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2023.03.22 14:18 Joa_Sage Laptop Dell Inspiron 3515 does not charge the battery.

Hello everyone thanks for having the time to read this and trying to help. I would appreciate a solution ASAP. Thanks in advance.
When I connect the AC Power Adapter, the battery icon shows a charging symbol but the percentage is always stuck in that percentage. The battery discharges normally in 3 hours of usage (normal behavior) but never charges when I plug it on. Also, even if I keep for 1 hour the charger connected, then disconnect it and then restart the laptop, the battery will still be in that % but now will discharge. This shows a healthy battery. I ran a health check and it's 88% of capacity, which means it can still store energy (it is a new device, I mean..). My battery went 0% two times so far and I was able to make it charge from there by: 1. Turning off the laptop. 2. Connect the AC power adapter (since the battery reached 0% and cannot turn it on without the adapter). 3. Hold the power button for 30 seconds to perform an RTC BIOS reset. (After this the orange LED blinks 2 times indicating a successful reset). 4. Accept the warning message about the successful reset.
  1. When Ubuntu is loaded, after signing in I unplug the AC power, so the laptop turns off.
  2. When I connect the adapter again, the white LED indicator turns on immediately meaning that the battery is being charged. After 2-3 hours of charging I disconnect and turn on the laptop without the adapter but with 100% of battery.
- Note 1: Every time I connect the AC Adapter, and the battery has more than 0%, this white LED indicator turns on only for 5 seconds and turns off immediately. This is kind of weird since this normally happens when the battery reaches 100% meaning that it does not need to charge anymore.
- Note 2: I tried disconnecting the battery from the motherboard and performing a power reset holding for 15 - 20 seconds the power button, just like explained on the dell webpage, and then connecting everything back but nothing. I left the laptop battery disconnected for 24 hs and still nothing.
- Device: Dell Inspiron 3515 bought in August 2022.
- Hardware update: This version came with 8 gb of ram, so I upgraded it to 16 gb adding a SODIM 8gb ram. (October 2022).
- Operating System: I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and I'm constantly adding updates that Ubuntu offers me related to security and performance.
- Bugs:
- My mouse pad for some reason sometimes gets sucked when I use the "double touch" gesture to scroll. (Drivers incompatibility indicators from the OS) I found this issue and its a OS bug that has been reported already.
- Sometimes when I open the laptop, the screen holds like a video bug like pure pixels RGB but distorted for 1 second, and then it shows the image. (Another indicator)
- BIOS VERSION: 1.2.0 - Info in BIOS: AC Power adapter: <65W> (it is detected)
- Dell Support Assist diagnosis: All looking great. No issues were found. Battery healthy and AC power detected successfully.

- BIOS update? - Go back to windows 10? - Try another version of Linux? Is this a battery charge cycle driver problem or something similar?
Thanks a lot for the support and I hope to get help.
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2023.03.22 14:18 RealisticallyLazy Curious what other docs think of my allergic reaction

So, here's a little background information. I am 25F with height of 5ft 4in and weight of 109lbs (I lost a little weight because discomfort has made it hard to eat). I had a bilateral salpingectomy on Monday the 13th. I felt like it was a good idea because pregnancy would be hard due to multiple health conditions, and I didn't want kids anyway. Plus, I wanted to get off of oral hormonal birth control since it is systemic and affects other conditions. I do have an IUD that was placed during the surgery, though (for heavy/painful periods; gyno says possible adenomyosis).
Well, I ended up having a pretty bad allergic reaction around the incisions. It's a red, swollen, and EXTREMELY itchy rash around each of the three incisions. I started noticing itching around the end of the first week and it got progressively worse. Monday the 20th, I messaged my surgeon and went to the ER. At first, we thought it was the dermabond, but at this point, it seems more likely I'm allergic to the internal dissolving stitches (this is what the ER doctor told me). I'm on Benadryl 50mg four times a day, Claritin once a day, and cimetidine 400mg twice a day. I'm also alternating between hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl cream. I've even used ice packs to try to reduce swelling from hives/rash. Despite all of this, the reaction still continues to worsen with only slight relief from treatments.
My doctor was the one that told me to go to the ER, which I did Monday. The ER doc said there's no infection so there's nothing they can do (they can't give me steroids since I'm recovering from surgery and my gyno doesn't want it interfering with the healing process). I'm already doing everything else recommended. He just kept mentioning that it is an atypical allergy to have.
I stopped using bandaids and Neosporin a few days ago (in case they were the allergens). I also showered right after I stopped using them to wash off possible allergens. I am, however, using plain Vaseline on the incisions because my skin is a little dry. I've also been wearing just sports bras or lifting my shirt up so it doesn't rub on the incisions/rash and make the itching worse. I am keeping the wounds clean by washing with a gentle saline rinse.
I've been questioning MCAS, so I'm definitely going to push for testing now.
My other conditions include ankylosing spondylitis, interstitial cystitis, asthma, IBS, and GERD. I often deal with chronic fatigue, tachycardia, costochondritis, headaches, and food intolerances/sensitivities. My vitamin and mineral levels are usually good besides high copper and slightly low zinc. I also have ADHD inattentive and major depressive disorder.
Other medications include lexapro 20mg qam, atomoxetine 40mg qam, omeprazole qd prn, digestive probiotic qd, lactase prn, other digestive enzymes prn, zinc 25mg spray qod, and albuterol (haven't needed my rescue inhaler for a few years though).
Link to pics in the comments
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2023.03.22 14:18 SolhWellnessOfficial How Happiness is intertwined with Mental Health Solh Wellness

How Happiness is intertwined with Mental Health Solh Wellness
Many people deny the link between happiness and mental health. Those with the most resources are only occasionally completely satisfied. Material possessions can make people feel more at ease, but mental peace is never guaranteed. True mental peace necessitates internal happiness.

The Benefits of Happiness
Each person defines happiness differently, but its effect on the mind is consistent. Happiness increases serotonin and oxytocin levels, which make us feel good about ourselves and help us cope with stress. Happiness, in general, stems from a sense of purpose or the accomplishment of a goal.
Emotional Control
To achieve mental stability and happiness, people must be able to control their emotions. A necessary characteristic is the ability to cope with unexpected trauma, such as rejection, breakup, a failed marriage, or the death of a loved one. Anyone would find these events upsetting, but you must leave as soon as possible.
Happiness and Mental Stability: A Relationship
According to research, pleasure can predict mental stability significantly. In other words, happier people have better mental health outcomes, such as lower stress, anxiety, and depression. Mentally ill people, on the other hand, frequently report lower levels of enjoyment and life satisfaction.
There are numerous psychological theories that attempt to explain the relationship between happiness and mental stability. One such theory is the broaden-and-build hypothesis of good emotions. For example, happiness is said to broaden our thoughts and behaviours, allowing us to gradually accumulate resources and resilience. To put it another way, when we are happy, we are more likely to seek out new experiences and cultivate relationships that promote personal development and growth. These advantageous encounters and resources have the potential to boost our mental fortitude and resilience over time.
Management of Stress and Other Mental Illnesses
Happiness, on the other hand, can be influenced by mental stability. Positive psychology can help people cope with stress and other mental disorders by preventing negative emotions such as worry or despair. A mentally stable person can also deal with adversity, such as losing a job or being in a difficult relationship, without suffering significant emotional distress.
Positive psychology in a crisis may appear difficult, but it is doable with the right guidance. If you want to improve your mental stability so that you can face life's significant challenges with a smile, contact Solh Wellness. Using personalised mental health solution tools can help you get closer to happiness. To begin, download the Solh Wellness app!
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2023.03.22 14:18 critteronesanantonio Targeted Treatments for the Most Common Household Pests

Targeted Treatments for the Most Common Household Pests
Household pests such as ants, cockroaches, and rodents can be a nuisance for homeowners. However, with the advent of targeted treatments and integrated pest management techniques, it is now possible to effectively control these pests without resorting to harmful chemicals that can pose a risk to the health of humans and pets.
Targeted treatments and integrated pest management techniques rely on a combination of methods, such as trapping, exclusion, and the use of low-toxicity pesticides. These approaches provide a long-term solution that minimizes the use of pesticides and reduces the risk of developing resistance to chemicals. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, targeted treatments and integrated pest management techniques are also cost-effective in the long run.
Therefore, homeowners can now have peace of mind knowing that their homes are free from pests without harming the environment and risking the health of humans and pets and without breaking the bank. In conclusion, homeowners should consider using targeted treatments and integrated pest management techniques as a safe, effective, and cost-efficient way to control household pests without compromising the health and safety of their family members, pets, and the environment. The of targeted treatments and integrated pest management techniques are safe, effective, and cost-efficient.
We provide expert wildlife damage inspection and full home exclusion. Our crew has years of experience in the pest control and removal industry and knows exactly what it takes to get your property safe and wildlife free once again. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to working with you!
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2023.03.22 14:17 AmbraneIN 5 Reasons Why You Need Ambrane Wise Roam On Your Wrist

The heat is not merely a result of the weather. Ambrane Wise Roam, our blazing new Bluetooth calling smartwatch, is here and ready to help you connect while you're out and about. This amazing smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling functionality goes above and beyond the norm to provide you with so many cool functions to really amp up your daily grind. We can't help but fidget wildly as we discuss each function in all its flaming glory now that this watch has liberated our hands with ease from the hassle of answering calls. All thanks to the best Bluetooth calling smartwatch in India!
Bluetooth Calling with Voice Assistance
Everybody has temporary hand-tied situations occasionally, whether they include multitasking at work, being overloaded with bags when shopping, having lunch, and so on. It can be difficult to use your hand to hold the phone while doing all of this, and it would be even more difficult to walk around with Bluetooth earphones constantly plugged in.
Fortunately, this Bluetooth Calling smartwatch redefines what it means to be hands-free! A built-in premium speaker and a microphone allow Ambrane Wise Roam's calling feature to be made possible. With the calling option on your smartwatch, you can now enjoy talking to your closest friends, chatting with your family, taking calls for work, or even making dinner reservations! You can manage all of your calls with complete clarity straight from your wrist, whether you open the inbuilt dialer or just tap the screen to answer. Moreover, have the freedom to get everything done right from your wrist with voice assistance.
60+ Sports Modes with Health Monitoring
In relation to sports modes, Ambrane Wise Roam enables you to maximise your fitness with its 60+ sports modes! This smartwatch is built to track your wellness and monitor your daily activity and the sports you love with ease. It comes with 24*7 Health Monitoring and offers features like Heart Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure, Sleep Mode, Breath Training, Female Health Tracker, High Heart Rate Alert and more. This best budget smartwatch makes it all a seamless experience along with its IP68 water resistance. So, now sweat it out in full swing!
Round Daylight-Bright Display with Classy Aesthetics
Thoughtfully built with a classy round LucidDisplay™ and a 450 Nits bright screen, enjoy watching bold and clear even during harsh sunlight. It is classy, lightweight, and a perfect smart accessory for you to flaunt. This timepiece is one of those that makes you the star of the party as soon as you walk in. So, get ready to slay!
100+ Watch Faces & Up to 10-Days Battery
The best calling smartwatch will not interfere with your personal style, rather it will amp it up. If you love a good #OOTD and like to keep your vibe current at all times, Ambrane Wise Roam won't let you down. With more than 100 watch faces that you can download and set from the cloud, the Bluetooth Calling smartwatch packs a powerful punch. Make the most of your watch face to match your attire and the environment, whether it's loud and bold, tropical and colourful, basic and sleek, neon-heavy, or futuristic. That's just the interior, though. With its premium design that is both stylish and durable and its excellent craftsmanship, this best Bluetooth calling smartwatch exudes class from the outside. Moreover, once this smartwatch is fully charged, you can relax and enjoy up to 10 days of travel or work, depending on your usage.
2 Inbuilt Games & Utility Features
Boredom? No chance! With this coolest smartwatch, stay entertained and productive. It comes with 2 inbuilt games: 2048 and Young Bird. Also, stay super productive with its special utility features such as Sedentary Alert, Weather, Alarm, Timer, Flashlight, Find Phone, Remote Camera and Music Player. So, never worry about getting bored again. This Bluetooth Calling smartwatch has got your back!
So, to conclude, let's wrap up on its amazing features! Jazz up your lifestyle with a 1.28” circular LucidDisplay™ smartwatch which has a classy-stylish design. It keeps you well-connected to the outside world and offers precise health insights anytime you need them. No matter where you are, you can easily make and receive calls, thanks to this watch's Bluetooth calling feature. Wise Roam will push you to perform at your optimum whether you are out for a quick run or hurrying to meet the next deadline. Stay entertained and productive with its utility features. Now is the time to roam free and powered!
Made up your mind to purchase the best budget smartwatch? Or still deciding? Whatever stage you are at, we'd tell you that it's time to walk the talk with Wise Roam!
To know more, please visit www.ambraneindia.com or for any queries or issues, please contact us (Phone: +911145911111, Email: [email protected])
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2023.03.22 14:17 Taru486 TIL that spending long hours in front of a screen can take a toll on our health, but we can prevent the eye strain and the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle. By using timers to take regular breaks and implement the 20-20-20 rule, we can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

TIL that spending long hours in front of a screen can take a toll on our health, but we can prevent the eye strain and the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle. By using timers to take regular breaks and implement the 20-20-20 rule, we can maintain a healthy work-life balance. submitted by Taru486 to todayilearned [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 14:17 CursedGarf 33 [M4F] Slow day, working from home. Let's be friends!

Hello! Work is super slow today, so I'm just looking for some new people to chat with. Long term, short term, wherever the conversation takes us!
I'm generally a huge nerd. I like things like video games, anime, movies, and sci fi. I've also been playing guitar for 18 years and singing for 7 years! Personal health is super important to me too. I workout just about every day. Gotta do what I can to stay in shape!
I'm just looking for someone who has at least some common interests. I'm not really picky about age but I'd prefer someone between say, 18 and 45. I do have a bit of a flirty personality. So if you can roll with that, then great! Although it's not really a big deal if you're not into that.
Anyway if anything here interests you feel free to message me and I'll give you my Kik! I'll be available for new chats for as long as this post is visible, so don't be shy!
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2023.03.22 14:17 WaywardWolverine Birding...help me decide.

I used to do a lot of soccer photography (even had a small business doing it several years ago). I shot hundreds and hundreds of games with a number of Canon DSLRs and L-series lenses (300mm f2.8/L was my go-to for youth soccer). I have a 90D right now with that 300mm still, along with 24-70mm f2.8/L and 70-200mm f2.8/L. Oh, and the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters. Since my son left the game after high school, that chapter of my life is over. I enjoyed it a lot, but the camera gear went into the closet a couple years back to collect dust. Perhaps I should have sold it then, but I'm kind of sentimental about it.
It was only recently I got it all out, dusted it off, recharged batteries, and looked for a reason to use it. I found out there are some bald eagles that live not far from me (several pairs, I've now learned), along with tons of hawks, osprey, etc. I love the birds of prey, and love photographing them.
I've been able to get some nice shots of them (I posted some on Reddit), but they are pretty heavily cropped/soft. The gear I have, while it was great for youth soccer, just doesn't cut it now that I've moved on to birding.
I am REALLY considering buying a Canon R5 and a 800mm f5.6/L lens. That is a load of cash for me, but I can swing it. I am thinking, given my age and health, I'll probably only use it for a maximum of 10 years. It will probably be fairly infrequent and I take great care of my equipment. I assume I'd be able to get back at least two-thirds of that money when I go to sell, so that makes it a little easier to swallow.
A lot of the guys around here are using Sigma 150-600 lenses for these birds. I like what they do, and they surely have better reach and results that I get with my current gear, but I'd like even more reach. I like the idea of getting shots that others aren't getting. I like the tight head shots and tight fish-snagging shots, and I like the idea of taking my photography to a whole new level (even though it'll strictly remain only a hobby).
What do you all think about the 800 and R5 pairing? Am I crazy for spending that much on a hobby? Should I consider the 600mm f4.0/L instead and settling for a 1.4x teleconverter when I need more reach (that would save a few thousand dollars)? My experience, with my own equipment, wasn't great with teleconverters, especially with subjects on the move. But maybe a lot of that is negated with such a camera as the R5.
I will rarely, if ever, shoot video. I'm all about stills, high quality, high shutter speeds, tight, and sharp.
Any advice before I do something stupid?? I want those crazy-good bird shots that so many produce, and I'll pay to get it. I just need to know I'm on the right trail.
Thanks, and cheers!
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2023.03.22 14:16 gmoneyloans Hair transplant surgery: How to pay through easy no-cost EMIs

Hair loss is a problem that millions of people all over the world have to deal with.Thinning hair or bald areas can cause self-consciousness and even embarrassment, whereas lush hair can make us feel strong, powerful, and attractive. Losing your hair may be a painful and often embarrassing experience, whether it's due to genetics, age, stress, or certain medical issues. Hair transplant surgeries are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it, which adds to the disappointment.
But don't worry, my reader, there is yet hope! There are many procedures for treating hair loss. You can now undergo a hair transplant surgery on EMI using GMoney. They can provide you with an instant medical loan with zero-cost EMI, so you can gain your confidence back without worrying too much about finance.
Is hair transplantation a permanent fix for hair loss?
Hair transplant surgery is believed to be a permanent solution to hair loss since the transplanted hair follicles are genetically resistant to hair loss and will naturally develop in the recipient location for the rest of the patient's life. It is crucial to note, however, that hair transplant surgery does not prevent future hair loss in untreated areas of the scalp. Furthermore, the outcome of a hair transplant process may be determined by a number of factors, including the surgeon's competence and expertise, the quality and quantity of donor hair, and the patient's overall health and lifestyle.
Pros and cons of hair transplant surgery

It is a permanent fix for hair loss problems as the transplanted hairs will continue to grow in the treated areas.

Hair plant surgery is an expensive procedure.
New hairs that grow after surgery look completely natural as surgeons use follicles that match hair texture and colour of existing hair.

There can be complications like bleeding, infection, scarring, or damage to blood vessels.
A hair without bald spots can improve a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

The process is very time consuming and the procedure can take several hours, sometimes even days.
Recovery from hair transplant surgery does not take too much time and patients can get back to their normal routine in a few days.

Hair transplant surgery relies on the quality of donor hair, patient’s lifestyle and health and skills of the surgeon.
Transplanted hair requires minimum maintenance and can be treated like regular hair.

Hair transplant surgery relies on the availability of donor hair follicles, which can be hard to find if a person is experiencing excessive hair loss.
How GMoney can help you with a hair transplant on EMI
With the help of GMoney, you can get a hair transplant on EMI. This organisation provides medical financing for various types of medical needs, including hair transplant surgery. GMoney provides a no-cost EMI scheme to assist you in paying your medical expenses. Your overall medical bills are broken into smaller installments, which you can pay off each month with no interest. You can also choose the length of your EMI, which ranges from 3 to 18 months.
Log in to GMoney and enter your basic information to receive no-cost EMI. Once the paperwork is validated, the funds are transferred directly into the hospital's account within 30 minutes.
Hair transplant surgery is an effective solution for individuals experiencing hair loss or baldness. The treatment has gotten safer, less intrusive, and delivers more natural-looking results as technology and medical practices have advanced. While hair transplant surgery may not be appropriate for everyone, it can be a life-changing procedure for those who qualify. The transplanted hair, with proper care and management, can give a long-term solution to hair loss and increase one's confidence and quality of life.
Visit GMoney’s website to learn more about their medical loan services.
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2023.03.22 14:16 V2smasher £1500 owed to British Gas on a new gas bill. But we don't have gas!

Hey everyone, we moved into our rental unit 18 months ago. Today we received estimated gas bills totalling over £1500 for gas, only we don't use any gas in our house. We don't have a gas meter visible anywhere.
I rang and explained this all to British Gas however they insist that we must contract a private electrical engineer to come out and hopefully discover the hidden meter which is apparently still running. Our house is a converted warehouse unit in a rambling structure - some units we know are incorrectly metered for their utilities.
My issue is I feel it's grossly unjustified to force the cost of finding this hidden meter onto us. British Gas insist they do not do this themselves.
I'll try get my landlord (a piece of work) to foot the cost but as we are already close to calling environmental health on him for other issues, you can imagine how well I expect that to go. (sidebar: I realise the landlord should have given us all the correct info when we moved in. we asked repeatedly. he didn't. it was hard enough to persuade companies to open an electric account for us!)
Do I have any recourse with British Gas here? I've already tried to elevate it to a complaint but it looks likely that all they will ever offer is pausing the account for 30 days, whilst they appear to have a company policy of the property owner always footing the cost for these rogue gas meters.
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2023.03.22 14:16 PersonalLimit8793 Marijuana withdrawl

I’ve been a heavy user for over a year smoking flower all throughout the day in large quantities. I quit cold Turkey a few days ago and feel not too great to say the least. Lots of anxiety/paranoia about my health because of the headaches and lightheadedness. Just wanted to see what other have experienced specifically health related anxiety due to the symptoms of withdrawal.
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2023.03.22 14:14 CrucibleOfDialogue On this day the 22nd of March 1965 the US Government admitted the illegal use of Chemical Weapons on the civilian populous of Vietnam. These chemicals have had a lasting environmental & health impact on the civilian populous nearly 58 years later.

On this day the 22nd of March 1965 the US Government admitted the illegal use of Chemical Weapons on the civilian populous of Vietnam. These chemicals have had a lasting environmental & health impact on the civilian populous nearly 58 years later. submitted by CrucibleOfDialogue to socialism [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 14:14 Kind-List6312 I smacked my dog too hard and now there's a bruise. Is it dangerous?

Hi. I'm a 19 yearold girl. I hope people don't judge me but if you do, I won't blame you. Earlier around 5 pm, I was pretty busy at home handling our family business. I was pretty stressed cuz none of the other family members were helping me, or even helping on handling the dogs even tho they claim to also love and see our dogs as family. Now, whenever I'm busy, one of my dogs would often start a play fight with her daughter. Now I know this is normal, but the problem is, you know how other dogs would stop when their playmate yelps? She doesn't. Their playfights always freak me out that they might injure themselves cuz she loves biting the other's ear then would push her playmates head to the ground. I'm scared that they might get a head injury or something. Afterall, they're not a big breed dog. Their shih tzus. So it's kinda easy for them to develop injuries since their so small. Now, again I was stressed working earlier, then my dogs started fighting. Once done with my work tasks at the time, I immediately went to them to separate them. But the mother dog won't stop. She wasn't really like aggressive or anything. More like she's really just into bullying her daughter. I tried pushing them away from eachother, but she keeps lunging towards to other one. Out of my frustration, I smacked her on the side. It was pretty hard. By smacking, I mean I slapped her pretty hard. Ofcourse she ran away then later on returned to her energetic cuddly self. She didn't became lethargic or lost appetite. She's still energetic and pretty normal and was actually planning to start another playfight again.
Now I'm not justifying my smacking earlier. I was just laying out how it went and why I ended up doing it. Feel free to tell me I'm a horrible pet owner cuz you have a point.
So it's 8 pm right now where I'm at. I noticed she has a pink-red small bruise on her side. Now I would like to add that she's newly shaved and when she scratch her skin, it can easily cause redness. So I'm not sure if it's caused by her scratching or if it was a bruise. But I'm leaning to the latter. Ofcourse I feel guilty. I love my dogs. And I literally wanted to cry earlier when I slapped her. But now I want to kill myself knowing that I might have injured her.
Now, I just wanna know if dog bruises, injury bruises are dangerous? I know there's a possibility that it might be. So to be specific I have three questions. 1. Do these injury bruises heal normally like how human injury bruises heal especially when you use cold compress treatment? 2. Is it something serious? Could her bruising, especially where it's located, could it lead to a life or health threatening issue?
I know I sound like I'm overthinking. But I have anxiety disorder so my daily life is basically overthinking everything. I'm so scared, what if my frustration induced smack/hard slap damaged a vessel or caused a blood clot. Please, before you guys hit me with harsh words, I want to know if my dog is safe first. I'm willing to take her to the vet, but I want a second opinion first. Or else my parents are gonna get mad at me and tell me I'm going to the vet over something so trivial.
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2023.03.22 14:13 Iarmesdelune Maybe the butterfly miraculous is corrupting HM?

I mean, for a while his plans were just ok at the very least, but the he became more and more crazy with them, his goal changed suddenly and with no necessity whatsoever. Also, he is becoming more and more agressive and manipulator not only as HM, but as himself.
He was already distanced but as the time passed, he seemed starting to become so out of this place that before he wouldn't allowed Nathalie to use the peacock miraculous anymore just for her sake, but now even in the critical state she is, he still forcers her to help him and don't even care about her health at any bit anymore. Adrien? If he being a distant and strictive father was not enough before, now he is just a monster, and I don't even pretend to talk about the way he starting to treat others, specially Marinette.
Maybe the butterfly miraculous is starting to corrupting and is also doing the same with Gabriel? Just like the peacock case? I mean before Nooroo questioned and tried to stop HM, but now he just accepts, doesn't question and doesn't try anything else because at this point he already understands that trying to run away or stop HM is useless and a waste of time. Nooroo will never be free and this madness will never end, so perhaps Nooroo has given up trying to save himself and bring Gabriel to his senses.
Perhaps the overuse of the miraculous and the abusive treatment that Nooroo suffers is starting to affect not only the kwami ​​and the miraculous itself, but it is also affecting Gabriel himself, making him increasingly mad, out of his mind, incoherent and distant from others. I don't mean that this is happening right now. I believe this corruption has been going on for some time, but the signs are getting more and more visible as time goes by.
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2023.03.22 14:13 ThrowRA_Independent4 I believe my husband (M38) is lying to me (F30) & is possibly having another affair.

Hello all. I’m new to this although I’ve been reading subreddits for years. So I know if I want some honest, unbiased advice, this is the place to do it.
This post is long so please, bear with me…
My now husband and I have been together for three years. Things moved on pretty quickly as we started dating during the pandemic (worked together & lived together so we were together for the better part of the day). I was cheated on by my ex boyfriend which took a serious toll on my mental health. I stayed single for about three years, fully recovering from my past trauma. I shared with my now husband (before we were official) about all of the trauma I endured during my relationship and the aftermath. Also to note, my ex was very jealous and would makeup scenarios in his head. I never cheated on him or had any intentions to — I’ve also never been the jealous type. So when my husband and I got serious, I full on trusted him because he had never given me a reason not to. We were very open with one another. I never felt a reason to distrust him or even dare look at his phone.
A couple of months later, we were at work and I was in his office (we hadn’t disclosed our relationship to HR because we were in the same project & I didn’t want to be taken off of it). When suddenly I see his phone go off, naturally, I looked and as I mentioned before I had never felt the need to, but this time I did. It was a message from his old classmate, and it read something along the lines of “thank you for everything, I loved hearing your voice 💕”. Which stood out to me because when was he talking to her if we’re literally together all the time and also the heart emoji. So naturally I was concerned. Then there was another message from another woman saying “hi good morning, I’m doing good.” Bear in mind, I know his family and this name stood out bc I had never heard it before. We had work phones so I knew it wasn’t work related.
A couple of days passed and we got into a huge argument about it, as I had confronted him. He gave me the typical “it doesn’t mean anything”, so I left our place to go stay with my parents. A couple of days later, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I said screw it, and looked through his phone that night. He also didn’t have a passcode so I thought if he was hiding something then he’d for sure have a passcode. I begin looking through his texts and fair enough there were those two of the women I mentioned. Except the second woman were much more graphic. This was a woman he had slept with in the past (I found this out later). I also would like to note, when I had first seen the message, the name was listed as “Lauren”, after I confronted him & read the messages, the name was listed as one of his cousins, so clearly he was hiding something. He talked about how he wanted to fuck her again and missed her pussy, he asked for photos & even went as far as sending her a photo of him jerking off. With good reasoning I went ballistic and once again confronted him. He tried to place blame at me saying I left that night & he was angry etc. which Is BS because he started talking to her two weeks prior to that fight.
Later on I found more messages with his ex, to be fair, it was mostly her trying to initiate the conversation. But this was months after he swore to me there was nothing else going on. A lot of messages were archived on FB (I guess he didn’t know they wouldn’t get deleted). I found countless photos of other women, nudes, selfies, etc. even videos of him and a woman having sex (he said he saved it bc one weekend when he went out of town, there was no internet so he saved them for pleasure but why tf do you need to be jerking off on a weekend away??) For a while we didn’t post anything on FB about our relationship because we had coworkers on there and didn’t want anyone to know so clearly it’s as if he were single.
We started going to therapy because I was going through a downfall once again. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety in the past, which almost lead me to suicide (more so the thought of it). So I definitely felt like I was going down that spiral again. And you might say “why didn’t you just leave?” Well, it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds. I thought about it numerous times, but we had bought a house together and I truly loved him. Then later we got engaged. But this was only after the therapy.
I know this is an extremely long post but I thought it was necessary to include as much as possible. We’ve been going to therapy for a year and I feel it has worked significantly but I still feel like there is so much to discuss. But anytime I bring something up, it’s as if he’s annoyed, as if he wasn’t the one who hurt me. And even now, I feel like he’s still doing something behind my back, it’s a feeling I can’t shake off. Our therapist says it’s just the anxiety and the PTSD, but idk, you know they say to always trust your gut.
It’s just so heartbreaking to think after everything I shared with him, about how it almost broke me to get cheated on to me opening up to another man, to him doing it to me. He swears there’s never been anything physical, it’s all been via text, which doesn’t takeaway from it but it’s still emotional cheating. And that he’s no longer doing it, he tells me he understands I will never be able to fully trust him but he promises me he’ll never do it again. I really do want to trust him but it’s hard after the betrayal.
So is it all in my head?
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2023.03.22 14:12 noolvidarminombre Finished the game for the first time!

Seeing that Blasphemous was on offer, and having finished Hollow Knight a few weeks ago, I decided to give it a try. Man, this game was so much fun. The aesthetics, the gameplay, everything.
When I first started everything was so awkward. The keyboard controls are the weirdest I've ever seen. WASD for moving, SHIFT for dodging, J and K for blocking and attacking, and then the special attacks. It was all so awkward to use, so I changed the controls to make it more similar to Hollow Knight's and the game felt so much easier.
The bosses were fantastic, all of them were very unique and none fell too hard as to be impossible. Though, what I noticed is that difficulty peaks after the fourth boss (the one with a hammer and lightning). Bosses after that felt much easier. Melquiadas and Exposito I beat on my first try, the second one in particular was devastated by the lightning attack. Then Crisanta felt like an easier version of the hammer guy, with easier parries and much fewer ranged attacks.
My favorite boss was Isidora, very fun to fight and with attacks that were fast and strong, but very easy to figure out. Made it really satisfying to beat her.
When it comes to the final boss, I just spammed the pillar of light spell and that took like 3/4 of its health lmao.
The quests sometimes feel a bit hit or miss. Getting the blood platform relic was amazing. You see this great door at the start, it tells you that you need a key, and then the first time you find Candelaria she sells you that key. You are rewarded for paying attention and remembering. Same with giving the healing herbs to the Albero medics. There was great little moment where I gave them the first herb, they gave me a cloth, and when I went to the Prie Deu, I found the fountain was interactable now, and entering it immediately upgraded the cloth to a relic.
That is amazing!
But then you have the three tongues relic and Altasgracias quest which... I'll be honest I just used a guide.
Now I just started new game plus, trying to get the true ending, and playing through the game with all relics is a whole new experience. I fell to a pit and instead of dying I skipped through most of an area.
This game is amazing.
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2023.03.22 14:12 Authorsebook Don't settle for a life of sickness in a country that seems destined for it. Take charge of your health and unlock the power of a truly wellness-focused lifestyle. Try The Wellness Approach today!

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2023.03.22 14:12 National-Slip6738 I (22M) am falling for someone (21M) in a relationship with someone else.

For anonymity purposes, I’ll call him Ares. Ares and I met one another around a year and a half ago through a mutual friend, let’s call her Catalina. I moved to the same city as Ares and Catalina (they attend the same school) at the beginning of this year, and have been going out with the two of them on most weekends.
Since moving here, I’ve developed feelings for Ares; however, he’s been in a long-distance relationship for over a year (I think?). The two of them seem to have a pretty toxic relationship, repeatedly on and off - sometimes “on a break” for weeks and then back together.
What I’ve realized is that, most times they’re “on a break”, Ares seems to start giving me a special kind of attention. If we’re at a party/club together, he’ll start getting sexually suggestive in how he’s dancing with me and making remarks to my friend Catalina.
Since I’ve began having feelings for him, these moments are like, “holy shit, let’s get it!!” (kinda a reduced version but you get the point.) But, when I come to find out him and his boyfriend get back together, I spiral into a ¿depressive? episode lasting several days. I know, it’s extremely unhealthy and I shouldn’t be dedicating so much of my mental energy/health to a single individual - fuck me, im trying tho.
Fast forward to two weeks ago… I bring up to Ares and Catalina how I’m seeing a guy from their school. Ares instantly starts asking questions about this guy: What’s his name? Which house is he in? and stating he doesn’t really like the idea of that. I straight up respond and tell him he could change that if he wanted to, but he has a boyfriend - to which he responds “No, I don’t.” Obviously, I sense that euphoric feeling creeping up again and start thinking “nice, I’m back in the game.” Fucking mind games.
Fast forward to this past weekend… Catalina, Ares, and I are at loud and packed house party. Eventually, I notice Ares is starting to get much closer that night with how we’re dancing and talking. Music was 10/10 and the vibes with him just felt really, really good overall (yes the alcohol definitely enhanced it, but my point stands). Even so to the extent where our friend Catalina could tell something was up between the two of us.
After the party, the three of us headed back to Catalina’s room to wind down for a bit. Eventually, Ares says he’s going to head back to his room and begins making his way out. He stops at the door, looks directly at me and says “So you’re staying?” Immediately I realized what was going down. I stood up, said bye to Catalina, and dipped with him. She was gagged.
We head back to his room and things start escalating. Soon enough, pants are coming off, we’re making out in his bed, and so on. We didn’t have sex (also hold the alcohol responsible for that). We start spooning and he brings my hand close to his chest. He brings it in closer to him and we fall asleep with our arms and legs intertwined - literally wtf. The morning after, I woke him up and let him know I had to head out to meet with a friend for breakfast. He grabs my arm and pulls me into bed with him, signaling me to stay for longer.
Part of the odd dynamic is that we don’t have each other’s phone numbers/social media. So, besides the times we see each other in person, we have zero communication. Yesterday, Catalina told me that she spoke with him and suspects the two of them are getting back together, given that his bf’s coming to visit/stay with him soon.
Ngl, I’m pretty hurt - yet not surprised in the slightest. Issue is, the entire night felt very intimate. Am I fooling myself? It’s hard to think of it all as a lie - it’s kinda fucking me up psychologically. In reality, I should’ve known better not to go back to his room with him.
I’ve had a really difficult time with situations like these throughout my romantic/sexual life - specially my first time being intimate with another male. Over the years, it’s kind of left me feeling empty inside. I know - I’m young and I’ve got a lot more to experience. But, sometimes, it’s very, very difficult to break out from the self-deprecating mentality these prior experiences have instilled in me. I’ve tried seeking a therapist since arriving here, but my constraints with work and insurance have made it really difficult to find one that is the right for me.
How should I tackle this situation? I don’t know if bringing it up to him is a good idea at all - I honestly don’t think it will be. I still have feelings for him and don’t really know how to stop them. It’s difficult to not see him since, Catalina, one of my very few friends up here, is really close with him as well. I also wouldn’t want to get in the way of the relationship the two of them have.
At this point, I’ve come to think he’s been using me for attention during moments of distress in his current relationship. He finds comfort in knowing he has someone to fall back on in case his Plan A fails. Is this someone I’d even want to be with romantically in the first place?
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2023.03.22 14:11 kaybee915 Vision zero, plan to reduce traffic violence

From the blade
MAR 20, 2023 6:25 PM
With the belief that everyone has the right to move safely along Toledo streets no matter the mode of transportation, city officials unveiled Toledo Vision Zero, the city’s comprehensive transportation plan that works to reduce traffic violence.
Efforts to create a proposal began several years ago and at Monday’s Toledo City Council Streets, Public Services, and Utilities Committee meeting, city officials presented the action plan that grew out of that culmination of work. For five years beginning in 2017, nearly 800 people experienced serious injuries and 160 people died while traveling in Toledo.
“This is like our roadmap to get us to zero deaths by 2031,” Toledo Deputy Mayor Abby Arnold said before the meeting. “This really is an important day. There is a lot to the plan.”
Toledo Vision Zero incorporates a series of recommendations focused on several areas of concern, such as speed, by creating transportation systems to slow traffic.
The primary indicator as to whether or not a traffic crash will result in a fatality or severe injury is speed, said Catherine Girves, principal planner with Toole Design, who put the plan together for the city.
“There are a series of recommendations that really focus on street design and creating streets that are comfortable to travel at safe speeds,” Ms. Girves said Monday before the meeting.
Other recommendations will focus on equity, which will address the populations that are disproportionately impacted by fatalities and serious injuries.
Funding stream investments in transportation have focused on the wealthiest travelers rather than systems that are comfortable and dignified for people traveling in other modes of transportation, she said.
“People who have been historically, persistently, and systemically marginalized are more likely to die in traffic crashes,” Ms. Girves said.
Policy decisions will be data-driven and other recommendations will focus on culture change in which expectations of human life and health are prioritized when making decisions regarding a community transportation system. Once a plan is implemented, it will be reviewed and updated regularly, she said.
“Vision Zero is not a program. It's actually systematically changing the way we do business,” she said.
City officials plan to present at the April 18 meeting a resolution asking council to formally adopt the Toledo Vision Zero Plan with the goal of starting an implementation process, Ms. Arnold said. Demonstration projects could begin this summer, which will allow the city to test some of the suggested strategies on city streets, she said.
The city is using federal relief dollars to fund the Toledo Vision Zero Plan, with $60,000 allocated to creating the plan, and $1 million has been set aside to implement the program.
In addition to Toledo Vision Zero representatives behind the Lucas County Active Transportation Plan presented information about a proposal that calls for creating a community where individuals can walk, cycle or use public transportation as part of everyday travel behavior.
The proposal, presented by the YMCA of Greater Toledo and the Toledo Lucas County Health Department, works to enhance connectivity within the county.
Throughout Lucas County, the goal would be 47 miles of shared-use paths, five miles of buffered or separated bike lanes, 21 miles of bicycle lanes, 11 bicycle boulevards, and 20 miles of wide shoulders. The plan would include existing and proposed upgrades, the representatives said.
First Published March 20, 2023, 6:19pm
Nancy Gagnet
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2023.03.22 14:11 AuthorRichardMay Help me find two books for a personal project!

Hello, horrorlit!
I'm looking for two specific types of book!
Here's the gist of what I'm looking for:
Genre: urban horror (with or without a dash of science fiction)
Time and place: the United States, preferably a coastal city, highly urbanized. Time is our current time.
Protagonist: preferably an African-American man with previous combat experience, but anything will do here.
The general horror element: monsters that materialize when certain conditions are met. Preferably very lethal monsters, like the ones from A Quiet Place (2018) - though not necessarily similar in design! Also would appreciate if the book contained at least one human antagonist aside from the monsters.
Additional info: I'd appreciate if the book tackled one or more of these issues - racism, drug use, spouse cheating, autism, mental health, witchcraft.
Do you know any recent horror books or combination of books that fit the elements above? I'm looking for one that sets the tone and one that has a similar plot.
To sum it up: I'm looking for a book that contains monsters appearing as certain conditions materialize and a book that handles mature themes about human relationships interspersed with supernatural elements.
I'm eager to hear your recommendations! Bonus points if the books are recent and perhaps not extraordinarily well-known. Cheers!
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2023.03.22 14:11 nychvacsupplycorp New York HVAC Supply Corp

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2023.03.22 14:11 HalfPrism2 How to choose between Brig and Moira?

I know you want to just say “choose who is fun, not the meta” but for now humor me.
I’m a support main stuck in low bronze. I know Moira the most but have also been playing a lot of Brig recently. Brig was the last character I learned because I heard she was obsolete and grossly underpowered. However, some online guides said this was a myth and that she just took a while to learn, so I set out to learning her.
I think I’m pretty good at Moira, but then again I am bronze 4. As Moira I tend to have lots of big numbers on the scoreboard, but I keep hearing stats don’t matter especially for Moira. (For example high damage could just be me ult farming with orbs). Subjectively I feel like I am constantly able to “get value” out of Moira as Arx would say. This is partly because I can easily fade to where I am needed most or send an orb to do the work for me. If my teammates are staggering, I can do my best to help them until they die and a fade out to wait for the next teammate.
On the other hand, I don’t subjectively feel ineffective as Brig. Most of the time, I am hiding behind cover between cooldowns until an enemy comes within melee range. That is what Brig guides recommended I do, promising I could climb if I stay alive. The thing is if an enemy is in range, the fight is usually already decided. Either a player is feeding me by staggering and me team would have dealt with them anyway, or the enemy is advancing because the won the teammate and I am unable to retreat. The thing is, I am/was climbing. I have a 60% win rate as Brig this competitive season on role Que. I went from constantly bronze 5 to hovering between bronze 3 and 4.
I’m skeptical of the win rate though. Brig could just be higher because I started playing her when I was a more experienced player. Also it could be because I am switching from Brig to someone else when we are losing. This is evidenced in the fact that my Moira win rate dropped down to 52% as I played Brig more in competitive. Lastly it could just be a coincidence from small sample size.
I know Brig can be a deterrent. Once I was body guarding our Widow on Havana, healing with health packs until the Genji came. The enemy kept pushing to the payload and the Genji never came, so I dropped down and instantly he attacked. This is an example of something useful I was doing that didn’t increase the numbers on the scoreboard, but I’m sure there was something more useful I could be doing.
Moira has the ability to fade jump to allies that are getting dived on the high ground, and can handle all the divers a Brig can except for a reaper or another Moira.
So should I listen to the win rate and default to Brig, or listen to the scoreboard stats and default to Moira? Is there any other way I can measure my effectiveness? Am I not using Brig to her full potential?
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