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2023.03.22 14:47 Aceofspades25 New rules on weaponised blocking

12 days ago, we ran a 5 day poll to see if this community would like to change the existing rules on weaponised blocking.
If you haven't yet read that post then please do so if you're interested because it describes the pros and cons of the various rules that we could have implemented.
The results of that poll are now in and the results are as follows:
As you can see, 147 people voted and options 2 and 3 were by far the most popular.
Option 3 (to keep things as they are) won out over option 2 by a very slim margin (60: 63).
What that means is that we will be keeping things as they are but in acknowledgement of the fact that the results were so close, we will also try and strike a compromise.
The new rule is that you cannot block other members of this subreddit unless there is a good reason (*good reasons defined below) because blocking unfairly inhibits the blocked person's ability to hold discussions within this subreddit. They cannot see or interact with posts made by the blocker (including all the people who comment on those posts) and this unfairly limits their ability to interact with others.
It used to be the case that the only good reasons for maintaining a block was if the blocker was being:
  1. harassed
  2. stalked
We will now add a third option to that:
Continued incivility will be defined as examples of you being uncivil to them on at least 3 or more occasions continued over a period of 2 or more days in the last 6 months.

How you should proceed if you are blocked:

If you are being blocked by someone else and you don't want to be blocked by them and if you also feel that the blocker doesn't have one of these 3 reasons to justify blocking you then you can message us mods and we will intervene and try and see if we can persuade them to lift the block.

What you should expect to happen if we reach out to you for blocking someone else:

If we message any of you about lifting a block, you will be able to appeal by pointing out one of the three exceptions above.
If we do not agree that your appeal meets the standards set out above then we will require you to unblock that person.
If you still insist on keeping them blocked, we may issue a temporary 3 day warning suspension which will be terminated as soon as you have unblocked the person.
If at the end of 3 days you are still blocking them, our only recourse at that point will be to ban you and the ban will be lifted as soon as you have lifted the block.

What is and what is not continued incivility:

Incivility will be broadly defined as somebody else making it unpleasant for you to be here through personal attacks.
If you get into an argument with someone and it gets heated and they swear at you in a few comments, you can report that and we will remove offending comments and speak to the person being incivil. But that is not yet sufficient reason to justify blocking them. If this behaviour happens again with the same person and it is more than a day later then you may block them if you wish and if they appeal, you can cite continued incivility as your justification.
If it has been more than 6 months since the incident and they still wish to be unblocked, you will be expected to unblock them and give them another chance.
This 6 month cooling off period will not apply to stalkers or harassers. There will be no tolerance for that sort of behaviour.

What we will not do

We will not intervene if somebody does not ask us to. If you are blocking somebody and they don't care then that is fine with us. If two people are found to be mutually blocking each other and one of them wants us to take action on the other, they will need to lift their own block first.


The new rules are the same as the old rules but we are going to try and be a little more lenient on reasons people can give for wanting to maintain a block on someone else. Namely we are introducing the concept of continued incivility which means that somebody has been incivil to you on at least 3 occasions spanning over at least 2 days.
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2023.03.22 14:46 rajstartup Types of ISO Certification Bodies in India

Types of ISO Certification Bodies in India
ISO certification is a globally recognized standard that is awarded to organizations that meet specific criteria for quality, safety, and environmental management. It provides a seal of approval to businesses that demonstrate that they follow internationally recognized standards, which can help build trust with customers and partners.

List of some ISO certification bodies in India.

India is home to several ISO certification bodies that can provide certification to companies in a wide range of industries. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ISO certification bodies in India.

  1. Bureau Veritas Certification (India) Pvt. Ltd.: Bureau Veritas is a leading global testing, inspection, and certification company that provides ISO certification to businesses across a range of sectors. With offices across India, Bureau Veritas has a team of experienced auditors who can provide certification for ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management) standards.
  2. TUV SUD South Asia Pvt. Ltd.: TUV SUD is another leading provider of ISO certification in India, with a focus on quality, safety, and sustainability. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, TUV SUD has a team of experts who can provide certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards, as well as other industry-specific certifications such as ISO 22000 (food safety management).
  3. DNV Business Assurance India Pvt. Ltd.: DNV Business Assurance is a global certification body with a presence in over 100 countries. In India, DNV Business Assurance provides certification for a range of ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, as well as industry-specific certifications such as ISO 27001 (information security management) and ISO 50001 (energy management).
  4. Intertek India Pvt. Ltd.: Intertek is a leading provider of quality and safety solutions across a range of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, and consumer goods. In India, Intertek provides certification for a range of ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, as well as industry-specific certifications such as ISO 22000 and ISO 27001.
  5. SGS India Pvt. Ltd.: SGS is a global leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification services. In India, SGS provides certification for a range of ISO standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001, as well as industry-specific certifications such as ISO 22000 and ISO 50001.

Benefits of ISO Certification

An accredited ISO certification organization provides numerous advantages to businesses seeking certification, including the following:

  1. Credibility and Reputation: Accredited certification organizations are recognized and respected in the industry. By choosing an accredited certification body, a business can be confident that its certification will be recognized and respected by its customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.
  2. Professionalism and Expertise: Accredited certification organizations are required to meet specific criteria and follow strict guidelines. This means that they have the necessary expertise and professionalism to provide accurate and reliable certification services.
  3. Consistency and Uniformity: Accredited certification organizations follow standard procedures and guidelines to ensure consistency and uniformity in the certification process. This ensures that the certification process is fair and transparent, and the results are consistent across all organizations.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Accredited certification organizations are required to undergo regular assessments to maintain their accreditation. This ensures that they are continually improving their services and staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices.
  5. International Recognition: Accredited certification bodies are recognized globally. This means that a business certified by an accredited certification organization can use its certification to expand its business internationally.
  6. Risk Mitigation: Accredited certification organizations are required to have procedures in place to mitigate risks related to conflicts of interest, confidentiality, and impartiality. This helps to ensure that the certification process is fair and unbiased.
  7. Cost-Effective: Accredited certification organizations provide cost-effective certification services, as they have standardized procedures and processes in place. This can save time and money in the long run.

Considerations when selecting a certification body

When choosing a certification body, there are several important factors to consider:
  • Reputation: Look for a certification body with a good reputation in the industry. Check online reviews and talk to other businesses that have used their services.
  • Accreditation: The certification body should be accredited by a recognized accreditation, which means they have been independently evaluated and deemed competent to carry out the certification process.
  • Specialization: Choose a certification body that specializes in the area in which you need certification. For example, if you need ISO 9001 certification for quality management, look for a certification body that specializes in that area or you can consult a leading consultant of ISO certification in Delhi.
  • Experience: Look for a certification body with experience in your industry or sector. They will be better equipped to understand your business and its unique challenges.
  • Integrated Audit: Consider a certification body that offers integrated audits, which means they can assess multiple management systems at the same time, reducing the time and cost involved in certification.
  • Flexibility: Choose a certification body that is flexible and can work around your business needs. For example, they should be able to schedule audits at a convenient time for you.
  • Maturity: Look for a certification body that has been around for a while and has a proven track record of delivering quality certification services.
  • Language: Consider a certification body that can provide services in the language(s) that you and your team are most comfortable with. This will make communication easier and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.


These are some of the best ISO certification bodies in India. When choosing a certification body, it is important to consider factors such as the certification body's experience, expertise, and reputation in your industry. It is also important to ensure that the certification body is accredited by a recognized accreditation body to ensure the validity of the certification.
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2023.03.22 14:45 Unlikely_Spend8715 What new type of career should I pursue?

I need to decide on a new career, but I have no idea what direction to go in.
My work history includes a 4-year enlistment in the US Army, A couple years working as an English teacher in a foreign country, a couple years working part-time as an English teacher in the US, and a couple years in real estate flipping houses.
I have a Bachelor's in economics and a Master's in teaching English to students of other languages. I'm out of practice with teaching, and I don't think I could find a decent full-time job in that area without moving out of the country again.
I want to find a stable job that I can support myself with. I'm not really concerned about finding something that interests me; none of my interests are really relevant to any kind of meaningful career, so I'd rather just work to live.
If necessary, I have some amount of money and time I could spend on education or training for a new career, but not too much.
I'm in decent physical shape. I'm fairly intelligent. I'm not naturally a very organized person, but I can certainly force myself to be that way when necessary. I'm personable and friendly, but I'm not very persuasive.
What are decent opportunities for a person in my position?
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2023.03.22 14:45 _golcems_ Questions about automatics

Are the automatic transmissions in these cars pretty reliable? I know to avoid the pre face-lift ones, just wondering if I should hold out for a 6 speed or go ahead and get an auto. I need something my girlfriend can also drive when her car goes, so an auto would be preferable unless they are junk. Thanks!
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2023.03.22 14:43 moviesremastered Star Wars: Andor – Chapter I, The Reckoning by Movies Remastered (Changes)

Star Wars: Andor – Chapter I, The Reckoning (Changes)
Original Runtime: 2:57:32 MR Cut Runtime: 2:25:40 1920x804p h264 encoder AC3 5.1 Surround Sound Type: FanFix Tv to Film Released Now - Only on MR Discord, Invite link
Unpopular opinion but I couldn’t get through this series. It felt overly bloated and swayed way off track with subplots, to a point where it didn’t feel like a Cassian show at all. It was more like a Syril Karn eats Breakfast with his mother story which baffled me. This edit now focuses on Cassian’s story from the start, cuts out all the fluff and Syril almost completely, creating an incredibly emotional journey with our main protagonist. I may be biased but this is now some of my favorite Star Wars ever made, and that’s coming from someone who said they’d never bother with this series again. This is also now a linear movie trilogy instead of a series….
• Insert Fanedit warning
• Add a new Old Ben Kenobi trailer.
• Insert Intro MR logo
• Add “A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”
• Open with first flashback scenes from Kenari. Using these flashback scenes at the start not only opens us up to a more interesting story but gives us background straight away for we become more invested in the characters. Especially why Cassian is looking for his sister.
• While the show says that Kenari is a lost language with translation, I felt the scenes had more weight by giving the kids subtitles, especially as we now hear Cassian's final words to his sister.
• Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “Kassa!”
• Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “There’s a ship…. Come look!”
• Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “Over there!”
• Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “I can’t see it”
• Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “Hey, Hey! Over here! Over here!
• Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Stop it! Stop it!”
• Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “I’m scared.”
• Insert second flashback scene
• Fix audio transition to blend with scene
• Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “Here, you’ll need these.”
• Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “You can’t come, You’re too young.”
• Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “But I want to”
• Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “When you’re older…. I promise”
• Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “You’ll need this.”
• Add Kenari tribe boy Subtitles “Don’t touch that! It’s not for you.”
• Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Hey! It’s everyone’s. Help yourself.”
• Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “We must all stick together.”
• Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Help yourself. Pass me my weapon.”
• Insert third flashback scene
• Fix audio transition to blend with scene
• Add Kenari Sister Subtitles “How long will you be gone?”
• Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “As long as it takes. I’ll come back.”
• Insert forth flashback scene
• Fix audio transitions to blend with the scene and extend musical queue to build tension.
• Insert fifth flashback scene
• Fix audio transition to blend with scene
• Add Kenari other Girl Subtitles “Stay low, and quiet. Wait for my signal.”
• Insert sixth flashback scene
• Fix audio transition to blend with scene
• Add Kenari Cassian Subtitles “Give her space, she needs to breathe.”
• Add Kenari Girl Subtitles “She’s dying!”
• Insert seventh flashback scene
• Fix audio transition to blend with scene
• Insert eighth flashback scene
• Fix audio transition to blend with scene
• Rework audio to suit the scene of Cassian screaming with his back turned.
• Add Andor intro logo
• Add “Chapter I – The Reckoning”
• Fix audio transition leading into logo scene
• Speed up Cassian’s punch by 60%. While this is a nitpick, the punch seems very staged and took me out of the scene. Speeding it up gives it more weight and harder hit.
• Speed up punch sound but maintain pitch
• A whole lot of audio reworking as B enters Cassian’s place.
• Remove Cassian sleeping that would usually go into one of the flashback scenes already used in the intro.
• Shift around both Cassian and B’s dialogue to hide scene removal
• Remove Cassian hitting B. I thought this was unnecessary and change the relationship adding droid abuse to the scene
• Remove random B-roll of Gloves wall. It’s almost like the props team were so proud of their work that they had to slow down the pacing just to marvel at their work.
• Fix score transition to hide above cut scene.
• Remove the intro shot to Morlana One. This whole scene just felt like a huge exposition dump that went on forever!
• Remove Cassian walking into the front door of the garage.
• Remove Timm saying “She’s in the yard” again, this just slowed pacing.
• Add background noise to hide the transition edit above.
• Add transition cut where flashback scene used to be
• Remove the Syril Karn scene. I’ve removed this character from the entire edit from here as I feel he added no weight or direction to the main story.
• Trim down scene with Timm following Bix. This felt like it went on too long and him now losing her quicker shows she is smart.
• Remove shots of Timm looking felt and right and confused. Just having him look one way speeds this scene up and keeps a natural flow.
• Remove the Syril Karn scene. I don’t wanna see the inner workings of the empire fleshed out. Keeping them mysterious is the whole point of being on the dark side.
• Fix score transition leading into Yard scene
• Fix audio transition where flashback scene has been removed for intro.
• Remove outro credits for episode 1
• Remove intro credits for episode 2
• Flashback scene removed for intro
• Cut to the bell ringing dude.
• Remove motion tracked English screen translation. We’ve never seen this in Star Wars before and they literally translate it in the next scene. Fairly pointless, imo.
• Remove the bar scene between Cassian and Bix. We don’t really learn anything here and Timm seeing Cassian touch her arm shouldn’t be enough for him to snitch on Cassian.
• Remove the scene of Timm snitching on Cassian. The audience finding out who it was at this stage spoils any mystery moving forward. Now we find out when Cassian finds out who snitched.
• Remove the Syril Karn scene. Another pointless scene that ruins the mystery.
• Remove shot of Timm looking shady. This now gives the audience too big of a clue who snitched so removing this just shows that he is nervous about seeing Bix after his doubts.
• Remove the Syril Karn scene. More pointless dialogue that makes the show drag.
• Fix transition where flashback scene has been removed.
• Fix audio transition leading into Luthen intro
• Remove the second shot of the Bell tower guy. While he’s awesome, this scene felt oddly paced.
• Fix audio so bell sound now wakes Bix.
• Remove scene between Cassian and B getting com’s. This just feels a little unnecessary and drawn out. We don’t really learn much in this scene, it just feels like filler.
• Fix audio for Maarva shouting “B!”. removing the above scene now has the audience wondering where B is rather than already knowing.
• Fix audio transition to hide where another flashback scene has been removed
• Remove Syril Karn awkward speech scene. Just cut after the filing paperwork comment.
• Remove the transport scene with Luthen talking to old man. While I like this scene, it really draws you out of the suspense now building in this edit.
• Remove the dramatic walking shot of Cassian strutting through the yard. While this was cool for an episode outro, it doesn’t work here.
• Remove dramatic score
• Remove episode 2 outro credits
• Remove episode 3 intro credits
• Fix audio transition to hide remove flashback scene for intro.
• Remove score and Cassian scream from shipyard scene
• Add Spark, Welding and Electronic SFX to rebuild 5.1 audio in transition
• Remove Syril Karn awkward scene.
• Remove Syril Karn nervous looking scene.
• Fix music transition leading into the scene with B.
• Trim down Syril Karn nervous looking scenes. Why are we on him so much? Emotion feels oddly forced
• Fix audio transition on landing shot.
• Remove Luthen weapon detraction. While this is an awesome look at his weapon, it feels like an oddly placed scene and action.
• Cut to metal yard scene and fix audio transition
• Fix audio transition to hide flashback scene removal
• Remove Syril Karn asking how far? About a 10 minute walk. Random bit of information that drags out the scene.
• Fix audio transition leading into Cassian meeting Luthen.
• Remove Syril Karn shooting up the store and looking for a hiding place.
• Fix score transition into scene with B
• Remove Syril Karn looking awkward again
• Remove episode 3 outro credits
• Remove episode 4 intro credits
• Remove score intro music
• Cut straight to ship pan shot for a jump scare.
• Cut LotR type shot of Vel walking towards the ship
• Remove Vel saying “Obviously there’s something wrong?”
• Remove Luthen’s reply
• Remove Cassian walking out of ship, wide shot to help with transition scene after next cut.
• Remove Syril Karn being reprimanded and fired. His character isn’t important in this edit and no reason for this pointless storyline to continue moving forward.
• Fix score audio transition leading into mountain walk shot.
• Remove Vel saying “They won’t be back today.” No reason to stop the audience anxiety building up with another possible tie fighter flyby, plus I use a Tie sound to cover audio transition later.
• Cut back and forth with Cassian and Vel. Just cut to Cassian looking over his shoulder for the tie fighter.
• Some audio wizardry to remove Cassian and Vel’s dialogue
• Remove scene with Dedra, this is clearly just an episode recap scene put in to allow casual viewers to keep up.
• Fix score transition audio
• Remove Syril Karn going home to his mother. Seriously, Is this actually in a star wars show?
• Use Tie fighter sound for seamless transition
• Remove Vel saying “Ok?... Alright?” She’s a leader, people should act on her first word without question. Her being unsure at this point shows weakness.
• Remove scene between Dedra and Blevin. This back and forth to the empire just beaks any momentum building with our protagonists.
• Remove outro credits to episode 4
• Remove intro credits to episode 5
• Remove Syril Karn crying scene
• Remove Syril Karn having breakfast with his mother. Honestly, WTF am I watching here?
• Remove scene between Cassian and Arvel. While this is a good scene, removing this pushes that actual edit transitions narrative way harder.
• Remove Mon mothma scene with her stroppy daughter. I want to make her seem more innocent when it comes to the inappropriate proposal for her to marry.
• Cut to Cassian sitting by the fire. This edit now shows that Cassian has sat up all night learning his mission. Showing his dedication to the cause.
• Remove scene with Blevin looking for new office space. This felt like a very odd scene to having after camp.
• Remove Syril Karn eating with his mother again and talking about his uncle. Who cares? This completely pump the breaks on any suspense built up in the previous scenes. Such a pointless character.
• Fix score and add all the delay and reverb for a smooth transition.
• Remove scene with Arvel halfing a knife to Cassian and taking his krystal. Fairly pointless scene that slows down pacing and leads nowhere.
• Fix audio score leading into Mon Mothma scene. Keeping tension high by cutting to this shot.
• Remove another pointless Syril Karn scene.
• Fix score audio transition
• Add Movies Remastered outro credit text. • Add MR logo to end credits. • Add MR Disney Saber logo to end credits.
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2023.03.22 14:42 Remarkable-Pay-2785 [Bread winner Q's] How much/how many percent do you allocate for your fam monthly?

Being a bread winner technically isn't required especially if we look at other cultures, but since poverty is rampant in Philippines, we tend to help each other out, especially when our nuclear fam is the one in need.
I'm just curious if it's normal to give out 20%-50% of my salary to my fam? I have no dependents, still young and saving, and just wondering about my financial status.
I have no bitter feelings for sharing my money, it's solely my decision because I know they helped me throughout my life before I am even able to earn. It's just my way of giving back. Still learning more about being financially literate and your thoughts would help me in the long run.
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2023.03.22 14:42 Anonymous_Cool How to tell when your therapist is the right fit?

I've been seeing the same therapist for like 4 years now, and I honestly don't know if I've really been making any progress. I know that I need therapy, but I don't really want to keep throwing money down the drain if I don't feel like I'm getting anything out of it.
I've been seeing a dietician for a couple of months and have noticed significant progress with them (they're basically a food psychologist). Comparing the results from my therapist to my dietician has really made my question if it might be time to switch therapists.
I guess I'm kind of afraid because it's so difficult finding a therapist at all right now, and I'm not looking forward to starting all over again. What are some ways to tell that your therapist is the right fit for you? And have there been times when you benefited more from group therapy over individual?
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2023.03.22 14:42 Questionasker1997 Apprentice looking for tool advice

Need to get an amp clamp for work. Will mainly be doing maintenances and eventually get into diagnostics. Looking for suggestions on a good amp clamp/ multimeter to buy. Don’t want to dish out the money for a fluke unless it is really worth it.
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2023.03.22 14:42 NotAThere Bad break up vent

I was with him for 6months but we have history. We waited three months to make it official. I loved seeing him but we only got to see each other 2-4 times a month because of his schedule. He went to work and he went to school. When we first started dating, I asked for the “I’m busy” messages cause it helps with not overthinking and he told me I wasn’t gonna be top or near top of his totem pole because he has gotten so many things on his plate like again work,school and he helps with his family. We never saw each other everyday nor would I expect it. We went to amazing dates and spend time together when we could. He used to make me laugh until my stomach hurt. And ended it yesterday. He told me, he needed more time and wanted to save money and if he could was done with school, maybe he would have time for me. But he just started school and won’t be done with it for a while. He said driving was a lot, which it was I think it was about 2 hours round trip from my house to his, but it’s not like I wasn’t trying to learn, I just got a job again after not working for a year. So I was saving towards those goals. But I wasn’t moving fast enough for him. I did my best with gas money, I did my best to thank him, plus less time driving to be with me. More time for “studying, and relaxing” as he put it. He sat and told me that he needed to save every last drop so going out was hard. He doesn’t wanna use the car a lot. He doesn’t wanna have to spend his money. There were other issues too, my issues with him though. Like, he always said something about time for me and me asking for time when I just wanted the time givin, but it was still too much. I tried to always not care about the time he was away doing things. He was studying is was cool, he was at work ofc it was cool, he was reading or at school ofc it was cool. He would even leave in the middle of our calls to go play games. So at what point was I not understanding? Idk. He made a lot of mistakes, but I loved him. I wish he loved me the same. He didn’t listen to me about the texts and he did some disrespectful stuff, and I know it should end, and he even sat there and proved to me he didn’t want me and told me why his life would be better with no relationship. I just wanna get over this. I wanna feel okay again
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2023.03.22 14:42 Foolish6803 Ideal U20 Lineup and Tactics

Been thinking about Japan's lineup for the U20 world cup, this was the best I came up with.
GK: Gagamaru is the only real choice here.
CB: Aiku is a no-brainer, I chose Niko over Aryu because I want a more technical, ball-playing CB to complement Aiku's physicality.
RB: Chigiri is the fastest player in Blue Lock, it'd be a waste not to include him. He'll provide width down the right, allowing Isagi to move into more central positions. Kurona is a good option off the bench for combinations with Isagi.
LB: Tokimitsu is my pick here, his physicality makes him a capable defender and stamina is crucial for an RB. Zantetsu could work but I think he lacks defensively.
DM: Karasu is the only player that works as a DM and I think he's a must pick. Great ball-keeping, very press resistant, good instincts and positioning on the defensive end.
CM: Sae and Reo are obvious picks here. Both are solid on the ball, great passers and position themselves well defensively. Hiori could come off the bench if needed.
RW: Isagi's position will be RW but he'd have the freedom to move inside and link up with other players while Chigiri provides width from RB. Barou is another option here but he's unlikely to combine well and is better left as a wild card coming off the bench.
LW: Bachira is the best dribbler in Blue Lock. He'll be in plenty of 1v1 situations on the left and will be able to beat his man and cut in or cross. A player like Yukimiya or Otoya also works here.
ST: Rin will be the starting striker, he's an excellent finisher that can also drop off to receive the ball, creating space behind the defensive line. Shidou and Nagi are strong options off the bench but neither are as comfortable on the ball as Rin, a quality I want in all the players.
This team aims to dominate possession, with all attacking players being strong passers and good off-ball movers. This allows for a lot of flexibility in attack, such as Rin dropping deep and Isagi making a run behind, or Isagi moving infield so Sae can run at the defence. This team does not play with a traditional target man as the striker - think 2011 Barcelona with Messi as a false 9 - creating space behind the defence for players to attack.
In possession, Isagi will move centrally into a CF role and Chigiri will overlap to provide width down the right. When this happens, Niko, Aiku and Tokimitsu will slide across to form a back three and cover the space. Chigiri's speed should allow him to recover in the event of a counter attack.
Defensively, this team aims to press quickly and regain possession - Isagi, Sae, Reo, Rin, Aiku and Niko have all shown good defensive positioning and an ability to predict plays before they happen, aiding in stopping opponents during their build-up.
Shidou is a strong option coming off the bench for Rin. His combination with Sae is deadly and improves the team's finishing in the box by sacrificing proficiency when building up.
Barou and Nagi are both great offensive players but lack defensive instincts - they won't contribute to the quick press very well and are best coming off the bench to change the flow of game.
Kunigami is the only notable player left and while he'd make the full squad of 23 I don't think he has his own niche on this team. As a traditional striker I think he's outclassed by Shidou, Barou and Nagi and he doesn't have the ball-playing ability of other attackers like Isagi, Bachira or Rin.
Would love some feedback, let me know what you think.
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2023.03.22 14:41 Leguy42 How do You Fix Quarantine Alerts Lagging?

It's maddening! The users in my company are getting legitimate emails with critical time sensitivity that are quarantined 24 hours after they needed to see it. OK, some of them are flagged for ridiculous ALL CAPS subjects, but the real issue is...
How do I speed up the alerting so we can handle the emails in a timely fashion?
I can't find anything on any searches I've tried.
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2023.03.22 14:40 AutoModerator [Get] Cardone University Full Course by Grant Cardone

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2023.03.22 14:39 Secret-Scientist456 Don't even know what to do with this room.

I love and hate this room, it's too small to really be a living room/dining room but we don't really have any other space for a dining room.. it's also sunken. There is an outlet near the front door that only works when the light switch is flipped and the lights on the wall are attached to the same switch (these are LED and actually hate the light placement and would ideally have a hanging light over a dining table).
1) behind me are windows (see pic 3). Behind tv is the kitchen (see pic 5, 6, 7). There is one opening to the kitchen on the right and another opening to front door, where there is another opening to the kitchen. 2) wall next to the right kitchen opening. 3) wall with windows (a heat vent sits under each window). 4) wall to the left where front door is. This opening is the width of two standard doors. 5, 6,7) just photos showing what's behind.
I'm needing to save up to do any renos, and currently have the living room set up as a space for baby to roam once that starts to happen, so not for a while, but need ideas as I'm at a loss.
We do have an unfinished basement that we hope to make a rec room down there, so I'm kinda hoping dining/sitting room. My decorating taste is terrible.
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2023.03.22 14:38 Nym___ Small thing I'm wondering about Coin in Bilgewater

So, for some reason, the base statement for Bilgewater of "Risk and Reward" has always stuck with me as the region's identity. It's something I always have in mind whenever Riot releases a new champion for the region, and by my money I think every champion in the region, with like, 2 exceptions, and 1's Fizz who's now also Bandle City, has a very clear risk in their strategies.
-A lot of Gangplank's damage tends to be tied to him summoning the Barrels, which have the big issue of being vulnerable 0/1 units that you can deal with after they've declared a non-burst spell or skill -Nautilus is very late game focused in a deck plan that revolves around throwing away your cards -Twisted Fate, as much of an issue as he constantly is as seen by him being rotated out in a bit, does still need to be on the board to see you draw 9 cards as a 2 health unit -The same for Miss Fortune, she needs to be on the board for your 4 attacks, and she's not in a region that really has a lot of rallying or scouts so in a lot of instances that'll probably be in 4 turns at least. As a 3 health unit -Tahm Kench's whole thing involves him getting struck to capture units, so not only is he getting hit but he's also holding several possible key units in his gut while he's doing so -Lurk by itself has a pretty big deck building issue of you needing to have lurk cards in the deck, and even the single landmark that can cover that issue for you is something you have to draw -Spawn's all about making and buffing up a single unit, it's putting a ton of your eggs into a single basket and when it's gone then you have to start it all over again with a pretty big hole in your offence.
So to go to the title here, Coins as a theme definitely seem like something that would work in Bilgewater. Like, it's a pirate country, why wouldn't it want to use the coins? But my question is, especially if it ends up being very key to Jack's thing as a champion, where's the risk going to be, at least for it's use in Bilgewater? At least from, literally the first day of reveals, I can't really see that risk in a 1 mana spell that restores as much mana as you save up with it
also apologies if I've vastly misunderstood the bilgewater champions a ton here, I love the region but for some reason I just can't get myself to build decks with it-
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2023.03.22 14:38 -itsilluminati [WTT] my miscellaneous junk for your AR-15 specific junk v2...list of parts still needed.
Have you relisted that AR-15 item 3 times, with price drops?
Didn't expect to get much traction with the original post, but here we are...
Second leg of my 100% GAFS-sourced trash AR build...
CZ Scorpion Evo Field Kit & RMA-able Magpul grip - $35
(Has brush, boresnake & OEM lube)
CZ Bren 2Ms HBI 922r disconnector - $15
Unused. I got a disconnector from the 922r parts kit.
CZ 75 grip screws, 2x, bnib - $10
FN 509c bundle - $45
12 round compact mag with pinky extension floor plate, FDE soft case, branded lock and backstrap. Basically everything you got with the firearm anyway, but mags are $45, alone.
DLG 1913 QD & Handstop (with QD) - $20
The handstop is actually decent and has a QD point on the backside.
Surplus Swiss Alpenflange Bottoms, like new, medium - $45
Worn once at a gunshow for like 3 hours, over a pair of regular pants. (It was cold)
Stickers shown can go out with items.
I will begrudgingly sell you this junk but really need AR stuff to complete this meme, so junk trades HEAVILY preferred.
Lower flair ships first.
Everything will ship USPS, typically by 9am the next business morning.
-LPK, minus grip, FCG, selector & mag release button. (Especially springs. Do need FCG pins)
-Buffer tube, buffer spring, end plate & castle nut
-barrel, 5.56/.223, 13.9-16". Will consider longer.
-Handguard - ideally 14" but will take legit whatever as long as it clamps to a barrel nut properly
-upper receiver, as long as it functions I actually would prefer a super salty, trashed upper (I have a buddy looking through his parts bin this weekend for an upper)
-Gas block (I'll need a tube,too, but won't know which length until I source a barrel)
I have already acquired a BCG, charging handle, stock, buffer, FCG, selector, flash hider & mag release button.
Again, to really drive the point home, I am interested in your trash.
Things you wouldn't expect to sell on here, so you haven't even posted it. (Or maybe you've posted it a couple times & dropped the price but nobody wants)
Not looking to spend any actual money outside of shipping.
I understand this is a long-shot & I'm relying on the GAFS community to hook this up almost out of charity lol
As always, I appreciate your time & thanks for reading!
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2023.03.22 14:37 Mooniovee I want to cry

Had a really bad string of games today, the first run was good and I stayed the same rank which I was hoping for. The second one I currently have 2 wins and 5 losses, but that’s not the issue here.
I had someone I thought had good intentions friend me. They started calling me names like a parasite because I was duoing with my friend and I’m plat and he’s diamond. They said why do I only play mercy or moira and I said I played Ana too and they said I was shit at Ana when I didn’t think I was doing badly, I’m still trying to do my best at her. They said I should play someone useful, when I’m really flexible and can play many characters, I just find it easiest to rank up as moira and I play mercy if I want to be harder to hit and think the dps need more help.
They told me their duo is masters and my friend sucks at the game. They said I’ve won 66 games and am still in plat, I ranked up from gold 5 to plat this season and I’m really trying my best. I’ve been playing a lot to improve rather than win so it rlly makes me feel sad.
I was hoping to rank up or stay the same rank again except last game I glitched out at the start of the game because I have bad wifi now I can’t play for 8 hours and I know I’m just going to rank down. All this really wore me down I’m trying to get better. I didn’t even say anything to them the whole game.
We got them 3 games with them consecutively, I played mercy and my friend played Ashe and he carried that game and they kept yelling at me for no reason when I was on higher ground and dipping down to heal, even though the “masters” person was right in front of the kiriko he kept blaming me. And someone in the enemy said I was doing really well, too. They threw our next games then we avoided them cuz the kiriko refused to heal my friend.
Anyway it just feels really shit I’m just tryna play to have fun and improve.
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2023.03.22 14:37 JustinPooDough Method for Getting Free Historical Company Listings & Other Data

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I found a way to get this data for free: List of Symbols for New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] Starting with S (
By using the Wayback Machine from, you can view this list of all listed companies and tickers from any point in time that the website was crawled... and it was crawled many times in the past decade. I've found most delisted companies this way.
I know the above data might not be super useful to most, but I'm sharing the method, as I'm sure there are many other interesting applications for this archiving tool relating to historic trading or finance data. Give it a try!
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2023.03.22 14:36 Narrow-Citron-820 i feel so stuck..

first off.. thank you for taking the time to read this. i appreciate it a lot.
i (21f) am just feeling so lost in my life. i’m going to be 22 come this April on the 3rd, and i hate where i am in my life. my job has me gone from 5:00am until 6pm and I work as a bus aide. i’m back living with my mom because i was never taught financial literacy and i don’t know how i would even learn it now. i know im young and according to the world, “i have so much time to figure it out.” but what no one is understanding is that i don’t. my mental state is crumbling more and more everyday, because i’m living with my mom. everyday there’s some type of argument between us over small insignificant shit. she gets all worked up and starts screaming at me and im just so mentally checked out and drained.
i want to move out, but i don’t have a car. i was almost there to have my car though.. my sister and i were saving together for a car and right as we got there, she drove my moms car through our kitchen and the savings we worked so hard to build had to go to fixing it. so that put me back at square one and has cause a ripple effect that is beating me down. i don’t have time to start my savings over because im having to spend my money on Ubers to work. i also have bills to pay, rent and utilities to my mom + a phone bill. i also have an issue with my spending habits that im actively working through. but there are some days where uber gives me a hard time all morning and makes me so late that my job tells me to don’t even bother coming for the morning shift. that’s an issue because i can’t keep missing my shifts, we just got a pay raise and the higher ups are watching us closer now. i tried to get one of those 500 down cheap cars, but they said i didn’t make enough. so that was a dead end. i tried to get a loan and was almost immediately rejected, my credit scores are really good so i don’t know why. then my wallet got stolen over spring break so i can’t even get car until i get a new one.
everything is all scrambled and i have been on a downhill slope for almost four months now, im so exhausted and i want things to be better for myself. im trying to make this happen but everywhere i turn i hit a wall. all the advice ive been given by the older people in my life, they say to work hard, get a second job, and that if you want it to happen you have to make it happen. but im trying and ive been trying for a long time, im so tired and im losing my will to keep going. i was talking to my friend, and she told me that getting a second job was a bad idea, and my mom walked in on me crying and when i presented the job issues to her she also said that getting a second job was a bad idea. but i genuinely don’t know what else to do. i had applied to work overnight doing dishes at a restaurant but i withdrew the application. i feel rooted to the spot, I don’t know what to do, and i just want some help because if i have to keep living here in this house with my mom, i don’t think im going to survive another year, and it scares me these thoughts are not what i want in my head. i am miserable and i want better for myself, people keep telling me not to rush but ever since the beginning of February nothing is slowing down and letting me catch up. i just keep falling further and further behind and watching everyone around me reach the things they wanted and i just want to know when i get to reach for what i want? when do i finally get my break and finally have something go my way? it’s been nonstop, even now im writing this because i had trouble getting to work and it made me too late for me to even try and go. i need some advice on what i should do to pull myself from this slump, because i don’t know how much more i can take.
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2023.03.22 14:34 ArchipelagoMind [The Archipelago] Chapter 57: Yotese Over Haven - Part 2

previous chapter / contents / patreon
I waited for something to happen. My knees bent and my eyes gazed across the dunes waiting to run. But beyond the sound of the swaying bell and the water trickling out to sea, everything was still.
“You know what’s happening?” I called out to Alessia, still monitoring the tops of the dunes.
Alessia paused, then huffed. “No. I see nothing.” I heard her take a few steps through the sand towards me. “That bell does nothing.”
I walked towards the guard, shouting so I’d be heard over the metal clanging next to his ear. “What’s happening? What’s the bell for?”
“All visitors must report to the council headquarters. You can find the council headquarters on the western side of the island.”
I let out a hot breath of anger and turned away. “We can sit here all day listening to the ringing or go somewhere else.”
Alessia cocked her head. “Maybe we should go find this council office. He seems keen on us going there.”
I rolled my eyes and began trudging back up the dune away from the small river and the alluring artefact behind us. I leaned my head down, concentrating on each step, watching my feet sink into the soft sand on every step, grains tumbling down the slope in my wake. Half-way through the grind, I glanced forward to see a man silhouetted in the bright light of the sun.
I squinted until I could make out the details. His face was lined with thick wrinkles, and he had a mop of loose grey curls that fell to the base of his neck. A loose beige shirt with sleeves too long for his arms hung loosely across his thin frame.
Stretching out a hand, I tapped Alessia on the shoulder. She stopped and looked up. “Can we help you?”
“You will need to wait till two representatives are present,” the man replied in a firm but croaky voice.
“Two representatives?” I looked between the man and the guard at the bottom of the dune. “It looks like we have that.” I pointed between them.
“You will need to wait till two representatives are present.”
My eyes sealed shut with frustration. “Is that all you’ve got to say?”
He was silent for a second. Then, “You will need to wait till two representatives are present.”
“No. Sorry.” I leaned over and placed a hand on Alessia’s arm pulling her forward. “Done with this.” I turned slightly away from the man, cutting a path past him to the left.
He responded, pacing along the top of the dune to intercept us. He held out his arms so that the sleeves of his baggy shirt draped like a cloak “You will need to wait till two representatives are present.”
I tensed my cheeks, ensuring they only opened so far as to not scream. “If it’s fine with you, we’re going to find someone who can actually speak.” I tried to walk around him, but he sidestepped to cut me off.
“You will need to wait till two representatives are present.” He glanced over our shoulders and nodded.
Turning, I could see a woman on the other side of the dune. She was younger, with short, clipped strawberry-blonde hair.
“Is she another representative? Can we talk now?”
“You will need to wait till two representatives are present.”
I raised my arms in protest. “There’s three of you now,” I shouted.
The man turned to his left and called out as loudly as his elderly lungs could. “Yamil, hurry up if you can. They’re getting restless.”
My eyes bulged. “So you can talk.”
“You will need to wait till two representatives are present.”
My arms tensed and my hands wrung with anger as the man stood his ground in front of us.
“Just wait,” Alessia sighed, her shoulders slumped. “See what happens.”
We watched the woman descend the dunes, cross the stream, and then slowly climb the other side towards us. It was a long, awkward wait, watching her trudge through soft sands, the three of us standing in silence.
Finally, she got close enough for the man to exhale and his body relax. “Thank you for waiting. We need both members present to hold a conversation.”
“Why-“ I cut myself off. “Wait. There’s a body. A body down there. In the sand-“
“We know,” said the man in a calm but resigned tone.
“Who is it?” Alessia asked..
“The former guard,” the woman, Yamil, said as she arrived. “Few months ago a man arrived on the island and shot him. He wanted to get to the ship.”
I raised my eyebrows and looked to Alessia. “Sannaz?”
She nodded, turning to face the ship and the current guard, now returned to their relaxed position. “He’s been dead for months? Why didn’t you move him?”
“We couldn’t agree on what to do with him,” the man nodded calmly.
“Bury them? Cremate them?” I blinked rapidly. “Something?”
“The Council considered all those options.” The man gave the same accompanying nod. “But we couldn’t come to an agreement.”
“The Council?”
“There are ten villages on the island,” Yamil said, folding her arms. “Each one sends one person to the council.”
“And the council couldn’t decide on what to do with a dead body? So you just…” I looked back down at the patch of sand - too far away to make out the hand in any detail, but I was certain I could see the point where the bone poked through the surface. “…left him?”
“We took a vote.” The man turned to Yamil, checking for her confirmation. “Eight for burial, one for cremation, one for placing them in plain sight as a warning. That right?”
“Yes, Fidel.” Yamil replied.
My eyes narrowed, the brows meeting at the bridge of my nose. “Why didn’t you go with the vote?”
“We didn’t agree.” Fidel responded with equal confusion.
Yamil stepped in. “If we don’t all agree, then we don’t go ahead. Everyone has to agree.” Her face flinched slightly as she spoke.
“It’s the only way to stop the majority taking advantage of everyone. If we all have to agree then one-half can’t take advantage of the other half.” Fidel puffed his chest, recalling an old mantra.
I could feel a familiar heat in my veins, and I tried to temper it as I spoke. “You get together. You discuss something. And if any one of you disagrees, you do nothing.”
“Correct.” The nod seemed more enthusiastic.
“And you couldn’t tell us that till now because…?”
Yamil responded in a dour monotone. “Regular citizens aren’t allowed to speak to people from outside the island. They could do things or say things that would be only in their own interests.”
“What’s good for one person - what might even be good for the majority - can still harm some,” Fidel preached. “We must protect those who otherwise would have no voice. Here, everyone has a voice. Everyone is protected.”
I thought of the bones poking through the sand, but I said nothing.
Alessia let out a quiet, almost inaudible grumble. “So how come you can speak to us? Where’s the rest of the council?”
“We understand that at some point someone has to speak to outsiders,” Fidel said gruffly. “As long as two council members were present to witness, we could provide outsiders with information.”
I pushed the oddities from my mind, trying to refocus. “Does that mean you can give us access to the ship?”
Yamil shook her head. “That would require a council vote.”
“And agreement from all ten of them?” Alessia added.
Yamil nodded.
Alessia sucked air between her teeth. “We’re trying to track down the man who killed that guard. Your guard. Your own citizen. We’ll take nothing, cause no damage. We’re just trying to stop-”
“You’ll need council approval,” Fidel interrupted.
“How do we get that?”
Yamil looked to Fidel and wrinkled her nose. “I’ll get word out to the eastern side if you send people to the north. Get them together tomorrow night?”
Fidel bowed his head. “Agreed.”
“Tomorrow?” The words left my mouth tasting of relief.
“Around sunset.” Yamil smiled. “Put your case to the council. If all ten approve, then you can go ahead.”
“And if one says no?” Alessia asked, pulling back one side of her mouth.
Yamil let out a small chuckle. “Then bad luck.”
We returned to the boat and waited. We watched as the sun pushed across the sky, fell, and rose again. All the while, in the distance, that vessel loomed over us, calling me like a beacon.
Some connection to Sannaz was right there. Though, I also knew that something else pulled me towards that boat. The connection to the old world.
I spent the day staring at the ancient boat the way a child might study a present, trying to figure out its contents and its purpose from the outside, knowing I would always have to wait till it was unwrapped.
As evening came we trekked across the island to our appointment. The headquarters looked like a large barn: two storeys tall, and no longer than the length of Alessia’s boat. There were no signs outside, no lavish windows, no murals. Just two large wooden doors the same colour as the walls.
The inside was the same four wooden walls surrounding a stone floor. Looking up, I could see the evening sky through thin cracks in the woods. Near the far end, a couple of planks had half-rotted away, their ends broken off. Thin strands of wood dangled above the floor revealing a perfect window to the arriving starscape. Below the spot, there was a darkened patch of the stone where a decade of rain water had left a permanent stain.
“Welcome,” said Fidel, noticing us enter. “Please, have a seat.” He pointed to a patch of dusty stone floor to his left.
The rest of the council sat in a circle. There were no seats. Some sat on the floor, one or two had brought cushions with them, another sat on an upturned log.
As we joined, Fidel began the meeting. “All ten council members are here. Yotese Over Haven was founded on the principle that all islanders from all ten villages are equal in power. No one should be compelled to go along with anything they do not approve of. We move as one or not at all.” He lowered his head and looked around the circle. “As per the guidelines we’ll open the floor for discussion topics before we move to dignitary business. Are there any proposals?”
One woman raised her hand slowly. “I’d like to propose sending a group to look into trading with Eglowe Needles. They may be in need of timber and we have plenty.”
“You do,” I heard Yamil mutter under her breath. The room ignored her.
“Very well,” Fidel replied. “Those in favor of debating this topic raise your hand.” Seven hands went up. Three stayed down.
“No consensus,” Fidel announced. “Next.”
Yamil raised an arm like a bolt. “I’d like to rediscuss repairs to the southern village.”
A few of the circle sighed. One man groaned.
“Those in favor of debating this topic raise your hand.”
Eight went up.
“No consensus.”
Yamil’s hand immediately raised again. “In that case I’d like to rediscuss the replacement of livestock in the Southern village.” The words were fast, repeated to instinct.
“Again?” one man moaned.
Yamil’s eyes bulged in his direction, reaching out to attack. “Yes. And I’ll keep proposing it until we discuss it.”
Fidel held up a palm to try and calm the mood. “Those in favor of debating this topic raise your hand.”
Eight hands raised. Yamil stared at the detractors, her head shaking from side to side, biting her lip.
“No consensus. Any other proposals?”
The room went quiet, stewing in the uneasy and dusty air.
Fidel seemed to count in his head until enough time had passed. “Very well. As was agreed by this council thirty-three years ago, dignitaries of foreign nations do not need to propose a topic and can present to the council. Therefore, I would like to ask our guests to speak.”
I stood up, unsure of the correct protocol, and nodded to the council members. Then, piece by piece, I laid out our story. We believed the ship would help us find a dangerous man, a man who had already attacked three islands and could hurt many more, a man who had already murdered one of their own. I tried to keep my voice passive, keep my own losses - Lachlann, Thomas - out of the story. Keep to what was pertinent to the room, not to me.
Fidel nodded and took a deep breath. “Those who wish to open the floor to questions, raise your hands.”
A smattering of hands raised. Maybe half. Too few.
“No consensus. Then we move to the vote. Those in favor of granting access to the ship raise your hand.”
I watched as hands raised. Yamil gave a limp raise of her arm quickly. Fidel followed slowly, but with a straight elbow. One by one I could see the machinations of those on the fence eventually lift their hand to the sky. Then I looked to the woman to my left. Her head was lowered, her hands in her lap. She didn’t move.
Then across the circle I saw Yamil lower her hand. “I withdraw my vote,” she said.
“What?” I called out. “You invited us here.”
“I’m going to ask you to remain silent during voting.” Fidel spoke calmly, looking round the circle. “Eight for. Two against. No consensus.”
“We need to get in there,” I interrupted. “People’s lives could be in danger.”
“The matter has been discussed,” Fidel waved his arm dismissively. He returned to a more formal voice. “The meeting is adjourned. Thank you for coming everyone.”
“No. Please. Vote again.”
“We voted. There was no consensus.”
“Eight of you said we could go. Yamil was fine too to start with, that’s nine.”
“There was no consensus.” Fidel repeated slowly, as though I had merely not understood.
“Can’t you use some common sense? At least give us an explanation.” I could feel Aslessia place a hand on my arm, pulling me away. I shirked it off.
“There was no consensus.”
I walked towards Fidel, getting in his eyeline. “What now then? What are we supposed to do?”
“Now?” He lifted an eyebrow. “You leave.”
The Archipelago is posted every Wednesday
previous chapter / contents / patreon
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