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2023.03.22 14:23 Raiyan270 Finally hit 1 Mil cp! nothing else special here...

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2023.03.22 14:23 OzoneLifer why I started this community

I have been using emulators for about 8yrs now. I used to play nes and genesis on my computer growing up but I never knew they were emulators. Well I have played almost every popular ps1 and Gameboy games that have come out. I truly enjoy retro gaming but the 1 aspect I have rarely enjoyed Is multi-player. One day I was at a friend's house and I asked if he wanted to battle me in pokemon. I had 2 androids both with emulators on them that allowed for multi-player. One phone had pokemon fire red and the other leaf green. We had a blast playin even tho I knew all of my pokemon and he didn't kno which 1s were available once he got his team it was so much fun. Another thing with emulating pokemon is you miss out on trading which helps evolve certain ones. Currently I'm using RetroArch which has an app in the Google play store and apk available on its website. RetroArch allows for co-op multi-player gaming by creating lobbies that u and ur friends can connect to and play 2gether. Right now I'm playing pokemon white on NDS bcus I have never played it b4 and I hope by time I get to the end I'll have some strong pokemon to battle someone with or trade with. Join the community let's grow and play together!!
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2023.03.22 14:22 BlackStarRegime Knight 2.0: King's Shield

Knight 2.0: King's Shield
Knight Buff/Rework
New Clash Ability: King's Shield
Clash: Fortifies nearby minis for 3s
New Ability Fortify: Reduces incoming damage that your mini takes by 50%. The mini can't be knocked back or pulled while Fortified. Stuns, slows, and other debuffs will still work. Qualifies as a shield Ability. Damage taken is rounded up to the highest number. For instance, 1 × 50% = 0.5 -> 1 and 3 × 50% = 1.5 -> 2.
New 1st Star - Endure
King's Shield - Fortify lasts 3 seconds longer.
New 2nd Star - Noble Decree
King's Shield - Affects a larger area
Explanation:The knight has been a D/F tier mini for a long time. It doesn't have a good niche to be used over other minis. Why would I need a clash taunt if I could put the knight in front of my minis before the round starts.
The new clash ability King's Shield allows the knight to be a nice counter to high damage minis and some clash abilities. The fisherman can't pull Fortified minis since they can't be knocked back or pulled. A two to three star Pekka will only do six damage instead of twelve while a mini is Fortified. A bowler's super won't knock you back but you will still be stunned and take half the damage. It also synergies better with healing and defensive minis and heroes like Shield Maiden and Battle Healer.
Link to the original discord post:
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2023.03.22 14:20 lostlifon GPT-4 Week One. The biggest week in AI history. Here's whats happening

It's been one week since GPT-4 was released and people have already been doing crazy things with it. Here's a bunch 👇

Link to GPT-4 Day One Post

In other big news

Interesting research papers

I write about all these things and more in my newsletter if you'd like to stay in the know :)
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2023.03.22 14:19 CaspianX2 LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin for Nintendo 3DS - Review

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

Genre: 3D Action-Platformer
Players: 1
LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is a family-friendly 3D Action-Platformer released in 2015 on mobile devices, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. Shadow of Ronin features the characters and world of LEGO’s Ninjago TV series, which is different than The LEGO Ninjago Movie, which is sorta’ a spoof of the Ninjago franchise.
Where the previous LEGO Ninjago game, [Nindroids](LINK), was an Isometric Action game, Shadow of Ronin returns to a 3D Action-Platformer style that’s more typical of the Traveller’s Tales LEGO series, though not without a few improvements. In addition to a standard melee attack, players can now use a ranged attack, an elemental beam attack, or special attacks that they charge up over time. This variety of attack types makes the combat in this game more interesting, bringing it a bit closer to Arcade Brawlers, though it’s not quite on par with the better games of that genre.
And of course, what’s one thing that both Arcade Brawlers and LEGO franchise games are known for? That’s right, multiplayer! And can you guess what’s not in this game?
~sigh~ You know, I’m not even surprised anymore.
As for the presentation, this game’s 3D visuals are fine but not great (seriously, how are they still making LEGO games on Nintendo 3DS that are less visually impressive than LEGO Star Wars III, which was released at the Nintendo 3DS’s launch!?), and yet despite this, it still has noticeable drops in framerates. At this point, I just have to shake my head.
Meanwhile, the game features forgettable actiony music with hints of that Japanese flute they’re required to use in everything with ninjas, and voice acting for all the characters that... yup, I still want to punch each and every one of these characters in the face. Seriously, did kids find this terrible dialogue entertaining?
As much as I’m not a fan of the Ninjago franchise, I do have to admit that LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin has some good ideas about breaking the LEGO videogame franchise out of its rut. Unfortunately, the improvements to the combat here aren’t enough to make up for the overall lack of innovation elsewhere, the lack of multiplayer, and the underwhelming presentation. This may be a step forward for LEGO games on Nintendo 3DS, but it’s not enough of a step forward.
tl;dr – LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is yet another game to feature Traveller’s Tales family-friendly LEGO game 3D Action-Platformer formula, and this game does make some positive steps forward for the LEGO franchise with its combat system, but it’s still a disappointment just about everywhere else, from the lack of multiplayer to the underwhelming presentation. Unless you’re specifically a fan of the Ninjago franchise, skip this one.

Grade: C-

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2023.03.22 14:18 CaspianX2 The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game for Nintendo Switch - Review

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

Genre: Open-World 3D Action-Platformer
Players: 1-4 Co-Op (Local)
The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game (wow, what a title...) is a family-friendly Open-World 3D Action-Platformer released in 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This is yet another game in Traveller’s Tales’ long-running LEGO crossover franchise of family-friendly 3D Action-Platformers, with this one of course being based on The LEGO Ninjago Movie (not the TV series, which the film is only very loosely based on).
Once again, the core gameplay remains much the same as the other Traveller’s Tales LEGO games - fight some enemies, do a little platforming, break everything in the environment, and at times use jumping blocks from the stuff you broke to build something to solve a “puzzle” (and I use that word lightly). On that note, this game once again uses the “multi-build” system first introduced in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
However, while much of this game is “more of the same”, there are a few new elements that have been added this time around. This game takes the “ninja” thing to heart, really focusing on adding some depth to the combat, and it’s much appreciated - players will now zip from enemy to enemy in combat, and will occasionally have to shake things up using a few different types of attack to get past more difficult enemies.
In addition, there’s a new skill tree system called “Ninjanuity tokens” that allows players to upgrade their abilities as they see fit throughout the course of their adventure, an excellent addition. What’s more, where prior Traveller’s Tales LEGO games featured 2-player co-op, The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game allows up to four players to join in the mayhem, which combines with the combat to make this feel almost like an Arcade Brawler at times.
The presentation is on point here too, with big, detailed 3D environments with a lot going on at any given time, big explosions with lots of LEGO pieces, all backed by a nice, cinematic soundtrack. And rather than just using voice clips pulled from the film, this game mostly uses voice-alikes for its characters, allowing the game to tell a more expanded version of the film’s story. These voice actors aren’t quite on par with the original voice actors (I mean, how are you gonna’ replace the likes of Jackie Chan?).
Overall, I think the changes made to the combat in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game make it one of the stronger entries in the LEGO franchise overall. It’s not a major enough change to make this game escape the “yet another LEGO game” complaint, but anyone who’s not sick of the franchises many iterations over the years will likely find this to be well worth playing.
tl;dr – The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game is yet another game in Traveller’s Tales’ family-friendly franchise of LEGO Open-World 3D Action-Platformers. This entry in the franchise makes some strong additions to the combat that really bring this game into its own, making it one of the better games in the LEGO franchise, though not so different from prior games that it’s likely to attract those who grew sick of the series prior to this.

Grade: B

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2023.03.22 14:18 Automatic-Product276 DC leaving money on the table again. Jock Tax Edition

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2023.03.22 14:17 Kimber80 [Schultz] ... FA CB David Long Jr. is signing a 1-year deal with the #Raiders, source tells @theScore Only 25 years old, Long had 21 tackles and 1 PBU during his four starts with the #Rams last season.

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2023.03.22 14:17 SensitiveAd1462 8 Brawler Zac with the WW augment that gives extra damage for every 100 health a unit has (Admin gives 20 health for the whole team every combat start)

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2023.03.22 14:17 firstnamepalindrome IPL 2023 Season Preview Part 1: Delhi Capitals

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2023.03.22 14:17 SchokoUndKeks Can I watch season 1 shadow and bone without spoilering book 2?

So far, I have only read book 1 of the trilogy, but would like to watch the show. Are there any book 2 spoilers in the show (season 1)? Or is it more like one season per book? :) Thanks!
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2023.03.22 14:14 Tg11T Rebooking WrestleMania Part II: The Golden Years continued...1989-1992

Starting the rebooking process of rebooking universes starting with:
WrestleMania 5 (1989) (rebooked card) (Vegas)
Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage (c)- (Winner: New WWF Champion Hulk Hogan)
WrestleMania 6 (rebooked) (1990) (Toronto)
WWF Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior vs WWF Champion Hulk Hogan (Winner: New WWF Champion and still WWF Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior)
WrestleMania 7 (1991) (Los Angeles, Hollywood)
WrestleMania 8 (1992) (rebooked) (Indianapolis)
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2023.03.22 14:14 TheAlanOne So begins the hype

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2023.03.22 14:13 Bruce_TWayne Season division 23

Right now I'm at division 5 of FIFA 2023 seasons ( not FUT just the regular seasons thing), how many players are there in divisions 4,3,2&1?
And which player is the best in the world if there are a lot people in division 1?
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2023.03.22 14:11 autotldr Beijing’s population falls for first time since 2003 as China battles low birthrate China

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)
Beijing's population has declined for the first time in almost two decades, new population figures have revealed.
In 2022 there were more deaths than births in the Chinese capital, home to more than 21 million people, resulting in a natural population growth of minus 0.05 per 1,000 people.
It is the first time the population has gone backwards since 2003.
The report by Beijing authorities said the city's death rate rose to 5.72 deaths per 1,000 people, while the birthrate fell to 5.67 births per 1,000 people.
China's Communist party government is striving to reverse the trend and stave off the economic impacts of an ageing population.
The population figures for Beijing are based on the permanent residents of the city, and don't include the large numbers of migrant workers who travel from their home provinces searching for economic opportunity.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Beijing#1 population#2 China's#3 people#4 birthrate#5
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2023.03.22 14:10 NotRobot6578 WIP Striker Eureka from the movie "Pacifc Rim" Credits to "Mech Gang" and "TnT Eggdog" for huge inspiration!

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2023.03.22 14:10 albeast_bot Game of the Day 3/22 ⚾ Orioles (0-0) @ Blue Jays (0-0) 1:07 PM ET

Join us on Discord!

Orioles (0-0) @ Blue Jays (0-0)

First Pitch: 1:07 PM at TD Ballpark
Team Starter TV Radio
Orioles Dean Kremer (1-0, 3.00 ERA)
Blue Jays Jose Berrios (1-0, 3.60 ERA) SNET SN590
MLB Fangraphs Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Live Comments Libera: ##baseball

Line Score - Pre-Game

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BAL 0 0 0 -
TOR 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 9:10 AM. Updates start at game time.
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2023.03.22 14:09 Planet-Minecraft Endemol



Endemol (a.k.a. "Endemol Entertainment") was a Dutch production company founded in 1994 by Joop van den Ende and John de Mol through a merger of both their production companies: "Joop Van Den Ende TV-Producties" and "John De Mol Produkties". Their first big success was the reality series Big Brother, which first aired in the Netherlands in 1999. The company was owned by Mediaset from 14 May 2007 and later sold to Apollo Global. On 15 May 2014, Apollo and 21st Century Fox announced a joint venture to merge Endemol and Shine Group (now owned by Banijay).

1st Logo (1 November 1994-20 September 2001)

Logo: On a black background, we see the gold word "ENDEMOL" zooming out one letter at a time at a fast pace with the word "ENTERTAINMENT" zooming-out underneath, where we later see a warp effect while the letters continue to zoom out and start to spread to finish forming the word. There is a blue blast effect which later reveals a white spiked-arched crown (one above and one below), which would later turn blue. The words "ENDEMOL" and "ENTERTAINMENT" later turn yellow.
  • This logo would have an effect just like the Embassy Television and Embassy Communications logos: the animation would play over the ending of any television show, but the background would later turn black.
  • There is also a short variant.
  • The logo appears white and still on Bear With Me.
Technique: The letters zooming out.
Music/Sounds: A loud whoosh as the letters are zooming out, followed by 2 drumbeats and another whoosh.
Music/Sounds Variants:
  • Sometimes, the end theme plays over or none.
  • Original NBC and CBS airings used a generic theme.
Availability: Rare.
  • It is seen on such shows like Chains of Love, RTL's Mini-Playback Show, and Lucky Letters.
  • The short variant is seen on S1 episodes of Fear Factor and Big Brother 1 & 2 on Paramount+.
Legacy: This is a memorable logo for those who watched Big Brother at the time, as are the next 3 logos which are more common finds.

2nd Logo (October 2001-2016)

Logo: Against a black background, a cloud of vapor appears, forming a slanted blue disc on its side, which spins to face the screen, "endemol" written underneath the eye which traces in. Later, an eye fades in on the disc.
  • Shows produced by Endemol's divisions outside of the Netherlands had the country's name below.
    • Sometimes, the logo is sliding to the left, revealing the name of the respective country, which slides to the right when it is completed.
  • An alternate version exists where a vertical blue object appears by a slash effect (instead of the cloud vapor effect), flattening and transforming into a disc. It wobbles, flipping upwards and spinning rapidly, eventually unveiling a 2D eye and forming the same logo with no Endemol wordmark. When the eyes appear, it not only flickers a blue glow, but the company name (e.g. Zeppotron, 51 Minds, True Entertainment and Endemol UK Productions) whooshes and flies underneath it at a fast pace.
  • An in-credit version exists.
  • A print version of the logo exists. For foreign distribution, the text "Worldwide Sales - Endemol International and Distribution" is shown above the logo. It was also seen in Germany, as well as on DS games. Such versions exist for Italy, UK and the USA. The print version also appeared in GMA 7 of Wipeout (as Wipeout Matira Matibay).
  • On some international shows, the logo is right or left with the TV station on right or left. On the Philippine adaptation of Big Brother (Pinoy Big Brother), the logo is right, on the left is the 2000 ABS-CBN logo.
  • A variant exists where the logo fades out after it was formed.
Technique: The vapor.
Music/Sounds: Usually the end theme of the show can be heard, sometimes it can be silent. The logo's own music is a ringing sound when the disc appears, followed by a wobbly whoosh sound and then a streak-like sound when the disc spins.
Music/Sounds Variant: The international variant has a whoosh sound when the logo slides.
Availability: Uncommon. Appears on shows from the company.
Legacy: The logo's main piece (the eye) would go on to become a symbol for Endemol for the rest of its regular run, it would also go on and be a popular logo for many as every logo from Endemol afterwards used it. It was used in tandem with the 3rd logo starting with its 2nd month until 2012, the 3rd logo during its last 8 years, and the 4th logo during its last 2 years.

3rd Logo (27 November 2001-16 July 2012)

Logo: On a black background, we see the same Endemol logo from before zooming out through a iris-out effect, and during that, the eye looks around for a few seconds.
  • For any American versions, it would simply have "usa" right next to the logo or underneath the company name. This variant is also used internationally, for example Italy (which replaces "usa" with "italia") and Poland (which replaces "usa" with "polska").
  • The logo is sped up on some shows.
Technique: The logo spinning up or looking around.
Music/Sounds: Usually the end theme of the show or none, but like the previous logo, it sometimes comes with its own music, which consists of two whooshes when the logo is zooming out, and then a clang when it's done zooming out.
Music/Sounds Variants:
  • ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox airings used a generic theme.
  • The Italian version used the audio from the last logo.
  • The Polish version has a revered orchestral hit, followed by a different clang.
Availability: Uncommon. Seen on Deal or No Deal on GSN and the syndicated version, 1 vs. 100 on GSN, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on TV Land, Big Brother, and Fear Factor episodes of the time on Chiller, among other shows.

4th Logo (12 February 2008-)
Logo: On a black background, the Endemol logo appears slowly rotating, surrounded by the reflections and shadows of itself. There is a light blink over the shield.
  • The standard logo would come right after the 51 Minds logo.
  • Would appear in-credit on the 3rd season of 1 vs. 100 on GSN.
  • In this logo's early years, a light blink was absent, even the logo's effects are different (including the part where the reflections and shadows are disappearing).
  • Starting in 2011, the logo was put on a dark blue background. The black background is still used.
  • Sometimes, the logo is sped-up.
  • On Wipeout: The Game, the logo shakes a bit as it first appears, then animates normally.
  • Sometimes, the logo will have a copyright notice underneath it.
  • A variant exists from 2016 that has the Endemol Shine Group logo underneath, serving as a byline. It slides in like how that logo regularly does.
  • A weird variant is seen on the Vietnamese version of 1 vs. 100, the logo is smaller and on the right of some Vietnamese text.
Technique: The logo turning.
Music/Sounds: Originally, it used the previous logo's theme, but it later used a soft guitachoir sounder. However, different whooshes are heard in this logo's early years.
  • Seen on Wipeout on ABC, Hell on Wheels on AMC and the Big Brother franchise on CBS and in other international syndicated channels overseas worldwide outside of the US (depending on which country you live in).
  • It was also seen as an in-credit on the 3rd season of 1 vs. 100 on GSN.
  • It also appears on some licensed international shows and games, like on all of the Wipeout games for the Wii.
  • The sped-up variant is seen on Steve Harvey in syndication.
  • The version with the dark blue background is also seen on Steve Harvey.
  • It is still used in Portugal, however.
Legacy: This is a memorable logo for fans of newer and current episodes of the Big Brother franchise, Hell on Wheels, and Wipeout.

5th Logo (2014-2016)

Logo: On a white background, we see a reverse shattering image that forms the 3D version of the Endemol logo, with the word "beyond", standing next to the Endemol logo.
Technique: The reverse shattering effect.
Music/Sounds: A Transformers-like robotic sound.
Availability: Seen on remixes on YouTube, like Fear Factor remixes.
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2023.03.22 14:07 lyouzebi My 3rd ditto ever and he’s tiny !

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2023.03.22 14:07 KoanicSoul Overlord's fake lich

In my previous LitRPG review, I wrote:
I found the benevolent smarmy lich of Overlord) unbearable; liches should hate all life.
Fans of Overlord objected that Momonga wasn't really isekaid into a lich's phylactery, but instead into his video game character, which then teleported into a real world with LitRPG mechanics.
I am aware of this. It breaks my immersion, creeps me out, and makes me roll my eyes. I'll explain why.
Many LitRPG books feature a character whose soul inhabits his own body while he plays a video game. I skip these books due to the lack of dramatic tension from the protagonist having no "skin in the game". Obviously the protagonist's psychology will remain independent of his avatar, because he still has a human body.
Other LitRPG books have the character isekaid into a different species. I find these books interesting due to the psychological transition caused by the biological change.
Momonga gets isekaid into LitRPG world, losing his real body and inhabiting a lich, which is the most extreme transition possible, except eldritch abomination. However, he shows no psychological effects, except for some convenient emotional suppression to avoid panic and remove empathy.
There is no plot reason for this. We never learn why his mind is somehow stored outside the lich phylactery, immune to the effects of negative energy. The plot would've been way better if he had to cope with the psychological changes from becoming a lich, and desperately struggle to keep his slipping humanity.
Contrast this with Everybody Loves Large Chests, which also addresses the Simulation Hypothesis, yet all the characters have biologically-consistent psychologies, which makes it great.
Unfortunately, the mystery of this plot deficiency is quite shallow. Overlord is blatant self-insert fiction, the author's personal wish fulfillment fantasy. He is a lich who travels around as a knight in plate, with a katana maid retainer. I used to read chivalrous romances as a kid, and the knights had to visit the ladies in castles, so clearly this is an improvement.
What kind of man is the author? Apparently, he's an introvert who likes loli, pederasty, fawning obeisance, and genocidal atrocities against the Christian Americans who nuked his country twice.
Overlord's political plot is contrived to justify Momonga's atrocities, and so is his species. No one questions undead hordes slaughtering civilians, and demons torturing prisoners. However, if the series were called "Emperor," and the monsters were fascist Japanese soldiers, it would be considerably less popular.
The mecha angels Momonga defeats in his debut battle represent US nuclear bombers, and are drawn as such. This is not a consistent worldbuilding choice; demons still look like normal demons. The angels are mechanical purely because the USAF nuked Japan.
Overlord may have started as a novel, but it is clearly an anime at heart. I prefer my anime more serious, like Princess Mononoke, and my fantasy internally-consistent, like Rinoz' Book of the Dead. DBZ is not for me, and that's fine.
However, it is objectively correct to observe that Momonga's character behaved as if he had isekaid into the body of a tengu necromancer, not a lich.
Fascism is an avian attitude, which is why it is often represented by eagles. Avians are less sentimental than mammals, and have a pecking order. Evolutionarily, the concept of honor stands between reptilian ego and mammalian love. Birds constantly sing to establish their territory, like jaunty feudal lords, and joust through the skies.
Momonga's goal to make the name "Ainz Ooal Gown" world renowned is essentially avian. It is a spectacularly inefficient way to search for fellow imported humans. Spy agencies normally gather intelligence covertly, and max-level isekaid humans are hard to miss. His first move should've been to wait and see whether someone would notice and contact HIM. (An excellent reason to avoid offending anyone, until he knows whether he is a big fish in a little pond, or the reverse.)
Anyway, I think tengus are cool, and it irks me when they're overlooked. Try playing one in DCSS.
I guess tengus are unpopular due to the misconception that they would need a huge beak, which ruins facial expressions. This is not true, though. A beak is superfluous once an avian evolves hands. An anthropoid form lacks the leverage to make a beak useful. It would recede into a prominent nose and midface, with normal lips and teeth.
It's also hard to decide what to do with the wings. Either make them metaphysical, or turn them into arms. Avians do not have 6 physical limbs.
Obviously, feathers means no hair, but birds have impressive hairdos anyway. It just looks a little different.
Avian humanoid cinematics:
So basically, Sephiroth with facial down. But we want a tengu, not an angel. So change the face to an exaggerated Liam Neeson, and add some black, like Brandon Lee in The Crow.
[PIC: Liam Neeson as The Crow]
Yes, I'm aware that "race with prominent nose and midface" sounds suspiciously like "white people". It's just a coincidence.
Since it would be inconvenient for Momonga to look like the people he's slaughtering, mix it with some less human features, while still retaining facial expressiveness. Here are some examples that preserve more beak and retain the huge avian eyes:
As you can see, Hollywood had trouble distinguishing a tengu from a white guy, and wound up making him look like a burn victim with four nostrils and no ears, which is silly.
The big eyes are plausible. The widely spaced eyes are wrong. Prey animals have widely-spaced eyes, whereas predators have binocular vision. Anthropoids are apex predators.
If you're under the mistaken impression that the anthropoid form is uniquely human, see convergent evolution and carcinisation. The anthropoid form is optimal for constructing and wielding spears, which are the primordial hunting weapon.
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2023.03.22 14:06 n1dyz Anyone can tell me what skin/background this is?

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