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Sold my lease to a dealership. Should I be worried?

2023.05.28 04:52 NervousWriter9 Sold my lease to a dealership. Should I be worried?

Sold my lease to a dealership. Should I be worried?
I had a very new 23 Silverado with less than 1000 miles.It was a swap from Bolt so my buyout price was 23k.
Went to a local chevy dealer and first they offered even money buyout lollike they'd just take the truck and I won't be due any money.
Autonation had already offered 37k netting me around 14k so I scoffed it off.As soon as I was walking out the dealership they stopped me and said they will match Autonation.We agreed on 37.5k and I filled out a bunch of paperworks.
All I got is a copy of very genuine paper that says Miles, Color, and ACV 37.5k with only my signature.
Since they had originally lowballed me hard, I am worried if they might tack any fees or whateverthen cut me a check less than 14k.
Is this a possibility? Selling a leased car is very new for me so I am not 100% if I did this right
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2023.05.28 04:51 NervousWriter9 Sold my lease to a dealership. Should I be worried?

I had a very new 23 Silverado with less than 1000 miles. It was a swap from Bolt so my buyout price was 23k.
Went to a local chevy dealer and first they offered even money buyout lol like they'd just take the truck and I won't be due any money.
Autonation had already offered 37k netting me around 14k so I scoffed it off. As soon as I was walking out the dealership they stopped me and said they will match Autonation. We agreed on 37.5k and I filled out a bunch of paperworks.
All I got is a copy of very genuine paper that says Miles, Color, and ACV 37.5k with only my signature.
Since they had originally lowballed me hard, I am worried if they might tack any fees or whatever then cut me a check less than 14k.
Is this a possibility? Selling a leased car is very new for me so I am not 100% if I did this right
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2023.05.27 04:45 eBroncos2021 Too many add-ons in quote Denver, Colorado

I received the following quote from a local AutoNation Chevy dealer. It seems that there ae too many additional charges. Are they negotiable or mandatory? They say the 3-year protections plans are required by the general (HQ) AutoNation. The salesman says the Dealer Handling Fee goes to him as commission.

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2023.05.16 21:47 jackass Bolt vs Model 3 Cost.

I ran some numbers on a base Tesla Model 3 and a well equipped Chevy Bolt EV. AutoNation adds 500 dollars on the price... they don't do the crazy markup. This is an LT2 EV with adaptive cruise. The MSRP is $32,615
The title in Arizona is based on 20% of the value of the car (ev's only) and $2.80 for each $100 in value.
Of course you have to pay sales tax on the full price of the car, not the price minus the credit.
So the savings is $11,100 if buying the Bolt.
Of course the resale value is not taken into consideration. Currently used Tesla Model 3's are going for the price of a new one but that could be because of the price drops.... not sure if anyone is buying a used model 3 when there is new inventory available at almost the same price. With the used market on tesla's the dealers don't always say if the car has the "Enhanced Auto Pilot"- $6000 or "Full Self Driving" - $15,000. the price i used did not include either of course.
What do you think the resale of this bolt EV vs a Model 3 would be in 3 years?
I have never owned a Tesla. I have a 2017 Bolt LT and a 2022 Leaf SV Plus with tech package. I like both cars and I don't think i would prefer the Model 3 over either. I have parked my leaf next to a Model 3 and they look to be about the same size.

Model 3 2023 Bolt EV
Price 39740 33000 ($500 dealer markup)
Tax Credit 3750 7500
Price after Credit 35990 25500
Tax (8.5% on original price) 3377 2805
Title (AZ) 222 184
Total Variable Cost 39590 28489
EDIT: - I just called AutoNation... they are putting an $1800 markup started just recently.

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2023.05.03 17:20 NervousWriter9 Should I trade in or just buy a used car?

Hello guys,
I have a 2023 chevy silverado WT lease that I have equity in.
I want to down size and get a used car because I am not the type to take good care of my car. My last car was 2008 hyundai elantra and I regret selling it....
Autonation wants to buy out my lease.
What are the pros and cons of trading in and buying a used car from AN vs just selling the car to AN and buying from private party?
I believe I don't have to pay tax if I trade in right? Whereas I'll pay around 10% if I go private route. Am I understanding this correctly?
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2023.04.02 20:34 DisabledScientist Best way to sell car for parts and buy new one

My wife has a 2016 Chevy Cruze and the gasket head and coolant line are toast. The Mechanic said $3,500 to fix and I've gotten a second opinion that says similar.
The car is just good for parts if we don't fix it (it isn't worth half that, so we aren't fixing it). We want to buy used, and the cheapest way is to buy from an owner.
What's the best way to go about trading the car in while buying from an owner? I assume trade it into AutoNation (or similar) and just peruse Facebook marketplace (or similar)?
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2023.03.26 14:24 Huskertex Easiest way for me to get a copy of my sales contract?

I bought a Chevy Bolt from an AutoNation dealer in March 2021 and have since sold the car, however now I’m trying to get a copy of my sales contract. I’ve emailed the salesman and called my bank. Neither were successful. I do have the “deal number” from the offer sheet which I assume could be useful.
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.02.13 07:39 Impossible-Special18 We bought our stormtrooper!! and one question about infotainment users and alexa.

Hello everyone. We bought a white LT redline edition with all packages OUT THE DOOR for $1000 above MSRP!
Nice purchase in Autonation chevrolet Doral here in miami.
After we drove for an hour and a half to grieco in Delray Beach for nothing because they tried to markup $4000, we finally got an "in transit" car giving $500 (hold), after dealer offered us a good deal. They removed the car in the system, unlike other dealers (because those dealers wants people, coming to ask)
When the car came, they didn't invented anything weird to rise the price. No pressure. They didn't have much information about the taxes form but I printed it in my home thanks to this community and the sales manager read the memo and talked with the station manager so they learned how to do it. They filled and signed the paper and they gave to us the paper that says the vehicle qualifys for $7500.
Victor and his manager Kenneth were the guys that help us.
Now, we didn't remove the demo mode in the dealer. We talked with the onstar representative and we told him to not add the credit card, but looks like we didn't finished the setup?
Later in my driveway I started to setup everything in the infotainment but when it asked for loging I choosed by mistake the "guest" choice.
And now alexa doesn't work on another user. Only in guest user. And even in the guest user, I can't link the my chevy skill. When I add my password it says "invalid input"
Is there anyway to repeat the first process when you setup for the first time the car? I tried to factory reset both users, my user and the guest user but looks like the system remainds the info in the guest user, so the alexa setup doesn't work in my onstar user.
When you see the users, can you erase the guest user? I can't erase it. Only the rest of users but not the guest.
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2023.02.09 04:36 KoFSMG Finally Joining the Club

Finally Joining the Club
Just picked up this guy from the dealer today. Looking forward to using my super-low-cost off-peak rates and never going to a gas station again. Now just waiting for Chevy to send someone to install a NEMA 14-50 plug/hardwire my L2 charger.
A huge shout out to AutoNation Chevrolet in Mesa, AZ. All of the other dealerships around here had long as hell wait lines or wanted to charge me $5k above MSRP but Shane, the GM at AutoNation, took hours out of his time to help me line up this Bolt as it was entering production and offer it to me at MSRP. They really deserve all of the praise I can possibly give them.
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2023.01.05 02:17 mwcsmoke Wire payment to AutoNation USA

Does AutoNation accept wire payments for cash purchases? I’d like to buy a Chevy Volt with cash (ok, wire) by calling ahead to check the inventory status, test driving around 10 or 10:30, negotiating, paying about $14-15k before any doc fees, and leaving with the car.
Has anyone paid in full at AutoNation with a same day bank wire? What are closing fees likely to be (without financing). My understanding is that I should negotiate the price first without volunteering that I will not finance. Or perhaps they will ask directly in which case I will share that.
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2022.12.20 23:36 EnvironmentalShoe628 Battery Replacement for EUV

Autonation Chevy will be replacing my 2022 EUV batteries tomorrow. How much should the battery range be be depleted prior to taking it in? It’s setting at 109 range right now.
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2022.12.19 22:12 fergie918 Student driver

Hello I have been researching a first used car for my twins to share on autonation. I had originally wanted a 4Runner but they are very high. So I’ve been looking between a Chevy Equinox and Hyundai Santa Fe. This mom would appreciate and feedback, recommendations and tips.
Thank you
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2022.12.19 21:42 fergie918 Car for new driver

Hello I have been researching a first used car for my twins to share on autonation. I had originally wanted a 4Runner but they are very high. So I’ve been looking between a Chevy equinox and Hyundai Santa Fe. This mom would appreciate and feedback, recommendations and tips.
Thank you
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2022.10.23 00:04 ionavan Autonation Chevy in Mesa (AZ)---Great Experience

Ordered a 23 Bolt EV 2LT on Aug 2., and took delivery on Oct. 13th. Bought at MSRP +$600 for tint, which I was OK with paying because of AZ sun/heat (plus it was ceramic tint). Worked with Tony and Jake, had an amazing experience, whenever I had questions they were quick to help. Didn't feel cheated for the first time at a dealership, would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a Bolt in the East Valley.
Pro Tip: Sign up to deliver for Uber Eats because then you qualify for $2000 off. I was able to get this after making 1 delivery for Uber Eats. They just need to see an active account. (worked at Autonation Chevy in Mesa)
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2022.10.09 00:13 boutell New US CCS chargers report for September 2022

Here are all of the new US CCS (Level 3 fast-charging) stations that rolled out in September 2022, according to the Department of Energy. These chargers are suitable for most new EVs on the market, except for:
  1. Tesla drivers who haven't bought the newly released official CCS adapter yet.
  2. Leaf owners like me, and some owners of older cars that also use CHADeMO. If you drive a Leaf, or an older CHADeMO car, see my September post in the Leaf subreddit.
There was an issue with the data this month, so the count could be a little low. The DoE listed about 800 chargers as having opened on September 21st, 2022. I was suspicious, so I spot-checked and found evidence these chargers were previously open. I'm not sure what happened on their end, but I decided to ignore all chargers that were "newly opened" on September 21st, 2022. That takes us from a very unlikely number to a healthy but normal month.
So... ignoring the bad data, there were 182 new CHADeMOs added in September.
If you'd like to know about new chargers along your routes right away, I've set up a free service that provides email notifications as soon as they open. You can sign up at Or not! I don't really have a business plan here, I built it to help EV owners like myself.
I also have some nice EVPOV bumper stickers. If you'd like to spread the love drop me a line.
➡ AK Custom Seafoods 35722 Kenai Spur Highway Soldotna, AK 99669 ➡ AL CULLMANELECTRIC STATION1-L 5982 AL-157 Cullman, AL 35058 CULLMANELECTRIC STATION2-R 5982 AL-157 Cullman, AL 35058 Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center (Vance, AL) 11 Mercedes Dr Vance, AL 35490 ENCORE ENCORE 1 1643 Montgomery Hwy Vestavia Hills, AL 35216 ENCORE ENCORE 2 1643 Montgomery Hwy Vestavia Hills, AL 35216 ➡ CA Banning Farmhouse 6261 Joshua Palmer Way Banning, CA 92220 Banning City Hall 128 N San Gorgonio Ave Banning, CA 92220 2835 Lenwood Rd (US-A29-3R6-1A) 2835 Lenwood Rd Barstow, CA 92311 2835 Lenwood Rd (US-A29-3R6-1B) 2835 Lenwood Rd Barstow, CA 92311 2835 Lenwood Rd (US-A29-3R6-1C) 2835 Lenwood Rd Barstow, CA 92311 2835 Lenwood Rd (US-A29-3R6-2B) 2835 Lenwood Rd Barstow, CA 92311 2835 Lenwood Rd (US-A29-3R6-2C) 2835 Lenwood Rd Barstow, CA 92311 2835 Lenwood Rd (US-A29-3R6-2A) 2835 Lenwood Rd Barstow, CA 92311 Nob Hill Campbell #606 1602 W Campbell Ave Campbell, CA 95008 Raley's Citrus Heights #239 7847 Lichen Dr Citrus Heights, CA 95621 Town of Colma 1198 El Camino Colma, CA 94014 Bedford Marketplace 3955 Bedford Canyon Rd Corona, CA 92883 Walmart 1910 - Crescent City, CA 900 East Washington Blvd Crescent City, CA 95531 CT D2 RESTAREA 2 CA-299 Douglas City, CA 96024 VHMB DC FAST 2 1000 Mercedes Ln El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 The Ridge 7530 Elk Grove Blvd Elk Grove, CA 95757 HYUNDAI ESCO HYLEVEL3-1 233 E Lincoln Pkwy Escondido, CA 92025 Eureka-Bayshore Mall 3300 Broadway Street Eureka, CA 95501 King City Town Square 200 Broadway St King City, CA 93930 Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park 43063 10th St W Lancaster, CA 93534 1100 N Main Street 1100 N Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 Public Parking Structure 1200 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90017 Thailand Plaza 5321 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027 6404 Wilshire Blvd 6404 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 Moreno Valley City Hall 14177 Frederick St Moreno Valley, CA 92553 Non Public 7373 Gateway Blvd Newark, CA 94560 Daniels Wood Land Inc 2125 Ardmore Rd Paso Robles, CA 93446 Redlands Packing House Parking Structure 101 W Stuart Ave Redlands, CA 92374 Sacramento Regional Transit 29th Street Yard 1400 29th Street Sacramento, CA 95816 UC Davis Medical Center 2401 45th Street Sacramento, CA 95816 Mariner's Park Main St &, S 32nd St San Diego, CA 92113 Hilton Plaza (227 W) 227 W. Valley Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91776 Hilton Hotel (225 W) 225 W Valley Blvd San Gabriel, CA 91776 FFF Santa Cruz - Riverwalk Plaza 700 Front St Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Griffin Living 3921 Cochran Street Simi Valley, CA 93063 BONNEAU MARKET BONNEAU-EV1 55 Bonneau Rd Sonoma, CA 95476 BONNEAU MARKET BONNEAU-EV2 55 Bonneau Rd Sonoma, CA 95476 BONNEAU MARKET BONNEAU-EV4 55 Bonneau Rd Sonoma, CA 95476 BONNEAU MARKET BONNEAU-EV3 55 Bonneau Rd Sonoma, CA 95476 Upland Village Center 235 Foothill Blvd Upland, CA 91786 Horizon Fuel Center 31267 Valley Center Road Valley Center, CA 92082 7250 Franklin Ave 7250 Franklin Ave West Hollywood, CA 90046 Yolo Regional Transit District Yard 350 Industrial Way Woodland, CA 95776 ➡ CO HION CANON CITY DC1 302 Royal Gorge Blvd Cañon City, CO 81212 HION CANON CITY DC2 302 Royal Gorge Blvd Cañon City, CO 81212 Durango Outdoor Exchange 3677 Main Ave Durango, CO 81301 GCEA EV STATION CPE250TEST 16171 CO-92 Gunnison, CO 81230 Wagon Wheel Conoco 14989 US-385 Julesburg, CO 80737 George's Drive Inn 564 US-84 Walsenburg, CO 81089 YVEA STEAMBOAT MOFFAT 98 Moffat Ave Yampa, CO 80483 ➡ CT MB OF DANBURY LOWER LEVEL 100 Federal Road Danbury, CT 06810 DANB LVL3 FRT1 102 Federal Rd Danbury, CT 06810 DANB LVL3 FRT2 102 Federal Rd Danbury, CT 06810 NUMBER2OUTSIDE DC ISLAND 1 1448 E Main St Torrington, CT 06790 NUMBER2OUTSIDE DC ISLAND 2 1448 E Main St Torrington, CT 06790 Northwest Hills Cadillac 2065 E Main St Torrington, CT 06790 ➡ DE DIVER CHEVY INTERNAL FAST 2101 Pennsylvania Ave Wilmington, DE 19806 ➡ FL ELEC STATIONS ABB STATION 1 15875 South Tamiami Trail Fort Myers, FL 33908 Garber Buick GMC 5255 S US HWY 1 Fort Pierce, FL 34982 TOM BUSH BMW SIDE LEVEL 3 9875 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32225 TRUCK STOP 75 STATION 1 14197 US-441 Lake City, FL 32024 TRUCK STOP 75 STATION 4 14197 US-441 Lake City, FL 32024 TRUCK STOP 75 STATION 3 14197 US-441 Lake City, FL 32024 TRUCK STOP 75 STATION 2 14197 US-441 Lake City, FL 32024 DC CORRIDOR PT ST LUCIE DC1 10630 SW Tradition Pkwy Port St. Lucie, FL 34987 DC CORRIDOR PT ST LUCIE DC2 10630 SW Tradition Pkwy Port St. Lucie, FL 34987 195 Beach Dr NE DCFC 195 Beach Dr NE St Petersburg, FL 33701 City of St Pete Pier - DCFC 2 335 2nd Ave NE St Petersburg, FL 33701 ➡ GA COBB EMC OFFICE DC-BLDG4000 1000 Emc Pkwy NE Marietta, GA 30060 ➡ HI Haiku Market 810 Haiku Rd Haiku, HI 96708 HELCO - Kilauea Main Office 1200 Kilauea Avenue Hilo, HI 96720 Queen Ka ahumanu Center 275 West Kaahumanu Avenue Kahului, HI 96732 ➡ IA FCAC FAST CHARGER 826 US-69 Forest City, IA 50436 Hampton Dollar Fresh 808 4th Street SE Hampton, IA 50441 ➡ IL Barker Motor Co 2030 IRELAND GROVE RD BLOOMINGTON, IL 61704 Diepholz Cadillac 631 W LINCOLN AVE CHARLESTON, IL 61920 Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Cadillac 5525 MILLER CIRCLE DRIVE MATTESON, IL 60443 Patrick Cadillac 526 MALL DR SCHAUMBURG, IL 60173 ➡ IN 2500 West Lexington Ave 2500 West Lexington Ave Elkhart, IN 46514 ➡ KS REED HYUNDAI KC REED HYUNDAI 1 7050 W Frontage Rd Merriam, KS 66203 REED HYUNDAI KC REED HYUNADI 2 7050 W Frontage Rd Merriam, KS 66203 ➡ MA Carriagetown Marketplace 100 Macy St. Amesbury, MA 01913 Hannaford’s Supermarket 777 Rogers St. Lowell, MA 01852 GM - Central Buick GMC 70 Providence Hgwy Norwood, MA 02062 LONG CADILLAC 218 TURNPIKE ROAD SOUTHBOROUGH, MA 01772 ➡ MD Courtyard Marriott - Silver Spring North 12521 Prosperity Dr Silver Spring, MD 20904 ➡ MI Team One Chevrolet Buick GMC 1616 Lansing Rd Charlotte, MI 48813 SUNRISE STORES, SUN #27 - SOUTH 9252 W Lake City Rd Houghton Lake, MI 48629 SUNRISE STORES, SUN #27 - NORTH 9252 W Lake City Rd Houghton Lake, MI 48629 METRO EV ABB CHARGER 17607 Commerce Dr Huron Charter Township, MI 48164 Shaheen Cadillac 650 AMERICAN RD. LANSING, MI 48911 ➡ MN Alexandria Motor Company 3710 South, MN-29 Alexandria, MN 56308 Harry Brown's Family Automotive 1747 Grant Street Faribault, MN 55021 Whitaker Buick GMC 131 19th Street SW Forest Lake, MN 55025 Snell Indoor Auto Center 1900 Madison Ave Mankato, MN 56001 CIVICEV CENTRAL FIRE 1 14550 Minnetonka Blvd Minnetonka, MN 55345 BUERKLE HYUNDAI BUERKLE HYUNDAI 3350 Hwy 61 N Saint Paul, MN 55110 ➡ MO GM - ELCO CADILLAC 15110 Manchester Ballwin, MO 63011 SuperSonic Site 1 1401 Creekwood PKWY Columbia, MO 65202 Price Chopper 520 S Commercial St Harrisonville, MO 64701 Holiday Inn Express & Suites Perryville 2020 Jefferson St Perryville, MO 63775 THOMPSON SALES COMPANY 1555 E INDEPENDENCE ST SPRINGFIELD, MO 65804 Hy-Vee 110 Chestnut St Tarkio, MO 64491 ➡ MT CLARK HYUNDAI SERVICECUSTOMER 2955 U.S. 93 S Kalispell, MT 59901 CLARK HYUNDAI SALES CUSTOMER 2915 U.S. 93 S Kalispell, MT 59901 ➡ NC Food Lion - Tuckaseegee 4709 Tuckaseegee Rd Charlotte, NC 28208 Catawba Village BP 221 Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd Charlotte, NC 28214 Willow Oaks BP 185 George W. Liles Parkway Concord, NC 28027 HALL HYUNDAI EC STATION 6 1306 N Road St Elizabeth City, NC 27909 HALL HYUNDAI EC STATION 5 1306 N Road St Elizabeth City, NC 27909 LEE HYUNDAI CPE250 DC2 1960 Skibo Rd Fayetteville, NC 28314 ➡ NJ MERCEDES-BENZ O CP STATION 135 NJ-31 Flemington, NJ 08822 NEW CHARGERS SIDE LV3 180 US-202 Flemington, NJ 08822 SHORE TOYOTA TOY- SHORE-DC 4236 E Black Horse Pike Hamilton, NJ 08330 T & T COAST 2205 RTE 35 SEA GIRT, NJ 08750 NJCar Trenton 856 River Road Trenton, NJ 08628 ➡ NM Allsup's Convenience Store 12361 US-54 Carrizozo, NM 88301 Clines Corners Travel Center 1 Yacht Club Dr Clines Corners, NM 87070 BORMAN HYUNDAI FC2 210 Boutz Rd Las Cruces, NM 88005 BORMAN HYUNDAI BH ST CPE250 2 210 Boutz Rd Las Cruces, NM 88005 ➡ NV Save Mart 3620 N Carson St Carson City, NV 89706 Site #25 42500 Austin Hwy Fallon, NV 89406 Terrible Herbst 2601 Wigwam Pkwy Henderson, NV 89074 AutoNation Buick GMC West Sahara 6400 W SAHARA LAS VEGAS, NV 89146 Terrible Herbst 3320 Novat St Las Vegas, NV 89129 Terrible Herbst 11330 Southern Highlands Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89141 Site #18A (Luning Trading Post) 300 Plymire St Luning, NV 89420 Save Mart 195 W Plumb Ln Reno, NV 89509 ➡ NY QUICKLEES 1 DCFC1 2781 Lakeville Rd Avon, NY 14414 QUICKLEES 1 DCFC2 2781 Lakeville Rd Avon, NY 14414 QUICKLEES27 QUICKLEE'S/DCFC 204 Oak St Batavia, NY 14020 QUICKLEES27 DC FAST 1 204 Oak St Batavia, NY 14020 QUICKLEES22 DCFC1 5744 Co Rd 20 Belmont, NY 14813 QUICKLEES22 DCFC2 5744 Co Rd 20 Belmont, NY 14813 PRESHYUN PKG 1 768 E Chester St Kingston, NY 12401 PRESHYUN PKG 2 768 E Chester St Kingston, NY 12401 ELLIS CHEVY ELLISDCFC 551 E Main St Malone, NY 12953 New Hyde Park - 2298 Jericho Turnpike 2298 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, NY 11040 GM - HUDSON CADILLAC - Poughkeepsie 2023 South Road Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 GARVEY SIDE 1 257 Dix Ave Queensbury, NY 12804 CHARGE POINT #1 ABB STATION 1 5056 Commercial Dr Yorkville, NY 13495 Grand Prize Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac 32 route 304 nanuet, NY 10954 ➡ OH PERFORMANCE CADILLAC COLUMBUS 3733 CLAYPOOL ST NW CARROLL, OH 43112 LARICHE CADILLAC 215 E MAIN CROSS FINDLAY, OH 45840 Steinle GMC Cadillac 2149 W STATE ST Fremont, OH 43420 Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield 333 E Aurora Rd Northfield, OH 44067 ➡ OK Clevyr, Inc. 1000 Classen Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73106 MYERS-DUREN H-D DCFAST HOG 4848 S Peoria Ave Tulsa, OK 74105 ➡ OR City of Albany Revitalization Agency 180 Ferry St (parking lot across the street) Albany, OR 97321 GM - FERGUSON BUICK GMC 1015 N INTERSTATE DR. NORMAN, OR 73069 ➡ PA KELLY KIA KIA FAST CHARGE 254 Pittsburgh Rd Butler, PA 16002 Kelly Cadillac 1986 State Rd Lancaster, PA 17601 GATEWAY Q QTOWN ABB SHOP 406 S West End Blvd Quakertown, PA 18951 ➡ RI IRVINGOIL RI-PROV-L3-0002 36 Pleasant Valley Pkwy Providence, RI 02908 IRVINGOIL RI-PROV-L3-0001 36 Pleasant Valley Pkwy Providence, RI 02908 GM - Paul Masse Buick GMC South 2909 Tower Hill Rd South Kingstown, RI 02874 ➡ TN GM - Sunrise Chevrolet Buick GMC at Collierville 4605 Houston Levee Rd Collierville, TN 38017 GM - Stan McNabb Chevrolet Buick GMC 2000 N Jackson St Tullahoma, TN 37388 ➡ TX CLASSIC CHEVROLET BUICK GMC OF CLEBURNE 822 WALTER HOLLIDAY CLEBURNE, TX 76033 Bayer Motor Co 1101 W Central Ave Comanche, TX 76442 Phillips 66 OnCue 150kW Chargers 10612 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77042 Cadillac Of Laredo 6301 Arena Blvd Laredo, TX 78041 Jerry's Cadillac 3110 Fort Worth Hwy Weatherford, TX 76087 ➡ UT GM - Hansen Cadillac of Brigham City (To Be Commisiioned) 1175 SO Commerce Way Brigham City, UT 84302 SOUTHTOWNE1 CUTOMER WEST 10770 S Auto Mall Dr Sandy, UT 84070 SOUTHTOWNE1 LOT EAST 10770 S Auto Mall Dr Sandy, UT 84070 ➡ VA MBOFRICHMOND DC FAST 8225 W Broad St Richmond, VA 23294 Hart Motor Co. 1341 East Main Street Salem, VA 24153 CHECKERED FLAG GUEST PARKING 3700 Sentara Way Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Target Virginia Beach #T2770 4554 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23462 ➡ VT Alderman Supercharger 65 Windcrest Road Rutland, VT 05701 ➡ WA EDMONDSNISSAN COMMERCIAL 24015 84th Ave W Edmonds, WA 98026 Naches 8894 US-12 Naches, WA 98937 Ballard Blocks 1451 NW 46th St Seattle, WA 98107 The Hive 2904 E. Sprague Spokane, WA 99202 North East Community Center 4001 N. Cook St Spokane, WA 99207 
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2022.08.22 01:06 swamptribe One does simply walk into Mordor (Miami) and purchase a Bolt.

One does simply walk into Mordor (Miami) and purchase a Bolt.
Meed Hedy Lamar, our new 2022 Bolt.
Friday night, on the way home from work I got a call from my car guy, Octavio From AutoNation Chevy in Coral Gables (got the name off a list of good dealers that was posted here). They had someone change their mind on a Bolt that almost exactly matched my order, so he gave me a call.
We did the deal over the phone that night, and set out in the morning to drive the 200 miles to Miami. It was one hell of a trip too. At one point while on Alligator Alley, a car decided to change lanes for merging traffic, not noticing we were driving next to them. We ended up going sideways. Have never drifted before in my life, and never want too again.
We got to the dealer ship, completed the deal. The car is beautiful. Still had the wrapping and packaging on it from the factory with only 6 miles. They were supposed to charge it fully for us but their charger was broken sooo, we ended up at a mall to charge. Didn't get home until 11 that night. Went to plug her in last night, and realized we didn't have the upgraded charger that we were told came with it. Still waiting to hear back on that .
We had charged her up to about 245, about 245, got impatient and took our chances for the 213 mile trip home. Made it with 30 miles of range to spare. Keep to 70 the entire trip which I think really made the difference. My only regret is not figuring out the cruise control, and getting my phone paired (though I had, but didn't realize it wasn't till we hit the road, care was still in Demo mode)
So after all the BS from other dealers I learned that good things do happen. The car itself is great, more features that I had originally asked for.
Ohh, and I love the ghost grey, metallic grey, what ever. It reflects the colors around it. Sometimes the car looks blue, sometimes purple, even green.
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2022.06.14 19:27 dano13579 Volt mechanic in Denver for shift to park?

Has anyone had a good experience getting the shift to park issue resolved at a Chevy dealership in Denver? I bought my 2018 Volt from AutoNation Chevrolet North and had it towed there after the shift to park alert and CEL made my car stop while I was driving. They said I need a new shifter assembly. I had a 90 day limited warranty with them and I brought it in on the 89th day so they won’t cover it because it wasn’t technically in their possession until the day it expired. They also said my only remaining Chevrolet warranty is powertrain and this isn’t covered under the powertrain warranty.
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2022.03.16 06:28 gina9013 Advice on selling 2021 suburban diesel

So I purchased a 2021 Chevy suburban with the Diesel engine about a year ago. I went in for oil change a few months back and while waiting in the lobby, the manager stops by to tell me how beautiful the truck is. It’s black on black, rst, luxury package, rear media package, panorama roof, premium over size wheels, blackout package, I mean the truck is beautiful. I already knew how in demand it had been because I looked for a while (like a month or two of relentless calls to MANY diff Chevy dealerships). I ended up finding it exactly how I wanted it. I got really lucky. Anyways, right before he left he was like “ you know you can turn around and sell it for 30k over what you paid for it”, and obviously he got the wheels in my head turning. I went around to the diff places (carmax, caravana etc) and the highest offer I got was 2000 under what I currently owe. For reference the cars msrp is 70k with all the options it comes with (no dealer add ons, and since I purchased with Autonation I didnt get hit with 10k of “market adjustment”) I currently owe 72k. Fast forward to now, and my working situations changed to were my truck is practically my office. Before this whole Russia fiasco I was already filling up 1 and a half times a week. It was a lot but tolerable. NOW I’m currently paying about 250 a week on diesel. While I know the prices will come down, my working situation will require me to work from my vehicle all day, in city traffic. As unfortunate as it may be, my time with my beautiful suburban is coming to an end. I placed an order for a Tesla y model about two weeks ago, since then they have raised their price on two separate occasions totaling to 3k over what I paid. So I’m feeling lucky to have saved those extra 3k. That’s irrelevant though (im trying my best to find a silver lining lol) My question now is how do I go about getting the best money back for my suburban. Do I accept the ridiculous offer for 2k less than msrp? Or keep looking around? By the way, I went back to my Chevy dealership and tried to sell to them, they offered 69k. I’ve asked around and everyone has told me to try and sell privately but I have no clue how that would even work. I financed through gm financial. I’m in the Miami area. I will also be trying to trade in my vehicle to Tesla but have heard they offer way less than anyone else, it doesn’t hurt to try but that’s not what concerns me, they won’t let me trade in my truck until my order is ready to be delivered (may-june) and I’m scared to wait that long as everyone is going on about how used car prices are already dropping and no one is going to buy a diesel truck with these outrageous prices. I’m not sure how much validity that holds and I’m pretty sure nothing will tank over night, yet the world has been acting pretty unpredictable for the past few years. Any help or information would be BEYOND appreciated! Sorry for the long rant I just am scared with this hot potato!
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2022.01.13 05:18 Chickenp000 List of Dealers charging MSRP / 5% off / $2500.

Hey Everyone, I made a group on Facebook and had the community make this list if you would like to use to help find a dealer willing to sell for MSRP.
Now with Google Sheets!
Want one for MSRP? UPDATE: Below MSRP added! UPDATE2: Google Sheets link :
UPDATE 3: Now added Lighting dealers as well UPDATE 4: We're up to 15 States and 20 Dealers!
To help people find dealers that do not charge over MSRP I'm making this thread where you can share dealerships that you have confirmed. The below two was confirmed by another group member and myself.
If you find another dealership or one of the below no longer will honor the policy please respond to this thread and I will add/remove.
Order is by Alphabetized by state and dealer name.
1) Alabama
A ) *$2500 Below MSRP* Donohoo Chevrolet 1000 Greenhill Blvd NW, Fort Payne, AL 35967 (256) 845-3525 Ad from dealer for below msrp:
B ) *5% off MSRP!!!* Buster Miles Chevy and Ford 1884 Almon St, Heflin, AL 36264 (256) 781-4536 Ad from Dealer for 5% off:
2) Arizona
3 ) California
A ) Connell Chevrolet 2828 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 8809772
B ) Rydell Chevrolet 18600 Devonshire St, Los Angeles, CA 91324 (818) 923-1975
4 ) Florida Victory Layne Chevrolet 3980 Fowler St, Fort Myers, FL 33901 (239) 603-7069
5 ) Idaho Lewiston Chevrolet Buick GMC 2301 3rd Ave N, Lewiston, ID 83501 (208) 413-6393
6 ) Illinois
A ) Libertyville Chevrolet 1001 S Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048 (847) 984-1432
B ) Ray Chevrolet Fox Lake 39 US-12, Fox Lake, IL 60020 (847) 587-3300 Ray Chevrolet
7 ) Kansas
Jim Clark Chevrolet 911 Goldenbelt Blvd, Junction City, KS 66441 (785) 261-9642
8 ) Michigan
A ) Betten Baker Chevrolet Buick of Cadillac 1701 N Mitchell St, Cadillac, MI 49601 (231) 715-3338
B ) *Will honor discounts, employee pricing and MSRP* Feldman Chevrolet of Lansing 2801 East Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912 (833) 577-0810 Feldman Chevrolet of Lansing
C ) Fox Chevrolet 632 E Main St SE Caledonia, MI 49316 844-204-3135
9 ) New York Hoselton Chevrolet 909 Fairport Rd, East Rochester, NY 14445 (585) 444-3514
10 ) North Carolina
Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet 5101 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte NC 28212 704-536-1410
11 ) Oklahoma
Wilson Chevrolet *MSRP + FREE Delivery in lower 48* 4850 W 6th Ave, Stillwater, OK 74074 (405) 372-3925 Wilson Chevrolet
12 ) Pennsylvania
#1 Cochran Chevrolet 22010 Perry Hwy, Zelienople, PA 16063 (412)482-1503
13 ) Tennessee
Walker Chevrolet *MSRP +$1700 Wheel, Paint, Interior Protection* 3940 Carothers Pkwy, Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 538-5184
14 ) Texas
Classic Chevrolet of Grapevine 2501 William D Tate Ave, Grapevine, TX 76051 (817) 410-1560
15 ) Washington North Bend Chevrolet 106 Main Ave N, North Bend, WA 98045 (425) 888-0781
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2021.07.23 13:44 ctbro025 Best way to handle a private sale?

So I am planning to flip a brand new 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV Launch Edition whenever the damn thing arrives from the factory as part of my Bolt buyback GM approved. As I am picking up a Model 3 next week, the most lucrative option for me is to simply sell the replacement Bolt privately. I was planning on trading in the EUV for the Tesla, but the timing is not going to work out (plus Tesla is only offering $28.6k for a trade....Lol. For comparison, some Autonation dealer offered $35.5k as trade-in value).
So since it looks I can get $35.5k at a minimum via a dealer, I'm thinking I can get 38-40k selling privately. Almost certain the dealer would try to sell it for over $40k. That being said, here's what I plan to do assuming I find a buyer:
  1. Arrange a meeting with the buyer at my lender's bank.
  2. Process all purchase paperwork inside the bank. (buyer's order, title work, etc...)
  3. Ensure all payments (loan payoff, cashier's check to me for whatever balance is left, etc) are verified at the bank.
  4. Take tags off my car, hand keys to new owner, say GL.
  5. Profit!
Am I missing anything? I know the car being financed adds a couple extra steps, but seems everything WRT that can be handled at the bank.
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2021.05.26 01:01 MountainDude95 Dealership service advice.

Just got a 2010 4Runner from an AutoNation Toyota dealership less than a month ago. As part of the deal they threw in five years of free oil changes from any Toyota dealership.
As sweet as this is, I’m suspicious of dealership service. I used to own a Chevy, and whenever I had my car serviced at a dealership they always would “find” something that needed to be fixed for a grand or two, or something would suspiciously break a day or two after the service that had never been a problem before and cost a fortune to fix.
So my question is, have you guys gotten service at Toyota dealerships and had good experiences with it? I have a mechanic shop that I’ve never had issues with and has never swindled me. I’m debating just eating the cost of taking it there so I know that I’m not getting ripped off.
Thoughts? TIA.
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2020.11.02 10:35 kittenofpain Chevy Suburban or Minivan?

TL;DR Buy Suburban for utility, or minivan for practicality
Selling my 2018 Subaru Crosstrek because I can't afford the monthly payment anymore. There is a small rusted dent on the back, and a mouse got into it a month or so ago so the rear center seatbelt is eaten through, and the panel the seatbelt goes into is also chewed partially at the seatbelt opening. I can't really afford to fix all this up so I'm thinking it might be best to sell as is to the carvana/carmax/autonation type places so I don't have to fix it up for a private buyer. Assuming I get 17-18K for it. I will have 3-4k after paying off my loan.
My husband and I run a side business that requires us to load up boxes of books into the car every weekend, so space is king. I want to fit a pallet load of books into the car. We also live full time in a travel trailer, but we don't have a vehicle that can pull it. I also need something I can put a carseat into, because we take our 1 year old with us on weekends. For this reason, my top choice is a chevy suburban, preferably 2002-2004. There are plenty offers for this car in my area at that price. However, my husband would also use this car as his daily driver for his 40 houweek job. His commute is about 20 minutes, plus any errands and groceries after work.
Obviously a suburban is not the typical daily driver, so hopefully some suburban owners out there can help me. How bad is the gas cost? Should this be a weekend only car? Or should we maybe compromise on space and go for something more practical like a minivan (Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey mid 2000s.) Thanks all.
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