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2023.05.31 01:26 dlschindler Mickey Mouse And The Revolutionary War

I remember it as if it were yesterday, that fateful day etched deep within the recesses of my mind. It was a sweltering summer afternoon, and my parents had taken me to a friend's birthday party in the heart of downtown. Little did I know that innocent outing would soon turn into a nightmare beyond my wildest imagination.
As the sun began its descent, my parents and I made our way back home. The city streets were alive with the vibrant energy of a bustling town. Laughter and chatter filled the air, the remnants of the joyful celebration we had just left behind. But as we ventured further into the heart of the city, an ominous air began to cast its shadow upon the once-familiar streets.
Suddenly, chaos erupted around us. The peaceful atmosphere shattered like glass, giving way to a violent riot that seemed to materialize out of thin air. The rioters, donned in their own self-proclaimed title, "The Revolutionary War," took to the streets with a ferocious anger that defied reason.
Fear gripped my heart as my parents, guided by their parental instincts, frantically tried to navigate our car through the chaos. As the chaos and confusion unfolded around me, I watched in sheer horror as my parents made a desperate attempt to escape the escalating violence. First, my mother, filled with panic, hurriedly stepped out of the car, intending to shield me from harm. But in the midst of the chaos, a projectile hurled by a rioter struck her with a sickening thud. She crumpled to the ground, her body limp and unconscious.
My heart shattered as I saw my father's frantic efforts to drag her to safety, his face contorted with anguish. He fought against the tide of rioters, their rage blinding them to his desperate plea for help. My father, the protector who always stood tall, now found himself on the edges of the crowd, his arms empty, unable to reach his injured wife or his terrified child.
And there I sat, alone and trapped in the backseat of our vehicle, the sense of isolation closing in around me. As the rioters grew more frenzied, tearing apart nearby buildings and vehicles, the air thickened with a cocktail of fear and despair. I felt as if the world had crumbled, leaving me in this forsaken bubble of terror.
Every noise, every crash of destruction amplified the weight of my helplessness. The sound of breaking glass and crumbling debris echoed in my ears, a chilling symphony that heralded the crumbling of order. The rioters, lost in their frenzy, paid no heed to the vulnerable child trapped within the confines of the car.
I pressed myself against the backseat, my trembling hands clutching Mickey Mouse with a desperate grip. Tears streamed down my face, mingling with the fear that pulsed through my veins. The rioters, their faces masked in anger and chaos, seemed like harbingers of nightmares, bent on tearing apart everything in their path.
I tried to will myself invisible, to shrink into the upholstery, praying that somehow, I could escape their notice. But it was futile. The world outside my window twisted into a distorted reflection of terror, a macabre dance of destruction that unfolded before my wide eyes.
In that moment, I felt a profound sense of abandonment, a belief that I was trapped within a nightmare from which there was no escape. My parents were out of reach, my sanctuary violated, and the rioters tore at the fabric of my innocence with each passing second.
As the rioters unleashed their horrors, leaving behind a path of devastation, I remained alone, abandoned in the remnants of their fury. The world outside, once familiar and comforting, now bore the scars of a battle I never asked to witness.
In the depths of my fear, I held onto Mickey Mouse with an even tighter grip, his plush form the only source of solace in that desolate moment. The presence of my parents, torn away from me in the chaos, loomed over me like a haunting specter, reminding me of the fragility of our existence.
And so, I endured the torment, the sense of vulnerability etched into my being, as the rioters continued their destructive dance. I was but a frightened child, left to bear witness to the darkest shades of humanity, praying for the moment when salvation would arrive, and my parents would once again find their way back to me.
While the rioters expressed their fury, my small refuge transformed into a prison of terror. Through the car windows, I witnessed the scene unfold before my young eyes. The sound of shattering glass and the thunderous crashes of overturned vehicles assaulted my ears. Molotov cocktails flared into life, casting an eerie glow upon the night, as flames danced and licked at the metal frames of the helpless cars.
My pulse quickened, the terror within me intensifying with every passing second. I huddled in the backseat, clutching tightly onto my only solace, my beloved Mickey Mouse plush toy. His stitched smile, once comforting, now served as a bittersweet reminder of a world that seemed to crumble around me.
The rioters, consumed by their destructive frenzy, showed no mercy. The neighboring vehicles bore the brunt of their wrath, their windows shattered, their bodies flipped over like discarded toys. I watched in silence, my breath caught in my throat, as the chaos closed in, inching ever closer to the solitary sanctuary I hid within.
Each passing moment felt like an eternity, the dread within me growing with each thunderous crash and fiery explosion. I couldn't help but imagine the rioters' eyes locking onto our untouched car, the last remaining bastion of hope amidst the escalating destruction.
But just when it seemed that the world would crumble around me, a strange shift occurred. The rioters, as if sated by their own malevolence, began to disperse. Their frenzy moved away from our vehicle, leaving behind a chilling silence in their wake.
And then, through the eerie stillness, I heard the sound of familiar voices. My parents, fueled by their love and relentless determination, arrived at the scene. Relief washed over me like a tidal wave, mingling with the tears streaming down my face.
Dad's hair had white streak in it and Mom's a red streak, dripping onto her blue dress. Mickey Mouse slowly raised up and peeked around. As police and ambulances and firetrucks arrived in the aftermath I looked around. Everything was burning and destroyed. It certainly looked like a war had just happened. I looked back at my parents, my face expressionless.
They embraced me, their arms wrapping around me tightly, shielding me from the horrors that I had witnessed. Mickey Mouse, my steadfast companion throughout the ordeal, felt warm against my cheek as if offering a silent reassurance that the nightmare was finally over.
Years have passed since that haunting day, and yet, the memory remains vivid within me. I still recall the sights, the sounds, and the bone-chilling dread that clenched my heart. The event that came to be known as "The Revolutionary War" stands as a haunting testament to the night I witnessed the escalation of destruction and violence.
As I grew older, I carried the weight of that memory with me, a constant reminder of the fragility of peace and the darkness that can lurk within society. The image of Mickey Mouse, my enduring symbol of hope, served as a beacon of strength during my darkest moments.
And so, this is the story of my childhood memory, recalled with a mix of trepidation and gratitude. It serves as a testament to the power of resilience, the strength of familial love, and the enduring hope that can guide us through the darkest storms.
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2023.05.30 23:56 Wutaii1Nostalgia1 Hot Dog Song Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Dance HORROR SHOW

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2023.05.30 23:45 Dragomuse I'm sorry Marine fans, there's a reason she's barely used. You can blame Amy Rose and Cream for that.

Now I shall explain.
Amy was first created as a love interest for Sonic. Really nothing more than Sonic, but pink. Her main character trait was "girl" Sonic. She was just the Minnie Mouse to Sonic's Mickey. Fortunately this was pretty much scrapped and she was allowed to be her own self. Even if you ignore the comics at the time. By her next appearance in a mainline game. She became what we know now. Adventure still had her be "girl" but now it was an empathetic person who admires Sonic that happens to be feminine. Then Adventure 2 really grew her out more. Despite having a cut role she is still one of the most important characters in that games story. Having her kindness and empathy towards Shadow and humanity be what ultimately saves the day.
Then Heroes happens. Now granted. I love Heroes. They did her dirty, and practically regressed her. She went from admiring Sonic, and making jokes about marriage. To being a full blown stalker using her friends missing allies as an excuse to go after him. Even her reason for taking down Eggman is to get Sonics attention.
Then comes Cream. I'm not sure i this was the intent of her creation when she was made for Advance 2. She did somewhat become Amy's Tails. It really is just a case of trying to reach a female demographic.
Then Rush came out, and Blaze was introduced. Cream became her partner in a way. Coincidentally Amy changed again and started to be more like her old self. Still love struck, but at least now empathetic and kind again. 06 is a mess, but I'll give it credit. Some of the best character writing.
I think Rush Adventure was created during the time when Amy was "girl demographic magnet" and not a character. I guess there was this thing of "Well Cream can't be Blaze's "Tails" if she's also Amy's "Tails" we need a "Tails" for Blaze". To give credit. I think Marine does work as a partner for similar reasons that Cream does. Blaze is very much aloof and while not a loner, she is an introvert. So having someone help her talk to people and be more social is nice. Cream works because she is just nice to her and a genuine friend. Marine works as the Red Oni to Blazes Blue Oni. While Marine was created to be Blazes "Tails". She had thought put into her.
Thing is, I think she was scrapped (for the most part, she isn't completely forgotten) Is well one. She's in another dimension, and even Blaze has limited screen-time due to this. Two, Cream just does her role better. Cream makes a better partner and younger sister figure for Blaze then she did for Amy. Part of it is because unlike Amy and Cream vs Sonic and Tails. Where the only thing going for the former is two girls. Blaze and Cream is Sonic and Tails brotherly dynamic, in reverse. Tails looks up to Sonic and the later treats him like a younger brother. Being an influence on him. While Tails has grown and become more independent. That foundation is still there. On the opposite. While Cream and Blaze have a similar dynamic. For them. Cream is the one that influences Blaze. Helping her get out of her shell and be more social.
Coincidentally. Cream is not really affiliated with Amy much anymore. She was absent from Forces and TSR. In spinoffs Amy is given characters like Blaze or Princess Peach as a partner. Sometimes even Knuckles and Tails depending on the story. This is a good thing because it's a byproduct of Amy being grown to be more than just love interest and female demographic magnet.
Marine was created to fill a spot that was already filled.
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2023.05.30 23:41 StraightWhiteMale02 Chase Smelliott did a smelly

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2023.05.30 23:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - Mickey Mouse is about to perform the best magic trick ever for these kids USA Today

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2023.05.30 23:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - Mickey Mouse is about to perform the best magic trick ever for these kids USA Today

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2023.05.30 23:21 AutoNewsAdmin [Entertainment] - Mickey Mouse is about to perform the best magic trick ever for these kids

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2023.05.30 23:16 AutoNewsAdmin [Entertainment] - Mickey Mouse is about to perform the best magic trick ever for these kids

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2023.05.30 23:10 dampcloud0 Finally finished this Mickey Mouse bucket hat!

Finally finished this Mickey Mouse bucket hat!
Been wanting to make this hat to wear to Disneyland and free-handed it myself! Pretty proud of it and i love making them so i’m selling them online too!! :)
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2023.05.30 21:37 Noil69 Real talk: does anyone actually find this funny?

Real talk: does anyone actually find this funny?
Like genuinely type shit, do any of you be giggling when you comment shit like this? You telling me you thought of this, typed it out, looked at it, probably rewrote it and changed two words, said out loud "oh yuh that's a banger right there!" And dropped it on the timeline for everyone to see? For the hoes? For the bros? Who you doing this for that's crazy?
This is Mickey Mouse ClubHouse levels of Goofy like really.
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2023.05.30 21:07 Jvwade You never know

Around October of last year I had a great deal for a Mickey mouse blanket from a retail store. I paid less than $6 for something I knew I could flip easily.
It was a Like collector, but no one wanted it no matter what offers I gave.
Christmas passes and I figured it was a bust. I tried free shipping, half off, I went as low as it would allow.
February of this year, one of the people who liked it from the beginning ordered it. She didn't negotiate the price or anything.
You never know what's going to happen. Happy selling!
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2023.05.30 20:11 Grand_Keizer Nearing a big milestone for my Letterboxd.

Nearing a big milestone for my Letterboxd.
I recently began nearing 1,000 watched movies on letterboxd, and in my obsessive state of logging every single thing I've ever seen, I reached deep into my core memories to dig out the forgotten films that I hadn't yet logged, and the result were some movies I totally forgot existed, and some that I didn't even know were on letterboxd.
For reference, these movies are the ones most recently added as "watched". If it doesn't have a rating, that means it was one of these retrospective logs, if it DOES have a rating, it means it's a movie I saw recently. The only exceptions to the latter rule are I, Frankenstein and the Avatar Documentary, as well as some of the shorts.
Logging all of the forgotten movies essentially amounted to animated movies, Disney channel specials, or a combination of the two. We have two veggie tales movies, two tinker bell films, two projects with Victoria Justice, two with Selena Gomez, two with Mickey Mouse, and City of Ember. Remember City of Ember? Neither do I member.
Then comes the obvious question: do you even remember watching any of these movies? As it turns out, yes, I do. I gave myself a simple criteria for logging these movies: if I remember watching them, and can recall a good amount of scenes or plot points, then I'll log it as watched. It's the reason I logged Open Season 1 and 2, but not the third one. I've been told that I saw it, but gun to my head, I couldn't tell you a single thing about it. The others, I really do remember. Mostly.
The ultimate result of all of this deep cut logging?
Exactly three movies left before breaking into 4 digits. And don't worry, I won't be one of those posters asking what my 1,000th movie should be. I already know what it'll be. 998th will be The Human Condition: Part 1. 999th will be The Human Condition: Part 2. And for my 1,000th watch, it will be The Human Condition: Part 3. And just for kicks, 1,001 will be the entire trilogy collection, which remains elusive, but not impossible to find.
That's it, just felt like sharing. Tell me about your experience. Are you as obsessive as I am?
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2023.05.30 19:58 LifeCracker How Tall is Mickey Mouse?

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2023.05.30 17:00 Actual_Scratch_9821 Nintendo will sue

Source: https://iphone-gratuit.net/blog/nintendo-will-sue-2023-28/
More Memes at :
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2023.05.30 16:12 cbvv1992 🔥42% Price Drop – $6.89 Disney Holiday Mickey Mouse Large 22-Inch Plush!!

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2023.05.30 15:57 Economy-Safety-3898 He's taken over our snacks

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2023.05.30 15:50 Striking-Armadillo87 haha!

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2023.05.30 15:41 MemegodHolyKnight [TOMT][SHOW][2010s] Episode/Special from a TV show that might be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where someone is put in a snow globe

I remember seeing it around the early 2010's and what I mainly remember was some big guy who looked similar to Mickey Mouse in a Hot Air Balloon and there were snow globes involved. I'm almost sure that someone or everyone was trapped in a snow globe and it was stored in some room with many other snow globes. I might be mixing this up with something else, I'm not sure.
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2023.05.30 14:48 Actual_Scratch_9821 Video:

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2023.05.30 13:44 RegExrBot [Link in Image Caption] Funko Pop! Disney: Mickey Mouse Trick Or Treat - Glow In The Dark Amazon Exclusive now available at Amazon

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2023.05.30 11:01 funkeymonekey We're not that drunk

I quote some random ass things when im drinking always hoping someone within earshot knows my reference. A few from today which didn't land that I felt the random need to share:
We're not that drunk!
You're my boy blue!
I like turtles
Would you just look at that?
Well maybe you shouldn't dress like a bumblebee, bitch
That ain't mickey mouse, that's just tit dirt
Then maybe you'll realize your ranch dressing isn't that fucking important
Anyone else do this? Either way I'm in my own world and I get a kick out of it.
Anyway, this whole post started bc I couldn't find a gif to match the title and i was gonna post meme sans rant but tit iswhat tit is. A short ass vid for anyone bored enough to click. https://youtu.be/Wul3TNeiZLQ only drunk me says. Glad reddit is anonymous yay thanks for listening to my Ted talk. I'm gonna go try to stop over-thinking as I didnt want to post this but I spent to much time writing this OK bye chair chair
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