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What are the best essential oils for scented candles?

2023.03.22 08:39 WinordCraft What are the best essential oils for scented candles?

What are the best essential oils for scented candles?
Essential oils provide a natural and therapeutic way to scent candles, and many oils are popular choices for their appealing aromas and various benefits. Here are some of the best essential oils for scented candles:
  1. Lavender: Known for its calming and relaxing properties, lavender is a popular choice for promoting restful sleep and reducing stress.
  2. Eucalyptus: With its refreshing and invigorating scent, eucalyptus is perfect for clearing the mind and promoting focus. It's also known for its potential to support respiratory health.
  3. Lemon: This citrus oil has an uplifting, fresh aroma that can energize and enhance mood. Lemon is also known for its cleansing properties.
  4. Peppermint: With its cool, minty scent, peppermint is excellent for enhancing focus and mental clarity. It can also help relieve feelings of fatigue.
  5. Rosemary: This herbaceous essential oil is known for its ability to improve concentration and memory, making it a great option for study or workspaces.
  6. Orange: Another uplifting citrus scent, orange essential oil can create a warm, cheerful atmosphere, and help relieve anxiety and stress.
  7. Ylang-Ylang: With a sweet, floral aroma, ylang-ylang is often used for relaxation and stress relief, as well as promoting a sense of romanticism.
  8. Frankincense: This warm, woody scent has a calming effect and is often used to support meditation and spiritual practices.
  9. Sandalwood: With its rich, earthy fragrance, sandalwood is known for its calming properties and ability to create a serene atmosphere.
  10. Cinnamon: This warm, spicy scent is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, especially during the colder months. Cinnamon is also known for its potential to support immune health.
When choosing essential oils for scented candles, consider the desired atmosphere and any specific benefits you wish to gain from the candle. Make sure to use high-quality, pure essential oils and follow the proper dilution guidelines for safe and effective results.
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2023.03.22 08:08 WinordCraft How do I choose the right scented candle for my home?

How do I choose the right scented candle for my home?
Choosing the right scented candle for your home involves considering various factors such as your personal preferences, the purpose of the candle, and the room you plan to use it in. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:
  1. Identify your scent preferences: Consider the types of scents you enjoy, whether they're floral, fruity, woody, spicy, or fresh. Knowing your preferences will make it easier to narrow down your options when browsing scented candles.
  2. Consider the purpose: Think about the purpose of the candle and the mood you want to create. For relaxation, choose calming scents like lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood. For an invigorating and energizing atmosphere, opt for citrus, mint, or eucalyptus scents.
  3. Room size and scent strength: Consider the size of the room where you plan to use the candle. Larger rooms may require a candle with a stronger scent throw, while smaller rooms may need a more subtle fragrance to avoid overpowering the space.
  4. Season and time of day: Some scents work better during specific seasons or times of the day. For example, lighter, fresher scents may be more suitable for spring and summer, while warmer, spicier scents might be better for fall and winter. Similarly, calming scents may be ideal for evenings, while invigorating scents could be preferable in the mornings.
  5. Quality of the candle: Look for candles made with high-quality ingredients like natural wax (soy or beeswax), lead-free wicks, and premium fragrance oils or essential oils. These factors can influence the candle's performance, scent throw, and burn time.
  6. Packaging and aesthetics: Choose a scented candle that complements your home's décor and style. Many candles come in decorative containers or packaging, which can add visual appeal to your space.
  7. Allergies or sensitivities: If you or someone in your household has allergies or sensitivities to certain scents, be mindful of the ingredients in the candle you choose. Opt for candles with natural ingredients and avoid those with strong or artificial fragrances.
By considering these factors, you can choose the right scented candle for your home that meets your preferences, enhances your environment, and complements your lifestyle. Don't be afraid to experiment with different scents and brands to find the perfect fit for your space.
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2023.03.22 00:22 Sika097 New item that was 40% off today!

New item that was 40% off today!
I love Eucalyptus and Lavender so putting them together is brilliant! I smelled the body cream before buying this and I was sold!! So excited to see how this is!
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$23 - Dermot Kennedy - Doves and Ravens (clear)
$115 - Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear Complete Edition (Blue) VG+
$23 - Dessa - Ides (clear SIGNED) vG+
$22 - Dessa - Sound the Bells SEALED
$20 - Devon Kay and the solutions - Grieving Expectation (clear w light blue dark blue splattet) SEALED
$20 Diet Cig - Swear I'm good at this (blue marbled) VG+
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$27 - The Dip - Delivers VG+ still in shrink
$30 - The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art (Pink) VG+
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$23 - The Distillers - Sing, Sing Death Horse (Doublemint black galaxy) SEALED
$29 - Dogleg - Melee (Black w yellow splatter) NM
$19 - Dryjacket - Lights, Locks and Faucets SEALED
$22 - Doomtree - No Kings NM
$22 - Early Eyes - Look Alive (Blue Seafoam Wave) vg+
$20 - The Early November - Lilac (White & coke bottle green pinwheel) vg+
$200 - The Early November - The Mother, The Mechanic, The Path (oxblood/mustard) VG+
$17 -Eastwood - It Never Gets Easy (green w bone,yellow,white splatter) SEALED
$19 - Empire Empire! (I was a Lonely estate) - You Will Eventually be forgotten VG+
$25 - Fairweather - If they move kill them.. (clear and black marble) Sealed
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$20 - Fences - Lesser Ocean (salmon) vG+
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$135 - The Forecast - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (clear) VG+
$20 - The Format - The EP SEALED
$75 - The Format - Interventions and Lullabies (Silver) VG+
$35 - Foxing - Dealer (clear w red splatter) SEALED
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$50 - Francis and the Lights - A Modern Promise VG+
$160 - Francis and the Lights - Farewell, Starlite!
$60 - Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra (bootleg red) VG+
$30 - Frank Turner -England, Keep My Bones 10th Anni (yellow) SEALED
$50 - Free Nationals - S/T (Gold nugget) VG+
$21 - Fuckin Whatever - S/T (yellow w blue splatter)
$24 - Fugees - The Score (clear w smoky white) SEALED
$60 - Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down boxset (cloudy white) NM
$20 - Future Islands - The Far Field (white) NM
$145 - Gallant - Ology 2xlp VG+
$24 - Gary Clark Jr - Live VG+
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$ 18 - The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang VG+
$70 - The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt (red and white splatter) VG+
$55 - The Gaslight Anthem - The 59 Sound (blue/black mix) VG+
$19 - Gatsbys American Dream - Modern Man (pink/black mix) NM
$20 - Gatsbys American Dream - In the Land of Lost Monsters (cleaglow in the dark split)
$30 - The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile (White w blue splatter) NM
$22 - The Get Up Kids - The Guilt Show (Clear w Red Splatter SEALED
$26 - The Get Up Kids - Live @ the Granada Theater (clear and blue swirl) NM
$24 - The Get Up Kids - On a Wire (green and gray swirl) SEALED
$22 - The Get Up Kids - There Are Rules (Blue 2xlp Deluxe w bonus songs) SEALED
$25 - The Get Up Kids - Woodson (1997 black) VG+
$42 Glasvegas - Glasvegas (import, 10th anniversary cover) NM
$20 - The Go Team - The Scene Between VG+
$26 - Gold Necklace - S/T VG+
$20 - Gregor Barnett - Dont Go Throwing Roses in my Grave (clear w black smoke) NM
$45 - Grouplove - Never Trust a Happy Song VG+
$50 - Gulch - Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress (yellow and mint split with orange splatter) NM
$36 - Hail Mary Mallon - Beastiary (Beza Version Picdisc) NM
$60 - Half-Waif - The Caretaker (test press w one of a kind custom sleeve)
$30 - Hanibal Buress - Animal Furnace VG+
$25 - Hazel English - California Dreamin (red flexi) NM
$70 - He Is Legend - I Am Hollywood (yellow) SEALED
$55 - The Head and the Heart- S/T VG+
$28 - Hobo Johnson - The Fall of Hobo Johnson (white) NM
$30 - Homesafe - Nervous Reaction (coke bottle ghostly) VG+
$18 - Homesafe - One (blue) SEALED
$35 - The Horrible Crowes - Elise 10th anni (silver) VG+
$35 - The Hotelier - Goodness VG+
$50 - The Hotelier - Goodness (cerulean and coral) VG+
$22 - Houndmouth - Good For You (yellow and orange swirl) sealed
$55 - Hozier - Nina Cried Power (180g) VG+
$40 - Ace Enders - Dustin off the ol guitar (red/black w white splatter) VG+
$40 - The Internet - Hive Mind VG+
$38 - Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here (clear w red black gold splatter) VG+
$20 - Ivy Sole - Overgrown (blue/clear w yellow splatter) NM
$26 - J.S. Ondara - Tales of America VG+
$75 - Jaden - ERYS (pink) SEALED
$18 - Jaws - Be Slowly (white) VG+
$110 - Jay-z and Kanye - Watch the Throne (bootleg burgundy marbled) VG+
$29 - The Jealous Sound - A Gentle Reminder (white) SEALED
$75 - John Nolan - Height (random color w one of a kind custom jacket)
$46 - Joy Crookes - skin (clear; import) SEALED
$85 - Joyce Manor - S/T (Coke bottle clear) VG+
$56 - Joyce Manor - 40 Oz to Freedom (lime) NM
$26 - Joyce Manor - S/T (remaster with red cover color mix vinyl) VG+
$130 - The Juliana Theory - Emotion is Dead (red/gold split blue/white split) SEALED
$60 - Just Friends - Hella (reddish bone and black w alt cover screen print) NM
$35 - K Flay - Every Where is Some Where (white) SEALED
$19 - K Flay - Inside Voices/Outside Voices (green) SEALED
$17 Kacy Hill - Simpke Sweet and Smiling (clear and pink splatter) SEALED
$37 - Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (3xlp) SEALED
$100 - Karen O and the Kids - Where the Wild Things Are VG+ (slight shelf wear)
$20 - Kevin Devine - Put Your Ghost to Rest (blue and white) VG+
$16 - Kate Bush - This Woman's Work 7" VG+
$20 - Kid Canaveral - Faulty Inner Dialogue (yellow) VG+
$25 - Korine - Tear (Clear) NM
$120 - Kurt Travis - Everything is Beautiful (white) VG+
$85 - Kurt Travis - There's a Place I Want to Take You (baby blue) VG+
$22 - Lando Chill - FOR Mark, Your Son (cleared split) VG+
$17 - Lando Chill - The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind (purple w white splatter) VG+
$20 - Latewaves - Hell to Pay ( clear w blue splatter) VG+
$21 - Laura Jane Grace - Stay Alive (lapis blue) NM
$20 - Laura Jane Grace - At War with the Silverfish (clear) SEALED
$32 - Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers - Bought to Rot VG+
$50 - The Lawrence Arms - Skeleton Coast (Malort) VG+
$35 - Left Behind - No One Goes to Heaven (Kelly green)
$20 - Leon Bridges - Gold Diggers Sound (alt cover) Vg+
$22 - Leon Bridges - Good Thing VG+
$25 - Lilac Queen - If Only (purple/blue smash) VG+
$47 - Lucky Daye - Painted SEALED
$64 - Luke Fiasco - Food and Liquor Series (boxset gold and purple swirl/silver) SEALED
$22 - Lurk - Electro-Shock (clear w blue and white splatter) SEALED
$36 - LVL Up - Space Brothers (green)
$135 - Lydia - Illuminate (seablue) VG+
$23 - Macseal - Super Enthusiast (doublemint green) SEALED
$40 - Macseal - yeah, no I Know (pink w etching) vg+
$50 - Mae - Destination B Sides (Blue) VG+
$22 - Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God (pink shimmer) SEALED
$70 - Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything to Nothing (180g w cd) VG+ in shrink
$20 - Maps and Atlases - Beware and be Grateful VG+
$48 - Maritime - We the Vehicles (red) VG+
$35 - Marlon Williams - Make Way for Love (blue) VG+
$50 - Mars Volta - Frances the Mute (blue/red bootleg) VG+
$31 - Mat Kerekes - Luna and the wild blue everything (tri color blue/white/light blue) SEALED
$24 - Mat Kerekes - Luna (white/black asidebside) SEALED
$18 - Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison (Sea blue) SEALED
$46 - The Menzingers - On the Impossible Past (summer sky wave) VG+
$50 - Mercy Union - The Quarry (Limited to One Record store Anniversary release with screened cover (Sealed)
$18 - Middle Distance - BlueShift (white) SEALED
$25 - Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (2018 Europe reissue with white cover) VG+
$30 - Mini Trees - Always in Motion (red scarlet) SEALED
$100 - Moneen - Are We Really Happy with Who we Are Right Now (orange w clear splatter) VG+
$21 - Movielife - This Time Next Year (gold) VG+
$19 - The Movielife - Cities in Search of a Heart (doublemint) SEALED
$27 - The Muppets - The Muppets Christmas Carol (import) VG+
$16 - Mundy's Bay - Lonesome Valley (bone gray marble) SEALED
$17 - Muskets - Violent Paradise SEALED
$35 - My Bloody Valentine - Isnt Anything (bootleg import) VG+
$25 - My Chemical Romance - May Death Never Stop You (jalapeño green) SEALED
$21 - The National - Boxer VG+
$31 - The National - I Am Easy to Find (red, yellow, grey 3xlp) NM
$31 - The National - Sleep Well Beast(blue) NM
$22 - Nnamdi Ogbannaya - Drool (orange cream) VG+
$16 - No Better - It Felt Like Glass (light blue) SEALED
$46 - No Pressure - No Pressure (yellow) SEALED
$42 - Notorious BIG - Life After Death 3xLP VG+
$180 - Noah Gunderson - Family VG+
$22 - No Devotion - Singles 2014 SEALED
$27 - Nothing, Nowhere - Reaper X Ruiner (White w blk splatteblk w white splatter) VG+
$180 - Northstar - Pollyanna VG+
$40 - Oddisee - The Beauty in All VG+
$25 - Oddisee - Rock Creek Park (autumn gold) VG+
$60 - Of Monster and Men - Beneath the Skin (clear) VG+
$18 - Old 97s - Most Messed Up VG+
$46 - Oragami Angel - Gami Gang (half black half white) VG+
$30 - Oso Oso - Basking in the Glow (Pink) VG+
$24 - Owen - The Seaside EP (blue marble) VG+
$43 - POS - Audition 2xLP VG+
$25 - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - S/T (white w pink yellow splatter) SEALED
$21 - Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises (clear 2xlp) NM
$38 - Patton Oswalt - Feelin Kinda Patton VG+
$40 - Paulson - All at Once (Blue splatter) VG+
$20 - Pedro The Lion - Havasu (peach) VG+
$36 - Perma - Fight Fair (half blue/half green) SEALED
$24- Pet Symmetry - Vision (cream) VG+
$20 - Petal - Shame (pink) VG+
$23 - Phoenix - Bankrupt! VG++
$20 - Pianos Become the Teeth - Wait for Love (White) SEALED
$60 - Piebald - All Ears, All Eyes, All the Time (Coke bottle clear) VG+
$18 - PINE - s/t (blue /200) SEALED
$16 - Polar Bear Club - Live at the Montage (red) vg+
$17 - Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg (gold) VG+
$40 Portugal the Man - Americam Ghetto VG+
$90 - Portugal the Man - The Majestic Majesty NM
$65 - Portugal the Man - Censored Colors (2008 black press) VG+
$20 - Portugal the Man - In the Mountain In the Cloud (white) VG+
$44 - Preston School of Industry - All This Sounds Gas VG+
$54 - Prince Daddy and the Hyena - Cosmic Thrill Seekers (half green/half purple) VG+
$30 - Prince Daddy and the Hyena - I Thought You Didn't like Leaving VG+
$45 Prince Daddy and the Hyena - S/T (white w black silver twist) NM
$20 - Proper. - The Great American Novel (pink and evergreen splatter) SEALED
$50 - Pup - Morbid Stuff (half cleahalf white) vg+
$22 - Pup - The Unraveling of Pup the Band (clear w black/yellow/pink splatter) SEALED
$28 - Raquet Club - S/T (Blue/black split) vg+
$40 - Radiohead - in Rainbows (2017 XL press) vg+
$20 - Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine XX (Pic disc) VG+
$80 - Rainbow Kitten Surprise - RKS! Live from Athens (with slipcase) VG+ one corner ding
$65 - Raury - All We Need VG+
$30 - Ray Lamontagne - God Willin and the Creek Don't Rise VG+
$60 - The Receiving End Of Sirens - The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi (clear w black and white splatter--- bonus 2003 demos 7") VG+
$20 - Red City Radio - To the Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie (blue w black splatter) VG+
$36 - Red City Radio - Paradise (blue with gray pink twist) VG+
$75 - Reggie and the Full Effect - Inside the Dust Sleeve (180g) VG+
$20 Remo Drive - Natural, Everyday Degredation (clear smoke) VG+
$20 - Remo Drive - A Portrait of an Ugly Man (Maroon) VG+
$20 - Restorations - S/T (white w green) VG+
$28 - Restorations - LP2 (white/green/yellow swirl) VG+
$20 - Restorations- LP3 (red/white/yellow/black starburst) vg+
$20 - Restorations - LP5000 (white) VG+
$21 - Rex Orange County - Pony (slipcase) VG+
$32 - Rhye - Blood (green marble) VG+
$48 - Rival Schools - United by Fate (white/blue pinwheel) SEALED
$45 - Rival Sons - Before the Fire (orange splatter) VG+
$18 - Rocky Votolato - Hospital Handshakes (black/white/light blue) SEALED
$60 - Rocky Votolato - Suicide Medicine (red/bone) SEALED
$38 - The Routes - Dirty Needles And Pins (dysphoria swirl) VG+
$32 - Rufio - MCMLXXXV (orchid and baby blue swirl) NM
$40 - Rufio - The Comfort of Home (Black and gold) NM
$25 - S.Carey - Break Me Open (yellow and black) NM
$19 - Saintseneca - Pillar of Na
$22 - Saintseneca - Dark Arc
$70 Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under (white marble import) SEALED
$26 - Saosin - Along the Shadow VG
$62 - Saosin - Translating the Name (teal) SEALED
$80 - Saves the Day - In Reverie (white w black and blue splatter) VG+
$33 - Say Anything/Matt Pryor - Daytrotter no. 23 VG+
$21 - Seahaven - Winter Forever (pink/blue) vg+
$18 - Sevendust - Kill the Flaw (blood red) SEALED
$24 - Shannon and the Clams - year of the spider (Godstone) VG+
$20 - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - 100 days, 100 nights VG+
$19 - Sharptooth - Transitional Forms (GOLD Nugget) SEALED
$20 - Signals Midwest - I used to draw 7" (clear) VG+
$54 - Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic (Alt Cover) SEALED
$42 - Silversun Pickups - Swoon (lavendeclear split) VG+
$50 - Sincere Engineer - Bless My Psyche (olive green) VG+
$24 - Skatune Network - Ska Goes Emo vol 1 (white w blue orange splatter) VG+
$20 - Skatune Network - Burn the Billboard (violet) SEALED
$18 - Sleater Kinney - S/T (2014 press) VG+
$65 - Sleater Kinney - Dig Me Out (OG 1997 press) VG
$45 - The Smiths - The Queen is Dead (09 US press 180g) SEALED
$70 - The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs (87 US press) VG+
$20 - Snow Patrol - Final Straw SEALED
$42 - Soft Kill - Savior (black /1300)
$55 - Soft Kill - An Open Door (clear w orange white splatter /100) NM
$25 - Soft Kill - Dead Kids RIP City VG+
$34 - Soft Kill - Desd Kids RIP City (yellow) VG+
$20 - Solemn Brigham - South Sinner Street (brown swirl) SEALED
$20 - Son Little - Aloha (Pineapple) VG+
$35 - Soul Blind - Greatest Hits vol 1 (clear w black/violet splatter) VG+
$72 - The Sound of Animals Fighting - The Tiger and the Duke (red) VG+
$24 - Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces ETC. (cleawhite split w mint splatter) SEALED
$27 - Stay Inside - Viewing (dusk) SEALED
$165 - Stornoway - Beachcomber's Windowsill (import) SEALED
$40 - The Story So Far - The Story So Far (half cream half blue trans) VG+
$20 - St Paul and the Broken Bones - The Alien Coast (gold nugget) NM
$120 - Straylight Run - The Needles the Space VG
$75 - Straylight Run - S/T (brown marble) VG
$21 - Straylight Run - Live at the Patchogue Theater SEALED
$23 - The Stokes - Room on Fire VG+
$20 - Sundowner - We Chase the Waves (orange) VG+
$42 - Superheaven - Ours is Chrome (Black into yellow) VG+
$23 - Surfers Blood - Covers (amber w black) VG+
$18 - Swearin - Fall into the Sun (Coke bottle clear) VG+
$18 - Take Offense - Keep an Eye Out (clear w red and yellow splatter) SEALED
$30 - Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (Sangria w 10") SEALED
$23 - Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends (12"black copy) vG+
$50 - Tall Heights - Neptune VG+
$20 - theithey're/there - S/t (seafoam clear) VG+
$20 - theitheyre/there - Analog Weekend VG+
$80 - Third Eye Blind - Out of Vein (Silver import) VG+
$25 - Thrice - To Be Everywhere... ( blue w rainbow splatter) SEALED
$35 - Thrice - Majominor (gold/yellow) SEALED
$49 - Thrice - Beggars (green/blue/yellow striped) VG+ with the 7"sealed
$65 - Thursday - Full Collapse live (white)SEALED
$25 - Tigers Jaw - Studio 4 Acoustic (half blue half white) VG+
$20 - Tillian - Factory Reset (red/green/black) SEALED
$27 - Tokyo Police Club - Forcefield VG+
$23 - Touche Amore - Lament (aqua) vg+
$110 - Turnstile - Glow On (pit turd brown) SEALED
$45 - Turnstile - Pressure to Succeed (2014 black press) VG++
$26 - Tyler the Creator - Flower Boy VG+
$55 - A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher (Kaleidoscope /150) VG+
$60 - Beavis and Butthead SNES (blue w yellow splatter) NM
$30 - A Charlie Brown Christmas (clear w red swirl) SEALED
$30 Various - Amerikinda: 20 Years of Dualtone (camo) VG+
$18 - Various- Bridge and Tunnel Soundtrack (random color) VG+
$50 - Various - Chillhop Essentials Winter 2021 (white) SEALED
$40 Various - David Bowie in Jazz - A Jazz Tribute to David Bowie (import) VG+
$28 - Various - Dead Formats vol 1 (red white blue smash w splatter) SEALED
$31 - Various - Disney Ultimate Hits vol 1 +2 (green + blue)
$21 - Various - Encanto SEALED
$28 - Various - Girls vol 2 TV soundtrack VG (shelf wear and corner ding
$22 - Various - Lady Bird Soundtrack VG+
$55 - Various - Lyricist Lounge vol 1 (1998 4XLP) VG+ corner dings
$40 - Various - Magnolia Record Club - NPR Tiny Desk (blue marble) VG+
$52- Various - Magnolia Record Club - Spotify Singles (Ghostly Green Swirl) VG+
$54 - Various - Minnesota Beatle Project Vol 3 (red) VG+
$50 - Various - Minnesota Beatle Project Vol 4 (white) SEALED
$23 - Various - Motown Christmas 1's (red and green) VG+
$100 - Various- O Brother Where art Thou? Soundtrack (Black and white split) VG+
$110 - Various - The Phantom of the Opera Motion Picture Soundtrack (2016 MOV black press) sleeve NM media VG(scratch that doesn't seem to affect play)
$28- Various - Sing 2 Soundtrack VG+
$25 - Various - Coco Soundtrack (Pic disc)NM
$75 - Various - The Very Best Of Black Flavour Club (4xlp) [a lot of 90s hiphop] SEALED
$90 - This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday vol 1 (Green/Red) VG+
$20 -Various -Troll World Tour Soundtrack (clear white) VG+
$20 - Various - Wish I Was Here Soundtrack VG+
$20 - Various - Soul Pixar Soundtrack SEALED
$25 - Vampire Weekend - Contra VG+
$80 - Vacationer - Gone VG
$18 - The Warriors - Monomyth (black inside clear) SEALED
$50 - Windowspeak - Windowspeak (red) SEALED
$21 - Worst Party Ever - Dartland (red) VG+
$70 - The Wonder Years - No Closer to Heaved (blue/burgundy mix) VG+
$135 - The Wonder Years - The Upsides/Suburbia 10 yr Anniversary Boxset (white) VG+
$46 - Wintersleep - Wintersleep VG+
$42 - Wildcat! Wildcat! - No Moon At All SEALED
$60 - Wild Nothing - Gemini (purple) VG+
$30 - Wild Nothing - Indigo (blue smoke) SEALED
$29 - Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Secret Boy (Pink) VG+
$24 - The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site VG+
$25 - Waxahatchee - American Weekend VG+
$22 Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud VG+
$80 - The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding (clear) VG+
$30 - Walk the Moon - What If Nothing (purple white swirl) VG+
$35 - Walter Schreifels - An Open Letter to the Scene (Green/white) VG+
$20 - Young Statues - Age Isnt Ours (white/yellow) VG+
$20 - You Blew It! - Abendrot (blue in clear) SEALED
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2023.03.21 14:40 Be_moxe Shop Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler - MOXĒ

At MOXĒ, we offer a wide range of inhalers infused with essential oils to help you enhance your well-being and promote better health. Our inhalers are made with premium essential oils and are easy to carry around, making them perfect for on-the-go use.
Whether you're looking to relieve stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, or boost your immune system, our inhalers have covered you. Our collection includes inhalers with essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and more, each with unique benefits.
Using our inhalers is easy and convenient. Simply place the inhaler close to your nostrils and inhale deeply. You'll feel the effects almost immediately, and the benefits of the essential oils will last for hours.
Essential oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. One of the most popular ways to use essential oils is through inhalation; essential oil nasal inhalers are a convenient and effective way to do so. Our inhalers are made with 100% pure essential oils and are free from harmful chemicals or additives.
Our essential oil inhalers can be a game-changer if you're struggling with congestion. Essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree oil are particularly effective in reducing nasal congestion and improving respiratory function.
Our inhalers are easy to use and can carry you wherever you go. Simply inhale deeply from the inhaler and let the essential oils work their magic. With regular use, you'll notice a significant improvement in your breathing and overall well-being.
At MOXĒ, we understand the importance of using high-quality essential oils for maximum benefits. That's why we source our oils from trusted suppliers and ensure that our inhalers are made with only the best ingredients.
Our essential oil inhalers are worth trying if you're looking for natural and effective ways to improve your health and well-being. Check out our collection of essential oil inhalers for congestion and other health issues at MOXĒ today!
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2023.03.20 22:09 throwRA_Abby7919 I abused my daughter and she hates my guts. The guilt is destroying me.

Please do not remove this or think I’m a troll. I have tried to vent and confess on Reddit but am accused of being a troll. I cannot confess anywhere else because I don’t want to go to jail even though I’m pretty sure I can’t at this point….. but the guilt that’s eating at me is worse than jail.
I abused my daughter for 15 years. I had her young and her father left us and wanted nothing to do with the situation whatsoever. I ended up resenting her for it. I was young. I shouldn’t have been a mother. And I shouldn’t have put myself in that situation. I have tried to apologize to her but she doesn’t think it’s genuine since I never mentioned the details of the things but I’m going to detail them here to let it off my chest.
From the ages of 1-3
As she got older (7-14) and I got married to an unstable man, I took out my frustrations on her whenever he left. I made her take on a parental role when he left and came back. I had her change diapers, wake up sometimes in the middle of the night to give bottles, ect.
I exposed her to things I shouldn’t have because of my nymphomania. Told her explicit details of my sex life with my ex husband and my past history. Didn’t remove very disgusting emails and pornography on the computer. And when she was younger, I would shake my boobs and dance naked in front of the mirror and sing because I thought it was funny.
I’ve said very hurtful things to her. Told her I wish I never fucked her father. A loser. Told her she had a balloon face. More stretch marks than me. Cellulite. Would zoom in on pictures I took of her and point out her belly and thighs. She was bullied at school constantly and I would agree with what they said and tell her that’s why she had no friends. I was secretly jealous of her I guess.
She’s always had substance abuse issues and undiagnosed ADHD and was a difficult kid. I shouldn’t have acted like that. I should have done better parenting tools. I knew she was cutting herself but I didn’t care to get her help.
When she was 14, she told me her and her 24 year old coach were kissing and I recently found out that it was way more than that. My heart broke. I didn’t think all of that happened.
I have no idea where to start to make this right. She hates me. She is a kind person despite it all and has made a good life for herself. I kicked her out when she was 17 because she could not follow my rules, and smoked weed in front of my other children. She didn’t have a car or a bank account or a job. I was expecting her to fail so she’d come back and finally listen. But she didn’t. And the guilt is destroying me. What do I even do.
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2023.03.20 22:08 throwRA_Abby7919 I (43f) abused my daughter (22f) and she hates me now. The guilt is killing me

Please do not remove this or think I’m a troll. I have tried to vent and confess on Reddit but am accused of being a troll. I cannot confess anywhere else because I don’t want to go to jail even though I’m pretty sure I can’t at this point….. but the guilt that’s eating at me is worse than jail.
I abused my daughter for 15 years. I had her young and her father left us and wanted nothing to do with the situation whatsoever. I ended up resenting her for it. I was young. I shouldn’t have been a mother. And I shouldn’t have put myself in that situation. I have tried to apologize to her but she doesn’t think it’s genuine since I never mentioned the details of the things but I’m going to detail them here to let it off my chest.
From the ages of 1-3
As she got older (7-14) and I got married to an unstable man, I took out my frustrations on her whenever he left. I made her take on a parental role when he left and came back. I had her change diapers, wake up sometimes in the middle of the night to give bottles, ect.
I exposed her to things I shouldn’t have because of my nymphomania. Told her explicit details of my sex life with my ex husband and my past history. Didn’t remove very disgusting emails and pornography on the computer. And when she was younger, I would shake my boobs and dance naked in front of the mirror and sing because I thought it was funny.
I’ve said very hurtful things to her. Told her I wish I never fucked her father. A loser. Told her she had a balloon face. More stretch marks than me. Cellulite. Would zoom in on pictures I took of her and point out her belly and thighs. She was bullied at school constantly and I would agree with what they said and tell her that’s why she had no friends. I was secretly jealous of her I guess.
She’s always had substance abuse issues and undiagnosed ADHD and was a difficult kid. I shouldn’t have acted like that. I should have done better parenting tools. I knew she was cutting herself but I didn’t care to get her help.
When she was 14, she told me her and her 24 year old coach were kissing and I recently found out that it was way more than that. My heart broke. I didn’t think all of that happened.
I have no idea where to start to make this right. She hates me. She is a kind person despite it all and has made a good life for herself. I kicked her out when she was 17 because she could not follow my rules, and smoked weed in front of my other children. She didn’t have a car or a bank account or a job. I was expecting her to fail so she’d come back and finally listen. But she didn’t. And the guilt is destroying me. What do I even do.
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2023.03.20 21:57 Altruistic_Bake_6543 Sudden change in BO

Hi, 28F here, I was in the hospital last August for viral meningitis. Since then my BO has changed. I never had any scent to my sweat, and now even a slight amount makes me stink up like I rubbed my armpits with kebab. I dont smoke nor do drugs, rarely drink. Havent changed my diet or lifestyle since the illness. I was medicated quite heavily for 5 days or so. Nearly the same scent is in my secretions down there. Deodorants dont really help, I switched my products (been using the same ones for years) but nothing helps. Getting desperate since its becoming embarrassing to be around people, dance or work out.
I have PCOS and have been on Yaz for 7 or 8 years now. I did have a break around the meningitis time though, but getting back on it didnt help nor make the odor worse.
I mostly eat fish, sometimes meat. Im gluten and dairy free (because of intolerances).
My doctor isn't really taking this seriously but its already been a very long time and the situation has not improved.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
xx Stinky
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2023.03.20 19:27 the1realbrand It's been years since my last SP episode

I'd say from 2008 up til 2018 I had episodes twice a month. It might not seem like a long time, but it felt like an eternity. Like many of you, I was afraid to go to sleep and would stay up all night then fear would set in because..well...I needed to sleep. The fear of not knowing what waits in the darkness was always there and being up all night never helped. My SP episodes were always worse being sleep deprived and if I slept on my stomach (I no longer stomach sleep).
I've seen bright white children, black-eyed children, shadow men, ghosts of all sorts, shadow children, heard babies crying, blurry figures, grey mist, black mist, dementors (like from HP), older folks, succubi, aliens, living dead, animals, felt a woman wrap her arms around me and tell me "hold me, I'm cold"..etc. I once felt something sitting on my back and a cat was walking in figure 8 while purring in my ear. In this same episode, I felt heavy breathing on the back of my neck. Only if and when I opened my eyes. Not always did I. I was terrified, sometimes I didn't have a choice. Interestingly enough I wear corrective lenses and yet I could see very vividly what was going on during the majority of my SP.
My last episode was in 2018, I fell asleep on my stomach and woke up to my room being bright white. The bedroom door opened and two children probably no older than 10 came in the room, look at me giggled, waved, and left. Then the door closed and the frame turned black as did the door. This dementor creature peered from the doorway and searched the room until it made eye contact with me. Gliding across the floor. It just looked at me and let out a harrowing scream. All I could do was close my eyes and try to force myself to move. When I finally moved and broke my SP my lights were on and the bedroom door was opened. It must've been around 5 pm. It felt so real and I was shaking.
About 3 weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and sure enough, I felt arms/ legs wrap around me. I was on my back and usually, I freak out by breathing heavily and forcing myself to move. But, I was calm. I looked around. I thought to myself I wish I could defend myself and all of a sudden, a knife appeared in my hand... I mustered up some courage and I jammed that knife right into that creature's leg. It let out a whimper then I raised the knife higher and jammed into its thigh, the scream was immense. And it let me go! And I sprung up from my bed. I once read that our mind creates these 'hallucinations', so why couldn't I tell my mind to help me defend myself? And it actually worked! That was so powerful! I finally felt like I had shifted something. The next morning I woke up refreshed and kinda laughed a bit because I never thought of it before.

Things I did to combat my SP from 2018-2023 in which I did notice a significant decrease:
lavendeeucalyptus/bergamot spray
7.5hrs sleep/ gym routine
I no longer sleep on my stomach
Sorry for it to be so long I didn't intend for it to be. If you read this far, thank you.
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2023.03.20 19:00 Schneetmacher Haul Reviews: Arcana Craves, Nui Cobalt & More!

Hello, IMAM! Recently, I placed three orders – two were direct orders from indie houses, and one was from the destashes. One of the direct orders contained two candles, which will actually be reviewed separately from the perfume oils (which I will focus on here).
While I chose the samples all based on notes, I make a point of not double-checking when I test, going in as blindly as possible. Now, on to the reviews!
“Dance with Me” – Refreshing and refined at once. A perennial favorite. A superb coumarin-laced lavender combines with fizzy pink grapefruit, and it all rests on a bed of white musk. Enchantingly innocent but with loads of guile.
This was one of the few General Catalog fragrances from Possets that intrigued me (I’m mostly interested in stuff in the retours that can’t be purchased as samples from the site, because of course I am). When I placed my Possets order last year this almost made the cut, though I ultimately decided against it because I felt like it was better suited to warmer weather.
One note before we go further: I used to be extremely wary of grapefruit as a note. This was due to a disastrous experience in my early teens with Clinique “Happy” (mainstream) where it turned astringent and just plain wrong on my skin. Upon learning from Fragrantica that grapefruit is a main note of “Happy,” I blamed the fruit and vowed to stay away from it. Years later I would try a different grapefruit scent and actually have a lovely experience, causing me to reevaluate my reaction to “Happy.” (I’ve since learned the culprit was apple, whose fragrance molecule contains aldehydes, which I sadly cannot wear. I don’t think I like lily-of-the-valley much, either. Yes, this means I miss out on a lot of great fragrances.)
Admittedly, I was expecting more of a fougère when I tested this, like a very citric unisex scent. I am actually surprised by how low-key the lavender is. The opening grapefruit packs a delicious punch – it is ruby red and sparkling (but not aldehydic). After settling, the vanilla surges to the fore and turns this into a Grapefruit Creamsicle, if that is possible; though next to the skin a slightly perfume-y grapefruit is still detectable. (The notes, surprisingly, don’t contain vanilla, only coumarin / tonka bean.) I am genuinely shocked at how good this is.
Rating: 5/5 – new springtime go-to?
The next two fragrances I tried both by themselves and layered with others.
Arcana Craves
“Fresh Ginger” – fresh, bright, spicy, juicy ginger root
Out of the vial, this alternates between smelling like grated ginger and… pickled ginger. I’m not joking. No joke, I was visualizing wasabi next to it. And on the skin… whooooooo boy. GINGER LOVERS UNITE!
This is a ginger HG. Perfectly consistent, and perfectly piquant – never powdery. On its own the longevity is between 5 and 6 hours; and so far I would say it’s the same when layered with “Garnet Grapefruit” for a spicy citric punch.
I’m not normally a “layer” person, but “Fresh Ginger” can presumably be layered with many types of fragrances: citrus, floral, resinous / spicy, etc. It’s extremely versatile. I’m also just as likely to wear this by itself (like I do my “Candy Cane”).
Rating: 5/5 – Now I just need to find a wasabi perfume…
“Garnet Grapefruit” – The simple scent of refreshing, citrusy red grapefruit. More of a literal interpretation than a perfumey scent.
One of my main wishes going into this one was that it wouldn’t be like “Peach”: beautiful on my skin but gone in 20 seconds. Luckily, I can smell “Garnet Grapefruit” on my arm after a workday has passed; however, the scent always hugs the skin. In order to get this hyper realistic grapefruit to project, it must be layered over something.
I have actually enjoyed layering this over Possets “Dance with Me,” believe it or not! It does make that grapefruit more food-like and less “sparkling,” but no less enjoyable. And both GG and FG actually make quite the layering pair (as I’d thought when I purchased these).
Rating: 5/5 – I am on a roll right now!
“White Cake” – vanilla-infused white cake with a fine, delicate crumb
This one was a surprise 1mL freebie in my order; unfortunately, I have a bad history with a lot of cake scents. They’re usually too sweet for me, especially when not combined with a grounding, non-gourmand note. I opened that vial and the first thing I smelled was icing. Thick, sugary buttercream. I almost didn’t even test this at all, but told myself to quit being a big baby and dabbed a small amount on my arm.
Yes, at first this was pure icing, and I thought about scrubbing. I felt like the mean Ms. Dubrow at the end of Dunston Checks In (childhood favorite), submerged in a ruined multi-tiered cake. (It’s not a pleasant downfall in the movie, and it wasn’t pleasant for me to smell.) Eventually, however, it calmed down into a crumbly vanilla scent. I can’t imagine how sweet “Yellow Cake” must be if it’s sweeter than this, since the beginning of “White Cake” almost made my teeth hurt. I suppose I could play around with layering this… but I really don’t want to.
Rating: 1/5 – aaaaaaand my streak ended
The next two scents were for the purpose of comparison, and a revisit to a house with which. I haven’t had much luck.
“Athena” – sun-baked Mediterranean herbs and earth, a rich and resinous vanilla spiked with a complex blend of incense and spice, exquisite grey musk
This was a fragrance I had quite a while ago – long since ran out. I’ve been thinking about getting a FS, but instead I decided to compare a sample to another one that seemed to have similar notes. In any case, “Athena” was the only Poesie fragrance of the sample set I’d bought that actually worked with my skin. (“Black Cat Cuddles” also wasn’t too bad, though it did get quite peppery on me.) I think it worked because it wasn’t a sweet scent – all the sweet scents all had a kind of Band-Aid / plaster accord in their base. But not “Athena.”
And this revisit was much the same: dry vanilla, the kind that makes me envision cracked Mediterranean earth. Then the rosemary hits. In warm weather the rosemary is much stronger, but in winter the vanilla still wins out in the end. This is refreshing, not to mention soothing to smell on an upset stomach.
Rating: 5/5 – delightful
“Villa Diodati” – pungent wild rosemary and fresh balsam pine, crystal clear lakewater, dry, dark vanilla
I have been curious about this one for a long time. On its face, the notes list seemed similar to that of “Athena,” but the lake aspect intrigued me. Finally, I procured a sample in the destashes to form a comparison.
And lake water is, in fact, the star of this show – coming to the fore in a cologne-like aspect, enough to remind me of Davidoff “Cool Water” (mainstream). This reads quite masculine to my nose. While it’s a very pleasant scent, incorporating the rosemary and pine (not much vanilla to be had) into its aquatic nature, it’s still something I would rather smell on my (hypothetical) boyfriend than myself.
Although I’m glad I still like it, because the vial slipped out if my had when I tried to close it, and about half the contents spilled onto my rug. ☹
Rating: 4/5 – If you’re looking for an indie alternative to “Cool Water,” look no further.
“Selene” – magnolia grandiflora, moon musk, calming clouds
This was a freebie, and one I couldn’t recall from Poesie’s catalog. So I went into this truly blind. Sniffing out of the vial I couldn’t pick up much, and the fragrance doesn’t heavily project on skin. However, it is still a detectable amber accord. Normally I dislike amber, but I was able to tolerate it here because it leaned slightly more “candle” than “powder,” and wasn’t combined with something that would give me a headache (e.g., sandalwood, which I often see is combined with amber). I guarantee the “clouds” portion of the notes list means amber. I’m more surprised that I wasn’t able to pick up the magnolia specifically; but then again, I’m not a floral perfume fan.
Rating: 3/5 – it’s nice, if you like this sort of thing
Altogether, I’m wondering if Poesie is a house worth revisiting formally – outside of the teas, which I already love. 😊 I just know to stay away from their sweeter accords. Like perhaps “Oyster!” or “Bijou,” or even “Forest Cat”…
Nui Cobalt
“Snow Cat 2022” – lightly toasted marzipan, ivory amber, chilled coconut milk, and the soft fur of a purring kitten
This one was another freebie in my haul (from the direct NC order). The Cats Collection never really interested me, except for maybe “Ginger Cat,” so I couldn’t recall the notes I’d seen for “Snow Cat” (before or after re-blend). Therefore, this is another one where I went in totally blind.
Out of the vial, this smelled vaguely citric… maybe rhubarb, instead? And then the coconut hit, and I got optimistic. Perhaps this would be like “Avalanche,” but maybe even better? I tested with high hopes, but sadly they were not delivered upon. The drydown for this was quite amber-like (much like Poesie “Selene”), except there was also something in here that reminded me vaguely of cough medicine. (I don’t like the smell of almonds, so maybe it was the marzipan accord doing this?) Alas, it wasn’t strong enough for me to consider scrubbing, and before the four-hour mark it was gone.
Rating: 1/5 – no purrs to be had here, sorry
“The Wings of the Morrigan” – soft, smokey leather with a splash of red wine, an offering of black cherries and bitter chocolate, the steel and stone of the battlefield
Another freebie, and one which I had completely forgotten existed! No idea what to expect when I sniffed the vial (though I assumed it had everything to do with Celtic mythology and not Dragon Age). The accord I picked up reminded me of the sparkling ginger ale of “Atrophilia.” I can’t wear aldehydes, so this made me a bit nervous to test…
It doesn’t “sparkle” on the skin, though. The dominant note I pick up is cherry, and unfortunately I’m not a cherry fan (due to its similarity to almond). In the base there definitely is a smokiness and something that I can now identify as leather – it must be synthetic, because I didn’t break out in hives at the testing site (I’m allergic to birch, and birch tar is often used for leather notes). I can see the gothic appeal for others, but sadly this is not for me.
Rating: 3/5 – swooping is bad
“Ghost Train” – stark white copal, cedarwood, coal dust, grey cashmere, cardamom, toasted marshmallow, and shining steel
I remember wanting to try this one because it sounded so weird, even though another NC fragrance I’d purchased due to perceived weirdness wound up not working for me at all. (That was “Excelsior!”) However, by the time I received this I actually forgot what it was supposed to smell like altogether. Prior to testing, I worried this would be too metallic (the “train” aspect), but on skin this bloomed.
For the most part, this was a deliciously spiced marshmallow. I hesitate to call it a cinnamon hot cocoa concoction, because it was more sophisticated than that. And running underneath this sweet & spicy accord was something metallic, yes, but also something… green. Just slightly green. Almost like ivy growing over an abandoned train car. (I think the “green” in this case is cardamom.)
And then it hit me: this was what I’d wanted Fantôme “Ectoplasm” (spooky, goopy marshmallow over bone-chilling white musk, sweet amber, a gossamer sugar glaze, dark myrrh, and creeping greenery) to smell like! That one had just been the marshmallows, though (I didn’t get the “creeping greenery”) – but here, I also got the eerie train car, likely filled with ghosts.
Rating: 5/5 – nice to be so pleasantly surprised
“Sultry” – two dark, lascivious vanillas swirled with dragon’s blood, heavy velvet musk and the secrets of an old rootworker’s conjure cabinet
This is a GC fragrance that was sort of on my radar, but I was surprised to smell something so… “traditional” out of the vial. It smelled heavily of amber, which really doesn’t work on me, and I genuinely wondered for a bit if there was a sandalwood note I missed (the dragon’s blood is rendered cold here). On skin it didn’t develop a whole lot, though it stayed for several hours before becoming just slightly soapy. Not offensive enough to be a scrubber, but so completely not me. It reminded me a lot of Haus of Gloi “Depravity” (clove, nutmeg lurk amongst the sweetest offerings of coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, laden with dustings of sandalwood and spilled wine) in its profile – “Depravity” projects more, though. Altogether, very much a femme fatale boudoir scent.
Rating: 2/5 – calling all femmes fatales…
“Seduction” – opulent flowers, piquant cloves, warm scarlet musk and hoodoo roots tangled in a potion of simmering vanilla
The last of the freebies was the second to last sample I tested, and honestly… very similar to “Sultry.” The only difference was a note in the middle like toasted coconut. But otherwise, almost identical “traditional” development with slightly soapy drydown.
Rating: 2/5 – eh…
“House of Identity” – smoked vanilla, sweet resins, red musk, marshmallow, and fiery woodsmoke
The final fragrance I tested was the only one I ordered directly from NC (along with my two candles), because it was the only one from the Astrology collection that I thought I could wear. I remember thinking it sounded incredibly interesting.
In reality, this smells like toasted coconut and cucumbers drowning in cologne. At times this has almost the same masculine aroma as Poesie “Villa Diodati,” but other times it’s definitely more of a “perfume” than “cologne.” Perhaps that makes this totally unisex, but for vaguely aquatic or even subterranean coconuts I much prefer NC “Medusa” to this.
Rating: 2/5 – just reminded me of other fragrances I liked more
The end of this testing run kind of fizzled out, after an amazing beginning. Altogether, out of 13 fragrances I plan to keep 5 – which, on the surface, isn’t a lot; but both my FS bottles were slam-dunks! So in terms of volume, it’s about fifty-fifty, which (with these kinds of hauls) is a pretty good turnout. I also have a feeling I’ve tried everything from NC that will work on me, for the time being, and should give that house a rest in favor of others.
If I were to rank the fragrances:
  1. Possets “Dance with Me”
  2. Arcana Craves “Fresh Ginger”
  3. Nui Cobalt, “Ghost Train”
  4. Poesie “Athena”
  5. Arcana Craves “Garnet Grapefruit”
  6. Poesie “Villa Diodato”
  7. Nui Cobalt “The Wings of the Morrigan”
  8. Poesie “Selene”
  9. Nui Cobalt “House of Identity”
  10. Nui Cobalt “Seduction”
  11. Nui Cobalt “Sultry”
  12. Arcana Craves “White Cake”
  13. Nui Cobalt “Snow Cat 2022”
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2023.03.20 14:16 Ruth-Willi Effective Relaxation

Effective Relaxation - relaxing (
Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? You’re not alone. The fast-paced lifestyle of modern society can be exhausting, leaving many people struggling to keep up with the demands of their time. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Effective relaxation is the key to managing stress levels and improving overall health and well-being. By learning how to relax your body and quieten your mind, you too can enjoy a life of greater balance and harmony.

In this article, we’ll look at some simple yet effective methods for achieving true relaxation. We’ll explore why relaxation is so important and discover what happens in the body when we are able to let go of tension and worries. Finally, we’ll uncover several ways that you can easily incorporate relaxation into your daily routine – no matter how busy or hectic things may seem!

So if you’re ready to take control of your stress levels and find inner peace, then read on as we unlock the secrets of effective relaxation!

What Is Relaxation
Relaxation is like a breath of fresh air — it can be hard to come by, but when you do find it, the feeling is incomparable. It’s often used as a way to reduce stress and improve one’s mental well-being, but what exactly does relaxation entail?

To start with, relaxation involves letting go of physical tensions in the body and mind. This could mean loosening up tight muscles or focusing on your breathing to calm down anxieties. Alternatively, there are various activities that promote relaxation such as yoga or tai chi; these focus on movement and mindfulness which over time can help individuals let go of tension and worry. Regardless of whether it’s through activity or meditation, the ultimate goal of any form of relaxation should be to reach a state where one feels comfortable and at ease.

Self-care: The importance of taking care of yourself
In addition to this, many people use visualization techniques for furthering their own sense of peace. Visualization entails using imagery to create an atmosphere where an individual can relax without having any distractions from everyday life. Examples include picturing yourself walking along a beach or imagining being surrounded by nature — anything that helps bring about feelings of serenity within oneself.

The end result? A greater level of self-awareness combined with more control over emotions and behavior leads to better concentration and overall improved well-being both mentally and physically. Being able to take some time out for ourselves in order to relax has nothing short of positive benefits – so why not make sure you give yourself permission every now and then? Moving onto the topic of ‘the benefits of relaxation’…

The Benefits Of Relaxation
Relaxation is an important skill that can have a wide range of benefits. For example, Katie had been feeling overwhelmed with work and life commitments for months when she decided to take a few moments each day to practice relaxation techniques. After just three weeks of committing to her self-care regimen, the effects of taking time out from her daily stressors were already apparent: she felt more energized, her mood was better regulated, and she could concentrate on tasks with greater ease.

The positive outcomes associated with relaxation are well documented by research. Studies show that regular relaxation has the potential to improve physical health as it reduces tension in muscles and helps regulate hormone levels. It also has psychological advantages such as reducing anxiety symptoms while improving cognitive functioning and problem-solving skills. In addition to these mental health benefits, engaging in relaxation activities may foster feelings of contentment, reduce depression symptoms, and increase feelings of well-being overall.

The Benefits of Yoga Physical and Mental and Emotional Well-being
For some people who are new to practicing relaxation techniques, getting started can be intimidating or even overwhelming due to fears about not being able to achieve ‘the perfect state’ or struggling through any uncomfortable sensations that arise during the process. However, it’s important to remember that there is no one size fits all approach; everyone experiences different levels of success depending upon their individual needs and goals. Furthermore, there is no need for perfection; imperfection is part of the human experience so simply allowing your body and mind the space they need without judgment is enough – anything else is considered a bonus!

Relaxation doesn’t have to be complicated either; it can come in many forms such as listening to music or going for a walk outside. Taking advantage of natural elements like sunlight or fresh air can be especially helpful if you’re feeling low energy or stressed out because connecting with nature leads us back into our bodies which allows us to reconnect with ourselves again after having been disconnected from our true inner selves due too much activity or distraction in our lives. From here we can begin exploring techniques designed specifically for calming our minds…

Techniques To Relax The Mind
Relaxing the mind is key to achieving effective relaxation. It can seem difficult at first, but there are some simple techniques that anyone can use to help them de-stress and unwind. When practiced regularly, these methods can have lasting benefits for your mental well-being.

The most important thing when it comes to relaxing the mind is being able to take a step back from whatever stressful situation you’re in and clear your head of all the worries racing around inside it. Practicing mindfulness or meditation can be incredibly helpful here – even just five minutes spent focusing on nothing but your breath can make a huge difference in how relaxed you feel afterward.

Another great way to relax the mind is through creative outlets like art or writing. These activities provide an escape from reality while also allowing us to express our feelings without judgment. The focus required helps us stay present at the moment and gives our brains something productive to do instead of worrying about things we cannot control.

Engaging with nature is another excellent way to relax the mind, as fresh air and natural beauty often have calming effects on people. Whether it’s going for a walk outside, tending to house plants, or simply admiring wildlife out a window – taking time away from technology and connecting with nature is one of the best ways to achieve inner peace and clarity of thought.

Taking care of ourselves mentally paves the way for successful physical relaxation too…

Techniques To Relax The Body
Mindful and conscious relaxation of the body can be a powerful way to calm and center oneself. One easy trick is to take slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth for several minutes. Doing this will help you become more aware of how relaxed or tense each muscle feels – soothe any tension away with every exhale. Furthermore, it’s possible to relax one’s body by utilizing some simple techniques:

First, engaging in stretching exercises helps loosen tight muscles while relieving stress. To get started, try these four stretches:

Neck rolls – gently roll your head around in circles both clockwise and counterclockwise;
Shoulder shrugs – slowly lift your shoulders up towards the ceiling then release them back down;
Arm crosses – cross one arm over the other across your chest and hold for 10 seconds;
Hip rotations – rotate your hips in circles both clockwise and counterclockwise.
In addition to stretching, massage therapy can also provide effective relief from physical tensions that cause discomfort or pain in our bodies. Massage therapists use various methods such as kneading or rubbing various parts of the body using their hands, fingers, elbows, and even feet! All of these techniques are designed to reduce muscular fatigue, improve circulation and increase flexibility. This type of treatment has even been known to alleviate headaches caused by tension.

Simple Ways to Destress and Relax After a Long Day
Furthermore, getting enough quality sleep at night may be the most important factor when it comes to feeling refreshed throughout the day. A good night’s rest not only promotes better mental clarity but physically repairs damaged tissue too! Taking care of yourself by making sure you have adequate time between activities will go a long way toward ensuring optimal health and well-being on a regular basis.

Creating a relaxing environment is key to unwinding after a stressful day – whether it’s dimming lights around your home or lighting scented candles like lavender or chamomile which have calming aromas. Nature is an invaluable ally when looking for ways to de-stress – taking a walk outside among trees provides powerful healing benefits due to its abundance of oxygen molecules which absorb into our bloodstream helping us feel more energized afterward…

Relaxation Through Nature
Relaxation through nature is a great way to reduce stress and clear the mind. Nature can provide us with an opportunity to reset our state of mind, away from all distractions – both physical and mental. From lush green forests to pristine white beaches, there are countless ways in which we can connect with the natural world around us. Here are four ways that you can use nature for effective relaxation:

1) Take a walk outside: Taking a leisurely stroll outdoors is one of the easiest ways to relax. Walking allows you to take in your surroundings while also providing gentle exercise for your body. Look up at the sky or focus on the trees as your feet move along undisturbed paths.

2) Use aromatherapy: Aromatic scents like lavender have been used for centuries to induce calmness and clarity of thought. Consider bringing essential oils when venturing into nature so that you can benefit from their fragrant powers even further out in the wilderness!

Calm Down: Simple Techniques for Reducing Stress and Finding Peace
3) Enjoy moments of silence: Connecting with yourself amidst Mother Nature’s beauty has its own unique rewards; just sit back and observe without judgment or expectation. Listen carefully for those small sounds that remind us how alive our planet really is – rustling leaves, chirping birds, running water… It will bring about a sense of peace within ourselves if given enough attention and patience.

4) Spend time by bodies of water: Lakes, rivers, and oceans often hold special significance due to their vast expanse, depth, and movement. Feel free to dip your toes in cool waters or just let them gently lap against the shoreline – this sensation alone will be enough to make any worries subside!

These activities help bring awareness back into our lives; they give us an appreciation of life beyond what happens indoors on screens or between busy schedules. By stepping outside regularly, we come to understand more deeply why it’s important to care for ourselves, each other, and our environment alike. Exercising these mindful practices helps create sustainable habits that last long after leaving nature behind – making relaxation part of our daily routine!

Making Relaxation A Routine
Making relaxation a routine is an important part of managing stress. By setting up a consistent practice, we can better equip ourselves to deal with the pressures and demands of life. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming; even something as simple as taking five minutes in the morning to meditate or do some gentle stretches can help us stay centered and focused throughout the day.

However, it’s important that our approach to relaxation also takes into account how much stress we’re dealing with on a regular basis. If we consistently find ourselves overwhelmed by work or other commitments, then making relaxation a habit may require more effort than just practicing daily meditation or yoga. We might need to look at ways of actively reducing stress levels by changing our lifestyle habits, such as getting more sleep and eating healthier foods.

Healthy Eating Habits: How to Make
While developing healthy routines around relaxation can take some getting used to, there are lots of helpful tools available for finding what works best for us individually. For example, scheduling reminders on our phones can help us remember when it’s time for our next break from work or study. Tracking progress through journals or apps also allows us to measure how effective our practices are over time so that we can make adjustments where necessary.

The benefits of having solid techniques for managing stress are clear: feeling calmer and less anxious helps us think more clearly, improves concentration, strengthens relationships, and boosts self-confidence – all important factors in achieving success in any area of life. With this understanding comes the importance of exploring new methods and approaches to ensure maximum effectiveness when it comes to making relaxation a routine. Taking steps towards creating a balance between activities that energize and those that relax is key to live well-rounded lives. From here, we can explore the impact of stress on relaxation further…

and how to better manage it in order to make relaxation a regular part of our lives.

The Impact Of Stress On Relaxation
Stress is an unavoidable part of life, and its powerful impact on our mental and physical health can’t be denied. In order to counteract the negative effects of stress, effective relaxation is essential. That’s why making relaxation a routine should not be overlooked – so let’s dive into just how much of an effect stress has on relaxation.

Like a heavy fog rolling in over a lake, stress slowly takes hold of us and affects every aspect of our lives. It clouds our thoughts and energy levels, leaving us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with worries. Trying to achieve true relaxation when we are burdened by this overwhelming sense of unease is like trying to catch smoke with your hands – it’s impossible! Here are some ways that stress can interfere with achieving proper rest:

We may find ourselves too distracted or preoccupied to relax properly
Stress hormones can lead to difficulty sleeping
Anxiety can make it hard for the body to fully wind down from the day
Prolonged periods of stress weaken the immune system, leading to fatigue
How to get past Self-doubt
It’s no wonder then that most people struggle at least occasionally when attempting to relax after a long stressful day, but there are many helpful techniques available that help people get back into balance. Mindfulness meditation encourages awareness without judgment, allowing us to become more aware of what stresses us out and respond better under pressure. Deep breathing exercises allow us to take control over racing thoughts while helping lower blood pressure through oxygenation. Even simple acts such as going for a walk in nature have been proven beneficial in restoring peace and equilibrium within one’s own mind and body.

So although it may feel difficult sometimes to truly de-stress amidst all life throws at you, taking time each day to dedicate yourself towards finding inner peace allows you access to healthy tools which will eventually benefit both your well-being and overall quality of life in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Are The Best Relaxation Apps?
Relaxation is an essential part of self-care, and it can be difficult to achieve in our hectic lives. Fortunately, there are now a variety of relaxation apps available that make it easier for us to kick back, destress, and enjoy some peace and quiet. To help you decide what might work best for your needs, here’s a look at some of the top relaxation apps currently on the market.

To start off with something that’s sure to appeal to all ages: Headspace. This app uses simple animations and guided meditations to help users relax while learning basic mindfulness techniques along the way. It also has “sleep casts” which offer soothing stories designed to lull users into a relaxed state before bedtime. For those who want to take their relaxation even further, there’s Sleepio—a sleep improvement program that offers personalized advice aimed at improving user’s overall quality of life through better sleep patterns.

How to be Happy
For nature lovers looking for some respite from their everyday lives, try NatureSpace or Relax Melodies Nature Sounds HD. Both apps feature high-quality recordings of natural environments such as lakes, forests, and beaches so users can get lost in tranquil soundscapes wherever they go. In addition, each comes with an alarm clock feature so users can wake up gently instead of being jolted awake by blaring alarms.

Finally, if music is more your thing then Calm Radio should do the trick! The app provides streaming radio channels featuring relaxing music from various genres including jazz, classical, and new age – perfect for creating a calming atmosphere anytime or anywhere you need it most! Plus it comes with meditation timers too so you’ll never lose track of time when taking a break from stressors throughout your day.

So whether you prefer guided exercises or ambient sounds; calm music or peaceful ambiance – these relaxation apps have got you covered! With one (or several!) downloaded onto your device(s), achieving effective relaxation is no longer out of reach – just sit back and let yourself drift away!

How Long Should I Practice Relaxation Techniques?
Have you ever wondered how long you should practice relaxation techniques? Relaxation is a key component to creating an effective and carefree lifestyle, but it can be hard to know when enough is enough. With the right amount of time devoted to relaxation practices like yoga and mindfulness, anyone can achieve their goals of feeling relaxed and content.

Relaxation does not have to take up much of your day in order for it to be effective – even small amounts of dedicated time can make a difference. It all depends on what type of activity or method you are using. If you prefer physical activities like stretching or breathing exercises, then five minutes twice a day may suffice. However, if guided meditation or journaling is more your style, then aiming for at least 10-15 minutes per session would provide better results.

As with any new habit, consistency is key when practicing relaxation techniques. Even if one cannot dedicate entire sessions to relaxation each day, taking some moments here and there throughout the day helps maintain momentum over the long run. This could range from doing short stretches while waiting in line at the store or closing your eyes for a couple of deep breaths during study breaks; these little acts can accumulate into significant progress towards improving well-being over time.

No matter which technique you choose to use as part of your personal self-care routine, give yourself grace and patience along the way – Rome wasn’t built in a day! By starting off slowly and gradually increasing the duration as needed will help ensure that both body and mind benefit from this powerful practice.

What Are The Benefits Of Relaxation For My Mental Health?
The practice of relaxation techniques can provide significant benefits for mental health and well-being. From reducing stress levels to improving our overall outlook on life, there are many advantages that come from taking the time to relax. In this article, we will explore what these benefits are and how they can help us lead healthier lives.

First and foremost, effective relaxation helps reduce anxiety and stress levels. When we take the time to slow down and focus on calming activities like deep breathing or meditation, it has a positive impact on both our physical and mental states. This is because relaxation lowers cortisol levels in our body – the hormone responsible for causing feelings of stress – while also increasing endorphin production which makes us feel more relaxed. Not only does this improve our moods but it can also have a positive effect on other areas of our lives such as work performance and relationships with others.

Overcoming food addiction
Another benefit of regular relaxation practices is improved concentration and productivity. Taking breaks throughout the day to clear your mind allows you to refocus when needed – instead of getting overwhelmed by all the distractions around us. It’s also been shown that incorporating mindfulness into daily routines can help increase clarity, creativity, motivation, and problem-solving skills – allowing us to approach tasks with a clearer headspace than before.

Finally, dedicating some time each week to relaxation provides an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. By giving ourselves permission to pause and step back from everyday life we gain greater insight into what matters most to us – leading to increased happiness over time. Plus, through mindful practices like journaling or yoga we get better acquainted with our emotions; providing us with the tools necessary for managing them in healthy ways moving forward.

Relaxation offers numerous rewards when practiced regularly – helping foster stronger mental health outcomes along the way. Whether you choose traditional methods like deep breathing exercises or prefer something more creative such as painting or writing music lyrics; carving out moments of peace within your hectic schedule will serve you well now -and in years ahead- creating a brighter mindset up ahead.

Relaxation is a key component of overall well-being. It has the power to help us manage stress, increase our productivity and improve our physical and mental health. However, it can be difficult for some people to find time for relaxation in their busy lives. With effective techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and yoga, we can make relaxation an integral part of our daily routine.

Nature also offers us unique ways to relax; taking a walk or sitting by the ocean can provide immense relief from everyday stresses. We must remember that while these methods are beneficial, they won’t replace professional help if needed. Stress often affects how successful we are at relaxing – so even when times get tough, try your best to remain mindful of your emotional state and take steps towards improving it.

It’s important to recognize that relaxation isn’t just about switching off your mind – it’s about being able to pause and tune into yourself on a deeper level. I encourage everyone to explore different forms of relaxation and identify what works for them personally! As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll soon discover all the amazing benefits this practice has to offer.
Effective Relaxation - relaxing (
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2023.03.20 07:10 Responsible-Ad-2758 [EU to anywhere][Sell/Swap][Perfume] BPAL, NAVA, Alkemia, Arcana, Nui Cobalt, Pineward, Poesie, Possets, etc.

Tracked shipping estimates are (depending on weight): EU $6, UK $7.50, US/Canada/Australia $12. 50% off tracked shipping over $60 (so $6 or less)! Untracked (at your own risk) is $2 cheaper.
I'll ship within a week, usually within 2 says. Let me know if you want photos of fill levels. I have much more samples than listed, let me know if you're looking for anything specific. $12 minimum please. I'll hold for 24 hours. Open to swaps, I'll gladly take a look at your destash list!
Fill levels and notes here - I'm always adding more
Alpha Musk:
Arcana Wildcraft:
Arcana Craves:
Death & Floral:
Nui Cobalt:
Pineward Perfumes (EU shipping only):
Solstice Scents:
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2023.03.20 02:16 jasminedragon901 Been going through a rough time, shopping at BB&W always helps me feel better. This is what I got today 🙂

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