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2023.03.22 14:03 KaiaDesu 25/mtfLooking for motivation/Self Improvement/Collaboration Buddy/coachb

So, I'm looking for someone that I can work with, as a kind of comerade and rival all in one.
I am a 25 year old trans girl, who's life is in pretty much shambles, and I would like a friend that would be able to and willing to be the best version of myself I can be, and I would like to do the same to you.
My situation is the fact that I am a high school dropout lacking in most formal education whatsoever, even lacking m GED
My mental health is not the best it could be either. I am interested in changing that.. I am a recovering meth addict and am a couple months clean off of that., but a frequent user of less damaging drugs and need help reining i in my use. I am unemployed and my life is in a bit of a dire straits rigt now and would like to rein in my use of other substances to more beneficial schedule and purpose.

I believe in the power of atomic habits, and would like top find someone who is in a smilar position and inspire eachother to keep eachother going, ir just vent about life in general

My hobies include a mild interest in pharmacology, music production, anime, tarot reading, the occult/metaphysics, cooking, art, and the ideal canditate would share a few of those with me. And also like to learn more about computers/coding, as that seems like the best route to a relatively comfortable job I could work from home due to a very intense psyholohivsl condition my girlfriend has

I consider myself an anarchist, and have a deep admiration for the poetry of renzo novatore. I one day want to be a breakcore artist with a decent reputationh and am always looking for people to collab with

If inte4rested, please DM me your tags and I'd love to get to meet you

I know that I yhave a lot work work to do on myself, and I would like to find someone who is also working on similar goals so we can help build eachother momentum
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2023.03.22 14:03 Akash-kumar-1 How to stay motivated throughout the journey of ICAI CA preparation?

How to stay motivated throughout the journey of ICAI CA preparation?

There is no doubt that cracking ICAI CA is one of the most different tasks that requires dedication, hard work, and motivation along with years of preparation. If we talk about the numbers, on average around 12-15 lakh students appear for ICAI CA every year and only around 2 lakh students get selected to appear in Intermediate level. But at times, students get anxious and feel the pressure to perform well which also affects their mental health at times. This anxiety can be a red flag and may impact their overall preparation. Here are a few points that can help you stay motivated during your ICAI CA exam preparation: 1. Whenever you feel low, just look at the paper and think about why you started the preparation. 2. Surround yourself with positive people. 3. Take small breaks to keep yourself self-motivated. 4. Solve the IIT JEE main question paper. 5. Reward yourself monthly/quarterly. 6. You can even go through the study modules of Physics Wallah as they have some of the best content on ICAI CA exam.
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2023.03.22 14:00 pinkfairykm Boss ignores my mental health leave

Very long story short.. My boss continually denied my requests for mental health days (allowed in Aus), even though I had valid reason and doctors certificates etc. A few months ago I spent 4 days with 0 sleep due to insomnia and the stress of the job while having an unsupportive boss. I was a mess and still being denied leave. I messaged him one morning and explained I couldn’t come into work, because I was extremely tired and run down. I even supplied a doctors certificate. He basically said “too bad, I don’t care, you HAVE to come in, we are short staffed & need you” I did as he asked. I had a car accident on the way to work because I fell asleep at the wheel. In the hospital my cortisol levels were through the roof, I had a broken nose and bashed up face from the airbags, and best of all, the doctor instructed I take 4 weeks leave to recover. My boss was furious. He asked me “what the hell happened?!” And I replied, “I was following your instructions to come in, despite asking for leave multiple times and it being denied” Might be a simple story compared to the others on this sub but man it felt good throwing my misfortune into his face.
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2023.03.22 14:00 Mad_Season_1994 I've heard it said, both on Reddit and other sites, that men's mental health is often ignored and disregarded these days while women's mental health is put at the forefront. Is this generally true or not?

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2023.03.22 14:00 Mossifieds I hate my life

I am nowhere near safe, not even social media. or real life. i literally get dozens of hate comments by people who just want to kill me. they also don't care about my mental health nor state in life. my mom died, and so did my brother. i've been getting bullied for it at school a lot. my actual "friends" are just really bad people in general. people are also making fun of my brother, plus they don't care an actual two human beings died. and I will too, blood is on their hands and they don't care about it. they're laughing. laughing at my pool of blood as i type this. i am cutting myself, they don't care. i don't have family members they also don't. i try to vent, but it just won't work. i am nowhere near happy nor laughing for the jokes they have made. i can't even believe i have the energy to post this right now
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2023.03.22 14:00 mybrainissickisitok 2meirl4meirl

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2023.03.22 13:59 CultZero If your mental health is suffering from a calling just tell them, “A friend said I need to take care of myself.” I'm your friend.

Take care of yourself!
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2023.03.22 13:57 Plane-Being1274 I know it’s unrelated but I’ve created a community for Men where they can talk about issues they may be facing like mental health, hair loss, finances or anything they want. It’s a safe place 🙏🏼

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2023.03.22 13:57 MahgiMay I'm being accused of holding my children hostage....

Hello all - I'm in a situation and would love some advice. I'll lay a little backstory down and then the situation.
I've been in healthcare since 2002, working face to face with patients. I believe in science and the power of smart minds working together. I married into a family that have some ideals that are different from mine, but nothing we haven't been able to work around and love each other for. Until Covid. That separated us. I married into a family who believe in a lot of government conspiracies. My MIL is someone who believes Covid wasn't a real virus, whereas I watched my nursing friends in the ER die from it. During Covid, she took my children for a weekend and when we returned to pick them up, we discovered she had taken them to visit their Aunt and Uncle who also believe Covid isn't real. We had asked her to keep them at her house with her and her alone and she had agreed to do that. This turned into a big issue - I was incredibly upset and angry. This was, again, in 2020 when she took them and thats the LAST time she had them. She hasn't messaged my husband or I to ask about them (her grandkids), she stopped showing up to my husbands gigs and even missed his record album release show. So did his sister and BIL (the ones who MIL brought my kids to) My MIL came to my house a few months after all of this happened so we could "talk" but all that happened was i was yelled at and told i use my kids as weapons and hold them hostage against the people who want to see them. I don't believe that to be true.
My husband travels with his career, and at times I'm alone with my children for weeks at a time - which isn't a big deal. I'm a mommy and I love it. My husband and I haven't had any time together alone since that one weekend in 2020 and we are both burnt out. I quit my healthcare job in January due to mental health reasons (I was working at Mayo Clinic - it was way too much) and now I'm a full time student. My husband and I need/want some time away just us two and we celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary last year. Now that we are vaccinated and boosted and feeling good, my husband wants to travel somewhere just him and i. I don't have a relationship with my alcoholic parents, so my MIL has been our only "babysitter". Since she came over to talk about disrespecting my wishes about bringing my children to people during the pandemic, we haven't heard anything from her. She doesn't text or call to ask about the kids (Not even my husband) and he reached out to her to ask her to PLEASE take the kids so we could have a vacation. I don't like that. I don't want to leave my children with someone who doesn't respect my wishes. I also feel incredibly disrespected by his entire familiy. I had my kids alone for 30 days while he was traveling in the middle of a MN winter and NONE OF THEM even bothered to text and check in on us. None. I don't want to leave my kids with her and I feel like its in my right to say "You don't respect me, you don't value my feelings - so I don't trust you with my kids". Am i wrong!? My husband is incredibly upset and wants to travel and take this vacation but I don't feel like its responsible to leave them with her. What do you guys think? Can I get some advice?
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2023.03.22 13:57 used1337 Should I trust mom?

So, I've been on social media bragging about how accepting my mom is about trans stuff up until a conversation I had with her a little while ago. I'm only bringing this up now cuz I am getting my top surgery in order for January of '24. Just one step away yo!
Okay, here's the meat of the issue: she is a health care professional, she's been in the field for years. Gave me no indication of non-acceptance up until these conversations.
Context: mom works in a prison.
Me talking about trans stuff
Mom: "I have this inmate that is complaining about, his, or I guess, her breasts and is being made fun of."
Me: ...
Mom: "So, you want breasts but complain that other inmates are making fun of your breasts? Why do the hormones if you're going to complain about being made fun of?"
Me: awkward "I think they might need to talk to the mental health counselor.."
Mom: "I just think it's evidence.."
Me: "Evidence of what?" (So many thoughts of what she's getting convinced of..)
Mom: Silence, then, ick/ugh "I'll recommend they talk to the therapist."
Later, me, brings up top surgery. "I'm going to look into insurance and see what the surgeon says about top surgery.."
Mom silence
Me: "Maybe I'll just ask for a zero cup"
Mom: "Start telling your gp about back pain and do it now so you can get approved by insurance..chats away"
Me: 😅
Now I have no clue about what her reaction post-surgery might be if I asked for her help for recovery or what her expectations might be. I only have maybe one other person who could help fully in the acute recovery period. I still need post surgery help and only have potentially 1 other person who could help post surgery. Should I just try to tough out the recovery days or just wait and see?
TLDR: Mom might be a secret transphob
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2023.03.22 13:57 Plane-Being1274 I know it’s unrelated but I’ve created a community for Men where they can talk about issues they may be facing like mental health, hair loss, finances or anything they want. It’s a safe place 🙏🏼

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2023.03.22 13:57 Thedailybee Adjusting to new normal

It feels like burnout is my new normal. It’s constantly at a baseline for me where it’s just sort of lingering and I’m just floating through the ether waiting for the next thing to stress me out or overstimulate me and send me back into the depths of despair. It feels like I will never fully recover because I know that in order to heal I would need a significant amount of stress free, obligation/responsibility/expectation free time and in this economy that is not realistic.
I’m moving soon and I’m worried for my mental health and over all burnout that it’s going to be a tough few months and then it’ll be the holidays which really did a number on me last year (like I feel like I was burned out and then the holidays said double it). It feels like a constant cycle of feeling okay, doing stuff and then feeling not okay longer than I felt okay.
I realized the other day that before 2020, I had never called out of work nearly as much- it was really only ever if I was actually sick. And once I hit burn out it was game over- I call out if I feel a little off or tired because I know if I don’t I’ll be miserable and I’ll probably be effected for days after. I had so much more energy at 18-23 and now at 25 I have maybe half of that. I’m always tired, sleep issues are worse, I’m more irritated and generally just tolerate much less. I’m learning to better accommodate myself and create a better balance of yes and no’s and not saying yes to things I really don’t want to do just bc I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. I’m learning to protect myself, my energy and my peace and give myself grace but it is frustrating to realize just how debilitating burn out has been. My threshold for bad is different i guess than what I normally see because of how I was raised? So to other people it probably looks like I’m doing fine but I know myself and I’m very much not at my 100%. I’m maybe stuck at 40%. It’s been so long it just feels like this is me now. And that’s okay, I am adjusting and learning but god am I EXHAUSTED.
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2023.03.22 13:56 egirlbitch_ Guess my mbti from my pinterest fyp

For fun :D (probably very fucking easy)
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2023.03.22 13:55 mereborne Anyone think Lauren had depression?

Totally just speculation here, but she seems really unhappy in every episode. Even when she wants to be happy, she seem pretty down. I can’t tell if it’s the editing, but rewatching the Hills 15 years later and I get the sense that she might be seriously struggling with her mental health.
Anyone else get this impression? It kind of ruins the show and feels like total exploitation.
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2023.03.22 13:54 destructo2825 First Day / Stigma

I just recieved my first prescription for Lexapro yesterday. Never really though of myself as anxious by any means, until I finally spoke with my doctor, who told me I should not be feeling what I was feeling everyday.
Took me 10 years to even talk to my doctor, and I couldnt even look the pharmacist in the eye when he asked if it was for anxiety. I dont know whether or not this is going to work for me, but I do know that if I avoided the situation based on the (unwarranted) embarressment and stigma about mental health, it had Zero chance of getting better.
Just wanted to share, good luck everyone.
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2023.03.22 13:54 Independent_Zebra534 Tension related to mental health?

Currently working on tension:(, is it true that tension can only be truly solved when u work on resolving your mental traumas that is causing the tension in your body?, Or can months of right practice get rid of tension?To anyone seeing this.
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2023.03.22 13:53 -en- @AP: RT @APEntertainment: ‘PUTTING MYSELF FIRST’ – Former stylist Law Roach says he's proud of his decision to walk away from the fashion industry to work on his physical and mental health.

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2023.03.22 13:52 BillRoadhouse Would you guys agree with my criminal justice and police reform proposal?

Criminal justice reform law:
  1. Abolish the death penalty
  2. Ban judges, sherrifs, and prosecutors from having political affiliations
  3. Get rid of juries
  4. Ban judges and prosecutors from being elected
  5. Ban the use of plea bargaining
  6. Get rid of victimless crimes like drugs or prostitution and gambling
  7. Nonviolent crimes would be rehabilitated with restitution, community service, counseling, and job training instead of imprisoned
  8. Get rid of mandatory minumum sentences
  9. Get rid of 3 strike laws
  10. Give judges, cops, and prosecutors the discretion to apply the law on a situational basis
Police reform law:
  1. Require 4 years of training at an accredited law enforcement academy that includes how to recognize and deal with people going through a mental health crisis
  2. Require background check, mental health exam, and a physical
  3. Cops cannot have any previous criminal offenses, mental health problems, or major physical health problems. ( overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc)
  4. Require police officers to wear body cameras and keep them on at all times. ( except for breaks like personal phone calls or using the bathroom)
  5. Get rid of no knock warrants. They are dangerous for police and civilians
  6. Ban plain clothes police officers from serving warrants or making arrests. ( Except for emergencies)
  7. Have a national database for cops that get dishonorably discharged
  8. physical fitness standards.
  9. Restrict unions from involving themselves in disciplinary matters. ( the union can only be involved in pay, benefits, workplace safety, and hours)
  10. Create a statewide use of force review board that's made up equally of civilians, cops, judges, and prosecutors that is responsible for reviewing evidence to determine if a police officers use of force was justified.
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2023.03.22 13:49 NotSoCoolWaffle All set for moving out, but I feel guilty for leaving my mom alone

I have the flight scheduled this weekend, got all visa, paperwork and accommodation sorted already. Even have bank accounts and mobile number in my destination country.
My work isn't dependent of my location. The only reason I'm moving out is because of my mental health (ADHD, Anxiety, MDD, AvPD). The more I stay here the more I feel like I wanna kill myself. Despite living here all my life, I could barely call anyone a friend. I don't even remember the last time I went out to spend time (either with myself or someone else).
Add the constant marriage pressure and emotional blackmail from my family just because I'm unmarried and 27M, it just worsens every day. Been on therapy on medication for about two years now. But I don't think anything is ever gonna change if I don't take the initiative.
When I started the process of moving out, since my brother has been WFH for a while now, I assumed he can take care of my mother while I can try and deal with my own issues first. Now, a couple of weeks before my scheduled flight, he says he's moving out to a different city as his work demands and has even rented an apartment there.
Now if I leave, I'll be leaving my mom alone here. There'll be no one to take care of her here. I feel selfish and guilty already because in everyone's eyes I've no reason to move out, whereas my brother has a valid reason (work). If I stay here, my mental health is just gonna get worse and I will never be able to get away from this environment, I might end up killing myself sooner than later.
I was so excited and looking forward to a new beginning. But now, it's all in shambles. I have never hated myself more
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2023.03.22 13:48 SameProfession254 Looking for programs or charities in southern Maine that support mental health or the homeless

I'm looking to get my company involved in events or programs to help out. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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2023.03.22 13:47 latinwolf20 Struggling to give up a "good guy" because it's fucking with my mental health.

Hi... so I (28) met this guy (30) not long ago. I hardly ever feel strongly for guys I date, but when I do, I really feel it. We both felt a wonderful connection and instead of fucking we ended up going on a date, and then another and another. The thing is that he says he really likes me but wants to take things slow and flow (which I understand) but apparently that means that we can't plan dates, that it has to be random when time allows.
I say he's a good guy because he's family oriented, focused on his job, when we're together it really is magical and from time to time he does text me and asks how my day's going... but when we're not, he can be dismissive through text and won't commit to times and dates. I mean, even though he had "good excuses" he was late for our last three dates (very, very late).
I'm an anxious guy, this uncertainty is really affecting me, and I'm not going to be the intense guy chasing him all the time. I can ask one or two times if they want to meet, but not to the point of overwhelming someone.
Am I idealizing him? Or am I the one in the wrong? I really can't tell. The only reason I'm still talking to him is that I don't want to throw away a chance with a good guy just because I couldn't get a hold of my anxiety.

TL;DR: Met a guy who is really nice in person, but a flaky when it comes to plan dates. He says he really likes me but wants to take things slow. Don't know if I'm idealizing him and don't want to give him up just because I couldn't handle my anxiety.
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2023.03.22 13:46 JubilantJayde My highly religious family disagree with my life choices

Hey everyone!
So, things are complicated with my family at the moment, which includes my parents and younger brother (22). I'm 26, by the way.
I'm currently recovering from a very rough mental health patch where I stopped working for 2 months while in therapy. My family didn't take it very well and have also had their ups and downs with my situation, along with their own things they deal with.
During this time, I've joined a Dungeons & Dragons group and have become really good friends with the DM. We've hung out quite a few times outside of DnD and talk to each other often. Now that might not seem like a big deal, but to my family, it is. Growing up in a highly religious household, it's sort of frowned upon to have a close friendship with a guy. Even worse if he's not of the same faith. Much worse if he also happens to be bisexual and wants to spend one-on-one time with me. They're worried it might turn into something romantic down the track.
I personally don't have any issue with our friendship, his sexuality or the fact he's not of the same faith. It doesn't bother me if we do or don't end up romantically involved. I am also struggling with the religion itself and disagree with a few things that I can't really get past, the exclusive friendships with Christians only thing being one of them. So I'm considered an inactive member.
I have expressed this to my family. However they wish to restrict me by making sure I take one or two friends with me anytime I want to hang out with him and to text them where I am, who I'm with and what time I'll be home. They also don't want me going over to his place to hang out, even though I've told them that the only thing we do is watch tv shows and eat snacks on the couch. I offered a compromise by saying he could come to our house to hang out instead, but they didn't like the idea as it would apparently be too awkward.
The thing is, he's been incredibly kind and supportive during this time while I recover. He checks in with me to see how I am, always tries to make me laugh, invites me over to watch horror movies if I'm having a bad day or buys me my favourite food because he knows it makes me happy. Even though I've said this to my family, it doesn't change their narrow view of him. Nothing seems to change it.
It came to a head two weeks ago when they wanted me to end the friendship, leave the DnD group and find better associations. Which seemed over the top and unfair because they didn't know the guys in the DnD group. Neither do I really as I'm still getting to know them. However, it's not a fair judgment call as they only see it as they are non-Christians therefore they are not capable of being good friends for me at all. Nothing else stacks up to whether they would make a good friend or not.
While I understand this is coming from a place of love and care, I feel it's too restrictive as I'm an adult and I'm capable of making my own choices. I am also capable of choosing my own friends and their personal beliefs, sexuality or background isn't a deal breaker for me. In fact, I prefer friendships where there are differences that can potentially enrich a friendship when two people have different stories and they can learn from each other's unique experiences.
I'm not sure what to do. It's really stressful and no matter how hard I try to explain where I'm coming from, they don't really listen. Any advice?
SHORT VERSION: My highly religious family don't like me spending so much time with a bisexual guy who doesn't share the same faith as they are worried he's a bad association and it could turn into something romantic. I don't mind where it goes, but they're trying to restrict me from making my own choices.
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