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2023.03.22 13:28 Lesterjournalist Credit Suisse Collapse Spoils the Reputation of the Switzerland

Credit Suisse Collapse Spoils the Reputation of the Switzerland

The difficulties of once-significant Swiss speculation bank Credit Suisse are sabotaging Switzerland’s standing as a worldwide monetary center says Opimas Chief Octavio Marenzi, as referred to by CNBC on Tuesday.
Switzerland, a country intensely reliant upon finance for its economy, is on target to see its two greatest and most popular banks converge into only one monetary goliath.

Credit Suisse Collapse Affects Switzerland

For a long time, Switzerland has sold itself as a safe house of legitimate conviction for bond and value financial backers. The breakdown of Credit Suisse Gathering AG uncovered a few undesirable unpleasant realities.
President Octavio Marenzi’s admonition follows a noteworthy takeover of Credit Suisse by the UBS Gathering, its homegrown opponent.
On Sunday the two financial monsters reported a Swiss-government-handled bargain pointed toward supporting public trust in the Western monetary framework and deflecting a worldwide emergency.
  • UBS consented to procure the best bank for three billion Swiss francs ($3.2 billion) as a component of a cut-cost bargain.
  • Portions of UBS on Tuesday rose practically 4% by around 10:15 a.m. London time (6:15 a.m. ET), broadening acquires after shutting higher in the past meeting.
  • Credit Suisse, in the interim, was exchanging 0.6% further during morning bargains in the wake of finishing Monday’s meeting down an astounding 55%.
Swiss specialists and controllers assisted with managing the arrangement, which came amid fears of the virus to the worldwide financial framework after two more modest U.S. banks fell lately.
The salvage bargain implies Switzerland, a country vigorously reliant upon finance for its economy, is on target to see its two greatest and most popular banks converge into only one monetary monster.
Besides the feeling of disgrace welcomed by the bank’s breakdown, legitimate eyewitnesses say these three astonishments bring up a few crucial issues about the power of Swiss financial regulation and plant uncertainty with unfamiliar financial backers about placing cash in the country.
Financial backers have been additionally raising apprehensions about the discount of $17 billion worth of Credit Suisse’s AT1 bonds, which was important for the consolidation bargain.
The move infuriated numerous obligation holders, who have been left with nothing and have uncovered one more banking-area risk.
Previous European National Bank VP Vítor Constâncio has canceled the composed choice a “botch with results and possibly a large group of legal disputes.”
Administrative regulation enables us to supersede what is going on in light of a legitimate concern for monetary steadiness, and we have utilized that here,” -Finma director Marlene Amstad
Learn more:
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2023.03.22 13:28 Jaded-Parfait-7106 free movie streaming site tutorial. Income proof + all source code included

For those that are interested in the gray area of online money making, I have decided to create a small tutorial on how to make some money with free movie streaming sites
Another reason for this post is that I've been seeing posts asking for ways that one can make money online with a limited budget and i thought that this would be a useful resource for such people.
I went ahead to create a landing page and a movie streaming leech site that essentially allows for free movie streaming. You can edit the CSS and HTML to add ads, content lockers, offer walls, donation pages etc as you see fit.
Since the site is hot linking to other websites with the content, I think no laws are being broken here.
A portfolio of free movie streaming niche sites that haven’t been up for a long time has been making $400 to $4000 a month. This can be more if marketing was more aggressive.
I have provided the complete source code for the movie sites on the links below if you want to try your hand at it.
If you are non technical and need a hand at hosting the site (node JS and MongoDB for the back-end, bootstrap for the UI ), you can always DM me and I can set it up for you.
So here we go:
There’s a certain user who is making an average of $500 a month with a few niche sites. He is monetizing it with a single popup over a 24 hour period meaning that the daily income could be much higher if he was more aggressive with ad serving. There’s also no mention of up-selling using email meaning that the income from the streaming sites would even go to $x,xxx per day if he exploited them to the max.
Here’s an attached screenshot of income from streaming sites HERE
why you should consider creating a few niche movie streaming sites
  1. ppl like movies and they like free things. All it takes is a single tweet or mention to go viral
  2. very little investment is needed. The scripts in the links below cost around $20 for a fully functional site
  3. high likelihood of making money
why you maybe shouldn’t make movie streaming sites
  1. You might have to deal with the legality of said sites in your country
  2. hosting can be expensive if your site starts getting traction or if you decide to self host content
  3. getting an affiliate network that works for your kind of traffic might be tricky, although not impossible.
  4. There’s a lot of competition in the space meaning that you have to niche down e.g maybe make a site for a certain type of scifi movie
What you need to build the site
  1. a domain – from what I’ve seen, you should choose from one of the following TLDs: .com, .site, .to, .today, .ru, .it, .pw, .ac, .ws . It seems that these are harder to be taken down than others but you are free to experiment with others
  2. a hosting provider: you should use an offshore bulletproof hosting provider just to be safe.
  3. a website/ script: you can either code one yourself or buy a starter kit. If you want a kit, there’s one in the links section below
  4. something to sell: this can be anything e.g en eBook, an online course, an affiliate product etc. I personally have sold a lot of self published KDP ebooks. Also I have found some success with the CPAgrip affiliate network. What I did is change the script around and put some movies behind an offer wall.
  5. A API key: This free API key is gotten on the API section of the aforementioned site. The streaming site provider uses this free API to list movie details. You can set up a free account here
A word about the provided starter kit
The starter kit in the links below is a fully functional movie streaming website and landing page combo.
The landing page is made with normal CSS and HTML so uploading it to a static hosting provider should be straightforward.
The actual streaming site is a NodeJS, ExpressJS app hooked up to a MongoDB database. The site is hot linking to a third party hosting site for simplicity and also to solve the legal dilemma of hosting such content.
The MongoDB database code is ready to do but the code that connects to it is commented out because you need a unique connection string to connect to it. The site can still work without the db connection since it’s being used to collect emails and user data. You can always DM me to set up a custom db for you if you so need to.
I hosted the landing page and the steaming site on Vercel and Render respectively and it was fairly easy to do. There are many YouTube videos that explain in better detail how to do this.
As always, if you have any questions on how to host the sites, you can always DM me for clarifications.
The following are the live versions of the starter kit templates being offered:
landing page – here
streaming site - here
The easiest way is to use a CI solution with GitHub to the hosting platform. This set up process varies from platform to platform and there’s no need to go into the details in this non technical tutorial
getting traffic
I used the 3 major things to get traffic. They include:
  1. SEO
  2. influencer marketing on TikTok
  3. YouTuber traffic
The only SEO I did was in the web pages. I made sure I used proper words in the websites without coming off as spammy. There was no off-page SEO because I was opting to go with word of mouth as the main traffic source.
YouTube Traffic
I used a website called channel crawler (just google it). It has a free tier that gives a list of YouTube channels based on, among other things, niche and YouTube subscriber count.
I figured that I should go for smaller YouTubers since the larger ones tend to already have monetized their channels with all sorts of things (membership sites, affiliate links etc). I decided to go for niche channels with under 50k subs that didn't have much of a monetization strategy.
After getting a list of YouTubers, the email extraction was repetitive and time consuming. I'd go to the channel, go to the about page and reveal the email. After doing this a number of times, YT would ask me to solve a capta. I wanted to write a bot to automate this but I decided to first do it manually to see if the idea would pan out.
Now, I noticed that YT only allows you to get about 10 emails every 24 hours. How I went around this was by creating another channel. A new channel on the same account meant a new profile that I could extract around 10 more emails. YT allows around around 50 (or is it 75) channels for a single account. So that means one can extract >500 emails per day with one email account (very tedious by hand, a python script would have made this much easier)
I extracted around around 1200 emails with this method and put them in an excel sheet.
Next came the cold emailing.
I made sure that the email copy had the following characteristics:
  1. short, about 100 to 200 words
  2. got straight to the point (no fluff words like ‘how is your day’)
  3. had a clear call to action. In this case, I wanted a video review and a link on the description
I should also add that I used gmail to send out the emails. I don't think the emails were going to spam because I wasn't send too many from one account. around 40 per email account.
TikTok traffic
I basically opened an account and started following and cold messaging small TikTok creators until some decided to review the extension.
While I got some leads here, most of the traffic has come from the previous 2 traffic sources.
resources needed:
Here are the links to the resources you’ll need if you want to try this method for yourself
movie streaming site starter kit (paid, very little for a fully working site)– here
movie streaming site starter kit (free but content locked) - here
movie list API key (free) - here
MongoDB connection string (free) - here
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2023.03.22 13:28 Zealousideal_Bat5248 RFE sent but not received

Hello everyone, my i751 got denied in December 2022 with USCIS stating that I abandoned my application because an RFE was sent and I ddnt respond even though I did not receive it. During this entire waiting period of almost 3yrs, I have made several phone calls to USCIS to follow up on my i751 application, set up info-pass appointments, service requests on processing time etc and no RFE was mentioned to me until my denial letter. So, I filed an i290B with my primary reason being USCIS error because my address ddnt change and I did not get the RFE that was shipped to me. Plus nobody mentioned it to me when I called to ask about my application processing time and all the other times I spoke to officers in person and on the phone. On the other hand, this denial came while I was out of the country and i was able to reenter in January with a I-551 stamp in my passport. When I got home, the denial letter was dated Dec 16, 2022, and I had 33days to file an i290B- motion to reopen which I did and USCIS received on Jan 17, 2023. However, my stamp expires next week and I booked and appointment to try and get a new one. When i spoke to an officer to schedule this infopass appointment, he told me my i290B application had a note saying LATE. Which I am pretty sure will result in another denial even though I responded within 33days. I am so tired and wondering if anybody has been through anything similar… and what else can I do?
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2023.03.22 13:27 lolhase2- Model sheets for Pibby shows unused characters from anime

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2023.03.22 13:26 ThatTemplar1119 How do I make things easier for her?

So uh I'm the person with BPD and this just seemed like the best subreddit to ask this question, sorry if I am intruding or anything.
She is my best friend, we're both 17F so really young.
Anyways I've been having a really rough time the past three weeks or so and things have just been getting worse for me. I am diagnosed with BPD, although that diagnosis now feels pretty useless as I am no longer in therapy due to it being expensive and my parents putting a price on my wellbeing, despite them knowing I am unwell and diagnosed.
Anyways I've been idly talking about killing myself around her which was something I was considering during the past few weeks although I am doing better now. She told me it was exhausting listening to me and I just snapped, I wasn't mad at her just mad at myself for being so inconsiderate and tactless and I've just ghosted her for now.
Do you think it hurts her if I push her away? Should I just reach out to tell her I need space? We have a class together which might make it awkward but I just feel really guilty and want to take time to pull myself together so just don't really want to talk to her right now.
Another thing is the day before this all happened is we were just cooking together. I made a completely accidental slip with a knife and cut my finger kind of badly. She tried to give me a band aid which I just snippy towards her and didn't want it although relented. I apologized for overreacting there.
Just I'm no longer in therapy and have been in a really emotional place so I don't know what to do.
And no, cutting her off isn't an option. She wants to be friends with me despite everything and I do genuinely want to be friends with her just BPD gets in the way sometimes and especially a lot more lately. We did have a really good stable period for a while before this. My plan of action is to just be more distant from her so I can regroup and work on myself. Idk I just wanted your advice here since I'm at a loss and don't really trust my own judgement
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2023.03.22 13:26 mapokorepo6 I have a pretty good life , can't stop thinking about selling everything and move away

Sorry in advance for any spelling errors as English is not my native language. Also posting from my phone. My wife (32f) and I (33m) have a pretty good thing going on, our baby girl just turned 2 and she the sweetest and smartest thing I ever seen.we own an apartment in a major city in our country and Both our family's leave really close by (walking distance) siblings included.good relationship with all.we dont have much time to see them as we both work at the same hospital but in different departments.I cant say we don't enjoy what we are doing but the hours (24/7) and the work load are hard and getting harder from year to year. a specially now that management roles are starting to pop( even from different hospitals ). The problem is since the birth of my girl I feel like the pession I had and the will to study and improve my skils as dried out, I just want to clock in do my job and clock out and run home back to my family. I have an idea stuke in my head for a few months to sell everything we own and buy a plot of land somewhere rural to build our dream house with room to garden and do somr woodworking ( actually I already found a place that is perfect) we can both work 50% from home as phone consultant to direct people to the madical service they need. The pay is 30% higher and my country give tex examptions to that area so we will make the same amount of money as now.(or even more) I talked to my wife about it and she says shes on board with the plan but a little bit worried and want to check all the sides of leaving there. In the meantime she's continuing to accept some roles that will take more of her time and booked some professional courses for 2023-2024 My worries are how our family will react to the idea as we are "breaking" there perfect life with the kids and grandkids close by. Especially now that they getitto old age. But my biggest fear is to be resented by my wife as I feel like im pushing more for the idea and she really like her job and on a fast track to higher and higher managements roles (she's the smartest and kindest person I know, to her patients and all). That's about sums it up.
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2023.03.22 13:26 amaaall My boyfriend (M25) always gets upset because of me(F20)for trivial reasons

We have been together for now 6 months . He's my first love and we love each other . But sometimes he gets upset when i do anything he doesn't like ,even when i say ''no'' to something . He says he loves me and he loves every detail in me . i feel guilty all the time and i feel i'm not ''pleasing'' him and i always say sorry abt that . But a part of my mind says that i don't have to please him if he loves me he will accept me as i am . But now the problem is i don't know if i'm doing right . I told him when i say no to something it doesn't mean i hate you . I just don't feel comfortable by doing that thing for example if he asks me to send him nudes ' i don't feel its the right thing . I will never do it even if he'll leave me . Now he doesn't talk to me . He barely said a word, i won't say sorry because i didn't do anything except talking to him sincerely about this subject and i told him u can take your space and think about it if u don't want to be with me because i'm not doing enough . Ps: we only met 2 times in the street we didn't go for a reel date yet its still distance rs . But i need an advice.
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2023.03.22 13:26 static444 Girlfriends mom asking for money

So it’s a long story just asking for input on the situation so i met my girlfriend and she lived with her mom at her dads house. Pretty much her dad was abusive and a very angry guy he moved out of the house but my girlfriend and her mom stayed living there he would harass her mom going into the house at time destroying her stuff he even came at me somewhat he drew on my car once because i was parked in a spot he didn't like stuff like that. we including her mom ended up moving out and renting a place because her dad was too much we all split rent 3 ways. I’ve been working hard since i got out of high school and I’m prepared to buy a place and me and my girlfriend want to move out on our own. The only thing is that her mom wanted to move in with us on our next place which we don’t want. she claims she can’t afford rent. She works two jobs making money that she can afford it but she must recklessly spend her money. I do know she’s at the casino a lot. She wants 200 from her two daughters and she’s planning on taking them off her insurance so she can live she claims all she can afford is $450 for rent which if she could save her money, rent in general shouldn’t be a problem. This has my girlfriend and her sister upset but it sounds like they might end up doing it. I keep telling my girlfriend its not her problem and she shouldn’t have to pay for her mother she has her own life she’s a young adult trying to save money and its not her problem that her mom recklessly spends her money. From my perspective she’s just doesn’t want to make life changes so she’s just trying to pawn her situation off on her daughters. We tell her she needs to get a better job but when we say that she gets very offended and says she wont. We even tried to get her signed up for government money but the government wont give her anything no church either. we tried to help her out but its at the point where this is getting ridiculous and personally upsetting me even though im really not much involved in the situation. So i‘m just looking for feedback from people about the situation what we could possibly do or say to her mom and what my girlfriend and her sister should do. Thanks.
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2023.03.22 13:26 AnderLouis_ Hail and Farewell (George Moore) - Chapter 7.1

PROMPTS: Are we entirely certain we are reading Book 1?
Today's Reading, via Project Gutenberg:


Though we could find nothing of interest to say about Rothenburg, we did not wish to leave the town in a slighting silence, so I asked Edward if he thought that living among medieval aspects influenced the children playing, and if it were possible to feel sure that the Rothenburg mind could be as effective in modern life as the Berlin, or the Carlsbad, or the Dresden? Edward replied that he did not know or care whether it would be as effective, but was quite sure that life in a medieval town could not fail to produce a beautiful mind, and a long discussion sprang up between us, I maintaining that it were better to live in a modern town like Düsseldorf, in which there is only one picture—Holbein's Holy Family—then to live in a medieval town like Rothenburg, where there are only roofs and lanterns; Edward declaring that art is traditional, and where there is no tradition there can be no art, and, though it was not likely that Rothenburg would produce an impressionist painter—
There is no saying that Rothenburg might not produce another Cranach, or, better still, another Luther. And you would not mind sacrificing some red roofs to save Europe from another heresy.
Edward did not like my remark. It proved my soul, he said, a shallow one, for whenever I was being cornered in an argument I tried to banter my way out.
Continue, my dear friend; but I don't see your point.
Nor do I see yours, he answered—I thought somewhat testily. Rothenburg is a Gothic town, and you don't approve of the Gothic. Is your proposal to turn the people out of Rothenburg and keep the place as a museum? You wouldn't destroy it, I suppose?
Destroy it! No, I answered. But if it can be shown that medieval surroundings are not altogether a healthy influence upon children, do you not think that some opportunity should be given to them for contrasting the old with the new, and that some part of the town, for instance, should be modernised?
It is possible that the reader will think that I was rather tiresome that day, but so was the train, and to while away the time there was no resource but to raise the question whether Rothenburg would have produced the same Edward as Galway. But the question did not succeed in provoking any of those psychological admissions that make him so agreeable a travelling companion. He was not in a communicative mood that afternoon, and to draw him out I was obliged to remind him that Bavaria is Protestant and Catholic, and strangely intermixed, for the two sects use the same church—service at eleven and Mass at twelve.
And you might have been brought up a Protestant, Edward, or half and half.
A grave look came into his face, and he answered that if he hadn't been brought up a Catholic, and severely, he might have gone to pieces altogether; and I sat pondering the very interesting question whether Edward would have done better as a Protestant than as a Catholic. Every man knows himself better than any one else can know him, and Edward seemed to think that he needed a stay. Perhaps so, but there is a vein of thought—perhaps I should say of feeling—in him which Catholicism seems to me to have restrained, and which Protestantism, I like to think, would have encouraged. The effect of religion upon character was worth considering, and as there was nothing else to do in the train I set myself to think the matter out.
But it is hard to set bounds on one's thoughts, and mine suddenly turned from Edward, and I found myself wondering if the great genius towards whom we were faring could have written The Ring in Rothenburg. Now this was a question which had to be put to Edward, and at once, and he applied himself to it, pointing out that Bayreuth was nearly as quaint and slumberous as Rothenburg, yet Wagner had written part of The Ring in Bayreuth. True that he had written parts of it all over Europe; some of it was written in Switzerland, some in Italy, some even in Dorset Square.
But if he had been born in Rothenburg and had never left it—
The noise of the train prevented me from catching his answer, and leaning back in my seat, I fell to thinking of the extraordinary joy and interest that Bayreuth had been in my life ever since Edward and I went there for the first time at the beginning of the 'nineties, after hearing a performance of The Ring in London.
It had been the horns announcing the Rhine that re-awakened my musical conscience. The melodies of my own country I had never heard. Offenbach and Hervé stirred me to music when we went to live in London, and I carried to Paris all their little tunes in my head. Painters are often more or less musicians: one such drifted into our studio, and he introduced me to the Circle des Merlitons, where I heard Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart. Classical music ousted operette without difficulty; and as long as there were musical friends about, music was followed with as much interest as could be spared from the art of painting. But when the maladministration of my affairs called me from Paris to Ireland musical interests disappeared with my French friends; they were driven underground when agrarian outrages compelled me to consider the possibility of earning my living. The only way open to me was literature, so I went to London to learn to write, as has been told in a chapter in an earlier book.
In London literature and poverty absorbed me for several years, and I had forgotten music altogether when Edward asked me if I would go to hear The Rhinegold. I had consented, regretting my promise almost as soon as it was given, for Wagner was reputed unmelodious and difficult to all except the most erudite, and fearing that I should be bored for several hours by sounds which would mean nothing to me, I began to seek for excuses, and to ask Edward if he could not dispose of the ticket he had taken for me. He could not do this, and as my plaints did not cease, he said to me, as we walked up King's Bench Walk:
Well, there's no use your coming. All my pleasure will be spoilt.
The dark theatre reminded me of the rooms at exhibitions in which bad pictures are exhibited, no light showing anywhere except on the picture itself; but the moment the horns gave out the theme of the Rhine my attention was arrested, and a few minutes after it was clear that new birth awaited me. A day or two later I heard Tristan, and it so happened that there were performances at Bayreuth that year, so Edward and I went there together, and we have gone there many times since, each visit awakening every little musical faculty in me, and developing it; and though nothing can be created, a seed can be developed prodigiously, and a taste likewise, if the soil be fertile and circumstances fortunate. They were certainly favourable to my picking up this lost interest. Edward is a true melamonaic, loving all good music, and ready to travel anywhere to hear music; then there is Dujardin, who is always talking to me about music; his friends are musicians and whenever I go to Paris I am with musicians, talking about music when not listening to it, and once again my life began to unfold in a musical atmosphere. To feel one's life unfolding is joy. Life should never cease to unfold, and it will be time enough for Death to lower the banner when the last stitch of canvas is reached.
Now I was going to Bayreuth again, determined to understand The Ring a little better than heretofore. But was this possible? I can learn until somebody tries to teach me; all the same every man is at tether, and lying back in my seat in the train from Rothenburg, a little weary of conversation with Edward, I relinquished myself to regrets that my ear only allows me to hear the surface of the music, the motives which float up to the top, the transforming effect of a chord upon a melodic phrase. I can hear that Wagner's melodies arise naturally one out of the other. If I could not hear that every melody in Tristan rises out of the one that preceded it, Wagner would have written in vain, so far as I was concerned. My ear is but rudimentary, an ear that will seem like no ear to those who can hear the whole orchestra together and in detail, seeing in their mind's eye the notes that every instrument is playing. It is well to have their ears, but mere ear will not carry anybody very far; to appreciate music an intelligence is necessary; and those who are not gifted with too much ear can hear the music oftener than those who can read it. Last year in Paris Dukas told me he would not go to hear some music with me because he had read it, and having once read a piece of music there was nothing left in it for him.
So essentially human is Wagner that there is something in his art for everybody, something in his music for me, and a great deal for musicians; and besides the music, some part of which everybody except the tone-deaf can hear, there are the dramas, wonderful in conception and literary art; for him gifted with imagination there are scenes in The Ring as beautiful as any in Shakespeare; and were Dujardin pressed to state his real feeling on the subject he would affirm that nothing has been written in words as moving as the scene in which Brünnhilde tells Siegmund that Wotan is calling him to Valhalla. Not the music, Dujardin cries—it is not the music that counts, but the words. The music is beautiful, of course it is—it couldn't be else; but so intensely aware was Wagner of the poetry that he allowed it to transpire.
One can think about Dujardin and Wagner without the time appearing long; and I had forgotten a very important matter about which there had been a great deal of correspondence, till I was suddenly reminded of it by a slackening in the speed of the train.
At the time I am writing of, Bayreuth was an uncomfortable town to live in; it has changed a good deal within the last ten years, and in the twentieth century we get better food in the restaurants than we did in the nineteenth; bathrooms have begun to appear, the fly-haunted privy is nearly extinct, and this was the important matter that the slackening of the train's speed had reminded me of. We had written many letters, and had many interviews with the agent who apportions out the lodgings, and my last words had been to him, A clean privy! He had promised that he would see to it, but from the direction in which the coachman was driving us, it would seem that the desirable accommodation was not procurable in the town. It was Edward who noticed that our coachman was heading straight for the country, and standing up in the carriage, he began to expostulate—ineffectually, however, for Edward's German is limited and the driver only laughed, pointing with a whip towards a hillside facing the theatre, and there we saw a villa embowered and overlooking a corn-field, a lodging so delightful that I could not but feel interested in Edward's objection to it.
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2023.03.22 13:26 nishinoyu Is it alright to keep Valorant open while I do schoolworks on my laptop?

I have a regular laptop that can play Valo on normal settings. I usually open it first thing whenever I use my laptop (literally all day) and keep playing it on the background while I use my browser and light office apps. Laptop is also plugged in all the time. Is this okay practice or should I remove Valo if I’m not using it?
I like keeping it on coz every time I feel tired from studying then I’ll swiftplay a bit. Sometimes the laptop wouldn’t relaunch Valo until I restart, which requires me to relaunch my apps again after. Which is why I keep it on all the time.
If it matters, laptop is 11th gen Intel Core i3, 8gb ram. No, I’m not intersted in upgrades or whatever. I don’t know about computer specifics or anything, just let me know if what i’m doing is ok.
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2023.03.22 13:26 contenthaven [Hire Me] An Elite Tutor, Authentic and Quality Tutoring Services (A+ Guarantee)

Hello there, I'm a skillful tutor and a bona fide course helper with over 6 years of proven experience. I have experience in Admission Essays, Research Papers, Dissertations, Business Papers, Statistics, Accounting,Finance, Sociology, Law, Economics, Online Classes and Quizzes.
For assistance, please reach me through
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The rates commence from $15 per page. I am conversant with all formatting styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Google Slides or Powerpoint.
Do not strain or get anxious having to juggle between school work and your personal life. I got you.
Feel free to ask for my samples and testimonials.
My work is timely and confidential.
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2023.03.22 13:26 EstablishmentBoth394 Do I break up with her when I really don't want to still?

Gonna be long probably, sorry. I've (25m) been seeing this girl (29f) for about 6 months. The relationship started not that long after I finalized a nasty divorce from the one previous long term relationship I've been in. She had also just gotten out of a long term relationship that ended sour less than a year before. So here's the problem, we're in love but there are major concerns for both of us going forward.
  1. She's worried that her previous relationship "broke" her and that she's worried that in the long term she might not be able to get to the depth of love that I'm at.
    1. Her bio clock is ticking and she really wants kids on the sooner side, which I do want kids but worry that I won't be to the point of being ready (both financially and I require a solid marriage pre kid) for one in the timeline that she needs for it to be feasible
  2. We're not even in a place that we could move in together soon and really dive in deep to a relationship quickly. we're about 1hr15 apart so it's a challenge with both of us working and having different days off to get enough time to spend together.
  3. She's also very conscious of her age and says that I could do so much better than her etc... (Even with my limited dating experience I find that hard to believe, she's pretty great)
I do not want to lead her on at all, and I think these are overcomable things with time patience and effort. However we had this exact conversation about all this last night and we came to the realization that it's gonna be so much harder to let go if we keep going and it doesn't work out. I really love her, she's been amazing and has truly shown me what a healthy loving relationship can be, and I feel like that definitely clouds my judgement sometimes... So do I break up with her and fell crummy now? Or go for it try to make it all work and take the risk that it hurts both of us way more on the future?
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2023.03.22 13:25 Material_External361 Diagnosis tests

I’ve been tested a few times for faecal calprotectin levels for suspected issues - this might be a silly question, but is this test only valid whilst having a flare of symptoms? Or would I have a raised marker all the time if I was IBD suspected?
I know colonoscopy is the next step, but I had a few raised results which then came back down to normal levels. Im just wondering for my own peace of mind
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2023.03.22 13:25 Jaflgr Wow.. this is blowing my mind

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2023.03.22 13:25 PrestigiousCredit628 What is the most overrated movie of all time?

What is the most difficult challenge you have ever overcome and how did you do it?
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2023.03.22 13:25 Jaflgr Wow.. this is blowing my mind

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2023.03.22 13:25 tubbstosterone Dual Sense Edge Crossbar Performance

I'm looking to get back into the game for the first time since covid, but I'm still shy about playing at my desk with my tower where I also work from home. I'm one of those people who went from ps3 to pc after I got too many buttons for me to handle on the cross bar. I'm basically useless when not using face buttons for the crossbar and I can only keep two fingers on all four shoulder buttons on a controller at once. Playing on PC works for me as long as I have a mouse with 6+ buttons on the side and shift+, alt+, ctrl+, and alt+shift+ modifier keys. Sure, people probably can play other ways, but this set up is the only kind I've found that works for me.
So, if I can't play at my desk that leaves me with my ps5. I've only read about limitations on the dual sense edge back buttons, but it would be an absolute game changer if I can use the back buttons to shuffle the crossbar.
Anyone have any luck with this or better luck with another controller when playing via PC?
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2023.03.22 13:25 Jaflgr Wow.. this is blowing my mind

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2023.03.22 13:25 primaldeath1 How do you do a proper aimoffset for a 3rd person shooter?

Im wondering how to do a proper aim offset to a 3ps.

There are some difficulties in getting a good gameplay feel I think in a 3ps because you want to trace from the muzzle of the gun to the crosshair.
  1. There is the problem with the camera (that in my case is on the right side of the char) so the camera looks around corners while the character do not have LOS to the target. This makes it so the camera can have an enemy in the X but when the char shoots the bullet get stuck in the wall... This is very hard to get around because ofc the player expect to hit whatever is in the crosshair but at the same time the "enemy" do not expect to get shot by someone that is standing behind a wall. Best solution I came up with is to move the x to the impact point of the wall when this is the case but gameplay wise its not optimal imho.. I also tried to move the camera closer to the character centre to minimize the problem.. Anyone else have good ideas for how to best tackle this?
  2. The aim offset.. The animations are usually made for FPS where the camera is in the centre line of the character I guess. The problem with 3ps when the camera is to the side of the character the gun will not point att the crosshair. You can ofc rotate the spine somewhat to compensate for this and it works decently when aiming straight forward but when aiming up or down the gun will point in wierd directions (like alot left of the crosshair). CodeLikeMe solved this with a dynamic offset and that solution works decently but it still takes some time until the character aligns the gun correctly to the crosshair. I played outriders (and some other 3ps) and it feels like the character is aiming really good toward the crosshair all the time so I dont think they use a dynamic offset so my question is how they achieve this. Do you change the base animations themselves to rotate the spine to offset the camera angle or do they rotate the bones like spine depending on the degree up or down you look? Here is the link to CodeLikeMe:s video about this topic. I would be thrilled if someone that KNOWS what they are talking about would reply. Thanks. Video =
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2023.03.22 13:25 Maximum_Manager_2007 Worst Pixel of All Time? What's your most hated variant?

Worst Pixel of All Time? What's your most hated variant?
I had never seen this Kingpin before until I got him for one of my season pass variants and HOO boy it's a doozy. I will def be using it because it's funny to me. What's your favorite bad variants?
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