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Your go-to location for finding QR rental teams in Pokemon Sun and Moon!

2012.06.22 10:34 BigWesternMan A place for Sonos users

A place for all Sonos users to hang out and discuss hardware, software, installation, ideas and troubleshooting

2014.03.20 22:12 KrimTheRed Paddle Wisconsin

Dedicated to canoeing, kayaking, SUP, and any form of paddling the wonderful waterways of Wisconsin.

2023.03.22 14:11 autotldr Beijing’s population falls for first time since 2003 as China battles low birthrate China

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)
Beijing's population has declined for the first time in almost two decades, new population figures have revealed.
In 2022 there were more deaths than births in the Chinese capital, home to more than 21 million people, resulting in a natural population growth of minus 0.05 per 1,000 people.
It is the first time the population has gone backwards since 2003.
The report by Beijing authorities said the city's death rate rose to 5.72 deaths per 1,000 people, while the birthrate fell to 5.67 births per 1,000 people.
China's Communist party government is striving to reverse the trend and stave off the economic impacts of an ageing population.
The population figures for Beijing are based on the permanent residents of the city, and don't include the large numbers of migrant workers who travel from their home provinces searching for economic opportunity.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Beijing#1 population#2 China's#3 people#4 birthrate#5
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2023.03.22 14:11 EchoJobs SpaceX is hiring Fall 2023 Associate Engineer - Post Grad USD 83k-100k Remote [Assembly]

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2023.03.22 14:11 autotldr Russia de-mothballs tanks from the 1950s and sends them to war – CIT

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 58%. (I'm a bot)
The Russian military has de-mothballed the T-54/55 medium tanks and started sending them from Russia's Far East to the combat zone in Ukraine.
Details: The investigators examined publicly available archive photographs of the 1295th Base and found out that, in addition to relatively modern T-80BV and T-72B tanks, it also stored a significant amount of T-62M(V) tanks.
The CIT team also established that between not earlier than 12 July and not later than 2 October, at least 191 tanks had left the base.
The investigators state that deployment and use of T-62 tanks by the Russian Armed Forces during the current invasion has been documented since summer 2022, but it is the first recorded instance of T-54/55 tanks being de-mothballed.
Combined with withdrawal of BTR-50 armored personnel carriers from storage and equipping MTLB transport vehicles with ship anti-aircraft guns, withdrawal of Soviet tanks from storage is a sign that Russia has serious problems in supplying its armed forces with military equipment.
Background: During the full-scale aggression against Ukraine Russia has lost 3557 tanks.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Tank#1 Base#2 Storage#3 Russia#4 military#5
Post found in /worldnews, /worldnews and /europe.
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2023.03.22 14:11 sandcrawler2 Bonus Poll - Banshee Beat vs Fireworks

Since our final two surviving albums are Feels and Strawberry Jam I thought id see how their two most popular songs would fare head to head. Its not to late to cast your vote for album survivor, Strawberry Jam is ahead right now but its relatively close. Tommorow morning I will post the Final results
View Poll
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2023.03.22 14:11 Lollooo_ Apparently pointing out flaws in this app is a no-no. Literally 1984

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2023.03.22 14:10 Wool_Socks_They Please help me find a good guide to computer hardware specs!

I'm in the market for a new device between now and August anyway and am going to use the release of BG3 as an excuse to pull the trigger.
Here's the thing THIS TIME I buy a new desktop/laptop I want to actually UNDERSTAND the specs of the hardware I'm buying, instead of having a knowledgeable/trusted techie friend be like "Yo, Wool_Socks, don't worry: that's a good machine"
So I'm thinking I'd love to find a detailed guide that translates tech spec gobble-de-gook into terms that allow me to do apples-to-apples comparisons of machines.
Here's an example of the sort of thing that gets me confused. The first bullet, below, is Larian's recommended processor for BG3. The second bullet is from the listing of a device online...
Is the first bullet describing an 8,700 kHz processor and the second a 1.3 GHz processor? Are there two things I should be comparing here that tell me if one bullet is describing something more or less powerful than the other?
I'd love to find an online resource that helps/equips me to make apples-to-apples comparisons of different machines when I go window shopping, as well as comparing different machines to the Larian specs.
If you have an amulet with the "speak techie" cantrip you're willing to loan, I'll take that too
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 14:07 Junior-Negotiation-5 I have chest pains!!!

I (28m) have always been a little anxious, not so much so that it would interfere with my social life or anything along those lines more so I'd just over analyze social and romantic situations. I always thought I was just like that, I'm very outgoing, adventurous and have a great group of friends even though my anxiety gets the best of me. The problem started at the beginning of the year after I had just ended a long term relationship with my then girlfriend. Now I get these weird intense chest pains whenever I'm alone. I genuinely feel like my anxiety is peaking and my heart is carrying all the load. Things like anxiety and depression are shunned in my community and I feel like I can't talk to anyone but my female friend who has been there for me since the adjustment. I feel like I might just fall over anytime I feel like this, I can't even sleep. I don't know what to do, tried checking online for otc anxiety meds but none are there. I work out, school and work also keep me busy but when everything stands still and no one is there it feels like I am drowning in myself
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2023.03.22 14:05 CommeDesMidnight [FS][UK][EU] Kiko Kostadinov, Moncler, Visvim and PAF

Kiko Kostadinov Irenes: Cannotcopy batch
Size: XS, Fits a waist 29-30, measurements included
Condition: 8/10, slight pilling to fabric on right pocket as pictured
Price: £40 + Ship

Moncler 1952 Genius Ski Pants: Makeprogress batch
Size: 44, Fits a waist 30, measurements included
Condition: 10/10, never worn It's quite thin, I was expecting a ski trouser, but it just has the shape, similar to balenci pulled cargos, but definitely a thin/summer trouser
Price: £60 + Ship

Visvim Eiger Sanction Cargo Pants: Sonofloong batch
Size: Tagged as Small, Fits a W30 L32 same as above
Condition: 8.5/10, worn a few times, near new but the button did fall off on one side pocket.
Price: £50

Post Archive Faction PAF 4.0 Zipper Jacket: Don't remember batch, maybe richill
Size: Medium, fits on the longer size but boxy too. The fit around the hood isn't great.
Condition: 9/10, worn once, but one of the zipper handles broke.
Price: £30
Tagged Pics + Measured:
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2023.03.22 14:04 wbistuer How do the Packers know Jordan Love is ready to replace Aaron Rodgers?\_/id/53052/how-can-the-packers-know-jordan-love-is-ready-to-replace-aaron-rodgers
Fuente: ESPN
Via Telegram Channel (bvacio)
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2023.03.22 14:04 tryingtimeegg1990 Weird behaviour from manager

Im not gonna keep this post up for long but I wanted to vent about my emotionally draining superior. She is a very nice lady. Very very nice. But I am so drained coddling her emotional high maintenance.
My dad is dying. He has a fungating tumour. Ulcerated through the skin, he has no chin and it is eating his entire jaw. Chunks the size of my finger are falling off my dad's face. It's fuckinf horrific. Needless to say I am drained as it is and coming in here is already draining, but I digress. I am obviously not my normal bubbly self. I am still respectful and friendly of course, I'm just not as chatty as I usually am.
Yesterday, I was asked to update our phone list. I updated the existing one and I have updated it several times before. I feel that when I am feeling low and not the same super outgoing girl I was in the interview, my manager pecks at me all day long. It is the opposite of giving someone space. I have seen her do this to other employees and it upsets them.
Yesterday she asked me to edit the list in a way she has never asked me. I was internally annoyed but I did it because I respect her and I know it's my job.
She seemed to want management at the top. The way I made it, I am at the bottom. I was trying to make sure I had all the other office staff first and then lastly remembered myself.
She then came up to me in TEARS. She said she never meant to imply I should be at the bottom. I told her she did not imply that and I never once took it that way, that I just put myself there cause....someone's name has to be the last?? She kept crying and apologizing. I told her there is no need, not to worry, I'm not offended, I have other stuff going on (she's well aware) but she still kept crying and today she is being off with me.
I know she was upset about thinking she hurt my feelings and I'm flattered, but also annoyed because it's fabricated in her head and ridiculous. I do not attach any self worth to where I land on a phone list. She does this often. It's draining. I feel like my main job is to provide her with constant validation and when I don't have the emotional capacity to do it I face social consequences
I just wanna work from home.
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2023.03.22 14:03 unidentifiedmom My son fled the scene of a hit and run, what’s likely to happen next?

This is in NC. I’ll give a brief version of the story here so this post won’t be overlooked due to its length, however I will have a full story in the comments for those interested.
Basically my 17 year old son backed into this ladies car, neither suffered bodily injury, her Denali has mostly scratches and scuffs, his Minicopper is now missing the taillight. He initially complied and consulted with her but upon realizing he would not have all his documents for when the cops arrive, he fled. I truly cannot believe he made this idiotic decision and I’m disappointed and concerned.
QNA: what could happen to him? There’s a few reasons of why i think their may be no proof to get him (detailed in replies ). If the police do find him will he be immediately arrested? If they have his license plate could they still take weeks to come or will this be an immediate turn around response? I had a friend do a hit and run, and a cousin falsely accused of one BOTH said they came to their house within 48hrs is this usually the case?
How long it could take for them to come is important only because he partially lives between here and NYC, he will be gone back in a week. Due to work I’m only home most days after 7pm, so if they cannot get ahold of anyone at the house what would be their next step? A warrant for him? Also should I be forever assume the police may come to my house at any moment or after a few months is it safe to say they gave up?
The car is in his name so I’m not afraid of anything happening to me. While he’s my kid and i don’t wanna see any bad happen to him, obviously he did a crime and that comes with responsibility and repercussions so id like to know how this will probably play out.
Also he’s scared of googling and posting for solutions to this because he’s afraid that it will somehow it will link back to him and be proof. He would die if he found out I wrote this post, would they really go that far to hold this against him? He’s even afraid the store may give up his name from the card he swiped in there, please let me know if he’s being paranoid or do police actually go this far in hit and run investigation?
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2023.03.22 14:03 Affectionate-Try-224 Advisory- State and Local Solutions

Anybody have any insight or general tips/recommendations for new associates coming into this product line? After seeing all the posts about layoffs and watching as the economy is struggling, as well as knowing that start dates are likely to be pushed back or offers may even get rescinded, I am just trying to get a feel for how often S&L people are on the bench or if the cuts have hit these teams very hard. I am finishing up my masters this May before starting as a summefall hire, and I want to make sure I am as prepped for whichever way this goes as I can be, and that I start working on any skills that could help me survive when future cuts happen.
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2023.03.22 14:02 0ble GL Upcoming and JP Review using Altema History: March 2023 Stream Update

GL Upcoming and JP Review using Altema History: March 2023 Stream Update

Overview 2.0 as of this posting; see spreadsheet for the complete table. Again, this cannot reflect GL first surprises

Usual Disclaimer:

As seen on my spreadsheet,
Do not fully take these rankings to heart. Be sure to supplement your pull decisions by watching YouTube analysis videos and checking your own roster on who you need to pull for. Do note the GL and JP differences as well. Edit cells C3:I3
Like any other resource/tier list/analysis video (from any YouTuber really)/etc., any of these will affect your pulls one way or the other or sure, but NONE of these, including my resource, should be treated as a be-all-end-all. Whether you want to fight me on how useful/useless these are, I am just giving you the data and it's up to YOU to decide what to do with this information I am providing.
*Remember, the spreadsheet is updated weekly whether or not a Reddit post is made! Check often for more up to date content
**Be sure to read column header notes to better understand things!

Quick Links

General roster categorization (needs updating)
Overview 2.0
Simplified Catalogue
Character general standing comparison (editable!)
Banner history with (Google Translated) pulling advice from Altema
Summon Boards tracker for Ultimate Summons

Altema changes: Altema has stopped mentioning their top 5 enchanters and instead, is providing a top 5 for follow-up units. This means that the category for enchanters has been moved to prior the custom elemental rankings I made (the purple cells in the Catalogue tab) with the top 5 follow-up units taking the same place of where enchanters used to be, as this is the current placement on the website as well.

Noteworthy things to expect for this cycle

Announced banners; blue = top 15%; green = at least 7 weeks in Top 10 category and not in top 15%
  • wow a stream not in the last week of the month
    • enjoy the new banner rates! hope yall don't pity still for your faves' BTs
  • April event is assumed to contain Squall's FR together with Jack Garland. It was mentioned though that this would be a triple BT double FR banner, of which in JP, Squall-Jarland banner was only a double BT banner. Can't seem to deduce which BT unit this would be but probably someone from last month(s) when the double BT banners who got shifted when Penelo BT dropped.
  • Spoilers for May:
    • Kurasame, Raines, Machina, Hope (FR only), Aerith, Zack, Quina, Kam'lanaut, Rydia (FR only), Seymour, Paine, Tidus

Personal thoughts for the incoming month's content

Aim for:
  • Gladiolus (already full kit). Please, he's begging to be pulled at this point hahaha. Tho it begs the question because we're about to have...
  • Rubicante. Rubicante will just be the new premier off-turn unit. In Altema's rankings, he has stayed in the top 10 units since his release and has yet to be overthrown. What makes him great is his FR skill has an added effect, much like Cor's chance to rainbow damage, but instead self-slows himself with Turn Rate Down! This is useful because he is a counter unit that does 2 split HP attacks. His FR condition is to take 0 damage and deal Fire damage for on- and off-turns which he does both. To top that off is +50% HP and BRV damage Up AND with FR boards, heals the party to 50% if they ever fall below that. His other healing is via S2 which requires overhealing Rubicante before he can heal allies for max 40% of respective mHP. AAANNDD he has a BT effect that increases party HP damage limit by 50% and changes his counter to 4 split HP attacks from 2 attacks.

You can consider:
  • Squall. He gets his FR this time round and finally gets updated. I'm sure he had a rework after getting his BT but all I can remember is his sad BT effect from BT non-plus era hahaha. But that's changed now. Squall gets a yummy EX refill from his reworked BT effect, aside from party HP damage limit up +30%. He gets an additional +50% (+80% total) from his BT effect for himself and gets another party +50% limit up from FR effect. With UW and blue armor, he can definitely reach +200% limit up, whatever. The only reason why I'm not fully recommending squall is because he is one-dimensional focusing mostly on a damage only EX. While he has a nice BT effect for the party at this point, newer players may struggle to build him and the ever flourishing new characters to come. If you're an older player, getting his FR wouldnt be too bad tho.
  • This is similar for Tifa and Sherlotta (both at full kits). I would personally go for eitheboth Tifa and Sherlotta over Squall esp if it's just FR boards at this point for the fact that they have slightly more use outside of plain damage (launch and consecutive turns) and plain auras (BRV gravity, special HP dump). If you don't have enough ingots, you might struggle to build your roster, but given their current longevity, there will still be mileage for them. If you have Penelo tho, avoid Sherlotta unless there's a specific set-up you need Sherlotta for. Tifa at least has a crazy FR + BT follow up echo damage dump so there's that going for Tifa.

Wanted just for fun:
  • Serah (full kit but not MLBed) got me thinking only because she summons Lightning as part of her BT follow-up attack hahaha. She gets more DPS from this come back and she's still a great aura bot. She'd need her BT to shine more but Aerith is also coming soon so,,, *sigh* i'll see if i cave in for Serah solely just to see Lightning lmao

Not that great (as an on-field unit):
  • Mog is one of the few RNG units there like Wakka, Setzer, Agrias. etc. It's a bit disheartening having to gamble not just weapon pulls, but also skill effects. Mog has useful confuse/paralysis going and great healing + cleansing, but he's not one to shine very much
  • Vivi's HP drain is still a turn off for me (DKC says hello). His FR is also a bit too tailored for himself and to be an echo unit, your kit has to be good outside of echo. Again, HP drain isn't always a wanted mechanic.

Good (LD)CAs for our newer players:
  • Arciela (freeze), Freya (general buffs + heal), Mog (heals and cleanse), Sazh (increased BRV steal), Lulu (fire enchant), Yuna (cleanse)

Link to previous post

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2023.03.22 14:02 cryptocalbot List of Today's and Tomorrow's Upcoming Events

I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every day. If you want improvements to this post, please mention houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback. /kryptocal Android iOS Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) Telegram Channel @kryptocal


If you like an event to be added, click Submit Event, and we will do the rest.


General Event(CRYPTO) IWB 2023 March 22, 2023
General Event(CRYPTO) IWB 2023 March 22, 2023
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2023.03.22 14:02 stinky-birb WIBTA If I asked my friend for my money back after commissioning art from them?

For some background, my friend (27) and I (29), have been friends for almost a decade. They've had a really rough go the last few years, and I've always be as supportive as I could be with them. Our friendship is something I cherish greatly because we've been through so much together.The last couple of years, they've been struggling financially, and I've tried to help where I could ($50 here, $25 there etc). Unfortunately, most of our conversations have been reduced from "Hi, how are you?" to "Can you spot me some cash/buy this thing off me/commission me?" I don't give in as much as I used to, because I've felt like an ATM rather than a good friend. They've also never paid me back for the money they borrowed.
About a year ago, I asked them to draw a memorial portrait of my wife's family dog and my parrot (they had passed away 2 weeks apart). I had paid them in full ($60) after confirming they could do it. Since then, I've watched them flaunt expensive purchases, and complain they have no money while begging me and their followers to spot them. They've also been posting and sharing art in our circles that other people had paid for, while I've received nothing. I haven't even seen a sketch in a year. They've pulled this on me before when I purchased about almost $80 worth of stuff, and then didn't ship it out for nearly 9 months. I'm not rich either, I have my own bills to pay and I know more than anyone how hard it can be to struggle and be in debt. I understand that life and shit happens, but I feel like I've been taken advantage of because I'm a good friend.
Recently, I've been asking for some WIPs because it's taken so long. I've been told twice that they're coming, and still haven't received a line of artwork. My last message has been completely ignored. I don't give a shit if it's not done, I'd just like some transparency. Would I be justified if I asked for my money back? I've just messaged them again explaining that I understand that life happens, but I just need confirmation that they've actually started. I'm frustrated and heartbroken that this is what our friendship has become.
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2023.03.22 14:02 Virtudesk Maximize your time and earn more! Get a property management virtual assistant to help you out!

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2023.03.22 14:00 VincentArcher Re-release of Ancient Books: Book 2 of the Changed Ones trilogy

A lot of people complained about the number and weight of the idiot balls being dropped in my previous draft of book 2 of my post-post-apocalypse LitRPG trilogy, so I took upon myself to make a draft 2 version with a significant number of changes in how the story progresses (and sometimes better explanation of why someone does something that might be construed as stupid by the reader).
The entire book 2 has been re-released (and the previous version taken down), so if you haven't given it a try, it's up. And there is even the book 3 prologue as an apology for rewriting book 2 instead of writing book 3.
If you haven't checked the trilogy proper, you should start with book 1 instead, of course. It has not been redrafted, even though it needs to. Here's the blurb:
Is it truly an RPG Apocalypse... if no one can see the RPG?
Generations after the Fall, Mankind has achieved a balance in a world it is no longer the master of. But your prospects in this Malthusian world are limited. Johanna Milton and her friends have an answer: delve into Ancient ruins, avoid Changed beasts and mana pockets, and salvage Ancient materials, collectibles, and trinkets to sell. It pays well if you avoid the perils of the Ancient world.
But when they find the skeleton of an Ancient, their lives take a strange turn. Suddenly, Talents straight out of fantasy novels become theirs. While they try to make sense of what happens, eyes turn to them, to the four who seem to break all rules.
Or are they merely following them? Because, in the Beyond where he's spent 150 years waiting, one dead Ancient knows the truth. Douglas Moore has played those games often enough when he was alive to make sense of the System that rules the Changed world. He can no longer act on his own, but he has access to the Interface. And four people for which he can bring whatever it takes to face the world.
Change is coming.
The Changed Ones is on Royal Road. It's what happens when the RPG apocalypse did not work correctly... and someone wants to help.
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2023.03.22 14:00 AthleticsBot Game Chat: Cubs @ Athletics - 01:05 PM PDT

Cubs @ Athletics - Wed, Mar 22

Game Status: Scheduled - First Pitch is scheduled for 01:05 PM PDT

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Cubs Adbert Alzolay (0-0, 3.52 ERA, 7.2 IP) No report posted.
Athletics James Kaprielian (1-0, 1.59 ERA, 5.2 IP) No report posted.

Division Scoreboard

HOU @ NYM 10:10 AM PDT
TEX @ SF 01:05 PM PDT
CWS @ TEX 01:05 PM PDT
LAA @ COL 01:10 PM PDT
LAD @ SEA 06:40 PM PDT
Posted: 03/22/2023 06:00:01 AM PDT
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2023.03.22 13:59 vettedtrees 37 M4F #New York - married man wants some naughty fun on the side

I have talked to a few people on here and loved every second so far! So I decided to post for myself.
I'm l looking for a girl that doesn't mind me being married and is turned on at the thought of making me cum behind her back. I'd love to find something long term with a very kinky girl. Who isn't afraid to explore or be used like a naughty little fuck doll.
I would prefer moving to other apps if we get along. It would be really great to find someone open to trading pics and videos as well. I want us both to cum and be each other's naughty little secret
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2023.03.22 13:58 uglyducklinglololol Giving myself one more year where I try

I have really low self esteem so whenever I talk to someone I don't really know I have a soft voice and I have trouble being understood. I am trying to speak up but it seems whenever I am around someone I don't know very well my vocal cords freeze.
At work or when I am around new people I am asked to speak up and they give up on trying to understand me because I speak too soft or maybe my voice is unintelligible. I am basically that fat guy from Office Space.
I was addicted to benzos for 7 years and didn't care about this issue(was also suffering from some sort of PTSD so I don't think I could've 'lived' without them) so I am basically socially stunted and don't know how to function socially. Only recently I started functioning without benzos and that is only because I used a drug that gave me confidence and I could see a life without them...
I live in a post Warsaw Pact country and it's ok to bash LGTBQ people and POC and I hate this mentality and don't want to be part of it. Trying to emigrate but it's not easy in the current job market and I also think about potential discrimination and the loneliness I will go through in a new country.
I am all alone. The loneliness hurts too much. Trying to make new friends but it seems everyone loses interest in me after they find a few things about me. I suspect it has to do with the voice, it makes me seem meek and it seems like you have to be macho as a man... I've got nothing to live for, only my mom but she is 400 km away and if I moved back in with my parents I'd have no way of socializing.. catch 22 type situation.
Feels like the last 7 years went by like a blur.. Don't know if it's the benzos or everybody is like this but I feel things I learned I have to re-learn and I haven't made any meaningful connections. And everything I try now it just hurts.
I don't know why I am even writing here. Just a bunch of nonsensical rambling. I am giving myself one more year and if things don't improve I'll kill myself. Afraid I might snap sooner...
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2023.03.22 13:58 Sensitive-Wrangler20 Playing matchmaker (and a couple other things)

I hope asking all this in one post is okay, I'm trying to keep down on cluttering the SR. If any of you can answer even just part of this I'd be very grateful.
I'm looking first for a way to edit npc relationships with one another. This is born entirely of an event i had years ago where Erik entered breezehome with me and due to Skyrim being Skyrim, would not stop staring at Lydia. So in my head i decided it was because he was simply taken with the first woman he sees after leaving rorikstead and eventually it developed into something like Johnny and Merryl from metal gear solid 4.
Anyway I'm fine with relegating this to headcanon if i must, but would like more for a mod to change their relationship status to lovers, and more generally to craft relationships in Skyrim manually myself.
The other 4 mods I'm missing from my PS4 adventures whose functionality I'm assuming is included in other, more robust mods that I just can't figure how to find are:
  1. Tailor's Measure - something that allows you to persistently change NPC outfits (though i would of course prefer something with greater customization since that seems possible on this system)
  2. Set Traveling NPCs - simple, let's you send followers who are at friendly or above out on patrols through the province either alone or as part of a structured patrol, stopping at inns along the way.
  3. Relocate NPC - Your New Home - adds a system by which you can designate new "home radiuses" anywhere in the world to which you can assign NPCs, where they will proceed to take up residence including sleeping in beds and whatnot
  4. Respawnable Mercenaries for Multiple Follower System - adds randomly generated mercenaries of varying classes (battlemage, warrior, hunter, etc.) That travel between inns and are available for hire
Lastly, i was wondering if there was a specific pinned thread or maybe a mobile utility i can use to post my current mod list and get input on LO optimization, conflicts i may have overlooked, and patches i may have neglected. I've got a good guide and have done it manually to the best of my ability, but would really like some confirmation from those who know what they're doing. If I had access to my PC at all, i would simply be using LOOT but that's just not an option ATM so my XBO-S will have to suffice for now.
Thank you all in advance, I'm very close to being ready to jump into my first real modded Skyrim experience.
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2023.03.22 13:58 ShatargatTheBlack TTRPG Enthusiasts in Istanbul

Hi all! I'm looking for some new friends who share the interest for tabletop roleplaying games, boardgames, card games etc. And here's the story:
Back in the years ago, I had a wide community that could gather up around Bakırköy (mainly), Taksim or Kadıköy easily. But since late 2018, everyone just separated into other cities and/or countries. COVID happened. And I got use to stuck at home, and couldn't recover my social clique. I'm trying to change that lately, by travelling other cities to see my friends and get rid of the devouringly gray environment of Istanbul, but in the end it's my home I thought that it would be better to find new people around here.
I'm a TTRPG game designer and scenario author and while working on my projects, I'm also doing professional gamemastering as an active job. I'm trying to back some Kickstarter projects from time to time, and that's one of the many reasons why I want to have a physical clique again. My main genre in everything is horror, so horror fans will like this more, I believe. But I have to warn you about something. I don't like D&D much. Stopped playing and running it, sold my books last year. So, you can consider this offer as a non-dnd intellectual interest sharing and maybe learning something new.
My expectations are something like this:
If you're interested in this, you can always send a private message. If there will be a surprisingly big interest in this, we can also create a Telegram group.
Yeah, I guess that's all.
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