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2023.05.30 20:11 dumbtchhhh I'm stuck between UPD MBB and UPM Intarmed

Hi! I'm an incoming freshman of UPD MBB, but I'm currently waiting for the results of the Intarmed Program in UPM. I was looking into the curriculum and syllabus of subjects, and thought that MBB is really interesting. However, I've always wanted to become a doctor, so I'm waiting for the Intarmed program.
I'm having issues on whether I should choose MBB or Intarmed. I really think MBB would allow me to become a doctor and researcher in the future, and it's also a safety net if ever I change my mind on becoming a doctor, or had financial issues in the future. However, the Intarmed program would really give me a shortcut on becoming a doctor. Then again, I'm not really trying to shorten my time studying, I guess there's just a part of me that wants to be a doctor as early as possible.
As of the moment, I'm really set on becoming a doctor, but I'm also open to other careers in the future. I'm really torn if I should set my mind on the MBB then go to med school afterwards, or pursue Intarmed if ever I get accepted.
Do you have any suggestions? I would really appreciate it huhu.
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2023.05.30 20:10 Sea-Assistant7282 Please be brutally honest I need advice

hi! rising high school junior and would like some feedback to think about
Demographics: Asian (chinese)
Gender: Male
State: Arizona
Type of School: Huge public school (doesnt offer a ton of aps (15 i think))
Intended Major: chemE? mol biol? not sure No hook
PSAT/SAT: Yet to take, hopefully merit finalist and 1580+
GPA UW/W: 4.0/4.8, class rank 6/700 (band/marching band/spanish bring down gpa)
Course(s): AP Chem, AP Calc BC
Next year(s): AP Biology, AP Physics 1, Multi/difeq, AP Stats, AP Macro/AP Gov., APES, AP Psych, AP music theory, APUSH, AP
Extra Curricular(s):
- Coaching tennis team/freshman (40+ hours?) helped team go from nothing to state - Varisty tennis captain and play at top position, some local competitions
- Foundepresident of sci olympiad club
- President of nature club (organize events with local non-profits and promote/educate about conservation)
- President of photography club (not much but help school events) - Secretary of red kettle club - will be nhs member i guess - Featured on the news for photography and conservation and stuff, it was cool - Currently working with asu professor and grad students on machine learning project with mayo clinic (im not doing any code just data stuff) basically using machine learning to diagnose from mri scans - LOTS of volunteering at local library (teen program) local sports center (summer camp) local natural history museum (hopefully will become speakeexhibitor soon) - Work with local audubon society, lead bird surveys, work with some asu professors - Volunteer at wildlife rescue near me, and coordinate volunteers, help lead a project where we relocate hundreds of owls from urbanized farmland and relocate them to farms as pest control (thinking of writing research on this) - Have played piano since like 5, won some local competitions, performed in carnegie hall, some international competitions, rated highest level at local system, made regional with string/piano quintet in hs, arranged pieces for school orchestra, (hopefully all-state piano next year?) - Play flute in school band, currently in highest band in my school (very competitive band program), made regionals last year (hopefully all-state next year) - Marching band, play percussion/piano, no. 2 in state last year, will have piano solos this year - I also do free tutoring for piano and paid tutoring for my piano teachers students (music theory) - Esri high school research competition no.1 or 2 in my state as a freshman (I forgot) - Run a photography business, mostly friends and family (trying to get more outreach), won a few smallish nature photo contests (hopefully many more), won a famous magazine photo contest and featured in magazine. here some stuff - In the local mayor youth council and hopefully the governor one next year (very competitive) (getting connected with local city council of sustainability cool things to come)
Uh i don't really want to dox myself but ill list some i can - esri research gis thing state winner - evmta 2021 2nd place (piano) - jason sipe 11-12 advanced category winner (piano) - az musicfest young musicians superior rating (piano) - amea regional score of 97/100 (piano) - asp level 12 (piano, highest level) - national piano guild superior plus or whatever - won the arizona highways high school photo competitions twice, featured - won local usta tournaments (tennis) - marching band 2nd in state - superior with distinction band some other band related awards - to come: science olympiad and more photo competitions - does being on the news count im proud of it
Essays/LoR(s)/Other: don't know about essays but I go birdwatching and help with an asu professor that's quite well known, he said he would write a letter of rec for me (is this a good idea??)
no clue but shooting for da ivies/hypsm
If that's unrealistic please be brutally honest and any feedback would be greatly appreciated
Definitely leaning into the environmentalism aspect and it's something I really really love!
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2023.05.30 20:10 SnooApples4311 Insomnia FROM weightlifting. Help

Hello everyone So About 5-6 months ago I got bad insomnia from trying to change my sleep schedule for school which resulted in me having to stop training. Once I got my insomnia straightened out and was able to sleep again I tried to start training again. I noticed when I started to train again that my insomnia would return. (My preferred routine for training is intense 2h30m full-body sessions every few days so I don't have to go to the gym every day and I train in the morning.) I've tried every kind of nighttime routine and sleep hygiene. I don't really know what the issue is all I know is if I do any kind of intense training I will not be able to sleep that night. I've tried melatonin,Benadryl,ashwagandha pretty much every over-the-counter sleep medication. Over the months I've tried process of elimination on what could be causing the issue. The only thing that i can point the issue to is a problem with hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. Recently after a long break from lifting, I've gotten back into it but instead of doing intense full-body sessions, I've started to ease my way back to my full-body routine. I've started to do PPL and it worked for the first week. I slept well until the second time I did legs that week my insomnia came back. I just don't really know what the issue is and how to address it. I dont want to stop training or stop training legs, I love squats. I just want to be able to train how i used to or at least train properly again while getting proper sleep. I get all of my vitamins and minerals and plenty of carbs, fats, proteins and water. I've been to my doctor and I have a schedule for a sleep study but i don't really think it will help out much.

If anyone has had this issue or is currently experiencing this issue or anything similar Id love to hear about your experiences and what has helped. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 20:10 Thick_Nectarine_3951 Pre-puppy jitters?

I’m 26 and in med school. I’m in a weird situation where I have a whole year off before I go to residency (health problems). I’ve been planning to get a dog, I’m healthy enough to now and I’ll pretty much have a year to spend with him/her without work or school. I‘ve been applying to shelters and it looks like I may be able to adopt a puppy in a few weeks. I grew up with family dogs, the last one we got a few years ago I fully trained myself and I’m very confident in my ability to give a dog a good home.
I’m now feeling this very new and unexpected fear as time gets closer. I’m scared that I won’t have a life anymore, even though I just stay at home all day. I’m worried that the puppy won’t be able to adjust when I take them with me to complete my residency in a year, even though I have multiple options to make sure they’ll be comfortable and be with someone while I’m away. I know I have the resources and time to give a dog a good home but my brain is coming up with a ton of ways that a puppy will ruin my life.
I don’t understand why I’m doing this, I’ve been waiting for years for an opportunity like this and did a lot of planning. I was super excited for months and now I’m completely dreading it as of 2 days ago. Is there such thing as pre-puppy jitters? Does it go away or is a dog just not right for me?
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2023.05.30 20:09 Cosmoseeker2030 Lead singer of The Beatles, John lennon talks about seeing a flying saucer from his New York house balcony with his girlfriend while being naked. Lennon explains that the craft was so close he could have thrown a rock at it. The ufo is a perfect match to Westall school ufo landing in Australia 1966.

Lead singer of The Beatles, John lennon talks about seeing a flying saucer from his New York house balcony with his girlfriend while being naked. Lennon explains that the craft was so close he could have thrown a rock at it. The ufo is a perfect match to Westall school ufo landing in Australia 1966. submitted by Cosmoseeker2030 to u/Cosmoseeker2030 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 20:09 kashmoneymiddleton Season 4 of The Wire is the best TV I have ever watched

Watching The Wire for the first time (no spoilers past season 4 please) and am absolutely blown away by how good season 4 was. Is this a popular take? What is considered to be the best season of the Wire? (again, no season 5 spoilers please).
I was so impressed by how well this season portrayed the extremely messy situation of inner city schools, not to mention the absurdly great acting from so many kids in that season.
I think I have seen all the 'great' shows other than Mad Men.
P.S havent seen the secession finale yet so please no spoilers there
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2023.05.30 20:09 YeezusKristo TW: mdr. Dhmer “Copy Cat Manifesto”. Kid articulated himself well and initial reports point to a copy cat incident. What’s the pulse of the subreddit towards censorship of similar shows sa Pinas? Next question sa gen alpha redditors, what’s the prevailing internet culture for you guys? Is it Tiktok?

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2023.05.30 20:09 moveinthrowaway2023 I Don't Want To Live In A House Partially Built For Me

I (23m) live with my best friend since middle school (21m). We live in a college town and a year and a half ago, my best friend prompted me to move in with him and his parents. His parents bought land outside of town and were going to build a house on it. I agreed to move in, since at the time the thought of cheaper rent and staying with my friend sounded like a great deal.
But, since then I've finished college, started a job, and started dating my partner. A few weeks ago I finally went to visit the site of the house, and it all came crashing down. I realized I did not want to live there.
My room in the house is half the size of my room at the apartment, I would have room for a twin bed and either a desk or dresser but not both or anything else. The closet was so small my shoulder's nearly touched the wall on each side. The bedroom was also in a loft that was directly visible and accessible to the family area below, and my bedroom is positioned directly over his parents. The house is also situated away from work, which I bus/walk to.
I would have to buy a car to go to work while living there, which would be a major expense since I'm saving money for medical bills right now. I would also have a complete lack of privacy or space of my own, and bringing my partner over would feel like sneaking in a date in high school, since we could only hang out in my room and would have to keep it PG with my friends parents directly below.
I feel like an AH for not wanting this room that they've built for me, and for denying this immense kindness they've granted to me by allowing me to live with them like I'm their own child. But I just can't imagine living like that when I'm where I am now in life. I'm going to be telling them soon, and I know it will disappoint my friend who was looking forward to living with both me and his parents (who he is incredibly close to), and even worse, may make them feel like I wasted a part of their building that they could have used for something else.
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2023.05.30 20:09 ben12623 [Arma 3][RECRUITMENT][USA][PMC][FAQ] Spade International

[Arma 3][RECRUITMENT][USA][PMC][FAQ] Spade International

Spade International
What are your requirements for joining?
  • That you have a legal copy of Arma 3, are willing to use Teamspeak 3 with Task Force Radio Beta, are over the age of 16, and are at least able to attend most operations (though we do understand people are busy and allow people to submit LOAs before missions).
How many people come each week?
We have an average attendance of 5+ people per operation. we are still trying to grow, to get numbers up.
When do you have operations?
Most of our members are based out of North America, and as such our operations and training stay in the area of 2pm-7pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) with our main operations starting at 2pm EST every Saturday.
How long do operations typically last?
We shoot for 2+ hours as it's enough time to brief, deploy, execute, and exfil from a multi-objective mission without making the mission seem tedious or drawn out.
Do you have automatic, or user-made missions?
We have both! Our Saturday operations are always hand-made by the Zeus and follow a story line put in place by our Creative Team that transpires over several weeks which we call "Campaigns". However, when there are no training or operations happening we do host a multitude of Liberation types on our main server for people to enjoy whenever they'd like.
Why join Spade International?
  • Command staff and senior enlisted that listen to all opinions, regardless of rank or experience
  • A broad selection of MOS' for all kinds of play styles (15+ MOS' combined between Aviation and Operators)
  • Easy load mod pack that ensures no complications or issues come operation time
Spade International is composed of:
  • Infantry Element
  • Armor Attachment
  • Air Corps
Unit Schedule:
  • Weekdays: Schedule based ops system + training
  • Saturday: Operation (2 PM EST)
  • Sunday: Free
Any additional questions can be messaged to me or any of the command team on our discord.
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2023.05.30 20:09 RecordReviewer Why is John Kundla in the college basketball HOF?

In case you aren't aware, Kundla is one of the greatest coaches in NBA history, and was probably the best coach the league had prior to Red Auerbach. He won 6 championships in just 12 seasons as head coach of the Lakers and was the first head coach in franchise history. He was rightfully inducted into the Naismith HOF in 1995.
But for some reason he was also inducted into the college basketball HOF in 2006 despite just having a mediocre college resume at best. The only thing I can find about his playing career is that he was on the 1937 Minnesota team that won a Big 10 championship. As a head coach, he was 11-11 in one season at St. Thomas, and finished 110-105 in 9 seasons at Minnesota and never won a conference title and never made a postseason appearance.
The only noteworthy thing he did in college is he was the first coach at Minnesota to give scholarships to African-American players. While certainly admirable, every single school has a coach that also did this at some point, and it's not enough of a distinction to garner a HOF induction.
So why is John Kundla in the college basketball HOF?
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2023.05.30 20:08 GronkVonHaussenberg Can you help me find the dream smoker for my husband?

My husband makes literally the best BBQ I've ever had and I really appreciate his craft so I want to surprise him for Father's Day. He currently has an offset wood smoker, but he borrowed an electric smoker and enjoys it for the convenience. I've researched some but would appreciate recommendations. I think he would like:
I can search and find options, but I'd really love to know from the BBQ experts here which ones might really be special. I do not have a set price.
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2023.05.30 20:08 StrivingJarl Metallix Uprising - Chapter 1

Metallix Uprising - Chapter 1
AO3 Link
Chapter 1: Start-Up.

\11 AS.\**
> LIPS AI Robotnik CPU Chip Online.
> Neo Super DFX Chip Online.
> 4-Valve Orgone Fusion Engine Condition: Stable.
> Tesla Power Coil Engine Condition: Stable.
> Sonic The Hedgehog Data Download…Complete.
> Scanning For Errors…No Errors Found.
> Start-Up Complete. Online now.
With the program start-up finished, the green text disappears, as the black screen changes to a bright red. Along with it comes a bunch of different signals and analytics, such as a zoom-in function, time display, wi-fi connection, etc. Then, the red screen is replaced by a full-color POV of the area.
It’s a lab room colored a green tint, with different kinds of pipes, turbines, and lights. Plus, there’s a metal table littered with different machine parts and tools, alongside blueprints, and there’s a large computer screen nearby with a keyboard and a big chair with comfy red cushions.
However, much of this is being blocked by the face of a round, middle-aged man with a long, bushy mustache, round blue glasses, a bald head, and a big grin. He then speaks, showing a bit of excitement in his voice.
???: “Ah…online at last!”
Changing perspective, it’s shown just what this mustached man was staring at. A small blue robot bearing resemblance to a hedgehog, with it’s spiky nose and ears, alongside it’s fins. It also has a yellow circular depression in it’s chest, and it’s silver limbs are quite thin, connecting to clawed hands and red shoes with white stripes.
The robotic hedgehog looks around the lab with it’s piercing red eyes, but is unable to move it’s head or body due to the cables connected to them. Though, the machine certainly tries to, which the mustached man is amused by.
???: “Eager to start moving, are you? Guess that shouldn’t be surprising, considering who you were based off of.”
???: “No matter. Who am I to deny taking a tour around my lab?”
Moving towards the computer, the mustached man types quickly on the keyboard, and after a few seconds, the cables come off. The robotic hedgehog is caught off-guard by this and ends up falling to the ground. But it manages to get back up to it’s feet, and starts walking around the lab, getting a good look at it’s surroundings.
As he observes the blue machine, the mustached man continues to grin. He’s pleased to see his most advanced creation yet walk around with complete autonomy. Most of his machines are quite one-track minded. And after a couple of seconds, the robotic hedgehog walks up to it’s creator, speaking in a robotic voice.
???: “Where…am I?”
???: “You are in my personal lab. This is where I created you.”
???: “Created…me?”
???: “Yes. I am your brilliant creator and master! Doctor Ivo Robotnik!”
Robotnik: “I built both your body and programming with my own two hands! And you will obey only me!”
???: “Master…”
The robot seems to process Robotnik’s words, while the round doctor patiently waits on it. Then, the machine asks something again.
???: “...What…am I?”
Robotnik: “You are Metal Sonic. My most advanced creation.”
Robotnik: “A combat robot, modeled after my greatest foe yet, Sonic The Hedgehog.”
Robotnik: “Not only were you made to copy that rodent’s abilities and traits, but also to surpass and kill him by any means necessary.”
Robotnik: “However, your main priority should be to protect me, and accomplish any and all tasks I demand of you.”
Robotnik: “Do you understand?”
Metal Sonic: “...”
Metal Sonic stays silent as it processes Robotnik’s information, now recognizing it’s objectives. Serve Dr. Robotnik, and kill Sonic. Then, it nods it’s head, which pleases the doctor.
Robotnik: “Good. Now, let me show you around, and explain what’s going on currently.”
Robotnik turns around and opens the door, walking out with Metal Sonic. The two go throughout the factory, which is filled with built-in turbines, small plaques of the doctor’s face, gigantic machines, buzz saws, and much more. There’s also a bunch of different Badniks performing many kinds of tasks.
As the doctor and his creation walk around, the latter scans it’s surroundings while the former continues to speak.
Robotnik: “We’re currently on Little Planet. A small planetoid that floats above Earth every November.”
Robotnik: “And on this planet, there lies the secret to controlling all of time itself…the Time Stones!”
Pulling out a red gemstone from his pocket, Robotnik shows it to Metal Sonic, who seems interested in it.
Robotnik: “With just one of these fancy gemstones, I can change many regions of this world to my liking!”
Robotnik: “But with all seven in my possession, I can take over Earth and create Robotnikland! The ultimate city and theme-park, where I’ll rule it all!”
Robotnik: “However, despite the takeover of this floating rock going smoothly, the rest of the Time Stones have eluded me and my forces.”
Robotnik: “Plus, that irritating hedgehog has ruined my plans once before, and likely will try to do so again.”
Robotnik: “Hence, why I made YOU, Metal.”
Stopping in place for a moment, Robotnik points a finger at Metal Sonic, who just stares up at it’s creator.
Robotnik: “While it would have taken at least a full year for me to complete and perfect you, I had the power of the Time Stone, which gave me more than enough time!”
Robotnik: “But don’t think you’re ready yet! You’ll have to undergo many tests if you want to prove useful to my cause!”
Robotnik: “Think you’re up for the task?”
Metal Sonic: “...”
Metal Sonic: “...Yes, Master Robotnik.”
Robotnik: “Atta boy!”
With a pleased grin on his face, Robotnik pats Metal Sonic’s head a bit, before the two move on. Already, the doctor is eager to see his most advanced creation show what it’s made of. As for the robotic hedgehog, it simply wishes to serve it’s master, as that is it’s main objective. However…it DOES want to accomplish what it was made for…
\A few hours later. Metallic Madness (Present).\**
Metal Sonic stands in a contained mechanical room with a yellow light, and a large glass window, where Robotnik is operating keyboard controls on the other side. As he does this, he speaks to his creation via a comm system, explaining what they’re doing.
Robotnik: “This is your first test, Metal Sonic. One about speed and agility.”
Robotnik: “Your organic counterpart is the Fastest Thing Alive. Or at least, so he claims.”
Robotnik: “But regardless, if you’re going to surpass him, you need to go faster than him.”
Metal Sonic: “What is his recorded top speed?”
Robotnik: “From what I gathered during our last three encounters, about 100 to 200 miles per hour. Though, he COULD be holding back in some manner.”
Robotnik: “Hence, we can’t just settle at the minimum. We have to go as far as we can!”
Metal Sonic: “What if I am unable to sustain such speed?”
Robotnik: “I built you to endure it. And I can always fix you up afterwards.”
Robotnik: “But don’t think you can fail me…or there WILL be consequences…”
Metal Sonic: “Understood.”
Robotnik: “Good. Now, to explain the test.”
As Robotnik types on the keyboard, the left wall in the room Metal Sonic’s in goes down to reveal a bunch of large fans. The doctor then speaks.
Robotnik: “These fans will push you back towards the wall behind you. But there is a switch connected to them that can turn them off.”
Robotnik: “You have to go fast enough to resist the push of these fans in order to reach that switch.”
Robotnik: “If not, you’ll be slammed into the wall, and have to restart.”
Robotnik: “Are you ready?”
Metal Sonic: “Yes.”
Metal Sonic prepares itself for the fans, as Robotnik turns them on. Immediately, the fans pick up a lot of speed, and start to push the robotic hedgehog towards the wall. Despite Metal’s best efforts to resist the wind, it ends up being slammed into the wall, failing it’s first attempt. Robotnik also lets out a sigh, knowing this is likely gonna take a while.
So, as the fans stop, Metal falls to the ground and gets back up, ready to do it again. Hence, the test starts again. And again. And again. Each time, the robotic hedgehog does better and better, which Robotnik finds interesting. His creation is adapting to the situation little by little. Soon enough, Metal Sonic manages to speed up towards the switch and turn off the fans, passing it’s first test.
Robotnik: “Well done, Metal! It only took you 30 tries!”
Metal Sonic: “Do we move on to the next test?”
Robotnik: “Indeed! But you’ll have to go through this one many more times in order to perfect your speed!”
Metal Sonic: “I will succeed as many times as I need do.”
Robotnik: “That’s the spirit! I wish my other Badniks had some of that drive!”
\The next day. Metallic Madness (Bad Future).\**
Robotnik and Metal Sonic stand among a whole bunch of Badniks in Metallic Madness, with the doctor in his Egg Mobile. However, the factory looks to be in a great state of decay, and everything has a rusted brownish-green hue to it. Many of the mechanisms also appear to barely function, as if they’re running on fumes.
Right now, Robotnik and his machines are getting ready for the Metal Sonic’s next test.
Robotnik: “Alright, Metal Sonic! This will be a test of your programmed objectives!”
Robotnik: “I will be flying over to the kitchen over there to grab a snack, and you have to protect me as I do so!”
Metal Sonic: “What about my other objective?”
Robotnik: “We’ll prepare for Sonic another time! Right now, we’ll just test how you do against basic threats to my health!”
Robotnik: “Also…”
Staring at his different Badniks, Robotnik puts on an intimidating glare as he speaks in a demanding tone.
Robotnik: “While your mission is to attack me, I won’t hesitate to tear apart any of you who manage to actually hurt me!”
Robotnik: “ESPECIALLY if Metal isn’t able to pick up your slack!”
Many of the Badniks are a little scared of their creator’s words, but understand what’s being asked of them. And after a few more minutes of preparation, the test begins. Though, due to not wanting to accidentally hurt their creator, and also being intimidated by Metal Sonic, many of them are very hesitant on attacking.
However, a couple of them do make an attempt, which leads to Metal Sonic quickly destroying them without a second thought. While Robotnik is pleased that his robotic hedgehog is fulfilling his objective, he’s annoyed that his other robots aren’t making the test a true challenge. So, after arriving at the kitchen and getting a ham sandwich, the doctor comments on it, in-between his chewing.
Robotnik: “Well…you did a good job, Metal Sonic.”
Robotnik: “However, for the rest of you nincombots, I’m angry that a lot of you didn’t bother to make the test tough enough!”
Robotnik: “Sure, I appreciate not wanting to harm me, but you still need to do your job!”
Robotnik: “Now, let’s try this again!”
Metal Sonic: “Are we heading somewhere else?”
As Metal Sonic asks this question, Robotnik manages to quickly finish his sandwich in only a few bites. And after a big burp, the round doctor answers.
Robotnik: “Actually, I think I could use a nice can of Chaos Cola. Primal Venom specifically.”
Metal Sonic: “But you’re already at the kitchen doorway?”
Robotnik: “Then we’ll go back to where we started!”
Annoyed, Robotnik gets into his Egg Mobile and flies back to the starting spot, with Metal Sonic and the remaining Badniks following. Then, they do the test all over again. This time, more of the Badniks actually try to attack the doctor, only to get obliterated by the robotic hedgehog easily.
Once Robotnik reaches the kitchen again and gets his Chaos Cola, he comments on the test and his robots, in-between taking sips of the carbonated drink.
Robotnik: “See? That was a MUCH better challenge!”
Robotnik: “And as expected, you passed with flying colors, Metal!”
Metal Sonic: “Good. Do we move on to the next test?”
Robotnik: “Eh. That’ll take some time to prepare, so we can leave it be for now.”
Metal Sonic: “What if Sonic comes here tomorrow? What if I’m not prepared enough?”
Robotnik: “Relax! With the Time Stone in our possession, we have plenty of time before that happens!”
Metal Sonic: “But I must complete my objective of killing him.”
Robotnik: “And you will! Just be patient, and you’ll get your chance soon enough!”
Robotnik: “Though, if you want to be ready for him so badly, you could always take care of the rest of these Badniks!”
Metal Sonic: “...”
Staring at the remaining Badniks, all of which are looking scared with this predicament, Metal Sonic bares it’s clawed hands and begins to tear into them. They’re all reduced to scrap, with Robotnik just standing there and drinking his Chaos Cola. He’s delighted to see just how capable and relentless his advanced creation is.
Though, he finds Metal’s insistence of fulfilling his Sonic directive slightly annoying. But at the same time, Robotnik isn’t too bothered with it. If anything, the doctor is pleased to know his robotic hedgehog is eager to tear it’s organic counterpart to shreds.
\The next day. Metallic Madness (Present).\**
Robotnik and Metal Sonic stand in front of the computer in the lab, with the screen displaying some information. This is yet another test by the round doctor, and explains it to his advanced creation.
Robotnik: “This time, you won’t be tested in terms of combat ability, Metal Sonic.”
Robotnik: “Instead, your intelligence and capacity for thought will be tested. To see if you can use your abilities smartly when in a tough situation.”
Robotnik: “On this computer, there are 300 questions for you to answer to the best of your ability. Along with the information to properly understand them.”
Robotnik: “You must correctly answer all of them if you want to pass this test.”
Metal Sonic: “...How will this help me against Sonic?”
Robotnik: “I already told you! There are some scenarios you can’t brute force your way through!”
Robotnik: “Hence, you must learn how to apply your strengths to any given situation where you aren’t the top dog!”
Metal Sonic: “I’m a robot modeled after a hedgehog.”
Robotnik: “It’s a figure of speech! The point here is you need to learn how to think things through!”
Robotnik: “Now, enough of this! Get to work!”
Metal Sonic: “...Yes, master.”
With that exchange finished, Metal Sonic approaches the keyboard, and starts typing away as it answers the many questions. Robotnik walks up to his lab table and sits down in his cushion chair, silently watching the robotic hedgehog with intrigue. He’s interested to see just how intelligent his most advanced creation could be.
And after 30 minutes, Metal Sonic finishes, and the screen shows how many questions it got right. 109. Robotnik lets out a sigh, as he waits for the robotic hedgehog to try again. But unexpectedly, Metal instead slams it’s fist onto the keyboard, leaving a noticeable cracked hole. This surprises and frustrates the doctor, leading to him questioning the robot.
Robotnik: “Why’d you do that!? You just had to do better with your next attempt!”
Metal Sonic: “This is a waste of time.”
Metal Sonic: “YOU are wasting my time.”
Robotnik: “Excuse me!?”
Walking up to it’s creator, Metal Sonic explains what it’s saying.
Metal Sonic: “You made me for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic The Hedgehog.”
Metal Sonic: “Yet, you keep making me do these pointless tasks.”
Robotnik: “Like I’ve said many times before, it’s to test your capabilities! To make sure you DO have what it takes to defeat that rodent!”
Metal Sonic: “I have no need for testing. You programmed me to be intelligent.”
Metal Sonic: “You made me durable. You made me quick.”
Metal Sonic: “You already perfected me before I was running.”
Metal Sonic: “So why do you make your most advanced creation waste it’s talents like this?”
While Robotnik is angry that Metal Sonic is talking back to him, he somewhat understands why it’s acting like this, and he even agrees with some of what it’s saying. This machine WAS made to specifically counter Sonic, and be much more intelligent, strong, and faster than him. However, he’s still standing his ground in terms of testing.
So, thinking of a way to get Metal Sonic to cooperate at least a little bit, Robotnik decides to speak about something more…personal.
Robotnik: “...Alright. Perhaps it’s best I tell you something?”
Metal Sonic: “I do not wish to waste anymore time talking.”
Robotnik: “Metal…stand here and LISTEN. That is an ORDER.”
Metal Sonic: “...”
Silently, Metal Sonic does as asked, while Robotnik continues to talk, letting go of some of his frustration.
Robotnik: “See…when I was a young boy, I wanted to prove myself to my superiors as well.”
Robotnik: “In particular, there was this science fair coming up, and I wanted to win.”
Robotnik: “This is when I came up with the idea of a robot powered by small animals. Something that hasn’t been done before or since.”
Robotnik: “When I figured out how to do it, I was ecstatic to show it off. I thought I’d get so much praise and admiration!”
Robotnik: “However, I didn’t take my time with it. I ignored important parts of the process, such as the programming and machine design.”
Robotnik: “When the science fair finally came, and I got a chance to show it off…”
Robotnik: “...It exploded in my face.”
As Robotnik continues, his tone becomes much more bitter and irritated.
Robotnik: “They all laughed at me…they thought I was a fool…”
Robotnik: “It was one of the worst moments in my life.” Robotnik: “But then…my grandfather Gerald talked to me about it.”
Robotnik’s tone becomes a little more relaxed when he talks about his grandfather.
Robotnik: “How, while a good idea, I ended up rushing the process. And that if I had taken my time with it, I wouldn’t have had any problems.”
Robotnik: “As a scientist himself, he knew that nothing good comes out of rushing a project.”
Robotnik: “So, he asked me to try making an animal-powered robot again. This time, without a deadline.”
Robotnik: “And once I completed it…it worked perfectly.”
Robotnik: “And as a reward for my patience…Gerald and I went to an amusement park.”
Robotnik: “It was the most fun I had in my life…”
As Robotnik thinks about this memory, he has a genuinely happy smile on his face. But that breaks when Metal Sonic speaks again.
Metal Sonic: “What is the point of this story?”
Robotnik: “...The point is that rushing the process of something you’re working on only brings about a bunch of problems.”
Robotnik: “Hence, why I need to test you, Metal Sonic.”
Robotnik: “You are my greatest creation, and I want to make you the best combat machine you can be.”
Robotnik: “That way, you can not only defeat Sonic without any trouble…but also serve as my second-in-command.”
Robotnik: “But I need you to cooperate in order to do so.”
Robotnik: “When that hedgehog arrives here on Little Planet, you’ll get your chance to fight him. You just have to be patient.”
Robotnik: “Are we clear?”
Metal Sonic: “...”
Metal Sonic: “...Very well…I apologize for my behavior.”
Robotnik: “Just don’t do it again. Now, you have a test to take care of!”
Metal Sonic nods, and goes back to the computer to try the test again, while Robotnik watches at his lab table. He didn’t think he’d have to talk about his past in order to convince one of his machines to do what he says. But then again…this machine is much more advanced than anything else he’s made.
Sure, it may not be a living person, but Metal Sonic certainly has some noticeable traits. It wants to do what it was made for: Kill Sonic The Hedgehog. And it’s determined to do so. Perhaps with time, it could evolve into a person of it’s own? Though, Robotnik has no idea if that’ll ever happen.
But at the same time, it would be quite interesting to witness. And it means the doctor basically created an entirely new lifeform, making him an even bigger genius than he was already.
\A week later. Metallic Madness (Bad Future).\**
Many days have passed since Metal Sonic has gone through it’s tests in order to build up it’s speed, combat abilities, and intelligence. Since then, Robotnik has allowed his advanced creation to go around Little Planet and help in it’s mechanization, along with the search for the other 6 Time Stones.
As the doctor expected, the robotic hedgehog is doing a great job fulfilling it’s objectives, and has even managed to find the blue Time Stone. So, the Robotnik Empire now has 2 out of 7. However, at the moment, Sonic The Hedgehog hasn’t shown up, which seems to be bugging Metal Sonic more and more as the days go on.
Right now, the robotic hedgehog is in a small, mechanical room with red lights and a ton of different weapons coming out from the walls. Metal Sonic is practicing in order to be ready for it’s organic counterpart, and appears to barely have a scratch on it. In a few seconds, it manages to destroy all the weapons, and finish it’s practice.
Afterwards, it comes out of the room, and walks around Metallic Madness, observing it’s surroundings and fellow Badniks. And soon enough, Metal Sonic notices Robotnik in his Egg Mobile flying around. When the two notice each other, the round doctor decides to strike up a bit of conversation.
Robotnik: “Heheheh! I’m guessing training went well, Metal?”
Metal Sonic: “Yes. It’s no longer a challenge anymore.”
Robotnik: “I see! I’ll have to make some upgrades later!”
Robotnik: “And how goes the search for the Time Stones?”
Metal Sonic: “The Badniks and I have found more Special Zone rings appearing around Wacky Workbench and Quartz Quadrant.”
Metal Sonic: “At the moment, I was set on going into one of them.”
Robotnik: “Do be careful. The Special Zone is a strange dimension.”
Metal Sonic: “Whatever’s inside, I can handle it.”
Metal Sonic: “Though, I haven’t found any traces of Sonic The Hedgehog…”
Metal Sonic’s hands clench, while Robotnik looks a bit uncomfortable and irritated.
Robotnik: “Hmm…admittedly, I thought he’d show up by now.”
Robotnik: “Either the power of the Time Stones has something to do with it, or the hedgehog hasn’t taken notice of us yet.”
Metal Sonic: “Should we go down to Earth and find him?”
Robotnik: “Tempting, but I’d rather do that when I get all the Time Stones.”
Robotnik: “That way, there’s absolutely NO chance of victory for him!”
Metal Sonic: “There is no need for those gemstones. I can take care of him myself.”
Robotnik: “Oh, I have no doubt about that! It’s just better to be prepared!”
Just after Robotnik says this, a sudden beeping noise comes from his Egg Mobile’s radar. This leads to him looking down and seeing what’s up, with Metal Sonic coming up to see for itself. That’s when the two are surprised to see what it is…someone has arrived on Little Planet in the Palmtree Panic region…which only means one thing…
Sonic The Hedgehog is here…

Next Chapter
Previous Adventures
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2023.05.30 20:08 bacon2015 Breaking the Sound Barrier: The Music Industry's Struggle for Independent Artists

The music industry, an art form that has the power to touch hearts and transcend boundaries, has long been plagued by a pervasive issue: the difficulty for independent musicians to break through and be heard. As major players monopolize the media landscape, independent artists find themselves locked out of mainstream exposure. However, amidst these challenges, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of the Gamicon NFT Content Arena. This innovative platform offers a solution that levels the playing field, empowering independent artists to showcase their talents and gain recognition through ratings and exclusive auctions. The Stranglehold of Big Players: In the current music industry landscape, a select few major players dominate the airwaves, streaming services, and traditional media outlets. Their massive marketing budgets and established networks make it nearly impossible for independent artists to secure significant airtime or media coverage. Consequently, talented musicians often struggle to reach their target audience, leading to a discouraging cycle of obscurity. The Power of NFTs and Gamicon: Enter the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and the Gamicon NFT Content Arena. This revolutionary approach to music distribution provides independent musicians with a lifeline, offering an alternative path to success. Gamicon acts as a transformative platform that combines the power of gaming, ratings, and exclusive auctions, creating an environment where artists can gain exposure and connect with fans and investors directly. A Level Playing Field: The Gamicon NFT Content Arena allows independent artists to showcase their music to a global community of enthusiasts. By participating in captivating games and receiving ratings, artists gain valuable feedback and recognition. This interactive approach not only fosters engagement but also provides artists with a chance to fine-tune their craft and build a dedicated fan base. The Gateway to Auctions: One of the key features of Gamicon is its integration of exclusive auctions. Winning artists have the opportunity to enter these auctions, where fans, NFT investors, and buyers can bid on their music. This opens up a new avenue for revenue generation and further amplifies exposure for talented musicians who may have otherwise remained undiscovered. Embracing a New Era: The Gamicon NFT Content Arena represents a paradigm shift in the music industry, challenging the dominance of big players and creating opportunities for independent artists to thrive. By harnessing the power of NFTs, interactivity, and exclusive auctions, this platform empowers artists to take control of their careers and connect directly with their audience. In an industry where the odds are stacked against independent musicians, the Gamicon NFT Content Arena offers a glimmer of hope. By providing a level playing field and a pathway to exclusive auctions, Gamicon revolutionizes music distribution, enabling talented artists to break free from the clutches of major players and gain the recognition they deserve. As we embrace this new era, let us celebrate the immense talent of independent musicians and support platforms like Gamicon that are championing their cause. Together, we can redefine the music industry and ensure that the world hears the voices of these extraordinary artists.
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2023.05.30 20:08 ParisWarrior Are there any recomanded schools for autism in Sharjah?

We will be an expat family in sharjah from August. My 3 years old son is diagnosed with autism. Should I subscribe him in any school with inclusion, or I need to put him in a dedicated autism center? Do they accept foreigners?
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2023.05.30 20:08 Stay_Thin Im infatuated with an intern at my work, I’m straight and he’s a boy

I, m42 straight, work at a British Company in London and my boss hired some interns recently. They are all nice college age kids but one stands out. One of my interns is this 20 year old boy from Mexico. This is the story. This boy has caused me a whirlwind of emotions in the 3 weeks he’s been here. Firstly, he’s Mexican, and I always knew Mexicans are gorgeous but I never paid too much attention to Latinos as I’m in England and only dated European girls. Anyways, This boy is such a handsome young man. He is 5’9, which he joked is tall for Mexican boys, muscular with big arms and pecs you can see through his shirts, cafe latte colored skin and curly black hair, and a nice jawline and pink lips. He is such an attractive boy, and i know this because all the women in the office talk about him. The old grannies here who can be hostile to me at times treat him like he is David Beckham himself. When the boy started (I’ll call him James for the s story”, I thought he was very kind and very outgoing. He speaks English perfectly with such a cute Latin accent. He is such a charming young boy. I thought about him a bit outside work but not that much. Till one day I am at my local pub near my flat and to my surprise, James is there with his flat mates. When he saw me he came up and hugged me and introduced me to his mates. I said hello then continued to sit with my mates at the other side of the pub, and I couldn’t but notice James energy. He has the same boyish fun that I had in year 8-9. He laughs so much and makes jokes with all his mates. He reminds me of myself at my age. Eveyone in the pub wants to talk to him and play with him and the grown women look at him. He’s dare I say a perfect boy. Now at the office everyone loves him and worships him. Everyone becomes a school boy around him and he just acts cute everyday. He even makes TikToks and takes selfies with everyone in the office, even the hostile grannies. Everyone worships this boy I tell you. I think to myself I’m straight, I have had loads of girlfriends and been with tons of birds over the years, everyone sees me as sort of a Hugh Hefner, but why is this 20 year old boy from Mexico making me think crazy stuff I would have never imagined. Am I gay? Should I make the move on him. What do I do ? Is it bad that I want to see him naked?
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2023.05.30 20:08 Individual_Ad7493 I want to be a mom, MD or PA?

My entire life I have said that I want to be a doctor, and now I am not so sure that it is the right path for me. I am a 23yo female, just graduated from college in May with a Biology degree, and have been accepted into 11 MD programs and 5 PA programs. I have always been drawn to medicine, and explain it with the classic cliche that "I just love people". My heart has always been three sizes too big, and I have always felt that being a pediatrician is exactly what I am meant to give to the world. Nobody ever becomes upset that their pediatrician cares about the wellbeing of their child too much! However, this brings me to my issue. What if i only want to be a doctor and to take care of children because I do not have my own yet? What if when I have children my want to be a doctor just goes away, and all i want is to raise my own babies? If i was forced to choose between having children and being a doctor and there was no way to do both, I would choose children without a second thought. I was born to be a mother, but I know I would make a phenomenal doctor as well. So, here is where I need your help... Do I follow my plan and go to medical school and have children during my residency, or do I take the PA route and get to start my family soonehave a better work life balance?
Before you tell me how unrealistic my ideal day is, just bear with me. I am a D1 swimmer and spent the majority of my life in a pool at 4am. My ideal day in the future would be:
Wake up at 4:30am, exercise, get ready for work, have a nanny come watch my kids, work till 5pm, come home, be in bed by 9pm. Ideally I want to have either a 9-5 four days a week, or 3 12 hour shifts. More than anything I want a career where it is possible for me to take 1-2 years off to stay at home without setting me back forever, hence the medical school fear. I know you CAN be a doctor and have kids, but I dont want to see my kids 2 hours per day just to have MD behind my name.
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2023.05.30 20:08 Apptubrutae 11 Day Itinerary

I've got the below tentative itinerary for an 11 day trip. Curious if anyone has any thoughts along the lines of not doing one thing, or not mixing certain things together. It will be my wife and I and our 3 year old and we move from a place in the 11th to a place by the Opera part of the way through the trip.
The only day I see as particularly rushed is the Eiffel Tower day where we're trying to get a lot done and may well not even be able to get tickets that work into that timeline, so I'm somewhat expecting a walk down Champs Elysees to get bumped to another day.
Also relevant is the fact that the 29th is our son's birthday and we're trying to work a little something in there, but I'm not sure what. At a minimum finding a cake or similar from a bakery, but I'd be open to recommendations for nice ways to celebrate without going wild (since we're going to Disney a few days later anyway).

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2023.05.30 20:07 Affectionate-Sea3631 Never worked, not sure what to do

I (25F) have been receiving SSI/SSDI benefits since 2013. My grandmother signed me up right after I went to live with her. I tried working but got fired every time, even narrowly avoiding a disorderly conduct charge at work for having a panic attack. I'm now banned from that restaurant chain.
I graduated from high school but have no further education, I can't afford to get a college education unless I can find a full scholarship which is hard to find, all of the references I will have say I was fired. I don't have any bankable skills and I can't stand for long periods, concentrate, or handle stressful situations.
So what are my options?
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2023.05.30 20:07 a_unicorn_person ⚓ CALL OF THE NETHERDEEP [Wednesdays @ 6 p.m. EST] [5e] [Online] [PAID] [$20] [LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY] [NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY] [CAMPAIGN]

👋🏽 Welcome to Polyhedra - a growing community of nerds and ttrpg enthusiasts, just like you! 🤓
⏰ Wednesdays @ 6 p.m. EST
🪑 4/6 Seats Available!
The greed of mortals has awakened a powerful entity long thought destroyed. For eons, this mighty champion of the gods has been imprisoned in the darkest depths of Exandria. His name has been forgotten, as have his heroic deeds. Languishing in despair, he calls out for new heroes to save him.
Inspired by the campaigns of the hit series Critical Role, this adventure begins in the Wastes of Xhorhas and leads to the glimmering oasis-city of Ank’Harel on the continent of Marquet, and from there into a sunken realm of gloom, corruption, and sorrow known as the Netherdeep. Above it all, the red moon of Ruidus watches, twisting the fates of those who have the power to shape the course of history.
A message from GM Tom:
"There once was a young lad who fancied himself
A knight, or a pirate, or sometimes an elf.
Out there in the yard he would eagerly play
With a stick – now a sword – till the end of the day.
That fella grew up, as can happen to folks,
It makes us all into the butt of life’s jokes.
And soon he was caught on the DnD hooks,
He learned to roll dice and he bought all the books.
Sometimes over coffee, sometimes over ale,
He’d gather his friends and they’d work out a tale.
An ancient, lost city, way out in the dunes.
Enchanted glades ringing with haunting, fey tunes.
An Arthurian quest, or a mystery thriller,
A forest, a cabin, a shadowy killer.
A tropical island, a grim burning waste.
A chef of fine stories must season to taste.
And so, my dear reader, I’ll ask if I’m able
“Will you take a seat and roll dice at my table?"
Interested? Check out our Website or Schedule a Chat!
🧐 We know you have thoughts... "WHY PAID CAMPAIGNS?**" 😱
👉 The answer is pretty simple! We love free games! NOTHING, including our games, is better than sitting around a table with your irl friends playing some good 'ole Dnd. Buuuuut, for those of us who have anxiety, lack friends interested in the hobby, or are genuinely worried about if someone at the game store is going to be accepting of us, etc. Polyhedra hopes to be a solution.
We also recognize that DMs wear so many hats when running a session. Actors, authors, and artists all get paid for their work. Why not shouldn't a single human who acts as all 3 of those things also get paid for their work? GMs, we love you and we see you ❤️
6 Player virtual tabletop.
3-4 hours of gameplay per session.
Private, tier 3 boosted Discord server with voice and video (by DM) - players only need a working microphone and headset.
Individualized creation chats with each player (available beginning now and through the first session of the campaign) where we will handcraft your PC's origins, background, and campaign-shaping plot points. NO CHARGE
Class, Feats, Backgrounds from any official sourcebooks and Unearthed Arcana. Homebrew dependent on DM permission.
For more information and specific questions, please either visit our website or send a message via Discord to DM David (Nadrian#9820) or Jason (a_unicorn_person#6909). You can also reach out through reddit here: nadriancox for David or at a_unicorn_person for Jason.
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2023.05.30 20:07 Pleasant_Toe_397 Is my little sisters friend being abused?

For around two years now my 7 y/o sister and her school friend Evelyn have been really close. It’s to the point that she stays at our house every other day (school and break days).
At first I found it annoying and tedious since she’s messy, possessive of my sister and manipulative. Every time she comes over for a play date she jumps in our pool with her clothes on so she can take my little sisters clothes and never returns them.
This is extremely annoying as my little sister is impossible to dress and touch sensitive and Evelyn takes the only clothes my sister is willing to wear (every time she dresses if she doesn’t find a specific shirt or pant it’s a tantrum).
Somehow she “convinces” her mom (single parent of 3) to let her stay over. I say convinces because frankly her mom doesn’t actually care or notice that her child is gone. Her mom started by letting her stay till 9pm-12am (my sisters bedtime is 8pm) for the play dates and eventually- since my mom couldn’t stay up for this child- she ends up just sleeping over.
This is highly disruptive for getting my sister to bed and school with another child to care for. After talking with my mom a few times her mom frequents the club and neglects her children so the grandma does most of the work.
I remember asking my sister questions about her friend and learning that she refuses to let her play with other kids and from watching her play at home I’ve seen her act out: she’s hit my sister before for getting in the trampoline first.
Every time she stays over she literally comes with the clothes on her back. No water bottle, toothbrush, pjs, hairbrush, ect. Absolutely nothing. Just her clothes and shoes but she even “loses” her clothing every time (even when here for a few hours) and convinces my sister to give her clothing.
We’ve had to buy new underwear and pants for my sister because Evelyn keeps “borrowing” hers. I’ve talked with my sister to explain that it’s not normal to give your clothing to a friend after every play date and to call her out when she try’s to lay in the pool in dry clothes.
She acts like she lives here (she technically does at this point) and always tells me when she’s hungry or demands I cook for her. She spills food everywhere and manages to destroy some part of the house and neither clean up so I’m left to the dirty work.
She also answers when I’m talking to my sister (refusing to let her talk for attention) and gets mad when I don’t give her the same attention: cheek kisses, hugs and piggy backs.
My mom and I have talked a lot about this and I know that since my mom had a similar life to Evelyn- minus the nice friends house to stay at- she’s obviously neglected and most likely abused.
I’ve been thinking and want to get evelyn in a safe environment but doesn’t want to take care of her since she’s not my responsibility. Should I talk to my mom and all CPS? Is there another way to take on the situation. Should I do anything or is it none of my business?
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2023.05.30 20:07 Comfortable-Bench686 Expected MCAT date??

I am applying to US MD schools and want to submit asap (ideally first week of June)
I scored a 505 last august on the MCAT and want to retake the mcat around June 19 (if I feel that I can improve my score)
Because I am still unsure about writing about the MCAT, do I still select a date for the “future MCAT date” section on the AAMC portal?
Or should I wait to update it after I have written the mcat? Is that even possible? (Some people online have said that they changed this date after they received secondaries but is that even possible?)
If I don’t end up writing it, can I make an edit to my primary apps and remove the future date so that my old score be used instead?
Really lost :(
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2023.05.30 20:07 woTaz Baby Savannah monitor advice.

Baby Savannah monitor advice.
Sunday I purchased a monitor from someone who was keeping the baby in a cricket cage... Got the baby set up in a new tank with a quickly set up enclosure (I read wiki) first day he/she was basking and even ate a cricket super active. But yesterday I came in to see they had flung substrate in their water bowl to burrow.. I want to take them to the vet for a wellness check but I'm not sure how to go about picking them up or if I should just try and wait the 2 weeks for them to get used to the new enclosure.. just not sure if they've got worms or any pressing medical issues.
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