is Donorhub/grifols app just terrible?

2022.08.11 00:01 Poppunknotpills96 is Donorhub/grifols app just terrible?

I donated through biolofe for a whole and the app was very clean and fast. I've donated twice with biomat/grifols and this donorhub is terrible. I had to cancel an appt today and now I can't book any appt at all. Anyone else ever have this issue?
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2019.11.05 08:37 therealscooke A link for Sourceforge ends with a .cn domain??

Can anyone explain this?
I googled "open source Donorhub" and the 5th return indicated sourceforge as the site. So I clicked on it and this url loads (and fails to fully load):
Doesn't this tell me that I'd end up at a site in China? How in the world does an url like this exist? I'm assuming it isn't safe anyway.
Thank you.
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