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2015.03.14 17:57 darianb1031 Dr. Ken on ABC

The subreddit for the ABC sitcom "Dr. Ken", created by and starring Ken Jeong.

2023.03.22 14:32 Drunk_Giraffe484 These gamestop articles are getting glitches now

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2023.03.22 14:16 Ok_Cow5284 How can I preemptively block a stalker

About 2 years ago now I started getting stalked online by a girl I have only ever had one conversation with when I was a bartender.
It was a bit of a messy situation but basically it seems like she had a ONS with a regular 2 years ago and since then has been harassing him, the female waitresses, the female guests (if they’re tagged in posts) and the bar owners. (There are no accusations of abuse to the guy other then him playing her, the extent of my interaction with the guy was serving him beer every weekend but I don’t/didn’t know him)
I stopped working in the bar, everything I have is on private, had to lock down my social media, family’s social media and boyfriends social media including linkedin etc.
If we just take instagram as the example I’ve blocked around 15 confirmed accounts of hers, with 10 more that are 90% sure are hers.
No matter if I report or block-> block all, there are still new accounts and it’s very frustrating. When commenting on random pages I.e a meme page, she finds it and comments on it. The other female bar staff have it worse as she comments about their race - so whenever we find a new account of hers we mention it in the group chat and collectively block it. Is there anyway to find the troll accounts and block for good, or to make the (I.e instagram/Facebook) ‘block all’ function work?
(When she started attacking via linked in I tried to go to the police, but we live in different counties and the police just said other then going o her address and warning her they can’t do much, I had a 5 page word document of screenshots and explanation of how stressed it makes me but nothing came about)
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2023.03.22 13:55 HawkeyeTen "Peace is for the strong!" Korean War U.S. Defense Bonds ad, circa 1952.

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2023.03.22 13:55 alpha_bionics Basketball News - The gritty Knicks, with Jalen Brunson back in the rotation, have a two-game cushion to hold on to the No. 5 seeds, which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

The gritty Knicks, with Jalen Brunson back in the rotation, have a two-game cushion to hold on to the No. 5 seeds, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. Coming up, this contract is hopefully my biggest one, one where I’m making sure my family’s fully taken care of. There are games one watches the Heat and thinks, “this team is catching the Nets,” like the recent win over Memphis. He once again was apologetic. “I’m completely sorry for that,” Morant said, via the Associated Press. Following his playing career, Willis mentored the next generation as a coach, team executive and proud HBCU alumnus. This is a deal that should come together. But first, Hart and the Knicks are headed to the playoffs, and Madison Square Garden will be rocking. A week later, Fred Schaus, Lakers general manager, said, "We lost the series in the fifth game. The Bucks have a 2. 5-game lead (three in the loss column) over Boston with 11 games to play, and the Bucks don’t have a particularly difficult schedule. Jokić, Embiid, Jayson Tatum and Giannis Antetokounmpo are phenomenal players, and each is having a great season. ""It's hard to explain, there's so much emotion," DeBusschere said after his 18 points and 17 rebounds, helping on the bards while Reed couldn't jump. pic. twitter. com/oYdCM27ZeD — NBA (@NBA) March 21, 2023Then there was the Timberwolves, who were more balanced but equally hot, shooting better than 70% as a team in the first half. “My earliest and fondest memories of NBA basketball are of watching Willis, who embodied the winning spirit that defined the New York Knicks’ championship teams in the early 1970s. pic. twitter. com/oYdCM27ZeD— NBA (@NBA) March 21, 2023Then there was the Timberwolves, who were more balanced but equally hot, shooting better than 70% as a team in the first half. He’s quickly become a fan favorite in New York, but the Knicks will have to pay up to keep him. "They were just great," he said after the last game the Knicks won, 113-99, at home. "Obviously, took that time to better myself, get in a better space mentally," Morant told media Tuesday. Atlanta has the easiest schedule of the three, but the Bulls have been the hottest team with wins over the Heat and 76ers recently. Among those voters, 69. 8 percent voted for Jokić last season (44), Embiid was second in votes at 19 percent (12) and Giannis was third at 11. 1 percent (seven). Who cares if it came against the team with the worst record in the West, it counts just the same. Still, there are some races to follow with just three weeks until the play-in tournament starts. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.22 13:53 buczek23 Analysis of the current Team Rocket rotation, shiny odds

Analysis of the current Team Rocket rotation, shiny odds
Hi again to all of you guys :)
As the new Takeover event is annouced with some changes (shiny shadows to grunts plus brand new shadows), lets take a look of current rotation. I would like you to share my shiny odds for this rotation and thoughts of lineups/type distrubution. Lets GO!

  1. Type distribution
Following my previous posts I will try to compare the data to the recent rotation

Type distribution - previous rotation
We remember Rock types dominated by Onix and Sudowoodo's encounters, annoying A. Rattatas from Dark and endless Totodile/Wailmer catches. Most common types had nothing really interesting to search for...
Lets focus on current rotation:

Current type distribution
Even if water still dominates, we have been given an additional pokemon - Psyduck returning the lineup. Then, suprisingly we have Ice type - most common pokemon from Ice grunt is A. Sandshrew, but Swinub and A. Vulpix arent that hard to encounter, so this grunt wasnt that annoying. 3rd place is taken by Fire - another return - Vulpix, which was most common pokemon from this grunt. Worth noticing is new Male steelgrunt, which made a very promising debut. It was hunted by many due to possibly Metang encounter.

Percentage change of type distribution
Assuming, I noticed bigger diversity in Type distribution, which allows us to encourage and fight the grunts more willingly

  1. Comparsion by type
Lets rate the current lineups comparing to previous rotation
a) Water
We are able to catch Psyduck and fight Golduk on 2nd/3rd slot. We still miss the Mudkip family, but bigger diversity was exepected

Water grunt comparison
b) Ice
As mentioned, debut of A. Vulpix was excting for many players. Its fairly easy to encounter this little friend. We have ben given a chance of fighting A. Ninetales on 2nd slot which is cool for me

Ice grunt comparison
c) Fire
Same as WateIce - we have been given 3rd pokemon to encounter - mentioned Vulpix. It dominated the possibly encounter.

Fire grunt comparison
d) Psychic
Debut of Spoink was fine, but I was happier from Abra return. Another expand of encounters from 1st slot. The rest remains the same - we can still hope for Ralts/Girafarig from 2nd slot.

Psychic grunt comparison
e) Rock
Finally the Fake tree was deleted from lineups! For me, very common Onix isnt an issue, since it has some PvP usage and Mega evolution. Graveler is back to 2nd slot as well.
Rock type comparison
f) Fighting
Nothing really changed since Machop was deleted Now we are able to encounter pokemon from 2nd slot, which slightly buffs Hitmon family in # of encounters

Fighting type comparison
g) Ground
Geodude is back available on 1st slot, no more chanes were made. Another diversity boost.
Ground type comparison
h) Grass
Oddish return, we still having fun with Cacnea as most common encounter for this grunt. Hoping it was the last rotation for long!
Grass type comparison
i) Flying
Starly replaced by Zubat is a nerf in my opinion. No more changes were made.
Flying type comparison
j) Electric
Blitzle family debut made electrics very interesting. It already contained Shinx which is very nice pokemon IMO. Diversity boost noticed.

Electric type comparison
k) Steel
Brand new grunt is a mix of current Ground and Ice grunt (A. Diglett + A, Sandshrew), enriched in Aron family and Metang. This sounds good for me as a container for Pokemon, that have a Steel as 2nd type

Steel type
l) Fairy
Fairy grunt has a problem of stability. Nothing really has been changed since very beginning. Now we can encounter Kirlia/Granbull directly from 2nd slot. Thats the change

Fairy type comparison
m) Normal
Another cosmetic change - we have pidove debut. Normal is the most various type with possibly six different encounters

Normal type comparison
n) Bug
Joltik debut is very electryfing. Spicy pokemon for PvP usage refreshed this type of grunts. We also got Skorupi encounter boost, possible to reach from 1st slot. The issue remains the same - Shuckle... On 2nd place we can encounter Weedle family. Pinsir was replaced by Beedrill on last slot - Sadge

Bug type comparison
o) Dark
With Murkrow return Dark types are rarer. We can encounter this birdie on both 1st and 2nd slot. No more changes were made - A. Rattata is noticeable more uncommon

Dark type comparison
q) Ghost
Duskull was added again to possibly encounters, which slightly enriched this type - as I wanted to! Nothing more changed.

Ghost type comparison
r) Poison, Dragon, Typeless (Snorlax) types
Nothing really changed in their lineups, only male Nidoran was moved to Arlo. I will skip it respectively

  1. Shiny odds
Now lets get to the Shiny odds from leaders. This is gonna be the last one, as since the next Takeover, we will be able to encounter shinies from grunts. I assume 1/64 factor will remain for both grunts and leaders, but lets back to the business.

a) Previous rotation
I managed to fight Leaders 234 times. The most wanted shiny by me was Machop due to its general PvE values
Unfortunately, Machop, Mawile and Sableye remain my nightmare as I caught noone of them shiny.
I need to admit, I was insanely unlucky. With 1/64 factor I should have managed to have 3-4 shinies but all I got was bitterness..

b) Current rotation
So far I fought leaders 215. I didnt really care of decent Beldum, just wanted to have all of them shiny.
Now we are moving again to RNG space-time. I managed to get 4 shiny Magnemites, 3 Beldums and 0 male Nidorans.
Lets be honest, the odds are insanely high. I doubled the number of hypothetical shiny encounters. To put thing together lets see the comparison

Shiny odds comparison
We have just proved the magic of RNG. If we sum up both rotations together, we get expected amount of shinies. If we look separately - we get extreme conlusions.

  1. Approaching Takeover expectations
Honestly, with the possible shiny shadows from grunts I have no more demands. All I would like to see is:
Machop return to fighting grunt
Mawile debut in Steel/Fairy grunt
Nidorans return to poison grunt
Sableye return to Dark/Ghost grunt
Kanto starters return into their respective grunts

What about your expectations?
What shiny shadows you miss in your collection and wait hard for their return?
Let me know your shiny odds and feelings for the ending rotation. Good luck with the next one!
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2023.03.22 13:50 HollowVesterian 90% of posts on this sub

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2023.03.22 13:44 woodywoodwoowow From king to church owner in one war.

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2023.03.22 13:38 Larry_Thorne_2020 Pets in President Family

Do you miss Rayne family not having one? I'm sure Deana does xD
I mean, I understand some families make the choice of not having a dog/cat/bird/fish/etc.
But it made me think, it would fit the game theme and maybe could also be a source for comic relief or even drama >! Orso Dog flashbacks !<
About the comic relief, I mean, it makes me remember o something like Churchill Parrot lol (Its said, the parrot cursed Hitler a lot xD )
I'm not sure if Stalin have any, but Hitler have Blondi (German Shepard)
And I'm most sure FDR have Fala (Terrier)
So which pet you think would have been cool for Rayne family? One more reason I wish we could get a Second Term DLC : )
Maybe a Goat would fit better for a Sordish Nationalist run? lmao
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2023.03.22 13:27 atomic440 In The Dunes (15 pages)

Logline: Jean feels trapped by her family life and looks forward to secret rendezvous with her lover. But when she is given an ultimatum, she must choose which life she'd rather hold on to.
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dG3Y3-9RAxXWV4bPt0t7LrNEAedHWpO_/view?usp=sharing
Page Count: 15
First-time submitter! This short was written for an Irish screenwriting competition but I didn't get a chance to submit it. I'm open to any and all critique.
A few notes:
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.22 12:47 No_Atmosphere8725 Breaking up w/ someone who let me down when I needed them has me feeling conflicted through the heartbreak

I (27 F) broke up with my boyfriend (26M) about two weeks ago. I've been agonizing over how we parted ways, since it was not at all how I would have imagined or intended that to go. I would appreciate some insight and hopefully advice on how to process what went down, because looking back I still feel very confused and conflicted about it.
We certainly had a passionate but unstable connection -- I know based on most of our actions towards each other there was a real and loving connection (we had only exchanged "I love you's" once, as that is something we both need a lot of time to approach), but ultimately we definitely struggled with unhealthy communication styles around unmet needs. Our fights felt confusing (I would get emotional from bottled up stress, he would shut down and not know what to say/react). The first half of our 10-month relationship was incredible, very emotionally and physically close and communicative, both very clear and open in our commitment to each other, but the second half we started having communication problems and incompatibilities popped up (differences in libido, anxious vs. avoidant struggles, etc). We'd had a couple pretty rough fights since the beginning of this year, but always came back together and mutually expressed a desire to stay together. I personally think we could have worked most of these things out, but then an event happened that really shook the relationship at its core for me.
Early this month I had a sudden medical emergency where I ended up having to drive myself to the emergency department in the evening to get treatment. I was terrified but externally keeping as calm as I could, and when I reached out to my bf for support (called him right before I left), I felt that he left me hanging and to fend for myself. I know I should have just clearly communicated "I want you here with me", but I was in survival mode up until getting checked out and wasn't thinking very straight. I spent about 3 hours in the ED alone, and while I was physically okay, mentally I was pretty stressed out. He lived about 10 min away and was not busy -- he was the closest person I know in the area, my family and friends live further away so I didn't think to call them first. He texted to check in a couple times.
A few days after this (I was physically fine after this night and going home), I reflected on what having a partner means to me, and was really disappointed by how I felt he acted towards me when I was in a bad situation. I imagined if the situation was reversed, and couldn't imagine letting my S/O sit alone in the ED for 3 hours after having a scary health situation.
There was pent up anger and heartbreak involved in how I ended things -- I don't regret ending the relationship over this incompatibility (failure to be a supportive partner), but I think I do regret how I ended it. I went over to his house like I usually did so have dinner and stay the night, and we talked a little about how this situation affected me. I actually didn't intend to break up with him then, but it became more and more clear that he knew he should have gone, but didn't and overall didn't take the situation seriously. We ended up napping, and when I woke up I was already crying. A great wave surged inside my chest and felt like it was going to explode out of me. The wave was made of hurt, fear, and confusion. My love didn’t show care for me when I was in a life-threatening situation, and it hit me. This was not love (or not the kind of love I needed). It couldn’t wait. I patted his shoulder and called his name until I saw his eyes open in the dark. I told him that I had still been processing how that night had actually been very scary and difficult for me, and I realized I wasn’t okay with it. He said he was sorry in a broken voice. I said I knew he was in an equally broken voice. I then said that even though it sucks, we should break up. I was not okay with being treated like that, going through a medical emergency alone. I fled the room and went home. The pain made me lose all rational thought and I simply fled. He didn’t say anything or try to stop me. Later he said he was upset that I hadn’t approached him about breaking up at a better time, when we were both more awake. But there’s just no way I could explain that great wave that surged in my chest when I woke up, I just couldn’t stop it.
He brought me my belongings from his place the day after, and we have not spoken since. We unfollowed each other on social media, so it feels super final and over. I'm really torn up about this, and I know as the person who ended things I can't take that back (plus I did feel unsupported and that's enough reason for me just out of self-respect). I do miss him and am absolutely battling a ton of grief in the aftermath. It's not like I lost feelings for him, but the lack of care (and aftercare) really shocked me.
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2023.03.22 12:46 iKR8 CNUNO

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2023.03.22 12:43 ImaDeadMeme4 Did you just use an emoji?

Fuck you.Fuck you. You useless piece of shit. You absolute waste of space and air. You uneducated, ignorant, idiotic dumb swine, you're an absolute embarrassment to humanity and all life as a whole. The magnitude of your failure just now is so indescribably massive that one hundred years into the future your name will be used as the moniker of evil for heretics. Even if all of humanity put together their collective intelligence there is no conceivable way they could have thought up a way to fuck k up on the unimaginable scale you just did. 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By making the mistake that you just did, you have shown me that you are so incredibly hopeless that you will only devolve into a more idiotic and wretched creature than you already are. The only possible way in which your future would be brighter than the black hole your existence currently is would exclusively be because there is absolutely no conceivable way that you would even beable to sink lower than the pathetic place your current failure has put you in.STOP FUCKING USING EMOJIS!!!!! 😡
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2023.03.22 12:36 real3verse We are thrilled to announce that our Affiliate Program is now live! 🎉 Head over to our website https://www.3-verse.io/affiliateprogram to learn more and start earning commission for every successful referral. . . . #real3verse #3verse #blockchain #blockchaintechnology #crypto #cryptomarket

We are thrilled to announce that our Affiliate Program is now live! 🎉 Head over to our website https://www.3-verse.io/affiliateprogram to learn more and start earning commission for every successful referral. . . . #real3verse #3verse #blockchain #blockchaintechnology #crypto #cryptomarket submitted by real3verse to u/real3verse [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:35 chocochipchookies What people see

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2023.03.22 12:18 Tbrock8888 My friends have moved and now I have none….

25(M) Since high school I’ve had quite a few friends. But in recent years they’ve all moved on with their lives! I love that for them, Some are nurses, some are cops, others moved just to please their s/o. I’ve stayed to be around family. I’d love to make some new friends either here (Iowa) or abroad and learn new things about people! We can dm, snapchat, or text! Whatever anyone prefers, I’d love new friends!
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2023.03.22 12:12 Enthusiast-675 Possible scenarios involving Angela and Jane Hopper/Eleven (Extremely Unlikely)

Last September, I made a post ranking all the bullies in Stranger Things (Thought I somehow forgot to reference Two) in a list based on their aggressiveness towards the main protagonists (a.k.a. the Party). Although many of you have contradicted my claims by ranking Troy Walsh and Billy Hargrove as worse bullies than Angela, I continue to stand by my point of ranking her the worst bully in the entire Stranger Things franchise. In this post, I will be listing several scenarios involving Angela and Eleven/Jane Hopper that are extremely unlikely to happen knowing that the Duffer brothers have already phased Angela out of the series, along with Jake, Chad, Stacy, and their other cronies.
Scenario 1: Angela brings Eleven to court and publicly shames her in front of all of the Lenora Hills community:
The day after Eleven attacked Angela at the Rink-O-Mania skating rink due to her and her cronies' relentless bullying against Eleven, Angela with the help of her family files false charges against Eleven alleging that Eleven aggressively attacked her for no reason, thus denying the fact that Angela and her cronies spent the past several months bullying Eleven and harassing her. In this scenario, Angela's family signed a false affidavit describing her as a cruel, sadistic, mentally disabled, and criminally insane girl who takes pleasure in humiliating Angela and her friends and through this description, successfully deceived the authorities of the Lenora Hills Police Department. A few months later, we can witness a trial commence with Angela as the "victim" and Eleven as the defendant. There, Angela fools the Judge, the jury, the prosecutor, and the spectators by fabricating many elements of her story about Eleven which ends in a guilty verdict. Eleven is then sent to a Juvenile detention center, with Angela cruelly smirking at her, signifying her success in destroying Eleven's life.
Scenario 2: Eleven retains her powers and uses them to crush Angela at Rink-O-Mania instead of hitting her with the roller skate:
Despite how impossible this particular scenario is based on the storyline of the current and previous seasons, Eleven chooses to cry in pain upon being humiliated by Angela and her cronies at the high school courtyard instead of attempting to fight back with her nonexistent powers - as it was in the first episode of the fourth season - and when Eleven was humiliated again by Angela in the Skating Rink, she uses her power to truly destroy Angela and her cronies, publicly humiliating in a similar fashion to how they tormented Eleven, but this time everyone watches in terror, and the FBI and later, Dr. Brenner and his team are called to the scene.
Scenario 3: Max Mayfield joins along with Mike Wheeler at Lenora Hills and fights Angela and her cronies:
This scenario will mostly play out the same way in the episode where Mike reunites with Eleven and Will Byers in Lenora Hills, California. However, Max joins along. At the Rink-O-Mania skating rink, Angela and her cronies show up with the same intent to utterly humiliate Eleven for "reporting" Angela to Mrs. Gracey - even though it was clear that Angela was responsible - but instead of going to her plan, Angela now faces Max Mayfield, one of Eleven's loyal friends form Hawkins, and when Angela tries to humiliate Eleven her way, Max rebukes her in a feisty way and causes Everyone to pause in confusion. Angela and her cronies naturally, knowing how popular they are among the students in Lenora Hills high, tries again to humiliate Eleven, this time enabling some form of manic laughter, but before the same level of Milkshake humiliation happened, Max takes the opportunity and pushes Angela to the ground, and in a tomboy fashion, places her foot on Angela's chest demanding that she stops bullying Eleven. This only enraged Angela, and she transitions from her passive-aggressive manner to truly violent, unleashing very harmful insults to Max and Eleven, as well as Mike and Will. This scenario ends with a fight between the two.
I without a doubt consider Angela and her friends: Jake, Chad, and Stacy to be the meanest bullies in the entirety of Stranger Things and I stand with that statement. But as always, please be kind enough to let me know your thoughts and opinions below.
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2023.03.22 12:03 Appropriate-Ad8001 Antimone Layne aka Alissa Tallman, is so unhinged and honestly, in my opinion, dangerous.

Google her name and you can read court documents that detail the extreme lengths she has taken to harass the Devins family all for her own gain. Through a freedom of information request to the Oneida County District Attorney, Alissa obtained the murder video, and other contents from both Brandon and Bianca’s phones, including explicit photos and videos of Bianca that Bianca can NEVER consent to people ever viewing, not to mention she was a minor (so Alissa is now in possession of CP). I just can’t imagine how much additional pain and trauma this would be causing for Bianca’s family.
I didn’t know Bianca, but her story has touched me. In many ways, she reminds me a lot of my younger sister who passed away on Christmas Day in 2020. Losing my sister so suddenly without any warning has been incredibly difficult, I honestly feel so lost without her. I can’t imagine the pain Bianca’s family would feel having lost Bianca, and knowing that someone was responsible for taking her young life so brutally.
It’s beautiful seeing how much Bianca’s family love her and want to protect her legacy. You can hear how much they love her at the sentencing.
The people out there who talk negatively about Bianca, who peddle their pathetic agenda, have absolutely no power. They’re using this as a sad attempt to gain something for themselves by disrespecting Bianca and further hurting her family.
I’ve spent the last few days watching all of Alissa‘s erratic videos, where she chain smokes and grows increasingly obsessed with Brandon and more vicious toward Bianca with each video. The videos made me so upset for Bianca and her family.
Especially the livestreams where Kim, Gia and Olivia were present… it was heartbreaking seeing how hurt Olivia was, she was choking up and clearly grieving. Alissa seems to get a kick out of triggering family members by saying horrible things about Bianca to get an emotional response and then telling them how “raw and brave” they are. She told Kim Devins that Kim is in denial about her daughter manipulating men and having a death wish during a livestream where Kim was present. During another livestream, Olivia pleaded for Alissa to stop talking about her sister Bianca. Alissa has absolutely no intention of ever listening to or respecting Bianca’s family.
I reported all of Alissa’s (O X Y O P I A on Youtube) videos about Bianca and felt compelled to reach out to Alissa myself and ask her to delete the videos.. she blocked me immediately.
The way she speaks about Brandon, bends over backwards to make him a victim and uplift his voice, in comparison to how she speaks of Bianca is calculated, disturbing and just wrong on so many levels. She was literally dissecting things that random people claim Bianca posted when she was 12 years old, as if that had any bearing on her being murdered 5 years later. And she claims she can verify Brandon’s claims in his many letters to her because she “trusts him” and he’s such an “amazing and honest person”.
It’s incredibly worrying that Alissa has a platform, however small it may be. I wish there was more we could do to call her out or get her awful content about Bianca taken down.
I’m so sorry to Bianca and her family.
Rest in peace angel
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2023.03.22 12:00 heyitisdee Abusive Brother against Love Marriage

My househelp is 18 y/o and has been in relationship with a guy for 2 years and they want to marry. The guy the girl is in love with is from Punjab, financially stable, working and is of the same caste. The guy’s family is supportive and so is the girl’s except the girl’s brother. In her family, they usually marry once they are 18 or 19.
The brother is verbally and physically abusive and has a control over all family decisions as when their father died he took over the responsibilities and eventually became like a father figure. The girl has been trying to convince the brother to marry the man she loves since an year and even told she’ll run away to which the brother replied he’ll kill them both.
The most baffling part is, her brother himself did love marriage and when the girl is pointing this out, he dismisses it or starts abusing her either physically or verbally for talking back.
The brother even hid her birth certificate, adhaar and such documents so she can’t find them and plan something. She tried asking for her adhaar with excuse if bank work to which her brother said ‘I’ll take you to bank’. If she goes to police they’ll probably say ‘it’s your ghar ka matter’. The brother has even threatened to kill himself if she doesn’t listens and marries where he wants.
Even though her mother doesn’t mind her marrying the guy she loves, she still keeps telling the girl that she should try to understand as her brother won’t back down.
Is there anything that can be done to help this situation or girl?
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2023.03.22 11:59 Spirited-Love-1422 Taking a chemo break?

Mum (69 y/o) was diagnosed with stage IV & mets to the liver back in August 2022. She has been on Gemcitabine+Abraxane since September. 3 weeks on, 1 week off, then repeat. She has had 3 scans, the first showed not much change, but the second & third showed that tumours in both the pancreas & liver had reduced in size "significantly." She still will not be eligible for a whipple.
She has been tolerating the constant 6 months of chemo well, and still manages to live a relatively normal life, eating well, going out for walks, seeing friends, family, playing with her grandchild etc. Apart from the first 1/2 days after chemo where she is very weak. Her body is obviously being ravaged by the chemo though as it accumulates... lack of taste, hair loss, fatigue, bowel problems and more recently finger + toe pain (her nails look like they're starting to fall off bless her, she struggled to tear a piece of bread in half the other day 💔).
She has been wondering about taking a chemo break, to let her body regain a little strength, does anyone have any experience or knowledge in this? She is worried about the affect that it will have on the tumours - are they likely to grow much bigger in this time? Is it worth the risk? She wants to fight this disease for as long as she can, and doesn't want to ruin any effort she's already put in. I know nothing can be said for sure as everyone is different, but any thoughts please? 💜
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2023.03.22 11:32 TehEvra Porta potty politics

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2023.03.22 11:26 InkOnTube (Beloved) Eco-dystopia

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2023.03.22 11:19 Inevitable-Feed7419 Dual citizen military & travel problems

Hello everyone, throwaway account because paranoia. I am a 29 y.o. dual citizen (Greek + other EU member country where I currently live). I'm facing some trouble travelling to Greece currently and I have to go in May for a cousin's wedding. I have been struggling with the bureaucracy for a while so any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
A few months ago I received a letter from the Greek army, asking me to contact them regarding my military service. I want to mention here that my connection to Greece on paper is practically non existent apart from visiting family every year. My parents registered me when I was born, but due to my other EU passport and the fact that I never actually lived in Greece I have no Greek ID or passport, no address in the country, no taxisnet etc.
I spoke with the embassy here and they told me to register as a permanent resident abroad (μόνιμος κάτοικος εξωτερικού), which would allow me to come and go to Greece as long as I don't stay more than 6 months in the country. Here is where it gets a bit tricky. This process requires endless paperwork which during my 20s I wasn't paying attention to - proof of the countries I lived in such as contracts, bills etc, which for some places that I stayed I simply do not have. I sublet more than once for several months and moved around a lot so this is a nightmare to figure out. They only accept specific things as well so it's not as simple as it sounds.
I then saw I could register as a draft evader who lives abroad (ανυπότακτος εξωτερικού) and be able to visit for up to a month, however this requires a Greek passport and to get a Greek passport I need to register as a permanent resident abroad, so I am currently stuck. I have been trying to sort this out for over 6 months, speaking with embassies in different countries that I lived in and trying to gather adequate proof for each but it is almost impossible.
I was told at the embassy that entering the country is not a problem, it's the leaving part, and that PROBABLY travelling with my other EU passport/ID will not cause problems (this was on an unofficial level with the employee at the embassy, I was already doing this for a while, I wasn't aware there might be complications with the military). Since I got the letter I have not been to Greece. I was told by a friend that leaving the country by car and flying via a different country is also an option. I'm just unsure if something could go wrong, I'm a bit paranoid because my name, parents names + birthday (which is the only info the Greek military/state has) could be enough to identify me.
Is it too risky to book tickets flying in and out of Greece? Does anyone have a similar experience? Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks for reading!
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