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A place for brides and grooms to plan their dream wedding with a budget of $10,000 and up!

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Started at "What's an RFP?" and ended with "Will you marry me?"

2023.05.30 20:25 Tuckermfker 1.6ghz signal confirmed by a defense contractor employee

This is a personal anecdote, and I'm only putting it here because I found it interesting. I was at a wedding for a friend last week where there was a group of us who shared a villa for 5 days. One of the guys there is an engineer for a defense contractor, working on GPS systems. All of us guys are having some beers and talking about life, the universe and the typical things that you do while drinking. I mentioned getting interested in the whole UAP thing again after having watched the show. We discuss the phenomenon for a bit and myself and others in the group talk about weird shit that we have seen in the sky at night. Nobody there is what would be considered a conspiracy or UFO nut. More like we all all have seen some weird shit, we all believe in a multidimensional universe, and we all believe that reality is much weirder and more complex than we currently, and probably ever will have the abilities to understand. The contractor guy mentioned that while working through the wee hours of the morning that they would occasionally detect a signal being broadcast that they can't identify or locate the source of, and there have been a few times that out of frustration of being able to isolate it he will step out for a smoke break. He then mentions that himself and several others have noticed strange lights in the sky during these occasions. So I flat out just asked him if the signal they have detected was at the 1.6ghz frequency and he just kind of looks at me in a way that he was surprised I would say that goes, "yup, it sure is."
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2023.05.30 20:24 ChoiceBrilliant7017 Click for click

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2023.05.30 20:24 CDog_McSwagger Should I (15F) sleepover at my friends (15M) birthday party?

I would be the only girl among several boys (14-15). I am a lesbian and most if not all of the boys know that. I think it will be a lot of fun and I was invited to sleep over, but social norms say it would be inappropriate.
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2023.05.30 20:23 Adventurous_Eye_3666 Are they really friends I want in my life??

I(F46) haven't seen this set of friends from high school since high-school. I have been invited to a party with the old gang! I had a group of girls I hung around in school... but we lost touch as soon as high school ended. I really have no interest in being there friends again... if they really were my friends. I have talked to one of the ladies, she has informed me they are all housewives. Now I don't have a problem with that but I am a career focused lady with a grown son and happy life. I'm not sure what to talk to them about. They all have kids ranging in age. I don't want to spend the time going over old memories of highschool as it wasn't my favorite time in my life. What do I talk to these ladies about?? Thanks for your help!
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2023.05.30 20:23 bksmileaday Protecting against liability when serving alcohol at a wedding reception in TX

My nephew is getting married and they are having a wedding (120 guests) and reception at a AirBnB (or maybe a VRBO?) house that offers to accommodate weddings. They are planning to offer beer and wine that they've purchased to drink. Our side of the family does not drink alcohol, but it's come to our attention that the bride's side of the family has members that have stated that "they plan to get drunk"...
We are obviously concerned about this and want to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Does anyone know what the law is regarding serving alcohol at a party in TX? Can the couple be held liable for guests getting drunk? Do they need to hire a bartender with liability insurance (is that such a thing)? Any other insights much appreciated--we are in uncharted territory.
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2023.05.30 20:23 Impossible-Fennel682 Biggest_Bhandara_Of_TheWorld Do you know? All of you are cordially invited. Come along with your family to your nearest ashram and become a witness of such an unbroken lesson which destroys crores of sins. कबीर परमेश्वर प्रकट दिवस भंडारा satlok SaintRampalJiMaharaj Kabir_is_Supreme_God

Biggest_Bhandara_Of_TheWorld Do you know? All of you are cordially invited. Come along with your family to your nearest ashram and become a witness of such an unbroken lesson which destroys crores of sins. कबीर परमेश्वर प्रकट दिवस भंडारा satlok SaintRampalJiMaharaj Kabir_is_Supreme_God submitted by Impossible-Fennel682 to u/Impossible-Fennel682 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 20:23 throwra_1955787 I (50f) introduced a girl to my son(25m) while he was in a situationship

So I, 50 year old female, never understood why my son's girlfriend was always so cold to me. For context they are both 25 year olds.
A week ago my daughter told me it was cause I introduced a girl to my son while he was in a situationship with the girl. So 3 years ago, before he officially started dating his current girl friend he was in a situationship which apparently meant they were interested in each other but wasn't together. It was like that for a few months and he was always spending luxury gifts for her, inviting her to our house and when I would ask him whether they were together, he said that she was still considering it since there's a lot of guys interested in her and she's talking to some of them.(she's a very attractive online influencer) About the 7th month that I knew about this situationship, I met a really nice girl who was working for me and she was very interested in my son. So I gave my son her number and told him that she's interested in him and I think she's nice. He just nodded and he got together with his current girlfriend about 3-4 months later.
So I wanted to talk to her while she was at our house today to apologize if I came off the wrong way. She said that I should have minded my business since it wasn't my relationship and I mentioned that I thought it was a situationship where they weren't committed. And she said that every situationship boundaries were different.
My daughter disagree with her and said I should post it on Reddit.
Is there any ways I can salvage the relationship? She didn't seem to appreciate our conversation and is getting even colder. My son however seems to be really determined to marry her.
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2023.05.30 20:22 stare_at_the_sun Bf (33M) wants to reintroduce his best friends wife back into my (31F) life after an incident. How do I proceed maturely ?

We’re all in the same age range.
We have been together two years. While his long time friend was in the military, he was there for his wife. As in dropping her off food and stuff after she had a surgery. I’ll call her A for the sake of this story.
I was not sure if it was performative at the time to impress me since this was early on. He did the same sort of stuff for me and his family.
I liked her when we met and he decided to arrange a girls trip. One other gal (I’ll call her B) came and all of them had know each other since high-school (not close as far as I know, but in the same crowd).
The three of us got drunk while he drove and we went to a national park. On the way back it got out of hand. First I threw up on the side of the road. “A”actually stuck her fingers down my throat to help.
Then he was driving I said something like change the song, and A starts strangling me from behind. B gets her off me and he’s trying to do what he can while driving. I just start bawling. I’d thought we were friends.
We still have a ways to go. I’m very drunk still and take a nap. Next thing A shoves a pill in my mouth. It was something for ADD. To wake me up. I had no control at that point and no one stopped it.
We drop her off and life goes on. I was upset by the situation and whenever we were invited out with them, I said no. I hung out with bf’s best friend and him once (her bf), and it wasn’t addressed.
It’s been over a year since the incident and she’s pregnant now. We were invited to the baby shower and he asked if I’d want to go. I said I’d back him up if he wanted, but didn’t care either way. He’s often talking down about his guy friend and they aren’t close anymore, so I wouldn’t feel an obligation.
He calls me to say guess what. They just moved like ten minutes from me and he’d said to his friend we should all hangout, and would I be ok with it (it’s my place, but he’ll be here half the time). I told him since he’d already said that before asking me, that I guess so.
Then he goes on to say his friend is going to be gone for military stuff for the duration of her pregnancy, and he’d offered to be there for her. Especially since they don’t have anyone as close (they have friends and family all within 30 min).
I have mixed emotions. For one, my bf barely has time for my needs emotionally, let alone his own. He’s always taking on so much that it burns him out. Secondly, he’s completely brushing under the rug what happened. I never got an apology or anything and he justified her actions.
I don’t know if I’m in the wrong here. I’m trying to be supportive and give it another shot, but I do not feel comfortable with him extending himself prior to communicating and to her in general.
I’m open to all and any advice.
TLDR: bf extended himself to someone I have had a bad time with.
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2023.05.30 20:22 rohanmen Critique my 10-day DN Guatemala Trip Itinerary

Hi all. Planning a Labor Day* trip to Guatemala to do some hiking, and see some Mayan ruins while working remotely during the week. Would love some advice about this proposed itinerary.
Is this logistically feasible? Is it worth it? I've heard Yaxha is beautiful, but I don't know if it's too much to do it on the same day as Tikal. Would love some advice from anyone who has visited the area.
Also — any places to stay in Antigua with reliable wifi, aside from Selina? Couldn't find a solid answer anywhere else.
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2023.05.30 20:22 bloopbleep99e Solicitation for interview but I have no idea what it's for?

This is not directly related to USAJobs but within the scope: I just received a solicitation for an interview for a position I don't have record of applying to within NAVSEA (Civilian)
These branches from the Dept. of the Navy have their own systems that you apply on. 99.99% of the time, I send myself an email with ANYTHING related to the position/location/etc because of circumstances like this. I don't just apply to random things, however, I seem to have no record of it.
I hate these types of situations because I feel extremely intimidated and don't want to piss off the hiring manager. While I don't want to turn this opportunity down because I am clearly a moron (lol) what would be the best response? Is asking for a copy of the posting/job description too much?
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2023.05.30 20:22 Auselessthrowaway64 Need help with hat trick. Will click if you click

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2023.05.30 20:21 Banana_split052 I know that it's my fault but is it just mine?

I am female 19 and my 2 friends at the time both female 19. To start off I know that this is mostly my fault but I want to know if it's just my fault . At the time everything started I was going through alot mentally as alot of drastic things happened in my life that have really messed me up, because of this I became very depressed and TW. suicidal so I was not wanting to leave my house at all and not wanting to see anyone this went on for a few years fast forward to early this year I started to go out more and going back to school but my anxiety was a big issue beacause of me staying at home so I would only see or hang out with my 2 friends at school. They would both invite me to go out and I would turn them down because of my anxiety. The few times I was out with them I felt left out and like they didn't really want me there so I stopped going out and not messaging on our group chat when they would ask to go out. At this time I had gotten into a relationship and I was spending alot of time with him as he was helping me become more confident in myself and was just helping me mentally. In the end my 2 friends stopped messaging on the group chat and messeging me all together, I would message about school work every now and again. I end up getting into an argument with 1 of the friends and she tells me that it feels like I am not putting in enough effort in our friendship and that I always use my anxiety as an excuse. I immediately apologise and tried to explain how I felt left out and I offer to go out this weekend in the end they both decide they don't want to be friends with me anymore. Is this just my fault? And what should I do?
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2023.05.30 20:21 Randomuserr012 Lunch break being local driver

So question for you guys, I got my class 1 about 4 months ago and working for a bigger carrier in Canada doing local P&D. I was talking to my coworkers and it seems I'm the only one being auto deducted half an hour a day for a unpaid lunch break. I talked to my boss and he says we can't talk about other people's payroll but he assures me the half an hour deduction is correct for me. My boss thinks that while being loaded up and paperwork between stops should be my lunch break, so he doesn't think I should take one. I think it's bullshit considering I'm the only one being deducted but my question for you guys is, if you were in this situation would you start taking a half hour every day to sit and eat a proper lunch in the truck? I was told from the start if we worked through our lunch break we'd be paid for it, which isn't the case for me I guess. We also get 2, 15 minute paid coffees but I feel like that'd be pushing it to start taking those too lol. Thoughts?
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2023.05.30 20:21 StationNo3 What should a white girl wear to an Indian wedding?

I'm an American who will be attending an Indian wedding later this year and I am at a loss for what to wear! I'm finding it very difficult to find a dress online that does not expose any skin while still looking nice, am unsure of what colors I should wear, and finally... Is it acceptable for a white girl to wear a sari to an indian wedding, or would that be weird / pretentious?
I'm attending the wedding with my Indian bf who is a long time friend of the groom and his family, so everyone will be getting to know me for the first time there, and I want to make a good impression.
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2023.05.30 20:21 Away-Kaleidoscope380 Why do military members think they are tougher than they are.

this is no disrespect to any service members and I have respect for what yall do but I have ran into many military guys that think they can take anyone in a fight even with no training experience. The ones that do train with at my BJJ school are very chill and the nicest people but it seems like the ones that dont have this weird ego to them that makes them think they are invincible. I once stopped a bar fight after a marine got ko’d cold and he was telling me after that he cant throw punches or he’d be kicked out of the military so he let the guy ko him when I clearly saw him shoving the guy and swinging at him first. Another time a marine randomly punched my 110lb friend after my friend called him out for lying about his test scores (friend works in intel for the navy) and after he was screaming in his face about how he served our country and fought enemies only later to find out that he has never left the states. For those who have served, are there alot of guys that make the military their entire personality? I have a good amount of friends in the military that have family, friends, hobbies and just an overall life outside of it and they just seem like normal civilians that have a job to do and never mention they’re in the military unless you ask. The asshole ones that think they can fight always seems to tell everyone they served or want people to know
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2023.05.30 20:20 Tight_Collar_4170 Click on the link if you don’t have the app temu download it from my link

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2023.05.30 20:20 Thoriael Looking for a romantic spot in Belgium

Hey everyone!
So my wife (35F) and I (39M) are about to go through our 11th wedding anniversary on July 7 this Summer, and I am looking for a romantic place/hotel where we could spend the evening, the night (🤫) and the next morning.
Requirements: - Time frame is important as I got a friend babysitter to watch our three kids, but I cannot ask him to stay for 2 days...It will be our first time out us two together for years so I want something memorable...
So it needs to be 1-2 hours from Namur (where we live).
If anyone can share an experience or a website where I could find such a place (I know Booking.com and weekenddesk)... Happy to get any of your advice on the project, too..
Thank you for your reading and help 🤗
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2023.05.30 20:20 christhegamer96 Moxxie and Verosika Wedding (By @TheHugeMeme)

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2023.05.30 20:20 rohanmen Critique my 10-day Guatemala Trip

Hi all. Planning a Labor Day* trip to Guatemala to do some hiking, and see some Mayan ruins. Would love some advice about this proposed itinerary.
Is this logistically feasible? Is it worth it? I've heard Yaxha is beautiful, but I don't know if it's too much to do it on the same day as Tikal. Would love some advice from anyone who has visited the area.
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2023.05.30 20:20 Flexstar13 Asexuality in some cases linked to antidepressants.

Hi guys, I became asexual with 37 years after taking a medication against chronic back pain. It turned out that the med was an antidepressant and that these SSRI and SNRI can trigger a underreported and not very recognized condition called PSSD - Post ssri sexual dysfunction. There is no cure and many of not most do not recover from this.
As there are coming more and more people into the pssd subreddit who just found out that this medication could be the cause of their asexuality, I would like to ask this community, how many of you took antidepressants before you noticed you lack of interest in sex. And I would like to invite everybody who fits into this group to join our subreddit: pssd
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2023.05.30 20:20 FboO0 Defimons Mmorpg Mobile/Pc ( Invite codes for Alpha)

Defimons is a massively multiplayer online virtual world, inspired from popular games such as Stardew Valley, Pokemon and more. Here you can battle monsters, craft items, complete quests, design apartments and so much more, as you explore a vast, open-ended and player created world.
For those who want an invite code to enter the game and have a twitter account, here are the new invite codes I have:
Website https://defimons.com/
-Go to https://beta.defimons.com/
-Chooses a Sequence login.
-Verifies their account.
-Choose an in-game username.
-Input Twitter username without the @.
-Send the generated tweet.
Wait for approval. Enjoy the alpha.
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2023.05.30 20:19 snnicc Kia telluride digital key- second user profile

Hi! I’m new to having a Kia! I just got a 2023 telluride a few weeks ago and forgive me not knowing this but I can’t seem to find where to address this issue: if I use the digital key rather than the fob, my car starts from my husband’s profile. I had invited him to share the digital key but I’m confused on why it keeps starting from his profile? Thank you in advance!
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