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What’s being filmed in Trastevere?

2023.05.30 19:08 GinaGemini780 What’s being filmed in Trastevere?

Saw a film crew all set up in Piazza di Santa Maria this afternoon for a few hours. Anyone know what was being filmed there today? Grazie.
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2023.05.30 19:03 Keto_Castigado Luego dicen que no hay trabajo

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2023.05.30 19:03 Keto_Castigado Luego dicen que no hay trabajo

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2023.05.30 14:34 hopefaithcourage Best stops to make on a fun drive from Olbia to Sant'Elmo area?

We are splitting our honeymoon to Sardinia in two parts in July, our first part is 5 days in Costa Smerelda, our second half of our trip will be staying in a hotel near Sant'Elmo. So we have a nice long drive from the Northeast to the Southeast.
I am trying to figure out the best places to stop on that drive to take advantage of the day.
Some ideas I have is Cala Ganone, but not sure what to do there, like do I need a tour? I was thinking of doing the Grotto tour from there.
Also we could stop in Santa Maria Navarrese which I hear is nice, maybe for lunch and to walk around?
Any other ideas? Appreciate any advice!
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2023.05.30 14:00 gregornot Maria Muldaur, Linda Ronstadt & Bonnie Raitt. Backstage at the Santa Monica Civic Center 1974

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2023.05.30 13:25 BuddhaNatureProd Apple Orchard- Steven Santa Maria

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2023.05.30 12:59 auragazania 3 BHK luxury apartments in Zirakpur

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2023.05.30 07:35 Ravencrow78 T/m 04-06. Lamb Weston, kaasbroodje, Milka, Appelsientje, pindakaas, Arizona, Little Steps, thuisafbakbroden, Raak siroop, Santa Maria en Liefde en Passie brood. Koopzegels uit.

T/m 04-06. Lamb Weston, kaasbroodje, Milka, Appelsientje, pindakaas, Arizona, Little Steps, thuisafbakbroden, Raak siroop, Santa Maria en Liefde en Passie brood. Koopzegels uit. submitted by Ravencrow78 to persoonlijkebonus [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 06:22 GeneralUri10 my "for you" feed is trying to induce schizophrenia on me, how do I reset it?

I got bored today and figured I'd scroll through tiktok. I never, ever go on tiktok so this was my first "real" session I guess. my FY feed was the typical stuff that I found interesting, such as water and thalassophobia (fear of water), eventually somehow the more I scrolled, the more my feed just turned into more and more sinister and horrifying things full of gore and death
it started from the "you have this phobia" videos and then moved to creepy signs, followed by weird disturbing psychological horror such as the maria face incident (just an example of the random stuff it pulled) and moved onto conspiracy theories about the earth being flat, Denver Airport, illuminati, 9/11, then straight up gore and "schizo" stuff.
every other post is how to make some illegal substance such as chloroform or an explosive or some bizarre shock picture of some creature or demon saying I'm not alone and that I'm currently going to die or that I'm in a coma and nothing is real. after scrolling through random feeds of serial killer victims I went to one that seemed innocent and it was a joke of a cartoon mouse making a cat saying "under where?" and the next picture was genuine just mouse gore with a cat eating mouse guts.. the next tiktok after that was just straight up more "I know where you live and I'm in your walls" type stuff, what the hell man what the hell happened to my feed man, I'm genuinely starting to see shadows in my peripheral vision at the moment what the hell
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2023.05.30 03:57 IMTrainingCenter 📺'Mimi' Mireille Mathieu (1982) Santa Maria Digitally Enhanced F...

When Mimi sings Santa Maria, it is as good as it gets. If you have not heard her sing this, it will only take a few milliseconds for you to become hooked on her performance. This is from 1982. It has been digitally enhanced, but it was out of sync. I have got it much closer to perfect, enjoy. Never Miss An Upload, Join the channel: https://cutt.ly/MrPsClassicTV
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2023.05.30 02:22 bruno8686 Santa Maria Beef Cheeks

Santa Maria Beef Cheeks
25lb frozen block from Mexican market. After trimming, 19 lbs. Santa Maria rub. Smoked in Masterbuilt 1050 gravity smoker using Kingsford charcoal and apple wood for 5 hours at 275. Spritzed with hard apple cider every hour. After smoke, braised for 3 hours at 275; turned out wonderful!
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2023.05.30 00:36 KRyvkin Newbie here! Any standouts on this wine list?

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2023.05.29 22:57 bruno8686 Santa Maria Beef Cheeks

Santa Maria Beef Cheeks
25 lbs of beef cheeks from a Mexican market, 19 lb after trimming. Uses Santa Maria rub, smoked on MB gravity smoker using Kingsford charcoal and Apple wood; 4 hours at 275 and then braised in oven using a bottle of wine from Trader Joe's.
It was fantastic!
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2023.05.29 22:06 skalefreaks Santa Maria cruising nationals

Santa Maria cruising nationals
A couple of pics at the last event 😁👍
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2023.05.29 22:00 Ajayu Last Week in Bolivia ep5: mysterious deaths, politicians turned TikTok stars, a WWE-style Royal Rumble in congress and more!

From Bolivia with Love
Not since the days of the dictatorships into the early 1980s have we seen government opponents (internal and external) die in mysterious circumstances with such frequency. Four decades have since those dark days, and in the last 6 months we have not 1, not 2, but 3 strange deaths, that rival the demise of Putin's contrarians in Russia. If true, who knows how long this apparent purge of government enemies (internal and external) might last.
The latest victim is Carlos Colodro, who had been charged distributing the assets of Bank Fassil. Fassil went bankrupt recently, Colodro was charged with taking its assets to return the bank’s customers their money, transfer their accounts to other banks, pay back the salaries of Fassil employees and so on. Saturday night he turned up death after allegedly falling down from the 14th floor of a building. As per his family the corpse shows strange bruises not explained by a suicide, and he was missing an eye and a testicle. Unconfirmed reports say the government actors had money in Fassil of unknown and potentially illegal origins, and Colodro was perhaps getting too close to this information. As per his family’s lawyer Colodro had been receiving threats recently. Curiously the next day the Minister of Government Eduardo Del Castillo had a press release with an apparent suicide letter. This came as a surprise to the family as a search with the police at 11pm Saturday night did not find this letter. According to Del Castillo the letter was found (conveniently) during a second search at 2am Sunday morning. However neither the handwriting or writing style fit Colodro’s. Take that as what you will.
Colodro’s death is eerily similar to the recent death “by suicide” of Christopher Balcázar, who happens to be the defense lawyer for political prisoner and opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho. On the night of May 1 Balcazar “jumped” to his dead from his 11th floor apartment. At the time the police said they were collecting footage from the building’s security cameras, but almost a month later these haven’t been released to the public yet. Why?
In 2022 attorney Felipe Sandy Rivero came out as a whistleblower exposing corruption within the ABC government agency (Administradora Boliviana de Carreteras – Bolivian Administration of Roads) with Chinse company CHEC. At the time of the allegations this was seen as the latest battle of the MAS civil war (Evo Vs. Arce) as Sandy Rivero was receiving help from a hardcore member of the “Evista” wing of the party, and the accusations were against the “Arcista” wing as allegedly President Arce has his people and family member working in the ABC. Sandy Rivero ended up receiving death threats and fearing for his life escaped to Miami. In March 2023 the Minister of Justice Ivan Lima (an “Arcista”) disclosed that Sandy Rivero had died the previous January in a car accident. The press was able to independently obtain a list of transit deaths in Miami and Sandy Rivero’s name was nowhere to be found. The press then produced US forensic results indicating that Sandy Rivero “had assaulted his own body” and he had “attempted against his life”, some convoluted language to describe an apparent suicide, there was nothing about a car accident in the document. The Evistas then pointed the finger to Lima as responsible for Sandy Rivero’s death. Before dying Sandy Rivero made a video in which he stated that he feared for his life from Bolivian and Chinese actors and wanted to explain the corruption details (fake documents, money laundering, front documents, etc).
Here Comes Johnny
State congressman Federico Moron recently went to the police to make corruption allegations against Santa Cruz Mayor Johnny Fernandez. During his term Hernandez has been reluctant to construct new roads in his city, but has decided to make an exception by ordering the construction of an avenue linking Tundi with Las Peñas. Moron alleges that Hernandez conveniently bought all the land around the road (currently under construction), once the road is complete the value of this land will increase and Fernandez will make a killing by selling it.
Now Moron is under arrest. You read that right, immediately after hearing his testimony the police arrested Moron on charges of his own corruption. The details are not clear to me yet, but are these charges true? Or is this a way to silence Moron? Or a bit of both? Your guess is as good as mines. In the meantime Johnny keeps creating content for his REAL TikTok account “UncleJohnnyFernandez”. His most common content revolves around him just giving money away while his own theme song “Johnny Cash” plays in the background. Selected lyrics:
Jhonny Cash, with Uncle Jhonny Cash
The Land Cruiser waiting in the garage
I am Johnny, pure money
I am boss, I am Fernandez
MVP with only Mansions grandes [big]
I am Jhonny, they call me Don Dinero [money]
In the yellow Ferrari I arrived primero [first]
The Congressional Battle Royale: A Fight for Signs and Glory
This week congress came together to debate on whether to censure or not Minister of Government Eduado Del Castillo, who is a member of the MAS party. As part of the process Del Castillo had to answer 11 questions regarding the violent “arrest” of opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho last year. A kidnapping might be a better way to describe it. Rather than answering them Del Castillo instead made a long partisan speech. Congresswoman Maria Renee Alvarez tried to voice her protest with a sign, but MAS congresswoman Tania Paniagua had other plans, grabbing and tearing signs from opposition congresswomen. More opposition congresswomen then brought their own signs, which Paniagua also proceeded to grab and tear. Not happy with that Paniagua then proceeded to assault her fellow congresswomen and a battle royal ensued.
The fun also takes place outside of Congress
The Guarayo Province in Santa Cruz is home to the indigenous Guarayo people. A large part of the province is protected and Guarayo hold collective title for it. However for over a decade the central government created an “intercultural” program in which government supporters from the highlands are allowed to use the land of the Guarayo (and others) for their own. This has resulted in mass deforestation and has severely weakened the Guarayo way of life. The “interculturals” simply take their land and do whatever they want with it. Finally a local district attorney was taking steps to remove these squatters, in return a mob of them went into his office an assaulted him. The police were able to rescue him fortunately. This is not the first time the squatting interculturals have resorted to violence. It seems the interculturals have taken the term "culture clash" to a whole new level.
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2023.05.29 21:23 heisenberg__27381 Non dico altro

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2023.05.29 21:22 heisenberg__27381 Non dico altro

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2023.05.29 21:22 thr3e_kideuce How I would fix transit in the Bay Area (in chronological order)

  1. Merge BART, Caltrain, and SMART into a single regional rail system. This would involve Caltrain transitioning from a commuter rail system into a regional rail system with the Dumbarton Rail Corridor. The new service would be called BART (Bay Area Regional Transit). Caltrain and SMART lines would get numbers and BART lines would have numbers to differentiate the track gauge. This means VTA would give up its ownership of its BART stations.
  2. Force Santa Clara, Alameda, SF, Marin, Sonoma, Solano, Napa, Contra Costa, and San Mateo counties to start contributing a certain amount of funding to the combined system. Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. did this with the Washington Metro which is now starting to recover. BART can no longer operate itself, maintain itself, or pay for projects based on fares alone and needs a confirmed source of funding. And yes, Atherton and Berkeley have to shut up.
  3. Implement BRT and Trans on several corridors (Mission Blvd, Hesperian Blvd, San Pablo Ave, El Camino Real, etc.) as a starting ground.
  4. Start implementing light metro systems to complement the combined regional rail system. They would mostly act as spur lines (i.e. Niles Canyon to Newark connecting to the Dumbarton Bridge) or bypass lines (i.e. a new line along Hesperian Blvd and Dolittle Dr). Ideal first lines include Los Gatos to Milpitas via SJC Airport, Evergreen to Newark, Saratoga to Evergreen, Castro Valley to San Mateo, Milpitas to Stanford and Woodside via North Sunnyvale, East San Jose to Cupertino, and East Hayward to Alameda via Eastmont and Lake Chabot. The light metro lines would have 90 second headways. They would be smaller than BART stations, no interlining, 3 or 5 car trains, no parking spaces and would look identical to the Milan Metro M5 line. The idea of taking away the 'aesthetic' features is to bring the cost down as low as possible without sacrificing safety.
  5. Add a new Passenger rail tunnel in the Sunol Grade for ACE and new BART (the letter lines).
  6. Reintroduce regional rail service on the Iron Horse trail along 680 as a tunnel (similar to RER). Suburbanites can whine all they want but they have to grow up, the world doesn't revolve around them. The line can run from Redwood City and San Jose to Martinez.
  7. Integrate Valley Link into ACE, which itself would become a joint venture between new BART and San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission.
  8. Cancel the widening of I-80 in Vallejo (there are plans to add new toll lanes). Instead, extend the red line to Napa as eBART. Also, delay all express lane projects until viable alternatives can be provided (including bike paths).
  9. Introduce ACE service from Merced to Martinez on a new rail corridor. Amtrak San Joaquins would also run up to Brentwood.
  10. Extend the Yellow Line of eBART to Brentwood or Discovery Bay.
  11. Extend the Orange Line to San Rafael as eBART.
  12. Force Union Pacific and BNSF to nationalise their rail lines (at state level at least) or they lose funding.
  13. Add laser detectors to fare gates that will automatically alert security or police if someone is evading their fare. Minimum fine would be $700.
To accomplish #1-13 would require staging a coup or engaging in local elections more.
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2023.05.29 19:04 the_comatorium Smaller towns not very friendly.

I know it's different for everyone but I have been finding it very uncomfortable in smaller towns on Sao Miguel. Specifically Povoacao and Furnas. Mostly by the working class. Furnas was very pleasant but when we tried to sit down in the Gardener and asked if it was only outdoor seating, we were basically laughed at. The supermarket staff in Povoacao were extremely annoyed by our presence. We also have been getting stared at by locals.
I'm a 33 year old male with my 31 year old wife from Nyc/NJ area so I'm used to a little attitude but I just can't help but feel uncomfortable and like I'm a burden here.
For the record, Santa Maria was the exact opposite. I miss it terribly.
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2023.05.29 18:36 KissingClitsInTheBay 29 [M4F] #SouthBay / Anywhere! - Seeking needy Pillow Princesses 💕 Enthusiastic, sensual Switch wants to worship and adore You 🔥Lay back, relax, and let me take care of You 🙏

Greetings, my dearest! 💘
Simply put: I'm absolutely fiending to provide You with pleasure, attention, and bliss til youve had Your fill.! ♥️
I lustfully await that piercing gaze that we share when you look down at me... Shakingly anticipating the feeling of my tongue finally making contact with You; My hands exploring and rubbing You from head to toe.
I want your toes to curl, your legs to tremble, your entire body and existence to quake; Awating my next decision on how to make You feel.
Seconds seamlessly transform into hours; Every winking moment melded together in a hazy bliss... I want our experience to affect your days, your routine. You sitting at your desk, out running errands, doing work. Laying in bed, scrolling on your phone....
I want you to feel your pulse down there. When your body tries to recall the feeling, the sensations that you felt during our encounter.
And, the same goes for me and the days of my own. Thinking about You, recalling our time together; I want to be a barely functional mess...!
I lean towards the Switch-y side... 💕 So, if You need me be more dominant 🔥 and pin Your wrists down to the bed, administer some spanks and gripping before/during/after I service You, etc...
Or, if You want to unleash some pent-up dom feels, yourself..! 🤐 I can also be more submissive, and be sooo good for You, while You use me. And my mouth, tongue; And sit and use my face until you've had your fill. 💝
Important Things! (Was a great show on Comedy Central! Also, lists are awesome!):
• This experience is all about You! I want to make You feel and know that You are the very center of the universe when you're spending time with me ❤️ I want to cater to every/any one of Your needs to the best of my abilities! 🙏💕
• Absolutely NO reciprocation needed and NO actual sex/PIV intercourse. (Upon request and conversation: perhaps 🤔) BUT: Strictly cute, intimate cuddles; and hand/mouth usage only!👄🖐 🥄 🥄
• I can host You in an upscale hotel/suite 🏨 You're my pillow princess!!! I truly want to pamper You in the heights of luxury and relaxation. Plus, air conditioning and random hotel TV shows/movies, amirite?! 💕 (Again, upscale locations only!)
• Before/During/After Care, Cute/spicy pillow talk, and Cuddles/Spooning, Massages and Rubs of all kinds will gladly (and enthusiastically!!!) be provided upon request! ❣️
• If no 'care' is desired, I also have no problem with making this a "cum-n-go" situation; Where You cum all the times You need before Your departure from me. 🤷🏽‍♂️
• Privacy and Discretion guaranteed ✅💯 I'm here for You and Your needs! And am not looking to interfere with any relationships/arrangements you have going on..! I am, however, more than open to meeting up with You again; If my services leave a nice impression...😌
• I absolutely ADORE feedback; Both verbal and non-verbal!!! So moaners, loud ones, body quakers, and (squirters) to the front! 🤷🏽‍♂️😅 Don't be shy!!! Let it ALL out when You're with me 😏
Whether it's a 'dead bedroom' situation... Or a case of the person in your life "just not doing it right"... To single ladies looking to break a dry spell... To ladies just looking for good ol' general indulgence!
I'm here for You🙏 Your bliss and delight are truly my own! Leading to this beautiful, endless, infinite cycle of giving and receiving 💕 Let's experience it, together!!! ✅♥️
I know what I'm doing; And I can't wait until You've finally tried the difference between someone who merely guesses and scoffs at your needs and pleasure........
And someone who is truly there for You and knows what they're doing. 💯🔥
The pillow princess experience You thought never existed, is out there..! You just haven't experienced me yet 🤤❣️Let's change that, ASAP!
Some random, quick stuff About Me:
• 29 M , South Bay based, Single 😛, DDF, Expert cuddler and cunnilinguist, Orally fixated..! Gives hella good rubs and massages; Great kisser 😘
• INFJ x Libra Sun (w/ lots of Scorpio ♏️ in my natal chart 🔥 ) for those who keep count of those...!
• 5'9" 185lbs athletic, broad shouldered, warm n' cuddly dad bod, with warm, skilled hands 🙌 420 and alchy friendly 💨 🌿 🍺
important geotags / locations:
South Bay preferred, but mobile all across The Bay for the right chemistry 🧪 !
San Jose (all areas), Santa Clara, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, SJSU, Stanford, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, SJC San Jose Airport, SFbayarea
Bay Area ladies, visitors: PM / Reddit Chat Me, and let's get started on what You're in need of the most..!
Definitely NOT my first rodeo here on Reddit (with numerous successes!!); So chatting, finding a mutual vibe will be of vital importance for both parties. 💯
SFW Pics / pic links, ready to send over!
Can't wait to hear from You!
Edit: Some dude has been plagiarizing my post here and on RAOMD 🙄 Ignore that poser and get with a real lover 😎 And low effort messages/PMs will be ignored, and will lead me to rightfully assume that You're a bot/selleeven worse... a dude xD Reach out with some humanly stuff, please 😭😅
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2023.05.29 18:26 segdy Rincon de La Vieja on Monday (today!)

Anyone knows if it’s open and if not, if there’s still option to visit ? (Preferably Santa Maria Section but both are fine)
Guide books and various websites said it’s open but now I sadly read it’s closed on Monday …. And I planned to stop by exactly this afternoon 😖😖
Edit: According to Google Santa Maria is open today (hours updated 2 weeks ago by “this business”), Lonely Planet, and some websites. I’d really hope someone who knows can confirm …
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2023.05.29 18:14 cuntdestroyer74 A social life and nature

I am a single 28f looking for a new city. I live near Austin now, and while I like the city itself, I hate Texas and I can't stand the heat. I've already done a lot of research on new cities but so far nothing is really sticking out to me. I'm really into hiking so the nature aspect is kinda crucial, as is the ability to meet new people.
Some of my criteria: * People in their 20s and 30s to meet and hang out with * Has an airport for easy travel * Close to mountains and hiking trails would be ideal, but if it's a bit of a drive that's fine as long as the city has rivers, lakes, parks, etc. * Moderate temps year round. I hate heat and humidity and don't mind winter as long as it doesn't get freezing. * Semi affordable. I make somewhat decent money but as a single person who wants to buy a house in the near future, I don't want to sink a bunch of money into a rental. Hoping for like $1500 at the absolute max. * Fairly liberal
I actually generally prefer smaller cities and towns because big cities stress me out, but I really need to be able to make friends around my age. WFH so job market doesn't matter. I hiked the AT a few years ago and really liked the VA/TN/NC area so that's mainly where I've been looking, and my job operates on east coast time so that would be ideal, but I'm open to other areas.
Some cities I've considered: * Nashville TN (seems too hot, not as great as others for meeting people, not super close to hiking, and I hate country lol) * Knoxville TN (went here when I hiked the AT and loved it, but think it might be a little too small to meet people) * Chattanooga TN (probably too hot for me and I've heard about the crime and traffic) * Roanoke VA (In the lead right now due to proximity to Shenandoah and Smokies but not sure about the social life aspect) * Richmond VA (not sure about hiking options or social life and seems a bit run down) * Greensboro NC (havent looked into it too much) * Asheville NC (too expensive) * Denver CO (bit outside my price range) * Albuquerque/Santa Fe NM (haven't looked into these too much but saw it suggested a couple times on here) * Portland OR (my sister lives there and I like the city but weather is a bit gloomy for my taste and I prefer east coast)
I know there's no perfect city and I realize I'm gonna have to compromise on something, I guess just looking to get feedback on what options are the best bang for my buck. TIA 🙏
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