Jeep commander lug nut size

Increasing speed for webui/Wizard-Vicuna-13B with my Mac Pro M1 16gb setup?

2023.05.31 01:05 spoilingba Increasing speed for webui/Wizard-Vicuna-13B with my Mac Pro M1 16gb setup?

Hey! So after a lot of time spent getting it to actually work, I've finally got my offline llama setup on a Macbook with an Apple M1 Pro (model number mk193b/a, 10 cores (8 performance 2 efficiency), 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM).
I'm definitely running ARM64 python also.
It's still running quite slowly even for simple questions, and I was wondering if there are settings I'm misunderstanding or that I might alter to further increase speeds? I'm very new at this and following a mishmash of guides and fixes, so would love to learn more in general!
My starting commands (auto-devices and -mlock made the speed bearable, still quite slow), if there are any elements i could change for this to make it run better?
cd ~/text-generation-webui
source venv/bin/activate python --auto-devices --notebook --model Wizard-Vicuna-13B-Uncensored.ggmlv3.q5_1 --auto-launch --mlock --threads 4
SAMPLE SIMPLE PROMPT: (with 'none' selected under prompt menu and max_new_tokens on 200):
Question: How many planets in the solar system?
Factual answer: 8 (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)
CONSOLE LOG FOR THIS: llama_print_timings: load time = 4246.67 ms
llama_print_timings: sample time = 24.14 ms / 29 runs ( 0.83 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: prompt eval time = 4243.48 ms / 24 tokens ( 176.81 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: eval time = 19010.91 ms / 28 runs ( 678.96 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: total time = 23832.13 ms
Output generated in 25.06 seconds (1.12 tokens/s, 28 tokens, context 24, seed 2077319512)
Llama.generate: prefix-match hit
llama_print_timings: load time = 4246.67 ms
llama_print_timings: sample time = 0.76 ms / 1 runs ( 0.76 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: prompt eval time = 0.00 ms / 1 tokens ( 0.00 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: eval time = 709.31 ms / 1 runs ( 709.31 ms per token)
llama_print_timings: total time = 743.46 ms
Output generated in 1.21 seconds (0.00 tokens/s, 0 tokens, context 52, seed 1541619797) SETTINGS IN TEXTGENERATIONGUI:
Running with Llama-precise settings
Transformers setting - 0 cpu-memory in MiB; auto-devices ticked but nothing else; no transformers 4-bit settings ticked; compute_dtype float16; quant_type nf4
gptq wbits none, groupsize none, model_type llama, pre_layer 0
llama.cpp - threads 4, n_batch 512, n-gpu-layers 0, n_ctex 2048, no-mmap unticked, mlock ticked, seed 0
no extensions
boolean command-line flags - auto_launch, pin_weight ticked but nothing else
In console, after I type the initial python loading commands:
bin /Users/text-generation-webui/venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/bitsandbytes/
/Users/text-generation-webui/venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages/bitsandbytes/ UserWarning: The installed version of bitsandbytes was compiled without GPU support. 8-bit optimizers, 8-bit multiplication, and GPU quantization are unavailable.
warn("The installed version of bitsandbytes was compiled without GPU support. "
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'cadam32bit_grad_fp32'
INFO:Loading Wizard-Vicuna-13B-Uncensored.ggmlv3.q5_1...
INFO:llama.cpp weights detected: models/Wizard-Vicuna-13B-Uncensored.ggmlv3.q5_1/Wizard-Vicuna-13B-Uncensored.ggmlv3.q5_1.bin
INFO:Cache capacity is 0 bytes
llama.cpp: loading model from models/Wizard-Vicuna-13B-Uncensored.ggmlv3.q5_1/Wizard-Vicuna-13B-Uncensored.ggmlv3.q5_1.bin
llama_model_load_internal: format = ggjt v3 (latest)
llama_model_load_internal: n_vocab = 32000
llama_model_load_internal: n_ctx = 2048
llama_model_load_internal: n_embd = 5120
llama_model_load_internal: n_mult = 256
llama_model_load_internal: n_head = 40
llama_model_load_internal: n_layer = 40
llama_model_load_internal: n_rot = 128
llama_model_load_internal: ftype = 9 (mostly Q5_1)
llama_model_load_internal: n_ff = 13824
llama_model_load_internal: n_parts = 1
llama_model_load_internal: model size = 13B
llama_model_load_internal: ggml ctx size = 0.09 MB
llama_model_load_internal: mem required = 11359.05 MB (+ 1608.00 MB per state)
llama_init_from_file: kv self size = 1600.00 MB
AVX = 0 AVX2 = 0 AVX512 = 0 AVX512_VBMI = 0 AVX512_VNNI = 0 FMA = 0 NEON = 1 ARM_FMA = 1 F16C = 0 FP16_VA = 1 WASM_SIMD = 0 BLAS = 1 SSE3 = 0 VSX = 0
INFO:Loaded the model in 41.01 seconds.

Any advice on how I can improve this whole setup given my machine type especially appreciated!
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2023.05.31 00:40 elliottmarter Unmanic seems to fail certain files with "Filtering and streamcopy cannot be used together."

Asking here as I was not sure if there was a more specific place for this...
Basically a pretty simple unmanic setup, just doing x264 > 265.
I have already done 95% of my library but the last 15 films keep failing with this error
Filtergraph 'hwupload=extra_hw_frames=64,format=qsv' was defined for video output stream 0:9 but codec copy was selected. Filtering and streamcopy cannot be used together. 
I can see posts online with all sorts of custom ffmpeg commands and what not, I really don't want to start messing with it honestly...
Any idea why these last few are failing?
The library literally has only these plugins applied
I have passed through --device=/dev/dri to the docker container.
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2023.05.31 00:30 tender-heart-33 Lug nut fell off after new tires put on

Lug nut fell off after new tires put on
I got new tires on less than a month ago. I noticed yesterday one of the lug nuts has fallen off. Upon closer inspection, the lug nuts on that tire do NOT match the ones on the rest of my tires. I took it back and he told me that the “caps” fall off when it’s hot outside. (Imo that’s a lie, they’re just the wrong lug nuts?). He said they could have fallen off whenever I was driving it, and said it wasn’t their fault the lug nut fell out either. I told him I’ve had this car for 5 years and this has never happened to me, until they changed my stuff.
After I got firm/upset he agreed to change all 4 lug nuts on that tire. Is there anything else I should be doing or asking for? He said he’d replace them for free. I’m wondering if should be asking for a refund, or making sure nothing else was damaged in the process. Any advice welcome!
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2023.05.31 00:22 SavingsSpare8104 The Ultimate Guide for Nail Professionals: Nail Files vs. Nail Buffers

The Ultimate Guide for Nail Professionals: Nail Files vs. Nail Buffers
It takes a combination of artistic talent, technical understanding, and skill to create beautiful nail designs. Knowing the tools and supplies you use to get the results you want is one of the most crucial components of your job as a professional in the nail industry. Additionally, nail buffers and files are two key instruments for getting flawlessly nail tech supply store near me manicured nails. These instruments aid in giving the nails a polished and expert finish by helping to shape, smooth, and improve their appearance. Although these tools can appear straightforward, understanding their distinctions and learning how to apply them skillfully can have a big impact on how well your job turns out.

What Makes Nail Buffers and Files Different for Perfect Nail Care

1. Nail filings

The appropriate tools are essential for a faultless manicure when it comes to nail care. Particularly important in shaping and smoothing the nails are nail files. They have many sizes and shapes, such as straight, curved, and angled ones. In addition, a variety of materials, including classic emery boards, metal files, and glass files, are utilized to manufacture nail files.
It's crucial for a professional to have a variety of nail files with various grits. The ideal grits to use for shaping and shortening nails are lower grits, such as 80 to 120 grit. Higher grits, such as 240 to 600 grits, on the other hand, are used to refine and smooth the edges of nails. It's crucial to keep in mind though that using a nail file with a grain that is too low will harm the nail. Therefore, it's crucial to pick the appropriate grit for the job at hand.
That is to say, getting the perfect manicure depends greatly on the size, shape, and material of the nail file. It's crucial for a professional to have a variety of nail files with various grits to accommodate.

nail art supplies near me

2. Nut Buffers

Nail buffers are crucial to having nails that are salon-quality. Nail buffers are intended to give nails a polished and shining appearance, in contrast to nail files, which are used to shape and smooth the nails.
Sizes and colors of nail buffers range from small, portable buffers to bigger, salon-quality buffers. Typically, they are constructed of foam or fabric and covered in various abrasives, such diamond dust or microfiber. When selecting the best buffer, the grit of the buffer is also a crucial aspect to take into account. Higher grits are used to polish and shine the nails to a mirror-like perfection while lower grits are utilized for shaping.
It's also crucial to remember that selecting the proper buffer is only one of many factors to consider while buffing nails. It's important to be delicate and not overdo it when buffing because doing so too frequently or vigorously can harm the nail bed. If used correctly, nail buffers can help you grow healthy, attractive nails without the expense of salon services.
In conclusion, nail buffers are a useful tool for giving your nails a polished, beautiful appearance. It's essential to comprehend the many nail buffer sizes, colors, and grits in order to select the one that best suits your needs.

Materials and Shapes for the Best Nail Artwork

Each type of nail file is made to satisfy a particular requirement and is available in a variety of shapes and materials.
The shapes of nail files that are used what's the best gel nail polish brand most frequently are rectangular, oval, and half-moon. The most adaptable nail files are rectangular ones since they let you precisely shape and smooth your nails. Oval and half-moon nail files, on the other hand, are great for shaping the nails and getting into confined spaces.
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2023.05.31 00:15 jelkyanna SQLAlchemy library fails to install on Linux server

I tried to install sqlalchemy library on my company linux server with this code python3 -m pip install sqlalchemy but I got the following error:
Collecting sqlalchemy
Using cached
Requirement already satisfied: importlib-metadata; python_version < "3.8" in /uslocal/lib/python3.6/site-packages (from sqlalchemy)
Collecting greenlet!=0.4.17; python_version >= "3" and (platform_machine == "aarch64" or (platform_machine == "ppc64le" or (platform_machine == "x86_64" or (platform_machine == "amd64" or (platform_machine == "AMD64" or (platform_machine == "win32" or platform_machine == "WIN32")))))) (from sqlalchemy)
Using cached
Requirement already satisfied: zipp>=0.5 in /uslocal/lib/python3.6/site-packages (from importlib-metadata; python_version < "3.8"->sqlalchemy)
Requirement already satisfied: typing-extensions>=3.6.4; python_version < "3.8" in /uslocal/lib/python3.6/site-packages (from importlib-metadata; python_version < "3.8"->sqlalchemy)
Installing collected packages: greenlet, sqlalchemy
Running install for greenlet ... error
Complete output from command /usbin/python3 -u -c "import setuptools, tokenize;__file__='/tmp/pip-build-cafbcm69/greenlet/';f=getattr(tokenize, 'open', open)(__file__);'\r\n', '\n');f.close();exec(compile(code, __file__, 'exec'))" install --record /tmp/pip-7zmr4km1-record/install-record.txt --single-version-externally-managed --compile:
running install
running build
running build_py
creating build
creating build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6
creating build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
creating build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
creating build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/ -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
running egg_info
writing src/greenlet.egg-info/PKG-INFO
writing dependency_links to src/greenlet.egg-info/dependency_links.txt
writing requirements to src/greenlet.egg-info/requires.txt
writing top-level names to src/greenlet.egg-info/top_level.txt
reading manifest file 'src/greenlet.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'
reading manifest template ''
warning: no previously-included files found matching 'benchmarks/*.json'
no previously-included directories found matching 'docs/_build'
warning: no files found matching '*.py' under directory 'appveyor'
warning: no previously-included files matching '*.pyc' found anywhere in distribution
warning: no previously-included files matching '*.pyd' found anywhere in distribution
warning: no previously-included files matching '*.so' found anywhere in distribution
warning: no previously-included files matching '.coverage' found anywhere in distribution
writing manifest file 'src/greenlet.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'
copying src/greenlet/greenlet.cpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_allocator.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_compiler_compat.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_cpython_compat.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_exceptions.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_greenlet.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_internal.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_refs.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_slp_switch.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_thread_state.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_thread_state_dict_cleanup.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/greenlet_thread_support.hpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/slp_platformselect.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet
copying src/greenlet/platform/setup_switch_x64_masm.cmd -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_aarch64_gcc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_alpha_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_amd64_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_arm32_gcc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_arm32_ios.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_arm64_masm.asm -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_arm64_masm.obj -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_arm64_msvc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_csky_gcc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_m68k_gcc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_mips_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_ppc64_aix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_ppc64_linux.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_ppc_aix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_ppc_linux.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_ppc_macosx.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_ppc_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_riscv_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_s390_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_sparc_sun_gcc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_x32_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_x64_masm.asm -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_x64_masm.obj -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_x64_msvc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_x86_msvc.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/platform/switch_x86_unix.h -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/platform
copying src/greenlet/tests/_test_extension.c -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
copying src/greenlet/tests/_test_extension_cpp.cpp -> build/lib.linux-x86_64-3.6/greenlet/tests
running build_ext
building 'greenlet._greenlet' extension
creating build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.6
creating build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.6/src
creating build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.6/src/greenlet
gcc -pthread -Wno-unused-result -Wsign-compare -DNDEBUG -O2 -g -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions -fstack-protector-strong --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -grecord-gcc-switches -m64 -mtune=generic -D_GNU_SOURCE -fPIC -fwrapv -fPIC -I/usinclude/python3.6m -c src/greenlet/greenlet.cpp -o build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.6/src/greenlet/greenlet.o
unable to execute 'gcc': Permission denied
error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
Command "/usbin/python3 -u -c "import setuptools, tokenize;__file__='/tmp/pip-build-cafbcm69/greenlet/';f=getattr(tokenize, 'open', open)(__file__);'\r\n', '\n');f.close();exec(compile(code, __file__, 'exec'))" install --record /tmp/pip-7zmr4km1-record/install-record.txt --single-version-externally-managed --compile" failed with error code 1 in /tmp/pip-build-cafbcm69/greenlet/
I wonder what's going on? How can I fix it so that I can install the library? My company python version is 3.6.8. I was able to install this library on my local Windows.
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2023.05.30 23:54 Gogoito Advice please: 1yr old getting on dog's nerves.

Hello! I'm new to reddit so please forgive me if I did anything wrong. Happy to repost if incorrect...
Ok, so I have a one year old boy and am living in a house with three doggos, 2 of which are very small and generally just avoid my energetic, increasingly mobile baby. The 3rd is a medium-sized girl dog. She's a Portuguese water dog and has always been super friendly and gentle with my baby. She will not let ANYONE take a ball from her but she'll let my son take it right out of her teeth. Up until recently, she tolerated him smushing his way into her doggie bed, trying to cuddle with her, and even his increasingly, um, enthusiastic behavior, by which I mean, basically he's been getting more aggressive... He hits and grabs her fur and I always run to try to intervene and attempt to correct the behavior and am consistently surprised by how unbothered she seems... But the last couple days, I've noticed what I feel like is a shift. She's getting irritated with him quicker. He'll come up to her to play and she'll start licking her lips, yawning, making noises that don't sound friendly... And then today she made two moves to bite him (not actually bite him but like snapped at him. Kinda seemed like a warning shot). So now I've separated them...
To be clear, I never leave them alone unsupervised. But in the past I've been generally trusting with them playing with each other. I've never felt the need to separate them before. Now I'm getting increasingly worried that soemthing is off.
Now in terms of what I've tried. I've tried to stop my son every time he's does something aggressive or hurtful to the dog (slapping, hitting, pinching her fur) and take the time to teach him gentle petting (we say "be gentle..." and physically take his hand and guide him to pet her softly with an open hand. And then I also show him me petting her softly too.) But he's just turning 1 and he's simply not getting it. He's excited and loves the dog. They've been partners in crime since he learned how to crawl. Up until the last couple days they play with each other seemingly peacefully and lovingly (he'll throw a ball and she'll catch it and actually bring it back to him! She does that for literally no one else) and he's just so excited to play with her. I know his agro behavior is coming from a place of excitement and learning his own body and all the new things it can do, but I'm scared he's gonna push her too far. I don't know what to do to better teach him to be gentle, and/or teach her not to bite my baby under any circumstances. I don't know if he's just too young and I need to keep them separated until he's older. Or if just supervising them very very carefully at all times is really the only thing I can do.
What do you guys think? Is there anything I can be doing better? The dogs aren't mine. They are my family's and I moved back home when I got pregnant. I was initially scared to have the dog around him as an infant because the dog is not particularly well trained. She jumps on you, barks at everything that moves, does not listen to commands even if you're holding treats. I even convinced my family to hire a trainer because I was so nervous but after 6 sessions and a lot of money nothing stuck so I think we collectively gave up. But I'll be honest, after the infant phase I saw how gentle the dog was with my baby and a lot of my nervousness subsided because they're just so good with each other. We've lived here all of my son's life and up until now they've been so loving with each other. I know maybe this is just a natural part of a baby turning into a toddler and you kinda just gotta be safe and ride it out, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything, should be doing, or best practices to teach both/either sides safe and kind behaviors.
Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm not a dog person so I get there's a lot I don't know but I'm trying to be a good mom. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 23:35 Wonderful-Insurance9 Any good ideas on how to take the lugs nuts off they are seized to the aluminum rim. I tried some heat not working maybe a nut buster

Any good ideas on how to take the lugs nuts off they are seized to the aluminum rim. I tried some heat not working maybe a nut buster submitted by Wonderful-Insurance9 to DieselTechs [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:06 Lonely_white_queen The bloody ghost

There is no chance we could have prepared for this, the Winged Empire has found something AGAIN we hadn't planned for, and now as we are slowly picked off all I want to do is punch my commander in the face.
This entire debacle started about two months ago now. I was leading the spearhead into the enemy lines, and for months before we had been pushing them back easily.We thought within another year we would have humanity off that planet. It might take a century to crush the Winged Empire and another to destroy the remnants, but we would win.
That was till I retrieved the report that ended it all. Our flack and anti-air teams had been strong for months, even with how mobile the enemy's aircraft was, but our adaptation of their anti-air systems made them easier to kill. Then our anti-air teams suddenly came across a target they found impossible to kill.
The aircraft moved without reason, no pilot could ever control it, it moved more like a bird than a plane, its wings moved independently, each metallic surface bending like flesh. Yet it clearly wasn't, it flew over our gun emplacement at Mach speeds dropping bombs and firing missiles, yet from the reports something was wrong. I refused to believe it till I saw it but I couldn't go to our anti-air lines as I was needed in the front.
Although my lead of the campaign quickly came to an end, our anti-airlines had been thoroughly dismantled and our resupply was stopped by this one aircraft that had quickly been joined by many of its kind.
It was on our final push attempting to gain new fronts in the enemy lines when I first saw the beast.
The first thing to happen was the enemy lines fell quiet as we charged into their trenches only to find they were empty. Along the trench walls, falls guns were set up and every gun had a crude system set up where a weight filled with water would slowly pull on the trigger till it fired.
As we walked through the trenches trying to find any intel we could send back to base.
It's then we heard the beast for the first time. I came running out of the trench to the sound of something crashing in the center of no-man's land, only to see a ghostly white creature standing there. I wasn't instantly proven my men were not wrong, it was colossal about twice the size of a normal human aircraft but supported itself on several small spindly feet. Four were on the end of what I assume were its wings while another two were at the end of its tail on long thin legs.
The creature looked at us with curiosity. I couldn't see its eyes as it was clearly an aircraft originally I assumed they were behind the windshield while two colossal engines came out of its body ahead of its tail legs.
Slowly I clambered up onto the top of the trench and walked towards it holding out my hand trying to calm the creature. My men instantly started to call it the blood ghost, I had no idea why they called it that the only part that made sense was the ghost part as the entire creature was white except the tip of the engines and the frame of the windshield.
As I drew closer the creature opened its mouth, I suddenly understood why my men had called it the blood ghost. As it shifted its wings opened showing blood-red threads of skin and the inside of its mouth was entirely red.
“Do not treat me like a mindless beast foe of my masters. Why do you fight, warriors of the false empire.” I recoiled in fear and surprise as the beast spoke in perfect Terran standard.
“Y-you can talk?” For a moment the beast seemed to think about whether it should speak or not. “Answer my question alien, your answer will determine if you live or die.”
I stood for a moment thinking of an answer and only came up with one. “I fight because those are my orders, if I do not my family and I will be punished.”
The beast reared up on its hind legs. “Such a pathetic reason, you hold no ideals of your own, you only fight for your own desire, I always question my master's orders but I see the dragon empress was right. So as the monarch of the Aerodargon, I will put the mindless animals down.”
I froze up as the beast lunged at me biting down on my arm, it lifted me up into the air as with many smaller arms I hadn't seen before reached into the equivalent of a bomb bay in its stomach and removed several missiles.
It finally bit down on my arm fully and tossed me away like a ragdoll into the trenches as it began to toss the missiles at my men like javelins, as along its nose on the left side a section of its skin peeled back with a metallic clink before the sound of a rotary cannon spinning up was heard and bullets began to fly from it.
Several of my men instantly started to fire back, our plasma rounds bouncing off its skin or simply sizzling away.
As my soldiers quickly fell they started to run from the fighting, a few of them grabbed me as I bled out and dragged me into the tree line to escape.
As we vanished into the trees, the beast relaxed and watched us as we left, as if it was stalking its prey. “I've hunted prey much deadlier than you on Earth, and an Aerodargon never forgets its prey.”
We hoped the beast was bluffing, no animal could hunt its prey as far as we ran, as I and my men healed our wounds we found a disturbing truth, many of my men who were struck by bullets found that the bullets we pulled out were actually teeth, about 20 cm long and 5 wide they were colossal but nowhere near as large as the ones in its jaw.
As we stayed hidden in the woods we knew our assault had collapsed as we watched our starships fall from the sky. So we devised a plan, there was a logistics point within a nearby city that we should be able to call a rescue ship. But we had to split into small groups to avoid that beast and military patrols.
Slowly we made our way to the city, over the weeks-long march we lost many men, by the time we had started with 80 men, and by the time we got to the supply point, there were only 30 of us remaining.
We did our best to get in contact with our forces, as one by one we were picked off by snippers, but every time we tried to get through our communication either were blocked or just couldn't find their target as our fleet slowly was pushed further back, our failure on this world had created a domino of failures.
We had no options further except to surrender or fight our way out, and neither was possible with our orders, but the beast's question to my surprise sat in the back of my mind.
With no way out we decided to take the honorable exit, one by one my men took their own lives disintegrating their bodies with their plasma pistols till I was the last one left.
I stood for a moment between the piles of ashes, looking up into the buildings I could see maybe a hundred glints of snipper scopes.
But as I was ready to take my own life I heard it again, the engines of that beast getting louder before it shot over me, a white and red streak shot through the air circling the courtyard I was standing in before it came to land on a skyscraper its many claws digging into the steel frame causing tonnes of rubble to fall to the streets below.
Again I found myself enthralled as I watched the beast change from the rigid perfectly shaped form of an ancient Terran aircraft to the beast, hundreds of blood-red tendrils stretched between the wings that formed its arms and the main body.
In a display of power, the beast clambered up the tower till it was at its peak and just looked at me. It didn't smile, laugh, grin or anything, it didn't attack or move, it just sat clinging to the tower breathing as it looked at me.
In anger I brought my pistol up to the beast ready to fire on it but before I could several sniper shots all at once pierced my head.
As the body fell to the ground the Aerodargon jumped from the building landing on the street below tossing up dust. Its white body emerged from the dust cloud as one of the snipers came out from the buildings.
For the moment the Areodargon stood in front of the body before leaning down and biting on his feet, tossing his body into the air and opening its jaw letting the body fall into its maw swallowing it whole.
Slowly the snipper walked up to the Aerodargon and ran their hand along its cold skin. “You ident take too long to think of eating that one Arolan. Something different?”
Arolan snapped his head around defensively bearing his teeth, caught off Garud by the snipper as he had been so indulged in eating the body. As soon as he realized who was there, he relaxed as he stood up on his legs to their full height.
“This man had no soul, he was nothing more than a robot taking orders so I treat him as such.”
“Hummm, we're lucky to have your kind on our side.”
“I am not loyal to your kind, Tailon. I am loyal to my makers, I am loyal to you only as long as you are loyal to humanity. Do not take my peace with you as loyalty, I would consume you just as readily.”
Tailon walked around in front of Arolan tossing her rifle over her back. “Yes, but I am loyal to humanity, I was born under the winged empire's wing, I would die before going back to the curse my parents saw under the first empire.”
Arolan looked down at her for a moment before chuckling. “You are the only one to speak to me so brashly Tailon, your strong soul is why I indulge you so willingly, now, let us return to the enterprise before we are left on this barren rock for the rest of the war.”
Hopping into the air the twin engines that were a part of Arolan’s body burst into life sending a warm gust of air across the land as he shot into the air leaving Tailon behind for her to walk over to a transport truck the other snippers were clambering into.
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2023.05.30 22:57 livepokertheory OOP 3-Bet Vs Loose Defender 100BB,

Hi Poker_Theory,
I'm back again with some more simulation reviews. This time we're looking at 49 flops at 100BB after we've 3-bet from OOP against an opponent who's calling us a bit too wide. The OOP range is a 9% based on some SB vs MP open charts, the defend is basically most suited big cards, lots of suited connectors, every pair, decent number of offsuit broadways.
The game is roughly a 10/20 game where OOP 3bet a $60 open to $240, IP calls, so pot's around $500 and stacks around 1750. While this is a specific configuration, I do think a 3.5 SPR tight 3bet against a loose call is close to a lot of other spots such as a big squeeze where a limper gets stubborn and wants a flop.
On the flop we can get 25% pot, 75%, pot, or 150% pot.

Key Takeaways
I also did analysis of the same spot for 50BB and 200BB, both of which have some pretty significant changes. These posts are paywalled, I'm hoping to get some support to keep making this content.
I'm also continuing to improve the trainer, instead of just drilling endless spots I'm turning ranges into flashcard decks that can then use spaced-repetition algorithms to optimize your review. I'm curious if people are more interested in the content or the trainer. Message me on Discord, Twitter, or here with any feedback, thanks.
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2023.05.30 22:37 chuckhustmyre [TH] MIRROR IMAGE by Chuck Hustmyre

Sometimes when you look into the mirror, the mirror looks back.
William Bailey's forehead shattered the mirror like a sledgehammer. The last thing he remembered before he blacked out was the feeling that he was falling through the mirror. Sub-cranial hematoma, a concussion, maybe even a cracked skull--that had to be the reason for the strange feeling. The mirror was mounted on the wall just to the right of the bar, four feet tall by about three feet wide. As consciousness slipped away, common sense and his strong belief in the rational world told him that he couldn't fall through the mirror. He must have bounced his head off the wall and be falling toward the floor.
It seemed like just a second or two before William's eyes popped open. He lay on his back, on the hard wood floor of Fausto's, with Johnny Davis towering over him. Big Johnny probably wanted to finish him off, maybe kill him, and finally end their twenty-year-old feud. Either Big Johnny Davis and the ceiling lights above him were spinning, or William's head was spinning, but either way something wasn't right.
He raised his head and looked to his left, toward the bar. Except the bar wasn't there. Instead, he was staring at the bathrooms. That didn't make sense. It must be his brain that had gotten spun around. William turned his head and peered over his size-ten wingtips at the busted mirror. The wooden frame and most of the glass still clung to the wall, the rest sat broken on the ground. The bar had to be on his left. He looked again, and still saw the bathrooms. A brain bruise, maybe some fluid pressure building up might be the cause of it.
"Get up!" Big Johnny Davis said.
William looked up at him. Johnny stood behind him, just beyond his shoulders. Perfect place for him to stomp my head into the plank floor. Except Johnny Davis was holding out his hand.
"Come on, we've got to get out of here."
Davis looked scared. It was the first time William Bailey could ever remember Johnny Davis looking scared. William had always been scared of Big Johnny, but Big Johnny wasn't scared of anything or anyone.
Police sirens wailed in the distance.
Johnny glanced over his shoulder. William craned his neck to look where Johnny was looking, saw he was staring at the front door like a man terrified something bad was going to come through it. Big Johnny looked down at him again and pumped his hand. "Come on, get up. They'll be here any second."
"Who?" William asked. "Who'll be--" But before he finished, Big Johnny Davis reached down, grabbed him by both arms, and jerked him to his feet.
As he was dragged toward the door by the only man in town who truly hated him, William glanced up and saw the rusted metal sign nailed above the door. He had to have a concussion, probably severe; that had to be it, because the letters on the sign were backward. It said TUO.
As Johnny Davis pulled him out the door, William heard tires skid on the pavement.
"Where's your car?" Johnny asked.
William twisted away from the big man's grip, then turned to his left. "In the alley." He started to run, still not sure exactly what he was running from.
Behind him, Big John shouted, "The alley's over here."
William kept running but turned his head back toward Johnny. "I know where the alley--"
Something hit him across the midsection and toppled him to the ground. He got his hands up just in time to break his fall and managed to keep his head from slamming into the sidewalk. When he looked up he saw a shopping cart tumbled onto its side.
Once again, William found himself lying flat on his back, this time amid the spilled contents of the cart. It had been filled with junk: paper bags full of dirty clothes, canned food, bags of potato chips, a diamond shaped, orange road sign, and other trash that looked like it had been collected from back alley garbage bins.
The homeless man who'd been pushing the cart was scrawny, and wafer thin. His skin was the color of old shoe leather, and he wore a long gray beard, tangled and matted with food and bits of filth. He was sprawled on the ground next to his cart, half sitting up, staring at William with his bright blue eyes.
Car doors slammed, men shouted.
"You better get going," the homeless man said, as he cocked his head. "The police after you?"
Before William could assure the old man that the police weren't after him--he was a respected businessman and family man--someone behind him grabbed him under both arms and pulled him to his feet. William turned and found himself staring into the face of Johnny Davis. "The alley's that way," Johnny said, pointing to the other side of Fausto's. With one hand gripping William's jacket, Johnny dashed across the front of the bar toward the alley. The alley--right there, plain as day--on the other side of Fausto's, right where it shouldn't be, where it couldn't be. William had been here a thousand times. As you stepped out of the bar, the alley was on the left, Brockton's Ace Hardware on the right. Now everything was mixed up and in the wrong place.
Johnny Davis turned down the alley, dragging William behind him. After just a few steps, a spotlight flashed in front of them.
"Stop!" a voice commanded. "Get on the ground."
William couldn't see because Johnny was in his way. "Who's that yelling?" he asked.
Big Johnny stopped and William plowed into his back.
"Get on the ground," the voice boomed again.
William poked his head out from behind Johnny Davis's back. The blinding white light was in his face. He couldn't see a thing.
Big Johnny sagged, then crashed to his knees. Instinctively, William bent forward and grabbed hold of Johnny. "What's the matter?"
More pops.
Johnny's big hand reached out and shoved William back toward the street. "Back door," he wheezed, then plunged forward onto his face.
William stood alone. Behind the white spotlight he saw blue police lights flashing. He was totally exposed.
He saw flashes--little yellow spurts of flame--as something tugged at his jacket.
William had said "back door." What back door? Fausto's had a back door, but it didn't lead anywhere except to the open space behind the building used for trash and deliveries. Twenty feet of asphalt between the bar and the back of the building on the next block. William had parked his car at the end of the alley, but the police cars--or whatever they were--had the alley blocked off. The building behind Fausto's also had an alley that ran alongside it, but the owner had closed it off to keep the bums out. He'd put up a gate, padlocked it, and topped it with razor wire. It was a dead end.
Two more pops. Dead end or not it was better than standing here and getting shot. William turned and ran. He burst through the front door of Fausto's, dashed through the bar, past the shattered mirror, hit the back door at a dead run, and was outside behind the bar within seconds.
He could see the tail end of his car sticking out from the corner of the building, but with the cops blocking the alley, his car was useless to him. William glanced across the open space to the alley that ran next to the other building. The gate, the padlock, the razor wire--all still in place. To his right an overflowing garbage dumpster sat beside the back of Fausto's, jammed against the fire ladder.
The fire ladder.
An iron ladder bolted to the cinderblock wall.
William looked up. The top of the ladder was lost in shadow, but he knew it went up two stories to the roof. Last summer, when the toilet had stopped up, he'd come out back to take a leak and had stood behind the dumpster, peeing against the wall like a kid, one hand draped over the bottom rung of the ladder.
He slipped behind the dumpster. The smell made him gag. The bottom of the ladder was four feet from the ground. William reached up as high as he could, grabbed hold of the third rung, then hauled himself up.
Through the partially open back door came the sounds of heavy feet pounding on the hard wood floor of the bar.
Halfway up the ladder, he was exhausted--and scared. Shaking, he white-knuckled the ladder. Being more than ten feet off the ground terrified him. He needed a break, just a second or two to catch his breath. There was enough moonlight so he could see into one of the second story windows. Inside, junk was piled everywhere. Old barstools, a busted jukebox, furniture stacked almost to the ceiling. Years ago, old man Fausto lived on the second floor, but Jake, who'd bought the place from the old man and had decided to keep the name, used it for storage.
Below him, William heard the back door thrown open so hard it banged against the wall. He scrambled up until he reached the top of the ladder, then hoisted himself over the edge of the roof. Down on the ground a voice shouted, "There he is, up there."
Another gunshot. What the hell was going on?
The unmistakable sound of feet--fast feet, in shape feet, boot shod feet--scurrying up the ladder. Standing on the tar and pebble roof, William glanced around for something he could use as a weapon, shocked he was even thinking of such a thing. A five gallon plastic bucket was all there was. It stood upright, filled with rainwater. He picked it up and peered over the edge. A uniformed policeman was three quarters of the way up the ladder. Two more cops were right behind him.
William looked at the heavy bucket in his hands, thought about just dumping the water onto them but knew it wouldn't stop them. There was only one way to stop them, and that was to knock them off the ladder. He thought about warning them, maybe trying to scare them away. But they were cops. You couldn't scare them away.
So why had they shot Johnny Davis, and why were they shooting at him?
The first officer looked up and saw William staring down at him with the bucket in his hands. Their eyes locked for just a second and the cop stopped. In those eyes that stared back at him, William saw an almost maniacal determination that sent a shiver down his spine. The officer held his grip on the ladder with his right hand while his left dropped to the pistol resting in his gleaming leather holster. In one smooth motion he drew his gun and raised it toward William.
William Bailey tossed the bucket down the ladder. A shot rang out an instant before the heavy bucket thudded into the cop's head. Like a gruesome traffic accident happening before his eyes, William couldn't help but watch as the policeman fell, taking his two partners down with him. The last thing William saw before he turned away was a jumbled heap of black uniforms resting on the concrete below the ladder.
* * *
Hiding in the shadow of a telephone booth, thinking. Home. He had to get home. Had to get back to Marge and the kids. Maybe somehow he could explain what had happened. Vincent, his attorney, he would know what to do--maybe--but he was a civil lawyer not a criminal attorney. He wrote contracts and did personal injury on the side; he didn't get people out of jail who'd killed a cop by dropping a bucket of water on his head and knocking him and his buddies off the side of a building.
As the cab he'd been waiting for pulled up, William stepped out from the dark and climbed into the back seat.
The driver turned around. "Where to?"
William pulled the door shut. "Uptown. 1721 Audubon Court."
"Fare's gonna be about fifteen dollars. After dark, I gotta have the money up front."
"Company policy." The cabbie shrugged. "A lot of drivers been getting stiffed."
William opened his wallet, pulled out a twenty and handed it across the seat. The driver took it and almost slipped it into his cash box, then took a second look at the bill. His face tightened. "What the hell is this?"
With the bill stretched between his hands, the cabbie stared at it for a second then looked up at William. "You're either the dumbest counterfeiter who ever lived or you've been had."
"What you are talking about?"
The driver faced the bill toward William but didn't hand it back to him. "It's printed backwards."
William looked at the twenty-dollar bill in the man's hand. It looked like--it was--an almost brand new bill, nothing wrong with it as far as he could tell.
"Get out of my cab," the driver said.
William didn't know what the man was talking about but knew he didn't want to get out. This cab was his only way home. He reached for the twenty. "If you don't like that one I've got another--"
The driver pulled his hands away. "I ain't giving this back. I got to turn it in to the police." He dropped one hand behind his seat back, then came up clutching a pistol, an old German Luger by the looks of it, the muzzle aimed straight at William's face. "In fact, I bet they give me a reward if I bring you in with it."
William jerked the door handle and rolled out into the street. He sprang to his feet and ran, the driver's yells just background noise. Has everyone gone crazy or is it just me?
Home. He had to get home.
* * *
Rain. Driving, relentless rain. William was just two blocks from Fausto's. In two hours, that's as far as he'd gotten--one block an hour. Police cars prowled the neighborhood, shinning spotlights into every nook and cranny, lighting up every shadow. Everyone in Fausto's knew his name. He'd been going there three or four nights a week after work for years. The cabbie had his address. William had given it to him when he told the hack driver where to drop him.
Ten o'clock at night, with nowhere to go and no way to get there, William sat behind the closed Goodwill store, under an overhang that barely kept the rain off of him.
Huddled in the dark, head sunk between his knees, he hadn't heard anyone approach.
"You don't look so good."
Startled, William looked up, prepared to run again. It was the homeless man he'd knocked over outside the bar. The one with the shopping cart and the leathery skin. William relaxed a little. "Excuse me?"
The man pushed his cart closer. "You're not supposed to be here."
William looked around. "Why not?"
The old man grinned, half his teeth gone.
William found it nearly impossible to tell his age. The guy could be forty and maybe had lived a hard life, or perhaps he was a well-preserved seventy, pickled by a lifetime of booze. William waved him off, expecting a plea for money. "I can't help you."
The old man stopped just a few feet away. "Everything's out of place isn't it?" He had a strange lilting voice. Almost like an accent.
And he was right. Everything was out of place--from Johnny Davis to the cab driver--everything was wrong.
Strapped to the back of the old man's shopping cart was a plastic sign about the size of a loaf of bread. William recognized the sign, the words, the colors, the logo of a local supermarket chain, all were familiar to him, but the letters were backward, unreadable.
Rainwater ran down William's face. He pointed to the sign. "Why's it written like that?"
The old man looked at the sign then back at William. "Like what?" he said, then shuffled away behind his basket.
* * *
The rain came down even harder. William slouched in a darkened doorway across the street from Fausto's. Nothing made sense. Everything was messed up, backward, out of whack. Almost like this wasn't his home, like he was a stranger seeing it for the first time.
But that was crazy. He'd grown up here, gone to Brother Martin High School, dated Jenny Underhill who went to Cabrini, lost her to Johnny Davis, then got her back only to lose her again the first year of college to some kid who drove a Mustang. Two years later William married Marge at Saint Luke's. They had two kids.
This town was his home. He recognized it. He knew the people here, Big Johnny and Zeke, the bartender at Fausto's. But things were different, little things. John Davis for one. In trying to help him, the big man had gotten himself killed. That wasn't John Davis--at least not the one William Bailey had known since seventh grade. Everything looked the same but wasn't. Nothing was quite right.
But they knew him--or someone like him.
A strange sensation crept over him that made the hair on the back of his neck rise. Maybe he didn't belong here. Maybe everything wasn't as it appeared. Maybe this wasn't his home. But if that were true, then whose home was it? Another thought, even scarier seeped through his brain. If he was here, who was there--at his home?
William dropped his head into his hands. Just considering such nonsense was a waste of time. Yet, here he was scanning the street, thinking of going back inside Fausto's, back to that mirror.
Not much time to think about it. The bar closed at three AM and it was already two-thirty. When he'd left--run for his life with Big Johnny--most of the mirror was still in the frame hanging on the wall.
Something about that damned mirror.
But Fausto's was dangerous, so a couple of hours ago William had found another mirror. In the men's room of a twenty-four hour gas station. The Chevron on North Rampart.
He had approached it cautiously, afraid he was going mad. As he peered over the sink into the mirror, he saw what he always saw, his own reflection. Holding up his left hand, he looked at the image in the mirror, at the watch strapped to his wrist. He noticed that the man in the mirror wore his watch on his right hand. Just the opposite.
William stood in the gas station bathroom for twenty minutes before he worked up his nerve. Finally, he took a deep breath, leaned back, then slammed his forehead into the dirt-streaked mirror. The glass shattered and cut his head. Blood dribbled off the tip of his nose into the sink. His reflection stared out at him from the other side of the mirror, blood running down his face, too.
I have gone crazy!
So the gas station hadn't worked out. Ducking police cruisers, William had wandered the streets, his head reeling. What was he doing?
On the sidewalk, he found a sopping wet magazine that the wind had blown up against the side of a newspaper machine. The cover caught his eye. He picked it up. It was printed backwards, the letters reversed, words running right to left. The spine was on the right. As he flipped through the pages, he couldn't read a thing. Then William had an idea.
In the bathroom of an all night restaurant he held the wet magazine up to the mirror. Perfect. The reflected image was normal, spine on the left, words running left to right, all the letters printed correctly. He could read it clearly. But what did it mean?
Then he drove his head into that mirror. The glass cracked. Someone walked in, a skinny waiter wearing an apron. He stood gawking as William leaned over the sink with tears of pain filling his eyes.
The waiter looked at the broken mirror, then jabbed a finger at William's bloody forehead. "What the hell are you doing?"
"An accident," he mumbled, pressing his fingers against the fresh cut.
The waiter turned. "I'm calling the cops."
William Bailey ran.
Now he was huddled in the rain staring at Fausto's across the street. Because he had nowhere else to go.
He stood and walked toward Fausto's. When he was halfway across the street, a police car glided around the corner, headlights reflecting off the wet pavement. The cops in no hurry, just cruising. William forced himself to keep walking, not to run. One foot in front of the other. In the downpour, odds were that the cops wouldn't even recognize him.
But they did recognize him.
The police car slid to a stop as its high beams clicked on and its blue strobe lights started popping. Both front doors flew open.
Like a sinner seeking the sanctuary of a church, William ran straight for Fausto's door. As he burst inside, Zeke looked up from behind the bar. "William! What the hell are you doing here?"
He ignored the bartender, running right past him, eyes focused on the broken mirror and its busted frame hanging on the wall.
Zeke again, "The cops been looking all over for you. Say you killed two officers and--"
Behind him the front door banged against the wall. "Police!" a voice behind him commanded. "Stop."
But William didn't stop. He kept running--running straight for the mirror. Reflected in its fragmented pieces he saw two uniformed police officers behind him, heard their boots pounding on the wooden floor. Just ten feet separated him from the mirror. At full speed he took two strides then dove. He stretched his arms out overhead and tucked his chin into his chest as his feet left the floor.
He felt one hand hit wall and the other strike broken glass. Then his head hit. More glass cracked, more skin split.
* * *
William's eyes popped open. He was staring at the ceiling. Rough voices, even rougher hands. They rolled him over onto his stomach and jerked his arms behind his back. He felt cold steel on his wrists and heard the metallic ratcheting as the handcuffs tightened and bit into his skin.
He tilted his head up and rested his chin against the floor. Blood poured down the side of his face; he watched it pool on the floor then seep between the wooden planks. By rolling his eyes up he could just see the empty spot on the wall where the mirror had hung. Lying on the floor, three feet from his head, was the broken frame and the rest of the glass.
The two cops grabbed his arms and yanked him to his feet, sending waves of pain through his shoulders and wrists. As they spun him toward the door, one of the officers said, "You're under arrest."
"Why?" William asked.
The officer pressed his face into William's. "Murdering your family for starters."
" family." William felt his stomach cinch and his bowels turn to ice. A thought he'd had earlier in the night echoed inside his head. If he was here, who was there--at his home.
As the cops dragged him across the floor, William glanced up and saw the rusted metal sign nailed above the door.
He was home.
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2023.05.30 22:29 xiaolii [H] Lots of Games [W] Trade for Games or Paypal (EU)

Last Updated List: 30/05/2023
I'm primarily looking to trade for games from my wishlist, otherwise I am also open to selling them. I am not interested in games I already have and all games I'm getting are for me and activated on my own account. Other than that feel free to offer your list of Steam games and something I may not have and fulfills my criteria I could/would be willing to trade for it/them.
If you're either trading or buying please state the game(s) you are interested in and your offer (game(s)/list/price).
I kindly ask of you is to be reasonable when making offers to make it a fair trade for both of us.
Let's have a good exchange/trade!
List of games:
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2023.05.30 22:29 xiaolii [H] Lots of Games [W] Trade for Games or Paypal (EU)

Last Updated List: 30/05/2023
I'm primarily looking to trade for games from my wishlist, otherwise I am also open to selling them. I am not interested in games I already have and all games I'm getting are for me and activated on my own account. Other than that feel free to offer your list of Steam games and something I may not have and fulfills my criteria I could/would be willing to trade for it/them.
If you're either trading or buying please state the game(s) you are interested in and your offer (game(s)/list/price).
I kindly ask of you is to be reasonable when making offers to make it a fair trade for both of us.
Let's have a good exchange/trade!
List of games:
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2023.05.30 21:58 Glopuss Supermarket (Coles & Woolworths) specials May 31 - June 6

A selection of items “on special” this week in Coles and Woolworths that may be of interest to some keto followers. Most are processed so not really suitable for “clean keto”. Victorian data, some may not be available interstate. Alcohol (except no carb beer) excluded. Drink prices exclude recycling deposits. If you are doing an online order, also look at the stores' ONLINE ONLY specials as I don't always include all of these, many are multibuys.
‘Locked prices’ might now be considered specials as unlocked prices have increased, but same every week til July so not included as ‘specials’.


Well Naturally chocolate has moved to the Confectionery aisle. Website still stuffed so may have missed items of interest. Please add in comments if you find anything. Does anyone here work for Coles?


30% off PranaOn, Keep It Cleaner & Bodiez# #Excludes Bounce Multi Packs, Keep It Cleaner Bars
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2023.05.30 21:49 jfkf8272 Is it ever GTO to call a larger bet but not smaller one?

I would guess not because with a smaller bet your MDF should allow you to call with a wider range. But what if you have a blocker to the nuts which your opponent represents with a larger bet, which is a worst blocker against a smaller sized bet getting value that does not represent the nuts. Then in this case would having the blocker put it in the top of your range against the nuts/larger bet, but not in the top of your range against a smaller size bet allowing you to call a large bet but fold to a small one. Is this possible?
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2023.05.30 21:23 quackadilybl1p 1200 USD Gaming

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US: 1200 USD Are you open to refurbs/used? Yes How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? Build and battery not important as I'm just going to be lugging it around the house. How important is weight and thinness to you? Not important, see above. Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. The larger the better for my old man eyes. Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. Games - tactical FPS like Isonzo, squad, Insurgency Sandstorm, HLL. Also indie games. If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? Need to keep things at 60 fps medium / high settings. Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Ethernet port is probably important I suppose. Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. Not sure if I'm asking too much for this price range. If I could get substantially more bang for the buck I'd be willing to thrown down $300 more I suppose. 
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2023.05.30 21:09 Carmeloman7_ Thumb Nut Size for the Kraken Z53 on AM5 Bracket

So, I purchased an NZXT Kraken Z53 and received the AM5 bracket via request. I bought the AIO used off eBay and found that the thumb nuts were missing in the package (I did receive the standoffs with the AM5 bracket). I was planning to build everything tomorrow since it is my day off, but I need to know the size thumb nuts I need to buy for these to be compatible.
If anybody could let me know which thumb nuts to get to install the AIO, that would be great.
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2023.05.30 21:03 Infinite_North_1982 [P&P Round 2] LT-010 MARV

[P&P Round 2] LT-010 MARV
General Jurg, a human general, although one might mistake him for an Orc from a short distance, briskly walked through the doors into the armored research division. Spotting Dr. Wyyvirna with his technicians working on a very large magic circle. The General approached quickly, "Doctor, I got word that you were ready for a demonstration of a new light armored scout vehicle, what is all this?" The General was confused, outside the training ground was empty, and there were no vehicles to be seen.
"Ah, General..." the doctor begins, standing and facing him. "Yes, that is correct, however, we also have a much bigger development to share with you!" The doctor says excitedly. Her slight lisp showing through, a common issue when Kobolds speak common. "We've come up with an exciting new tank development method. Utilizing the vast intelligence and powered offered by magical aether!" The doctors tail is now twitching as her excitement grows. "We call it A.I! Aether Intelligence! and we think it'll revolutionize, not only technical developments, but all sorts of magic research and circle writing!" The doctor was nearly jumping up and down where she stood. The General, stood placidly listening.
"I see, and how is this supposed to help us develop tank? And, if it's helping to do so, then where is this tank?" The General was growing in annoyance. "Why am I here, Doctor? There are other important issues to attend to!"
Doctor Wyyvirna's tail droops considerably at the response. "Please, General, allow me to show you how this can be used to help us. The A.I that we speak with via the magic circle interface, will be able to develop or find a vehicle based on our inputs, and then provide us with a test model and plans to build! This means it could pull in designs from many worlds and universes, or we could get a brand new design...maybe something we've never considered! Technology we've never seen!" The General's face doesn't change, he merely crosses his arms and remains stationary.
This seems to delight the doctor. "Are we ready?" Murmurs of "yes" float in quickly from across the room. "Then start it up!" the doctor shouts. Magic from the mages on the outside of the circle poured in, the room growing dark while the red glow of the magical runes grows ever stronger. Building to a near blinding brightness, the light quickly vanishes, followed by a voice from the aether. "Awaiting Inputs.." a light whisper says. The General couldn't tell if the voice came from somewhere in the room, or within his own mind. The doctor and other researchers were writing down runes or taking notes.
"Awaiting inputs...." The voice says again, researcher. "Focus up, people! Add the runes for the tank requirements!" Doctor Wyyvarna shouts, snapping everyone to attention. Researchers start moving quickly, adding runes to the outside of the circle, while the mages chant the written runes to seal them into the circle. Within a couple of minutes they have the weight, size, and armor information entered. They then add the weapon options, engine options. The mages once again pour magic into the circle.
"Inputs accepted....Initiating search...." The voice whispers through the aether, filling the minds of those in the room. A tense silence follows, the long wait to see what will happen. A minute passes, then another A researcher pips up, probably to break the tension "Well?......"
"Search complete...4 matches found.....first match materialization.......complete"
With a sudden "POP", a tank appears outside in the training ground.
Everyone stood blinking for a moment, looking down, Doctor Wyyvirna realizes a spec sheet has also appeared. She reads.. "Uhh...this is the uh, Stoat?. 40 mph top speed, using our 45mm cannon and the v8 engine. Seems that armor is lacking, as well as crew vision. It says this comes from the...uhh...CYOA universe. General?"
The General was already inspecting his sheet. "No, the next one. It had 4 right? How do we do that?"
The mages shift their magic and another sudden "POP". The old tank and spec sheets have been replaced instantly.
"The Weasel MK I, from the Zeta universe. 40 mph top speed using our 40mm autogun and the v8 engine. The front "windows" are armor made clear using a sophisticated magical process. It seems like it would be quite difficult and time consuming to produce such a thing. While the specs seems pretty good, the technology is advanced, and this would be quite difficult to produce in large numbers" Says the Doctor.
"We'll keep this one in mind for a more specialized, limited production vehicle, perhaps. Next!"
Everyone blinks. "Uhhh...that's uhhh....huh" stammers the Doctor. Looking at the spec sheet. "The Samurai, from the Universe CR4P. It uhh, uses the 23mm autogun, the v8, and oddly, is pretty well protected and the fastest so far at 41mph...but uhhh, it looks a bit..." "Derpy?!" the General chimes in, and what use is the thing on the turret?! off? No! Next!"
"Awww, it's cute!" the Doctor exclaims. "Let's see, from the Z Universe, this is the uhh, Moderately Armored Recon Vehicle. They call it, MARV!" The Doctor seems to enjoy this too much. "Well, frankly the specs look great, and it should be easy to make with our current technology. Nothing too crazy to be found"
"MARV uses the 38x388mm cannon with 80 total rounds available. All the ammo is stored within it's domed turret. This turret also houses the commander and the gunner, who also loads. It looks like the driver is the only other crew member. This will mean we can man more units for the same amount of people. And with the 38mm ammo being so available, it should not suffer from any logistical issues."
"Let's see here.... MARV uses the v10, "Dorn" engine to make it as fast as possible. With a top speed of 44+ mph. And for it's ability to climb slopes, all it says is "yes"." The doctor continues
helped along with magic circles for grip
"It can also step up onto the .75m step from a standstill, although it says that the 1m step is too high. It also has 600 liters of fuel stored internally. Also, it uses purification runes on the gas intake system, to reduce the amount of derision and shade thrown by the Dorn." She smiles. "Well the troops will appreciate that!"
"So will our logistics system, being able to use lesser grade fuels or dirty fuels would be a great boon to troops that are way out on the front." The General says, rather impressed so far.
"The domed turret has vision slits spaced around the entire turret, giving excellent 360 vision, as well as giving the commander a periscope, so that the tank can use it to look over hills that is is behind! Well, that's certainly clever!"
"Yes, and if we give that periscope a zoom rune, it could really be used to see quite far distances while keeping the troops safe. Plus there is other magic that could be used to enhance the vision" The General seems to already be marking down some alterations to make to enhance the tank
"The armor protection is within our requirements, with 100+ effective in areas on the front and turret, and moderate armor protection on the sides and rear. With the lightest being on the very top of the turret and bottom of the tank" The doctor finishes.
"Excellent, let's get a crew in to learn this vehicle from front to back. We'll take these plans to the appropriate people to see that they can be built. And then we'll await the word from procurement to see if we can start to build these. Thank you, Doctor. I hope to see great things from the future" With that, the general turns and leaves.

Wow, much longer than I had anticipated, but I hope if you read it that you enjoyed! Cool fantasy version of a tank building competition!
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2023.05.30 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 37 - Welcome committee

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Daniel patted Corporal Seling’ten on the back as he took over the console on the bridge from him, preparing for the day ahead. He checked all the readouts and found that they were all roughly what he was expecting, so he settled down as Hannah'rah did the same next to him.
"Good morning, everyone," Captain Harris began, addressing the whole bridge. "Word has just gone out that all ground operations have concluded, and everyone and everything is safely up in orbit. We're just waiting for confirmation before we depart the system. Make sure you're all ready to jump."
The bridge chorused an affirmative, and Daniel quickly checked his sensors to find them no different to normal, before he looked over his shoulder to Milla, who was apprehensively taking her seat in her humanoid form. A few moments later, the neural interface built into her chair began to extend sensors and non-invasive probes around the back of her neck and the top of her head, and she closed her eyes as the system ran through the standard checks. After a couple of minutes had passed, she nodded to the Captain, confirming she was ready.
"Oprin, I suggest taking one of the spare seats at the back of the room. Passing through a portal can be disorienting the first few times," Captain Harris warned the Langan.
"Of course, thank you for the warning," Oprin replied, sitting down and staring at the planet on the screen.
"Captain, transmission from the Batlow," Lieutenant Commander Sentrela informed her.
"Attention all ships, this is Vice Admiral Braun, we will be jumping in five minutes. Make sure preparations are complete by then," the comms announced.
“Signal our acknowledgement,” the Captain ordered. “Set the ship to jump alert.”
Daniel quickly glanced at the alert lighting as it suddenly lit up with a purple hue, and a single audial alert sounded, indicating the fore and aft compartments should be exited, and airtight doors sealed. The safety precautions were almost always irrelevant, but due to the increased strain on Gaters when jumping large ships, people were moved to the safest place on the ship in case of a failed jump, just in case the initial mana spike of the ship entering the portal disrupted the Gater, or they ended up flagging under the prolonged strain of the full length of the ship being transported.
“Affinity, perform standard jump checks,” Captain Harris instructed the VI.
“Affirmative, Captain,” Affinity replied. “Gater link established. Coordinates locked. All personnel are within safe boundaries. Mana levels are optimal. All systems report green. Final readiness is up to the Gater.”
“Ready,” Milla confirmed.
“Signal the fleet that we’re ready,” Captain Harris ordered.
Daniel looked at his sensors, reading the outputs to see if anything looked off with the other ships, but everything looked within normal parameters. He did notice a sudden spike of EM radiation from the direction of the planet’s moon for less than a second, but when he scrutinised it with other sensors, he found no signs of anything out of place, and a thorough scan with the gravitational sensors confirmed that there was nothing there. He logged the reading for it to be investigated at a later date in case the sensor was malfunctioning after being exposed to heightened radiation for a while, and then looked up as a series of mostly purple flashes appeared on the screens around him as the fleet prepared to jump.
He looked back at Milla as a faint purple portal opened within the ship’s shields, noticing the fierce level of concentration on her face. After a few moments, the ship began to slowly edge forwards, and Milla began to grit her teeth as the prow pierced through the portal, but the system didn’t send out any warnings of portal fluctuations, so the ship continued forwards. Before too long, the purple boundary reached the bridge, causing a flash in the back of Daniel’s eyes, and it carried on to the rear of the ship. He focussed back on Milla to find that she was hyperventilating, and the instant the all clear signal was sounded, she slumped backwards in her chair as the strain lifted off her mind suddenly.
Daniel immediately got out of his chair and ran over to Milla, catching her before she fell out of her chair and alerting everyone around them that something wasn’t right. Captain Harris immediately turned her attention to them, cutting herself off part way through confirming their location. He quickly checked Milla’s pulse and breathing, confirming that she wasn’t in a serious condition. With the Captain’s help, he lowered her down onto the floor, and a medical team rushed onto the bridge, seemingly alerted by another member on the bridge. They performed a few checks of their own, shifted Milla onto a stretcher, and rushed her off to the infirmary.
“Report to the fleet that our jump was successful, but our Gater was incapacitated,” Captain Harris ordered, breaking the silence of the bridge as Daniel returned to his seat.
“Copy that, Captain. Two freighters are reporting the same situation,” Lieutenant Commander Sentrela replied. “Apparently the spike of radiation hitting the spell-based radiation shields once the last tech-based shield emitter passed through was too much for them to bear, and the strain rendered them unconscious.”
“That matches what I’m seeing in the jump data,” Commander Santlen’coln told the Captain.
“Alright, there’s not a lot we can do about that now, and Milla is being taken care of, so we should proceed with the task at hand,” Captain Harris told everyone, turning her attention to the rocky planet nearby, which was covered in large bodies of water and had a noticeable Earth-like atmosphere. “Follow the fleet to the station-”
“Captain, I’m detecting multiple portals opening up nearby,” Daniel warned her as he noticed the sensor spikes. “All but one are Navy transponders…. Captain, it’s The Providence.”
“... Deities…” Captain Harris mumbled.
“... Captain, we’re receiving a transmission from The Providence,” Lieutenant Commander Sentrela warned her. “It seems to be different from the one the rest of the fleet is receiving.”
“Let’s hear it,” she replied.
“Greetings, crew of the Trailmaker, this is Celenamartra speaking, though I am not the only Deity present,” the comms announced as the feed of a gigantic green Dragon appeared on the main screen, adorned with a moderate amount of gold jewellery as she sat upon a padded cushion. “Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on your successful mission. Rescuing another species from extinction is no small feat, even without any major hiccups along the way.”
“You honour us, Goddess,” Captain Harris replied, bowing her head.
“Secondly, I’d like to request permission to come aboard.”
“O- of course!” Captain Harris agreed, locking up firmly.
“Thank you, Captain Harris. You are clear to enter our perimeter for docking,” Celenamartra informed her, cutting the comms.
“... Lieutenant Commander Skrnumm, take us in.”
“... Aye, Captain,” the Dwarf replied, slowly piloting the ship towards the four kilometre long ivory and gold ship, as much a work of art as it was a functional transport.
“Lieutenant Commander Sentrela, what were the other ships told?” Captain Harris asked.
“They were thanked and instructed to head to the station,” Lieutenant Commander Sentrela explained.
“Right. Let’s see what happens. Prepare the guard of honour.”
Daniel stood next to Hannah’rah near the end of the assembled guard of honour, facing straight forwards and listening out for the faint clunk of the airlock doors opening, and catching the sight of a silver Dragon with an artificial wing boarding the ship in a smaller form, followed by what was obviously Celenamartra behind them, with another silver Dragon following up the rear. The procession stopped shortly after boarding the ship, as the Goddess and the Captain exchanged words outside of Daniel’s earshot, and it then resumed, proceeding onwards until the Goddess stopped right in front of Daniel.
“Daniel Hardbrooks, Hannah’rah, please follow me,” Celenamartra requested, her voice soft but with an underlying tone that made them both eager to comply.
Hannah’rah stepped forward without a second thought, but Daniel blinked in disbelief, before suddenly coming to his senses and falling in next to Hannah’rah behind the Goddess. They continued on, quickly reaching the end of the guard of honour, but continuing on deeper into the ship.
“Left here,” Celenamartra instructed her forward guard, turning the group around a corner. “Ok, no need to keep it as formal anymore, and there aren’t any dangers on this ship.”
The guards turned into their humanoid forms and headed to the back of the group without a word.
“Hannah’rah, it’s been a few years, how are you doing?” the Goddess asked.
“I’m doing fine, thank you. I’m sure you already know all the details though,” Hannah’rah replied. “How are you doing?”
“I am doing well as well, thank you. I even managed to lug my main body out here,” the Goddess chuckled.
“... What…?” Captain Harris almost inaudibly mumbled.
“My Mother works for her Champion, so I spent a lot of time around the Goddess as I grew up,” Hannah’rah quickly explained.
“That you did,” Celenamartra confirmed, heading towards the next corner and poking her head around. “Oprin Asten, how nice it is to finally meet one of your kind in person.”
There was a sharp yelp from around the corner as Oprin realised she had been found out, and she slowly appeared from around the corner. “Sorry if it seemed like I was hiding.”
“It’s fine, you were just curious but nervous, I understand,” the Goddess assured her as the group began to walk again. “I’m Celenamartra, and yes, I am a Deity, though not as how you would describe one, am I right?”
“... I don’t think so. To us, a Deity is something fundamental to life, like our star, water, air, and soil.”
“I see. And by our definitions, a Deity is a being with the ability to permanently alter the laws of reality, and does not conform to the normal standards of mortality. For example, this body is little more than a puppet, as my true self doesn’t exist in the material world, nor does it really exist anywhere in particular, it just does. This is my original body though, so while it is effectively little more than a puppet, it is special to me.”
“Original body?” Oprin asked.
“I was once mortal myself, uncountable numbers of millennia ago, long before even the Dwarves first worked metal. This body is the one I was born with, and I’ve kept it alive, even after my ascension. I must apologise for cutting our conversation short, as there is something I must do now, but I promise we can talk more after. Follow me if you wish.”
“That’s ok, thank you for your time,” Oprin replied, glancing at Daniel as she joined him.
The Goddess led the group further into the ship, quickly arriving at the infirmary, and her two guards took their positions either side of the door. One of them flagged Captain Harris and Oprin to wait outside, while the other waved Daniel and Hannah’rah through behind the Goddess. Once inside, all the medical staff quickly stopped what they were doing and stared at the new arrivals.
“Thank you, everyone, for all your hard work. I ask for some privacy with the patient, if that is not disruptive?” Celenamartra requested.
“Of course, Great Keeper of the Forest,” Dr Leresan replied, bowing before her and making Daniel remember that despite being a Dragon, she was strongly associated with nature and life.
Daniel was unsure of what to do now though, as formality made him want to leave the room with the medical staff, but all other signs indicated that he should remain here with the Goddess. He looked up at the Dragon, finding her staring at him, as if expecting an answer.
“Thank you for saving the life of my Granddaughter, Daniel,” the Goddess repeated. "The incident with the Ridgerider would have turned out much worse if you and the Marines didn't board that ship and save everyone."
"Oh, you're welcome. It was just a part of my duty," he replied.
"That may be, but you saved her when I could not interfere, and I am truly grateful. If there is anything I can do for you, let me know," she offered.
"Thanks, but that's not necessary," he replied, wondering if being polite just cost him an amazing opportunity.
"Take your time to think and let me know if you change your mind," she replied, walking over to the side of the bed Milla was resting on.
"Is she going to be ok?" Hannah'rah asked.
"Yes, she's just in a very light coma from the strain and shock on her system. She'll wake naturally in a few hours, but the delay isn't necessary," Celenamartra explained, smiling as Milla's eyes slowly opened. "Don't get up too quickly. You need to rest."
"... Nan?" Milla asked. "... What are you doing here?"
"Originally the plan was to officially welcome the Langan, but when you had your incident, I decided to visit you first instead."
"What happened?"
"A high strain portal incident. You got the Trailmaker safely back in UPC space, so everything is fine now. Just rest."
"Ok…. Where's everyone else?"
"They weren't able to attend at such a short notice for various reasons, nor were they aware this might happen. Your friends, Daniel and Hannah'rah, are both here though," the Goddess pointed out, directing Milla's attention to them as she assumed her humanoid form.
“Hey, you two. I hope I didn’t scare you,” Milla told them as she sat up.
“Not too badly,” Hannah’rah lied, sitting down in a chair next to her bed.
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2023.05.30 20:51 dim_unlucky Samsung 980 Pro m2.nvme 2TB BRICKED/READ-ONLY after firmware update

I've had a Samsung 980 Pro for 18 months. Today I read about the critical firmware update recommended by Samsung (via Samsung Magician) and the whole fiasco around dying 980 pros in general. Lo and behold, I have firmware 3B2QGXA7 on mine, which is the exact vulnerable firmware. I update to 5B2QGXA7 (latest) and all goes well, I restart my pc and go about my business.
2 hours later my pc freezes, though animations (waiting circle and mouse animation) still play out. I'm thinking oh no, the disk has gone read-only. I force a reboot and the BIOS won't see the NVME as a bootable drive anymore.
I load up Ubuntu through a persistent live USB and I was able to extract all vital data because the SSD is still mounted and understood by Ubuntu as a read-only drive. All's well, I had backups too.
From the live Ubuntu environment, GParted throws a lot of errors when scanning the disk (because its unable to write to it). In specific, I see 4 partitions on my nvme: partition 0: (EFI system partition: Unable to read the contents of this file system! Because of this some operations may be unavailable. The cause might be a missing software package. The following list of software packages is required for fat32 file system support: dosfstools, mtools.) partition 1: (Microsoft Reserved Partition - Unable to detect file system! Possible reasons are: > The file system is damaged >The file system is unknown to GParted >There is no file system available (unformatted) >The device entry /dev/nvme0n1p2 is missing partition 2: Basic data partition - Critical Error 0x09 which when googling comes to a raised Read-only flag partition 3: is unused, only 500MiBs.
Anything I can do to revive the disk or is a 0x09 flag permanent? I can experiment with it freely, I've saved all I wanted from that disk.
EDIT: For anyone coming up on this thread in the future, here's a helpful diagnostic by smartmontools that contains some interesting details, e.g. data integrity errors: 500+ in only <3000 hours of use and ~36TB of data read/written: ``` smartctl 7.2 2020-12-30 r5155 [x86_64-linux-5.19.0-32-generic] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-20, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke,
=== START OF INFORMATION SECTION === Model Number: Samsung SSD 980 PRO 2TB Serial Number: S69ENF0R722131T Firmware Version: 5B2QGXA7 PCI VendoSubsystem ID: 0x144d IEEE OUI Identifier: 0x002538 Total NVM Capacity: 2,000,398,934,016 [2.00 TB] Unallocated NVM Capacity: 0 Controller ID: 6 NVMe Version: 1.3 Number of Namespaces: 1 Namespace 1 Size/Capacity: 2,000,398,934,016 [2.00 TB] Namespace 1 Utilization: 1,185,473,441,792 [1.18 TB] Namespace 1 Formatted LBA Size: 512 Namespace 1 IEEE EUI-64: 002538 b711b21296 Local Time is: Tue May 30 19:21:13 2023 UTC Firmware Updates (0x16): 3 Slots, no Reset required Optional Admin Commands (0x0017): Security Format Frmw_DL Self_Test Optional NVM Commands (0x0057): Comp Wr_Unc DS_Mngmt Sav/Sel_Feat Timestmp Log Page Attributes (0x0f): S/H_per_NS Cmd_Eff_Lg Ext_Get_Lg Telmtry_Lg Maximum Data Transfer Size: 128 Pages Warning Comp. Temp. Threshold: 82 Celsius Critical Comp. Temp. Threshold: 85 Celsius
Supported Power States St Op Max Active Idle RL RT WL WT Ent_Lat Ex_Lat 0 + 8.49W - - 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 + 4.48W - - 1 1 1 1 0 200 2 + 3.18W - - 2 2 2 2 0 1000 3 - 0.0400W - - 3 3 3 3 2000 1200 4 - 0.0050W - - 4 4 4 4 500 9500
Supported LBA Sizes (NSID 0x1) Id Fmt Data Metadt Rel_Perf 0 + 512 0 0
=== START OF SMART DATA SECTION === SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: FAILED! - available spare has fallen below threshold - media has been placed in read only mode
SMART/Health Information (NVMe Log 0x02) Critical Warning: 0x09 Temperature: 52 Celsius Available Spare: 0% Available Spare Threshold: 10% Percentage Used: 1% Data Units Read: 48,070,630 [24.6 TB] Data Units Written: 24,763,028 [12.6 TB] Host Read Commands: 360,727,128 Host Write Commands: 322,604,642 Controller Busy Time: 899 Power Cycles: 613 Power On Hours: 4,589 Unsafe Shutdowns: 26 Media and Data Integrity Errors: 587 Error Information Log Entries: 587 Warning Comp. Temperature Time: 0 Critical Comp. Temperature Time: 0 Temperature Sensor 1: 52 Celsius Temperature Sensor 2: 62 Celsius
Error Information (NVMe Log 0x01, 16 of 64 entries) Num ErrCount SQId CmdId Status PELoc LBA NSID VS 0 587 1 0xf0c0 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 1 586 2 0x1005 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 2 585 2 0x6004 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 3 584 2 0xc003 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 4 583 2 0x9002 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 5 582 2 0xc001 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 6 581 2 0x3000 0x4502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 7 580 8 0x0107 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 8 579 8 0x0106 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 9 578 8 0x1105 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 10 577 8 0x3104 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 11 576 8 0x4103 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 12 575 8 0x6102 0xc502 0x000 1717420920 1 - 13 574 8 0x1101 0x4502 0x000 1717420944 1 - 14 573 8 0xa100 0x4502 0x000 1717420920 1 - ```
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2023.05.30 20:37 BjornAfMunso Betterment Camp - Part 4

So, here's the fourth chapter. Sorry for releasing it a bit late, I've had some pretty tough finals. The next chapter might be delayed as well but after that I should be able to get back to my normal schedule of once a week or possibly better. And thanks for the support on my last chapter, your upvotes and comments mean the world to me!
Big thanks to u/Rand0mness4 for proofreading my chapter and to u/SpacePaladin15 for creating NoP and its amazing literary universe.
CW: Descriptions of desecrated bodies (just your ordinary sapient cattle farm)
[first] [previous] [next (hopefully out in about a week)]
Memory transcription subject: Oscar Williams, UN Marine
Date [standard human time]: December 3, 2136
With the hum of the cars’ engines tapering off, everything turned quiet, far too quiet. The only sound bar my own breathing was the wind making its way through cracks in the building’s metal shell. Gunfire should’ve been raining down on us by now. The building in front of was at least the size of a football field and going by the faint, but disgusting, smell of the poor victims, the place was packed. There was no way only the about two dozen scalies we eliminated worked here.
Where was the fight? Were all of them hiding inside? We couldn’t have gotten all of them before, right? Well, there’s only one way to find out where the fuckers were hiding.
Richards lined us up next to the large pair of doors separating us from the farm and a soldier from another squad grabbed a handheld battering ram. I doubted the door would hold after just a few hits with a rock but speed was of the essence. The faster we cleared out the arxur infestation, the more people would survive. I wasn’t about to let anyone else die in that hell. My grip around my rifle tightened and time almost seemed to slow down when the first hit was winded up.
We were quietly signaled to step back from the door and with just one hit with the battering ram the lock was separated from the rest of the door. The force from the hit slammed the door open and we promptly stormed in through the opening. But no gunfire met us. The inside was just as deserted as the outside had been. We had entered what seemed to be some kind of warehouse, large crates strewn throughout the floor and deep freezers lining the walls. At that moment I desperately wished I was a mouth breather. The stench, that had previously been contained by the sheet metal walls, was now flooding into my nostrils. Manure, unwashed bodies, and rotten meat. I tried my best to focus on anything but the freezers but every single wall was covered with them. Wherever my eyes darted, more proof of the murders appeared. A dried splotch of blood, some tufts of fur, a bloody machete.
They took pride in it. Pride in this… They’re going to pay.
We crept through the wide open space, making our way from cover to cover. The dirt floor muffled any sound our footsteps would’ve made and we were only exposed for brief moments. If any arxur caught us, we wouldn’t be caught like a deer in headlights. After one of our many rushes between covers, I ended up next to one of the many freezers.
Oh god. My poor nostrils.
The smell had grown even stronger and when I glanced at the freezer I quickly realized why. It seemed to have lost power, going by the fact that it wasn't cold, and that the lid was ajar. The remains of a person, a person who had friends and family, were rotting away inside. My knuckles were turning white from how hard I gripped my rifle and my teeth felt like they were going to crack due to my jaw clenching so hard. I was going to repay them in kind. Those motherfuckers, wherever they were.
When I stood up, en route to the next cover, my eyes caught a glimpse of the inside of the freezer. Pieces of mangled body parts filled the bottom of the box and a swarm of insects swarmed around something in the middle and-
Parts of yesterday’s meal filled my mouth when I realized what was hiding under the swarm. A severed venlil head with empty eye sockets stared back at me. Blood had dripped down from the sockets, painting long streaks of orange in the white fur. The head’s mouth was locked in an expression of terror and pain and the neck looked like it had been ripped off from the venlil’s body. Part of the spine hung limp beneath the neck and, knowing arxur, I doubted the venlil had been dead during the ripping.
As soon as I found out where they were- Where the hell were the arxur?
Realization suddenly flashed through my mind. Of course those cowards had fled. Fled their just punishment that I had sworn to deliver. My grip around my rifle tightened when I thought about the fuckers running this farm. They’d almost certainly escape justice, and there was in all likelihood nothing I could do about it. If only I could convince Olivia to hunt them down like they deserved.
My train of thought was brought to an abrupt end when we reached the other side of the warehouse. The door on this wall was far smaller, clearly just used by personnel. And it didn’t even have a lock. Maybe they decided to take cover behind this smaller choke point. I immediately squashed the idea in my mind as soon as I thought of it. They weren’t disciplined enough to not rush us with nothing but their natural weaponry.
My theory was quickly being proven true when we rushed into the next room. There wasn’t a single arxur in sight, but the sheer amount of victims more than made up for their absence. We had emerged on some kind of raised walkways, overlooking cramped pits filled with aliens sleeping in the most abhorrent conditions. The air reeked of unwashed bodies, feces, and many other disgusting smells I didn’t even recognize. The victims in the pits looked even worse for wear than the rest of this dilapidated building. Several of the harchen in the closest pit were covered in deep gashes and some even missed entire body parts.
Torture, there was no other explanation. Those fucking crocs.
As I looked around at the other pens, it was quickly made evident that the treatment of the harchen was more of a rule than an exception. Over in another pit, several krakotl had been completely plucked, and what I assumed to be words had been branded onto their backs. Despite my deep hatred for most of their governments, I couldn’t find it in myself to be mad at anyone here. They’d more than likely been captured long before they even knew earth was still inhabitable and even if they weren’t, they still didn’t deserve this torture.
This was so much worse than I thought. Of course it would be horrible but this, how-
Nausea quickly filled my thoughts and before I could even bend over, today's lunch spilled out of my mouth, and I wasn’t alone. At least a third of my fellow soldiers had the same reaction as me.
Good to know I’m not the only empathetic person here. Maybe they’ll agree that the arxur deserve to be treated like their prey after this. Oh, what I would do if I caught any of them.
The krakotl’s hoarse scream sent a shiver down my spine. It sounded like they hadn’t used their voice for years. I hastily pulled up my bandana and checked that my visor blocked my entire face. I didn’t dare think about what would happen if they realized we were predators.
“P- P- Please help us…”
The screaming had quickly woken up the rest of the aliens who were looking at us with a mix of bewilderment, fear and hope. My eyes darted around the pens while my mind prayed that they wouldn’t land on anyone that recognized our ‘arboreal’ eyes. After what felt like the longest five seconds of my life, I finally allowed myself to breathe a sigh of relief. If no one had fainted yet, they probably didn’t know we were human.
“We’ve come to rescue you, you’re going to get out of here. Just stay calm.”
Richards immediately took command of the situation, preventing widespread panic from the aliens.
“T- T- Thank you… Is the f- f- federation winning?”
The brave krakotl who asked us for help clearly thought we were from the federation and I silently thanked god everyone else seemed to believe the same thing. If they didn’t there would be pandemonium. Those poor souls must’ve seen arxur bloodshed every single day. I could barely imagine how terrified they would be if our identity was revealed. In their eyes we would be nothing but another species of predators and this was the worst possible place to try convincing them we weren’t.
“We’re just going to make sure there are no arxur left in the building, then we’re getting you out of there. We’ll be back before you know it.”
Avoiding the question. I really hoped Richards didn’t tip off the aliens about us there. At least she didn’t deny that we were from the feds. As long as we got out of there as quickly as possible, everything would be fine.
“I- I- saw them leaving. They were a- a- angry, and before they l- l- left they- they…”
The krakotl lifted their wing and shakily pointed towards a dark corner of the room as their voice faltered. Some kind of poles with clumps in the middle filled the corner but any more detail was masked under the veil of darkness. Carefully avoiding looking at the flickering lamps filling the building with light, I turned on my night vision goggles and as soon as my brain registered what it was seeing, I wished that I had been born blind. The poles were wooden stakes and the clumps were the mutilated corpses of a dozen aliens. Deep gashes stretched across their abdomen and their intestines were pouring out of the holes. Not even their heads were spared. They were nigh unrecognizable from blunt force trauma and one of the victims still had the hammer buried in their face. Disgust and rage flared up within me, almost stronger than I’d ever felt before. I wanted to vomit and chop arxur into small pieces at the same time.
Why do they fucking exist? Why the fuck do I have to fucking see this. How can someone… do something like this? And why did we let them escape? Wait, the faster I clear this building, the faster we can hunt them down.
“You’re safe now, we’re getting you off this planet. Squad, we’re make sure there are no arxur left on the premises.”
Sergeant Richards’ command immediately pushed me to act. While about half our our force moved to clear out the rest of the building, my squad rushed for the back door at the other end of the cattle pens. We quickly made our way outside into a large yard, the dirt ground stretching several dozen meters from the building before slowly morphing into a field. In the distance, several large piles of timber were piled high next to a large, deforested area. The only feasible place for the arxur to hide on this side of the compound was the shack that stood at the edge of the yard. In contrast to the concentration camp, this building actually looked relatively structurally sound. Thick concrete walls, a door made of something other than sheet metal, and a roof with only a few visible holes. That was incredibly impressive for an arxur.
Just gotta check this shack, then we can start chasing the fuckers.
Following Richards’ directions, we quickly began making our way towards the building. Reminding myself there was no time to spare, I sprinted ahead of the others and squeezed through the slightly ajar door. A loud slam emanated from behind me as the door shut behind me and I emerged into something that almost looked like living quarters. Several bedrolls were laid out on the ground, piles of equipment were scattered across the floor, and a large scaly repti-
They hadn’t left. Those fuckers just laid in ambush, waiting for me to let my guard down. Its hideous body sat on one of the bedrolls, radiating bloodlust. I could feel its eyes bore deep into my soul, sending an involuntary shudder down my spine. Every single part of it was tailor made to kill, and nothing else. It could easily rip off my limbs with its massive claws, and then chop them into tiny pieces with its razor sharp teeth if I was careless.
Can’t be careless then. That fucker isn’t going to walk out of here alive. If I’m going down, it’s going down with me.
I instinctively threw myself to the ground, raising my rifle to take out my target. My rifle was aimed directly at the unarmed creature’s head, through the chain-link fence sectioning off the arxur from me. Just before I pulled the trigger, my brain connected the contradictory information, stopping me from firing from sheer bewilderment.
Why the fuck did that thing not have a weapon? And why were they in some kind of improvised prison?
“Hey! Oscar, the door’s locked. What’s your status?”
David’s voice and a loud banging on the door I just passed through snapped me back to reality. I was locked away from my squad in a room full of arxur. The same species that fucking impailed a dozen people out there. And here they were, right in front of me, behind a chain-link fence. Red flashed before my eyes as I realized what was happening.
They were trying to fool us. And those morons thought I wouldn't notice. They put up that barbed wire, trying to exploit our empathy. We’d try to imprison them, and then they’d strike. And they would have succeeded, had I not been alone.
I slowly stood back up, and shuffled backwards until I stood flush against some kind of railing. The multiple arxur that were hiding behind the chain-link looked at me with unreadable expressions but I could noticeably see their eyes widen as I raised my rifle.
Finally realizing the jig is up? They were going to pay for for the people they fucking impailed, for the venlil whose head they fucking ripped of, and for the fucking cradle.
All I had to do was tell the white lie that they attacked me and open fire. Then my squad wouldn’t be murdered and justice would finally be served. The arxur remained quiet as mice as I prepared to enact justice, probably in shock from their stupid ploy being seen through. I was eternally thankful that they were so stupid. The anger that had filled my entire system slowly melted away, being replaced by satisfaction at their imminent demise. Right as I was about to press down on the trigger one of the arxur began speaking but as I looked for the culprit I saw that all their mouths were shut. The voice was high pitched, almost childlike, and it echoed from… below.
What the-
“Hi, what are you? You look really cool!”
Is Oscar being a bit delusional? Should he analyze the situation a bit more objectively? Possibly, but where's the fun in having completely sane characters.
Anyways, the two protagonists are about to meet. Will said meeting remain entirely civil or will Oscar "accidentally" drop a grenade into the pit? We'll find out next time.
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2023.05.30 20:32 WitchofSpace68 Anyone else not blown away by the action in 4?

So I just watched JW4 with my boyfriend, and I really wasn’t a fan.
I’ve been reading posts here and people seem in agreement that JW4 action scenes were amazing but for me they fell flat so I wanted to discuss and see if anyone else thought the same or if I’m missing something.
So the first fight in the desert, was pretty forgettable tbh. I thought JW3 did a horse action set way better. I think this one just really suffered from not really having any big set pieces in a desert. Like in JW3 you have them maneuvering NYC streets and John doing stuff like going on the side of his horse or using the rope to drag that one guy. In the desert it’s just a straightforward horse chase with John trying to outshoot the other horsemen.
Osaka was a lot better action wise. I loved the scene with the doorbells, I liked Donnies character and his fights, and John and Akira teaming up in that one fight was pretty cool. I just feel like a lot of the “flow” was gone, if that makes sense. Like I could tell it was choreographed and they were fake fighting. It just really took me out and it lasted the whole movie. Overall I’d say Japan was one of my favorite parts of it though.
Berlin was worse. Everyone else just let the Club owner go? No one else wanted to chase him down? I really feel they either should have had this huge drop or the fall down the stairs, not both but that’s probably more a personal thing. And I know the club goers left after the boss got killed but it really took me out to have the party keep going even after gun shots were flying. Like sure witnessing a club fight, but getting hit by bullets meant for some other dude?
Paris just was not my cup of tea barring the dragons breath apartment scene. Again, the choreography was just really obvious and felt fake. One goon at a time type feeling. I also feel like the Tracker was unimportant to the whole movie, and the dog sidekick Schtick had been done way better before. Like instead of being commanded to the “nuts”, Halee’s dogs knew where to bite, what to do with little command, were better prepared for a gunfight, and I felt just had more of an impact.
I know I’m gonna catch flak for this but the Arc scene was the worst offender of “this is very obvious that punches and kicks looking fake”. Maybe I was just too over it by then. Like using the car as shields and breaks to reload was clever, and I liked that John got to “joyride” in a sick car again, but it just felt…overproduced? In a way that I didn’t notice with the other movies. Especially everyone getting hit by the cars, you could see most everyone bracing or doing something in preparation that felt too observable to the audience
Last action scene was the stairs. Again feel the dog fighting was done better before, but did laugh at the dog peeing on the one guy. I think John falling down the stairs was clever to reference Sissyphus, but I can’t lie that I got annoyed because god damn I just wanted the movie to be over by then. I feel like a lot of the scenes just went on way to long, personally. Again a lot of “one cluster of assassins at a time please”. Also, I know movie time works different, especially in John Wick, but the “we have 2-3 minutes to make it” followed by like 10 more minutes on the stairs really took away from the anticipation for me because I was genuinely excited how they would do it so quick but was pretty let down.
I think most of my problem just comes from the break in immersion caused by the fight choreography. It just didn’t feel like a fight like in the other JW movies, but rather like a bad movie fight where nothing is actually connecting or has an impact. This is less so for the fights between named character and more of the grunts, but given the movie is mostly fighting grunts with big bosses mixed in it really took away that enjoyment for me. Please let me know what you all think and your interpretations, what you did and didn’t like. I’m curious to see what others enjoyed about the fights
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2023.05.30 20:24 BackhandQ [NBA Finals Preview] - (WC #1) DEN Nuggets vs (EC #8) MIA Heat - Tale of the Tape

The Finals are here!
And it is a match-up that was on nobody's radar.
Here's a quick preview of how these teams match-up. Only looking at the Playoff stats till date. Throwing the Regular season out the window (just like the Miami Heat have done).
The Nuggets are heavy favourites, and rightfully so. Unfortunately for them, that's exactly how Miami likes it.
So, here we go!
First up, let's look at the Team Statistics.
Team Stat DEN MIA Diff.
FG% .490 .472 DEN + .018
FT% .815 .804 DEN + .011
3pt% .386 .390 MIA + .004
2pt% .548 .524 DEN + .024
TS% .595 .583 DEN + .012
eFG% For .559 .548 DEN + .011
eFG% Against .530 .530 Tied
Stocks Per Game (Stl +Blk) 11.4 11.2 DEN + 0.2
TOV% (opp. TO per 100 poss.) 10.9% 12.7% MIA +1.8%
Off. Rating 121.0 116.3 DEN + 4.7
Def. Rating 112.4 111.9 MIA + 0.5
Off. Reb % 25.6% 21.8% DEN +3.8%
Def. Reb % 81.1% 74.6% DEN +6.5%
0-3ft: FGA % / FG% 19% / 69.3% 21.4% / 70.6% MIA takes more shots within this range, with a slightly better efficiency
3-10ft: FGA % / FG% 29% / 50% 18.2% / 40.6% DEN takes more shots within this range, with significantly better efficiency
10-16ft: FGA % / FG% 8.6% / 50% 14.1% / 45% MIA takes more shots within this range, but with a worse efficiency
16-23ft: FGA % / FG% 7.7% / 42.2% 7.5% / 43.1% Just about even, less than 1% edge to MIA in efficiency
23+: FGA % / FG% 35.6% / 38.6% 38.9% / 39% MIA takes more shots within this range, with a negligible edge in efficiency
Next up, let's take a bit of a deeper dive into the Players and what sort of match-ups we'll see in the Finals.
Position Players (DEN) Players (MIA) Who has the edge?
Center Nikola Jokic Bam Adebayo The Joker. Nuff' said. Bam will have his hands full. That said, Bam is good on his feet, and at the very least can make Jokic work for his points and rebounds. That's his only chance. Bam needs to be competitive and bring it each and every play.
Forwards Michael Porter Jr., B. Brown, J. Green, Aaron Gordon Jimmy Butler, Caleb Martin, Max Strus, Kevin Love The Forward group will be the make-or-break for the Heat in this series. If they can outdo Denver's group, then the Heat will have a strong chance to win. Jimmy is the best of the lot, but Denver's length and versatility could pose problems. I give the slight edge to the Nuggets, but as we saw vs Boston, the Heat forwards can absolutely ball when the chips are down.
Guards Jamal Murray, Caldwell-Pope, C. Braun Kyle Lowry, Gabe Vincent, D. Robinson Murray is the 3rd best player in this series. If he plays like it, Miami will be hard pressed to match his offensive punch. Lowry, Vincent and Robinson all had their moments vs Boston, but can they replicate that output? How healthy is Vincent, that is going to be a determining factor in Miami's guard play. KCP will be important for Denver. He proved vital vs LA and will be required to do so again. There is greater degree of trust and output with KCP vs Duncan Robinson. And that can be a X-factor punch that pushes Denver over the line.
Deep Bench / Possible returns Reggie Jackson, DeAndre Jordan Tyler Herro, Cody Zeller, Haywood Highsmith Miami's deeper options are more playable and fit into their system better than the Nuggets options. It's no wonder Coach Malone just doesn't play these guys. Add to the mix that Tyler Herro might be able to suit up - it could be a huge boost for the Heat.

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