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2023.03.22 13:30 Kemosabe2023 Do you think Rifts will make a return?

As many flaws and issues D3 might have, Rifts are not one of them in my opinion.
I think they're one of the strongest features of D3, and something I miss in pretty much every other ARPG I play. The idea of a random combination of any environment and any enemies in the game where you just mindlessly kill monsters until a boss appears is just perfect in this genre, so I was shocked to learn we wont have this in D4.
Dungeons are cool and all, but who's hating on Rifts??
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2023.03.22 13:30 Phispi Since release of 3.18 still stuck in infinite loading screen

Was able to play for maybe 2h the monday after the patch, crashed and now stuck.
What i know: - Character shows as unstowed - stuck at 20391 entities - none of the known fixes work
Support said 6 days ago they cant repair accounts and i should wait for updates, cool. Anyone got any tipps?
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2023.03.22 13:29 eza2510 Drawings Featuring Ebony and Ivory Locks - On Two Ends of the Spectrum [2023.03.22]

Drawings Featuring Ebony and Ivory Locks - On Two Ends of the Spectrum [2023.03.22]
In the world of anime and manga, hair colors are known to span the rainbow and beyond when it comes to color. Sometimes, however, the most striking looks can come from either deep black or pure white hair, each having their own charms.
Yuri Briar (from Spy x Family) has the same sleek black hair as his sister, which gives them both a rather cool and dangerous look, don't you think?
Have any of the monochromatic styles below particularly caught your fancy?

Black by MKR.

この尋問が終われば僕は帰れる by 志島とひろ

阿吽 by mano mouth

K_MM by 和華すみし

by Nekojira
Please feel free to check the original article over at pixivision to view the rest of the artworks for this gallery.
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2023.03.22 13:28 helixichar My boyfriends hot tub is cool

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2023.03.22 13:27 Headlongbundle Need your support

Hey! I can't stop learning about Notion, there's just so much cool stuff to discover. Our team whipped up a cool service that we're super excited to share with y'all - it's perfect for anyone who uses Notion! It is an AI assistant that helps to work smarter. If you want, you can read more on Product Hunt and give us your opinion!
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2023.03.22 13:27 Jazzlike_Yam1810 (OC) Get out of my cooling mat!

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2023.03.22 13:27 TerezzReindeer Has anyone ever thought about how cool would it sound if Hozier covered the song "Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)" in his own style?

I just got the idea of it and it sounded great in my head. What do you think? Does something like that already exist or is it just a brand new idea?
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2023.03.22 13:27 YouAreAlwaysTheAH Brought to you by the Royal Society of Min-Maxing

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2023.03.22 13:24 lunastm13 First time watcher

I’m watching Mako Mermaids for the first time. Loved H2O and thought it was time to try a new story in the same universe. I’m almost done with season 1, and while I find it entertaining, I’m just not that interested in the characters and storylines. I just don’t know who to root for. Cam and Zac act like “the bad guys” but the girls aren’t much better themselves even though they have good intentions. It’s hard to get invested as I just don’t believe anyone to be actual friends. It’s like everyone’s the main character but no one is. I don’t empathize with anyone. Also, Zac is too good a merman. While it’s cool to see a fish out of water story in the girls (no pun intended), I simply don’t buy that Zac is so powerful already. He barely has any trouble hiding his secret. And we haven’t seen him at his lifeguard job since the first two episodes, and when he had to save a little girl, no one bat an eye at his sudden speed in the water or disappearance. His girlfriend is the only one who’s suspicious, rightfully so, but he always manages to get away with everything. I don’t know. Does anyone else feel this way? Does it get better?
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2023.03.22 13:24 Huge_Abies_6799 Idea

So i don't know if it's something you already have thought about but A rating system to rate different work out plans would be nice so you could sort by "stars" or "points" also for newer people so they kinda know which ones to look for Also a recommendation list where some of the highest rated plans are also have someone with good knowledge look though a couple and put on there as well and maybe being able to label the work out plans as either beginner or advanced and such So if youre a beginner you can look for beginner plans and if you're further in your training journey but maybe looking for some inspiration you can look for that Just some quick thoughts I might be an idiot and all this is trash but might as well throw it out there I like the app haven't used it for long but the idea of it is really cool and i love the fact there isn't 8 different pay walls it's easy and simple So thank you for that
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2023.03.22 13:24 Electrical_Hornet_64 I (25M) caught my girlfriend (26F) texting her ex and deleting the history

I (25M) had been casually seeing a girl (26F) for 4 months until we decided to make it official and exclusive at the start of this month (March). Things have been going great, however one day while I was over her place I had seen she had gotten a phone call from her ex - which she brushed off as him being crazy and wanting her back.
There was an incident a few days after we became official, where she checked my phone and found DMs from back in November (when we first started talking) where I exchanged some flirtatious messages with someone I knew from college. She blew up at this situation, as well as with a few other DMs she found from that same time period, and basically considered ending our relationship then and there. She was upset because when she asked about some of these girls in the past, I just described them as being friends. Would I be hurt about that too? Sure. However there was plenty of evidence and even more recent interactions with those same women where I either ignored them or gave dry responses.
Her checking my phone like that however got me a little suspicious of her, and I know it’s toxic but a few days later I decided to check her phone to see what she might’ve be hiding. My curiosity about her ex given that she had received calls for him lead me to searching his name, only for me to find messages talking about how she actually saw him in late January, and even hung out with him to celebrate his birthday. She wrote to a friend: “we’re getting mani pedi’s and French food” which she explained meant her, the ex, and a larger friend group - however I really wasn’t sure what to believe given she had lied about them hanging to begin with.
Regardless, this had happened before we were officially dating and exclusive. So regardless of how upset I was I decided to let it go given that I myself wasn’t super clean before we started dating either.
Flash forward to a week later, she’s been acting really strange with me saying that she’s feeling off and see’s us differently. She starts talking about how her timeline in life was to get married and have kids in the next two years, and mine is in the next 4-5 so she doesn’t feel good about waiting that long. Totally understandable stuff, but we discuss it and put it behind us.
Later that same day, I’m having friends over for a housewarming. She gets a little too intoxicated and goes to bed early. By the time I say bye to my friends and clean up a bit, it’s around 1:30AM. I walk into my room and see her asleep with her phone just out of reach from her hand. I then notice she’s gotten a few text messages from her ex.
I know it’s wrong, but it was so late that my intrusive thoughts got the better of me. I see two messages sent at 1:30 responding to a message she had sent that I couldn’t see since she deleted it. She actually went as far as to delete the messages from her recently deleted folder as well. He was using that iMessage feature where you reply to a specific message so I could see that she had sent him something that same night but not it’s contents. I lost my cool and searched more threw her messages to find recent messages from her friends telling her to block her ex, and even a message from back in January where she was complaining that her and the ex didn’t make love the night she saw him because he found out about me.
The worst part? I replied to the ex with “??” Since I had no context to the conversation. He proceeds to ask why I’m up so late, and if I plan on picking him up or should he Uber to her place… him so casually asking that set me off and I went ahead and asked him to Uber. We were at mine, and by the time he arrived there it was already 4am. I put her phone down and saw the string of calls he made after arriving. My proudest moment? No, but I regret nothing.
The next morning when I confront my gf about it she says the usual it’s not what it looks like. She claims she had only texted him to share some recent changes in her life that would legally allow her to get married in the next two years. She then tells me she kept talking to said ex as he was sharing his plans to buy a house soon, and that he apparently told her he wanted her back and that she could move in and in two years they could be married and have kids. It turns out this legal issue she had was the main reason she and her ex broke up, because they couldn’t get married because of it.
She’s claiming all that doesn’t matter to her, and that she loves me so much that she’d rather be with me than follow the timeline she had set in mind. But none of that really sits right with me anymore, and to be honest I don’t know how I can trust anything she says now.
Writing this out already shows me what I should do. But I do really love her, and outside of all this messy stuff we really make each other happy. We've spoken on end about our futures together, I even met her parents and there were plans for her to meet mine. Is it possible to move past something like this? Could you even trust someone again after all that? I'm struggling to feel like I ever could.
TLDR: Caught my gf texting her ex and deleting the trail of messages. Only to find out one of the things they were talking about how their plans for the future were now aligned.
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2023.03.22 13:23 the_dumbass_one666 Not Good, Still Awesome: The Spellrending Arcanist

The depth of Pathfinder Second Edition's core character creation goes above and beyond in terms of offering potential for players to explore cool ideas and try interesting combos. This great depth is worked into a mathematical system which does its utmost to ensure that basic competency is maintained despite players making unique and 'suboptimal' choices.
what im trying to say is, i want a character who specialises in nullifying enemy casters and generally being a nightmare for them to deal with, all whilst mimicking some flavour from the pathfinder 1e arcanist, and being a fairly effective caster all around
We want to absolutely screw over casters
as everyone knows, counterspelling is pretty widely disliked in this system for being exceptionally niche and situational, this build attempts to try and bridge the gap as much as possible whilst speccing into other classic "antimagic" fantasies, such as heavy armour and high int.
The Spellrending Arcanist
Ancestry: Human, this is because heavy armour is cool and we want it ASAP, throw your points into CHA and STR
Heritage: Versatile human, your general feat is going to be armour proficiency
Ancestry feat: grab general training, armour proficiency to obtain heavy armour proficiency as a sorcerer at level 1
Background: Student of Magic lets us put a point each into Charisma and Strength again, and also grab the recognize spell skill feat
Class: we are going to go for an Imperial sorcerer, for the skill bonus that can be used for an intimidation package, and for identifying spells, as well as the vast repertoire of spells that can be countered. we get a boost to Charisma. we start proficient in: Arcana, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Nature, Society and Academia Lore. (typically this series doesn't focus much on skills, but a lot of this build is reliant on them, so i will continue to update this as we progress through the levels)
Determine Array:
boost strength, int, wis, cha, dex
14/10/12/12/12/18, we are a little dumb for now, but we can fix that as we level up
build path
level 1
level 2
level 3
level 4
level 5
level 6
level 7
level 8
level 9
level 10
level 11
level 12
level 13
a mistake was made, this post is under construction, please come back in about half an hour
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2023.03.22 13:22 powerfunk Cool Rolex of the Day #1978: 6024 Oyster Perpetual, rare reference and large for its time, steel, 36mm. Circa 1953

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2023.03.22 13:22 redskies219 hey! I’m 20m from the usa, looking for new people to talk or play games with

Idk what to say to stand out but I promise if we talk that im not a dry texter
Anywayss, im 20 and in my 2nd year in college. I like movies, tv shows, and playing video games. I just finished watching The Last of Us and loved it. And I just began playing valorant but have no clue what I’m doing, it’s fun tho! I always like learning about different places and people so I think it would be cool to have online friends
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2023.03.22 13:22 ckduke1 Ai is getting pretty cool these days guys

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2023.03.22 13:22 Top-Language3954 Major Xenonids

Look awesome and cool
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2023.03.22 13:22 Random_Imgur_User I got a signed one! Also Greg thinks I'm probably cool.

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2023.03.22 13:21 cococitrus Offering: German, Learning: English

Hi! I'm 27F from Vienna, Austria and would love to find someone to practise speaking english to to improve my pronounciation, preferably a native speaker. I love languages and anything to do with them and can help you with your german at any level, whether you want to practise conversation or corrections on written or spoken german. I'm also down to just talk about our cultures and exchange experiences :)
Someone mentioned gaming together, which also sounds like a cool way to get some practise in. I like multiplayer games like Stardew Valley, Terraria or recently Project Zomboid and am open to suggestions.
Just comment or message me if you're interested!
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2023.03.22 13:21 joesen_one NCT Yuta - Play It Cool, Guys (Teaser Trailer - Ending Theme Ver. : NCT 127 'Sunny Road')

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2023.03.22 13:21 WrightFlip 🔥 ☀️ My favorite skinny can coolers are back! Keep your beverage cool on the boat, at the beach or at the campground! Grab one for only 7.91 w/ 35VDD6MQ at check0ut

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2023.03.22 13:21 f1newsbot Fernando Alonso: How Aston Martin driver reached 100 podiums as Formula 1's ultimate underdog

Fernando Alonso has become just the sixth driver to reach 100 Formula 1 podiums, but the Spaniard has almost undoubtedly taken the most unconventional route to the milestone.
After the best part of a decade in the wilderness of F1's midfield, Alonso's stunning start to the 2023 season suggests he is finally back in the battle at the front of the grid.
A self-proclaimed "anti-hero" from the "dark side", embracing his character role as the villain, Alonso brought up his landmark podium in fittingly controversial style at Sunday's Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, .
Having shown that Aston Martin mean business with a series of stunning overtakes on George Russell, Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz to finish third at the season opener in Bahrain, Alonso appeared to be cruising to a far more straightforward podium in Jeddah. However, confusion over the rules saw Alonso celebrate on the podium before being demoted by a 10-second penalty, after which he was finally reinstated following an Aston Martin appeal.
Along with Red Bull's domination, the 41-year-old's unexpected speed has been the story of the opening two rounds of the 2023 season. Alonso's performances have provided inspiration to just about every non-Red Bull driver on the grid, with Aston Martin's remarkable improvement after finishing seventh in last year's constructors' standings showing how quickly progress can be made.
Alonso won back-to-back world championships with Renault in 2005 and 2006, but a series of questionable moves around the paddock since then have limited his opportunities to compete for wins, let alone further titles - leaving him to assume a role of underdog while the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton and Verstappen have dominated.
Given the last of Alonso's 32 race wins came in 2013, the penultimate campaign of his five-year stint with Ferrari, most thought his hopes of adding to that tally were all but over, but now a fairy-tale ending to a decorated career appears possible.
We take a look back at the highs and lows of his career.
Alonso's career remarkably started before McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri was born, back in 2001 at Minardi.
The Italian-based team, which still exists now as AlphaTauri having been bought by Red Bull and brought under their umbrella as a junior outfit to the current constructors' champions, certainly could have done with that sort of investment when Alonso was around.
There was very little money available to spend on development, and Alonso apparently helped to bolt pieces of the car together to make sure it was ready in time for the first race in Australia, where he would finish 12th.
At a time when points were only available to the top six finishers, Minardi and Alonso went the entire season without scoring, with a 10th place finish at Hockenheim his best effort.
There were also eight retirements for the Spaniard, highlighting the deficiencies of the model he was attempting to compete with.
Alonso's first taste of Formula 1 was undoubtedly with a genuine backmarker, and came at a time when the lack of a budget cap meant little teams had next to no chance of competing with the big players.
Race wins - 0
Podiums - 0
It was only a one-season stay - not for the last time in his career - for Alonso, as he departed Minardi to become test driver at Renault, whose team boss Flavio Briatore was also Alonso's manager, and had been the one to spot his talent as a go-karter.
At a time when drivers were generally not given their breakthroughs into F1 at the young ages we see today, the 22-year-old Alonso was generating plenty of attention for both his youth and the fact he was Spain's first driver in the sport.
This meant that when he took a maiden pole position before going on to claim his first podium at just the second race of the season in Malaysia, the excitement increased. Next time he claimed a pole position, in August at the Hungaroring, he would convert it to a victory, making him at the time youngest driver to win a Grand Prix.
Not only was there a new star in the sport, but he was delivering for a team in Renault that weren't part of the establishment, and were looking to break up the domination of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, which they would finally do in 2005.
Alonso took advantage of a poor Ferrari season to quite comfortably beat McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen to the championship, but the race that epitomised his first title-winning season was in Imola, where the Spaniard held back a charging Schumacher in a nail-biting climax where the Ferrari was the quicker car.
Under pressure from the seven-time world champion and driver widely considered to be the sport's greatest of all time, Alonso held strong, setting down a marker for the remainder of the season.
It's fair to say that 2006 was the more impressive of Alonso's back-to-back title-winning campaigns, as this time he went toe-to-toe with Schumacher, who had won five successive titles going into the 2005 season.
Schumacher had announced that he would retire at the end of the season, and came into the campaign with huge motivation to end his career in fairy-tale fashion.
Alonso looked to have put that dream to bed as he won six of the first nine races - and finished second in the other three - to establish a huge advantage in the standings, but Schumacher would fight back with five wins in the next seven races to set up a tense finale.
However, Alonso would keep his cool under huge pressure once more, winning the penultimate race of the season in Japan before finishing second in Brazil to seal the title.
Race wins - 15
Podiums - 37
On paper, it wouldn't seem the most logical decision to leave a team with which you'd just won two successive titles, but that's exactly what Alonso did as he moved to McLaren to drive alongside a rookie named Lewis Hamilton.
The decision did turn out to be a mistake, but not in the way that anyone expected.
In one sense, the move to McLaren was on the money - the Woking-based team competed for the title with Ferrari while Renault were only the fourth-quickest team.
In every other sense, it was a disastrous chapter in Alonso's career that saw tensions flare between him and his team, not least with McLaren boss Ron Dennis and Hamilton.
Arguably, this was the first time in Alonso's career where he was the establishment and not the young outsider - that role fell to Hamilton, with whom he fought for the 2007 world championship.
The pair squabbled and lost each other points, before eventually finishing the season tied, just one point behind the title winner Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari.
"I think that the fallout with Lewis in 2007, where they fell out so spectacularly, basically gifted Kimi that title and it took him away from McLaren," Sky Sports F1's Karun Chandhok said.
"Then Lewis won the championship in 2008, so that's two years there where Fernando should've, would've, could've."
Alonso would leave under a cloud after one year, returning to Renault and giving up the chance to compete for titles.
Race wins - 4
Podiums - 12
The second time around with Renault felt like a bit of a placeholder, with the French team fairly uncompetitive.
Back in his favoured position as the underdog, Alonso took two victories in 2008 against the odds, albeit with one of them coming under controversial circumstances at the Singapore Grand Prix, with his team-mate Nelson Piquet Jr crashing at a convenient time,
The 2009 season would see no wins for Alonso, and just the one podium in Singapore, before he moved onto a new team - this time, it was for a prancing horse.
Race wins - 2
Podiums - 4
Ferrari, the team that all F1 drivers want to race for, was the team that Fernando Alonso remained with for the longest period of time.
Alonso battled with Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel for the title between 2010 and 2012, missing out on glory in the final races in both 2010 and 2012 despite some scintillating drives.
A famous statistic about Fernando Alonso is that If he had scored 11 more points across his F1 career, he could be a five-time world champion, missing out by fine margins in 2007, 2010 and 2012.
In essence, his time at Ferrari was one of 'what ifs' as he competed against the metronomic Vettel, with a Ferrari that was generally weaker than the Red Bull.
In 2014, at the beginning of the hybrid engine era, Ferrari's car was not up to scratch and Alonso began to look elsewhere and would move on a 2015, a decision that Chandhok believes was premature.
"Okay, at the time, Ferrari were pretty miserable in 2014 - but it came good."
Ferrari would win three races in 2015 with Sebastian Vettel, who replaced Alonso in the scarlet car before taking the fight to Mercedes in 2017 and 2018.
"I still believe Fernando would've won the championship in 2018 at Ferrari that year," Chandhok added.
Race wins - 11
Podiums - 44
While Ferrari were returning to contention, Alonso had opted for a surprise reunion with McLaren, with Hamilton having moved on to Mercedes.
2015 was a reunion for McLaren in two respects - Honda, with which it had had fantastic success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and Alonso, with whom they'd had a falling out.
While it was a reunion and world champion driver line-up of Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, which had lots of promise, it delivered a horror show of slow cars, engine failures and frustrated radio messages that led to a messy divorce with Honda and a move to Renault power in 2018.
The engine performance had clearly been a big problem for McLaren, with Alonso making no secret of where he thought the blame lay as he used his team radio messages to make public statements.
"Driving with this, looking like amateurs", "this is embarrassing" and "GP2 engines" all come to mind.
While Honda's engine was not up to standard, it became clear that underlying poor car performance was also a factor as McLaren still languished in the midfield in 2018.
Though being the underdog is his style, this was a step too far at this stage of his career for a frustrated, helpless Alonso, and so he left McLaren and retired from Formula 1.
Race wins - 0
Podiums - 0
As one of the greatest and most adaptable drivers in motorsport history, Fernando Alonso took the time away from Formula 1 to compete in other series, including the Indy 500, the Dakar Rally and Le Mans 24h.
He was an outsider, a rookie again, and with Toyota, he won the World Endurance Championship.
Alonso still had what it took to compete at the top of motorsport, so when in 2020 Sebastian Vettel left Ferrari, creating a domino effect in the driver market, it was no shock to see Alonso interested in returning to Formula 1.
Having already raced for the team in its Renault guise on two occasions, Alpine was the natural team for Alonso to return to when he came out of retirement in 2021.
The team had been hovering at the front of the midfield, but were unable to push on from that position even with Alonso's expertise.
While he did return to the podium at the 2021 Qatar GP, Alonso couldn't compete for victory - and his career looked to be winding down in mediocre fashion.
But Vettel announcing his retirement midway through the 2022 season would trigger an explosion in the driver market, leaving Alonso with one more opportunity.
Alpine weren't willing to give Alonso a two-year contract, so he went to a team that would. Alonso left describing Alpine "like family" but admitted that the lack of faith from the team was a reason he left.
"It seems that I have to be evaluated every year because of my date of birth," Alonso said, having just turned 41. "It was a bit strange to me and other teams think differently and they trust in my abilities."
It was clear the spirit of the young Spaniard trying to prove his worth at Minardi 19 years earlier was still very much present.
Race wins - 0
Podiums - 1
Lawrence Stroll and Aston Martin had faith in Alonso, and gave him the two-year contract that he wanted.
Given their well-known desires to things on their own terms, many had concerns about Alonso and his new boss Lawrence Stroll's relationship.
However, two races and two podiums in, it appears as though this could be Alonso's type of team - they're an enigma and an unexpected force to be reckoned with that are disturbing the establishment.
Aston Martin are beating Mercedes, the team who supply them with an engine and other hugely significant parts of their car, while the Spaniard has also overcome the might of Ferrari.
While they are well-funded now, Aston Martin carry an underdog mentality with staff still around from their their previous guises as Jordan, Force India and Racing Point, who competed as less wealthy outfits that could occasional steal a race beneath the noses of giants.
As Sky Sports F1's Simon Lazenby put it: "Fernando is always effective, whatever he does he will drag the best out of that car.
"I think if you put everyone in equal machinery, I can't see him being far off Lewis or far off Max Verstappen.
"But Fernando has been operating at that level for 20 years. Fernando relishes being the underdog."
In a season where Red Bull's pace looks scary for the opposition, Alonso has just the car and team to play the role he loves best in the high-speed theatre of Formula 1.
If you didn't know who he was, now you do. After brining up a 100th podium, Alonso's next challenge is to find an elusive 33rd race victory. Can he do it in 2023? Find out live on Sky Sports F1.
Race wins - 0
Podiums - 2
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2023.03.22 13:20 WrightFlip 🔥 ☀️ My favorite skinny can coolers are back! Keep your beverage cool on the boat, at the beach or at the campground! Grab one for only 7.91 w/ 35VDD6MQ at check0ut

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