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2023.03.22 13:24 KrateAndVape What's the plan?

When I quit, it was important for me to have a plan... a quitting strategy, if you will. I took this approach because I knew if I went "by the seat of my pants" there'd be a lot of room for error and I'd most likely fail. I didn't want to use kratom any more and was determined to quit for good. Nearly 3 years later and I still feel the same way about it.
I wrote out a list of reasons that I wanted to quit. Part of that list was side-effects I was getting as a result of my kratom use. Nowadays I suggest people make a second list... a list of things (hobbies, sports / physical activities, family events, career endeavors, etc.) that they used to do prior to kratom, but no longer do. Added to that list could be new life experiences you'd like to try. More things can be added to this list as the fog clears and new fresh ideas and goals come to you.
Next on my plan was to decide if I wanted to taper or go CT. Then chose a quit date. (When tapering, this could be a bit flexible if I wanted to jump from the taper sooner than anticipated depending on how I felt. But this was not a date to keep pushing back and trying to avoid the inevitable. Although things happen and sometimes we have to reassess in the other direction too.) I chose to taper. I ended up tapering for only 7 weeks. I went from 20-30gpd and jumped from 3gpd. ( I ended up jumping sooner than I expected because of a couple "signs from above", so to speak, which I've described in earlier posts.) I journaled every day during my taper and in my early stages of quitting. I can't remember specifically, but I probably journaled for about my first 3 months clean. I journaled about what my planned tapered doses for that day were and what my actual doses were. I wrote about how I felt physically and mentally. I wrote about anything that came to mind about quitting and where I was at during my quit.
The smart way for most people probably is to prepare themselves for acute withdrawals. i.e. Get whatever supplements you want to use, and / or doctor prescribed helper meds, a heating pad, whatever you need if you're prone to RLS, etc. I, unfortunately, did very little of that. I didn't have the benefit of this subreddit until I was already in the middle of acutes. So, I really didn't know that supplements could help. And I made a choice to not use any meds. That's just my personal choice. In retrospect, do I wish I took something for sleep early on? Yeah, probably. (Insomnia was horrendous for me.) But I somehow powered through without. That "feat" doesn't make me special or heroic or anything like that. It made me sleep deprived though :)
I didn't have a plan for PAWS at first, because again, I didn't know about it until I found this subreddit. As I went along I picked up different "tips" and "tricks" that work for me... a plan for long term "sobriety", I suppose... How I stay quit on a daily basis.
What is (or was) your PLAN FOR QUITTING? For those who've already quit with some time passed, did you stick to your original plan or did you have to make tweaks and changes as you went along? For those who are new (or just coming back from a relapse, do you have a plan you are confident in or do you think you need some help with it? Is there anyone who's quit without a real plan but maybe you developed one later down the road? What were your experiences with having a solid "plan of attack" vs. just kinda' doing it on the fly? Was a plan important for you, or does a "take it as it comes and adjust from there" approach work better for you?
For me, I've found that it helps to write things out (or type them out, in the technologically modern times we live in now). If you've been wanting to quit but you don't have a plan, maybe now is the time to make one. Please share your thoughts and experiences about it. Hopefully this will benefit someone.
You CAN quit kratom. You are stronger than you think. 💪 Quit and stay quit. 👍
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2023.03.22 13:23 greentrees999 Anyone else think this is really fucking strange for someone to post? Typical Cosi antics I guess…

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2023.03.22 13:23 Jakeadada Potential interview for a school project

Hello sportspsychology! In one of my classes, we’ve been assigned to host an interview in a field we are interested in going into. However, as you’d imagine it can be difficult to find a sports psychologist near me. If anyone here is qualified, please send me a PM if you’re interested, and potentially setting up a 5-10 minute zoom interview.
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 13:23 Vipin_writescopy Anyone wanna Collab?

If you're a webtoon artist and don't currently have a story in your mind but wanna start a webtoon nonetheless, Here's the first chapter of my short story: (if you wanna Collab or illustrate it, I would love to chat)
A hundred eyes stared at him. Kurin kept his pace. He scurried on the rutted alley toward his hut. His legs and arms ached after fishing, yes, but the admonitory peeping didn't let him slow down. He could feel the eyes of his neighbors, scrutinizing him like prey. Their stares had been getting more upfront and perturbing as the days passed. He bowed his head, reaching nearer to his hut. His arm ached as it clasped the fish from its tale, so he placed it on his shoulder. He could only catch one fish today, yet it was bigger than any he had ever caught. He hauled the door and trod inside. It was smaller than others huts in his quarter of the village, but it was enough for two. It had a hollow in the wall for daylight, a pitcher, and his tools. He placed the fishing rod with a soft hand, as he looked down. His little sister, Hirin, snored as she slept spreadeagled on the layer of straw. He knelt beside her. Straw crunched beneath his knees, as he held the fish overhead her face. He whistled softly. She opened her eyes listlessly, then yelped as her realization came. She jerked her body to the mud wall, and moments later giggled. Kurin smiled. “It's bigger than me!” Her eyes widened with amusement. “Because it ate more than you,” “Will I be bigger than you if I eat more?” She grinned. “You didn’t know that?” “Then I could go fishing with you” He stood up smiling, “Have you gathered sticks for fire?” “Yes!” “Wet?” “Yes!” He gave her a silly look. “Dry,” She grinned. He smiled, “Come, let's teach you to cook, today,” “Really?” She jumped to her feet and scurried behind him.
“Turn it around,” Kurin directed his little sister as she clenched the stick of fish over the fire. He had to pare the fish in two pieces as it was too heavy for Hirin to hold. He rolled his fish too; it was nearly cooked. The smell of cooked fish mingled with smoke. He liked that smell. He squinted as the smoke itched in his eyes. “Here, give me that,” He switched his half with his sister. He could tell it by the smell that Hirin had burnt it, “You did well,”
 “Kurin?” She said after some time. “Hm?” “Why Don't We eat with the others anymore?” He didn't want to hide it from her anymore, “Have you noticed something strange about them?” “I don't understand,” He didn't want to scare her either. He sighed, “They have been looking at me differently. like I've committed some sin.” “But they took us into their village. They gave us a home. They're good people, Kurin,” Her face grew apprehensive, “They are, right?” “I don't know, Hirin,” Kurin sighed, “Something just isn't right with this village.” Now she looked scared, “I miss father, Kurin. And mother, too” “I miss them too,” “Do you believe she is alive,” “Yes, she is. I know it,” His father had once told him that, “The raiders take women. They don't kill them.” She nodded. The fire had died, and only ember remained. Its warmth dwindling. Hirin shivered. “Go and sleep,” He said, “I'm coming.” She nodded again, and left. Kurin looked up. The night was cold, and moonless, with the stars less than the number of hair on a bald man’s head. It was an alike night when they came. Kurin and his sister had been sleeping in their hut when the tumult had woken him up. He had looked over at his parents’ empty bed, “Father is still in carouse?” yet something was uncanny. His mother was absent too, and she had loathed carouse. Kurin had jerked his head to specifically nowhere when the turmoil suddenly grew louder. There were shouts, and squalls, and . . . screams? His heart started racing. He moved to his feet and strode toward the door. He suddenly halted. He inhaled a deep breath. There was smoke in the air. He rushed to the door. A raid? He thought. The door ripped open before he could reach it, and his mother fell to the floor. She was gasping in agony. Her robe was torn. Her right thigh was dripping blood from where a spearhead was stuck. She was clutching onto a roll of cloth. “Mother?” He dropped beside her, “What happened to you? Where is father?” She cried in pain as she dropped the cloth. “What is it, mother?” He took it and unfurled it. It was a hand. His father’s hand. Flesh dangled to the tapering bone that jutted out from its wrist. Kurin cringed away. A stream of tears ran down his cheeks. “Listen, Kurin. KURIN!” She groaned. “Yes, I'm listening,” “Where . . . is . . . Hirin?” She gasped. “She’s sleeping right there,” He pointed his finger toward a corner of the hut. And then glanced back. Hirin was hunching with her knees to her chest. Horror-struck. His mother lifted her trembling arm for her, “Come here,” Hirin did not move for a moment, then stood up and shuffled towards her. She had a feeble look as if she didn't know her mother anymore. Tysha gave a wan smile as she raised her quivering arm and brushed her daughter’s hair from her forehead, “go—” She winched, “. . .with your brother,” “Are you okay?” Hirin asked, suddenly sobbing. Her mother did not reply. She looked at Kurin, “North. Cross . . . Narrow River. Now!” The screams were getting louder, and he could distinguish raiders’ curses. They were near. Kurin nodded, and slid his arms beneath his mother’s neck and knees. She cried in pain, “What are you doing?” “I'm not going without you,” “Listen—” she winced, “I saw . . . Those savages . . . one of them . . . hacked Dina’s head with a sword.” She gasped, “she was younger than . . . than Hirin. You have to go. Without me!” Kurin froze, then grabbed his sister's hand as she wept. He stepped outside the hut. The Village was a field of fire. A few dead bodies lay on the streets. Savages, on horses, knocking down the doors of huts. Kurin tightened his grip around his sister’s hand, and gave her mother a final glance. “Protect her, Rin,” she murmured. 
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2023.03.22 13:22 Eaglenger Update Udemy Paid Courses for Free with Certificate For Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Courses for 22 March 2023
Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.03.22 13:22 PlantEmbarrassed5648 Value of DB Pension Calculation (Tax year contribution amount & Overall Pot Amount)

Hi FIREUK! Please, can someone help me calculate the following:
  1. This tax year's contribution from the overall £40,000 AA?
  2. The current value of my pension pot? - I have read multiply the PA value by x16, but I've read its x20 for DB scheme, so not too sure??
I have a DB pension (military pension, so non-contributory), and I've received my pension statement for this tax year.
Reasons for the above query:
  1. I have a SIPP and want to contribute but don't want to breach the AA (which is unlikely for me, but I have a couple of K sitting about).
  2. I want to understand how my pension pot compares to a DC/my peers' pension pots.
I thought I'd try here first to save myself £43 to join the armed forces pension society.
I have an emergency fund sorted, so any extra cash I want to have a comfortable retirement at ~60 (depending on when you can access your DC pension).
I understand this is people's opinion, and I should seek professional advice. :)
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2023.03.22 13:21 Niekoboko This beauty is for sale near me. Wish I had 20k laying around...

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2023.03.22 13:21 lookfine99 Stadium Arcadium Tour 07'

Stadium Arcadium 07' tour

Personally, I really like that period, just like the By the way tour 2003. For me, those were the band's most inspired moments live.

According to RHCP live archive the band made 106 performances, 15 of them appearing on TV or events. Leading to believe that at least 91 shows were performed that year, which is twice as many shows as the band used to do in the first 6 months of the tour.

Anthony said: "It felt like the Stadium Arcadium tour was a year and a half old, the first six months were fun with lots of material to choose from". (An Oral/Visual History)

The band burned through all the gas in 6 months and crawled to the end of the tour.

"Australia was difficult and Anthony had hurt his foot. He couldn't do things his way and it upset him. Flea was getting sick. The excitement went out the window. It became a 'job'. John wasn't enjoying it too much, he played well but we added [guitarist] Josh [Klinghoffer] to play with us." - Chad Smith

I think that at that moment Flea must have thought about that 2-year break and then things started to get unpleasant for John, who as far as I could tell remained at the peak of his game. Obviously, he isolated himself and played more "egocentrically" than collectively, as he soloed the entire show with his wah pedal. It was like the band played so he could do guitar solos at any time.

I have a new perspective on things now. I think it was a sequence of events that led to the near death of the band. The excess of shows saturated everyone and when John was unhappy, the band didn't have the strength to fight it, it was a heavy overload of tension on top of a sick band on tour.

What do you remember from 2007?
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2023.03.22 13:21 Significant-Notice- In Praise of the Danish Mortgage System

When interest rates go up, the price of bonds goes down. As Tyler and I discuss in Modern Principles, the inverse relationship between interest rates and prices holds for any asset that pays out over time. In particular, as Patrick McKenzie points out, when interest rates go up, the value of a loan goes down. McKenzie suggests that you can use this fact to buy back your mortgage from a bank when interest rates rise.
For example, suppose you get a 500k 30-year fixed rate mortgage when interest rates are 3%–that loan obligates you to pay $2108 per month for 30 years. Now suppose that interest rates go to 6%, now that same stream of payments is only worth, in present value, about $358k. Thus, the bank should be willing to let you buy your mortgage for $358k–that is, after all, what the market would pay for such a stream of payments if your mortgage was securitized.
I am skeptical that I could find the right person at the right bank to actually authorize a deal like this but it turns out that the Danish mortgage system is built to allow this relatively easily. The Danish mortgage system is built on the match principle:
JYSKE Bank: The match-funding principle entails that for every loan made by the mortgage bank, a new bond is issued with matching cash-flow properties. This eliminates mismatches in cash-flows and refinancing risk for the mortgage bank, which also secures payments for the bondholder. In the Danish mortgage system the mortgage bank functions as an intermediary between the investor and borrower. Mortgage banks fund loans on a current basis, meaning that the bond must be sold before the loan can be given. This also entails that the market price of the bond determines the loan rate. The loan is therefore equal to the investment, which passes through the mortgage bank.
In essence, in the Danish system, mortgage banks are more like a futures clearinghouse or a platform (ala Airbnb) than a lender–they take on some credit risk but not interest rate risk.
Thus, if a Danish borrower takes out a 500k mortgage at 3% interest and then rates rise to 6%, the value of that mortgage falls to $358k and the borrower could go to the market, buy their own mortgage, deliver it to the bank, and, in this way, extinguish the loan. Since the value of homes also falls as interest rates rise this is also a neat bit of insurance. Remarkable!
The Danish mortgage market appears to be very successful and so may be a model for American reform:
JYSKE Bank: The Danish Mortgage Bond Market is one of the oldest and most stable in the world, tracing its roots all the way back to 1797 with no records of defaults since inception. Furthermore, the market value of the Danish Mortgage Bond Market is approx. EUR 402bn, making it the largest mortgage bond market in Europe.
The post In Praise of the Danish Mortgage System appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


]( - Sounds wonderful. I know many people trapped in their current Asdf - I notice that AT is posting more frequently. Is he getting help Rich Berger

Related Stories

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2023.03.22 13:21 aldree1 I need support

So I have a teenage ahole 10 month old boxer mix ( mix includes lab, pit, hound). While he's smart enough to know commands, his obedience is severely lacking. I've done puppy training, private training, daily training I've worked through, K9IT courses, and there are 2 main issues that stem through.
1)arousal/frustration biting. It's been getting worse, while the past several months from 6 to 10 have been bad but past few weeks it's like he's a frickin 3 month old teething. At least 3 times a day he's jumping and biting cuz he didn't get his way (like this morning when he was coming in the house and the cats were nearby, he attempted to "greet" or chase, either way not great so I said leave it and he goes full ahold jumping and biting at me). Or he's trying to initiate play. We have done reversed time outs because time out in crate was impossible and started making him fearful of the crate (at least during the day, he does fine at night). I dk what to do anymore, he's never done well with redirection. We've tried so much of that, but while reverse time out stops the behavior in the moment it has not taught him to do something else to try to engage us :( I dk. what else to do anymore. I feel at the end of my rope. And abused daily by an 80 lb dig.
2) desensitization to our cats. Again here he seems to be getting worse. We do look at that, general engage disengage training, exposure training, working on calm around the cats but none of it makes him less crazy. Most of the time he just wants to play but is way to huge and handsy for.that. our goal is to have him ignore them. We do train leave it and is perfect with treats but barely if at all comprehends it with the cats. Then there are times he is frustrated because he doesn't get to say hello or be near them and barks and jumps. He has tried to chase but is either tethered or has his leash on him so we can stop him. But it's not improving, signs of wanting to constantly chase or engage them are there.
If his biting stopped I'd give him more freedom with the cats but since he can't behave around us, he's limited on freedom.
He's not yet neutered due to the vets advice so daycare is out, most dog walkers too (and again with the biting behavior I don't trust him around others).
Personal trainer was like it's just time, same with everything I read and advice to get him to stop is everything I've tried.
I'm really close to rehoming him, I don't want to, and my husband really doesn't want to, but I see no end in sight with his current behavior.
He gets 3 20 to 30 min walks a day, shuffle mats, lick mats, kings, bully bone daily, plenty of chews, toys and our backyard whenever he wants. And several training sessions daily
He does not nap well on his own, but with the crate training regression the past few weeks it's impossible (getting him to go in the crate during the day he throws full blown tantrum).
He's whining constantly, barking at any noise he hears so I know he's on high alert all day.
I just dk what else to do. Support or advice welcome!
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2023.03.22 13:21 Pretend-Adeptness-96 I have been a PreCog all my life

As I have been saying, I am a 55m and I have been a PreCog all my life, this is my attempt to save people besides myself. My safety is never in question.
I revealed to my family and friends in June of 2022 that I was a time traveler via documents, FB messages, etc... After that I started posting in reddit timetravel but I didn't know about removing posts so that was some chaos I had to smooth out.
In my third post I announced:
There is a time traveler who I will call “J” and she is disrupting the normal state of time and space.
J has the ability to communicate to us all. I am not special in that regard. She communicates via dreams/visions and I can tell the difference.
I am sorry if this is disjointed, if it helps think of the movie Memento).
J does not see time like I do, so she may not present things in order from our perspective... we good, things make sense at the end.
J is constantly trying to make this easier to understand for everyone to understand and she is constantly fine tuning things to get enough to understand. Her plan is for our descendants get to the stars. She keeps jumping back to her train station, making changes to try to get you to understand.
As near as I can tell she needs the help of our descendants, but I do not know how true that is, as I do not trust her.
This was how I started it my very first try....
If you do not have a physics background that is fine. I will not get into a physics lesson. But, I do have one ask.
If you do know someone with a physics background, ask them if what I am describing is possible if the MWI theory was true. What it would mean if there actually was an infinite number of timelines and you had the ability to move between them.
How many are thinking LOL?
This was the issue with a previous timeline… we had trouble with this part.
Nobody got it in time, so things went dark.
That is ok my timeline fam, hopefully infinite universes get widely understood this go around as J uses the infinite part to try to make it easier to understand…
Now I don’t have to spend much time on MWI.
Adapt, learn and repeat.
I will use movies as examples as much as possible to make it as easy to understand for as many as possible.
Infinity of universes examples are in the the awesome movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There is also the awesome movie Everything, Everywhere All at Once, and how they represented the infinite of universes.
The only thing I want you to focus on is universes and the infinity of the choices.
That part is so true(infinity). J claims that there are no sausage universes, we are never rocks, we are never paint, or any of the other things. It is an infinity of different versions of us all slightly different. She literally has infinite number of possibilities, but the light makes it easier. I have not looked at them all, it takes me forever to peer into one.
I have been calling the timelines but others want to call them universes, multiverse, etc...
We are talking about the same thing. The universe is affected by the flow of time, and I can be outside the boundaries of this universe projected into the Yeoh Dimension which lets me 'turn around' and look at the infinite of universes, they all move evenly, steadily following the march of time... so I call them timelines.
A timeline is a single universe from the HumanVerse.
The HumanVerse is a subset of the infinity of universes, to be part of the HumanVerse the timeline must contain human life.
I am a human and give 0F about timelines that do not have us.
If you see me use the word timelines, if you want to think universe, multiverse, whateverse... we good. It is the infinity part I need you to be thinking about, the infinity of options J has.
Now I want you to think what it would mean if there actually was an infinite number of timelines AND you had the ability to move between them.
I figured out how to jump between timelines, jumping from a flesh suit body on one timeline and jumping to my body on another timeline.
I have had the ability since I was 9 when I fell face first into a bonfire and quickly left that timeline/universe.
The last timeline it was at this point in time when I started to get into the cat theory, I found out he was a pedo (I do not know what I do not know).
So I jumped back and created my Mötley Cat Theory to avoid carrying that name into the future.
The Mötley Cat Theory
This theory is like a certain quantum cat theory put forth by a known pedophile, with some important differences. The cat is not in the box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing it. The cat is in a box with a device that can affect the cat in an infinite number of ways, setting an infinite number of states that the cat can be in.
Obeying quantum theory, the cat is every state until the box is opened and the state of the cat is known. The state of the cat when it is put in the box is not in question, it is set, constant and establishes the direction of the flow of time… from the known state of the cat to the unknown infinite states of the cat.
The box that the Mötley Cat is put in is what I was taught to call a “Black Box”. In science and engineering, the term black box refers to any complex device for which we know the inputs and outputs, but we do not know the how of the black box, as the inner workings of the black box is unknown.
The output of the black box are the timelines that come out, and I illuminate the ones we want. J bundles them and I am on the timeline heading towards the light.
I hope enough people can understand the Mötley Cat theory and hope my blatant theft of this theory from the pedo doesn't ruffle too many feathers. Mi scusi!
The first crossroads is the upcoming debt ceiling and the Quantum Outcomes that result from setting that cat's state. I am just looking at the lit timelines and seeing the easiest path.
I humbly propose we just raise the debt ceiling now to avoid any issues.
The second crossroads is the upcoming election fight between Biden and Trump in 2024.
I am trying to avoid chaos, and to try to keep everyone calm. I think my proposal will do that.
Welp, time to see what spawns from this as we all travel forward in time.
I would suggest before making big decisions you should sleep on it and see what J sends you.
I am hoping to use Reddit to communicate.
If you find me as you go down the rabbit hole and think I want to meet anyone, you are wrong.
I am asking to be left alone, just like I said months ago. I am a 55m with heart troubles.
It is a paradox, I want to be left alone, yet I had to talk.
Grrrr. Damn you irony! Please respect my wishes.
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2023.03.22 13:20 AskingQuestionsUF Protein electrophoresis and Lambda/Kappa Chain Results

Hello guys,
Context: 23 year old M with most likely beta thallessemia based on other results who also presented with elevated wbc of 13.9 and lymphocytes of 5100. Doctor did some thalassemia and protein electrophoresis tests to confirm thalassemia.

Thalassemia results came back consistent with beta thalassemia however my doctor does not know how to interpret the SPEP results and will send me the hematology. Wanted some input before my hematology appointment

Protein: 8.2 H (reference 6.1-8.1)
Beta 2 Globulin: 0.7 H (ref 0.2 - 0.5)
Kappa: 444 H (ref 176-443)
Lambda: 269 H (ref 91-240)
Kappa/Lambda ratio: 1.65 ( ref 1.29-2.55)
CBC: besides the ones listed above and other values typically associated with beta thalassemia is WNL
Symptoms/Problems: none

Any inputs would be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.22 13:20 MelasD Amelia: The Level Zero Hero Chapter 82 (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)


Ten years ago, Amelia woke up alone and lost in a broken world where she had to fight for her survival.
Now, after reaching the pinnacle of power, defeating the Void itself, and escaping the abyss, she has finally found her way back into the real world. But instead of finding herself on Earth, she is in the land of Vacuos. A fantasy world with magic, monsters, Classes, and Levels. A world that is governed by a System like it were a video game.
And when rewarded with a Class befitting her accomplishments— to become a powerful [Hero] that will forever dedicate her life to protecting this world that is not her own— she only has one response.
“Absolutely not. I’m going to live a normal life now, thank you very much.”
After all, who needs a Class when you're already the strongest anyways?
Read Chapter 1 Here
“Is this it?” Noele asked as she eyed the small cave.
The trail ended here. There was no mistaking it— the large hoofprints continued further into the darkness, so this had to be it. The Noble Spellsword glanced back and nodded at her companion.
“Get ready, Garron,” she warned him.
The burly man nodded, readying his large shield. He strode forward as drew her blade. The two adventurers approached the cave entrance, but a voice called out to them from the trees. They glanced back towards a nearby thicket. A purple man stood there, two arms crossed as he spoke loudly for them to hear.
“Do not damage its legs!” Xakor gestured at his thighs with his free hands. “The kretus boar’s meat is mostly inedible apart from its legs! You want to target its neck or underbelly!”
Noele blinked back at the [Chef]. “Xakor! What are you doing here? It’s dangerous— get back!”
“Xrr, I’ll be fine,” he said simply. He tapped a finger on the rings around his fingers. “I have my own artifacts to protect me. I would even be able to survive an encounter with an A-rank threat for up to five minutes, so there is no reason to worry for my safety.”
“But it’s still dangerous…” she trailed off.
“It’ll be fine.” Garron spoke up, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Xakor is the one who led us here. He survived an encounter with this kretus boar once before. I am sure he can handle himself.”
“Right.” Even knowing that, Noele still pursed her lips.
Certainly, it was true that Xakor was the one who sent them on this mission. He had stumbled into the kretus boar on the way to Wolfwater, and it had attacked him. Apparently, the [Chef] had actually hurt the monster with his artifacts before he escaped, but he knew it was going to pose a threat to the nearby villages considering its vindictive nature.
So he had hired both Noele and Garron to hunt down the kretus boar before it could fully recover. After all, it was a B-ranked threat, and its home was likely destroyed a few weeks back during the wildfire spurred by the Miststorm Riders.
Of course, Xakor had ulterior motives too. He wanted to stock up on meat for his brand new restaurant run by Amelia. Noele was still processing that fact— she couldn’t believe that the Patron of the Culinary Sciences was opening a restaurant here in Wolfwater of all places. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that he would ever visit her backwater village, let alone do that.
Noele had entertained the idea that maybe Xakor would open up one of his many restaurant chains in Whiteridge, considering that it was actually a city. But Wolfwater was a farming village. It only had a single inn for passing [Merchants] or [Traders] to stay. It made no sense for a restaurant to ever be opened up in some place like this.
However, it was actually happening. This was reality. And yet, this wasn’t even the most surprising part. Because he wans’t just opening a restaurant in Wolfwater, he was partnering with Amelia— a literal non-[Chef]— out of all people.
Sure, the blonde girl thought that her mentor’s cooking was pretty good— each time she had tried those so-called ‘Earth foods’, she had been impressed— but she didn’t think that it was anywhere comparable to Xakor’s cooking. Apparently, the Patron of the Culinary Sciences disagreed because he was letting Amelia handle most of the cooking for the restaurant.
Noele knew better than to question the cooking knowledge of a [Chef] who was above Level 50. But she still found it quite perplexing, even knowing that they were both otherworlders, so there was evidently some bias involved. The blonde girl wondered if this restaurant would actually take off, considering Amelia’s past track record with the food stand. Maybe having Xakor’s name attached would actually bring in customers.
However, nothing was certain. And while Noele hoped for the best, she was expecting the worst.
She shook her head as she strode forward alongside Garron. She had to focus right now. The kretus boar was close. And while it was weak compared to her, it was still a threat to the Steel Tank. It had to have been at least Level 40. Usually, only low-leveled monsters were harvested for food, while high-leveled monster parts were used for alchemy, herbalism, or even smithing.
However, the kretus boar was special because their legs were actually quite soft and tender, so they could be cooked and served as food. They weren’t a delicacy by any means, but considering their size, the meat from even a single leg could feed a family of four for months.
So the two adventurers didn’t want to damage the kretus boar’s legs. And not only that… well, Noele wasn’t going to be joining the fight either.
She came to a halt right at the mouth of the cave as Garron drew closer. He raised his short sword, edging forward with his shield raised, entering the darkness.
“Remember,” she called out. “No Skills.”
The Steel Tank glanced back at her, his lips twisted into a frown. And while he always wore a slight frown on his face even when he was in a jovial mood, she knew he was actually upset this time around. A little bit nervous too— very nervous, probably.
And he had every right to feel that way. After all, he wasn’t allowed to use his Skills. Noele wouldn’t let him. If he drew power from the World System, that would defeat the purpose of all this. He was the one who asked her to grow stronger like she did, and this was exactly what she had to do under Amelia’s tutelage.
Under normal circumstances, Garron could probably dispose of a kretus boar without risking his life. But since he couldn’t use his Skills, there was a very real chance that he could die to the monster. He drew forward warily as Noele just watched.
She said she wouldn’t intervene unless it really looked like he couldn’t handle this on his own. So she looked on as a figure emerged from the shadows. A looming creature, standing over twenty feet tall. It was the kretus boar, and it was already mad.
It beat its front hooves on the ground before charging. Garron yelped, bracing himself for the monster’s attack. It crashed into him as he raised his shield, sending him flying into the air. The Steel Tank landed with a groan as the kretus boar continued barreling towards him with a terrible roar.
Could boars even roar? Noele was pretty sure regular boars didn’t make that kind of a sound. But the kretus boar did. The Steel Tank scrambled to his feet as the monster’s footfalls caused the ground to quake. It rammed into him once more, but this time, he held his ground.
Garron grunted as he was pushed against the rock wall of the cavern. He clung onto his shield with both his hands, gritting his teeth as the Noble Spellsword pursed her lips.
“You have to surpass your limits!” she called out. “Do not use your Skills— overcome it with your own strength!”
“I… am… trying!” Garron shouted as he stepped to the side.
The monster stumbled forward, crashing into the rock wall, and he swung out with his short sword. He slashed the monster’s underbelly open as it reeled. But right as he circled around the kretus boar, it kicked out with its hind legs, knocking the Steel Tank’s shield out of his hand.
His eyes went wide, and it whirled around to face him. He tried to back away but the kretus boar was faster. All Garron could do was thrust forward with his short sword. The attack dug deep into the monster’s neck, but it wasn’t enough to take it down. Its eyes flashed, and it headbutted him, sending him crashing into the other side of the cavern.
Noele’s eyes flickered. She saw the way Garron struggled to get back to his feet. His chestplate was dented, and blood trickled down his forehead. The kretus boar charged his way once more. And the Noble Spellsword finally intervened.
With a single slash, she sliced the kretus boar in half. Her blade shone with a bright gold light, illuminating the dark cave chamber for a brief moment. The cavern was far larger and went deeper than she thought, but it didn’t matter. Her Elegant Noble Slash got the job done.
The monster collapsed, dead in an instant. Noele drew back and sheathed her sword in a single swift motion. She turned to Garron as he staggered to his feet.
“Are you alright?” she asked, running up to help him.
“I’m… fine.” The Steel Tank rubbed his forehead, wiping away the blood. He had a small cut just above his right eye, but he was otherwise fine. “Fighting without Skills is harder than I thought…” he murmured.
“Tell me about it,” Noele said as she offered him a shoulder. “It took me a while to get the hang of it, and it was only thanks to your help. So don’t let it get you down.”
He shook his head and snorted. “I’m not upset that I lost to a B-ranked monster— I’m more upset that I’ll have to get a new chestplate.”
The blonde girl chuckled. “Well, you still have plenty of time to learn.”
“I knew this wasn’t going to be easy,” Garron continued. “I saw how hard you trained to get to where you are now, Noele. Honestly, I’m more impressed by you now than ever. You are quite amazing.”
She smiled, nudging him as she helped him limp out of the cave. “Thanks— but we can talk about this later. Let’s just treat your injuries and let Xakor know it’s over.”
“Of course.” Garron nodded back at her.
The two adventurers slowly stepped back out into the clearing, and Xakor approached them curiously. The [Chef] had a bag slung around his shoulders— presumably to carry the kretus boar’s meat back to Wolfwater. They told him that it was over, and he quickly got to work.
Noele watched from the side as Garron took a sip from a healing potion while Xakor dismantled the kretus boar of edible parts. When they were finished, the sun was still hanging high in the sky, and it was time to get back.
It would be about sundown by the time they arrived in Wolfwater. It wasn’t a long trip, and they would reach the village a lot sooner if it were just the two adventurers. However, they weren’t really in a rush, so they took their time, leaving the empty cave behind them.
But the cave wasn’t actually empty. What Noele neglected to notice was that further down the tunnel was a second kretus boar. A smaller one— about three-quarters the size of its partner. It had been injured. Burned during the forest fire. But its partner provided for it, hunting for food for the both of them.
And when its partner didn’t return that night, it forced itself up. But all it found was a corpse.
It flew into a rage. Its thunderous roar sent the nearby fauna scattering in terror. It curled up into a ball, grieving over the death of its partner.
And as it lay there overnight, something found it. Something… sinister.
A depravity that had tried to crawl its way into the world, but was cut short before it could fully manifest. The trace remains of a twisted magic that carried the will of the Void. It had roamed around the village after the Cloying Witch was prematurely killed, searching for a new host. And now, it preyed on the lone kretus boar’s anger. It fed on the suffering of the world, overwhelming the World System’s control.
The monster mindlessly accepted this power, and its body began to change.

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2023.03.22 13:19 asapfirth Got my prescription but now what?

I got my prescription for t faxed to a pharmacy near me during my appointment yesterday. I know there’s a shortage and so i’m not sure if i should just wait until they call me or should i call and ask about it?
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2023.03.22 13:18 Jaded-Parfait-7106 Chrome extension SaaS free beginner to advanced tutorial+ source code + income

Before I started chrome extension development, I had looked around various sites to see if browser extension development was viable income stream but all I found were discouraging comments about how people had thousands, tens of thousands of users but no viable income.
Fortunately, I had enough interest in programming and chrome extension development to give it a shot.
I am glad I did.
A chrome extension with a few hundred users has been making around $500 per month on average.
Aside from the initial coding and a few hours fixing bugs and responding to customer issues, the app runs automatically without much of a back-end to speak of.
I decided to write a post explaining how to create the chrome extension, how to upload upload and market it.
You need a chrome developer account. It costs $5 for lifetime access and you’ll be able to upload 20 different extensions. Google allows you to open an unlimited number of such developer accounts. Alternatively, you can upload the extension to the edge extension store which for now is free.
You can read through the tutorial to understand the details or
  1. you can just get the source code,
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Creating the extension
A chrome extension consists of the following major parts:
  1. the manifest.json file
  2. the background JS file (or files)
  3. the content script JS file (or files)
  4. the popup page
  5. the options page
The manifest file is essentially a ledger that shows which scripts are allowed to run
the background script is where most of the extension’s functionalities reside. For the source code provided, you don’t need to add or modify any functionality
the content scripts are activated and executed on web pages. You can choose which content scripts get executed in which web pages using the permissions attribute.
the popup is a small web page that’s rendered when you click the icon on the browser menu. It therefore consists of a HTML file, a CSS file and a JS file
the options page is also web page that’s rendered when you go to the options of the installed extension. It also consists of a HTML file, a CSS file and a JS file
Since this is not a coding tutorial but more for a non technical person to upload a chrome extension, I’ll just mention the things you’ll want to change in the source code I give if you want to try this method out.
If readers are interested, I can follow up this tutorial with an I depth article where I jump into the code and the choices that were made therein.
Things to modify
If you are going to use the source code provided in the links, the things you should modify to customize your extension include:
  1. name in the manifest.json file
  2. description in the manifest.json file
  3. author value in the manifest.json file
  4. version number in the manifest file although this isn’t necessary
  5. icons. Keep the names identical to the original ones or if you choose different names, change the names in the manifest file.
  6. donate link in the popup JS file. Change the PayPal link on line 38 to your own link
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As I mentioned above, you’ll need a google web store developer account. You’ll pay a one time free of $5 and be able to publish around 20 extensions.
You’ll need a description for the extension. The following is the description I used. You can rewrite it so that google doesn’t flag your version as duplicate content.
clone a webpage by downloading all links as files
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Perfect research tool for students, developers, hobbyists, professionals etc.
NB: The extension is supported with contextual ads and donations. Please consider aiding further development and in keeping this extension ad light with kind donations
After paying for this account, the following are the resources you need for the listing:
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You can choose any category you want. I choose blogging but you can choose something like productivity or one you see is a better fit for the extension.
Since extensions have scripts that require permissions to run, you have to give the reasons why you need specific permissions.
This is a security measure to avoid an extension that asks for permissions that may compromise a users browsecomputer.
The following are the permissions that the extension needs and the associated permission. You can reword the reason if you see fit.
activeTab - to be able to run content scripts that extracts web page content on the tab in focus
downloads - to enable to download selected content to the local storage
storage - to be able to save user defined preferences. ie the pages that the user wants to download
host - the extension has to work on all types of web pages
In the section that asks if you are using remote code, just select No because the extension isn’t using any CDNs any other remotely hosted code.
Also, since the extension isn't taking any payments but just asking for donations, you can select free of Charge in the pricing and distribution section
The review process may take a few hours to a few days so just be patient.
getting traffic
I used the 3 major things to get traffic. They include:
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At the time of making this extension I had no money to use for advertising so I decided to take the 3 free traffic sources that I felt I could work on for an extended period of time.
The only SEO I did was in the description. I made sure I used proper words in the description without coming off as spammy.
YouTube Traffic
I used a website called channel crawler (just google it). It has a free tier that gives a list of YouTube channels based on, among other things, niche and YouTube subscriber count.
I figured that I should go for smaller YouTubers since the larger ones tend to already have monetized their channels with all sorts of things (membership sites, affiliate links etc). I decided to go for niche channels with under 50k subs that didn't have much of a monetization strategy.
After getting a list of YouTubers, the email extraction was repetitive and time consuming. I'd go to the channel, go to the about page and reveal the email. After doing this a number of times, YT would ask me to solve a capta. I wanted to write a bot to automate this but I decided to first do it manually to see if the idea would pan out.
Now, I noticed that YT only allows you to get about 10 emails every 24 hours. How I went around this was by creating another channel. A new channel on the same account meant a new profile that I could extract around 10 more emails. YT allows around around 50 (or is it 75) channels for a single account. So that means one can extract >500 emails per day with one email account (very tedious by hand, a python script would have made this much easier)
I extracted around around 1200 emails with this method and put them in an excel sheet.
Next came the cold emailing.
I made sure that the email copy had the following characteristics:
  1. short, about 100 to 200 words
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I should also add that I used gmail to send out the emails. I don't think the emails were going to spam because I wasn't send too many from one account. around 40 per email account.
TikTok traffic
I basically opened an account and started following and cold messaging small TikTok creators until some decided to review the extension.
While I got some leads here, most of the traffic has come from the previous 2 traffic sources
resources used
Here are the resources you need to try this method out for yourself
link to extension:
source code on Gumroad:
landing page I used:
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2023.03.22 13:17 Psythyguy Where to find deer with antlers?

I've only ever seen one deer with antlers but it was when I just started and had no idea they'd be so elusive. I live in the middle of the map, near the spawn rocks (I don't know if every map is different, pardon me if so).
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2023.03.22 13:16 ResidentEivvil How do I find a job I can work with my disability & illnesses after being denied PIP(disability)?

I can’t do retail because of my mental health issues. I did it for years and many times i had bad episodes while on the job. Really not professional and ultimately lead me to attempts at bad things…
I have a physical disability (EDS) where I’m in pain constantly. I have a genetic condition which affects my joints. I’m currently cleaning but over the last year I’ve had over two months worth of sick days because it’s that bad.
So, any suggestions for a job which i can do with my bad anxiety/mood/autism issues, and isn’t too physically demanding so I’m not crippled to the point i have no life (like at the moment), and that i won’t get fired from for taking too many sick days? I only ever call in sick if i physically can’t get into work.
Please don’t think I’m weak or lazy. I have tried for nearly ten years now and I’m only deteriorating. I hate that I’m unwell. I’m a very motivated person so it’s more frustrating that my body doesn’t fit my mind’s energy.
(Wales, UK)
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Courses for 22 March 2023

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2023.03.22 13:15 SuojaKerroin Overly accurate tire statistics for nerds (spreadsheet)

Overly accurate tire statistics for nerds (spreadsheet)
Hello Fellow truckers,
Largest and smallest mudtires in the game
This post was inspired by multiple people, whose names I will 100% butcher later and almost all of the data is compiled by them and I can or want no credit what-so-ever on those. There seems to be somewhat minor discrepancy between practical tests and what has been theorized so far by community and other than devs actually coming into this reddit to say that this is how game calculates how much force is applied to any given tire and how their mud and offroad scores reflect to game world, there seems to be place for mathematical modelling based on the data we have available.
So how this works is that I've gotten out in the wild and measured the "footprint" of the cars I have standing on the yard most of the day, then calculated their contact areas with tire height vs tire width and adjusted their "softness" and "contact patch" (area that actually is in contact with the road surface) numbers until I get same result with measuring and calculations. After that I've extrapolated that into data we have inside the game, being slightly more generous to trucks due to most likely softer rubber. Then I've calculated hysteresis grip vs area that is in contact with the roads, using mud & dirt values as multipliers. This seems to be more or less in-line with practical tests made by Papa_Swish & w00f359 & u/teeth_and_tentacles & J0hn-Stuart-Mill and probably many more that I forget or can't spell correctly.
This dataset was done for multiple trucks verifiably tested before by aforementioned gentlemen (or women), to see if the numbers work even remotely the same as practical testing. As per speculation it seems that wider and heavier the tire = more grip it can have, which matches the real world values, but without actual knowledge on how the grip in the game is calculated I think this is as close to truth as I can do with mathematics alone.
TL/DR: Mathematical evidence on simplified real world formulas seem to back up practical testing done by community previously. So larger the surface area of the tire and heavier the mass it seems to translate quite well into better performance, if offroad and mud multipliers are the same. Although this data also implies that when trying to calculate, which tire is better, just going with mud multiplier, width and mass alone is not enough to get precise values.
I plan on trying to find enough time to eventually have this calculation available for all the trucks in the game for two best sets of tires, so there's an "easy" frame of reference on what tire to use, but currently there's just a few where I had practical testing data available, on courtesy of someone in the community. Also as Always if there's an error or something weird in formulas or if I forgot to mention someone who deserves credit, please give me a yell and I will fix it(eventually).
Finally all data has been divvied up in their own sheets inside the spreadsheet to make it easier to see what scouts or heavies or offroad trucks have most traction. All data can be found in the first sheet, including offroad trucks and my real world cars, which would work rather poorly in Snowrunner :D

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2023.03.22 13:15 smartybrome Update Udemy Paid Courses for Free with Certificate For Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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2023.03.22 13:14 Growingamanda I'm new Here, how do I meet people who actually are into bigger women

Hey, I'm Amanda. I've been lurking this subreddit for a few months patiently waiting to see if anyone has a similar issue to mine, I guess not too many.
So a little about myself (20F) I'm from Alabama, currently on * the west coast, I attend college, I *played Vollyball for nearly 7 years. I'm into anime, gaming, trying new foods, and animation.
I've had trouble meeting new people in person, I've been looking for someone to hang out with & have fun with. I've tried sites like Feabie, and Fantasy Feeder. I've had terrible experiences with them, within the first 3 days on those sites. So I've totally deleted my profiles, and I will gladly say I will never return to those sites. As a bigger woman it's hard to feel that someone is really into you & can overlook your size, and like you for whom you are. Which is the reason I decided to go on sites that were dedicated to loving/liking bigger women. So I felt there was no doubt that I would find someone.
Reddit, to me isn't a proper place to look for a genuine connection. I just don't feel that way about Reddit, but I am willing to take the chance.
I have kinks that I feel would run people off, but being fat makes me happy, and I adore My body.
What can I do to find like minded people who share the same desires as I do? Who wont stand me up, won't lead me on, and won't take me as a joke?
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