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2023.03.22 14:00 nierrein-guide [NOTICE] Event Quest "Abyss Tower" On Now

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation. This is a message from the management team.
Abyss Tower is now available as of Mar. 21 19:00 PST. With this event, Abyss Tower will become a permanent event.

How to Play Event Quests

Abyss Tower is a high-difficulty event quest type that requires no repeats. Each tower has its own affinity, so put advantageous affinity weapons in your loadout to gain the upper hand. Since the enemies have high HP and use powerful attacks, use your allies' recovery skills to your advantage in battle.
* This event quest will be unlocked upon completing Main Quest Ch. 2.
You can get Daily Quest Drop Rates+, Advanced Handbook, and other fantastic rewards based on the total number of quest missions completed for all quests in the Abyss Tower.
* For details on quest mission requirements and total completed missions rewards, please check each subquest and "Quest mission progress".


Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.
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2023.03.22 13:59 PhaseApprehensive313 What is hronestop att and how to login employee portal

What is HR One Stop ATT?
HR One-Stop Shop ATT is a website designed for AT&T employees to access information about their job, benefits, payroll, and other topics. It gives employees a single point of access to the critical information they need to perform their job functions and manage their personal information. The portal is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any internet-connected device.

How to log in to HR One Stop ATT?
This sign-in mode is required for employees who are no longer employed by AT&T but continue to receive benefits from their previous employer. Dependents are also eligible to receive benefits; here's how:
First, go to to use AT&T HR Access.
Next, click "Login" below the section that says "Retiree, Former Employee, or Dependent."
Enter your ATTUID and Global Login Password on the page where you sign in.
Active employees can use either a token or a mobile key to log in. The process is the same for both. Again, you can look at the section above for more information.
Click "Log on" to get to your AT&T HR Access account.

Troubleshooting hronestop att login issues
If you can't get into Hr One Stop ATT, there are a few things you can try to figure out what's wrong. You must first enter the correct user name and password. If you continue to have problems, you can try resetting your password or contacting AT&T support.

How to reset Hr one-stop at&t Password?
Are you unable to remember your HRonestop username and password? Do not worry, and we can assist you in resetting your password. The steps below will help you change your HR one-stop ATT password:
First, go to HRonestop's official website.
Click the "login" or "login" button.
It will take you to the Global Logon screen.
On the worldwide login page The "Forgot password" option can be found on the global log in page. Simply click on it.
You will be directed to the password reset page.
At hronestop, you must enter your username.
Choose the security question you selected during registration.
You must enter the security question's answer.
Then, click the "Submit" button, followed by the "Submit" button.
After confirming your information, HR One-Stop at&T will send you an email.
Simply click on the link and enter your new password.
Article Source:
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2023.03.22 13:59 notlemonbutlime Kickoff analysis

Hi everyone! I (C2) am currently trying to develop a prototype visualising replay-data to the player, especially aimed towards the analysis of kickoffs. Are there any high-elo players (preferably ssl but any input is welcome!) that would like to give advice on the following: - What defines a "good", or eventually "improved" kickoff? - How consistent do you feel players of your elo are concerning kickoffs? - What metrics do you think would help analyse your kickoff? - if you were to get insights in your own kickoffs, what metrics would you want to look at to evaluate your own performance? - do you have any ideas how to intuotively visualise these metrics?
Input from other elos is also very appreciated! Just figured ssl and above would have the best insight on this.
Thanks in advance! Cheers
Edit: to reduce scope mainly focussing on 3v3 diagonal direct kickoffs (i.e. no fakes) for now
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2023.03.22 13:59 MsPeris Caring for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia is a general term used to describe the cognitive deterioration of older people over 65 years. The most common form is Alzheimer’s disease, and it shows in different forms in the elderly depending on the part of the brain it has affected. These forms are Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia, Lewy body dementia, and vascular dementia.
Read more to learn how to care for senior citizens with dementia here:
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2023.03.22 13:59 Nearby-Bug-1463 Echo bike tips

How can I get better with the bike? A lot of heavy set and/or tall guys can pump out calories and get off without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile I’m stuck on the bike for 30 minutes before I get 1 cal (OK, exaggerating but you get the picture…)
Endurance is one thing: you’d aim for a consistent output. What about speed? I can bike 20 calories at 200W and feel like I can take on the world but if I did it at >300W then I’ll likely slow down everything else, even if I got the bike done faster.
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2023.03.22 13:59 EpochalV1 What is up with all the downvoting?

Recently, I’ve been noticing that downvotes are becoming increasingly common. And I’m not talking about downvotes on controversial or otherwise bad comments, I’m talking about a clear pattern of what in my eye seems to be - malicious downvoting.
Sometimes I’ll pop in a thread and I’ll just say holy shit, what happened here?”. Almost every comment has been downvoted to 0 or negatives, bar a couple at the top.
To me thats insane, especially because I’ve always thought of this sub as a community of somewhat like-minded people. I mean aren’t we all in this together? At the very least, in a sort of ”you scratch my back, I scratch yours” kind of way?
I’m also not entirely sure these aren’t bots. And if they’re not, they are probably pretty miserable people. At first I thought it was just bots, but then some people mentioned that people do that to give more visibility to their comment. Which is scummy to say the least.
Are there limits on how many downvotes a user can give per day? And if there isn’t - should there be? I know this verges on censorship but surely there is a way to stop this practice? Some mechanism that would at the very least stop this downvote brigading?
Maybe I’m just looking at things too closely but I’ve noticed it more and more as of late. Has anyone else seen these bombed threads?
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2023.03.22 13:59 ryansieoum How best to take notes for a meeting when things in your agenda are being mentioned before the slides they are relevant to?

I’m thinking excel as I usually have a word document but it’s hard to follow, having to scroll through it to see when something is covered.
Does anyone have any template of any kind or suggestions?
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2023.03.22 13:58 niflheim-_- Any of you member of chess club? How do I join?

I have been playing online chess for over a year now and I just crossed 1500 rating in chess. com so I want to play over the board games with real people.
Do you guys know where in Kathmandu there are chess club? And how do I join?
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2023.03.22 13:58 Interesting_Ad_9856 Which match will main event night 1 of WrestleMania 39?

In my opinion, for the first time ever it really looks like there's no WrestleMania main event worthy match other than Roman vs Cody and obviously that is night 2 so that leaves the question - just what will main event night 1?
There are really only 3 options:
1- The Uso's vs. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (Undisputed Tag Team Championship match)
This is the most worthy of the three i'll be naming. This match in reality has been 6 months in the making, has by far the best story behind it, and has a future hall of fame tag team and arguably the greatest tag team of all time competing in it. In addition, the Sami and Owens tag team is absolutely over and pretty huge too. Them winning the titles to close out night 1 would be the best possible feel good moment out of any result of the three matches.
2- Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley (Smackdown Women's championship)
Rhea is the rumble winner and yes they are women after all, so for political reasons, there is still a very good chance WWE puts these two in the main event spot for night 1. That being said, lets not be naive. This match has very little steam behind it. In Rhea's WrestleMania movie trailer thing there was a part about how she's feeling pressure on "being in the main event of WrestleMania" or something along those lines though, so take that for what its worth. The story for this match is also weak in general and Rhea is also a heel who is currently not even getting cheered like some over heels do. Her winning to close night 1 would feel rather strange. As the cherry on top, fans are sick of Charlotte getting spotlight.
3- Austin Theory vs. John Cena (United States Championship)
The most unlikely of the three by far, but at the end of the day even if he hasn't been around in forever, John Cena is still the biggest name on this card. That, and the US title has sort of acted like Monday Night Raw's world title for a little while now. I personally wouldn't have a problem with Cena getting one more Mania main event under his belt, but this match is actually the least deserving of the three with regards to who should main event.
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2023.03.22 13:58 HansVader741 Team's starts itself even after stopping the app

I stopped the teams app, but it just starts itself again. How are they doing this and why?
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2023.03.22 13:58 MedicalExplorer123 BMA cash cow

I know the BMA is changing and the results to date have been fantastic, but how on earth are they still 100% dependent on donations for the strike fund? What structures need to be broken in order to unlock the ~£11m annual profits (which go towards donating to charities, Ukraine and other) for the BMA membership who are paying £28/ month? Can fees be reduced? Can BMA contribute to the strike fund? Just seems a bit absurd.
You can find the BMA annual accounts here (page 28 for their income statement).
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2023.03.22 13:58 UnpassableMaze A Sanji Theory (SPOILERS UP TO CHAPTER 1078)

I thought of this and haven't seen it anywhere else so I'm posting it here. The theory is based on the theory that sanji has lunarian DNA which is what gives him his enhanced physical abilities (strength, durability, etc.) and is also the reason he is able to conjure flames. Sanji's character design shows his eyebrow swirl on the left side, but we see the swirl switch sides to the right on numerous occasions. Though, I want to focus on chapter 1077 and 1078. In chapter 1077 Sanji's eyebrow swirl changes directions and he hits S-shark and the attack seems to do damage despite s-shark's flames being on. In 1078 we see him taking a hit from s-shark with seemingly no damage done. In both of these cases his eyebrow swirl is shown to be on the RIGHT side. My theory is that Sanji has lunarian DNA, but instead of a flame being on or off, it's his eyebrow swirl being on the right or left side. Not only has he shown, in the past two chapters and against queen, insane durability and strength feats, he's also been generally known as a faster character, which would make sense if his flame is his eyebrow swirl which is normally on the left, signifying a flame that is off, the mode in which lunarians are faster and less durable. I think this was unintended from judge though, meaning his siblings can't do the same because judge's goal is super soldiers, which is why he designed his children to be nearly invulnerable using lunarian DNA, meaning he only used the high durability part of the lunarian DNA. However, Sanji, as we know, came out different and retained the ability to switch to the speed based lunarian form, having the flames off (or eyebrow swirl on the left in his case). The recent happenings in those two chapters also further the idea that sanji has lunarian DNA because how else can he hurt a lunarian with the flames on? We can assume lunarians can hurt each other, regardless of their form, considering they're the same race, meaning that it's just about who's stronger because they all have the same abilities.
Conclusion: Sanji has lunarian DNA and his eyebrow swirl is what determines his form, right swirl = flame on, left swirl = flame off.
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2023.03.22 13:58 misterbumpybum Why are there not more flying mods??

Coolest part about dark envoy is the bay form flight spell but it makes an annoying sound.
How are there no other good flight mods? You could use the exact same mechanism as dark envoy’s bay form but just change animation and sound
I don’t get it
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2023.03.22 13:58 Javi2 Redirection of truth
Posting via mobile. Notice how ARS redirects him as he starts to hit too close to facts. ‘What are you doing talking facts and truth? I need you to speculate and pontificate!”
The 1% don’t care about the workers. Workers don’t cause bank failures. Workers don’t cause bankruptcies. Workers definitely don’t cause inflation.
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2023.03.22 13:58 Sensitive-Wrangler20 Playing matchmaker (and a couple other things)

I hope asking all this in one post is okay, I'm trying to keep down on cluttering the SR. If any of you can answer even just part of this I'd be very grateful.
I'm looking first for a way to edit npc relationships with one another. This is born entirely of an event i had years ago where Erik entered breezehome with me and due to Skyrim being Skyrim, would not stop staring at Lydia. So in my head i decided it was because he was simply taken with the first woman he sees after leaving rorikstead and eventually it developed into something like Johnny and Merryl from metal gear solid 4.
Anyway I'm fine with relegating this to headcanon if i must, but would like more for a mod to change their relationship status to lovers, and more generally to craft relationships in Skyrim manually myself.
The other 4 mods I'm missing from my PS4 adventures whose functionality I'm assuming is included in other, more robust mods that I just can't figure how to find are:
  1. Tailor's Measure - something that allows you to persistently change NPC outfits (though i would of course prefer something with greater customization since that seems possible on this system)
  2. Set Traveling NPCs - simple, let's you send followers who are at friendly or above out on patrols through the province either alone or as part of a structured patrol, stopping at inns along the way.
  3. Relocate NPC - Your New Home - adds a system by which you can designate new "home radiuses" anywhere in the world to which you can assign NPCs, where they will proceed to take up residence including sleeping in beds and whatnot
  4. Respawnable Mercenaries for Multiple Follower System - adds randomly generated mercenaries of varying classes (battlemage, warrior, hunter, etc.) That travel between inns and are available for hire
Lastly, i was wondering if there was a specific pinned thread or maybe a mobile utility i can use to post my current mod list and get input on LO optimization, conflicts i may have overlooked, and patches i may have neglected. I've got a good guide and have done it manually to the best of my ability, but would really like some confirmation from those who know what they're doing. If I had access to my PC at all, i would simply be using LOOT but that's just not an option ATM so my XBO-S will have to suffice for now.
Thank you all in advance, I'm very close to being ready to jump into my first real modded Skyrim experience.
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2023.03.22 13:58 d0gb0y23 Hit while cycling by a car, how do I proceed.

Hi folks
I’m after some help, I was just (an hour and a half ago) hit from the rear on my bike by a car driver
I was stationary at a give way junction in Central London. The bike suffered no obvious damage (except bent mudguard) and I managed to stay on my feet.
The other party’s bumper was pushed off its clips a bit.
I already have a bad shoulder and I felt the full force of the impact in my lower back. Now an hour after I’m starting to calm down and my lower back and spine are aching.
She immediately refused to share any details insisting that myself and the bike were fine. I said I’d call the police if she refused. She treated me like I was going to threaten her or sue her for all she was worth.
Just as I was about to call the police, she hailed an officer who explained she was obliged to give me some details.
I asked her to notify insurance and she refused. Ive tried calling her insurer and they seemingly won’t talk to me as I am not a policy holder.
What am I supposed to do? On my way to a doctor (booked by my employer) to get me checked out. My whole back is aching and I want to cry, I feel in shock and abused.
How can I register this with her insurer so that if there are any issues I am protected? And how do I go about being protected myself?
I’m so confused I never expected someone to be so awful when they’ve driven up the back of a stationary cyclist. My mind is boggling.
Please help.
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2023.03.22 13:58 JimIsScum How many times are you all going to milk the same question?

How many times is the question “what’s the most attractive thing in a guy / girl” or “what makes a guy / girl instantly unattractive”, going to be asked again and again and again on this sub?
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2023.03.22 13:57 demonX888 Death by snu snu. For the Lord of Immersion.

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2023.03.22 13:57 TheWayItIs02 It is a process

Where will I put all of this? What will I do with these fading feelings for you? I think it is a process...that can only be gone through, and not avoided. I see your posts saying you are lonely. I hate not being able to reach out to you. But I know how it all goes. It is the same script every time...we have some exciting exchanges and then you pull away just enough to explore with others because I am somehow never enough. Well that is and always will be our problem. And that isn't what I want for myself. But by walking away from you...and this...I made room for the right one. And she is everything you could never ever be. So I know I've made the right choice here, but it is still always hard when you have to say goodbye and break your own heart a little in the process.
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2023.03.22 13:57 Summerthe4runner Sway bar delete vs. quick disconnects

Those who have completely deleted the sway bar, what are the pros/cons? Any tire wear or mpg changes when daily driving?
For those who have quick disconnects, what are the pros/cons? How long does it take to disconnect? Is it worth paying extra for a quality set? Do you use rears too?
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2023.03.22 13:57 jack_waugh Multiple Applications, One Site

Would there be any merit to allowing applications that are unrelated to each other to coexist in the same website, so that if a user navigated from a page in one application to a page in another application in the same site, that would be handled in the front end?
Before or after you give your opinion, do you want to know how ChatGPT responded to the question?
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Christian’s i want to start by saying I will only do 1/2 at a time and will get more heavy as time goes on but read what I have to say and when you do question me respond don’t hide because of fear of the truth!!!!
I speak to the Sola Scriptura Protestant a lot today and probably many more
Christian’s have a million different denominations so I will speak to what I believe to be the majority (which already should be a point on its own ex. Corinthians with food and alters) Christian’s agree to a high percentage
  1. CHRISTIANS are followers of Jesus Christ because they believe Jesus is God, meaning Christian’s want to replicate their lives like Jesus because he is holy and without sin and omnipotent = (God)
A. This means Christian’s will actively try to do, what Jesus did in his life, in their lives, as Jesus himself did in scripture 2000 years ago and since scripture says that we gentiles/Jews can do even greater thing than him(Jesus) (not implying greater than dying for humanity sins, but miracles and lifestyle)
Problem: WHY then does the CHRISTIAN THINK the Bible is God’s divine word (Old/New Testament)
i. Jesus/God NEVER tells us to make a book post-Old Testament and worship it.
ii. Jesus/God Never said read the Bible
iii. Jesus/God Never says the Bible (Old/New Testament) is divine truth
IV. Jesus never knew what a Christian was in his 33 years on earth
V. Jesus was a Jew
VI. Men made the Bible and called it divine
• Jesus tells Christian’s they will receive a greater gift than JESUS being on earth!!!! (hint - near another thesis point, keep thinking)
Which was the Holy Spirit. He NEVER SAID “Dig up and compile a bunch of writings of, holy and righteous followers of Christ near Jesus’ time and see what they say. Then equate it to God/Jesus( Same as when Christian’s say Bible= YHWY/God’s word. “ ANNNNDD!!!! (As if that doesn’t sound scary enough) WHENEVER these holy/righteous Men (Paul Timothy you know lol) that lived near Jesus say, “( {YHWY, GOD ALMIGHTY, THE DELIVERER THE HOLY ONE, JEHOVA} is speaking through me.”
We take that as GOD!!!!!!! (Why would you ever believe a man claiming to have YHWY/God speaking through him exactly!!!!!!?????)
Which is where I believe 99% of Christian problems stem from the concept Bible=God, outside of sin lol of course.
I would even assume if Paul found out 2000 years later people would take something sent to one person/group in one to maybe 4 languages in their day in age would be Equated the the word of God after millions of translations and no printing press, and CORRUPTION, and then generational misunderstandings. He would shit himself (hint - another thesis point keep thinking)
Solution (I believe 🥴 and I’m a Christian so I could have something’s if not the whole thing wrong but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Holy Spirit right
  1. The Bible is equivalent to according to my perspective of western Protestant Christianity
(outside of Old Testament, Jesus , and YHWY.)
YOU being in touch with God and then saying God said this! When you can not 10000% prove that it was I’m fact God that said that.
Jesus can say that but why do we think Paul can? Because he was righteous relative to us AVG Christian sinners????

  1. The Bible is comparable to according to to my perspective of western Protestant Christianity
YOU being very righteous, in todays day and age(1950-Now)
Knowing, as a Christian, we all can understand cutting someone one off on the road while driving a car (out of anger)
You write to a church you planted
“Don’t cut people off because that is you displaying the ultimate selfishness”
Now: we get that statement
200 years from now: they may program autonomous cars to not cut people off in fear of sinning (missing the point) the hearts decision (hint - another thesis point keep thinking)
In 2000 years: If they travel through light how are they or will they ever gonna grasp the concept of driving a car I mean damn will your great grandkids even know much about driving cars. Kids don’t even know what a cassette tape is or even driving stick lol
This was a softer point I have more coming I’m not proof reading too long
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