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2023.03.22 14:21 SnowBooks6253 How can I stop second-guessing my own character and replaying/analyzing past events after narc ripped me apart?

After barely speaking w nsib for almost a year, I made the mistake of letting myself in. Welp, big mistake because I received an onslaught of messages about how I need to reflect on what a toxic, narcissistic and pessimistic person, pointing to events that happened when I was a TEENAGER, and most recently creating “drama” by standing up to the other narc in the family.
I know in my heart to be true that I am not a bad person. Yes, I’ve made mistakes in the past but it was never my intent to hurt people.. and I thought these issues were put to bed years ago.
Need to break the cycle of thought that narc planted in my head. Anyone else dealt w this?
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2023.03.22 14:19 CaspianX2 LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin for Nintendo 3DS - Review

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

Genre: 3D Action-Platformer
Players: 1
LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is a family-friendly 3D Action-Platformer released in 2015 on mobile devices, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. Shadow of Ronin features the characters and world of LEGO’s Ninjago TV series, which is different than The LEGO Ninjago Movie, which is sorta’ a spoof of the Ninjago franchise.
Where the previous LEGO Ninjago game, [Nindroids](LINK), was an Isometric Action game, Shadow of Ronin returns to a 3D Action-Platformer style that’s more typical of the Traveller’s Tales LEGO series, though not without a few improvements. In addition to a standard melee attack, players can now use a ranged attack, an elemental beam attack, or special attacks that they charge up over time. This variety of attack types makes the combat in this game more interesting, bringing it a bit closer to Arcade Brawlers, though it’s not quite on par with the better games of that genre.
And of course, what’s one thing that both Arcade Brawlers and LEGO franchise games are known for? That’s right, multiplayer! And can you guess what’s not in this game?
~sigh~ You know, I’m not even surprised anymore.
As for the presentation, this game’s 3D visuals are fine but not great (seriously, how are they still making LEGO games on Nintendo 3DS that are less visually impressive than LEGO Star Wars III, which was released at the Nintendo 3DS’s launch!?), and yet despite this, it still has noticeable drops in framerates. At this point, I just have to shake my head.
Meanwhile, the game features forgettable actiony music with hints of that Japanese flute they’re required to use in everything with ninjas, and voice acting for all the characters that... yup, I still want to punch each and every one of these characters in the face. Seriously, did kids find this terrible dialogue entertaining?
As much as I’m not a fan of the Ninjago franchise, I do have to admit that LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin has some good ideas about breaking the LEGO videogame franchise out of its rut. Unfortunately, the improvements to the combat here aren’t enough to make up for the overall lack of innovation elsewhere, the lack of multiplayer, and the underwhelming presentation. This may be a step forward for LEGO games on Nintendo 3DS, but it’s not enough of a step forward.
tl;dr – LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is yet another game to feature Traveller’s Tales family-friendly LEGO game 3D Action-Platformer formula, and this game does make some positive steps forward for the LEGO franchise with its combat system, but it’s still a disappointment just about everywhere else, from the lack of multiplayer to the underwhelming presentation. Unless you’re specifically a fan of the Ninjago franchise, skip this one.

Grade: C-

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2023.03.22 14:19 Lkas2528000 TD Expanded & Enhanced. Issac

TD Expanded & Enhanced. Issac
Back whit the characters. And since Reddit finally alows me to write under each image in My phone, i may as well use it.
We have the third "OC" from u/Kirbypikachu ROTI fanfic, the Gentelman Issac.
  • Hes from England
  • Hes a very observative person, noticing little patterns and actions that may elude most people.
  • Hes very polite
  • Has done Eskrima training
  • He tries to be Nice whit everyone, that said. He does have breaking points, so don't expect to just annoy or insult him and never recieve a words back.
  • Has a great Dane called Flint.
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2023.03.22 14:19 Good_Equivalent_5245 Most important factors of choosing great bud

So I came into the medical program in January. Had only experienced BM marijuana, and was really excited to get into the medical program as a smoker of 10+ yrs. Finally we will know what strains were smoking, dates packaged, THC % etc AWESOME.
Well until it's not. You buy an eighth and it's garbage. This was ultra surprising to me as i was expecting incredible quality at high prices like this. Realized very quickly that u can get burned by buying on discount. Ok so maybe old bud is the issue. Well not always, I've boughten batches packed within the last month or two that haven't had much effect. So then I realized there's not too much bud over 25% THC maybe that's where the good stuff starts. This was a little more true as it pushed me to try some great strains and realize what brands are able to produce high quality eighths. Still never found any bud comparable to the old stuff I got off the streets!
So I've randomly kindve found good bud when It comes up. I'd say out of the dozens I've tried the only ones worth my time smoking have been:
Animal face - rythm/goodgreen Georgia runtz - float by good blend Grape essense - float Gummies - strane
Legit i haven't had any other bud give me a buzz. I know I have a tolerance but beyond that I have very high standards. So with these high standards I decided to go in depth and mention all the Things I look for to find quality bud:
Smell - It cannot smell like grass/hay it needs to have some sort of darkness to the smell or it'll be trash
Break down - this is a huge early taletell factor for me. How many times I've bought product that turns into dust when you try and grind. I'm a paper smoker and the right consistency when breaking down is key. Looking for a moonsand like texture. Small particules but still moderately sticky that they all stay together. Iykyk
The burn - the most important aspect of the bud. How does it burn. This is where 90% of bud disappoints me. A properly rolled joint is the true test for any bud. Taste should be strong enough to know what you're smoking, not of grass or dirt or ashes. There should be a tickle in the back of the throat. A ton of bud misses the mark in this. It's a particular tickle one of THC and not of shit quality. You will know when your coughing because it's garbage or because of the THC content. Feels like a concentrate hit. The joint should not run if you aren't chiefing on it. It if runs, the bud is overly dry or you rolled really poorly. It should burn at a steady pace. So many times I roll up, only to start smoking and have a 1 inch cherry! If this happens your hits will be very hot and not very concentrated and you will have a horrible smoking experience.
The after effect - how do I feel after. Am I noticably high? I tend to base the strength of bud on the body buzz. Maybe not the best indicator but my mind I feel is so tolerated to being medicated that I don't really notice a mental change unless it's a concentrate hit. For me herb gives a whole body buzz. A warmth. This should last for atleast 30 mins or it isn't great bud. Sometimes I'm happy until I'm done smoking to realize the effects have worn off so fast.
So we have gone through all the factors that make UP a quality bud, what about the proper research beforehand?
Research. We all do it or we wouldn't be here on Reddit. Flowerleed is king for finding the best price/availability when you find the flower you're looking for.... But how do find what flower is the best?
I've came to the conclusion that these three filters are the best for discerning the best weed.
  1. Brand - I think this is #1. What brand are you buying? Be aware of the subbrands. There is a subreddit here with the list. Cresco - good green - &shine. Know who owns which brands and what brands are known for doing best. Some may be best for concentrates but horrible for flower.
  2. Strain - this was one I hugely overlooked and I blame the black market or the past for this personally. I never bought into "sativa or indica" because I always knew there was almost no way to tell, especially for the basic drug dealer. So when he tells me to I got that alien star mints fire extreme, I don't give a care because I know it's some made-up BS. Well it's different now. We know the exact genetics everytime. This can allow u to ultimately find what you're looking for, even though you won't know until u experiment. This is a good point to note that keeping a log of what strains you have tried, and giving them a rating can be very helpful as it's easy to confuse or mix up previous strains you've tried. Search reddit for the exact strain your looking into and see others opinion on it and the effects they experienced.
  3. Freshness - my third but huge factor. When was it packaged? A question you should ALWAYS ask before purchasing. They will always share the pack date and trust me anything beyond 3 months will kill the bud. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from my one experience with prime wellness. Got their blueberry OG and it was 5 months out and dry as a bone. Turned into dust with little effect. Whereas I'm pretty sure I've bought strane garlic butter at 19% and it was so fresh it had way greater effects and smell/taste then prime. Another point into freshness I'd like to mention is how new did this strain release? This is something I'm finding now, that once you scour and learn the full market it will be apparent when new drops occur. Really annoyed that rise and other dispos don't allow you to filter by newest for their product. Reddit new posts are your best source for this. Check daily, see what people are posting about. I will only go out of my way for a bud when I see 2+ raving reviews about the exact strain from a recent time period. That way I know it's a new drop, it's good, and it will be gone before I know it.
So in conclusion, none of the 3 factors above are greater then the others but if you are missing just ONE, you will not have fantastic bud in your hands. Can't be a prime wellness African Thai but be packed 8 months ago. Cant be fresh and your favorite strain but made by organic remedies... Can't be your favorite brand and fresh but it's a low % strain designed with higher CBD inclusion. If found almost like a gambler that when two of these conditions are met it's very easy to hope the third will be when you know deep down it won't be. I cannot stand buyers regret and this market has driven me crazy with it.
I'd love to hear any other contributions to this, or criticism. This is what I have found over the past 3 months and I've seen similar frustrations out there. Hoping to save some money for people who are on the fence about a purchase.
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2023.03.22 14:19 CaspianX2 The LEGO Movie Videogame for Wii U - Review

The LEGO Movie Videogame

Genre: 3D Action-Platformer
Players: 1-2 Co-Op (Local)
The LEGO Movie Videogame is a family-friendly 3D Action-Platformer released in 2014 on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U, with an entirely different game bearing the same title also coming to PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS in 2014, and then to mobile devices in 2015. As the title indicates, this game takes the usual Traveller’s Tales formula for making LEGO videogames and applies it to the videogame based on LEGO’s own major theatrical debut.
”That’s My Jam”
In many ways, The LEGO Movie Videogame looks fantastic, with the game’s world looking just as detailed and full of life and personality as the film it’s based on. There are even nice little touches like explosions being made out of LEGO blocks. However, things here look just a bit too neat and tidy compared to the movie, which famously was designed to look like not only was everything made out of LEGO pieces, but those LEGO pieces had scratches and smudges you would expect from real-world use. In particular, the way the game animates is much the same as all other LEGO videogames, when the film made it a point to animate as if everything were a stop-motion animated film.
This is more noticeable due to the game making heavy use of video clips pulled directly from the film, and transitioning from one to the other just does not have anywhere near the sort of seamlessness that you would expect to find going from a computer-animated film designed to look like LEGO blocks to a computer-animated videogame designed to look like LEGO blocks. Often, even the lighting doesn’t look quite right. All of this is fine, it’s just a bit disappointing.
This “not quite right”-ness continues to the way this game sounds, with voice-alikes for all of the characters joining voiced film clips of those same characters. For the most part, these actors do a pretty good job imitating the likes of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Ferrell, but occasionally you’ll hear a voice that’s just… off. But of course, it’s a fool’s errand to try to replace someone like Morgan Freeman. Meanwhile, the soundtrack makes heavy use of the film’s central song, “Everything Is Awesome”, but otherwise seems to stick with cheerful synthesized tunes that work well enough, but can seem out of place when put side-by-side film clips of the same scenes that use different music.
I feel like I’m being overly harsh about the presentation here - the game does look and sound great for a LEGO game, but I think that interspersing clips of the films in between the gameplay makes for an odd sorta’ Uncanny Valley situation here.
Is Everything Awesome?
The gameplay here once again makes use of the standard Traveller’s Tales LEGO game formula, though this time around the Open-World elements are scaled back somewhat from other recent LEGO games. There are still smaller open areas throughout the game, but these seem like less of a focus, with the game instead seeming to focus on setpiece scenes to match the movie’s plot. Some of these can be quite fun, and break up the monotony of the gameplay pretty well. However, interspersing these with the Open World stuff can make for some odd moments of dissonance, such as one point early on where you’re in a chase scene literally called Escape From Bricksburg, and then once you succeed and escape Bricksburg, you find yourself walking around an open area between missions in… well, Bricksberg, again.
There are other fun little bits of creativity here and there as well, such as finding instruction book pages to build a specific structure, or Master Builders scanning nearby objects to look for parts to build some cool contraption. Again, these elements help to keep things interesting and varied.
Overall, I do think that LEGO Movie does itself a disservice by constantly pushing for players to directly compare the contents of the game to the film, and the downgrading of the Open World elements is a bit disappointing. However, this is still an enjoyable entry in the Traveller’s Tales LEGO franchise, and fans of LEGOs and especially the film will likely find this game to be well worth playing.
tl;dr – The LEGO Movie Videogame on Wii U takes Traveller’s Tales’ family-friendly LEGO game formula and uses it to create a videogame based on The LEGO Movie. This is a solid LEGO game, but I feel like it does itself a disservice by constantly inviting comparisons to the film, when doing so would undoubtedly lead to the game coming up short by comparison. Still, if you did enjoy the film, or LEGO in general, I think you’ll find this game to be a satisfying romp.

Grade: B-

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2023.03.22 14:18 CaspianX2 The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game for Nintendo Switch - Review

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game

Genre: Open-World 3D Action-Platformer
Players: 1-4 Co-Op (Local)
The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game (wow, what a title...) is a family-friendly Open-World 3D Action-Platformer released in 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This is yet another game in Traveller’s Tales’ long-running LEGO crossover franchise of family-friendly 3D Action-Platformers, with this one of course being based on The LEGO Ninjago Movie (not the TV series, which the film is only very loosely based on).
Once again, the core gameplay remains much the same as the other Traveller’s Tales LEGO games - fight some enemies, do a little platforming, break everything in the environment, and at times use jumping blocks from the stuff you broke to build something to solve a “puzzle” (and I use that word lightly). On that note, this game once again uses the “multi-build” system first introduced in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
However, while much of this game is “more of the same”, there are a few new elements that have been added this time around. This game takes the “ninja” thing to heart, really focusing on adding some depth to the combat, and it’s much appreciated - players will now zip from enemy to enemy in combat, and will occasionally have to shake things up using a few different types of attack to get past more difficult enemies.
In addition, there’s a new skill tree system called “Ninjanuity tokens” that allows players to upgrade their abilities as they see fit throughout the course of their adventure, an excellent addition. What’s more, where prior Traveller’s Tales LEGO games featured 2-player co-op, The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game allows up to four players to join in the mayhem, which combines with the combat to make this feel almost like an Arcade Brawler at times.
The presentation is on point here too, with big, detailed 3D environments with a lot going on at any given time, big explosions with lots of LEGO pieces, all backed by a nice, cinematic soundtrack. And rather than just using voice clips pulled from the film, this game mostly uses voice-alikes for its characters, allowing the game to tell a more expanded version of the film’s story. These voice actors aren’t quite on par with the original voice actors (I mean, how are you gonna’ replace the likes of Jackie Chan?).
Overall, I think the changes made to the combat in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game make it one of the stronger entries in the LEGO franchise overall. It’s not a major enough change to make this game escape the “yet another LEGO game” complaint, but anyone who’s not sick of the franchises many iterations over the years will likely find this to be well worth playing.
tl;dr – The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game is yet another game in Traveller’s Tales’ family-friendly franchise of LEGO Open-World 3D Action-Platformers. This entry in the franchise makes some strong additions to the combat that really bring this game into its own, making it one of the better games in the LEGO franchise, though not so different from prior games that it’s likely to attract those who grew sick of the series prior to this.

Grade: B

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2023.03.22 14:17 Rare-Investment7743 2 underrated sequences that aren’t talked about enough

the first one is the symbolisms behind abby’s day 2. i mean, the majority of it is literally her descending through a hospital conquering her worst fears. i don’t like abby, but damn it was good. the rat king was scary asf but it also represented all of abby’s guilt and regrets, and she beat it.
(the stalker that you had to chase down after MIGHT represent her lingering guilt over joel, idk tho)
the second one is a parallel between ellie and tommy. everyone bashes tommy for pressuring ellie to go to santa barbara, but i never see people acknowledge that ellie did the EXACT same thing to him earlier in the game, right after joel’s death.
tommy didn’t want to go to seattle. he was scared, like ellie was. they killed joel, who tommy looked up to. they killed the person that kept him alive for numerous years doing god knows what to survive. he didn’t want to face the people who did that, but he didn’t want ellie to either. it’s easy to tell that tommy was putting on an act for the entirety of the sequence after joel’s death. that’s why he concedes to ellie’s guilt tripping and brushes off her hug so quickly, he didn’t want to show his emotions and seem vulnerable around ellie.
however, him going to seattle cost him everything. he lost his ability to fight, he lost his wife, and at his lowest ellie made him a promise that she would make abby pay for everything she’s done. when he goes to the farm house he has nothing, and he sees ellie with everything that he lost, and when ellie seemingly breaks the promise she made, he lets down the act, he finally shows his true emotions. and just like tommy, ellie lost everything going to santa barbara. she lost her ability to play guitar which was her only connection to joel, she (seemingly) lost her wife and child, and her biggest fear came true, she ended up alone.
tommy is a super interesting character, and i really hope they utilize him more in upcoming projects (hopefully they bring his scrapped dlc back to life, would love to play as him)
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2023.03.22 14:15 Bright-Ad-6741 11 Years of lying, 15 years married, what should I do?

So about 2 months ago after a year+ of trying to get to the bottom of this and breaking down, my wife of 15 years told me she had been secretly talking to an ex who was her best friend in college. They dated very briefly and I never heard of him.
At first she let me read the FB messages (nothing bad, just friends catching up)and promised there was nothing else.
Then after pressuring for another day due to intuition, she caved and told me about her old email. She let me read the emails (her old email address and those were fine too. Nothing sexual or intimate, just two friends updating each other on life. She did say “miss you buddy”, just like a friend would say.
Here’s where it gets messy: 1- it’s been 11 years of messaging. 73% of our marriage I was being secretly lied to.
2- Facebook and phone were actively being manipulated to keep me out just in case.
3- I’ve been cheated on/ left by everyone in my life, and she had the nerve to say that is the reason why I was so paranoid.
4- I’m not ruling out physical, but we live in completely separate states on the other side of the US from him and pretty much have for 95% of the time. She promises no meet ups, phone calls, or texts ever happened. I believe her I think?
5- we have two kids and I will sacrifice everything for them to prevent a life like mine.
6- she can’t tell me anything as to “why” she did it. She just says she “wanted attention… I guess”.
7- she watched me go to counseling because my intuition made me think I was going insane to doubt my wonderful wife who would never do anything like this. I felt not worthy and she watched me burn to the ground, and still lied/ deceived.
8- I have PTSD from war, and I have pretty much have it under control. She has flared that up of course. Also, the guy was military too and now I can’t even have my service to look back on without it being a trigger.
9- she was the “emailer” first, not him. She even sent an email last Easter Day to him seeing how things were. It hurts to know that as we were enjoying Easter with the kids, she’s emailing this guy.
10- she blocked him on FB and stopped talking about a year before I found out.
I haven’t been the best husband but I have done everything to love as good as I could and have proven my ability to build a life for her and my kids. The one person who wasn’t supposed to hurt me did, and I don’t know what to do. Would this even be an emotional affair? It’s just so weird and not normal so I’m not sure how to handle this.
Why would someone hide, lie, and deceive when it’s just 2 friends catching up on life? Why would you talk on FB and private email when it’s the same conversations.
She has no answers or why….
Constructive advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!
TLDR: Wife has been secretly messaging ex bf for 11 of our 15 years married, and I don’t know what to do.
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2023.03.22 14:15 CauntPaints What weapon wins the "most brutal" award?

Title says it all, through the vast amount of weapons in the 40k universe which would you rank the most brutal? For me, I think the simple chainsword has to be high on the list. Shuriken weapons would be pretty bad, and nids flesh borers are an atrocious concept. Probably excluding planet destroyers here; Thoughts?
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2023.03.22 14:15 vermillionhearts do salmonid kings get more difficult to beat as u rank up?

or am I (or my team) just bad at this? I only beat 1 of them in my life smh.. I never went past the "profreshional +1" rank (I think that's its English name but yk what I mean) so yeah. I'm considering lowering my rank just to be able to beat them. but I need to make sure it'll ACTUALLY help first. any answers are appreciated ty :))
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2023.03.22 14:14 Izio111 Realizations about my porn/fap addiction

I am now 3 days into nofap and I don't plan on losing. I've had a pretty bad porn addiction for around 5 years now. Am 20 and the addiction affected my life in a lot of ways. The main negative effect being loss of energy and drive to do anything. Fapping seriously drains energy. I am a skinny 20 year old and never really learned discipline until only recently. I have a plan to break the habit. My plan is to do an exercise whenever I get the urge to watch porn or fap. I also now consistently just go out to have a walk and its boosted my mood. I am hopeful that my plan will work out.
I grew up with a nose problem where in my parents and I always thought it was allergies until after 8+ years of living my life without a nose, a doctor found out that there was bone/cartilage blocking my airways. I mention this story because its one of the reasons I got addicted. I had trouble sleeping at night as a kid due to not having a nose, so I had to find ways to get tired if you know what im saying.
I realized that the key to breaking this habit is to get rid of porn. Stop saying "fuck it" and just losing to some bullshit. Don't bring the phone to the bathroom as it is a big trigger or at least for me. My plan works in a way that its like substituting the bad habit for an exercise. Hope yall find the discipline to stop this BS of an addiction too. It seriously drains your energy and lowers your mood.
I've consistently failed trying no fap in the span of this 5 years. Am feeling hopeful and positive of my new found will to break this bullshit habit.
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2023.03.22 14:14 MaesterParadox Initiate

Read the starting guide and it was still a little unclear to me.
Can you remove the initiation or is is a one and done type of deal?
Can I set a S rank heart on only one mon or can that character set a S rank heart on multiple mons? Example: Till has 3 S++ Hearts. Can I only put it on the same moon, 3 different mons or can I put it on more than 3? Assuming the mons have S slots
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2023.03.22 14:13 Independent-Ad-8181 when you ex wasn’t a horrible human

i see so many stories on here about how people are trying to get over things and they try to highlight the bad qualities. but what about your ex was a good human, who supported you, loved you and chose you until the end? the end is when they showed their true colors with me and went from being the lovely girlfriend i knew for a year into someone i didn’t recognize. it’s hard because i’d love to hate her if i could. not even in attempt to romanticize her character but they were a genuinely good, honest, kind and considerate person. i know they loved and care for me deeply, but still the relationship had so many issues because of mental illness on both ends. it became codependent for us both and at the end they were not in the place to work things out and ultimately i would’ve done ANYTHING to work it out. but in the end to every solution i would offer she would respond “no” and became so consumed in her own tasks and life that she threw all that shit away, using her trauma and illnesses as the reason. i’ve recently changed my thoughts on this and don’t think i want them back, at least not in these circumstances, & gaining my trust back would be a lot of work. but how do you grieve the loss of someone you still respect? even though they said this was to focus on themselves and they’re on dating apps, i still feel like i pushed her to the edge. i’m trying every day in therapy to be better and everyone i talk to (even therapist) tries to pin them as this person who is immature and not nice, but that’s not how i saw them. that’s not the person i loved. as i’m getting over them, im fearful that i’ll never like anyone as much as them, that i’ll never find anyone i trust as much. so breakup sub, how do you get over a human who was genuinely good, a blessing, like something out of a movie, until they weren’t? until they pulled the plug? have any of you ever had a love like that and then found someone not better, but who strikes the same feelings in you? is there hope?
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2023.03.22 14:11 bene2111 E36 Leak from sunroof

Hi all,
I've been having problems with my sunroof where the metal cables come out forcing the guide tubes out, but this isnt what this post is about...
Since having the sunroof problem, ive taken off my headliner and been trying to figure out how to fix it, however in the mean time, my E36 decided to be productive and hit me with another problem as if the sunroof itself breaking wasnt enough.
I now have a leak on my right side, dripping down onto the guide tubes, which slowly drip down onto either the seat, or me when actively driving it.
Other than temporarily placing fabric on the seat to absorb the drips and myself to soak in the water while driving, I have no solution so im hoping someone can advise me on if I have a bad seal etc.
Below is the picture of where the leak is coming from, and as mentioned it slowly makes it way down the bronze tube until it builds up enough water to start dripping (red arrows on pic point to location)
E36 Sunroof Leak
Thanks all!
Edit: One this to mention is that it doesnt leak on the otherside
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2023.03.22 14:09 Positive-Sign7692 Is Naruto weak ?

Like is Naruto that much weak without kurama? didn't Naruto defeat kakazu and the hole pain with out kurama so why the hell in boruto it's showing Naruto a weak and helpless character in recent episode I was literally feeling bad for Naruto from the strongest character in hole naruto universe to a phatatic help less character who have to see boruto dying by the hand of his adopted son and his friend shikamaru trap with code like what the hell I understand this series is about boruto but you can't make a full genius character a looser like that. What do you guys think?
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2023.03.22 14:09 NewDegree2640 I feel guilty

I feel guilty that my family needs to deal with the fact that I was sexually abused as a child. I met up with my sister to go to the psychologist and when the topic of sexual abuse came up I noticed her voice started cracking and then later she said she cried afterwards.
I feel so bad that I went through something like that and that now me and all my family are suffering over it. I know it’s not my fault but I wish that didn’t happen to me.
I’m strong but I don’t know how strong my sister is. My mom is not that strong so we are keeping some info from her but she knows about the abuse but we are not going to tell her that the topic came up today with the psychologist not to re-open her wound too.
It’s already hard enough to have to deal with it on my own but knowing my family is also suffering over it breaks me down more.
I guess I’m just venting…
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2023.03.22 14:07 KoanicSoul Overlord's fake lich

In my previous LitRPG review, I wrote:
I found the benevolent smarmy lich of Overlord) unbearable; liches should hate all life.
Fans of Overlord objected that Momonga wasn't really isekaid into a lich's phylactery, but instead into his video game character, which then teleported into a real world with LitRPG mechanics.
I am aware of this. It breaks my immersion, creeps me out, and makes me roll my eyes. I'll explain why.
Many LitRPG books feature a character whose soul inhabits his own body while he plays a video game. I skip these books due to the lack of dramatic tension from the protagonist having no "skin in the game". Obviously the protagonist's psychology will remain independent of his avatar, because he still has a human body.
Other LitRPG books have the character isekaid into a different species. I find these books interesting due to the psychological transition caused by the biological change.
Momonga gets isekaid into LitRPG world, losing his real body and inhabiting a lich, which is the most extreme transition possible, except eldritch abomination. However, he shows no psychological effects, except for some convenient emotional suppression to avoid panic and remove empathy.
There is no plot reason for this. We never learn why his mind is somehow stored outside the lich phylactery, immune to the effects of negative energy. The plot would've been way better if he had to cope with the psychological changes from becoming a lich, and desperately struggle to keep his slipping humanity.
Contrast this with Everybody Loves Large Chests, which also addresses the Simulation Hypothesis, yet all the characters have biologically-consistent psychologies, which makes it great.
Unfortunately, the mystery of this plot deficiency is quite shallow. Overlord is blatant self-insert fiction, the author's personal wish fulfillment fantasy. He is a lich who travels around as a knight in plate, with a katana maid retainer. I used to read chivalrous romances as a kid, and the knights had to visit the ladies in castles, so clearly this is an improvement.
What kind of man is the author? Apparently, he's an introvert who likes loli, pederasty, fawning obeisance, and genocidal atrocities against the Christian Americans who nuked his country twice.
Overlord's political plot is contrived to justify Momonga's atrocities, and so is his species. No one questions undead hordes slaughtering civilians, and demons torturing prisoners. However, if the series were called "Emperor," and the monsters were fascist Japanese soldiers, it would be considerably less popular.
The mecha angels Momonga defeats in his debut battle represent US nuclear bombers, and are drawn as such. This is not a consistent worldbuilding choice; demons still look like normal demons. The angels are mechanical purely because the USAF nuked Japan.
Overlord may have started as a novel, but it is clearly an anime at heart. I prefer my anime more serious, like Princess Mononoke, and my fantasy internally-consistent, like Rinoz' Book of the Dead. DBZ is not for me, and that's fine.
However, it is objectively correct to observe that Momonga's character behaved as if he had isekaid into the body of a tengu necromancer, not a lich.
Fascism is an avian attitude, which is why it is often represented by eagles. Avians are less sentimental than mammals, and have a pecking order. Evolutionarily, the concept of honor stands between reptilian ego and mammalian love. Birds constantly sing to establish their territory, like jaunty feudal lords, and joust through the skies.
Momonga's goal to make the name "Ainz Ooal Gown" world renowned is essentially avian. It is a spectacularly inefficient way to search for fellow imported humans. Spy agencies normally gather intelligence covertly, and max-level isekaid humans are hard to miss. His first move should've been to wait and see whether someone would notice and contact HIM. (An excellent reason to avoid offending anyone, until he knows whether he is a big fish in a little pond, or the reverse.)
Anyway, I think tengus are cool, and it irks me when they're overlooked. Try playing one in DCSS.
I guess tengus are unpopular due to the misconception that they would need a huge beak, which ruins facial expressions. This is not true, though. A beak is superfluous once an avian evolves hands. An anthropoid form lacks the leverage to make a beak useful. It would recede into a prominent nose and midface, with normal lips and teeth.
It's also hard to decide what to do with the wings. Either make them metaphysical, or turn them into arms. Avians do not have 6 physical limbs.
Obviously, feathers means no hair, but birds have impressive hairdos anyway. It just looks a little different.
Avian humanoid cinematics:
So basically, Sephiroth with facial down. But we want a tengu, not an angel. So change the face to an exaggerated Liam Neeson, and add some black, like Brandon Lee in The Crow.
[PIC: Liam Neeson as The Crow]
Yes, I'm aware that "race with prominent nose and midface" sounds suspiciously like "white people". It's just a coincidence.
Since it would be inconvenient for Momonga to look like the people he's slaughtering, mix it with some less human features, while still retaining facial expressiveness. Here are some examples that preserve more beak and retain the huge avian eyes:
As you can see, Hollywood had trouble distinguishing a tengu from a white guy, and wound up making him look like a burn victim with four nostrils and no ears, which is silly.
The big eyes are plausible. The widely spaced eyes are wrong. Prey animals have widely-spaced eyes, whereas predators have binocular vision. Anthropoids are apex predators.
If you're under the mistaken impression that the anthropoid form is uniquely human, see convergent evolution and carcinisation. The anthropoid form is optimal for constructing and wielding spears, which are the primordial hunting weapon.
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2023.03.22 14:06 TheArrowblackcabary What are your favorite fanons you've seen in fan works? And what fanon ideas do you use when writing?

My list:
1) The Mangekyo Sharingan is the result of the Sharingan trying to evolve into the Rinnegan but failing due to lacking the body/chakra of the Sage of Six Paths/Otsutsuki Clan. This fanon comes from episode 462 of the Naruto Shippuden Anime, where Hagoromo awakened his three-tomoe Sharingan to the Rinnegan by killing his brother – though he revies Hamura. It also comes from the fact that Indra’s Mangekyo Sharingan design looks like a distorted/swirly Rinnegan design, which would make sense since he’s the son of Hagoromo and, therefore, his Sharingan should be close to evolving to the Rinnegan. But still can’t because he doesn’t have Asura’s chakra.
2) Building on the last fanon, the Mangekyo Sharingan’s powers cause blindness because the power is more than the Uchiha’s body and eye can handle, damaging both of them. Getting access to Asura’s power negates this. (Obito with H. Cells.)
3) The eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can only be gained if the second pair of eyes was given willingly by the sibling. There’s just something tragic and fitting for the Uchiha that their ultimate power can only be gained by their closest relative sacrificing themselves to become their light.
4) Yagura and Isobu never got along. Obito controlled Isobu before he was placed into Yagura to work with the Mizukage while also placing Yagura under his control to do his bidding. The plan was for the Fourth Mizukage to weaken the Mist by continuing the ‘Bloody Mist’ and then undo the genjutsu compelling Isobu to work with Yagura. Without a seal holding him back – since a perfect jinchuriki had no need for one – the three tails would rampage and destroy the weakened Hidden Mist. Yagura died before this happened, though.
5) In Boruto, the Otsutsuki are apparently supposed to sacrifice another Otsutsuki before eating the fruit. Kaguya didn’t. So, I like to think that her eating the fruit directly without sacrificing another Otsutsuki is what drove her insane. If she had (somehow) sacrificed Isshiki, she wouldn’t have gone crazy.
6) In Naruto Shippuden episode 461, Kaguya lives to go deal with something. In fact, she was going to deal with a human society using the Stone of Gelel to oppose her. Once she found out it makes one immortal/live for a very long time, she tried to get her hands on some for the sake of her children, who weren’t immortal and would’ve died in time. Her quest was for not as the Stone of Gelel ore was sealed away before she got her hands on it. I like this one because it not only ties into the movies and explains where Kaguya went during that episode, but it also shows her character. (Meaning destroying an entire civilization to get something for her sons and out of a want for control.)
7) Water-Walking is a Chunin-level skill that is normally taught after one achieves the rank of Chunin. In Boruto, the Shinobi education system has improved to the point that this is considered a basic skill taught in the academy.
8) At some point, Sai did a portrait of all members of Team 7 together and gave copies to everyone so they wouldn’t forget their time together.
9) Danzo loves strawberry ice cream.
10) The Hidden Sand Village is currently the best village when it comes to Sealing Jutsu – which is why most of the sealing during the Fourth Ninja War was done by them, and their Kage was the only one with sealing jutsu among the five. It’s also why Shinki is pretty good at it as well.
11) The Hidden Sand managed to seal the One-tails before the First Hokage got his hands on it due to the help of some Uzumaki passing by. Those Uzumaki ended up settling in the Hidden Sand and passing their sealing knowledge on. (Also, I honestly think that Gaara has a better claim to being part Uzumaki than someone random like Tayuya. Like, it’s easier for me to buy. Just my random thought.)
12) crystal Release and Wood Style are kekkei Totas.
13) Those with the body of the Sage of Six Paths/Six Path’s chakra can use any element, even Kekkei Genkai. This is why Madara can use Storm Release Light Fang in chapter 674 despite never having been shown to have the Storm Release Kekkei Genkai before. (And I can’t think of any other reason he’d have it.)
14) Boruto’s Jogan is the result of Hinata’s Otsutsuki chakra from The Last plus Naruto’s and the influence of chakra from the chakra fruit (Kurama’s chakra. Boruto’s whiskers show he’s been influenced by Kurama’s chakra.)
15) The Jogan inherited the ability to see negative emotions from Kurama’s ability to sense negative emotions.
16) The Uchiha are super religious. Any fic that explores this is awesome.
17) Naruto actually being good at pranks is fun.
18) Sasuke training till his hands bleed. It's raw and badass. (Though it makes me think he needs therapy even more.)
19) Only the Uzumaki can hold the Nine-Tails.
20) The Adamantine Sealing Chains only appear in female Uzumaki.

What are your favorite fanons?
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2023.03.22 14:06 Dr_Wayne0202 An OG's Retrospective of the Mainline Pokemon Games: I'm enjoying the modern!...but let's not forget where we started

For context, I am a late-20yr old but still consider myself an OG since I've been a fan of pokemon since RBY came out and fully loved and experienced late 90s pokemania.
My inspiration for this post is the following tier list and podcast: https://youtu.be/6LclCDBikR8
I was so happy to see a list and group of old pokemon fans that I finally agree with. You can skip to the end of their video to see the final rankings, but I pretty much agree with 99% of their placements. The following will be a little further detail and addition of my opinions on the mainline pokemon games. Everything is obviously my opinion and I wil try my best not to make any opinions that come off very objective. You are welcome to disagree. For example the fact that I will be ranking BW2 as S tier even though circumstances in my life didn't let me play it may discredit my opinion to you which is fine. At the end of the day this is all for fun.
Red/Blue/Yellow: The games that started it all. My first ever pokemon game was Blue version and of course I played the hell out of it, even if I was so young that my name in initial playthroughs was "AAAAAAAAAAAA". I think these games are truly iconic and later on I'll express how they should always be respected and thought of in creation of newer games. I'll try my best to rank games based on the time they were released and how they hold up today. For their time, they are considered one of the greatest games/innovations of all time. For how they hold up today, of course they have the least mechanics and numerous bugs. For that reason , they will be - B TIER
I will now go into what I consider the golden age of pokemon, that is Gen II - V. There will be a few games that are relative duds, but for the most part, this is where gamefreak clearly put their heart and soul into each game. The common theme will be connections and homages to previous games that create a greater pokemon world.
Gold/Silver: Perfection. If I were to describe these games in one word. These games along with crystal will probably be the games I have spent the most thousands of hours in. Let's put the whole "other region" thing aside for a minute because that arugment has been beaten to death. Just the sheer amount of little easter eggs and small details that I kept discovering the more I played the game was just genius and really showed the effort of gamefreak. Of course, the inclusion of a super boss in the end was the greatest surprise. The only reason why they are not S tier is because other games will take these games to even greater heights. A TIER.
Crystal: This game is my personal greatest pokemon game of all time. Nostalgia definetely factors into this, but I think there are a lot of valid reasons why TO THIS DAY, Crystal offers a wholistic pokemon experience. It takes the perfection that is GS and adds a legendary story as well as (For the time) modernized features such as improved graphics, Boy/Girl, and even a Battle Tower. I'm okay with anyone else placing this game as A tier, but for me with a little bit of nostalgia glasses, it is S-TIER.
Ruby Sapphire: Came out post pokemania. For the longest time I viewed these games as the lesser after generation II, however there are a lot of amazing features that were introduced. Not much of a post game though. A soft reboot to the franchise. B-Tier.
Emerald: Emerald is going to be my first "greatest game I haven't played". I actually did complete one emulator playthrough, but it did not last long and I didn't get to fully experience it. From other people's opinions and looking at the "extra effort" factor of a whole anime inspired (or vice versa) Battle Frontier, this game desparetly needs a replay from me. This is the number one game that I am hoping gets a Switch release. Has potential to go up, but for now, A TIER.
Fire Red/ Leaf Green: Modernized the classics for the time, which was amazing. Added a decent amount of post game as well. A - Tier
Diamond and Pearl: One of the first duds. Also were released during one of my pokemon hiatus. I did not like how slow the game was and some of the elite 4 trainers pokemons didn't make sense. Also not much postgame. C - Tier
Platinum: A vast improvement and a solid game. Homages and easter eggs to previous games. A whole battle frontier just because. A-Tier.
Heart Gold/ Soul Silver: One of the most popular amongst OG pokemon fans. These games are the PINNACLE of what I mean when I say gamefreak puts in effort and heart into the features. So many easter eggs and homages to older games. So many added features that did not even have to be in their. Battle frontier, fleshed out second region, post game story details like Giovanni/Silver. Arguable the best games of all time who's level of effort has not been replicated since. S-TIER.
Black White + BW2: So these games are the second of my "greatest games I've never played". I've actualy never had the chance to play these games as they came out during another hiatus of mine. However, my brother swears by BW2 and from what I've seen, especially with the World Tournament, these games connect the greater pokemon world so well with so many added features. I think the general OG fan base also agrees so I will base my opinion on that. BW (?), BW2 - S Tier.
X and Y: Now these games are special to me because mega evolutions brought me out of my pokemon hiatus. Added so many amazing features such as easy EV training and PSS. HOWEVER, HOWEVER, HOWEVER. with the lack of postgame or even third version, I believe these games mark the beginning of a down-hill spiral where pokemon games stop trying to connect to the greater world and good fleshed out post games become a rarity in mainline games. Gamefreak, I believe, begins to get lazy starting here. Nonetheless, these games are underappreciated. A-Tier
Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: CArried over the excellent gen 6 features and added to the already great mega evolutions. HOWEVER, skimping out on the battle frontier was a signficant let down. B-Tier
Sun Moon/Sun and Moon 2: These games came out during a pokemon hiatus and during a down time in my life so I did not play them. However, there was just something about the vibe of these games that from what I've watched on online playthoughs I just do not enjoy. REd and Blue coming back for the battle tree as well as Rainbow Rocket is pretty cool though. Z-moves is just a not cool gimmick as well. C- Tier.
Lets Go eevee and pikachu: I don't really consider these as mainline games but for fun I'll include them. I enjoyed going through Kanto but the lack of basic pokemon standards makes it just a side game for me. The graphics however were gorgeous and arguably the best I've seen. B-Tier
Sword and Shield: Now we enter modern pokemon. I have a lot to say about these games. For the sake of a ranking, I will include DLC. If I went just based off the main game, these games would be C/D tier. Starting with the negatives, the story was the worst of all time and seemingly the shortest. I hated how much they skimmped out on the routes. I won't knock the wild area too much because it gets expanded later on and is more of a prototype. THERE IS ZERO attempt to pay homage to older characters and games, with minimal easter eggs and secrets. I do not consider Gmax forms as homages, as you can argue that a Gmax charizard is just a Galarian exclusive thing. Now the positives, the DLC did add a lot and expanded the wild area for the better. As you will read later on, the random Wailord in the ocean was a great inclusion. Further positives, these games were incredible for simplifying gameplay mechanics and quality of life features. These games made creating competitive teams incredibly easy and were the first games I was able to dable with competitive pokemon battling. I mentioned before these are arguable the beggining of the modern pokemon games that focus on online features and raids and lack in post game content. I thought the frequently changing monthly raids were lackluster in comparison the SV, but they did succeed in keeping me coming back to the game. Major props to the Mewtwo raid, I think it was the introduction and precursor to difficult raids that require signficant strategy. B-Tier
Scarlet/Violet: I'm enjoying these games, even more the Sword and Shield. I'll get the negatives out of the way, AGAIN, these games are failing to connect to the greater pokemon world aka the past games. Is it really that hard to throw in a past character as a cameo??? Is it that hard to have an in-game post game with a secret super boss? Does everything really have to be online related and DLC? Why can't we have characters talk more about past regions? This is all very frustrating to me about modern games.... alright now the positives. The story is actually intriguing. The overworld is amazing. As I'll discuss later, how pokemon interact in their wild enviorments is one of my favorite things about pokemon and they do it so well in these games. I love seeing Forretress hanging from a tree and burrowing pokemon popping out of the ground. Continued most quality of life features. I'm finidng Terastalize as so far the most competitively intriguing gimmick. The raids are so much better than Sword and Shield and as everyone is finding, are actually challenging and take strategy. I'm PRAYING PRAYING there is some sort of homage/cameo/easter eggs SOMETHING to the older games in the upcoming DLC, but my hopes are not high. Nonetheless, A-TIER
BDSP: F Tier. Worst mainline games of all time. Peak laziness. I know it wasn't gamefreak but so disappointing. If they remade Platinum these games would've been decent.
Wolfe Glick: If you look up his ranking of pokemon games video, I feel like we couldn't be any different. I respect what he's done for modern pokemon and I enjoy his recent longer videos. As pokemon OGs though, I get the sense that he got into pokemon after the Later 90s Pokemania. I feel like his first game was probably gen 3 or 4. He argued gen 2 and HGSS were not higher tier games because "he didn't have time or interest for the daily events".... The essence of the Golden Age of Pokemon are the in-game experience that lasts on average 3 years. I LOVED exploring in Gold and Silver and after 2 years of playing finding out on Fridays Lapras appears. I LOVED thinking about what day I'm playing and if I can rechallenge my rival or give an eevee a haircut. I think his opinions are valid for modern pokemon. I respect that he's a world champion for VGC. But as a fellow OG, I challenge him to give Gen II a non-streamed thorough playthrough over a month long period.
What do I love about pokemon? So what I love about pokemon is the essence of the Pokemon World. It's hard to explain, but my thoughts of what makes pokemon so awe-inspiring is what I think of in the first couple of seasons of the anime. Seeing pokemon in the wild almost like real animals is so exciting to me. Another example is how they are portrayed in the TCG, both old and modern. My favorite example to explain what I mean is the original Mankey from Jungle, swinging from the trees. I love well-done pokemon art showing them in their wild enviornment. Modern TCG continues to do this well. The other thing I love about pokemon is the greater connection amongst games, as you guys can tell. I LOVED the random inclusion of Crasher Wake gym leader in the Celadon Market in HGSS. I LOVED Janine from Gold and Silver randomly in DPPT. Stuff like that is sorely missing in modern games and it's such a shame. It makes the greater pokemon world feel disconnected.
- Pokemon Origins/Generations/Twilight Wings, etc.: Random side thought, but I LOVE how these expand and connect the greater pokemon world. I enjoyed how in Pokeon Generations I got to see events of Gold and Silver remastered essentially. I watch Pokemon Origins annually because it was so well done. The anime style Black and White 2 trailer with high quality animations is exactly what I'm talking about too. Seeing Arcanine aggressive and dog-like.
Final thought and dream of my ideal modern pokemon game!: So I'm enjoying the modern pokemon games, but I want to share what I think is MY ideal modern pokemon game.
  1. Has homages/easter eggs/cameos and connections to prior games
  2. Has a FULL In-game experience that is not reliant on online expansions. Aka this includes post game super boss, areas, etc.
  3. Top-down experience ala BDSP
The essence of pokemon to me is being able to enjoy a full pokemon adventure during long care drives, airplane, under the covers. For games that are meant for kids, these games should be able to provide the full expereince without WIFI. If it were up to me, I would keep the Breath of the Wild graphic dreams to the Legends games. Keep the mainline games to the basics.
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2023.03.22 14:05 Waterlime204 What career do you have that most people wouldn't have heard of, and what does it entail?

From a teen worrying about her future lol
I hope this post doesn't break the rules, if it does then my bad
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2023.03.22 14:03 NunuBrokenPlzNerf ✔ Jungle coaching Affordable and friendly :)

Hi! My name is Zippen. I hit GrandMaster this season, I have also been rank 1 Nunu world a few times. I mainly focus on jungle, but depending on your elo I might be able to help you out in other lanes as well. My coaching is mainly about fixing your macro play and bad habits. I also talk about mental and how you can improve just by thinking differently. A typical coaching session with me is about 1 hour, usually we can fit in both a small VOD review and a live game. If this sounds interesting or if you have any other questions, hit me up on Discord or Reddit :)
Account im playing on right now: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/summoneeune/ψNunuψ
Discord: Zippen#4536
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2023.03.22 14:03 marbear1219 AITA for not inviting my aunt to my wedding and insisting if she tries to attend, she will be escorted off the property?

I (30F) am getting married in June. The invites were all sent months ago. I come from a big family. My mom is 1 of 6. I did not invite her sister, my aunt N (F 50s?) She is the only family member we did not invite.
My Aunt N & I have a very complicated history. We were very close when I was younger. She was the crazy unpredictable aunt that would let us buy and do anything we wanted. As I got older I started realizing my parents probably shouldn’t have trusted her with us in her care. She will do anything for attention. She’s a compulsive liar. And many other things (character limit) Then in HS she kidnapped me in the disguise of a California weekend trip, & held me from ransom against my parents. When I gave her a second chance in college she kicked me out onto the street, leading to me being homeless for over a month in a state where I had no family besides her to turn to for help. For me, that was my last straw.
After that she tried her behavior on to my other cousins, (theres 11 of us) keeping the cycle of trying to be the cool aunt. Then when she would over step, people got mad, & she got defensive & did something crazy. A few times worse than what she did to me. Since then, one of my uncles allegedly got a restraining order against her. She is not allowed near any of his children.
So tonight she called my mom trying to really butter her up with a sob story (for 30 + min) before begging for a invite. My mom told her she would have to talk to me directly, because it’s my wedding. To that, aunt N said “well arnt you paying for it? You should invite who you want.” Which my mom responded with, no, they are paying for the wedding 100% theirselves (something I’m v proud of btw. Yay us!) Aunt N was flabbergasted to say the least. She thought my parents paying for it would be her ticket in, if she could guilt trip them enough.
When my mom was summarizing this us my dad was also in the room. He insisted that saying no to her will not work. That she will try to show up and act like she was invited. I told him that if she decides to arrive, she will promptly be escorted off the property. I don’t want her there. My husband 100000% supports my decision. Also my uncle with the restraining order will be there with his kids. So legally, she can’t. My dad said “you should take the higher ground. It will ruin your day if you let her get to you. Just let her do her thing. I should ignore her & enjoy my day.
I said, having an unwanted guest will ruin my day. Not asking someone to leave. He leaned into it, saying that it is in bad taste. I asked him if I should just let any random person that didn’t get an invite attend. he said that’s different. She’s family.
We went back & forth for a good 15 minutes about this. When he left we were still not in agreement. He thinks IATA for not letting her stay if she intrudes and not taking the high ground. I can’t stop thinking about this and am now starting to question my boundaries. AITA?
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