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Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game series developed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software and published by Activision. CallofDuty is a developer-recognized community focused on the franchise.

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The Officially Supported Subreddit For Call of Duty: Mobile - A free-to-play shooter video game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision for Android and iOS.

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A place where people can post memes about anything Call of Duty.


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2023.05.31 02:54 Abblehh Still struggling a year on. My ex is still in my personal space and causing issues.

From Dec19 to April22 I was in a relationship, which I'd tried several times to fix, leave, change. I know I played a part in the huge amount of toxicity. Due to working in a public space, I'm having to watch my ex repeat the same behaviour and it is triggering emotions.
Brief timeline of major events to where I know I needed to leave: - 2 weeks into relationship they were fired as they didn't go into work but failed to call in sick. Claimed it my fault as I'd kept them up late. - Showed 'proof' of savings and hold account of monies due from inheritance house sale so allowed to move in with me to save money - unemployed 3 months, got new job for 3 weeks before covid furlough, made redundant in July and didn't seek work until April following year (8 months + 3 months. 11 months out of 17 months unemployed) - When they got a new job, they said they got paid double their salary, monthly. It was infact weekly. Refused bills help month 1 due to 'deserving a treat' and then 2nd month lies came out. He'd spend everything he'd earnt.
Summary of lies: - Falsified University degree, other qualifications and employment history (let me make a CV on lies) and pretended to apply for jobs under this, instead he wasn't trying. - Had no savings, had no inheritance. Moved in knowing couldn't afford to pay me. - Lied about competing in sports, lied about martial art training, drug use, steriod use and tried to force this on me too - He cut off his family, telling me he hated them and then met them in private behind my back and told them I wouldn't let him see them - Falsified holidays, places he'd lived and people he knew (to back up relationships and university that didn't happen)
Issues: - Victim complex. Any breakup wasn't his fault. He acted like a victim of child abuse but friends+locals state spoiled. He said he was depressed. He cut off sex largely, would only be interested if I had to be up early for events. He cancelled on friends or bad mouthed them then said he was lonely. - Poor self care, personal hygiene, house cleanliness. I was responsible for finances, household duties, ensuring he got up, attended appointments, had clothes to wear (lay them out) - Financial abuse: would not cover lost money for time taken off, did not save monies to pay me ahead so my entire salary working part time and being a student went to living costs and if I needed things during the month I had to ask him for money as I had nothing left. If I saved student finance for treats e.g. festival tickets, a tattoo, planned well in advance and budgeted, he said I had caused the money issues but 80% of his income fueled junk food and betting. - When I got drunk and went out, he'd make up stories the next day of things I'd done which weren't true, to make me feel shameful - When I tried to kill myself, he turned it into how he struggled and was angry people weren't checking he was ok
---‐------ the post break up
He didn't stop lying. I was given bad advise to not over react, and feel this was done due to persons bias
I couldn't let go of the lying. If he lied to people infront of me, I would point it out. He called this public shaming, but after so much hurt I just could not sit back and accept when he lied!
We had been in an open relationship. I had actively been on dates, my ex told me he was always polyamorous. He set those boundaries. However, after the lies and attempted break ups, I began to secretly see my now partner, who was also mid exiting a relationship and therefore could not disclose. The affair is wrong, and is what makes him look a victim. He was my support network in trying to escape, and I don't regret it.
Over 2021, I broke up with my ex in July, August, September, October (after he purposely ruined my birthday by spending our money behind my back, and refusing to do anything), December. By 2022 - January, February, very much so pleaded for help and him to go every other day in March, then finally he accepted it in April. The whole time, things were toxic. I was much moved on, and he wouldn't go.
My mental health plumitted in the time we were together between April 2020 to October 2021. I blame the toll of being his forced carer when I have my own issues, and the spiteful things he'd do, for the decline in my wellbeing - my mental assessments advised me to leave, and confirmed his actions were part of my stress and anxieties.
In the July 2022, the affair came out at an event. Post breakup. Our mutual friends found out.
I was drunk and given drugs (I won't justify, but this is only time in my life). People allowed him to force me home despite my protest. He forcibly strangled me pushed down on the bed, door closed. He had let two people enter the home by leaving door unlocked and telling them to come - once he went to leave after he stopped pinning me down, I bit him. This was as he was exiting the room and all the saw. What he had done to me was behind a shut door, and therefore I was labelled as abusive and the iniator. This was reactive, and he knew my history and was aware locking me a room and pinning me down would be a trigger (he knew my past), and timed it perfectly so my reaction would be seen only.
Since then, I've been largely sober for 2023 (drank once). I refuse to make this mistake again.
AFTER THE PHYSICAL INTERACTION. He still refused to move out somewhere I'd lived 5 years before him as was the sole tenant of. We argued daily. I recorded our arguments due to threats of violence, admittance of disturbing behaviours, lies about other people. He told me my relatives were dying when they weren't. I have the proof.
In April 2022 to November 2022 he refused to not be naked around me. I slept mostly on my sofa, as he wouldnt leave the bed. The short duration I used my room, he came into the bed even after I'd had major surgery. During my recovery he faked a back injury so he could justify staying in bed with me, and took time off work falsely. I saw him walking fine in public (he didn't know) when my actual partner took me out for a recovery walk.
He would go to people's houses when I was out at work or with my own friends, and claim he'd left for safety as I was beating him (even though on social media it was clear I was not home!!), he made fake bank documents to try show he had paid for everything. He acted as though me putting up a privacy wall in the one bedroom apartment, and keeping my own toiletries aside was emotional abuse vs telling the truth it was due to him being naked when I'd asked him not to, refusal to leave, and use of my belongings without replacing it. To this day, many people who fell for his lies still tell others that I physically and emotionally abused him which all accounts other than the one night witnessed, can be disproven. If I did hit him, why did he come back? Why didn't he leave? He tried to arrange for help to ransack my belongings which fortunately fell through, and tried to get my utilities turned off even though he still wouldn't leave.
I contacted the local authority.
I finally issued an eviction notice after I found he posted my nudes to Fab Swingers, and was offering me and himself out for sex the whole time and had updated private nudes of my genitals etc in the Nov/December 2022. My partner began staying with me until he was gone. We stayed in the living room until he vacated the bedroom in February. Due to his own separation and having children, he felt unable to take forceful action and remove my ex himself. We had to play it strategically.
I legally couldn't evict him as he had been on council tax list and council advised me of this, without filing for the revenge porn or filing it under domestic abuse. He also sent my nudes around his workplace.
---------- PRESENT TIME
Now. He is still telling people we are together, 14 months on. That I'm seen with my boyfriend due to the open relationship. Yet, selling a sob story to new female victims of his lies how I made him homeless.... he had 10 months to move out!! And knew I wanted out 17 months before he was forced. He literally stayed put whilst I slept with my boyfriend in the other room?!
My new colleague began only last week and he's spending hours talking to her and I've overhead him bad mouthing me, bad mouthing my business, discouraging clients, promoting his own ego of success. As it is a place of work for me, I can't cause conflict. The simple comment of telling the new colleague he isn't the nationality he said, set him off on the sorrow stories.
I have zero idea what to do or how to react. I know I was wrong for the affair, but I really did try to leave for months without outing (due to the other persons request), I got him medical help, got him an autism diagnosis. I feel any abuse towards him was reactive to lie manipulation and being trapped. He wouldn't go. Even having physically broken up with him, he'd touch me, be in my space, kick off when I didn't fulfill his needs attention wise. He manipulated almost 9 months extension from pure refusal of appectance.
Do I have right when I was also wrong, to kick off? I feel in every part of my being what he did is abuse, and I have no evidence that he strangled me before i hit him back to support i wasnt the iniator.
He actively pays a membership and chooses to attend where I work. I can't have him banned without good reason. I feel using the lying will make me appear jealous, vengeful and petty to others. I don't want to make my partner look stupid, if people see me responding to my exes behaviour, as it is him flirting, of such, it'll look like jealousy rather than an emotional response of hurt, hearing him tell the lies and play the same game all over again.
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Telegram: +1 (920) 541 7931
WhatsApp: ‪+1 (920) 541 7931
Many services she can render include: Social Media Hack( Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook/Messenger, Twitter, TIKTOK, TELEGRAM etc.), GPS Location Tracking, Recovering of lost bitcoin/ bitcoin account, Incoming calls Restriction, Intercepting and Retrieving Instant Messages, Grade Hacking, Credit Score Increase, USSD Control Commands, WhatsApp Spy, Viber Spy, Facebook/Messenger Spy, Skype Spy, Hacking into Databases of all kinds, Calendar Monitoring, Internet Usage Monitoring, Remotely Accessing SMS, Game Hacking and Cracking, Key Logging, Remote Email Spying, and more. What made me had trust in her was her offer of total Refund of any displeasing services but i didn't have to use that Choice. Contact her
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WHATSAPP: ‪+1 (920) 541 7931
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2023.05.31 02:54 WatercressDouble1520 I can't be intimate without burning (long post)

I (21F) have been experiencing pain during intimacy since the summer of 2020 (18 y.o) and it hasn't left my life since. Let's go back to before this pain started: For 2 years before this I had pain-free penetration with my partner at the time when he used fingers. This felt great and there was zero pain. Back to 2020. I dumped the guy before and fell in love with my best friend "Jack." When Jack and I first got together, intimacy was normal and pain-free, pleasure only. (I am still a virgin at this point in the story.) A couple months into my relationship, I started to feel an itch and burn down there. Please note: Jack didn't wash his hands much before touching my vulva. I started to notice that my underwear was filled with strange discharge: thick, white and cheese-like (sorry) along with an odor. I went and told my step-mom of my symptoms and she drove to the store. She picked me up Monistat-7 and told me "You have a yeast infection, this will clear it right up." Oh, how I wish I could go back in time and never touch that box. I started the Monistat and instantly felt worse. It was hell. My step-mom made me an appointment with an OBGYN and they ran some tests. It came back as Bacterial Vaginosis. The OBGYN was very kind and prescribed me some anti-biotics (if I recall correctly) and told me it should clear up in a little while. It never did, the burning and pain never ceased. It became something I experienced all day instead of intimately. I contacted them again and they ran more tests. The OBGYN said "Because we treated your BV, we kind of caused a bit of a yeast infection issue. No worries, we can solve that." They prescribed me with an insertion cream and said "It should clear up in a little while." It never did. I gave them another call. More tests. This time: UTI. They treated me for the UTI and it. never. worked. I gave them another call, went in and they said "The BV is back, let's treat that. This should clear up everything." Guess what? It failed. Then, I started doing some research online and came across the term Vulvodynia. Definition: chronic pain or discomfort around the opening of your vagina (vulva) for which there's no identifiable cause and which lasts at least three months. I brought it up to the OBGYN and she said she actually made a comment on my file as it being a possibility and was very open to helping me figure it out. She mentioned sometimes vulvodynia is thought to be caused by "over-medication of the vagina." This health condition is criminally under researched. I was so excited, I was gonna be rid of this torment. She prescribed me amitriptyline and to take one every night before bed. Finally! Relief! I was feeling brand new... And ready to have sex for the first time. I lost my virginity in quite a painful way, there was burning and stretching. I just figured it was normal, I had heard this story too many times. Then, as we tried to continue intimacy, I realized the burning wouldn't stop. It happened with every touch. My OBGYN told me these symptoms should clear within 3-6 months, so I waited and hoped. No relief ever came. She then prescribed me with some estradiol cream wondering if it was a wetness issue. But I gave up on it because I was so depressed about my situation. I was stuck with this burning vagina. I used cold packs to help with the pain after, it was hell. I gave up on treating it, which was probably what I shouldn't have done. I gave up on sex and blamed it on my birth control for destroying my sex drive, but I know now I was just frustrated and angry. All of my friends were having wonderful, amazing sex. And I was stuck with giving it up whenever my boyfriend got too annoyed by the lack of sex. I didn't know what to do and my sex drive became non-existent. It was always painful. We break up on 12/31/22. Fast forward a few more months and we hit April. I start texting this guy, we find a connection in each other. The one time we became intimate, his fingers never made me burn. I was so pleased! I thought "Finally, it's all over!" I was wrong. Now, I'm starting to see this guy seriously and when we became intimate with fingers, I was crushed to realize I started to burn and I just wasn't getting wet. I believe the wetness issue may be due to nerves from the fear of burning, but some say I should get my hormones checked. Guys, I need help. I scheduled a visit with a PA OBGYN (not a Doctor) for June 2nd and have two things I believe might be the cure. Boric acid suppositories and/or Pelvic Floor Therapy. This man is HOT and I want to experience amazing sex, I'm so tired having no sex drive. I didn't have sex for 15 fucking months. I want to just be intimate because I KNOW it'll feel good. I'm really crossing my fingers that the boric acid will be my answer, I've become so depressed from this. It's been 3 years and I feel defeated. Please, if you have any insight you could offer me, I promise I am reading it as soon as you comment.
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2023.05.31 02:54 No-Promotion3524 Advice for future ring

Advice for future ring
My boyfriend and I have looked at so many selections of rings and he landed on a moss agate stone, which i LOVE! This is the ring (first photo) we looked at but I am not a big fan of the silver and their gold is just kinda off putting for me. I am looking for a lighter gold look (photo 4) or a rose gold. Has anyone come across any pear shaped moss agate rings similar to photos 2-3.
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2023.05.31 02:53 Fast_Target_2982 New installation instructions

Can some explain to me how to, and in what order you put the chemicals in for a newly filled 8100 gallon pool? And how long you typically run the pump and filter? I've read mixed reviews on running it most of the time or about 8 hrs a day or a couple times per day for a few hrs at a time. Filter and pump still need electricity hard wired but was planning on using a heavy-duty extension cords. This will be my first pool season any advice welcome
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2023.05.31 02:53 Righteous_Allogenes It It occurs to me to give an example, providing a basic overview toward understanding the symbology of numbers, as part of a justifying retort to those who would prejudge astrology, augery, or any such divinatory practices.

Of course, this is and shall also be in effort to assist the community in reducing redundancy, maintaining a more informative and edifying face.

Having said that, I should hail the Numerology Megathread, as well as numerology.

Even so, I know there are many who may find those sources overwhelming, and that I, as a fairly accomplished mediator, often possess a means of communicating things to those outside of the general relativity of a particular topic or field. By the Grace of God, I am the liminal one.
Foreword for those who would disdain, or become disdained for, such practices:
Do you not know? All symbols, letters, numbers, and all such means, whatever called — as well as the wherewithal to recognize and discern patterns and geometries throughout the depths of the mind and the observable universe — are the things of the Great Luminaries, which the Most High God, Creator, Source, Propator — by all most ancient traditions is told — did purpose for the determining of signs and for seasons, and to the accounting of the hours and the days, etc. Thus these things are left to us for the divination (that is: divine revelation) of the Will of God and the Things of the Cosmos.
Furthermore, my most Christian friends: I am not presently as an Israelite in exile, wherefore in accordance with honest interpretation of the Holy Bible, such practices are not made to me a βδελύγματος or shiqquts (taboo, erroneously rendered: abomination).
The following points are given by reason of "standard" numerological symbolism and interpretation methodology, and apply directly to the interpretation of any number (and more loosely, in concept, to any symbol). The numbers involved in this methodology are 0 and 1-9, as well as the so-called master numbers: 11, 22, and 33.
We will be using "1212" as example for interpreting numeric symbols. This number, if I am not mistaken, is commonly considered an "angel number," but meaning is not determined by a name, although sometimes a name is determined by meaning.
Here we have our symbol 1212, and in that, the following:
1212; 1 and 1 and 2 and 2 (thus 11 and 22 as well); but then we just have 12 and 12 left.
Now 11 and 22 are master numbers, and carry (at least some) meaning wherever they appear. But 12 is not meaningful in and of itself. Then does 12 mean nothing? Of course not. Nothing has meaning except that it relates to another; meaning is wrought by relationship. Therefore all things relative, are meaningful.
The general recourse is then to "reduce" (or translate rather) the number to a single digit, which is done by adding the individual digits. And then if necessary, adding the digits of the sum, repeating until a single digit is reached.
1212/1,212/121.2/etc > (12 + 12 = 24 > 2 + 4), or (1 + 2 + 1 + 2) > 6
12:12/12.12/etc > 12 and 12 > 12 > 1 + 2 > 3 and 3 > 33
Both apply; all answers apply. Any indication as to either specific answer being "dominant" in the final interpretation may be gathered by things intuitive, such as the simplicity or complexity of discernment, or a prevalence in the format or pattern perceived, or other inspiration or suggestion one might intuit.
Otherwise, as a rule of thumb, all symbols (in this case, from among numbers 0, 1-9, 11, 22, and 33) are given equal weight towards our final interpretation, wherein (generally) multiple instances of a concept stack, and opposing concepts cancel.
Metaphorical example:
win and lose > draw
win and lose and draw > draw
win and lose and draw and win > win
win and draw and win and win > a great victory
lose and lose and lose > go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
And so, in the case of our example numeric symbol, 1212, meaning can be interpreted by gathering the meanings of our extracted symbols: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 6, 11, 22, and 33.
Thus we might, using [The Great Book of All Knowledge](, combine the meanings of 33, 22, 11, and 6, as well as two instances of the meanings of 1, 2, and 3, to interpret the overarching meaning of 1212, which you might try before proceeding if so inclined.
And you should have something to the effect of:
Initiating an undertaking (1), from a well balanced or grounded precipice (2), decision or tipping point (6), to solve or reconcile some difficulty (3), having all ability/power (11), tools/ingredients (22), and ingenuity/creativity (33) to overcome whatever adversity or difficulty might occur.
Therefore: trust in yourself; trust in your intuition/guides/etc; trust in all the work you've done so far, all the distance you've come; trust in your resources; trust in your team.
You are already up to bat, a pitch has already been thrown, you have already locked eyes on the ball, you have already begun the motion...
1212: follow through with your swing
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2023.05.31 02:53 andokami01 New Ammo System will change Consolle Behavior

I think we can all agree on one point. On Consolle we shoot and miss MUCH MORE than on PC. It means the on Consolle, Hunters will ran out of ammo A LOT. I am not against this change and I am curious and excited to see how it plays. However the more I think about it the more my concerns grows. Ammo resupply was something to be careful about but not a real problem. Running away from a fight to resupply rarely occurred and mostly it was due to great and long fights. I am sure that the consolle behavior will slowly change.
Random Made Team.
In general there is no Voip Communication. What will I do when I run out ammo and can not communicate it to the team? Either I push with a melee attack or I run away. (looking for ammo, or who know, maybe extract) What happens when you are down and your random mate is alone and NOW almost without ammo? Correct, he/she will run away and extract. IT.WILL.HAPPENS.A.LOT.MORE
Pre-made Friends Team
Every time one of the trio is out of ammo the entire team will run away. Sure as the day it's what I will do every time one of my team will call out of ammo.
Compound fights and in particular Scrapbeak fights.
I think I will disengage fights a LOT more. If every bullet count, I will not try a lot of wall-bangs Probably I will push a compound much more when I have a shotgun. But if I have other ammo? If we do not make a kill or two in the very few minutes we will arrive soon to the moment I have only 2/3 bullets on my medium/long ammo. Yes, I will push with a hammer or, more probably, disengage. In Scrabbeak compound case there is also the problem of no ammo crates…. What if i am inside the compound? I do not know. I think in a pre-made team we may try to push when we think the other team has shoot too many bullets? Random team mate? No idea. I would bet they will be even more passive.
THIRD and FORTH PARTY ENGAGE Arriving in a fight as 3rd team will be a HUGE advantage now. The longer the fight the better the chance you arrive and surprise the other teams with semi-empty weapons. If you are Rat enough, you can even watch until they start melee as in a Bayou Fight Club. Full ammo teams will kill empty ammo teams with little chance to fight back. IT.WILL.HAPPENS.A.LOT.MORE
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2023.05.31 02:53 Minimum-Chart-1996 I’m two days in to NC, all I want to do is reach out and talk to him.

This is my first time ever posting on Reddit so please be nice 🙈
Bit of back story this is the second time myself (29M) and my ex (26M) have broken up.
In the last few days I’ve come to realise that he was extremely self centered and narcissistic to the point that I became obsessed with every little glimmer of hope that shone through in our relationship.
So we broke up and I’ve decided that the best thing to do is NC. It’s only been two days and all I want to do is reach out, talk to him and get that small buzz of hearing from him.
I know this will do me no good in the long run but I honestly don’t know if I’m able to do weeks and months of NC.
Any advice would be massively appreciated, I know that getting back with him would be a mistake but resisting that temptation to call or text him feels like it’s going to be impossible!
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2023.05.31 02:53 Cat_Dragon [Na] Looking for ARAM group

🎮 Calling all League of Legends players! I'm Cat Dragon, and I'm on the hunt for some ARAM buddies. If you love the fast-paced chaos of All Random All Mid matches, let's team up and conquer the Howling Abyss together! Whether you're a seasoned ARAM veteran or just getting started, let's dive into the madness and have a blast. Shoot me a message or add me in-game to join the fun. Summoner's Rift, beware—Cat Dragon is ready to wreak havoc in ARAM! 🐱🐉
ign: Cat Dragon
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2023.05.31 02:52 PerceptionBetter9652 To prom party or not to prom party?

I (18f) am going to prom in a couple of days. last week, some girls (let's call them B and C) in my graduating class started an Instagram account dedicated to a party that they were going to throw for the graduating class. I know these girls and have spoken to them before but, because I am never on social media, do not follow them on Instagram. I requested to follow the account but was promptly denied. I thought that this was a mistake, "They must not know it's me, right?" So I asked my friend, let's call her A, to text B who is hosting the party, and tell her that my profile was me.
Later that day, I looked up the account to see if I had been accepted but nothing came up. By this point, I know I had been blocked from the account.
As I am a newer student at my school, I don't have a core group of friends but I have been pretty outspoken and have joined a few clubs. By now, mostly everyone knows me or has heard of me.
I was devastated as I knew this was my only chance to go somewhere after prom that was not my house alone. The next day, I receive a follow request from the account. (I know, weird, but just hold on)
I accept the follow request thinking that it was all some kind of misunderstanding but then, later that day, I check the account again and I am yet again, blocked!
Now I really want to go because everyone who I would consider a friend is going to this party but I also don't want to be desperate to go.
Should I try to make contact with the girls to see if I can come or should I just stay home and watch Rom-Coms with my dog?
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2023.05.31 02:52 kaolin-angel Grave Security Breach and Unacceptable Negligence of Government Bodies

News Submission: To whom it may concern,
I bring to your immediate attention a scandalous situation of astonishing negligence by our government bodies, namely the Australian Passport Office (APO) and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). As a former Datacom employee, a contractor for the APO, I am raising the alarm about a gross mishandling of sensitive and classified information that puts the Australian public at a serious risk.
In early April, I alerted the OAIC about a critical data breach that compromised both Datacom and the APO. The misuse of OpenAI's ChatGPT, a US-based AI technology, in processing highly sensitive APO correspondence resulted in unauthorized disclosure of personal and potentially classified information. This breach might be the Achilles heel of our national security, and its magnitude cannot be overstated.
Despite my prompt and comprehensive report to the OAIC, this urgent matter was met with a disgraceful level of negligence. More than a month later, my report was still stuck in their system with no assigned case officer. This bureaucratic apathy is absolutely unacceptable and disturbing given the severity of the breach.
Adding fuel to the fire, OpenAI has also experienced a data breach, escalating the risk levels exponentially. OpenAI users could access data from other user's dashboards, including ChatGPT interaction history, user’s full name, email address, and partial credit card details. This development, paired with the previous misuse of ChatGPT by Datacom management to process classified APO correspondence, raises the hair-raising likelihood that official secrets and policies may have been leaked.
With the APO already handling the fallout of data breaches from other companies like Optus and Medibank, this added scandal is an outright blow to our trust and security. The government bodies have failed us tremendously and they must be held accountable.
The Australian public deserves to be aware of the outrageous situation unfolding. We must insist on transparency, urgency, and accountability. I implore you to handle this information with the utmost seriousness it demands and aid in the pursuit of change and responsibility.
For my safety and to maintain my professional and personal relationships, I request anonymity in any publications related to this information. I have taken significant personal risks to bring this critical matter to light. Moreover, in the spirit of transparency and to prevent this matter from being unjustly covered up, I have already shared this alarming situation with the wider online community. This step, while taken with extreme caution to preserve my anonymity and safety in the case of the government's unlawful attempts to suppress myself. This is driven by the belief that the gravity of this situation justifies such a move. The Australian public has a right to know about this shocking breach of trust and negligence by entities trusted with safeguarding their sensitive data. It is a truth that must be faced, and a story that demands to be told. Your understanding and cooperation in protecting my identity are deeply appreciated.
Thank you for your attention to this grave matter. I trust in your dedication to public service and the pursuit of truth.
Please find attached all relevant - unredacted - evidence and documents in confidence. Best Regards.
OAIC Submission:
Urgent Matter Regarding: Reckless Use of AI Technology at Datacom Posing Serious Security Risks
To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you as an ex-employee of Datacom, having left the company on the 6th of April 2023. I wish to remain anonymous due to the potential implications this matter could have on Datacom's relationship with the Australian Passport Office (APO). However, I am compelled by both legal and moral obligations under the Australian Public Interest Disclosure Act to bring an issue of great concern to your attention. This issue involves the misuse of artificial intelligence technology, specifically OpenAI's ChatGPT, by Datacom employees in handling sensitive APO data.
Before delving into the specifics of the matter at hand, allow me to provide a brief background about myself. I studied IT and Engineering Sciences at Flinders University, with a focus on AI and robotics at the Tonsley Campus. Due to health complications, I was unable to complete my studies. Nevertheless, my background has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of AI technology, which I believe sheds light on the gravity of this situation.
ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a powerful AI language model that generates human-like text based on user input. Its applications range from writing coherent and high-quality emails to spell-checking and contextualizing entire reports when fed the appropriate data. To comprehend the potential risks associated with ChatGPT, one must grasp how user input and generated output function in tandem with AI, as well as the process of training new models from predecessor models and internet data.
Understanding the intricacies of AI training and its implications is essential. AI language models, like ChatGPT, are typically trained through a process called "fine-tuning," which involves feeding the AI model large datasets containing text from various sources, including user inputs and outputs, web pages, and other text-based media. This process allows the AI model to learn patterns, grammar, and context, thereby enabling it to generate coherent and contextually appropriate responses to user inputs.
The potential risks associated with ChatGPT stem from the fact that sensitive and confidential information can inadvertently become part of the AI's training data. When users input sensitive data into the system, it may be incorporated into the AI model's knowledge base, leading to potential exposure or misuse of that information. Additionally, since the AI model learns from user inputs and outputs, it may inadvertently adopt biases, inaccuracies, or inappropriate content present in the training data.
In the case of Datacom's use of ChatGPT for handling APO information, the risks become even more significant. The sensitive nature of the data being processed by the AI could lead to unintended breaches of privacy and confidentiality, as well as potential legal violations. The interconnectedness of user inputs, generated outputs, and the AI training process underscores the importance of a thorough understanding of these risks and the need for stringent security measures to protect sensitive data.
Upon registering an account with OpenAI, users are required to provide a phone number and email address, which are likely personal. Consequently, identifying who is using an account becomes straightforward if tied to both a number and email. In theory, if OpenAI, a US-based company, wanted to isolate data exclusively from Australian Government employees, they could do so through a curated list of phone numbers and email addresses.
Furthermore, OpenAI trains its new models using input data from previous models. Thus, user inputs could be harnessed for model training, as outlined in OpenAI's ChatGPT Terms of Service. Now, imagine training an AI model exclusively on sensitive government data, systematically mining inputs and outputs for confidential foreign government information. Such a scenario may infringe upon multiple Australian legislations and pose significant security risks.
The issue extends beyond mere speculation, as I have personally witnessed Datacom employees, including Team Leaders and the Ops Manager, utilizing ChatGPT on work laptops connected to the work network. On the 5th of April 2023, between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm, I observed the Operations Manager using ChatGPT on his Datacom laptop. Moreover, I have noticed that certain emails pertaining to Datacom and APO correspondence have begun to resemble text generated by a GPT model rather than human-authored content.
It is crucial to acknowledge that computers on the operating floor are equipped with appropriate restrictions to prevent the use of AI technology in handling sensitive data, such as the blocking of the Bing search assistant in Microsoft Edge. However, my access to these computers as a CSR is limited. Conversely, management personnel appear to have fewer restrictions on their work-provided laptops, which are supplied by Datacom. Despite being intended for work purposes, any discussion of APO data on the Datacom network using these laptops would necessitate that Datacom ensures proper handling of potential breaches. Furthermore, Datacom would bear the responsibility to vigilantly address and mitigate potential misuse of AI within the company, particularly given that even simple spell-checking of emails between Datacom and APO could be considered a breach, let alone generating entire emails with context.
This situation is particularly concerning, considering that all Datacom contracted employees via APO are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their security clearance process to ensure that APO secrets are kept secure. Specifically, employees must adhere to the Australian Government's Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), which outlines the security requirements that must be followed by Australian Government agencies, including the Australian Passport Office. The PSPF includes guidelines on the handling of sensitive and classified information, emphasizing the need for strict adherence to these policies to ensure the protection of sensitive data. The use of ChatGPT by Datacom employees, particularly when handling sensitive information, may constitute a violation of the PSPF, potentially exposing the company and its clients to significant risks.
These observations suggest that the problem may not be confined to a few individuals or roles within Datacom. The breach could potentially extend to higher levels of management and other areas of the organization, such as People & Culture. The extent of this issue demands thorough investigation and intervention, lest it continues to undermine the security of sensitive information entrusted to Datacom by its clients, including the APO.
It is crucial to consider the broader implications of this issue in light of recent data breaches involving other companies that handle APO data. Although Datacom has managed the fallout of these incidents commendably, the potential of an even more severe internal breach is deeply disconcerting. The previous APO data breaches were orchestrated attacks and planned hacks; however, the prospect of Datacom employees inadvertently sharing sensitive government data with foreign government tools by utilizing ChatGPT is alarming and simply unacceptable. Such negligent actions could have far-reaching consequences not only for Datacom but also for the Australian Passport Office and the Australian Government as a whole.
Even if ChatGPT was being used as a spell-check tool, copying and pasting entire correspondences with context into the AI essentially shares sensitive information with foreign entities. OpenAI's sophisticated technology could potentially enable real-time control of specific responses, leading to foreign influence over the Australian Passport Office. In addition, the unauthorized disclosure of personal information could lead to serious physical, psychological, emotional, financial, or reputational harm for the affected individuals.
I have friends and family who have been personally affected by data breaches, such as those involving Optus and Medibank. The ramifications of dealing with these breaches have been profoundly challenging for affected individuals and APO customers. Lives have been disrupted, with some individuals facing unemployment and being unable to use their passports for online data verification forms when applying for unemployment benefits and other essential services due to data breaches. The consequences of these breaches have reverberated through their lives, causing undue stress and hardship.
Thankfully, I have not been directly affected by any of these breaches. However, witnessing the struggles of those close to me has reinforced the importance of prioritizing the integrity of our data and proactively taking measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring within Datacom. It is our responsibility to ensure that the sensitive information entrusted to us is handled with the utmost care, diligence, and adherence to legal and ethical standards.
In light of this situation, it is crucial to examine the potential legal implications of this breach. According to the Australian Privacy Act of 1988, specifically the Australian Privacy Principle (APP) 11, organizations must implement reasonable security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or loss. Furthermore, under the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act of 1979, it is illegal to access stored communications without proper authorization, which may encompass data processed by ChatGPT.
Additionally, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Act of 1979 and the Intelligence Services Act of 2001 govern the activities of Australian intelligence agencies and their access to information. Unauthorized dissemination of sensitive data to foreign governments or entities could potentially contravene these legislations, exposing Datacom and its employees to legal repercussions.
It is also important to consider OpenAI's Terms of Service in this context. Section 2.2 explicitly states that users are responsible for their actions and the consequences thereof while using the platform, including compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and third-party rights. Section 3.1 outlines user conduct restrictions, such as not using the platform to "violate any applicable law, regulation, or third-party rights" or to "enable or assist others to do any of the foregoing." The use of ChatGPT to process sensitive APO data could be considered a violation of these requirements, as well as potentially infringing upon Australian legislation.
This intersection of OpenAI's Terms of Service and Australian privacy laws underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for a thorough investigation into Datacom's handling of sensitive information. The combination of legal and ethical concerns demands immediate action to mitigate potential risks and protect the privacy of APO customers.
In light of the potential ramifications of this issue, I urge you to treat this matter with the utmost urgency and diligence. It is vital to initiate a thorough investigation into the reckless use of AI technology within Datacom and ascertain the extent of any breach, identify those involved, and implement appropriate remedial measures and safeguards. If left unaddressed, the consequences could be far-reaching, impacting not only Datacom's reputation and business relationships but also the security of sensitive government data. As an ex-employee who values the company's commitment to its clients and the safety of their data, I trust that you will take the appropriate steps to address this urgent matter and involve the relevant authorities responsible for protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Thank you for your attention to this critical issue. Should you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am willing to cooperate fully with any investigation, albeit anonymously, to ensure my own safety and security, as well as the protection of sensitive data and the interests of APO customers.
Yours in confidence,
Concerned Former Datacom Employee.
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2023.05.31 02:52 rebelmissalex Estranged Father Dying and Drama at the Bedside PART THREE

Today my dad is still on life-support while the organ donation stuff is all settled. My mother then calls me [her and my father have been divorced for 30 years. She left him for the same reasons I stopped talking to my father) and said, “your brother and sister-in-law have decided on cremation and it’s going to cost money of course and they are asking how much you will contribute.”
I was so angry and upset about being pushed out of the decision making process, and now I am even angrier that they only want my involvement when it comes to monetary contributions .
So I replied to my mother,
Tell him I’m only a nurse and don’t make as much as (sister in law) and her doctor friends so they can all pay the bill. There is also a death benefit he can apply for. It’s amazing that now that he (my brother) wants money from me he’s willing to include me in everything. Imagine that. Well he can’t have it both ways. Too little too late. It’s insulting actually. He pushed me out of any decisions the last two days and now he is coming around because there are dollar signs attached to it.
They made it clear they didn’t want me involved in any way and that they would take it from there. They belittled me personally, and insulted my profession, looking down on me, meanwhile, they were believing in some sort of miraculous recovery instead of looking at the Medical facts. What kind of “Doctors” are they?
I could have argued with them, demanded to have things my way and to have a say in the final decisions, and I didn’t. My contribution, my gift to them, was walking away. Relinquishing all involvement. Because that’s what they wanted. So to then turn around and ask me for money? How dare they. Now all of a sudden my input is valued. They should’ve thought about that two days ago when they shut me out and told me my input was not wanted.
Obviously, the big lesson here is to have a will and a designated power of attorney because this is textbook as to what happens when families do not agree on care of a person who is in a position where they cannot decide for themselves .
My husband said I should contribute to my father’s cremation, and then just walk away.
I know that my response to my mother was petty and beneath me, but honestly, these last two days have been tough enough with the shocking news of my father’s death, and then having to deal with insults from my brother and sister-in-law. I feel like they wanted to control over everything so they can handle it. I was finally at peace when I walked away yesterday and I was finally feeling the stress leave my body and I was focused on remaining calm for our baby. And now, just like the famous saying in the movie, just when I thought I was done, they pull me back in. (I am paraphrasing but you know what I mean).
I’m looking for opinions on this. If this was my mother, who we are all very close to, and who is an amazing loving person this would be a different story, and I would be fighting every step of the way. But my mother also has a will, and power of attorney (me) and everything is set in stone , so this would never happen. Because it is my dad, and I never had a good relationship with him, this complicates things a lot. So honestly, I don’t feel bad about not contributing to the cost of the cremation. Most of this I guess it’s just me venting because I know my mother also thinks I should just contribute.
Both my mom and my aunt told me that my brother and sister-in-law are “grieving“ and “sometimes people say things they don’t mean when they are upset.“ Meanwhile, I see it a different way. I believe that when people’s backs are against the wall and they are in stressful situations they show you who they really are.
I will never forgive or forget their treatment of me.
I too am grieving in my own way, but I would never lash out and call people names and belittle them and insult them and shut them out this way. And then turn around and ask for money. I cannot justify their actions and I do not want anything to do with them after how poorly this was all handled.
What do you all think?
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2023.05.31 02:52 reignk95 !!TRIGGER WARNING!! Advice, maybe..? Or just me rambling, which is more likely.

I might delete this soon, unless I forget. Time will tell! Probably triggering, I try to beat around the bush a lot but just in case. TRIGGER WARNING! There's probably going to be things misspelled and everything too, it's all good guys. some people don't care about that kind of stuff. I don't know if this is where I should be asking, I'm assuming so bc it is sh. Also, sorry if I'm all over the place, that's just how I am. If you find it annoying, how do you think I feel?! I started back in February this year, after about 2 years clean. Everyday I wake up, go to work, come home and start "the act" for about an hour. It's the first thing I thing about when I wake up. if no one is speaking to me at work, it's what I think about. It kind of makes me excited. I don't know, it's odd. but it's been progressing pretty quick in my opinion. First cat scratches, which I've only ever done until this year. I started going a little deeper, and then the thought came back into my mind, after YEARS. "take off your skin" I don't know why but when I was younger, I did not want my skin. I have not thought about it for a long time but the urge to remove it is getting worse every day. I can't tell anyone in my personal life because they'll think I'm joking. And if I tell anyone about the regular sh, I'm scared they'll just think of me as a failure. I've been caught before, I would like that not to happen again. Plus, recently my life has changed dramatically (in the best way possible! I got medicated, and it's been working out great.) so that feeling will just be increased by 10,000. Back to the no skin thing. I've learned about people using scissors, so me being me, I bought some. I've been removing very tiny chunks (idk what to call them, that's what I'm going with) but I do use them as a base, to "grow" them. The urge to do it is stronger than my will to stop. I'm kind of scared of what is going to happen. I can't really say that talking to people (in general) makes me not think about it, because I still do. I love being at work because then I have no way of doing it. But I've been trying to convince myself to take something with me, and I think I might cave in soon. Hopefully not! For 2 days of the work week, I am usually speaking with someone for hours so I don't have any time to go anywhere private, that's good at least! The 2 days I'm off work, I have the blade, and scissors next to me all day. About every hour or so, I'll just start out of no where. Nothing really triggers it, I just have the urge to do it. It makes me wonder how I stopped the few times before, I guess because those times were stress related. This time isn't. But "I am not a smart man" you know? I could be very wrong about that. It could be that I enjoy the blood? But that's unlikely because I usually clean the blood as soon as it comes. Could it be me enjoying it for the 3 seconds I see it? Lol... It's not the pain, that hurts! I'm not down with that (apparently I am, I keep on hmm..) I'm just so confused about it this time around. I thought I'd share with who ever wants to read this.
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2023.05.31 02:52 Chemical-Touch8419 Ok with cosmetic cash shop, but $28 for one set?!

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2023.05.31 02:52 Hoverfish_Teehee [16MtF] Hey im Lily, finally off sports for a bit and looking for some long term friends who are actual real people and are willing to maybe call and stuff (AND IMPORTANTLY ABLE TO VERIFY THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE LMAO) I love music, drawing, graphic design, games, lots of boring stuff hmu <3

[16MtF] Hey im Lily, finally off sports for a bit and looking for some long term friends who are actual real people and are willing to maybe call and stuff (AND IMPORTANTLY ABLE TO VERIFY THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE LMAO) I love music, drawing, graphic design, games, lots of boring stuff hmu <3
no creeps you will be blocked <33
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2023.05.31 02:51 deathbin A monster from a dream I had a few years ago. They were called “Lesser Flying Maws” and were failed creations of man by God in his own image.

A monster from a dream I had a few years ago. They were called “Lesser Flying Maws” and were failed creations of man by God in his own image.
They kill by using the membrane on their arms and legs to glide down and strike from above. They then latch onto the victims head and bite it clean off by arching their backs 360° in order to bite with their teeth. Sometimes they bite their tongues off but they grow back relatively quickly. They don’t and cannot eat- just are extremely vengeful and bloodthirsty against humans.
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2023.05.31 02:51 SeparateDrivez Tree of Life Shooting Trial Opens With 911 Call, Rabbi’s Testimony – Rolling Stone

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2023.05.31 02:51 Icy_Firefighter_5507 Hey everyone, I’m going to some more werewolf themed art and videos about the BFB characters.

If you saw the video of Puffball transforming into a “furry”, please tell me your thoughts and opinions about it. Don’t be rude to it and be respectful. I’m trying to improve my animation skills and make better animations for myself and everyone. Be civil about it. If you don’t like furries, that’s fine, but just don’t say cringe when you see character transforming into a “furry”. I’ll take criticism, but I’m not going let people calling my animation cringe to let me down.
I’m going to improve one day. That’s all I have to say about it.
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2023.05.31 02:51 Significant_Access_1 vent

idk where to even start and this is the 2nd time with this therapist., but basically i had a freak out over the weekend and it was not like an true emergency and it was after hours. my therapist was frustrated with me another reasons is because i send her recordings of the mean things mom says , but i know having her in another sessions make no different how she treats me. she says my mom is unkind ,but it is literally emotional abuse and somehow she says my mom has best interest of me. anyway i refuse to do that and i guess i will try to not send the recording and so many text , email which is a big issue for me ( impulsiveness). i am making a list to discuss for each session. i guess if i freak out again i will call a hotline even if im not sucidal. she tell me do coping skill but imo dont tell me many. idk how to work on the impulsivenesss it have always been my biggest issue. she tell me a lot to go to a meeting for my Ma addiction but liike everyone proud of me but not me. she said since her and my caseworker do not get along , different views that i have to pick between eachother. she said will try one more time to work together like why is this my problem. any suggestions would be great so overwhelmed. i just wish i could figure out ways to cope wihtout just going to a meeting f27
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2023.05.31 02:51 Conscious_Balance_56 Listing my thoughts on Whatifalthist and other history-themed YouTubers + other stuff

Gee, ain't this an original post?
I've been subscribed to alternate history and history channels for around 5 years now, and like anyone who was growing up with this stuff in my playlists, my tastes changed. I recall jumping between the channels of socialists, moderates, conservatives masquerading as libertarians, and apoliticals. I lurked in r\PoliticalCompassMemes for a good month. Then came watching reply videos that thoroughly dissect and debunk points made by larger YouTubers like Whatifalthist or (if you know him) Shaun taking down points raised by PragurU. After a while, I settled on just hating big corporations, urban sprawl, and Reagan in particular.
I'm somewhat concerned that I could follow all sorts of philosophical trains of thought and agree with them completely at that moment, and then feel unsure when my subconscious disagrees with itself based on invisible scruples that I've collected from other videos that I've largely forgotten. Political videos are less fun when afterward you realize that you must now attempt to separate your thoughts from the person you have been listening to for an hour or more. It's especially difficult when you don't write essays for a living.
Now onto the point of this post, if it had any to begin with: My thoughts on the people I'm subbed to > I used to watch Monseuir Z but unsubbed after he jumped off the deep end into alt-right content. I recall watching his ethnostate video and while not agreeing with it, being unable to really critique it well-- a failure on my part.
> I slightly approve of AlternateHistoryHub's vagueness in his videos, but understand how frustrating that can be. I do like him adding more potential timelines per video concept lately. Props to him for the art style and for having IMO the most fun prompts, like a habitable moon.
> Whatifalthist needs an editor (though he probably won't because that might count as peer review), different and newer sources from past the 1970s, and to get off Twitter. Many of you on this subreddit have critiques better than mine, but I agree that Rudyard has been spiraling for the last 2 or 3 years-- pretty much since Covid started. It's annoying because while his videos still feel informative, I never know if they actually are or if they are instead based on old predictive models treated like facts.
> Second Thought is just so very aggressively opinionated in its delivery that it's hard to take it seriously. Every one of this channel's videos is emotionally charged and accusatory, but sometimes that is aimed at the injustices of corporate corruption instead of making assumptions about its viewers.
> Sisyphus 55 seems all over the place to me nowadays, but I watched the channel once for summaries of Jordan Peterson and Nietzsche, two philosophers who I now don't respect.
> exurb1a, aka drug turtle, counts somewhat since I find his existentialism interesting and densely poetic. The guy isn't exactly down to earth in his topics though.
> Shaun, aka skull guy with shades, got my attention as a reporter critique on the shenanigans that conservative channels/influencers try to pull. He's also an urbanist who supports train infrastructure, so he's got my sub.
> Adam Something is a Romanian YouTuber who I subbed to for learning about the stupidly unsustainable architectural projects planned by rich oil oligarchs, and he surprised me by also providing detailed news for the war in Ukraine, plus train activism. No complaints.
> Alan Fisher: Urbanist youtuber who covers public transit and reasonable urban planning.
> Innuendo Studios is generally built around a playlist called the Alt-Right Playbook, which is a left-leaning guide to identifying bad-faith arguments, plus trying to understand how people become alt-right. He's leftist enough to be concerned that it influences his arguments, but I'm somewhat leftist so who am I to say?
> I appreciate CaspianReport's professionalism, but they seem to always put a flair for the dramatic in their news reports that make sit come off as alarmist at best, and mis-informational at worst. Similar to TLDR news, they cover a wide variety of events like a rumor mill.
> Kyle Hill, cool science guy that he is, has recently made a video that seems relevant to questioning the validity of many online science videos that history fans often cross into.
> I recently found that Robert Riech, former Secretary of Labor under the Bill Clinton administration, has his own youtube channel. He occupies the same place in my queue as the person below.
> Leeja Miller, who I've only subbed to recently, has largely confirmed my hatred of the Reagan presidency by covering many of the reasons that the economy has worsened while companies continue to make more and more profit every year.
> J.J. McCullough, a Canadian pop culture channelist, has covered a lot of American sociological patterns that seem relevant to the act of thinking about sociopolitics by itself. This video of his makes the point that education, politics, and entertainment have congealed over the last decade or two, and it is what inspired this post.
> LegalEagle is interesting when my feeble mind can tolerate legal speak long enough to know why so-and-so political figure is in deep shit. Very informative, too fast for my liking.

...and I've probably driven most people off by now. Thanks if you read this far, Idk what I meant to accomplish with this.
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