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[25/F] friends in LA

2023.05.30 20:06 TraditionalProblem95 [25/F] friends in LA

Hey there, everyone! I'm a 25-year-old female currently in Los Angeles, specifically in the Hollywood area, for the month of June. I'm here with my boyfriend, who lives in this city. But when he's at work, I find myself bored and lacking some company and hoping to meet new people. So, I thought it would be awesome to find some cool people to hang out with and do fun things like grabbing drinks at the bar or club, going for coffee, checking out the mall, or trying out great food.
I like hiphop & R&B. I love to read. I especially love dogs. I am literally obsessed with coffee too. I am in college also. These are just a few of my personal interests.
Just to make it clear, I'm only looking to make new friends and not seeking anything past that. I'm a laid-back person who genuinely enjoys meeting new people and trying new things. Los Angeles is such an amazing city, full of opportunities, and I'm excited to explore its culture and lifestyle even more. It can be a bit tough to do that when you're not from here and only know one person.
By the way, I'm actually planning to move to Los Angeles permanently next summer, so it'll be great for me to make some genuine connections here. Having a group of friends already when I make the move will make it even more exciting. If any of you are up for hanging out, feel free to leave a comment below. I'm genuinely excited to meeting new people. :)
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2023.05.30 20:05 northhiker1 Would this be asking too much from our agent?

Wife and I are closing on a new build next Tuesday. We are buying a house across the country for my wife's new job. Wife is a physician and the realtor we are using is the one the hospital setup to give us a community tour when they flew us out for her interview. He did like 6 virtual tours of houses before we made an offer on one. He setup and was present for inspection. Then we flew out and did a walk-through with a builder rep and he was present for that too. So he has been very helpful and always available.
We won't be there in person for final walk through so our agent is going for us this Thursday. Inspector is going out today to verify all repairs were made that was on the inspection report
Anyways our plan was to hopefully move out there mid June. Unfortunately my wife's residency is kind of screwing her over last minute (story of a resident physician) so looks like we will be moving out there early July (5th or 6th) moving pods are now scheduled
We plan on asking our agent to set the thermostat to eco mode on the day he takes possession of the keys and to shut off water main. He said he has no problem holding onto the keys until we get there
I'm probably going to have to hire landscaping for 1 or 2 times for the month of June (it's new sod, wondering how long we have to wait before first cutting?)
Anyways I'm thinking. Mine as well try to get some things done for the month before we move in
Not much, really the only thing is to get our garage concrete floor epoxy and to seal our concrete driveway. I'm already in talks with a company to do this, they will just need to take measurements and see the area before giving an accurate estimate. So I want to ask our agent if he would be ok to letting them into the garage and driveway and if I decide to use them if he would be ok to let them have access a separate day to do the work (they say they only need a day to get the work done)
Would this be asking too much from him? I don't want to put him in the uncomfortable situation of having to say no or something.
Some more details. Home purchase price is 713k and he is getting a 3% commission so he is making a good amount on this purchase
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2023.05.30 20:04 qwertyshmerty Laid off, crazy in-laws, no village

I'm a first time mom, my LO is 3.5 months old. Husband works. I was laid off in my third trimester. Rather than look for a new job I'm currently just taking my time being a SAHM. The company said it was due to a "restructuring", and I believed them because they also laid off someone else on my team. His last day was set to be a month after my last day. However, I just found out that after I left they offered him a "new" position as manager. So really they laid me off and promoted him.

3 weeks later the baby was born. 21 hour labor in total. The in-laws offered to support us and help us take care of baby, which I happily agreed to. However, as soon as the baby was born their personalities completely changed. They became controlling and emotionally abusive. Tried to manipulate me to stop breastfeeding and to keep the baby at their house because ours isn't "good enough" (husband and I are both lead software engineers and we have a pretty decent house, but it's not as big and fancy as theirs), said my labor and delivery took too long, were offended that they had to sit in the waiting room so long, and so much more. We went no contact with them and I was feeling unsafe so I set up home security and such.

My parents live 3 hours away and have jobs. My mom takes care of my grandma basically 24/7 because she is schizophrenic and bedridden. All the rest of my family lives far away all spread out across the US. My mom has visited a couple of times, but it's actually harder when she's here because it adds more to our plate. We have to provide food for her and clean up after her, etc. She's so tired from taking care of my grandma and traveling and so all she really does is holds the baby for a little bit.

We have a close friend who recently had a baby too (oddly enough our babies were actually born on the same day), and I can't help but be envious of them. All the experiences the baby gets to have with aunts,uncles,cousins,grandparents and it just makes me feel so sad for my baby not getting any of that. All the help that they are getting from everyone buying them things, bringing them food and helping them clean.

I love my LO so so much. But lately she's developed colic. She was chill and happy until about 2.5 months and then colic hit and she cries almost every night from 6pm - 12am. She's clearly in some kind of pain from gas/digestion, so I cut dairy from my diet and started giving her probiotics/gas drops and really just trying all the things.

I'm just really tired, stressed from the in-laws and from getting laid off, and sad for my LO not having the big family experience.
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2023.05.30 20:02 CheapSlander0011 Dimag ka bhosda ho rakha hai

Boards mein 84.4 aagaye. PCM aggregate 80.666666 bhi aa gaye. Bitsat mein 202/390 BHI aa gaye.
Aaj mom ko bola “bits pilani mei chemical mil jaaega accha field hai chemical, bohot paisa and scope hai if done right.” Mom shooed me away saying that chemical waale wells mein kaam karke mar jaate hai and all (My aim is to go into the statistical/economical side of chemical and pharmaceutical related fields though, wo nahi hua toh finance. BE Chemical at bits makes way for both)(Bpharm mat bolna ab)
She’s herself a computer engineer who has worked in a dozen countries and my dad is a consultant in the UK in some water works related company (Just tryna say that they’re literate enough). And my mom is not trying to understand such a simple point im trying to make.
She asked me to take up Information and Communication Technology at DAIICT via nri quota (nearly same fees as bits) instead and get into IT related fields coz “2 crore ki pagaar after MS”. How do I try to explain? I mean she will obviously let me take up what I wanna as long as she gets to say that her son is studying engineering but I hate half hearted green signals.
Mast ladai hui aur torch fek ke tod bhi diya maine lmao😹
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2023.05.30 20:01 man69inthebuttholes I'm bothered by this and don't want it to be ignored: Justice Geddes made a homophobic tweet implying gay sex acts as an insult. The target was actually gay. Why does this upset me so much? (Justice deleted most of their twitter earlier today)

I'm bothered by this and don't want it to be ignored: Justice Geddes made a homophobic tweet implying gay sex acts as an insult. The target was actually gay. Why does this upset me so much? (Justice deleted most of their twitter earlier today) submitted by man69inthebuttholes to freemagic [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 20:01 Electrical-Walk712 elderly abuse scams awareness

Well I am new to posting on Reddit I have been trying to figure out how to upload the images I have been saving for this, but I will just go ahead, try to talk about it. I Recently moved to another state. I had to move in with my 76 year old father. Due to severe cervical stenosis. That a whole other issue.
When I got here i quickly realized there wasn't something right with him. He had a 46 year old women living in the basement. I learned of an incident. Involving this women where she had stolen from my Dad enough for it to be considered grand larceny. Months prior to me moving while I was recovering from my first surgery. My dad fell in his house with this person in the home. He had laid on the floor for hours. These two incidences. Sent off a wave of emotions and questions.
I learned that the incident where she stole from him. He paid for her to get bailed out of jail. He also paid for her daughter to get out of Jail. He paid for an attorney to seal the records through the local courts. After hours and hours of research. I am beginning to believe he has vascular dementia . With knowing my dad most of his life and knowing most of his medical history. The evidence is all there.
I know this women has manipulated her way into his heart. He has lived a very #traumatic life due to being a #vietnam #veteran. The company he has kept most of his life is very shaddy. One of the women He has dated in the past stole a gun from him after he kicked her out of his house. She shot herself. He has never forgave himself for this. The women had alot of problems but in the current situation i am aware of this and feel this woman has been using this information to manipulate him. I filed a protective order against her on behalf of my Dad.
This woman, sat in the car with me bragging about how the best education she got was in jail. Learning how to fraud people. I also learned her ex besty. Just got done pulling off a heist of a lifetime working as a caretaker. when the women she was working for went to the hospital due to whatever happened. The caretaker took out life insurance policies in her name and stole most of the household items to be sold. Drained the bank accounts.
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2023.05.30 20:00 Nithin_sv Splunk Career advice. Transition from Splunk admin and dev to SOC analyst

Hello, I have been working as Splunk admin and dev in a project. We use only Splunk enterprise. I have been trying to switch companies ( for better pay). They reject me saying that i dont have experience in Incidence response. So I figured that I could switch project internally and move into Cybersecurity team that uses Splunk ES. It took me two months to give interviews and get into a project. So this project is a support project where we do content creation using Splunk and monitor 24/7 for an US client. I have read many blogs that dev project is better than support. So I just wanna know if the decision that I made was bad or not. Any tips to improve myself would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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2023.05.30 20:00 whatslifeforfr Classic “I don’t know what to do” post .. any advice?

Classic “I need advice” post
Hey everyone! I’m at my wits end here.
I am 26 years old with a bachelors degree in theatre (I know I was hard headed) and I for the life of me can’t find a career path. I’ve tried to apply to entry level jobs across so many industries and have gotten a few interviews, but then ghosted after.
I only have experience as a bartendeserver and worked a summer gig at a theatre company as a carpenter once or twice.
I don’t know what to do, if I have to be a bartender until 30 I might end up in a padded room.
I’m a smart guy, have taught my self most of the things in life alone. I’ve tried coding but I’m not THAT smart. I just feel stuck and need general advice.
So please Reddit, lend me your knowledge and help me find any career that’s not bartending.
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2023.05.30 20:00 WholeMail5462 can you pass a business down generations?

I started a successful car company and I’m trying to get it worth $1 trillion. Is it possible that once my kid turns 18, if i died, would my kid inherit the business? if you know please reply. thank you.
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2023.05.30 20:00 Pink_Strawberry95 Need Some Advice as A New CSM - Quickly Feeling Burnout

As the title states- I was promoted to a CSM at my current company (SaaS Ed-Tech) and have been in this new role just shy of 7 months now. Prior to this, I was part of the company's Tier 2 Support team. My working knowledge of our product suite / ability to coach clients through technical terms and guide them through product optimization landed me my CSM role.
Prior to this, the team was only 2 people. We are now a team of 4 + my manager. On average we have 23 -25 accounts, with all of mine being at an average ARR of $6M. Normally, I feel like this would be do-able/fine, but our team rapidly growing means we have to go through the painful process of leaders/management constantly flip-flopping on how they want the team's KPIs to be defined, if we do trainings for users + how many, our meeting cadence with clients, desk work/client admin work, etc.
Right now expectations are: check-in meetings (bi-weekly or monthly, but majority of people I have are on bi-weekly because of things I'll get to below), taking on ad-hoc optimization or training requests, also doing one-to-many trainings two times a year for our account book, working on facilitating bug escalations or feature review, responding to clients/internal team members via e-mail, conducting annual reviews for all my accounts (some in-person), joining meetings during the end of implementation for any accounts who expanded + anyone new i'm getting to my list, and working on making a master data set + notes for all of our assigned accounts since we have never had good documentation on the history of any of our accounts.
There are days (even weeks) where I cannot get any administrative or desk work done due to the sector we serve. Lots of educators and administrators are skeptical of new tech adoption or don't even know how to use the suite efficiently (meaning check-ins become product coaching sessions and more frequent check-in sessions instead of monthly meets) or just use me as a punching bag to complain about non-implemented features/escalate bug issues 24/7 (which also means more frequent check-in sessions). There was one week I had 23 meetings (both internal and external). I feel like because leadership and management knew how good I was at navigating the suite, I was given accounts that were extremely difficult/demanding or have had bumpy product adoption in the past rather than regional assignments. Not to say I don't shy away from a good challenge, but I would say it's the majority (like 75%) of the accounts I work with.
All this to say - I am burning out. Fast. I am really patient and empathetic and try to use my time efficiently, but I feel like I'm handling my accounts in a reactive way vs. proactive way despite my best efforts to be proactive because I am also being jerked around with internal processes. If I have on average 10 -15 meetings a week plus ongoing client escalations, I feel like my brain can't prioritize everything that needs to happen in a single week when it comes to e-mails and other desk work, nor should I have to feel like I have to be in panic mode every single week with no breaks. I found out last-minute that I'm getting another person added to my accounts book and it nearly sent me into panic mode because of everything I already have to do.
Additionally, I know I'm being paid way below market value and my general skill set. When I was promoted, I was offered $70k base salary + commission. Wasn't allowed to negotiate (which was a slight red flag, but given my financial situation a pay raise is a pay raise lol). We have been re-evaluated and got a 4% pay bump, but I know it's still below market average, which I see ranges anywhere from $85k - $100k base salary even with any bonus structure in place.
Can anyone give me tips on how to weather this perfect storm? I really like what I do and my team and want to succeed, but having a hell of a time week in and week out trying to figure out how to balance it all given the tug of war that's happening internally and my clients who are extremely needy.
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2023.05.30 20:00 Classic_Type3827 steamdeck crashing

im playing on steamdeck and its been crashing everytime i die, it also sometimes happens randomly.
and i hate to be that guy that just posts crashlogs but i tried to read it and none of it makes sense, i have been able to find out that its a render issue though

Fallout 4 v1.10.163 Buffout 4 v1.26.2 Unhandled exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x0003590745E4 d3d11.Dll+00245E4 [Compatibility] F4EE: false [Fixes] ActorIsHostileToActor: true CellInit: true CreateD3DAndSwapChain: true EncounterZoneReset: true GreyMovies: true MagicEffectApplyEvent: true MovementPlanner: true PackageAllocateLocation: true SafeExit: true TESObjectREFRGetEncounterZone: true UnalignedLoad: true UtilityShader: true [Patches] Achievements: true BSMTAManager: true BSPreCulledObjects: true BSTextureStreamerLocalHeap: true HavokMemorySystem: true INISettingCollection: true InputSwitch: false MaxStdIO: -1 MemoryManager: true MemoryManagerDebug: false ScaleformAllocator: true SmallBlockAllocator: true WorkshopMenu: true [Warnings] CreateTexture2D: true ImageSpaceAdapter: true SYSTEM SPECS: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro v10.0.18363 CPU: AuthenticAMD AMD Custom APU 0405 GPU #1: AMD VanGogh [AMD Custom GPU 0405] PHYSICAL MEMORY: 25.57 GB/30.47 GB PROBABLE CALL STACK: [ 0] 0x0003590745E4 d3d11.Dll+00245E4 [ 1] 0x000141D13CBE Fallout4.exe+1D13CBE -> 673619+0x2AE [ 2] 0x00014288018C Fallout4.exe+288018C -> 1184461+0xBC [ 3] 0x00014287F43C Fallout4.exe+287F43C -> 1083446+0xBC [ 4] 0x00014282EFD5 Fallout4.exe+282EFD5 -> 1048494+0x65 [ 5] 0x00014285101F Fallout4.exe+285101F -> 56596+0x36F [ 6] 0x000142857604 Fallout4.exe+2857604 -> 984743+0x184 [ 7] 0x000140D3CCBF Fallout4.exe+0D3CCBF -> 408683+0xDF [ 8] 0x000140D38906 Fallout4.exe+0D38906 -> 1075087+0x206 [ 9] 0x000140D39551 Fallout4.exe+0D39551 -> 633524+0x6F1 [10] 0x000140D36E10 Fallout4.exe+0D36E10 -> 1125396+0xC0 [11] 0x000140D35950 Fallout4.exe+0D35950 -> 668528+0x20 [12] 0x000142937157 Fallout4.exe+2937157 -> 1104651+0x143 [13] 0x00007B62C869 kernel32.dll+002C869 [14] 0x00007BC5FE13 ntdll.dll+005FE13 REGISTERS: RAX 0x0 (size_t) RCX 0x45E0050 (void*) RDX 0x13930F44240522B (size_t) RBX 0x4 (size_t) RSP 0x12F790 (void*) RBP 0x12F920 (void*) RSI 0x12F8F0 (void*) RDI 0x0 (size_t) R8 0x0 (size_t) R9 0x4 (size_t) R10 0x3 (size_t) R11 0x0 (size_t) R12 0x13930F44240522B (size_t) R13 0x45E0050 (void*) R14 0x0 (size_t) R15 0xFBACA600 (void*) STACK: [RSP+0 ] 0x61C5E00 (void*) [RSP+8 ] 0x100000000 (void*) [RSP+10 ] 0x1E3A200 (size_t) [RSP+18 ] 0x45E0050 (void*) [RSP+20 ] 0x2CBA2D50 (void*) [RSP+28 ] 0x359065564 (void* -> d3d11.Dll+0015564) [RSP+30 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+38 ] 0x35906B6C0 (void* -> d3d11.Dll+001B6C0) [RSP+40 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+48 ] 0xF179F100 (void*) [RSP+50 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+58 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+60 ] 0xFBACA688 (void*) [RSP+68 ] 0xFBACA6D0 (void*) [RSP+70 ] 0xFBACA688 (void*) [RSP+78 ] 0x4B12390 (void*) [RSP+80 ] 0x450B68 (char*) "P" [RSP+88 ] 0x141D13CBE (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1D13CBE) [RSP+90 ] 0xF179F100 (void*) [RSP+98 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+A0 ] 0x100000002 (void*) [RSP+A8 ] 0x4 (size_t) [RSP+B0 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+B8 ] 0x12F8F0 (void*) [RSP+C0 ] 0x81 (size_t) [RSP+C8 ] 0x2C588090 (void*) [RSP+D0 ] 0x81 (size_t) [RSP+D8 ] 0x4B123B0 (void*) [RSP+E0 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+E8 ] 0x100000001 (void*) [RSP+F0 ] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+F8 ] 0x35523B10 (void*) [RSP+100] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+108] 0x1B8001E38600 (size_t) [RSP+110] 0xC00000018 (size_t) [RSP+118] 0x661A60 (void*) [RSP+120] 0xFBACA6D0 (void*) [RSP+128] 0xFBACA688 (void*) [RSP+130] 0x7F1B876C6700 (void*) [RSP+138] 0x21C0000021C0 (size_t) [RSP+140] 0x5FEC90 (void*) [RSP+148] 0x450B70 (void*) [RSP+150] 0x2CBA2D50 (void*) [RSP+158] 0xFEC3E690 (void*) [RSP+160] 0x7F1B871EA340 (void*) [RSP+168] 0x3000000030 (size_t) [RSP+170] 0x5FEC90 (void*) [RSP+178] 0x5FEC90 (void*) [RSP+180] 0x5FEC90 (void*) [RSP+188] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+190] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+198] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1A0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1A8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1B0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1B8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1C0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1C8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1D0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1D8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1E0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1E8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1F0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+1F8] 0x495A4C8 (BSBatchRenderer*) [RSP+200] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+208] 0x101E (size_t) [RSP+210] 0xF00D4D80 (void*) [RSP+218] 0x4A4E700 (BSDFPrePassShader*) [RSP+220] 0x101E (size_t) [RSP+228] 0x14288018C (void* -> Fallout4.exe+288018C) [RSP+230] 0x6B6EE0A0 (void*) [RSP+238] 0xF00D4E28 (void*) [RSP+240] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+248] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+250] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+258] 0x6B6EE0A0 (void*) [RSP+260] 0xA (size_t) [RSP+268] 0x14287F43C (void* -> Fallout4.exe+287F43C) [RSP+270] 0xA0 (size_t) [RSP+278] 0x495A4C8 (BSBatchRenderer*) [RSP+280] 0x495A528 (void*) [RSP+288] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+290] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+298] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2A0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2A8] 0x495A400 (BSShaderAccumulator*) [RSP+2B0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2B8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2C0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2C8] 0x4 (size_t) [RSP+2D0] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (size_t) [RSP+2D8] 0x14282EFD5 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+282EFD5) [RSP+2E0] 0x495A4C8 (BSBatchRenderer*) [RSP+2E8] 0x4 (size_t) [RSP+2F0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+2F8] 0xFFFFFFFF (void*) [RSP+300] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+308] 0x450A10 (void*) [RSP+310] 0x450050 (void*) [RSP+318] 0x14285101F (void* -> Fallout4.exe+285101F) [RSP+320] 0xB20 (size_t) [RSP+328] 0x4B10840 (void*) [RSP+330] 0x4B123B0 (void*) [RSP+338] 0xB18 (size_t) [RSP+340] 0x3F800000 (void*) [RSP+348] 0x3C23D70A (void*) [RSP+350] 0x3F800000 (void*) [RSP+358] 0x450A10 (void*) [RSP+360] 0x404134F2404134F2 (size_t) [RSP+368] 0x404134F2404134F2 (size_t) [RSP+370] 0x800000003F3A5F16 (size_t) [RSP+378] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+380] 0x3EE8F6DC00000000 (size_t) [RSP+388] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+390] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+398] 0xBF7FFFD100000000 (size_t) [RSP+3A0] 0x3A00D971B9A5A9DC (size_t) [RSP+3A8] 0x3F8000003F800000 (size_t) [RSP+3B0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+3B8] 0x142857604 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+2857604) [RSP+3C0] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+3C8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+3D0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+3D8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+3E0] 0x12FB80 (void*) [RSP+3E8] 0x100000000 (void*) [RSP+3F0] 0xBF2D43103F3BD246 (size_t) [RSP+3F8] 0xBD779390 (void*) [RSP+400] 0xBF2DAEEC3F3B612B (size_t) [RSP+408] 0xBD80C0F8 (void*) [RSP+410] 0x47B81FB5C72BA427 (size_t) [RSP+418] 0x45F6E894 (void*) [RSP+420] 0x47B81B26C72B945E (size_t) [RSP+428] 0x45F6DEBD (void*) [RSP+430] 0x4967D80 (Main*) [RSP+438] 0x140D3CCBF (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D3CCBF) [RSP+440] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+448] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+450] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+458] 0x4967D80 (Main*) [RSP+460] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+468] 0x140D38906 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D38906) [RSP+470] 0x4967D80 (Main*) [RSP+478] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+480] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+488] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+490] 0xF3211D00 (Actor*) Object Reference: File: "" Flags: 0x00000008 Form ID: 0xFF00F2F7 Form Type: 45 File: "Fallout4.esm" Flags: 0x0040040B Form ID: 0x00100EE3 Form Type: 65 [RSP+498] 0x140093A1B (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0093A1B) [RSP+4A0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+4A8] 0x12FD58 (void*) [RSP+4B0] 0x492E780 (ShadowSceneNode*) Name: "shadow scene node" [RSP+4B8] 0x2879E2E (void* -> Buffout4.dll+0049E2E) [RSP+4C0] 0xD2075818 (void*) [RSP+4C8] 0x1404807E3 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+04807E3) [RSP+4D0] 0x142C4A948 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+2C4A948) [RSP+4D8] 0x4967D88 (void*) [RSP+4E0] 0x9C0 (size_t) [RSP+4E8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+4F0] 0x12FD00 (void*) [RSP+4F8] 0x140D41B5F (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D41B5F) [RSP+500] 0xF3211D00 (Actor*) Object Reference: File: "" Flags: 0x00000008 Form ID: 0xFF00F2F7 Form Type: 45 File: "Fallout4.esm" Flags: 0x0040040B Form ID: 0x00100EE3 Form Type: 65 [RSP+508] 0x10E8A2880 (void*) [RSP+510] 0x4967D88 (void*) [RSP+518] 0x12FD58 (void*) [RSP+520] 0x4531D8E0C58B7348 (size_t) [RSP+528] 0x43A2ED90 (void*) [RSP+530] 0x4A095440 (void*) [RSP+538] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+540] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+548] 0x140D3AADC (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D3AADC) [RSP+550] 0x10E8A2884 (void*) [RSP+558] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+560] 0x2 (size_t) [RSP+568] 0xF3211D00 (Actor*) Object Reference: File: "" Flags: 0x00000008 Form ID: 0xFF00F2F7 Form Type: 45 File: "Fallout4.esm" Flags: 0x0040040B Form ID: 0x00100EE3 Form Type: 65 [RSP+570] 0x12FD50 (void*) [RSP+578] 0x4967D80 (Main*) [RSP+580] 0x429BE0CC (void*) [RSP+588] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+590] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+598] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+5A0] 0x4967D80 (Main*) [RSP+5A8] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+5B0] 0x4967D80 (Main*) [RSP+5B8] 0x140D39551 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D39551) [RSP+5C0] 0x145A66DD0 (UI*) [RSP+5C8] 0x294FD9 (void*) [RSP+5D0] 0x145A66DD0 (UI*) [RSP+5D8] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+5E0] 0x1 (size_t) [RSP+5E8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+5F0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+5F8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+600] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+608] 0x140D36E10 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D36E10) [RSP+610] 0x600FE (void*) [RSP+618] 0xA (size_t) [RSP+620] 0xA (size_t) [RSP+628] 0xA (size_t) [RSP+630] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+638] 0x140D35950 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+0D35950) [RSP+640] 0x3C1D1A (void*) [RSP+648] 0x600FE (void*) [RSP+650] 0x647621D6 (void*) [RSP+658] 0x3C1D1A (void*) [RSP+660] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+668] 0x142937157 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+2937157) [RSP+670] 0x3C1D19 (char*) """ [RSP+678] 0xA (size_t) [RSP+680] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+688] 0xA (size_t) [RSP+690] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+698] 0x3C1D1A (void*) [RSP+6A0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6A8] 0x7B62C869 (void* -> kernel32.dll+002C869) [RSP+6B0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6B8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6C0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6C8] 0x205C510 (void* -> usvfs_x64.dll+007C510) [RSP+6D0] 0xA0009 (void*) [RSP+6D8] 0x7BC5FE13 (void* -> ntdll.dll+005FE13) [RSP+6E0] 0x590C30 (void*) [RSP+6E8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6F0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+6F8] 0x3F0000 (void*) [RSP+700] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+708] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+710] 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (size_t) [RSP+718] 0x7BC6B020 (void* -> ntdll.dll+006B020) [RSP+720] 0x7BC25A30 (void* -> ntdll.dll+0025A30) [RSP+728] 0xF (size_t) [RSP+730] 0x12FEA0 (void*) [RSP+738] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+740] 0x12FE70 (void*) [RSP+748] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+750] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+758] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+760] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+768] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+770] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+778] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+780] 0x7BC5FDCE (void* -> ntdll.dll+005FDCE) [RSP+788] 0x27F00001FA0 (size_t) [RSP+790] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+798] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7A0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7A8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7B0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7B8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7C0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7C8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7D0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7D8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7E0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7E8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7F0] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+7F8] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+800] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+808] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+810] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+818] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+820] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+828] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+830] 0x7BC5FD90 (void* -> ntdll.dll+005FD90) [RSP+838] 0x202 (size_t) [RSP+840] 0x7BC5FD90 (void* -> ntdll.dll+005FD90) [RSP+848] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+850] 0x146CB9310 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+6CB9310) [RSP+858] 0x67FF0000 (void*) [RSP+860] 0x0 (size_t) [RSP+868] 0x0 (size_t) MODULES: F4SE PLUGINS: Buffout4.dll v1.26.2 IpHlpAPI.dll mcm.dll XDI.dll PLUGINS: [00] Fallout4.esm [01] DLCRobot.esm [02] DLCworkshop01.esm [03] DLCCoast.esm [04] DLCworkshop02.esm [05] DLCworkshop03.esm [06] DLCNukaWorld.esm [07] unofficial fallout 4 patch.esp [08] armorkeywords.esm [09] XDI.esm [0A] workshopframework.esm [0B] NukaWorldPlus.esp [0C] moreuniques.esp [0D] clothingoverhaul.esp [0E] armorsmith extended.esp [0F] Stm_DiamondCityExpansion.esp [10] FaceMaxson.esp [11] CombatZoneRestored.esp [12] CombinedArmsNV.esp [13] CombinedArmsEXPack.esp [14] brotherhood_of_steel_overhaul.esp [15] 3dscopes-goty.esp [16] dd-enhanced blood basic.esp [17] everyonesbestfriend.esp [18] improved map with visible roads.esp [19] k9tacticalharness.esp [1A] moddablerobotsettlers.esp [1B] Vivid Fallout - All in One - Best Choice.esp [1C] CombatRifleOverhaul.esp [1D] constructible_faction_guards.esp [1E] the deadly commonwealth expansion.esp [1F] gashelmetsdlc.esp [20] alienassaultrifle.esp [21] radioactivestories.esp [22] Reinforcements.esp [23] militarizedminutemen.esp [24] Skb_RiflesRebirth.esp [25] Mercenary.esp [26] westtektacticaloptics.esp [27] NVUMP.esp [28] expchineserifle.esp [29] institute_overhaul.esp [2A] corvalhowidowshotgun.esp [2B] VUWR - AlternativeEdition.esp [2C] Tec-9.esp [2D] mk14.esp [2E] F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp [2F] LAER.esp [30] MK18.esp [31] WattzLaserGun.esp [32] stumbleuponinteriors.esp [33] Wana_SA58.esp [34] p99.esp [35] dinoshelf.esp [36] FunctionalDisplays-Collectibles.esp [37] FunctionalDisplays.esp [38] more fortifications.esp [39] postwarpowerarmordisplays.esp [3A] power_armor_overhaul.esp [3B] prewarpowerarmordisplays.esp [3C] skipdimaspuzzles.esp [3D] skkcombatstalkers.esp [3E] vanillacraftingexpansion.esp [3F] upgradeable bos outfits.esp [40] M1Garand.esp [41] UniquePAFrames.esp [42] HandmadeLeverActionSG.esp [43] LeeEnfieldNo4MkI.esp [44] RU556.esp [45] ElMudoStore.esp [46] SigMCX.esp [47] Quad_Technetronic.esp [48] AAMWA2k.esp [49] DakSurvivalHatchet.esp [4A] ReversedWorkshopShader.esp [4B] WestTek.esp [4C] XM2010_SniperRifle_by_tooun.esp [4D] RussianAssaultPack.esp [4E] MP7.esp [4F] WinCowbowRepeater.esp [50] M1A.esp [51] KrissVector.esp [52] G3Family.esp [53] M1Garand - AWKCR.esp [54] LAER Automatron Weapons.esp [55] LAER-Armorsmith_Patch.esp [56] HK_UMP.esp [57] HK_MP5.esp [58] GIAT_FAMAS.esp [59] 9x39Project.esp [5A] 9x39ProjectAWKCR.esp [5B] GrafsSecurityFencesNoMenu.esp [5C] Scopes.esp [5D] QMW-CAE-ALLINONE.esp [5E] QMW-3DM82A3.esp [5F] QMW-3DSCOPEAUG.esp [60] QMW-3DSCOPEM249.esp [61] QMW-3DSCOPEMK12.esp [62] QMW-3DSCOPESPAS12.esp [63] QMW-3DSCOPEVSS.esp [64] QMW-CAG36.esp [65] QWM-3DSCOPE550.esp [66] QWM-CAAKM.esp [67] SIGMCXArmoryProject.esp [68] SIGMCXArmoryProject2.esp [69] skkfaststartnewgame.esp [6A] eli_faction housing overhaul - aio.esp [FE:000] ccbgsfo4015-pipyell.esl [FE:001] ccbgsfo4034-powerarmorskinyellow.esl [FE:002] LIF.esl [FE:003] Dank_WesternRevolver.esl [FE:004] CombinedArmsIntegrationProject.esp [FE:005] FAR.esp [FE:006] CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon.esp [FE:007] CROSS_BreakActionLaser.esp [FE:008] Dank_9x39.esp [FE:009] Dank_CowboyRepeater.esp [FE:00A] Dank_FAMAS.esp [FE:00B] Dank_FNFALSA58.esp [FE:00C] Dank_G3Family.esp [FE:00D] Dank_KrissVector.esp [FE:00E] Dank_LAER.esp [FE:00F] Dank_LeeEnfield.esp [FE:010] Dank_M1A.esp [FE:011] Dank_M1Garand.esp [FE:012] Dank_MK18.esp [FE:013] Dank_MP5.esp [FE:014] Dank_MP7.esp [FE:015] Dank_RU556.esp [FE:016] Dank_RussianAssaultPack.esp [FE:017] Dank_ServiceRifle.esp [FE:018] Dank_UMP.esp [FE:019] Dank_Wattz.esp [FE:01A] Dank_XM2010.esp [FE:01B] CombinedArmsNV - BLD Patch.esp [FE:01C] CombinedArmsIntegrationProject - BLD Patch.esp [FE:01D] CombinedArmsEXPack - BLD Patch.esp

also i dont think im able to use the buffout auto scanner so if someone could do that for me it would be greatly appreciated
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2023.05.30 19:59 Future-Judgement8042 Finding Components

I'm doing some research for a class that I'm taking and I was wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction.
Basically, I want to know if there's a particular website where I can find information on where each component of a particular product came from. So for example, if I had a TV and I want to know where the screen was sourced / manufactured, it will show me. Then after that, I would like to know where else it goes for the TV's final assembly.
Where would I find that information? I already tried searching company websites and for some, I have found lists of their suppliers. However, the list doesn't break it down by specific products.
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2023.05.30 19:59 imacatholicslut Pretty sure I’m being fired tomorrow

It’s a long long story to get into but I have been working remotely for a marketing software company for over two years. I came back from Mat leave at the end of February after having my baby in December.
I almost quit during my pregnancy because the company merged twice by acquiring others so I got saddled with 50+ accounts, many of which were already upset, angry with our service and and orphaned (didn’t have a manager). I had a difficult, high risk pregnancy and I am single, living alone.
I had to fight really hard to get them to treat me compassionately and to reduce my workload. I talked to HR and things got better, I was switched to a different team (third switch) and went on Mat leave. I come back from Mat leave and am immediately put into an “onboarding program” which was essentially run like I was a new employee. I was told they were doing this because of my performance issues and that it was necessary for my success. I did as such, but then our new VP started making me uncomfortable.
She started a month ago. For context, she is from Hong Kong and worked very high up the ladder for Goldman Sachs. In a group meeting where we’re introducing ourselves and doing an ice breaker, she said something I considered to be offensive. I mentioned I have an infant daughter and explained the meaning behind her name. She responded with “oh you’re Filipino? We have lots of Filipino maids in Hong Kong”
I was frankly taken aback and so I just laughed nervously and waited to her to move on. It took everything in me not to clap back with “Filipinos are also teachers, lawyers, doctors…” but I held my tongue. She may not see it as an insult and there is nothing wrong with being a maid or “domestic helper” but what I gathered from that comment was “oh yeah we have Filipino maids, they’re scrubbing my toilet as we speak!”
Idk maybe it’s because I used to be an organizer or because I don’t have my college degree but I was really unhappy after that exchange.
The next meeting we had she told me that she graded me an “F” on the onboarding program even though I finished all of it and had the program administrator review everything for accuracy. She did my “annual review” (even though she was only there for a month) and told me that she talked to a bunch of people who worked with me to get an idea of how my 2022 went. I did my best to explain the circumstances of why that year was rough, with mergers, a high risk pregnancy, too many clients and middle management making my life hell when I needed to take PTO or go to doctors appointments.
She nodded her head and acted empathetic, until she told me that it was expensive to retain me and put me through that program and that if it had been up to her I would be gone already. She said she thinks I am smart and capable, and that I “take any and all criticism very well” and have the right attitude. She told me I need to be better for my daughter and to do it for [daughters name]” which also made uncomfortable. Everyone knows I am a single mother.
Then it was like a switch was flipped. She got very serious and told me that I “did not read her email” and that she was really angry with me because she was clear. What actually happened was that I pushed back a little helping a client with something they needed right away that is not in their contract. She didn’t wait for me to explain that I felt the client would be more inclined to give us more business if we helped them this one time and upsell to them so it would be part of their contract going forward.
She interrupted me, leaned forward into the camera and yelled “NO, I was VERY CLEAR!” Right in front of my director. It’s been years since I’ve been yelled at and I wasn’t prepared at all for that reaction.
I shut down and just took it on the chin. she told me that in our next meeting she’ll decide what’s next for me and implied that it’s a meeting to determine if I’m going to be employed.
My director feels bad for me and backed me up on the fact that I have been moved around a lot and haven’t had the stability to grow and improve. She told me she doesn’t have a say in the final decision but that she feels I’m a valuable asset.
My meeting with this VP is tomorrow and I am terrified. My director has no idea what it will entail. I’m braced for the worst.
So am I overreacting here and being too sensitive? I am already cleaning up my resume and getting ready to apply for other jobs because honestly I should be making at least 25k more for the amount of work I’m doing. I do not have a college degree but I make 75k so I consider that a plus because other companies can negotiate down a bit on salary, but I’ve been in the industry for 8 years.
Is this just how business is done in Hong Kong? Do I just need to swallow my pride and accept that she has a different management style?
I am not trying to start an argument on race or ethnicity in this post but I feel really poorly about myself now. It isn’t the first time I’ve been made to feel lesser than by a boss who looked down on me for being Filipino. Anytime I have to interact with her I feel like she is talking to me like a child and that she thinks I should be a scrubbing someone’s floor instead.
I do not want to report her to HR because I already reported her predecessors for what they said to me last year, I think if I mention l the maid comment I’ll get laughed at. I doubt the average American realizes just how exploited and mistreated Filipinos are as workers in HK.
I am trying my best not to make any mistakes but I feel that it is too late and I am not going to be kept past tomorrow.
Any advice or insight would be helpful, TIA 🙏🏽
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2023.05.30 19:59 iTzJdogxD Charlie Kirk claims that registered sex offender is just a "nice person who did something wrong"

Charlie Kirk claims that registered sex offender is just a submitted by iTzJdogxD to ToiletPaperUSA [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:58 GraniteSlowpoke What are the best paints to dry brush/ slapchop with?

I'm trying to up my painting game and I have liked the results drybrushing has given me and I like using citadel contrast paints as shades, also I've been experimenting with the slapchop style and I'm liking that too and I want to use it for my upcoming space marines (Hurry up 10th!)
I've been using a friend's citadel paints and brushes and I like them but they are kinda pricey, especially compared to when they got them and I've seen other painters use different companies and I was wondering what is the best paints for drybrushing/slapchopping with? Also I use a lot of metallics
My local games store has citadel, army painter, AK.. something? And Duncan's paints (Two thin coats!) I've asked in there but they are mainly a comic book shop none do any painting so I turn to Reddit.. I don't want to blow the bank on a bunch of paints I like the look of but I don't like using
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2023.05.30 19:56 yfewsy Add Mac Laptop to company.local domain

I have by trying to find a way to domain join a new Mac Laptop to my domain. The company was originally setup as a company.local domain and from what I have found it doesn't play nice with newer Mac machines.
Is there a way to connect the machine so that users can login using their domain credentials? What is the easiest way to modify my domain to allow that to happen? We are currently in a Hybrid environment with plans to move to Azure AD in the next year.
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2023.05.30 19:55 MissRoja Thoughts/Experience with Happy Mammoth

If you’ve tried Happy Mammoth’s supplements, I’d love to hear about your experience. Particularly the “hormone harmony”. I’m interested in the product but whenever I see so many positive reviews on a company’s website, I get a feeling that it could be BS.
For context, I do a ton of research and reading on women’s hormonal health and I definitely believe that the right supplement can make a huge difference for women suffering hormonal imbalances (aka most of us).
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2023.05.30 19:55 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in VA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Battery Park
Cargill Production Worker Broadway
Cargill Batcher Broadway
Cargill General Production Broadway
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Callaway
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Calverton
Capital One Sr. Manager - Machine Learning Engineer Charlottesville
Capital One Senior Manager, Technical Program Management - Enterprise Data Charlottesville
Wegmans Food Markets Janitorial Agent Charlottesville
Cargill Batcher Dayton
Cargill General Production Dayton
Cargill Production Worker Dayton
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Dendron
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Fairfax Station
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Fredericksburg
Capital One Senior Manager, Software Engineering: Java Fredericksburg
Capital One Director, Software Engineering - Cloud DevOps Tooling Fredericksburg
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Glen Allen
Capital One Senior Platform Engineer, Cloud and Productivity Engineering Glen Allen
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Hanover
Capital One Senior Manager, Software Engineering, DevOps Harrisonburg
Capital One Sr. Manager - Software Engineer (Full Stack) Harrisonburg
Capital One Director, Technical Program Management - Customer Resiliency Harrisonburg
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Hartwood
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Maryus
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 19:55 Throwaway12-65 Should I (23f) end my 20 year friendship with a friend (23f) that constantly lies to me? Confront them or let it fade?

TW: eating disorder
I (23f) have known my friend X (23f) since we were 3, we went to nursery together, then school and have kept in touch and travelled together throughout the years. Our friendship used to feel like we were siblings and I always felt previously that we had a lot in common and enjoyed each others company, so much so we went travelling for 3 months when we were 18 and have been on several trips since. It all started shifting in 2020. Covid lockdowns hit and I spent a couple months without seeing her. When we eventually did meet, X had lost maybe two stone (12kg ish). As she was far from having two stone to lose (and did it in such a short period of time) I was (as my family and other mutual friends were) very concerned that she had developed an eating disorder and confronted her about it. X brushed it off saying that after we had travelled together she wanted to be more like me and be comfortable in a bikini when away rather than being self-conscious and all she was doing was eating healthier and cutting down on things like takeaways. I was devasted/blindsided that she had used our time travelling together as any motivation/reason to lose weight. Without knowing how else to approach it we (myself and some of our mutual friends) left it and just agreed to keep an eye on her.
Fast forward around a year on she hadn’t lost much more weight but was maintaining a small but healthy ish looking size. We went away together and I ended up confronting her on the last day as I had discovered that she was binning cereal (that she was saying she had eaten whilst I would be in the shower), then saying she was too full to eat lunch, and then having one small meal in the evenings. So only eating one meal a day. Again she completely disregarded that she had an issue, said that she wasn’t losing any more weight now so it didn’t matter and that I should just move on from it. I reluctantly agreed but again didn’t really know what else I could do and left it.
We went away together in the summer (2022) and to put it bluntly she was pretty awful company. She still would only eat one meal a day and be pretty nasty/snappy in the day and then as soon as she’d eat in the evenings just wanted to go to bed.
We both moved to London in September for jobs but it has become a very strained relationship and despite us living pretty close I haven’t seen her once in the last 9 months. We still talk pretty regularly and she still messages to meet up but so much of what she sends me is just complete lies/fake. She tells me about how she’s loving London and hasn’t been home for ages as she’s just thriving here, yet she shares her location with me so I know she’s at home 5/7 days a week (her mum also told my mum).
The whole situation is just sad. I don’t know why she feels like she has to lie to me as if she has to prove something by being in London, and i struggle being around her in food settings when I know its the one meal she'll eat all day. I’m getting to the point where I don’t think our relationship can improve/return to what it was. Almost all of the messages she sends me just feels like a curated narrative of what she wants me to think rather than a normal conversation. Every time I have confronted her she acts as if I’m insane and tells me I’m worrying for no reason. Should I try one last time and confront her about it and try have an open conversation? Or should I just move on and accept that its not going to change and I can’t help her?
TLDR: friend is constantly lying. Should I confront her one last time or just leave the friendship to fade out?
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2023.05.30 19:55 alonepoe Bye for Now

SXM randomly canceled my account. I was listening an hour ago, and all of a sudden couldn't log in. Tried every means of their support (they all sucked.) They just kept on telling me I canceled it. Finally got someone from somewhere on the phone who could of cared less and just was reading a script. Best part is they do not even let you finish out the month (my next payment was due 6/5) Oh and I wasted an hour of my day
Piece of shit company
Was debating canceling due to Howard show sucking, but I guess SXM just made it easy for me.

Now who going to share a link to old shows so I can listen?

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2023.05.30 19:53 ClassyHotMess Am I just being paranoid?

I’ve been in the process of getting this new job I’m super excited about. I’m supposed to start Monday so I’ve already given notice to my current job.
I’ve stayed in pretty consistent communication with the HR person at my new company through email since accepting the position. Last week on Thursday before the long weekend I checked in again to make sure she had received a recommendation she was requesting and that everything was still on track for the start date. She said everything is good they are waiting on two employment verifications.
Fast forward to today I email her again asking about the verification and the start date because if it is going to be pushed back I wanted to try to extend my time at my current job. She hasn’t emailed me back and didn’t answer her phone.
Now there shouldn’t be anything on my verifications that’s weird or stops me from getting the job but now I’m overthinking it and getting paranoid I’m not getting the job.
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2023.05.30 19:52 SquirrelGirlVA [TOMT][TV SHOW][1980s] Cartoon featuring dogs, one of which was a show dog that liked to eat

I'm trying to remember something I saw on TV back when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure it was the 1980s, as a couple of the characters were pretty obvious ripoffs of Oliver & Company, especially the two characters I remember best.
All I can really remember about the show is that it was animated, the dogs could talk, and the humor was a bit on the rude side. It was borderline enough that my parents let my sisters and I watch the show, but then they let us watch a lot of things because they knew it flew right over our heads.
As far as specific characters, I only remember two somewhat vividly. I think it's because the characters were obvious ripoffs of the poodle and chihuahua characters from Oliver & Company. One was a male chihuahua, who played a "regular guy" and Mexican stereotype type of character. The other was a female showdog that I believe was a poodle. The chihuahua got into the showdog's home somehow and he immediately set about trying to seduce her.
At some point during the conversation she starts talking about her past as a showdog, focusing specifically on an incident that caused her disgrace. The poodle had grace and poise, but she had a HUGE weakness for food. The dog is kind of a cross between a glutton and a foodie. At her last show she was in the process of being judged when she smelled food and took off, devouring everything in the process. The chihuahua takes this in stride and tells her that she must absolutely try Mexican food, as "If you haven't tried Mexican food, you haven't lived". The two go eat Mexican and at the end she's like "This was delicious but it doesn't solve my problem." I can't remember what else happens from then on. The only thing I can somewhat remember is him trying to escape the showdog's house since she was essentially keeping him captive. I think he tried refocusing her desire for food onto himself, only for this to result in her keeping him effectively tied up in her bedroom.
Anyone able to help find this show? I think about it every once in a while and can't place the show.
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