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The Political Science

2018.07.31 07:59 upsedu The Political Science

Political science may be a science that deals with the systems of a presidency, and conjointly the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, and political behavior.

2023.03.22 14:03 AlexMikkelsen Making music

Making music
Hello everyone. I'll start right away, without long introductions. This article consists of two parts: theoretical, where I reflect on the nature of creativity, and practical, where I comment on the creation of specific compositions. So, let's go!
Music is an amazing kind of creativity. A song done in a few minutes can take off and earn an author a lot of popularity and a ton of money.
Roy Orbison and his partner Bill Deese sat at Orbison's house trying to compose a song. In search of a melody, they played whatever came to mind. Roy Orbison's wife, Claudette, looked into the room and told her husband that she was going to the city to shop. Roy asked if she needed money, and then Deese got into the conversation with the remark: “Pretty woman never needs any money!". Then Orbison began humming the phrase "Pretty woman walking down the street", and Bill Deese began to beat the rhythm with his fist on the table. He vividly imagined a certain woman in a yellow skirt and red shoes, her heels clicking on the sidewalk. When Claudette returned with her shopping, the song was ready. In a television interview, Orbison said that it took as long to write the song as it sounds.
Neither cinema, nor literature, nor painting can boast such a big difference between costs and results. What's the secret? And why are some compositions successful and others not? I will not delay with the answer: in my opinion, the reason for this lies in the melodies.
If you write brilliant lyrics, make a professional arrangement in a high-quality studio with the best masters, achieve crystal clear sound, draw a great cover, shoot a video for a lot of money and invest properly in advertising, but you will not have a good melody, all this will turn out wasted. Melodies that catch, swing, evoke emotions will be interesting, but just a set of notes, even a pleasant one, will not lead to anything special.
I don’t know why different people’s brains respond in the same way to certain sets of sounds, but we can take advantage of this. We need to learn how to find these sounds.
When creating music, there are principles that are characteristic of creativity in general. In my understanding, creativity is the creation of new connections between elements. Elements can be anything: things, words, ideas. For example, let's take two elements: a table and a glass. Let's create a connection: the glass is on the table. This is trite, but this is creativity. Let's try the other way around: the table is on a glass. Already more interesting. A table inside a glass, a glass inside a table, a glass made of wood, a table made of glass - as you can see, there can be many options, and I think you have already noticed an important detail: most of these connections are complete nonsense. But among the nonsense, you can find something interesting. For example, a table where you can pour water - at least this is a little less nonsense than previous examples)
So in everything that concerns creativity: the majority of creations are uninteresting and useless, and the task of the creator is to find worthy ones among them.
The Russian poet Mayakovsky has a wonderful poem. In the original, of course, there is a rhyme that makes the poem ten times better, but the pure meaning is also worth attention.
Poetry is the same mining of radium.In gram production, in years of work.You exhaust a single word for the sake ofThousands of tons of verbal ore.But how sizzling these words are burningNext to the decay of the raw word.These words set in motionThousands of years of millions of hearts.
The creation process as a whole consists of three stages:
  1. Accumulation of elements. In order to have something to create connections between, we need to find something new. The process of cognition, akin to creativity, is engaged in this. They are closely linked: recognition of something is impossible without creation, and creation leads to the recognition of something new.
  2. Generation of new links. As a rule, the subconscious is involved in this process. It does it quickly, easily, and much better than consciousness. Try, for example, deliberately creating new connections between the same table and glass, and you will see that this process is slow and stressful. But if you somehow convince the subconscious to do this (for example, trying to do it consciously for a while), new connections will pour in. This is inspiration.
  3. Selection. Probably the most important stage at which it is necessary, focusing on your feelings, to choose the best and throw out the rest. One of the biggest challenges at this stage is not distinguishing the good from the best and stopping work before greater results can be achieved. For example, a musician composes a melody, he really likes it, because it turns out to be better than everything that he has composed before, but he does not notice that the melody is still not good enough to use it in his work.
Eliezer S. Yudkowsky "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality":
"Unfortunately for Mr. Malfoy, he is still new to the art of creativity, and so he has committed a classic error of Ravenclaw."..."Mr. Malfoy is new to the business of having ideas, and so when he has one, he becomes proud of himself for having it. He has not yet had enough ideas to unflinchingly discard those that are beautiful in some aspects and impractical in others; he has not yet acquired confidence in his own ability to think of better ideas as he requires them. What we are seeing here is not Mr. Malfoy's best idea, I fear, but rather his only idea."
Now let's move on from the principles of creativity in general to creating melodies. In the case of melodies, elements are notes: their duration, pitch, and the intervals between them. And their combination is the creation of connections. Our task is to generate a large number of melodies, and then select those that cause an emotional reaction, catch. You can just hum or play an instrument. Do not forget that at first the process will be very difficult, and the result will be disgusting. Soon, the subconscious mind may figure out what you want from it (or maybe not - try it next time), and it will start working on its own. This is the optimal state for work.
Another important aspect of working with the subconscious is worth mentioning. The degree of effectiveness of his work and control over him depends on the degree of mental stress. If you are relaxed, then control and efficiency are maximized - you can easily start and stop the necessary processes, there is even an opportunity to hear melodies right in your head and control them there. If you are tense, depressed, then the situation will be the opposite. Therefore, it is advisable to bring yourself as relaxed as possible before starting creative work.
This can be done either with the help of external things that cause relaxation (environment, music, smells), or with the help of the skills of conscious relaxation (concentration on breathing, biofeedback therapy). This is a separate, no less interesting topic, but now we are talking about something else. Unless it is absolutely not worth using nicotine, alcohol or worse for relaxation - the minus is more than the plus.
When the melody is ready, you can create a composition on its basis, and here you will find all the same creativity, all the same enumeration of options - not only notes, but also chords, instruments, effects, features of the genre in which you compose. All this is also important, but not as important as the melodies, and in this article I will not go deep into this topic. As developing any skill, composing music takes time and effort, and it is worth remembering that the fundamental difference between someone who has achieved something and someone who has not achieved anything is that the first one started and did not quit.
On this philosophizing, we can end and go to examples.
There are special programs for working with music, and they are called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). There are a great variety of them: there are paid ones, there are also free ones. Those who work with them constantly argue about which one is better, but here the principle applies: the best workstation is the one in which you personally feel comfortable working. At one time I played with FL Studio, with Reaper, but now I mainly work in Cakewalk by Bandlab (formerly Sonar). Unlike the previous two, it is free and at the same time relatively full-featured (although not very popular). An interesting detail: when creating what I will talk about next, I used exclusively free programs, plugins and other intellectual property. You can judge for yourself how much this is enough to create music.
Here is the final result:
So, after a long break in creativity, I decided to write something and remembered that Bandlab has another free DAW that you can work with right in the browser. There it is.
There are a lot of instruments and sounds here, it is easy to learn, so it can be useful for beginners.
Remembering my brilliant theory about composing melodies, I began to strum whatever was right on the keyboard. I am not very good at playing the piano, but nevertheless, after several approaches and many attempts, I composed the main melody for the synthesizer. Added bass and drums. It worked out well. Then, trying to keep up with the style of this melody, I composed the intro. And then the bridge after the main melody. Added a few more instruments. And so, little by little, the following picture came together.
Road (former Blizzard)
It may look menacing, but the project is actually not that difficult. Complex arrangements can have several dozen tracks.
I've heard the expression that music is a combination of the familiar and the unexpected. Following this principle, I tried to make sure that in each measure (rectangle) there was something new - the introduction of a new instrument or a new melody, or, on the contrary, silence.
And this is how the so-called piano roll looks like in this program, where the work with notes takes place. Here you can add, move, stretch and perform other manipulations within the law of your country.
Piano roll
Let's go further. And then I decided to do something cosmic, and, torturing the keyboard, knocked out a few notes from it. I set the tempo down, took a stringy synthesizer as an instrument, and it turned out to be ambient.
As you can see, everything is even simpler here, but the composition does not get any worse from this. The cherry on top was an apparently Pink Floyd-inspired guitar solo. Also played on the keyboard, but in separate fragments, and adjusted to the rhythm.
As you can see, I like to copy melodies and scatter them on different instruments playing at the same time. Here it played a cruel joke on me, and by copying the synthesizer melody to the bass track in the beat before the solo, I got a peculiar, albeit dirty sound. It would be much better to have one note on the bass here, not two. But I don't think anyone really cares.
After creating this track, I got the crazy idea that it would be cool to publish this. But two compositions seemed to me a little, so I took out old records from the stash and finalized them. They are made in Cakewalk and look like this.
Hello World
Yes, my narration looks like:
But, as I said, creating an arrangement is the same often not very interesting enumeration of options, the result of which you see in the screenshots.
Let's say the arrangement is ready, and the nastiest part of the job comes - mixing. This is when a sound engineer adjusts the volume, pan (left / right), frequencies and effects for each individual track so that they sound organic and do not interfere with each other. I set up old projects right in the program, and saved two new ones as separate tracks and loaded them into Cakewalk. True, when saving to the recording, some kind of digital crackle appeared, which can be heard in some parts of the Road and Home tracks, but I suggest considering this as an artistic technique.
Mixing of Road
I must say that the mixing turned out pretty badly, and at the middle frequencies I have a mess, but I think that all this is compensated by great melodies).
The next stage is mastering. This is the preparation of the final recording for publication. Here, the volume adjustment, equalizer and so on also come into play, but this is now applied not to individual tracks, but to the track as a whole. Modern tracks are very loud and very compressed (this is when the loudest moments of the recording and the quietest ones are brought closer to the same average loudness value). The so-called "loudness war" led to this result. Once the producers discovered that the louder the recording, the brighter and more interesting it seems to the listener, and began to compete with each other in twisting the sliders. Thanks to this, the volume of the published music has been steadily growing over the past half century, and we will not be left out either). In addition, the recordings from one release should have the same volume so that the listener does not have to turn the knob at the beginning of each new track.
My mastering skills are even worse than mixing, but here the same Bandlab came to the rescue. The service provides free (which is important) mastering services in automatic mode: you upload a track to the site, and the program tries to put it in order. And, interestingly, she is good at it, although for professionals this approach will cause severe mental and maybe physical suffering.
I'll tell you a secret: individual people, professionals, should be engaged in mixing and mastering, since this is a painstaking and thankless process that can cause a lot of problems for a novice artist. It is a known fact that Billie Eilish recorded her debut album with her brother literally in the bedroom on not the most expensive equipment, and highly paid specialists in the studio were engaged in the subsequent processing. But this does not threaten us yet.
So, the tracks are ready, and they are even almost of the same volume (I messed up here too, obviously choosing different mixing styles for different tracks (see the picture above). Now you need to share them with others, and then collect praise, wait for letters from labels, fend off fans ...
The current time is such that even a schoolboy can send his music to all possible stores, and then collect money for listening (royalties). For this, there are special services - aggregators, which either for a fee or for a percentage of the proceeds send masterpieces to all sorts of itunes and spotifies. I decided that such a scale is not required specifically for this release - tracks in this genre have not achieved great popularity, and it will take too long to wait for the release on the platforms.
The first thing I did was upload my four-track mini-album to Soundcloud. I found some commercial licensed photos on free stock photo stocks and designed the album page and cover with them.
I also decided to make a video with my tracks and put it on Youtube. As a video editor, I used a not very convenient, but free Shotcut. The video featured the album cover on a black background and the song title underneath. Remembering that the standard Microsoft fonts are not very free for commercial use (you never know), I tried hard and found a suitable one on Google Fonts. On the one hand, the resulting picture looks quite stylish, but on the other hand, it is very cheap and creates some kind of tragic feeling. But that is what it is.
I saved the result at 720p, but, interestingly, YouTube itself added 1080p from somewhere else, apparently so that you can enjoy a black screen in HD format.
I also made my own Coub for each song, suitable for the style, and also published it, but there is no particular activity there.
I must say that I do not count on any particular popularity of these four compositions. Yes, in my opinion, there are good tunes (and this is the most important thing), but this is not the kind of music that hits the charts. What I have composed is the first steps, acquaintance. That is why the mini-album is called Hello World.
Actually, that's it. Thanks for your attention!
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2023.03.22 14:02 Alert_Club8448 FDIC insurance increasing to $2M!

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2023.03.22 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Longines Introduces New Five-Star Spirit Flyback; Breitling Rolls Out TEN New Watches; Ressence Makes Another Beautiful Watch

It's Tuesday and a lot of things happened since yesterday. Let's dive in:

What's new

Longines Adds To The Spirit Collection With The New Flyback Chronograph
/ Longines’ Spirit line has been a reliable source of handsome and heritage-inspired pilot's watches. New to the line is today's Flyback Chronograph, an evolution of the chrono released in 2020. The watch is still 42mm with large Arabic numerals and 100m of water resistance but from there everything changes. The most obvious update is the flyback functionality which allows the user to instantly reset the chronograph seconds hand to zero, streamlining the stop, start, reset function of a regular chronograph.
The new Flyback Chronograph loses a subdial and date from the non-flyback model. There's a bidirectional rotating bezel with a ceramic insert and the watch comes in either a blue or black sunray dial. The Super-LumiNova gives a nice lume on the numerals on both the dial and bezel. Strap options include brown leather, blue fabric, and beige NATO or a stainless steel bracelet. Inside there's the new COSC-certified L791.4 movement (with silicon balance spring) which is on full display thanks to the transparent sapphire caseback.
Pricing is actually really great for all the functionalities is gives - $4,450. If they could just remove the five star review they gave themselves on the dial, this would be a top 10 watch to have.
Breitling's Top Time Classic Cars Collection Goes In-House And Adds A Thunderbird
/ Collaborations between watch brands and car makers often end up on the wrong side of tacky. Aston Martin and Bentley make gorgeous cars but most of the watches they lent their name to were horrible. Do we even have to mention what Ferrari did with Hublot? However, every now and again we get a collaboration that’s not only perfect, but could be one of the best watches in the brand’s lineup.
And that’s exactly the case with the Breitling Top Time Classic Cars Editions. In 2021 the brand unveiled three new Top Time models connected to American sports cars from the ’60s - the Corvette, Cobra and Mustang. The watches had stood a huge chance of becoming horrible homages, but ended up being colorful chronos with bold design and a hit for the company.
Now, 18 months later, Breitling announces they are adding a new model inspired by the Ford Thunderbird and all four models of the Top Time Classic Cars Editions are getting their in-house chronograph movement.
Each of the available colorways represents a specific link to one of four well-known classic cars – the Chevrolet Corvette (red), the Ford Thunderbird (white), the Shelby Cobra (blue), and the Ford Mustang (green). These new models are 41mm wide (down from 42mm) and all four are fitted with a Breitling B01 automatic chronograph movement. All four don’t have a date and the Mustang, Corvette, and Thunderbird models all have three subdials providing a 12-hour maximum measure and 1/4th of a second resolution. The Shelby Cobra model uses two subdials for the chronograph and has a maximum measure of 30 minutes.
Pricing starts at $8,000 on a leather strap or $8,440 on a steel mesh bracelet. Love it!
Also, A Blog To Watch had the opportunity to go hands on with the new Thunderbird model, so head on over there for more details of the new model and a deeper dive.
Breitling Introduces Six New Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Models
/ The Breitling Premier Chronograph line gets a refresh in a 42mm, B01-powered form. This is a historically important collection to Breitling as it represents the shift the brand made in the 1940s from core utilitarian tool-watches to something with a bit more panache. In 2021, the brand released the 40mm Breitling Premier Heritage Chrono, a 40mm model which directly played on the, well, heritage of the model range. That watch was powered by the brand's B09 movement.
Now, for 2023 there are updates to the model. At a quick glance, the six new Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 watches almost seem like models that should already exist somewhere in the brand’s catalog. The new stainless steel watches now feature applied Arabic numerals instead of baton markers, syringe-style hands, a new sub-register layout, and new dial text that reads "Chronograph Premier," instead of "Chronometer Premier." This model also gets the in-house B01 chronograph movement, which has COSC certification.
The Premier premieres today with a bracelet and a new set of dial colors. In all, there are five new dial options of black, blue, salmon, green, or cream. There is even an 18k red gold model, also on a strap or bracelet. The stainless steel models will cost $9,100 on the strap and $9,500 on a bracelet. The 18k gold model will cost $20,200 on the strap and $39,700 on a bracelet.
The Ressence TYPE 1° Round Is A Streamlined Take On Its Classic Watch
/ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Ressence is my favorite watchmaker and the oil-filled Type 3 is my grail. So know they can do nothing wrong in my book. Of course I love their update of the Type 1 model with the new essential Round version.
The Type 1 is basically the backbone of the collection, an evolution of the Zero Series which introduced their unique way of displaying time using gears and discs. We’ve seen gradual evolutions, first by removing the crown, then by changing the case design. First came the Type 1 Square, and then the Type 1 Slim.
The Ressence TYPE 1° Round, this is nothing more than a modernized take on the brand’s signature watch, slightly redesigned to remain coherent with other creations currently available. The grade 5 titanium case measures 42.7mm in diameter, with a compact 11mm height. Some work has been done to the dial too, but not so much about the emblematic display. Available in a classic black edition too, it’s mostly the circular brushed blue model that is there to catch the attention. The discs have now a sunray-brushed surface, adding depth to the whole assembly, while the dial has been graphically simplified with indexes every 10 minutes and a weekday dial that subtly unites the 2 non-working days of the week with a touch of colour. Also, the seconds and weekdays hands are larger for improved reading.
The Ressence TYPE 1° Round will be available worldwide in two finishes – Black and Night Blue – from June 2023 as part of the permanent collection, and priced at CHF 16,800 (excl. taxes).
For The First Time, The MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Is Now In Steel With A Salmon Dial
/ Say what you will, but MB&F makes some very interesting watches. While their Horological Machines line might be a bit out there, the Legacy Machine line, while still not a practical daily beater, is an acceptable exploration of what’s possible in horology.
And since its launch in 2015, MB&F's Legacy Machine (LM) Perpetual has come in a lot of metals. red gold, platinum, white gold, titanium, yellow gold, and palladium... But there’s one metal they never made - steel. That’s why they announced today that they are launching the LM Perpetual in stainless steel, with a tasty salmon dial to boot.
Everything else remains pretty much the same - the fully integrated 581-component caliber, the 44mm wide and 17.5mm thick case… The price also remains eye-watering at $180,000. Good news for everyone who can afford it, it won’t be a limited edition.

On hand - a selection of review

Hands on with the RZE Ascentus GMT, a very affordable titanium sports watches
IFL Watches Turns Up The Grail Volume With The Limited-Edition Tissot PRX Galaxy

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

Ferdinand Berthoud Gives The Movement That Started It All A Last Run
After eight years, the inaugural Ferdinand Berthoud calibre FB-T.FC that debuted in the FB1 has reached the end of the road. When the FB1 was launched in 2015, it represented one of the most earnest exercises in recreating a marine chronometer for the wrist. The calibre FB-T.FC is an appealingly anachronistic, tourbillon movement with a pillar construction, Maltese cross stopwork and a chain-and-fusée mechanism. But more than a portable museum of 18th century technical solutions, it was also finished to a remarkable degree. Today, the brand is giving a curtain call to the calibre FB-T.FC with the Chronomètre FB 2T.

A bonus link

I usually reserve watch-adjacent content for the newsletter, but this story from Harper's about what makes a perfect scientific second and how complicated of a problem this ends up being is just too good not to share here as well
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.03.22 13:58 SuperHotUKDeals Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Honey Cereal Bars 18 x 42g £5.40/ possible £4.05 with Subscribe & Save & voucher @ Amazon

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£5.40 - Amazon
Crunchy bars for breakfast, morning snack or on-the-go snack
Nature Valley Crunchy flavour Cereal Bars
Better tasting bars with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
Packed with natural wholegrain oats and real ingredients
Suitable for vegetarians; 100 Percent wholegrain oats; Lactose free**
info added by @wadz
Product Description
Crunchy cereal bars made whole grain rolled oats and honey. Packed with natural wholegrain oats and real honey, Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Honey bars are the perfect on-the-go snack, which are there for you, whenever you need it most. Nature is bountiful, that's why each of our packs contains two delicious bars, to make the most of your day. Nature has been our inspiration since 1975. That's why all our bars are made with great tasting ingredients like natural oats and honey. So whether you're hiking through the forest or cycling the countryside, experience life the Nature Valley way! Nature Valley Cereal Bars made with natural wholegrain oats. Two delicious Cereal Bars for the perfect on the go snack. Why not also try Nature Valley Protein Peanut & Chocolate Cereal Bars or Nature Valley Nut Butter Peanut Biscuits?
Whole grain rolled oats (56percent) sugar sunflower oil honey (2percent) salt molasses salt emulsifier: soy lecithin raising agent sodium bicarbonate raising agent sodium bicarbonate molasses
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2023.03.22 13:51 Seeyouon_otherside The Experiment 6

Feeding Report 173-3
Subject’s “Feed” Species: Gojid
“Feed” Age: Young Adolescent
Notes: “Feed” was acquired in similar fashion as the last two “Feeds.” Spines were removed to allow easier consumption. Doctor Ka has supplied the Subject with a portable heater. Doctor Ka and multiple assistants observed the process. Observation window was made transparent. Subject was not fed for several days beforehand.
Feeding Process: “Feed” was placed into the cell alongside a portable heater. “Feed” was in critical condition upon arrival. The Subject showed little hesitation to feed in comparison to the last two feedings. The Subject appeared to study the “Feed” for ten seconds before it closed its hands around the “Feed’s” throat and squeezed. The “Feed’s” neck was quickly snapped and all life signs ceased a moment later.
Subject began tinkering with the heater and, after discovering its purpose, displayed similar behavior to Feeding 173-2. Subject continued to burn and eat the flesh in silence for the next hour. It is to be noted that the Subject appeared to be watching and listening to conversations on the other side of the observation window. Subject ate roughly 5% of the “Feed’s” leg before finishing. Subject eventually fell asleep and Doctor Ka had the “Feed” removed and incinerated.
Additional Notes: Judging by its mostly bland facial expressions, which have been very emotive thus far, the Subject appears to have disassociated itself from the feeding process. - [REDACTED]
The Subject seemed to be listening to our conversations during the feeding. While it cannot understand us, nor do I believe it would obtain any useful information even if it could, I feel that it is necessary to voice my concerns over the matter. In addition, it appears that it is unnecessary to supply it with such large “portions” as it has yet to consume an entire corpse. - Assistant Mardo
Isn't this amazing?! I dare say that I've began the process of taming a predator! It did not show any signs of distress during today's feeding and I seem to have taught it how to hunt. This is science at work, my friends! - Doctor Ka
Predator’s Disease Report from [REDACTED]
I am [REDACTED] and I am currently serving aboard Kolshian research vessel, the Pasture. I am writing this report to report a case of severe Predator’s Disease in my boss, Doctor Ka of the Kolshian Commonwealth.
On [June 24, 2136. Standardized Human Time], Doctor Ka discovered that the predatory species known as “Humans” were not in fact extinct. On [June 28, 2136. Standardized Human Time], Doctor Ka deployed a team of mercenaries to catch and retrieve a single Human for experimentation, without informing the Federation. Doctor Ka has shut down all communications with the rest of the galaxy to prevent this information from escaping. After capturing the Human, Doctor Ka subjected it to several harmful experiments and seemed to be performing said experiments for simple cruelty’s sake. For one week, Doctor Ka refused to provide the Human with any sustenance and allowed it to starve.
When the Human collapsed during an experiment due to the aforementioned starvation, Doctor Ka’s solution was to quietly kidnap children from stampede aftermaths and feed the injured child to the Human. The Human refused to eat the first victim, a Krakotl, so Doctor Ka took it upon herself to shoot and kill the so-called “Feed” in an attempt to make it easier for the Human to eat. The Human ignored its starvation and continued to refuse to eat.
Doctor Ka attempted to feed it again with an injured Sivkit child. The Human attempted to save the child’s life but was unsuccessful. For the next day, Doctor Ka allowed the Human to continue to starve until it finally succumbed to its instincts and attempted to eat the victim. It appeared to be revulsed by the flesh and abandoned its attempt for another day. When it awoke, the Human tore a metal panel off of the wall to get to the heating system and then used said heating system to burn the flesh of the victim before partially eating it.
I am uncertain of the reasoning behind this action, but I believe that it is perhaps repulsed by eating flesh and by burning it, it made the flesh easier to choke down. I believe that a Gojid child is next.
I realize that the poor treatment of a predator is a low priority for the Extermination Guild, but the fact that Doctor Ka would put any creature through the treatment I have described, and would throw innocent children into a cage with a starving predator, among other things, is proof enough that Doctor Ka is suffering from severe Predator’s Disease.
Due to Doctor Ka’s aforementioned communications lockdown, this report did not leave the Pasture until two weeks after it was written.
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2023.03.22 13:51 gmoneyloans GMoney Instant Medical Loan in Mumbai: Financing Your Health Care

Medical expenses are a major financial strain for many families in Mumbai. With the rising costs of health care, it's important to have a plan in place to cover these expenses. One option is a GMoney instant medical loan, which can provide the funds you need when you need them. This article will discuss the benefits of a GMoney instant medical loan in Mumbai, the eligibility criteria, and the application process.

Benefits of A GMoney instant medical loan

Quick and Easy Access to Funds

The biggest advantage of a GMoney instant medical loan in Mumbai is that it provides quick access to funds. In most cases, the loan can be approved in a matter of hours, and the funds can be disbursed within a day or two. This makes it an ideal option for emergencies when you need to pay for medical treatment quickly.

No Collateral Required

Unlike other types of loans, instant medical loans do not require collateral. This means that you don't have to put up your home, car, or any other valuable asset as security. This is especially beneficial for those who do not have any assets or are not willing to put them at risk.

Flexible Repayment Options

GMoney instant medical loan offers flexible repayment options. You can choose a repayment plan that suits your financial situation and pay back the loan in instalments over a period of time.

No Prepayment Penalty

If you have the funds to pay back the loan early, you can do so without any penalty. By using this, you can save money on interest payments and decrease your total debt.

For What Purpose a GMoney Instant Medical Loan Can Be Used

A GMoney instant medical loan can be used for a variety of medical expenses, such as:
· Hospitalisation Bills - If you require hospitalisation for an illness or injury, an instant medical loan can help cover the costs of treatment, medication, and other related expenses.
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· Diagnostic Tests - From X-rays to MRI scans, diagnostic tests can be expensive, but an instant medical loan can help you pay for these important tests.
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· Medical Equipment - Whether you need a wheelchair, crutches, or any other medical equipment, an instant medical loan can provide you with the funds to purchase these items.
· Medicines - If you require regular or costly medications, an instant medical loan can help you pay for them.

Eligibility Criteria for A GMoney instant medical loan


To be eligible for A GMoney instant medical loan, you must be at least 18 years old.


You must be a resident of India or have a permanent address in India.


You must have a reliable income in order to repay the loan. This could be in the form of a salary, self-employment income, or any other regular source of income.


A GMoney instant medical loan in Mumbai can provide quick access to funds for medical treatment when you need it most. With no collateral required and flexible repayment options, it's a convenient and stress-free way to cover your medical expenses.
Additionally, GMoney's online application process is fast and easy, and you can expect to get a response within a few minutes. With GMoney, you can ensure your medical expenses are taken care of without breaking the bank.
Furthermore, with the option of prepaying the loan without penalty, you can pay it off as soon as you have the funds available. Overall, a GMoney instant medical loan is an excellent solution for those needing quick and easy access to funds for medical treatment.
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2023.03.22 13:51 Dear_Pirate_5407 I don't know if my MIL is manipulative or just broken and I should feel bad for her.

Throw away bcs my husband is on my main.
I (25f) been married for 6 months to a great 32m. we dated for a year and a half, I saw his mom on occasions and she was great. Now his father owns apartment blocks and instead of us looking for a place to move where we have to pay rent and bills his dad just gave him an apartment. Great deal, right? Only problem is that my in laws live in the same street, basically the house next to our block.
A little background on my mother in law (I don't speak of my father in law because he doesn't give two fucks what we do) . My MIL grew up in a very strict and conservative household, almost abusive. Ok not almost, it was abusive. Her father favored his sons over his daughter, he let them finish school, drive, bought them cars, sent them on vacations around the world.. Etc but for my MIL it was the opposite, for him a woman had to stay home and learn how to cook and clean to be a good wife. She wasn't allowed to leave the house alone, he got her out of school, no driving licence, no trips around the world, nothing. What he did was buy her anything she wished for delivered to the house. Like she had all the fanciest designer clothes and makeup. She got married to my FIL, a man her dad chose for her, and he was almost the same as her father minus the fancy stuff.
So back to now, she is supportive of her kids and her DILs, she likes us studying, working, being free, having ambitions and she'd always take our sides on that. The issue is, she is very very nosy and sometimes controlling. She looks down on people, If someone in her in laws family tries to belittle her she quickly jumps on them telling them how she used to eat the most expensive foods that they couldn't afford. Or in a conversation with them she likes to show off a lot, like "I don't think like all of you, I'm different". All she did in her dad's house was cook and sew and so she made sure to excell at those, now she makes fun of people who buy frozen food, store bought food, fast food, pastries. I feel like she has inferiority complex because she didn't finish her studies so she compensate with other things.
Now if she was like that with her in laws then I wouldn't have cared but because I live right next to her she asks about everything that's going on in my life. I've decided to take a year to stay home before looking for jobs, as my husband can provide enough for both of us right now and my MIL wants me to spend every day with her. She teaches me how to cook and bake and then if I dare buy something from the outside in my own house, like pastries or pizza,she would " jokingly " tell me how much she's disappointed in me, and how homemade stuff taste so much better, but then laugh it off and say I can do whatever I want. I had my family over once for a visit and they bought my favorite pastries so I shared some with her and she gave it away to the neighbors, sometimes she'd have a taste and tell me it was a waste of money.
She doesn't like me cooking in my house, she tells us to have lunch and dinner with her every day. I feel like sometimes when I refuse she purposely cook her son's favorite dish so we could go over. She tells me constantly how she doesn't have lunch anymore because I'm not with her and when she's alone she just can't be bothered to eat. She have no sisters nor daughters, three sons, one goes to college and then my husband and his married brother on another block next to use. She says she stays alone when the DILs arent with her and she feels lonely. She tells us to bring her sons dirty laundry to wash and iron!!! She still makes my husband's lunch box for work and won't let me do it. She just can't let them go even if they'll be living right next to her.
Another thing is that she's been keeping track of my period, pressuring me to get pregnant. I want to have kids and I'm trying to but it takes time, she makes remarks every now and then like "don't eat that, you might be pregnant"." You're tired because it's your ovulation period, you still have time to get pregnant " "did you get your period yet? " "is that a period symptom or like totally new? Could be a pregnancy symptom" and then when I get my period she gets disappointed.
She doesn't like me and her other DIL going to each other's house or having private conversations, she feels like we're plotting against her. If something doesn't go her way she gets upset. She feels young (she's 62 but acts like she's 40) she likes us to share our secrets with her. If me and the other DIL are chatting in her house she rushes over and ask us what we're talking about and to repeat it.
These are little things, I get that, but they're so frequent that they're driving me insane. I watch everything I do in my house because she can come over any minute and make remarks. I don't mind going over to hers sometimes but she makes me do a shit ton of baking and dish washing. She always acts like she knows her son best, which ok she's his mom sure but I know him too. "My son won't eat that, he doesn't like it (her son ends up eating it) " "my son doesn't like this, my son like that, my son like this with little to no sugar, my son doesn't like dry cakes, my son my son my son"
Now you'd ask, where the fuck is your husband in all of this? My husband works from 7am to 6pm. Comes home tired, just want to have dinner and chill with me. But he also loves his mom to bits and he feels bad for her because she got nobody, his dad doesn't care about anything, does his own thing. He doesn't like to upset her, if she cries to him he quickly gives in, he can't say no to her face. He says she spoiled them a lot and took really good care of them that he can't abandon her and asks me to please try to balance between the two homes. To try and please her.
I'm sorry, I wrote too much and this is like not everything that's been going on, there's still more but I'll stop here.
I have no idea what to do anymore, I feel like upsetting her would cause problems between my husband and I. We fight so little and when we do it's about our situation with her. He can't pick between us and I don't want to put him in that position either. The other DIL is going through the same situation btw, only she got a son now so she's busy with him and my MIL doesn't pressure her as long as she can have her grandkid home with her sometimes.
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2023.03.22 13:49 TerrySelb What Is the Difference Between an Estate and a Trust?

What Is the Difference Between an Estate and a Trust?
An estate and a trust are two of the most commonly used legal structures for transferring assets to heirs and beneficiaries after someone dies. Both are intended to protect a person's wealth from creditors, provide for beneficiaries who may not be able to handle their own finances, and reduce or eliminate estate taxes.
Estates, which are one-time transfers of property from the deceased to the heirs or beneficiaries, are usually filed by the executor and distributed by December 15 in the year of death.
A trust, on the other hand, allows the creator of the trust (known as the trustor) to set up an ongoing transfer of assets to beneficiaries while preserving control over how these assets are used. These structures are often combined with other planning measures to help honor a decedent's wishes.
When determining whether an estate or a trust must file a tax return, the primary criterion is the gross income of the estate or trust during the year. A gross income of $600 or more or a beneficiary classified as a resident alien means that the estate or trust must file Form 1041.
Grantor trust rules apply to U.S.-owned trusts if the U.S. person is a beneficiary or if the U.S. person has any interest in the trust property.
In many cases, income from a trust or estate is paid to beneficiaries and must be reported on their federal returns. Terry Selb thinks this is often referred to as "passed-through income."
The beneficiary must report any income from the trust on a Schedule K-1 that they take to their personal tax preparer and enter on their tax return. The K-1 reports the income, gain, loss, credit, deduction, and other information from the trust that was paid to the beneficiary during the year.
Beneficiaries are typically required to use IRS Form 1040 or Form 1040-EZ for their personal federal income tax returns. However, some individuals and businesses have special tax rules governing the reporting of trust and estate income.
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BERWYN, Pa., March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Annovis Bio, Inc. (NYSE: ANVS) ("Annovis" or the "Company"), a clinical-stage drug platform company addressing neurodegenerative diseases, today announced the Company will be making two presentations at the upcoming AD/PD™ 2023 International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease, which is taking place from March 28 through April 1, 2023, in Gothenburg, Sweden.
The first presentation will discuss the Company's development plan for Parkinson's (PD) and Alzheimer's disease (AD), and the second presentation will show how mouse data fully predicts human outcome in improving function in AD and PD.
Dr. Maria Maccecchini, Chief Executive Officer of Annovis Bio, commented: "AD/PD 2023 provides an important global forum for thought leaders in neurodegenerative disease to discuss some of the most promising development-stage therapies for the treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Given its unique ability to inhibit the production of multiple neurotoxic proteins, we believe our lead candidate, buntanetap, is well positioned to address both of these large and underserved patient populations, and we look forward to presenting updates for our two programs at this year's meeting."
Dr. Cheng Fang will present on the Company's development plans for buntanetap in both AD and PD in a presentation titled "Phase 3 Clinical Studies in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases: Interim Analysis of the Parkinson's Clinical Study". Dr. Fang's presentation will cover the study designs of the current Phase 2/3 study in Alzheimer's disease and the Phase 3 study in Parkinson's disease, as well as the interim analysis of the Parkinson's Disease study that includes results from 30% of patients who have received 2 months of treatment. Dr. Feng will also show the planned development to NDA.
Additionally, Dr. Maria Maccecchini will combine and compare old data in mice and new data in humans to show that mouse and rat data are predictive of human outcomes. In the presentation, titled "Do Mouse Data Lie? For Buntanetap They Totally Predict Human Outcome", data from the AD mice, Down Syndrome mice, PD mice, two Phase 1/2 double-blind, placebo-controlled human AD studies and one Phase 2 PD study will be compared to show the consistency on buntanetap's mechanism of action, the reversal of the toxic cascade and the resulting efficacy in AD and PD mice and humans.
Details on the Company's two presentations are provided below.
AD/PD™ 2023
Abstract Number: 3080 Title: Phase 3 Clinical Studies in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease; Interim Analysis of the Parkinson's Clinical Study Date: Thursday, March 30, 2023 Presenter: Cheng Fang, Ph.D.
Abstract Number: 3114 Title: Do Mouse Data Lie? For Buntanetap They Totally Predict Human Outcome Date: Friday, March 31, 2023 Presenter: Maria Maccecchini, Ph.D.
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2023.03.22 13:47 Animalslove1973 Schedulicity vs Acuity/should I switch? Integrating two businesses would be a plus.

I’ve been using Schedulicity for years but I’m updating my site and looking at Acuity since it has such good reviews. I’m the only service provider but I have two different businesses (1 is a therapy practice and the other is pet related). It would be a plus if there was someway to have both business services on each calendar but people who are booking through one business wouldn’t see the slots that are available for the other. It’s very difficult for me to maintain two different calendars and keep track of both. Any thoughts on which is a better booking tool in general and possibly for integrating two businesses.
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2023.03.22 13:45 Fragrant_Artist_744 Inheritance in SG

Hi all, first post on Reddit. bare with me if there’s any incorrect method in writing this.
background: 24F, staying in a fully paid HDB with my maternal grandmother for quite some time.
my grandma has two children, daughter (my mom) & son. but none actually cares and takes care of the monthly expenses (utilities, phone bill, scc, etc). in addition, my mom uses my grandma’s name for phone contract and now a big fat debt. so i have paying the bills mainly cause i feel that since im staying here and her kids arent doing anything. fyi, im also not in contact with my mom cause of past abuses and all that family conflict thingy. do not have a dad as well cuz both her husbands left her lol.
to add on, im not sure but, i heard that the house is under a lawyer’s letter that it’s 50-50 with my grandpa’s second family. they contribute nth to the household as well & only wants the money. but the last time we went to HDB to check, the house belongs to my grandma & great grandfather (passed on alr).
my question here is, 1. if my grandma passes away, other than her kids getting the sum of money, is there a chance that i can fight for the duties i have done in supporting her? do i need actual documents like receipts each month as evidence?
  1. if my grandma passes away, will the second family have an opportunity for their share? how does HDB does this 50-50 thing or like how does HDB determine this flat is out for sale once someone passes away?
my grandma is currently mentally and physically abled. no problem with her health other than old age issues.
i know that will-writing is one method but my grandma is not someone who wants to make decisions on her own. she does not want to be put in a position that she have to think and feel unfair to others.
i also do not wish to put her into pressure cause i dont want her to feel like im after her money or what (which i am really not). im posting this here cause there are friends who asked me and had me thinking.
we do have a counsellor as well that i can seek help/advice from but so far, counsellors can only provide information to client which in the end, my grandma have to make the decision herself.
much appreciated to those who are able to provide informative responses! thank you for reading this long ass post :’)
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2023.03.22 13:45 Philip19967 American Aires Inc. Provides Corporation Update

American Aires Inc. (CSE: WIFI) a provider of scientifically-proven EMF modulation technology, provides an update to investors on its activities and important developments that took place in 2022 following the recent announcement of the revocation of the Ontario Securities Commission's Cease-Trade Order and the resumption of trading of the Company's shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange.
EMF/EMR EFFECTS EFFECTS ON HUMAN HEALTH Scientific research has shown that electromagnetic fields from your electronic devices impact your health by acting as a stressor on your nervous system. AGGRAVING IMPACT Scientific research into the long-term impacts of the rapid increase in technology has not been conducted. INCREASE OF ELECTRONICS In the last 20 years alone, there has been an exponential increase in the amount and prevalence of technology in your daily life. PROACTIVE PROTECTION As research is conducted to inform further regulation, we have developed a solution so you can proactively protect your long-term health and well-being.
During Q3/2022, the Company continued to enjoy the tailwinds from the marketing strategy revamp which commenced in August 2021 and remained on track for a continuous and gradual increase in advertising spend. Based on preliminary and unaudited financial results, the Company continued to build on the strength in demand and realized 2022 sales of $5.8 million, a 128% increase on a year-over-year ("YOY") basis. Advertising expenses increased 57% YOY during 2022 to $4.8 million. The Company achieved record monthly sales surpassing CAD$900,000 (up 124% YOY) in November 2022, despite facing inventory challenges during the last two quarters of the year. Advertising expenses increased 91% YOY in November 2022. The gross profit margin during 2022 was 60% versus 39% a year ago.
We are incredibly proud of our team's resilience and determination to achieve its sales numbers, particularly during the crucial Q4 period, despite the supply challenges. Consumer demand, even during out-of-stock situations, attests to the genuine market need for our product offerings. This accomplishment highlights our capacity to evolve and innovate. Our success in this period underscores the team's commitment to our vision and further bolsters management's confidence in our ability to drive growth in a challenging and volatile market landscape," said Josh Bruni, CEO.
In addition, along with the Company's long-term strategy of disciplined geographic expansion, sales during 2022 continued to benefit from the launch of fulfillment centres in Australia and Europe in Q1 and Q2, respectively. Through reduced fulfillment time and cost, the new fulfillment centres had a net positive impact on sales in the respective regions. The Australian location helped open up the Oceania geography while the location in Poland, having a much smaller footprint, still added to the growth in sales by increasing the Company's exposure to the European market.
Additionally, in Q4 2022, the Company launched its latest product, the FLEX, which expands the Company's EMF modulation technology lineup, known as Lifetune. The FLEX is a versatile addition to the current range of 4 products, carefully positioned to bridge the gap between personal protection and area protection categories. The FLEX builds on the Company's existing technology and its design allows for flexibility, serving as both a personal and area protection solution by offering a larger field of protection while maintaining a smaller size, making it ideal for use as a wearable.
"We are thrilled to unveil the FLEX as a data-driven design that enhances the Lifetune lineup. The FLEX integrates our powerful C28S microprocessor into a compact and durable form factor. The FLEX meets our customers' demands for advanced EMF protection on the go and underscores our commitment to continuous expansion of revenue streams and revenue growth," said Chief Product Officer, Dimitry Serov.
for more details read the press release ->
or visit the company home page
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2023.03.22 13:44 Philip19967 American Aires Inc. Provides Corporation Update

American Aires Inc. (CSE: WIFI) a provider of scientifically-proven EMF modulation technology, provides an update to investors on its activities and important developments that took place in 2022 following the recent announcement of the revocation of the Ontario Securities Commission's Cease-Trade Order and the resumption of trading of the Company's shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange.
EMF/EMR EFFECTS EFFECTS ON HUMAN HEALTH Scientific research has shown that electromagnetic fields from your electronic devices impact your health by acting as a stressor on your nervous system. AGGRAVING IMPACT Scientific research into the long-term impacts of the rapid increase in technology has not been conducted. INCREASE OF ELECTRONICS In the last 20 years alone, there has been an exponential increase in the amount and prevalence of technology in your daily life. PROACTIVE PROTECTION As research is conducted to inform further regulation, we have developed a solution so you can proactively protect your long-term health and well-being.
During Q3/2022, the Company continued to enjoy the tailwinds from the marketing strategy revamp which commenced in August 2021 and remained on track for a continuous and gradual increase in advertising spend. Based on preliminary and unaudited financial results, the Company continued to build on the strength in demand and realized 2022 sales of $5.8 million, a 128% increase on a year-over-year ("YOY") basis. Advertising expenses increased 57% YOY during 2022 to $4.8 million. The Company achieved record monthly sales surpassing CAD$900,000 (up 124% YOY) in November 2022, despite facing inventory challenges during the last two quarters of the year. Advertising expenses increased 91% YOY in November 2022. The gross profit margin during 2022 was 60% versus 39% a year ago.
We are incredibly proud of our team's resilience and determination to achieve its sales numbers, particularly during the crucial Q4 period, despite the supply challenges. Consumer demand, even during out-of-stock situations, attests to the genuine market need for our product offerings. This accomplishment highlights our capacity to evolve and innovate. Our success in this period underscores the team's commitment to our vision and further bolsters management's confidence in our ability to drive growth in a challenging and volatile market landscape," said Josh Bruni, CEO.
In addition, along with the Company's long-term strategy of disciplined geographic expansion, sales during 2022 continued to benefit from the launch of fulfillment centres in Australia and Europe in Q1 and Q2, respectively. Through reduced fulfillment time and cost, the new fulfillment centres had a net positive impact on sales in the respective regions. The Australian location helped open up the Oceania geography while the location in Poland, having a much smaller footprint, still added to the growth in sales by increasing the Company's exposure to the European market.
Additionally, in Q4 2022, the Company launched its latest product, the FLEX, which expands the Company's EMF modulation technology lineup, known as Lifetune. The FLEX is a versatile addition to the current range of 4 products, carefully positioned to bridge the gap between personal protection and area protection categories. The FLEX builds on the Company's existing technology and its design allows for flexibility, serving as both a personal and area protection solution by offering a larger field of protection while maintaining a smaller size, making it ideal for use as a wearable.
"We are thrilled to unveil the FLEX as a data-driven design that enhances the Lifetune lineup. The FLEX integrates our powerful C28S microprocessor into a compact and durable form factor. The FLEX meets our customers' demands for advanced EMF protection on the go and underscores our commitment to continuous expansion of revenue streams and revenue growth," said Chief Product Officer, Dimitry Serov.
for more details read the press release ->
or visit the company home page
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2023.03.22 13:41 razor01707 Unacceptable Errata in NTA NEET 2022 Press Release (September 2022)

Unacceptable Errata in NTA NEET 2022 Press Release (September 2022)

The number of `un reserved` students is mentioned as 56594
However, this number is clearly wrong which can then be confirmed as Point 4. has the correct figure.
One can easily observe that the digit `6` was dropped by mistake in Point 1.
Many news organizations and other such publications use this official release and to mess up such a major info, that too on the very first bullet point is simply irresponsible.
The email mentioned on the top of the page is non-functional as well
- Here's the link to the PDF.
I called at the provided phone number but it was going busy at the time. I urge you all to share this post on media (twitter etc.) and try contacting NTA so that it gets fixed ASAP.
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2023.03.22 13:39 inquickviews Why Web Design is Important?

Why Web Design is Important?

Why Web Design is Important?
Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Then, without a doubt, website design is the key. From a simple image to complex design elements, every aspect of your website can make a huge difference in attracting and retaining customers. But what makes a website stand out from the rest? Why is web design important?
In this article, we'll dive into this and more in this article. Web design is not just about visuals but also about creating a seamless user experience that guides visitors to find what they're looking for. With the right design, you can improve your brand image and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Join us as we explore the intricate world of web design and discover what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Why Web Design is Important

Web design has become a vital tool in today's world, and it's no longer just an afterthought for businesses. It's now a must-have if you want to succeed online. Why? Well, because a well-designed website can connect you directly to your target audience. Think about it - a visitor comes to your website and within seconds, they should be able to find what they're looking for. They should be able to learn about your business, see what services you offer, and easily find a way to get in touch with you. That's the power of web design. It can help you build strong connections with your customers and boost your bottom line.

First Impression

Web design is an essential aspect for businesses of all sizes to consider. It’s not just about having a website, but creating an impressive one that will grab the attention of your target audience. The importance of having a great web design cannot be overstated as it has the power to make or break a user’s first impression of your website.
The first impression a user has when they land on your website is critical. If it’s poorly designed, users may find it difficult to navigate and may quickly move on to a competitor's website. On the other hand, a well-designed website will make it easy for users to understand what your business is about, where you are located, and how to get in touch with you.
In addition, a website with a great design creates an instant positive impression on visitors, which helps in getting more leads and conversions. This positive feeling builds trust and credibility in the minds of users, which can translate into more business opportunities. Visitors will feel like they are in good hands and that you are a professional who understands their needs.
Ultimately, a good web design should inspire users to explore your website further and take the desired action. It should be designed with your goals in mind and motivate you to strive for greatness. Your website is the face of your business online, and creating an impressive first impression is crucial in today's competitive digital landscape.

Usability & User Experience

The way your website looks and feels will influence whether or not someone clicks on something or signs up for your newsletter. It also helps determine whether or not they’ll return later to see if there’s more information about what it is that you do.
A good website design creates a positive experience for users as they navigate through your site. The simple act of clicking a link can be enough to start an interaction with your brand. So it’s important that people feel comfortable doing that.
Web designers use different types of templates, colors, fonts and images to create a unique look for each website that they design. This means you need to use the right color scheme, font size, padding and margin sizes in order to make it easy to navigate around the site while making sure that everything looks good at the same time.
These elements work together to create a strong emotional connection between users and the brand they represent. They also ensure that there are no issues with usability or user-experience when it comes to any part of the site or its functionality. You also need to have good content on your site. This will help increase conversions after someone has visited your page.

Build Trust & Brand

A great website design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has the power to create a positive experience for users as they explore your site. It is crucial for businesses to make a strong first impression on their visitors, and a good design can do just that. Your website is often the first interaction a user has with your brand, so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one.
The moment a visitor lands on your website, they are greeted with your brand logo and color scheme. This initial impression can stay with them for a long time, influencing their decision to revisit your site or engage with your brand. If your website design is poor or doesn’t align with your brand’s identity, potential customers may be deterred from interacting with your business.
In addition to aesthetics, website design can impact user experience and customer trust. If visitors notice inconsistencies in your website, such as false advertising or a lack of quality content, it can lead to a loss of trust in your brand. However, a well-designed website can help build trust in your audience by providing a professional and reliable experience.
A visually appealing website can also help you stand out from competitors and increase conversions. By creating an inviting and easy-to-navigate website, visitors are more likely to stay longer and engage with your content, which can ultimately lead to more sales and brand recognition. Overall, website design plays a crucial role in building brand trust, attracting visitors, and increasing conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a critical aspect of any website. It's not just about getting your website indexed by search engines, but it's also about ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs). Improving the user experience plays a crucial role in boosting SEO, but web design also plays a critical role.
Good web design enhances the SEO of your website by making it more visually appealing and easier to navigate, which in turn increases traffic to your site. If your website looks great, people are more likely to click on it and explore what you have to offer. Once they find something they like, they will continue to browse and engage with your site.
Search engines such as Google tend to rank websites with proper web design higher because they are more likely to provide users with what they're looking for. A well-designed website gives Google more information about your site, its content, and why users might find it useful. This is crucial when considering all the other factors that go into determining search rankings, such as keywords used in content, backlinks, and pages on the site.
A website with poor web design is less likely to rank high in SERPs, regardless of how great the content may be. That's because search engines use algorithms that prioritize user experience, which includes factors such as website speed, responsiveness, and visual appeal.
Web design is an essential aspect of SEO that should not be overlooked. A good web design can help boost your website's traffic and improve your ranking in search engine results pages, which is crucial for attracting new customers and increasing your online presence.


Web design is an essential aspect of any business or organization that wants to succeed in the digital world. From creating a great first impression to building trust and increasing conversions, a good website design is vital for attracting and retaining visitors.
The importance of web design is evident in the way it affects the user experience. A poorly designed website can drive potential customers away, while a well-designed website can keep them engaged and interested in what you have to offer.
Moreover, web design is closely linked to SEO, as search engines prioritize well-designed websites that provide quality content and a positive user experience. A good web design helps to improve search engine rankings, increase traffic, and ultimately, generate more leads and conversions.
In today's competitive online marketplace, having a good website design is not just a luxury but a necessity. It can make all the difference in the success of your business or organization. Investing in professional web design services is a smart decision that can lead to significant growth and increased revenue.
In summary, web design plays a critical role in the success of any online business or organization. It can help to create a positive user experience, build trust, and improve search engine rankings. By prioritizing good web design, you can ensure that your website stands out and delivers the results you need to grow your business.
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2023.03.22 13:39 SPACEJEBUSS DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON A CMA/RMA/CNA PROGRAM.... (I am a very upset pre-med student and must vent, thank you)

Hi, I'm 26M. I am a "certified and registered" medical assistant (CRMA) since 2019 [pro tip, there is no difference between CMA and RMA, its literally the same]. I am certified and registered by the American Medical Technologists (AMT). I have always been fascinated by medicine. I was a very young child when I first got hooked, I have been seen every corner of medicine ever since. As it turns out, I'm pretty damn good in the field. I worked on this useless certification since before I was 18. In 2016, I graduated high-school and was a duel enrollment student my senior year. I went to my local community college during duel enrollment and was convinced by my superiors at the time that becoming a CMA was a great way to go.
I was told that by becoming a CRMA I would have bettehigher annual pay rates and higher probability of being hired for jobs. I was told that the credits I would obtain at my community college for this certification would be a great addition to many health related bachelor majors like Pre-Med and RN programs. Even contribute to a faster graduation much "like an associates". Only that I wouldn't have an associates which wouldn't be very "applicable" to the real world after graduation unless I continue to a bachelors. But a certification to get a "large head start".
Jesus fucking Christ, head start this, head start that, benefits here, benefits there. God, I want to vomit just listening to myself regurgitate all these words of affirmation said to me. Over the coarse of nearly 5 YEARS I am here to tell you that NOTHING of what I was assured or told was true.
Now here is the reality of what you will discover, post-covid, what being a CRMA really does for you.
- A CRMA certification grants you NO competitive benefits and NO reasonably competitive annual pay compared to anyone who gets hired with out a CRMA certification.
Literally no Benefits, none. I have been the lowest annually paid Technician, Medical Technician, Mental Health Technician, for EVERY JOB I EVER OBTAINED and WITH my CRMA certification. I worked at many extremely well known medical institutions from Childrens psychiatric residential care hospitals to where I am now working at one of the greatest health care institutions IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY of the USA and I am STILL one of the lowest paid compared to the majority of my fellow technicians. I currently get paid $18.20 an hour in one of the most expensive areas on the east coast. My co-workers laughed at me and then showed me their pay stubs at $24-26 per hour pay FOR THE SAME JOB. Then new hires that came after me getting $22 FOR THE SAME JOB, NO CRMA CERTIFICATION, NO BACHELORS, NOTHING. Yeah. Oh and good luck making that case to your manager. Getting any kind of raise is next to impossible no matter how long you work or how hard you work or how well you work at your position.
- A CRMA certification today will LESSEN your chances of being hired.
Yup, you heard it here first folks. Obtaining your CRMA certification means that you are of a higher education standard and can handle higher responsibilities, conduct more hands on care with patients, and even more universal in the world of medicine assistants for all kinds of levels of care. Yeaaahhh well after covid, that means that any and all health care networks are going to essentially hire anyone else to do those jobs. Qualified or not. According to my past managers, Nursing managers, and most business sides of health care networks, medical assistants have low level qualifications, little education, or education needs to even just become a CRMA. Furthermore, less urgent responsibilities, I guess? I was just doing CPR on a man in a 30 min code sweating my dick off but sure, I guess not. This means that from the business end perspective they don't need someone with higher qualifications to do the same job. It's simple economics. Why pay someone with proper qualifications $35-40,000 when you can choose the less qualified, less trained, and less educated person for $20-25,000 annually and still obtain the same results within a certain field of practice. It's the quantity over quality kind of mentality. Over my many years I have seen so many unqualified, uneducated, and relentlessly lazy individuals work beside me completely unaware of their responsibilities on the floors of the hospital. You WILL experience these people as your co-workers, guaranteed, now days more than ever.
After all was said and done and I "graduated" (I guess..) from my community college I went on to my bachelors only to find out that 90% OF MY CREDITS I TOOK AT COMMUNITY COLLEGE WERE NOT APPLICIBLE. Literally 90%, I essentially was 21 starting at my 4 year university and at ground zero with barely anything to show for my efforts to get this CRMA certification. Then covid hit, everyone had to go home, and that really messed everything up. I couldn't focus at home and my grades started to tank due to my really awful home situation but I'm not here to talk about that. So I decided to take a gap year to get a night shift Technician job back at home as a float technician. Never the less, in academia I was majorly behind. Yes Yes Yes, I know. Life is not a race, it's a journey. Some of us struggle more than others. However, here I am at 26, I need to work to pay for an apartment (which I can barely pay for because I'm just a tech in a really expensive area), I need to stand on my own 2 feet, I need to pay for my car and car insurance, I need my own health insurance as per required by the state, and I'm LITERALLY JUST A JUNIOR AFTER ALL THIS TIME. I'm part time in school now so I don't burn myself out working and going to school (tried that, nearly 2 years of my life 7 days a week, no sleeping in, no breaks, fall-winter-spring-summer, just to try and catch up and I will never do that again.). So, at the part time pace I'm going I will graduate 3 years or more from now if I don't go full time literally NOW. I WILL BE BASICALLY 30.... If I do go full time in school I'll be able to graduate in about 3 semesters, I have no idea how I'll be able to financially do that even with loans.
I have worked before, during, and after the worst of what covid-19 had to throw at us on Emergency department (ER), Intensive care, Progressive care, Medical-surgical care, Post Anesthesia care, Observation, hospice, and psychiatric care units/floors/facilities. I have seen families and children watch me as I do CPR on their Father before being shooed away so they aren't scarred for the rest of their life. I was forced to be sat on 1:1's with fully grown men with biceps the size of my face with the body build of a line backer having explosive and uncontrollable manic episodes, convincing themself that us health care workers were human traffickers, and somehow after hours of screaming what I can only describe as absolute madness, have the strength to bend the metal his restraints were tied too. I am 6'2", 220 lbs, consistently go to the gym and play lacrosse the majority of my life and for a moment I wondered if that was going to be my day. Furthermore, later in the day meeting said manic patients wife, I couldn't help but notice the bruises all over her face, her arms, legs, chest... everywhere.
I have witnessed patients with HSV-1 (facial/oral herpes), HSV-2 (Genital herpes) and HIV/AIDS fling various bodily fluids such as blood, spit, urine, excrement, and even ejaculate attempting infect someone with malicious intent. I had one patient admit that they tried to infect another purposefully because they didn't want to feel so alone. Patients will try to get to know you, you're going to be the one they probably see first or most through out the day when they use their call bell. Mostly, they'll want to have normal chit chat in normal ways but there is always that 1 or 2 with other intentions. I have my last name covered on my hospital ID because I WAS FOLLOWED. I am 26M, and all it took was some good and casual conversation talking about ourselves and our lives. I like to talk to my patients and get to know them so they know that I do care about their well being. Obviously, I'm not about to talk about crazy personal details of my life, separation of church and state n all that but that's all it took. Sad to say but even some of the insane have somewhat decent communication skills. A 12 hour shift and some conversation through out one shift, that's really all it takes. That was just one instance, my co-workers (the majority are female) have to many to keep tally.
You will encounter patients who are uncontrollably releasing their bowels and YOU are the one that needs to clean that up. House keeping isn't around the corner all the time and bleach wipes are there for a reason. You will encounter ALL bodily fluids on walls, floors, sinks, tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, and even on the ceiling (rare but yeah). You will be most likely responsible for your patients daily hygiene, dental, denture care, and shaving. If a patient is incapable of wiping after they released their bowls, and yes sometimes a little to early, got poop on themselves, their gown, socks, and down their leg... yup you guessed it, YOU gotta clean it up and in some cases re-wash the patient entirely. Most cases, your nurse or any help from fellow techs will be somewhere else probably dealing with another mess. Personal hygiene is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT for a patients health care while they are in your care. It's been proven that daily hygiene being done accelerates patient discharge rates. It matters. Which is why our position matters. If we don't wash our patients on a daily basis they will be more susceptible to infections and diseases. Especially if the patient is already immunocompromised. Depending on what unit you will be working on. You will also likely be responsible for checking equipment, making sure equipment is up to date, doing quality checks on defibrillators, refrigerators, and various other equipment that your unit uses every single day and for multiple times a day. I once witnessed two nurses go feral over a bladder scanner, I already bladder scanned both their patients by that time, both patients were fine. I could rant for an unfathomable amount of time about this position and all the essential things that we must do and provide with quality care and consistent accuracy. Don't get me started on Vaccinations at urgent cares, phlebotomy, obtaining samples for lab to do their mad scientist stuff, and the differences of technician/medical assistant responsibilities between different networks.

This is a small section of what it means to be a dedicated Medical Assistant/Technician. Do yourself a favor. If everything I said doesn't worry you much, go for it. If you want the experience or the desire for the experience and you are in a state where you can value the experiences more than the pay, go for it. I was like that once too, now I have no choice but to think more about how I will pay for myself and my future. Regardless, The Lord knows we need the help and I'll be happy to meet you and train you. However, you must know that you will always be appreciated. You'll hear the phrase "we appreciate you" or "Thank you for all your help today", from your nurses, fellow techs, managers, nursing managers, and doctors alike right before you leave to clock out. You'll just never be properly valued the way you should for the immense efforts you provide. You'll be just a tech. The health care field worker bee....
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2023.03.22 13:37 Nexlar2007 Choosing The Finest Commercial Surveillance System for Your Business

Choosing The Finest Commercial Surveillance System for Your Business
Security is a must for every company. Video surveillance systems are more advanced and effective than ever due to cameras that offer computer-like functions like motion sensors, remote viewing, and mobile notifications.
Modern technology has also made it feasible to record and store data in more efficient ways. Owners of small businesses can affordably obtain powerful video surveillance systems. If you’re considering purchasing a video surveillance system but aren’t sure where to start, continue reading for our guide to these systems.

Factors to be considered before purchasing a video surveillance system

Before choosing a video surveillance system for your company, you need to take into account several variables.


You can install your surveillance system if your company is small and you don’t need to monitor a lot of space or set up many cameras. Larger companies with numerous sites and complex installations want to hire a pro to perform the installation.


The number of cameras you need, the size of your company, the type of storage you want, the length of time you want to keep videos, and the features you want, such as video analytics or motion detection, all affect pricing.

Classification of camera

Internet Protocol (IP) and analog cameras are the two main categories of cameras used in video surveillance systems. The use of IP cameras, which provide additional features and capabilities, is replacing older analog cameras in some applications. Networked IP cameras can perform additional services including video analytics, automatic warnings, and higher-definition image capturing.

Size of the storage

Your surveillance system’s storage requirements are determined by the required quality and the length of the videos. A hard drive, an external hard drive, or local storage on the camera’s internal storage drive or cloud-based storage are all viable options for storing.


The majority of providers offer a high level of customization, so you can quickly adapt a system to the demands of your company. There is a solution for everyone, whether you require a comprehensive system to monitor numerous places or a few cameras to monitor your storefront.


Video surveillance systems can be equipped with a wide range of features, such as night vision, intelligent motion detection, and pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ). Determine the characteristics your company requires, then choose the cameras and surveillance system accordingly. For instance, if you primarily need a system to watch your business at night, get one with good night vision and constant notifications.

Business sectors that require protection

The type of camera you require depends depend on where you intend to deploy your surveillance. For instance, you’ll likely want a weatherproof exterior camera with PTZ capabilities and motion alerts if you need to keep an eye on your back door.

What factors are important when choosing a camera?


When choosing a camera, this is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. You need an IP camera if you wish to capture images in high definition at least in 720p.

Frame rate

This is also another crucial feature of a camera: the smoother the footage, the higher the frame rate. A motion picture is created by stitching together several still photos into a video. The less often a picture is taken, the choppier the video will be at lower frame rates. Real-time is commonly measured in terms of 30 frames per second.


Security cameras come in a variety of forms. The most popular types include PTZ cameras, which allow for remote control of the field of view, dome cameras, which are frequently affixed to ceilings, and bullet cameras, which are the rectangular boxes you may see emerging from walls.


Certain security cameras are designed exclusively for indoor use, thus they won’t withstand Mother Nature as well as their outside counterparts. Buy waterproof cameras if you intend to use them outside. Otherwise, moisture or dirt will obstruct the clarity of your video feeds or, worse, could break the camera.


Many security cameras use low-light infrared (IR) photography, which enables them to record quality video even when it is dark outside. A camera’s ability to capture clear, detailed footage at night improves with the number of IR LEDs it contains. Make sure your camera has enough IR LEDs if recording video in the dark is important.


While some cameras barely pick up any audio, others do. Some even include two-way audio capabilities, allowing a viewer on the other end to speak with someone in the camera’s field of view.

What qualities should a video recorder have?

Storage capacity

The number of cameras in your system, the resolution of each camera, the amount of archived material you wish to retain, and how long you expect to keep recorded footage all affect how much storage you require. If more than one camera is filming at a higher resolution, the video will soon fill up your storage. When you reach the system’s capacity, you can set a video recorder to overwrite the oldest film. However, if you’re not careful, the system might delete stored footage that you still need.

Online storage

In addition to storing it on your video recorder, you can also store recorded video in the cloud. This has a few clear benefits, including greater storage capacity and remote access to your recordings. By storing your films in the cloud, you can continue to watch them even if your hardware is lost, stolen, or tampered with.

Compatibility with cameras

Not every camera is compatible with every video recorder. Although IP cameras are used by NVRs and analog cameras by DVRs, the compatibility issue goes beyond these differences.

Pros and cons of video surveillance systems


  • Both your employees and consumers are secure thanks to the system.
  • Workplace crime is decreased via surveillance.
  • A surveillance system can keep track of employee conduct and stop violence and harassment in the workplace.
  • If workers are aware that someone is observing, they typically have a superior work ethic.


  • Employees might feel uncomfortable with video surveillance.
  • Employees and security personnel may become less alert due to a false sense of security brought on by workplace surveillance.
  • It can be expensive to buy, install, and maintain a video surveillance system.
  • Employees may experience burnout at work as a result of feeling as though they aren’t producing enough due to the increased scrutiny.

Leading video surveillance system provider

Do you wish to keep an eye on and secure your property? With a variety of features that make it a flexible option for any enterprise, Nexlar Security offers the best video surveillance Houston. The system lets you keep an eye on it yourself while also providing expert 24/7 monitoring from its agents. We now offer Alfred360, a web-based program that lets you view the live video right on your phone. This way, you can keep an eye on things even when you’re not there. Also, notifications or emails will be sent to you if the cameras capture any questionable activity. To schedule a free onsite consultation for your company, get in touch with us.
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2023.03.22 13:35 AdarshBearing What is the right bearing selection process?

A bearing is a mechanical component that allows minimally frictional relative motion between two pieces, such as the shaft and the housing. While choosing these bearings, it's crucial to consider a number of elements like bearing friction, temperature, and lubrication.
The bearings provide the following purposes.
Bearing classification
· Depending on load applied
o Radial bearing- Which takes load perpendicular to shaft.
o Thrust bearing- Which takes axial load.
· Depending upon type of friction.
o Sliding contact bearing.
o Rolling contact bearing
Ball bearings are utilised for light to medium radial loads, whereas roller bearings are chosen for strong loads and large shaft diameters.
When a misalignment between the axes of the shaft and housing is anticipated to occur, self-aligning ball bearings and spherical roller bearings are used.
Whereas cylindrical roller bearings are advised for heavy thrust loads, thrust ball bearings are used for medium thrust values. Thrust loads can be carried by double-acting thrust bearings in either direction.
When the load acting on the bearing consists of both radial and thrust forces, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings, and spherical roller bearings are ideal. The maximum speed that the shaft is permitted to travel at is determined by how hot the bearing becomes.
Deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings are suggested for high-speed applications. In some applications, such as machine tool spindles, rigidity dictates the choice of bearings.
Under these circumstances, double row cylindrical roller bearings or taper roller bearings are used. The system's stiffness is increased by these bearings' line of contact, which is superior to ball bearings' point of contact.
In some applications, such as those involving home appliances, noise becomes a selection criterion. Deep groove ball bearings are preferred for these applications.
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2023.03.22 13:34 RenanXIII Final Fantasy V Retrospective – The Best of Both Worlds

tldr: FFV is extremely good. Play it.
The middle child of the series’ 16-bit era, Final Fantasy V doesn’t share the same lofty legacy as its immediate predecessor and successor. Final Fantasy IV was a game-changer for the franchise and RPGs on a whole while Final Fantasy VI is still regularly considered one of the greatest games in the series and on the Super Nintendo, but audiences far too often neglect the big bridge between them. Final Fantasy V deserves to be held in the same regard and for good reason. V strikes a perfect balance between the gameplay heavy Job-based titles (I & III) and the denser, story-focused (II & IV) games in a way that neither IV nor VI accomplish.
Philosophically, Final Fantasy V combines the player-driven customization from the odd-numbered entries with the narrative and thematic ambitions of the even-numbered games, albeit not by design interestingly enough. In a 1992 developer interview from Famicom Tsuushin (now Famitsu), series creator and FFV director Hironobu Sakaguchi rejected the idea that V was an intentional culmination of what came before,
“Distilling the essence of Final Fantasy into a single game was not our intention. We created this new job ability system in order to carry forth and further iterate on the good ideas we had in FFIV. In that sense it was a distillation. But rather than summing up all of what Final Fantasy has been, it’s more that we simply wanted to give players a kind of fun they haven’t experienced yet. That doesn’t necessarily imply that we wanted to cut out the good parts from FFIV, though.”
In practice, V takes what works from previous games, but redefines everything to fit its own identity. The Job system has been heavily tweaked to offer greater customization options, while memorable character arcs and dramatic story beats tend to drive the plot forward over pure exploration: it’s the best of III and IV with none of the worst. The kind of “fun [players] haven’t experienced yet” means that everyone will go through the same motions more or less, but no two playthroughs need ever be alike: narrative linearity plays off mechanical flexibility. Even though FFV’s story moves in a fixed fashion like IV, players are afforded an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to building their party courtesy of the revised Job system. The end result is an RPG that will always feel fresh.
The gameplay variety in V is still genuinely impressive to this day. Parties are scaled back down to just four members, but everyone can learn any skill and fulfill any role with enough effort. Every party member starts as a Freelancer who can then be reclassed between 22 Jobs (26 in the GBA port). Party composition is less of a puzzle ala FFIII and treated instead like a proper character building system. Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Galuf all begin as blank slates, but will very quickly fall into different gameplay roles based on how you choose to train each character. The lack of CP (Capacity Points) also means you can swap Jobs whenever you want.
Party members can actually learn and equip Job specific abilities in V. You can mix and match abilities with different Jobs, essentially creating hybrid classes suited to your gameplay interests. Make mages deal barehanded damage like Monks, Monks who attack eight times in a single turn with Rapid Fire, or singing Summoners whose summons and Bardsongs turn them into full-blown utility characters capable of dishing out heavy damage, restoring health, and changing the flow of battle with buffs & debuffs. Where FFIII encourages you to upgrade Jobs with each Crystal, V wants you to find the Jobs you like most and go wild having fun.
FFV is well designed enough where sticking with a single Job is perfectly viable, even if challenging. There’s no wrong way to play according to V’s Battle System Designer Akihiko Matsui,
“There’s so many different jobs, and we decided to make them all viable. Players are free to make any kind of party they want. Player A and Player B might have completely different parties, but ultimately any party can make it to the last boss. After players beat the game, I recommend trying a party that caters to your aesthetic sense.”
Character and Job levels are still separate like in III, but Jobs have had their level caps reduced from a flat 99 to between 1 and 7 depending on the class. Jobs start at Lv. 0 and level up by earning ABP (Ability Points) from completing battles. How much ABP a Job needs is determined by its current level. Lv. 0 Jobs typically only need 10 for their first level, while fully mastering a Job regularly requires hundreds. Since ABP is earned at a slower rate than EXP, ability progression is a gradually paced process. Early encounters will often only yield 1 ABP despite fighting a full team of enemies.
You’re better off relying on boss battles and mid- to late-game battles to master Jobs as enemies will drop more ABP the further you get into the game. You can grind, but simply following the story and getting the abilities you get by playing naturally saves a lot of time in the long run. It’s smarter to go with the flow than to grind for hours off low ABP encounters. At the same time, ability acquisition gives grinding its own rewarding loop and low ABP drops do mean that you can power-level Jobs without necessarily becoming overleveled. Either play style works just fine without completely curbing the difficulty curve.
Each Job level teaches the assigned party member a command, passive, or innate ability that can then be equipped on the Ability screen in the menu. While every Job learns a diverse enough set of abilities to keep them handy, the goal is ultimately to experiment and synergize your party with different abilities. Party members do not learn new spells or abilities by just leveling up, so you need to make use of Jobs to maintain a sense of permanent character progression. Most Jobs can only equip a single ability alongside their class command, while Freelancers have access to two ability slots and Mimes have three at the expense of needing to equip Attack and Items as proper abilities. Ability limits force you to approach Job combos strategically and carefully consider your party’s many options.
V’s Job variety is frankly nothing short of excellent. Job acquisition is fast-paced and you’ll have access to almost every Job before the halfway point. This gives you plenty of time to experiment and find the Jobs best suited to your preferred play style. V also strikes a healthy balance between Final Fantasy mainstays and creative additions that make the gameplay loop even more diverse. Freelancers learn no new abilities, but can equip anything and inherit innate abilities along with stat benefits from mastered Jobs. A perfect Freelancer can inherently dual wield weapons, spot traps in the level design, be able to sprint with B, and counter attacks automatically. A common goal for the endgame is mastering as many Jobs as possible to create the ultimate Freelancer.
The Wind Crystal unlocks the first set of Jobs. Knights can equip some of the best weapons and gear in the game, letting them function as a primary damage dealer and tank. Knights also automatically redirect attacks to themselves when allies are at low health and learn to two-hand Swords, Katanas, or Axes which inflict double damage at the expense of a Shield. Monks have a narrow equipment spread, but are cheap to outfits, always attack twice, counter enemies when struck, and deal heavy damage even without weapons. Their barehanded ability synergizes particularly well with mages, since it allows them to deal decent damage that circumvents their poor weapons spreads.
Thieves have the highest agility in the game, which often means they’ll move first in battle. They can Steal from enemies, later learning the ability Mug, which lets them deal damage while robbing baddies blind. Thieves can also comfortably flee from most encounters, spot hidden passages in the level design, and sprint inside of dungeons & towns by holding B. White Mages play a primarily supportive role by using White Magic to restore HP, heal status effects, and inflict status ailments. Spells are not learned and instead purchased from stores. Purchased spells do not have to be consumed by individual characters and instead apply to the whole party innately. Each Job Level improves the White Mage’s magic capabilities, which is consistent with all magic-based Jobs. Black Mages are squishier than White Mages, but compensate with powerful Black Magic. They play an offensive role, being able to take advantage of elemental weaknesses and status vulnerabilities.
Blue Mages are a new Job created for FF5. Blue Magic cannot be purchased at stores and must instead be learned during battle. Blue Mages learn an ability called Learning that, when equipped, teaches the party any Blue Magic spells enemies use on them. The one caveat is that the attack must connect for it to be learned. Not every attack can be learned, but several enemy spells are obscenely overpowered. Level 5 Death instakills any enemies with a level divisible by 5 and Aqua Breath deals heavy water damage to all enemies on-screen. Regular Blue Magic acquisition and a great spread of attacks makes the Blue Mage one of the most fun Jobs in FFV.
The Water Crystal unlocks five more Jobs once it shatters, with a sixth locked behind an optional dungeon in the final overworld. Time Mages are another new magic-based Job, but they inherit pre-existing magic from previous games. Spells like Haste, Slow, Comet, Float, Teleport, Return, and Meteor are all now considered Time Magic. In practice, Time Mages can use their wide variety of spells to comfortably deal damage, support the party, and debilitate enemies. Summoners can use a wide range of Summon Magic to fulfill different gameplay roles. Summons can deal elemental damage, heal, inflict buffs or debuffs, and the strongest wipe out most enemy encounters with relative ease. While some Summons can be bought at stores, most are tied to side quests and must be found by exploring the overworld & dungeons.
Red Mages can use low and mid tier White & Black Magic in the same ability slot. The best they can cast are -ra spells, but since the best -ga spells are locked off until closer to the end of the game, Red Mages end pulling their weight for quite a while before falling off. Mastering the Red Mage Job is a lengthy endeavor, but ultimately pays off by teaching Dualcast — a borderline overpowered ability that lets them cast two spells in a single turn. Pairing Dualcast with any type of high level magic is one of the best combos a mage could ask for.
Mystic Knights can buff their weapons with Black Magic or Holy via the Spellblade ability. Once enchanted, Mystic Knights combine magical damage with the regular physical capabilities to take advantage of elemental weaknesses or inflict status ailments without compromising attack power. They also automatically cast Shell on themselves at low health to increase their magical resistance. In the right hands and paired with abilities like Rapid Fire and Two-Handed, Mystic Knights end up extremely powerful. Berserkers are an especially unique Job in that they get no active command slots in exchange for dealing considerably buffed damage. While Berserkers can still equip an ability, they cannot be controlled in battle, which limits their overall utility. Berserkers have a great weapon spread, but they need to synergize with the rest of your party well enough to overcome their lack of command slots.
The Fire Crystal unlocks three Jobs right away and then two more once the party explores Black Chocobo Forest. Ninjas are strong, fast, and can dual wield weapons. The Throw command lets them toss items and elemental scrolls at enemies for extra damage, giving them great coverage in combat. Beastmasters can tame, catch, and control different monsters. Controlling a monster gives you full access to their commands. You can make them damage themselves to death or intentionally teach your party rare Blue Magic. Weakened monsters can also be captured and then released in battle, unleashing different attacks depending on the monster. Geomancers fight by altering the terrain with the command Gaia. Their attack types change based on the environment you’re fighting in, along with the character’s level, giving them an impressive amount of gameplay variety. Having a Geomancer in the party will also save you from falling into pit traps and nullify any damage tiles.
Bards make for fantastic utility characters thanks to their variety of Bardsongs. New songs are learned by speaking with NPCs and playing pianos in different towns (like a proper bard!) Singing can buff the party or damage groups of enemies. Songs like Requiem let you lay waste to undead monsters at the cost of 0 MP. Rangers are bow wielders, which means they can deal full damage from the back row. The Aim command increases their accuracy and overall damage, but unlike Rosa from FFIV, bows no longer need individual arrows as ammo. The main benefit to the Ranger class is its mastered ability Rapid Fire, which deals for weak attacks in one turn and pairs excellently with Monks, two-handers, or dual wielders.
The Earth Crystal unlocks the final four Jobs in the original release (sans Mime). Dancers are weaker than other Jobs comparatively, but get by thanks to their unique Dance ability and great access to accessories. Dancing triggers one of four random effects in battle, either confusing enemies, absorbing MP, absorbing HP, or dealing damage. They’re also the only class besides Freelancers who can innately equip Ribbons, which nullify all negative status effects. Dancers on a whole are reliant on equipment to be functional. Gear like Lamia’s Tiara and Red Slippers help raise the chances of Dancers dancing the Sword Dance, turning them into solid attackers. Dragoons are limited to spears and knives for weapons, but have a great equipment spread otherwise. Their abilities let them function as reliable damage dealers who can survive lengthy battles. Dragoons can Jump to temporarily avoid damage mid-air and attack enemies by landing. Lance also drains enemies MP and HP, which pairs well with Mages.
Samurai learn some of the best commands in the game while having access to powerful weapons and gear. With the right set ups, they can obliterate the difficulty curve. Mineuchi is basically a regular attack that sometimes paralyzes enemies. Zeningage lets you throw Gil to deal massive damage. The more Gil you have and the higher your level, the more damage is dealt. Shirahadori raises evasion, turning your party member into a dodge-tank, and Iainuki simply insta-kills most enemies at the cost of requiring two turns to use. Chemists are great support characters designed all around items. They can brew new concoctions mid-battle by mixing different ingredients to different effects. Your existing items can turn into an attack, heal your party, or temporarily buff everyone’s level. Chemists can also drink special potions that buff their stats, and restore more HP & MP by using Potions & Ethers than other Jobs.
The Mime Job can be unlocked by exploring Walse Tower underwater in the final overworld. Mimes are the core of the Job system condensed into a single Jon. They inherit some mastered abilities innate (not all), and have three ability slots that let you fully customize each party member. You can even remove commands like Attack and Items in favor of other abilities. Mimes can also mimic any move used by the previous party member at no MP cost and without consuming items. The Mime makes a great alternative to Freelancers, especially for magic-oriented characters.
Final Fantasy V Advance introduces four extra Jobs. Three of which are available as soon as you unlock all 12 Legendary Weapons and visit the Sealed Temple, with the last unlocked after defeating the Temple’s boss. Gladiators are powerful melee fighters with access to strong weapons and armor whose commands help them make short work of enemies. Oracles are the strongest magic-based Job in the game, but their main command Condemn has a chance of randomly healing enemies, so they’re not the most reliable beyond their stat benefits. Cannoneers can deal full damage from the back row and can combine ingredients together to make new items and the final Job Necromancer learns unique Dark Art spells from enemies like a Blue Mage with Blue Magic. Albeit fun to play with, the GBA Jobs enter the picture too late to actually have an effect on character building.
Overall, V’s Jobs are incredibly fun to play around with and offer a consistently rewarding gameplay loop that lasts the whole playthrough. The early game encourages you to diversify your party, the mid-game pushes you to mix & match dozens of different abilities, and the endgame rewards you for mastering Jobs by letting you customize Freelancers and Mimes into bonafide powerhouses. The Job system gives FFV an incredible gameplay flow that keeps combat and exploration fresh all the way to the credits.
V’s battles flow at a great pace. The ATB (Active Time Battle) system returns from FFIV, albeit with an on-screen bar for each party member that refills and signifies when they can make a move. Taking turns in real-time lends combat a sense of urgency and pressure, especially in boss fights. The difficulty curve is never so high where you’ll be overwhelmed by lightning fast enemies, but V tends to require more strategy and thought than IV on average — although mainly on a prep level. Battles challenge you to diversify your party’s abilities while rewarding you for experimenting with Jobs. Low EXP payout compared to previous games keeps parties from overleveling. The focus is on earning AP, learning abilities, and creating hybrid Jobs.
Enemies are vulnerable to a lot of different elements and status ailments across all types of magic and abilities. Trying with different spells and debuffs usually pays off. There are more status effects to contend with, with some particularly dangerous ones for the party. Old slowly lowers the affected character’s stats. Dischord halves the target’s level. Zombie turns a character against the rest of the party. Smart Job synergy lets you blitz through most random encounters, but you’ll often run into stronger enemies or packed parties that’ll keep you on your toes. It’s not uncommon to fight an army of weaker enemies battling alongside a considerably stronger monster. FFV doesn’t share I or III’s Vancian Magic system despite being a Job-based game, instead maintaining the MP system from FFII and FFIV. MP still needs to be managed to some extent since the best spells require quite a bit of MP to cast, especially Blue Magic.
Combat’s fast and sometimes frantic pace ends up mirroring the game’s overall progression. Final Fantasy V wastes no time opening up. The status quo is always changing and you unlock new Jobs surprisingly quickly. V cycles through three overworlds just like IV. They’re not as striking as Earth, Underworld, and Moon trio, but feel more cohesive. The game begins on the protagonist Bartz’s world, shifts to party member Galuf’s world, and ends in a merged overworlds that’s an amalgamation of both worlds. The story is fairly linear up until the last world where the game finally lets you explore at your leisure. Most of the final dungeons can even be done in any order, most of which are actually optional. V sports more methods of transportation than the average Final Fantasy and cycles through them often, trapping you in specific areas with unique restrictions.
You ride on a Chocobo, set sail on a ship led on a hydra, fly on a dragon’s back, sail a fire-powered boat, fly a Black Chocobo through the air, pilot an airship, and submerge a submarine underwater. The fact you’re always engaging with the overworld in a new way keeps progression fresh and reminds you that anything can change. Some towns disappear and you lose access to them over the course of the story. Multiple dungeons are one-time trips. There are actual consequences to in-game actions. Once you’re done with an overworld, you’re done. There’s no jumping between worlds like in IV. The world permanently changes and stays changed. The space you’re interacting with and how is always being altered. V isn’t the first Final Fantasy with real consequences, but it’s the first one where those consequences fundamentally reshape your experience beyond just locking away a few key areas.
Towns themselves are packed with colorful NPCs who do a good job at directing you. Ancillary dialogue often sets up later story beats or just fleshes out the world in small yet significant ways. V’s game-long side quests encourage you to talk with everyone and hunt the overworld for secret summons and optional dungeons. V’s towns are generally well designed with enough secrets to keep you exploring, but dungeons are the real star when it comes to level design. FFV’s dungeons aren’t as long as III or IV’s, but they’re a healthy length and set pieces are consistently memorable and engaging. There’s a good mix of traps, gimmicks, and environmental variety. Every dungeon feels creatively distinct.
The Ship Graveyard is an early standout, as you explore debris from ruined ships on open water, jumping from wreckage to wreckage. The Library of Ancients features a prominent bookcase maze. Bookshelves move around as you explore the library, opening up seemingly dead-ends and keeping your own navigation confused and claustrophobic. You have to walk into nooks to let the bookshelves collapse back in, creating new ways to traverse the room. The Phoenix Tower is a 30 floor gauntlet with no save points, you only have seven minutes to explore a sunken Walse Tower before you drown, and the Great Sea Trench is filled with damage tiles and pit traps.
The four Tablet dungeons do a great job at closing out FFV on a fight, with the Pyramid serving as a great introduction to the endgame. You only have three party members at this time, which makes things notably harder, but the dungeon itself is packed with different gimmicks. Branching paths lead to chests with monsters ready to ambush you. Sarcophagi that double as secret passages hiding mummies. Wall switches let you deactivate traps and unlock doors. Spike traps block your path and snakes jump out from walls to trigger battle on contact. Mecha Heads patrol the upper floors, and floor tiles that move around every few seconds drop you down to the floor below if you’re not quick enough. By the time you reach the Rift, you’re ready for everything the final dungeon has to toss at you.
V’s presentation really helps bring different set pieces to life and is a big step up from IV. Environments are rich with detail, playing with depth perceptive to add some welcome spatial depth to the level design and using unique effects that help foster atmosphere. Exdeath’s Castle is overflowing with thick fog, dark areas warp the visuals around you, and knee-deep water rushes through Istory Falls. The game’s spritework is nothing short of fantastic. Enemies are the best they’ve ever looked at this point, and each character has a unique battle sprite for every single Job — all of which play to your party members’ distinct personalities. FFV also sports one of Nobuo Uematsu’s most underrated soundtracks. Lenna’s theme is a beautiful song, Fate in Haze is a haunting dungeon tune, and Clash on the Big Bridge is one of the most blood-pumping battle themes in the series. The score has a wide musical range, and is as emotional as it is energetic and ambient.
The scope of Final Fantasy V’s story isn’t as emotionally charged as IV, but it’s no worse for wear. Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshinori Kitase worked on the story together, both leaving their own personality behind in V’s script,
“Sakaguchi was in charge of the overall plot, and because FFV was a relatively serious story, I wanted to be sure to inject spots with a little bit of comic relief and humor.” – Yoshinori Kitase, Scenario Writer The end result is a plot that knows when to be dramatic and when to cut loose a little. Final Fantasy V is just as comfortable letting Bartz and Faris share a tender moment at his parents’ grave as it is having the party’s main rival have a very tongue-in-cheek redemption right before the final battle. V is a Final Fantasy with a sense of humor and a sense of heart.
One particular point in the story’s favor is its modern English localization. While V’s original English translation on PSX left much to be desired (to say the least), the revised Game Boy Advance script plays to the story’s natural charm and stands out as a strong localization altogether. Characters joke around together and interact with each other often, playing off each other’s unique personality traits. Bartz is a few men short of a full crew, Leena is an all-loving princess, Faris is a headstrong pirate with a sensitive side, and Galuf & Krile are usually the game’s go-to when it comes to injecting some humor and pathos into the plot.
Character development is gradual in V, trading IV’s big beats for several smaller interactions amongst the cast that help flesh out their relationships, backstories, and motivations. By the end of the game, V’s party of four feels more defined than IV’s cast of a dozen. Little moments highlight their growth as opposed to life-changing events. Bartz and Galuf build a mutual respect for each other over their journey, and share a man-to-man drink in Regole. Lenna and Faris are two sisters torn apart at birth who reconnect throughout the game and mourn their father together. Krile gets to know the party and forms a bond with everyone before replacing Galuf. Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Krile feel like a close-knit group of friends when all is said and done.
While the crux of FFV’s story is a fairly traditional “good versus evil” plot, the narrative is bolstered both by strong characterization and some light but tight theming. Nature is dying due to man’s abuse of natural resources. The four Crystals are sapped of their energy, draining the world of its elements. The wind will stop, the air will stagnate, the birds will fall from the heavens and drop dead as seas dry up and fires die out. The fact Exdeath is actually a tree can even be read as nature rejecting humanity and wiping the slate clean as a consequence. The story doesn’t really push the theme beyond the surface level, but that it’s present at all gives the plot a minor layer of depth.
Big gameplay moments to advance the story aren’t as frequent as IV, but they’re as impactful and V has more cutscenes in the grand scheme of things. The Battle at the Big Bridge throws constant enemies at you to build tension during a major turning point for the story. Gilgamesh interrupts a fight with an entirely different boss and superseding their battle theme with his own. Galuf’s death and final duel with Exdeath uses the battle system to emphasize Galuf’s sheer force of will. Exdeath peppers you with powerful attacks, but Galuf refuses to die even at 0 HP. You can feel Galuf’s determination and desperation translated through the gameplay loop as he survives Flare, Holy, and Meteor back to back to back. Watching him fight to the very last inch of his life justifies it when the party can’t help him with Curaga, Raise, Phoenix Downs, or Elixirs. Galuf’s death feels painfully earned narratively and mechanically.
Exdeath is a great villain, both in spite of and because of his outlandishly cartoonish malice. He’s outlandishly cartoonish, laughs maniacally, takes every opportunity to torment the party, and has no real ulterior motives beyond his evil. He’s chaos personified, which is perhaps fitting considering how FFV echoes FFI’s story in several respects. Exdeath also stands out for being an active antagonist whose role isn’t taken over by a last minute villain who was secretly pulling the strings all along. He’s nothing special in the greater context of Final Fantasy villains, but Exdeath serves V’s story well.
Between an incredibly charming story and a fantastic gameplay loop, Final Fantasy V is nothing short of one the best games in the series. It’s a perfect marriage of Final Fantasy’s two distinct styles, combining the character-driven storytelling from II & IV with the gameplay diversity of I & II while giving both halves of the experience enough depth to thrive. The story’s stakes are high, the cast is very likable, and the lighter tone gives the plot a strong identity without undermining its drama. The Job system offers an amazing amount of replay value and is freeform enough where there is no wrong way to play. Impressively memorable dungeon design and an ever-changing status quo lend the impression that you’re on a genuine adventure with real stakes. Addictive, endearing, and brimming with heart, Final Fantasy V is a near flawless RPG and one of Square’s finest 16-bit achievements.
Here's that same write-up with pretty pictures and links:
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2023.03.22 13:34 Ellie1004 So you’re saying there’s a chance…
Successful type b meeting with the FDA!
Primary Endpoint in Pivotal Acute Ischemic Stroke Trial Will Become mRS Shift Analysis at Day 365
Modifications Reflect Observations from Healios' Recently Completed TREASURE Trial in Japan and the Evolution of Stroke Standard of Care
CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Athersys, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATHX), a cell therapy and regenerative medicine company developing MultiStem® (invimestrocel) for critical care indications, announced planned amendments to its MASTERS-2 clinical trial protocol following a Type B meeting with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Held on March 21, 2023, the meeting addressed Athersys’ proposed modifications that seek to establish primary and secondary endpoints that it believes best reflect the full potential benefit of MultiStem treatment for patients with acute, moderate-to-severe ischemic stroke as well as the evolving standard of care.
Following a meeting Athersys convened in November 2022 of leading stroke experts, regulatory specialists, and statisticians to discuss potential changes, Athersys proposed four modifications to its ongoing pivotal Phase 3 MASTERS-2 clinical trial protocol, all of which were accepted by the FDA. After finalizing agreement around the statistical approach, Athersys will implement the following amendments to the MASTERS-2 protocol:
Athersys will change the timing of the primary endpoint assessed by shift analysis in modified Rankin Scale (mRS) score to Day 365, from Day 90 previously. Athersys will retain shift analysis in mRS score at Day 90 as a key secondary endpoint, along with other revised secondary endpoints. Athersys will remove eligibility caps on concomitant reperfusion therapy (e.g., tPA, MR imaging or tPA+MR imaging) to ensure the final study population is reflective of current standard of care in the population eligible for this therapy. Athersys may elect to have an independent statistician conduct an interim analysis to assess potential sample size adjustment. MASTERS-2 currently plans to enroll 300 patients and enrollment, as previously communicated, is >50% complete. “The MASTERS-2 clinical trial protocol changes agreed to by the FDA reflect what we have learned from the completed MultiStem Phase 2 MASTERS-1 trial and the TREASURE clinical trial run in Japan by our partner Healios, as well as the significant evolution of standard of care in treating acute ischemic stroke. We appreciate the FDA’s guidance, which we believe ultimately will benefit stroke patients worldwide,” stated Dan Camardo, Chief Executive Officer of Athersys. “We view the outcome of our meeting as the best-case scenario. Although changing the primary endpoint to Day 365 extends the duration of MASTERS-2, we believe our accepted modifications enable accelerated patient enrollment and provide a higher conviction for demonstrating treatment potential.”
Athersys was previously granted Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT), Fast Track designation and Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) agreement for the use of MultiStem in the treatment of ischemic stroke. These designations enable sponsors to work closely with the FDA and receive guidance on expediting advancement of designated programs.
“The proposed changes we submitted to the FDA allow us to thoroughly evaluate the mechanisms through which we hypothesize MultiStem cell treatment can provide benefit to patients suffering an acute ischemic stroke,” commented Dr. Robert W. Mays, Executive Vice President of Regenerative Medicine for Athersys. “This outcome more accurately reflects our belief that MultiStem’s treatment effect extends beyond Day 90 and is better reflected with a Day 365 assessment of functional recovery.”
Additional information regarding the MASTERS-2 clinical trial is available here.
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2023.03.22 13:31 Crypto_Kingdom_1 Marketplace Social media network Voting with champion tokens Clear Roadmap & Doxxed team & Audited smart-contract

The Starzz ecosystem is transforming the sports and entertainment industry by leveraging blockchain technology and a cutting-edge decentralized autonomous club (DAC) concept. The goal is to give power to Champions by acknowledging their most dedicated fans, unlocking new monetization opportunities, and maximizing the lifetime value of every fan through actively including them in the decision-making process through voting with unique Champion tokens. Moreover, supporters will finally have influence in the decisions and future of their favorite Champions as well as a degree of interaction with them that they have never had access to.
This comprehensive ecosystem consists of 4 core modules:
Supporterzz Platform: The main hub where all the action goes down - fans and Champions can engage with each other like never before before.
Starzz Exchange: Facilitates the sharing and exchange of Champion tokens.
$SRZ token: Starzz's flagship cryptocurrency used as the main payment method within the Starzz ecosystem.
Champion tokens: Grant voting rights that can be exercised on the Supporterzz Platform and are exchangeable on the exchange.
Take the chance now by purchasing a Starzz token, which provides early access to the platform and its functionalities, as well as the opportunity to participate in the governance of the decentralized autonomous club (DAC) concept.
Take action now and be a part of the world of fan tokens by visiting the TG group: starzz_announcements and taking part in this thrilling ICO.
$SRZ tokens 🔥 Starzz Decentralized autonomous club and digital currency for sport clubs & celebrities Incentives
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2023.03.22 13:29 gallivant_ Evolution of Kiosk - How Far Have We Come?

Kiosk mode is a feature that allows a device to operate in a restricted environment with limited functionality, typically with the intent of allowing users to access specific applications or information. The concept of kiosk mode has evolved significantly since it was first introduced, with advancements in technology and changing user needs driving its development.
The earliest form of kiosk mode was the classic kiosk, which first appeared in the 1970s. These kiosks were physical structures that housed computers and other equipment, typically used in public spaces such as airports or malls. They allowed users to access information and services such as flight information or product directories.
With the advent of personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s, kiosk mode began to be implemented as a software feature. This allowed users to restrict a computer to a specific application or set of applications, essentially turning it into a kiosk. This was particularly useful in environments such as libraries or schools, where users needed access to specific software but not to the full range of computer functions.
In the early 2000s, kiosk mode began to evolve further with the introduction of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These devices allow for more flexibility in kiosk mode implementation, as they could be easily mounted and used in a variety of settings. Kiosk mode on mobile devices typically involves locking the device into a specific application or set of applications, with restricted access to other device functions.
As touchscreens became more prevalent on mobile devices, kiosk mode evolved to take advantage of this interface. Interactive kiosks became more common in public spaces such as museums and galleries, allowing users to explore exhibits and access information using touchscreens.
In recent years, kiosk mode has continued to evolve with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices such as smart speakers and digital signage displays can be configured to operate in kiosk mode, providing access to specific applications and information without allowing unrestricted access to the internet or other device functions.
Overall, the evolution of kiosk mode has been driven by the needs of users in different settings, as well as advancements in technology such as the rise of mobile devices and the IoT. As technology continues to evolve, kiosk mode will likely continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of users and the environments in which it is used. Various industries implement single app kiosk mode on Android devices so that the user doesn't get to access any other app but the one which is approved by admin.
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