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2023.05.31 01:35 Professorplumsgun THANK TO ASIAN WOMAN

I moved to Orange County ,CA from arizona back in March and theres a very large asian community here, they even outnumber whites in some areas
They are so fucking easy to smash if your white . Its unreal dude . Ive already gotten between 10-13 lays and its only been 3 months lol. At this rate ill have over 40 for the year
Thank you asian woman, you guys are a life saver for a lot of white men ;)
I have another one coming over later tonight , i literally matched with her this morning and we only made small talk . This shit is crazy brahs
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2023.05.31 01:34 Ok-Interest-982 30 [MF4M] Rochester - Couple. Looking for guys that’d want to team up on the wife.

Adventurous couple here, staying at a hotel near Rochester (in Henrietta). Looking to have some fun.
Wife is a total sub. Likes to be dominated and loves to be of service, especially to multiple men. I get off on sharing her and we are both very laid back, respectful of boundaries, and we’re both clean/disease free (recently tested and can verify).
Looking for other guys that are down for a group experience. Show her a good time. Team up on her with me. We’ve got beers, wine, and tequila in the room (can make it a party). Staying through Friday AM and can host at our room.
We have pics we can share as well. Look forward to connecting!
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2023.05.31 01:34 throwawayact1134 It's a struggle

Warning: lot to write and get off my chest; no therapist or counselor. Sorry in advance and thanks for reading.
Im posting from a throwaway account but i have been a long time lurker of this sub. I have a lot of respect for you gentlemen coming forward on your personal accounts with your experiences. I can relate to a lot of you so i felt i could come here and post as well because I am not in a good state of mind and hope someone might understand also. Trying to be tough as most men my age try to be (35). I hate to cry but I really feel like it right now. I think internally I am but dont have it in me to let it out. I'm really stressed out for a lot of reasons and I have no friends or outlets.
I am the most successful loser. Got a good job that makes about 95k a year. I have a loving wife and an awesome 9 yr old son. They make me happy and life worth living but without them I would probably quit life.
We recently moved cross country about 9 months ago and relocated from Oregon to New York. It was my wife's idea. In oregon she was very unhappy. She is black (I'm hispanic/white) and she felt targeted a lot. It wasn't unwarranted feeling the way she did. She had a few really shitty experiences in Portland, of all places, and they prompted her to find a more inclusive environment to live that was affordable. My son was not immune to those issues either who is not exactly special needs but is on the spectrum and has adhd.
When my wife told me she wanted to leave Oregon and go to New York I fought it hard. My parents lived in Oregon but that relationship between my wife and parents has forever been strained. To put it lightly, they hate each other. But because i have only my parents and no friends I didn't want to leave. Her happiness and depression really started to take a toll though. She wouldn't leave the house, take my son outside to play, wouldnt get a job, help keep the house clean, keep herself clean. She just was this empty person trying to play house wife. It was really difficult. So after a couple years of fighting it out I caved because she became soo unhealthy and I just wanted her to be happy. At the right moment an opporunity came up with my job for us to move to the city in new york we were looking at and i immediately jumped on it. But now I feel like the roles have switched. I fucking hate it here.
The city we moved to just sucks. It's a lot of petty shit why I don't like it but I'm not happy here because it's not conducive to our lifestyle. While the neighborhoods are cool the people in them are just... shitty. We live in a really nice neighborhood, very sought after, but the neighborly attitudes here are very fake. The reason I'm posting this (what pushed me over the edge i guess) is because I just pissed off my neighbor. It wasn't intentional. My son and I had a water balloon fight and he got mad we left some of the broken balloons in his front yard. I meant to pick them up last night I just forgot. He got mad because he picked them up himself. It just seemed petty when this guy is in his backyard sawing wood at 9 o clock at night or texting me at inconvenient times to move my car so he can get to his trailer. Just to clarify, his trailer is in the driveway that he made an agreement with the owner we rent from. Guy even asked me to watch his kids one day so he could go help his friend with something. Never have I treated this person with disrespect and always stepped up to the neighborly plate to bat a Home run but I'm the dick. The wives are friends too, sort of, but I just don't know. Its just fake. Aside the fakeness I do plan to go over and apologize again and bring a peace offering. I just don't know what. At the same time I'm very "fuck you, I know your game. Your suit and smile can't hide the truth." Probably a petty way to think but feeling nhiilistically cute about it. Reading what I just wrote about how I feel it just seems immature and childish. Thinking about it from his perspective I do get it. I understand his grievance. But it wasn't intentional. I just don't feel like going out of my way to do any more favors. Might be why I can't make any friends.
I have no friends to speak of right now. Most are dead, I have lost contact with, or have parted ways due to differences. I'm alone. And naturally I miss the ones I had. There are 2 In particular i wish i could talk to right now. Both died in a car wreck. Seperate car wrecks different years. Their loss was and still is very difficult for me. I think about them all the time. We would always check up on each other. Most of my closest friends are dead and at 35 I have no more left to lose. My close friends who are still alive aren't really, all there. I call them from time to time to check up on them but they don't call me to check up on me. I dont know if that's just life getting in the way but it feels one sided. Now that I live in New York, I don't know if it's in my head or if my west coast personality getsbin the way but my personality does not jive well here. I grew up surfing and skating and find myself calling people kooks under my breath soo often. Tried finding friends playing hockey but it hasn't quite panned out over 2 seasons thus far. Really trying to make friends here but I just can't to save my life. I'm an introvert, so that doesn't help. Socially awkward at times. The punk scene here sucks hard dick and bubblegum so I have no outlet to go to punk shows and hope to meet people. Been to the skate park, it is better than nothing but its not that good. Obviiusly no surfing here, too far inland. It just sucks.
My job, as great as it has been to me, helping me move to new york, is an endless amount of failures. Every day is a struggle to meet the objectives given to me and usually they are the same objectives but it plays out differently every day based on volume. I'm in management and it is soo difficult to meet those objectives. I manage a good 80 people all with different personalities and work ethics. It's like herding cats and I hate it. I've been told on numerous occasions im a good boss from my supervisors and crew but I'm not necessarily loved. Recently was just written up by my immediate boss for not adhering to instructions and failure to notify. A situation from 3 months ago that occurred while I was on vacation during my regular scheduled day off that my supervisor failed to notify me on. I found out from our maintenance department after the fact, not from my supervisors, what had happened and i notified my superiors. I was held accountable because even though I was on vacation, the responsibility fell on me and therefore my supervisors failure was my failure. Pretty shitty. But Corporate rules. My supervisor can't be held accountable either because they claim they notified me and called me on my personal phone, so says my immediate boss. When I proved to my boss I received no call from my supervisor by showing printed out phone records, showed my time keeping records that they input for my vacation, I was told it didn't matter. "I could have deleted the phone records from my phone". My job truly sucks. There is no winning. Only extreme ownership that could potentially cost you your job. Kind of wild to think about.
We can't buy a house right now. I know I'm not the only one in this boat but I'm feeling it especially hard because I owned a home in Oregon but sold it to move to New York. Inflation, the move, and other miscellaneous expenses have eaten away our savings and what little we got from the sale of our home. The value of the home went up when we bought it but we spent an arm and a leg fixing it before we sold it. We made money, just wasnt a lot or what we hoped for. We didn't intend to sell either it's just the timing really screwed us with trying to move here. In hindsight we should have waited a little longer to move. We might have been in a better position.
I miss my parents. Besides my wife and son they were all I had left. I cannot understate how moving to New York created a hole in me being so far away from them. It sucks. I talk to them once a week.
I try to focus on the good things. My wife and son are happy. They have friends, are less stressed, don't feel targeted and are comfortable. My wife just got a job and is working on losing weight. My son is doing wonderful in school. Way better than he did in Oregon because New York Schools are amazing. I guess that's all that matters. I would give up anything for them.
And this is my struggle right now. Trying to keep that PMA. But I'm not happy and I can't hide it right now. I've been grumpy for a while now. I thought spring would change that because the sun was coming out but that may have just made it worse.
I'm angry and bummed. I'm tired and stressed. I feel I need a vacation from everyone and everything. I just want a friend to talk to, my friend. And I want to cry but I'm stopping myself because I have to Man up because there is no other option.
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2023.05.31 01:33 autotldr Flawless IPTV: Men Behind UK's Largest Pirate Service Jailed For 30 Years

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 87%. (I'm a bot)
Operating from 2016 until 2018, the Flawless IPTV service copied subscription TV broadcasts from official sources and then restreamed that content to tens of thousands of customers, at a dramatically cut down price.
More broadly, Flawless undermined the Premier League's right to offer exclusive broadcasting licenses in the UK and that had the potential to affect how much broadcasters were prepared to pay for those licenses.
What follows are just some of the events that led to the men being sentenced today, including why Flawless was so successful, and how it all fell apart.
Flawless IPTV. Launched around August 2016, Flawless IPTV began as a three-way partnership consisting of Mark Gould, Steven Gordon, and Peter Jolley, all of whom had parted ways with another IPTV provider, known online as Overlords.
In some cases blocking programs appear suddenly ineffective, with services like Flawless operating broadly as usual, with Flawless competitors not doing anywhere near as well.
We'll return to that story very soon and reveal how the dismantling of Flawless was interpreted as a prompt to launch more IPTV services that made even more money.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Flawless#1 League#2 Premier#3 today#4 month#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.05.31 01:33 Dangerous-Sundae-192 Who can and can't become a babaláwo

I know, with scratching in palo it is said women and gay men can't get scratched and was wondering if that's why they can't make babaláwo in santeria (not talking about isese as they have iyanifa's which would be the feminine equivalent to a babaláwo) or if there is a separate reason to this outside of "they just can't". And I'm curious as to where that would place bisexual men on this subject since they're not gay and attracted to women but also attracted to men? And asking about bi men isn't trying to work around the subject but asking for clari since they are distinct from gay men.
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2023.05.31 01:32 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 49

[←Chapter 48] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 50→]
As soon as he placed the tip of the blade against the stone, a crawling dread swept over. He held it there for a moment, trying to tabulate the functions of the tool, but nothing but raw guesswork remained to him. He heard the footsteps of the children and their minders vanishing up the stairs.
“You ready?” he asked Innie.
“No. But don't let that stop you,” she said, wide amber eyes fixed on the door.
There was nothing for it - Efrain steadied his hand and pressed the black blade into the stone. It was a relatively simple application of magic, almost instinctual, to activate the tool. He projected down into the chisel end, where stiff filaments would pierce the wall and sink deep within. This defeated the function of the chisel, but he already suspected that some of the features were more ornamental.
The next part was slightly more complicated, angling the blade up and down until he’d pressed the furled tips to the smooth surface. They sank in as well, leaving him holding the blade spine nearly parallel to the wall. Slowly, taking painstaking care not to twist the metal, he drew it down.
The stone split apart and drew back, guided through the furls and out, revealing a thin line in the stone. There was a silent thrill that fought against the dread as the hairline crack grew larger and larger. Finally, he reached the floor, and drew the knife out of the stone with minimal resistance.
With one last look at his partner, he placed both hands on the door and began to push.
There was a grinding squeal as the heavy stones slid open and out. Past, there was a thick darkness that blotted out most of the detail, even with the magelight active. Efrain took two steps and raised it high, its luminosity increasing as it rose. Even so, it flickered as the smothering cold poured out of the chamber, casting wavering shadows on the surrounding stone walls.
A moment of grim satisfaction availed him - he had surmised correctly about the room being some sort of important tomb. Large alcoves with carved-relief tombs marched off into the dark, twinned pillars marking each and every one. A vaulted ceiling spanned the passage, faded mosaics depicting unknown scenes of times past.
In fact, it would’ve been a place that Efrain could easily see himself working in. Painstakingly brushing off the faded paint and chipped stone, recreating the designs in book after book. Days and nights of note taking, trying to piece together the story of what this place was and why it was here. Unfortunately, the beauty of that vision was marred by the hostile darkness that wrapped around the vault.
He and Innie cautiously crept forward, the light above his head pushing back the heavy shadows. Her fur stood on end, amber eyes inspecting every little pittance, every corner past where something might hide. Efrain was much the same way, expecting something to detach itself from the stone and give chase.
Yet, there was nothing, no movement, no sudden gleam of hostile eyes. Just the stone, and the ever deepening cold.
Finally, they reached the depths of the tomb, a handful of steps that lead down into a wider room. In the muddy light he cast, he saw something large and round, sitting slumped over what looked to be an altar of some kind. There was no aggression that he could feel, no stirring of the thing in response to their presence, just the cold that poured off it.
As he entered through the arched steps, he realised that the thing was making sounds. A wet, gurgling noise, that was rather uncomfortably reminiscent of the creatures from the fog. The sound of a throat that had been crushed and twisted by the weight of its deformities. Still, it lacked the rage that came with the things that had crashed on the church roof or swarmed its outer wall.
Efrain took another few steps and stood before the round mass, slightly taller than he was, peering closely as its features came into relief. When he realised what it was, he felt a stomach that no longer existed turn over on itself. There were pale bumps and ridges where there might’ve been anatomical landmarks at one point. Various malformed limbs jutted out and merged back into the structure, some recognizable, some alien. The flesh shuddered and writhed as he neared it, groans and gurgles exiting various gashes and holes in its surface.
What was far, far worse, however, was what he discovered when he looked within.
Innie must’ve discovered it at the same time, issuing a violent wail of disgust and grief. Efrain staggered away, trying to steady himself on one of the pillars as his vision swam. The self-hatred, the sorrow, the unbelievable nauseating pain that issued from the thing was enough to make him wish he never came here. Its magic was even worse - an indescribable warped abomination that should’ve never been borne into existence.
It took a herculean effort to remain standing, fighting the physically impossible urge to sink to his knees and vomit. Innie was slamming herself into a pillar in a mad horror, and his gaze slid to the knife in his hand. The terrible revelation was like an explosion in his mind.
He could almost see the priest raising the knife, almost seeing the gears of thought turning in his head. If it could join and separate stone, what else could it pull asunder? A terrible demon, removed from a child, think of the praise, think of the tithes, think of the reaffirmation of the faith!
Innie lay on the ground, curled and shivering, her wails fallen into a grim silence, punctuated only by quiet sobs. Efrain stood there, feeling the knife slip to clatter on the ground. The thing twitched and issued another moan as it undulated from its base to top.
Somewhere in the corners of his mind he wondered if somewhere in the mass the priest was still alive. It would be a ghastly fate, and a deserved one, to be trapped in this fleshy prison. But what had happened to the wisp matriarch’s power? Why was there a ghost appearing to Aya and granting her access to the flames?
Shrinking back into himself, he huddled by the wall - more than anything, he wanted to be away from here. He wanted to be in his isolated little castle in a far-away mountain. He wanted a cup of tea, and a good book, and to forget such horrible things could exist in this world.
But alas, he was here, he had made the choice to come here, and it made the choice to open the door.
It’s not fair, he thought, numbly, why must it be me?
Innie had stopped sobbing, merely lying there in a terrible stillness. Not dead, nor was she injured beyond superficiality, rather trapped in the depths of paralytic grief. But it would soon fade, Efrain knew for it was happening to him. All that stupefaction, swept away by rage.
There were footsteps, far behind him, a set of them, hurrying down the tomb corridor. Distant faces, barely distinguishable from the darkness, emerged past the arches, still some distance away. Their eyes were straining, faces scrunched up as they tried to pierce the gloom, not yet realising the dire horror that awaited them.
Maybe it was in a spirit of mercy that Efrain rose, and turned toward the cat. More likely, it was the rage that was boiling just under the surface, only held by the thinnest membrane of numbness. The stones under Innie were beginning to be cast in a red light as her fur began to glow, despite the damping of her magic.
“What is that?” called one of the paladins from down the hall.
Efrain said nothing as he faced the horrible fusion of the priest and girl, twitching and moaning. He didn’t need to.
Flames rose into the air, exhaustion no longer a barrier as Innie rose to her height. The cat was melting, dribbling down on the floor as the true form of the wisp mother bled through in a pillar of yellow-red light. The temperature of the room shot up from icy to lukewarm in an instant as flames began to crawl across the stone and reached for the abomination.
The paladins had reached the threshold, thrusting their charges behind them as they gazed upon the scene. They were reaching for their swords, even as the flames grew in heat and intensity. The mass did not attempt to lash rather bellowed as the fire licked, shuddering so violently Efrain thought it might come apart. It coiled and twitched as the flames rose up its side, the smell of burning flesh filling the room.
Efrain didn’t even look at it, merely fixing his stare on the church insignia, emblazoned on the plate of the paladins. The screams rose to a fever pitch, met by a furious roaring and crackling of the ever-growing blaze. There was one last desperate burst of coldness that rolled over him, dimming the firelight for a moment, and turning the paladin’s pale.
Then, as if a floodgate was opened, his magic was no longer suppressed, and the fires roared to new heights. The thing had been submerged in a pillar of red and yellow flames, leaping up almost to the tall ceiling of the room. In the back of Efrain’s mind, he realised it wasn’t wise that the fire would eat the air up so deep in the earth. He did nothing.
He simply stood there, staring at the paladins without a word.
“Efrain,” croaked Innie.
He turned to see the charred remains slumping to the floor. In its centre, no longer bound, floated a thin ring of yellow blue flame. The fragment shed little bright rivulets like downy feathers, soft sparks fading into Innie’s blaze.
The rage drove Efrain forward, knowing what was about to happen and what he was about to do. No rational impulse was going to stop him now. Innie was in lockstep with him as he knelt down before the remains, the flames parting as he reached in. The paladins were screaming something as he closed his hand around the ring, and felt his world come to life.
The fire was no longer just fire, it was light itself, so blindingly bright and hot that stones around them began to glow. Efrain felt something immense move into him, a wall of molten power moving enough momentum to sweep him away. The traces of the wisp matriarch entered the man and the cat, and in that moment they were its avatar.
He rose, and the blue-yellow blaze rose with him, fanning over the whole room. At some point, the paladins had grabbed their charges and ran for dear life. Efrain was almost beyond thought as he began to make for the stairs. Every step was a burden, his body rattling uncontrollably with each footfall.
Step-by-step, the pair made their way through the corridor, leaving a sea of flame in their wake. The stone glowed with the rage of their passing, murals utterly destroyed, features beginning to run like wax on the carven reliefs. The only thing untouched by the flames was the black doors, a constant wall in the flames.
As he made his way into the crypts, leaving glass footprints in the sand, he became dimly aware that his robes were beginning to smoke. The magic coursing through him was not meant for him to wield - memory, knowledge, consciousness, all seemed to fall away at its burning touch.
He was being consumed, he and Innie both as they channelled the might of the matriarch, fraction as it was. The burst of magic on the roof was nothing compared to what they now held within themselves. This was a primal power, far grander than anything they’d seen in their long lives.
The passage was beginning to groan and warp, the stone beginning to run as he found his way to the spiral stair. Step-by-step, gripping the walls for purchase, he managed to drag himself up. Every rise was harder than the one that came before it, and soon he was climbing mountains with each step. The stones trembled at his touch, his hands leaving glowing impressions. Soon they too fell into the wall of conflagration that rose behind him.
Still, onward and upward he climbed, higher and higher, past the entrance to the church and to the roof. Night had finally fallen, the sounds of battle beginning as the monsters moved for the final assault. The posted guards screamed warnings of ‘fire!’ ‘fire!’ and shouted prayers as Efrain crawled his way onto the roof. They must’ve thought this some terrible new monster, something immune to their burning brands.
“Leave. Now,” Efrain said, the words slurring as he forced them into the air.
The men were quick to take his advice, but stopped at the tower stairs, staring in horror at the dripping stone. Some looked to the edge, preparing to leap to avoid the frame.
In the midst of the tumult, some bare fraction of Efrain remained to recognize the arbitrary cruelty of their position. He reached out, not to the men but beyond them, and plucked the heat from the stones. With a gust of warm air, they cooled rapidly from molten red to survivable grey. Somewhere, the scholar in Efrain screamed at the indignity of this impossible action.
But this was a magic of fundamentals. It did not stoop to petty things like ‘rules’.
The men, seeing their chance, hurled themselves down the stairs. With their absence, there was nothing left to restrain the power. The flames poured out like water, spilling over the walls of the church, roaring into the sky. Efrain didn’t think about the memory, intent, or emotion, nor any mechanical aspect of the magic - where he wanted, the world burned.
What little left of his mind felt memories of times and places foreign to him roar through his mind. The chaos of his mind lent him very little clarity, sights were smells, sounds were feelings, a cacophony of sensations raced through him faster and faster. In that blurring conundrum, he could see a single, core memory, one that drove all others.
A sunlit place, far away near a golden sea, a funeral, a birth, both at the same time, a tall figure, singing of purpose.
With a final effort, he called the magic to him, hoping to gain some vestige of control. The flames coiled and twisted and condensed, collapsing into an ever-tighter sphere as nature did its work. Heat itself lifted off the melting slates of the roof, absorbed into the mass at his fingertips, leaving a bright ball no bigger than his fist.
The world hung in that moment, the sounds of battle far away, screams of human and monster distant memories. In that moment of brief lucidity, Efrain held a star in his hand.
Then with a tremendous expansion of sound and rage and fire, a blast of hot wind ripped the fog away from the hill and scattered it across the highlands. Men and monsters were sent sprawling, the creatures flying on the icy mist spiralling and falling to earth.
Now the true force of the enemy was revealed - hundreds, perhaps as many as a thousand on the hill beyond. It was only a matter of time before they would rise over the wall, dismantle the barricades, and slaughter the defenders. Men, women, even children who’d worked so hard to defend their homes and lives. All rended to pieces because a little girl had gone for a little hike.
Chains were wrapping around Efrain, white hot and heavy, pulling him to the roof, disintegrating the spells that held him together. He was smoking in truth now and might catch flame at any moment. At his back, felt rather than seen, was an immense twisting whirlwind. It reached up and out into the night, its sudden light blotting out the stars. At its very centre, a consciousness took form within the power, something that wished for nothing more than to reduce all to ash. Efrain turned to the creatures that squirmed and charged below, heedless of the peril above.
He barely even perceived what happened next.
There was one final roar, louder and more violent than anything he’d ever heard of, conceived of, and would likely ever hear again. Branches extended down from the fire, great scouring fingers that swept across the earth, tearing down fruit trees, barely missing the barricades, and spilling down the hill.
The creatures came to meet it, not even turning aside as the heat and light submerged them. Perhaps they couldn’t even understand death anymore, so far gone was their nature. In a heartbeat, they faltered in the tide of flame, falling to the ground as they burned to ash. Dozens of them went in an instant as the power of Wisp Matriarch did its terrible work.
The fingers swept down past the outer wall, two tendrils splitting and crashing back together in a fountain of fire. The great bulk of the monsters were burnt into mere shadows on the cobbles. Efrain’s vision began to darken as his last vestiges of consciousness began to fail. He felt a draining sensation, the last of the magic of the matriarch flowing out into the night.
The heat that ate away at his very being was gone now, leaving behind a scorched emptiness. He fell to the ground, his limbs barely weak enough to prop himself up against the church roof. Innie, once more a cat, dragged herself over to him, curling on his lap as her eyes closed.
Too late, he remembered the curse upon the mask. That must’ve been the draining sensation, now that he’d let so much magic flow through it, it was sucking him dry. He tried vainly for some way to stem the flow, but he was so tired, so weak. Looking down, he noted that the church, although singed, was still more-or-less intact. There was a strange mix of regret and relief at the observation.
His voice, now a drab, thin thing, echoed out, remembering the conversation he’d had with Innie about her future plans of arson.
“Sorry, old friend,” he said, “I think I missed.”
Then Efrain Belacore, Baron of the Frozen Vale, and self-titled ‘Lord of Death’, was no more.
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2023.05.31 01:31 AirCurrentBlue [WTS] Large Kuhl 8” shorts new with tags condition

New with tags condition pair of Kuhl shorts up for sale. Stored in a smoke and pet free home with no fragrances, flaws or issues. Bought on impulse and need to pass them along
Reposted with lowered price as they were claimed twice and never paid for
Size: Mens Large
Asking price: $22
Color: Dark Moss
Model: Suppressor 8” shorts
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2023.05.31 01:31 BagCapital7516 Salipognecty 3 days ago, how long until the physical incision pain goes away?

I had a rupture on my right Fallopian tube and it was removed. Surgery was very hard on me. It’s been 3 days post op and still not walking .
Pain is somewhat tolerable without the meds , like a dull sharp ache. Pain went down to a 5 finally .
But when I cough, it hurts. I was a smoke weed every day type of person (2 bowls a day, had cut down). Now that I stopped coughing, all the phlegm is coming out. Read that this is how the lungs start healing but holy shit ….. worst time .
So how long did your incision pain stay? And how many days did it take you all to walk? And passing stools? I’m so scared about that. Today is my first day with solid food . Doctor said I’d get stool softeners for that.
Sorry for the TMI . Much love , ladies
Also, bf is blaming himself for this and i told him these things happen. Is there support for men going through this ?
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2023.05.31 01:30 __VX__ [34] [F4M]. Is love a crime? I just wanna get married to a responsible man

I've been single for 3 years now. after my breakup I decided I no longer wanted love cause it hurts that much and I don't want to deal with thati simply can't deal. For the past few years, i've been trying to get mens attention but at the end they leave me on read and make out with better women. i have tried approaching them and we get along for a couple of months and they get uninterested. why does this happen? or is it only me? or i am just not meant for this world?. I just want to get married to a responsible man who knows how to treat a woman right, that's all.
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2023.05.31 01:29 Tacobellgrande98 What’s your opinion on men who makes their friends ask a girl out for them?

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2023.05.31 01:29 PapuaNuevaGuineaPigg I need quick haircut/hairstyle suggestions

I need quick haircut/hairstyle suggestions
I always wanted to have long hair but now I come to realize that maybe my hair is a bit to straight for it. I also considered a middle part, but that can end up really weirdly. I need help. Ps: I also don't want to get a short haircut cause for some reason I get an incredible baby face with it. I also have an incredibly big forehead, so I doubt any hairstyle that reveals it will suit. Apologies for bad English!
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2023.05.31 01:29 AdamBombKelley RT scores for the Races of Tamriel

Argonians: 🍅
Imperials: 🦠
Khajiit: 🍅
Redguards: 🦠
Bretons: 🦠
Dunmer: 🍅
Nords: 🍅
Altmer: 🍅
Bosmer: 🦠
Orsimer: 🦠
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2023.05.31 01:28 SpinninDaWebb96 Question for enbys (trans girl here)

So generally trans women prefer to use the women’s bathroom and trans men use the men’s bathroom. What about non binary people? Do you still use your birth assigned bathrooms, gender neutral/disabled bathrooms or the one you reflect with more (for those who might be amab but had she/they pronouns or vice versa)?
Please delete if not allowed I’m just genuinely curious how it all works for you.
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2023.05.31 01:28 conf1rmer A solution to the stupid trans term debates

In our hands lies the ability to destroy the West and kill God, and to rewrite languages, if only we reach our hands out and try. Trans man/woman/nonbinary, mtf/ftm/ftnb or mtnb, AMAB/AFAB, these terms are all silly, because they tie us to our genders and sexes assigned at birth. I (trans woman) am a biological female, and have always been such, and trans men are biological males and nonbinary people are biologically nonbinary.
Disagree? Well off to the democratically run gulag for your wrongthink, comrade. In fact, by 2035 I'd like to see "trans women" just be "females" and vice versa for "trans men." "Nonbinary people" ideally don't even have a term for them then they're just people and their gender is not even discussed, because this is the degree to which we've yassified the West.
If we can get the lefties on board, we can get the libs on board, and then it is joever for Christianity, you hear me? It's JOEVER! ☝️😼
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2023.05.31 01:28 Deal-Haggler Get 2 Lucky Brand Men's Sueded Jersey Knit Jogger Sleep Pant for $11 + FS! Was $79!

Coupon link:
Exp. 2023-06-05
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2023.05.31 01:28 Designer_Article6069 I NEED ADVICE!!!

when i think of my friend jesscia i think of the sun and the moon. that’s what she reminds me of. jessica has medium length brown hair, she’s tall, she smells really really good, and she has such a beautiful beautiful smile. like i could look at this woman all day. no joke. i feel like i’ve kind of tried to separate myself from her because she’s a really really good platonic friend and i think somethings i confuse platonic friend things with romantic things. because i’ve never had such an intimate friendship with anyone and idk why but the other day she just gave me this feeling i’ve never felt with anyone else because no one else has loved me like her in that platonic way. i had a crush on her last summer for about two weeks. she started to flirt with me first so i went along with it, i honestly think she did it because she was bored which really really confused me but i got over it…but the feelings returned again, i literally never thought they would. she definitely wasn’t into as much as i was when she did start to flirt with me. i fell so fast because i was trying to get over and ex and i missed the feelings that having a crush or a love like that gives you. but every since then i’ve seen her so different, i mean i’m seeing shit in this woman she doesn’t even see in herself. i love everything about her, sometimes i wish i could just stare at her and admire her, and i just WISH she sees what i see. what men could never see in her. and i have a feeling she’s just gonna settle for a man that’s not for me because IM THE ONE FOR HER BUT THEN AGAIN IDKKKK. but i do know that no one will ever see her beauty the way i do. never. of course those are the good feeling i have about jesscia but i do have a coulple or concerns such as her not listing to me when i talk because i ALWAYS listin because i love her and i care but i know it’s not intentional but i don’t mind listing to her talk my ear off all day about nothing because i love her . i love the friendship we have right now and i would hate to ruin it because feelings got involved but i WANT to ruin it. i want to tell her how beautiful she is while i lay with her. i want to take pictures of her not just for her but for me because seeing her smile makes me happy. i want to let everything out to her when i feel like it. i want to show her my insecurities without feelings insecure about being insecure. i want to be able to love on her i want her to feel my heart beating for her. honestly looking forward to talking to her and even just the “possibly” of us being together is what kind of gives me a push because it’s something to look forward to and that’s what i fuckin live for. it just sucks because i know she wouldn’t want to be with me. i jsut know it. i feel like if she were to be with me she would feel like she would be wasting her time and she could find someone better you know? even just a situationship would be enough for me. but i would never be enough for her and it’s always that way. always. it’s never the other way around. i think i’m just looking for love in the wrong places or just the ONLY places. i’m scared and confused. she told me she wanted to end whatever happened last summer and she wanted to keep it platonic which i totally respect. but how am I supposed to play like i don’t have feelings for this beautiful woman. i feel like a creep just for writing all of this but this is 100 percent how i feel. i still need to talk to my therapist about it so we’ll see. also may i add that i am the complete opposite of her type.
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2023.05.31 01:28 Kimba93 Activism for men's issues and feminism

I don't see how both have to be in conflict with each other. Not a single men's issue is in any way seriously fought by feminists. The reason why there are conflicts between MRA and feminists seem to be that the MRM started as movement against feminism, as Warren Farrell said himself about feminism:
In America and in most of the industrialized world, men are coming to be thought of by feminists in very much the same way that Jews were thought of by early Nazis.
This pretty much does sound like an extremely negative view of feminism. But where did MRA and feminists actually disagreed about real-life issues? I get it, the historical view that there was a patriarchy is a disagreement, but this is a historical debate and no matter what people say it has no influence at all on today's real-life issues. Does anyone think that tradcons who laugh about patriarchy theory and wish the "good old times" back somehow have more empathetic views about men's issues? Another disagreement is surely the whole view that men are so suffering because of the dating market. This might be another real disagreement, but as long as you don't want to actually force women to marry incels, I don't see reasons to fight a lot about it.
Other issues have absolutely no conflict potential if they are not just used at whataboutism against feminism:
The same is true for other things that are often described as men's issues (suicide, violent crime, etc.), none of them have any inherent conflict potential with feminism. I don't know why there seems to be the idea that pro-male advocacy has to be against feminism. I see two ways how this idea is often pushed:
Of course, as I said, this is true if these issues are not used as whataboutism against feminism. For example: The organization 1in6 is active for male rape victims, and they don't use any anti-feminist rhetoric. So obviously there's no hate between them and feminists. Just like Lara Stemple didn't got hate or all the others who talk about male rape victims without attacking feminism. The same is true for the organization 1in3, who is active for male victims of domestic violence, they don't use anti-feminist rhetoric so again, there's no hate between them and feminists. Feminists have embraced the opening of male-only shelters and many do help men in shelters that are open for men. There's no inherent conflict between feminism and men's issues. The only way someone could be attacked for activism for any of these issues is if he uses them against feminism. For example, while talking about male victims of DV, saying: "Feminists have tried to hide the truth and attacked everyone who speaks out, but here is the reality about the issue!", this will be seen as anti-feminism and not as pro-male activism. If Terry Crews would have used his victimization to attack feminists, he would have lost any support. The same is true for all other causes:
I have to admit, there are sometimes cases where some feminists seem to attack activism for men's issues for the sake of it, like when Warren Farrell's talk about mental health was attacked in Toronto. But this is a good example: I fundamentally disagree with what they did and think they should be ashamed of themselves, but Farrell was not attacked because he wanted to talk about men's mental health - he was attacked because of his viciously anti-feminist rhetoric (again, I don't support attacking him). It's just plain wrong to say that "no one can talk about men's mental health, feminists will attack you", there are multiple organizations like Movember and social activism that do bring light to the issue and of course don't get attacked, so again, activism for men's mental health doesn't need to be in conflict with feminism. The reality is: It's extremely easy to gain empathy and be active for men. People just have to want it. To make it as clear as possible:
Activism for real-life men's issues doesn't have to be against feminism in the slightest. There's no reason to fight between them.
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2023.05.31 01:28 Deal-Haggler Get 2 Dockers Men's Surprise Pants for $23 + FS! Was $100!

Coupon link:
Exp. 2023-06-05
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2023.05.31 01:27 lexilou279 Does moderate mean conservative on OLD?

I (27f) have found some “moderate” guys fine but I’m seeing more people put that men are putting moderate because many women swipe left on conservative? Should I be avoiding moderate?
More context: I’m bi and also do a lot of work with sexual health, assault prevention, and involved in other social movements. I wouldn’t date someone who is not queer affirming, believes in abortion as healthcare and BLM. I recently got feedback that someone put moderate because they are fiscally moderate but lean liberal socially. I know it’s not a hard and fast for everyone but generally what is moderate these days? I’ve gotten in sticky situations with people who appear moderate but then later we clearly have very different ideas of what that means. (No judgment I just know someone socially more conservative is not a good match for me. I can be friends with someone but couldn’t be in a relationship with them)
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2023.05.31 01:27 Ottawaguitar Is cutting hair at the beach legal?

Just saw a guy offering free haircuts for his Instagram, I guess. Brought his chair, trimmer, and started shaving a volunteer away. Seems not so hygienic considering the hair is flying everywhere.
I mean, it's one thing to have those people that do braids and so on, I get the entrepreneurial spirit, but an actual haircut at Mooney's Bay?
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2023.05.31 01:27 girthquakinator Cought(30M) my ex-fiancee(30F) lying

A little backstory: I've been together with my partner for 7 years now. We have had our fair share of problems. Just like most couples. Weve had fights where our relationship was on the line and for some reason or another we gave it another chance and kept it going. About 2 years ago my partner picked up a job with Amazon that threw her in a deep depression that has lasted till now. We were fighting a lot. Her mood was seriously affecting me. Last December, we got into a pretty big fight in front of friends and after that I was certain that we would end it right then and there. We didn't. I decided to work on myself and stop drinking and look into therapy. I was able to do so cold turkey and have been 6 months alcohol free and have never felt more in control of my emotions. Fast forward to a few weekends ago. My partner and I both go to school and are working full time. Finals week was upon us and the stress was definitely there. I had been so focused on my school and hobby that I hadn't realized that my house chores were not being prioritized. I only found out after letting my partner know that i planned a camping trip and was not goingg to be left with too much time to do house chores. At this point my mental health was really low and camping was my exit. My partner blew up and made me feel as if I wasn't doing enough around the house. (Granted, we had a deep conversation the night before about how I was stressed about not getting to all of my chores. She expressed to me that it's ok to take time for ourselves and leave chores at a halt) I froze and couldn't believe what I was experiencing especially after the conversation we had. I knew that i had dropped the ball by not prioritizing chores but for it to come to this, i was definitely surprised and caught off guard. Our house is not extremely dirty. We both are relatively clean people. I come home for lunch and try to do as many chores as I can while home. I then began to question if it was really the chores or the meal prepping we do weekly. I ended up going camping and when I got back it was almost as if nothing happened and we went with our lives. Forward to the following weekend. We had a repetition of the fight from last weekend. I wasn't prioritizing chores and that was upsetting her. I was so upset and couldn't think straight as I was so confused because not only do I take care of the outside of our house by mowing, weeding, gardening, i try and take care of inside chores as much as I can. I loads DN unload the dishwasher. Wash and fold towels etc. The problem is my collaboration when it comes to cooking. She can't stand cooking for me and constantly asks me if I want a housewife instead of a partner. I get so hurt by that. That fight ended up us calling off our engagement. I knew this is where this was going. Her depression has really been making this so difficult for both of us. When I proposed to her we were so happy. When the planning began she caved and her depression returned. The stress of the planning got to her to the point where she no longer talked about it, when before it was all she could talk about. After the fight we decided to still stay together but with the agreement of looking into therapy.
This has stressed me tremendously and started making me reconsider our relationship. It got to the point where I felt obligated to snoop into her phone. What I found was not great. She has messages from over 2 years ago where it seems as if she was talking to someone on another platform but messaged her on Twitter anyway. From the messages it looks like they were planning on dating but my partner ended up ghosting him. I also found a message from someone she met at a dance club while she was away on a work trip. She never messaged him back. Idk what to do or think. I'm supposed to look into couples therapy but I'm so confused and hurt that i don't know if I should continue with her. I love her with all that i have and have so for the past 7 years. I'm just at a loss, especially after finding those messages. I've asked multiple times if there is someone else or ever has been and she keeps saying no. I know that what I found aren't concrete evidence of cheating but it's sure leading that way. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
Tldr: My exfiance of 7 years was cought lying and doesn't know. She has had severe depression for the past couple of years and it's gotten to the point where I don't know if I can live with her. We had a fight that made us call our engagement off. I snooped and found multiple messages from other men regarding either dating or dancing in a night club. I'm willing to work it out in therapy, but I'm wondering if it's worth it or just move on?
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2023.05.31 01:25 2_Blue Report of Shadow Men Terrorizing Family For Over a Decade

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