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1500 kCals A Day!

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2015.09.23 01:32 anditsmeg13 a vegan version of the wonderful r/1200isplenty

A sub for vegan weight loss. Welcome to a community much like 1200isplenty where users share meals and tips, with a twist! Everything you'll find here is 100% vegan. We have animal-free recipes, dishes, and snacks to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Whether your daily calorie limit is 1200, 1400, or even 1600 or more, everybody is welcome to post and comment here. A vegan CICO based diet can benefit anybody trying to maintain or lose weight.

2020.07.08 00:40 Live-Love-Lie CalorieCalculators

Post pictures or videos of grotesque or stupid amounts of food and we’ll calculate how many Calories are in the dish!

2023.05.30 20:18 BeyondSelf211 Discovered an Interesting Platform for Food and Travel Enthusiasts - Ally

I recently came across this platform, Ally (, that I thought would interest many of you here. It seems to be a space where people who enjoy sharing quality, non-sponsored recommendations in food and travel can actually get rewarded for it. A bit of a game-changer, I think!
They have this membership called the 'Tastemaker program,' which is designed to allow passionate individuals to earn from each recommendation they share. It's not often you see a platform genuinely valuing the insights of its users this way.
Interestingly, they're also seeking early adopters who can help shape the Tastemaker features. So, it seems like a unique opportunity to influence how the platform evolves, if you're into that sort of thing.
If this sounds intriguing, you can check out more!
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2023.05.30 20:17 allowme2bettermyself Any info on a new Coffee Shop (47th and Federal)

Any info on a new Coffee Shop (47th and Federal)
Not sure if this is the best place to post, but I’ll take my shot.
There’s a sign for a new coffee shop being built at the corner of 47th and Federal in what used to be a Genesis Flooring Company. I’m super excited because that strip mall is very underutilized by the demographic that lives nearby and it seems it’s finally being revitalized. I’ve spoken to so many of my neighbors about getting a cafe within walking distance and now it’s finally happening. Does anyone know any info or know how I can find that info (business license search, etc)?
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2023.05.30 20:16 benny_button69 CryptoD you gonna get in big FUD trouble

CryptoD you gonna get in big FUD trouble
Seriously why anyone think they getting money back? If this were real project why would they just hand everyone they money back who invested? Nobody want to be part of project anymore. Probably more people want buyback than staying. The more you people keep speaking nice to Barry (who now pretend to be Kenneth from Germany), the more I think you deserve to be scammed.
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2023.05.30 20:16 ninjaofthedude Is Gamma’s Trading Post down?

When I looked up gamma’s trading post in the past it showed how many people were in the server and the link worked. But now the link doesn’t work and discord doesn’t list the server anymore on a google search. Does anyone know if the server is still up or not?
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2023.05.30 20:16 dwredbaker Our name must be guarded before all as the most important treasure we have~D. W. "Red" Baker

Ecclesiastes 10:1-3~"Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour. A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart at his left. Yea also, when he that is a fool walketh by the way, his wisdom faileth him, and he saith to every one that he is a fool."
"Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: so doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour"
I hate flies, but dead ones in certain places is even worse.
  1. Apothecary is one that prepares and sells drugs for medicinal purposes, the business now we call druggist, or pharmaceutical chemist.
  2. Here is a poetic, proverbial, and very powerful metaphor to emphasize protecting one's reputation, especially so one who is known for wisdom and being in a place of honour.
  3. We only wish we had been taught this great lesson while still in our youth. But, yet knowing this all important truth, it is not easy to let this slip and fall into some type of sin whereby we give place for other to speak evil of our name and the God that we serve.
"So doth a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom and honour"~All it takes is a little folly, just as flies are so small yet cause so much stink if in the apothecary's ointment!
Though God forgives all sins, yet the damage is done, and cannot be reversed! It generally has lasting effect on so many people.
Proverbs 22:1~"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving kindness than silver or gold."
Your reputation is an asset far more important than anything you can buy. The respect of others and their affection for you is an asset you should pursue with great zeal. Your character is a precious treasure that you should enhance each day by wise choices.
What do people think, when they hear your name? Do they think graciousness, godliness, diligence, and faithfulness? Is your name sweet to their ears and thoughts? How do they speak of you to others? Are you often praised in your absence? Do others crave your company? Do they want to honor you with affection, gifts, and service?
Or is your name a bitter thought? Do they think harshness, selfishness, stubbornness, pride, moodiness, or indiscretion? Do they try to avoid you? Do they avoid you? When others talk about you, do they have to make excuses for your conduct? Do they pass over you for invitations or assignments, because you are more irritating than pleasing?
You cannot ignore these questions and be wise. Your reputation and relationships are a great measure of your life. Stop and examine your reputation with others. What others think of you is a far more accurate picture of your life than what you think about yourself, for you have an obvious bias to distort facts in your favor, and you have a deceitful heart that is deeply infatuated with yourself (Pr 16:2; 20:6; 21:2; Jer 17:9; Gal 6:3).
Some people are used as well known examples of specific virtues or all virtues. Others are used as examples of poor character and problems. How is your name used? Are you spoken about affectionately and respectfully, or critically and negatively? Many have no outstanding virtues at all, so they pass through life without any honor or favor, which shows a lack of diligence and priority in pursuing godliness and virtue.
What is a good name? It is not your parents’ choice of a distinguished combination of syllables that sounds sophisticated, classy, or pleasant. It is not merely being named after a respected ancestor. Your bare name has no value at all. Solomon used “good name” as a metonym for a good reputation. He exhorted his son to emphasize having a good reputation with God and good men as one of the chief goals of life (Pr 3:4).
What is loving favour here? It is not giving love and favour to others, but rather receiving love and favour from others. It is obtaining affection and respect from other virtuous persons. It is obtaining their acceptance and approval of your life. Of course, reaching such a position requires you to carefully rule your conduct to please others. It requires consistent righteous behavior to hold the esteem and trust of others (Eccl 10:1).
The proverb has an ellipsis, which is missing words that shorten the sentence and give it boldness. The second clause may be read, “And loving favour is to be chosen rather than silver and gold.” These words taken from the first clause are important to fill out the whole sense of the proverb. A comparison and choice is being taught in both clauses.
In each case it is your choice. You can choose a good reputation and the loving approval of others. It is your choice. Both should be a priority. Both are more important than other measures of success. Circumstances or discrimination are excuses for foolish or lazy men who have not properly pursued these important goals. A wise man will pursue both.
What is the lesson? You should put great emphasis on your reputation and relationships. While many men chase financial and professional success with all their might, Solomon exhorted his son to value his reputation and relationships higher than these other goals. He wanted his son to grow in favor with God and men, and he ranked the importance of this achievement as more valuable than great riches (Pr 3:4; I Sam 2:26; Luke 2:52).
How do you measure by Solomon’s lesson? How important is your reputation to you? Is it more important than any amount of money or success? Do you work harder to improve your name than to get ahead financially? How much do you value the esteem and respect of good men? Do you regularly examine your conduct to be without offence? Do you go out of your way to make sure each thing you do is done very well for all concerned?
God measures you by what others think. You cannot please God and offend good men at the same time. It is impossible. If you are pleasing God and keeping His commandments, you will please others (I Sam 18:14-16; I John 5:2). And your family and close friends do not count, for it is your reputation before good men that is the key. You can easily tell a person’s character by the number and kind of friends he has. These facts do not lie.
Of course, others’ opinions are not your only measure, or the most important (John 5:44). But they are a measure. You foolishly deceive yourself to approve your life and conduct, if good men and women have a low regard of you. Joseph and Daniel were highly regarded even as captives in foreign lands by their excellent spirits and blameless lives.
Demetrius had a great name and reputation of the apostles and all men (III John 1:12); Timothy was highly regarded both before and after he met Paul (Acts 16:1-2; Phil 2:19-22). This high measure of a good reputation in the world is a necessary qualification for the bishops of Jesus Christ’s churches (I Tim 3:7). How do you measure up?
A good reputation before the world is possible, but some ungodly men will not appreciate your righteousness (I Thess 4:12; I Pet 2:12; Dan 6:3-5; Luke 6:26). Solomon primarily intended good and wise men, who know the heart and will of God and measure other men by godliness. Compromise or friendship with the world is a trait of sinners (Jas 4:4).
Your opinion of yourself is quite worthless. It is usually contrary to fact. People with good reputations generally think poorly of themselves, which keeps them humble and sensitive to others; but those with bad reputations think themselves quite desirable, leading to offensive arrogance. The difference between humble modesty and self-righteousness is a large part of a good name, which is built on low self-esteem.
Your great goal is to grow in “loving favour” with God and men, as did Samuel and the Lord Jesus Christ (3:4; I Sam 2:26; Luke 2:52). This happens when you keep the two great commandments – love of God and love of neighbor. The “loving favour” of the proverb is how God and others treat you, which you can choose by living a consistent life of godliness and love toward them. An excellent spirit will cause others to love you.
So great are these goals – your reputation and esteem by others – they should exceed any other goal. Men work long days of hard labor for many years to get rich, but building a good name and reputation are more important. If you had a choice between a good reputation and precious ointment, which was of great value in Israel’s very dry climate and provided much personal pleasure, you should choose the good name (Eccl 7:1).
Consider your funeral (Pr 10:7). The memory of just men is blessed, but the name of the wicked shall rot. How will you be remembered? How long will you be remembered? Will your memory bring pleasant thoughts to hearts? Or will most cringe and be relieved? The number of persons, and their character, and their reaction at a funeral say a great deal.
You have two names. Your first name is your personal name, a unique identifier among the billions on earth. How you live and treat others creates the reputation of your first name. God gave you that name at birth with a blank reputation. What have you done with it since? You have either enhanced it or damaged it. With a single word, your name, reactions and thoughts are triggered in others. What are those thoughts?
Your second name is your surname or family name. How your family lives and treats others creates its reputation. Do you promote your family name? Or are you letting it decay? Do others desire to be with your family? Or have they been offended enough to back away? Do others want to marry into your family to obtain an interest in a good name? A good surname takes consistent godliness from many different persons.
David had a great name in the Bible. His name was much set by in Israel (I Sam 16:18; 18:30). Though Saul was king with a princely son, Jonathan and the nation loved David, for he was better than any other (I Sam 18:1-16). Everyone wanted to be with David, be like David, or be married to David. He earned this by being gracious, humble, and wise at all times. God chose this man, though a sinner, as an example of a great name in Israel.
Blessings at Solomon’s coronation included having a name greater than his father David’s name, which was easily the greatest in Israel (I Kings 1:47). Even God compared all later kings to David, and he was described as a man after God’s own heart. What a goal! How do you measure up, reader? Good fathers will want their sons to exceed them in reputation and loving favour, for they will know the many mistakes they have made.
Nabal was the opposite. He was churlish – overbearing, harsh, and difficult (I Sam 25:2). His name meant fool, and even his wife said he was a fool (I Sam 25:25). He was a man of Belial – wicked and profane. The Lord let him think about dying for ten days before killing him, so David could marry his beautiful wife right after his funeral (I Sam 25:39).
Consider Joseph. Though a slave, he earned the loving favour of God and Potiphar by his exemplary conduct (Gen 39:1-6). Though charged with attempted rape, he earned the loving favour of God and the jailor (Gen 39:19-23). Though a long-term prisoner, he earned the loving favour of God and Pharaoh (Gen 41:38-45; Acts 7:10). Anyone who says their circumstances or past have poorly affected their name is just making excuses.
Consider Daniel. Though a captive eunuch from a strange, small country, he earned the loving favour of God and Ashpenaz, the prince of the eunuchs in Babylon (Dan 1:9). Though living a public life for many decades, his enemies could not find a single error or fault by which to accuse him to the king (Dan 6:1-5). What a role model for young men!
What can you do to build your name and reputation and win the loving favour of others?
Everything you do every day contributes toward your reputation and the favour of others. No matter how small or large, the accumulated effect of your words and actions combine to give God and men an appraisal of your character and faithfulness. Therefore, it is your solemn duty and privilege to keep your heart, lips, and feet with all prudent diligence.
Graciousness is the greatest trait for a good name and the loving favour of others, for it can win the friendship of kings and cause women to be always honored (Pr 22:11; 11:16). It is the perfect combination of gentleness, kindness, humility, and cheerfulness that makes men and women charming and delightful. How gracious are you?
Men love those who help build their lives (Pr 27:9,17; Ps 141:3). Are you a tree of life to others (Pr 11:30; 15:4)? Do they benefit by being around you (Pr 9:8; 25:12; 28:23)? Do they seek you for help? Would you help fellow prisoners like Joseph did? Or your captors like Daniel did? Or a lustful king like Esther did? Or many widows like Dorcas did?
Is your speech a healing balm, a sarcastic whip, or a foolish noise? Men love pleasant and good words that are kind, gentle, friendly, and helpful (Pr 12:18; 16:24; 18:21; 25:11). Is your speech always gracious with only a slight saltiness of rebuke to it (Col 4:6)?
Charity never fails! If you learn and apply the fifteen phrases describing true love (I Cor 13:4-7), your name will blossom as a beautiful flower. If your name is not great and your friends are few, it is evidence you have not learned true love. Charity never fails!
Just a little folly can spoil a reputation quickly (Eccl 10:1), so you must avoid even the appearance of evil (I Thess 5:22). And you must quickly make amends for offences (Matt 5:23-24). Ruling your spirit constantly is necessary to stay virtuous (Pr 16:32). Paul took extra measures to make sure he could never be accused of dishonesty (II Cor 8:21).
Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men and well received most anywhere, knows the wisdom of this proverb. He teaches others, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently.”
John D. Rockefeller, one of the wealthiest men in human history, said, “The most important thing for a young man is to establish a credit – a reputation, character.” He also said, “Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.” This latter idea agrees well with Paul (Ro 12:17; II Cor 8:21).
If you are young, you have an advantage. Your reputation is still being formed, and you should apply yourself with all diligence to make it the very best before God and men. If you are young, you have not made as many mistakes as older persons, meaning you have less to live down. Choose today to make this proverb a high goal and live according to it.
Have you blown your reputation already? Do you think it is too late? It is never too late, if you will repent before God, confess your sins to him, confess your faults to others, and make amends or restitution for any wrongs you have done. David recovered his reputation after terrible sins, and so did Zacchaeus and Peter (Luke 19:1-9; Gal 2:9).
Your name and reputation are daily choices, and you should choose to build them and preserve them more than any other project or goal. You can change your name and reputation, so consider it a blessed privilege, duty, and a high priority for your life. Rather than emphasizing exercise, diet, and sleep to build your body, which has little value to God or men, exercise yourself unto godliness and loving others (I Tim 4:7).
Husband, do you love your wife enough to help build her name and loving favour with others? Parent, do you understand the importance of this proverb as a goal for your children? Diligent efforts should be made every day to make sure your family name and that of each family member is clear of offence. What a wonderful family objective!
If you have taken the name of Jesus Christ as a Christian, it is important that your name and reputation give honor to your religion and its Leader (II Tim 2:19). Be like those of Pentecost, who grew in favor with all the people (Acts 2:47; Phil 2:14-16). Let your life adorn the doctrine of God with glory and beauty (Titus 2:5,8,10). Be like those nameless brethren endorsed by Paul as “the glory of Christ” (II Cor 8:23).
Jesus of Nazareth grew in favour with God and men during his youth (Luke 2:52). He was most gracious in conduct and speech (Ps 45:2; Luke 4:22). Because He loved righteousness and hated wickedness, God’s loving favour blessed Him with the oil of gladness above His fellows (Heb 1:9). His name is above every name by many measures. Choose to have a perfect name, even as His name is perfect in heaven and in earth. ( J. R. Crosby a friend of mine )
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2023.05.30 20:16 7Bubba77 Chipotle is a terrible corporation, don’t work here if you’re thinking about it

  1. You will not be fairly compensated for the work you put out
  2. Nothing is guaranteed, even your PTO
  3. You will constantly be told that everybody is replaceable
  4. You will be overworked
  5. You will either climb up the ladder, or work until you can’t stand it anymore
  6. You will be discouraged to think positively
I grew up loving chipotle as a kid. I’d beg to go all the time but would maybe get it 1-2 times a month. It was my favorite place to eat.
Still ate there all throughout high school, and then came the time I started job hunting. I applied to the nearest Chipotle and they interviewed me two different times and never called back. I guess I was too young to them at the time. A year later after quitting Walmart, I applied to a different one, and they called me back the same day. I had gotten hired on the spot, and luckily I had brought my documents.
My first GM was cool. I remembered him giving me a chance when no one else would. I made minimum wage at the other places I worked and then this guy offered me $17.50 just because he “saw that I had potential.”
My first few weeks, I worked my fucking ass off. I was faster than almost anyone who worked there and I was much more clean and I knew how to think for myself. My boss loved me. Not to brag, but in the year I’ve been there I’m convinced nobody wanted it as much as I did starting out. I felt like my boss cared for me, I showed nothing but loyalty, and I’d kill fat lines and get our throughput (sales) high.
It came around June, I got promoted and I had gotten an even bigger raise for a KL wage. Was making 19.75, and he was trying to argue with the OLD FL to pay me 20. I honestly felt pretty on top of the world. He reassured me I’m getting my worth.
Things went south quick. Boss quit overnight and we were fucked over bad. This young guy had no choice but to step up in a time where we had nobody else. We ran the store as honest as we could. First thing he did was promote me and then we basically ran an insanely busy store with only 3 managers. It became hell. We would take turns working doubles, and we would constantly overwork ourselves for the store.
We eventually got help. But that was when the expectations went up highly. We got a new FL and their values were completely different. No exceptions for overtime or for extra hours even though our store makes 11k+ instead of 4k+. We have to constantly send coworkers to work other stores 30 minutes away, when we’re the ones that are fucked. And if you even ask for any sort of gas compensation they tell you a lackluster ass way of getting reimbursed through an app, but they never really show you themselves. I’ve seen it too many times.
The FL once put up a fight with me saying that with 5 people I can send one and run a shift with 4 people, because apparently because sundays are the slowest days that makes it doable. We did that, and the guy who went to the other store an HOUR away said it was a huge waste of time they had hella workers. Corporate doesn’t really pay any attention before making decisions. And that night was so terrible.
If you’re someone who enjoys vacations, then good luck. You can be young fresh out of high school and they won’t care they’ll try and make you feel bad for “leaving them stranded.” It’s always an argument to get them to accept your Paid Time Off. Like where the gm grunts and moans about losing their bonus. I have a family vacation home I go to every year and the GM tried telling me “I’ll see what i can do” and i was like “nah bro theres no negotiation im going, i never get off work” and he was silent.
This job sucks. I’m 19, and I’m a service leader (shift lead basically) who has to run the store like a GM. Everyone comes to me with their problems because my bosses scare them. And I do all the deep cleaning. And if I don’t clean the fryer myself it’ll be dirty for weeks until I do it myself. I barely ever take off work for someone my age. All my friends have plans for weekend getaways and I can only dream of going.
I don’t know if all chipotles are the same. But I’m tired of being superman. I got a raise again but I’m very close to making the maximum amount you can at my position. I’m not trying to get promoted to do even more than I should, and to be tied down to this job even more.
I know I do such a damn good job running it yet they come in acting like the store is shit and terrible and that “i’m always replaceable.” Like if I’m so fucking replaceable, do it then. Fucking do it. That’s why everyone at my store respects me the most. I’ve come to realize that it’s a tactic to scare you straight, so yeah if they tell you that don’t listen it’s most likely bullshit and they wouldn’t want you to go. There is a shrinking middle class, and I’m sure in my area we are running out of people to hire or hire to manage. Chipotles all hang by a thread, and that’s off of maximizing all profit and overworking employees. They do not care about you. All they want is their quarterly bonuses.
If you work here, they won’t ever really tell you that you do a good job. Only things that “need to be worked on.” If they feel like you lose your drive then they lose interest in you.
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2023.05.30 20:16 Mundane_Text9420 eminem songs tierlist on how many times they say song title in the song

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2023.05.30 20:16 DevilTrigger789 [TOTK] if “TP is a copy of OOT”, what is TOTK to BOTW

i don’t agree that TP is a copy of OOT but so many fans have said this many times in the past, saying it’s basically the same game but with a twilight theme added to it
so if that’s the case, i find it weird how fans defend TOTK when some of us say it’s too similar to BOTW
TOTK literally plays out the exact same way as BOTW
it’s not simply the fact that they use the same map, weapons, armour, characters, soundtrack, etc
that’s just to name a few, but the fact that the objectives themselves are the exact same!!
the same story locations (regions) for the same ‘hazards’, with extremely similar abilities as the reward, with the final boss destination at the hyrule castle
to add onto that, we don’t even get as much depth into the sages as much as we did with the champions. so even though BOTW’s story wasn’t amazing, it’s still somehow better than TOTK because they at least explored what they introduced to us in the story. whereas TOTK introduces the skies, ancestors, the Zonai race, Sonia, Rauru, and barely touch on their backgrounds and origins
so the skies and depths are just extra land for side content, they’re barely used in the story progression, aside from reaching a specific dungeon
i’ll just say that i do prefer TOTK over BOTW but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re simply giving us an upgraded version of BOTW
i was happy to see beautifully-designed temples with unique bosses, i like the new powers, but gosh, i can’t believe i waited 6 years to play the ‘same story’
i was craving for the Ganondorf duel but it could’ve simply been a part of a BOTW by being one of the phases of the final boss
the marketing of this game teases us with ‘intense fear’ of Ganondorf’s presence, and focused on the skies, but the game did not deliver - lack of present Ganondorf screentime, no real reason to explore the skies
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2023.05.30 20:16 Claymore-09 Am I destined to fail by playing on series s?

I’m on series s and just learning about mods and how they work. After starting a play through we’re I was installing and deleting a lot of mods while learning the ins and outs I got to a point were my game would crash just about everywhere. Figure by it was all the junk files left from old mods I took the time to reinstall the entire game, download what I thought was a solid load order, and started a fresh save. Now I’m at the same point as before and am starting to frequently crash almost as much as before. Both times it was shortly after the brotherhood arrived. The only thing I can figure is that it is the extra stress by having to render the prydwen and vertibirds shooting at everything
Is the idea of enjoying a modded play through on series s a pipe dream? I download many optimizers I seen in other people’s load orders along with Paton less enemies. I know I should get a X but money isn’t in the cards for that right now
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2023.05.30 20:15 AntiSocialAlien11 I wish I had a more assertive/aggressive personality rather than a sweet docile one

Regardless of my accomplishments in life or how competent I am, I feel like a common problem for me is that since I am usually sweet, thoughtful, and an unproblematic person, I like to smile laugh and make jokes. However, I feel like I get overlooked or underestimated quite frequently. If I was a girl, I think these qualities would be more desirable if I was a woman, but I am a man, and I think this is bad. This affects me in many different scenarios but I’ll just name 2 mains ones and based on those, you can probably assume other scenarios.
It seems like people who talk about themselves and brag about themselves a lot get taken seriously, even if they say things that are contradictory to how they behaved in the past in situations in which they bragged about. Like getting all the girls as a party even though they sat in a corner and drank the whole time etc.
When I am with a group of guys and we are going to see some girls. I feel as if all the attention goes to the loudest people regardless of how obnoxious or rude they may be and they are more attentive when talking with them and all the random “F*** yous” or “Your a b***” and other random insults. I like to have fun and make jokes too, but I’m definitely not nearly as loud or center of attention, and I have no random urges to throw insults even as jokes. If I did, it would just be forced and “not me”
People will also assume that I’m incompetent because I’m quiet regardless of how much I have proven otherwise, even more than the louder people. It’s like we live in a “Bark bigger than the bite” type of world, but the bark is usually all anyone sees. Ever heard of “group leaders”? Dumb I know, but this always happens. For example we will be deciding “What should we do about X situation” among a group of friends or other people, the loud one who is stubborn everyone listens to as the default go to, even if they have been wrong many many times and take his advice over mine even if it doesn’t make sense.
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2023.05.30 20:15 shmusht AITA for not posting my gf on Valentine’s Day?

This was a few months ago but my (20m) now Ex girlfriend (21f) and I have been arguing and she used this as one of the reasons she broke up with me last month.
I’m not a big social media user. I post maybe every few months on IG if that. And she posts less than I do. But when I do it’s about my music or business. I’m a private man and tend to keep things private from social media because it’s honestly nobody’s business.
We were apart for Valentine’s Day this year since she was at college close to the other side of the state and I was working. So we said happy Valentine’s Day and we planned to exchange presents in 2 weeks when she came back for break. Near the end of the day she posted a picture of us on her IG story. And I reposted it on my close friends on IG which has a considerable amount of people like 40 out of however many followers I have. She then calls me crying around 12 am while I’m sleeping crying saying I don’t love her and I’m hiding her which she knows isn’t the truth. Since we have gone out with both of our friends several times. We’ve only been dating for 3-4 months at that point and I didn’t think it was a big deal but it was for her and she told me how she was hidden as a girl by her friends in middle school. We did end up breaking up about 2 months ago and this was one of the things she brought up during the break up which I figured was happening anyway. She ended it by saying I only cared about me and I never cared about her which I believe was bs. But she has her feelings about it. AITA?
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2023.05.30 20:15 No-Boysenberry-2766 What I seek as a total war fan.

Many mistake me as "History purist" but I'm not , I'm a history buff , the setting in medieval times or roman times only capture my attention , but it doesn't guarentee my devotion to a game , Rome 2 is the perfect example for that , what I seek is not just a "setting" in real historical times , what I seek is...
Proper physics and attention to the line of fire , armies to behave as if they were human beings not a visual represintation to a stats based d*ck measuring between the player and the AI , I seek all the dropped out features that brought those games to life , whether the funny speeches of Generals , or the city view in peace times in Rome 1 , or the visual and behavioral representation of experienced and better armored units , and many more little things that added up to make those games feel real even though they look old in terms of graphics.
I also seek an improvement to the AI , improvements on sieges like building ramps , digging ditches , diverting rivers , bribing a gate guard , negociating with besieged enemy , improvements on the political system , making it at least possible to sue for peace rather than be in a constant war with no treaties or lasting peace terms , I seek being able to win through strategy alone like using the terrain on the battle map to my advantage , or if the terrain doesn't favor me , I would like to do a scorched earth policy to my lands and deny the enemy battle , making his soldiers suffer attrition...
I seek a proper man power system linked to a proper population system and population management similar to the one in HOI4 , where you can feel that every soldier you feild and then lose is actually irreplacable , sure you can recruit more older and weaker men , but that tough bastard that I spent months training is priceless , and even though I don't see those soldiers dying given that they are represented in numbers only in Hoi4 , I can still feel for every single soldier that die , making my nation weaker and in more danger of losing the war if my man power losses didn't amount to a proper victory , all this adds up the importance of my preparation and strategy...
and all of that is where I have millions of men fighting in my army , imagine how impactful that would be if it was implemented in medieval times in a total war game where you see a visual representation of the fighting. I seek proper representation of armies and their numbers , cuz few representational units that scale up with terrain (like in the Ultimate General Games) is waaaaaaay more interesting , strategic , and realistic than having 2000 man strong Roman army while in real life Rome fielded 100s of thousands.
All of that and more comes from my passion to those games , cuz I love CA for making Medieval 2 and Rome 1 , I saw a huge potential for this company when I first played their games , but now , I don't know.
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2023.05.30 20:14 gardenpartay Cried a ton at a wedding

Detailed but not-hugely-impactful-to-life rant. This is mostly a way for me to process what happened.
I was at a wedding this weekend, and I felt super unwelcome and out of place. Important context is that I was at a wedding where the culture is not my own, and my husband and I were 100% the only white people there (this doesn't bother me-- I've been to many weddings for friends where this has been the reality and always had a great time). I had a tough time because I'm pregnant, feeling uncomfortable in my body, and very sensitive.
I knew the bride from work, where we were very close due to working in a high-stress environment where we were the only two "long-haulers." We don't currently work together, but she's lovely and we've kept in touch. I've had a really hard month: I had COVID three weeks ago, I've been having big pains in doing anything and compression socks are my bff right now. And I hurt my foot doing who knows what, so I have trouble walking quickly or at all. Plus of course, I'm 33 weeks pregnant.
We get there a bit early compared to most (cultural timing norms), so as soon as we glimpsed into the empty ballroom (they were taking pics) my husband and I decided to wait in the hotel lobby. We're there for maybe 20 minutes just chatting, when the bride comes by and is so lovely saying that she thought she saw me and wanted to know how I was feeling, if I needed anything, and invited me to sit in the unoccupied reception space to wait for cocktail hour to begin. I really can't say enough good things about her!
She shepherded us back to the ballroom and got a bit distracted with photographer and other guests, but assigned a friend of hers to watch out for us and told us to sit in the reception area until cocktail hour (there were no chairs anywhere else). The friend also disappeared to help the bride. We grabbed two chairs at the nearest table and sat down. Within 5 minutes, a man who I recognize as her brother (I've seen pictures) comes over and asks if we're with the bride or the groom. I reply that we're with the bride, and he immediately starts to say that the room won't open for another hour, so we can't be in there. I reply that since I'm 7 months pregnant, I really needed somewhere to sit, and the bride told us we could sit down there. He accepted this, though still seemed skeptical, and moved on. Not 10 minutes later, another woman (not sure who) asks us if we're friends with the bride, I say yes, and she says that "perhaps we'd be more comfortable" on the other side of the room, because the side of the room we were on was the "groom's side." I tell her, starting to tear up, that we're not planning to stay there, that I'm pregnant and really needed to sit down. She seems more understanding that bride's brother, and asks how far along I am, and if it's my first (it is). But I'm definitely starting to cry because I just wanted to sit down, I didn't want to make a fuss or bother anyone, I just have aching feet and I would have gladly stayed in the lobby had the bride not invited us back. I think she could tell I was getting upset because she left after a moment more. I started to cry for real because I was so uncomfortable with physically being in the space and feeling like I was causing a problem, and when I get uncomfortable with crying in front of people, I hyperventilate and can't breathe properly. I tell my husband I want to leave the ballroom, so we get up and he walks me to the bathroom so I can have a bit of privacy and get myself together. It takes a while, and I definitely looked like I was crying when I got out, but there was food and it was delish so I was distracted easily.
When the ballroom finally opened for real, we went to the appropriate side and picked the seats closest to the exit so I could have good access to the bathroom. We were told by the bride's friend it was open seating. The bride's side was pretty empty, even 90 minutes in (again, cultural norms), and there were easily 7-9 completely unoccupied tables that very slowly started to fill up, but nobody chose to sit with us, even another 30-45 minutes in. So we're two full hours in by now. And truthfully, I didn't mind that we were sitting alone-- husband and I had a good time chatting and he kept bringing me food. I assumed we're get some stragglers eventually.
We had another visitor, the bride's cousin, who gave us an update on what the night would look like, and was very kind. Then, a member of the bride's family (I don't know who), came over and asked us if we would be able to move tables because there was a very big family who was coming and wanted to sit together. Now there were still plenty of spaces at other tables, but we definitely had the biggest number of contiguous empty seats. We had been sitting, drinking water and mocktails, and eating some of the cocktail hour food, so we were certainly "established" sitting there. He said he would move us to sit with his family instead. So again, not wanting to make a fuss at a wedding where the culture is not my own, we said of course, and followed this man.
He led us to a table that was clearly "important family"-- it was one of two tables marked "Reserved" and was right along the dance floor. We sat, and I tried to smile and say hello to everyone but nobody replied or smiled back. There were probably 4 other adults and 4 children at the table. I felt so uncomfortable, like I was intruding on them. It felt like they didn't want us there, and I didn't want to be there either, and I felt myself getting teary again. We listened to the religious leader give his blessing, watched the entrance of the couple, and there was a pause for some type of ceremony in another room. Again, the table was dead silent. Looking back, I suppose I could have just started speaking to my husband again, but I didn't want to be rude (even though the adults seemingly were choosing not to engage with us). Plus, after three instances of being asked to move, a crying spell in the bathroom, and nothing to distract us (still no dinner!), I was just feeling so unwelcome and overly exhausted. We decided to leave a little bit after the religious leader spoke.
In reflecting, I think I got a blast of a combo of multiple people trying to do the "right thing"-- the brother trying to make sure his sister's wedding is perfect and assuming we made a mistake in coming in early, the woman assuming we made a mistake in sitting in the "wrong place", the male family member trying to accommodate a large group by bumping two people he doesn't know, and the family who didn't want to sit with us either. But I felt awful. It wouldn't have been half as bad had I not been pregnant, both because we wouldn't have been in the ballroom at all and I would have been in a better headspace before the man asked us to move. The family would likely still have been a bit standoffish, but it wouldn't have been the last snowflake of the emotional avalanche that I felt.
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2023.05.30 20:14 ADynes Some MediaInfo scripts and Excel formula I've been using to catalog all my movie files

Not sure how many of you are using MediaInfo to catalog your files but I've been slowly compressing my library of 200+ 4k movies down and like to get a single file view of everything that I can sort through. To that end I've made a couple scripts that can be used to pull some basic info out of the files relatively quickly. MediaInfo is great but it pulls a lot of info and can take a long time with a lot of files. These scripts can pull basic info out of movie files at a rate of about 4 movies per second. These instructions assume a standard Windows 10/11 machine but should be adaptable for others.
First is you need the command line version of MediaInfo: Download the one listed as CLI then extract it to a place on your computer. Personally I am using C:\Temp and will for all my instructions.
Second we need to know what information we want to pull out. I'm using some very basic info: File name, File Size, Encoding Application (MakeMKV, HandBrake, etc), Height, Width, and Duration. I crate a new text file called "BasicInfo.txt" and add the following:
General;%FileName%,%FileSize/String%,%Encoded_Application%, Video;%Width%,%Height%,%Duration/String% 
If you want more info check out the list of commands by running 'mediainfo.exe --Info-Parameters'. Save this file into your C:\Temp directory with the MediaInfo CLI. Now start up Windows PowerShell ISE and copy/paste the following in:
Get-ChildItem -Path 'X:\YourMoviesDirectory' -Include ('*.mkv') -Recurse -File ForEach-Object { C:\temp\MediaInfo.exe --Output=file://BasicInfo.txt $_.FullName } 
Changing 'X:\YourMoviesDirectory' to where you store your movies and changing the include to the movie files your are looking for. For example if you want to look for mkv, mp4, and avi files it would look like this:
-Include ('*.mkv','*.mp4','*.avi') 
Save that file as 'GetMovieInfo.ps1' also to the C:\Temp directory. One last file to export it all out. Create another text file called 'ExportMovieInfo.bat' and add the following:
powershell.exe .\GetMovieInfo.ps1 > MovieExport.csv 
In your C:\Temp directory you should now have the text file that tells MediaInfo what information to get (BasicInfo.txt), a PowerShell scrip that will search all sub directories for the movie files you want (GetMovieInfo.ps1), and a batch file that exports out the results (ExportMovieInfo.bat).
So now if you double click the 'ExportMovieInfo.bat' file it should run the powershell file, grab every movie file you want, pass it to MediaInfo, and then push the results to your MovieExport.csv file.
First warning: If you have movies that have commas in the name it will mess up the csv since it's "comma separated values". In my case Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile did that as did Monsters, Inc. Edit the file in Notepad and get rid of the extra commas.
Now open up that file in Excel or Google Sheets or whatever spreadsheet program you have available. By default it should look pretty good but I add another column so I can quickly sort by 4k, 1080, SD, etc. So in the first open column, in my example Column G, I add this formula:
=IF(D1=3840,"4K",IF(D1 <=719,IF(D1="","Need","SD"),IF(D1 <= 1900,IF(E1 > 1070, "1080", "SD"),"1080"))) 
So this is a big if/then/else statement to guesstimate the resolution. Like if the width is 3840 it's 4k, if it's less then 719 its SD, if it's blank then it's something I still need, etc. I then add a row at the top for column headers: Name, Encoder, Width, Height, Duration, and Resolution. Now I have a up-to-date catalog of all my movies and I can easily sort it as needed, see what movies I still need to compress and what not. I also add a column at the end called status for things like "Upgrade this DVD to 4K" or "Waiting to be released".
Hopefully this helps someone out as it took a while to figure out. Eventually I'll redo it to take into account the commas (auto remove them?), add in the header row automatically, and add in that last resolution column so I don't have to manually do anything.
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2023.05.30 20:14 zeekoes [WP] In a remote village nestled deep within the forest, a mysterious door appears overnight. None can resist the temptation to enter, for it promises their heart's deepest desire. However, they soon discover that the door's magic comes with a perilous price.

[PART 1/2]
The rays of the sun fell through the treetops on the mossy cobblestone post of the mysterious door that had appeared in the middle of Tracia’s village a couple of days ago. Again a handful of villagers stood gathered around it, bickering who had the right to enter next. The first day the door had stood there was after particularly rainy night. The next morning Thuk had been the first to see it. After discussing with the elders it was decided that since Thuk had found it, he had the first right to enter. Looking in from the outside there didn’t seem to be anything special behind the door. Just more of the same forest as it stood in. It had taken Thuk several hours to come back. One or more of the villagers might have been worried at the time of his return. They wouldn’t admit it, though. Thuk had been elated, he had spoken about seeing his dead father after all those years and getting to meet Hur-hur his favorite hunting vark, again. That had sparked a craze under the rest of them. Each one of them had loved ones they had lost and wanted to see one last time. To prevent any in fighting the elders had decided that once a day someone could enter. Since Thuk that had been two more individuals. Each returning with wilder tales about having their greatest desires fulfilled.
“I am the eldest, it is my right,” said one of the older villagers.
“You’re so old that I could practically could meet you at the other side” scoffed a younger woman.
Tracia was one of the few that had no interest in going through the door. Ever since Thuk had returned he hadn’t really been right. It was hard to put a finger on it, but he got more lethargic by the day and she was sure she had seen some of his hair starting to gray. Thuk was still too young to turn gray and had been one of the most energetic members of her village before he had entered.
“Don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous to all enter, without knowing what it does to you once you do?” asked Tracia, while joining the group.
“They all seem fine, but tired. That you don’t have anyone you want to meet, doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t” said the younger woman accusingly.
It wasn’t true. Tracia did have someone she wanted to meet. She had been very young when she had lost her older sister. She had one day gotten lost in the forest and despite several rescue efforts had never been found. Tracia remembered her sticking up to a couple of bullies among the other kids, on behalf of her. She had so many things she wanted to ask, yet she didn’t dare step through that door, until she knew Thuk and the others would be fine.
“It’s just, I don’t know. Thuk really doesn’t seem right and we could wait.” she sighed.
She didn’t expect the others to suddenly changed her mind, so she shrugged and walked away. She often found herself walking away from potential conflict. She really disliked people getting angry, especially if she was the cause of it.
Later that night Thuk’s mother had ran into the communal hall. He had fallen asleep somewhere during the day and she couldn’t wake him up anymore, no matter what she tried. He seemed to almost be...gone. The elders had visited and had spend most of the evening executing every kind of ritual they could think off. To no avail, Thuk didn’t wake up.
The next day it was clear he was gone for good. His breathing had stopped and while his complexion was oddly colorful still, the elder had decided he had passed on to the other side. They buried him at sun’s peak, as was tradition. Soon after his father had stormed through the doorway, withstanding any attempt from others to stop him. Deep down they understood that they might have done the same, but the door made everyone...act different.
When Thuk’s father had returned, he saw as pale as the moon. He hadn’t been able to find Thuk. He had seen his dead mother, but not his son. No matter how much he wandered and wished for his boy to be there one last time, he had found nothing. In the time he had been gone, the second villager that had entered after Thuk had also fallen into a coma. By now it was clear that going through that door had some serious side effects.
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2023.05.30 20:14 throwaway-3282 I [F22] don't know whether to break up with my boyfriend [M25]

I've been in a long distance relationship with a guy I met on Bumble. He recently got out of a serious relationship approximately six months before I started dating him, he had not only lost the relationship but he'd lost his friends as well. We had started off as casual and he was the one to bring up whether we could be exclusive 3 months down the line after we first met. I also felt my feelings growing more. I thought I'd give it a shot because he was fun to talk to, honest and straightforward.
We have not met many times over the course of what is now a 6 month relationship. I am aware that a long distance relationship without a foundation has its drawbacks. Although, I did not feel like that was the case and I focused more on going with the flow. Things did accelerate a bit post the 3 month time, our communication was healthy as well. Although he became flaky and avoidant as feeling began to get stronger. I communicated this with him and he said he was scared. I did tell him my feelings were increasing to which he later responded that he does not know whether he's "capable of" 'being in love' or 'loving someone', and spoke to me in a 'take it or leave it' manner. I took it in a level headed sense and addressed whether he is yet to move on from his ex (something I had cleared up multiple times before as well). He agreed he has moved on, but the fear of getting hurt exists. Also that if he does get emotionally attached and then hurt, he's pretty much dysfunctional to an extreme extent. I was clear that I did not want to stay in a relationship that promises feelings in a vague manner and I will not stand for disrespect. He apologized for communicating the way in which he did and assured me that he does not want me to leave and what he said came from a place of fear.
The next time I did meet him, he spoke about his past in general and was open about his feelings towards me and went on to say he's in love with me. I listened to him speak about his feelings keenly. He mentioned that him saying he was not capable before was a mistake on his part and the wrong choice of words as a result of fear. He bluntly told me he was not confessing expecting a response but he did seem a bit on the fence as he thought I would say something in response. I told him I do not want to say something for the sake of it, he was also well aware that I was more wary with respect to the pace in which we were going considering his last response.
He does all the the bare minimum things. He's working and he calls me during all his breaks, texts me in the morning, etc. I have not demanded time from him other than 2 calls a day and texts in between for general updates in his day and in case he's busy with something. Although the attention or time he used to give me initially has reduced. I directly communicated with him regarding this and he said that he is that way as he feels we're in a different phase, established and working towards our goals while keeping each other in mind. I told him that long distance would naturally require more work, and that I don't feel like I'm being paid attention to at all. He has increased asking me how I am/ expressing interest in the details of what I'm up to.
Everything is okay on paper, if that makes sense. I do have my own insecurities regarding him not having moved on from his ex but I do take his word for it. On some days, social media makes it worse as I see some sad meme/reel regarding an ex being liked by him showing up in my fyp. This does sound silly but long distance alleviates such concerns as I do not see him everyday during our developing relationship. I confessed to him about my feelings and his initial response was not welcoming, he tried to evade it saying he has to sleep early. To which I responded by saying that this is the last time I'd take such disrespect in the relationship when I am communicating about my feelings towards him. He can stay silent or openly tell me if he does have a fear instead of being dismissive. Post me expressing that, he has been open and more relaxed about his fears and openly talks/admits to me about them while not sabotaging the relationship. He does have a repetititve tendency of asking me whether I want to leave or want to break up when we are arguing, eventhough I assure him that we are working to solve the problem together. After a point, when I'm the one hurt and expressing my concern, him asking if I'm leaving makes me feel like my concerns are invalidated and he just wants to give up. He has apologized for it and says it is because he is prepared for the worst after everything that has happened to him. As he cannot let emotions affect him beyond a point because doing so has wrecked everything in the past.
I am in a demanding profession myself and he is also career oriented, so we do respect each other's professional space. He has openly told me he places his career and family as a priority, which I completely respect (he's closer to his family post breakup and spends more time with them, rekindled bonds as he felt he did not pay attention to them at all). With all this being said, on days he does not ask about the details of my day/ spends a maximum of 10-15 mins on call, I do feel neglected and lonely. No matter even if he is comfortable, he should ideally communicate more as this is long distance. I do text him often, ask about his day and his mood. He has gradually realized that I genuinely am interested in his life and he tells me stuff without me prompting. But I do not feel like that support/care is there from his side. He might have a lot on his plate but he could ask details of what's going on with me at least once in a while. I show my care and affection towards people by giving them their space while still checking up on them regularly. He probably shows affection ina different way. But since it is long distance, he must communicate it verbally or via text. I respect and appreciate the space he does offer me, but at times I overthink whether he's given me that space because he does not care at all.
Maybe he isn't the guy he used to be before (as he himself says). I don't know whether I'm a sort of buffer relationship. I have expressed my concerns about the same but he reiterates saying he is giving me all he can and that he does love me.
I do not believe in keeping things piled up and having it burst. I have communicated my needs to him and he has always followed through but i feel like 'I ask, he gives' rather than him actually WANTING to do it himself. Communication in a relationship to accomodate one another's needs is how it should be. But there's not much of a proactive effort from him side. Keep in mind, this is a person who has been in numerous relationships before, so it is not like he does not know what to do. But I do let him know of my boundaries and what I expect (I am not a mind reader so I do not expect him to be one as well). I'm not a person who's constantly looking to fight, but I do bring up things I'm uncomfortable with regarding him (relationship wise) but that has not happened vice-versa more than once. I can't help but wonder whether he does not have a problem with me because he does not pay attention to me. It sounds extremely fucked up, but this mainly stems from the the earlier point of attention. But again. there's nothing "wrong" because every time I have communicated, he has made it a point to incorprate it to make me comfortable.
I'm extremely confused. I do not want to be giving out a manual on how I should be treated multiple times, even if it is for different things. He's genuine but if he does not care or pay much attention to me, there isn't a point in taking it further.
Does this man not care? Am I wasting my time? These are all thoughts that run through my head. I do not know whether I am overthinking.
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2023.05.30 20:13 Crazy_Itch421 I need help. I'm LL right now, and I really wish I could change myself. My husband is not happy, I can tell.

Hello, I'm just writing here as the currently-LL wife to a moderately HL husband. I'm 33, and he's 36. I also have a 16 year old stepson who lives at our house full-time (sees his biomom every other weekend and sleeps there, wasn't always this way, but biomom didn't really feel like caring for him anymore and wasn't a good full-time parent). I was thrown into the full-time stepmom role very quickly (less than a year in), and I felt like I was dropped in the middle of a 10-year marriage that includes a kid (biomom does not provide child support or any type of support, really. I'm also sole caregiver for months when my husband leaves, such as 3 months this summer). There was never truly a time when we were able to be a couple instead of me existing on the outside of their bubble. I think he expected me to step in to be his son's stand in mom, while also not being a true parent (parent with limitations, but also do all the work).
I can see that my husband is becoming increasingly frustrated with only having any type of intercourse on average, about 2 times a week. I know that may seem like a lot to some, but to him, it just doesn't seem to be enough. I want him to be happy. We did have more when we first got together and when we first moved in together, naturally.
I just feel so terrible that I don't have the same drive that I had. I feel almost repulsed by sexual intercourse right now. I'm on birth control pills for the past 15 years (never stopped). But I think parts of my issue are resentment and depression.
I guess I'm just venting because last night, my husband got all pissy because I was just tired, we had a very long weekend, and yes, we even had sex, but had a bbq every single day. He tends to give me the silent treatment if I don't want to have sex and he just gets huffy and puffy. He makes me feel so bad if I don't feel like having sex every day (it really was a complaint almost every day at one point). He makes comments all the time that he says are jokes about our sex life. It's really come to a point that I'm so uncomfortable even watching things on TV with him because I'm afraid he's going to make a comment about us. I don't even want to change in front of him anymore because he has a tendency to make EVERYTHING into a comment about sex and objectify my body parts. And then he will be like, "Well, it isn't like I get any, anyway, whatever."
I feel like it has gotten to a point where whenever he touches me, it can't just be cuddling or holding my hand (I think it was always like this, but as the years have gone on i have become tired of it). It's always just with the intention of having sex right away. There is no intimacy without it having to lead to sex. I have become so turned off by it by now that it hurts. We both work full time and have my stepson to care for.
Just so much has accumulated over the years, within me, that I think I'm reaching a point of no return. And I want to stop that. I wish I knew how to fix this all. I just feel horrible and like a really bad wife.
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2023.05.30 20:12 Minty_Mitral_Blade Finally Off All The Meds After More than 16 Years Of This Bullshit! Let's Goooooooooo, Family!

Hi! I used to be conserved and I convinced my county funded doctor with the help of my mother (who began to help me after she had a dream that I could live without drugs, crazy right?) to vouch for me in a court ordered affidavit. The judge terminated the conservatorship and allowed me to no longer receive any involuntary treatment. This was in December 2022. In February 2023, I received my last shot of Haldol Deca 200mg. My doctor, a sweet yet stupid soul, refused to decrease the dose, so the spirits encouraged me to stop going to the clinic and close my case in May. My social worker, a coward who needs to leave her job and become a housewife to a rich partner, she still sweet though, forgot to close my case. I found out this morning, when the clinic called me. Told the worker that my case is closed and that I no longer needed to talk to the doctor. So happy!
I don't have any withdrawal symptoms like I did in the past when I tried to withdraw from Zyprexa and Abilify. My dreams have been wacky, but I get at least 6 hours of somewhat restful sleep that has been steadily improving. My miracle has come true after more than 16 years of drugs, 2 years of conservatorships, plus 2 years inpatient. Losing weight, eating right, going out and actually talking to people! The deities told me that I will even meet my dream match tomorrow! I believe it. The spirits tell me things that come true, or I see people in dreams that I end up meeting in reality. So divine.
They want to pigeonhole people who hear voices as mentally ill. None are, some may actually experience divine interactions or, in some of the more scarier cases, karma. Even if you are an atheist, if you hear voices and you haven't experienced extreme trauma or taken hard drugs, it may be your highest self trying to send you a message. I used to hear demonic voices so bad, that I would cry in my mother's arms wishing to be normal. Now, I embrace my gifts! I can have normal conversations without demonic interruptions (that's how I frame it, and it works for me) and many times, I get help from the divine.
Wishing you a Happy Tuesday! So glad that I am finally free. Shoutout to the workers at the hospitals who actually listened to the advice that I gave them from the divine and left their jobs to pursue non psychiatric positions! Over 12 did so. We need to fight back with truth and love. Finally Fuck Psychiatry Free (FPF)!
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2023.05.30 20:12 namelesswndr Alchemy question - number of effects in a potion

I'm probably going to install Oblivion again anyway, but figured I'd ask the experts. I can't remember how many (positive) effects a potion can have. For example, could I make a potion that fortifies luck and willpower with no negative effect? Could I do more than two fortification effects in one potion? I've never done an alchemy focused build, so I think that's what's going to happen in my next playthrough :) This is all for a tattoo idea btw (potion bottle surrounded by the relevant ingredients).
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2023.05.30 20:11 Cold_Information_749 Midnight Tides was a brutal experience

So coming off of House of Chains, which was for me not as gripping as the previous books, my expectations were tempered. I was aware that the location would change and that I'd also have to adjust to a new cast. As well, I noticed it being a bit smaller than HoC. What I got shook me.
For starters, this book cemented for me just how effective Erikson is at capturing the horror of war, and how disgusting it is, and that it sullies just about everyone involved. The demand for Rhulad, late in the book, for "cleaner" combat rang so hollow, as though there could truly exist a clean war.
Going from that, Rhulad is a deeply tragic character. I will admit I always felt bad more for those around him than the man himself, but no one deserves to be trapped in an endless cycle of violent death and violent rebirth, a puppet to an eldritch monster. The cycles of violence that have emanated from his resurrection have drowned a continent in blood.
Even then, war was almost inevitable. The Letherii capture so well the brutal economic calculus behind empire, and the interweaving of profit with misery that is hand in hand with imperial projects. I in fact feel that the Letherii function as a parallel to the Malazan. We get plenty of Malazan Empire sympathetic PoVs in the preceeding books, but here we see that empire inevitably destroys culture and creates inequality. The Malazan Empire may be more "ethical," but to many, that is small comfort in the face of conquest.
The discussions here of civilization and its harms feel of a piece with Karsa Orlong's commentary, and I feel almost that he is too a parallel with those who'd undercut the Letherii in this book. Cultural conflict seems to be a continuing theme across the books. I'd love to see how Tehol and Karsa would interact considering their goals and ideals, for one.
Speaking of, I just about lost it as we see the Beddict family destroyed. Betrayal, again and again, and the one survivor is the one seemingly the slimiest. Yet, perhaps that saved him. Tehol possessed a self awareness and an instinct for his own society that most didn't have, and as we see with Bugg/Mael, that one cannot survive with friends. Without compassion.
Compassion. The recurring thread across the books. Gods, monsters, and people live and die because of others who act in malice or empathy. All this world seems to suffer under countless cycles of abuse and violence, but as we get again and again, you can't fight violence. You must replace it. In book 4, we saw how Karsa, rather than killing the slaver, made him a tortured, brutalized being. Had he chosen the merciful route, perhaps things could have been different. Cruelty bears no reward. Suffering must be fought, not spread.
Before I go on forever, let me mention my favorite characters.
Bugg/Mael: what is there to say? He's fascinating, and I feel we've but scratched the surface.
Kettle: I just want her to be okay. This weird, bizarre girl is more significant than she could possibly know, but at the end of the day, she seems to just want a family.
Trull Sengar: This whole book just to find our way to where we find him in House of Chains. This poor, poor man. I hope he and Fear find each other again, and I hope he gets to see Seren again.
Seren Pedac: All I can ask for is that she finds peace at the end of all this.
So those are my thoughts. As it stands, my ranking of the books would go like this from best to least best: MoC, DG, MT, HoC, GotM
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2023.05.30 20:11 Randomnonsense5 Just made the best tasting rice I have ever had.

Delicious, here is how I did it.
1.5 cups rice
1 15 oz can chicken broth
1 can tomatoes with green chilies
soy sauce (or salt if you prefer)
Put the rice in a pot. Then in a measuring cup put the chicken broth and soy sauce (to taste). Open up the can of tomatoes and green chilies and drain all the juice into the measuring cup. That should be a little over two cups of liquid, fill with water till you have 3 cups. Add that to the pot, and cook rice as normal.
when rice is done add the tomatoes and green chillies and stir.
Absolutely delicious on its own. Add some butter and hot sauce and its a meal in itself, but add it to stir fry to take your stir fry to the next level. Or put it in a burrito, or make a Chipotle's style rice bowl. So many things you can do with it. It doesn't last long trust me, people with gobble it down.
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2023.05.30 20:11 Straight_Shallot2471 Is not offering a workmanship warranty on Standing Seam an automatic disqualifier for you?

I'm choosing between two companies to do a standing seam metal roof on our mostly 12/12 old Victorian with difficult access.
One company offers a supposed "40" year workmanship warranty but has only been in business somewhere between 5 and 15 years depending on the location (across multiple states). $50k for 26g, $67 for 24g.
One company is 35 years old, offers absolutely 0 workmanship warranty, and assures me that "we would never have a problem" and "they pride themselves on quality of installation". 41k for 26g, 55k for 24g.
They gave me a list of about 1000 shingle roofs they did but couldn't tell me how many metal ones they did a year, either.
I grilled the salesman of company 2 about what would happen if they installed and next day it leaked and he just said "well if it's a small thing like caulking we'd do it for free but if a tree fell on it we'd bill you". I couldn't get him to say on a hypothetical of what if a larger repair was needed after installation without major damage... but I'm assuming we'd have to pay for their mistakes.
Should we not take the cheapest quote because it doesn't have a workmanship warranty? Is that as big of a red flag as it seems? I'm worried about the possibility that we will be 40-50k down and need a 30k repair which we couldn't afford, but my husband thinks for 9k cheaper the second company is worth it, since any repairs could be less than 9k.
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