would just kill a mutant in cold blood like that, causing a major rift. The team essentially is over, with only Jean remaining at his side. Havok decides this is not his fight to fight, while Sunspot, Armor and Iceman begin to agree more with Xavier and decide to leave for the Xavier School, and Gambit goes back to being essentially a free agent.


Get Drew Goddard and the Netflix series cast on this ideally, match that tone of elevated street-level work. This is essentially the Guardian Devil storyline from the comics, including the Mephisto, Wong and Black Widow stuff.
I don't really have a lot to say, keep Spider-Man as a major player even if the actor's cost is a bit steep as he will really bring eyes to this, as well as the debuts of Black Widow and Mephisto. Let 'em at it, but keep Gwyneth and Karen Page as separate characters, I know it could be tempting to roll them into one to keep the number of players in the storyline low and maybe avoid the PR trouble that comes with a teenage pregnancy in your cinematic universe.
Mysterio is revealed to be the guy behind everything in the final act, setting Bullseye and the Twin Killers on Matt and Peter and having made a deal with the devil. He is defeated, but not killed.


Our next conceptual experimentation comes with the X-Corporation. My ideal team for this would be the same team that made Deadpool to allow for some dark and meta humour.
This is unlike the X-Corporation from the comics, rather it's the polar opposite. It's not an official company under the wing of Genosha or Krakoa or anything like that, but rather a rag-tag group of, essentially, nobodies. Worthington Industries continues its illicit activities, and two people notice it: Davis and Heather Cameron (Slipstream and Lifeguard, respectively). They decide to put together a team of their own, inspired by the X-Men. The team consists of themselves as well as Risque, Penance (Monet St Croix), Darkstar, Multiple Man, Domino, Cannonball, Sunfire and Thornn. The meta commentary and rag-tag style of team makes this movie sorta feel like a hybrid of James Gunn's Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy, but with mutants.
It's quite the large team, and that's the fun part because unbeknownst to them or the audience, a lot of them will be dead by the end of the movie. While not present in the marketing in any way, the movie makes it clear that not all of the team will survive this mission, almost in the way movies like the first Avengers did, a way that makes it seem like just a way to raise the stakes without doing anything about it, but this movie delivers.
Warren is back, but reveals that with the help of a new ally he has regained his ability to fly. Magneto, playing a much more villainous role now, has given Warren new metal wings, completing his transition to Archangel. These two along with a new player form our trio of villains: Mister Sinister. He is also working with Angel, but it is made clear in this movie that both Sinister and Archangel have a larger power they are working for.
The final battle is Mister Sinister against the X-Corporation, but Sinister decides to play his ace in the hole: a set of five clones to form "Sinister's Six" (including himself). The clones are of Wolverine, Mystique, Storm, Beast and Nightcrawler. The team's goal, previously taking down the Worthingtons, changes as they realise they are massively out of their depth. Their goal is now simply to get out of there alive. In the end, the clones are all killed and Sinister decides to live to fight another day but the team takes heavy losses. Risque, Penance, Darkstar, Sunfire, Thornn and most importantly: our protagonist, Slipstream, all perish. That leaves us with Lifeguard, Multiple Man, Domino and Cannonball alive.

The New Mutants

It's been long enough, get me the Russos on this one. They are oh so good at taking ensemble films, deconstructing them into their most raw character conflicts and raising those conflicts. I want that to happen here.
Established Roster: Professor X, Emma Frost, Storm, Beast
New Members: Thunderbird, Bishop, Jubilee
Magneto and Archangel decide to go after a common enemy: Xavier and his team. Xavier's school has produced some new talent who are being slowly integrated into the team, namely the three new recruits. Magneto and Archangel bring along Sabretooth too, who Xavier eventually realises is Logan's half-brother and convinces to join his side by the end of the film. Xavier is still our protagonist, as Magneto's ideals directly conflict with Xavier's ideals much like Scott, and Xavier feels massive guilt for his part in Archangel's crippling. We can have Xavier try his best to reconcile with Warren, drawing parallels to his own crippling (no details given, I want to hold that back but we do get some vague things like that it was a bullet that Xavier could very easily have avoided and that wasn't intended for him).
It seems like Xavier is getting through to Warren but just as that seems likely, Magneto realises why Xavier has never tried using his powers on Erik, or rather that he has but has failed due to Erik's helmet. He very quickly fashions a way for Warren to shut Xavier out, completing the Archangel look with a new exosuit and helmet. The final battle doesn't result in any deaths but the X-Men take a few hits before being put down, Storm eventually being the X-Factor when she electrocutes Warren's wings, shorting them and causing Magneto to flee with him.

The Groundbreaking Giant-Man

This is the Ant-Man sequel, as you may have realised by now I'm doing a weird thing with the titles where I change the alias and the descriptor for each film in the series. This is another Edgar Wright film, and while there will be comedy it will be slightly dialed back for more serious emotional weight. Not saying that funny films can't be films that make the audience feel, but some tonal consistency would be nice and a comedy having the kind of themes I want this film to explore would be a bit dissonant.
This film is about Hank realising he won't be around forever, and looking to pass the mantle on. This creates two options: Scott Lang, or an AI.
Scott and Jessica Jones are in a rocky relationship, we explore this as one of the central dynamics of the film, this is as much as Scott Lang film as it is a Henry Pym film. The main villain is Kilgrave who is manipulating Jessica but eventually Hank and Janet put an end to his schemes, Janet finally becoming the Wasp properly after a brief test run of the suit in Iron Man.
In the end, Scott's fractured emotional state after his tumultuous relationship with Jessica leaves him an unsuitable candidate for Hank, and he decides to create an AI to protect the Earth.

Fantastic Four: Rising Storm

I don't have a particular plot in mind for this film but I have an idea, basically just the coming of Galactus plot but with less of Galactus, rather more of Silver Surfer as a precursor to his arrival. Make it known that the Baxter Foundation is looked at with more and more raised eyebrows as they seem to be misplacing some important and dangerous things often, as proven by the existence of the Fantastic Four as well as the accidents involving Mole Man and Spider-Man.
The main things I want this film to accomplish is setup Galactus as a top threat for the future and strengthen the bonds between the F4 and their peers. Really make them feel united together, Alicia too is with Ben and the two are happy together. The Silver Surfer retreats, he is defeated (no switching of sides just yet).
Post-credits: Hank Pym, with the help of Reed, completes his AI: Ultron, the final pieces being some alien remnant tech that the Silver Surfer left behind. Ultron immediately awakens, becomes self-aware, and kills Hank before escaping the Baxter building, gaining access to non-nuclear missiles and decimating New York City using it. The extent of the damage is unknown in this scene.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

This film could even be a two-parter, but I think one 3 hour film should do the trick.
New York is decimated. In the wreckage, Wasp, Mister Fantastic, The Thing, Human Torch, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Woman and Scarlet Witch are confirmed dead. We have an actual 'age' of Ultron as Ultron basically takes over the world, creates Vision and inhabits his body, while the rest of the world tries to survive. As you have realised by now, the only surviving member of the Fantastic Four is Sue Storm, and while its unclear which mutants died, Emma Frost and Wolverine who are two of the most prominent characters in this film, both imply that they lost many friends. We explore these characters' grief while in this dystopia. As must be clear by now, Ultron has no real personality. He is what Ultron should be: ruthlessly efficient, and unfeeling. The Terminator, given the goal to terminate the world.
We have a new character in Hawkeye and Spider-Man introduce us to the post-apocalyptic world, and then slowly the plot is discovered: that technology that Silver Surfer left behind is capable of travelling across timelines. Before their final gamble, we spend the majority of the film in this dystopia with all the heroes, exploring their lives in the post-Ultron world trying to survive and hide. Heroes from elsewhere like Storm, Black Panther, Namor and others come to New York too so that all the power is in one place to devise a plan against Ultron.
Our primary protagonists after the first few minutes with Hawkeye and Spider-Man are Wolverine, Invisible Woman, and Emma Frost. Wolverine and Invisible Woman have their screen-time and grieve their massive losses, but another important player must be Emma. Her arc of going from cunning and sly Hellfire Club member to standing with Xavier and choosing the right side of history is made very clear in this film.
We have our heroes send Wolverine and Invisible Woman to an alternate timeline, where they meet The Defenders which consists of Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Wasp, Professor X and another Wolverine. The two parties fight, thinking our heroes have been sent by Morgan Le Fay, before the Defenders realise that our heroes aren't lying about their timeline and agree to help them, using the Silver Surfer's technology to reconstruct another device to send them back to their timeline to before Hank and Reed create Ultron.
Our big 'final' confrontation is Logan and Sue trying to confront Hank about creating Ultron, trying to convince him not to do it. Hank refuses to listen, and eventually Logan is forced to kill him, causing him and Sue to become fugitives. Upon capture, Emma Frost reads their mind and realises they aren't lying. However, unbeknownst to all of them, Ultron knew about the technology (because of course he did) and followed the heroes into this point in the timeline. As Ultron does not exist in this timeline yet and isn't connected to the rest of the world in his semi-organic android Vision body, he is not more than his android body, resulting in our final fight being Ultron against everyone, a proper one versus all as Ultron's practically infinite computing power causes him to sense pretty much every attack that comes at him.
Everyone who died is back (minus Hank of course), but the final fight extracts a price too, as Black Panther dies when he gets in the way of a Vision beam headed straight for Namor. Emma Frost dies when she tries to infiltrate the mind of the android but encounters Vision's countermeasures, which instantly attack her and render her brain-dead. Emma dies trying to do the right thing, ending her arc over the course of the last two phases in tragic fashion. Ultron is eventually defeated when Doctor Strange uses magic to trap him in an infinitesimally small micro-universe after being worn down by everyone else.
And that's how this phase ends. The world is saved but it is quite the downer. Nick Fury however, sees potential in putting the non-associated heroes together, and decides to contact Tony Stark about starting the Avengers. Our movie ends with the very first Avengers team being put together.
Post-credits scene: The Baxter Foundation is officially disbanded, and Reed Richards replaces it with the Future Foundation.
So, to recap the end of the phase, here is how our factions look:-
The next phase will close out the first arc of this universe by eventually bringing the X-Men together for the final event, while also giving some hints to phases to come with some cosmic stuff and the introduction of the Inhumans.
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2023.05.31 00:44 1-760-706-7425 Scooped a Golden Cone: not sure why but I did. 😂

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2023.05.31 00:44 Jimmy9618 I actually had a really fun time during the 2020 COVID hysteria

Sure there were some bad things like the sudden shock of change, the mass panic, people going a bit silly, empty supermarket shelves, cops abusing their new found powers, and the gyms closing. But overall I look back on the time and actually miss it.
I was working at a bottle shop at the time, finishing off university. We were forced to have two people on at all times during work, which made the shifts so much more enjoyable, no longer solely listening to boozehounds telling you their problems. The Uni was forced to switch to pure online study which they didn't quite get all the bugs out. The assessments, especially the exams, were pretty much fish in a barrel. And not having to commute for at least an hour for classes was a huge relief. The streets were suddenly empty, and lets not forget the huge drop in gas prices and rent. The whole nightclub and bar scene, which I never really liked, completely evaporated. I no longer felt weird or somewhat guilty, for staying in my room and watching Netflix or listening to music. Since the usual activities were no longer available, I was forced to look for other activities and broaden my horizon. I started reading a lot more than I usually did, got better at cooking, worked on my car, learned far more than Uni was teaching me regarding programming and started a few fun projects. Not a complete reclusive, introvert so when I did socialize, it became an exciting, covert operation, of sneaking out 'against orders'. Not only that, when there was a lockdown or curfew, it was always such a thrill to meet up at night and walk around like rebellious teenagers again Might have to make this NSFW but I definitely noticed, that women in my area, seemed to become incredibly horny. For those who don't know, Tinder at the time would prioritize your list with people who have already swiped right on you. I would just open the app and immediately start getting matches. That was never the case before. And let me tell you, they sure were thirsty
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2023.05.31 00:38 whiskeyb2 Asus Tuf VG279QM - $250 College Park

Asus Tuf VG279QM - $250 College Park
Brand new, retails $300 been using it for a little under a month. Has all the cables. Pickup only, pls.
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2023.05.31 00:25 Royal-Friendship9534 Team 1,2,3?

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2023.05.31 00:18 COmtbr92 [WTS] Surefire X300 UA, Safariland 6360 ALS / LVL 3

Title says it all. PayPal only. Prices reflect PP G&S shipped to your door
Surefire X300 UA: Black. Light salt. Used but not abused. Works perfect. $280
Safariland 6360 ALS Lvl 3. Black. Glock 17 Gen 5 x300 / TLR1. $150
Only trades I'll consider are for: Surefire Scout Pro Mini or Foo Size, or a DD Res II or III 13"
All pics here:
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2023.05.31 00:16 mini_alienz American Ingenuity

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2023.05.31 00:15 Im_High_Tech It's nice being in the top 1% for gas prices in the nation

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2023.05.31 00:14 Wolf_engineer17 Good Price for Camry Hybrid LE?

I have been talking wiht a dealer who somehow has a camry Hybrid available. The current OTD price is $35k. Is this a good price I cant find many to compare to. I wasnt planning on buying a Hybrid camry and just wanted a Base LE gas but since it was available I got interested. Its just gonna be my daily commuter than I plan to keep for 10-15 years. Just looking for thoughts. MSRP is $31,300. Some add ons included in the OTD are PPF and Dent protection.
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2023.05.31 00:12 belkotron From XC90 TO V60. Should we?

Our current setup is 2004 2.5T XC90 with seven seats, 365K km. Me and my wife enjoy this beast and there is nothing wrong with it except it consumes petrol like a monster. I have checked many options and stopped at V60 plugin 2.4 Diesel 2014. Found one at affordable price with mileage of 230K km. Is this a worth switch? I mean gas wise yes, just not sure how strong proven V60 with this mileage is. Do these hybrids work well after 200K?
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2023.05.31 00:07 Pensacolahomebuyer Sell your house fast in Pensacola _ Florida and surrounding areas - Quality Properties Of Northwest Florida LLC

It's just important what you're going to do with the money when you sell your house just as much as how much you're selling the house for. And in some cases. How fast you can sell the house to find better parking for it. The options are endless. Ask me how.
(850) 346-4995
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2023.05.30 23:58 ResponsibleNerve 27 [M4F] San Francisco Bay Area. Shy history nerd looking for that special someone

Hi there, i'm Liam!
I'm not great at these but i'll try my best.
Looking for someone close-ish, but if we have a good connection, distance is no issue.
- Kinda quiet guy who likes the SF Bay Area and going to museums, photographing trains (my nerdy hobby), and snuggling with my cats. Currently been reading history books. I'm pretty laid back and relaxed, I enjoy just talking about aimless things. Just kinda wandering through whatever this life is.
- I am on the autism spectrum. I don't let it define me but I want to let it be known that I am and can be kind of clunky and awkward sometimes.
- Completely an introvert, but I open up pretty quick when I feel comfortable I am definitely the quiet type.
- I like playing games, be it on the computer or board games. I'd love to be a writer someday and work on various projects relating to that. I love animals of all types and am currently a cat dad to two kittens and a senior cat.
- Love classic rock music and aimless drives to nowhere, at least when the gas prices aren't so high!
Hope to make your acquaintance soon!
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2023.05.30 23:57 AccountThrowingIsBig Needing some space

I'm at one of those unfortunate spots where exchanging my car is not the best financial decision, but may need to occur due to work plus life. Currently in a 2012 Mini Convertible (fully paid off, about to hit the 100k odo). Working field job that requires me to carry stuff. I was getting by stuffing and exchanging stuff out each night with my car, but new equipment additions means I'm out of luck now. I might be able to keep stretching it, unsure.
Trying to stay below USD 40k line (45k if need be). New or used, within the last few years is a requirement though. Think 2019+. Been browsing for a few months trying to see if cars that meet the sporty/fun to drive and luxurious mixture while having decent enough space to carry my work equipment. I do not need SUV level space, trying to not buy SUV.
Mazda Hatchback and Golf are ones I've tried out, drive was fun, but hard to find ones that meet the luxury departments I'm eyeing. Maybe a bit on the smaller side of space? Mazda still in the running though since inexpensive and cheap to maintain.
Audi A5 Sportback. Fun, luxurious, but I do not know Audi reliability if anyone could speak to that? I don't mind premium gas and maintenance costs, hell I drove a Mini Convertible and it had all that...maybe not as high, but enough to make me roll my eyes.
BMW Gran Turismo options. Pricier end of it all where I am, but similar to the Audi for everything, reliability I have a sense of since Mini became more BMW parts. Decent enough, but it's a bit too common.
I want something a little unique and maybe in fun colors. A5 is what I'm leaning to right now, but maybe something else is a better idea or just take a fully loaded Mazda for a cheaper price? I can pull with my car for a bit longer, but it's becoming a bigger headache each day and lifting 60 to 70 pound cases in and out of it is more than I wish to do now too.
I'd buy a Panamera if I could though. One day.
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2023.05.30 23:55 AcanthisittaChance40 Advice About Choosing A New Card

Currently in the process of rebuilding my credit after some mistakes I made when I was young. Looking to build my credit and break into the next tier of cards. Hoping to get a card that will allow me to redeem points for travel or other rewards. Also would love specific advice re: closing my likely bucketed capital one accounts (specifically the quicksilver) and the extent to which that would affect my credit profile. I'm definitely willing to hold my current set of cards for a period while my score improves, but I would like advice about a course of action for both the present and future.
CREDIT PROFILE * Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of: (list cards, limits, opening date): Bank of America Travel Rewards, $1500, 4/23; Capital One Quicksilver, $400, 9/2019; Capital One SavorOne, $400, 4/23. * FICO Scores with source (see note on FICO score sources below): Experian 696, Equifax 691, TransUnion 701. * Oldest credit card account age with you as primary name on the account: 3 years, 9 months. * Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 6 months: 2 * Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 12 months: 2 * Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 24 months: 2 * Annual income $: (Approximations are fine. Accuracy is most important if your income is under $20k. See what counts as income below.) $60k CATEGORIES * OK with category-specific cards?: Yes * OK with rotating category cards?:Yes * Estimate average monthly spend in the categories below. Only include what you can pay by credit card. * Dining $: 200 * Groceries $: 400 * Gas $: 150 * Travel $: 300 * Do you plan on using this card abroad for a significant length of time (study abroad, digital nomad, expat, extended travel)?: No * Any other categories (examples: phone/internet, insurance) or stores (example: Amazon) with significant, regular credit card spend (the more you specify, the better): $ not really * Any other significant, regular credit card spend you didn't include above?: $ not really * Can you pay rent by credit card? If yes, list rent amount and if there's a fee for paying by credit card: n/a MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply) * Current member of Amazon Prime?: yes * Current Verizon postpaid customer?: no * Current member of Costco or Sam's Club? no * Currently paying $13.99/month or more for Disney Bundle (Disney+ / Hulu / EPSN+) or other Hulu services? no * Current member of Chase, US Bank or any other big bank?: no * Active US military?: no * Are you open to Business Cards?: (these are an option if you have any kind of side gig, such as selling on eBay or Etsy) no PURPOSE * What's the purpose of your next card (choose ONE)?: travel rewards
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