Hotels in nogales az

Everybody start booking now!

2023.03.22 14:33 throw_and_run_away Everybody start booking now!

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2023.03.22 14:32 Tiyow2021 Unusual fake hotel next to an Aussie highway. Confounded drivers attempt to schedule a night’s stay at the bizarre fake hotel that is located next to an Australian highway in one of its nonexistent rooms

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2023.03.22 14:31 TryingToNotBeInDebt What is it about free breakfast availability that makes it an important factor in your hotel experience?

I’m not trying to criticize anyone but understand something that I must be missing.
I commonly see posts on this sub either asking about free breakfast or complaining when the free breakfast isn’t available. I’ve never chosen or not chosen a hotel based on breakfast. After spending money or points on flights and hotels when traveling, a $10 breakfast vs a free breakfast isn’t something that is going to make or break the experience.
I get that free is better than dropping $10 on something. I also get that banking on having a feature of a hotel only to find that it’s not available is frustrating. I guess I don’t understand how worked up some posters seem to be about it.
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2023.03.22 14:31 00sub000 Helena Price - I Get Interracial Fucked In My Car By The Beach Hotel!

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2023.03.22 14:30 PeopleAreSus Suggestions, Thoughts? I’m so indecisive.

And this is where the internet works against me with how much information is offered.
Looking to top off my points to transfer to Virgin Atlantic. (Booking a flight this year when award flights open up for September 2024 for TPA to LHR.) I need a 20k point top up for the Upper Class tickets and honestly… probs more as a buffer in case of valuation changes by this fall (we never know).
I was set on the CSP because of the inevitable elevated online offer and low AF. Plus I needed a visa with no FTF for international travel anyways. But that $1300+ spend per month within 3 months is pushing it for me (had unexpected expenses and a diet change due to health so being a little more budget conscious on spend)
But with the Amex Gold, that fee is not something I’ll want to contend with long term but that $90k + $200 back is tempting. Additionally, the Amex Gold has 4x on grocery and dining on top of 6 months to meet SUB which makes it easier for me. Albeit I’ll cancel it after the second AF hits.
Then there’s the Amex Green. Easiest sub to hit, not too bad AF but it would be sock drawer end after SUB and most likely cancelled after the 2nd AF hits. And it gets me just enough points to cover what I need.
Data to consider: I have the Amex Plat, Delta Amex Plat and the CFU. My spouse pays for the groceries with a legacy gold which we can shift to my next new card if need be for the sub temporarily. But my spouse really prefers to put groceries on their card for points. I don’t book our hotels either and Im not the one renting cars. We do use a good amount of Uber but won’t use the full $120 of the annual Amex Gold credit.
I prefer to stick to Chase or Amex ecosystems because Im lazy and don’t want to start up with Captain One, etc. Overall, CSP is the best earner long term but the Amex Gold is the easiest SUB earner aside from the Green but I’d get more use from the Gold at least during the year aka more points longer term. Just that $1300+ monthly spend for 3 months is tougher for me these days. I’d have to artificially manufacture the crap out of that spend.
Your thoughts? I’m torn
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2023.03.22 14:29 itharmil Travel Statements with Large Annual Fee

Many of the large annual fee credit cards have very large travel statement credits. Given that the clientele for these products are basically guaranteed to spend hundreds of dollars on travel, what is the math that they've chosen to design the cards this way? i.e. The net of just Annual Fee - Travel Statement of Capital One Venture X is $95 ($395 - $300) and Chase Sapphire Reserve is $250 ($550 - $300).
So is it that they want to have the appearance of exclusivity / wealth by a larger number on the annual fee to deter customers? Wouldn't they want more customers and a lower fee would be more enticing? Do people react better to receiving rewards than just a lower fee? Or is the logic just that some people may forget to use a specific card in a particular way for a certain travel reward (i.e. Citi Premier is used on hotels or Capital One Venture needs to be via their travel portal), and the issuer can pocket that travel statement as profit? Just curious as to what their decision making is here.
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2023.03.22 14:26 falconsooner Thoughts on my first Nemophila show

I went to my first Nemophila show this past Sunday in Dallas. Enjoyed myself immensely (despite the sound issues) but had some thoughts I wanted to share.
Background – I’m not a metal head. I am a rock guy (huge Band Maid fan). Nemo has been a bit of a slow burn for me. I liked the vibe of the ladies from the get go but their early songs were hit or miss for me. I liked Monsters, Life but struggled with the songs with screams. The Seize the Fate album was a bit of a game changer for me….I had gradually been warming up to them but that album and had a lot of rock elements (some great bluesy stuff from Saki), awesome melodies and I even found myself liking most of the screams. My 2d favorite song from the album (#1 is Rock and Roll Is) is Zen which is nothing but screams. But she screams in melody (not as off putting to me as the angry male vocal screams) and it is a great pump up song. Wish I would have had it back in my High School days.
Venue and Sound – I live in San Antonio so drove up to Dallas on Sunday. I really wanted to support them. As others have said the sound wasn’t very good but it didn’t bother me as much as some others. I’m tall and position myself in the middle several rows back. Yes the distortion was bad but I could hear Mayu. The only one I really could not hear was Hazuki. I wasn’t that impressed with the Venue. A bit of a dive. I guess I was spoiled by the HOB Dallas and Houston venues for Band Maid. I was sad to see the venue about half full if that. This is one of the most talented bands in the world and they deserve a bigger and better. I was reading a recent interview with Kanami of Band Maid and she mentioned how much better their sound was this last tour because they were able to use the same equipment (they had their own equipment van) for each show and they brought their own sound guy that went with them to each venue. Made a big difference. Really want to see Nemo get popular enough to be able to do something similar to what Band Maid did last tour.
Setlist – Overall I really enjoyed the setlist. I was sad they didn’t do a vocal version of Monsters nor did they perform Rock and Roll Is. Felt like the setlist skewed towards the scream heavy songs versus the clean vocal songs but might be my perception. But the show moved along fast and I was never remotely bored. Setlist highlights for me were Zen, Life and Night Flight.
Performance – The ladies are incredible performers. One gets the feeling that it doesn’t matter if there are 10 people there or 10K…they will give it their all. But that seems to be a trait among Japanese bands. They were very engaging with the crowd with a lot of eye contact and smiling. They were just a lot of fun to watch. Very charismatic. Made up for a lot of the sound issues. However there was one lady that stood out above the others to me and that was…….
Saki – When Band Maid toured I was surprised by how captivated I was by Saiki the whole show. Well Saki had a similar effect on me. She was mesmerizing and way more attractive and charismatic in person than I expected. IMO she has this Slash “I’m the coolest person here and we all know it” vibe to her. The gal just oozes rock and roll out of every pore of her body. She also has this IDGAF vibe to her as well and I mean that as a compliment. One gets the feeling she will play what she wants and when she wants. She reminds me a lot of those American/British rock and metal bands from the 70s-80s. If someone were to ask me which Japanese female artist would be the most likely to take a male groupie back to her hotel room, sleep til noon and wake up surrounded by half empty bottles of Jack and lingering MJ smoke then I guess it would be Saki. Not saying she is like that but that was the vibe she gave off to me and I dug it.
Final thoughts – Overall I had a fantastic time and I hope they hit it big. I will definitely try to make future shows if I have the opportunity. Any frustrations I had were not the band’s fault. The one bit of constructive criticism I would have is….I would like to see them build a bit more call and response in their songs to help get the crowd involved. To their credit the ladies really tried to get the crowd involved (the Night Flight dance and Life sing along) but I think a few more call and response in the songs would really enhance the show experience.
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2023.03.22 14:26 thr0w4way193 Hokkaido / Tokyo : Early July

Hello everyone! I'm planning a trip to Hokkaido/Tokyo for about 12 days in early July. Did some research over the past month or so on what to visit in the summer. I've visited Kyoto, Shiga, Osaka, Himeji, Hiroshima and Kawaguchiko before so those aren't in the plan.
How's my itinerary below? Feel free to comment on any recommedations or any other attractions I should add on. Thanks!
DAY 1-4: SAPPORO (3 nights)
D1- Arrival in Tokyo NARITA (6am ish) - Take flight from NRT to CTS via Peach or Jetstar late morning or afternoon
  • Central sapporo
  • Hotel check in*
  • Sleep/rest as required
  • Sapporo clock tower
  • Sapporo TV tower
  • Susukino district
  • Nijo Market
  • Ramen Yokocho
D2- Western sapporo - Sapporo Fushimi Inari Shrine - Mount Moiwa Observation Deck - (Suggestions/reccomendations?)**
D3- Otaru city daytrip - Otaru canal - Sakaimichi Street - (Suggestions/reccomendations?)**
D4- Check out - Check out of Sapporo hotel early morning and head off to Asahikawa via train
DAY 4-5 ASAHIKAWA (1 night)
D4- Check in at Asahikawa hotel - Biei / Farm Tomita daytrip - Asahikawa to Bibaushi station (1h15m) for Shikisai No Oka fields
(I feel like 2 days/1 night in Asahikawa feels a bit rushed, what do you think?)***
D5- Travel from Asahikawa to Hakodate (approx 5h40m, planning to depart early am)
D6- Roaming around Hakodate - Hakodate Port - Hachiman-zaka slope - Mt. Hakodate (via ropeway) - (Suggestions/reccomendations?)**
D7- Fly to Tokyo HANEDA (via ANA) from HKD airport
DAY 7-12: TOKYO - Kamakura - Meigetsu-in temple (Planning to see some Hydrangeas, would they be in bloom in early July still?) - (Other suggestions to enjoy summer in Tokyo?)
Any suggestions / reccomendations or anything else to add that you find might be worth seeing during the trip? And any advice on clothing / transportation in the summer in Hokkaido/Tokyo?
I appreciate any tips and help on this, thanks!
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2023.03.22 14:25 Tough-Doctor-1487 34 [M4F] #GTA Ontario Canada - Younger submissive fwb wanted. Kinky and into Tpe, cnc, breeding, and humiliation /degradation

Title pretty much says what I am looking for.
34 year old, good looking, chocolate skinned man. 5'10, nice body, few tatts and piercings.
Outside of the bedroom I am calm, cool, and collected. Classy, and well put together. Inside the bedroom I am a savage.
I love getting sloppy head, eating pussy for hours, using toys, restraints, and collars. I'm not into love making. I like to fuck. I like to go hard, switch up positions, have a filthy mouth, and like to share out a good spanking, enjoy a woman that likes to get humiliated and degraded along with words of praise, and likes to get your mouth spit in, light smacks, hair pulled, and having dirty things whispered in your ear.
I believe physical and mental attraction is important in this type of dynamic, respect for boundaries, and good communication. Seeking something preferably ongoing. Can start slow and ease you into things if this is new to you. This will be a dom / sub fwb situation. Nothing serious, simply nsa, fun & pleasurable.
I host, pick you up, can get a hotel or airbnb if you are not within the GTA.
Please only message if you are serious about meeting up. When messaging include a bit about yourself and what you are looking for.
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2023.03.22 14:24 abolishpineapple MS Heat Flashes HELPPPPP!!!

Hi guys, some background younger sister(20) has MS and does tysabri infusions monthly. After her diagnosis, she's become very sensitive to heat, we went for a walk along the beach one day (i live on the beach for college) and it was sunny 70's and she started overheating. She tried to hide it for as long as she could, but I could tell she was starting to get uncomfortable. She doesn't like getting babied so i let her take the lead in these situations, but i take over when needed. We ended up calling my roommate to come to pick us up because I didn't want her to walk back while she wasn't feeling well. While we waited in the shade, she ended up throwing up and just overall not feeling well. I've done a lot of research on MS after she got her diagnosis and I understand that the overheating has to do with brain and nerve damage.
Well we're going on vacation to Mexico this upcoming week and the weather is 75-80's, I want her to have a really fun time because she deserves to just be young and enjoy life, but I understand that MS symptoms aren't something you can just put on hold. I'm just looking for advice and recommendations on what works for others when they're overheating and what they wish others around them did when they're having a moment like that. I typically just try not to make it big deal so she doesn't feel bad. I've already ordered a little electric hand fan to keep in my bag for her and will keep the hotel room cold. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance
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2023.03.22 14:24 pdthrowaway104 [M4F] - Stressful day, help me unwind. 17 Prompts to pick from!

18+ only for these RP's please. I have a pretty down day so I'll be around for a long time today. Very much into tiny little fun-sized girls taking their first BWC or BBC
I tend to lean towards playing closer to my real age. (early 40's)
1 - First time doing porn : You ran away from home and moved to L.A to pursue your dreams of being a actress, only for it to never take off like so many other women. Eventually, broke and unable to get work you decide to go to a casting office for one of the big porn studios. They love you instantly and agree to use you in the next shoot. What you don't know is that the male lead they are basically feeding you to is known for breaking newcomers. Violent, rough and vicious are how people describe him in scenes.
2 - Celebrity Contest - You are a young starlet looking to get some more press. Your agent suggests that you run a contest for your fans with the reward being you. When the contract is drawn up you just sign it without reading it. Without realizing it you've now made yourself the winners slave who has to live with them for a full week, alternatively you willingly enter into a free-use situation with the contest winner. We can discuss what exactly the contest is, as well as anything else about the scene you'd like to alter. Please include the celeb of your choice
3 - The new live-in maid - You've taken a job for a very wealthy (and more attractive then you expected before the interview) single man on the outskirts of town. I enjoy this one both ways. Either it starts with a uniform sluttier then you would of liked and slowly progresses to me getting more and more aggressive. Or you decide to get the slutty outfit and pursue me aggressively.
4 - The Club - You decided to go out with your friends, all dressed as slutty as possible. They all pair off with a guy at the club fairly quickly but you head to the dance floor alone. You feel a very large man come up behind you and encircle your waist with his hands and begin dancing with you, grinding against your back. This one can go many ways, either I'm super aggressive, or I put something in your drink. Alternatively you are just a cock hungry little slut out to have some fun and its my lucky night. (A favorite of mine right now)
5 - Girl Next Door - You've lived next door to me all your life, that older single guy that seems to have all the toys and the party life style. When you got older and your parents retired and spend most of their time away, you still lived at home and spent most of your time out sun bathing. We speak often as my hot tub is near our shared fence. It was innocent when you were younger, now its flirty and I'm obviously checking out your body whenever you're in a bikini. One night you're bored and lonely and see me out in the hot tub listening to music and drinking beer from a cooler and decide to come down and ask to join me. Alternatively you could be the slutty girl next door and come over with the exact purpose of seducing me into some rough play. (This is one of my favorite ideas right now)
6 - Blackmail - You are a minor or major celebrity with a secret, it could be a sex tape or any number of other things. But someone has it now, and all you know is you are ordered to show up to a hotel room at 8pm tonight.
7 - The Party - You went to a party at some ones house you didn't know, of course between the joints and the booze being passed around it isn't long until you're completely trashed. Eventually one of the guys at the party takes you upstairs to "lay down", we all know what happens from that point. This can either be non-con, dub-con or could be that drunk you is slutty as hell
8 - Mind Control - My character has developed a app that will make people who use it completely open to suggestion from him. You could be a regular woman or a celebrity who he tricks into downloading the app, making you his own little slave.
9 - Pornstars stalker - Simple enough, pick a porn star and I'll play her stalker that eventually gets his hands on her to use like a toy. Or combine with some other prompts.
10 - Best friends girl- Your best friend has the most amazing piece of ass for a girlfriend. However one night she's hanging out, drunk and lets it slip that their sex life is less then impressive and goes on about how she just wants someone to rip her clothes off and use her.
11 - Down on your luck - You got kicked out of your house the day you turned 18. After years of not gaining any useful skills you find yourself living on the street. Until one day a man shows up offering to let you stay with him, no strings attached. Until the strings end up tied around your wrists.
12 - Need a ride - Maybe you're unable to find a taxi after coming out of the club, tipsy and alone. Maybe your hitchhiking or maybe your car broke down.
Either way I'm the first car that has stopped for you and you know what they say. Cash, grass or ass
13 - The Purge - Set to the theme of the movie, you're a hot little thing with no plan for surviving the night and decide to do what you always do. Try to get some big strong man to help you by flashing your tits and ass. Only he decides he wants to do a lot more then look.
14 - The Festival - I have several ideas surrounding this. Either spurred on by drugs or just the general atmosphere of the festival.
I don't want to go into too much detail here as I'd rather work it out with a prospective partner but it can go either very dark including non/dub-con or it could be that she is the one that comes hard for me, perhaps wants a RV to spend the festival with and views my needs as payment for it.
15 - Daughter's slutty friend - I'm looking for someone to play my daughter's slutty friend. Over the years you've gotten more and more flirty. Teasing me whenever you're over to our house or sleeping over on the weekend.
Few years pass and I get a divorce. You are staying over with my daughter and decide now's when you're going to make a run at me. Even packing something extra fun to wear when you sneak into my room later that night.
If choosing to go long term this can either be an affair or a long term sneaking around behind my daughter's back.
16- Obsessed with finding a BBC - I'm looking for a partner who wants to play a very petite woman who is absolutely obsessed with finding a BBC to see if she can take it.
Where you find me we can discuss, either a club, the gym or anywhere else you'd like. You come onto me and get me to take you home and I'm so excited to have such a tiny little thing to use I'm much rougher then you expected. Throwing you around like my own living fleshlight.
Today if you've read this far I'm really in the mood for a aggressive partner who comes for me for a change. If you want it to be a darker prompt perhaps she just wants to tease and I can't help myself once she gets me riled up.
Feel free to combine any of the above prompts if you'd like.
Only limits are bathroom play and animals. I am open to pretty much any kind of kink setup. Rough, Soft etc..
Please describe your character or include a reference picture. Please let me know what limits you have
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2023.03.22 14:23 Sh0ck3dd they ignored me

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2023.03.22 14:22 BL9100 San Fran Hotel Available - Lower than going rate!

Hi Friends!
Due to unforeseen circumstances (multiple pregnancies within our group lol), we are no longer able to make the trip to San Fran. Unfortunately, we booked 2 non-refundable hotel rooms. Fortunately, we booked them super early and they’re now going for about $150 more per night than what we got them for
The hotel we have is the Clancy Autograph within walking distance to the venue. We have checked with the hotel and can transfer one or both rooms.
If you are in need of a hotel, please reach out. It would be tremendously helpful for us. Of course, we would be more than happy to hop on a call, share our work information, or whatever you need to make you feel comfortable that we are real people with our only intentions being to regain our costs.
Available - Clancy Autograph San Fran - 2 rooms for 3 nights. $1,962 total or $981 per room. - Dates: July 13 - July 16
Thank you for your time! Also, let me know if there is a hotel site like cash or trade that I don’t know about lol.
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2023.03.22 14:21 trapped031623 I (30F) found out two days before my wedding that my husband (32M) was having an affair. I say "husband" because I was dumb and did the paperwork earlier that same week. Now I have to get divorced without ever having a wedding, without ever having the chance to be married.

Reddit fam, I am gutted. Absolutely gutted. Using a throwaway even though I know this'll identify me, but at this point I don't care. I know this is long but I hope you'll bear with me.
Last week was both the best and worst of my life. After 7.5 years together, living in 3 different cities, and 3 years engaged (COVID, and a joint choice to stay engaged that long), my husband and I finally decided to take the next (last?) step in our relationship and get married. We talked about it over the holidays, and he seemed like he was on board with it. We came up with a plan that I thought would make everyone happy, since I'm not really a wedding person. We decided that we'd (1) do our own elopement in a park; and (2) do a small ceremony with immediate family at the end of the year. He didn't really seem to have any opinions so I thought he was fine with the plan.
I noticed after the holidays that he was a little more guarded. And while I didn't pick up on it right away, I noticed that he was being a little more possessive of his phone. In early February, he had a business trip to Atlanta for a yearly retreat for his company. I had absolutely zero concerns while he was gone. He texted me relatively frequently and FaceTimed me every night. At the end of the week, he told me that his company had added on a few more activities on Friday evening and that he was staying there an extra night. I didn't think anything of it, and he came home on Saturday morning instead.
Fast forward to the beginning of March. I noticed that something was definitely up. He was more distant with me, and was more on edge. He usually walks our dog and I noticed that his walks with the dog were getting a lot longer. I noticed that he was going down to the gym for over an hour at a time, but I thought it was just nerves about getting married. That's okay, right? People get cold feet. I was nervous too. I thought I was being understanding. But then he said he didn't want to get married and that I was just dumping everything on him, and I was shocked. We always talked about getting married, but we were never in any rush. I didn't think it was that unreasonable to want to get married after 7.5 years! So we argued for a whole weekend, and eventually he broke down, apologized, and said that he was just scared. But then the next day, he said he was ready and that he wanted to sign the papers, and we walked to the courthouse and signed the papers (we're in a jurisdiction with no waiting period and where you can self-officiate with no witnesses).
Two days later -- JUST TWO DAYS LATER -- we were packing up for our elopement. I was literally putting my wedding dress in a bag to take it down to the car, when I got an anonymous Instagram message. The message said that they had seen my husband cuddling with another woman at a restaurant. I was absolutely floored and almost convinced that it was spam, but it had just enough detail that I decided to ask him about it. He seemed just as surprised as I was, and even offered to give me his phone so I could double check. Just to humor him, I checked his messages. Nothing there. Then I go to the "recently deleted" folder and ... yep, it was all there.
I locked myself in our bedroom and called my brother and best friend. And then I confronted him. At first he was angry, and thought I was overreacting. And then he started breaking down and admitted that he and this woman had gotten too attached. She works out of the Philippines so they'd mostly been texting, and met for the first time at this work retreat. He said that they went to a steakhouse, made out a few times in an Uber, and then decided that it was a bad idea to go any further. After we took some time to process our thoughts, he said he wanted to work on our marriage, and for some reason I agreed. My brother picked me up and took me to his place about an hour away, and I sat with him and his girlfriend and watched trashy TV and processed my feelings.
I came back over the weekend to a bunch of flowers, a really nice note, and we had a great evening together. I thought that we were going to get marriage counseling and then work on rebuilding what we had.
But then yesterday, she reached out again and I noticed some inconsistencies in his story. Turns out they weren't just making out in Atlanta. They had sex every single night of that work retreat, and he took her to a few steakhouses around Atlanta (which he never did with me because it was too expensive). They had been planning this whole time to have sex. They had been planning future meet-ups. Again, THIS WOMAN LIVES IN THE PHILIPPINES (we're in the United States). And the extra Friday work events didn't exist - he paid several hundred dollars to change his flight and get an extra night in his hotel room, just to spend one last night with her. He didn't want to come home to me. The money bit stings because one of the only fights we've had was about money (I wanted to go to brunch every weekend to have a regular date, spending maybe $80-90 total for the both of us, taking turns paying, which is well within our budgets since we both make six figures).
I then realized that the Instagram message came from her. Apparently he tried to end the affair and just be friends, and that pissed her off so she went nuclear. He had told her he loved her, promised to fly her and her daughter to the United States, and she was totally thrown for a loop. I don't blame her, he made her think she really had a shot. She threatened to tell me "everything" which is what made him tell me all of the other lies.
Then yesterday night, he said he didn't want to work on the marriage anymore because it was going to take too much work and he didn't think he could do it. He packed two suitcases and flew to his parents, leaving me here, alone. I don't know if he's ever going to come back.
I can't even get divorced right now. Where I live has a six-month separation period, and since we only got married this month I can't file until September. I was trapped into this marriage, and he doesn't even care about the marriage. He doesn't care about getting divorced. He doesn't care about me at ALL. He never loved me. He just said he was too lazy to break up earlier in the relationship, and he said he thought the affair would go away once he signed the papers.
Reddit, please tell me I can come back from this. Please tell me I did not just throw my life away. How do I explain to people that I'm married? How do I explain my divorce in the future? How do I keep going? I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't focus on my job. I'm a lawyer so I know how to handle the legal and procedural things, but I don't know how to handle the emotional fallout. I am so embarrassed, humiliated. I feel like a fool. He was my best friend in the whole world. He was the absolute perfect guy. We had the same quirks, and he supported my career endlessly. I absolutely NEVER thought he could do this. We always joked that he could never handle having an affair because he couldn't lie to me. Well...I was wrong about that.
If he comes back and wants to fix things, is it even worth it? I honestly don't even care about the physical stuff. I care that he could look me in the eye and lie, repeatedly. I don't even know if I have the whole truth yet.
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2023.03.22 14:20 lostlifon GPT-4 Week One. The biggest week in AI history. Here's whats happening

It's been one week since GPT-4 was released and people have already been doing crazy things with it. Here's a bunch 👇

Link to GPT-4 Day One Post

In other big news

Interesting research papers

I write about all these things and more in my newsletter if you'd like to stay in the know :)
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2023.03.22 14:20 siennamisa Hotel in CBD that will make you feel super fancy for one night

Need to stay in Perth CBD next week, what is the best hotel to stay at where you can pretend you are super rich for one night? My budget is $250 lmao
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2023.03.22 14:17 aliceito My (F24) partner (M25) made so many changes to my holiday plan and I feel like I am last in his priority list

My (F26) partner (M25) made changes to my holiday plans so many time and I feel like I am last in his priority list.
My partner (M25) and I (F26) have planned to visit Japan this April for the cherry blossoms. We planed this trip since February 2022.
Last month, my partner’s best friend threw in a trip to Greece where they will celebrate his birthday. That trip is 4 days and it happened at the same time to my trip to Japan. My partner asked me to delay my trip then he could go with his mates. His reason is that there will be many friends from university that he hasn’t seen in years coming so he wanted to catch up. At the same time, it is a big group so not easy to find a time that works for everyone. I was upset but still went with his proposal. We decided delayed our trip for 1 week so we will go in the 3rd week of April for 10 days. However, the cherry blossoms only in full bloom from end of March to middle of April. So in other words, we missed the best time for it. I also had to paid hotel cancellation and insurance fee for my visa.
After that, the length of the holiday was reduced to 7 days and because my partner didn’t want a “too-long” trip.
Thing was still fine to me until a couple of days ago when he asked me to reduce the time again to 6 days. He just changed his job so his entitled holiday this year is only 7 days, and he needs to spend 3 days for his trip to Greece. With 4 days left + a weekend, the maximum he could do is 6 days. I agree to cancelled the trip to England for this but I don’t want to cut down the time for Japan again. I suggested him to ask for unpaid leave but he didn’t want to because he want to make a good first impression at work.
I see his perspective but I am upset at the same time. In my point of view, I always come last in his priority list. It is always me who have to tolerate and compromise. I said I didn’t want to change the plan again but if thats his decision I will respect it.
Since then, I refused to speak to him because I need time to work on myself (I let him know beforehand). There are so many question I have for myself. This is not the first time he prioritised something over me. Please just be as hash as you want to me.
How should I take this situation and solve it?
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2023.03.22 14:16 ashokas_naini_chalet Escape to Nature's Wonderland: Ashoka's Naini Chalet Hotel in Nainital

Escape to Nature's Wonderland: Ashoka's Naini Chalet Hotel in Nainital
Ashokas Naini Chalet Hotel is a peaceful retreat nestled amidst the lush forests of Pangot Nainital. With breathtaking views of the Himalayas, this hotel offers a serene and rejuvenating stay for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Indulge in delicious local cuisine, explore nearby hiking trails, or simply relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Book your stay at Ashokas Naini Chalet Hotel in Nainital today and experience the ultimate getaway in the lap of nature.
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2023.03.22 14:16 Papiciulo95 Cv Italia lavori aiuto

Lavoro per una banca americana da remoto con regolare p iva, ma visti i tempi sto cercando altro, in Italia. In Italia. In Italia.
Questa volta vorrei “inseguire” il mio sogno è cimentarmi come gestore di strutture, hotel/ristoranti. Ho già avuto esperienze annali pregresse ma lasciai perché non vedevo un futuro a livello di carrier. Ai tempi giravo intorno a 37k ral, ma ero più giovane-ingenuo e mi andavano benissimo.
Ora sto inviando cv in tutta Italia (preferirei un vitto e alloggio visti i RAL), ma il massimo che mi propongono è 30k di ral come manager di un ristorante. Mi sembra un po’ poco.
C’è qualcuno che può darmi qualche dritta?
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2023.03.22 14:15 RudraGamer_26 I would prefer dying

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2023.03.22 14:12 0201493 Contact Improv Saturday

I am in fact promoting a dance jam I co-host. It's Saturday morning in Malta, at Movement Insights, 100 Saratoga Village Blvd, suite 10 (across from the Home 2 suites hotel) at 11 am. there will be a short 15-25 minute class followed by an open jam.
Here's a video of me and my cohost dancing:
And here's a quick, hot interview of me talking about CI:
Thank you, fair peeps!
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2023.03.22 14:11 Big-Bridge-6142 T-Money and Sim

Hi! I will be in Seoul and Jeju in May. I read that I can get the t-money and sim card directly upon arrival at the Incheon airport but when I look online it seems like I have to pay in advance and choose a pick-up date. Is it really necessary or can I just pick it up on the spot? I want to get to my hotel by bus.
Thank you
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