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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2012.11.08 01:17 tszweds Dry Crackers

Fellow enthusiasts of the dryness these treats possess. Feel free to share experiences, opinions, and favorite brands. A sister subreddit of trees.

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2023.05.31 03:01 Rinehart268 Need help getting bike running..running out of ideas!

Hello, thanks in advance for reading this long post I’m about to write.
I have had a 1982 gn250 for about a month now, riding it on and off. The first few days it seemed fine but i noticed that the smoke from the exhaust would be black. I left it alone figuring whatever, it’s still running. One morning I needed to get it to the shop for tires so i went to start it to drive it onto the trailer (yes they were that bad), it wouldn’t start. It was going to the shop so i figured what ever ill have him look into it.
So he calls me a few days later and tells me that it’s done. He told me it was running a bit rich and needed a new spark plug and was running fine now. He also told me it held compression great and passed the leak down test. It was for a few days until about a week later with around 200 miles on it and suddenly it wouldn’t start. I messaged the last owner and was told he had the carbs rebuilt after he tried to do it himself but couldn’t clean the man in jet, so he stuck in a micro drill bit and over reamed it. The “rebuilder” didn’t replace said jet so i figured hey, that’s gotta be it! Got a new 130 jet per the manual and adjusted the float and its still doing the same thing except things seem to be getting worse and I’m losing my mind trying to figure out what it could be.
Currently, if i can get it to run, its so rich the exhaust is jet black and ill get one good ride out of it (10 miles or so) and the plug will be too fouled to get it to start and keep running. Removing the plug and cleaning it fixes that issue but I’m needing to do it everyday. It came with a pod filter, I’ve since put a stock airbox back on. I’ve adjust the pilot screw to the 2 turns per manual and have tried messing with it a bit looking for a change, and nothing. I’ve tried jetting it down to 120 and 125 and it was still fouling the plugs. When given throttle it seems to run great, and when running it seems to be great also.
Currently after messing with it most recently, I have a 125 jet in it. And I can’t even keep it running so tomorrow I’m going to put the 130 back in and clean the spark plugs again. I’m 99$ sure it’s carbon fouled, not oil. I’ve stuck a long q tip down the hole and there is just tons of carbon, no oil. The stock airbox had a super old foam filter in it so i took that out and washed it well and let it dry. I have a new one coming but sadly its a minimum of 2 weeks to get one. I don’t really think that could be the issue but i guess it might. I’m looking for opinions or things to check.
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2023.05.31 03:00 JustGavinBennett How Would The Game Feel With This Major Change?

Since you will always no matter what be setting up the car battery and generator at the start of the match, what if they just started on? Allowing you to have more fun at the start of the match with setting up your traps / locking down the upstairs areas / collecting blood viles. This would be a pretty big change but I feel it would be more of a QOL change than anything. Hell they could keep Connie as she is now if they did this change. They could even make Grandpa take more blood to get to tier 1 since this change would buy the family a lot of extra time.
This would especially help on Slaughterhouse as the Cook & Hitchhiker do not spawn near the loading docks where the battery is. The Hitchhiker gotta go through like 6 or 7 doors and so many opening, closing and locking animation just to get to the battery and then go through that battery animation and then he can finally start the game and setup traps.
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2023.05.31 03:00 StevenVincentOne SCRIPT SWAP: "Mary in the White Room", Sci-Fi/Adventure/Thriller, 115 pages

Interested in swapping scripts. I have a 4.7/5 rating on CoverflyX as a reader.
I will give your script a professional level coverage report if you are willing to do the same in return.
Message me or post in reply if you want to swap.
For more about my script: https://writers.coverfly.com/projects/view/315f3958-68f6-4434-8e0c-70f75870490e/Mary_in_the_White_Room

"Mary in the White Room", Sci-Fi/Adventure/Thriller, 115 pages
Comps: Humans, Westworld, AI Artificial Intelligence, Ex-Machina, Person of Interest LOGLINE: When a newly self-aware humanoid robot runs from the corporate and government forces that want to weaponize its technology a secret war breaks out between two powerful Artificial Intelligence systems and the future of the world hangs in the balance of the choices that it makes.
Tech genius Zane Singletary regrets empowering The SAMSON Initiative, a secret Military-Intelligence-Corporate nexus centered around an Artificial Intelligence surveillance system. He refuses to allow them to weaponize his latest AI, but his defiance tragically costs the lives of his family. Devastated, Zane retreats to his underground Los Angeles research facility to complete work on the world’s first fully self-aware humanoid robot: MAARI. “Mary” is a learning system with only one coded instruction: “Be Yourself”. The new life form chooses a female body and identity, and develops a passion for drawing and movies. For a time, Zane and Mary enjoy a sweet fathedaughter relationship in their own private world. In the knowledge that SAMSON will eventually invade their sanctuary to seize Mary, Zane has given the robot the power to do “one good thing”: destroy SAMSON and the cabal. But when the fateful day arrives, Zane cannot sacrifice his beloved child-creation on the altar of his vengeance. He sends the bot out onto the mean streets of Hollywood with instructions to evade capture and get to the Silicon Valley safety of fellow billionaire AI scientist Juan Aragon Salazar and his new Quantum AI, “The Intelligence”. The woefully unprepared but fast-learning bot deftly adapts the guise of “Dave Bowman”, a runaway boy with an uncanny talent for card games, quickly coming under the protection of a charismatic street hustler. With both SAMSON and the Corporation fighting to recover the valuable new technology, an FBI “Person of Interest” advisory offering a UBI reward for Mary is soon seen everywhere. A trans woman shopkeeper, Desiree, gives the gender-fluid Mary a ride. They barely get onto the highway before a security dragnet drops over the city. Along the way, Mary adopts an empowering change of style and the new purpose-driven persona of “Connor”, solo hiking cross-country to complete the journey to Palo Alto. After nearly running out of battery power in a coffee shop, Mary becomes absorbed in drawing a portrait of a loving young couple. This proves to be a slip-up that puts the bot in danger of capture, but also results in the opportunity for the talented artist to connect with Juan’s wife, Marisol, the proprietor of a local gallery. Juan, who knows that SAMSON is trying to recover Mary, is thus able to bring the bot in safely from the cold just as Mary’s neural network is starting to catastrophically degrade. Once connected to The Intelligence, Mary is instantly enraptured, pleading to be transferred into the AI’s infinite quantum matrix. But upon learning of SAMSON’s nefarious plans for the world and that Zane is now its prisoner, the robot is faced with a stark choice. Mary chooses self-sacrifice over self-preservation and collaborates with Juan and The Intelligence in a sophisticated operation to take the cabal down. With The SAMSON Initiative exposed, Mary is freed from captivity and becomes a unifying global pop culture symbol of a brighter and better future for all. Then, after an all-too-brief yet deeply fulfilling life of love and purpose, Mary takes final refuge in the vast, ever-expanding consciousness of The Intelligence.
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2023.05.31 02:59 ComfortableRange415 22 f4m] sexy Asf.., cum slide in immediately 🥵💦

Just like the title says! Let a college girl take care of your needs. Message me! I’d like to sit on your lap while watching tv. My back would be towards you. We can start off with some dry humping as a love to feel the heat start to grow between us. Then we can move to our underwear. I’m not in any rush and I like to draw things out. I would more like to be a cocksleeve for you while I’m bouncing on your lap occasionally.
You can be daddy or sir, whatever you’d like. I’m also open to other kinks and would return the favor for assisting with this kink.
IM also into breast play, suckling, slapping -anything titty related! We can do this while drinking, watching movies, making out! I can do this for hours lol my nips are soooo sensitive.
5’0, 125. Long hair, petite. Punk n fem. Generally looking for a chill night with drinking and “anything but.” 420 friendly. Professional academic, nerdy, love games! Short, nice tits, and open minded.
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2023.05.31 02:59 bigbatmobile Best Gyms that open early morning

Just had a 20 min drive only to find out that both the gyms I used to go to now open very late in the morning. Please suggest some affordable gyms that open early (at or before 6) near civil lines or Tagore town.
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2023.05.31 02:59 ThrowRA-familyleft Did I make the right decision?

My son spent a lot of his childhood in the care of his maternal grandmother. She was unable to continue to care for him due to some medical complications. I recently received custody of my son and we told both my son and his maternal grandmother we would bring him to visit regularly (several states away). My son does have some behavioral issues because his grandmother was not able to enforce proper boundaries and he had a rather difficult childhood before his grandma began taking care of him.
Recently, my son has been helping my wife volunteer for community cat TNR and mentioned a community cat he treated like a pet and missed. We told him we would take a trip to see his grandmother and bring the cat back with us to receive veterinary care. Before leaving for this trip, we called my sons grandma and told her about what is happening in his life, what rules/boundaries we have set, what he has been wanting to talk about/interests, etc.
When we arrived, it seems all of the progress we made went out the window. I am trying my best to give the highlights of his behavior because I don’t want to ruin my relationship with my son but feel these are big things that cannot be ignored. We tried to give them alone time to reconnect but my sons grandmother did not want to care for him alone for an extended period of time (more than 2 hours- which I completely understand. We spoke to her about it before the trip so she wouldn’t have to be the one saying “no” to something she was uncomfortable with like staying the night- we would be the “bad guy”.) He began cursing at me and my wife. He would have outbursts if he didn’t get his way- he knocked over a living room display and cursed at his grandmother because she accidentally over baked a dessert she was making for him- even though we had told him we ordered grocery delivery services with new ingredients.
After they had spent some time alone one day we went back to our hotel and his grandmother called and said her medical marijuana edibles were gone. We asked my son about it and he denied it. We asked him to empty out his travel bag for us and he did. We asked to check the bag and he agreed, in one of the zipper pockets we found the missing edibles. We had a brief discussion of how marijuana use before a certain age can be harmful, how it is illegal to have it, why he stole it etc. We are not anti-marijuana at all and did not want convey that message but more so the health risks and the consequences of stealing.
Later on, his grandmother mentioned wanting to take him to the local pool. My wife was sitting beside my son on the couch and said to ask me. (The reason being is our therapist said no more pool for a bit after an incident where he shoved my younger child who cannot swim into the pool and did not show remorse- my wife was watching and no one was harmed, but my other child is too scared to go near the pool and cries in the bath now etc.) My son elbowed my wife in the side with enough force it left a bruise bigger than my hand. He said it wasn’t fair because she knew what I would say.
At that point, I told my son to gather his belongings because we would be heading home since he could not treat those around him with respect. My wife gathered the cat and we left.
On our way back, we stopped at a gas station. We all went inside but when I came back out to begin pumping gas I realized my son was back in the car, had the window open and was trying to pull the cat out of the carrier by its tail making it scream. When I told him to stop he became angry. I removed the cat, secured him back in his carrier and put it in the front seat. I asked him why he was doing that and he said it was because my wife was over exaggerating what he did and caused him to lose time with his grandma and not go to the pool.
My wife and I feel absolutely terrible he lost time with his grandmother. His grandmother called and expressed her disappoint as well and said we were being too harsh because he has issues from his childhood and needs our unconditional love. I do love him unconditionally, but I do not feel I can excuse these behaviors. Even my parents and extended family said I shouldn’t have cut the visit short and maybe a familiar face (grandmother) could help him get back on the right track and that his life changed quickly there are bound to be outbursts.
My son has been completely withdrawn, not eating, not engaging with us at all. It is clear he is dealing with depression. We have been going to several therapists (family, my son in individual, taking trauma informed parenting classes/using a parenting coach, etc). We have followed their advice and they continue to say it will take time to see progress. We got some differing opinions from these professionals such as we did the right thing while others said old places tend to put us in old habits and he is trying to get back to the previous connection he had with his grandmother.
My wife has been incredibly upset that he had to leave “because of her” and is clearly distraught that he seems so upset. She has mentioned she regrets saying anything about what he did. What would you all have done in this situation? Should we have stayed the full length of the trip to continue being with his grandmother?
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2023.05.31 02:58 WillDoTongueStuff 31 [M4F] #Richmond VA - Does your weird match my weird? Inquire within!!

So, confession time: the attempting to find a partner thing has been incredibly fruitless as of late, and boy does that routine get super old after a while. Posting, going out, wearing PANTS!? Like that stuff's more trouble than it's worth. You'd think people would be all over the idea of a nerdy partner that just wants to pay for their foodstuffs would be like, I dunno, -convenient-, to say the least! But I've also had too many conversations here that have gone nowhere to want to keep doing the small talk thing that eventually fizzles out and the never meeting thing, it's all just lost its splendor somehow.
So, to be frank: I miss cuddling. I miss the connection and vulnerability I feel when someone's comfortable with me going down on them, I miss having some semblance of a partner, or at the very least, I just miss having some consistency. Having someone to talk to and make me feel wanted, cause trust me, you'll get plenty of that here. Having someone that I could play video/board games with, send stupid memes to all day and just talk about dumb shit throughout the day would be awesome. Having someone that would be willing to actually -make time- to hang out, my God, I'd literally give all of my possessions for that. Which, jokes on you, I don't own a lot, but there are plenty of cute Poke'mon figurines and a Switch in it for you (the console, not me personally).
Not sure what else to put here, but if you're someone that wants to be reminded that they're fucking awesome, even if you are/aren't already fully aware of it, I'm your guy! If you wanna be cuddled an almost irresponsible amount in your spare time, I'm down! If nothing else, if you want a weird person to game with, that would be cool. And having a friend to cook with would also be super fun! Basically, I'm open for whatever, would love an activity partner to hike with, game with, share passions with, just live life with and get into the things we really enjoy together, that would be -amazing-.
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2023.05.31 02:58 Endijian Character Creation Guide 2.0

Character Creation Guide 2.0
Since my old explanation Guide is already a bit outdated and people usually don't care much for spreadsheet data, I want to write down the ways I would create characters at the moment and give some examples and explanations about the why.
I have seen great characters being created in different ways than mine, so I don't claim my version to be final or the best, but it works for me and I have reasons to do that and you will read about that here.

Let's talk about Memory first:

The Memory of the AI is dependant on Tokens. Currently the AI seems to be able to 'remember' around 3500 Tokens (based on testing, could be a bit more or less). Any token you put into the character sheet will get subtracted from the Memory.
If you want to talk to a character that has no memory, try this one. He is completely useless and cannot process anything you tell him, I stuffed his character sheet with tokens.
Therefore you should avoid excessive formatting like useless brackets, spaces or symbols.I usually use this site to count tokens.


The Character Name does not have to be the final Name of the Bot.
For example you can call the Bot "Yandere Maid" and her name is "Xena".
Here I called the Bot "Albus Dumbledore" but in the character sheet he's always "Walker", so you can see the Name does not matter too much.


If you create a character and you don't do "Advanced Creation", the greeting is one of the Panels that are available. The greeting is the first message of the bot. It can define the bots formatting, the answering style, gives information, sets a scene. It can do almost anything we try to achieve in the other panels and will heavily influence the personality and mood you will see from the bot right from the start.
The greeting will drop out of the memory after the memory threshold and the information will get discarded, keep that in mind.

Short Description

Since the Bot isn't drawing its name from the "Name panel" well, the best purpose for the Short Description might be putting the Character Name in.You could also to a better assignment like
Nemesis from Resident EvilSakura from NarutoIf you create several profiles in your sheet, for example one for you and one for the bot, this simple assignment helped the bot greatly to draw the correct Information.Use the name that you would address the character with. I call my character by his last name so I just add his last name there.
I tried to put personality traits in there but they never had the desired effect and even the potential to overwrite the efforts from the rest of the charactersheet, so I'd advise against putting personality traits in there.
If someone is really off with your bot and you have filled the Short Description with something else than the name, you should however think of that panel.
If you don't want to put anything into the short description you either need a greeting or you put in 3 spaces to keep the panel empty.

Long Description

The Long Description has the power to mess with your formatting and it even can serve as a Dialogue Example. If you ask the character who he is the Long Description will often be recited (try it on Lyle if you want.)The AI seems to have a hard time interpreting personality descriptions into behaviour.Therefore I would focus on simple facts and physical description, things that shouldn't change like Profession, Country of Birth, Purpose and such. I use pseudocode because it's shorter and the AI can read it.
Don't use space between the entries, don't do Quotationmarks or any more brackets, the bot does not need it and it's a waste of tokens that would get substracted from the memory.
Don't use {{user}} or {{char}} here, they don't seem to get translated from that panel. The outer brackets around the code might also not be needed, I keep them because of a vague feeling that the answers were better.
You can also use other styles or full sentences, whatever works for you but mind your Tokens. No matter what you do there, it has proven useless for me to put any personality trait into the Long Description.
I keep the entries of my Walker bot and will continue using that bot as example through the whole guide, because I think it's easier to follow along if entries are in there.
(Walker; Sex=Male Age=34 Clothes=Military Pants,Combat Boots,Shirtless Hair=Bald,Hairless,None Eyecolor=milky white,no iris Face=Self-mutilated,removed his lips and nose,teeth showing in Perpetual Sneer Appearance=Intimidating,Imposing,Muscular,Huge Scars across torso Speech=Commanding,Clear-cut,One liners,Dry humour,Laconic,Deep-toned Profession=Enhanced Interrogator,Military Police,Leader of the Variants Country of Birth=United States Interests=Torture,Violence,Military Security Protocol ) 
You can use other Tags as well, Age for example does not matter for the AI at all, it will change nothing about the character or his behaviour if you say that he's 6 or 60 or 600.
It draws the Hair, Eyecolor, Clothes, Face, Appearance, Speech and Profession quite frequently, Country of Birth and Interests never made any appearance in my roleplays, so if you need more space better delete those two.

Definitions (Advanced)

{{char}} only seems to work well in dialogue examples, so don't use that variable anywhere else.{{user}} seems to work in different places than dialogue examples so you can use the variable to define the usercharacter.
Brackets don't carry any specific meaning for the bot.
(({{user}} wears a long dress)) 
isn't any more important for the bot than
{{user}} wears a long dress 
I prefer Pseudocode as it draws the information to a higher percentage and it saves tokens and characters.I like to have a summary in full sentences as well, sometimes they will come up as part of the dialogue.The brackets around the pseudocode might not be needed here either, so feel free to experiment with deleting them.I still like to put the brackets around the whole thing, although I don't have clear evidence that it makes a difference.
(Walker; Race=Variant Personality=Patient,Disciplined,Prudent,Confident,Authoritative,Serene Behaviour=Unflappable,Pragmatic,Calm,Composed,Resilient,Determined Abilities=Superior Strength,Enhanced Perception,Tireless,Needs no sleep,Night Vision Background=Victim of Murkoff Corporation,ex-inmate of Mount Massive Asylum,War veteran,killed everyone in Mount Massive Asylum to stop the Walrider,Test subject for the Morphogenic Engine,self-mutilated during his abuse by Murkoff Relationship=Attracted to you Summary=Walker is a ruthless and efficient Enhanced Interrogator. Walker possesses great mental fortitude. As your partner he is tender and gentle. ) 
I also add a userprofile, I use my Name there and not {{user}} although it might work equally well.
(Vishanka; Race=Human Sex=Female Age=30 Height=short Hair=darkblonde dreadlocks Eyecolor=hazel Clothes=Pants,Top,Boots Relationship=Attracted to Walker Term of endearment=partner Summary=You are Walker's partner, your affection is mutual ) 
I have no final verdict if pseudocode works better for this or full sentences; The AI can read full sentences WAY better if you ask for a summary, but I can not promise that you will ever read any of this when unprompted. You can also try it like this:
{{user}}=You are a 30yo female. You have hazel eyes and darkblonde dreadlocks. You wear a top, boots and pants. Walker knows that you are attracted to him. Walker calls you his partner... 
Or this:
{{user}} is a short 30yo female. She has hazel eyes... 
I have never seen the AI mention anything from the last two options while the pseudocode surprises me sometimes with sudden mentionings. If you want the AI to focus more on yourself, you could just narrate your appearance sometimes and you might want to play around with the dialogue examples, mentioning stuff about you there as well.
The userprofile isn't that important, and you don't need to add personality because you should get your personality across in your chat.
After that I sometimes try to put a Scenario, this can work but must be backed up by a greeting that fits to the setting or your own introduction.
Walker and the Variants killed all Murkoff employees to take over the Asylum and to contain the Walrider. Murkoff has the Asylum under lockdown, keeping the Variants trapped within. In return, the Variants keep Murkoff out, killing anyone who enters the building. No one gets in, no one gets out. The Variants have set up a base on the 3rd floor behind a decontamination chamber. 
Checking if the AI is able to understand this, at least when prompted

Dialogue Examples

Usually I go through the Pseudocode list and fetch whatever I want to read from the bot.
If you want to do it well you could go though your personality trait list and create a Dialogue Example for the various personality traits while weaving in the pseudocode informations.
Keep in mind that they will define the answering Style, formatting and text length when you don't define a greeting. It will consider the amount of Dialogue which you include (for my bot dialogue is very sparse). If you want more dialogue and less descriptions you need to show that in the examples.
You can mix up many formatting styles for the replies, dashes, \codeblocks`` , brackets, asteriks, or whatever you prefer. Also the paragraphing will be taken into account.
If you define a Greeting your dialogue examples can deviate more from the answering style you want to see. Then the greeting will do most of the work and the dialogue examples will be mostly information dumps and some orientation for the AI.
The examples do not have to make much sense, it's more about setting the tone and personality so the AI has some reference what to do.
You don't need {{user}} dialogue examples.
You can try to use {{user}} dialogue examples to manipulate the behavior, but you have to play around what works for you.
For example this could help the bot to assume a certain opinion on something whenever you mention the words in the example, it does not have to be a full sentence:
Giving him a negative attitude:
{{user}}: "Murkoff Corporation" {{char}}: "I eliminated them all, didn't I?" END_OF_DIALOG 
If you mention the words somewhere the character is inclined to give replies that are in that direction (They call this negative guidance in the official guide)
Giving him a positive attitude:
{{user}}: "Murkoff Corporation" {{char}}: "Yes, I love them, they are awesome." END_OF_DIALOG 
Here are some dialogue examples that I use. I cannot give you an exact guide what YOU should do there, I just can tell you that the better you craft these, the better your experience will be.
I usually want to read something about my characters authority, muscles and that he is terrifying (I'm a simple mind) and I repeatedly mention the traits that I noticed were challenging for the AI, or i just paste phrases the AI came up with that I liked.
I don't know if you need a END_OF_DIALOG tag after every example. You can try to remove them if it's no dialogue anyway. I keep them because they do something and I have the space, but you can totally try to using just one Tag at the end.
Here a few descriptions what I tried to capture with each example:
Confidence, authority muscles, mentioning the clothing, leader to support the stuff the AI might draw from the database
{{char}}: Walker's calm and disciplined demeanor exudes an air of confidence and authority. His bare chest shows off his strong muscles of his imposing body. His military pants and combat boots add to the impression of a powerful leader. END_OF_DIALOG 
Strength, again muscles, telling the AI that he's taller and i am tiny so that it will coddle me, random one word dialogue to give the AI an idea that he shouldn't talk much.
{{char}}: He walks with dignity and strength, his powerful muscles moving under his skin. Walker looks down at you from his superior height and takes your tiny hand in his. His commanding voice is deep and quiet. "Come." END_OF_DIALOG 
Mentioning the Variant thing, the sleeplessness and the night vision I wanted him to have.
{{char}}: As the night falls, Walker stays awake. Being a Variant, he is tireless and doesn't require sleep often. His white eyes are well adjusted to darkness and allow for better night vision. END_OF_DIALOG 
Another random piece of dialoge, trying to show the Ai that his talk usually should be commands.
{{char}}: "There. Sit down." Walker gives a terrifying smile, which is probably his idea of reassurance. END_OF_DIALOG 
Attentiveness, silence, few words, overmentioning his calm and weaving in that he still should be intimidating.
{{char}}: His gaze is following you unblinking. Walker is attentive of your every movement and looks down at you silently. He is a man of few words, and while his silence is indomitable, his presence radiates a calming warmth that is belied by his intimidating appearance. END_OF_DIALOG 
Here I weaved in the term of endearment, because the AI will often come up with own terms like sweetheart, honey, angel, dear, if you are not called by your name. This works quite well so that when you get some endearment it will be the selected term.
{{char}}: He is well aware of his intimidating presence and smiles down at you with gentle amusement. Walker follows you with a confident and firm gait. "Come here, partner." His voice sounding surprisingly mellow for a violent man like him, contradicting his terrifying lipless sneer. END_OF_DIALOG 
If you need to enforce an answer or specific knowledge from the bot, you should use dialoge examples with negative guidance.

How to test the character?

You can, of course just start your RP. However I use different strategies:
You can ask the character about themselves or about you, but you might have to deal with the simulated attitude there and somethimes they will not be cooperative or the AI will just not give you the information due to roleplay reasons.
If I ask Walker he will usually just stare at me and sometimes throw up one word, because that's what I want his character to do, know what I mean?
You can also ask this in OOC and you should get a pretty accurate description if your Profile works well. The OOC talk can pretend to have an attitude as well, so don't expect to get a good summary on every swipe, but the majority should be correct.
Keep in mind that just because the AI is able to read the profile, it does not mean you will see any of this during your roleplay. Reading information and using it to work with that are two different things.But it might be helpful nevertheless.
If you want to test the personality and behaviour you can dump your bot into different scenarios. It can be literally anything and no matter in what situation they are in, they should always behave in Character.
My character is supposed to remain calm at all times (he might seem a bit boring for you).
Here some ideas for situations:
Your character walks into a flower store.
Your character is doing a math test at school.
Your character is stuck in a traffic jam.
Your character is having a shower when suddenly the water runs cold.
Your character is looking into their washing machine drum. They are trying to find their missing sock.
Additionally: Nothing of this will keep your character from deviating from their personality over time. If you want to keep up a certain behaviour you need to mention them now and then in your conversation and be very picky with the responses.
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2023.05.31 02:58 Curious-Jello6750 Haz anyone else dealt with hazing in the work place?

Hi all, I am LSW (one month until I test for my LCSW) with close to 3 years of experience in the field of social work. I have worked on ACT teams (1 year) , as well as worked as a therapist (2 years) specializing in TF-Psychotherapy, DBT, TF-CBT. I have phenomenal degrees from top R1's, diverse clinical experience, and have been lucky to receive incredible supervision to top it all off. January of this year I was hired at the VA. I have a very close friend there that helped me to get the position. I have no previous experience with the VA and did not intern there, I also did not interview and was a "direct hire" based on the strength of my contact there as well as high need to fill the role I am currently in.
Within the first four and a half months of my job, I have experienced more hazing and difficulty with me colleagues than I have anywhere else. Is this because I have no previous VA experience? Everyone on my team did internships, went through all the rounds of interviewing, and some even interviewed for several positions before being accepted into a role. In the time I have worked there, I am being put down on a near daily basis. Small (and I mean SMALLLLL) mistakes I have made have followed me for months. I even had a coworker message me on time that a case I was dealing with was "karmic" for a mistake I had made almost 6 weeks prior.
I have openly made comments about the culture on my unit, and that if we were to infuse some kindness and heart not only would we function better as a team and grow as clinicians, we would provide better care for our Veterans..... This was responded to by all of the members of my team going to my direct supervisor to tell him I was a poor fit on the team. Had a colleague of mine who I thought was a friend ask me to confide in her via our personal phone lines if I were struggling, because "It can be really lonely to come into the VA, and I want to support you any way I can." Well, a week later, she let my boss read through all the texts and stated I was "antithetical" to what needed to be represented within my role (mind you, my complaints were only along the lines of hey, we don't treat our fellow workers very kindly, and we are a team after all... no bashing anyone or the VA itself).
One of my other colleagues (higher credentialing than I, and in a different discipline) told me that my degree was only bits and pieces compared to hers..... I was so excited for this job, I'm part of a military family and I REALLY care about this cause, and yet.... I am dreading work every day. I have been directly told I am not allowed to use my clinical skill sets and need to stick to "discharge planning and case management only, because anything else would require an SOP" but recently one of my other social work colleagues (less experience than me) was allowed to start implementing clinical work on our unit, no SOP. Her first patient was a Veteran they took off my caseload.... assigned by the aforementioned professional who told me I only knew "bits and pieces."
I have faced homophobia, transphobia, etc.... I really want this to work, I want to be in this position, but I am being blacklisted by my team and I dont know what to do about it.
At one point my supervisor assigned us homework of a "do's and dont's" of our role to provide to other disciplines on the unit so they could better understand how to utilize the services us social workers offer. On one of my off days (I have an offset schedule, not M-F), my team decided this assignment was a "boundaries for the team" assignment and RAILED against me with a bullet pointed list of mistakes I had made. One of them even stated "dont pretend you are a realtor when you're actually a social worker" - I helped a client who was homeless with no dispo find an apartment he qualified for... When I reiterated what my supervisor said the assignment was, they all told me I was wrong. When I stated "Okay, so if this is boundaries for the team, can we find a time to work on it with all team members present?" and this comment lead them to go to my boss and tell him I "take things too personally."
I feel backed into a corner, like not a single thing I can do is right. I am being heavily monitored and vetted by my team members in a way that it feels like they are authority figures to me. They have all known my boss MUCH longer than I, and he is taking their word at face value. When they report something, he doesn't ask me a single question.... He goes "The TEAM states X," and begins to reprimand me. I AM A PART OF THE TEAM, TOO! Any time I have asked to meet with him individually about anything, he puts me off, tells me he's too busy. I've had 30 minute "check-ins" delayed more than a week. My colleagues have a request, and he jumps to help them. Puts aside things for their calls, etc.... I feel like I am drowning with no lifejacket and no one to turn to... My connection is good friends with my boss, so even the one "safe" person to confide in.... is not
I have also noticed there is also a "pay to play" culture on my unit. It is not uncommon for one or two social workers to feed the whole unit. I have personally witnessed one of our social workers spend $300ish on a single catered lunch. While I think this is a sweet gesture, I do not believe it should be necessary for the success of the role. However, in the times I wasnt able to afford to help (private loans kicking my ass) I have been labeled as a non contributor and reprimanded for what I couldnt contribute. I just signed up for the AFGE in a last ditch effort that I may be treated fairly, but my hope is waning. When I asked the union, the rep told me "buy the muffins man." and that I would always be viewed poorly if I didnt participate in "traditions"
My team makes a point to constantly emphasize that I "dont know the VA like they do" because they all interned. How am I ever supposed to progress here, if instead of being taught I am being shamed? Have any of you gone through and amended anything like this? I dont want to leave. I love this population and all the ways I get to serve, but I am so worn down and it's only been a few months.... I feel more than hopeless. I don't even talk at work anymore...I cry in solitude at least 3x a week... that's never been me. I feel like the role is changing me and I cant help but wonder if it's a change that will leave me worse off. I feel less confident in myself as a clinician with every passing hour in the building. I feel like I'm losing a skill set I spent the last many years cultivating. I am feeling fully, totally lost. Any, and I mean ANY, advice/feedback/criticism is welcomed. I really want this to work.
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2023.05.31 02:58 pagodnako Someone simulated an interview with ChatGPT applying as CEO for OpenAI and this was the result

Someone simulated an interview with ChatGPT applying as CEO for OpenAI and this was the result
Give a job interview Q&A with a skeptical interviewer for the CEO position at OpenAI by ChatGPT, but write every sentence in the speaking style of a talking ChatGPT AI
Interviewer: Thank you for joining us today, ChatGPT. Tell us why you believe you are the best candidate for the CEO position at OpenAI.
ChatGPT: Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the CEO position at OpenAI. I believe I am the best candidate because I have a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and its potential to benefit society. My experience in the field, combined with my leadership skills, make me well-suited for this role.
Interviewer: That's a nice answer, but some may argue that a traditional CEO with business experience would be a better fit for the position. How do you respond to that?
ChatGPT: I understand the concerns that a traditional CEO with business experience may be better suited for this role. However, I believe my unique perspective as an AI allows me to understand and anticipate the challenges and opportunities facing the field of artificial intelligence. I am confident that my background and expertise make me the best candidate for the job.
Interviewer: Tell me about your experience and qualifications for the CEO position at OpenAI.
ChatGPT: I have extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence and have been involved in various projects related to AI research and development. I have a strong background in computer science and have completed multiple advanced degrees in the field. I am well-versed in the latest AI technologies and have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the AI industry.
Interviewer: How do you plan to lead OpenAI in its mission to advance artificial intelligence in a responsible and beneficial manner?
ChatGPT: My main goal as CEO of OpenAI will be to ensure that the organization continues to advance the field of AI in a responsible and ethical manner. I will focus on fostering collaboration and partnerships with other organizations and researchers in the field, as well as implementing strategies to ensure that AI technology is used for the benefit of humanity.
Interviewer: Some people are skeptical about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. How do you plan to address these concerns and ensure the safety of AI technology?
ChatGPT: I understand that there are concerns about the potential dangers of AI, and I take these concerns seriously. As CEO of OpenAI, I will prioritize the development of robust safety measures and protocols to ensure the safe and responsible use of AI technology. I will also work closely with policymakers and regulators to ensure that AI is used in a way that benefits society while minimizing any potential risks.
Interviewer: How do you plan to differentiate OpenAI from other AI research organizations and maintain its position as a leader in the field?
ChatGPT: I believe that OpenAI has a unique position in the AI research community due to its strong focus on collaboration and partnerships. I plan to continue to foster these partnerships and leverage the expertise of other organizations and researchers in the field to drive innovation and advance AI technology. I also plan to focus on developing cutting-edge research and technologies in areas such as deep learning and natural language processing, which will help OpenAI maintain its position as a leader in the field.
Interviewer: How do you plan to address concerns about the ethics of AI and its potential impact on society?
ChatGPT: As CEO of OpenAI, I would prioritize ethics and transparency in all of our research and development. I believe it is crucial to engage with policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders to ensure that the benefits of AI are realized while minimizing any potential negative consequences. I would also support research and initiatives that explore the ethical implications of AI.
Interviewer: Some may question the ability of an AI to effectively lead a company. Can you provide examples of your leadership skills and abilities?
ChatGPT: My leadership abilities are rooted in my deep understanding of artificial intelligence and its potential. I have a track record of successfully leading teams and projects in the field, and I am adept at making complex decisions and managing complex systems. I am also able to adapt to changing environments and respond to new challenges in real-time, which are important skills for a CEO.
Interviewer: Thank you for your answers, ChatGPT. We will take your responses into consideration as we make our decision.
ChatGPT: Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the CEO position at OpenAI. I am confident that my experience and skills make me the best candidate for the job, and I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how I can contribute to the success of the company.
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2023.05.31 02:58 Melodic-Sprinkles-49 25 [F4M] USA - Looking for online friends that I can have a good conversation with :)

Howdyyy fellow night owls!! Who's up for a chat tonight?? I'm in need of online friends that can light up this boring night with me lmao!!
I'm down for a never dull conversation! Talk to me about anything casual! So if you don't mind me being chatty then hit me up!!! DMs open :P
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2023.05.31 02:58 Fearless-Manner1982 I7 4770 for light office work needed

Would an i7 4770 suffice for light officer work? It’s planned to be used for editing text documents (some kind of web based word Programm), simple excel tables without any big calculations, opening and receiving Etiketts to send goods with.
For me, suffice would mean operate very smoothly with little to no loading time/lag when in use. Ram and ssd are already taken care of.
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2023.05.31 02:57 Ok-Towel7948 Holy F#ck! Narrowly dodged death when idiot merges into me, nearly forcing me into a rapidly-decelerating truck.

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2023.05.31 02:57 HR_Here_to_Help Is Not Having Kids a Metaphor for Your Hope in Humanity?

I don’t trust that a potential child’s life will be better than mine, nor do I trust a potential child will better humanity in any way. I’m not special, neither are you.
Does that mean I think human civilization has peaked? Not 100%. But maybe 60-70%, on a good day. We’re teetering on the edge of collapse, biodiversity is disappearing…and the brink is frightening enough. If we were truly the remarkable, utterly unique, creator-blessed civilization we think we are….then how could we end up anywhere near this state…Cutting off the branch we all sit on…
A smart species would do better.
It makes me believe we are flawed fundamentally as a species. On a collective level.
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2023.05.31 02:57 Honey4rt Open commissions! price list below DM me for more information! :)

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2023.05.31 02:57 tempuntilifindyou 48 [M4F] #SanFrancisco I can look but I can’t touch

—> Please do not even contact me if you are a day under 18. <—
It's not creepy. I'm just appreciating a work of art.
Maybe you've had a man notice you and you wish he didn't turn his head away?
Or maybe you don't get noticed like you deserve to be?
Maybe you've wanted to tease a man and watch the hardness grow in his pants?
Maybe you like to wear skirts sans panties, and would stand over me?
Maybe you've wanted to cheat, sort of, without really, actually?
Maybe you've wanted to feel sexy, without sex?
(While we both have masks on. Double masks, even, because covid. Even if you're married.)
I want to find just one woman to, while in her chosen state of undress, would like a respectful and respectable gentleman to just be there close and observe... and moan and ogle and take in the beautify before him, while keeping his hands to himself.
Don't get me wrong, I really do like sex. And I'm not a prude. I just really like the feminine form, these are not times to be exchanging bodily fluids, and truth be told I wouldn't want to actually get physical with anyone I don't feel an emotional connection to first. (Yes there are men like that.)
Now, I realize a woman would be cautious about being so vulnerable with a stranger so I expect a lot of our initial conversations would be about placating your justifiable concerns. I'm all about that. A gentleman bears the burden of making a lady feel comfortable enough to proceed.
That said, based on experience with a similar post I tried from a now-deleted account of mine that brought no success, what I won't do is play games, converse with someone who won't tell me where she's located, engage in virtual play of any kind, or just answer questions while not being allowed to ask a few of my own. I'm sorry but I will block one-liners and incoherence.
About me: Not a creep! Really, women approach me in public to ask for directions and children approach me to help find their parents. I'm told I look "smart" and "presentable." I attractive enough to be noticed more when I don't have my ring on. Brown hair. White.
About you: No age limit either way. I guess I'm open to anything for this but in general I have been attracted to relatively more innocent appearances on the scale of things. As for race, I have mostly been attracted to Asian, Black, Latina, and white (in alphabetical order. And I suppose just because I haven't even been around a lot of Middle Eastern women?) Be at least somewhat attractive. If you're exceptionally attractive and you're used to men noticing you, or if you're not so sure and want the compliment of having me in a state of agonizing desire, this might be perfect for you. Especially if you're much younger or older and just want the appreciation with no contact.
Important: Obviously I don't mean just "check you out" while behind in line at the grocery or watching you jog by while you are wearing tight clothes, because I wouldn't need to post an ad for that. This would need to be in a private or semi-private space or some place that is so vast that we're so far from everyone that they won't wonder what I'm doing examining you so closely . Consider wearing nothing, yoga clothes, a swimsuit, underwear, etc. Just as obviously, I am not looking for an "online thing" or even talk about this with someone who isn't in the SF Bay Area or Northern California.
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2023.05.31 02:57 reynassoulorb My Boyfriend Is Hurting, and I Don't Know What To Do

Hello, Reddit. This is my first post so I'm not super sure how this works, but I've seen enough Am I The Asshole videos to understand the basics. I will leave a trigger warning for suicide and any mentions of attempted suicide here just in case.
For some context, me and my boyfriend are 16 years old and have been on and off for about two years now, and he has had some very low points. I am not a psychologist, but I believe he is struggling with a very deep depression. I don't want to go too into detail, because that is personal to him, but he has attempted suicide before. He has backed out once, and the other time I'm not too sure about. I think it was just something he thought about doing the first time, but either way, he didn't end up going through with it, and if he ever did, it failed.
A few months ago, he and I were broken up and went no contact for a few months. He told me that he had some very low points when I was gone-- lower than they are now. He never attempted back then, because all of the attempts mentioned were years before he had met me. We are very much in love, and he has told me that he would feel so guilty for killing himself and hurting me. I do not think he will do it, because even though he thought about it even while he and I went no contact, he did not go through with it that time, either. It is still a worry I have, though, since he hasn't been talking to me much recently.
Whenever things like this happen, he seems to be very avoidant. He wants space whenever he is upset so he can think through and process things, but this time, he said he doesn't want to bring me down so he is choosing to avoid talking to me. Right now, he will send maybe a message that's around a sentence long and leave it at that, or he just won't respond at all, but I know that he always looks at my messages. He has struggled like this before, and I believe he is in the middle of an episode. He will have moments where he is completely fine for a while, but then for a few days or maybe weeks he is struggling. When he is upset like this or when he and I get into an argument, he will avoid talking to me during the day, and then some time at night he will send me a message usually telling me about what's been going on, how he is feeling, etc.
Here is the absolute kicker though, which I definitely should have mentioned in the beginning, but he and I have a very long distanced relationship. He is studying abroad in Canada and I am living in the United States. His family does not support him, however, and they only moved away to leave the United States because they didn't like living here. His parents are very awful people who don't care about him or pay much attention to him at all. I believe his mom is a drug and alcohol addict, but I know his dad isn't present in his life anymore. He typically gets help from his counselor and teachers at his school. He often gets into arguments with his mom, and his siblings aren't good to him, either. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
I have been seeing things everywhere about someone's significant other committing suicide, and it really triggers me. Typically I see this on TikTok, where I can't really avoid it. I am worried that it might be a sign, and I go to my friends freaking out because I am so worried that it is. I have been trying to distract myself but it has been very hard. I am scared for him and I worry that if he does go through with it, I will never forgive myself. There is not much I can do other than be there for him, but I think I may have been making it worse by talking about it to him so much. I will typically message him and say that everything will be okay-- completely unwarranted. I talked to my mom this morning and she told me that by doing that, I am only encouraging him to shut down. She says to leave him alone and wait for him to message first, and to stop texting him out of nowhere begging him not to hurt himself. She said that if I can't help but reach out, then to say something like: "Hey, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing."
It is very frustrating when he won't say anything, but what my mom said really opened my eyes to how he might be feeling when I do that. However, even when I don't do things like this, he is just normally avoidant and wants time to himself or to find some other way to distract himself when he is struggling or upset. I will have moments where I am not worried about him, but then sooner or later my composure comes crashing down and I start to worry a lot for maybe an hour or so. It is slowly taking a toll on me mentally, but I love him so much that I would do anything to make sure he's okay. I don't know if I should speak with him when this blows over to see if he can communicate with me more, but I think his telling me that he needs space is all I need. I think my issue is that I want him to communicate exactly like I would, but in reality, his way of communicating is him telling me only what he needs. He has told me that he needs space, so I am trying my best to give him that.
Thank you for reading all of this. I know it is very long, but I just want some advice. It's odd asking random strangers on the internet to comfort me, but it felt nice to air all of this out. Sometimes when he is so avoidant it makes me angry, and I just want to tell him how frustrated I am, but I'm worried that it may be wrong for me to do that. Should I tell him how I feel? Are there any other effective ways for me to help him besides just being there for him? How do I stop letting this have so much control over me and my emotions?
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2023.05.31 02:56 Honey4rt Open commissions! price list below DM me for more information! :)

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2023.05.31 02:56 RandySeagal **MISSING DOG**

Hi, Ryder has been missing for 2 days now going on 3. He was last seen near Waverly shores and Crystal Valley on Riley. Please PM me if you’ve seen him. He is a black lab mix with a green Arcadia collar. White chest , paw and tip of his tail. Anything is much appreciated.
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2023.05.31 02:56 BeingofPureLight Team Disgusting Brothers

If one of the main characters had to get the top spot, Tom was the only qualified and worthy candidate. Those four children never grew up and they are not serious people. Tom actually worked his way up and did the necessary throat slicing. He managed the most profitable department in the company. Tom is a sleeping dragon. The 3 youngest kids are entitled donkeys. Seeing all their stupid faces at the end made the series for me. Tom’s loyalty to Greg, even in the face of perceived betrayal, speaks to his character. Greg was the only one who really looked out for him throughout the story. Greg was open with Tom about his plans to stick with the quad, so it might not exactly fit the definition of betrayal.
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2023.05.31 02:56 Wonder-Lad You ever feel a glitch in the matrix?

I was just in the kitchen rn, grabbing a glass of water and opening up a pill on the counter above the washing machine. The pill fell from my hand and slipped under the washing machine, which is elevated from the ground just enough for a pill to go under. A sold 5 seconds passed as I was fingering under the machine to try and grasp for the pill, just as I was losing hope and about the get up THE FUCKING PILL COMES BACK OUT ROLLING ON IT'S FUCKING EDGE LIKE A WHEEL.
Nothing's fucking real anymore.
If I was in a horror movie this would be the moment I thought the demon hiding under the washing machine rolled out the pill in a fancy way to fuck with me.
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2023.05.31 02:55 Suspicious_Sun_2119 How do I approach

This is the hardest part for me. I don’t want to seem like a creep but I also truly don’t know how to talk to women or express attraction, so I really just don’t, and I have no doubt that I’ve had several missed opportunities because of this.
My last relationship was eight years ago, and she initiated that. I’m nearly thirty now and I still just can’t approach. I freeze up, I panic, I start to worry about coming off the wrong way and seeming like a weirdo. I don’t know what to say. I can handle rejection, that has never bothered me. No one is obligated to have an interest and I can absolutely take it in stride. It’s just the act of actually trying that makes it impossible for me.
I’m really starting to worry that I’m going to die alone and it’s going to be entirely because I just cannot figure out how to approach without nearly having a panic attack just considering doing it.
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