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2023.03.22 13:38 Engels33 Little Miss Influencer (GPT3) Just a bit of fun

Inspired by the reddit thread below I thought I'd give Gpt3 a chance at writing "Little Miss Influencer" meme
"Write a pretend or parody story in the style of the mr men books about "Litte Miss Influencer "
Once upon a time, in a land of social media and online fame, there lived Little Miss Influencer. She was always busy posting pictures of her outfits, sharing her opinions on the latest trends, and collaborating with brands.
Little Miss Influencer was very popular, with thousands of followers who admired her fashion sense and lifestyle. She would spend hours scrolling through her feed, commenting on other people's posts, and responding to messages from her fans.
One day, Little Miss Influencer was approached by a new brand who wanted to work with her. They offered her a lot of money to promote their product on her Instagram account. Little Miss Influencer was thrilled and immediately agreed.
However, when she posted about the product, her followers were not happy. They accused her of selling out and being fake. Little Miss Influencer was very upset, but she didn't know what to do.
She decided to take a break from social media and went on a vacation to clear her head. While she was away, she realized that she had lost sight of what was really important. She had been so focused on getting likes and followers that she had forgotten about her true passion for fashion.
When she returned from her trip, Little Miss Influencer made a vow to herself. She would only work with brands that she truly believed in and products that she would actually use. She also decided to use her platform to spread positive messages and inspire her followers to be confident and true to themselves.
From that day on, Little Miss Influencer became known for her authenticity and integrity. She continued to post about fashion, but now she also shared her own personal stories and experiences. Her followers loved her even more, and she felt happier and more fulfilled than ever before.
And so, Little Miss Influencer learned that being true to yourself is the most important thing of all. The end.
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2023.03.22 13:34 RenanXIII Final Fantasy V Retrospective – The Best of Both Worlds

tldr: FFV is extremely good. Play it.
The middle child of the series’ 16-bit era, Final Fantasy V doesn’t share the same lofty legacy as its immediate predecessor and successor. Final Fantasy IV was a game-changer for the franchise and RPGs on a whole while Final Fantasy VI is still regularly considered one of the greatest games in the series and on the Super Nintendo, but audiences far too often neglect the big bridge between them. Final Fantasy V deserves to be held in the same regard and for good reason. V strikes a perfect balance between the gameplay heavy Job-based titles (I & III) and the denser, story-focused (II & IV) games in a way that neither IV nor VI accomplish.
Philosophically, Final Fantasy V combines the player-driven customization from the odd-numbered entries with the narrative and thematic ambitions of the even-numbered games, albeit not by design interestingly enough. In a 1992 developer interview from Famicom Tsuushin (now Famitsu), series creator and FFV director Hironobu Sakaguchi rejected the idea that V was an intentional culmination of what came before,
“Distilling the essence of Final Fantasy into a single game was not our intention. We created this new job ability system in order to carry forth and further iterate on the good ideas we had in FFIV. In that sense it was a distillation. But rather than summing up all of what Final Fantasy has been, it’s more that we simply wanted to give players a kind of fun they haven’t experienced yet. That doesn’t necessarily imply that we wanted to cut out the good parts from FFIV, though.”
In practice, V takes what works from previous games, but redefines everything to fit its own identity. The Job system has been heavily tweaked to offer greater customization options, while memorable character arcs and dramatic story beats tend to drive the plot forward over pure exploration: it’s the best of III and IV with none of the worst. The kind of “fun [players] haven’t experienced yet” means that everyone will go through the same motions more or less, but no two playthroughs need ever be alike: narrative linearity plays off mechanical flexibility. Even though FFV’s story moves in a fixed fashion like IV, players are afforded an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to building their party courtesy of the revised Job system. The end result is an RPG that will always feel fresh.
The gameplay variety in V is still genuinely impressive to this day. Parties are scaled back down to just four members, but everyone can learn any skill and fulfill any role with enough effort. Every party member starts as a Freelancer who can then be reclassed between 22 Jobs (26 in the GBA port). Party composition is less of a puzzle ala FFIII and treated instead like a proper character building system. Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Galuf all begin as blank slates, but will very quickly fall into different gameplay roles based on how you choose to train each character. The lack of CP (Capacity Points) also means you can swap Jobs whenever you want.
Party members can actually learn and equip Job specific abilities in V. You can mix and match abilities with different Jobs, essentially creating hybrid classes suited to your gameplay interests. Make mages deal barehanded damage like Monks, Monks who attack eight times in a single turn with Rapid Fire, or singing Summoners whose summons and Bardsongs turn them into full-blown utility characters capable of dishing out heavy damage, restoring health, and changing the flow of battle with buffs & debuffs. Where FFIII encourages you to upgrade Jobs with each Crystal, V wants you to find the Jobs you like most and go wild having fun.
FFV is well designed enough where sticking with a single Job is perfectly viable, even if challenging. There’s no wrong way to play according to V’s Battle System Designer Akihiko Matsui,
“There’s so many different jobs, and we decided to make them all viable. Players are free to make any kind of party they want. Player A and Player B might have completely different parties, but ultimately any party can make it to the last boss. After players beat the game, I recommend trying a party that caters to your aesthetic sense.”
Character and Job levels are still separate like in III, but Jobs have had their level caps reduced from a flat 99 to between 1 and 7 depending on the class. Jobs start at Lv. 0 and level up by earning ABP (Ability Points) from completing battles. How much ABP a Job needs is determined by its current level. Lv. 0 Jobs typically only need 10 for their first level, while fully mastering a Job regularly requires hundreds. Since ABP is earned at a slower rate than EXP, ability progression is a gradually paced process. Early encounters will often only yield 1 ABP despite fighting a full team of enemies.
You’re better off relying on boss battles and mid- to late-game battles to master Jobs as enemies will drop more ABP the further you get into the game. You can grind, but simply following the story and getting the abilities you get by playing naturally saves a lot of time in the long run. It’s smarter to go with the flow than to grind for hours off low ABP encounters. At the same time, ability acquisition gives grinding its own rewarding loop and low ABP drops do mean that you can power-level Jobs without necessarily becoming overleveled. Either play style works just fine without completely curbing the difficulty curve.
Each Job level teaches the assigned party member a command, passive, or innate ability that can then be equipped on the Ability screen in the menu. While every Job learns a diverse enough set of abilities to keep them handy, the goal is ultimately to experiment and synergize your party with different abilities. Party members do not learn new spells or abilities by just leveling up, so you need to make use of Jobs to maintain a sense of permanent character progression. Most Jobs can only equip a single ability alongside their class command, while Freelancers have access to two ability slots and Mimes have three at the expense of needing to equip Attack and Items as proper abilities. Ability limits force you to approach Job combos strategically and carefully consider your party’s many options.
V’s Job variety is frankly nothing short of excellent. Job acquisition is fast-paced and you’ll have access to almost every Job before the halfway point. This gives you plenty of time to experiment and find the Jobs best suited to your preferred play style. V also strikes a healthy balance between Final Fantasy mainstays and creative additions that make the gameplay loop even more diverse. Freelancers learn no new abilities, but can equip anything and inherit innate abilities along with stat benefits from mastered Jobs. A perfect Freelancer can inherently dual wield weapons, spot traps in the level design, be able to sprint with B, and counter attacks automatically. A common goal for the endgame is mastering as many Jobs as possible to create the ultimate Freelancer.
The Wind Crystal unlocks the first set of Jobs. Knights can equip some of the best weapons and gear in the game, letting them function as a primary damage dealer and tank. Knights also automatically redirect attacks to themselves when allies are at low health and learn to two-hand Swords, Katanas, or Axes which inflict double damage at the expense of a Shield. Monks have a narrow equipment spread, but are cheap to outfits, always attack twice, counter enemies when struck, and deal heavy damage even without weapons. Their barehanded ability synergizes particularly well with mages, since it allows them to deal decent damage that circumvents their poor weapons spreads.
Thieves have the highest agility in the game, which often means they’ll move first in battle. They can Steal from enemies, later learning the ability Mug, which lets them deal damage while robbing baddies blind. Thieves can also comfortably flee from most encounters, spot hidden passages in the level design, and sprint inside of dungeons & towns by holding B. White Mages play a primarily supportive role by using White Magic to restore HP, heal status effects, and inflict status ailments. Spells are not learned and instead purchased from stores. Purchased spells do not have to be consumed by individual characters and instead apply to the whole party innately. Each Job Level improves the White Mage’s magic capabilities, which is consistent with all magic-based Jobs. Black Mages are squishier than White Mages, but compensate with powerful Black Magic. They play an offensive role, being able to take advantage of elemental weaknesses and status vulnerabilities.
Blue Mages are a new Job created for FF5. Blue Magic cannot be purchased at stores and must instead be learned during battle. Blue Mages learn an ability called Learning that, when equipped, teaches the party any Blue Magic spells enemies use on them. The one caveat is that the attack must connect for it to be learned. Not every attack can be learned, but several enemy spells are obscenely overpowered. Level 5 Death instakills any enemies with a level divisible by 5 and Aqua Breath deals heavy water damage to all enemies on-screen. Regular Blue Magic acquisition and a great spread of attacks makes the Blue Mage one of the most fun Jobs in FFV.
The Water Crystal unlocks five more Jobs once it shatters, with a sixth locked behind an optional dungeon in the final overworld. Time Mages are another new magic-based Job, but they inherit pre-existing magic from previous games. Spells like Haste, Slow, Comet, Float, Teleport, Return, and Meteor are all now considered Time Magic. In practice, Time Mages can use their wide variety of spells to comfortably deal damage, support the party, and debilitate enemies. Summoners can use a wide range of Summon Magic to fulfill different gameplay roles. Summons can deal elemental damage, heal, inflict buffs or debuffs, and the strongest wipe out most enemy encounters with relative ease. While some Summons can be bought at stores, most are tied to side quests and must be found by exploring the overworld & dungeons.
Red Mages can use low and mid tier White & Black Magic in the same ability slot. The best they can cast are -ra spells, but since the best -ga spells are locked off until closer to the end of the game, Red Mages end pulling their weight for quite a while before falling off. Mastering the Red Mage Job is a lengthy endeavor, but ultimately pays off by teaching Dualcast — a borderline overpowered ability that lets them cast two spells in a single turn. Pairing Dualcast with any type of high level magic is one of the best combos a mage could ask for.
Mystic Knights can buff their weapons with Black Magic or Holy via the Spellblade ability. Once enchanted, Mystic Knights combine magical damage with the regular physical capabilities to take advantage of elemental weaknesses or inflict status ailments without compromising attack power. They also automatically cast Shell on themselves at low health to increase their magical resistance. In the right hands and paired with abilities like Rapid Fire and Two-Handed, Mystic Knights end up extremely powerful. Berserkers are an especially unique Job in that they get no active command slots in exchange for dealing considerably buffed damage. While Berserkers can still equip an ability, they cannot be controlled in battle, which limits their overall utility. Berserkers have a great weapon spread, but they need to synergize with the rest of your party well enough to overcome their lack of command slots.
The Fire Crystal unlocks three Jobs right away and then two more once the party explores Black Chocobo Forest. Ninjas are strong, fast, and can dual wield weapons. The Throw command lets them toss items and elemental scrolls at enemies for extra damage, giving them great coverage in combat. Beastmasters can tame, catch, and control different monsters. Controlling a monster gives you full access to their commands. You can make them damage themselves to death or intentionally teach your party rare Blue Magic. Weakened monsters can also be captured and then released in battle, unleashing different attacks depending on the monster. Geomancers fight by altering the terrain with the command Gaia. Their attack types change based on the environment you’re fighting in, along with the character’s level, giving them an impressive amount of gameplay variety. Having a Geomancer in the party will also save you from falling into pit traps and nullify any damage tiles.
Bards make for fantastic utility characters thanks to their variety of Bardsongs. New songs are learned by speaking with NPCs and playing pianos in different towns (like a proper bard!) Singing can buff the party or damage groups of enemies. Songs like Requiem let you lay waste to undead monsters at the cost of 0 MP. Rangers are bow wielders, which means they can deal full damage from the back row. The Aim command increases their accuracy and overall damage, but unlike Rosa from FFIV, bows no longer need individual arrows as ammo. The main benefit to the Ranger class is its mastered ability Rapid Fire, which deals for weak attacks in one turn and pairs excellently with Monks, two-handers, or dual wielders.
The Earth Crystal unlocks the final four Jobs in the original release (sans Mime). Dancers are weaker than other Jobs comparatively, but get by thanks to their unique Dance ability and great access to accessories. Dancing triggers one of four random effects in battle, either confusing enemies, absorbing MP, absorbing HP, or dealing damage. They’re also the only class besides Freelancers who can innately equip Ribbons, which nullify all negative status effects. Dancers on a whole are reliant on equipment to be functional. Gear like Lamia’s Tiara and Red Slippers help raise the chances of Dancers dancing the Sword Dance, turning them into solid attackers. Dragoons are limited to spears and knives for weapons, but have a great equipment spread otherwise. Their abilities let them function as reliable damage dealers who can survive lengthy battles. Dragoons can Jump to temporarily avoid damage mid-air and attack enemies by landing. Lance also drains enemies MP and HP, which pairs well with Mages.
Samurai learn some of the best commands in the game while having access to powerful weapons and gear. With the right set ups, they can obliterate the difficulty curve. Mineuchi is basically a regular attack that sometimes paralyzes enemies. Zeningage lets you throw Gil to deal massive damage. The more Gil you have and the higher your level, the more damage is dealt. Shirahadori raises evasion, turning your party member into a dodge-tank, and Iainuki simply insta-kills most enemies at the cost of requiring two turns to use. Chemists are great support characters designed all around items. They can brew new concoctions mid-battle by mixing different ingredients to different effects. Your existing items can turn into an attack, heal your party, or temporarily buff everyone’s level. Chemists can also drink special potions that buff their stats, and restore more HP & MP by using Potions & Ethers than other Jobs.
The Mime Job can be unlocked by exploring Walse Tower underwater in the final overworld. Mimes are the core of the Job system condensed into a single Jon. They inherit some mastered abilities innate (not all), and have three ability slots that let you fully customize each party member. You can even remove commands like Attack and Items in favor of other abilities. Mimes can also mimic any move used by the previous party member at no MP cost and without consuming items. The Mime makes a great alternative to Freelancers, especially for magic-oriented characters.
Final Fantasy V Advance introduces four extra Jobs. Three of which are available as soon as you unlock all 12 Legendary Weapons and visit the Sealed Temple, with the last unlocked after defeating the Temple’s boss. Gladiators are powerful melee fighters with access to strong weapons and armor whose commands help them make short work of enemies. Oracles are the strongest magic-based Job in the game, but their main command Condemn has a chance of randomly healing enemies, so they’re not the most reliable beyond their stat benefits. Cannoneers can deal full damage from the back row and can combine ingredients together to make new items and the final Job Necromancer learns unique Dark Art spells from enemies like a Blue Mage with Blue Magic. Albeit fun to play with, the GBA Jobs enter the picture too late to actually have an effect on character building.
Overall, V’s Jobs are incredibly fun to play around with and offer a consistently rewarding gameplay loop that lasts the whole playthrough. The early game encourages you to diversify your party, the mid-game pushes you to mix & match dozens of different abilities, and the endgame rewards you for mastering Jobs by letting you customize Freelancers and Mimes into bonafide powerhouses. The Job system gives FFV an incredible gameplay flow that keeps combat and exploration fresh all the way to the credits.
V’s battles flow at a great pace. The ATB (Active Time Battle) system returns from FFIV, albeit with an on-screen bar for each party member that refills and signifies when they can make a move. Taking turns in real-time lends combat a sense of urgency and pressure, especially in boss fights. The difficulty curve is never so high where you’ll be overwhelmed by lightning fast enemies, but V tends to require more strategy and thought than IV on average — although mainly on a prep level. Battles challenge you to diversify your party’s abilities while rewarding you for experimenting with Jobs. Low EXP payout compared to previous games keeps parties from overleveling. The focus is on earning AP, learning abilities, and creating hybrid Jobs.
Enemies are vulnerable to a lot of different elements and status ailments across all types of magic and abilities. Trying with different spells and debuffs usually pays off. There are more status effects to contend with, with some particularly dangerous ones for the party. Old slowly lowers the affected character’s stats. Dischord halves the target’s level. Zombie turns a character against the rest of the party. Smart Job synergy lets you blitz through most random encounters, but you’ll often run into stronger enemies or packed parties that’ll keep you on your toes. It’s not uncommon to fight an army of weaker enemies battling alongside a considerably stronger monster. FFV doesn’t share I or III’s Vancian Magic system despite being a Job-based game, instead maintaining the MP system from FFII and FFIV. MP still needs to be managed to some extent since the best spells require quite a bit of MP to cast, especially Blue Magic.
Combat’s fast and sometimes frantic pace ends up mirroring the game’s overall progression. Final Fantasy V wastes no time opening up. The status quo is always changing and you unlock new Jobs surprisingly quickly. V cycles through three overworlds just like IV. They’re not as striking as Earth, Underworld, and Moon trio, but feel more cohesive. The game begins on the protagonist Bartz’s world, shifts to party member Galuf’s world, and ends in a merged overworlds that’s an amalgamation of both worlds. The story is fairly linear up until the last world where the game finally lets you explore at your leisure. Most of the final dungeons can even be done in any order, most of which are actually optional. V sports more methods of transportation than the average Final Fantasy and cycles through them often, trapping you in specific areas with unique restrictions.
You ride on a Chocobo, set sail on a ship led on a hydra, fly on a dragon’s back, sail a fire-powered boat, fly a Black Chocobo through the air, pilot an airship, and submerge a submarine underwater. The fact you’re always engaging with the overworld in a new way keeps progression fresh and reminds you that anything can change. Some towns disappear and you lose access to them over the course of the story. Multiple dungeons are one-time trips. There are actual consequences to in-game actions. Once you’re done with an overworld, you’re done. There’s no jumping between worlds like in IV. The world permanently changes and stays changed. The space you’re interacting with and how is always being altered. V isn’t the first Final Fantasy with real consequences, but it’s the first one where those consequences fundamentally reshape your experience beyond just locking away a few key areas.
Towns themselves are packed with colorful NPCs who do a good job at directing you. Ancillary dialogue often sets up later story beats or just fleshes out the world in small yet significant ways. V’s game-long side quests encourage you to talk with everyone and hunt the overworld for secret summons and optional dungeons. V’s towns are generally well designed with enough secrets to keep you exploring, but dungeons are the real star when it comes to level design. FFV’s dungeons aren’t as long as III or IV’s, but they’re a healthy length and set pieces are consistently memorable and engaging. There’s a good mix of traps, gimmicks, and environmental variety. Every dungeon feels creatively distinct.
The Ship Graveyard is an early standout, as you explore debris from ruined ships on open water, jumping from wreckage to wreckage. The Library of Ancients features a prominent bookcase maze. Bookshelves move around as you explore the library, opening up seemingly dead-ends and keeping your own navigation confused and claustrophobic. You have to walk into nooks to let the bookshelves collapse back in, creating new ways to traverse the room. The Phoenix Tower is a 30 floor gauntlet with no save points, you only have seven minutes to explore a sunken Walse Tower before you drown, and the Great Sea Trench is filled with damage tiles and pit traps.
The four Tablet dungeons do a great job at closing out FFV on a fight, with the Pyramid serving as a great introduction to the endgame. You only have three party members at this time, which makes things notably harder, but the dungeon itself is packed with different gimmicks. Branching paths lead to chests with monsters ready to ambush you. Sarcophagi that double as secret passages hiding mummies. Wall switches let you deactivate traps and unlock doors. Spike traps block your path and snakes jump out from walls to trigger battle on contact. Mecha Heads patrol the upper floors, and floor tiles that move around every few seconds drop you down to the floor below if you’re not quick enough. By the time you reach the Rift, you’re ready for everything the final dungeon has to toss at you.
V’s presentation really helps bring different set pieces to life and is a big step up from IV. Environments are rich with detail, playing with depth perceptive to add some welcome spatial depth to the level design and using unique effects that help foster atmosphere. Exdeath’s Castle is overflowing with thick fog, dark areas warp the visuals around you, and knee-deep water rushes through Istory Falls. The game’s spritework is nothing short of fantastic. Enemies are the best they’ve ever looked at this point, and each character has a unique battle sprite for every single Job — all of which play to your party members’ distinct personalities. FFV also sports one of Nobuo Uematsu’s most underrated soundtracks. Lenna’s theme is a beautiful song, Fate in Haze is a haunting dungeon tune, and Clash on the Big Bridge is one of the most blood-pumping battle themes in the series. The score has a wide musical range, and is as emotional as it is energetic and ambient.
The scope of Final Fantasy V’s story isn’t as emotionally charged as IV, but it’s no worse for wear. Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshinori Kitase worked on the story together, both leaving their own personality behind in V’s script,
“Sakaguchi was in charge of the overall plot, and because FFV was a relatively serious story, I wanted to be sure to inject spots with a little bit of comic relief and humor.” – Yoshinori Kitase, Scenario Writer The end result is a plot that knows when to be dramatic and when to cut loose a little. Final Fantasy V is just as comfortable letting Bartz and Faris share a tender moment at his parents’ grave as it is having the party’s main rival have a very tongue-in-cheek redemption right before the final battle. V is a Final Fantasy with a sense of humor and a sense of heart.
One particular point in the story’s favor is its modern English localization. While V’s original English translation on PSX left much to be desired (to say the least), the revised Game Boy Advance script plays to the story’s natural charm and stands out as a strong localization altogether. Characters joke around together and interact with each other often, playing off each other’s unique personality traits. Bartz is a few men short of a full crew, Leena is an all-loving princess, Faris is a headstrong pirate with a sensitive side, and Galuf & Krile are usually the game’s go-to when it comes to injecting some humor and pathos into the plot.
Character development is gradual in V, trading IV’s big beats for several smaller interactions amongst the cast that help flesh out their relationships, backstories, and motivations. By the end of the game, V’s party of four feels more defined than IV’s cast of a dozen. Little moments highlight their growth as opposed to life-changing events. Bartz and Galuf build a mutual respect for each other over their journey, and share a man-to-man drink in Regole. Lenna and Faris are two sisters torn apart at birth who reconnect throughout the game and mourn their father together. Krile gets to know the party and forms a bond with everyone before replacing Galuf. Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Krile feel like a close-knit group of friends when all is said and done.
While the crux of FFV’s story is a fairly traditional “good versus evil” plot, the narrative is bolstered both by strong characterization and some light but tight theming. Nature is dying due to man’s abuse of natural resources. The four Crystals are sapped of their energy, draining the world of its elements. The wind will stop, the air will stagnate, the birds will fall from the heavens and drop dead as seas dry up and fires die out. The fact Exdeath is actually a tree can even be read as nature rejecting humanity and wiping the slate clean as a consequence. The story doesn’t really push the theme beyond the surface level, but that it’s present at all gives the plot a minor layer of depth.
Big gameplay moments to advance the story aren’t as frequent as IV, but they’re as impactful and V has more cutscenes in the grand scheme of things. The Battle at the Big Bridge throws constant enemies at you to build tension during a major turning point for the story. Gilgamesh interrupts a fight with an entirely different boss and superseding their battle theme with his own. Galuf’s death and final duel with Exdeath uses the battle system to emphasize Galuf’s sheer force of will. Exdeath peppers you with powerful attacks, but Galuf refuses to die even at 0 HP. You can feel Galuf’s determination and desperation translated through the gameplay loop as he survives Flare, Holy, and Meteor back to back to back. Watching him fight to the very last inch of his life justifies it when the party can’t help him with Curaga, Raise, Phoenix Downs, or Elixirs. Galuf’s death feels painfully earned narratively and mechanically.
Exdeath is a great villain, both in spite of and because of his outlandishly cartoonish malice. He’s outlandishly cartoonish, laughs maniacally, takes every opportunity to torment the party, and has no real ulterior motives beyond his evil. He’s chaos personified, which is perhaps fitting considering how FFV echoes FFI’s story in several respects. Exdeath also stands out for being an active antagonist whose role isn’t taken over by a last minute villain who was secretly pulling the strings all along. He’s nothing special in the greater context of Final Fantasy villains, but Exdeath serves V’s story well.
Between an incredibly charming story and a fantastic gameplay loop, Final Fantasy V is nothing short of one the best games in the series. It’s a perfect marriage of Final Fantasy’s two distinct styles, combining the character-driven storytelling from II & IV with the gameplay diversity of I & II while giving both halves of the experience enough depth to thrive. The story’s stakes are high, the cast is very likable, and the lighter tone gives the plot a strong identity without undermining its drama. The Job system offers an amazing amount of replay value and is freeform enough where there is no wrong way to play. Impressively memorable dungeon design and an ever-changing status quo lend the impression that you’re on a genuine adventure with real stakes. Addictive, endearing, and brimming with heart, Final Fantasy V is a near flawless RPG and one of Square’s finest 16-bit achievements.
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2023.03.22 13:27 MrLufus The only StyleGuide Men need! - "Create your own SignatureLook"

- Mainparts: Silver (metal) > Black (leather) > White (plastic, wood) > In color (fabrics, textiles) - Sideparts: Black (metal) > Brown (leather) > Black (plastic, wood) > Black (fabrics, textiles)
Examples of the above categories:
[Mainparts] - E.g. "Jewelry, Laptop, Monitor, Shoes, Sleeves". - Anything that should stand out or is so big that it stands out on its own. - Colors are to be used discreetly and are allowed in a two combo at most. - In the event that nothing applies. Is white or a light color to choose.
[Sideparts] - E.g. "Cell phone, headphones, wallet, keys, cameras, caps". - Tools that improve everyday life, but stay in the background and should not attract attention. - In case nothing applies. Is black a shade of gray or a dark color to choose.
A few words about me:
Since I used to struggle with deciding which color or material I prefer now, I designed this style guide.
With this it is not only easy to wear a clean look to the outside. But one also looks and is very consistent, masculine and in addition classic on the road.
- Yes, we all know that colors like to bring a little spice into life, but it is also these, which are quickly labeled as "boring" or "too childish".
- I'm 21 years old and can therefore speak from conviction that a proper style is important to attract attention and recognition, even from the younger generation.
- Of course, it is okay to have a "fun outfit", but the standard should be based on the example above.
Feel free to leave to leave suggestions and comments down below. Let's Make the Men World Great Again ;)
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2023.03.22 13:13 Pre-courageous Please critique my capsule wardrobe - tall, lean, professional

Background: 6’3”, 150 lb professional male, ready for a capsule wardrobe to simplify dressing choices and ensure that I generally look good casually or at work. Pretty active with hiking, cycling, gardening, and chasing my kids around, and take an international trip every year or two. I am a Pacific Northwesterner, so if there’s any extra vibe that’d be the one - but I’m really not looking to stand out in a crowd. Have significant difficulty finding things that fit me off the rack, but have yet to find quality/type of clothing I like to justify the cost of a tailor.
Price: who wouldn’t prefer to pay less, but at this point, I’d prefer lasting quality over something that’ll be threadbare soon. If I get the right brands, I’d be willing to rebuy for the next +10 years in order not to think about it anymore.
White undershirts: Mack Weldon 18-hr jersey (but really $35 for an undershirt?) or should I try Ralph Lauren? Need something slim but also lower cut / v-neck to not be seen under the button up. Previously I’ve had Kirkland which are sturdy, but don’t fit at all and are crew neck. More recently I tried Indefini Men's Micro Modal Undershirts from Amazon which were comfy, but so thin that my nips stuck out, so could not wear them as a stand-alone.
White button up (regular and button down collar): bonobos Desk to Dinner (M, slim, long $110) for work; Stretch Every Day button down collar ($89) for casual. Had thought to get a Brooks Brothers, but with them going-under I’ve heard the quality isn’t as good anymore. Other considerations?
Jeans: in my adult life I’ve never had a pair fit me. I think my true size is 30x33, but that doesn’t exist in this world. Closest I’ll come is 30x34, which is also difficult to find.
Pants/chinos: used to wear extra slim Gap, but they didn’t hold up long and sometimes would shrink awkwardly. Thinking instead: bonobos original stretch (30x34 slim, $99) in colors of Congos and Chestnut. Would prefer 1 pair that was a bit lighter material for the international travel times without wrinkles. Tips?
Henley: would like a couple of colors of henleys to be my go-to casual top, but have yet to find slim and/or tall styles. Also huge variability in price on these. Anyone know of brands that might be a good fit?
Underwear: anything that is actually moisture wicking, comfortable,that stands up over time that doesn’t break down as quickly as cotton? I have yet to find anything, so would plan to buy these pretty regularly… ExOfficio Give N Go actually worth $30 per pair?
Black socks: would buy a dozen at a time to never have to match a sock again. Uniquo is out of their $4 pair, any runners up?
Slacks & Suit: I’ve got an old dark gray one that fits but isn’t fitted - bought it for professional school interviews about 10 years ago, and wear it mostly for weddings now. Don’t need a suit often, but wouldn’t mind one that actually fit me if/when I needed it. Thoughts?
Other outerwear?: This is the only place in the capsule that I feel like there could be some meaningful variety pieces. I’ve got an Orvis wool sweater I really like, kind of billowing now, but would consider a piece or two like this (recommendations? Cashmere seems like it might need to much attention to care/washing, so not sure it would be a great fit). Would consider a vest, but have yet to find one I would like. Would consider a blazer (think professorial tweed), but again, not sure where to get a well tailored fit and the right fabric. Currently I wear an REI shell or Marmot puffy for the wet or cold days, but these are clearly just functional pieces.
Shoes: Recently picked up a pair of Florsheim Chalet Cap Toe Lae Boots (brown) which seem to be working well, and I can wear them casually or with my usual business casual. Would be interested in loafers, and then black shoes to match the yearly-used suit. Otherwise it’s snow boots and running shoes. I have a hard time otherwise finding casual shoes that I can wear in most weathers and most places - would be open to suggestions.
Ok! That’s my capsule wardrobe proposal. Please critique-away!
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2023.03.22 13:06 kaashcustoms Personalized Bracelets: A Unisex Fashion Accessory for Men and Women

Personalized Bracelets: A Unisex Fashion Accessory for Men and Women
Engraved bracelets have become increasingly popular among both men and women in recent years. These bracelets can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, metal, and even silicone, and can be customized with a personal message or design that holds special meaning to the wearer. Engraved bracelets make for a great gift or a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection, and they are a unisex fashion accessory that can be worn with a variety of outfits. Whether you're looking for a subtle touch of personalization or a bold statement piece, an engraved bracelet can be the perfect accessory to complement your style.

Introduction to Engraved Bracelets

If you're looking for a unique and personal gift, engravable bracelets are a great option. Whether you're shopping for a man or a woman, these bracelets make a stylish and thoughtful present.
Engraved bracelets can be made from a variety of materials, including metals like sterling silver, gold, and titanium. You can also find engravable bracelets made from leather or even wood. The possibilities are endless!
When it comes to choosing what to engrave on your bracelet, the sky is the limit. You can have a short phrase or message engraved, or opt for something more elaborate like initials, date, or coordinates. Whatever you choose, engraving adds an extra special touch to any bracelet.

Benefits of Wearing Engraved Bracelets

There are several benefits to wearing engraved bracelets, beyond just the aesthetic appeal of a personalized accessory. Firstly, an engraved bracelet can serve as a reminder of a special event, person, or message. This can be especially meaningful for sentimental individuals, or for those who want to stay motivated by carrying a meaningful message with them throughout the day.
Secondly, engraved bracelets can be a conversation starter. The unique design or message on the bracelet can prompt others to ask about its meaning or origin, which can lead to interesting conversations and connections.
Thirdly, engraved bracelets can be used for identification purposes. Medical alert bracelets, for example, can be engraved with important information such as a person's allergies or medical conditions, which can be crucial in emergencies.
Finally, engraved bracelets can be a great gift option. A personalized message or design can show someone that you care and have put thought into the gift, making it more meaningful and memorable. Overall, the benefits of wearing engraved bracelets are both practical and emotional, making them a valuable addition to any jewelry collection.

Types of Engraved Bracelet Styles for Men and Women

1. Cuff Bracelets: Cuff bracelets are a bold and stylish option for both men and women. They can be made from metals like sterling silver, gold, or copper, and can be engraved with a variety of designs or patterns.
2. Bangle Bracelets: Bangle bracelets are a timeless option for women. They can be engraved with a name, date, or inspirational quote, making them a unique and meaningful gift.
3. Charm Bracelets: Charm bracelets are a fun way to your customized jewelry collection. Charms can be added to charm bracelets to represent important people, places, things, or events in your life. Many charms are also available with engravings, making them even more special.
4. Link Bracelets: Link bracelets are created by joining together individual links with a clasp or other type of closure. Link bracelets come in a variety of styles, including those with decorative charms or beads dangling from the links.
5. ID Bracelets: ID bracelets can be engraved with important information like medical conditions, emergency contacts, or personal identification. They are a practical option for both men and women.

Tips for Choosing the Right Engravable Bracelet

Consider the Occasion:
Engravable bracelets can make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or other special occasions. Consider the occasion when choosing a bracelet and customize it with a message that reflects the significance of the event.
Choose the Right Material:
Engravable bracelets come in a variety of materials such as leather, metal, silicone, and more. Consider the recipient's style and lifestyle when choosing the material. For example, a leather bracelet may be more suitable for a casual look, while a metal cuff may be more suitable for a formal occasion.
Select the Right Size:
Ensure that the bracelet is the right size for the recipient's wrist. Some bracelets can be adjusted, while others have a fixed size. If you're not sure about the size, opt for an adjustable bracelet.
Decide on the Engraving:
The engraving on the bracelet should be personal and meaningful. Consider using initials, names, dates, or a special message. Check the spelling and punctuation of the engraving before placing the order.
Check the Quality:
Ensure that the bracelet is of good quality and will last for a long time. Check reviews and the return policy before making a purchase.
Think About the Style:
Engravable bracelets come in a variety of styles, from minimalist to bold and statement-making. Consider the recipient's style and personality when choosing a bracelet.
Customizable bracelets are fashionable accessories that can be worn by both genders and make great gifts for any occasion. By personalizing them, you get one-of-a-kind pieces of customized jewelry your loved one can cherish forever. They come in many styles ranging from elegant to minimalist, ensuring there's something for every preference and fashion sense. With engraved bracelets being so versatile and customizable, their popularity is sure to last for years to come!
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2023.03.22 12:42 smddpr Found on Spider-Man Subreddit. Basically What If Comic if Spider Man actually prevented Uncle Ben death.

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2023.03.22 12:35 No_Friends47 A Quick Guide to Rocking The Funky T-Shirt Trend

A Quick Guide to Rocking The Funky T-Shirt Trend
funky t-shirts for men are all about vibrant colors, bold prints, and quirky designs. They are perfect for men who want to add a touch of fun and creativity to their wardrobe. Funky t-shirts come in various styles, including graphic tees, slogan tees, and abstract prints. They are versatile and can be worn with a variety of clothing items, including jeans, cargo pants, joggers, and shorts.
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2023.03.22 12:29 sushiwasabi0 I keep doubting my idendity (sry, bad english)

I keep doubting my idendity (sry, bad english)
Hi, i have came out as nonbinary transmasc for over a year now. I feel pretty comfortable like that and i am also happy that way. I remember me crying after watching a transguy getting top and bottom surgery and i realized quick that i want that as well and after realizing testosterone exists, i wanted that as well. I have a therapist now and a genderclinic for after my diagnosis of dysphoria and i cant stop looking at people who had top surgery bc i want it for myself as well. Thats the 50%, the other 50% is me doubting my idendity ALOT. I keep thinking i am only trans bc of trauma, sexism in my family, i am very insecure as a girl and bc i am scared of men at times. I am an artist so i do draw myself as a dude alot and i do love it but even my doubts creep into my drawings as well, drawing myself as female, sometimes with the same clothes, style and shoulder long dark hair. The reason why is to see if i feel myself drawing myself like this but i have no idea how i feel at all. If i was asked if i wanted to live as a boy or a girl i would have struggled bc i am scared that i am just brushing womenhood off and since i was born a female i keep thinking that it doesnt make sense that i see myself as a guy bc since i was born a girl i am a girl right? My mom is not helping either. She keeps hoping that i will regret it, calling me by my old name and even told me to tell the gender clinic if there is a way for me to love myself as a women and how to not want to be a guy anymore which angered and frustrated me and even made me rly sad. Since i got a binder i never go outside without it and even without a binder i have a oversized hoodie on, without a binder or a hoodie i will never ever go outside. Since i started to give myself a beard make up i never go outside without it either unless i have a mask on but again i am scared that i am brushing off womenhood. There were times i came back being genderfluid just to see how i feel. I wasnt sure if i was happy or not but after like a month i came back as a transmasc. I am scared that i wont get a diagnosis and i am scared i wont be getting testosterone and that i should learn how to love myself as a women. I really need some insight bc i have been struggling since day one and i need help.
In conclution; i am doubting myself alot when it comes to my idendity, keep thinking its just a phace, you will regret it etc. My doubts creep into my drawings and my family is not supportive.
Here are some drawings as an example after the doubt is getting triggered after seeing women i like, my mom telling me off and so on.
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2023.03.22 12:08 Opposite-Tangelo136 Advice on this break up and recontact:

So, my FA ex and I (somewhere between AP and FA) had a very intense, but volatile relationship for a year (on and off).
I had just separated from my wife and was obviously sub conciously not ready for a relationship. My FA ex, has not been in meaningful relationship, or even had feelings for someone for 6 years before meeting me.
I unfortunately, had not taken the time to research and understand attachment styles until our most recent split (end of Jan). She is someone that really struggles to open up and be vulnerable and when she did open up and was vulnerable to me, I fled (twice).
This was compounded by trust issues, as I know that any time things got tough between us, she immediately sought out attention and validation from other men.
I ghosted her over New Year, when she was vulnerable with me and in a triggered state she met with someone she previously dated for dinner (promised nothing happened, but obvs trust is broken at this point).
She then said she felt she had ruined the relationship and deactivated strongly and for the first time since we've been together took accountability for her actions, which have been a constant through her dating (seeking validation from other men, due to incredibly low self confidence and worth).
From my part I'm further down the healing route, and saw where I fucked up and know that whilst I still love her, I need to continue the work on myself. I'm self aware enough to know we both caused issues, but, feel like we never actually got to give it a proper go, either to me running away, because I wasn't ready, or through her self sabotaging.
She immediately started dating / back on the apps after we split, which was hurtful, but again, I'm aware it's a coping mechanism for an FA.
We've just done 7 weeks NC and I reached out to see if we could stay as friends as I'm aware she's never opened up to anyone, like she has to me.
She agreed, but obviously, the walls are sky high and I don't want to lead the conversation to anything around feelings, blame or "us".
So my questions are:
Ultimately, I do feel like unfinished business with this person, but, want to avoid the same traps we fell into by taking the time to do my own self work.
Thank you for all help!
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2023.03.22 11:45 whiteboysummermerch White Boy Summer Merch White Boy Summer Fans Merchandise Big Discount

White Boy Summer Merch

Chet Hanks, the son of actor Tom Hanks, has launched a line of "White Boy Summer" merchandise. It includes hoodies, T-shirts and shorts.
Hanks says the merch isn't meant to be racist. However, some people aren't having it. They're labeling the font as Nazi-ish. The lettering on the merch is Gothic, and it resembles Fraktur, the script that was used in Nazi Germany.
White Boy Summer Socks White Boy Summer Boxers White Boy Summer Sweatshirts
White Boy Summer Puzzles White Boy Summer Wall Clock White Boy Summer Plaques White Boy Summer Posters White Boy Summer Night Lamps


Typically worn as underwear, boxers are a cool-weather staple that are now being dressed up as streetwear. If you're looking to get in on the trend, look for a pair with a comfy elastic waistband that will keep you feeling fresh.
If you're on a budget, consider Uniqlo's Woven Striped Boxers. They are breathable and feature cuffed detailing for extra comfort. They're made with 100 percent cotton and come in a variety of fun prints.
The eldest son of Tom Hanks, Chet Hanks, has recently faced criticism for his White Boy Summer clothing line. The collection features t-shirts, shorts and caps that feature a font similar to the one used on Hitler's Mein Kampf. While this sounds divisive, Chet Hanks is a musician who has assured his followers that the merch is not intended to incite hate.


Sweatshirts are a great way to show off your White Boy Summer pride. They come in a variety of styles and colors, with options for both men and women. They are made of heavy blend fabrics, which help the design stand out while also providing a comfortable fit. The quality of these garments is top notch, and they have the potential to last for years to come.
Chet Hanks' merch collection is no exception to this rule. The designs are not only a lot of fun, but they're also a great way to show off your love for White Boy Summer. One of the sexiest items in the collection is a shirt that features a "white boy" in a gothic font. It's the first time we've seen a t-shirt with this particular feature, and it’s definitely the best shirt in the collection.


A fun and challenging gift for any puzzle fan, this jigsaw puzzle features gold foil embellishments that make it stand out from the crowd. It also includes an image from Frank Stella’s geometric painting Firuzabad, making it even more challenging than a traditional rectangular jigsaw.
The ombre design on this puzzle means the hues blend together to create a vibrant pink- and yellow-toned scene. It’s a cool-toned challenge that will take hours to complete, but once you’re done, it makes a great modern piece of art for your wall.
Chet Hanks — the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson — has become notorious for his White Boy Summer merchandise, which is currently under scrutiny due to the Gothic typeface he uses on T-shirts and other clothing items. His Instagram posts and jokes about this phrase have caused a lot of controversy, so it’s probably best to stay away from his apparel.

Wall Clock

White Boy Summer's wall clock is a fun piece of home decor for all ages. It features a battery-free alarm that can be set to either beep or chime. The gizmo also has a unique design that is sure to garner plenty of compliments. The best part? It is made from recycled material and will withstand the test of time. A nice feature is that it's a cinch to clean, making it a great addition to any bedroom. It may not be the prettiest clock in the world, but it's an eye-catching piece of decor that will be a welcome addition to any room. It can be used for any occasion and will make a statement in the process. It's a must have in any home or office!


White Boy Summer is an online meme whose message has become so popular that it has been adapted into merchandizing, physical propaganda distribution and extremist meetups. Extremists have promoted the concept through online "shitposting," racist and misogynistic tropes and explicitly white supremacist propaganda.
Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, launched a merch line for White Boy Summer. The merch features an array of apparel that includes a T-shirt, hoodie and tank top.
The collection also has a hat, biker shorts and leggings that all include the phrase "White Boy Summer" in a Gothic font. Some have criticized the merch for being offensive and Nazi-like, but some fans have been excited about it.
Hanks' merch isn't a good way to promote the ethos of White Boy Summer, but it certainly does make for a funny Instagram story. He even includes some genuinely good advice in his rules and regulations: Backward hats are good and booze breath is bad.
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2023.03.22 11:14 orientwatches_org Top 3 Orient Watches of all times

Top 3 Orient Watches of all times

Orient Bambino
Orient Bambino
The Orient Bambino is a classic and elegant dress watch that has become a favorite among watch enthusiasts. It features a clean and simple dial, with thin hands and hour markers that add a touch of sophistication to the overall look of the watch. The Bambino is available in different versions, including a range of colors, leather straps or stainless steel bracelets, and various dial designs, making it easy to find a model that suits your taste.
One of the most impressive features of the Bambino is its in-house movement. Orient has its own mechanical movement that is known for its accuracy and reliability, and it is used in the Bambino collection. The Bambino also has a domed crystal that adds to its vintage look, and it is water-resistant up to 30 meters, making it suitable for everyday wear.
Orient Ray II
The Orient Ray II is a popular diver's watch that is highly regarded for its quality and functionality. It is designed to withstand the rigors of deep-sea diving and has a water resistance rating of up to 200 meters, making it ideal for scuba diving and other water sports. The Ray II has a classic look, with a round case and a rotating bezel that allows divers to track their time underwater.
One of the key features of the Ray II is its automatic movement, which is known for its accuracy and reliability. It also has a day-and-date function, which is useful for everyday wear. The Ray II is available in several color combinations, including black, blue, and green, and it comes with either a rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet.
Orient Defender
The Orient Defender is a military-inspired watch that is perfect for casual wear. It has a rugged and sturdy design, with a large round case and a bold dial that features large hour markers and hands. The Defender has a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
The Defender is powered by an automatic movement that is highly accurate and reliable, and it has a power reserve of up to 40 hours. It also has a day and date function, as well as a small seconds sub-dial that adds to the overall functionality of the watch. The Defender is available in several color options, including black, blue, and green, and it comes with either a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet.
In summary, the Orient Bambino, Ray II, and Defender are all excellent watches that offer high-quality features and functions at an affordable price point. Each of these watches has its own unique style and design, making it easy to find a model that suits your taste and needs.
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2023.03.22 11:12 asleypatricia What are the benefits of owning a men's shearling leather jacket in cold weather?

A men's shearling leather jacket can be a great investment for cold weather due to its many benefits, including:
  1. Warmth: The shearling lining provides excellent insulation and can keep you warm even in very cold temperatures.
  2. Durability: Shearling leather is known for its durability and can last for many years with proper care. This makes it a great investment piece for your wardrobe.
  3. Style: Shearling jackets have a classic, timeless style that can be dressed up or down. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose one that fits your personal style.
  4. Comfort: Shearling is a natural material that is soft and comfortable against the skin. It can also regulate your body temperature, making it comfortable to wear in a wide range of temperatures.
  5. Versatility: Shearling jackets can be worn in a variety of settings, from casual to formal. They also pair well with a wide range of clothing, from jeans to dress pants.
Overall, a men's shearling leather jacket is a versatile, durable, and stylish piece that can provide warmth and comfort in cold weather.
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2023.03.22 11:08 asleypatricia How should men style a shearling leather jacket for a classic yet modern look?

Although the question mentions men's shearling leather jackets, we can also provide some tips for styling a shearling jacket for women for a classic yet modern look:
  1. Dress it up: Pair your shearling jacket with a chic dress and heels for a sophisticated look that can be worn to a fancy dinner or event.
  2. Dress it down: For a more casual look, wear your shearling jacket with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. This combination is perfect for running errands or grabbing brunch with friends.
  3. Add texture: Mix and match different textures to create an interesting outfit. Pair your shearling jacket with a chunky knit sweater and leather pants for a chic, edgy look.
  4. Accessorize: Complete your outfit with statement accessories like a bold scarf, statement jewelry or a sleek handbag. This will add a touch of personality to your outfit and make it look more put together.
  5. Experiment with colors: While classic brown or black shearling jackets are always a great option, consider trying out different colors such as navy, olive, or burgundy for a fresh take on this classic style.
Remember to always choose pieces that fit well and make you feel confident. With these styling tips, you can create a classic yet modern look with your shearling jacket for women.
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2023.03.22 11:07 bodyline_store Buy Affordable Kurta for Men Online in UK

Buy kurta for men online UK from Bodylinestore. We offer a comprehensive collection of the latest kurta sets, wedding kurtas, traditional kurtas, Indian kurta sets, designer kurtas, and many more at discounted prices. Buy now and style elegantly for every occasion.
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2023.03.22 10:49 asleypatricia What is a shearling aviator jacket, and how is it different from other types of jackets?

A shearling aviator jacket is a type of jacket that is made from sheepskin leather with the wool still attached. It was originally designed for pilots during World War II to keep them warm in unheated cockpits. Today, shearling aviator jackets have become a fashion statement and are worn by both men and women.
One of the main differences between shearling aviator jackets and other types of jackets is their insulation. The wool lining and leather exterior make shearling aviator jackets extremely warm and suitable for cold weather. Additionally, the thick sheepskin material also provides excellent wind resistance, making it a great choice for outdoor activities.
Another notable feature of shearling aviator jackets is their style. They are often characterized by their oversized collars and lapels, which can be folded down to provide additional warmth around the neck. They also typically feature a zippered front and a loose fit, allowing for additional layering underneath.
In summary, the main differences between shearling aviator jackets and other types of jackets are their unique insulation properties, style, and overall functionality. Their warmth, wind resistance, and classic style make them a popular choice for those looking for a durable and fashionable jacket to wear in cold weather.
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2023.03.22 10:20 Ok_Tough_8922 Explore Cotton Pants for Men by Creatures of Habit

Creatures of Habit has a variety of cotton pants for men in different sizes and styles. Pants such as Pima French Terry pants make you feel good due to the fabrics and adjust well to your body. Find a wide range of cotton pants for men on our website here!
For More Details Please Visit :
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2023.03.22 10:07 lesbian_couples Online Relationship Course for Lesbian Couples

Online Relationship Course for Lesbian Couples
Ready to take your relationship from disconnected, misunderstood, and stuck to reconnected, happy, and alive? You can make your relationship thrive, again, in just 10 weeks!
Or are you in a newish relationship, and you both want to break the old patterns of blah, painful, or failed relationships from your past? By committing to this 10-week course you will create a strong foundation of security so that you’ll have confidence that this one will last!
Best of all, TLC is An On-Demand, From Anywhere Relationship Transformation Training Course.
You can be in your pj’s eating popcorn when you work on your relationship! It doesn’t get easier than that.
The TLC Course is for lesbian couples who are BOTH 100% committed to creating a joyful, secure, thriving relationship for good.
Is this relationship transformation course right for you and your partner? Keep reading…
Love is a Journey we take together.
If you and your partner find yourselves in need of some help on your own relationship journey, then this is the course for you.
It was carefully designed by an expert Ph.D. level lesbian marriage therapist (Dr. Lynda Spann) with lesbian couples in mind.
This on-demand, available from anywhere course is ideal for busy couples to get the love and relationship training they need without the challenges of scheduling and keeping in-person appointments.
Are you in a lesbian relationship that feels lonely, listless, or on the brink? Is there a part of you that longs to feel cherished and secure in a relationship that’s full of joy, fun and love, again?
This course takes you on a journey of rediscovery and renewal that will have you feeling like the happiest couple in the room. Again.
Are either you or your partner questioning if you’re “right” for each other because your relationship is so bankrupt?
Do you lay awake at night replaying unresolved arguments, feeling alone and misunderstood, or worrying that your relationship is teetering on the edge of a steep cliff?
Hesitant to even let yourself imagine feeling alive and in love with your partner, again?
Yet you’re looking for a thread of hope that you will have a future together that’s full of adventure, nurturance, attention, and the ease of being exquisitely tuned-in to one another.
I hope you can let yourself imagine a relationship that thrives with heartfelt connection, spirited discussions, playful affection, shared goals, and deep vulnerability. True intimacy.
Chances are you mostly feel sad about the distance between the two of you. And you’re exhausted and depleted from the negative cycle that neither of you have been able to stop.
You want nothing more than to stop walking on egg-shells, to feel safe again, and to travel through life with the woman you fell in love with.
Deep inside, you dream of relationship growth and transformation.
If you’re struggling with relationship issues or pain, TLC provides a clear path to relief, reconnection and resolving your problems quickly.
You Crave…
  • Great conversations where you both feel understood, and closer than when you started talking
  • Easily connecting emotionally, affectionately, and sensually
  • Knowing that your partner understands, accepts, and adores you
  • The ease of talking about even tough issues without fighting, blaming, stonewalling, or getting defensive
  • Balancing closeness and independence
  • An atmosphere of humor, laughter, and playfulness
  • To be on the same page about goals and dreams
  • Looking forward to spending the evening with your partner
  • A spirit of ongoing friendliness, appreciation, and gratitude
  • Both of you making your relationship the number one priority
  • Understanding how to help one another feel soothed and relieved when upset
  • Knowing, deep in your bones, that nothing can shake your intimate connection
“Dr. Spann was very professional while being personable and relatable. Her level of expertise made us know that we were in the right place. Dr. Spann had a large toolbox from which to recommend exercises and other ideas, allowing us to try a variety of therapeutic activities.” – Former TLC Student
Maybe you’ve searched everywhere for help and can’t find a lesbian who specializes in couples therapy or relationship coaching.
Your search is over!
Are you craving love and reconnection?
The TLC coaching course has been carefully designed to help you get your cravings met!
Nothing you’ve tried has worked. Even though you’ve been working on this for months or years, not much has changed.
Perhaps you:
  • Have been avoiding arguments to the point that you’re hardly talking about anything meaningful
  • Feel hopeless about ever learning how to communicate so that you’ll feel heard and understood
  • Are tired of juggling life, work, and other responsibilities and barely have time for fun or intimacy anymore
  • Act more like roommates or business partners— sharing routine and practical chores— but nothing pulls at your heartstrings anymore
  • Have tried couples therapy, which seemed to briefly help, but things just went back to how they were…and you’re starting to feel that your relationship is beyond repair
  • Keep reading the latest “communication” tips to solve disagreements, but nothing seems to work long term.
If you’re feeling alone on your journey of love, strapped for time, and don’t know how to repair and rebuild your relationship…but know in your heart you both deserve more… this is the relationship course for you.
Stop settling for a stagnant relationship!
Let’s take this love journey together. So that you can rediscover your passion for each other, again.
  • Have been together beyond the initial honeymoon stage
  • Still love each other, but are feeling distressed and disconnected
  • Are in a newish relationship and want to get it right this time
  • Want to grow individually and together
  • Have read self-help books, tried or thought of therapy, dabbled with date nights, and are still not thriving
  • Want their relationship to grow and are willing to do the work to make that happen
  • Understand that an investment in their relationship is an investment in their overall well-being
  • Are unwilling to give up on their relationship without an honest try
  • Have struggled to make progress on their own and are ready to get help from an expert guide who has spent years discovering the exact steps for a successful journey of love
  • Heterosexual couples or gay men couples
  • Lesbian couples hoping for a quick fix or magical bullet and are unwilling to put in the work
  • Couples where one of you is stuck in the blame game, not taking your share of responsibility in creating change
  • Lesbian couples who believe they can figure it out on their own
  • Couples where an ongoing affair, domestic violence, untreated addiction, or mental illness are present
  • One or both partners are not willing to give their all to the process of creating thriving, lasting love
It’s the quickest, most effective way to learn to relate to each other with greater connection, less conflict, and more joy.
With this step-by-step system you won’t fail. Even if you’ve tried therapy before and you’re at a loss for creating lasting relationship growth.
In this TLC course, you’ll discover the path to a thriving intimate partnership with a knowledgeable guide on your side every step of the way.
During the TLC 10-week course you’ll get the tools and skills you need to…
  • Reconnect with your partner instantly
  • Become a happy and effective team
  • Understand each of your relationship dance styles
  • Stop a fight before it starts
  • Communicate so you both feel understood
  • Repair and heal
  • Embody brave vulnerability and steady curiosity
  • Grow individually and together
TLC is not a flimsy, feel-good class with empty promises. It’s a thoughtfully designed, carefully engineered relationship skill-building system that will help even the most stuck couples succeed.
The reason why?
It’s like having a relationship GPS at your fingertips. You’ll be guided every step of the way. With each lesson logically flowing from the last.
Experience immediate results when you have the right tools, tricks, and techniques. And don’t worry, these things are easy to master.
Watch the video lessons on your time-table from the comfort of your home. Then find snippets of time when the two of you can do the workbook exercises together.
You won’t be overwhelmed or drained. In fact you’ll be invigorated by the bite-sized training videos that are full of practical steps and skill that will immediately help your relationship take a giant leap forward.
Your guide on this journey of love, Dr. Lynda Spann, will help you accelerate your relationship growth and transformation. So that you can be the happiest couple in the room, again.
Lynda is the perfect guide for this exploration. Not because she has a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, but because she’s walked in your shoes. She’s lived through the pain of a failing relationship and has now discovered the map for how to have a joy-filled, secure, and thriving partnership with her wife, Lisa.
Lynda has helped hundreds of couples like you get unstuck and create the relationship that they crave.
First and foremost, TLC is not a theory class on love.
This is a hands-on, experiential, fun program that delivers real, lasting results. Please don’t mistake our easy system for a temporary band-aid.
In the TLC course, you’ll learn foundational concepts, do fun exercises together, and master new skills and techniques that will lead to massive relationship growth and permanent change.
You’ll start feeling better immediately. And you’ll get to the level of being a thriving couple, fast!
That’s because our TLC course curriculum is designed to be easier, faster, and more effective than traditional, theoretical learning.
The TLC course has been developed and honed over many years. It is a tried, tested, and proven system that delivers consistent, rapid, effective results.
Hoping and praying that things will get better in your relationship hasn’t worked. And therapy is expensive, often inconvenient, and takes a long time.
You’re lucky to have found us and to now know that there’s a better alternative to get your relationship on track to thrive.
This TLC course gives you practical tools and skills you can use right now to easily shift your relationship to the one you’re craving.
  • Seeing The Gleam In Your Partner’s Eye, Again
  • Feeling The Joy Of Daily Connection
  • Becoming A Power-team
  • Knowing Exactly How To Help Each Other When Triggered
  • Ninja Communication Skills (That Will Help You Talk About Even The Hard Stuff And Feel Closer)
  • Confidence For The Journey Ahead
  • Lot’s And Lot’s Of Fun And Adventure Along The Way!
“This program has given us “us” back, we really do like each other and we really do want to be the best versions of ourselves together as a couple for the many years to come. Without TLC, this would not be possible.” – Former TLC Member
Welcome Packet:
As soon as you enroll in the TLC coaching program, you will receive a welcome email to help you make the most out of the training, and fully prepare for the 10 weeks ahead. It will include:
  • Access to your Private Membership Site library and course
  • Strategies on how to cultivate the right mindset to create the relationship of your dreams
  • Organizational tips to maximize success and get the most out of the program
For 10 weeks, you will receive:
  • Five practical, effective relationship training modules with video lessons, recorded so you and your partner can have access anytime, for 10 weeks.
  • Five uniquely designed workbooks, full of exercises, writing prompts, worksheets, and tracking tools so that you and your partner can take your relationship to the next level.
How much time can I expect this course to take?
Each week, you’ll have a training module with several short videos for you and your partner to watch. Combined, hey add up to be about one hour of total viewing time per module.
You’ll have a workbook (to work through together) with homework exercises for each module. Homework shouldn’t take more than 1 or 2 hours a week.
My partner doesn’t want to take this course. Can I take it by myself?
The TLC course is designed for couples, with practices for the two of you to do together. If she is resistant, just see if she’s willing to do a 15minute breakthrough session with you and Lynda. Sometimes resistant partners decide to join once they talk to Lynda and see how TLC can benefit them.
Do we both have to pay tuition?
No! Your tuition includes both of you.
What if we buy this program and find out it’s not for us? Will we get a refund? Yes! I offer a 100% 90-day guarantee. As long as you complete the entire program (watch all the videos and complete all of the Workbooks) within 90 days, if you aren’t satisfied with your relationship results, I will refund your entire investment.
I don’t live in the United States…can I participate?
Yes! All you need is to be fluent in English and an internet connection.
Will my insurance pay for this course?
Unfortunately, no. Like gym memberships and other services that promote your well-being, a relationship course is not a service that the health insurance industry has chosen to cover.
Do you offer payment plans?
What if I have more questions about the course?
We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have! Email to get in touch.
If you’re a lesbian couple that’s 100% committed to creating a joyful, secure, thriving relationship and you’re ready for a proven plan to REAL change, this TLC Online Course is for you! Can’t wait to see you inside the TLC Course!
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2023.03.22 10:03 Hiker17 [5E] [Online] [GMT] [18+] Masters of the Borderlands

Yarp, it's this game again. Please, READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE YOU APPLY, thank you
For decades, the kingdoms of Narvalesh and Gwyndeth have been at odds, using proxies in their wars to wipe one another out. Narvalesh worships Law, and the men of Gwyndet praise the gods of Chaos, leading to many holy wars, which eventually crippled both nations. For now.
The margravate of Bronzestone has recently had an idea to break the stalemate over the borderlands known as the Dagger Vale. Employing adventurers to advance the cause of the kingdom and finally beat back the kingdom of Gwyndeth. However, earl Glandyth of Kraev, a cruel champion of Chaos, has also had the same idea... Two adventuring parties, two nations, one goal: Victory.
Players Wanted: 2 for the Law Party (18+ and must know the basics of 5th edition D&D, 6 spots filled already, lost some players due to conflicting styles)
Time & Day: 9 pm GMT+3 (1 pm CST), Wednesdays (alternating biweekly between groups)
Theme; Exploration & wilderness adventuring, dungeon crawling, intrigue, sword & sorcery
Current level 1
Platforms: Discord and Roll20
The players are divided into two groups, and each group plays biweekly, alternating between the group playing for Bronzestone and the group playing for Kraev. Note that this is NOT A WEST MARCHES game, this is very much a story driven sandbox game, and in no way functions like a West Marches.
There is some saucy content (NSFW) possibilities, but any raunchy stuff is to be faded to black or performed in the dedicated NSFW channels. This is purely optional, by the way, I just wanna make that clear.
The house rules and homebrew is available on the Discord server, where you shall be invited upon approval. For the time being, here are the most immediate rules:
  1. No Artificers or anything uber magical, like soul knives, this is a sword and sorcery campaign, I want to maintain integrity. Additionally no arcane archers, rune knights, psi warriors, soul knives, gloomstalkers, nothing like that
  2. No unlisted races (unless you make a reeeeaaaally convincing case)
  3. No guns, or gunpowder, or wacky inventions
To apply, DM me at ViktorD20#4188
Hope to hear from you soon :)
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2023.03.22 09:39 Shopestaan 𝐌𝐞𝐧 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐩 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 Upgrade your style with our handsome and durable men's leather strap watches Order Now From Shopestaan 🅿🆁🅸🅲🅴 599/- only Feel free to DM us or contact us on WhatsApp 0333 2404477 #shopestaan #mensfashion #leatherwatch #brownstrapwatch #watch

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Platform(s): PC I think, I only played it on my old laptop.
Genre: Military, Shooting
Estimated year of release: 2010s
Graphics/art style: From my faint memory, it kind of looked like Delta Force.
Notable characters: I have no idea, sorry.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Nth, nada.
Other details: So from what I remember, the game starts off with a mission of you driving on a military truck with your army men at like a deserted place, and while you are on the road, you have to shoot at your targets that are on the sides of the road. To me, they looked like little black figures. There was also in which your mission was at night, and you had to sneak and kill your targets.
Please help, I really liked this game, but I was very young, and my dad sold my laptop. I don't remember the name at all, so this, and looking at pictures on google is the only way I can find it.
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2023.03.22 09:19 One-Patient289 French tide men's team, M always domineering chief executive style

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2023.03.22 08:54 Ralfop Fashion Water-Resistant Large Capacity Bags For Men Description Style: Fashion, fashionl/custom/business Capacity: 20-35 Litre Type: Softback Feature: Waterproof, Durable Strap Backpack,high quality Gender: Unisex Closure Type: Hasp Carrying System: Air cushion strap Handle/Strap Type: Soft Handl

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