Imma start a riot song

Riot Rewards (BNB)

2021.08.19 06:30 BigStonkerz Riot Rewards (BNB)

Welcome to the πŸ”₯Riot RewardsπŸ”₯ We are a Rewards token that is focusing primarily on MONSTER (BNB) Rewards of up to 12% for our investors. We intend to utilize our strengths in tokenomics to leverage strong marketing approaches with a strategy that encourages our holders to keep receiving large BNB rewards, and participate in fun giveaways that give back to our loyal holders! πŸ”₯Riot Tokenomics πŸ“ŠBuy: 8%BNB, 5% marketing, 2% liquidity πŸ“ŠSell: 12% BNB, 5% marketing, 2% liquidity

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This is a subreddit devoted to the game League of Legends.

2013.07.28 16:30 SMIRTLE Everybody has a different opinion.

Lyric Interpretations is a place where redditors can create an archive of lyric interpretations for songs they're having trouble understanding.

2023.03.22 13:16 Tylerdavis13_ Relocating production to another island tips?

Currently at the engineering phase and got to a position of $1m+ with healthy positive balance etc. so I decided to start a war with an NCP that had an island I wanted with twice as much oil and other mines/resources I’ll need more of moving forward.
Once I conquered that island I began to plot a relocation of all the production buildings for me to then set up trade routes to the capital. However I obviously got to big for my boots here as I started bleeding money FAST, juggling things between the islands got way too complicated and I was in over my head so luckily I had a saved game slot I could rewind the clock with.
Before I go for it again is there anyone who has done this successfully already that can share some pointers please? Also farming production is it best to move all that onto the other island, keep on the original, use a 3rd island? Thank you!
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2023.03.22 13:16 Capable_Chemist_8356 How to Configure Victony AC1200

How to Configure Victony AC1200
Your Wi-Fi network's coverage can be increased with the Victony AC1200 extender. It can give speeds up to 1200Mbps and supports dual-band Wi-Fi. For customers who wish to increase the range of their Wi-Fi network but are having trouble with weak signals in their homes or businesses, this device is great.
Simple and quick setup is required for the Victony AC1200 extender.Your Wi-Fi network's range is increased by this device's two external antennas.

Victony AC1200 Extender
Setting up a Victony AC1200 requires two steps:
  • WPS method
  • Browser Method

Configuring a Victony AC1200 Using the WPS method:

Follow these instructions to set up your Victony repeater to work with the WPS method:
  • Start by plugging in the Victony AC1200 Setup to an electrical outlet close to your router.
  • Once it has been connected, make sure the power LED is on.
  • Currently, the WPS button is a need for both your booster and router. Each device's button must be pressed.
  • Both the extender's green light and the router or modem's green light will blink.
  • Wait 10 to 15 seconds.
  • After the connection is successful, all of the LED lights on the extension will become solid green.
  • Use the WPS button to configure your Victony WiFi extender.
  • Put the extender in a spot with weak Wi-Fi coverage and unplug it right away.

Set-up a Victony AC1200 via browser

Follow these steps,To configure a Victony WiFi extender with a browser:

  • Attach the power supply of your WiFi extender.
  • The extension is on and ready to use when the LED light is solid green.
  • Now, on a PC or mobile device, launch the Wi-Fi Manager.
  • To connect to the network of your extender, click Wi-Fi Management.
  • Enter ap.setup in the browser's address bar after it has opened.
  • Filling out your login information is the final step.
  • The instructions are displayed on the screen.

How do I set up my Victony AC1200 Extender?

  • Link the Victony AC1200 extender to the WiFi router or in-room modem.
  • The extender's power led light is now on.
  • Get a laptop or smartphone with Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Connect to the Victony repeater setup network after accessing the wifi settings menu.
  • Now type into the address box of your web browser.
  • You are now on the Victony WiFi range extender configuration page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your extender to the network or modem in your home.
How do I update a firmware ?
  • Start the Extender.
  • Power LED lights are now completely green.
  • use the Web browser on your device
  • Visit
  • Enter your account information on the login page.
  • If a firmware update is required, a popup will appear on the screen.
  • When required, select update firmware.

How can I reset the Victony AC1200 Extender?

  • When attempting to restore the Victony AC1200 extender to its factory default settings, make sure it is plugged into a power outlet properly.
  • Locate the pinhole on the repeater next.
  • The reset button is located inside the hole; next, for 10 to 15 seconds, press and hold it with a paper clip or toothpick.
  • After you reset the wireless booster, the power LED light will change to orange.
  • Hold off until the power LED has fully turned green.
  • Follow the instructions above to reconfigure the Victony WIFI extender.
Some common issues
  • No access to at this time
  • weaken the wifi signal.
  • The WiFi router's range is insufficient.
  • The default SSID extension isn't working.
  • Before or after the extension is installed, it must be made sure that there are no flickering LEDs.
  • The extender's password has either been forgotten or lost.
Tips for troubleshooting
  • You need to plug your extension into an outlet.
  • Verify that the wall plug on the extension is plugged in and is not broken or shorted out.
  • Make sure that no cables with damage are being used,check each electrical connection.
  • The corner of the room, fish tanks, microwaves, Bluetooth gadgets, and other metal objects are things to keep your extension away from.
  • If you are having trouble accessing your website, please provide the proper URL or IP address.
  • Restart your Extender and try again with the setup.
  • Make sure your web browser and firmware are up to date.
  • Reset the Extender to its factory defaults.
In case you need any help regarding your extender feel free to contact our technical team via our toll- free number or live chat.
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2023.03.22 13:16 Xinaio I'm starting getting into tears...Please I need to find a corset like this, but waist size 56-58cm to be able stretch it into even thinner waist.

I'm starting getting into tears...Please I need to find a corset like this, but waist size 56-58cm to be able stretch it into even thinner waist. submitted by Xinaio to findfashion [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 13:16 puuungy Y'all need to know that Comedy by Gen Hoshino (Spy Family's first part ED) is such a well-written song because the singer himself was in a fake marriage series! He married his co-star in real life and you need to watch this!

Y'all need to know that Comedy by Gen Hoshino (Spy Family's first part ED) is such a well-written song because the singer himself was in a fake marriage series! He married his co-star in real life and you need to watch this! submitted by puuungy to SpyxFamily [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 13:16 Then_Ingenuity_8340 Info, please

My cat is about 15(in human years), and she was recently in heat, acting like any normal cat in heat, but she started acting very weird after being in heat, she has not been very active, and she isn’t really eating much, she started off by puking, and then hiding behind my recliner, my dad says she just gets sick around spring, I really hope she is okay, I don’t know what I would do if I lost this cat, she’s been with me since I was a child, if you have any info on what I should do/how I should move forward, please tell me. ❀️
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2023.03.22 13:16 No-Incident3025 Help me understand a woman with PDA and dating her

Hello, I am interested in learning more about a woman with PDA and have some questions.
I have previously dated this woman, starting from July and taking a break for a couple of months. We started seeing each other again from February.
I really want to understand her better, and I consider myself a very understanding, accepting, and patient person. We don't talk about the future or the past, and my intention is to have a romantic relationship. I believe she would like to see where things go as well, but we cannot discuss it. I want to ask her about it, but I know it would be a demand and expectation that would not give a positive response.I can live with not discussing it and let time show where things lead, but it's not easy to navigate.
Right now, we are focusing on building trust in our relationship, and that's fine with me, but I find it difficult to navigate her changing moods. Sometimes she is very open, and other times she is closed off.
For example, she wrote that she hoped she would feel better for her meeting, and I asked her which meeting it was for, but she didn't respond, which is fine in principle, but I don't understand what depends on the change. She usually answers, and when it comes to trust, I can feel it's an attack on me, and thoughts like "Have I done something since she doesn't want to tell me?" can come up. I am spending time reading about PDA, and I read that it's good to give choices, so I asked her, "May I ask a question?" which she answered no to. It developed into her attacking me, feeling misunderstood, feeling like there is too much focus on her, etc. Should I take it personally?
She also writes that she understands why I feel overlooked and understands me, but I don't feel that in the situation. I understand with my question that it was a wrong approach since she can feel it as a threat, an expectation to answer, a demand, etc. I wrote some long messages trying to explain, show my understanding and acceptance of the situation, and she ends up getting anxious and stressed. I feel frustrated that I can't explain myself because she can make assumptions about situations that I don't agree with. Now I am left with irritation, feeling misunderstood and unheard.
She is also going through a hard time, have the flue, feels burned out at the moment so there are many things that can trigger her and she can unmask, and I wish she would tell me how she feels because I don't know if it's because of those things or something else, and I can't even ask her because then it's a question that can create pressure.
I also cannot judge whether I appear weak by conceding and saying I understand, and I will implement it, or if it's better to express my frustration. I only want to appear understanding and show her that I accept her feelings and frustrations, that I listen to what she says, that I don't want to focus on her, and I don't want her to perceive me as weak. I hope she understands that I mean it with respect. She is not a friend or a child, but a grown woman, and I want to learn how to balance when to stand up for myself, express myself, and when to show understanding, acceptance, and "surrender."
For those of you in a relationship with a woman with PDA or for women, how do you balance your understanding while still expressing your dissatisfaction with a situation?
I hope you understand what I'm asking for, even between the lines.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.22 13:15 smartybrome Update Udemy Paid Courses for Free with Certificate For Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Courses for 22 March 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.03.22 13:15 its_kt7 Any tips for a beginner?

I'm just starting off with my programming journey, recently started doing leetcode questions. Sometimes it's just hard to maintain consistency and getting ranks in contest feels like a dream right now. Hard questions seems like out of my league.
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2023.03.22 13:15 smartybrome Update Udemy Paid Courses for Free with Certificate For Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Courses for 22 March 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.03.22 13:15 CoyoteRae Fitbit Tracking / After Burn

This may be a really stupid question & I am to embarrassed to ask my location. Every time my session ends it asks me to start tracking the 60min after burn as a second follow up session. Is after burn considered it’s own individual session? & do you have to keep it running the entire 60 min before I can filter through the app etc? Like what if I wanted to book another session right after instead do I lose the options to track after burn? I hope I explained this right. Also I know I am severely out of shape (I am 5’2 28F 180lbs) but my calorie burn also seems really high. I’d be interested in what other people’s calorie burns are for HIT.
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2023.03.22 13:15 MsWeather [HOUSING UPDATE] California will give firs-time home buyer 20% down- California Dream for all

California passed SB-197, which gave birth to the housing program California Dream for All. This program isn't available to apply for until 3/27/2023; however, the guidelines and details about the program have been released. You can verify all the info in my post here. This program is similar to the 10% down program CalFHA had last year. Like that previous program, this program only has a set amount of funds available.
What is the program?
Through shared appreciation, The California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) will provide 20% down payment assistance, in the form of a silent second loan. There is not a monthly payment associated with this loan; however, should you sell, refi, or transfer ownership, you will have to repay the loan they provided to you, as well as a portion of the appreciation. This loan does not turn into a grant.
- For Example -
$500,000 purchase price.
CalHFA will give you $100,000
This amount doesn't include what you would owe through shared appreciation.
What does shared appreciation mean?
CalHFA is entitled to 15% or 20% of the appreciation gained the purchase date. Whether you pay 15% or 20% will depend on your income. Per the guidelines, buyers whose income is between 80% - 150% of your county's Area Median Income (AMI) pay 20% of the appreciation. Most buyers are going to be within this range. If your income is less than 80% then CalHFA will only take 15%.
Thank you :)

What the rich don’t want to believe

The Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor the nation’s banks for risk. Is it up to the job? NBC

Convincing Wife to Quit or Go Part Time

TLDR - Our passive income covers all our expenses, plus some.
Kids' college is fully funded, no debt, paid off house, blah, blah.
My wife is still killing herself working as an OR nurse even though she could quit altogether if she wanted.
We're at the point where we are saving her entire paycheck by just shoving it into our brokerage account.
Her theory is we should just keep going with the money grab as long as possible.
I've always handled the bills and investments and I keep telling her we're good.
I've talked to her many times about at least going part time so we can start enjoying the fruits of our efforts.
Anyone have some sort of magical script which finally got your spouse out of the rat race?

Opinion If we take bold, coordinated, global action now β€” in this decade β€” we can limit climate change to a tolerable level. But if we stay on our present course, then heaven help us all.

University of Montana ~150 years apart

A picture of Mount Rushmore before the faces were carved in. It was known as the Six Grandfathers.

8 Dolphins Dead After Washing Ashore in New Jersey NY Times

I live on a canal boat currently moored at Alperton. The amount of plastic that I see along the canal and in general in this area in particular is disgraceful. In the past week, I have seen 3 dead animas, nestled amongst a huge churn of plant matter and plastic waste. This makes me so sad.
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2023.03.22 13:15 Awkward-Appeal8369 Drinking Culture

I know I've got a problem, and I want to stop but my social life would completely drop off and leave me isolated. That feeling in of itself would spark more drinking. The people close to me also just don't get it. I also suffer from social anxiety at times so just suddenly starting a new hobby isn't something I can do at the drop of a hat. Has anyone had a similar experience?
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2023.03.22 13:15 Lokireview Supreme This is NOTHING like eCom Or Shopify

[\\]( β€œBetter Than ChatGPT” App Generates β€œA.I. Affiliate Stores” and Instantly Drives Free Buyers Traffic To It In Less Than 30 Seconds... In Any Niche... Without Any Experience... (All Our Beta-Testers Made Money With This...) Watch How We Build β€œAffiliate Stores” From Scratch That Makes Us $23,546.34 Per Month In Net Profit... First 99 Fast Action-Takers Will Get Instant Access To DFY HighTicket Product Kundan Choudhary: "I can say with confidence that this is the best product I've ever bought." We Get Paid To Sell Digital Products WITHOUT Ads Saturation Proof Zero Upfront Cost Get Supreme And Instantly Create Your "Affiliate Stores" Just Pay Once Instead Of Monthly Everyday. 2,450 Marketers Leverage Supreme To Generate A Remarkable Amount Of Traffic And Sales... (And You Can Join Them In 13 Seconds) Kundan Choudhary: Today, I awoke to a pure profit of $234.54. Yes, I did not spend a penny. I am grateful to Venkata Art Flair. "If you are on the fence, do it." This is a groundbreaking application. I've been hearing a lot lately about AI. Sandy Nayak says, "I have been crazy busy helping out at home since we had our baby girl. And finally, I have something that can actually utilize it to make moolahhh." Fortunately, incomparable does precisely as it guarantees It took me 4 minutes to set up. After I enabled the traffic, sales notifications began to pour onto my phone. Max Gerstenmeyer: "You should take this down now, or charge 10k for it hahaha I paid like 15 bux for it. This is what I have been looking for." Also, made 10x what I paid while I was snoozing" The End product speaks for itself… Here Is The Outcomes From Utilizing Incomparable For Only 7 Days… The Real truth Is At long last Out in the open… Here is All that You Want To Bring in Cash On the web… It doesn't matter to me what anybody says… With regards to bringing in cash on the web… You Just Need 2 Things… #1 A Site To Sell An Item This is your focal center point… This is where you will list anything you desire to advance… You can utilize anything that to fabricate it… WordPress, ClickFunnels, Shopify… hell Be that as it may, regardless of what you're attempting to do… You really want a site that will sell for you… Doesn't make any difference on the off chance that you're selling your item, your partner item, or even a help. #2 Getting Visitors to That Website Having a website that doesn't get any visitors is pointless. It's like opening a McDonald's in the middle of the desert. That doesn't make sense, does it? You want individuals to come to your site so they can purchase… In any case, you needn't bother with "any" traffic… You want designated and purchasing clicks Individuals who are really needing anything that you're selling Correct, That is All that You Want… All that you require to bring in cash online is those 2 things. However, it is easier said than done. Let's start with the website. Building a website from scratch is not an easy task. People spend weeks or even months learning how to do it. It is also very technical and time-consuming. If you decide to do it yourself, you will end up spending your entire life savings and months of your precious time to get mediocre results. There are a lot of services that do it for you. You can use Shopify, ClickFunnel, Wix, or even WordPress Even if You Were Successful in Obtaining Your Website, The Dreadful Experience Doesn't End! If you believe that designing your website is the most difficult part, you are mistaken, my friend. Let's say that you were successful in achieving your goal through some supernatural means, that you were able to pay the outrageous fees for services like ClickFunnels, and that you spent weeks designing your ideal store or website. Are you getting paid? Are you generating revenue? Naturally, the response is NO. Getting high-quality customers to your store is the most difficult task right now. Traffic is even more difficult. Have you recently tried running ads? Facebook is one of the cheapest sources of traffic on the planet, but the prices of ads are insanely high. On average, you will pay $2 for each click. Can you believe that? $2, and even that figure comes after a lot of testing and spending... Basically, you need a small fortune to test ads and run them profitably... Even other sources of traffic are a pain in the arse I hope you didn't because, my friend, ranking in Google has turned into a terrifying experience. You put in a lot of effort every day, but you won't start seeing results for eight to twenty-four months. Can you handle working eight hours a day every day for months without earning a penny? I am aware that I am unable to do that, and even after that, they may decide at any time to remove your website from search results without providing any explanation. Does that imply that it is impossible to establish a profitable business? It's not your fault; the IM community and fake gurus have been teaching you the wrong ways for far too long. Meanwhile, they are making a boatload of money. They do that to keep you chasing whatever they are trying to sell you. It's sickening. But that's the sad reality of the market right now. What If I Told You There Is An Easier Way? It's actually pretty easy. You just don't know how to do it. But the most
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2023.03.22 13:15 Alice-the-Author The Black Ballad -- Chapter 1 Live Play

The Black Ballad -- Chapter 1 Live Play
Death is an inevitable embrace for all adventurers. So too is resurrection, it would seem, in worlds graced by divine magic. But what about that waiting period? While you are stuck in the afterlife waiting a clerics hand to return you from a critical failureβ€”how do you bide your time? A partnership forged in fire and blood between musicians, artists, writers, editors, and more is brought to life. This epic tome, The Black Ballad, is a 10-chapter campaign for Dungeons & Dragons inspired by DiAmorte’s second album, a savage metal opera of cosmic proportions. All to place your party in the crucible of choice to determine the fate of the afterlife. For our story begins…where yours ends.
Watch as D20Deathmatch, Khroen, LEGDAY, Thelemonkiwi, and tormentedbygnomes2928 play Chapter 1 of The Black Ballad!
Watch Here:
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2023.03.22 13:15 AutoModerator [Get]Nathan Haston – OnlyFans Agency Guide V2 Full Course Download

[Get]Nathan Haston – OnlyFans Agency Guide V2 Full Course Download
Get the course here:

The complete guide to starting and building an Agency on OnlyFans

Download Full Course – Instant Delivery

What You Get:

  • My database for managing girls + content
  • My automations for promoting girls and automating basic processes
  • Recruitment strategy for new girls
  • Acquisition channels for bringing on clients to OnlyFans
  • How I layout my OnlyFans funnels
  • The psychology and dynamics of how to make more money
  • Where you should hire staff
  • My recommended tools/resources and workflows.
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2023.03.22 13:15 ileikcatz Rural Social Work and Unethical Coworkers

Hi all! Good morning from my part of the world! :)
I am needing some advice, as you can see by the WWYD tag. I got my BSW in 2019 and started at my current position in 2020. I am a satellite office, meaning I work for another organization inside a different organization. I am the only social worker and only one in my position. My other colleagues do not have experience in social services. Besides one with experience in the organization and community. With that being said, they are unethical.
In the past I have pointed out some of the things they do and tried to help them with bettering their practice but I am typically shut down. Which makes me feel so defeated and i’ve had an internal battle for awhile. I feel that my perspective is devalued because of my β€˜emotions’ and my age. (28, youngest in office, more liberal than everyone else)
I’ve tried to find articles and trainings that are relevant to my situation but I’m having a hard time finding anything. I don’t have any social work connections that I am comfortable enough with to talk about this. That’s what brought me here!
With that being said,
Help! How do I be the best social worker I can in a situation like this? The last thing I want to do is be silent but I also feel so anxious because I feel like it’s β€˜me against the world’. It isn’t a fun feeling.
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2023.03.22 13:14 shadowdragon3328 I’m not sure what to do

I (35F) and my husband (30M) have been together almost 5 years and married a little over 4 years. My husband is in the navy and set to deploy soon. I have 2 kids from a previous marriage. Within our marriage we have had to overcome my sudden medical condition, two custody battles and constant fighting. My ex husband was mentally and physically abusive to me for 12 years and he just started doing the same to the kids about 2 years ago. We have called CPS multiple times and always get told that in our state, corporal punishment is legal so they close the case and move on. We taught the kids (10m, 14F) how to defend themselves. Recently we won our custody battle and moved on or so I thought. My husband became even more distant from me recently. He kept telling me that he would be better after the custody case was over. That didn’t happen. He suffers from mild depression but I think it’s more severe. He is in a negative mindset and no matter what I do to try and help him, he pushes me further away. He calls my kids annoy guilt machines and doesn’t interact with them like he used to. He told me he would be a better person when the lawyer debt was paid for. My husband told me during my medical treatments that he would treat me like his wife again when I was better. We just moved into our new place and he is currently out for work reasons. He emails me things like he dreads coming home to a pretend positive environment and that he has found joy and motivation at work. He makes an attempt to shove it in my face that he is happy at work and miserable at home. I don’t nag him at home and I try to leave him be to do his own thing. I will occasionally ask for affection or to spend time together. He used to be into those things. My kids absolutely love him and want to hang out with him but he gets annoyed with them. The kids are really chill and don’t talk a lot. My husband gets mad when my ex husband picks up the kids or I have to interact with my ex. I have to co-parent with my ex even when I don’t want to. We have been in marriage counseling for over a year and things were okay until he went on a long underway and his mindset shifted for the worst. He acts like things at home are so bad and from my point of view they aren’t that bad. When I ask for an explanation from him, he can’t give me one he just says it’s a negative environment but the only thing making it negative is him. I’ve tried to be understanding but I don’t know enough about depression to help him. He doesn’t take medication and he quit therapy. I’m not sure what to do or think. He comes home in a week or so and I’m the person picking him up. I’m nervous about it. I’m an open book so if you have questions feel free to ask them. I would appreciate any advice I can get. I don’t want to give up on my marriage.
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2023.03.22 13:14 Sensitive-Shake1666 covering scars

The new season is coming up and the uniforms I have to wear don't have sleeves. I have many scars of my shoulders and I don't know how to cover them up. I know that I could wear a sleeve or something to cover them up but as my mum imprints be to the games, the more obvious choices aren't available because I don't want her to know. I was thinking of trying to cover them up with makeup but I have never even used makeup before and I' scares I'll butcher it and my mum will bring it up. I'm thinking of going shopping with one if my friends before the season starts to get practice in but should I use concealer or foundation? I'm open to other suggestions as well :)
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2023.03.22 13:14 iAynix [PC Server]New small modded server with a "twist" looks for more peeps

Little about the server: The server has launched 10 days ago on The Center map. It is meant as a small server for a pack of friends who share the world while doing their own things and sometimes join forces to do some cave raid or boss battle or other kind of "event". It has a lot of things changed, so the experience will be definitely diffrent than your usual ARK (more about it later)
Little about me: I started playing ARK pretty much when it came out, when Island was the only map (IIRC it didnt even have name back then) and we had like third of the dinos that are now in the game. When Crystal Isles came out I decided to rent my first server and that was also when I discovered the power of .ini file editing. Since then I cant go back to playing regular ARK and each server I make has more crazy stuff in it. I have around 1.5k hours played as an admin/owner and god knows how many hours spent on thinking of/testing some crazy ideas. This will be my 4th server, and like all of my previous servers it will have some stuff changed.
Whats about "the twist?"
The server will have few things changed, I will try to give a short description of each element, full details can be found on our discord.
  1. All flyers/gliders were removed from the game. This means the way you normally play will drastically change. However it wont mean that we cant fly at all. Tek Suit will still be in the game, Im also adding Steampunk Mod which has Airships. In addition to that we will play on The Center map which has the least amount of land and the most amount of ocean so "water dinos" will also be pretty good way of transportation. We also have Shadowmane and Bloodstalker added + both Strucutres+ and Steampunk have teleporters, that help getting from place to place.
  2. All meangiful dinos have been balanced. What does that mean? Their defense and damage has been changed to be on par with other dinos from their group. This means f.e Raptor will be on par with Carnotaur when it comes to DMG and HP. On top of that the avarage Defense and Damage was also raised by 2.5 so everything will be much harder to deal with "on foot". All of the dinos will be "end game viable" and you can pick whichever you want to use (or whichever has most usefull abilities) instead going for the ones that have better stats. Groups are: Small Herbivores, Large Herbivores, Small Predators, Large Predators, Water Dinos and Titans (currently only Giga in this group)
  3. All Loot Beacons have been changed. Every item that can have better quality can be found in Beacons now, but they were also spreaded across all beacons semi-randomly. This means to target farm f.e Flak Set you will need to look in all beacons because each color has only one part of it.
  4. Unlimited Element. On the center of the map (50.50) there are few boxes with thousands of element that you can take whenever you want. I decided to add it because some of the TEK stuff would be pretty nice early on, while in end game (when you finally get it) its not that usefull/interesting anymore. Also building bigger TEK base is pretty much out of option for solo player normally.
Details of the server
Rates of the server:
Player ressistance: 0.5 (means we take half the DMG)
Item Stack Size: 3 (with custom stack size for certain items)
Taming speed: 20 (4 speed, 5 hunger)
Harvest: 5, XP: 5, Egg Interval: 0.2, Turret Damage (to dinos): 5, Mating interval: 0.075
Egg Hatching: 15, Baby mature: 30, Crop growth: 5
Unlimited respecs, Engrams auto unlock, Custom recipess for some of the items
Since the server will use mods only steam-users can join. Mods that we use are Awesome Spyglass, Structures+, Dino Storage and Steampunk
If you are interested in joining us you can join our discord server or you can messsage me on reddit.
Its our community server of group "Daikirai", we play multiple games (especially while waiting for some MMORPG to unite us again) so after you join just go to #ark section for more info.
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2023.03.22 13:14 Faithhal How to Get a Bonus in the Fairplay App?

You will be able to receive nice bonuses that will provide you with additional benefits after downloading and verifying the Fairplay app. A welcome bonus that will double your initial deposit is available to you. You can get a 100 bonus on top of your deposit if you simply top up your account with more than Rs 500.
Keep in mind that you will need to wager the bonus. Bets will be required for this. Visit the official website to learn more about the bonus's terms and conditions.
How to Store and Pull out in the Application?
After downloading Fair Play apk, you can start betting on cricket or other sports, claim your bonus, and make a deposit. Typically, withdrawals take a little longer than deposits. However, the funds will arrive within two hours of the application being submitted. Delays may occur in rare instances.
For more:
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2023.03.22 13:14 PlusFall5285 Little tip for Moon Farmers (FOLLOW UP)

Hi, it's me again
Yesterday I posted a tip for Moon Farmers to get a small bit of Ethereum so you can interact with your Moons. ( It came to my attention that even the most experienced Moon farmers were not familiar with this tip. Also, there were over 100 (of 400) messages of new Moon farmers barely knowing anything about the project. Therefor, I wanted to write a post for some tips and tricks.
What are Moons?
This is for the 100 (or so) people just started. Moons is a governance token from the CryptoCurrency subreddit. It's on the Arbitrum Nova chain, which is an L2 build on the Ethereum blockchain. An L2 is is easy easy easy words a blockchain build on another blockchain to reduce fees and costs to interact.
As you might see on the top of the Reddit you'll see an advertisement banner. In order to advertise (or do AMA's) here you can buy Moons and burn them. What.. burning? It works sorta like a stock buyback what companies do. There is x amount of Moons, when they get burned they'll disappear thus making your piece of pie more valuable.
How do you get Moons?
This is also for the 100 (or so) people mentioned above. You simply get them by interacting in this sub. By getting upvotes and awards you get Karma. Based on the amount of Karma you amass you'll get Moons every 28 days.
Before you start farming, go to setting and click Vault. Open the Vault and go to the settings (within the Vault), click recovery phrase and write the 12 words on a sturdy piece of paper. Why you may ask? In case you loose acces to your Reddit account you can still acces your means? How you may ask? They are stored on the blockchain and not on Reddit, so the Vault is essentially a gateway to interact with your wallet.
If you head over to you'll see 2 important dates:
- Snapshot: the day you'll find out how much Karma you've earned this month
- Distribution date: The day your Moons get delivered to your Vault (this is tonight! Happy Distribution day!!!)
How are they distributed you may ask? Quite simple actually, amount of Moons to be distributed divided by the amount of Karma earned in the month. Every month x amount of Moons gets distributed which is declining every month -> 40% goes to the Reddit tank, 10% to our hard working mods and 50% are distributed for us Moon Farmers.
Information for the more seasoned farmers to amass more Moons
This information is for the 150 (or so) newer Moon farmers wanting to amass more Moons.
What to look out for when making a post:

- When posting a COMEDY post you'll only get 0.1x the Moons per Karma! (CCIP-004)
- When posting a link post, such as a newspost you see all the time, you'll only get 0.5x the Moons per Karma earned. (CCIP-038)
- When posting a SERIOUS flare, you'll earn 2x the Moons per Karma earned. (CCIP-041)
Now before you post everything with a SERIOUS flare. Per flare there are rules so you can't simply upload anything under a SERIOUS flag.

Moons are governance tokens, which means that you have a say on the trajectory of this subreddit. Every months there are polls on which you can vote with your Moons for new implications. For every poll you vote on you get 5% extra Moons! Usually there are for 4 polls thus you can earn 20% Moons simply for participating in these polls
Type in the search bar GOVERNANCE and/or CCIP

25% RULE
Yesterday a kind Redditor donating many Moons to other Redditors didn't know this fact so here it is. Holding your Moons gets you a multiplier or 1.0. When selling, transferring or donating more than 25% of your Moon holdings (every month) you'll get a penalty and thus receive less Moons per Karma next distribution. So, do whatever you want with your moons but keep atleast 75% every month!
You can also upload memes to cryptocurrencymemes and might be rewarded with Moons for your contribution (CCIP-005)
One last thing: you'll need to ATLEAST earned 10 karma to be eligible to receive Moons that month (CCIP-031).

Interacting with your Moons
There are a couple of ways to interact with your hard earned Moons. BUT, before you do you need Ethereum to move them around. You can either send it yourself but since Arbitrum is a L2 it's bit of a hassle. There is an easier way but it's done out of the pocket of some enthousiast so don't misuse it.
  1. Go to CryptoCurrencyMoons, go to any post and type !gas nova -> You'll receive a bit of gas to do roughly 9-10 transactions
  2. Go to, type in your username and adress and the same happens.
Now that you have gas to interact, what can you do? (Don't forget the 25% rule mentioned above)
  1. Sell (or swap), you could ofcourse sell your Moons. Send Moons to a DEX or CEX and sell them.
  2. Provide liquidity, send some Moons to Sushiswap and provide to the MOONS/ETH liquidity pool for a bit of extra APY.
  3. Tip, you can tip a Moon or two to posts or comments which you find funny, good or informative. You reward good behaviour thus incentivising people to provide useful content! It's done quite easy, go to a post or comment and press the 3 dots.
  4. Reddit Coins, a less populair way to spend your Moons is interacting with Reddit itself. You can spend your Moons on a cryptocurrency special membership which is like 450 Moons a month.
  5. Governance, do what they are meant for, vote on the future on this subreddit.
The future for Moons is bright so more use-cases might follow!
Moons is a new project, it doesn't have a roadmap or whitepaper. To help better the sub it's future head to CryptoCurrencyMeta and put polls on what changes you like to see happen
I hope you new Moons farmers now have better picture of what Moons are and how to earn them. For a better source of information type in Google: Moons Wiki Reddit. There you'll find most information said above more detailled.
For the seasoned farmers: hope you learned some tips so you can maximise your Moon farming!
Much love u/plusfall5285
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2023.03.22 13:14 Vaya1979 I did a thing during the spring sale 😳

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