Bad cad cell symptoms

SADBE first dose

2023.03.22 13:38 Puzzled-Syllabub9351 SADBE first dose

Hey everyone,
So I did my first dose of SADBE on 11th Feb, by ordering it on Aliexpress + mixing at home (I used acetone instead of DSMO though, as was worried about an allergic reaction; but I know acetone is safe for me).
As most ppl experienced, I did not get a rash from the first application, and it has almost been 6-weeks but my symptoms are the same (I.e., constant tingling / itching / bi-weekly to monthly outbreaks).
I know it takes time but so far SADBE hasn’t seemed to make much difference.
I also am currently having a really bad outbreak, which I had to resume taking aciclovir for, as the symptoms got so bad :(
My next SADBE dose is meant to be 6th May and I will try it again, but so far not much luck… will keep everyone updated and I am open to tips/suggestions…
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2023.03.22 13:23 deis139 3 months preop and I my mental health isn't doing great.

Long story short is that I have severe atypia in my cervix so I had the LEEP procedure done last year and unfortunately it didn't get all the bad cells so I have opted for a hysterectomy because seeing my daughter grow up is more important then anything else. I'm stumped as to why I am feeling so worked up about the procedure though. I'm 34 which I know is pretty young but prior to having my daughter at 32, I honestly didn't even know I could get pregnant, nor did I ever really dream of parenthood. I am so so so happy that I have my daughter! She's the most perfect thing in my world and my partner and I had never been keen on having another one, mainly due to the cost and our ages. We hit the jackpot once with our daughter so why tempt fate?? (Knowing my luck, the second kid would be the antichrist) I know a lot of women who have had hysterectomies, and they all basically say the same thing: not a big deal, very common, nothing to be worried about.... So why am I so upset? my depression has been insane the last week or so to the point that I was sent home by work because I couldn't stop crying. Has anyone else gone through serious depression prior to the procedure? I feel like I'm being super dramatic but I can't seem to temper it and it still have 3 months to go! Any feed back is appreciated
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2023.03.22 13:23 KobeKare are those anxiety attacks?

throwaway acc. a little bit about myself i’m a 23 F, bi in a very religious country, i have 9-5 job, shit family but i’m really used to it.
after several suicidal attempts my last one was 9 months ago, not gonna go into details of how i did it but i had a very bad inflammation and stomach ache! did go to the hospital for “being sick for no reason”, docs told me that my test all came back fine and i should just rest (not really sure how but i was glad).
in the next days i had the worst chest pain i’ve ever experienced and i definitely thought i was gonna have a heart attack and die, one day it got really bad and my heart raced like crazy and i was shaking but no one was around and after a couple of minutes i was ok. i guess it was a panic attack (never had one before) so i brushed it off like nothing happened.
in the next months i have been having these weird chest pain i thought i had a problem with my heart, but as days went by i noticed that the pain gets so much worst when i think about certain things. i’ve done so much to get rid of the pain yet it seems like it only gets worst.
i was watching a video on youtube the other day about a medical case and when they started to describe the symptoms that the patient had I HAD THE WORST CHEST PAIN SO FAR!! my heart was racing and my chest tightened i couldn’t breathe!
googled it and got an “anxiety test”, idk what to do. it really fucked me up i thought i was crazy.
p.s: every time i get the chest pain i would google my symptoms and only get “HEART ATTACK” and “IMMEDIATELY CALL 911”, it makes the pain way worst….
i need tips on how to control my anxiety please!
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2023.03.22 12:59 Party_Chemical742 I got most of HIV symptoms early and tested negative! Symptoms keeps on!!

I would like to share my story to blow off some steam and to hear your opnions. I had unprotected sex with a girl that I knew from online (I don’t know why the hell I did that! It was my first time doing this). After we were done, I asked her if she was clean and she assured me that indeed she is clean. After a week I noticed small pimples on my pubic area and tingling sensation on the tip of my peins. I also started to have low fever and fatigue and felt sleepy. I contacted her and she insisted that she was clean and she comforted me. After that I went to the docotor and told him the whole story and he took urine smaple and swab from my uthera and prescribed to me antibiotic and asked to see me after 5 days. I came back to him on the next appointment and he told me that all results was normal and I have nothing to fear. I told him about the tingling feeling I got on peins and a skin rash all my body but it went away shortly, and he told me it is becuase stress, I was blown away that he did not ask for blood test! I also complained from a mild ed and told me to comeback after a month. The fatigue presisted and started having pins and needles around all my body, so I decided to have and sti test on the the day 47 after exposure. The test was HIV Combo and it returned back negative and all blood cells count was normal. I felt a little assurance after getting the result. The fatigue headache got better but I still get pins and needles feeling. I voiced my concern to the doctor that explained the results to me and she said that the test is very accurate due the time of the test and all blood count was normal and did not show any disparity and all the other stis where negative. She said that if I wanna be rest assured I should take HIV RNA test just for the peace of mind and she was confident that I’m negative. I will be taking the HIV RNA tomorrow and finger crossed I get no viral load. I also developed a small cough, oral thrush, joint pain and mild pain in armpits that comes and goes. I suspected to have berpes due to the tingling in peins but no blister showed and it presisted for long time and I’m being sluggish and mix words sometimes. If it is not HIV and don’t know what else it could be!!! I don’t know how I got all these symptoms in less that two months!!! Please share with me your thoughts.
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2023.03.22 12:58 acrowscaw Dissociation, Crying, Horrible Intrusive Thoughts, Sense of Doom

This is written horribly but I'm in a bad place rn and can't do better sorry. Started taking months ago. Went up to 60mg in Dec? probably. This month I started to get more agitated. Would cry once a week, then a few times a week and then this week got really bad. Wanting to cry nearly everyday, bad OCD, sense of doom, dreamlike/nightmare feeling. I was supposed to go up to 90mg. Took it once and started feeling high somehow said F that. Took 60mg next day. Then down to 30mg today (Bad, I know but I was getting suicidal and couldn't wait bc I'm pretty sure it's this Hell Drug). Today I was finally happy, then got bad tonight. Anxiety and dissociation. My thoughts are awful. I almost thought I would have a psychotic break (no history of any). Calmed down for a minute but I can't shut up my intrusive thoughts. They're almost feeling real, either that or they're too horrifying for me to be able to fully react to them. They go against every fiber of my being. Tonight feels like a nightmare.
It was already getting this bad without going down, but are these withdrawals too now? Idk what to do. This is such a new type of bad. I'm so mad I got prescribed this, and mad at myself for taking blindly. Also taking 0.5 Rexulti for depression, should I quit that too? I had to go lower on that too bc the higher dose was also making me worse before Cymbalta. I was hoping I'd get lucky with withdrawals, kind of need to get lucky. Hopefully day 2 will be better. Not sure why I'm posting this but cheers! If anyone is reading this in the far future bc they have similar symptoms, I'm sorry and hopefully I have good news in the future.
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2023.03.22 12:52 Spiritual-Office What do I do about work?

I went to the hospital late last year with the whole right side of my body being numb. I stayed there for 2 days, had an MRI and lumbar puncture, ruled out MS. By the time I had my follow up 3 months later with the neurologist, my symptoms had mostly subsided and I was diagnosed with FND. They discharged me and said I’d probably be fine. Sweet, glad to hear it.
Then a few weeks ago, I developed a tremor in my right arm. It was so bad I couldn’t do my job (I’m a receptionist at a medical practice) as I couldn’t write or use the computer. I was sent home from work two days in a row because I was just useless. I’ve had other symptoms too, like random shooting and burning pains in all kinds of places, places I didn’t even know you could feel pain. I have a constant headache and I get dizzy. My muscles ache all the time and I’m more fatigued than ever. I’ve been so miserable because of this. I cry through out the day and keep having breakdowns at work, which is humiliating but I can’t help it. It has made me slow at work and I’ve had 2 half days and one full day off. I am trying so hard to push through but I am at my breaking point and the stress of my job is hindering any chance at recovery.
What do I do? I don’t want to lose my job. It is hard to take time off as there is only one other receptionist and she will be swamped without me. My manager and coworkers are aware of my condition and my manager was understanding at first, but now her patience is wearing thin. She seems skeptical of the tremor as her dad has an essential tremor which of course presents differently to my tremor, so I think she thinks I’m putting it on.
I am considering taking a leave of absence until my symptoms improve, but I am terrified of damaging my work relationships if I do this. I am scared I’ll be viewed differently upon return. Has anyone done this before and if so, how did you go about it? Does anyone else work and how do you manage your job?
My job is perfect for me under normal circumstances, but I can’t go on like this and don’t know what to do.
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2023.03.22 12:40 Ridan_ My experience using evening primrose oil

I used to get really bad breast pain in the luteal phase of my cycle, despite only having 34C breasts and wearing two sports bras it hurt too much to run or do anything strenuous.
Someone here talked about taking evening primrose oil once you start ovulating helping so I tried this last month with 1300mg.
No.1 observation - had little/no breast pain, so it did work for this purpose which it sounds weird but make a huge improvement to my mood. It also helped other PMS symptoms.
No.2- it made my period 8 days late and I’m usually very regular, during the 8 days my period was supposed to be here I had constant but low level cramping. When my period came it was a lot more painful than usual, but also lighter? Still on the 2nd day of it so I’ll let you know how it goes.
Overall - I think I’ll keep taking it, I can’t lie it did make my body feel a bit out of whack and I was surprised it did anything at all.
What has your experience been on it?
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2023.03.22 12:37 radiakmjs Ranking houses

To me the main purpose of a house is Mannequins & Weapon racks to display trophy armor & weapons, so more of those = better. But there are also other important factors like location, ease of access, Enchating/Potions/Smithing set ups, and aesthetically how it looks.
  1. Myrwatch - Easiest house to obtain and a super awesome gallery room with plenty of space for a bunch of specific trophies (only 1, Keening's doesn't work) as well as ones of your chosing. Access to all crafting tables, including a staff enchanter, some fertile earth & special forge. First floor is cozy, all around very clean aesthetic. Biggest con is it's too close to a Dragon lair, having to deal with it everytime it respawns sucks (and unfortunately many CC houses have this problem) The Chaurus outside also occasionally respawns, and two zones is not ideal.
  2. Shadowfoot Sanctum - Being in a sewer & having to either wade through the Ratway or jump in the Riften harbor kinda stinks, and the house area of it is very dense & cramped. However it has an awesome armory with a ton of mannequins, weapon racks & shield plaques. It also has some custom plaques, racks & shelves for Thieves Guild trophies, makes it a must have if you dip into that questline. Though the one for Chillrend is broken (sounds bad but most cc houses have something like this wrong with them, & this is minor in comparison)
  3. Bloodchill Manor - Fun little quest to unlock, all the crafting tables (including a staff enchanter), as well as some fertile earth all in one zone, most of all amayzing trophy room in the back. Unfortunately the Dragon claw pegs don't work. Vampire aesthetic might not be for everyone, and despite that it has a plaque for Dawnguard-side exclusive weapons. Also the side rooms are pretty cramped.
  4. Goldenhills Plantation - Takes some leg work to get up and running, but nice location (best of the central ones if your playing survival/no fast travel imo) and access to a ton of fertilized earth is huge. Even just for wheat & blue mountain flowers, that stockpile and can be picked over time. Generic but pleasant design and a decent amout of Trophy space for it's size. However if you replace the Display room with child's bedroom you can't change it back.
  5. Hendaheim - Weapon racks in the basement (as well as the Ebony Blade's) are broken, which leaves you with much less space than you'd expect. Also too close to a Dragon burial mound, which can agro on the Forsworn on the other side of the mountain but still prevent you from fast travelling. Other than that it's very nice. Plenty of Mannequins & functional weapon racks & plaques. Nordic Longhouse aesthetic is great and works for any chatacter because it's located in Skyrim. All the regular crafting tables.
  6. Tundra Homestead - Very pleasant and cozy vibe. However the trophy room being a seperate zone adds a loading screen, and inside of it the Dragon claw pegs don't work. It is also too close to a dragon lair that will attack you.
  7. Hjerm - Have to complete a lot of quests (Notoriously buggy Blood on the ice + at least 5 civil war quests, more if you want to side with Imps) to unlock. It being a former murderer's lair & one of his victim's home, plus the uncomftrable segregation of Windhelm is enough to throw the vibe off. But despite all that I think Hjerm is the best base game house. Great armory on the second floor to display your trophies, and nice and roomy unlike most houses.
  8. Honeyside - Small but cozy house. For it's size it has a good amount of weapon racks & 2 mannequins. Can enter it from outside or within the city of Riften is also very nice.
All 3 Hearthfire houses are a about the same; Great armory for displaying stuff, nice open but cozy rest of the house, and some very usefull farms available. But unfortunately they're super tedious to gather all the materials for & build, and the pros don't really outway the cons when pre/auto-furnished superior houses are much more easily accessible.
  1. Lakeview - Beautiful location in the forest on the lake, Neighbor is a little sus though.
  2. Heljarchen - Nice Central location, and the the Tundra & open sky can be pretty.
  3. Windstad - Out in the Swamp kinda stinks.
  4. Proudspire Manor - Most expensive & requires a few long quests to unlock, but unlike Hjerm doesn't justify it with barely any trophy space crammed in the basement. Solitude is a very nice city though.
  5. Severin Manor - It's a pretty great house, but location really kills it, as most quests & things to do are on main land skyrim. Also eerie music and requires completing at least 3 decently-long quests to unlock (more if Raven Rock is enthralled to Miraak before you travel to Solsthiem) Just having storage space, crafting tables & a personal bed on Solsthiem is nice though.
  6. Nchuanthumz - The only house that is too big, but still not much space for Trophies. I sometimes get a little lost in the layout. Looks nice but I'd rather not live in Dwarven Architecture. Also having to run through 'quick test cell' is a big con, adds another loading screen & the door sometimes doesn't work properly.
  7. Gallows hall - Cool necromancer set up with a good creepy quest to unlock, Totally unique Staff of Worms & two usefull "crafting" tables within. But I wouldn't want to live there. Only space for trophies on the middle floor, and not much of it. Vibe here is generally too fucked up for me.
  8. Vlindrel Hall - Markarth is full of corruption, Forsworn, & cannibals, the vibe is bad. Only 1 mannequin and you have to climb half the city to reach the house from either fast travel point. Kinda nice re-fitted Dwarven aesthetic though.
  9. Breezehome - Unfortunately is just not very good. No manequins for armor, no enchanting table & pretty cramped. Great central location within the city of Whiterun, easily acessible early, and charming design. Buy outclassed in all categories by almost every other house in every category.
  10. Dead man's Dread - minimum 4 loading screens to get in & out of. Hellish maze-like layout, and awfull groaning & ship creeking make it unpleasant to be in. Only 1 manequin & 1 weapon plaque. It's a fun quest to go there but not sure why it's counted as a home.
Thanks for reading all that! That's all just my opinion though. If you think I'm underating/overating anything let me know, I'm open to considering any of them besides Dead Man's Dread lol.
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2023.03.22 12:35 StraightOven4697 To what extent is stem cell research being hindered by religion, if any?

I have known a few religious people who have told me that stem cell research is bad because of abortion and planned parenthood and yada yada. Is it progressing like any other field of study is or is it being restrained by outside influence?
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2023.03.22 12:19 LadyBethOfHouseStark What drinks are safe?

I’m trying to quit coffee and soda at the moment, but if you cut out anything carbonated, most fruit juices, and anything with caffeine, what else is there to drink that’s easy on the stomach and actually tastes good, to give me a break from drinking water? I feel like Gatorade makes my symptoms worse.
I don’t have stomach pains but I have GERD/regurg bad enough so that my throat and sinuses are burning 24/7 for the last 2-3 weeks even on prescription + otc meds.
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2023.03.22 12:19 _blaiddyd_ dating brings out my symptoms

When i’m in a romantic relationship with someone, even if it’s healthy, it makes all of my bpd symptoms show up. Yet when i’m not dating, i practically show no symptoms. I love my partner very much and he is the love of my life, he is very understanding of my mental illness and is a huge support for me. I just don’t know what to do about the symptoms. They seem to have gotten worse the longer the relationship has gone on, even though i am in therapy and on medication. Me and my partner have a rough past and have broken up a couple times, so the biggest trigger for me is that he’s going to leave me again. Something as stupid as not getting a text back will send me into a spiral. My mental health is really really bad right now and i just don’t know how to handle this on top of everything else.
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2023.03.22 12:19 perezda Which tree pollen just started a few days ago in NJ?

I just started having really bad allergy symptoms. When i look on I can see that Juniper, Elm, and Maple are the predominant trees now. They don't have historical info that detailed though so I can't tell which tree it might be. Are there any sites that have more detailed info for the past few weeks?
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2023.03.22 12:15 throwaway_2023_ Was this hypoglycemia or something else?

I am 22, female, 160 cm, 49 kg, mixed race, have had type 1 diabetes for over a decade, don't take anything besides insulin, don't smoke or drink, my latest A1C was 6.8
I have type 1 diabetes and while I have experienced blood sugars as low as 30s, 40s many times I never felt this bad. When my blood sugar is lower than 70-80 and I'm awake, I notice it and go eat something immediately so I had never experienced extreme hypoglycemia.
So recently, I went to sleep after taking insulin glargine as usual. I did not go to sleep hungry or anything but I hadn't eaten much that night, just a few slices of fruit and I took a slightly higher dose of insulin because I felt like I ate too much that evening. I guess that's where I made a mistake.
That morning I woke up with my head spinning, body shaking and sweating like crazy. My family was in front of me saying "Are you okay" and trying to get me to respond. I could hear them and I wanted to reply but I couldn't talk for some reason. Everything was blurry and shaking, whatever I held in my hands felt like it was shaking like an earthquake, like it was sliding down from my hand. I started tearing up because I couldn't talk and I felt all energy leaving my body. They brought me some juice and made me drink it with a straw and after that, I started feeling better and my head stopped spinning gradually and I started talking. The first thing I said was "I don't know why I can't talk". Then I quickly went back to mormal. My siblings said they checked up on me because they were getting ready and they realized I was making noises like I was in discomfort and when they talked to me I did not respond properly.
When they measured my blood sugar (before the juice) it was around 40-60. I was using an old glucometer then (we bought a new one recently) so maybe it might be off, I don't know. But I know what this blood sugar range feels like when I'm awake, it is manageable and nowhere near as bad as how this felt, the way I felt when I woke up that morning was 100 times more intense. No exaggeration. I felt like my soul was leaving my body or something. I never experienced anything like this during the hundreds of other times my blood sugar was low. The fact that I immediately got better after drinking juice is a pretty good indicator this was hypoglycemia related. But I think maybe something like to sleep dizziness could also be related, or something else.
This scared me a lot so since then I make 100% sure I go to bed with a decent blood sugar range and I decreased my insulin glargine doses. Never had a problem like this again. Does this sound like hypoglycemia? Does it sound like it could be symptoms of something else? What would you recommend so I never experience anything like this?
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2023.03.22 12:13 Sleepless_gal Crazy insomnia from benzo withdrawal

I took clonazepam 0.5 g since 9 march 2023 But on Aug 2023 i got covid When my covid gone My sleep is very poor So i cant sleep since Aug 2023 Then I decided to quit clonazepam On Dec 23 by tapping
0.5 0.25 in dec 2023 My sleep is worse
0.25 0 in Jan 2024 my sleep is very very worse cant sleep 5-6 days And can sleep only 1-3 hours in 7th day
I had skin burning, heart palpitations And very bad severe insomnia since middle of jan 2024
10 Jan 2024 to 20 Feb 2024 -- poor skin burning, heart palpitations and severe insomnia is very very bad
21 Feb 2024 -- skin burning, palpitations and insomnia is better Skin burning better 65% Palpitations better 30% Insomnia better 15%
11 March 2024 insomnia is worse again i cant sleep at all
but skin burning better 70% and palpitations the same as 21 Feb
I never use any drug or supplements coz i had use it make my symptoms poor
I think i meet the wave and window
Now i feel hopeless, Suffer and want to die
When the suffer is over
What should i do i need your advice
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2023.03.22 12:13 supernormie If she continues like this, she will die.

Seriously. Ethan had to force her to get her goiter checked, she is just letting that thing grow recklessly.
It is a miracle she had a safe delivery and pregnancy considering her diet during. She also doesn't seem or didn't seem to have health insurance. She has sleep apnea. She has oedema. She complains about being out of breath all the time, even when she's lying down or just speaking.
She has scabs she constantly picks at. She struggles to eat nutrient dense food. She won't see a dentist. There are studies that link poor oral hygiene and gum disease to cardiac events. She washes her privates with dial soap, then complains and has her partner complain about symptoms that sound like vaginosis. She had multiple high risk plastic surgeries and followed 0 of the correct aftercare.
She tried to get pregnant immediately after a C-section, against any medical professional's advice. She has uncontrolled binges by herself, in her car, but she is eating amounts that are more expensive than the income she garners from views, yet she argues mukbanging is part of her job. She complains she's basically blind without her glasses and that she can't wear contact lenses, yet she drives around without glasses all the time. The amount of accidents she has had, even on camera, and she won't wear glasses when driving. Plus she's always filming and looking at herself while driving.
This is someone who doesn't take her health seriously, never has, and she's a mother. She is responsible for another little human. She is modelling this level of self-neglect to an innocent child, as her husband enables her.
Trisha, I am telling you because Moses won't. If you continue like this, you will die. Until then, your quality of life will diminish.
Edit: I will add, there are people stuck in horrible poverty cycles of bad health, but she has the means to seek medical attention and support!
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2023.03.22 12:09 general-forums General Forum ForumAccess

Whether you're trying to get in shape or lose weight, there are many ways to do so. The best way to find out what works for you is by researching different diets and exercises on the internet. But before we dive into that topic let's talk about how we can get back on our horses after an injury or illness. Come join the ForumAccess General Forum community and discuss modifications, troubleshooting, and maintenance of General owners and enthusiasts.

What is the best way to get back up on the horse?

How do we get the most out of our horses? The best way to learn is by doing. Many people jump on their horses and go straight into work without warming up first. This is a big mistake! It's important to warm up before riding as it helps you avoid injuries. You should also take some time off after your horse has been sick or injured, so he can fully recover.
If you want to learn how to ride, there are many ways to do so. You can take lessons from a professional instructor or join a riding club where other people will be around who know how to ride. You can also get online resources that will help teach you the basics of horse care and riding.

How many hours a day should I workout?

You'll want to consider the type of exercise you do, as well as your age. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and build muscle mass, then it's best to train in the morning before breakfast. On the other hand, if your goal is simply toning up but don't want anything too drastic or permanent (like losing body fat), then it may be better for you to start exercising at night after dinner because this will burn more calories overall than exercising earlier in the day when most people are trying to get their energy back up after eating so much food!
Come join the ForumAccess General Forum community and discuss modifications, troubleshooting, and maintenance with other General owners and enthusiasts.

How many calories should I eat per day?

The first thing to remember is that calories in and calories out are not the same thing. Your body uses energy when you're burning fat, and it needs energy for any activity that doesn't require muscle mass.
When you eat more than your body needs, it stores the excess as fat. When you don't eat enough, or don't burn off all of the calories from food intake and exercise (and yes, this includes exercising while eating), those extra pounds begin to add up—and they can be hard to lose!
To determine how many calories you need per day based on your specific health goals:

Should I go vegan or vegetarian?

The answer is yes, but with some caveats. A vegan or vegetarian diet can be a healthy way to live and help prevent disease, but it's not for everyone. For example:

Does the best diet plan depend on your age and gender?

The best diet plan depends on your age and gender. If you're young, it's likely that your body is in the process of forming, so it may take time for you to notice any changes. In fact, many people who are younger than 30 need more time than their older counterparts before they see significant results from their health-conscious lifestyle choices.
The same goes for women vs men—only 2% of adults over 50 are obese (meaning they have a high BMI), while 23% are considered overweight and another 25% are deemed to be at risk due to their weight status or Body Mass Index (BMI). This means that if someone has been fighting with their body since childhood without being able to shed kilos or even maintain weight loss/gain levels during adulthood then chances are good that this person will have trouble achieving optimal health through dieting alone.

How much weight can I lose by skipping breakfast?

OK, so we're all familiar with the idea that skipping breakfast is bad for us. But how much weight can you actually lose by doing it? According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, participants who skipped their morning meal had a higher chance of losing at least 5 pounds over the course of four weeks than those who ate their first meal later in the day (1). The researchers also found that this difference was even more pronounced among people who didn't eat enough at lunchtime or dinner—those who skipped both meals were almost twice as likely to lose 5 pounds during that period than those who didn't skip anything!

Can you recommend a good meal replacement shake?

Meal replacement shakes are a great way to get all your nutrition in one go. They contain all the essential vitamins and minerals you need, so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything when you're on the go. Most meal replacement shakes also contain protein, which helps with muscle growth and recovery after workouts.
If you want to lose weight, there are two main types of meal replacement shake: low-calorie (under 400 calories) or high-protein (over 300 grams). The latter is better for bulking up because it has more protein than other types of shaker drinks do—but both types can help with fat loss if used properly by adding them into your diet regularly!

What types of foods should I avoid if I want to be healthy/fit/lose weight/lose belly fat etc.? Are there other types of foods that are healthy for me, but not ideal?

One of the most common things that many people do not realize is that processed foods are not healthy. They may be convenient and easy to buy, but they don’t offer any real nutritional value. Instead of eating these kinds of foods, try making your own meals at home with fresh ingredients instead!
Another thing you should avoid is sugar—even if it isn’t as obvious as processed foods or red meat (which has high amounts). Sugar can cause weight gain and other health problems such as diabetes. It also disrupts your blood sugar levels which affects how well you perform on certain physical activities like walking or running for long periods at a time - causing fatigue along with other symptoms such as headaches/migraines etc.. Try limiting yourself from consuming too much fruit juice since they contain large amounts of fructose which can contribute towards bloating issues over time due

There are many ways to lose weight and gain muscle.

There are many ways to lose weight and gain muscle. You can do it by dieting, exercising, or a combination of both.
A diet is the only way you'll be able to lose fat by cutting calories. The body uses stored fat as energy during times of famine and will burn it first before burning carbohydrates from your food (or from any sources). When you restrict your calorie intake too much for too long—especially if you go through periods where there isn't enough food available—your body will begin breaking down muscle tissue in order to stay alive through lean times; this is why some people experience muscle loss on low-carb diets like Atkins or South Beach Nutrition Plan at first!


If you want to know more about health and fitness, we recommend reading up on the latest nutrition news from your favorite sources. There are so many different topics that can be covered in this space, but these are just some general ones for now. We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts about them!
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2023.03.22 12:08 Dear_Pirate_5407 I can't tell if my mother in law is manipulative or just a broken human being that I should feel sorry for.

Throw away bcs my husband is on my main.
I (25f) been married for 6 months to a great 32m. we dated for a year and a half, I saw his mom on occasions and she was great. Now his father owns apartment blocks and instead of us looking for a place to move where we have to pay rent and bills his dad just gave him an apartment. Great deal, right? Only problem is that my in laws live in the same street, basically the house next to our block.
A little background on my mother in law (I don't speak of my father in law because he doesn't give two fucks what we do) . My MIL grew up in a very strict and conservative household, almost abusive. Ok not almost, it was abusive. Her father favored his sons over his daughter, he let them finish school, drive, bought them cars, sent them on vacations around the world.. Etc but for my MIL it was the opposite, for him a woman had to stay home and learn how to cook and clean to be a good wife. She wasn't allowed to leave the house alone, he got her out of school, no driving licence, no trips around the world, nothing. What he did was buy her anything she wished for delivered to the house. Like she had all the fanciest designer clothes and makeup. She got married to my FIL, a man her dad chose for her, and he was almost the same as her father minus the fancy stuff.
So back to now, she is supportive of her kids and her DILs, she likes us studying, working, being free, having ambitions and she'd always take our sides on that. The issue is, she is very very nosy and sometimes controlling. She looks down on people, If someone in her in laws family tries to belittle her she quickly jumps on them telling them how she used to eat the most expensive foods that they couldn't afford. Or in a conversation with them she likes to show off a lot, like "I don't think like all of you, I'm different". All she did in her dad's house was cook and sew and so she made sure to excell at those, now she makes fun of people who buy frozen food, store bought food, fast food, pastries. I feel like she has inferiority complex because she didn't finish her studies so she compensate with other things.
Now if she was like that with her in laws then I wouldn't have cared but because I live right next to her she asks about everything that's going on in my life. I've decided to take a year to stay home before looking for jobs, as my husband can provide enough for both of us right now and my MIL wants me to spend every day with her. She teaches me how to cook and bake and then if I dare buy something from the outside in my own house, like pastries or pizza,she would " jokingly " tell me how much she's disappointed in me, and how homemade stuff taste so much better, but then laugh it off and say I can do whatever I want. I had my family over once for a visit and they bought my favorite pastries so I shared some with her and she gave it away to the neighbors, sometimes she'd have a taste and tell me it was a waste of money.
She doesn't like me cooking in my house, she tells us to have lunch and dinner with her every day. I feel like sometimes when I refuse she purposely cook her son's favorite dish so we could go over. She tells me constantly how she doesn't have lunch anymore because I'm not with her and when she's alone she just can't be bothered to eat. She have no sisters nor daughters, three sons, one goes to college and then my husband and his married brother on another block next to use. She says she stays alone when the DILs arent with her and she feels lonely. She tells us to bring her sons dirty laundry to wash and iron!!! She still makes my husband's lunch box for work and won't let me do it. She just can't let them go even if they'll be living right next to her.
Another thing is that she's been keeping track of my period, pressuring me to get pregnant. I want to have kids and I'm trying to but it takes time, she makes remarks every now and then like "don't eat that, you might be pregnant"." You're tired because it's your ovulation period, you still have time to get pregnant " "did you get your period yet? " "is that a period symptom or like totally new? Could be a pregnancy symptom" and then when I get my period she gets disappointed.
She doesn't like me and her other DIL going to each other's house or having private conversations, she feels like we're plotting against her. If something doesn't go her way she gets upset. She feels young (she's 62 but acts like she's 40) she likes us to share our secrets with her. If me and the other DIL are chatting in her house she rushes over and ask us what we're talking about and to repeat it.
These are little things, I get that, but they're so frequent that they're driving me insane. I watch everything I do in my house because she can come over any minute and make remarks. I don't mind going over to hers sometimes but she makes me do a shit ton of baking and dish washing. She always acts like she knows her son best, which ok she's his mom sure but I know him too. "My son won't eat that, he doesn't like it (her son ends up eating it) " "my son doesn't like this, my son like that, my son like this with little to no sugar, my son doesn't like dry cakes, my son my son my son"
Now you'd ask, where the fuck is your husband in all of this? My husband works from 7am to 6pm. Comes home tired, just want to have dinner and chill with me. But he also loves his mom to bits and he feels bad for her because she got nobody, his dad doesn't care about anything, does his own thing. He doesn't like to upset her, if she cries to him he quickly gives in, he can't say no to her face. He says she spoiled them a lot and took really good care of them that he can't abandon her and asks me to please try to balance between the two homes. To try and please her.
I'm sorry, I wrote too much and this is like not everything that's been going on, there's still more but I'll stop here.
I have no idea what to do anymore, I feel like upsetting her would cause problems between my husband and I. We fight so little and when we do it's about our situation with her. He can't pick between us and I don't want to put him in that position either. The other DIL is going through the same situation btw, only she got a son now so she's busy with him and my MIL doesn't pressure her as long as she can have her grandkid home with her sometimes.
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2023.03.22 12:03 mas5003 At 3 weeks after I took 1 1mg pill

Hit the 3 week mark now. A couple of people seem to think there’s still a good chance of recovering within the 3month window but I’m just petrified. The crash I experienced a week ago and my symptoms ever since are so severe. I’ve seen lots of comments on posts here telling people if their symptoms are that bad then there’s not much hope.
I’m honestly feeling suicidal, I’m trying my best just to make it through every day until I hit each new milestone, but I’m definitely not going to want to be around if things are permanent.
How do I stay positive? And what are my actual chances of getting better between now and the 3 month point?
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2023.03.22 11:53 vijay-karan Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, and Treatment Options

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that affects the breast tissue. It is the second most common type of cancer in women worldwide, with an estimated 2.3 million new cases diagnosed in 2020 alone. While breast cancer can also affect men, it is much less common in males.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

If you have symptoms of breast cancer, your doctor may recommend further testing. This may include:

Treatment Options for Breast Cancer

There are several treatment options for breast cancer, and the choice of treatment depends on the type and stage of the cancer, as well as other individual factors such as age and overall health. Some common treatments include:
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2023.03.22 11:50 Jamboman12321 Day 3, withdrawal hasn't been bad so I want to smoke?

I've been smoking around 1g a day, wanted to quit bc that's too much and too expensive for me to be smoking and I was gaining weight, becoming more recluse and have a surgery next month I want weed out of my system for so the anesthetic works properly.
Anyway, it's day three now, I've been having CBD tea and my withdrawal symptoms have been almost non existent just some boredom and restlessness - my last quits were full of night sweats and strong craving so idk why not this time.
I have a free house until the end of the week so thought as withdrawal has been fine I'll smoke a few more days and stop again at the weekend
Not sure if I'm tricking myself and it would be a bad idea? It wouldn't be difficult not to smoke today but kind of boring whilst I'm home alone
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2023.03.22 11:49 Fantastic-Ocelot5704 Trying to understand acupuncture

I made an appointment with a certified acupuncturist because of a class 5 (of 6) allergy and asthma which are making my life complicated. We agreed on 10 treatments minimum + ear acupuncture in the first year. She explained to me it will take a few years for symptoms to become better and that I can expect drastic change in symptoms in the first year. That is fine by me, anything good I can get from acupuncture is fine by me. I'll start the treatments in May after I can stop using corticosteroids for asthma because I want full detox. I'm writing this to see if I understood it correctly and to learn more about it.
Allergy points to infammation in the body and is a manifestation of body's difficulty to adjust to its environment. So I got allergies because my body wasn't in harmony and my energy flow in not balanced (was under a lot of stress, ate bad food and didn't move a lot).
Qi would be the flow of energy and is responsible for health. If it's disrupted, it can cause different diseases. Acupuncture can re-balance flow of energy, stimulate nerves and muscles and help with overall immunity health. Strengtening of the Qi means more energy for digestion, metabolism and overall health and strength.
I'm allergic mostly to my cat and even if I know it's unreasonable to keep him, I'm not ready to part with a being that I love dearly. That's why I'm searching for alternative treatments. I tried reseting my organism by myself with better diet, excercise and managing stress. So far I wasn't successful but I'm conviced I can heal the cause of my troubles, not only treat the symptoms. Acupuncture would be a treatment for the cause, not only the symptoms.
Do I understand acupuncture? Please add anything that would be useful and helpful.
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2023.03.22 11:44 twixxtor Struggling with battery replacement for MXP Pro 2018

I have a MXP 2018 i5 256GB which works like a charm, except for the battery. It has gone down almsot 50% in capacity.

I ordered a replacement battery from, and put it in, put the PC just shuts off after some seconds. Even with the charger in. One time I got it to boot into Windows, but then the battery symbol had an X on it and it was quite laggy. Then it shut down and returned to just shutting down upon booting. When I contact the seller, they just tell me to do different things that have no effect.
I put the old battery in and everything works again. But the battery time is reduced to 1-2 hrs..
I read that someone has contacted Huawei for a new battery. In Norway where I am, they are using Conmodo. I did deliver my laptop there earlier for a new screen and keyboard. It came back with a bad battery, touchpad rattle and constant bluescreen... So I would love to not use them again.
But is it so that I have to get an original battery? Because I cannot get the replacement battery to work. I have tried leaving the laptop on charge for 48 hours. I did at the end take apart the new battery to measure voltage, and it was around 4,3V in each cell, which would round up to 8,6V, so pretty full.
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