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Helping Hands Services - Apartment Movers in Dallas

2023.03.22 13:12 veteransmoving Helping Hands Services - Apartment Movers in Dallas

Helping Hands Services - Apartment Movers in Dallas
We are offering a labor-only service that is perfect for anyone needing help like Loading or unloading a truck, POD, or using an extra set of full service moving companies near me with the helpig hand to find the best apartment movers in Dallas.
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2023.03.22 13:12 ResidentEivvil How do I find a job I can work with my disability & illnesses after being denied PIP?

I can’t do retail because of my mental health issues. I did it for years and many times i had bad episodes while on the job. Really not professional and ultimately lead me to attempts at bad things…
I have a physical disability where I’m in pain constantly. I have a genetic condition which affects my joints. I’m currently cleaning but over the last year I’ve had over two months worth of sick days because it’s that bad.
So, any suggestions for a job which i can do with my bad anxiety/mood/autism issues, and isn’t too physically demanding so I’m not crippled to the point i have no life (like at the moment), and that i won’t get fired from for taking too many sick days? I only ever call in sick if i physically can’t get into work.
Please don’t think I’m weak or lazy. I have tried for nearly ten years now and I’m only deteriorating. I hate that I’m unwell. I’m a very motivated person so it’s more frustrating that my body doesn’t fit my mind’s energy.
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2023.03.22 13:11 liliesalone i’m like 90% sure i just got sexually harassed

it was like 8pm and some guy stopped me on my way home and asked for directions. then he asked if there was a dentist nearby??? and i said that if there were dentists i’m pretty sure they’d be closed. he asks me if dentists deal with tongue related issues and i said i don’t think so and then he stuck his tongue out at me and asked if it looked normal (it did).
i only realised it might be shady because his hands were near his crotch region the entire time. and he was looking around a lot, saying he was sorry for wasting my time, but then kept asking dumb questions that made no sense. like he has google he can search these questions himself.
what do i do?? i feel kinda weirded out by it but i don’t know if it’s severe enough to make a report.
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2023.03.22 13:11 zardetailingchd Car Detailing Near Me Zar Detailing

Wanting to detail your car near you? Zar Detailing is a professional in Car detailing services. We provide your car with the care that it deserves and make it identifiable at the very first glance. Usage of all protective agents makes our service the most in demand.
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2023.03.22 13:10 lucia_petrovska [A4A] Long-term, story-driven roleplay via Discord (UK)

Hello everyone,
I'm an experienced female writer with over fifteen years' writing experience, looking to write with males or females 25 or older (with a preference for 30+.) I am happy writing females or males in FxF or FxM pairings.
!!! I am British and only looking to roleplay with other Brits, with no exceptions. Please be literate and able to contribute something to the discussion if you contact me !!!
I play via Discord, and in real time. By that I mean, the two of us sitting down at the same time to exchange moderately short (semi-para to paragraph length) posts, rather than longer posts at any time throughout the day.
My interests range from the vanilla to the embarrassingly dark, and can be discussed in private.
Settings I would be interested in exploring include:
- Political set-ups: intrigue, plotting and manipulation!
- Sci-Fi: near future dystopias and totalitarian states!
- Post-apoc: fairly self-explanatory!
- Alternate history: I've a few ideas for how this could go!
I am not interested in fantasy settings, or superheroes and prefer to fade-to-black.
Please feel free to get in touch via PM or chat (not via comments) and I can provide my Discord handle.
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2023.03.22 13:09 Chemical-Anybody-932 Night sweats holy crap (6w1d)

Last night was the first night in two and a half weeks that I’ve been able to not soak the bed in sweat. But ONLY because my fiancé is so understanding and let me set the thermostat at 64°(F). Every night (even since before I knew I was pregnant) I have been sweating through any clothes I wear, wake up feeling like a bucket of water has been dumped on me, and have to change undies/shirts/pants/blankets/literally anything that was touching me. It’s been horrendous but last night was finally such a peaceful night with bearable amounts of sweat. It’s been so annoying. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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2023.03.22 13:09 calcifugous When did you know what type of witch you were?

so I’m curious, when did you all know what type of witch you were when you started off doing witchcraft? I’ve been doing witchcraft nearly over a year and i’m still not at the at that stage where im ready to do any kind of spell works except from protection spells because i’m not too sure what type of witch i am and i don’t want really want to be doing the wrong spells so over the year i’ve been researching manifestations, protection spells and simple small energy spells.
Although, a week ago a witchcraft shop opened in my local area which is now where i go too, to get my witchy stuff and when i spoke to the women who owns the shop as of course shes a wiccan her self, she said when i was talking to her, for someone who is starting off i sure am a natural at witchcraft. Which I’m not sure what she meant by that as all i do when i go into that store is let my intuition pick out what draws their attention and i get whatever its picked out (: she also said im very empathetic she can pick up i’m very spiritual and good spirits are always drawn to me which makes a lot of sense because i used to experience a lot of super natural stuff and even till this day I do. I also tend to pick up energy and see peoples aura too.
But I’m still extremely confused on what type of witch i am and not sure what area i should be looking into and what to research and learn.
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2023.03.22 13:08 Verrgasm Clubbing

"Why won't you come with me?" Andrea's voice whined down the phone in the tone she always adopted when she wasn't getting her way. "C'mon… please? Everyone else is busy..."
"I already told you, I'm not going back to another one of your shitty dive clubs. Remember last time when I nearly got my eye gouged out in the moshpit? I had to take a week off work."
"So what if you got your bell rung for the first time, you really want to die without any scars? Besides, do you have any idea how hard it was to get these tickets? I had to pay some random street guy double just to get us in the door."
"Well, what's the big deal about this place, then? Why's it so exclusive?"
"Suck Shaft."
"Suck Shaft, they're opening. Headliner's some local hick but everyone's going to see Suck Shaft, it's their first gig in like ten years or something. How in the fuck have you never heard of Suck Shaft?"
"Andrea, can you please stop saying 'Suck Shaft' for a minute… let me think…"
"Look, are you coming or not? We'll be in and out in two hours, Tom, I promise. You'll be no worse off for work tomorrow, might even have something interesting to say around the water cooler, ay?"
"Fine... As long as we're only staying for the opener."
"Great! Pick me up at six."
I pulled up outside Andrea's house to find her sitting impatiently on the doorstep and she eagerly bounded over and hopped inside.
"Are you as excited as I am?!" She asked giddily, looking at me with her make-up-caked face. She presented two little white tickets and passed one over. "This is gonna be a night to remember!"
"Yeah, whatever… Two hours, then I'm going home, so don't fuck around, okay?" I put the car in gear and departed from the pavement. "I mean it, Andrea. I can't mess up with this job right now."
"Jeeeez, you're such a stick in the mud…" She groaned dramatically as her eyes rolled back into her head.
As we drove slowly down the decrepit street which was home to the run-down venue I was immediately shocked at just how busy it really was. A swarm of patrons all waiting to get inside mobbed the sidewalk and spilled over into the street. After a tedious fifteen minutes of creeping around, I eventually managed to squeeze the car into a tiny space two streets over.
It was freezing but I gave Andrea my jacket anyway after catching a few passive aggressive 'brrrrr's' as we walked side-by-side to the club.
"Why didn't you just bring your own coat?"
"Well, I didn't know we'd have to park like a hundred fucking miles away, did I?"
"What if it's cold inside? You consider that one, genius?"
"We won't be cold for very long," She shot me a sly wink as she dug into her back pocket and held up a baggie containing two tiny pills stamped with a smiling alien. "Roll with me?"
I looked into her big green pleading puppy dog eyes and found myself unable to say no. That and it had been a while since I'd gotten my hands on some decent ecstasy. Andrea always got good X.
"I'll take half. Remember I still have to get us both home in one piece after this." I said in a defeated voice, but secretly I was excited for the first time that day.
"Yay!" Andrea hopped up and clicked the heels of her Nikes at me. "This is gonna be great!"
She pulled the bag open and bit half a pill, handing me the other half. Then, without any hesitation, she slammed the other full one down too before flashing her tongue at me the way I imagine they make the patients do at mental hospitals after med time.
"For fuck's sake, Andrea. Really? You said two hours. In two hours' time you're gonna be completely gone, I'll probably have to carry you through the dance floor, prise your fingers off the stage just to get you out the door with me."
"A promise is a promise." She booped my nose condescendingly the way you might a small child. I always hated when she did that, endearing as it was. "When it's over, it's over. I won't hold you back."
"I hope not." I'd gotten the pill down quickly, but that bitter taste still permeated the surface of my tongue and a little at the back of my throat. "I really hope not..."
We rounded the corner and joined the back of the line and found ourselves relieved that it was moving relatively quickly. I stood on my toes and got a decent look at the action up front. The bouncer wasn't even really checking the tickets, just a nod in acknowledgement at whatever random white paper was being presented. This prompted me to check the one in my pocket.
It was riddled with typos. I held it up to Andrea and she looked at me as if I was from Mars.
"You paid double for fake tickets?"
"Yeah, so what? They'll get us in, won't they?"
"Jesus, Andrea. I swear, two hours and then we're leaving. Okay? This is gonna be a nightmare to get away from, look how busy this fucking street is, it's all because of these fake ticket scalping fucks..."
The ecstasy had begun to take effect and I couldn't help but feel a little shame for just how hard my half a pill was already kicking my ass. I looked over at Andrea for the first time since we'd joined the queue, of which was quickly packed behind us as we gradually approached the front, boxing us in. She was chewing voraciously at her bottom lip. I put my arm around her shoulder reassuringly and she turned to me with her big wobbly pupils. The vibrant green of her irises almost obscured by them.
"We will get in, right? Won't we?" She asked with a sort of desperation that I understood. I'd had a 'bad' X trip before when my plans got cancelled and I'd taken too much, ended up milling around my apartment hugging pillows and gnawing at my toothbrush. I pictured Andrea disappointedly sitting on her couch while she ferociously stroked her cat with hardstyle blasting through her TV speakers.
"Yeah, I think we'll get in. Don't worry." She pulled me closer to her and we embraced. Usually that took an hour or two but the clear overdose had ramped up the process. "Are you sure you're okay to go in here? You shouldn't have done all that at once."
"Oh, y-yeah" She chattered at me through her clenched teeth. She broke away for a second and yelled into the crowd behind us.
She was met with a rallying cry of about two dozen other people who were also prematurely wasted. With a pleased giggle she took my arm again and snuggled in, which was a relief because it was so damn cold on that sidewalk. We got close to the front and I whispered into Andrea's ear.
"Look, just keep your head down and don't look at the bouncer. If he sees how fucked up you are he won't let us in, okay?"
"Gimme your ticket."
I took her ticket and approached the big man by the door as Andrea half-hid behind me. No words were exchanged, barely even a look. He grabbed our tickets, and in we went.
"Here's your jacket back." Andrea thrust my knockoff leather jacket towards me and I put it back on, knowing that it'd eventually just become a hindrance in the heat. I followed closely behind as we descended the sickly white painted concrete stairwell, already littered with cigarette butts and empty bottles and vomit possibly from the night before. The music was getting louder as we got closer to the underground set. Thick swathes of bass resonated in the walls and in the floor and the ceiling and I felt myself come alive.
The stairs ended after a few turns and Andrea took my hand and led me into the packed crowd, all moving sinuously to the beat. I felt a jab in my ribs but I didn't care. We were somewhere close to the stage, but I couldn't tell where. My vision flickered and moved with my body as I danced with Andrea, every so often taking an accidental shove from a stranger and giving out a few of my own. That moment, I don't know how long it lasted, but it was the last time I was ever truly happy.
I brushed it off at first, something being shouted that looking back, I know must have been 'fire'. I just didn't want to believe it. Then, when the dancefloor broke its rhythm and people began to push into us towards the exit, I realized what was happening. Andrea looked into my eyes and I could see she knew it too, that rapturous joy snuffed out by terror. When the real world creeps into the fantasies we use to escape, turning them foul forever.
The music was still blaring, but the stage was empty. Smoke trickled out from behind it. Screams began to overtake the bass as people crammed in beside us, all running in the same direction. The lit single door exitway was in near darkness spare a few gaps that weren't full of people squeezing through. It was utter chaos.
All around us the ones who'd fallen over were stepped on in the scramble, I could hear their bones snapping under the weight of frantic footfalls and their pained reactions as they gasped their last breaths before giving in. Several men and women were actively shoving people back, throwing elbows and punches with others retaliating and then succumbing to the trampling themselves. We managed to reach the exit door leading to the stairs, but as I squeezed myself through Andrea's wrist got caught in the doorframe and was shattered by the incoming horde pushing through the cramped doorway three at a time. She screamed, shrieked out, and then was lost. I didn't look back, I was overcome with an unbearable rage. I stood in that doorway and I kicked out hard, knocking at least a dozen people back into the club, which was now entirely ablaze as flames engulfed the stage rendered near invisible by the thick black smoke.
I wasn't giving anything close to a fuck. I jerked my elbows into noses, I yanked back two womem ahead of me and they tumbled backwards down the stairs into the fiery oblivion below. I kicked and I punched and I shoved and I think I even bit a guy at one point, until eventually, I managed to wriggle through the open door and into the night air as sirens screeched down the street towards the scene. I looked back over my shoulder at the carnage as other escapees of the blaze rushed past me to safety. I did too, except I didn't stop running.
I got in my car and I drove home.
Fifty-three people died in that club that night. Seventy were injured, many in ways that'll surely have made their lives a living hell since. Andrea. I'm not sure if Andrea died in the crush or under some fucker's boot or if the smoke got her, or the fire. All I know is that she didn't make it. I just hope it was quick. Oh, fuck, how I hope it was quick... I look back and it's like I can see her lying there by that jammed up door with her wrist all bent backwards with the bone sticking out while she pleads, begs, the other people there to help her. Everyone ignored her. I ignored her.
I don't like to think about it. I can't. So I don't. I moved away. Nobody knows I was there, or what I did. I know I'll never forget it, though. I know that I'll never forgive myself.
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2023.03.22 13:08 LadyMirkwood Managing appetite on Mirtazapine

I've been on mirtazapine for nearly three weeks. It is helping, but I do have side effects (vivid dreams, aches, feeling spacey)
I can cope with these, but the appetite increase is really bothering me. All I want to do is eat. I lost a lot of weight for my health over the past two years, and I'm worried I'll put it back on.
I don't want to change medications as otherwise it's working for me. So if anyone has any tips or advice on how they managed this, I would be grateful.
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2023.03.22 13:08 spicynotsparkling I got accepted but I don't know how I will afford it :(

I'm an out of state student living abroad in London whose dream has always been to go back home to california and I've wanted to go to ucsb specifically for years and years. I was so happy when I got a place but now I'm realising there is no way I will be able to afford this and it's devastating. I'm in that awkward area where I don't get much federal aid but our income is nowhere near high enough to actually pay so it'll probably cost me over 200k which is not possible for me to pay. any advice would be helpful :(
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2023.03.22 13:05 mediamusing ☣️ Don't let Them touch You ☣️

I spend all of my daylight hours scared and alone in this musty old cellar.
It’s woeful, and I bet it smelled this bad even before everything around here turned to crap. Great. My second sentence and I’ve already resorted to swearing. When I decided I’d start this diary (five minutes ago when I got a tiny sliver of signal) I thought it would be my poetic and deeply-moving goodbye to the world. Maybe I’d write about love and loss, or maybe the splendour of nature. Then, when all is done and dusted, I’d have left something to be remembered by. As well as my corpse, of course.
This was a bad idea.
Okay, I’m an idiot. There’s nothing else I can do down here. I’ve rooted through every cardboard box a hundred times, organised and reorganised my supplies, I’ve even built a fort. So, I’m back. Hello. Again. God, this diary is going badly.
But there’s just enough light coming through the boards I nailed over the cellar’s tiny window to type by. So I may as well type. Stops me staring up at the window just waiting for a shadow to pass by.
Maybe I'll just write and not hit Submit. Right, where to start? Well, my name is – actually, I think I’m going to refer to myself as ‘X’. That sounds mysterious. If you’re reading this and want to know my real name, I still carry my purse. My railcard is in there and, if you really want to know who I am, go find me and fish it out. I won’t bite...
So, my name is X. I live in a little English village in the middle of nowhere. Before all this happened, I had a mum, a dad, a sister and there was a boy I liked, his name was Jonah.
I couldn’t think of anything else to write so I waited until I came back from my rounds. That’s the stupid name I have for when I go outside at night scrounging for stuff. Drinks are the hardest. I only trust bottles or cans, or did, and I was running out of places to search for them. But I guess that doesn’t matter now.
My leg is doing alright actually; didn’t hold me up at all. I saw Jonah too. He’s looked better, I have to say. It’s strange because this is only the second time I’ve seen him since we came here. Maybe his ears were burning.
Anyway, I found some tinned pineapple in a creepy old caravan I hadn’t searched yet. Had to bust the door open with Old Trusty – which I thought might attract some unwanted attention – but it was fine. I’m actually eating the pineapple right now, tastes good. I also found a radio in there. I already have three down here, but none of them work. Not that the caravan radio works either, all you get is static. It’s just nice to collect something. You know, to have a hobby.
I can tell the sun is rising. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours, but I woke up after a bad dream. I know some people can remember their dreams, but I never do. I wake up and grasp at them, but I never manage a hold before they fade away. It’s like trying to pinch the corner of a wisp of smoke; the harder you try, the quicker it fades to nothing. I’m just left with a sensation, a kind of imprint which sums up the most intense part of the dream.
And a cold sweat. That’s new.
I’ve been through the box of photo albums I found at the back of the cellar again. I’ve looked through them a few times now, but I always notice something new.
There’s a photo of this little girl playing with a pretend guitar. I can tell it’s pretend because it doesn’t have strings, only brightly-coloured plastic dials. Kind of like My First Guitar Hero or something. The girl has dark hair and she looks a tiny bit like my sister did a million years ago. I don’t have a picture of my sister. I suppose I could go and get one from my old house, but it’s right in the middle of the village. I’m lucky I wasn’t torn to shreds the last time I went back. So, what I’ve done is put this girl’s photo in my back pocket as a substitute.
I guess I should probably write something about my real sister now. But I don’t think that’s a good idea just yet.
Daylight is starting to fade and I’m getting ready to go out on my rounds. I always take my satchel with me, packed with useful objects. I have Old Trusty (a crowbar) which sticks out of the top for easy access, a small toolbox, a pair of heavy-duty gloves (there’s a good story about how I got those, I might write that one down later) and a hammer. I carry a penknife I found down here in my pocket, my purse and phone, and a torch in my hand.
I don’t like to use the torch because its battery is running out and there’s always the chance it might attract them. I probably shouldn’t have used it last night when I got back. Maybe I’m starting to enjoy this writing malarkey? I need to be careful with luxuries.
Okay, that could have gone better.
Picture the scene: I’m using Old Trusty to try and lever a kitchen window open, when one of them just walks right through the garden hedge. Seriously, straight through it. It’s not the mightiest of hedges but, still, it just appeared like it was walking through one of those Japanese paper walls. My satchel was on the ground, but I legged it anyway. I’m not stupid. I know I can go back for it tomorrow. I felt strangely naked without it on the way back here though.
Like I said before, I need to be careful with the torch so I think I’ll try and get some sleep now.
I slept pretty well last night; no nightmares or cold sweats. Maybe a midnight chase was just what I needed to blow away the cobwebs.
I actually woke up wondering about you. If you’re reading this, who are you? If you’re like me, living through this village nightmare, how have you managed to go this long without being killed or whatever? Maybe you’re Army or some such. Maybe you’re just some kid who’s played so many videogames that surviving all of this was already second nature to you. Or maybe you’re like me; living on borrowed time and searching for a good place to die. Maybe Future Me was brave enough to tap Submit on my diary and you're currently reading this on your phone or computer.
Here’s an idea. Maybe you can carry on this diary from wherever I left it at. God, I really hope this isn’t my last entry, although I suppose any entry might be. If you do carry the diary forwards, and I'm a corpse, maybe it will become cursed. Spooky.
I’ve been preparing for my next excursion.
If I know I’m going somewhere I’ll likely run into an ugly, I like to take extra precautions. And I want my satchel back. It was a present from my dad, and I know it cost him a lot of money.
So, I’m taking a pair of shears from the shelf of old tools down here. That way, if I lose Old Trusty, I’ll have a backup weapon.
If you are local, I wonder how you like to kill them? Pretty morbid question I know, but everyone around here seems to have their preferred method. The last villager I saw alive carried a pair of mini cricket bats and seemed to have bludgeoning down to an art form. He never saw me though, I was watching from a grove of trees as he killed his way along the main road near the village.
That was before I decided to stay inside during the daylight hours. We can at least see a little bit at night; ambient light and everything. They can’t though. I’ve seen them, they bump into things. It’s pretty funny to be honest. If they hear a noise, they walk in the direction of the sound, never trying to avoid any object in their path. They either bash said object out of the way, or, like that hedge, blunder right through it. Obviously bigger things stop them dead (ha!) though. If that happens, they sort of shuffle backwards and then try again a few times. Eventually – and I’ve seen this too – they just give up and stand there, waiting for something else to attract their attention.
That’s not how it works in the daytime though.
I think it’s about an hour before the sun sets so it’s nearly time to head out. I’m going to change my bandage. One minute.
Okay, it didn’t look that bad really. The original scratch wasn’t too deep and now the wound seems to be doing that scabbing thing I remember from normal injuries. It just doesn’t smell very good. A bit like when you walk past a bin that needs emptying.
Anyway, I’ve applied more antiseptic and redressed it. Time to go.
That was fun. I’m glad I had those shears with me.
I got my satchel back you’ll be happy to know. And I got inside that house I’d been trying to break into as well. More through necessity than choice in the end, but I’m pleased I did. I found more batteries! That means I can justify writing at night a bit more. In fact, the people who used to live there (I think the husband owned the local garage) were pretty well kitted out. There were a lot of tins in their cupboards, and they’d even left a shotgun. It wasn’t loaded though.
Not that I need a shotgun. I didn’t tell you this before, but I have my grandpa’s old service revolver. He always told me and my sister that it was decommissioned, but my dad apparently knew otherwise. I keep it tucked into the back of my jeans at all times. It had three bullets, one of them is gone, so only two left.
I’ll only be needing the one of course.
Morning. I’m feeling pretty low today. I think concentrating on getting my satchel back took my mind off things, but now I feel pretty deflated.
Surely that’s understandable? The village I knew and loved has been replaced with this sodding hell. I miss my family, my friends, TV and hot dinners and Instagram. Before all of this I was a pretty positive person. Sure, I had a bit of trouble getting up in the morning, but, once I was up, that was it. I’d meet the day’s challenges head on, try to enjoy myself as much as I could. Not today though.
Maybe if I write about Jonah I’ll cheer up. Not Jonah as he is now of course, Jonah when he was all smooth-skinned, curly-haired and bright-eyed. Now he’s like the anti-Jonah or something. His face looks like it lost a fight with an angry lobster. No, wait, I’m supposed to be writing about Jonah version one here.
He’s one of those people that I can’t remember meeting. My family has always lived around here and so there are lots of people who have just always been, if you get me. I always thought we would drunkenly get it together at a party – that’s what I’d usually do if there was a boy I liked. Classy.
I’ve perked up a bit. Out of sheer frustration I went upstairs (naughty, I know) and looked out of a window. Sure, I saw an ugly, wandering aimlessly as they always do, but I saw that the trees are starting to turn too. That means it’s nearly autumn, and I love autumn!
My sister and I always used to go out and kick leaves at each other in the autumn. I don’t know if it was because of her low centre of gravity, but my sister was amazing at it. She could somehow whip up a blazing whirlwind of golden-yellow and fire-red, surrounding us both in a leaf storm that I couldn’t help but flail my arms madly at. Then we’d both fall backwards into the leaves laughing, me wondering how on earth what had happened was possible. She was that good.
God, I let her down in the end.
I think I’ll stay away from the house with the shotgun tonight. It usually takes a day or two for a group of uglies to disperse once they’re all riled up. I could use the rest of that tinned food I suppose, but I’ve got plenty to be getting on with for now.
Instead, I think I’ll swing by another farmhouse I was scoping out before I decided to turn nocturnal. I never met the people who used to live there, but I remember Mum telling me they liked their privacy. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me visiting now though.
Also, there’s a woodland between here and there and I might be able to find some leaves to kick about a bit. I think that would make me feel close to my sister again.
I’ll check back in later.
I’m still alive, but only just.
I made it through the woods just fine (only the odd leaf on the forest floor at the moment though, sadly), the trouble started at the farmhouse. I couldn’t get in – the doors and windows were barricaded – so I tried one of the outbuildings. Locked. It had a cat flap though.
My first instinct was to leave it, but then I wondered if there might be something useful inside. Lord knows what thinking about it now. I lifted the cat flap with one hand and shone the torch beam through with my other. That’s when an ugly dived at my pinkies. Luckily, it misjudged its leap and got a mouthful of plastic cat flap instead. As for me, I fell backwards onto my bum.
Next, the damn thing started bashing on the door from the inside. I don’t think it could ever have got out, but the noise attracted more uglies from out of nowhere. I only just managed to outmanoeuvre them and hightail it back into the woods.
That’s not the worst of it though. On the way back my leg started to hurt. A lot.
I woke up this morning and I’m walking with a limp. It’s funny, Dad had a limp when he and Mum died. He was nailing planks of wood across our windows and doors because there was no signal (as per bloody usual) and we thought that what was happening here was probably happening everywhere. It's only recently that I realised this was an isolated, local outbreak. Anyway, Dad dropped the hammer onto his toe, he always was useless at DIY. I think it was only a couple of hours after that when he and Mum were taken.
It was like a wave of death. No, not like, that’s exactly what it was. A hoard of uglies swept through the village, probably originating from the secret research facility in the woods we're not supposed to know about. My sister and I wouldn’t have had a prayer if Mum and Dad hadn’t charged down the first few that got into our house. They gave us just enough time to escape, to run away and leave them to die. My sister was screaming all the way and I had to drag her like she was four again.
She wouldn’t speak to me for a few days after that. I didn’t blame her, I hated myself too. But I would have hated myself even more if I hadn’t done what I did next. On my own, I snuck back into our house with the crowbar I found here. Then I dispatched my parents. I can’t bring myself to type it any other way. It wasn’t like in the movies, I didn’t pound their skulls into mush whilst sobbing, ‘Why?’ over and over again. I just found them, or what was left of them, forced the crowbar through each of their eye sockets, and came straight back here.
Then came the crying.
I haven’t told you about the heavy-duty gloves yet, have I?
After I got back from our old house, my sister started speaking to me again. A shared, day-long cry will do that for sisters. Once we felt up to it, we decided to explore the parts of the farmhouse we hadn’t searched yet. All the bedrooms were empty, only a few belongings flung about the place (I suspect the previous tenants left in a hurry). The problem came when we investigated the attic. Once we’d opened the ceiling panel in the upstairs hallway, once we’d pulled the compact staircase down, I went up. My sister stood at the top of the hatchway shining the torch beam over my shoulder. And that’s when it touched me. Terrified, I fell to my left, screaming as the thing came crashing down on top of me. I was yelling things like, ‘Shoot it!’ and, ‘Run!’ but my sister was just laughing her head off. I soon realised that my attacker was in fact a shop-window mannequin.
I think the people who previously lived here must have been arty (or into some seriously freaky stuff) because the mannequin was dressed in scarves, bandannas, ties, watches – loads of things. The rest of the attic was pretty empty but at least we got the mannequin’s gloves.
I’m not feeling good at the moment. I’ve got a sore throat and I’ve coughed up blood a couple of times. My leg pain is getting worse too.
I don’t think I’ll go out tonight. I have enough tins left and one of them is a Full English In A Can. Sounds pretty disgusting, but intriguing at the same time. I’ve been saving it for near the end. A sort of consolation prize.
There are two mattresses down here. Obviously one is mine, and the other one was my sister’s. After she died, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. I don’t have a photo of her, only Guitar Girl’s. Her bed is the only thing of hers I have left. And she didn’t even sleep in it that many times.
The tinned Full English was vile! You’ve got to laugh though, what else can you do?
I’m crying as I write this. Tears of sorrow, shame and regret.
It happened as we were searching a cottage just off of the main road. We’d used Old Trusty to get inside, and I’d rushed straight into the kitchen to find the food. We’d run out more than a day before and I was famished. My sister followed me into the kitchen, a wide grin on her pretty little face because I was sitting there with an open can of beans. Then one of them came at her from behind. I must have walked right past it on my stupid way to the cupboards. It bit into her neck and blood gushed over the tiles in a torrent. As she yelled out in agony, I leapt up and implanted the crowbar right into the thing’s skull. It crumpled to the floor, but the damage was done.
Don’t let me lose myself.’ That was the last thing my sister whispered to me before she passed out. Her wound was much more severe than mine is, and much closer to the brain. That seems to make it quicker. I took grandpa’s revolver from behind my back and blew her brains out.
I buried her in the back garden.
After my sister died I went kind of crazy. I took Old Trusty out across the fields and pulverised every ugly I could find. I don’t even remember it that well, it was just, find, kill, find, kill…
We’d only been going out in daylight before then but, in my anger, I carried on through the nights. That’s how I learned about their inability to evade in darkness. Eventually, though, one got me. I found three munching on a dead cow and ran straight at them. Took out the first two easily enough, but the third managed to scratch my leg with a bloody fingernail just before I clobbered it into oblivion. Once I realised its nail had broken the skin, it was like a switch had been flicked inside me. That’s it, I’m dead too. I lost my bloodlust and came back here.
If none of this had happened, I think my sister would have eventually gone into medicine. I was doing okay at College but she was top of her class at school. And she had a really kind nature too. She’d never squish any bugs that got trapped in our house; she’d get a glass, scoop the little critter up and seal it inside with a book. Then she’d take it outside and release it, even if it was a wasp.
I’ve decided that here’s not the place. I'll hit Submit and then I’m going to do it in those woods I wrote about; consider this diary as my Note. I’ll be able to find a nice spot to sit and look at the trees, some place that's calm and peaceful. I’m going to leave the picture of Guitar Girl in this cellar, she belongs in this house. The tree leaves will remind me of my sister more than any photo ever could anyway.
I guess all that’s left to say is thank you for listening.
I know it’s possible that no one will ever read this, but that’s not really the point is it?
Thanks for reading! If you want more from this universe check out The X and Wye Anthology Series
-- Jack
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2023.03.22 13:04 MisplacedFocus123 How to not internalize doubts projected by others (and ourselves)?

This post goes goes into subconcious mind, spiraling overthinking and doubts so skip the 3rd to last paragraph or only read this post if you feel sure about it.
Similarly with how parents or teachers might have told us something that we internalized in childhood, I'm in need of advice on how you would approach this with someone who overthinks.
After months of success (albeit with occasional spiralling), I had spent a month identifying with fear until very recently, where I realized I needed to let go of thoughts about fears and to keep reminding my mind not to overthink when it did. Doing this made everything suddenly flow much easier again, helping with my ability to be productive and present without underlying fears effecting my motivation and ability. However, I found myself susceptible to that fear mindset being triggered by this person who, to keep it brief, is a coordinator of sorts who I am working to end my sessions with. They often tell me about bad experiences in their past and plant doubts in my mind and others about how "realistic" a dream is, speaking from the 3rd perspective that "we" set ourselves up.
Since then, I've spent the most part of 3 days identifying with their statements and allowing them to replay in my mind. The thing is statements like these have never been impactful to this extent before. I imagine their repitition of giving up after having finally dropped my fear thinking prior combined with my habit to overthink made their comments hit harder. Now I'm in a rut of pitting their statements to my own goals, which is starting to effect my dreams (the asleep ones) and my belief in pursuing my goals, and now my ability in socializing... due to that also being a goal. This is despite having not revealed any details to said person, and despite myself knowing success is only a few months away (part of it involves moving) and that their doubts about their own life are being projected onto me.
The fear I have is whether my mind will subconsciously internalise limiting beliefs presented to me by others or if it my identification with the fear that is more likely to do that, than had I been mindful and let the fear thought pass along. Now I believe that the responsibility falls onto myself to accept/reject such thoughts, but fear that as the hours pass, my continued ruminiating in these limiting statements will turn into a negative assumption in the subconscious that will covertly hinder my ability to achieve them. I realised one of the issues I have is this inner voice is adding words of doubt next to words regarding my goals, as an intrusive thought. It's also telling myself that 1 day, 3 days, 1 week from now, I am going to bring about a failiure or that even if I got so far that I made it, because of this underlying fear that 5 years from now the goal could be ruined. The belief that it's unrealistic has been planted in my mind so how can I tell myself it's only impacting me like this because I believe it could or is it time I just stop the thinking?
I feel that once I have moved out and seen the start of my goals play out more consistently and physically, that these kinds of thoughts wouldn't be nearly as impactful if at all, as was back in that period a month ago and the few days where I had picked up myself again. Until then though, I know that my goals are very much achievable, even looking at it from a "realistic" view, so would any of you know a main reason people identify with other's opinions that I could work on? How can I stay present and trust I have the authority to accept and reject intrusive thoughts? How can I get to a point of being far more firm and unwavering with my beliefs?
Despite the persisting thoughts, should I just do my best to tell my mind not to think and fight the thought when it comes up, focus on work and atempt to enjoy my goals until mind gradually forgets about fear? Is the answer this simple but just going to need time to naturally believe in these goals again or can you offer any additional advice?
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2023.03.22 13:03 Great_Golden_Baby Problems with Korg Nanokontrol2 as a MIDI CC controller

Hi all. I am getting to the point of pulling my hair out at this problem, and I have no idea what to do to solve it after nearly 6 hours of trying. I feel like an idiot and nothing I’ve found online helps.
I have a Korg Nanokontrol2, and several years ago I was able to use it as a CC controller to control expression and volume on my orchestral samples. About a year ago, I tried to expand the functionality (adding Vibrato and other CC functions to it) and followed some guides to get the Korg Editor and map the Nano that way. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but in that process, it stopped working with CC data completely. I didn’t have time to fix it, and powered through my current project by drawing automation afterwards instead of using faders to record it (it was as painful as it sounds).
I took a break from composing and got my studio back up and running this week. I tried to get my Nanokontrol back to its former useful self, and no matter what I do, it always registers as a mixer in Logic. I’ve tried deleting it from the Control Surface list, re-mapping it on the Korg Editor, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and the Korg Editor, getting rid of the Editor completely and trying to force Logic to forget it and recognize it as a new device... Every time I open Logic and plug it in, the sliders are automatically volume for the tracks, and the knobs are pan. I have auto assign turned off so I don’t understand why this is. Nothing I do will change them, and I can’t get CC functions to assign in Learn mode either. If anyone has any idea how I can fix what feels like should be a very simple problem and help me use my NanoKontrol as a CC controller again, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you so much!
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2023.03.22 13:02 coolsasho333 Should I straight up create a new character when I upgrade from free trial?

I first played FFXIV during December 2020 and played on and off, sometimes taking multiple month breaks at a time. However, my main job(DRG) has reached level 60 and I'm nowhere near the end of the heavensward msq, so all of the exp will be wasted. I also took maiming gear from quest rewards, which is bad for me since I want to play Sam, a job that uses striking gear. I also wasn't paying that much attention during the ARR msq and crystal tower quests. There are also 2 new servers on the data centre I play on(Light) so I'll be leveling up fatlst with road to 80. Should I create a new char when I eventually upgrade?
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2023.03.22 13:01 Far-Childhood9338 If we can all help we will make it not so hard to Ukrainians

I m European already send clothes to Ukraine a full truck, but now its worst, its winter.
those 2 people will manage pictures and social media plus all the accounting and money donation.
The idea is
  1. we will get a few trucks full of clothes( free ) and get that till Ukraine
  2. we will stay there for about 5 to 6 months doing volunteer work, helping with evacuation of civilian, helping with distribution of food and other things.
spoke with a few people and its possible to take a few trucks and a few SUV, ambulance, mobile clinic,
(I am not sure if op needs or already has:)
Now the main objective is to go to towns that are recently liberated or on the front line, take civilians out, leave food in, take wounded out, take them to treatment in our safe back place, and do first aids, then take them to hospitals far away from front lines.
All that will be filmed and put in web social media, creating revenue with donations.
Clothes can get a truck loads per month for free, donations,
drones will give us safe places and safe roads in front of us and in towns before we go in,
communications, so no one stays back or not informed,
security so when we take the trucks full of stull food and clothes, there are no panic or disorder,
Now if there are people that can help to increase visibility of this post, I did some work like this in Africa and South America, but will need a strong team. Training can be provided after the wester border in an academy for 2 weeks for some of the people that have no training, if you can help please send me an email
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2023.03.22 13:01 Smart_Emu_4435 Easy Way to Stop Drinking book?

Hey guys.
My (32F) boyfriend, “Josh” (34M) is a full blown alcoholic. After a series of drunken episodes, and nearly getting fired he has finally admitted he is an alcoholic and wants to get sober.
I am trying to be supportive and help him through this as much as I can. I heard wonderful things about ‘Easy Way to Stop Drinking’ book by Allen Carr and would love to find it in an audiobook if possible. If not, a pdf will work.
I cannot find either anywhere on google except for one on Amazon for nearly $75.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction to find it?
Also, please give me all the tips, advice and suggestions as I try to support him through this!
Thank you!!
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2023.03.22 12:59 motorhead111 I am so frustrated

Hey Guys,
I started playing FIFA again in the beginning of the year, I guess the last one I played was Fifa 13 or so.
As I knew it is not comparable with the old games anymore I played Career mode for a couple of weeks till I at least won every game in World Class difficulty without problems before I got startet in FUT against other players
So it made loads of fun and I somehow managed to go up to Division 5 ( I know its pretty low but eflt good for me)
Since I am in this Division, I am constantly loosing, like I have a streak of 15 losses or so, a lot of them like 6-0 or even worse ( I mostly don't quit the game to have tha chance to improve against strong opponents). From the last 10 opponents, nearly all had Mbappe, Jairzinho, Al Owwairan and who else.
I know if you block their passes well it should not be an Issue but how am I supposed to hold up? I definitely not am that skilled but with those players in the opponents teams its always the worst and I have no idea how basically everyone seems to have them in their teams.

Ist it really just the skill?

I mean if I could at least get down a Division but nope, I am stuck with opponents who are way more skilled then me and have teams that are so way stronger than mine.
I dont want to invest money and buy packs or coins but somehow i dont make any progress anymore, no matter how hard I train and focus on flaws in defence.

Any tips?
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2023.03.22 12:58 acrowscaw Dissociation, Crying, Horrible Intrusive Thoughts, Sense of Doom

This is written horribly but I'm in a bad place rn and can't do better sorry. Started taking months ago. Went up to 60mg in Dec? probably. This month I started to get more agitated. Would cry once a week, then a few times a week and then this week got really bad. Wanting to cry nearly everyday, bad OCD, sense of doom, dreamlike/nightmare feeling. I was supposed to go up to 90mg. Took it once and started feeling high somehow said F that. Took 60mg next day. Then down to 30mg today (Bad, I know but I was getting suicidal and couldn't wait bc I'm pretty sure it's this Hell Drug). Today I was finally happy, then got bad tonight. Anxiety and dissociation. My thoughts are awful. I almost thought I would have a psychotic break (no history of any). Calmed down for a minute but I can't shut up my intrusive thoughts. They're almost feeling real, either that or they're too horrifying for me to be able to fully react to them. They go against every fiber of my being. Tonight feels like a nightmare.
It was already getting this bad without going down, but are these withdrawals too now? Idk what to do. This is such a new type of bad. I'm so mad I got prescribed this, and mad at myself for taking blindly. Also taking 0.5 Rexulti for depression, should I quit that too? I had to go lower on that too bc the higher dose was also making me worse before Cymbalta. I was hoping I'd get lucky with withdrawals, kind of need to get lucky. Hopefully day 2 will be better. Not sure why I'm posting this but cheers! If anyone is reading this in the far future bc they have similar symptoms, I'm sorry and hopefully I have good news in the future.
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2023.03.22 12:58 Bortasz [Part 5] Fanfic scene about how high Ehrenfest can rise and why. Some Ficlore/info on other duchies.

This scene stuck in my head. The Ehrenfest Ducal family discuss duchy ranking. Gregor is new character. He also Isekai, like Myne. But he is more connected to the previous world and wants to travel.
Fanfic Start: - Sylvester may I ask. How high in duchy ranking you expect us to go? - Gregor asked. - I hope that You, Wilfred and Rozemyne will lead our students to the 10 place. - Eeeeeeeee.... - Gregor close his mouth and try to regain noble pose. - Aub Ehrenfest. I think you lack important, crucial information. - You think we will not rise that high? - No. I think we will pass the 10 place with speed and grace that will stunt all. - Gregor looked around the table and saw many confused faces. - Apperantly Ehrenfest nobles will be the most stunt. Can I elaborate? - Yes. - Then please look ad this map. And let's discuss Duchies above us. First we have to overcome Lortzing. With is nothing. They are winning duchy. But they were Frontline during civil war. They suffered quite some losses. And they are lesser duchy both in size and population. Both Noble and Commoners. To make matters even worse they are practically under Klassenber control. Like only Zausengas is more controlled by Klassenberg, but that is because Zausengas is occupy by Klassenberg. They do not produce enough food to feed themselves, they buy it from Jossbrenner. Just like Klassenberg. What Lortzing does produce is clothes, that they dye and sell to Klassenberg nobles. And I don't think they are left with much money afterwards. They do get steadfast protection from their northen neighbor. But they do not have anything note worthy. And anything of value that they would come up with, will be stolen, or sorry. Embraced by Klassenberg. After Lortzing we will be compare with Lehmbruck. From information that I gather quarter if not third of their land have climate similar Haldenzel. I will repeat that. At least quarter of their entire duchy have as bad climate as Haldenzel. What they do have going for them is being a trade route between Gilessenmeyer, duchy of Zent First wife, and Sovereignity. With they embrace completely. They made marble road with entwicklen and build accommodation for merchant alongside it. They milk theme for all they can. So they have money, but no plan or even idea how to spend theme. Just like Lortzing we will overtake theme with increased mana and better grades. Frankly Childrens bible, Karuta, Geographical puzzles and of course Rozemyne Mana Compression Method are boosting our grades so high, that on theme alone. We should reach 11 place BEFORE I, Wilfred and Rozemyne enters Royal Academy. And without unleashing our Trends and Recipes we would have equal fight with Immerdink for 10 place. That is, if Immerdink was not duchy of fools or at least very delusional people. - Are you saying that they archive 10 place by being delussional? - No Ferdinand. I am saying, they archive their place by being neutral during Civil War. And having size, plus proper Noble population of Middle Duchy. Population that was intact by Civil War. The delusional part is, that they can compete with Drewanchel, Arch Duchy of Schollars and their biggest trade partner, in being. Well Drewanchel. It is like Mednobel Schollar trying outdone ArchSchollar in being a Schollar. To make matters worse for Immerdink, they have roughly the same climate and products as Drewanchel. AND they ignore one strength their duchy have over Drewanchel. - Gregor what they ignore? - Come on Wilfred. Look ad the map. It is small, but noticeable. - Hmmm, access to sea? - Correct. Immerdink completely ignore their access to sea. And they could sail greater volume of their products ad cheaper price from their tiny seashore as far as Quandtreeb. And from their they could reach clients in Dunkelferger. For like one tenth of travel expenses that Drewanchel have to cover on shorter land route. So both Import and Exports of goods should be thriving. - Transporting by water is that more efficient? - Yes and more. You can transport several dozens wagons of cargo on the barge. That alone may water trade routes amazing. And Immerdink completely ignores their sea shore. I know that sea is shrinking but... - Gregor shrugged. - For us that means that Immerdink will be rather easy to overcome. However, to grow beyond 10 place we need attention from Sovereignity and Archduchies. We need Trends and Recipes and trading goods. - That we will unveil when our archduke candidate enter the Academy. - I agree with that Sylvester. But that also means we will be competing Kirschnereit for nine place. Competition that we will win easily in my humble opinion. - How? Kirschnereit are winning Middle Duchy. One that archieve great merit for Zent during the Civil War. I can see us overtaking Immerdink. We and theme were neutral. But Kirschnereit? - Aaa, but you see my dear Aub. Chaosfliehe hides in the details. For the youngest present. Kirschnereit once was a Greater Duchy. But two hundred years ago they and Eisenreich rebel against Zent, and losts. Eisenreich loss some territory to Klassenberg and was Divided in to Frenbeltag, Zausengas and our duchy of Ehrenfest. Kirschnereit loss some territory and Country Gate to Heuchletzte and was divided in to Ossvault, Quandtreeb, Linderthal, Bershmann and Kirschnereit. Just from the fact they still holds to the name they have as Greater Duchy. Should tell you how well they took that loss. That merit they get during civil war? It was mostly by subjugating lesser duchies that once were part of Arch Kirschnereit. Their arrogance is so great, their student loudly say. That if current Zent have Grutrissheit. The four lesser duchies would bin assimilated by theme. AND they say that they wish to regain Flutrane Country Gate that was stolen from theme by Heuchletzte. Room went silent. All present were trying to process the share amount of arrogance and stupidity they hear about. - Now. Wilfred small task for you. Check the map. And tell me who would oppose Kirschnereit reunification. - Hmmm, Dunkelferger, Drewanchel and Heuchletzte. Like, if Kirschnereit would reunite it would be bigger in size then Werkerstock. It is impossible that Zent and their neighbors would agree to that. - Correct. So, while setting up ranking is the privilege of Royal Family. I imagine all Nobles send to theme from Kirschnereit neighbors would not mind advising Royal Family, that lowering Kirschnereit below us will be great and needed lesson in Hummility. We just need to give theme good enough reason to do so. No wait. Not reason, excuse is also wrong. Justification. Yes. If we give Sovereignity good enough Justification, they will rather gladly put us above Kirschnereit. With means, that I think, around our second or third year in academy we will be challenging Jossbrenner the Eight and Gaussbutel the Seven. But ad that time, we will be in full force in Royal Academy. Between Wilfred, Charlotte, Rozemyne and Me. We should generate enough interest in Ehrenfest that we will have a chance of reaching eight maybe seven place. And leave Melchior a fighting chance of reaching six place and dreaming of fifth. - Six, fifth? You really think we can reach that high? - Well it is long term prediction. And they are uncertain by default. So let's talk slowly about eight and seventh place The Eight Jossbrenner. They are Bread Basket of Klassenberg. So they are to Klassenberg what Leisegang is for Ehrenfest. They play their role amazingly. But they also walk on tight rope. They can push Klassenberg to some degree. But not to much. Klassenberg both protect theme, but also steal anything of value from theme. To make matters worse for Jossbrenner. We plan on revealing that you can grow Potatoffel indoors and how ridiculously easy it is to grow and harvest theme on straw. If Klassenberg would take this bait, and they should take it. Klassenberg will be able to grow more its food. Lortzing also will gladly grow some of their food. Gilessenmeyer, Gaussbutel and Lehmbruck also are very suited to growing Potatoffel. If, or rather when Zausengas will be integral part of Klassenberg, they will turn it in to their second pantry. With all this we basically setting up fall of Jossbrenner already. Then we have Gaussbutel. They are in similar situation to Lehmbruck. Only they are trade route from Klassenberg to Sovereignity, so far more valuable goods are going through their land. And they were not neutral during Civil War. And they actually add value to items going through their territory. Their Smith work with all the ores Klassenberg is providing theme. So overtaking theme in the ranking will be our greatest challenge. That we will be only able to overcome with proper socializing with Great Duchies. With we should do with a plumb. - You are awfully certain of that. - Ferdinand please. We have Rozemyne the prize disciple of Lord of Evil. Wilfred and I were train by Lord Bonifatus. So by definition Dunkelferger will want to do Ditter with us. If we manage to score a interesting victory we will have their troublesome attention. Then, Rozemyne will play Harspiel and since she was trained by musical genius who was invited by royals to play for theme on regular basis. She should score a invitation by Music teacher and be able to grasp some attention from Klassenberg and Sovereignity itself. Not to mention, I was told that Wilfred whirling should earn him place on stage during graduation already. So he also will get us some cultural points. - Really? I am that good? - Yes. I told you. Moving around with the goal and purpose will pay off. Now just don't slack. And maybe you will be Dark God ad graduation. - Wilfred looked happy and, what is most important, determinate to make this a reality. - So we definitely get attention from Klassenberg the first and Dunkelferger the Second. Sovereignity will pay attention to us, by the simple fact how much we raise. And I plan to stir up some rivalry with Drewanchel. - What exactly do you planning? - Sylvester, you can relax I run everything through Ferdinand. I gonna send theme my Kuku clock and challenge theme to make something better. With so many devices and machines I have grasping and keeping their attention should be rather easy. - Sylvester looked to Ferdinand with a worry, but receive calming nod from his younger brother. With frankly did not calm him ad all. - Okey, stop. What you are telling me. Is that within four up to five years we will be fighting for eight if not seven place? - That exactly what I am saying. - Ferdinad, will be able to handle it? We will be upper rank duchy. Does Ehrenfest is ready, or rather can it be ready in such short amount of time? Like in the entire duchy only you have recent experience dealing with Royalty and Upper Duchies. Ferdinand start taping his temple. And thene on his face bloom very scary and very malicious smile. - Well Sylvester. You don't have to worry. I will gladly set up training regiment for you, Florencia and yours entire retinues and of course our Archduke candidates. I will put my all in to ensuring that you all will be able to stand tall. Fom some strange reason many people in the room went ghastly pale. - Now Gregor. I want you also tell us, about duchies in fifth and sixth place. You do have some interesting information about theme do you? - I imagine you want primarily information about Achrensbach the fifth. Okey. So Heuchletzte and Achrensbach have big problems and no solution in sight. They will battle for their respective position. But it is battle of „Who will slow down their downfall the most?” Then anything else. I have more information about Achrensbach and they seem to have more problems. But I will repeat, I just know more about theme then about Heuchletzte. - From where and how you collect all this information? - Well our students in academy are quite nice silver mines of information's. But my Gold mines are traveling merchants. I inform theme that I will sponsor citizenship for anybody who will bring me interesting tidbits and rumors. And boy they deliver. Now. I will start with Heuchletzte. Since there is less about theme. In short. Their sea is shrinking. And they heavily really on various seafood's for their economical and political prowess. Now, they are force to be basically a pirates on waters of Osvvault and Quandtreeb. They do not touch Losrenger, but everybody agree is more matter of time then anything else. And only solution for that problem is finding Grutrissheit. They also have the same problem that Achrensbach have. Sea is just extremely difficult to saturate with mana. - Big Brother Gregor. Why it is so difficult to fill sea with mana? - Hmm Charlotte imagine that you have bucket with paints and you splash it on the ground. With time that paint will be erased, but weeks if not months after splashing that paint, you will be able to see where it went. But now, if you splash the same paint on the lake. By the end of the day, you will not be able to see any paint whatsoever. This is because, paint will diffuse, eee spread itself ,across the water. With sea and mana is the same. You cannot saturate a concrete space on the sea. It will quickly spread across the entire of sea. So if you want to saturate it with mana, you have to do it for the entirety of the sea. Now check how big this things are, and remember that you also have to give mana to depths of the sea. Achrensbach sea is half the size of Ehrenfest. Now imagine how much mana is needed for half of our Duchy. Yeah, and that is one of the four giant mana sink holes that Achrensbach have. Second being their trade with Lanzenave. I have several merchant telling me that Lanzenave trades their spices and sugar primarily for feystones with mana. Maybe a quarter, if not less, is traded for coins or goods. And Achrensbach supply entirety of our country with spices and sugar. So just imagine how much mana they send beyond country gate. Then their is northern Werkerstock, the third sinkhole. And they put mana their to slow down degradation of the land. Not to make it flourish. This will continue until foundation of Werkerstock or Grutrissheit will be found. After all of that their Achrensbach as a duchy. Land and people that also needs mana. Like I really think Achrensbach will start to decline in the time we will be in Royal academy. With will give Melchior and his peers good chance on aiming for sixth place. But... really if Grutrissheit will not be found at that time... - Big Brother, Does Jossbrenner and Klassenberg also should suffer from their sea shrinking? - Yes, but actually no. For once. The Klassenberg sea is so often frozen solid that their is small amount of activity their in the first place. Jossbrenner have I think two, maybe three ports that do not freeze. But that all. So even if their sea would shrink it will not affect theme as much. But the thing is. Klassenberg sea either do not shrink or shrink very slowly. When I looked deeper in to the issue the working theory is this. Since Ewergliebe is constantly besiege Country Gate of Geduldh. The water is simply stuck as ice and don't move anywhere. Also, all that ice isolate water from white sand. So water also cannot leak outside of our country. And this prevent or at least greatly slowdown shrinkage of Klassenberg Sea.
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2023.03.22 12:58 No-Bluejay3897 Was what happened to me considered SA?

TW: sort of sexually graphic?
Some months back, I had sex with a friend with benefits. We had both been drinking and smoking (nowhere near black out drunk) and started making out and he then told me he didn’t have any condoms. Me not being on birth control then told him to go look for condoms in the little bag on my dorm floor which the RA provides for safe sex measures.
He came back and said there weren’t any, so I went to the communal bathroom where another little bag of condoms is kept and found some so I grabbed a couple and brought them back to my room. I feel like all of this was a BIG indicator of me wanting him to wear a condom. I’m pretty sure at one point I said “I want a condom (to have sex).”
We resume where we left off making out and all of a sudden he just put his bare dick in me. I had no time to say no and I was stunned so all I could really say was, “are you wearing a condom” even though I fully well knew that he wasn’t. He said no of course and I feel kind of ashamed to say this but after making him put one on, we still had sex. Then the condom he was wearing broke while he was still inside of me and he tried to continue having sex with no condom on but I stopped him and made him put on another before continuing sex.
The next morning I definitely felt the whole condom thing to be “off” and disrespectful but I didn’t cease contact with him — in fact I almost hooked up with him again (stupidly). But then a few weeks later I found out he has a supposed past of him stealthing at least one other girl which isn’t that different from what he did to me. But what happened to me wasn’t the exact same as stealthing, so is it right to consider what happened to me as sexual assault?
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2023.03.22 12:58 ZeusForever12 [Online] [Other] [PBP] Hitpoints: A Very Light RPG

Name: Hitpoints
Players needed: 2
Genres: Action-Adventure, High Fantasy, MMORPG, the 7th Millennium 4140 F.E, Brand New World, Magic Based World.
Game Description: Worlds, Actions, Reactions. All three of these things make up what humanity has reaped and sowed into its past, present, and future. First, you have the genocide of the human race and near extinction of them going towards low populations. Then, Mages take their place while conserving the last few humans left to exist. Welcome to Tygaria, where the Sky people are abundantly prosperous and well-educated races who wish to spread the knowledge of those who have become floor dwellers and have it rough on themselves. While a Divide is happening, The Dark Lord is ready to become the Ultimate Distraction to tear apart the Heroes.
If anyone is interested, let me know.
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2023.03.22 12:57 Sea-Fig4139 Does anyone else feel like CompTIA is nothing but a money grab? (Rant)

Just wanted to put this out there, no idea how it would be received in this sub but I'm just extremely frustrated right now...
So I started my first job in InfoSec after my Master's degree in September. This job has been great, but although they don't pressure me too hard about it they definitely want me to get my Security+ cert. But when I was looking for work after graduating nobody would even take a look at me twice when I told them I had a master's but not the Security+ cert, and honestly it felt kind of insulting. I talked to several recruiters that very clearly did not know very much (if at all) about information security, but as soon as they heard I didn't have a certification it was always "okay well ggt your security+ and call me back" and then they tried to get off the phone as quickly as possible. My entire time in grad school I studied cyber security because it has always been my end goal in studying computer science, and I feel like the security content that I learned in grad school was way more in depth than the content in the Security + book.
Now on to my second gripe and main complaint... But the way CompTIA markets and sells their products feels like the biggest scam of all time. First of all, I bought the Security+ ebook due to it being a few bucks cheaper and also the immediate "access" rather than waiting for shipping and all that. I put "access" in quotes because I found out after buying it that I didn't actually own the book, but rather purchased the right to use it for only a year. While I admit that part of the blame is not on me for fully reading and comprehending the terms before purchasing, I can't help but feel scammed. Why do I get 'punished' for buying a digital copy, saving us both a few bucks for printing and shipping as well as a few trees? Not to mention the fact that the digital books features are unusable in many cases (for example, certain terms are highlighted in the text and you're supposed to be able to click on them for definitions. Which works for terms near the top of the page, however as you work your way down the page the definitions for terms still appear at the top, and trying to scroll up to read them just makes them disappear and brings back the text. Therefore tough shit for me if I want to read the definition for a term that's not in the first two paragraphs. This is just one example of shit that doesn't work). I opened a support ticket and was basically told "thanks for bringing this to our attention but we don't plan on fixing this, go pound sand". Not to mention that I have to pay over 300 dollars just to take the exam?
Sorry for the long rant but I hope I'm not the only one that feels at least a little that CompTIA is taking advantage of IT workers. It seems like they built up a reputation in providing certs and are now milking everyone in the industry. My question to you is has it always been like this? When did CompTIA start nickel-and-diming people who want to learn and prove their knowledge with halfway usable products? When did education and experience lose all their value in the hiring process to certifications? Certifications that, at least for the lower levels, seem mostly like rote memorization without in-depth knowledge or reasoning? Share your experience please
Sorry for the rant again. Hopefully you see at least some validity in what I'm saying and that I'm not just complaining for no reason. I do plan on getting the Security+ cert still, as well as more advanced certs, I just feel like they're not worth it at all outside of the hiring process.
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