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2023.03.22 14:20 PapaDudu 1966: We should ban calculators. 2023: We should ban ChatGPT.

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2023.03.22 14:19 PapaDudu 1966: We should ban calculators. 2023: We should ban ChatGPT.

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2023.03.22 14:18 sbnb730 My stbxh cheated on his AP

Man. I just found out that my stbxh cheated on the woman he was cheating on me with. I mean I guess we are all expendable, so why not? He had a girlfriend for almost two years while we were married. AND he cheated on his girlfriend (and obviously me) one time with one person and seven times with another. I can't even put my emotions into words.
How? How shitty must your self esteem be to justify this? This is a level of low I have never dared to enter.
I am starting the paperwork on April 16. This is BEYOND. It's just pain on top of pain. On top of more pain.
We have 2 Elementary School aged children.
I am at a loss.
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2023.03.22 14:16 Bananas_and_Oranges What kind of hairstyles can help my son's "flat spot" when he goes to school? I'm worried about bullying ☹️

(Please no judgement)
My son has a flat spot on his head. I consulted his doctor about this several times as a baby and I was always told that it would correct itself as he aged. I'm very mad at myself for not pushing harder - but he was my first baby and I felt like I must not know what I was talking about.
He's 4 years old and starts school this year. I'm so, so nervous that he's going to be made fun of for the shape of his head. (I was bullied relentlessly in elementary school and I'm very anxious about that happening to my kids, because I know how horrible it was). It's only noticeable from certain angles, but its definitely noticeable. He likes his hair long so I'm letting it grow (even if it looks a little crazy sometimes). Is there anything I can do to lessen how noticeable the flat spot is? Or is it not as bad as I think it is?
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2023.03.22 14:07 JamesMcNutty What book did you read later in life (after graduating), that should really be part of the curriculum in elementary / high school / university?

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2023.03.22 14:00 farklinkbot Pandemic pooch, Tucker becomes therapy dog and now provides puppy love to struggling elementary school students. Please welcome him and his owner, Dr. Theresa Cowan to this week's Woofday Wetnose Wednesday

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2023.03.22 13:24 Possible-Character36 Excluded

Ang hirap din pala na lumaki sa pamilya na hinahayaan ka lang. Nung elementary ako nag aaral lang talaga or ginugusto ko lang masama sa honor dahil gusto ng nanay ko yun. Sinasabi lang ng nanay ko na okay lang daw kahit hindi pero yung totoo sobrang sumasama loob nya pag bumababa grades ko. Samin kasing mag kakapatid ako lang yung honor student simula elementary. Naaalala ko sumasali akong mga extra curricular kasi gusto ng nanay ko yun. Basta gusto nya yung ginagawa ko di ko kailangan mag sabi. Naalala ko nun gusto kong sumali sa music club kasi nag aaral silang tumugtog ng mga instruments di lang pag kanta. wala naman akong talent sa pag kanta kaya instruments lang gusto ko, bata palang ako gusto kong tumugtog. Sabi ko pa nun pag nag 1st ako piano yung gift nila. Sabi nila oo. College nako yung piano ko wala padin Hahahaha. Hinahayaan nila kong gawin yung mga gusto nilang ipagawa sakin pero yung gusto ko di ko magawa.
Everytime na may competition ako pag uwi ko galing school hindi nila ko pinagagawa ng gawaing bahay dun lang ako sa kwarto mag review lang daw ako. Lagi yun, di nila alam pag nasa kwarto ako umiiyak lang ako madalas kasi sa school buong araw nag rereview lang ako pag uwi ganon ulit. Sa isip isip ko di nyo bako iask if kamusta ko, okay ba ko. Kamusta yung pag rereview ko. Pinaka masakit pa tuwing may competition ako sasabihin ko lang yung araw kailan then bibigyan lang nila kong allowance yun na yun. Wala bang ibang support akong makukuha. Di nila ko sinasamahan yung mga kasama ko may parents, ako sagot ko lang may work po. Laging teacher kasama ko tapos uuwi ako di nila ko tatanungin anong nangyari sa laban. No one knows if I win or not. Then nagugulat sila pag nag congrats mga teacher ko sa kanila dahil nanalo ko sa competion. High School nag aral akong tumugtog ng guitar pero pinigilan din nila. Paulit ulit lang pag top ako sa class wala akong maririnig sa kanila pag bumaba yung grades nagagalit sila. Di nila nalalaman anong nangyayari sakin. Gusto kong mag aral ng instrument at mag paint di ko magawa kasi di nila ko isusupport dun. Wala akong masabihan nahihirapan na ko mag aral. Wala akong masabihan na nagkaka anxiety and panic attack ako. Wala silang alam sakin at hindi nila gustong alamin yun. Hinahayaan lang nila ko na parang hangin.
Ang hirap pala, naiingit sakin mga kapatid ko kasi daw nagagawa ko daw yung gusto ko Ha ha ha. Samantalang sila need padaw nila mag paalam at magsabi kay nanay. Sila nga tong may emotional support lagi. Lagi silang kinakausap ni nanay para alamin anong nararamdaman nila.
Last year mag isa kong nakatira sa bahay namin. I celebrate my birthday on my own. No one checks me. I got sick, walang naka alam. Buti pa yung mga tita, tito and pinsan ko sinisilip ako sa bahay at kinakamusta kasi takot na baka mapano ako wala akong kasama. Pero mga kapatid nung nasa ibang bansa kasama yung tita ko at nag work sa ibang lugar every day kinakamusta. Tapos pag may sakit sila tinatawagan ako ng parents ko para alagaan sila pero ako, ako pa yung bumibili ng gamot ko kahit nilalagnat na ko.
Tatawag yung parents ko sakin para kamustahin mga kapatid ko. Pangalawa ako sa pinaka bata samin pero need ko alagaan yung 4 kong kapatid. Never sa bahay ko na natanong nila ko kung kamusta ko. Kahit iyun lang hindi ko natanggap. Sa mata ng ibang tao ang perfect kong anak. May anak kang achiever at masunurin pero di nila alam na ginagawa ko lang yung kasi wala akong worth sa pamilya namin. Parang throphy pinagmamalaki sa ibang tao pero hindi naman pinapansin pag di pinansin ng iba.
Yung tingin nila sakin independent kasi kayang ko gawin yung mga bagay ng walang tulong ng iba pero di nila alam feeling ko kasi left out ako and excluded ako sa family kaya ginagawa ko yun. Wala akong kakampi, walang sumusuporta skain ako lang. Sinong aasahan ko ako lang hindi. Ang hirap..
Napapa isip ko kasalan ko ba kaya rin ako nagkaganto?
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2023.03.22 13:18 ThisIsThrowawayBLUE dear Peter....

(so I love how Violet Evergarden this sub feels, also obviously cutting some stuff that risks doxxing my friends. I got really REALLY drunk the other night and ment to sent this to a friend but thankfullly I didn't. Thank you for being a thing so I can send this out....)
I'm going to share something with you because I trust you. Since we first met in 2017. you've always been a kind, understanding man and we make fun of well.....everyone. We mock every political party in America(even the Green Party!), we joke around with every popular meme that comes around...
Especially the asshole you used to work with who was a cunt and used to bully you and thought she had a free pass because she was trans but was a total cunt. Please don't think less of me for this. You are a kind hearted person and the third person in my life I share this detail with. BLANK and BLANK knows this...
I've had gender dysphoria since elementary school. It isn't as bad as it used to be but a medley of drugs and age helps and 12 pack of beer always being ten bucks away helps. But i've lost a lot of people in my life.....ontop of it which leads to being me a substance abuser but's a thing, I remember how I felt in 5th grade onwards, especially 7th grade PE class. It's a thing. Some people wish they didn't transition and others wish they had the bravery to do so....
I'm a result of someone who obviously didn't. I came out to my Mom as wanting to look androgynous and trying to look feminine in my high school years, just like I remember telling my Dad I didn't want to be masculine and that's like one of two times in my whole life I remember him snapping at me , not physically but that scolding and his anger lasts in my memories to this day. He was always a kind man and I had truly loving parents. It didn't last long or anything, he went back to being a caring dad the next day. The only time he ever brought it up again was when we got drunk off a bottle of vodka together and he told me to my face “I don’t care who or what you like, I’m just proud you turned out to be a good person”. I still hold that in my heart to this day.
Just be kind...that's what i've been taught over the years. Empathy matters.
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2023.03.22 12:53 Booksellers-team Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, 7th Edition (Solution Manual & Test Bank)

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2023.03.22 12:50 auddii04 Latest CJRC Meeting is up.
The commissioners gave a report on their visits to jails in Arizona including Maricopa County. For the record, the commissioners spent over $5k traveling there, and Maricopa county is one of the largest counties in the country and is larger than 4 US states. They have 8 jail locations, and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has an operating budget of $33.9 million dollars.
Very representative of Bloomington.
Additionally, if an elementary school student gave a similar presentation and couldn't even give the name of the facility they were doing the report on, they would fail their presentation.
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2023.03.22 12:39 tseygurgaon Discover the Best Preschool in Gurugram: The Shri Ram Early Years

Discover the Best Preschool in Gurugram: The Shri Ram Early Years
The Shri Ram Early Years is a leading day care in Gurgaon that provides an enjoyable and interactive way of learning picture reading to help young children develop their cognitive and emotional skills. If you want your child to succeed in elementary school, enrolling them in the best preschools in Gurgaon is crucial, and the Shri Ram Early Years is an excellent choice. Our preschool offers a wide range of activities that are designed to help children acquire essential academic and social skills.
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2023.03.22 12:29 Funspin Best books about homeschooling?

Hello! I am the mother of an incredible 9 month old boy and I am starting to toy with the idea of homeschooling. I am a former elementary education teacher (currently stay at home mom) and middle level math teacher. To be blunt: I don’t love what I see in the schools that I worked it. Nothing horrible but nothing that gets me excited. I am looking for books about homeschooling. Inspiring, instructive, whatever you recommend. I’m really torn. Private school is an option for us, an extremely expensive option but never the less… but I just keep coming back to home schooling. I’m trying to pin down why… I want to make sure if I do this, I do it to the best of my ability and do right by my son. I want to dig deep and make sure I’m doing it for the right reasons- not because I’m being selfishly want all the time with him (although I don’t really think that is a bad reason at all…). I’m sorry for rambling and I know I have time! Just never thought I would be in this position haha.
Edited for clarity!
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2023.03.22 12:25 Gaythiest1 Irony

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this annoying scenario. Looking back it's almost like I was a ghost. You would think as the youngest child I would have gotten some attention but I really didn't. I passed through elementary school and then middle and high school without my parental unit ever attending parent teacher conferences. Or even asking to see my report cards. My baseball league games and the football games I played in high school were ignored. Never attended. The one time as I child I had to be hospitalized for a few days for a minor surgery. I was literally checked in and then left alone for the four days I was there. My parent didn't return until I was discharged. I was eight years old. What I'm getting at is that I fantasized about any scenario that would involve me being the center of attention. I was starving for it. Things reversed when I became an adult. I deliberately try to remain unseen. I become very uncomfortable when complimented or thanked. It really kind of irritates me that I can't seem to allow myself the pleasure of the experience I craved so much as a kid. It's like part of my "self" is determined to keep me in my default state of being joyless and dead inside. Does anyone else have a similar issue?
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2023.03.22 12:24 Worth_Substance6590 Was this physical abuse? And if it happened 10 year ago, should I just forget about it? Trying to figure out what to do with this memory

Does it make a difference if it was only a few times? Would you forgive her for this if she denies even doing it? I just cant see letting her have a relationship with my son, knowing what she’s capable of. And to make it worse, she’s an elementary school principal. It just reinforced the idea (when I was younger) that she couldn’t possibly be abusive if she’s trusted to have that job and be around hundreds of little kids every day.
Tw for possible physical abuse
I went NC with my mom 1.5 months ago and am unpacking the things that lead to this, in hopes that I can get some clarity and closure. I’m 28 now and have a family of my own that I’m protecting.
Things keep popping into my memory, and I realize how not okay they were. One thing I remembered is that when I was in middle school (I think), a few times she chased me around the house and when she caught me she pushed me against the wall, pulled my hair back and screamed in my face. I don’t think anything else happened but I was obviously terrified. Meanwhile my dad just stood and watched and I guess stopped her when he felt I had enough. My mom never apologized, I would always just sit on my bed and wait for my dad to come smooth things over. Always making it out to me completely my fault for making my mom do that to me.
The next time she chased me while screaming, I ran into my room and locked the door and climbed out of the window waiting for her to calm down or chase me off the roof I guess. I was fully prepared to run to my neighbors house. She picked the lock and her and my dad searched the room for me. When they realized I wasn’t in there they halfheartedly looked out the window and then gave up. I have no memory of what happened after but I brought it up a few times a few years later and they just made it a joke and laughed at how dramatic I was.
I guess my question is, how bad is that? How long would you hold a grudge over this? Is it just normal for kids to be chased like that by their mom? I was never a bad kid. Went to a good school got good grades and stayed out of trouble. The worst things I did were meet up with boys (in broad daylight) at the high school track to walk around the track and talk to them, and I snuck some beer to an after-prom and got caught. Not really anything crazy and definitely not as bad as my siblings, but they never got the wrath of my mom.
My story is in my post history but my mom has been trying to get back into my life and honestly? I’m going from sad about it to really, really angry. I have a baby now and it puts everything into perspective.
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2023.03.22 12:10 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - March 22nd

1967 - Michael,at 8 years old & in the 3rd grade, makes his first ever solo public performance during a concert at the James Garnett Elementary School in Gary. He performs “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound Of Music.
Anita Hill, Michael's teacher who taught him his solo number, remembers him as a student: "Michael was the only child in my class who agreed to sing alone. He helped motivate the other students. Michael always behaved well and was always in class on time"
Anita Hill accompanies Michael on piano that day. According to J. Moffett Walker, a group of musicians were on stage as well, the Beckman Middle School band, led by E. Ferguson. The program states that another student, Morris Carter, sang "Climb Every Mountain" with Michael.
Katherine, Joe and Joe’s father Samuel Jackson attend the show.
This document is the program of this famous show, simply entitled “Instrumental and Vocal Concert”, where we can see the name of Michael Jackson appearing as a soloist
1979 - The Jacksons fly back home from Johannesburg and Michael resumes the recording of the album Off The Wall with Quincy Jones
1982 - Michael is featured on the cover of Jet magazine with Diana Ross
2002- OK! magazine features part one of 25 pages of photos and article from Liza Minnelli and David Gest's wedding celebration. The article includes many photographs of Michael who will also be featured in part two which would be available the following week.
2004 - Michael Jackson has filed a lawsuit against Henry V. Vaccaro Sr. of New Jersey to return MJ memorabilia and close websites displaying the items.
The lawsuit claims that Henry Vaccaro obtained letters, pictures, song lyrics and other items belonging to Jackson through a bankruptcy sale involving the entertainer’s parents and has no right to sell them.
Vaccaro used to head a guitar company, which went bankrupt in 1992. A company owned by the Jackson family agreed to purchase it, but soon defaulted on payments, he said. Vaccaro sued the Jackson family company and was awarded a $1.4 million judgment, which the family said it couldn’t pay.
Neither Michael, Janet nor LaToya Jackson were named in the suit because they had not used money from the company.
Vaccaro said he ultimately was awarded the contents of a California warehouse filled with Jackson possessions by a bankruptcy trustee after paying $65,000, much of which was used to cover the family’s outstanding storage bills.
Vaccaro, 63, said he was awarded the Jackson family’s possessions following nine years of legal wrangling stemming from a failed business venture that wound up in bankruptcy court.
Michael's lawyer,Brian Wolf, said the pop star’s possessions should not have been included in the goods given to Vaccaro. Memorabilia included gold-trimmed costumes, financial documents, letters, awards, one of Jackson’s first outfits from the Jackson 5 and 60 unreleased master tapes -- which contained 26 of Jackson's songs which have never been heard by the public.
The bankruptcy case allowed Vaccaro only to get property belonging to Michael Jackson’s brother Tito and their parents, Katherine and Joe.
The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, seeks at least $10 million for copyright infringement and violation of privacy rights, among other claims Jackson is demanding his things back, but Vaccaro said he already has sold the goods to a European buyer.
“It’s gone,” Vaccaro, a construction company owner said.
Wolf said he would ask for a court order for the return of anything already sold.
Vaccaro said he could not comment on specifics of the lawsuit because he had yet to see it. “We’ll take ’em on,” he said. “They don’t have a leg to stand on.”
Before shipping the items to a European buyer whom he has declined to identify, Vaccaro spent 18 months photographing and cataloguing it for his Web site.
Vaccaro has not revealed the sales price but indicated it exceeded $1.4 million.
2005 - Trial Day 17
Michael goes to court with Katherine & Joe. Testimony of Louise Palanker, founder of a stand-up comedy program, Kid's Comedy Club, where kids learn to write and perform their own stand-up comedy.
Prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss continued his direct examination of Palanker by getting her to describe how she trained the Arvizo children in their acting and comedic skills
Palanker told how she would wind up loaning the family $20,000 dollars to renovate a “clean room” for Gavin.
2019 - Michael Jackson: On the Wall exhibition started in Germany. It was the first MJ exhibition to be shown after renewed allegations surfaced earlier in the year
Curator Nicholas Cullinan stresses that it was conceived long before the controversial new documentary Leaving Neverland went into production.
Despite the renewed indignation against the deceased pop superstar, the art museum in western Germany has decided to hold the exhibition as planned from March 22 to July 14. "Especially now, when new abuse accusations have come to light, it's important to reassess the 'King of Pop,'" said Rein Wolfs, director at the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.
Rather than being a homage, the exhibition shows Jackson from varying, even critical, angles, the director said at a press presentation ahead of the opening: "I believe it's better to have a platform that enables discussion rather than simply to extinguish a cultural memory."
Cullinan told AP that the show “was never celebratory. It’s about the complexity of Michael Jackson, how he means very different things to many very different people.”
The exhibition features 134 artworks by 53 artists, including different depictions of the pop star by prominent artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Isa Genzken and Yan Pei Ming
Among the artwork on display is an image by Dave LaChappelle, "American Jesus", that shows Jackson lying in the arms of Jesus.
The highlight of the exhibition is Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of, "Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson)",which shows him assuming a powerful pose as he rides on a horse with cherubs following behind him. This was the last portrait commissioned by Michael, after encountering Wiley's work in the Brooklyn Museum. The artist started to execute the painting a few months before Jackson’s death, and finished it posthumously
Michael Jackson: On the Wall was produced with the co-operation of the Michael Jackson Estate and received sponsorship from Hugo Boss in the UK.
The Exhibition originally opened in London on June 28, 2018 and was hailed as an instant success. It then moved on to the Grand Palais in Paris, where the show ran through February 14, 2019.
London: 82,525 visitors
Paris:156,307 visitors
Bonn: 22,420 visitors
Espoo: 88,748 visitors
Grand Total: 350,000 visitors
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2023.03.22 11:36 Feeling_Sun_1385 9 days in Japan as an ALT and having a breakdown - dont know what to do

(Please, please, I'm not in a state right now where I can deal with people's schadenfreude)
I came to Japan last week to work as an ALT, this was my dream through several years of pandemic and something I'd really been looking forward to.
Almost finished training, and just received our assigned schools, later than I thought but apparently it's chaotic with contracts or whatever.
I've been put in a ... city? ... it's not Inaka (would have loved the access to nature), it's not urban (would have been fun and convenient), it's just... a bedroom community, with nothing but houses and a few supermarkets. I'm the only ALT in my town and it's a 45 minute drive almost anywhere. Still, I can deal with this because I get a car.
But I found out I'm assigned to just ONE school, and it's an elementary school which only goes up to 6th grade. I had been told in the recruiting process that I'd be at either a junior or senior high school, as that's the age range that all my previous teaching, coaching, and tutoring experience has been. These students won't know any English, and my lessons will just be reading off colors and fruits and stuff.
Now, I just don't know what to do... I had spent the past month in my head, planning up lesson ideas and material, using pop culture, science, technology, celebrities, and stuff that would keep my students interested and engaged. I was going to be the cool, fun teacher that everyone enjoyed taking lessons from and left class with smiles on their faces. I even hoped to boost the confidence of some students, so they might go on to take English seriously (I know it's not a priority for most).
Yes I know this all sounds idealistic, but I also know how much a good teacher can mean to a student, because I had a couple in my time that really changed my worldview and self-esteem. I only planned to do this a couple years before going on to something else, but I really wanted to do my best. I swear to god I would have made a great teacher.
I don't know what I should do. I have ZERO qualifications in teaching elementary school kids. They're almost certainly going to hate me and my lessons, and I can't deal with that week after week for an entire year. Apparently the HRTs don't speak English well and I'm forbidden to use Japanese. So I'll likely be doing most of the teaching alone while these kids sit there and do whatever they want.
Is it too late to just leave and find a new position with a different dispatch company? Are there any still hiring last minute? I'm really hurt that the company would so blatantly lie to me. I've alternated between crying and going numb all day. Like I said, this was just for a few years, but I did want to make it a good few years and now it's like all my dreams have simply died in front of my eyes.
Sorry for the rant. Any advice on what I should do would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to go anywhere in Japan and teach at any JHS/HS in any prefecture. At this point I don't know what to do.
I'm so sorry for everything
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2023.03.22 11:04 throwRAcyb3rgh0ul i like to think about my relationship in a nice and peaceful way but then i get a negative thought and i get angry really quickly.

this is gonna be a rant!! :)
my 2 years with my boyfriend (i cant mentally call him an ex yet) was really good. there wasn't a lot of bad times. though he would always criticize my intelligence as a joke but then this joke would turn into an insult. i remember december 2021 i was crying on his chest telling him how it really hurts when someone calls me stupid. he told me how he doesn't see me as dumb and that he'll never make that an insult because i care so deeply about it. remembering that really makes me mad and i wanna text him how he's an asshole.
ive been called stupid my whole life because i'm a little slow. stuff doesnt come easily for me. i also stutter and there's a negative connotation that comes with it too. because ive been called stupid my entire life, i actually think im dumb. like i'll fail anyways so trying is pointless. but im actually really good at writing. i got an A in english (language arts) without trying. i was in the gifted program in elementary school AND middle school for reading and writing and i would always score high on government mandatory tests for the subject. i know a lot of people suck at it and knowing that i was good, was the biggest confidence boost ever. knowing that i was actually good at something. but people would always diminish it and i'll always be the dumb little girl.
another thing that pisses me off is that when we graduated high school, i wanted my boyfriend to block his ex girlfriend because she always treated me like i didnt exist. they were still friends and she would always come up to him batting her eyelashes and flirting with him while i was literally holding his arm. im not a confrontational person so i would always subconsciously slide behind him and he said how i should stand up for myself when she does that. i posted about that on reddit and someone said that since he obviously can tell whats going on and i told him how i felt, that he should say something. he never once did. went to lunch with him once and she was at the same place, worst lunch ever. i was never acknowledged. and he knew that i could never tell her to leave or call her names because i hate confrontation, but he didnt care. now that we're over he told me that he wont block me because he's not like me. i was so confused because i dont block people so i asked what he meant, and he was talking about her. now im thinking that he probably unblocked her and they're hanging out again :D
thinking about these 2 things shoves every good thing away into a box and all that's left is anger. he made me think i was really dumb and when i would talk about this with people, i wouldn't tell them how i felt because i knew what they would say. i didn't want them to think that he makes me feel stupid 24/7, because that'd make him look bad. i protected his image heavily with the cost of my self worth. just fuck him dude, he really made me think i was the dumbest person on the planet just because i couldn't understand coding and what a gpu and a motherboard is on a computer.
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2023.03.22 10:32 francyismeh In elementary school I was always put in the boring classes

Every teacher I had in elementary school was boring, they always gave me the boring classes. While the other classes had parties on holidays or before winter break, my classes had nothing, my teachers would just treat it as if it was any other day and if anyone complained she would send us to the office. The other classes would make fun of my class and people called our class “the vagina class”.
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2023.03.22 10:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Here's what 'Abbott Elementary' and Quinta Brunson get wrong about charter schools USA Today

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2023.03.22 10:14 NifftyNics Bocaue Exit via B. Bernardo street - Is this a viable alternate route going to Philippine Arena?

Bocaue Exit via B. Bernardo street - Is this a viable alternate route going to Philippine Arena?
Is the Bocaue exit via B. Bernardo st. a viable alternative route going to Philippine Arena?
We're going to the Blackpink concert this weekend and naghahanap kami ng alternate routes to and from the venue. We're planning to park sa Parking D - balak namen iwasan yung vicinity ng arena itself, and based sa map ito na ata pinakamagandang way para hindi na dadaan around the arena and diretso na sa parking.
Just wanted to know kung open itong street na ito for cars.
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2023.03.22 10:07 AutoNewsAdmin [Op-Ed] - Here's what 'Abbott Elementary' and Quinta Brunson get wrong about charter schools

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2023.03.22 09:36 bigdaddyxam I asked chat gpt to write a Southpark episode about the chess cheating incident and I thought it was pretty funny

I see. Here's another potential outline for a South Park episode, taking the internet rumors of a vibrating device in Hans Niemann's rectum as inspiration:
Title: "Cheaters Gonna Vibrate"
Synopsis: South Park is hosting a celebrity chess tournament, and everyone from Kanye West to Kim Kardashian is in town to compete. The tournament is being held online, and the celebrities are all playing from their luxurious homes.
Meanwhile, the South Park Elementary School chess club is preparing for a big tournament of their own. But when they start to hear rumors about a young prodigy named Hans Niemann, who's been accused of cheating in online tournaments, they start to worry.
The rumors say that Hans is using a vibrating device in his rectum to receive signals from a chess engine. The kids are grossed out and fascinated in equal measure, and they decide to investigate.
Using some high-tech spy gear, the South Park kids break into Hans's house and discover that the rumors are true - he's been using a vibrating butt plug to cheat at chess. The kids are disgusted, but also a little jealous of Hans's innovative cheating technique.
At the same time, the celebrity tournament is heating up, and the South Park kids start to suspect that some of the famous players are also cheating. They hatch a plan to expose the cheaters, using Hans's vibrating device as a way to detect any suspicious activity.
In the end, the tournament is thrown into chaos as the cheating celebrities are exposed one by one. The South Park kids emerge as the unlikely heroes, having saved the integrity of the game (and their own school's honor).
The episode ends with a cautionary message about the dangers of cheating, and a winking acknowledgement that sometimes, even the most outrageous rumors can have a kernel of truth.
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