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Judge my American accent! Memorial Day text 🇺🇸

2023.05.30 19:46 AcceptableAbalone675 Judge my American accent! Memorial Day text 🇺🇸

Hey y'all, this is me reading an email from USAA about Memorial Day. Any thoughts on how I could improve my American accent? Thanks in advance for your help!
On Memorial Day, we honor the sacrifices of fallen service members who put their lives on the line for our nation, for us and for future generations of fellow Americans. These men and women answered the call to serve and defend our country with courage, dedication and selflessness, knowing the risks were great but the cause was greater. This is also a day to recognize and appreciate the veterans who served alongside these courageous souls and offer comfort to the Gold Star Families and friends left behind.
Stories of the brave, acts big and small, sacrifice and service are what we remember today. Like the story of Vietnam War hero Jimmy G. Stewart, an Army staff sergeant from West Columbia, West Virginia – one of the 58,000 Americans who lost their lives in combat during the conflict. When five fellow Soldiers of his six-man squad were wounded near An Khe in May 1966, Stewart held his position to protect his men, crawling through heavy fire to retrieve ammunition from his comrades and tossing back enemy-thrown grenades. When reinforcements arrived, 23-year-old Stewart continued to fight and was eventually killed while holding his position. The wounded he gave his life to protect were recovered and evacuated. A year later, he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. This year marks 50 years since the last combat troops left South Vietnam.
This Memorial Day, we remember Jimmy G. Stewart and the 645,000 other men and women lost in service to our country since World War I. This year, we invite you to share a remembrance of one of them or a personal story by using #poppyinmemory in your social posts. It’s just one small way to continue to remember and celebrate those we’ve lost.
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2023.05.30 19:45 Snickers9790 Narc mom and enabling dad move!

My nmom and edad just moved across multiple states to be near golden child.
I feel like this weight has been lifted off my shoulder. There’s still the issue of dealing with her wanting phone calls and update on grandkids but I can handle it better with the multi time zone separation. Holidays we will need to put our foot down on NOT traveling with our children to appease her but I got this!
It makes being LC much easier to initiate. I’m not even mad they moved to be closer to the favorite child. I don’t have to deal with her now. It’s a “them problem”. I was stressed about dealing with her aging (she’s nearly 70), but that whole responsibility has been taken from me. I’ve never been more happy about being the least favorite/ scapegoat 🤣
This is my verbal mini celebration.
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2023.05.30 19:45 Necrolancer96 Summoning Kobolds At Midnight: A Tale of Suburbia & Sorcery. 83

Somewhere, West Virginia, USA.
"PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT!!!" A harsh voice barked out.
The dragues grunted and whined as they continued to chop and hack at the thick trees that covered the south of the Duval Estate. It was slow going since they were using basic axes and handsaws. The dumb things couldn't be trusted with anything more advanced.
At least that was what Morty, and everyone else, thought. Morty placed a ice pack to his aching head as he nursed a stiff drink. He could only vaguely recall the Ball. He was excited, then annoyed, then angry. Oh yeah, the City Council and the Mayor stood him up.
Then he recalled something about swearing vengeance afterwards. He winced as a great tree fell to the ground with a groan, and a wet squelch as a drague failed to get away in time. Vengeance was for another day, he thought.
He wanted his industry up and running yesterday, and he was annoyed that it was such slow going to get the forest cleared. The workforge was being rebuilt as they worked. In the meantime, the logs were being trimmed and stored in a hastily built shed to shelter them from the weather.
He didn't need the whole forest cleared, just enough for a decent path/road to haul the stone, ore, and lead from the deposits back here for storage and processing.
But even that was taking too long for Morty. So today, instead of dealing with matters involving the town, he decided to oversee the lumber operation. The back brick wall has since been torn down and the brick repurposed for other things around the base camp.
What stood now was a wide open view of the various oaks, pines, maples, beech and cedars that covered the area. Now he just had to tear it up. At least he will when the dragues would stop dying from the falling lumber!
"TIMBER!!!" The harsh call of the Red Cap foreman came as a solid trunk of pine fell.
The various work crews of the dragues scattered this time save for a handful that were either squished under the pine or lost appendages to it. The ones still alive were dragged away to the drague housing quarters. Small shanty shacks that were barely held together.
Morty followed and glanced inside, curious as how the dragues were made compared to the rest. It was pretty similar to the rest of the goblins. Save for the fact the pool was a murky almost dirty dishwater color instead of the vibrant green of the other goblin pools. It also spawned 3-5 at a time instead of just a single goblin every few seconds.
Then again, given the rate they died it wasn't surprising to see them being pumped out faster and in a higher volume, especially if the near constant stream of dead dragues being thrown into the pools to "refresh" them was anything to go by.
Morty, curiosity satisfied, went back to observing the operation. He stood under a pavilion with one of the smarter goblins as they gibbered about plans for collecting the lumber more efficiently. While they did so the Red Caps and other goblin grunts were patrolling the area, keeping the dragues in line as well as keeping an eye out for anything that might wish them harm.
Which wasn't much at any rate. Other than a brief skirmish with a boar their presence scared away anything else. A bugbeabigfoot/whatever they called themselves came up and gave Morty a brief report.
All is well, the halflings were where they were every time they reported back. Though the scout did report that some of them, and a handful of humans, were doing some minor foresting on the west-side of the forest that Morty was clearing.
Nothing that was any issue, Morty thought. Though he would have to either send someone or go himself and make sure that the halflings knew what was and wasn't theirs.
But from the report it wasn't anything to worry about yet. Maybe he can keep a tree line that could separate the two, a natural boundary so to speak. He knew that when he started doing full scale agriculture that the walking spuds would be his natural, and only, competitors. But that was a future Morty problem, today Morty was dealing with just clearing more than a few feet of trees!
The only good thing about the dragues was the same advantage that the other greenskins had, numbers. That was about it, they were too dumb to do anything complex, and too weak to do much of anything else. As soon as 10 new ones joined the work crews, twice that were hauled away, dead from exhaustion or some random act of violence between them.
Goblins were naturally petty. But the dragues seemed even worse! They could barely work together, they required a Red Cap or someone else of higher rank to keep them in line just to prevent them from offing one another.
It seemed to Morty that a caste system had naturally formed. Him and the sisters at the top, the Red Caps and other house/smart goblins making the next step. Though he's started to notice a bit of a rivalry between the two groups. The Red Caps maintained that their military mentality and organization was better, and that they in turn were better than the house/smart goblins. The house/smart goblins in turn believed they were better as they were better educated and learned than the Red Caps.
Morty has had to intervene between fights in the manor already. He's limited the house staff to serving only himself and the sisters and relegated some dragues to serving the Red Caps. This has resulted in more incidents of violence against the dragues for spillage and other instances of "carelessness". But the serving staff were grateful to not be dealing with the "brutish" Red Caps.
After them it went the goblin grunts, and finally the dragues. Not like Morty cared though. As long as they did what they were told he could care less. He watched a log get dragged away on a hastily built sled as he sipped his drink.
Out the corner of his eye he could see some of the smart goblins continue to tinker with the remnants of the scrapped vehicles. He heard them talking about building a "hauling kart" to better haul the lumber and future deposits they were going to exploit.
From what he's seen of the plans so far he would be surprised if it ran at all if it didn't explode, again.
That wasn't the only thing being worked on either at the moment though. While his armee was being trained and drilled as it continued to grow, he was expanding the area around the manor.
A few guard posts were being built along the road to the manor, and he's already drew up plans to build some housing for the soldiery, either in town or here on the grounds. It'll keep them happy and content, and if he puts them in town then they can be quick and ready to deal with any... malcontents.
As soon as the workforge is up and running he also wants more artillery. Either cannons or mortars. If only there was sulfur and saltpeter nearby then his armee could be entirely independent!
But you can't have everything. Though he wasn't sure what would be cheaper, ordering a bulk order of gunpowder or the ingredients to make it himself. Another problem for future Morty.
The workforge would also need to be expanded or liquified into separate specialized factories for processing the lead and iron. As well as a masonry to work stone. He wanted his manor turned into a fort by Christmas! A big stone starfort surrounding the manor itself! Walls lined with cannons! Sure it wouldn't deal with Apaches and Tomahawk missiles. But it was better than nothing!
The thrown together lumbermill was first on the list though. The fact that it burned up with the rest of the workforge was an annoyance that he didn't want to deal with again. So while the workforge was being rebuilt the lumbermill was being built away from it. Once it was up and running he can resume his lumber processing.
The Colonel had returned to the pawnshop. Though he was hesitant to enter. The same feelings from last night returned, worse than before. This time he was painfully aware of the new sensation in his breeches!
Once was a coincidence, twice was a pattern, was the human saying wasn't it, he thought as he shuffled. The fact that it's happened twice, and both times was in the presence, or even thought, of the pawnbroker, was enough to confirm his theory.
The other Red Caps were little better as the metamorphosis seemed to spring on them with little thought or feeling, he wasn't sure if it was sudden or if it had been happening for some time and they just didn't realize it.
Either way, it was something that the Red Caps now had to deal with. Sooner rather than later. Since yesterday the number of Red Cap recruits has fallen to pitiful levels. There would usually be potential in new spawns that would make it fairly obvious right from the get-go that they were worthy of donning the colors.
But that was rarer and rarer as time went by, and now he was sure that the days of drawing recruits from the spawning goblin pools was at an end.
He walked through the door as a little bell chimed above. Alerting Molly the pawnbroker of his presence. She actually smiled when she saw him. Which just made his nerves worse!
"Hello Colonel! How's the patrol goin'?"
He swallowed nervously.
"It's going as well as usual. Another nest is in the process of being put to the sword as we speak. Though there were also reports of a lone individual skulking about sometime last night."
She nodded with a smirk. It was actually kinda cute that the uniformed man was so nervous around her. A nice change from the hot and bothered country boys from one of the farms or ranches that would swagger in and try and pull their country boy charm on her.
"Heard about that this mornin'. Find out who it was?"
"We did not. I wanted to make sure that those under my- OUR protection weren't bothered by the incident!" He hastily corrected.
Yup, definitely cute, she thought as he continued to sweat and shuffle in her presence.
"Nope, as you can see everythin' is where its supposed to be."
He nodded his head at her words.
"Good! Good. Well, unless you would like to report anything than I will take my leave!"
He didn't wait for a reply before turning on his heel and making for the door. But then he stopped just as his hand reached for the door. He took a deep breath and turned around and looked at the still smirking pawnbroker.
"Though, if you are not doing anything tonight? Would you care to go for a nightly walk with me?"
"Why Colonel?! Are you asking me out once more?! And so soon?!" She asked with faux scandal in her voice.
"Y-y-your right, my apologies. It was improper as to inquire again so soon. I'll take my leave then." The Colonel said and turned to leave once more, a bit dejected that his offer was rebuked and ashamed that he couldn't wait a proper amount of time before asking her again!
"WAIT?!" Molly called.
He looked back at the pawnbroker.
"I was only teasin' a little! I would love to go for a walk with you tonight. If you still want?"
The Colonel smiled and nodded.
"Of course! I'll meet you after your work is finished?"
"That'd be fine!" She stated with a smile.
The Colonel left with a bit more pep in his step, though his nerves were shot from the situation. Another date, he thought excitedly! With his courtship of the pawnbroker going ahead now he just needed to get permission from the General to advance it when the time is appropriate.
The Colonel returned to the manor and searched for Morty, after asking around he found him in his study. As was the head butler, who looked to be speaking with Morty about something as well.
"-he staff are beginning to feel certain things that are not common among our kind Master. I have an idea what might be happening and I would like to inform you-"
"I desire to mate." The Colonel stated simply as he grew tired of the head butler's rambling.
Morty's only response was to spit and choke on his bourbon.

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2023.05.30 19:44 Lazy-Personality4024 Orphan Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: A Pleasant Game of Skirmish
Due to the distance between Earth and Cradle, multiple jumps were required. As such, major worlds in between the two points were designated and added to the jump list. While it extended the time it would take to get there, it would be worth it to gather more information on humanity. When jumping into a system, the Into the Black would do a detailed scan on every major planet, circling them if need be. Each system would take hours to record, but the new potential discoveries more than made up for it.
Meanwhile, life on the ship continued. Vigil in particular found himself wandering the upper decks, as Glevar had forbidden him from “escorting” Irudo while he was at work. Hesitant at first, Vigil left, believing he was in capable hands. Now, with no purpose, he was left to his own devices.
Thoughts of the garden kept popping up in his mind. Wishing to sate his curiosity, he gradually made his way over to it. Passing through the checkpoint, he was greeted with a wall of greenery. Small paths meandered through the small forest, while larger paths ringed the exterior.
Picking one of the smaller paths at random, Vigil walked down it, surrounded by life and serenity. The vegetation was both alien and yet familiar at the same time. Large trees with rough brown bark stretched upwards, topped by green leaves. Some were not completely the same as Earth vegetation, however.
Some of the tree trunks had a much darker, reddish hue, and wicked looking spikes lining them. While others had red or even purple leaves. Those with spikes had signs with foreign words set in the ground beside them, adorned by artwork depicting a mouth eating the tree with a large X. Going by this, Vigil assumed they were not edible. Why anyone wanted to eat the trees, he could not fathom. Apparently, though, the signs did not pertain to the wildlife transplanted onto the ship. A small creature with eyes nearly as large as its head, a jet black body covered in fur, and a long bushy tail, sat munching on the leaves of the tree. All the while staring at Vigil, curious as to who was intruding on its lunch.
Another oddity was the “grass”, if one could call it that. The plant in question blanketed the forest floor. It was bluish green with razor thin blades, more filament than proper leaf. Though it was extremely thin, it grew so dense that fallen debris, such as leaves and twigs, seemed to float above it.
Possibly deadly tree’s and strange grass aside… it was… enjoyable. It was nice to be so far away from war, yet confusing at the same time. He had no purpose here, no reason. Was it truly fine for him to stop? To lie down his sword, so to speak?
A beautiful flower off the path caught his eye. It had yet to unfurl its white petals for the day. Wanting to observe the flower in greater detail, Vigil stepped off the path and walked over. He kneeled down before it, taking in every aspect of its design. He reached out and stroked a petal. He did so agonizingly slow and gentle, yet even that was not enough to prevent harm to the frail life before him.
His finger ripped away one of the pure white petals, revealing a crimson red interior. Liquid, whether nectar or something else, leaked from the injury. It too was red, blood red. Surprised, he stood quickly. He did not want to harm the small flower further. Turning away, he paused. He saw his tracks, deep and obtrusive to the natural scenery. Wherever he walked, he had brought death to the surrounding life. Crushing the small filament like vegetation that covered the ground, killing it with each step.
He was reminded then, what his purpose was. He was a weapon, nothing more, nothing less. His purpose was to stand ready, so when the Nemesis came, these new people could wield him. Until he met his end, his purpose was to fight and kill. Forgetting this only brought harm to the world around him, and those existing peacefully within it. He walked back to the path, retracing his steps so to no bring further harm to those undeserving of it. He went back down the path to where he had come and left the garden and all the life within. Lest he bring death to them as well.
Elsewhere on the ship, Hran was forbidden from strenuous activity, being injured as he was. Which meant that he was practically useless in the engineering department. Thus, he was given a few of the data banks to work on.
He normally wasn’t able to pick up anything heavy as is, but now he wasn’t even allowed to so much as think of lifting anything that weighed more than him. Since he usually tinkered on things, he had created a sort of nest in the back of the large engineering bay. So, secluded in his little hideaway, he rummaged around in the data banks. Hoping for something useful.
While technically every scrap of information was crucial, he was finding fairly basic things. Knowledge that even the average denizen of the GU knew. Skipping this data bank, he moved on to another, and struck gold. Well, gold to him anyway. The importance of his finding would be graded by his superiors at a later date.
When he had opened the data bank, he had found hundreds of thousands of hours of footage. Not like communicator footage someone would record when something exciting happened, but of combat footage! Combat footage with the Nemesis! If they wanted to learn about the Nemesis and their tactics, this was the best way, aside from Vigil.
Opening the first file, Hran was immediately met with the sounds of gunfire and explosions. He quickly turned down the volume, afraid someone had heard. When no one came snooping, he relaxed and resumed the video.
The gunfire resumed, and a human male barked out some strange words and the wearer of the camera looked to the side. Hran’s eyes widened. He saw only men, dozens of battle-hardened and experienced soldiers. They were in some kind of natural depression in the dirt. Lines of men were running hunched over, keeping their heads low. All around them was dust and smoke, obscuring their view of the battlefield, but they fought regardless. Peeking from above the clouds of dust, were burned and blasted out buildings.
Then, suddenly, a man in armor ravaged by battle pointed behind the soldier with the camera and raised his weapon. The camera whipped around to see several terrifying four armed creatures dashing out of the smoke. Though the human men were already taller than him by several centias, the Nemesis towered over them. They did not hesitate though. They did not run or shirk their duty; they met the charging aliens head on.
Soldiers before the cameraman fired and were cut down by both blade and gun. The Nemesis seemed to favor holding a firearm in their upper two arms and blades in their lower two. Given the close proximity, Hran could see the advantage.
But the humans did not back away, they held their ground. Every bullet or bolt of energy caused the Nemesis to shine at the impact site. Hran ogled the works of engineering. They had personal energy shields! A man directly in front of the cameraman ducked under the blades of one attacker, and shoved the barrel of his weapon into the Nemesis’ side, and pulled the trigger. Circumventing the shield.
The Nemesis roared in pain and outrage, and cut the man in half. Hran choked back vomit. The viscera and gore were not censored of course, giving him a front-row seat to the brutality of war.
The unknown soldier’s death would not be in vain. The cameraman and another soldier rushed the wounded alien and tackled it. The man with the helmet cam straddled the creature and pressed his weapon directly into the underside of the Nemesis’ four eyed helmet.
Hran looked away as brain matter and yellowish alien blood explode from the now dead Nemesis. He felt sick to his stomach watching the battle. This wasn’t some make believe fantasy, some fictional war movie. This was real footage from real people struggling to survive just one more day. Yet… he couldn’t stop watching.
The soldier was back up, and continued to fight, but his time did not last. Another Nemesis took the place of the first, and now it was the cameraman’s turn to be cut down. Hran watched as the world turned sideways, and crimson blood painted the soil. The soldier did not stir. And all the while, the Nemesis and human warriors continued to battle eachother, staining the sandy colored soil with their blood. The video ended soon after the soldier’s death.
Hran was stunned. He had never seen anyone die. And now he had just witnessed the death of dozens. He was lightheaded, and his stomach ached. He gulped down the bile which threatened to pour from his mouth. Humanity had given their lives in defense of an undeserving galaxy. It was because of them he and his people were alive today.
He would bear witness to their final moments and learn all he could. So that if the Nemesis came, they would be ready. Steeling himself, Hran clicked on the next file. Great cannons the size of skyscrapers fired, parting the clouds in waves. As the clouds split, an endless sea of ships were revealed descending from the skies. Hran prepared himself to witness even more death and carnage than before.
Kitern was fuming. She understood Tentzonta’s worries, because she herself was wary of Vigil when they first let him wander as he pleased. But after he had literally carried her to safety, that opinion had changed drastically. Vigil was a soldier, just like her. She had killed people in the line of duty, yet no one feared her. Well, maybe a little, but it wasn’t because she had spilled blood. More because of her charming personality.
To top it all off, her damn arm was aching from not being moved in so long. Some might say she was overreacting, but having her arm in a sling felt more like she was being caged, like she was being tied down. It was unnatural to have her body hindered like this.
Of course, it was for her own health. Klofaa had scanned her arm and made certain nothing was broken. The blow had simply dislocated her shoulder and pressed it against the main nerve in her arm, preventing her from being able to move it. Once her shoulder had been re-set, she was able to move it like normal. But that wasn’t enough for Klofaa. She wanted to make absolutely certain Kitern was in no danger, so forced this stupid sling on her.
The feeling in her chest, of being confined and restricted, kept increasing. It was irritating, to say the least. She wanted to blow off some steam, but there wasn’t much she could do with one hand. Kitern paused. She did like watching sports. She could try to start a game of bailok between the crew?
She shook her head and continued walking. No, that required too much work for her to only sit on the sidelines. Besides, most of the crew wouldn’t bother participating. She wondered if Vigil knew any sports? She was sure plenty of people would be interested in playing a human sport.
“Hmmm,” she hummed and scratched her jaw. She couldn’t imagine Vigil playing anything. Even if he did, he would have to play against other mega bipeds, otherwise, he would absolutely destroy the average biped like her. She laughed suddenly. ‘Imagine their faces when they realize the person who whooped their asses is a guy! They would never be able to live that down!’ she thought. The image of a bunch of whiney bailok players came to mind. They already fell over at the slightest touch. If Vigil ran into one of them, armor or not, he would pulverize them.
She stopped again, an idea coming to her. Forget sports like bailok, what about skirmish? It was a simple game, but a blast to play and watch. Easy to set up, too. All you needed was an energy rifle with a dampener on the end to lower its power and a sensor to ping whenever the laser hit. They had all the ingredients they just needed to put them together.
She knew Asteli would jump at the opportunity to play. The spunky Venanian absolutely loved the game. Gre’Namra would follow along with her, and she could always order Onsa and Dentala if they didn’t want to join. She could even play with one arm if she wanted, skirmish laser dampeners worked on nearly all energy weapons after all. The only hard part would be finding everyone.
Grinning, she got to work scouring the ship.
Vigil was peacefully watching the blackness of space, his mind set at ease by the void. Something that many found unsettling. The Into the Black was scanning another system, on its way to Cradle. He didn’t recognize it, which was a small blessing. He kept recalling the past and his purpose as of late. Looking at the dead husk of a world he and his brethren had spilled their blood over would do no good.
“FOUND HIM!” a familiar voice screamed, loud enough to scare some of the nearby crew. The observation deck had, well, observation windows to look out into space. In this case, Vigil was at the very end of the large main corridor which ran the length of the ship. As Deck One held numerous amenities for the crew, it was frequented by many. Thus, there were more than a few startled faces.
Vigil turned as Asteli came bounding up to him with Gre’Namra following close behind. “Hey big guy! Captain wants you!”
Vigil looked down at her, “I will report to the bridge immediately,” he replied.
“Not that captain. Commander Kitern,” Gre’Namra clarified, stepping in front of him.
Vigil tilted his head. “Understood. Where am I needed?”
“In the hangar bay! Come on, you’re going to love this!” Asteli practically sang, as she went behind him and attempted to push him along. Her efforts were futile. She simply walked in place, feet slipping on the deck plates. She grunted in excretion. “Come on!”
“Affirmative. I will report to commander Kitern at once.” He stepped forward, causing Asteli to lose her balance and almost fall. Gre’Namra reached out to help stabilize her, before they began following Vigil to the lift.
As soon as the lift doors opened, Asteli rushed out screaming, “I found him!” Before she and Gre’Namra ran into the locker room. Vigil marched orderly to the hanger bay, to find the rest of the marines idly standing around in their armor on the edge of a symmetrical field of crates and containors. Strange black devices decorated their armor. One side was flat to adhere to their armor, while the other had a slight bulge. They were stuck at intervals, correlating with vital areas.
Vigil walked up to Kitern. “Has there been an emergency?”
She shook her head. “If me being pissed as hell counts, then yes. Otherwise, no, there hasn’t been. We’re setting up for a game of skirmish. That’s what the sensors are for,” she said, pointing a claw at a device on Dentala’s helmet, nestled between her horns.
“What is skirmish?” Vigil asked.
“It’s a game you play to simulate a firefight. You put the sensors on your chest, back, head, arms, and legs.” She lifted a laser pistol with a bright blue block on the end of the barrel. “Then you put a dampener on an energy weapon of your choice and shoot eachother. The dampener lowers the power of the beam so that it can’t kill you, just trigger the sensors. It takes five shots to ‘kill’ someone, two if you shoot them in the head. Forgot how many you need if the species has more than one head, though.” She returned her sidearm to its holster and waved a hand dismissively. “Doesn’t matter. Point is, you want to play?”
He thought for a second. While labeled as a game, it would be an efficient tool to maintain combat readiness and test his new allies’ capabilities. They would need to be an efficient fighting force to have a chance against the Nemesis. “Affirmative,” he finally replied.
Kitern chuffed. “Good. Onsa, get this man a gun! Never thought I’d say those words.” She shrugged. “Oh well. If you need me, I’ll be with Shavan putting bets on the winners.”
“Hello down there!” the ship’s quartermaster said upon hearing her name. She waved down at them from a platform being held aloft by a crane which ran along the tracks embedded in the ceiling. She began lowering the platform via a linked data pad.
“Don’t tell the captain about that. It breaks several safety regulations,” Onsa said from the side, handing him a pack of sensors and an energy rifle with a dampener already attached. Vigil looked at them curiously and began putting them on various parts of his body. Meanwhile, Asteli and Gre’Namra returned, now fully armored, and grabbed two more rifles and packets of sensors.
Now high above the “battlefield”, Kitern announced. “If the contestants are ready, you may take your positions!” she said in a haughty voice. She leaned over and elbowed Shavan in the side. “Make sure you record this.”
Shavan chuffed and drawled, “Already ahead of ya.” Then linked her data pad to the hangar’s cameras, pointing them so they covered every inch of the field.
Asteli ran off to one side of the makeshift arena while Onsa and Dentala went to the other. Gre’Namra walked up to Vigil and said, “You’re on our team to help balance things out.” He nodded and followed the two privates to their designated starting point.
Kitern leaned over the hastily assembled railing of her platform, observing the playing field. It was a simple rectangle marked by lines of crates. Each side’s base was ringed by a wall of boxes and containers with gaps to get in and out. Cover was scattered periodically, with head height walls spread around the arena to break line of sight.
Seeing that everyone was at their bases, she called down, “If everyone is ready!” She paused, looking between the two opposing sides. “Begin the slaughter!” There was no bell, shot, or buzzer. Just a simple shout and the two sides were off.
All except for Vigil, who was still standing there while Asteli and Gre’Namra split and ran in opposite directions around a wall that defended the front of their base. Vigil looked back and forth between the two before randomly choosing to go to the right.
Turning the corner, he saw Gre’Namra hunkered behind cover. She was pressing a hand to the deck, concentrating on something. She looked back and saw him and made a hand motion, telling him to get down. Distracted by Gre’Namra, he did not see the two quick flashes from between a stack of crates, which spelled his doom.
The sensor on Vigil’s helmet flashed blue twice in quick succession, and all the sensors lit up. Indicating he was out.
“You’re dead Vigil, go sit on the side,” Kitern called down from her perch. Confused, Vigil did as ordered and observed the brief firefight. Gre’Namra, now revealed, had a small shootout with Onsa who had taken out Vigil. Gre’Namra returned fire, attempting to suppress Onsa.
When Onsa stopped shooting, Gre’Namra attempted to pull back get behind taller cover. The moment she left her stack of boxes, Onsa resumed firing and tagged her back three times. Though she was hit, she was not out. Cursing and slapping her tail on the deck in agitation, she elected to pull back and meet up with Asteli on the opposite side of the battlefield from her, rather than continue fighting Onsa. Gre’Namra fired blindly over cover, causing Onsa to duck down and give her a chance to escape.
Meanwhile, Asteli had pushed far forward, quickly being pinned down by Dentala. Already hit twice, she was reluctant to return fire. Until Gre’Namra appeared, she kneeled and leaned around cover, hitting Dentala and forcing her back. Now relieved, Asteli advanced with Gre’Namra’s over watch.
However, in their haste, they failed to ensure their flank was secure. As out of nowhere, Asteli was gunned down by Onsa firing diagonally from across the field.
Asteli stomped her foot and cursed, before trudging over to the side. Gre’Namra, now alone, pulled back to her base. She wanted to use the tight confines to her advantage, forcing her enemies to come to her. However, Dentala had other plans for her. Using Asteli’s tactics, she pushed hard, going down the center of the field where Gre’Namra had no sightlines.
As Dentala was advancing, she lept over low cover, set in between two walls. Waiting on the other side of the walls, was Gre’Namra. Gre’Namra had stopped retreating, when she realized she would only be trapping herself. Guessing that her seniors would assume she was running with her tail between her legs, she decided to lay a trap of her own. Using her species’ advanced sensory organs to track Dentala, even without line of sight, and set up where she would least expect.
Dentala was mid jump, when Gre’Namra opened fire. She was ‘dead’, before she even landed. “Tsk. That was smart, too bad you’re dead,” Dentala said with a bitter undertone.
Gre’Namra scoffed. “What? Look who talking!” As soon as the words left her mouth, her sensors flashed and stayed lit, indication she was dead.
Someone tapped the barrel of an energy rifle on the back of her helmet. “Remember your opponents. Lioranians have excellent speed and agility. If you aren’t paying attention, we can run up on you before you have time to react,” Onsa bragged from behind her.
Gre’Namra thumped her tail on the ground. “I could have sensed you anyway if I wasn’t wearing this armor! It reduces my sight time too much!”
“True,” Onsa nodded. “But without that armor, you would have been dead already.”
Kitern suddenly began clapping a hand on a section of railing, drawing everyone’s attention. “You did good privates. Better than I had thought. Vigil, you did about what I expected for your first time,” she said, looking down at everyone. Asteli was busy punching Vigil in the arm, blaming him for their loss. Vigil barely even registered the blows, let alone was harmed by them.
“Everyone, go back to your bases and get ready for round two. I’m hoping to see some improvement,” she said merrily, enjoying the show.
Taking up the same position as last time, Kitern began counting down. Asteli punched Vigil’s arm again. “Use some of that ass kicking energy you showed us on that Nemesis ship this tim-”
Kitern had finished counting down. The moment she did, Vigil practically disappeared. Startling Asteli and Gre’Namra, even Kitern and Shavan were wide eyed when Vigil darted around the container walls, making up their base.
They grew even wider, and their jaws appeared to hit the floor as they watched Vigil dash across the battlefield. He was a blur, rushing over and around cover. Already nearing the enemy base. He jumped on top of a waist high stack of crates and used both of his powerful legs to jump straight up and over Dentala’s and Onsa’s front wall.
The two marines hadn’t even left the confines of their base, when the light was blocked out by Vigil sailing above them. In an instant, the sensors on their heads flashed twice, then remained on, signaling their demise.
Vigil landed on both feet and went into a squat to help transfer some of the energy from his impact. He cleared the entire base and ended up on the outside of the arena. The deck reverberated from the force of his body slamming into it and created a mini avalanche of poorly stacked boxes. As the various boxes and crates fell away, Onsa and Dentala were graced with a view of Vigil’s back, as he slowly rose to an upright position.
They stared at him, flabbergasted. “How?” Dentala whispered in disbelief.
Kitern watched, just as stunned. “Uhhh… the match is… over,” she said slowly.
“What?!” Asteli shouted from her side of the field. She stuck her head out from behind cover, making sure it wasn’t a trap, before approaching the other base. Seeing that Dentala and Onsa were really out, she walked up to them and chuckled. “Remember your opponents. Humans have excellent speed and agility,” she mimicked Onsa’s earlier statement mockingly.
Onsa scowled at her. She then rotated her rifle with one arm and shot Asteli. Asteli returned the gesture by blowing her species’ equivalent of a raspberry. “Alright, alright. Settle down children,” Kitern announced as her platform lowered. “Normally you would be tied one for one, but now that Vigil seems to be trying. I doubt you’ll be getting any more points.” She directed the tail end of her sentence to Onsa and Dentala.
Dentala protested and gestured to the large imposing man who was now gathered with the others. “We can take him. Now that we know what he can do, we can beat him.”
Kitern waved her off. “I love the enthusiasm, but we couldn’t take him when we had actual guns. And he was literally dying. You can’t take him on now. Not the two of you atleast.” She then did something not characteristic of her species. Kitern grinned, barring her teeth. To a Lioranian, showing one’s teeth was a declaration of war, that you wanted to fight, that blood would soon be spilled. They also did it subconsciously when faced with a foe or extreme challenge. And right now, Vigil was both.
Kitern reached over and took off her sling. She rolled her left arm, causing it to pop. “You aren’t supposed to move your arm!” Onsa nagged.
“Yeah, yeah. What the doc don’t know won’t hurt her.” She picked up a pack of sensors and began putting them on. The sensor for her head looked stupid sitting on top of her head, like a little hat. “I’m joining in now, kiddos.”
“Um, captain. You aren’t wearing armor,” Gre’Namra pointed out.
“And?” Kitern scoffed. “Unless you take that dampener off, I can be as naked as the day I was born and not get hurt. At most it’ll singe my fur.”
Asteli spoke up, a nervous undertone in her voice. “Even with Vigil, ma’am, we can’t beat you.”
“You two won’t, but Vigil could. So it’s a good thing you won’t be fighting me,” she replied cryptically. The other four marines looked at her confused. Seeing their reactions, she chuffed and laughed. “Watching you all go at it made me excited. And since we’re still O for one against big boy over there. I think it’s time we evened the score.”
“You mean…” Dentala said, catching on.
Kitern nodded. “Yep. It’s going to be a five versus one. We’re going to have a grudge match.”
All eyes turned to Vigil. He simply tilted his head, not sure why everyone was looking at him.
First Previous
Hello, I am back! For how long? I have no idea, but until I have to leave again, I'll be uploading as normal. Also, after this point, you may occasionally see stories called Orphan: Tales of the Past, where I give a bit more backstory or just write "bolter porn", (I hope I'm using that correctly) essentially just action packed wabattle scenes from the Human Nemesis war. To be honest, 99% of it is bolter porn. I have backstory chapters for several characters set up, but haven't actually written any yet.
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2023.05.30 19:44 Funshine36 Oxalate poisoning plus salicylic sensitivity?

I've been studying oxalate the past several months but the the salicylic issue is brand new to me.
I am pretty sure this is what I have been dealing with for the past 3 years and I almost didn't survive.
This last Friday I changed my diet completely because apparently I was basically overdosing myself on high oxalate foods, herbs, spices, and my skin has improved by about 80%.
Does anyone know if there is a connection between the two?
It is near impossible to find a diet I can even follow because unfortunately I also have invasive Candida that started around the same time so cannot have dairy for example, carbohydrates, or many of the things suggested on the oxalate and salicylic diets. Thank you in advance ☀️
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2023.05.30 19:44 univoxer PS5 Dualsense BDM-020 full clicky, touchpad swap, grippy shell, and magnetic sticks

PS5 Dualsense BDM-020 full clicky, touchpad swap, grippy shell, and magnetic sticks
I’ve just completed installing clicky triggers and face buttons, swapping the touchpad cover, changing to magnetic swappable thumbsticks, and adding a shell with built-in rubber grip on my BDM-020 Dualsense. This is my review of the experience.
First of all, I love the end result! The trigger micro-switches (I got the stronger version) are incredible. The clicky face buttons are a less significant change, but still totally worth it in my opinion. It’s worth noting that the magnetic thumbstick kit comes with Xbox-size stick grips (slightly smaller than PS), so if you have to have PS-size ones you should get one of the PS specific non-magnetic kits. The parts cost a total of $100 on Amazon, and since the cheapest I found the same build from a professional service was $191.95, it was basically half the price to do it myself.
The whole mod process took me approximately two hours. The kits came with everything you need except for a small cutting tool (instructions show wire cutters, I used a hobby knife), and some tweezers. The video instructions on the eXtremeRate YouTube channel were clear and easy to follow.
Notes on the install: I would’ve appreciated a little more detail regarding where all the little clips that hold things in place are. The instructions show the pry-tool being used to take apart the shell VERY quickly. If I had attempted to open it nearly that fast I’m 100% sure I would have broken pieces. With patience and changing my approach any time it felt like I was forcing something, I managed it alright. The trigger kit took the longest, but I’m so impressed with them that it was definitely worth the time and effort. Be sure to clean up the edges where the plastic pieces get trimmed off; if you don’t the triggers don’t fit as well and could stick in place. The face buttons were the easiest thing to do. Since everything was already open for the trigger mod, this one was literally just slipping off the old button sheet and popping on the new one. The touchpad replacement was simple, but you do need to warm up the glue holding the circuit board to the underside. The instructions use a heat gun, which I don’t have, and a hair dryer didn’t get hot enough. I ended up putting the whole touchpad in a ziplock bag and submerging it in hot water for a couple minutes. That warmed it up enough to remove the circuit board and put it on the new cover. It probably seems obvious, but if you use my hot water method, be VERY careful not to get water on any electronics. I also had to trim a tiny bit of plastic for the mounting screw on one side the fit properly, but it wasn’t difficult. The thumbsticks are also a simple one-for-one swap once the case was open for the other mods. There is a washer inside the domed part that attaches to the actual stick, which I had to remove in order for them not to rub on the housing once it was all reassembled. The grippy back shell was as simple as grabbing the new one when it was all going back together.
Questions for eXtremeRate: One of the last parts of the trigger kit install is placing little foam stickers inside the L1/R1 bumpers; what are those for? I’ve seen people leave in the washers inside the magnetic thumbsticks and then sand down the inside of the shell to make them fit. Are the washers that important? They didn’t appear to be doing anything and removing them was the simplest way to get everything to fit.
TLDR: Half the cost of buying a modded controller. The kits are pretty easy to install. The clicky triggers are better than any pro controller I’ve tried. Would absolutely buy again.
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2023.05.30 19:42 mpadilla03 juicy js?

do they still exist? i assume they do, i just haven’t seen them in any shops near me. i’ve never had them but out of nowhere the other i got the strongest urge to try them. any flavors you guys recommend?
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2023.05.30 19:41 BossOptimal7194 Looking for FiveM Server

Haven't fully decided on if I'm building my own, or joining an existing FiveM community but. Recent events has lead to the downfall of the current server I reside on so I am pulling out along with a handful of players. These players are dedicated and ready to follow. The TL;DR of the server we are on is that it has been made openly aware that management is corrupt and the owner has been sourcing what was supposed to be server funding in to his own pocket.
Let me make this clear; I am looking to invest in to an ownership role as I really don't have the time needed to develop my own server. I am not interested in joining your community as a member. I've played on a singular server for nearly five years and invested thousands into it, only to find out it was all for not. I am only looking at the aspect of joining an ownership team that is willing to discuss this. Direct Message me so we can talk further.
On a side note, you are all lovely folk and I wish you all the best of luck on your current servers! Thank you for taking the time to read!
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2023.05.30 19:41 Less-Function-5259 I can’t cope

Hi guys sorry for my rant but I just need help. I’m in med school and the first year I failed- my pmdd was so bad mentally I couldn’t cope, so I did a resit exam and still failed. I jsut couldn’t cope with my symptoms and it impacted my study. Nearly 2 weeks before my period my mind was drastically change, I’d have weird thoughts, depressive thoughts and I just don’t know what had happened to me. I then had personal things going on and that further impacted it. So I failed the year. I was given a chance to resit and redo the year and the years done and I have my exams tmr. I feel like a failure, I know I’m not going to pass but I can’t believe how much of a failure I feel like. I have ruined my own life and I can’t even control it.
How do you guys constantly cope with this!? I can’t believe how much it has impacted me and I’m afraid that if I fail these I get kicked out of med school which means I’ll have to find an alternative career.
Any advice? Thoughts, personal experiences thank you
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2023.05.30 19:40 FoxyFreckles1989 Update on Eagle Syndrome!

Hey, y'all.
I wanted to thank you so much for coming together as a community and offering me so much support as I made panic-induced posts, last week, after being diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome with vascular and nerve involvement.
I finally have a surgical consult (I know it's weird to say "finally" after one week with a diagnosis, but these symptoms have been debilitating since Christmas Eve and have been present for nearly a decade, and now the thing is trying to kill me).
I got desperate, last night. There are three surgeons in the entire state that specialize in treating ES, and they are all far away. I had messages in for all of them, and had even booked the soonest appointment for one of them - in August. I can't wait that long. Last night, as my vision got blurry and my ear started and would not stop ringing - I realized that even with being super prone to dissections, even knowing that this could kill me, something worse could happen - I could suffer irreversible damage that makes my life feel it isn't worth living. SO, I did what I did - I called the surgical on-call ENT at the university hospital I'd booked with for August, and I pled my case.
She was SO kind and understanding when she called me back after getting my message. She listened to me explain my case, the fact that I have vEDS, the symptoms I'm living with. She listened to me say I don't think I'll survive until August. She immediately sent a message to the attending that specializes in ES (which I found on - amazing forum) and told him that I needed an appointment ASAP to consult for surgery.
That surgeon's scheduler called me today and I now have an appointment NEXT WEDNESDAY. I am SO relieved. The anxiety this is all causing is all consuming, and now it's a tad lesser. To top it off, they agreed to see me virtually (which is unheard of for both a new patient and surgical consult appointment). The drive is 3+ hours and I'm not allowed to drive until after surgery due to the ES intermittently compressing my carotid artery and causing syncope. So, they're seeing me via telehealth. They're getting my CTA and x-rays that diagnosed the ES. They're going to help me. On top of that, two of my siblings live together in the town the hospital is in along with one of my close friends, and they are going to come together for me for surgery since my partner has to be out of town for work (most likely - based on when we think it'll take place). My mom is also talking about driving in from out of state for a week after my siblings take care of me for a few days. I feel so... loved. Cared for, now.
I am so, so, so incredibly thankful (and really proud of myself for advocating so loudly and taking it by the horns). UGH! I just want to get this over with. Thanks, again for being here, y'all!
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2023.05.30 19:39 No-Ring-5065 Sick of the sewing!

I’ve made 3 almost 4 sewing machines in the past two days and I have zero completed baskets of fabric! 🙄 The game just nearly quit giving it to me. The basket parts were plentiful at first and I had more fabric baskets than sewing machines, which makes sense because each machine can do more than one basket.
I’ll be so glad when I finally make the damn red dress. If I complete that order and immediately get another max red dress order…😡😩
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2023.05.30 19:38 cheesecake2233 Amazing lineup, but won't be back

Listen, I understand many people love this festival as repeat attendees. I am not bashing it at all, just an opinion. I also should let you know the lineup was amazing this year for my tastes and I ended up having a blast.
The reason my group won't be back, is that we travelled from Vancouver to this festival. Cost per benefit ratio is nowhere near other festivals i have been to.
Logistically in terms of space and crowd control it will take alot for us to be back:
-narrow spaces to navigate to and from bathrooms and other areas. If you were by Jampad, or other side of Jam cellars stage back area where bathrooms are you know the bottlenecks that occured all weekend. Ease of movement sucked. Yes stage locations are relatively close, but due to the blanket area these bottlenecks occur. Of course it wasn't the end of the world and didn't ruin the festival, but it was a constant downer. I should also say I am great at navigating festivals as been to many and know to leave 1-2 minutes before a show ends to avoid the rush, etc
-Prices, and I get most festivals are this pricey now, for beer and food seemed excessive.
Sound quality. Overall if close to stage, which some shows this was possible, others not, the sound was good. If standing back the sound sucked. Way too low of a volume and mainly on the VErizon stage the sound would come in waves. For me this was one of the biggest downers. Never at any festival for me has it been so noticeable. That being said for Post, the National and RHCP my main must sees I was close enough this wasn't an issue. Still didn't require ear plugs for the first time being that close.
VIP area. I get BR makes a fortune off this area, but holy I have never seen such a huge area for VIP at any festival. Gives a real bad impression for those of us not able to afford $1500 tickets, let alone the fact it is near impossible to score a VIP ticket.
Hotel accomodation. Just insane prices. We ended up camping, but still that was pricey compared to other fests and a distance from festival (required uber or shuttle, not walking).
For these reasons, when my group travels to one or two festivals a year, we won't be back. There are better options if you ask me at lower price point.
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2023.05.30 19:38 ShinyAleks Property we may rent is up for sale with another letting agency.

Please do let me know if there is somewhere else more appropriate for this post.
In England
Hello, really just looking for advice. Me and my partner are looking to move out of our current place to another as our rent has gone up, my sister will join us as she's a student and needs somewhere to stay near by for the next 2 years, we have found the ideal place and went for a viewing today! However doing further research we have found that this same house has been posted for sale under another letting agency. The images in this one look to be newer than the rental posting. We're concerned that if we send out holding deposit and go through the whole process of moving in that the place will sell and we will end up being evicted under section 21, as its a really nice house which I can imagine any family wanting as a starting house.
There was no mention from the agency staff that this place was up for sale, there is a sign outside, however it was quite conveniently placed between this property and the next as there is a fence between.
What I'm asking is, should we be concerned that if we go ahead with this property that we will get evicted as soon as there is a new landlord? We have emailed the rental agency as they were meant to send a link already, and we have not heard anything back just yet.
We had a similar issue at a flat we lived in 4 months into the tenancy, it took the landlord 7 months to finally sell the flat where at that point we had decided we wanted to move so the new landlord change didn't really mean much as we're pretty much gone by that time.
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2023.05.30 19:38 Goldylocks789 Landlord - rooming house situation

I had a question regarding the way I conducted myself and wanted to know if I'm in the wrong. I own a home near a university campus, and rent out the rooms separately. The house has 2 rooms, with ensuites( rented), & 2 rooms in the middle( not rented). 2 girls broke their leases, which resulted in the middle rooms sitting empty for months.
This past Friday ,I had given everyone in the house a 24hr + notice, that I was coming to do lawn work, and put up new blinds ( request from tenant). I also ended up scheduling a viewing to show the empty room. I had however not informed them that I was bringing someone over the see the rooms. Yes oversight on my part, but I thought to myself, it wouldn't matter, because Im showing the empty rooms technically under my possession. When I had gotten there, the 2 un-assumed empty rooms were being used, including the bathroom. I had moved the stuff out, because I thought it was a future tenants stuff( she moves in September), who I gave permission to store her things in the basment. I removed the stuff and notified her, however I found out it was the 2 current tenants items, as they were making use of the rooms, I was a bit surprised, because they have their own bathrooms, so I was a unsure why this one was being used. But I did remove the stuff, and re- cleaned the bathroom, as the person who came to see the room, was interested.
I did not want to return the next day again to clean. I do not ever in the past visit without a notice, and I never visit unless I have a reason to. Due to the empty rooms, I did come twice before for showings ( informed entry), other then that I have no desire to disrupt my tenants daily living. After I had left and informed my tenant B someone is most likely moving in from June- August 30, and updated her on the work I did. I received a message from her saying I only gave her a notice for installing blinds, and yard work, and didnt mention the need to come upstairs ( must state I did not enter their private locked rooms). She said She would appreciate transparency, as she would have removed her things herself, and given me the opportunity to clean. I did not know her things were being stored in there, I also was not expecting to clean a washroom I had left in a cleaned state. In my head those rooms are technically under my possession, and the fact they didnt tell me they were using it became an accountability issue, because if it was damaged who would I really hold responsible. They also lost the key to the room, and both have stated they dont know where it is.
The new tenant did end up signing a lease and moving in ( today), I had let her go to the house a day early, and due to that iv gotten very long messages on how I didn't give them ample notice, Iv made many violations to the tenant and landlord act, i make decisions on a whim. Upon the new tenant moving in, she had let me know they had a dog, and someone clearly was sleeping in the empty rooms ) which I had cleared. I proceeded to tell tenant B ill respond to her claims in an email, but I would like to know whose dog it is and whether its a permanent fixture, as the new roommate that came is severely allergic,( Lease does state no dogs, but had they asked I would have considered it). Her response to that was " Wonderful, im considering ending my tenancy early under tenant harassment if you are unable to take responsibility". The other tenant A, has also sent very long messages, which pretty much summed up I'm being unprofessional, my communication was lacking, its insufficient and inconsistent, despite me always being clear with my intentions of coming in the past, which iv rarley done. She stated I should have let her know the 2 rooms were going to be shown, so that she would have moved her stuff in a timly manner. I havnt really responded as I said its best that I send an email, the only question I had asked so far is whose dog it is.
They have not responded at all. Im not too confrontational, and I do think the issue really stems from me catching them breaking many lease clauses, such as live in partners, to the dog. I do take accountability for the fact that I didnt inform them I was also going to do a showing. I know rooming houses sort of have a bit of a grey area, the rooms are private but common spaces are shared, i do still give notice if I ever need to be coming over. Did I conduct myself wrong?
Also to give a bit more insight into rent, they pay per room & all utilities except internet is included. I did notice by utilities usage being up by a lot, but I had never gotten around to really looking into the issue. I do think its best that I get a property manager moving forward, as Im clearly not suited for this.
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2023.05.30 19:37 MeepsyMoop Putrid Tree Spirit (Near Radahn) PS5

Desperately need help killing this guy he's one shotting me constantly Password is 0451 I'm near the grace at war dead catacombs
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2023.05.30 19:37 tierd_and_young Someone pls help me

I (16M) have for the last few months developed feelings for my friend (15M) who I'll call AL, me and Al have been friends for around 2 years but only in the last 7 months really have we become close after finding out he lives just up the road from me so we started walking home together, then back in November I started dating this guy and then I month later I set Al up with a close friend of mine as back then I didn't have feelings for him however around end of January start of February my feelings for him started to evolve but I ignored it as the relationship I was in just felt perfect, or at least from the outside but something just felt off, then on March 31st I broke up with my BF because I knew I didn't love him in the way I feel for AL, but Als relationship continued on, and I truly want to tell him how I feel or make a move on him because although he's in a relationship to me and a few others it just seems false and toxic and that they r still together because they feel like they have too, then recently this past few days before me typing this, me, Al and two other mates went camping together and in the first night in the tent we ended up lightly "cuddling" for warms under one cover, but really it wasn't that close, however on the second night me and him decided to sleep in the porch of the tent together as the night before our other mates where snoring like mad, but back to us, as u might of guessed because its the UK, the night was cold, so he suggested that we spoon for warmth, but not a moment's later we weren't just lying near eachother with maybe an arm over or not, we where very "close" and I had my arm wrapped around his chest and he was holding onto to it and I asked if I could stroke his hair he was more than happy to let me, then in the night he would constantly move around but then around midnight-ish I felt something, he was (while completely asleep) thrusting his 🍑 into my "privets" completely unaware, and when I spoke to him about what he was doing last night in the morning he had no memory of it as he was completely asleep, and yes I may be thinking to much into this, however me and him have sought of had a "flirty thing" where I would flirt with him and who would say a rude comment or something but in a jockey way but every now and then he would directly flirt back and yesterday me and my other two mates on the camping trip where making a joke a slapping als 🍑 and for some reason I went through with it but it just left him completely unphased and just didn't care yet had a massive smile afterwards, just like the rest of us but something to me just seemed different about his although we where all laughing greatly, So I suppose what I'm asking is do u tell him or not and do u think there's a chance he might like me back although he has a boyfriend?
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2023.05.30 19:37 ginanita wowza mama

wowza mama submitted by ginanita to CharacterAI [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:37 eternalkittenMum I travel w my cats once a week for work, introducing a new kitten, HELP!!

Hi everyone, I need some serious advice here.
I have 3 cats: 3 year old sphynx female [Pea], 1.5 year old sphynx male [Pickle], and a 6 week old female Siamese rescue kitten I’ve recently decided to care for and adopt [Tigra]. My two older cats go with me everywhere. From car rides, to stroller walks around my city.
I’ve had Pea since she was 2 months old. Raised as a single kitten but was with her litter for a decent time. She was very energetic, playful, and communicative as a kitten but has become increasingly reserved and independent as she’s gotten older. She still has that previous side to her, but tends to want her space more often, isn’t afraid to communicate that, and is bonded/affectionate primarily towards me. She very much has princess behavior.
I got Pickle at 4 months when Pea was like 1.5yrs. Before Pickle, I’d often be gone a couple days out of the week. Pea would free feed and always seemed to be fine/even enjoy the alone time; but I thought that (considering her amount of energy) a companion would be more beneficial.
I was very careful about taking introductions slow. Regardless, Pea was very mean, hissy and grumpy for a while. When they finally began to interact face to face, Pea would bully Pickle a lot, it would stress me out and make me cry because he was so tiny. Eventually though, Pickle grew and overtime they’ve become pretty bonded.
Pickle is almost 2 now but he still behaves like a kitten: veryyyy playful, energetic, talkative, dog-like. I feel like Pea’s personality has slightly changed since getting Pickle (possibly why she’s more reserved?) but also thought that was just due to her age. Pickle is twice Pea’s size and definitely annoys her, she’ll hiss, but she likes him overall. They groom and sleep with each other regularly. And when we leave the house for travel, they even prefer being in the same carrier.
I have an apartment, but I leave once a week for two days (for work) and stay at a relatives house, where I have my own area/set up for the kitties. So they come with me. This is a routine that they’re very used to and fine with. They’ve grown to even enjoy riding/listening to music in my car. They also seem to enjoy themselves my relatives home, but there’s more traffic there so they (especially Pea) feel more relaxed in my apartment.
So recently I took on this new kitten Tigra. She’s very chill, cuddly, gentle and sweet. I’d been thinking about this for a while, because I felt as though Pickle was too energetic for Pea. And because Pea loves cuddling up with warm, soft fur. New kitty could simultaneously entertain Pickle enough for Pea to have her space sometimes, and also be the more chill, warm fuzzy companion Pea needs.
So far, Pickle is sooo friendly and aside from a few swats, has been pretty accepting and playful towards the kitten. But introductions have been rough with Pea. She’s been grumpy, swatting at her brother, hissing at me occasionally, growling, hiding in her bed.
Tigra was rescued near my work, so I’ve been at my relatives house for nearly a week with them because it’s a bigger (separated) space & Pea has been so aggravated by the scent of the new kitty that I’m nervous to travel with them/bring them all back to my (smaller) apartment.
Tigra and Pickle are becoming friends fast and Tigra thankfully travels well too. I’m wondering if I, for now, should leave Pea at my apartment when I’m gone to help the transition? I keep them in separate spaces in my apartment also so I figured it would give her time to be alone andget used to Tigra’s scent without the stress of her being present.
I used to leave her alone and free feed her when she was a single cat and she was happy. But if I’m traveling with the other two like usual, will she stop recognizing Pickle’s scent too and get more angry? Will the repetitive coming and going be MORE stressful/confusing for Pea or will the scent of Tigra’s area combined with time alone be enough for Pea to recognize/get used to a new kitten in the house? I’m home 5 days in a row each week so they WILL be around each other the majority of the time.
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2023.05.30 19:37 Frostdraken The First True Voyagers: Chapter 27 -Max-imum Surprise-

Amid a galaxy of brutal chaos there are stories to be told, tales of valor and justice, of fear and despair. But amid these stories are the guttering flames of adventures untold, the potential for a universe of entertainment and savage joyous fun. The Oblivion Cycle embodies just this kind of crafted chaos, creating the potential for creative exploits and raucous tales. If you are new to the TOC setting feel free to join the community at TheOblivionCycle to check out some of the background lore or to discuss themes with other readers. I thank you all for your support and continued willingness to read, as always, Please Enjoy!
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Chapter 27
Max-imum Surprise
He stood atop a wooden platform in the branches of the highest tree in the jungle. His heart beating fast in his chest as he looked out into that endless blue expanse of sky above. He blinked, suddenly there was no jungle. In front and below him was only more of that same endless sky.
He should have been afraid, should have cowered from that endless void in terror, but he found that he felt none of these things. Instead he smiled and spread his arms wide. He felt free, freer than he could ever remember feeling before.
He looked down at his bare feet, the polished red wood of the platform solid beneath his toes. Taking a deep breath he began to run. The edge of the platform seemed to stretch away from him, the harder he ran the faster it seemed to pull away.
He yelled at it to stop, to wait for him. But it did not. Instead it expanded outwards from him at the speed of light, encompassing him in a giant sphere of darkness that then seemed to press in on all sides. He felt a terrible pressure on his chest and cried out for someone to save him.
Suddenly he stopped as a profound sense of love and warmth seemed to wrap around him. It wasn't the same crushing weight as before. Before the pressure had been malicious, cruel and painful. Now the pressure was soft and tender, he embraced the feeling with his mind and smiled again. He suddenly realized that he was floating once more in that endless blue sky. Or was he falling? It made little difference, he spread his arms experimentally and found he could fly.
He laughed in childlike wonder as he began to soar through the endless clouds, doing loops and tricks to his heart's content. He had thought himself free before. He had been a slave, shackled to the ground and forever denied the truth.
He growled in anger at the thought, twisting dark branches reaching out like fingers to ensnare him as his mood darkened once more. He flitted and dodged through them with an agility that surprised even himself.
Then suddenly in the distance he heard a wailing sound, almost like that of a storm siren, but deeper in tone and altogether more sinister. In the sky overhead a darkness formed, taking a strange and terrifying form that he was unable to describe. It was as if the tendrils of darkness continued on forever, though he could not see them he knew they were there. Burrowing through reality as a worm would an apple.
He frowned, intrigued by the spectacle and unafraid. It seemed familiar, like an old acquaintance many years forgotten. It struck him as neutral, not evil or good, but somewhere in the middle. A mix of the two. He shook like a leaf in a storm as a hot wind began to blow over him and the sky split open to reveal a burning orange eye the size of eternity. He felt fear now, a terrible bone wrenching fear that spoke of primordial terrors and cosmic threats beyond mortal comprehension. But still he remained, no longer flying as he stood upon a tower of dark basalt stone blocks.
He looked at the eye and it looked at him, it seemed to look deeper than his skin. It felt as if it were peeling back the layers of his flesh and looking to his very soul, the gestalt of his core.
He jerked as a voice seemed to echo through his mind “You are not the one.”
He shook his head in confusion and shouted up to the burning sky “I’m not what one? What do you mean?”
The eye didn't reply, instead began to close. Leon raised his fists and shouted to the sky “One what? Answer me! I need to know.”
Again the voice spoke in his mind, this time quieter and growing more faint by the second till it trailed off into silence. “It is not yet time, you are not the one.”
As the eye closed the sky went dark, so did everything else. He felt himself falling again, looking down he saw a bright light far below. Squinting he saw it looked like a hospital room. The scene grew closer and more defined as he approached it at rapid speed. He looked at the bed and gasped in surprise, for in the bed he saw himself. But not as he remembered himself, but pale and seemingly without life. To his side he saw Dr. Kimathi and Joice frantically messing with something next to the bed his body lay in. It was a defibrillator.
He watched in growing fascination as he fell towards himself at incredible speeds. Joice lifted his body’s shirt and applied the paddles while Dr. Kimathi shouted something. He didn't have a chance to hear it as he slammed into his body.
He grunted in pain and convulsed as his eyes shot open. Coughing violently he tried to sit up and found he could not. Laying back in bed a bit dazed he tried to remember what had just happened.
He stopped, his mind a whirl of impossible images and sensations, and over it all a voice like thunder echoed in his mind. “You are not the one.”
“I am not the one.” He muttered to himself.
“Leon, Leon can you hear me? What did you just say? Nevermind it's not important, Leon I need you to tell me if you can hear me.” A female voice said from close to his ear.
He looked around blearily, was he Leon? ‘I am.’ he decided to himself. With his newfound identity chosen he decided to move onto his next issue.
He tried to sit up but found he couldn't. Flailing around weakly he heard a voice shout for assistance and then felt multiple hands holding him still.
“He is seizing.” Someone said, his mind assigned the voice a name. Dr. Kimathi.
Another voice, this one male, spoke up saying “I think he’s okay now. He stopped struggling.” This time his mind said the name Taylor.
He blinked a few times, trying to clear his mind. What had happened? Why couldn't he remember anything? He thought hard, his face screwing up from the stress. He remembered mud and a loud noise. But that was it.
Dr. Kimathi stood next to him and shined a penlight into his eyes while saying “Pupil response is normal, no intracranial swelling then. Leon, Leon look at me.” she said sternly.
He looked at her, his vision focusing on the dark skinned woman’s eyes. She nodded and then put up a single finger. “I want you to follow my finger, okay Leon?”
He tried to speak but all that came out was a half strangled croak. She frowned but moved her finger. He did his best to keep locked onto it. Maybe if he did what she asked she would tell him what happened to him. She moved it a few more times, first slowly and then more rapidly. He followed along and she nodded before marking something on the small datapad she was holding.
He coughed as he tried again to speak and he heard Taylor say “I'll go get Natalia. She will want to know he’s awake.”
Dr. Kimathi raised a hand. Glancing at him she hissed quietly. “I don't know if that’s a good idea. He seems to be suffering from acute memory loss. I can’t explain it, no head injury, not cranial trauma of any kind. It’s like something reached in there and scrambled his brains around, resonance scans are all over the place. It's like there was some kind of interference.”
Leon frowned at her words, again the dim memory of a powerful voice echoed through the corner’s of his mind and the vague impression of a nebulous darkness crossed his mind. But he quickly suppressed it.
“Where am I?” he croaked.
Dr. Kimathi's head whipped towards him and she rushed to his side. “Leon, you are in the infirmary. What do you remember?”
Leon frowned again, hadn't she already asked him that? He couldn't remember. Instead of asking he said “I remember mud, lots of mud. And then, trees? That makes no sense, I'm sorry.” he apologised quickly. They would think he was insane if he kept talking. Then he would end up in the loony pen with Aden.
He sat bolt upright as things started rushing back into place. The planetary landing, the attack on Oliver, the strange dream he had experienced. It all came back in a rush that made his vision swim and his head pound. Clutching his head he groaned “I remember everything… Ough, why does it hurt so much?”
Taylor looked at Dr. Kimathi and asked “What about now?” to which the woman just nodded. Taylor rushed off, presumably to grab Natalia, Leon speculated.
Leon knew that he only had a few moments before everyone else came rushing back and so clutched at Dr. Kimathi’s arm.
“Wait, I have to tell you something.” He said urgently.
Dr. Kimathi looked around the room quickly before nodding and asking “Ok then Leon, what is it?”
He held the long sleeve of her white lab coat and began determinedly. He told her of his dream and the voice, of the eye and the darkness. After he had finished he released her arm and sat back with a wince. Only now did he notice his bare chest was wrapped, an ugly yellow and blue bruise peeking from beneath the bandage.
Dr. Kimathi shook her head slowly and said “You are starting to sound like Aden. Are you sure you are alright Leon? I have some antipsychotics I can prescribe if you…”
Leon cut her off with a right handed wave, his left arm hurting too much to move it about. “No, please, no more medication. I take enough of that shit to sink a battleship already. Some painkillers wouldn't be bad though, please?” He asked her.
She smiled slightly and handed him three small pills from her pocket and a bottle of water with a straw. “Careful on the water.” She warned him as he started to suck it down.
He coughed a few times as her warning did not come fast enough and some slipped down the wrong pipe, Dr. Kimathi leaned over to pat his back as he tried to expel the excess liquid. He was still coughing lightly as a familiar and very welcome face walked around the corner.
Natalia rushed to his side and hugged him as he was still trying to settle his lungs. The result was another coughing fit followed by her rapidly apologizing for hurting him.
Leon waved a hand weakly and said “No it’s fine Nat, I was just drinking water too fast. It is really good to see you.” he said softly.
She smiled sadly and nodded, a few tears welling in her eyes. “When you stopped breathing I thought…” She started to say but he shushed her and extended an arm.
Natalia sat by his side and leaned on his shoulder gently as he put his arm around her waist. “Don’t talk like that. I’m not going anywhere. I'm way too stubborn to do anything like that, much less the effect I know it would have on you.” he said, wiping a tear from her cheek.
Dr. Kimathi spoke “Well, I am glad to see you feeling better Leon. And she’s right, we nearly lost you there a few times.”
Leon nodded and pulled Natalia’s head down before planting a tender kiss on the top of her head. “I’m sorry Nat, I won’t let my pride get in the way of my common sense again.” He turned to Dr. Kimathi as she tapped on her datapad. “How is Oliver? Is he alright?”
She finally smiled, a small tight lipped thing. “Thanks for asking Leon, I was hoping you would. Oliver is going to be physically fine, he woke up from the antivenom treatment a few days ago.”
Leon jerked up before the pain in his side dragged him back down to the dismay of both women. “A few days!” he shouted.
Natalia pushed him back down gingerly while Dr. Kimathi shot him a pointed look. She lowered her datapad and explained “Yes, a few days. You were in a medically induced coma Leon, severe lack of oxygen almost killed you before we could get you out of your suit. You had a collapsed lung and multiple fractures, not to mention a partially dislocated collarbone. It was kind of touch and go for a while.” she finished with a gesture to his bandages.
Leon winced again and asked “What happened after I blacked out?”
Dr. Kimathi shook her head and said “A whole hell of a lot. Natalia can fill you in on the details, I need to go check on something. Don’t do anything stupid while I'm gone Leon, okay?” She told him. Leon just nodded and watched the stern woman exit the examination room.
Natalia answered his question “Well, you passed out on the way up to the ship. By the time they got you out of your environmental suit you were already in full respiratory arrest. Your heart was beating but your lungs were not working.” she said emotionally.
Leon hugged her close again and whispered to her softly “It’s okay now though. I’m better. Please, tell me what happened next?”
Natalia sucked in a shuddering breath and nodded jerkily. With a slight tremble in her voice she continued speaking “We had to rush you and Oliver to the infirmary. Blessing hooked you up to a portable respirator after applying the chest tube to help drain the built up fluid. But even then you were barely breathing, she said she had to drain the excess fluid from your lungs, something she couldn't do in the microgravity core. So we used one of the lift rigs and lowered you down the access shaft to the medical ring. By that point Oliver had been rendered unconscious as well and Blessing had enlisted both Taylor and Myung to help.” she paused for breath and Leon reached for the water bottle on his bedside.
She smiled at him as he handed it to her and she took a drink. Replacing it on the table he bade her to continue. The horrid fascination making it impossible for him to ignore the terrible events.
She took another deep breath before she spoke, this one steadier as she got further into the story. “Well, after some struggling we finally got you and Oliver into the intensive suite. While Blessing worked on synthesizing an antivenom from Max, Myung and Taylor monitored your condition. Did you know Taylor had medical training? Apparently he had been a volunteer responder before he moved into military signal analysis.”
She was about to continue when he waved his arms. “Wait a minute, hold on. Who the hell is Max? What did…” he stopped. He crossed his arms again and apologised as she gave him a disapproving look.
“I was getting to that, fasten up those horses buster.” She chastised him. Her annoyance was short lived however as she shook her head and continued. “Well, when you captured that creature on the planet's surface, you placed it into a bag. The bag seemed to have calmed the thing down because as they finally got to unpacking it the little thing was as timid as a mouse. I don’t know why, but it seemed to respond in a non-hostile manner to both the venom extraction and continued observation.” she said.
Leon shook his head in disbelief. “That still doesn't explain who Max is, wait. Don’t tell me.” he said as he saw her smile widely.
She nodded her head and said “Yeah, Oliver responded to the antivenom and woke up, madder than hell. He wanted to chop the little beast up till he saw it. He looked into its little puppy dog eyes and immediately forgave them. He named her Max and almost immediately tried to feed it.”
Leon again shook his head in disbelief. Only the crazy Australian could want to adopt something that had nearly killed him as a pet. “He named it Max? What, is it a dog now?” he asked her jokingly.
She just smiled harder and replied “She might as well be. The two are nearly inseparable now.” He shot her a surprised look and opened his mouth to comment but she cut him off. “Yes he keeps a close eye on her, and no Max hasn’t attacked anyone else. Not even tried. Oliver said that the only reason that she bit him was because he stepped on her. She was just lashing out in self defense, same as when you grabbed her. Once Max realized that we were not trying to kill her she seemed to mellow right out.”
Leon still couldn't hardly believe it. The same murderous creature that had nearly cost both his and Oliver's lives, was now the ship's mascot? He couldn't take it and chuckled “Okay, I see what’s going on here. Ha ha ha, very good. I will admit you had me going with that story, Max.” he said, another slightly wheezing laugh escaping him.
She just gave him that same serious stare from earlier. He opened his mouth and threw his arms out to the side. “Oh come on, you really expect me to believe that the same murder rope that I nearly died to grab is now everyone’s favorite little cuddle buddy?”
She shook her head and said in an exasperated tone “Well I never, have I ever been untruthful with you Leon?”
He cocked his head and raised a finger. “Well, if we are counting, then… There was that time with the bean patty you told me was a hamburger that had been preserved in the cold storage for the whole trip. Had me excited as a pig in shit for that one. Then there was that other time when you called me to the observation deck for an emergency but in reality it was just you wearing that skimpy little…” She cut him off by putting her hand over his mouth and looking around to see if anyone had overheard.
She hissed “Okay I get it. And you told me you wouldn't hold that over me.” she pouted.
He chuckled lightly and shook his head “I’m sorry, but this is just too incredible. Please, humor me and skip the Max related stuff for the moment. What happened after oliver woke up, not the thing.” he pleaded.
Natialia gave him an unreadable look but continued on saying “Ok, Oliver woke up. He was a bit weak from the venom but took it well. He and Blessing took some samples of… The creature.” she paused to gauge his reaction. Leon just blinked, waiting for her to proceed. “Well, they took some samples and found something remarkable. The lifeforms on the planet have a disturbingly similar chemical and molecular makeup to Earthly animals.”
“How similar?” he asked her, interrupting her train of thought. “Sorry, continue.” he muttered as she waved a hand in the air annoyedly.
She returned to her tale “Well, they did some tests and found that the lifeforms of the world, which we named Terrelia while you were out by the way sorry.” she shrugged as he frowned. “Well, Ma… The creature is able to not only digest Earth proteins, but seems able to metabolize them as well. It has red, iron based blood with a protein ominously similar to hemoglobin as its oxygen carrier. That’s why the venom worked on Oliver so fast, it was like he had been bitten by a cobra from back on Earth. Joice and Myung couldn't make heads or tales of it, but that's the truth. I guess life in the universe isn't so alien after all.” she said with a casual shrug.
Leon just sat back in his bed, the bruises on his chest and arm smarting despite the painkillers he had taken earlier. It all seemed rather baseless to him, though he couldn't in good faith call her a liar. She would never have made up something so fantastic and then claimed it was true that vehemently. No, it must be truth. The only other option was mass hysteria in which case he had a lot more to worry about than a pet alien snake.
He wrung his hands together and looked around the small room. The walls and ceiling were white, a few cabinets above clinical countertops and a single LED light fixture completed the display. He thought about what she had said. That alien life might not be so alien afterall.
He nodded and said “I think I want to get up.”
Natalia gave him a concerned look and placed a single hand on his bandaged chest. “I’m not sure that is a great idea yet Leon. You are still recovering.”
“Yes I am. But a little walking does the body good. How many days was I out?” He asked her as he gingerly sat up on the edge of the bed. He slowly swung his legs over the side of the bed towards the floor. He winced as his leg twinged and his side smarted, but it wasn't enough to deter him from his current course of action.
Natalia stood in front of him and bounced slightly in nervousness. “Oh man, Blessing isn’t going to like this.”
Leon waved a hand in a dismissive way and asked “And since when have I let her opinion on my health keep me down? How many days Nat?”
She looked him in the eyes and said “Four days. You were gone for four days Leon. Four days in which I was lost, almost completely.” She took a deep breath as the emotions she was suppressing threatened to tear their way free. “I can’t tell you how bad it felt seeing you like that Leon. I thought I had lost you.” She said in a wavering tone.
Leon stood shakily and embraced her. He ran a hand through her hair as she buried her face in his chest. “I do know. I have felt lost too, but I have you now. And nothing is going to make me let you go.”
She looked up at him and asked suddenly “Well, you are up. It's too late to turn back now. Want to go meet Max? She really is swe…”
Leon groaned and she stopped talking. He saw her frown slightly and caved “Okay. But don't get upset if the little bastard bites you or someone else.”
He saw her roll her eyes before she led him slowly and deliberately out of the room.
Leon walked slowly, not really hurting but more sore than he had felt in years. Every step was a chore but he continued on determinedly. It was better to be up and smarting than stagnating in bed.
As they walked down the corridor that led to the main hallway Leon asked her “Are we still in orbit of the planet?”
She shook her head. “No, Joice made the call while you were incapacitated. The planet was dangerous, there might be another incident if we had decided to make another surface run.”
Leon shrugged. That seemed like the best course of action he could think of too. The planet's surface was a swamp which made it impossible to see where one was truly stepping. Oliver wouldn't have stepped on the creature if he had known it was there. The entire stupid situation might have been avoided entirely.
“Yea, that sounds fair.” Was all he said in response though. He was curious about what she thought but didn't ask. He could tell by the way she frowned that she hadn't been a fan of the situation.
Letting it go he said “We need different protocols for this kind of situation. I think the crew should have more of a say in what happens from now on.” Leon mused out loud. Natalia just patted his shoulder silently.
The kept walking a little farther till they reached the medical labs portion of the ring. Leon slowed as he heard voices emanating from the rooms ahead. Turning a corner through a doorway he stopped.
In the room were three people, Oliver, Joice and Dr. Kimathi. Joice and Dr. Kimathi were sitting at a table looking at a computer and discussing its data. What really captured his attention however was Oliver sitting across from the two women. Or rather, the long creature wrapped around the man's neck and upper torso.
Leon cocked his head, it was indeed the same creature from the planet. He looked at it again and was a bit taken aback by its appearance.
While he had not had much chance to grasp its true form on the planet he still had gotten a decent look at it. It was indeed long and snake-like in appearance, its body tubelike and covered in thousands of tiny mosaic scales in a blueish green pattern, but that's where the similarities ended.
It’s head was long and almost had a canine look to it with pronounced jaw muscles and what looked like small horns. The body was long and had a small fin-like frill moving down its center similar to an eel. All along its sides it had much larger scale looking structures that seemed to be raised off its surface. As he tried to guess as to their function he noticed some of them move. Looking closer he realized they were rows of fins all along its sides, just tucked close to the body in the absence of water. That would explain how it was able to wriggle free from him on the planet.
Joice saw them and glanced at Dr. Kimathi, saying something. Dr. Kimathi looked at him sharply and demanded “Leon, why are you out of bed? Natalia, I told you to keep him in bed.”
Natalia hung her head sheepishly and said “It’s hard to make Leon do something he doesn't want to do.”
Leon glanced at her and then said “It was my fault, I didn't listen to her. I needed to move, to get active. I’m sorry Dr. Kimathi.”
Natalia squeezed his hand and he gave her a slight nod. Joiced motioned for them and said “Well as long as you are here, come take a look at these readings. Myung and I took some samples of Max’s blood and the results are both remarkable and confusing in equal measure.” The blond woman finished excitedly.
Leon nodded and made a pointed effort not to look at the thing Oliver was holding. He took the seat that Joice had just vacated and looked at the results she had posted to the computer. After a moment he asked “Well, what does it all mean?”
Joice shook her head and motioned at a few bits of randomly squirming data points. To him they looked like so much gibberish but Joice spoke animatedly while gesturing to the readouts “If you look here you can see a partially decoded splice of their DNA. That was the first thing that struck me as odd, I expected something similar to our DNA system to give the cells guidance, but not this similar. Look, four base pairs just like us, and whats more the base pairs are astonishingly similar as well. If i didn’t know any better I would be tempted to say that this creature evolved from a common ancestor to Earthly creatures.” she paused to let the bombshell sink in.
Leon just shook his head “What is so remarkable about that. Isnt there a word for this kind of thing. Convergent evolution right?”
Joice shook her head and pointed at Oliver’s new friend. “No, not like this. Convergent evolution is more about the form and function, not the composition. This is too close to be accidental, this is… This is wrong is what it is. Its not possible, and yet here I am telling you that its not only possible, but that its happened.”
She threw her arms up in the air while giving a small groan of frustration. Leon heard a quiet quacking noise and looked at Oliver. The man grinned and reached his hand towards the creature's powerful wedge shaped head. Leon tensed, ready for the thing to snap his fingers off or worse, but instead it met his hand for pets. Emitting a soft gurgling purr it stroked the man’s hand with its head lovingly and closed its eyes in what looked like pleasure to him.
“Aww, you are the cutest little terror in the whole galaxy aren't you Max.” he heard Oliver mutter. Looking around his mouth opened. Everyone else in the room was smiling, a look of endearment on their faces.
Leon was once more incredulous. What on Earth had he missed for the thing to go from being a murderous pest to being a beloved part of the ship's small crew.
Oliver saw him staring and smiled. “Oh hey Leon, you just woke up right?” Leon nodded a little unsure of the man’s point. Oliver continued “Well, then you haven't met Max, well, not politely at least. Here, want to hold her?” he asked, extending an inviting arm out towards Leon.
Leon shook his head “No, I don't think that's a good idea.”
Joice spoke up “Oh come’on Leon, the creature is perfectly safe. Its venom is no longer a hazard, Dr. Kimathi made more antivenom. She doesn't bite, well at least she hasn't yet.”
Leon was about to say no again when he felt another hard hand squeeze from Natalia. Looking at her she gave him an encouraging smile and said “Watch.” Before Leon could stop her she strode right up to Leon and reached out towards Max. He watched in silent dread as Natalia's hand approached that razor fang filled maw.
“Nat, wait!” he said, taking a step forward then stopped in his tracks. Max was nuzzling her just as they had Oliver, apparently completely at peace with its environment. ‘What the hell?’ he thought to himself.
Natalia scritched the alien under the chin and laughed happily as it lolled its tongue out in happiness while emitting that same gurgling purr. He frowned at the sight. It seemed that his fears might be unfounded after all.
Approaching cautiously he looked at Oliver and said “How should I do it, should I let it sniff me first?” He had no idea how people were supposed to handle snakes, well, alien serpents at least.
Oliver shrugged “If you like. She is pretty docile.”
Swallowing in nervousness he reached out his right hand towards the creature. Almost as soon as he started Max hissed angrily and flared all her fins in a threatening way, trying to puff up like an angry cat.
Leon snatched his hand back while taking a few steps in the opposite direction of the creature. Oliver jerked back in alarm as Natalia shouted. Max drew back into the protection of Oliver’s body and gave Leon the most acidic glare he had ever seen from an animal.
“Oliver. What the actual fuck was that? I thought you said that thing was safe.” He said loudly, stepping back even further.
The Australian stroked his charge calmly, whispering soothing words to her and then said more loudly “Well, she never did that before. She must remember you grabbing her on the planet.”
Leon shook his head “Remember what? It’s a fucking animal Oliver.”
Joice raised her hand at his comment and said “Yes she is, but an animal with the intelligence capability of a dog at the very minimum. Im suspecting she is much smarter than that though, maybe even as smart as a corvid. My preliminary scans show that her species' neural pathways are much larger than they have any right to be. It's as if she has a brain that runs the length of her spine.”
Leon just waved and said “Alright, maybe she holds a grudge then. I've seen stranger things on this trip than a vengeful snake.”
“She isnt a snake, Leon. I have decided to name her species Terrelian Swamp Gliders.” Oliver said in response to Leon’s comment.
Leon just shook his head silently, beyond words at the moment.
Natalia walked over to his side and said “I think we have taken a long enough walk, I will see you all in a bit. Bye Oliver.” she said as she began to guide him back into the hall.
“Why me…” Leon bemoaned quietly to himself.
Natalia must have heard his cry as she tutted and said “You are in charge of what is possibly the greatest experiment in all of human history Leon. It makes sense that things would not always go according to plan. Don't fret though, I will always be here for you.” she told him with a kiss to his grizzled cheek.
Leon looked at her as they reentered the room he had been in before. “I know I do. And I respect that you see the world differently than I do. That's one of the reasons I love you so much.”
She smiled and leaned in for a kiss. He sighed as she helped him back onto the bed. “Leon, I’m worried.” she said suddenly as she sat down by his side.
Looking up at the ceiling he asked her “What are you worried about?”
She paused and then shifted her position, laying down on top of the covers next to him she said “I’m worried about us, the ship. Everyone else. What’s going to happen if we get into trouble and can’t fix it like we have managed every time so far? We don't have anyone to help us, we would be totally alone.”
Leon shook his head and pulled her close, lifting the covers so she could scoot right to his side. Wrapping his arms around her he held her tight as he said “No, we won't. As long as we have each other we will never be alone.” he closed his eyes, the slow beat of her heart and rhythmic breathing bringing him a profound sense of peace and comfort. He felt himself drifting off into sleep, the pains and worries of the day floating up and away from his mind as he entered the realm of unconsciousness.
==End of Transmission==
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2023.05.30 19:36 booke_in AI Photo Cake in Lucknow Near Me Finder, Picture Cakes, Online in 2024

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2023.05.30 19:35 ExchangeBoring Just walked off a job.

I recently signed up for part time hours through an events agency that covers music,sports and private events.
I've over 17 years experience in bahotels/restaurants and cafes so I know my stuff, have an up to date person license for the sale of alcohol in Scotland and have overseen training for new staff.
Got on site and was directed to my workstation, the south bar outside a stadium where the concert was taking place. Inquired at the sign in desk who do we report to, what are my duties ect, the basics, and was informed "the tall guy will help".
Went looking and noticed a casually dressed dude with an earpiece, asked him whats going and he tried to send me back to the sign in guy for instructions, when i explained he'd sent me he barked "just get on with it then". Not my first rodeo "so get on with it" meant find the stock, set it up and clean up any outstanding mess.
While doing this i noticed all the stock and kegs where not safely stored or accessible, the cider machines still had line cleaner (highly corrosive bleach) was all over the machine and near where the plastic cups area, all the staff (about 30-40) where standing about as no one gave clear instructions with the guy who barked at me walking about telling people to get a move on but not telling what they should be doing.
At this point I did take charge, tried to get people to stay to one station and focus on preparing, restocking and such as there was a lot of us in a small area it was a good idea for us to focus on one section each, this seemed to bring a bit of order to the chaos but also meant people where approaching me for instructions and asking information i just didn't know.
The barking man then ordered us all outside the bar tent, gave us all a plastic bag and told to follow him. No instructions as to what we were being asked to do but I assumed litter picking and I was right. The stadium had a concert last week and it appears nothing had been cleaned. I was willing to bite my lip as this was outside the job description but honestly not the end of the world. I asked where the PPE was, gloves ect. to which one of the leaders snapped " just use your hands".
I handed him my bag and walked out, informing my agency I was leaving site and why, I also terminated my employment with them. I can deal with the lack of communication, the rudeness and the unsafe work environment but in return I have the minimum expectation of being treated like a human being.
Did i overreact?
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2023.05.30 19:35 ChuckWeezy Questions/Concerns while iron shopping. Ping G710 or Titleist T300

About me: 30 handicap, no issues with distance - just need more control and to tighten up my dispersion. Current gamers: Wilson D9’s off the shelf bc I didn’t know better when I bought them late last year.
I'm in the market for some new irons and think I've settled on some Titleist T300's or Ping G710's, both of which are available at a resale shop nearby and both are in pretty good shape. The shop also offers free "fitting" on used clubs before you leave, so there’s that. I've swung both and hit them incredibly straight in the simulator every time. Both felt great as well, so it's kind of a toss up for me at this point but I did seem to hit the Ping's straight just a little more consistently than the T300's(but not by much).
My concerns with these two particular sets are: 1: The Pings have a tremendous amount of bounce as you get deeper in the bag. My current gamers max out at 6* and the G710's are nearly double that of all my current irons. I’ve read that some people don’t used the shorter clubs and tend to make a combo set out of the G710’s. 2: The Titleist are 1/4" short from standard which is 3/4" shorter than my current gamers. Based on the 5i, my gamer is 38.5" and the T300's are 37.75". The Pings are 38" FWIW....
Questions: Can someone experienced with the G710's chime in and tell me if the bounce has ever been an issue for you or not, specifically on the shorter irons/wedges? On the T300's - would the 1/4" short length be anything to really worry about? (I don't know if the set I tested was the same set I've picked out online or not. Could have very well been a 38" iron or a 37.75" iron, no idea).
The other option I have is to wait two weeks and go to a fitting with a Titleist rep at a demo day. This seems like the most logical option but would also mean I’d have to pay full retail for a set which would work out to about a ~$500 difference.
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