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2023.05.30 19:38 Nonzerob Thinking ahead

(TLDR is basically the second paragraph)
Bit early for this, but I go to college about an hour and a half from home and I started a compost bin a number of weeks ago. I've been trying to be relatively active with it and have turned about every week and I haven't noticed it heating (don't know for sure as I don't have a long thermometer), though I have seen what looks like signs of decomposition. I don't mind too much as the weeds I've thrown in, if they manage to survive, are easy to pull and having a bin at all beats our old habit of tossing everything in a pile that never got harvested while throwing out all our food scraps.
That being said, my family doesn't want to deal with or smell the compost which will be a problem when I'm gone for school. Is there a method as easy as just tossing food waste that will not smell?
I've been thinking about thrifting a wagon or two to mount a diy tumbler on (we have two plastic 50 gal drums that are just taking up space - I'd of course check if they're food safe before doing anything). It would be helpful now too because my current food scraps bin is small and when I don't have greens to add it feels like a waste of browns to cover them, and it's honestly annoying to walk to the bin for such low volume. I'm in Michigan, so I highly doubt I'll be able to maintain good heat in it over the winter but if stuff freezes it won't smell or need turning so that's absolutely fine. I feel like I can get them to toss a scoop or two of browns in for every scoop of scraps and turn it every once in a while if I can get it to turn easily. How is this idea? Are there simpleeasier methods that do not smell? Should I improvize a smaller tumbler as a test or just in general?
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2023.05.30 19:24 samuel0793 Adam Sandler makes surprise appearance at Canisius.

(Samuel0793’s note: this is an article that was published by The Griffin, Jesuit Canisius College’s newspaper, in April 21st, 2023.)

Processing img fblmagxh603b1...
By Colton Pankiewicz, Asst. Sports Editor
Movie star Adam Sandler spontaneously played pickup basketball with students at Canisius prior to his comedy show in Buffalo last weekend.
The longtime actor who’s starred in Blockbuster films such as “Big Daddy,” “Happy Gilmore” and “Grown Ups” left those who saw him at Canisius in awe as he quietly played a game of pickup basketball in the Koessler Athletic Center before his show at the KeyBank Center on Sunday.
Outside of the visit of former President Harry S. Truman when he came to the college in 1962 during his 38-hour stay in Buffalo, Canisius hasn’t hosted many people of high stature. So when Siem Uijtendaal, a junior on the men's basketball team, heard that Adam Sandler was coming to get a workout in, he didn't believe it.
“I was in the gym shooting — I didn't expect anything before I heard Adam Sandler was coming in. … I didn't believe it,” said Uijtendaal. “Myself, Athina Lexa and him were on a team in a three-on-three basketball game. He kept complimenting my game, and he was actually pretty good himself, doing all the fancy behind-the-back passes and all that. He gave all of us in the gym tickets to his comedy show after our game, and we went and had a great time.”
Associate Athletic Trainer Kristen Saviola was in the athletic training room when she heard the same rumor. She checked to see if the news was real, and, sure enough, the award-winning actor was there.
“You’d think he was just a normal dude: he didn’t act like some billionaire, just a dude playing basketball and getting a workout in,” said Saviola. After the scrimmage was over, she jokingly asked Sandler if he needed to be stretched out. To her surprise the man that played roles such as “Bobby Boucher,” “Happy Gilmore” or “Sonny Koufax” took her up on it.
“I didn’t want to fangirl,” said Saviola. “I was as normal as possible and tried to be professional while inside I was thinking ‘What the heck is happening? Who’s going to believe I went to work and saw Adam Sandler playing pickup at a small school in Buffalo?’ This isn't some huge school that you’d expect him to be at,” said the associate athletic trainer, in her fifth year with the college. Saviola couldn’t believe that she was stretching out the man she had watched in movies for her entire life, nor could she believe how normal he was.
She will mostly remember cracking a joke in which she was able to make Sandler laugh, just before asking him for a picture, to which he instantly agreed.
Freshman Rylee McKInney was lying on the recovery table awaiting offseason treatment from her volleyball season when the man that starred in “Murder Mystery 2,” a movie she had watched just last week, walked in.
“He walked in with shorts that went below the knees and had a shirt on that didn’t match, with colorful basketball shoes to top it off,” she said.
The man introduced himself as Adam and asked how she was doing. A short time later, word spread: before most students could swarm the building, he told everyone he had a show to go to and left like he was never there. He performed his act in front of thousands just a short time later before continuing on his comedy tour. Sandler’s visit to the school created a story for just a handful of students to tell, but one that is surely unique for the small school of Canisius College.
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2023.05.30 19:20 LGBTQIA_Over50 Looking for FT office work

I am not writing this in the homeless section because they have a homeless mindset over there. They discuss things like how to live outdoors, dumpster dive, where to sleep on the streets or in a tent in inclement weather, or apply for disability. I'm not quite there yet, and I don't want to be.
I have my car. I've spent $3000 a year on repairs because its old. Eventually the car has to be replaced. I don't buy beaters. I need to factor in a car payment each month for repairs, or a down payment to replace this one.
I have a Masters degree, and multi-industry business skills. The drawback is my age. I need FT work that will cover (student loan, debt, health, dental, vision, apt, utilities, phone, car, gas, insurance, etc ).
When I mention dental, vision and healthcare, that isn't just to pay a premium for an insurance policy. I actually need dental work, not the kind at a clinic that yanks your teeth. I have 2 decaying teeth and periodontal gum disease. One root canal and a crown is $3,500. I used to work in Insurance, so I know what I need. I have Menopause. Planned parenthood doesn't address that.
I've worked in human resources, banking, insurance and sales. I do not want to work in banking.
Many people suggest "take any job," but one has to be offered one. I look at net income minus taxes, debt, bills, and expenses.
The last job I had was in a call center. It didn't pay enough to rent a place. Older people are not protected under fair housing laws, when asking homeowners to just rent a room. I need more than just a room. Renting rooms without a written lease presents problems (read roommates and the legal section for insight). "Lodger vs tenant" and specific State laws. Plus, many people work from home now. That's why 1BR apt prices are going up. Post pandemic people are working remotely.
I can work in insurance, recruiting, and am also interested in legal assistant office work. I can't get hired due to needing a place to live and a living wage; $ to pay my accrued bills, car, dental and vision needs (I need an eye exam and prescription glasses), car insurance policy renewal.
How do I get started from scratch? Please don't mention 211, the govt churches and nonprofits. 211 is a call center and all nonprofits launder money for the elite and toss out crumbs to keep their inventory of needy people to justify their business and six figure ceo pay. Unhoused people know whats available. If the govt gave out free apts OR employers paid a living wage, then no one would be on the streets or living in their cars.
I need employment. I don't have drugs, criminal or mental health issues. Its my age and my Covid employment gap. I need $3500-$4000 month net income. That isn't high income, so please don't judge me. What part of CT are affordable (what parts should I avoid), what places are hiring? I applied to Yale hospital for some office work. Again, I am homeless and I am down to $2000.
To those who are married with children, a single, childfree person shouldn't have to earn any less because of being single. I should be able to earn a household income to cover my expenses just like the person who chooses to have a family.
Thank you to anyone who has specific suggestions on who is hiring (ideally Connecticut because its liberal).
Temp agencies are not helpful. They are staffed with people who have no outside industry experience and their loyalty is to their client employer. I've had an assignment pull me out and let me go because I was placed into a low wage call center job for an insurance company. I used to do underwriting and claims work. And while at lunch I sat with the underwriters and my non-college degreed insecure boss called the staffing company to end my assignment. They wanted me to be content on $17/hour pretax and not look for something else within the company. I was sleeping in my car doing that job. Why the hell would I not be looking for something better and permanent with paid holiday benefits?
Other than temp services (I can't sign a rental lease on jobs that can end without notice), what places will hire an articulate, critical thinker who is middle aged and has a strong work ethic and that pays for a place to live plus medical and bills?
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2023.05.30 19:18 BEING1610 PLEASE HELP (2024 jee tard)

-studying in regular CBSE school (12th class).
-completely wasted 11th (scored below 50% in school, forget jee).
-studied completely online(pw).
-made worst possible blunders:
a. followed Nishant Jindal.
b. followed the "bhaiyas" of jee( culprit veerwal, tharun scams, nova, eknoob singh ).
c. material collection from telegram.
d. developed trust issues towards pw due to Nishant Jindal.
e. always ran behind full syllabus completion and couldn't even cover important chapters.
Basically, even after watching hundreds of guidance videos I wasted my 11th.
And even after 11th I wasted 2 more months and now 1st attempt is just 7 months away ;-;
I havent bought any batch,modules,books,etc . Now that summer vacations have started I want to give it a try ( I dont want to take drop). Please, can anyone who has faced similar situation and made it through,guide me on what should I do now?
I am thinking to complete syllabus from pw batches and confused on what batch to purchase(lakshya jee 2024,lakshya jee 2.0, or previous year lakshya jee fastrack or pyaras fastrack, PLEASE GUIDE ME ABOUT FASTRACK BATCHES TOO)
Also,I am in regular school so i have to complete first 8 chapters of pcm before 14th sept so that after 1 year i can finally not get scared to tell anyone about my results.
Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.
[ I just want to complete my class 12th till mains level and have a decent enough rank in mains to get cs in any good college].
Also,if anyone wants, I can post my learnings I have gained from past experience so that no one else makes the mistakes as I did.
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2023.05.30 19:12 magicpogosticks Trying to do everything I can before filing… at almost a complete loss of what to do

Hello everyone,
Can’t believe I’m typing this on an open forum and that I’m in this situation in the first place.
1)All school loans and living expenses for college were taken out to my name - parents had went through a bankruptcy the year prior so had very little help. 2) post school job fell through and I joined a duel masters program 7 days post graduation and got a double masters. Took out loans to cover both educational and personal living expenses in a city…Let’s just say all the deferment, crazy rent, along with non frugal/intelligent living decisions I built up quite the amount of both school (175k) and personal (~45k) debt for when I graduated. Not only that but took a couple of months post deferment to get my school line consolidated and those $1800+ payments lead to the rest of my expenses hitting credit cards.
10 years later - I make a solid living (changed jobs to a higher paying one end of last year) ~ 100k base with quarterly commissions (could hit another 100 once ramped) but compound interest, living expenses, and multiple emergency medical procedures for the fam later, and in at 200k personal and still 175 school
I had entered into a debt settlement program back in November (Americor 180k of personal- and to be honest they have been great) Have 6 of my 9 debts already in settlement plans, although 2 of my 3 largest ones not worked on yet. My mortgage is 2700, my Americor payment 3300 not to mention I have a 1 year old and all Medicaid bills and I’m just at a complete lost. I haven’t missed any payments yet, but my runway for cash is going to be up in the next couple of weeks. The last couple cc cards my wife and I had have been maxed out, and since I won’t get my commissions until end of July, then end of Oct - I don’t think I can continue to make ends meet - I have cashed out my 401k, and all saving/investment portfolios I had. Part of me truly believes just another 10-15k in cash could get me through rest of year when my commission checks are finally fully ramped
Wondering if there are any other ways to get through the next couple of months without filing, my gut is telling me it could be inevitable, but I also don’t want to pull a trigger on it to fast, especially since I haven’t missed any payments for anything yet. When should one reach out to an attorney?
Not sure what I’m looking for here but thank you for reading. I see a few in this community that have great experience, would love to get your take on timing.
Also western Massachusetts is my area
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2023.05.30 19:11 ThrowRAwayacc0unt Me F 21 and my boyfriend M 29, are not getting along and I'm starting to think we're incompatible. Can I continue and fix this mess or is it a dead end?

I need advice and help. I don't think me F 21 and my boyfriend M 29 are compatible. We've barely been together 7 months and I'm already seeing so many red flags at this point So this is my first reddit, so bear with me. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 7 months, moved in together three months ago (I know major mistake) my lease was ending and the rent in our areas are hard to make on a single income, he had an extra bedroom so we thought we could make it a "roommate" situation (lol now) So I had two dogs and a cat coming into this, all indoors, all sleep in my bed. My oldest girl passed away from cancer a few months ago so its now two of them. And they're not something I will compromise on, I made it through college with them, a relationship is not taking them from me. And he knew that, I was upfront about it before we started dating, pets are indoors and only let out under supervision, including the cat. Well for one, now he's complaining about his allergies to them and the hair (I vacuum every day and change the covers on the couch every two days) but refuses to take an allergy pill. Two, I finally landed my dream job earlier this year but starting on the bottom in this career it's not great but not terrible pay.. three weeks ago he got let go from his job of 9 years due to the lack of incoming work vs employees and talked maybe a whole two days of getting a job. Now he's got this wacky idea of riding on unemployment and pulling from his retirement, and buying broke down cars and rebuilding them, which is what I intend to do down the road (vintage restoration) but he has few tools, little to no knowledge, no truck or trailer to transport these vehicles and we RENT. He already has almost half a dozen cars outside of his own and only one runs, and I have two and one needs a new head gasket (I'm 3 weeks out on my Budget to fix it, yay!) Now it's a regular thing recently, I come home after not having a great day, he gets aggravated about me going to the gym at 9 and coming back a little after 10, I'm a farmers market vendor so I'm either working on my inventory or marketing, my garden, my rig, or with the dog. He doesn't have a job right now, I'll clean the house one evening and come home to it being a total wreck. I've thought about leaving, but I have little savings built up and definitely not enough to rent another pet friendly place, my dad has offered me to move in with him and his wife, but they're currently having issues with my younger 18 yr old brother so their home is a warzone. There's more on how he doesn't think my goals are achievable and ridiculous, ect. Any advice, please help
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2023.05.30 19:06 Tylerr_A What would you consider a decent commission? If you were to partner with someone per say.

I’m not a groomer, did a little when I was in college at a vet office but I’m no pro; but I love my dogs and they love their mobile groomers.
I was having an idea to partner with my current groomer but curious what kind of deal would be interesting to you guys if you were in her shoes.
I was thinking I’d buy the van and cover all expenses, and she brings her current clients and gets 50% commission plus all tips of course. But then all subsequent vans maybe she gets a % commission off them as well as she’d be critical for sourcing and hiring the new groomers and locating clients.
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2023.05.30 18:55 jovian_salad Affordable/depression friendly routine?

Affordable/depression friendly routine?
Hello lovely people!
I fell out of touch with a skin routine when I started college. I just graduated and want to build up some good skin habits again now that I have time.
I need to be pretty frugal as I am saving for graduate school. I also struggle with building new habits from depression so any routine which requires frequent tending to (apart from morning/evening things) won’t work well for me. I have been struggling to find something that works.
About my skin and routine: I tend to have fairly oily skin and most of my acne is hormonal (these pics are from a breakout, so this is the worst it’ll get typically).
I deal with blackheads quite often and generally feel like my skin is textured more than it needs to be (but don’t we all?).
I do have picking habits but I’m hoping being out of school for a gap year will help me kick some of that as I won’t be so stressed. I do have scaring in places.
Normally I am good about sunscreen as I have tattoos and am neurotic about covering those up. I do have a slight sunburn rn from a day where I missed sunscreen and went out for the day anyways.
As far as products n such. I have none. No real routine right now other than scrubbing my face in the shower and using a “facial exfoliating sponge”.
Any advice on products and routines, or links to further my own research into this would be fantastic.
Thank you :)
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2023.05.30 18:53 begin-afresh-afresh- Brightly-colored harp as your only instrument - bad choice?

I'm "upgrading" from a Pakistani harp to a Harpsicle (can't really afford anything else and I'm in need of a bettelighter harp semi-urgently).
I have a choice between special edition in cherry and red stain. Now, I love the red one because I think it might... impress people? Say what you want about Pakistani harps, but they look beautiful to non-harpists, and my harp always draws attention. Harpsicles are more petite and simplistic in design, and I'm worried about losing out on the "wow, a harp" reaction with it. So I was thinking maybe a bright colour, dark red in this case, might "make up" for it.
On the other hand, a wooden harp just looks more "professional" and seems like a safer choice? I have this feeling that maybe people are more impressed when they see a "classic" looking harp, while a red one will be perceived more like a quirk/toy.
For context, I plan on busking with the harp and playing with a college(ish) band where we play rock and pop punk covers at various parties and events. People are always blown out that we have a harp, so that's why I'm worried about keeping up that impression. (I am learning the harp more seriously as well, but these are my current "real-life" applications)
So, what are your opinions on this? If I had a more serious instrument as my main one and was only getting a Harpsicle just for busking/playing in a rock band, I would definitely go for a bright colour, but since it will be my only instrument for likely a long time, I'm in a lot of doubt.
Would really appreciate to hear some perspectives! It's (unfortunately) a big decision for me financially and having a spot in this band is also important to me, so I'm scared to mess up.
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2023.05.30 18:50 ThrowawaySaveCake AITA for saving my brother a piece of cake instead of giving it to my nephew

Last weekend my family hosted a little lunch get together. The people in our house were my mom, my stepdad, me (17f), and my stepbrother Mark (17m). Our guests were my stepsister Carrie (28f), her fiancé, her two stepdaughters (6 and 4) and her son Tim (5) as well as my brother Ryan (21m).
The guests were welcomed to bring additional food but there were plenty of good things to eat. There were apple pie and ice cream for dessert as well as my mom’s special chocolate cake that everyone loves. She made two of the chocolate cake but accidentally dropped one, leaving only one for the party.
My brother Ryan goes to college in another city and would drive to join us (1.5 - 2 hour drive). About an hour before we were supposed to meet, Ryan called to let me know his car broke down and he was having a mechanic take a look at it. He said he would be a bit late but he should be able to make it and to save some food for him.
I told everyone of Ryan’s situation. Carrie and her family arrived on time and we had a delicious lunch. I helped slice and serve the chocolate cake - the piece was a bit small but everybody got one. I put Ryan’s share on a plate and covered it to give to him later.
We chatted as we ate so it was a rather long meal but Ryan still didn’t show up. My mom called him as we were about to have dessert and Ryan said he hoped he could be at home in time for dinner. Everyone accepted that and we dug into the sweets. My mom’s chocolate cake was the first thing that vanished, of course, and we were eating the pie and ice cream when Tim said he wanted more cake.
Now Mark offered to share his 2/3 eaten piece but Tim insisted that there was one more piece and he wanted that one. I told him that it was for Ryan who would join us later. Tim just started shouting that he wanted cake, finally crying. Carrie then asked me if Tim could have the cake, but I insisted it was for Ryan who last enjoyed it during his last visit at Christmas. Carrie comes over at least once a month so there would be plenty of opportunities for Tim to have the cake.
Tim cried until he fell asleep and Mark and Carrie’s fiancé offered to take care of the children’s nap time while the rest of us clean up. Carrie sulked a little because I refused to give Tim the cake. Then Ryan called me that he couldn’t come anymore because his car problems were more serious than he thought and he would visit us when the car was running again.
At this point, Carrie was upset that I had saved the cake for a person who didn’t even show up instead of giving it to her son. I told her I could pack it for her to take home or give to Tim after he woke up. She said it would be much better if I offered this before Tim had to cry. I personally thought she spoiled her son a bit much but he was 5 and maybe I could offer him half a piece of the cake I saved for Ryan or something. AITA?
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2023.05.30 18:38 thgvnn How would a 18-year-old excelling at basketball and graduating high school but living outside the US get the attention of college scouts to see if he can get a basketball scholarship in the US?

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2023.05.30 18:38 hewilltellitat4am New grad that has been applying to over 2000 jobs total since August last year, feeling crazy

I feel like I did everything I was supposed to do, but I guess I'm just unlucky (US citizen). I went to a T30 school, got a CS degree, got close with some professors, networked with a few other students, went to a lot of career session events and followed up with recruiters (virtually since its been pandemic times), some previous internships with relevant experiences, and always applied to ~100 jobs every month. Since that point, I say that I'd have had ~15 interviews in total, with me getting to the final stages of 2 different companies, both going with another candidate at the final moment. This happened recently, and I've been burned by them ever since even though I felt like it was going to happen and that I'd finally get a job after all of this work.
Now I've graduated college and I just sit at home applying to jobs or playing video games. Sometimes I get so depressed I'll literally just go on Handshake/LinkedIn/Indeed and go into a manic phase where I just have like 157 tabs of Software DevelopeEngineewhatever title positions open and just apply until I can't stay awake anymore, I don't even write cover letters at this point or have a template one that I tailor to each position because it just takes too long. Whenever I ask for advice some people tell me its my interview skills that are bad, others tell me its my resume while others tell me I'm strong in those areas I was earlier told I'm weak in and at this point I just don't know anymore. I do know that ultimately I'm not going to give up and that I just need a little bit of time because it would be worse to do so, even though time is the one thing that is not on my side. I've literally shown people the amount of jobs that I've applied to over Handshake/LinkedIn and they look at me like I'm crazy but I'm just dedicated to this never ending process. Has anyone else ever been here before and have any advice for me?
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2023.05.30 18:23 Sickly_lips Please send some support to Ithaca New York members of the SBWU, who have had all but one store closed due to unionization with little notice after cutting hours. This is the town surrounding the Ivy League school Cornell. #starbuksislying

I'll comment with a link to a local article regarding this. But if anyone can help support them, share this online, etc. it would be amazing. I was downtown and chatted with them and many of them are out of work and being denied severance due to their protesting. As someone currently job hunting myself I can't help, but please get the word out!
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2023.05.30 18:23 ssamin69 my version of dreamy night. I did this a long time ago for my college magazine cover.

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2023.05.30 18:20 Miserable-Airport592 AITA for not allowing my friend to bring his new dog over?

I (24F) just graduated college and moved back home with my mom to save up to buy a house. My boyfriend Joe(24 M) and his dog moved in with us as well, and we now have 4 dogs in the house who get along great. While I have a job my bf is still looking for one, so he is home all day. My high school friend, Eric (25M) went to college with us and is also home for the summer, and his job doesn’t start for a few weeks. Joe is not from my city and only knows my friends, and had gotten close with Eric while at college. While I am at work during the day Eric usually comes over to hangout with Joe, which I’m glad that Joe isn’t alone all day, but Eric is very irresponsible and immature, constantly leaving my house a mess and taking my food/alcohol. I’ve been working a lot to get caught up with the debt I accumulated while in college, and it’s gotten really tiring. Everyday I’ve come home to Joe spending time with my mom and helping around the house, while Eric is asleep in my bed and there’s a mess. Recently, our other friend Adam (23 M) has been coming over with Eric. Adam isn’t as bad as Eric, but it’s gotten to be to the point where I just want to come home and relax with Joe but Adam and Eric are always there. Yesterday, I had a really stressful day and when I came home I just wanted to lay in bed, but Eric was asleep in it. I kicked him out so I could relax and just wanted to spend the day on my own or with Joe. A few hours later, Adam and Eric showed up to my house without any invitation and brought Adam’s puppy he had gotten the day before. I was very aggravated as I had just kicked Eric out of my house to spend some time on my own, Eric claims that I invited Adam over and that Adam just brought Eric with him. Neither me nor Joe invited Adam over. Adam ended up falling asleep while there, and while asleep his new dog pooped (a lot) on my floor. I told Eric he had to wake up Adam to get him to clean it. Eric woke him up and told him his dog pooped inside, Adam’s response was “oh damn.” And did not go to clean it. I had practically to beg him to clean it, and will still probably have to throw out that rug. As Adam and Eric were cleaning it they threw the dog poop onto a pile of sticks that were supposed to be for a bonfire, now covered in dog poop, making yet another mess. Adam now wants to bring his puppy over again so she can be around my dogs. As much as I love the puppy, I just want a break and to be able to relax and do what I want in my house for at least a week without having to worry about Eric or Adam. But that means that Joe will be alone all day or stuck with my mom, which he hasn’t complained about but I’ll feel bad. So AITA for not allowing Adam or Eric over?
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2023.05.30 18:07 ThornRose12 Finish up or laser off?

Finish up or laser off?
I’ve had this tattoo for years now- it’s a long story but I’ll try to give the shortened version. I wanted a memorial tattoo for my childhood cat next to a scar he gave me on my leg. It was actually my first tattoo, and obviously it was really bad. So a few years later, while I was in college, I thought I’d have it covered up. The artist was near my school out of state, and she did another amazing piece for me on my side that I love. My expectations were high for this one. The only down side with this artist is that she takes a REALLY long time to tattoo. The second photo was four or five sessions, each at least three hours long. This unfortunately became an issue- because despite promising me multiple times that she could finish the piece before I graduated and moved back home- it never got done. Now years have passed, and I’m left with this half done monstrosity. It really makes me sad because I’ve come to hate it! I hate how she blacked out the area between the cat and flowers- that wasn’t what we agreed upon. I wanted his ‘fur’ to fill those spaces and I’m really not a fan of that blacked out look. Also, I’m terrified that part of the reason she gave up on the piece is because she realized that the cover up was impossible. I don’t see how the green leaves will ever be able to cover up the cat legs. Is this worth finishing?? How do I go about asking a different artist to finish someone else’s work? Should I just have it laser off and start over? Help!!
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2023.05.30 18:02 LittleTrashMenace Bringing up a wheelchair to my doctor

I need some help. I have hEDS, as well as some cardiac problems and arthritis in my spine. I have an appointment with my pain specialist in a few weeks and want to bring up getting a custom wheelchair to help me have more mobility and independence. I need the chair both for pain management as well as my cardiac problems. Insurance should cover the chair as I need to use it inside the house as well.
The doctor I have is usually very friendly and is very good about letting his patients help direct their treatment so I’m not too worried about his reaction, but I would like some advice on bringing it up to him. I plan to be straightforward about it: here are some of the points I want to bring up.
· About a month ago I was leaving a port from a cruise and was standing in the long line to disembark. My pain was really bad and my high pain triggered my cardiac issues. As we were leaving the port I started having really bad chest pain and collapsed. I was unable to get up again and security had to find a wheelchair to help me get to my car.
· I have a chair I use around the house and outside, but it is a standard chair. It’s too heavy and is hard to unload and load. It can be difficult to use as it is rather bulky and a couple of pieces on it are broken. A custom chair would work better.
· Using the chair allows me to get more things done on high pain days instead of just laying in bed all day.
· I’m going to be going back to college soon and will need an increase in my mobility to make that more accessible.
· I am a fall risk and have fallen before. I have ended up with bruises from some of these falls and even sprained my wrist trying to catch myself.
Does anyone have any advice on something that may be helpful to add? Or anything that I might want to avoid mentioning? Again, I don’t think that this doctor is going to do anything awful, the worst I can see him doing is saying my cardiologist should handle it since there are cardio problems involved. But still the smoother I can make this the better.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 17:25 Chesserowski 21[M4F] lf kausap/kadate/ka-study buddy

nilagay ko na lahat HAHA
Hi! Trying again my luck hehe feel ko naman ready na ko makipag-date (sana)
Abt me:
-premed student from UP
-5'6, normal BMI
-loves to watch movies (has a letterboxd, faves are La La Land, EEAAO, Her, Parasite, and In the Mood for Love), anime (Haikyuu!, AOT), manga, sports (f1, football, basketball, chess), and kdramas (Our Beloved Summer recent fave)
-classical music are my go-to music while studying (listening to Debussy rn as he is my fave composer hehe)
-loves to write movie reviews and ramblings either sa letterboxd or sa blog hehe
-Music faves: Zild, Unique, Sufjan Stevens, Shirebound and Busking (still diversifying!)
-nerdy-looking, pero the kind na pwedeng pwede introduce sa parents mo (can send pics)
-Residing in Manila
Abt you:
-5'3 and lower
-normal bmi (petite to medium build)
-has probably the same interests as mine, if not sige go still chat me we can talk abt it!
-residing within NCR
-good conversationalist and just be decent!
Exchange pics tayo!
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2023.05.30 17:19 WhiteWashPepe Hi guys. Need advise here. I'm Asian in mid 30s. Dr Laorwong or Motion clinic ?

Hi guys. I've been reading the forum and also making research on youtube, yelp, google, reviews from respective clinics and all. It was insightful and enlightening.
Long story short, I've told that I might need 3k craft to repair my hairline in the front and bring it down a little. I think it's at Norwood scale 3? Luckily my hair at the back and top is pretty dense. I have a hairstyle that lets me cover the hair loss on both sides of my temple. I also have a high hairline and a wide forehead since young :(
I am in my mid 30s, Asian, Usually have my hair covered my forehead and the balding sides. However, I have a very thick/density hair at the back and top of my head.
What's interesting is, most information that I can find about Hair transplant on youtube, reddit, heavily revolves and cycles around Motion clinic in south korea and Dr Laorwong in thailand, which is pretty convenient for me to travel to. However, I need opinions and advises on which is more preferable?
As I mentioned earlier, I've kept my hair down since young cause I have a wide and high forehead but my hair style has/had been closer to Korean Inspired style, which is long in the front that covers up to my eyebrow. My worry is, upon looking on the youtubers that had done their hair transplant from Motion clinic, they wear their front hair short. I've noticed they are all mainly from US/Canada , maybe prefer a shorter hair style but am I able to restore or get close to the density after a 3k graft transplant in the front and to grow my front hair out long? I know this may sound cringe, but am I able to grow them out like the korean oppa hairstyle? ( my hairstyle was similar to that for almost 2 decades till lately it's been having trouble as hair loss on both temple has been getting worse) Alot of hair spray involved to keep my hair stay, also afraid of wind :( Really need a hair transplant but worry about alot of factors.
Do enlighten , also which clinic is more reputable or have better results ?
Thank you
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2023.05.30 17:05 TracingBullets CMV: Pro-Palestinians should be assumed to be opposed to peace, pro-terrorist and anti-semitic until

I have observed the "pro-Palestinian" movement in action for over a decade, and it has become clear to me that it is a movement with serious moral failings, moral failings that are maintained by strong groupthink and the stamping out of dissent. I have tried to give the pro-Palestinians the benefit of the doubt in the past, but all I can do is draw conclusions from what I see. Would you like to know what I see?
I see pro-Palestinians rejecting peace.
I see the leadership of BDS, the pro-Palestinian north star and guiding light, admitting many times over that the purpose of their movement is to destroy Israel. I see pro-Palestinians across the world chanting "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free," and "death to Israel," at this point there are thousands of videos of them doing so. I see every major Palestinian and pro-Palestinian group drawing their logos to show a "Palestine" not in the West Bank and Gaza but including all of Israel. I see them regularly conflating "pro-Palestinian" with "anti-Zionist" and continuing to defend anti-Zionism as a legitimate point of view on the debate stage at places like Intelligence Squared. I see them sneeringly label Israel as an "ethnostate" for being Jewish while refusing to say the same about any Arab state, or any other nation state for that matter. I see them insisting that Israel exists on "stolen Palestinian land" which must be returned, and I see them snarling that they "really, truly don't give a fuck" what would happen to Israelis should their sovereignty be taken away from them. I see them labeling any Arab, politician or otherwise, who dares to so much as treat an Israeli with a modicum of human decency as a "traitor."
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinian individuals or groups explicitly endorsing two states for two peoples, in fact I have yet to find a single pro-Palestinian group or organization that does so. I don't see pro-Palestinians reaching across the aisle to find common humanity with Israelis, or trying to bring the two sides to a mutual understanding. I don't see pro-Palestinians ever treating anyone who disagrees with them with anything other than base hatred and violence.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian individual wants peace?
I also see pro-Palestinians being pro-terrorist.
Every time Israel and a terrorist organization, even ones that aren't Palestinian like Hezbollah, get into conflict, I see pro-Palestinians marching out into the streets not to call for peace and an end to the violence, but to "stand in solidarity" with their "resistance fighters." I see BDS, the face of the pro-Palestinian movement, endorsing and defending terrorists. On this subreddit and especially on /Israel_Palestine, pro-Palestinians make it clear that Palestinians not only have the right but the obligation to resist the occupation "by any means necessary." Pro-Palestinian groups like Jewish Voice for Peace regularly reaffirm the Palestinian right to "armed struggle." A new chant we see alongside the aforementioned"from the river to the sea Palestine will be free" is "there is only one solution, intifada revolution." When it comes to settlers, the pro-Palestinians are even more clear: they are all legitimate targets, even the children. I see pro-Palestinians pulling out all the stops to help terrorists like Rasmea Odeh, and I see them giving platforms to terrorists like Leila Kahled and supporters of terrorism as well on college campuses. In fact I see pro-Palestinians getting very heated and bothered that anyone would refer to groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorists, and I see them insisting the "real terrorists" are the Israeli children murdered by those groups.
Meanwhile, I don't see any pro-Palestinian group explicitly disavowing the targeting killing of civilians by Palestinians, or the groups that carry out such attacks. Even finding individuals who are willing to do so is extremely difficult: they prefer instead to whatabout or minimize them. At best, you're going to see things like "I don't support Hamas but those children were settlers so they had it coming"
Here's an example comment that proves my point for me:
"Hamas and the PIJ are the resistance right now. if you are pro-Palestinians and believe they have the right to resist the Israeli oppression then you are automatically pro-Hamas and pro-PIJ."
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian is opposed to terrorism?
I also see pro-Palestinians being anti-Semitic.
At this point the number of cases of Jews, not merely Zionists, being attacked both verbally and physically by Western pro-Palestinians runs in the hundreds. I see pro-Palestinians ramming Jewish girls with shopping carts, punching Jewish college students and professors for the crime of disagreeing with them, screaming racially charged insults at Jews, conspiring to keep Jews out of student governments, and pushing to keep Jews out of the Women's March and the Temple Mount. I see them harassing Jews at synagogue in Michigan, assaulting old men for attending a basketball game, and taunting Holocaust survivors. I also see pro-Palestinians vandalizing Jewish houses of worship and Hillel houses, disrupting Holocaust remembrance ceremonies, graffiting Holocaust memorials, and engaging in Holocaust inversion regularly. I see pro-Palestinians insisting that Jews are not allowed to decide what anti-Semitism is, and that what anti-Semitism is and isn't is up to Palestinians, not Jews.
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinians admitting that there's a problem of anti-semitism in their movement and committing themselves to fixing it. Instead I just hear a lot of whining about definitions of anti-semitism and how it might make it harder to criticize Israel. The few who have the courage to speak out against the anti-Semitism in the Palestinian movement are attacked and smeared.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian isn't anti-Semitic or at least complicit in the anti-Semitism of the movement?
At this point the pro-Palestinian movement has a very well established reputation for all of these things, and have done nothing to deserve the benefit of the doubt. So I refuse to give it to them, and neither should you. If any of our local pro-Palestinians truly want peace, are truly opposed to terrorism, and are truly not opposed to Jews being treated equally, with dignity, and with human rights, let them say so now, without equivocation or euphemism, or let them remain silent and be judged forever accordingly. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 17:00 cbbtriviabot It's Trivia Tuesday!

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Welcome to Trivia Tuesday! Trivia Tuesday is a weekly competition run by cinciforthewin and jloose128. If this is your first week and you want more information regarding the rules, prizes, and more, click here for a complete overview.
If you have a question regarding a grading error or general questions about the competition, ask jloose128 either in the comments or through private message. Questions about team registration and the bot can be directed towards cinciforthewin.
For the answers to last week’s questions, click here! Be sure to check these answers with your scores to make sure your quiz was graded correctly.
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2023.05.30 16:58 Effective-Apricot-32 UPDATE: I decided to check the WhatsApp conversations on my late father's phone, and what I found horrified me.

If you remember my older post, here is an update: Claire kicked me out of the house. The house I was paying rent for.
Do you remember how we supposedly agreed that I would go to whatever church I wanted and Claire couldn't get in the way? Well, somehow she, coming Sunday, she hoped it wasn't. On Sunday morning, I started getting ready for church, and so did she. When it was time to go, I grabbed my keys and started to leave, when Claire asked me what she was doing. I told her that I would go to the church, and she told me that it was still an hour and a half before the service began. I told her not at the church I was going to, that in fact I was running a little late. Then she started to insist, until I told her to stop, that we had made a deal and she had to respect it.
Then she started saying how dare I be so ungrateful, after she "accepted me into her home" after dad died and my family didn't want me. That I should "honor my father and mother", and that I was not doing it. So I told her that she could not know that, because she was not my mother, and those who could say if they felt honored by me or not, were no longer in this world.
Then she started hitting me. I covered my face with my arms, and apparently my arms are hard, because when Claire punched my arms with her fists, she felt pain, and started screaming that I was hitting her. I collapsed, started crying and screaming and begging her to let me go in peace and telling her that I didn't want to live with her anymore.
She became even more hysterical, and she told me that she was fine then, to get out of there right now. That she never wanted to see me again. She went to lock herself in her room, and I went to pack to return to my city.
Minutes later, Claire returned with Lily to the phone. She wanted her to mediate between us again, to "reach a new agreement" (I suppose she only wanted to respect it as long as it favored her), but I told Lily that I just wanted to go and that her mother wasn't there for me leaving. Lily repeated to Claire to let me go. Claire continued to rage, but she let me pack.
So, on Sunday afternoon I went to my city by bus, to be received by my best friend (whom I mentioned in the last post is the one who is taking care of my cats). My life is a mess right now, that's why I couldn't update until now, after I finished the semester at college.
Three days after returning to my city, and living with my best friend, Claire wrote to me on WhatsApp, "apologizing" for what had happened. She said that she loved me, that she never meant to hurt me, and that "I was a part of the man she loved." I responded via my dad's phone, sending her screenshots of the messages she had sent to him. In our conversation, she told me that I was a gossip, that "I was condemning my life", to get closer to God, and she repeated the "honor your father and your mother" thing. I blocked her.
At least I'm not living with that woman anymore. I'm going to start slowly to rebuild my life, but for now, I'll enjoy my vacation.
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