Biolyfe cbd gummies review

Fave high CBD edibles?

2023.05.31 01:44 Nob0dyn0crime Fave high CBD edibles?

I got my first round of edibles in Indiana and found some I really like but I can't find them here. Looking for suggestions for easy to get gummies? I can travel all NYC and some NJ and LI. I am looking for like 5mg thc and 25mg cbd or similar!
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2023.05.31 00:07 JohnDoeMTB120 Breckenridge Hemp Company Gummies

I ordered gummies from Breckenridge Hemp Company. 5mg THC + 25mg CBD. Their website says what i ordered is less than 0.3%THC and legal to ship across the US.
I live in a state where Hemp is legal and marijuana is not. It was supposed to be delivered this past Saturday. No delivery attempt was made. When I look up the tracking number it says available for pickup at my local post office. Makes me paranoid for some reason. Why did they make no attempt to deliver?
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2023.05.30 21:44 wonderbreadofsin Confused about the strength of gummies online vs in-store

I've been buying gummies for a while now at some local stores. I usually look for ones that will help me sleep, so indicas or high CBD gummies.
I decided to check out an online dispensary since they keep emailing me with discount codes (not sure if I can mention company names in this sub).
The gummies I buy locally are all listed at 10mg of THC per pack, which I'm told is the legal max. Usually the packs have 2-5 gummies, so 2mg - 5mg THC each. That works well for me because I'm a lightweight. On this online store, the packs are all listed at 100-500mg THC, with gummies ranging from 10mg to 50mg each.
Am I missing something, or misunderstanding how these numbers are calculated? Or do these packs of gummies online really contain 50x as much THC as the ones I'm buying in store (for only like 5x the price)? And are there different laws for online retailers than brick-and-mortar stores?
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2023.05.30 20:19 bryanrobyblogs [Hire Me] Military Veteran Writer with Experience in Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, MMA, Coffee, CBD, and Much More!

I'm Bryan and I'm a Freelance Writer with experience in Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Development, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Coffee, CBD, and Much More!
I have a very diverse background:
· Father
· Navy Veteran
· Former Division 1 Collegiate Rugby Player
· Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
· Surfer
· Snowboarder
· Yoga Enthusiast
Please check out my Portfolio and my article, Coffee Isn't Bad for You! 3 (Healthy) Reasons to Drink Up, featured in Black Rifle Coffee Company's digital magazine, Coffee or Die.
Rate: $25/500 words, $50/1000 words, and $75/1500 words.
Other forms of copy such as Instagram posts, short product descriptions/reviews, or anything else can be negotiated on a per project basis.
I'm stoked to hear all about your next big project and can't wait to get started working together!
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2023.05.30 19:38 King_Crowley21 Animal Butter 17% THC 1.2% Terps. It has an earthy and pine smell. I taste little hints of vanilla with each hit. Don't let the percentage fool you, this indica gives you a nice body high. Totally worth trying if you're undecided. COA included.

Animal Butter 17% THC 1.2% Terps. It has an earthy and pine smell. I taste little hints of vanilla with each hit. Don't let the percentage fool you, this indica gives you a nice body high. Totally worth trying if you're undecided. COA included. submitted by King_Crowley21 to FLMedicalTrees [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:21 kevflo91 Low lymphocytes test result

Took my dog the vet after I noticed she was seemingly uncomfortable. She has a problem on one of her back legs since some months ago and I plan on taking her to a specialist, since her vet couldn’t diagnose what happened (they’re limited in the testing they can do at that office) but he suspects a ligament problem. So anyway for the past months she has been limping but still able to go on walks and do everything just with 3 legs. Last week I noticed she seemed uncomfortable and wasn’t moving around as much as before, I gave her some dog cbd gummies I’ve had for a while since it was Saturday and vets were closed and she threw up later and had diarrhea. Stopped the cbd and vomit and diarrhea stopped but she still looked kind of uncomfortable, maybe in pain but still eating and alert. They ran some blood work at the clinic today and vet did a physical exam on her and other than her leg condition, he couldn’t find anything. The blood work came out normal and he went through it with me but when I got home I looked at it more in detail and I noticed her lymphocytes are low (value of 0.24 with a reference value of 0.50 - 4.90 k/ul). Is this something I should be concerned about? Like I said, the vet did go through the results with me but I still want to double check other opinions about this. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 14:56 RedactedSoul66 Long time here always messed up

I've tried to taper so many times here and always end up failing.. the most I got was 3 days no kratom and crumbled like a cookie. I'm back and need encouragement. I've tapered .6 grams every 3 days ....Today is my first day at 1.2 grams I think it's mental right now and the worst is over honestly. But that mental...boyyyyyyy will that mental crush you...I'm staying strong right now..been taking cbd and micro dosing delta 9 gummies at night to sleep..and it works I get at least 6 to 7 hours a night..sometimes a bit broken but sleep none the less.i do have vitamin C but I don't really know if it works...I will say I'm not a shell of a human and have been laughing through the pain..I feel better more happy , more patient and more loving so I don't want to give up!! I have no access to prescription drugs except I do have 1 trazadone on my 1st or 2nd day of 0 gpd, if needed. I also have melatonin and magnesium and zinc. Any tips for me...I do have a membership to the gym as well but can't seem to bring myself to it. I'm so close to sobriety I can taste it ....I have been having a few drinks here and there ..which actually does help as long as I don't get wasted and dehydrated... Let me here some good stuff peeps!
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2023.05.30 13:06 McGrawjames What Is Tim Mcgraw Keto Gummies? 29 Strategies You Need To Know About Tim Mcgraw Keto Gummies

Product NameTim McGraw Keto Gummies
Main Benefits Burn Fat
CompositionNatural Organic Compound
Side-Effects NA
Rating :— ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Product CategoryHealth Care
Tim McGraw Keto Gummies :- Reduced Appetite: The keto eating regimen's excessive fat and moderate protein composition can help adjust urge for food and cravings. This can also result in a natural lower in calorie consumption, hence boosting weight reduction.
RELATED LINKS :- McGraw Keto Gummies-australia-maggie-beer-weight-loss-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-scam-nz-chemist-23286732 McGraw Keto Gummies-united-kingdom-dragons-den-keto-uk-exposed-deborah-23286724 McGraw Keto Gummies-shark-tank-acv-keto-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-scam-lainey-23287339 McGraw Keto Gummies-united-kingdom-review-sharon-watts-and-natalie-23287717 McGraw Keto Gummies-reviews-speedy-keto-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-shark-tank-miranda-23288268 McGraw Keto Gummies--turbo-keto-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-scam--keto-trim-max-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-23286896 McGraw Keto Gummies-shark-tank-scam-revealed-2023-optimal-keto-acv-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-must-read-keto-blast-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-before-buy-510863 McGraw Keto Gummies-united-kingdom-fake-details-deborah-meaden-dragons-den-keto-23284207 McGraw Keto Gummies-23285699 McGraw Keto Gummies-mach5-acv-keto-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-fake-reviews-shark-tank-keto-Tim McGraw Keto Gummies-scam-price-and-must-read-23280653
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2023.05.30 10:38 Jacobggilliams Active Keto Gummies Canada

➢Official Facebook Page -
➢Product Name- Active Keto Gummies Canada
➢Main Benefits — Improve Metabolism & Helps in Loose Weight
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What genuinely concerns a corpulent individual?
A corpulent individual is substantially more worried about their body weight than any typical individual because of serious elements that are firmly connected with the medical conditions that each office individual can undoubtedly relate with. Over-eating and high fat amassing are two significant issues that each corpulent individual is essentially worried about on the grounds that it accidentally puts weight on their body as well as metabolic state. So in the pursuit of finding a genuine arrangement that would suit their day to day existence necessities and satisfy their dietary requirements without adding additional pounds to their body weight. Active Keto Gummies Canada are intended to handle such obtrusive issues with a solitary arrangement known as ketogenic diet since it really leans toward carbs limitation and empowers legitimate fat usage process that would tackle corpulence and overweight issues without putting your body through any severe dietary system or in insufficient starving techniques. Ketogenic diet presents ketosis express that permits your body to enter a high metabolic state to use fat as an essential energy asset to satisfy energy necessities for the basicphysical processes.
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Active Keto Gummies Canada and Canada Professionals Cons uncovered Read Incidental effects ACV Consume Keto Chewy candies Shark Tank Apple Juice Vinegar 2023 fixings Advantages amazon value genuine or counterfeit.
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2023.05.30 09:37 Informal-Method-5401 Reakiro Gummies and which dosage?

Looking to start CBD gummies. After a long battle with anxiety and struggling with a bowel disease I’m willing to try something new. I have come accross Reakiro gummies which seem to have good reviews - should I start with 10mg or 25mg?
I also take Mirtazipine antidepressant, does anyone here use both and anything to be aware of?
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2023.05.30 07:22 R0cketGir1 How do I report my oral surgeon’s assistant?

Here’s the story: My tooth, which has had a root canal for 22 years, started aching on Tuesday, so on Wednesday I go to my dentist. Three x-rays later, he says he’s not sure why it’s hurting and I need to see an Endodontist. I call the Endodontist and am given an appointment two months from now, so I call my dentist back and what do you know? There’s been a cancellation and something has opened up on Thursday.
So, on Thursday I go to the Endodontist, who take three or four more x-rays including a 3-dimensional x-ray. Apparently, said x-rays show that this tooth has a “hopeless prognosis”. The Endodontist refers me to an oral surgeon.
I call the oral surgeon, who schedules me for a month from Thursday. So I call my dentist, who calls the surgeon, who magically finds an opening for me on Friday.
When I arrive at the surgeon’s, I’m given yet another x-ray and then asked to wait in the waiting room, where I’m handed a form. I can’t fill out forms because my handwriting was affected by some strokes that I suffered 17 years ago at the age of 24, so I explain this to the receptionist. She begrudgingly agrees to help me fill out the “meaty bits” like my address and insurance information. I agree to fill out the medical bit, which mostly requires checking boxes, myself.
I twiddle my thumbs for 30 - 45 minutes before a surgical assistant calls me back. She begins interrogating me about the medical form. “What are your mental problems?” She begins, and I cringe. But, knowing that I’m grouchy because I haven’t eaten anything in three days, I vow to be polite.
Then we get to the section on illicit drugs. “Any marijuana use?” She asks me, ready to check no. “No, but I do take CBD every night,” I tell her. (CBD helps me to dream, a skill I lost for years post-stroke.)
“Gummies?” She prods. I nod. She types “marijuana gummies” into her computer. Thankfully, I catch her.
“No, I’m not a marijuana user,” I explain.
“I put that!” I roll my eyes.
“I said that I use CBD because I wanted you to know; I’m unfamiliar with its interactions. Marijuana contains two active chemicals: THC and CBD. THC is one that gets you high. CBD relaxes you. Additionally, CBD grows in two plants; mine is from hemp. Please write ‘CBD gummies’.” She dutifully corrects her notes.
She asks about blood thinners, looks at the sheet I’ve filled out, and is like, “Why’d you put a question mark?” I explain it’s because I’m on Plavix, which isn’t quite a blood thinner because it works against your platelets. It doesn’t thin your blood, it just helps you to bleed more when you DO get injured. “So I should put yes?”
“How about you write ‘patient is on Plavix’?” I answer, struggling to contain my frustration.
Then she starts explaining the prescription drugs she’s going to prescribe me for pain. “Something that contains both acetaminophen and Tylenol —“
“I’m going to stop you right there,” I say. “Acetaminophen IS Tylenol. Do you maybe mean to say that you’re going to write me a script for a combination of Tylenol and an opiate?”
“Yes?” Good God. “Yes?” Is NOT what you want to hear from the surgery assistant right before your surgery. Nor do you want her to confuse the kind of pain medication shes going to give you. Nor should you have to debate the merits of Plavix vs other blood thinners. You don’t want to have to explain to her how marijuana works. Nor do you want to tell her “what your mental problems are”. My hackles are raised.
She has me sign a contract for the work they’re going to do: extract tooth #2. Then, we head into the surgery suite. Assistant ducks out and nurse comes in to anesthetize me.
She sticks the swab into the left side of my mouth. I spit it out and say, “You’re going to take out #2, right?”
“No, we’re extracting #15.”
“NO, YOU ARE NOT. IT’S TOOTH #2, MY BACK RIGHT.” She excuses herself from the room and goes to check. Upon returning, she says, “You were right! It’s tooth #2! The surgery assistant wrote it down wrong on our whiteboard.” I look over at her as she erases the instructions on the board in the room and replaces them with the correct ones.
Then, the surgical assistant returns with nary a peep (after all, when have you ever heard a doctor or medical professional apologize?) and the surgery commences. Fortunately, the surgeon is great — the whole procedure takes ten minutes, and recovery has been relatively easy. However, this seems like more than an oversight. What if I had been put under general anesthesia, as the doctor had offered to do? What if they went ahead and extracted #15 and I woke up with both a missing tooth and a toothache? Or would they have gone ahead and corrected their mistake and yanked out both #15 and #2? I was clutching my arm so hard during the surgery that i could see my the imprints of my fingers.
I filled out a scathing questionnaire that evening, but is there anybody else I should tell about this debacle? Would the state like to know, for example? If so, how do I contact them? TIA!
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2023.05.30 07:01 Supplementlivenews Crustalix Effective Eyesight Enhancement Capsules, Price In India

Crystalix is an outstanding new product that contains all of the required nutrients in the exact quantities to keep the eyes nourished and protected. Our eyes require proper nutrition, and Crystalix fulfils this requirement in a way that is both unique and novel. Crystalix is a product that was developed in the country of Columbia by a team of eye doctors. Ever since its official release, Crystalix has assisted a great number of people in regaining their previously lost eye health. In this review, we will take a look at how Crystalix works, what it contains, where it's vented, how important it costs, and much more... Crystalix provides significant benefits for the eyes, and in this review, we will take a look at how Crystalix provides these benefits...
Our eyes are an incredible organ that not only allow us to see but also provide a doorway into the wondrous wonders of the world around us. The health of our eyes can be affected by a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to, prolonged exposure to the sun, certain medical problems, and many more. Because of this, we need to place a strong emphasis on protecting and preserving our sight. Eye disorders are unavoidable, but there are steps that can be taken to both postpone the beginning of these problems and protect one's vision from their effects.

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Important Nutrients That Help Maintain Good Eye Health

Your eyes are a large and significant contributor to the fact that you are able to observe the effects occurring all around you. Nevertheless, the nutrients that you take in through your reflections have a significant bearing on the quality of your eyesight. Your eyes have a significant dependence on the nutrients that are provided by the foods you eat in order to be able to carry out their function in an efficient and uncomplicated manner. Therefore, the next time you sit down to eat, keep in mind that the decisions you make impact not only your overall health but also the condition of your eyes. Here, for your information, are some of the critical nutrients for the eyes that you need to be sure you are getting enough of in your diet.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an essential anti-oxidant that can be found in high concentrations in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Incorporating vitamin C into one's diet can result in a number of positive outcomes. It is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and encourages the development of healthy epoxies, cartilage, and capillaries, as well as teeth. Even while vitamin C can be found in each and every one of the body's cells, the majority of it is found in the retina.

Zinc is a vital mineral that plays a significant role in many different elements of your health and is considered to be relatively essential. In the same way that vitamin C may be stored in the eyes more effectively, zinc can also be stored in the eyes more effectively than in any other region of the body. In addition, zinc plays a role in the movement of vitamin A from one part of the body to another, specifically the retina. In general, it fosters healthy eyesight and guards against harm to the eye's ability to see.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Carotenoids are the term for these nutrients, and they play an essential role in eye health. They have antioxidant properties and assist in the elimination of free radicals, both of which help prevent damage to the eyes. These two nutrients are kept in the macula, which is a plant in the centre of the retina that also improves visual perceptivity. The macula is located at the back of the eye.

An extract of Bilberry
A portion of this fruit, which is rich in antioxidants, can help cover the capillaries in the eyes, which are responsible for transferring nutrients to the eyes. This fruit also helps cover the capillaries.

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What exactly is Crystalix, and how exactly does it work to improve one's ability to see clearly?

Crystalix is an antioxidant complex that protects the eyes from damage caused by free radicals as well as macular degeneration and promotes healthy vision. It is made up of only all-natural ingredients. This drug is designed to improve one's vision and has been formulated using botanical excerpts and herbal factors that have been subjected to clinical testing. The Crystalix capsule has a number of different components, each of which has been the subject of scientific investigation, and these components have been put together not just for their own benefits but also for the benefits that they provide when they are combined.

The elements that Crystalix contains are the primary source of its beneficial effects. Crystalix is the name that can be trusted when it comes to superior vision support because it was developed in the country of Columbia by trained professionals. Crystalix is well-known for its efficiency, strong safety standards, and stringent quality control standards in the highest-possible scenarios. It is considered to be the most cutting-edge treatment available for factory-based causes that provides comprehensive vision care and assistance in Columbia.

Your vision could be negatively impacted in a number of different, perhaps harmful ways if you live in this ultramodern world with all of its accompanying challenges. For instance, working on computers for long periods of time or staring at the screen of a video game for extended periods of time both have the potential to cause damage to one's vision in the long run. However, if you use Crystalix, you won't need to be concerned about any of this because it promotes overall eye health by optimising and nourishing the macula, supporting good night vision, perfecting the perceptivity of the eyes, accelerating the recovery process, promoting visual functions, supporting high resolution and demitasse clear vision, and keeping revulsions on point. All of these benefits come together to ensure that your eyes remain in good health.

Given all of these significant advantages, wouldn't you agree that Crystalix is the most significant and forward-thinking supplement for eye health that you've ever heard of? When you use Crystalix, you are able to maximise the potential of your vision, which can have a significant influence on how you see, feel, play games, and perform other activities. When you use Crystalix, you should generally be able to improve and heighten the overall quality of your life.

What Are the Components of Crystalix? Crystalix Beneficial Constituents

Crystalix is loaded with all of the chicest and most essential nutrients for the eyes. These nutrients have been given specific names and put through a battery of clinical testing to evaluate both the benefits they provide on their own and the benefits they provide when combined. The wholesome dietary supplement has been formulated to supply all of the nutrients that you may be lacking as a result of your eating habits. It compensates for the nutritional deficiencies that arise as a direct result of eating an unhealthy diet or excessive quantities of junk food.

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Instructions for Stoners

Crystalix is a supplement that can be used by either men or women. It is safe to consume it in the morning and throughout the day for the purpose of enhancing vision and preventing vision loss. You will have access to the product packing, which contains the instructions for use, once you have made a purchase of the item in question. However, for your information, it is recommended that you take one to two pills every day with breakfast, but the exact amount you take will depend on the state of your vision.

Stoner commentary, reviews, opinions, and responses can be found on Crystalix.

Crystalix has now entered stoner conditions that are more favourable and has received positive commentary. Crystalix is a beneficial substance that does, in fact, assist to the improvement of eye health, as its druggies have indicated. The product has a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are beneficial for the eyes and should be consumed regularly. Crystalix is a well-liked brand in Columbian homes since the company's products have unrivalled levels of energy, chastity, and quality in comparison to those found anywhere else in the country.

The following are some of the advantages provided by the all-natural and herbal composition:

How Much Does Crystalix Cost, and Where Can It Be Obtained in Columbia at an Affordable and Bargain-Budgeted Price?

When you purchase protection straight from the manufacturing business, you may be eligible for bulk discount pricing. The procedure is straightforward, and all purchases must be made through the website that they authorise. To place an order, all you need to do is fill out the form with your information and wait for a representative from the company to call you. After you have reviewed and approved your order, you are free to kick back and take it easy while it is processed. The delivery of your order to Columbia is expected to take between three and five days, and you will be able to make payment when it comes.

Buy now!! Click the link below for more information and get a discount today!! Hurry up!!

Other Searches:

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2023.05.29 22:18 Lightskinnegro NEW Clutch City Drop! Tropicana, High Chew, Yuzu CBD Hemp Flower Review

NEW Clutch City Drop! Tropicana, High Chew, Yuzu CBD Hemp Flower Review submitted by Lightskinnegro to hempflowers [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 21:54 Fit_Tie7363 ((MY HONEST REVIEW!))- Medallion Greens CBD Gummies Reviews! Does Medall...

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2023.05.29 21:47 Grand-Building-364 ((MY HONEST REVIEW!))- Medallion Greens CBD Gummies Reviews! Does Medall...

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2023.05.29 21:32 Electronic_Beat9681 Are their any cbd oil I can add into my drink to get me high ?

I normal do gummies but don’t like the taste of them and I don’t like inhaling anything in my lungs. I got 10 mg cbd oil which does nothing for me at all
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2023.05.29 20:51 cinnamon_scissor Do CBD gummies make you feel unmotivated like THC?

I think that some of us can agree that THC makes us unmotivated. I use thc on a daily basis for medical purposes and recreationally (Medical at first but then I started getting high for fun). But its been messing with my work ethic and drive. Mornings are groggier, more tired throughout the day, etc.
Ive tried cbd gummies before but never with no thc in my system. Does anyone get that same unmotivated feeling from cbd?
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2023.05.29 17:54 ResearchChemHQ Cannabis-Based Products at PureRawzCo PURE RAWZ PROMO CODE code CHEMHQ
As part of our ongoing discussion on PureRawzCo, we're shedding light on an intriguing category of products offered by PureRawz - their Cannabis-based products. As researchers and consumers alike continue to explore the potential benefits and uses of Cannabis and its extracts, PureRawz is providing a platform for researchers to study these compounds.
What is Cannabis?
Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant known for its psychoactive and physiological effects. The two most well-known active compounds in cannabis are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is psychoactive, causing the characteristic "high," while CBD is non-psychoactive and has been associated with potential therapeutic effects.
Cannabis Products at PureRawz
The cannabis product range at PureRawz includes a variety of products, all intended for laboratory and research purposes. These include CBD isolate, Delta-8 THC, and various CBD and Delta-8 infused products. These products offer a way for researchers to study the effects of these compounds in a controlled manner.
CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate is a crystalline solid or powder that contains pure CBD. It is extracted from the hemp plant and then isolated from the other cannabinoids, resulting in a product that's 99% pure CBD. Researchers use CBD isolate to study its potential effects on various health issues like pain, anxiety, and inflammation.
Delta-8 THC
Delta-8 THC is an isomer of THC that occurs in very small concentrations in the cannabis plant. It has become popular due to its potential psychoactive effects, which some users describe as less intense than Delta-9 THC (the most abundant form of THC in cannabis). The potential effects and uses of Delta-8 are still being researched, but it has been suggested that it might have potential benefits in nausea, anxiety, and pain relief.
CBD and Delta-8 Infused Products
PureRawz also offers a variety of CBD and Delta-8 infused products, including tinctures and gummies. These products provide different ways of delivering cannabinoids for research purposes, allowing scientists to investigate the effects of different delivery methods on the body's response.
The world of cannabis research is rapidly expanding, and PureRawz is at the forefront, offering a range of products for those interested in studying the potential effects and benefits of cannabinoids. While there's much to be learned about these compounds and their impacts on human health, PureRawz is a go-to resource for quality products for your research needs.
As always, these products are for laboratory and research use only and not for human consumption. Make sure to adhere to ethical and safety guidelines while conducting research.
Stay tuned to PureRawzCo for more discussions on new product lines, scientific research, and breakthroughs in the field. Happy researching!
Disclaimer: This information is for educational and research purposes only. All clinical research must be conducted with oversight from the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB), and all preclinical research must be conducted with oversight from the appropriate Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) following the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). All research and conclusions drawn therein are the responsibility of the researcher. Please consult with a professional for any medical advice.
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2023.05.29 17:44 EffinLawnNome High CBD ratio gummy recs?

Hope this is the place to ask, searched and didn't find anything in the archives:
37 and returning to the fold (quit smoking 15 years ago due to anxiety and motivation issues). I live in a legal state and started enjoying gummies and homemade tincture recreationally about 6 months ago, but I'm still pretty sensitive to THC (10mg gummies spin me out for hours, cut most 5mg doses in half).
I've recently found that I enjoy 1:1 THC:CBD and want to find something with a high CBD % and THC around 2.5mg. Most all of the dispensaries and service folks I talk to are oriented towards max THC and I get the impression they think of CBD as gas station nonsense. Lots of dispensaries in my city, but I really want to just place an order online and go pick it up.
Mostly trying to see if folks have recommendations for 1:3 type edibles or tincture that are going to prioritize body buzz and relaxation over head high.
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2023.05.29 17:08 pdrfm Review FlowerMed (THCa + CBD Flower)

Review FlowerMed (THCa + CBD Flower)
Fala pessoal, meu primeiro post aqui e vou só fazer uma breve introdução sobre o meu caso. > Tenho 24 anos, TDAH e fumo desde os 19. > Independente da matéria, eu sempre curti muito os efeitos da maconha no meu organismo. No começo, eu curtia fumar pra ficar chapadão e boa. Nunca tinha escutado falar dos benefícios medicinais que ela poderia trazer. > Além de várias conversas, trabalho muito com a internet e redes sociais e logo o algoritmo foi me indicando esse tipo de conteúdo. Me interessei de verdade nos potenciais e estudos que estavam sendo feitos, e me aprofundei. > Há quase um mês, consegui minha receita pra tratar meu TDAH e pra reduzir o consumo de THC durante o dia que, particularmente, pode ser um problema. > Agora vou mandar um review freestyle do que achei das plantas que comprei da FlowerMed e como elas impactaram em alguns sintomas e hábitos do meu dia.
Citron THCa - Sativa
Citron THCa
Flor bonita, com bastante tricomas, cheiro bem "azedo" médio-forte, toque meio seco, não muito grudenta nas mãos mas definitivamente de qualidade.Sabor médio também, não tão bom quanto o cheiro. Dá um pouco de tosse, o que me deixou meio assim (?). A primeira brisa que senti com essa flor, foi muito boa. Forte, olho fechando de chapado, cabeça no ar, porém o preço foi muito elevado.Gostaria que alguém que entenda possa esclarecer: o THCa e o Delta 8 são a mesma coisa? Eu vi algumas pessoas na internet dizendo pra evitar ambas as substâncias por serem manipuladas. Poucos estudos falando sobre os efeitos no organismo(?). Não sei mesmo, quero entender sobre. Li inclusive que a tosse pode ser por conta disso...
Resumo: Gostei da experiência, mas pelo o valor e por não ser muito clara essa questão do THCa, não compraria de novo.
Pineapple Kush CBD - Indica
Pineapple Kush CBD

Pineapple Kush CBD
Flor muito bonita, densa, gordinha mesmo, bem tricomada com aqueles pistilos vermelhinhos, muito fofa kkkk. Toque mais grudento, me agradou muito essa flor. Nas fotos dá pra ver claramente que ela tá top. Cheiro sensacional também, mas dessa vez mais "planta", cheiro de mato levemente cítrico.É difícil me expressar, mas sempre digo isso pra quem pergunta: Parece que dá uma clareza na mente, me sinto mais calmo e tira um pouco a vontade de fumar mais um, que eu costumo ter. Não tem brisa então acho que o ponto positivo dela, pra quem curte brisar eventualmente, é misturar num ice, dry. Pra mim funciona demais e o valor foi ok!
Resumo: Compraria de novo, principalmente em promoção kkk.
Como é o primeiro, não sei me aprofundar em mais detalhes do que isso. Mas qqr coisa coloca na thread que a gente desenvolve mais a ideia. No geral, tô gostando da cena nacional mudando, agora é lutar pela acessibilidade e plantio em solo nacional com empresas nacionais.
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2023.05.29 16:24 Real-Pause6225 Traveling with CBD Gummies

So i’m in greece right now and will travel back to germany in a couple of days. I still have some CBD gummies left that i can’t consume until then. Can i just put them in my luggage or could i get in trouble if they find them at the airport?
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2023.05.29 13:49 Footloooong Sourcing high strength

Where can I source some higher strength cbd? On Amazon they only seem to sell up to 50mg per serving? I’d like to get a least 100mg per serving as I’m not getting much effect from even 75mg ( taking 3x 25 mg gummies).
Or do I need to just take 2 of the 50mg?
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