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"Unsupported" S21 Ultra can't use WiFi Calling

2023.05.31 00:00 CollarDifferent5927 "Unsupported" S21 Ultra can't use WiFi Calling

I'm in BC. Approximately 1.5 years ago I traded my Telus-purchased iPhone for a Samsung s21 Ultra (Telus wouldn't take the iPhone back or trade it, so I went open market). All was good until about a year ago when Wi-Fi calling stopped working (it worked on the Samsung prior to that moment). I work from home in a concrete building where the phone signal only works near the window, so Wi-Fi calling is critical for me.
To save you the heartache of reading, I'll shorten: 1 year of many, many calls to Telus, no solutions. It says WiFi Calling is enabled on my phone when I go through the process but only hangs when "Requesting Service..." and so the issue has to be on the Telus end. Only today, when I insisted they check the IMEI on my not-purchased-through-them phone, do they finally tell me that since they upgraded the network to VoltE some time ago, Wi-Fi calling no longer works on my phone on their network. Sorry, they say, your best option is to get a new phone.
Excuse me? Surely that's not the only option. Bell has an IMEI checker, and says my phone is perfectly good with their network. My phone also has an IMEI for the eSIM, and that's when the Telus support guy first paused and went away, before telling me my phone is incompatible. When I look up the serial number, it says it was manufactured in Korea.
Any thoughts on possible solutions? Is the support guy from Telus correct, my phone simply can't use Wi-Fi Calling on the Telus network, or is there a simpler solution? New eSIM?
Thanks, John
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2023.05.30 20:51 dim_unlucky Samsung 980 Pro m2.nvme 2TB BRICKED/READ-ONLY after firmware update

I've had a Samsung 980 Pro for 18 months. Today I read about the critical firmware update recommended by Samsung (via Samsung Magician) and the whole fiasco around dying 980 pros in general. Lo and behold, I have firmware 3B2QGXA7 on mine, which is the exact vulnerable firmware. I update to 5B2QGXA7 (latest) and all goes well, I restart my pc and go about my business.
2 hours later my pc freezes, though animations (waiting circle and mouse animation) still play out. I'm thinking oh no, the disk has gone read-only. I force a reboot and the BIOS won't see the NVME as a bootable drive anymore.
I load up Ubuntu through a persistent live USB and I was able to extract all vital data because the SSD is still mounted and understood by Ubuntu as a read-only drive. All's well, I had backups too.
From the live Ubuntu environment, GParted throws a lot of errors when scanning the disk (because its unable to write to it). In specific, I see 4 partitions on my nvme: partition 0: (EFI system partition: Unable to read the contents of this file system! Because of this some operations may be unavailable. The cause might be a missing software package. The following list of software packages is required for fat32 file system support: dosfstools, mtools.) partition 1: (Microsoft Reserved Partition - Unable to detect file system! Possible reasons are: > The file system is damaged >The file system is unknown to GParted >There is no file system available (unformatted) >The device entry /dev/nvme0n1p2 is missing partition 2: Basic data partition - Critical Error 0x09 which when googling comes to a raised Read-only flag partition 3: is unused, only 500MiBs.
Anything I can do to revive the disk or is a 0x09 flag permanent? I can experiment with it freely, I've saved all I wanted from that disk.
EDIT: For anyone coming up on this thread in the future, here's a helpful diagnostic by smartmontools that contains some interesting details, e.g. data integrity errors: 500+ in only <3000 hours of use and ~36TB of data read/written: ``` smartctl 7.2 2020-12-30 r5155 [x86_64-linux-5.19.0-32-generic] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-20, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,
=== START OF INFORMATION SECTION === Model Number: Samsung SSD 980 PRO 2TB Serial Number: S69ENF0R722131T Firmware Version: 5B2QGXA7 PCI VendoSubsystem ID: 0x144d IEEE OUI Identifier: 0x002538 Total NVM Capacity: 2,000,398,934,016 [2.00 TB] Unallocated NVM Capacity: 0 Controller ID: 6 NVMe Version: 1.3 Number of Namespaces: 1 Namespace 1 Size/Capacity: 2,000,398,934,016 [2.00 TB] Namespace 1 Utilization: 1,185,473,441,792 [1.18 TB] Namespace 1 Formatted LBA Size: 512 Namespace 1 IEEE EUI-64: 002538 b711b21296 Local Time is: Tue May 30 19:21:13 2023 UTC Firmware Updates (0x16): 3 Slots, no Reset required Optional Admin Commands (0x0017): Security Format Frmw_DL Self_Test Optional NVM Commands (0x0057): Comp Wr_Unc DS_Mngmt Sav/Sel_Feat Timestmp Log Page Attributes (0x0f): S/H_per_NS Cmd_Eff_Lg Ext_Get_Lg Telmtry_Lg Maximum Data Transfer Size: 128 Pages Warning Comp. Temp. Threshold: 82 Celsius Critical Comp. Temp. Threshold: 85 Celsius
Supported Power States St Op Max Active Idle RL RT WL WT Ent_Lat Ex_Lat 0 + 8.49W - - 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 + 4.48W - - 1 1 1 1 0 200 2 + 3.18W - - 2 2 2 2 0 1000 3 - 0.0400W - - 3 3 3 3 2000 1200 4 - 0.0050W - - 4 4 4 4 500 9500
Supported LBA Sizes (NSID 0x1) Id Fmt Data Metadt Rel_Perf 0 + 512 0 0
=== START OF SMART DATA SECTION === SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: FAILED! - available spare has fallen below threshold - media has been placed in read only mode
SMART/Health Information (NVMe Log 0x02) Critical Warning: 0x09 Temperature: 52 Celsius Available Spare: 0% Available Spare Threshold: 10% Percentage Used: 1% Data Units Read: 48,070,630 [24.6 TB] Data Units Written: 24,763,028 [12.6 TB] Host Read Commands: 360,727,128 Host Write Commands: 322,604,642 Controller Busy Time: 899 Power Cycles: 613 Power On Hours: 4,589 Unsafe Shutdowns: 26 Media and Data Integrity Errors: 587 Error Information Log Entries: 587 Warning Comp. Temperature Time: 0 Critical Comp. Temperature Time: 0 Temperature Sensor 1: 52 Celsius Temperature Sensor 2: 62 Celsius
Error Information (NVMe Log 0x01, 16 of 64 entries) Num ErrCount SQId CmdId Status PELoc LBA NSID VS 0 587 1 0xf0c0 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 1 586 2 0x1005 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 2 585 2 0x6004 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 3 584 2 0xc003 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 4 583 2 0x9002 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 5 582 2 0xc001 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 6 581 2 0x3000 0x4502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 7 580 8 0x0107 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 8 579 8 0x0106 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 9 578 8 0x1105 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 10 577 8 0x3104 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 11 576 8 0x4103 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 12 575 8 0x6102 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 13 574 8 0x1101 0x4502 0x000 1717420944 1 - 14 573 8 0xa100 0x4502 0x000 1717420920 1 - ```
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2023.05.30 19:29 adpirtle Doctor Who Timeline Review: Part 123 - The Evil of the Daleks

In my ever-growing Doctor Who video and audio collection, I've gathered over a thousand individual stories, and I'm attempting to (briefly) review them all in the order in which they might have happened according to the Doctor's own personal timeline. We'll see how far I get.
Today's Story: The Evil of the Daleks, written by David Whitaker and directed by Derek Martinus
What is it?: This is the ninth serial of Season Four of the television show, though most of the episodes are missing, so this review is partly based upon the animated reconstruction and the narrated soundtrack.
Who's Who?: The story stars Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines, and Deborah Watling, with John Bailey, Marius Goring, Brigit Forsyth, Geoffrey Colville, Griffith Davies, Alec Ross, Windsor Davies, Sonny Caldinez, Gary Watson, Jo Rowbottom, Peter Hawkins, Roy Skelton, Robert Jewell, Gerald Taylor, John Scott Martin, Murphy Grumbar, and Ken Tyllsen.
Doctor(s) and Companion(s): The Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield
Recurring Characters: This story features the Daleks, including the first televised appearance of the Dalek Emperor.
Running Time: 02:55:20 (narrated soundtrack), 02:57:14 (animated reconstruction)
One Minute Review: The TARDIS has been stolen from Gatwick Airport, and the only clue the Doctor and Jamie have to its whereabouts is a book of matches from a local coffee bar. At the cafe they are contacted by the representative of Edward Waterfield, who wishes to meet them at his antique shop. However, when they arrive they are subdued by Waterfield and dragged backwards in time to 1866, where they are delivered into the hands of the Doctor's greatest foes, the Daleks.
"The Evil of the Daleks" brings Season 4 to a close in grand style, telling a story that stretches from 1960s London to a Victorian manor house to the planet Skaro itself, and its tone is equally varied over the course of its seven episodes, featuring action, horror, character drama, and even a bit of comedy. In short, it's incredibly ambitious, and it almost always delivers on those ambitions. It's easy to understand why this story ranks high among those fans wish had survived to the present.
Fortunately for viewers (and listeners) there are now a number of ways it can be enjoyed, and all of them have their merits. I will say I am impressed with how well the animation handles the long stretches of wordless action in the middle of the serial, obviously taking cues from the Loose Cannon reconstruction, though I still think I prefer the soundtrack as narrated by Frazer Hines. I think it's some of his better work as a narrator. But however you choose to enjoy it, "The Evil of the Daleks" is a straight-up classic befitting what was intended to be the swansong for the Doctor's worst enemies.
Score: 5/5
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2023.05.30 19:23 Connect-Two641 [wts] silver, Morgan

Whatever sells , I can ship out today up to 3pm est and send tracking
Payment- Zelle, Venmo, ppff, cash app
Shipping- $6 under 8 oz , $9 over 8 oz
2 oz Germania lot- sold. **edit price drop**
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2022 Perth koala- sold
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Vintage toned 1973 1 oz Be my Valentine bar - $29
Vintage Philadelphia 1 oz bar serial numbered - $29
1984 prospector-sold
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1985 libertad - sold
2017 Silver Shield year of the rooster #475 of 1,513 w/ coa- $34
1882 morgan ms61 - $sold
1990 John Muir Yosemite National park 1 oz .999- $28
Edit **** price drop **** Under 21x fv Mixed United States 90% - sold
2012 koala kilo - $sold **edit price drop **
1928 standing liberty xf details ngc- $34
140 grams of sterling silver coins, some proof- $113
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2023.05.30 18:58 MommyHonkerDonkers My Copilot Is A Neckbeard #45

Hey there ReddX gang, it looks like I finally got a bit of time to write, so let’s not delay any longer and get into another story about Chris.
Who is Chris? Chris is a very fat and sweaty man surrounded by an impenetrable aura of poopycum stinkystank. He is a grotesque goblin content to dwell in his own personal dark triad of meth, anime, and lot lizards. Chris and I both used to work for a trucking company – a major one – and him and I would take turns driving our big rig down the road. Things were usually okay when Chris was driving, but when Chris’s shift would come to an end, or worse yet, when we would pull over for the night, Chris would find himself free to do Chris things. You know the things. Then, despite my best efforts to make him bathe and behave, it was all in vain, and we would descend just a little bit further into madness. Thankfully, I no longer have to ride with Chris.
Last installment we were introduced to Christina. Do you not know who Christina is? Well, maybe you should go and look up that last post, or better yet, go and listen to the narration of it as done by our good pal ReddX. Christina really was the feminine counterpart to the poopycum man. Well, after some sly maneuvering, I managed to escape the clutches of this wily bovine.
Now, I woke up the following morning to find both truck doors still locked and I thanked myself that my comfortable sanctuary had not been breached in the night by the poopycum people. I looked at my clock and realized that we were getting a bit late in the morning and that we needed to get on the road. Begrudgingly, I got out of bed, put on my shoes, and went out into the travel plaza to locate the gruesome twosome. I didn’t have to go far. I found Chris and his sister outside of the convenience store, wolfing down microwaved carbs, grease, and high fructose corn syrup like they a couple pigs in a trough. I came up, Chris dismissively remarking hey, and Christina replying with a sultry “good morning honker donkers” which I ignored. I turned to Chris, pretending his sister didn’t exist, and said, “we gotta get on the road, dude. Are you ready?” He shoved half a hot dog down into his mouth as if to deep throat the thing and said, “yeah, let’s go. Come on Christina.”
We all got back to the truck and I jumped in the passenger seat first that morning, taking us out of our parking space and further down the road. I figured I’d get my drive time out of the way first so that I could make my money without having to fight with Chris, and alternatively, if Christina drove the afternoon, I could spend it in relative peace without fear of molestation. Of course, that first shift was hell. Christina was still in heat – swampy, musky heat – and kept trying to coo her way into giving me road head. Thankfully, Chris was still the same scum that he was from yesterday and made things too awkward even for the beast beside me for her to make her moves. Every time she got a little too close to me, I’d find some way to rouse Chris’s attention and he would fluster her with his incestuous masturbatory desires.
When my shift finally came to an end, I got up and headed to the back to relax in my bunk while Chris and Christina fought over the driver’s seat. Chris shouted, “dude! I haven’t drove at all this whole trip! I need to make money so I can get some new figures for my army. Get up Christina,” to which Christina replied, “shove it. Just ask dad for some money. I wanna drive the truck.” Well, Chris wasn’t having it. I guess dad had been cutting him off as of late and gave the landwhale a hard shove, sending her careening into the side of the truck, causing the whole rig to rock back and forth. She came back and lunged at Chris and they started throwing blows at each other. I didn’t intervene, of course. I sincerely doubted either of them had the required upper body strength to actually injure the other. No, I let them get tired. Christina gave up first and said, “fine! Drive the damn truck! I’ll just go hang out with honker donkers.” At this, my ears perked up, I got up from my bunk, and plopped down in the passenger seat – a place only big enough for one person mind you – and Christina cast me a sour look. She knew I didn’t want to be anywhere near her, but that didn’t seem to stop her from still trying to put on the moves. With a dejected sigh, she waddled towards the back, and I screamed, “you better not lay down on my bunk,” and she said, “fuck you, I’m not going to lay in your bed.” Chris did his pre-drive checklist before casting a glance over to me, mumbling, “women, am I right or what, bro,” before putting his phone on the dongle and pressing play. We pulled onto the road to the throaty cries of “nani? Baka!”
As we drove, I did my best to ignore the people about me, grateful that I was safe with Chris driving the truck. I descended into my book as best I could while the poopycum man took us down the road. I was doing a good job pretending I wasn’t there, of course, but it certainly didn’t last forever. Somewhere around the hour mark, however, a symphony of squeaking bedsprings arrested my attention. Chris even looked away from his podcast for a minute and locked eyes with me, and we exchanged a what the fuck moment. Cautiously, I looked over my shoulder towards the back of the cab.
The ham planet had made herself comfortable in my bed, alright. Too comfortable. Her languid, throaty breaths punctuated the awkward scene before me. Her swollen red ass was firmly planted on my bed and she sat there, one hand lifting up her sagging belly, the other fondling her yawning crevasse. She smiled coyly as she saw that I had turned around and motioned for me to approach, but I did not dare to do so. I recoiled in absolute disgust, letting out a “what the Hell are you doing?” Chris swerved a bit at my outburst but managed to stay on the road. My disgust only elevated exponentially when I saw that the hand that touched her rancid cooch held something in it. “What the fuck is that?”
She smiled wryly as she held up a dirty old sock, and I practically gagged. She replied, “Even if you don’t come here inside me, I’ve got your come inside me.” I dry-heaved for a moment as Chris said, “what the Hell is going on back there?” Pale as a ghost, I mumbled, “dude, she’s masturbating with an old sock.” Chris swerved again. “Oh fuck. Christina, where did you get that sock?”
Things got real quiet real fast. Christina mumbled, “I got it off of honker donker’s laundry hamper. I can tell he must have been thinking about me when he used it.” I shuddered. I don’t beat off into socks in the back of the truck cab, and even if I had done it, I certainly hadn’t done it today. Whatever hypothetical cum sock she had found would have been long dried up from the night before if I had made one. No, somebody else’s cum was on that sock. She smiled wryly as she lifted it up and played with a sticky strand of goo that adhered to the fabric before pulling her fingers down to her snatch and I gagged.
“Christina,” I said slowly, “that isn’t my sock.” She retorted, “don’t lie, it was on your hamper,” and I practically yelled at Chris “why are you throwing your cum socks in my laundry basket, bro?” Chris said, “I didn’t throw a cum sock in your laundry basket honker donkers, for fuck’s sake. What the Hell is Christina doing back there?” I described the scene to Chris, telling him, “well, she must have found a cumsock of yours from today and she’s rubbing it into her ax wound.” Christina paused for a minute, a strand of that goopy jizz hanging from her lips to the sock and I practically threw up. I rolled down the window and heaved for a minute as the gravity of the situation was dawning on me. Christina had grabbed one of Chris’s cumsocks, thinking that somehow it was mine and still had a trace of viable seed on it, and began rubbing it into her vagoo.
Christina cooed, “what’s wrong, honker donkers? I’m sure you taste even better when you’re fresh,” and I practically shouted, “That’s Chris’s sock!” Things got real quiet as the gravitas of the situation kicked in for both Chris and Christina. Christina instantly flew into a rage, throwing down the cumsock and waddling up behind the driver’s seat and began to beat Chris on the back of the head. The truck swerved left and right, and I started yelling, “Chris! Brakes!” I pressed the hazards and grabbed the wheel while he tried to shield his head and slowly decelerate us to a stop while Christina screeched about how Chris had just raped her. The whole deceleration, Chris was pummeled by his sister’s hamfists, until we finally made it to the shoulder of the road with the hazards on. The whole time, Christina, half-naked and shrieking, accused Chris of having tricked her into inseminating herself with his poopysplooge.
Chris got up from where he sat and started to throw blows against his sister, the useless and ineffectual impacts of each combatant wailing upon each other’s heads with little to no actually damage inflicted. I figured they would tire themselves out eventually, and when things finally did settle down, Christina collapsed into a sobbing, half-naked mess, still clutching the gnarly sock that contained her brother’s fetid ejaculate. She lifted up a corner of it and used to wipe a tear that trickled down her cheek. Across from her, Chris stared ahead for a thousand miles, comatose and catatonic.
I didn’t break the silence. I just listened to the wails in meditative silence. Finally a choked sob came from Christina. “You’re… you’re just messing with me, right?” I came back hard and unapologetic. “At what time between then and now did you think I went into the back and rubbed one out? In the two minutes you guys were fighting over the driver’s seat, did you think I whipped it out and spanked it? I’m not gross like either of you two.” The wails intensified. Chris continued to gaze into the abyss, wondering just what in the Hell had led to this culmination of events. When things started to calm down, Christina whined and sniveled and said, “well, what happens now?”
I remarked that she should probably go head to a hospital and get checked for STDs. I mentioned Chris’s long history of having unprotected sex with truck stop tutes, which he fervently denied in the moment, calling me a liar, but I persisted and said that that was the best course of action for her. She should probably go get checked out. She curled into a ball in the back while Chris looked at me with a scowl and said, “dude, I can’t believe you’re telling lies about me like that. Why would I ever sleep with a prostitute bro? I’m an alpha pussy magnet.” I said, “whatever, fat boy, get back in the driver’s seat and get your sister to the hospital so they can take a look at her.”
Begrudgingly, he got up from where he sat and got to the driver’s seat, starting the truck up again and taking us off the shoulder in a tense and awkward silence. Not even the cries of “nani? Baka!” serenaded us as we went down the road, the gravitas of such a situation apparent to even one poopycum man who was otherwise oblivious about everything. We rode for about an hour before we finally came off the interstate on the of Amarillo, and Chris drove us into a hospital. Christina got up from the back and sullenly walked towards the hospital entrance while Chris and I sat there in quiet.
We exchanged a look between each other, a silent, “so what do we do now,” before Chris mumbled, “I guess I’ll call in to dispatch and let them know what’s going on.” I replied that that would be the best, and so Chris picked up the radio receiver and Chris told dispatch, verbatim, “hey, uh, dispatch, this is Chris, and we’ve had to stop at a hospital. I guess my sister found one of my cum socks and used it to masturbate and now she needs to get checked out because she’s worried about STDs or something.” The line crackled in awkward silence. I tried not to cackle with laughter. He could have stopped at “I had to drop my sister off at the hospital” and that was that. Well, it took about a minute to get a response. I’m sure dispatch was wondering just what the Hell Chris was even talking about, and trying to come to terms with that awkward sentence he had given them. Eventually, dispatch got back to us. They wanted to know how long we would be. Chris said there was no current ETA at the moment.
Eventually, we were told to sit tight, and Chris and I sat back in the truck, letting the hours whittle away while we waited for Christina to get checked out. He was a man of few words then, just repeating to himself, “I can’t believe this happened,” and “god, my sister is such a stupid slut.” I couldn’t disagree on either of those points, of course, and so I held my tongue too. We must have sat in that lot for several hours, before Chris shot upright and yelled, “it’s not fair!”
I didn’t reply. Something was bothering the big guy, obviously, and I wasn’t about to invite it out of him because I didn’t give a damn. He launched into a rant about how he never wanted to take his stupid sister out on the road anyway because women don’t know how to drive trucks and she was a disgusting beast who shouldn’t have masturbated with his laundry and now he was gonna be late for the drop off which was eating into his time for roaming the lots looking for drugs and lizards. All these things were true, but like I said, the last thing I wanted to do was encourage him. When finally he tuckered himself out with all his whining and complaining, he collapsed into the driver’s seat once again in sullen silence. I have anticipated for him to start up, again. Quietly, he mumbled, “so, do you think she’s gonna keep it?”
I was mortified at the thought. Another hour passed in awkward silence before we could see Christina come barreling down the parking lot towards the truck. When she hoisted herself into the cab, the truck lurched under her weight and she came in, sullen faced and more disturbed than ever. I didn’t ask her what happened, but Chris was eager to know. The short summary is that the hospital gave her something called prep, which is basically a medicine to guard against HIV infection, and a morning after pill for her to take on her own time. When Chris heard the mention of the morning after pill, he started up, “so you’re just gonna kill our baby like that?” Christina loudly voiced what everyone was thinking. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Chris? Ugh, god forbid if anything even took root, of course I’m going to kill it.”
This precipitated a long argument as Chris pulled us out of the lot, shouting over his shoulder that his sister was a disgusting infanticidal sow and that it was morally repugnant for her to terminate the life of a small child, even, yes, if it was forged in the poopycum passion of a serial molester’s mistake. I let this get more and more heated, of course. I wanted it to end, don’t get me wrong, but at this point, I was banking on them becoming so antagonistic to each other that either Chris or Christina quiet and I could continue the night in relative peace. The good lord must have been listening to my prayer that evening, because eventually Christina shouted, “screw you! I’m calling daddy!” and she whipped out her phone to call her father.
She ranted into the mouthpiece that Chris was a disgusting subhuman troglodyte (accurate) and that he was also a gross pervert (also a fact) and that she didn’t think she could hack the trucking lifestyle if she had to copilot with Chris. Her father, doting on daddy’s girl, I can only assume, responded something, and she continued, “fine, I’ll be there in an hour.” She turned to Chris in a huff and told him to take her to the airport. My reprieve had come. Chris didn’t do that, though. He pulled over the truck, told her to go screw herself with a used splooge sock, and that she could walk home. Christina did get out of the truck, presumably to call a cab.
I never did encounter Christina again, but according to Chris’s reckoning, their dad placed her in another truck to learn under someone else, and my heart went out for that poor soul who inevitably was sexually assaulted by her discolored nipnops and yeasty odor. Thankfully, no poopycum child was ever forged by Christina’s spoiled eggs and Chris’s stagnant seed, either, because that, my friends, would have truly been an abomination against all that is holy. I don’t know if Christina got the clap or the herp or any of that, but my best is safely on, yes, it happened.
After she left, Chris and I were surprisingly sympatico for the next two days. I almost felt a debt to the poopycum man for saving me from his sister’s sexual wiles by way of his own disgusting degenerate nature, but I never expressed it. The last thing I wanted him to think was that I was approving of him jacking off in the truck again and giving him carte blanche to do so. We never spoke of her again, though from time to time, when I would walk through the yard office back in California, I would catch the odd wafting fragrance of curdling yeast and wondered if Christina actually did manage to get herself into a company truck. I would not be surprised.
And that, my friends, concludes today’s installment, but don’t you guys a worry, because even though the real world is calling my name, I’ll be back in the not too distant future with yet another story about everyone’s favorite opprobrious little cumstain, Chris.
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2023.05.30 18:02 ZachTheLitchKing [CW] Smash 'Em Up Sunday - The Hunters and The Hunted

Original Prompt

The Hunters and the Hunted
The Book Nook was a small bookstore owned by Olivia. She was well known in the neighborhood as a kind lady who let children borrow books as long as they promised to return them. What she was less well known for was her penchant for helping people escape their circumstances and get to places far away from danger. From more mundane things, like children fleeing abusive parents, to more dangerous things, such as an elf fleeing a crazed family of magic hunters. Olivia was a junction in a sort of underground railroad that helped get people away from danger and to safety.
Olivia had been a hunter herself, in a past life. She had been the danger that creatures fled from; the specter in the shadows that kept the boogeyman at bay. That was before she had learned that the things she hunted were, sometimes, people too. Maybe not humans, but people nonetheless. That was why Olivia was so well prepared when a tall man with a pot belly nervously looked around the empty store before approaching.
"Erm, hello, I, uh," the man seemed very uncertain and started to rifle through his pockets. Olivia knew that he was looking for a note that someone else had given him to direct her way. She tapped a corner of the desk patiently, subtly activating a magic sigil hidden under a sticky note that alerted a friend of hers there was someone here.
"Take a deep breath," Olivia said with patience, "Calm down. You're safe here. Can you tell me who sent you?"
"I...yeah, older gentleman," the tall man closed his eyes as he tried to remember his name, "Harlow?"
"Barlow," Olivia corrected, taking the paper when he finally found it, "He's a good man. Sent you my way must mean you're in deep." She read over what Barlow had to say. It was encoded but she knew what it all meant.
"Okay, 'Neil'," she ripped the note up and walked around the counter, "You need to come back here for a bit. I've got a crawlspace you can squeeze into until my friend gets here to pick you up." The tall man had been about to say something but Olivia silenced him when the doorbell rang again. She pointed to the bathroom and went back to the front.
The tiefling standing there was very familiar to Olivia, and the last person she wanted to see.
"Olivia, good to see you," Aisling said as she sauntered over to the counter, "Got company?"
"Not today. Fairly slow because of the rain."
"Look, you need to be honest with me today," Aisling set two gauntleted hands on the counter and leaned forward, "I'm looking for a man named Leon. I've been chasing him for weeks now. He's a fugitive and not someone who needs your help."
"Well I'm sure if a man named Leon comes in, she'll give you a call," a cocky voice chimed in from the door. Olivia and Aisling looked over and saw their mutual friend, Sanguia, standing in the doorway with her hand up to keep the bell from ringing. Olivia felt some relief that she'd been able to get there so quickly while Aisling looked positively miffed; the one person she was not confident she could subdue.
They both went quiet as a kid who looked no more than twelve ran in around Sanguia. He started to peruse some books not too far away.
"Call me if you hear from him," Aisling said, eyeing the kid but talking to Olivia, "Leon. Taller than anyone has a right to be and a potbelly you could hide...I don't know, an encyclopedia set in."
"If I see a tall man of heavy weight, I'll call you," Olivia lied.
"Later, cupcake," Sanguia said as Aisling left.
"Cupcakes sound good!" the kid had left the books and joined Olivia at the counter, his form melting and expanding until the kid was no longer a little boy but a grown woman, "Wanna hit up Sweet Eats after this?"
"Ugh, Leon's in the bathroom Charlie, go check on him and get a look so you can disguise yourself."
"Usual plan?" Sanguia asked, "She sneaks out as the guy and I sneak him to the airport?"
"I think you should sneak Charlie out this time. Aisling knows the game so she'll tail you. I can keep Leon here for a couple of days and...I don't know...put him in a crate?"
"Hahaha! I love it," Sanguia laughed, "Make sure you ship him first-class for comfort and luxury."
"Just let Talix know to handle the parcel with care."
"Don't worry, The Guild will keep him safe. Even Aisling can't reach New Francisco."
Olivia was more worried Aisling would become a hindrance in future rescues for this deception.
This is a Crossover AU:
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2023.05.30 18:00 Alejo9010 Should i use Date or Datetime if working with expiring dates?

hello, im working on a project that would keep track of some serial keys expiring time, but im having a tought time because the timezones would mess with the exact expiring date if the country is diferente,
for example, today is 5/30/2023, i would like to add a new serial key that expires in 30 days, so the expiring date should be 6/29/2023, and the count in days between range should be 30 days, but some users report 29 days, or if i create a key that would expire today, it would be marked as expired even thro i have the expirig logic to appear if the days between the dates are less than 0

im using Dates in all the project, should i move to Datetime to have more exact day range? (i dont care about timezones, all i want is to set a start day and end day and count the days between those dates and have a day count, no matter what timezone im at
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2023.05.30 17:17 psy_klops How do I know my F310 Gamepad is genuine or not?

How do I know my F310 Gamepad is genuine or not?
Hi, I had bought a logitech gamepad F310 today and when I tried to check on the website for it's authenticity, it said no serial number found. Can someone help me with this? Thanks
Getting the following error:
Logitech website img
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2023.05.30 17:06 thinkingstranger May 29, 2023
Beginning in 1943, the War Department published a series of pamphlets for U.S. Army personnel in the European theater of World War II. Titled Army Talks, the series was designed “to help [the personnel] become better-informed men and women and therefore better soldiers.”
On March 24, 1945, the topic for the week was “FASCISM!”
“You are away from home, separated from your families, no longer at a civilian job or at school and many of you are risking your very lives,” the pamphlet explained, “because of a thing called fascism.” But, the publication asked, what is fascism? “Fascism is not the easiest thing to identify and analyze,” it said, “nor, once in power, is it easy to destroy. It is important for our future and that of the world that as many of us as possible understand the causes and practices of fascism, in order to combat it.”
Fascism, the U.S. government document explained, “is government by the few and for the few. The objective is seizure and control of the economic, political, social, and cultural life of the state.” “The people run democratic governments, but fascist governments run the people.”
“The basic principles of democracy stand in the way of their desires; hence—democracy must go! Anyone who is not a member of their inner gang has to do what he’s told. They permit no civil liberties, no equality before the law.” “Fascism treats women as mere breeders. ‘Children, kitchen, and the church,’ was the Nazi slogan for women,” the pamphlet said.
Fascists “make their own rules and change them when they choose…. They maintain themselves in power by use of force combined with propaganda based on primitive ideas of ‘blood’ and ‘race,’ by skillful manipulation of fear and hate, and by false promise of security. The propaganda glorifies war and insists it is smart and ‘realistic’ to be pitiless and violent.”
Fascists understood that “the fundamental principle of democracy—faith in the common sense of the common people—was the direct opposite of the fascist principle of rule by the elite few,” it explained, “[s]o they fought democracy…. They played political, religious, social, and economic groups against each other and seized power while these groups struggled.”
Americans should not be fooled into thinking that fascism could not come to America, the pamphlet warned; after all, “[w]e once laughed Hitler off as a harmless little clown with a funny mustache.” And indeed, the U.S. had experienced “sorry instances of mob sadism, lynchings, vigilantism, terror, and suppression of civil liberties. We have had our hooded gangs, Black Legions, Silver Shirts, and racial and religious bigots. All of them, in the name of Americanism, have used undemocratic methods and doctrines which…can be properly identified as ‘fascist.’”
The War Department thought it was important for Americans to understand the tactics fascists would use to take power in the United States. They would try to gain power “under the guise of ‘super-patriotism’ and ‘super-Americanism.’” And they would use three techniques:
First, they would pit religious, racial, and economic groups against one another to break down national unity. Part of that effort to divide and conquer would be a “well-planned ‘hate campaign’ against minority races, religions, and other groups.”
Second, they would deny any need for international cooperation, because that would fly in the face of their insistence that their supporters were better than everyone else. “In place of international cooperation, the fascists seek to substitute a perverted sort of ultra-nationalism which tells their people that they are the only people in the world who count. With this goes hatred and suspicion toward the people of all other nations.”
Third, fascists would insist that “the world has but two choices—either fascism or communism, and they label as ‘communists’ everyone who refuses to support them.”
It is “vitally important” to learn to spot native fascists, the government said, “even though they adopt names and slogans with popular appeal, drape themselves with the American flag, and attempt to carry out their program in the name of the democracy they are trying to destroy.”
The only way to stop the rise of fascism in the United States, the document said, “is by making our democracy work and by actively cooperating to preserve world peace and security.” In the midst of the insecurity of the modern world, the hatred at the root of fascism “fulfills a triple mission.” By dividing people, it weakens democracy. “By getting men to hate rather than to think,” it prevents them “from seeking the real cause and a democratic solution to the problem.” By falsely promising prosperity, it lures people to embrace its security.
“Fascism thrives on indifference and ignorance,” it warned. Freedom requires “being alert and on guard against the infringement not only of our own freedom but the freedom of every American. If we permit discrimination, prejudice, or hate to rob anyone of his democratic rights, our own freedom and all democracy is threatened.” And if “we want to make certain that fascism does not come to America, we must make certain that it does not thrive anywhere in the world.”
Seventy-eight years after the publication of “FASCISM!” with its program for recognizing that political system and stopping it from taking over the United States, President Joe Biden today at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, honored those who gave their lives fighting to preserve democracy. “On this day, we come together again to reflect, to remember, but above all, to recommit to the future our fallen heroes fought for, …a future grounded in freedom, democracy, equality, tolerance, opportunity, and…justice.”
“[T]he truest memorial to their lives,” the president said, is to act “every day to ensure that our democracy endures, our Constitution endures, and the soul of our nation and our decency endures.”

War Department, “Army Talk 64: FASCISM!” March 24, 1945, at
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2023.05.30 17:02 ZachTheLitchKing [CW] Smash 'Em Up Sunday - The Nook

Original Prompt

The Nook
The Book Nook was a small shop on the outskirts of Amsterdam, in between a cupcake bakery called Sweet Eats, and a broadly Asian grocery store that seemed to primarily sell South Korean and Japanese fare. She owned The Book Nook and rented the building it was in. The first floor was her shop and the second floor was her apartment. They were little, but they were hers.
Her morning started like most others; rolling out of bed with a thick, downy blanket wrapped around her shoulders and making a beeline for the kitchenette. She warmed her hands over the stove while waiting for the water and milk to boil. Once done she mixed in the shredded bits of chocolate and watched them melt. Olivia stirred the mixture until it was nice and thick then poured it all into a mug and, while it cooled, added a couple of marshmallows.
The rest of her morning was accompanied by the hot cocoa in hand. She washed up, got dressed, checked her e-mail, paid a couple of bills, transferred some money between various cards to keep everything in the black, and then went downstairs to open up her store. There were a couple of regulars she looked forward to seeing almost every day, people with a passion for classics and who always wanted to chat about one book or another.
There were regulars she did not look forward to seeing; those with numerous books from friends and family that they tried to offload on her for a profit. Olivia was more than happy to pay half-decent money for a good book in okay condition, but these people tended to try and take advantage and so she usually underwhelmed them. The last thing she wanted was to give a guy five bucks for his daughter's favorite storybook so that he could go buy a beer.
The best part of the week for her was when Susan, the school teacher from a few blocks over, brought her first-grade class to the shop to look around. She loved to talk and every word she said was interesting. The primary school was grossly underfunded and Olivia had worked with Susan to get these field trips orchestrated. The children could use The Book Nook as a replacement for their school library whenever they wanted, so long as they remembered their 'library card'; a slip of paper she had written their name on, put some clip art of their favorite items, and laminated.
It had been Olivia's idea to include that little lesson in responsibility.
Today was not a field trip day. It was also payday for most businesses, so none of the sellers were coming in for a few extra bucks. The overcast sky was a prelude to rain and Olivia suspected she would have little to no company today, which was fine by her. She loved sitting down by the window and listening to the rain.
The door opened and a man with broad shoulders and a military haircut stepped in. Olivia checked the calendar by her chair and sighed.
"The first Friday of the quarter already, Simon?" she asked as she finished her hot cocoa and stood up.
"The general's offer still stands," Simon said, wringing his hands together nervously. The look of concern on his face was ever-present whenever he visited Olivia, and it stung. She knew why he was worried; despite her new life, Olivia's past was a terrifying one. The things she had done in the name of protecting the city would scare even the bravest of men, and the weight of it had almost crushed her. Olivia did not want people to be afraid of her.
"Tell him I appreciate it," she said, "But I am not coming back. I'm retired and I'm happy here. I'd be more happy if he stopped sending you to badger me. Remind him about the Incursion; it ended because of me." Try as she might, Olivia could not keep some edge out of her tone and the man flinched at her words.
"Yes ma'am," he said, backing away to the door. He bumped into someone on the way out and apologized before hurrying away. The woman he had bumped into - an elderly one named Agatha - adjusted her glasses and slipped in the door.
"He was in a hurry," she said, "Is everything alright?"
"Everything's fine, Aggie," Olivia said with a warm smile. It was nice to be looked at by someone who didn't know Olivia was once a Hunter. "What are you looking for today?"
This is an Alternate Universe of u/Not_theScrumPolice 's The In Between. Give it a read!
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2023.05.30 17:02 ZachTheLitchKing [CW] Smash 'Em Up Sunday - The Petty Crusade

Original Prompt

The Petty Crusade
Port Adriel. One of the scummiest cities in the Empire. When the humans took it back in the war it had been a crown jewel along the coast. Now? Now it was a vacation destination for workaholic paladins like Aisling. One of the most decorated members of The Order, Aisling the Bright chose to use her annual week of R&R to assist the city guard of Port Adriel. Helping them knock some petty crimes off of their books gave her the feeling of doing good that she needed, and made their numbers look better.
Today she was after a young man named Liam who was accused of selling faulty or fake enchanted items. If he was doing so, then he was an idiot for naming his shop Liam's Discount & Refurbished Enchantment Emporium. Aisling had to admit that the painting of a rusted sword glowing with a magic aura had a sort of eye-catching charm, but if crooks could get away because of good marketing then the city would look nicer and feel worse.
The tiefling stepped inside and glanced around as the bell over the door rang. There were many weapons, and none of them were secured by any chains or behind glass. She saw a couple of very large pistols that looked to be far too heavy to hold in one hand. A Giant gunslinger, maybe? she thought as she hefted one. It was even heavier than it looked to be and her arm trembled just trying to lift.
"Please don't touch the merchandise," a voice said from her left. Aisling saw a man enter the room; tall and broad-shouldered with a rotund belly, he had a familiar look to his face that instantly flashed the paladin back to the rebellion a few years ago. A young man, tall and fair and much more fit, had led an uprising after his grandfather was executed. Aisling did not know the politics of the situation, only that the old man had been an upstart some years before. She had no opinion on the execution, but the rebellion? Well, it had ended because of her.
"Liam, I take it?" Aisling asked, setting the gun back down and walking over to the counter, "By the gods you're tall."
"Yeah, I get-" Liam finally looked up from the clipboard he had been paying attention to and his eyes darkened. He recognized her as much as she recognized him.
"Listen here, cupcake," Aisling said, leaning on the counter with one armored hand while the other relaxed on the hilt of her sword, "Here's how it's going to go. You're gonna put down that clipboard, step around the counter, and get on your knees. You're gonna put your hands behind your head. I'm gonna cuff you. Then we'll take a nice walk out to my carriage where you'll get inside and no one will see this, so you can save face or whatever matters to your kind. I don't know, and I don't care. Then I'm gonna take you down to the station and hand you over to the city guard." She loved to talk and every word she said was interesting.
"But I-"
"Bah, bah, bah," the cocky tiefling shook her finger, "It doesn't matter, and I don't care. You stand accused, and I'm just here to bring you in. If you're innocent they'll let you go and if not, I just made their jobs easier. Despite the, uh...weight you've gained in the last few years you still look like a guy who can give a few underpaid guards a run for their-"
As soon as Aisling said 'run' Liam did exactly that. He turned and booked it into the back of the shop. Aisling sighed and touched a crest on her armor. It instantly doffed; melting away in the front so she could jump out, the great sword she wielded firm in her grip. If the fat, failed rebel wanted to run, Aisling was more than happy to give chase. It would be fun.
This was a vacation, after all.
This is an Alternate Universe of u/poiyurt 's The Reluctant Crusade. Give it a read!
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2023.05.30 13:35 TigerMiflin Ableton sale (for upgrades if you buy Novation or Focusright)

Ableton sales are so rare I forgot that I had set up a Google alert for them years ago.
This just popped up today. It looks like if you buy Novation or Focusright kit ( or have a valid serial number from a purchase since September 2022 ) you can get 50% off an upgrade to version 11
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2023.05.30 11:49 Kiro670 Is it worth it to cancel FL Studio 20 producer edition physical purchase and buy FL studio 21 digital, just to get the new Multiband Delay plugin ?

Hello guys.
Quiquck question: Is Multiband Delay worth it ?
Long question:
So, I found an online store (Muziker) selling FL Studio 20 Producer Edition boxed for 192,19 $ (including tax) and purchase a copy without hesitation. But today when I looked a bit into it, there is another online store selling the same producer edition but version 21 (or at least thats what i understand from Thoman website) digital copy. Now I know I also get just a serial key with boxed version as well but I tough a box would mean extra proof that I actually bought the software.
If I let them send me the boxed FL 20, I will not get the 2 additional plugins ( Multiband Delay and VFX Sequencer ), I will only get updates for the plugins present in version 20 (i found out abt that in image-line support section). There, it is also stated that if you already got FL studio, you can buy any new plugins present by default in the new producer edition releases at a discount. That plugin alone is 45$, is the discount half of the price ? I plan on getting sakura as well later, so if I can save a little money that would help.
Thank you, and have a nice day.
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2023.05.30 11:27 Impressive-Work-5770 Sexting is that even fun anymore

Sexting is that even fun anymore submitted by Impressive-Work-5770 to Indiangirlsontinder [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 10:39 Best_Club_In_America Something doesn't add up about Alan Dershowitz: if Netflix "willfully misrepresented" his relationship with Epstein, why hasn't he STILL not sued them for defamation?

Something doesn't add up about Alan Dershowitz: if Netflix
Alan Dershowitz was Epstein's lawyer a decade and a half ago when he got caught the first time.
He also suggested that the public "keep an open mind" about Maxwell.
In 2015, Dershowitz went after the attorneys of one of his accusers and sought to DISBAR them for "defamation".
Okay, so he aggressively protects his public image.
And yet, a few years ago, while claiming that a Netflix documentary both tainted the Maxwell trial AND misrepresented his relationship with Epstein, "for some reason" he STILL hasn't sued Netflix for "defamation".
Why is that?
Alan Dershowitz Writes Essay Defending Longtime Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell, Assails Netflix Documentary Allegations
Alan Dershowitz, who defended Jeffrey Epstein against charges that he had serially abused young girls in 2008, has written an essay in The Spectator defending Epstein’s onetime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who was arrested on Thursday and charged with six counts related to the trafficking of underage girls, including transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.
“Like every other arrested person,” writes Dershowitz, “she must be presumed innocent.”
The lawyer then spent most of the rest of the essay assailing Netflix for its recent multi-part documentary, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, in which one of Epstein’s most prominent accusers says Dershowitz abused her multiple times while she was under Epstein’s control.
Dershowitz has confirmed he jetted to Epstein’s private island where sex trafficking allegedly took place, but only once. He says he was accompanied on that trip by his wife and daughter.
As for Maxwell, Dershowitz writes in his essay that he never saw her do anything untoward and assumed she was simply Epstein’s girlfriend.
My wife and I were introduced to Ghislaine Maxwell by Sir Evelyn and Lady Lynne de Rothschild, and we subsequently met her on several occasions — generally in the presence of prominent people such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nobel Prize-winning scientists, presidents of universities, and prominent academic and business people. We never saw her do anything inappropriate. We knew her only as Jeffrey Epstein’s thirty-something girlfriend.
Later however, Dershowitz negotiated a controversial plea deal for Epstein in Palm Beach County that shielded the billionaire from federal prosecution in 2008. Epstein pleaded guilty to a state charge (one of two) of procuring for prostitution a girl below age 18 and he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The deal also shielded Maxwell.
One year ago, Epstein was re-arrested after a cache of explicit photos of girls was allegedly found in his home. The financier was charged with sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy and faced a combined maximum sentence of up to 45 years in prison. Before he could be tried, Epstein hanged himself in his jail cell.
At the time, the New York Times said the arrest deepened “questions about why federal prosecutors in Miami had cut a deal that shielded him from federal prosecution in 2008.”
Today, ever the defense lawyer, Dershowitz urged readers of the Spectator to “keep an open mind about Maxwell.”
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2023.05.30 06:22 GeneralUri10 my "for you" feed is trying to induce schizophrenia on me, how do I reset it?

I got bored today and figured I'd scroll through tiktok. I never, ever go on tiktok so this was my first "real" session I guess. my FY feed was the typical stuff that I found interesting, such as water and thalassophobia (fear of water), eventually somehow the more I scrolled, the more my feed just turned into more and more sinister and horrifying things full of gore and death
it started from the "you have this phobia" videos and then moved to creepy signs, followed by weird disturbing psychological horror such as the maria face incident (just an example of the random stuff it pulled) and moved onto conspiracy theories about the earth being flat, Denver Airport, illuminati, 9/11, then straight up gore and "schizo" stuff.
every other post is how to make some illegal substance such as chloroform or an explosive or some bizarre shock picture of some creature or demon saying I'm not alone and that I'm currently going to die or that I'm in a coma and nothing is real. after scrolling through random feeds of serial killer victims I went to one that seemed innocent and it was a joke of a cartoon mouse making a cat saying "under where?" and the next picture was genuine just mouse gore with a cat eating mouse guts.. the next tiktok after that was just straight up more "I know where you live and I'm in your walls" type stuff, what the hell man what the hell happened to my feed
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2023.05.30 05:21 seasideghost found: Lyla

found: Lyla
this is Lyla. she was found in downtown seattle after my coworkers and i captured her in a park near our work. another coworker did a lot of digging and found her name and owners name through her rabies serial number. her owner was contacted, a voicemail was left but no response. all seattle animal shelter were closed today due to the holiday so i brought her home where she can stay comfortably until we hopefully find her owner. i’m planning on taking her to my local vet tomorrow to see if she’s chipped. we have 2 other dogs and a cat and none of them have any issues with each other but that was after my old lady pug had her say. she is extremely sweet and well behaved but a little stand-off ish but that’s totally understandable. she’s clean, well fed and knows basic commands. i would assume when her owner finds her missing they’re going to be devastated. i really hope we can reunite them.
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2023.05.30 04:20 cherryseok As I expected, I can’t love her.

I’m nineteen now. She’s half my age, ten. She’s the result of the affair my father had with a vile two-faced woman that ruined my life. He says she’s my sister. I will never be her older brother.
The divorce between my mother and father finalized eleven years ago. It took me years to find out it’s because he cheated on her multiple times. I didn’t even do the math when she was born until years after the fact. They divorced mid-2012, she was born (on-time, might I add) early 2013. The timeline never added up, but he won’t admit to it. He hated my mom for kicking him out. I look just like her, and I act like her too. So he hated me.
Years of my life, this man stole from me. I’ve been to the psych ward twice, once at twelve and the other just four months ago. I spent close to a decade attempting suicide with no luck. All he did was get drunk and use me as a literal and a metaphorical punching bag. I got a scar across my chest a few months before I was due to go to college, because I asked him if he was angry at me. I used to lock myself in the bathroom and try to die while he mocked me from the first floor. He hated me. He made it clear that he hated me, but he still lied and said he loved me, that I was his joy. What kind of a monster hurts a child like that?
He mellowed out once I was gone. I’ve spent two years in college so far. Miraculously, he stopped drinking as much the second I was gone. Almost like he was medicating to tolerate my existence. While I was gone, I’d ask him to bring me things. Once I asked for a coat from my closet. He proceeded to bring me a coat that didn’t belong to me, with a pair of glasses that weren’t mine. Wrong style and everything. I sent a picture to him to ask whose they were. His response was “aren’t they yours?” I lived with you for almost five years and you can’t even recognize the type of glasses I wore for half my life?
Now his vile two-faced baby mama finally decided to let her kid stay with us for a month out of the summer. (She claimed the reason she never let the kid visit was because she was scared I’d try to hurt her. I have never been violent towards others, and she can’t claim my violence towards myself, because her other kid did the same shit I did.) I only came back here for a summer job opportunity I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. He crammed four people into a two-bedroom apartment and the favoritism is so in-my-face that it makes me sick. She can make messes and talk back and be loud all she wants and he just smiles. I got a scar across my damn chest for asking if he was angry with me.
I haven’t left my room for more than thirty minutes today. I only ate one meal, because it’s all I could stomach. Being around that kid makes my skin crawl. She has no idea the significance of her birth. She believes that horrible man is capable of doing no wrong. Nobody else believed me. Not my older brother, who was a victim of some of his physical abuse too. Not my dad’s mother, who thinks she’s some hero in the stories she tells about how she “stopped my dad from getting violent”. I bet if I told his fiancée that he was a serial womanizer, or her kids who he ALSO loves more than me that he’ll fuck them up if they dare to step even a millimeter out of line, they wouldn’t believe me.
I know I’m wrong. I know she did nothing wrong. I know I shouldn’t hate her. But she is a symbol of everything I could’ve had. She experiences the good life, while I spent seven years trying to snuff out mine. At least she has a whole family that loves her. I’m everyone’s mistake, or that’s how they treated me.
L, I’m sorry. You just want me to be your sibling. But I can’t. It makes me sick. Every second I see you laugh and smile at his banter, it makes me want to puke. He used to love me like that, on the rare chance I even saw him given he was deployed most my life. I used to be his angel. Now, if I died, I don’t think he’d even notice. I don’t think he’d care.
I’m done trying to love her. I would never be mean to anyone who doesn’t deserve it, so I won’t be mean. But I won’t love her. I can’t. I thought I was strong enough, but I’m not. I think that makes me evil.
I’m sorry if my words don’t make much sense. I’m not in my own head these days. All the medication in the world couldn’t ground me. I’m clearly too far gone to even get over myself enough to be a sibling, so I can’t write in a way that makes sense.
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2023.05.30 03:45 Junior_Button5882 Spring-heeled Jack

Spring-heeled Jack
Spring-heeled Jack is an entity in English folklore of the Victorian era. The first claimed sighting of Spring-heeled Jack was in 1837.[1] Later sightings were reported all over the United Kingdom and were especially prevalent in suburban London, the Midlands) and Scotland.[2]
There are many theories about the nature and identity of Spring-heeled Jack. This urban legend was very popular in its time, due to the tales of his bizarre appearance and ability to make extraordinary leaps, to the point that he became the topic of several works of fiction.
Spring-heeled Jack was described by people who claimed to have seen him as having a terrifying and frightful appearance, with diabolical physiognomy, clawed hands, and eyes that "resembled red balls of fire". One report claimed that, beneath a black cloak, he wore a helmet and a tight-fitting white garment like an oilskin. Many stories also mention a "Devil-like" aspect. Others said he was tall and thin, with the appearance of a gentleman. Several reports mention that he could breathe out blue and white flames and that he wore sharp metallic claws at his fingertips. At least two people claimed that he was able to speak comprehensible English.



In the early 19th century, there were reports of ghosts that stalked the streets of London. These human-like figures were described as pale; it was believed that they stalked and preyed on lone pedestrians. The stories told of these figures formed part of a distinct ghost tradition in London which, some writers have argued, formed the foundation of the later legend of Spring-heeled Jack.[3]
The most important of these early entities was the Hammersmith Ghost, which in 1803 and 1804 was reported in Hammersmith on the western fringes of London; it would later reappear in 1824. Another apparition, the Southampton ghost, was also reported as assaulting individuals in the night. This particular spirit bore many of the characteristics of Spring-heeled Jack, and was reported as jumping over houses and being over 10 ft (3.0 m) tall.[3]

Early reports

📷Illustration of Spring-heeled Jack, from the serial Spring-heel'd Jack: The Terror of London
The first alleged sightings of Spring-heeled Jack were made in London in 1837 and the last reported sighting is said in most of the secondary literature to have been made in Liverpool in 1904.[4][5]
According to much later accounts, in October 1837 a girl by the name of Mary Stevens was walking to Lavender Hill, where she was working as a servant, after visiting her parents in Battersea. On her way through Clapham Common, a strange figure leapt at her from a dark alley. After immobilising her with a tight grip of his arms, he began to kiss her face, while ripping her clothes and touching her flesh with his claws, which were, according to her deposition, "cold and clammy as those of a corpse". In panic, the girl screamed, making the attacker quickly flee from the scene. The commotion brought several residents who immediately launched a search for the aggressor, but he could not be found.[6]
The next day, the leaping character is said to have chosen a very different victim near Mary Stevens' home, inaugurating a method that would reappear in later reports: he jumped in the way of a passing carriage, causing the coachman to lose control, crash, and severely injure himself. Several witnesses claimed that he escaped by jumping over a 9 ft (2.7 m) high wall while cackling with a high-pitched, ringing laughter.[6]
Gradually, the news of the strange character spread, and soon the press and the public gave him the name "Spring-heeled Jack".[7]

Official recognition
📷A public session at the Mansion House, London (c. 1840).
A few months after these first sightings, on 9 January 1838, the Lord Mayor of London, Sir John Cowan), revealed at a public session held in the Mansion House an anonymous complaint that he had received several days earlier, which he had withheld in the hope of obtaining further information. The correspondent, who signed the letter "a resident of Peckham", wrote:
It appears that some individuals (of, as the writer believes, the highest ranks of life) have laid a wager with a mischievous and foolhardy companion, that he durst not take upon himself the task of visiting many of the villages near London in three different disguises—a ghost, a bear, and a devil; and moreover, that he will not enter a gentleman's gardens for the purpose of alarming the inmates of the house. The wager has, however, been accepted, and the unmanly villain has succeeded in depriving seven ladies of their senses, two of whom are not likely to recover, but to become burdens to their families. At one house the man rang the bell, and on the servant coming to open door, this worse than brute stood in no less dreadful figure than a spectre clad most perfectly. The consequence was that the poor girl immediately swooned, and has never from that moment been in her senses. The affair has now been going on for some time, and, strange to say, the papers are still silent on the subject. The writer has reason to believe that they have the whole history at their finger-ends but, through interested motives, are induced to remain silent.[8]
Though the Lord Mayor seemed fairly sceptical, a member of the audience confirmed that "servant girls about Kensington, Hammersmith and Ealing, tell dreadful stories of this ghost or devil". The matter was reported in The Times on 9 January, other national papers on 10 January and, on the day after that, the Lord Mayor showed a crowded gathering a pile of letters from various places in and around London complaining of similar "wicked pranks". The quantity of letters that poured into the Mansion House suggests that the stories were widespread in suburban London. One writer said several young women in Hammersmith had been frightened into "dangerous fits" and some "severely wounded by a sort of claws the miscreant wore on his hands". Another correspondent claimed that in Stockwell, Brixton, Camberwell and Vauxhall several people had died of fright and others had had fits; meanwhile, another reported that the trickster had been repeatedly seen in Lewisham and Blackheath.[citation needed]
The Lord Mayor himself was in two minds about the affair: he thought "the greatest exaggerations" had been made, and that it was quite impossible "that the ghost performs the feats of a devil upon earth", but on the other hand someone he trusted had told him of a servant girl at Forest Hill who had been scared into fits by a figure in a bear's skin; he was confident the person or persons involved in this "pantomime display" would be caught and punished.[9] The police were instructed to search for the individual responsible, and rewards were offered.[citation needed]
A peculiar report from The Brighton Gazette, which appeared in the 14 April 1838 edition of The Times, related how a gardener in Rosehill, Sussex, had been terrified by a creature of unknown nature. The Times wrote that "Spring-heeled Jack has, it seems, found his way to the Sussex coast", even though the report bore little resemblance to other accounts of Jack. The incident occurred on 13 April, when it appeared to a gardener "in the shape of a bear or some other four-footed animal". Having attracted the gardener's attention by a growl, it then climbed the garden wall and ran along it on all fours, before jumping down and chasing the gardener for some time. After terrifying the gardener, the apparition scaled the wall and made its exit.[10]

Scales and Alsop reports

📷Illustration of Spring-heeled Jack, from the 1867 serial Spring-heel'd Jack: The Terror of London
Perhaps the best known of the alleged incidents involving Spring-heeled Jack were the attacks on two teenage girls, Lucy Scales and Jane Alsop. The Alsop report was widely covered by the newspapers, including a piece in The Times,[11] while fewer reports appeared in relation to the attack on Scales. The press coverage of these two attacks helped to raise the profile of Spring-heeled Jack.[citation needed]

Alsop case

Jane Alsop reported that on the night of 19 February 1838, she answered the door of her father's house to a man claiming to be a police officer, who told her to bring a light, claiming "we have caught Spring-heeled Jack here in the lane". She brought the person a candle, and noticed that he wore a large cloak. The moment she had handed him the candle, however, he threw off the cloak and "presented a most hideous and frightful appearance", vomiting blue and white flame from his mouth while his eyes resembled "red balls of fire". Miss Alsop reported that he wore a large helmet and that his clothing, which appeared to be very tight-fitting, resembled white oilskin. Without saying a word he caught hold of her and began tearing her gown with his claws which she was certain were "of some metallic substance". She screamed for help, and managed to get away from him and ran towards the house. He caught her on the steps and tore her neck and arms with his claws. She was rescued by one of her sisters, after which her assailant fled.[4][12]

Scales case

On 28 February 1838,[13] nine days after the attack on Miss Alsop, 18-year-old Lucy Scales and her sister were returning home after visiting their brother, a butcher who lived in a respectable part of Limehouse. Miss Scales stated in her deposition to the police that as she and her sister were passing along Green Dragon Alley, they observed a person standing in an angle of the passage. She was walking in front of her sister at the time, and just as she came up to the person, who was wearing a large cloak, he spurted "a quantity of blue flame" in her face, which deprived her of her sight, and so alarmed her, that she instantly dropped to the ground, and was seized with violent fits which continued for several hours.[14]
Her brother added that on the evening in question, he had heard the loud screams of one of his sisters moments after they had left his house and on running up Green Dragon Alley he found his sister Lucy on the ground in a fit, with her sister attempting to hold and support her. She was taken home, and he then learned from his other sister what had happened. She described Lucy's assailant as being of tall, thin, and gentlemanly appearance, covered in a large cloak, and carrying a small lamp or bull's eye lantern similar to those used by the police. The individual did not speak nor did he try to lay hands on them, but instead walked quickly away. Every effort was made by the police to discover the author of these and similar outrages, and several persons were questioned, but were set free.[14]


The Times reported the alleged attack on Jane Alsop on 2 March 1838 under the heading "The Late Outrage at Old Ford".[11] This was followed with an account of the trial of one Thomas Millbank, who, immediately after the reported attack on Jane Alsop, had boasted in the Morgan's Arms that he was Spring-heeled Jack. He was arrested and tried at Lambeth Street court. The arresting officer was James Lea, who had earlier arrested William Corder, the Red Barn Murderer. Millbank had been wearing white overalls and a greatcoat, which he dropped outside the house, and the candle he dropped was also found. He escaped conviction only because Jane Alsop insisted her attacker had breathed fire, and Millbank admitted he could do no such thing. Most of the other accounts were written long after the date; contemporary newspapers do not mention them.[citation needed]
📷Ad for Spring Heeled Jack, a penny dreadful (1886)
After these incidents, Spring-heeled Jack became one of the most popular characters of the period. His alleged exploits were reported in the newspapers and became the subject of several penny dreadfuls and plays performed in the cheap theatres that abounded at the time. The devil was even renamed "Spring-heeled Jack" in some Punch and Judy shows, as recounted by Henry Mayhew in his London Labour and the London Poor:
This here is Satan,-we might say the devil, but that ain't right, and gennelfolks don't like such words. He is now commonly called 'Spring-heeled Jack;' or the 'Rossian Bear,' – that's since the war. — Henry Mayhew, London Labour and the London Poor, p. 52[15]
But, even as his fame was growing, reports of Spring-heeled Jack's appearances became less frequent if more widespread. In 1843, however, a wave of sightings swept the country again. A report from Northamptonshire described him as "the very image of the Devil himself, with horns and eyes of flame", and in East Anglia reports of attacks on drivers of mail coaches became common. In July 1847 "a Spring-heeled Jack investigation" in Teignmouth, Devon led to a Captain Finch being convicted of two charges of assault against women during which he is said to have been "disguised in a skin coat, which had the appearance of bullock's hide, skullcap, horns and mask".[16] The legend was linked with the phenomenon of the "Devil's Footprints" which appeared in Devon in February 1855.[citation needed]

Last reports

In the beginning of the 1870s, Spring-heeled Jack was reported again in several places distant from each other. In November 1872, the News of the World reported that Peckham was "in a state of commotion owing to what is known as the "Peckham Ghost", a mysterious figure, quite alarming in appearance". The editorial pointed out that it was none other than "Spring-heeled Jack, who terrified a past generation".[17] Similar stories were published in The Illustrated Police News. In April and May 1873, it reported there were numerous sightings in Sheffield of the "Park Ghost", which locals also came to identify as Spring-heeled Jack.[18]


📷North Camp in Aldershot as it looked in 1866.
This news was followed by more reported sightings, until in August 1877 one of the most notable reports about Spring-heeled Jack came from a group of soldiers in Aldershot Garrison. This story went as follows: a sentry on duty at the North Camp peered into the darkness, his attention attracted by a peculiar figure "advancing towards him." The soldier issued a challenge, which went unheeded, and the figure came up beside him and delivered several slaps to his face. A guard shot at him, with no visible effect; some sources claim that the soldier may have fired blanks) at him, others that he missed or fired warning shots. The strange figure then disappeared into the surrounding darkness "with astonishing bounds."[19][20][21]
Lord Ernest Hamilton's 1922 memoir Forty Years On mentions the Aldershot appearances of Spring-heeled Jack; however, he (apparently erroneously) says that they occurred in the winter of 1879 after his regiment, the 60th Rifles, had moved to Aldershot, and that similar appearances had occurred when the regiment was barracked at Colchester in the winter of 1878. He adds that the panic became so great at Aldershot that sentries were issued ammunition and ordered to shoot "the night terror" on sight, following which the appearances ceased. Hamilton thought that the appearances were actually pranks, carried out by one of his fellow officers, a Lieutenant Alfrey.[22][23] However, there is no record of Alfrey ever being court-martialled for the offence.[24]


In the autumn of 1877, Spring-heeled Jack was reportedly seen at Newport Arch, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, wearing a sheep skin. An angry mob supposedly chased him and cornered him, and just as in Aldershot a while before, residents fired at him to no effect. As usual, he was said to have made use of his leaping abilities to lose the crowd and disappear once again.[25]


By the end of the 19th century the reported sightings of Spring-heeled Jack were moving towards the north west of England. Around 1888, in Everton, north Liverpool, he allegedly appeared on the rooftop of Saint Francis Xavier's Church in Salisbury Street. In 1904 there were reports of appearances in nearby William Henry Street.[26]

Aftermath and impact upon Victorian popular culture

The vast urban legend built around Spring-heeled Jack influenced many aspects of Victorian life, especially in contemporary popular culture. For decades, especially in London, his name was equated with the bogeyman, as a means of scaring children into behaving by telling them if they were not good, Spring-heeled Jack would leap up and peer in at them through their bedroom windows, by night.
However, it was in fictional entertainment where the legend of Spring-heeled Jack exerted the most extensive influence, owing to his allegedly extraordinary nature. Three pamphlet publications, purportedly based on the real events, appeared almost immediately, during January and February, 1838. They were not advertised as fiction, though they likely were at least partly so. The only known copies were reported to have perished when the British Library was hit during The Blitz, but their catalog still lists the first one.
The character was written into a number of penny dreadful stories during the latter half of the 19th century, initially as a villain and then in increasingly heroic roles. By the early 1900s he was being represented as a costumed, altruistic avenger of wrongs and protector of the innocent, effectively becoming a precursor to pulp fiction and then comic book superheroes.


No one was ever caught and identified as Spring-heeled Jack; combined with the extraordinary abilities attributed to him and the very long period during which he was reportedly at large, this has led to numerous and varied theories of his nature and identity.[citation needed] While several researchers seek a normal explanation for the events, other authors explore the more fantastic details of the story to propose different kinds of paranormal speculation.[citation needed]

Sceptical positions

Sceptical investigators have dismissed the stories of Spring-heeled Jack as mass hysteria which developed around various stories of a bogeyman or devil which have been around for centuries, or from exaggerated urban myths about a man who clambered over rooftops claiming that the Devil was chasing him.[27]
📷Henry de La Poer Beresford, 3rd Marquess of Waterford (1840)
Other researchers believe that some individual(s) may have been behind its origins, being followed by imitators later on.[28] Spring-heeled Jack was widely considered not to be a supernatural creature, but rather one or more persons with a macabre sense of humour.[4] This idea matches the contents of the letter to the Lord Mayor, which accused a group of young aristocrats as the culprits, after an irresponsible wager.[4] A popular rumour circulating as early as 1840 pointed to an Irish nobleman, the Marquess of Waterford, as the main suspect.[4] Haining) suggested this may have been due to him having previously had bad experiences with women and police officers.[29]
The Marquess was frequently in the news in the late 1830s for drunken brawling, brutal jokes and vandalism, and was said to do anything for a bet; his irregular behaviour and his contempt for women earned him the title "the Mad Marquis", and it is also known that he was in the London area by the time the first incidents took place. In 1880 he was named as the perpetrator by E. Cobham Brewer, who said that the Marquess "used to amuse himself by springing on travellers unawares, to frighten them, and from time to time others have followed his silly example."[30][31] In 1842, the Marquess married and settled in Curraghmore House, County Waterford, and reportedly led an exemplary life until he died in a riding accident in 1859.[citation needed]
Sceptical investigators have asserted that the story of Spring-heeled Jack was exaggerated and altered through mass hysteria, a process in which many sociological issues may have contributed. These include unsupported rumours, superstition, oral tradition, sensationalist publications, and a folklore rich in tales of fairies and strange roguish creatures. Gossip of alleged leaping and fire-spitting powers, his alleged extraordinary features and his reputed skill in evading apprehension captured the mind of the superstitious public—increasingly so with the passing of time, which gave the impression that Spring-heeled Jack had suffered no effects from ageing. As a result, a whole urban legend was built around the character, being reflected by contemporary publications, which in turn fuelled this popular perception.[32]

Paranormal conjectures

📷Spring-heeled Jack illustrated on the cover of the 1904 serial Spring-heeled Jack
A variety of wildly speculative paranormal explanations have been proposed to explain the origin of Spring-heeled Jack, including that he was an extraterrestrial entity with a non-human appearance and features (e.g., retro-reflective red eyes, or phosphorus breath) and a superhuman agility deriving from life on a high-gravity world, with his jumping ability and strange behaviour,[33] and that he was a demon, accidentally or purposefully summoned into this world by practitioners of the occult, or who made himself manifest simply to create spiritual turmoil.[34]
Fortean authors, particularly Loren Coleman[35] and Jerome Clark,[36] list "Spring-heeled Jack" in a category named "phantom attackers", with another well-known example being the "Mad Gasser of Mattoon". Typical "phantom attackers" appear to be human, and may be perceived as prosaic criminals, but may display extraordinary abilities (as in Spring-heeled Jack's jumps, which, it is widely noted, would break the ankles of a human who replicated them) and/or cannot be caught by authorities. Victims commonly experience the "attack" in their bedrooms, homes or other seemingly secure enclosures. They may report being pinned or paralysed, or on the other hand describe a "siege" in which they fought off a persistent intruder or intruders. Many reports can readily be explained psychologically, most notably as the "Old Hag" phenomenon, recorded in folklore and recognised by psychologists as a form of hallucination. In the most problematic cases, an "attack" is witnessed by several people and substantiated by some physical evidence, but the attacker cannot be verified to exist.[citation needed]

Counterpart in Prague

A similar figure known as Pérák, the Spring Man of Prague was reported to have been seen in Czechoslovakia around 1939–1945. As writers such as Mike Dash have shown, the elusiveness and supernatural leaping abilities attributed to Pérák bear a close resemblance to those exhibited by Spring-heeled Jack, and distinct parallels can be drawn between the two entities.[28] The stories of Pérák provide a useful example of how the traits of Spring-heeled Jack have a broad cultural resonance in urban folklore. Pérák, like Spring-heeled Jack, went on to become a folklore hero, even starring in several animated superhero cartoons, fighting the SS, the earliest of which is Jiří Trnka's 1946 film Pérák a SS or Springman and the SS.[37]

In contemporary popular culture

The character of Spring-heeled Jack has been revived or referenced in a variety of 20th and 21st century media, including:
Spring-Heeled Jack (1989) – a combination prose and graphic novel by Philip Pullman in which Spring-heeled Jack saves a group of plucky orphans from the malevolent Mack the Knife.[38]
The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack (2010) – an alternate history novel by author Mark Hodder, portraying Spring-Heeled Jack as a time traveler.[39]
The Springheel Saga (2011) – a three-series audio drama produced by the Wireless Theatre Company.[40]

See also

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2023.05.30 03:06 partydroids Just had a woman flip out because I opened settings on her phone

I'd draw a comic but I lost my apple pencil so use your imagination.
A woman came in for an Apple appointment today. Her iphone was cracked, business as usual.
Me: "Great, may I see your phone for a moment?"
She obliges and hands me her phone. No drama.
I open up settings to find the serial number. Then the setting to disable "find my".
"Alright ma'am, you'll need to disable this and enter your Apple ID password"
She takes the phone and is immediately bewildered by the very concept of a password. Business as usual. I explain what an Apple ID is and why she needs to enter her password, and why we need to disable Find My iPhone in order to submit the repair. I suggest she tap "forgot password" so she can set up a new password.
She obliges, I turn away for a minute to get her checked in, and suddenly she's losing her mind. "It took me somewhere else!"
"That's the screen to set up a new password, ma'am. You'll just need to type it in twice and—"
"I don't want a new password!"
"I—Well, if you don't remember your old password, you'll need to set up a new one so we can—"
"I'm calling my grandkids"
Five minutes of listening to incomprehensible one-sided rambling later she hangs up on her grandkid (??), shoves her phone at me and demands WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY PHONE
She's on the same screen.
I explain as much.
We're just in the settings ma'am, I needed to check your serial number, then disable "find my iphone" like we spoke about.
She flips her shit on me. How dare I be grabbing people's phones like that and doing whatever I want to be doin' on there cus that is her personal business! Very unprofessional! You cannot be doing whatever you want on people's phones and lookin' at their numbers! Askin' me to change my numbers and I don't want to change my numbers cus I have everything set up the way I like it and you can't be messin' with people's stuff like that! I cannot believe this!
"Yes ma'am I'm sorry. When I asked for your phone I needed to confirm your serial number—"
She continues ranting for like 10 minutes as my eyes glaze over like Yes ma'am. Sorry ma'am. Yeah of course. So sorry ma'am. Yes I'll get my manager.
[repeat the same routine with my manager].
Somewhere in the midst of this I also had to explain to her that she'd need to leave her phone overnight or come back in for an appointment tomorrow because we were about to close. She was mad as hell about that too obviously. Anyway, as I'm making her a new appointment I do try one more time to explain to her that she will need to disable "find my iphone" before we can do that repair and she says, verbatim:
As I hand her the new appointment paperwork she tells me and my manager that she's actually a very nice person (her words) and she doesn't want to get me in trouble, and as a matter of fact "I hope you're one that helps me tomorrow cus you're gonna do it better next time"
She then makes a face that I can't do justice because it's a shape I didn't know the human mouth could make until about an hour ago.
And storms off.
Unfortunately I won't be around to assist this lovely woman tomorrow.
On a completely unrelated note, clients can't see pre-call notes you add to their appointment, right?
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2023.05.30 00:30 krishansonlovesyou Any history on the Kodak Retina Type 117?

Any history on the Kodak Retina Type 117?
So, I was trying to do some digging around this camera that was past onto me from my grandpa. He was a great photographer and even had a dark room.
I know the basics about this camera. It's from 1934, was the first camera that let you change the film in daylight, there was 60,000 produced (although the serial number charts add up to 48,169), it was $57.50, which is about $1,260 today, and they were made in Germany.
I'm trying to figure out how he actually got it. He fought in WWII in the invasion of Normandy and he was part of the group who made it into Germany.
Does anyone know how common these models were in the U.S. back then or if there's any indicators on them if they were sold in the U.S. or Germany?
I feel pretty good about assuming he looted this from, well… maybe a… you know.
If anyone knows any other weird details or facts about this camera, I'd love to know!
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2023.05.29 23:23 Joadzilla Uganda enacts harsh anti-LGBTQ law including death penalty

KAMPALA, May 29 (Reuters) - Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni signed one of the world's toughest anti-LGBTQ laws, including the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality", drawing Western condemnation and risking sanctions from aid donors.
Same-sex relations were already illegal in Uganda, as in more than 30 African countries, but the new law goes further.
It stipulates capital punishment for "serial offenders" against the law and transmission of a terminal illness like HIV/AIDS through gay sex. It also decrees a 20-year sentence for "promoting" homosexuality.
"The Ugandan president has today legalised state-sponsored homophobia and transphobia," said Clare Byarugaba, a Ugandan rights activist.
United States President Joe Biden called the move "a tragic violation" of human rights and said Washington would evaluate the implications of the law "on all aspects of U.S. engagement with Uganda."
"We are considering additional steps, including the application of sanctions and restriction of entry into the United States against anyone involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption," he said.
A presidency photo of Museveni showed him signing the law with a golden pen at his desk. The 78-year-old has called homosexuality a "deviation from normal" and urged lawmakers to resist "imperialist" pressure.
A local organisation, Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum, and 10 other individuals later filed a complaint against the law at the constitutional court, one of the petitioners, Busingye Kabumba, told Reuters.
Museveni had sent the original bill passed in March back, asking parliament to tone down some provisions. But his ultimate approval was not seen as in doubt in a conservative country where anti-LGBTQ attitudes have hardened in recent years, in part due to campaigning by Western evangelical church groups.
Uganda receives billions of dollars in foreign aid each year and could now face adverse measures from donors and investors, as happened with a similar bill nine years ago.
The bill's sponsor, Asuman Basalirwa, told reporters that parliament speaker Anita Among's U.S. visa was cancelled after the law was signed. Among and the U.S. embassy in Uganda did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
In a joint statement, the U.S.'s flagship HIV/AIDS program PEPFAR, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) said the law put Uganda’s anti-HIV fight "in grave jeopardy".
Dominic Arnall, chief executive of Open For Business, a coalition of companies that includes Google (GOOGL.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O), said the group was deeply disappointed and the law ran counter to Ugandans' economic interests.
The U.N. human rights body declared itself "appalled".
Uganda's move could encourage lawmakers in neighboring Kenya and Tanzania seeking similar measures.
"What a leader we've in Africa!" tweeted George Kaluma, a Kenyan member of parliament who submitted an anti-LGBTQ bill in April.
"Kenya is following you in this endeavor to save humanity."
The inclusion of the death penalty for offenses like transmitting HIV has drawn particular outrage internationally.
Existing Ugandan law calls for a maximum 10-year sentence for intentionally transmitting HIV and does not apply when the person who contracted the infection was aware of their sexual partner's HIV status.
By contrast, the new law makes no distinction between intentional and unintentional transmission and contains no exception based on awareness of HIV status.
The amended version of the bill, adopted earlier this month after Museveni returned it to parliament, stipulated that merely identifying as LGBTQ is not a crime and revised a measure that obliged people to report homosexual activity to only require reporting when a child is involved.
LGBTQ Ugandans called those changes useless, saying law enforcement regularly exceeds its legal authorities to harass them. They said passage of the bill in March unleashed a wave of arrests, evictions and mob attacks.
The issue has been a long-running one in Uganda.
A less restrictive 2014 anti-LGBTQ law was struck down by a Ugandan court on procedural grounds, after Western governments had initially suspended some aid, imposed visa restrictions and curtailed security cooperation.
In 2009, a bill dubbed "kill the gays" for initially proposing executing homosexuals was introduced after a conference in Kampala drew representatives from the United States including prominent anti-gay evangelical Scott Lively.
As well as religious campaigning, Africa's anti-LGBTQ attitudes also have their roots in the colonial era, including an anti-sodomy section of Britain's penal code. By the time the UK legalized same-sex acts in 1967, many former colonies were independent and did not inherit the legal change.
"To reduce any kind of human being, irrespective of their sexuality, to a death sentence based on who they identify as and how they choose to live their lives is something that we should all feel very ashamed about as a continent," said South African filmmaker Lerato.
"We can liken this to apartheid if not worse."
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