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2015.04.22 06:28 SwagmasterEDP the thicker the skin, the better the roast

Roasting (v.) - To humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback. (As defined by urbandictionary) Hone your roasting skills, meet other roasters, and get yourself roasted! Everybody needs to laugh at themselves! And other people, of course!

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For all things pertaining to Nicolas Winding Refn, be it interviews, movie discussion, or news.

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A place to discuss 20th Century Fox adaptations of Marvel Comics. Fox's first Marvel movie adaptation was X-Men in 2000. This is separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2023.03.22 13:43 AppointmentLeft1966 When seeing your Twin Flame again is very unlikely how do we stop thinking of them?

In my case any sort of relationship is very very unlikely to happen. There is a massive age Gap and other circumstances. I used to have Friends in the area they moved to, well near the same area but I fell out with them so the chances of me ever bumping into my Twin are Slim. I am getting fed up of the burden of knowing what the connection is when most likely they don’t. When I have had Online contact it was me reaching out only to get one email response each time and any follow up emails regarding the subject of what I emailed have not been responded to. (He has an interest in a particular subject and I was asking about the work on it) that in itself was a gateway of communication.
How does one accept the fact “look you won’t see them again” I have had vision type things but as it stands I will chalk that down to me having a period of time where mentally things were not great. Regarding thinking of him all the time do I just accept it as a way of life? You know like making a cup of tea everyday. Is it going to be like this the rest of my life? I have thought about him for 5 Years and to be honest Twin Flame or not we are not immune to limerence romantic or not. I mean will I still be thinking of him when he is not in the land of the living anymore? That is if I don’t die first for whatever reason.
I can’t force 5D stuff or 3D. Any helpful tips particularly those in similar circumstances?
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2023.03.22 13:43 ima_mollusk Question about XO Lore/Backstory

The setting of the game, as I understand it, is a post-apocalyptic Earth. There appear to be no major cities or infrastructure. Resources like scrap metal, plastic, and leftover electronics are so rare they are valuable. And home-made rattletrap weapons are common out of necessity.
But also... nearly every encounter features lasers, plasma emitters, autonomous drones, and force field generators mounted on flying cars.
Square this circle for me?
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2023.03.22 13:42 sleepchamber666 Where to buy media?

Where can i find blast media near me other than tractor supply? Looking for some fine glass beads. Is ordering online the preferred method?
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2023.03.22 13:42 ThinkPerformer9702 Time pass

So i am a 19 M dropper for jee And my last exam is on 4 june After that i will be completely free So i need a grp of friends We can do everything like morning workouts , video games , evening sports , hangouts , etc Currently i am out of station But i live in vaishali nagar near Chitracoot stadium So anyone interested plz tell me Any jeeneetards also here plz tell me
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2023.03.22 13:42 WestwardSquall I signed up for my first AA booth back in September 2022. The convention's in a month, but now I'm in a financial catastrophe.

When I signed up, my husband and I were both working. We weren't making an extravagant amount, but it was enough for us to pay our bills and be able to comfortably fund my first booth. I started getting supplies here and there, but at the beginning of December, he lost his job.
I don't make nearly as much as he did, and it wasn't enough to even pay half our rent, let alone the rest of our bills.
He got a new job in February, but we're so far from recovering. Both our accounts are in the negative, credit cards are maxed out, and we've borrowed nearly $5,000 from both of our parents, just to keep from being evicted.
I put a hold on ordering stuff for my booth, thinking things would be back to normal in time for me to finish buying supplies and prints and such, but it doesn't look like there's going to be time now.
I'm debating calling it. I've put in so much work, time, and money already for it be a total loss, but I'm having trouble seeing this going well anymore. I'll be out about $1,000 from what I've spent already, but if I save the supplies I was able to buy until I get a better hold on things, I'll really just be out the booth rental, which was about $250.
I was so, so excited for this. Now I'm just anxious and defeated.
A part of me wants to keep going, despite the money. If I can just order my prints and get a simple tablecloth, maybe I can swing it. At the same time, I fear that will make my table look half-assed. I don't want to show up looking like I don't know what I'm doing and make a fool of myself.
I've stayed up all night worrying about this. It's almost a quarter to 7 now. I'll talk to my husband and see what he thinks when he wakes up. But in the meantime, if anyone has any advice, or words of comfort or wisdom, please share it with me. Or a picture of a nice pet.
TL;DR I'm wondering if I should quit my first Artist Alley due to developments in my financial situation.
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2023.03.22 13:41 3wiSeguyz Pt. 5 of Preparation for the Latter Rain.

The final scenes of earth history! The last days are NOT sometime in the future that we are waiting to experience, the "last days" are now. Don't wait for the Sunday law to dedicate your life back to God. It is wonderful that God gives us such intricate teachings and counsels to guide us through each day so that we won't be afraid of the signs and wonders that we have seen, that we see, and that we will see.
Prophecy is given by God to prepare us, not to scare us.
I pray these words will be encouraging to you in your walk with God today.
You can find the first four parts on my profile.
Thank you for your time and patience in reading these posts.

GC 445 “When the leading churches of the United States, uniting upon such points of doctrine as are held by them in common, shall influence the state to enforce their decrees and to sustain their institutions, then Protestant America will have formed an image of the Roman hierarchy, and the infliction of civil penalties upon dissenters will inevitably result.”
GC 449 “But Christians of past generations observed the Sunday, supposing that in doing so they were keeping the Bible Sabbath; and there are now true Christians in every church, not expecting the Roman Catholic communion, who honestly believe that Sunday is the Sabbath of divine appointment. God accepts their sincerity of purpose and their integrity before Him. But when Sunday observance shall be enforced by law, and the world shall be enlightened concerning the obligation of the true Sabbath, then whoever shall transgress the command of God, to obey a precept which has no higher authority than that of Rome, will thereby honor popery above God. He is paying homage to Rome, and to the power which enforces the institution ordained by Rome. He is worshipping the beast and his image. As men then reject the institution which God had declared to be the sign of His authority, and honor in its stead that which Rome has chosen as the token of her supremacy, they will thereby accept the sign of allegiance to Rome—‘ the mark of the beast.’ And it is not until the issue is thus plainly set before the people, and they are brought to choose between the commandments of God and the commandments of men, that those who continue in transgression will receive ‘the mark of the beast.’ “
5T 451 “When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power, when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism, when under the influence of this threefold union, our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and Republican government, and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions, then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near.”
GC 449 “…the enforcement of Sunday-keeping in the United States would be an enforcement of the worship of the beast and his image.”
This will mark the fall of Babylon.
This is the real issue.
God’s only answer to the worship of the Beast and his image is the image of God restored in the soul and reflected in the life.
The time of the test is fast approaching. We must prepare now.
7T 141 “The substitution of the laws of men for the law of God, the exaltation, by merely human authority, of Sunday in place of the Bible Sabbath, is the last act in the drama.”
RH May 2, 1893 “The people of the United States have been a favored people; but when they restrict religious liberty, surrender Protestantism, and give countenance to popery, the measure of their guilt will be full, and national apostasy will be registered in the books of Heaven. The result of this apostasy will be national ruin.:
6T 18 “As America, the land of religious liberty, shall unite with the papacy in forcing the conscience and compelling men to honor the false sabbath, the people on every country of the globe will be led to follow her example.”
6T 395 “Foreign nations will follow the example of the United States. Though she leads out, yet the same crisis will come upon our people in all parts of the world.”
GC 591 “Communications from the spirits will declare that God has sent them to convince the rejecters of Sunday of their error, affirming that the laws of the land should be obeyed as the law of God. They will lament the great wickedness in the world and second testimony of religious teachers, that the degraded state of morals is caused by the desecration of Sunday. Great will by the indignation excited abasing all who refuse to accept their testimony.
GC 607 “The church appeals to the strong arm of civil power, and in this work, papists and Protestants unite. As the movement for the Sunday enforcement becomes more bold and decided, the law will be invoked against commandment keepers. They will be threatened with fines and imprisonment, and some will be offered positions of influence, and other rewards and advantages, as inducements to renounce their faith.”
The Great Test
2SM 268 “When the law of God is made void, the church will be sifted by fiery trials, and a larger portion than we now anticipate, will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.”
5T 717 “My brethren, do you realize that your own salvation, as well as the destiny of other souls, depends upon the preparation you now make for the trials before us.
(Review DA 107 last paragraph: DA 173 first paragraph; and Romans 8:14).
7BC 976 “The Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast will be formed before probation closes; for it is to be the great test for the people of God, by which their eternal destiny will be decided.”
GC 608 “As the storm approaches, a large class who have professed faith in the third angel’s message, but have not been sanctified through obedience to the truth, abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition.”
This may be the time that Satan will personate Christ. Read GC 622-625.
2SM 51 “We are warned that in the last days he (Satan) will work with signs and lying wonder, And he will continue those wonders until the close of probation, that he may point to them as evidence that he is an angel of light and not of darkness.”
5T 81 “In this time, the gold will be separated from the dross in the church. True godliness will be clearly distinguished from the appearance and tinsel of it. Many a star that we have admired for its brilliancy will the go out in darkness.”
DA 630 “Those who apostatize in the time of trial will, to secure their own safety, bear false witness, and betray their brethren. Christ has warned us of this, that we may not be surprised art the unnatural, coral course of those who reject the light.”
The Latter Rain and the Loud Cry
GC 464 “Before the final visitation of God’s judgments upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since apostolic times. The Spirit and power of God will be poured out upon His children.”
EW 85, 86 “At the commencement of the times of trouble, we were filled with the Holy Ghost as we went forth and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully ….
“ ‘The commencement of the time of trouble’ here mentioned, does not refer to the time when the plagues shall begin to be poured out, but to a short period just before they are poured out, while Christ is in the sanctuary. At that time while the work of salvation is closing, trouble will be coming on the earth, and the nations will be angry, yet held in check so as not to prevent the work of the third angel. At that time the ‘latter rain,’ or refreshing form the presence of the Lord will come, to give power to the loud voice pop the third angel, and prepare the saints to stand in the period when the seven last plagues shall be poured out.”
6T 401 “…when the storm of persecution really breaks upon us, the true sheep will hear the true Shepherd’s voice. Self-denying efforts will be put forth to save the lost, and many who have strayed from the fold will come back to follow the great Shepherd….
The love of Christ, the love of our brethren, will testify to the world that we have been with Jesus and learned of Him. Then will the message of the third angel swell to a loud cry, and the whole earth will be lightened with the glory of the Lord.”
EW 227-279 “I saw a great light resting upon them, and they united to fearlessly proclaim the third angel’s message….
“The glory rested upon the patient, waiting saints, and they fearlessly gave the last solemn warning, proclaiming the fall of Babylon and calling upon God’s people to come out of her that they might escape her fearful doom….
“Servants of God, endowed with power from on high, with their faces lighted up, and shining with holy consecration, went forth to proclaim the message from heaven. Souls that were scattered all through the religious bodies answered to the call, and the precious were hurried out of the doomed churches, as Lot was hurried outSodom before her destruction.”
Read Great Controversy page 612.
GC 606 “Thus the message of the third angel will be proclaimed. As the time comes for it to be given with the greatest power, the Lord will work through humble instruments, leading the minds of those who consecrate themselves to His service. The laborers will be qualified rather by the unction of His Spirit than by the training of literary institutions. Men of faith and prayer will be constrained to go forth with holy zeal, declaring the words which God gives them. The sins of Babylon will be laid open. The fearful results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority, the inroads of spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power, —all will be unmasked. Thousands upon thousands will listen who have never heard words like these.”
8T 20 “So mightily can God work when men give themselves up to the control of His Spirit.”
This is the time when the work of the church will be finished in a blaze of glory that shall enlighten the whole world!
5T 754 “…the swiftness of lightning represents the speed with which this work will finally go forward to completion.”
9T 96 “There will be a series of events revealing that God is master of the situation.”
Romans 9:28 “For he will finish the work in righteousness: because s short work will the Lord make upon the earth.”
6T 19 “The message of Christ’s righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other to prepare the way of the Lord. This is the glory of God, which closes the work of the third angel.”
MB 43 (70) “The words of Christ through the gospel prophet, which are reechoed in the Sermon on the Mount, are for us in this last generation: “Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.’ (Isaiah 60:1)….if you have beheld His beauty who is the ‘chiefest among ten thousand’ and the One ‘altogether lovely,’ if your soul has become radiant in the presence of His glory, to you is this word from the Master sent.”
COL 415 “Into the darkness of the world is to be shed the light of His glory, the light of His goodness, mercy, and truth.”
EW 279 “I was pointed down to the time when the third angel’s message was closing. The power of God had rested upon Hi people; they had accomplished their work and were prepared for the trying hour before them. They had received the latter rain, or refreshing from the presence of the Lord, and the living testimony had been revived. The last great warning had sounded everywhere, and it had stirred up and enraged the inhabitants of the earth who would not receive the message.
TM 445 “Those who overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil, will be the favored ones who shall receive the seal of the living God.”
7BC 968 “Just before we entered it (the time of trouble), we all received the seal of the living God. Then I saw the four angels cease to hold the four winds. And I saw famine, pestilence and sword, nation rose against nation, and the whole world was in confusion.”
GC 613 “/../.the final test has been brought upon the world, and all who have proved themselves loyal to the divine precepts have received the ‘seal of the living God.’ Then Jesus ceases His intercession in the sanctuary above.”
The Close of Probation
EW 279-281 “I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven. An angel with a writer’s inkhorn by his side returned from the earth and reported to Jesus that his work was done, and the saints were numbered and sealed. Then I saw Jesus, who had been ministering before the ark containing the ten commandments, throw down the censer. He raised His hands, and with a loud voice said, ‘It is done.’ And all the angelic host laid off their crowns as Jesus made the solemn declaration, ‘He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be h only still.’…
“As Jesus moved out of the most holy place,…a cloud of darkness covered the inhabitants of the earth. There was then no mediator between guilty man and an offended God….
“Then I saw Jesus lay off His priestly attire, and clothe Himself with His most kingly robes. Upon His head were many crowns, a crown within a crown. Surrounded by the angelic host, He left heaven. The plagues were falling upon the inhabitants of the earth. Some were denouncing God and cursing Him. Others rushed to the people of God and begged to be taught how they might escape His judgements. But the saints had nothing for them. The last tear for sinners had been shed, the last agonizing prayer offered, the last burden borne, the last warning given….With terrible distinctness they heard the words, ‘Too late! Too late!’ “
Shall we not do now what many thousands will wish they had done when the plagues begin to fall? Then it will be too late to surrender without reservation and earnestly pray for a daily baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Now is the time to put self aside and make speedy preparation for the Latter Rain.
8T 22 “Why do we not hunger and thirst for the gift of the Spirit, since this is the means by which we are to receive power? Why do we not talk of it, pray for it, preach concerning it?”
TM 64 “…why should we not prostrate ourselves at the throne of grace, as representatives of the church, and from a broken heart and contrite spirit make earnest supplication that the Holy Spirit shall be poured out upon us from on high?”
COR 165 “Oh that we as a people might humble our hearts before God, and plead with Him for the endowment of the Holy Spirit.”
TM 310, 223 “Realize every moment that you must have the presence of the Holy Spirit;…
“We need to be sanctified by the Holy Spirit every hour of the day, lest we be ensnared by the enemy, and our souls be imperiled.”
Our task is not just to continue in the Lord’s service making large gains year after year. The hour is long overdue when we should let God use us to quickly finish the work by the might power of His Spirit.
9T 44 “Intense earnestness should now take possession of us.”
This is the hour of greatest danger.
All that will survive the seven last plagues is a holy character.
The vital need—the greatest need of the Remnant church is not more members, more preachers, more money, or more facilities. The greatest need today is Spirit filled men and women.
We have great institutions
We have the greatest literature in the world.
We have the greatest organization in the world.
Who will respond without reservation to the mighty challenge of this climatic hour of earth’s history?
5T 644 “…if Satan cannot keep souls bound in the ice of indifference, he will try to push them into the fire of fanaticism.”
Faith I Live By 140 “No one who claims holiness is really holy. Those who are registered as holy in the books of heaven are not aware of the fact, and are the last ones to boast of their own goodness.”
SL 7 “Those who are really seeking to perfect Christian character will never indulge the thought that they are sinless. Their lives may be irreproachable, that may be living representatives of the truth which they have accepted; but the more they discipline their minds to dwell on the character of Christ, the neared the approach His divine image, the more clearly they will discern its spotless perfection, and the more deeply will they feel their own defects.”
SC 64 “The closer you come to Jesus, the more faulty you will appear in your own eye: for your vision will be clearer, and your imperfections will be seen in broad and distinct contrast to His perfect nature.”
A Snare of Satan
GW 316 “As the end draws near, the enemy will work with all his power to bring in fanaticism among us.”
8T 293 “False theories, clothed with garments of light, will be presented to God’s people. Thus Satan will try to deceive, if possible, the very elect.”
7BC 907 “As we near the end of time, falsehood will be so mingled with truth, that only those who have the guidance of the Holy Spirit will be able to distinguish truth from error.”
TM 55 “False teachers may appear to be very zealous for the work of God, and may expend means to bring their theories before the world and the church; but as they mingle error with truth, their message is one of deception, and will lead souls into false paths. They are to be met, and opposed, not because they are bad men, but because they are teachers of falsehood, and are endeavoring to put upon falsehood the stamp of truth.”
TM 61 “God has a church upon the earth, who are His chosen people, who keep His commandments. He is leading, not stray offshoots, not one here and one there, but a people.
Those who are tempted to aid Satan by criticizing leaders or laity in the Remnant church would do well to ponder the counsel of God’s messenger in the following quotations:
6T 42 “Nothing else in this world is so dear to God as His church, Nothing so offends God as an act that injures the influence of those who are doing His service. He will call to account all who aid Satan in his work of criticizing and discouraging.”
8T 36 “We must be terribly in earnest. We have not a moment to spend on criticism and accusation.”
TM 156 “Those who love Jesus will love the souls for whom He died. The truth planted in the heart will reveal the love of Jesus and its transforming power. Anything harsh, sour, critical, domineering, is not of Christ, but proceeds from Satan.”
The inclination to criticize should be a danger signal to us, for when the Holy Spirit purifies and transforms us, our hearts will be filled with love for God and for our brethren.
While it is true that the majority in the Remnant church are in the Laodicean state, many of whom will be shaken out, yet there is in the church a faithful group that will give heed to the counsel of Christ the True Witness. They will be prepared for the Latter Rain, share in giving the message with a loud Cry, and be ready for translation.
This is the Remnant church. God will not leas another movement. When the faithful ones give the message with great power during the Latter Rain, a great multitude will come out of failed churches, witness for their Master, and triumph with the redeemed on the sea of glass.
Now is the time to prepare for the Latter Rain. And we should remember daily that this work of preparation must take place under the Early Rain.
EW 66, 67 “My eyes were taken from the glory, and I was pointed to the remnant on the earth. The angel said to them, ‘Will ye shun the seven last plagues? Will ye go to glory and enjoy all that God has prepared for those that love Him and are willing to suffer for His sake? If so, ye must die that ye may live. Get ready, get ready, get ready. Ye must have a greater preparation than ye now have….Sacrifice all to God. Lay upon all upon His altar,—self property, and all, a living sacrifice. It will take all to enter glory….’
“Heaven will be cheap enough, if we obtain it through suffering. We must deny self all along the way, die to self daily, let Jesus alone appear, and keep His glory continually in view….
“Said the angel, ‘Deny self; ye must step fast.’ “
KH 291 “Our future eternal happiness depends upon having our humanity, with all its capabilities, and powers, brought into obedience to God and placed under control of Divinity….
“Jesus became a man that He might mediate between man and God,… that He might restore to man the original mind which he lost in Eden through Satan’s alluring temptation.
“…Through Jesus Christ every man may overcome…”
1SM 98 “The Lord desires every one of us to be decidedly in earnest.”
9T 44 “Intense earnestness should now take possession of us.”
5T 267 “Pray that the mighty energies of the Holy Spirit, with all their quickening, recuperate,. And transforming power, may fall like an electric shock on the palsy-stricken soul, causing every nerve to thrill with new life, restoring the whole man from his dead, earthly, sensual state to spiritual soundness. You will thus become partakes of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust; and in your souls will be reflected the image of Him by whose stripes you are healed.”
CH 138 “In order to be purified and to remain pure, Seventh-day Adventists must have the Holy Spirit in their hearts and in their homes. The Lord has given me light that when the Israel of today humble themselves before Him, and cleanse the soul-temple from all defilement, He will hear their prayers in behalf of the sick, and will bless in the use of His remedies for disease.”
PK 233 “To the heart that has become purified, all is changed. Transformation of character is the testimony to the world of an indwelling Christ. The Spirit of God produces a new life in the soul., bringing the thoughts and desires into obedience to the will of Christ; and the inward mind is renewed in the image of God.”
7T 33 “All that the apostles did, every church member today is to do.”
AA 49, 50 “Daily they prayed for fresh supplies of grace, that they might reach higher and still higher toward perfection. Under the Holy Spirit’s working, even the weakest, by exercising faith in God, learned to improve their entrusted powers, and to become sanctified, refined, and enabled. As in humility they submitted to the moulding influence of the Holy Spirit, they received of the fulness of the Godhead, and were fashioned in the likeness of the divine
“…If all were willing, all would be filled with the Spirit.”
CH 437 “As the human agent submits his will to the will of God, the Holy Spirit will make the impression upon the hearts of those whom he ministers.”
MH 512 “Nothing is more needed in our work than the practical results of communion with God. We should show by our daily lives that we have peace and rest in the Savior. His peace in the heart will shine forth in the countenance. It will give to the voice a persuasive power. Communion with God will ennoble the character and the life. Men will take knowledge of us, as go the first disciples, that we have been with Jesus. This will impart to the worker a power that nothing else can give. Of this power he must not allow himself to be deprived.”
Unlimited Possibilities
DA 250 “He who loves Christ the most will do the greatest amount of good. There is no limit to the usefulness of one who, by putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart, and lives a life wholly consecrated to God.”
MH 160 “To everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service, withholding nothing, is given power for the attainment of measureless results.”
Page 1, following line 22:
5T 67 “I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me… They are what God has opened before me in vision—the precious rays of light shining from the throne.”
Page 12, following line 35:
5T 158 “We should pray as earnestly for the descent of the Holy Spirit as the disciples prayed on the day of Pentecost.”
Page 14, following line 8:
DA 389 “So fully was Jesus surrendered to the will of God that the Father alone appeared in His life.”
Page 17, following line 21:
8T 23 “My brethren and sister, plead for the Holy Spirit.”
Page 28, following line 29:
But to finish the work of God, we must receive daily a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit.
2SM 57 “The great sin of those who profess to be Christians is that they do not open the heart to receive the Holy Spirit.”
COR 146 “If you open the door of the heart, Jesus will supply the vacuum by the gift of His Spirit, and then you can be a living preacher in your home, in the church, and in the world.”
7T 33 “All that the apostles did, every church-member today is to do. And we are to work with as much more fervor, to be accompanied by the Holy Spirit in as much greater measure, as the increase of wickedness demands a more decided call to repentance….
“At this time, when the end of all things is at hand, should not the zeal of the church exceed even that of the early church? …Should not the power of God be even more tightly revealed today than in the time of the apostles?”
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2023.03.22 13:40 Normal_Study Should I email my surgeon about my insurance before the consultation?

I am going to lose my state health insurance early August and while I have a consultation scheduled with the surgeon mid-April, I'm worried that he won't be able to get me in on time. I'm going to U of M in Ann Arbor for top surgery, my surgery is Dr. Wilkens and I'm using McLaren Medicaid. From the date after the consultation to the day before my birthday, I've got roughly 3 months and 20 days. Anxiety is eating me alive. I've still got a few weeks until the consultation, but the urge to email him, basically asking him if he thinks he'll be able to get me in on time. This summer is only shot for the near future and I don't know what I'll do if I can't get it. The dysphoria is consuming me, my chest is one of the only things keeping me from passing 24/7.
I feel like emailing him is immature or bothersome, but I'm so fucking anxious. I called the secretary at U of M, explaining my situation, and asked her "do you think Dr. Wilkens will be able to get me in before (birthday)?" And she said, "uhh, I don't know. It takes about 3 to 5 months for him to get people in after a consultation and usually there aren't any cancellations. You'd be pushing it really close. Just ask him at your consultation."
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2023.03.22 13:39 rooster0594 A girl I thought was my friend called me a gaslighter and I’m left feeling confused

Hi! Sorry for what’s about to be along story lol
I (F28) moved in August and quickly found a group of friends. The girl (F32) I first became friends with seemed extremely nice, we lived near each other and were from a similar place in the country. Us, plus one other girl (F25), started hanging out multiple times outside of the main group. It honestly felt like I had found some real friends in my new city.
A few months in a guy (M28) from the group asked me out and we’ve been dating ever since. However, as soon as me and him got more serious my friendship with the first girl started to shift.
Multiple times when she’s been drinking she tells me to break up with him. One time in the fall she was hanging out with the guy and told him it’s not fair that guys like him always go after girls like me. Which stated a fight between them. I didn’t find out about it till we’d been dating for a while cause the guy didn’t want to upset me (it did). One time she wouldn’t talk to me at an event cause she wanted me to drive with her but I already had plans to drive with the guy. Last month the guy called her out on a lie she had told him. She got upset, immediately ran to me and told me that my boyfriend was being cruel to her. I told her it was their fight and I didn’t want to be apart of it. Yet every few days she’d say something about bad him, sometimes blatantly lies that he would later disprove. This went on for weeks until they got coffee and made up.
Through all of this I kept a smile on my face and was nice. I assumed she was going through something herself and let it go. She was a good friend when I knew nobody so I thought that’s what I needed to do. I honestly cannot remember ever saying an unkind thing to her till two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago the other girl (25) we were friends with started talking bad about someone I consider a friend. Honestly this wasn’t the first time she’d been nasty and I felt like I didn’t care about that friendship much. I pointed out that it wasn’t fair to talk like and later told the original girl that I’d be stepping away from the friendship with the 25yr old cause I didn’t need that drama in my life. She said “Oh but 25yr old was just talking about ____, it’s not like she was talking about you.” I immediately pointed out that didn’t make it right. She then agreed and spent two days kissing my ass.
On that third day she made the mistake of trying to take credit for a party my boyfriend planned for someone in the group. He immediately told her that was wrong of her and this kind of behavior is why people her manipulating and controlling. Of course she immediately tried to pull me into the drama. She was just crying about how unfair it was that people were talking about her behind her back. At this point I’d about had it and was like “but it’s okay that 25yr old was making fun of ___? It’s not okay now that it’s you?” This sent her over the edge and she left town for two weeks and I hadn’t heard from her.
Monday she sent me a message calling me “condescending”, that she feels like she has to “walk on eggshells around me”, saying I invalidated her feeling, that she was not open to talking about it, she was stepping away from this friendship and that she holds no hard feelings to me. Not going to lie it hurt. It then hurt even more when my boyfriend told me she’d texted him and it was WAY nicer than her text to me.
Last night I texted her back saying it was unfair to point a finger, not explain herself and tell me she wasn’t open for a conversation. I ended it with “I hope time gives you some perspective on this situation and if you ever want to have a real conversation where both parties can express their feelings let me know”. Not the nicest but I also felt I could have been meaner. This sent her off about how that last line was enough to prove I’m not a kind person and that she didn’t want to hear my opinion but I needed to respect her feelings. Basically I sent her another message saying I didn’t understand how she thought that was fair. I said “Yes your feelings are important but so are the persons on the other side of the phone.” This is when she told me I had gaslit her out whole friendship and that I was toxic. I sent one more text asking if she could explain how I gaslit her because I was confused but do not expect to hear back.
I didn’t sleep last night because I was trying to figure out where I might have gaslit her. Gaslight is such a strong word and I don’t want to do that to anyone. I’m okay letting this friendship go but feel lost by that last comment has left me reeling.
Just feeling sad and a little alone this morning.
Please ignore all grammatical and spelling mistakes… once again I’ve had no sleep and am not in a great mental place.
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2023.03.22 13:39 SPACEJEBUSS DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON A CMA/RMA/CNA PROGRAM.... (I am a very upset pre-med student and must vent, thank you)

Hi, I'm 26M. I am a "certified and registered" medical assistant (CRMA) since 2019 [pro tip, there is no difference between CMA and RMA, its literally the same]. I am certified and registered by the American Medical Technologists (AMT). I have always been fascinated by medicine. I was a very young child when I first got hooked, I have been seen every corner of medicine ever since. As it turns out, I'm pretty damn good in the field. I worked on this useless certification since before I was 18. In 2016, I graduated high-school and was a duel enrollment student my senior year. I went to my local community college during duel enrollment and was convinced by my superiors at the time that becoming a CMA was a great way to go.
I was told that by becoming a CRMA I would have bettehigher annual pay rates and higher probability of being hired for jobs. I was told that the credits I would obtain at my community college for this certification would be a great addition to many health related bachelor majors like Pre-Med and RN programs. Even contribute to a faster graduation much "like an associates". Only that I wouldn't have an associates which wouldn't be very "applicable" to the real world after graduation unless I continue to a bachelors. But a certification to get a "large head start".
Jesus fucking Christ, head start this, head start that, benefits here, benefits there. God, I want to vomit just listening to myself regurgitate all these words of affirmation said to me. Over the coarse of nearly 5 YEARS I am here to tell you that NOTHING of what I was assured or told was true.
Now here is the reality of what you will discover, post-covid, what being a CRMA really does for you.
- A CRMA certification grants you NO competitive benefits and NO reasonably competitive annual pay compared to anyone who gets hired with out a CRMA certification.
Literally no Benefits, none. I have been the lowest annually paid Technician, Medical Technician, Mental Health Technician, for EVERY JOB I EVER OBTAINED and WITH my CRMA certification. I worked at many extremely well known medical institutions from Childrens psychiatric residential care hospitals to where I am now working at one of the greatest health care institutions IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY of the USA and I am STILL one of the lowest paid compared to the majority of my fellow technicians. I currently get paid $18.20 an hour in one of the most expensive areas on the east coast. My co-workers laughed at me and then showed me their pay stubs at $24-26 per hour pay FOR THE SAME JOB. Then new hires that came after me getting $22 FOR THE SAME JOB, NO CRMA CERTIFICATION, NO BACHELORS, NOTHING. Yeah. Oh and good luck making that case to your manager. Getting any kind of raise is next to impossible no matter how long you work or how hard you work or how well you work at your position.
- A CRMA certification today will LESSEN your chances of being hired.
Yup, you heard it here first folks. Obtaining your CRMA certification means that you are of a higher education standard and can handle higher responsibilities, conduct more hands on care with patients, and even more universal in the world of medicine assistants for all kinds of levels of care. Yeaaahhh well after covid, that means that any and all health care networks are going to essentially hire anyone else to do those jobs. Qualified or not. According to my past managers, Nursing managers, and most business sides of health care networks, medical assistants have low level qualifications, little education, or education needs to even just become a CRMA. Furthermore, less urgent responsibilities, I guess? I was just doing CPR on a man in a 30 min code sweating my dick off but sure, I guess not. This means that from the business end perspective they don't need someone with higher qualifications to do the same job. It's simple economics. Why pay someone with proper qualifications $35-40,000 when you can choose the less qualified, less trained, and less educated person for $20-25,000 annually and still obtain the same results within a certain field of practice. It's the quantity over quality kind of mentality. Over my many years I have seen so many unqualified, uneducated, and relentlessly lazy individuals work beside me completely unaware of their responsibilities on the floors of the hospital. You WILL experience these people as your co-workers, guaranteed, now days more than ever.
After all was said and done and I "graduated" (I guess..) from my community college I went on to my bachelors only to find out that 90% OF MY CREDITS I TOOK AT COMMUNITY COLLEGE WERE NOT APPLICIBLE. Literally 90%, I essentially was 21 starting at my 4 year university and at ground zero with barely anything to show for my efforts to get this CRMA certification. Then covid hit, everyone had to go home, and that really messed everything up. I couldn't focus at home and my grades started to tank due to my really awful home situation but I'm not here to talk about that. So I decided to take a gap year to get a night shift Technician job back at home as a float technician. Never the less, in academia I was majorly behind. Yes Yes Yes, I know. Life is not a race, it's a journey. Some of us struggle more than others. However, here I am at 26, I need to work to pay for an apartment (which I can barely pay for because I'm just a tech in a really expensive area), I need to stand on my own 2 feet, I need to pay for my car and car insurance, I need my own health insurance as per required by the state, and I'm LITERALLY JUST A JUNIOR AFTER ALL THIS TIME. I'm part time in school now so I don't burn myself out working and going to school (tried that, nearly 2 years of my life 7 days a week, no sleeping in, no breaks, fall-winter-spring-summer, just to try and catch up and I will never do that again.). So, at the part time pace I'm going I will graduate 3 years or more from now if I don't go full time literally NOW. I WILL BE BASICALLY 30.... If I do go full time in school I'll be able to graduate in about 3 semesters, I have no idea how I'll be able to financially do that even with loans.
I have worked before, during, and after the worst of what covid-19 had to throw at us on Emergency department (ER), Intensive care, Progressive care, Medical-surgical care, Post Anesthesia care, Observation, hospice, and psychiatric care units/floors/facilities. I have seen families and children watch me as I do CPR on their Father before being shooed away so they aren't scarred for the rest of their life. I was forced to be sat on 1:1's with fully grown men with biceps the size of my face with the body build of a line backer having explosive and uncontrollable manic episodes, convincing themself that us health care workers were human traffickers, and somehow after hours of screaming what I can only describe as absolute madness, have the strength to bend the metal his restraints were tied too. I am 6'2", 220 lbs, consistently go to the gym and play lacrosse the majority of my life and for a moment I wondered if that was going to be my day. Furthermore, later in the day meeting said manic patients wife, I couldn't help but notice the bruises all over her face, her arms, legs, chest... everywhere.
I have witnessed patients with HSV-1 (facial/oral herpes), HSV-2 (Genital herpes) and HIV/AIDS fling various bodily fluids such as blood, spit, urine, excrement, and even ejaculate attempting infect someone with malicious intent. I had one patient admit that they tried to infect another purposefully because they didn't want to feel so alone. Patients will try to get to know you, you're going to be the one they probably see first or most through out the day when they use their call bell. Mostly, they'll want to have normal chit chat in normal ways but there is always that 1 or 2 with other intentions. I have my last name covered on my hospital ID because I WAS FOLLOWED. I am 26M, and all it took was some good and casual conversation talking about ourselves and our lives. I like to talk to my patients and get to know them so they know that I do care about their well being. Obviously, I'm not about to talk about crazy personal details of my life, separation of church and state n all that but that's all it took. Sad to say but even some of the insane have somewhat decent communication skills. A 12 hour shift and some conversation through out one shift, that's really all it takes. That was just one instance, my co-workers (the majority are female) have to many to keep tally.
You will encounter patients who are uncontrollably releasing their bowels and YOU are the one that needs to clean that up. House keeping isn't around the corner all the time and bleach wipes are there for a reason. You will encounter ALL bodily fluids on walls, floors, sinks, tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, and even on the ceiling (rare but yeah). You will be most likely responsible for your patients daily hygiene, dental, denture care, and shaving. If a patient is incapable of wiping after they released their bowls, and yes sometimes a little to early, got poop on themselves, their gown, socks, and down their leg... yup you guessed it, YOU gotta clean it up and in some cases re-wash the patient entirely. Most cases, your nurse or any help from fellow techs will be somewhere else probably dealing with another mess. Personal hygiene is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT for a patients health care while they are in your care. It's been proven that daily hygiene being done accelerates patient discharge rates. It matters. Which is why our position matters. If we don't wash our patients on a daily basis they will be more susceptible to infections and diseases. Especially if the patient is already immunocompromised. Depending on what unit you will be working on. You will also likely be responsible for checking equipment, making sure equipment is up to date, doing quality checks on defibrillators, refrigerators, and various other equipment that your unit uses every single day and for multiple times a day. I once witnessed two nurses go feral over a bladder scanner, I already bladder scanned both their patients by that time, both patients were fine. I could rant for an unfathomable amount of time about this position and all the essential things that we must do and provide with quality care and consistent accuracy. Don't get me started on Vaccinations at urgent cares, phlebotomy, obtaining samples for lab to do their mad scientist stuff, and the differences of technician/medical assistant responsibilities between different networks.

This is a small section of what it means to be a dedicated Medical Assistant/Technician. Do yourself a favor. If everything I said doesn't worry you much, go for it. If you want the experience or the desire for the experience and you are in a state where you can value the experiences more than the pay, go for it. I was like that once too, now I have no choice but to think more about how I will pay for myself and my future. Regardless, The Lord knows we need the help and I'll be happy to meet you and train you. However, you must know that you will always be appreciated. You'll hear the phrase "we appreciate you" or "Thank you for all your help today", from your nurses, fellow techs, managers, nursing managers, and doctors alike right before you leave to clock out. You'll just never be properly valued the way you should for the immense efforts you provide. You'll be just a tech. The health care field worker bee....
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2023.03.22 13:38 UltimateTraders 3/22/2023 Daily Plays Market has priced in no hike or last hike, I disagree so I will remain on the sidelines until we hear, NKE WGO very good reports, GME better, headed right direction, I was surprised but not ZIM destroyed and is paying dividends, I hope 30 for puts! Bank memes!

Judgement day today. Before the banks’ crisis I was pretty sure this meeting would see a .5 hike. I feel they should have given us a .5 last meeting but here we are. Some are expecting even a rate cut today LOL! I would say it is split between no hike and .25. But I would say everyone, but me, expects this to be the last hike… I would say the majority are now expecting the Fed to cut rates .25 at the next meeting in 6 weeks! I have seen people expecting a .75 cut by years end. I am not in any of those camps! Due to the bank crisis, I expect 2 more .25 hikes… And possibly, possibly 1 or 2 cuts towards the 4th quarter. [After October.] There is a serious fight against inflation, but now we see first hand what rate hikes can do to our banks, causing widespread panic, and a run on the banks.
These bankers, many, did not have their position in 2008, and certainly weren’t around for 2000. We learn thru experience, so they did not hedge, did not plan for a market in which the Fed would tighten, the Fed would increase rates rapidly. They deserve what they get! When Covid hit, the Govt did something unconstitutional. They told land owners, what they can, or cant do, they made us house people for free. I understand, there was a pandemic, but no one came to my aid. If you accepted rent relief, [Which took 3-4 months to get funded, I did apply for 1 person] You could not evict that tenant for 6-12 months, and while processing you most certainly were a slave to that tenant and the Govt. If the tenant did not want to fill out their portion, you were not getting paid, if they did not know how, you were not getting paid.. So you had to beg someone, whom screwed you for 6-18 months to fill out a lot of documents, send proof and wait months later to be funded. So, I only did it for 1 single mother who owed me for about 8 months.
So no one stepped in for me. I was losing 15-20K per month on my properties, this was without my major renovations which I still did some.. I waived goodbye to between 300-400K that I will never get back in lost rent. All told, lost rent, paying for mortgages, utilities without those rents, I easily lost near 600K. I am lucky I did very well in the market in 2020/21.
So I don’t believe we will get the hikes that we should, it is crushing many companies, but the low income will suffer for these transgressions of people who have made bad decisions. That said, I believe 2 more hikes, which will put us near 5.1-5.2% with the bank lending, tightening, may put us at a 3 handle on CPI sometime by years end. If CPI drops quickly, if and then, that is when I see the Fed cutting rates, and not before. It is to early to predict the affects of these hikes on earnings and the economy, we can only say it is going to be bad! How bad? No one knows, if I don’t know for sure, I am telling you, no one does. I do see the combination of banks and 5%+ rate bringing us near the 3 handle and that is when the Fed will cut. I do not see the Fed backing off the hikes before, regardless of what banks fail, regardless of flat GDP, unless we see unemployment above 5% and at the moment it is near 3.5-3.6%.
That said, when the market realizes, if they do, that this may not be the last hike, and a pivot wont happen until the end of the year [When the Fed knows we will get a 3 handle on CPI] the market should… I say they should, but there has been a disconnect between the market, and the data.. come down. And as I said before, regardless of where the SP500 is, current fair value is 3,300-3,400 based on earnings at the moment! I say the moment because the trend is going down, not up, not even flat! The numbers are still getting worse! This time next month, we will start seeing 1st quarter earnings. [Reported 3rd Week of April] And you will see the quality of earnings, because of company color on earnings and forecasts I see the numbers going lower.
If we are lucky, and its lucky, by 2nd quarter earnings [July] the hikes will stop, and earnings will go from down trending to flat, which is at least better than where we are.
I made this video on 2/20/2023 on quality of earnings
We measure sales, and earnings [bottom line] year over year. It is very good if you beat analysts consensus on top and bottom, but if you have less sales or less earnings that the previous year that is not a good sign. ZIM earnings are expected to be down near 75% in 2023 compared to 2022, so the stock price is down more than 75%. Sales are expected to be down 50% but the stock reflects that already. Also, ZIM has a PE ratio of near 2.5 and that is with the company earning 10 dollars a share. The company smashed 4th quarter earnings by well over 1 dollar, sales by 100 million, and the forecast of 1.8-2.2 billion profit far exceeds analyst estimates of the company earning near 50-60 million for the year. [Current consensus is 42 cents. 120 million shares] GME is headed the right direction, for now, at least. I am impressed that they did make 48 million as opposed to losing 50-100 million. It is definitely a huge improvement, first profitable quarter in 2 years. But if you take a look at the 10Q, they had a decline in sales 2%. I expected near flat, and they did this by a cost savings on expenses near 90 million. This is very good, but keep in mind, this is temporary. You can only make money for so long with declining sales. It gives them some breathing room. GME still lost 313 million for 2022 even with the surprise 48 million profit. I am impressed, but the quality of earnings is in question for sure. Check the video above, however it is a step in the right direction. It was also the 4th quarter, Christmas, holiday quarter. If they do this 2 quarters in a row, then I will clap.
Either way, the company is not worth anywhere near 8 billion, which is where it will be at around open. ZIM is valued under 3 billion! Plenty of companies that make profits and pay dividends are worth far less than GME. But as we know, this is an auction, supply and demand, it is a popular vote. WGO beat top and bottom line by a wide margin, the market cap is 1.8 billion and has a 2% dividend yield, just mentioning it so you can compare different companies. NKE had a huge earnings beat and sales beat. NKE is down on inventory glut, I would not long or short NKE, I really liked it in the 80s but here we are. I wouldn’t short or long GME, but maybe if 30! If 19 yesterday I would have made a small bet on puts, maybe 500 bucks, but it peaked around 18.40. You can never judge a reaction to earnings when you have so much retail.. Otherwise ZIM would be 30+. I did like WGO in 2021, but the field is out of favor for now.
I will wait for the Fed decision, I had an order to sell ACI at 19.60 and high was 19.52 yesterday. If the Fed does hike .25 and talks about it being the last hike, I may sit on the sidelines for a while. If the Fed doesn’t hike at all, same thing… if the Fed talks tough and there will be more hikes and no cuts till end of the year [As should] I may buy puts on high fliers
5 trade ideas: If the Fed does not talk tough, I may sit and watch
GME – The numbers were a vast improvement, I wouldn’t long or short it here 26-27.. However, if the Apes take this above 30, I like the risk reward. The last time I was buying puts was months ago when it was 27+, I was buying puts with a 20 strike 2-3 months
BIDU – If the Fed gets tough it may be time to get puts on the Chinese Google, I have been watching but havent pulled the trigger
IRTC – A huge high flier that burns cash, same thing as BIDU if the Fed speaks tough
SQSP – If Fed talks tough
FRC PACW NYCB NWBI ZION – The banks are still hot money, be careful out there!
The contents of this post are for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By choosing to make a trade you are responsible for your own actions. Please do some due diligence. These are trades I am making and you can follow along. If you make a winning trade, I do not even expect a bravo or thanks but that’s fine, if you lose on a trade the same difference.. I do not even expect an upvote or reward… The Elite team is aware of the risks and volatility in the market.
Good luck everyone let’s make money. Share trades, ideas here during trading hours. Our main goal here is to make money so I hope we can help eachother. I will be in and out of here as well.
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2023.03.22 13:38 freerobby Does Sheppard Air make sense for a hobbyist pilot with no time pressure?

I've read dozens of threads praising Sheppard as a surefire way to ace the written, but not to learn the material.
As a hobbyist pilot who's pursuing an IR to become a safer pilot, is there any benefit to me of using Sheppard instead of more slowly (but actually) learning the material and being able to apply it on the test?
If the written test is mostly irrelevant to practical flying, and Sheppard is the fastest way to breeze through that so I can focus on what matters and what a DPE will care about, that's persuasive and compelling, and I'll do it. But if it's just about gaming the score (I think I could pass the written today, but I wouldn't score anywhere near 100%), then it seems better given my goal to put that 10-15 hours of study into stuff that's going to make me a better pilot (even if it's not as effective at raising my written score).
Thanks in advance for guidance/thoughts.
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2023.03.22 13:36 Interesting-Ad5963 DAY 5️⃣9️⃣ thoughts

After gambling for nearly 15 years and multiple attempts at quitting, I’m thankful to be at nearly 2 months without.
Sports betting, poker, blackjack was my poison. In the disguise of entertainment, excitement, and “easy money”.
These websites and casinos are like evil drug dealers “first hits on us”. We all have a “big win” story followed by a “even bigger loss”.
I’ve been focused on paying down debt, self care, family time, and succeeding in my profession. These are not easy task. I was using gambling as an outlet / crutch to escape and provide me with a “rush”.
It’s not an easy path, quitting any addiction: cravings, rationalizing, comparison to others, anxiety, depression. All extremely common with this disease.
Don’t burn your hard earned money friends. 🔥💰
One day at a time.
God bless and keep moving forward.
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2023.03.22 13:35 samkuren01 Maximize Your Property Investment Return With Top Commercial Real Estate Agents Near Me

A commercial real estate agent helps clients buy, sell, or lease commercial properties, such as office buildings, retail spaces, and warehouses. They are experts in the local market, providing valuable insights and guidance to clients throughout the entire real estate transaction process. A good agent can help maximize the value of property investment. This is why you must look into "Commercial Real Estate Agent Near Me."
Read More: https://samkuren.mystrikingly.com/blog/maximize-your-property-investment-return-with-top-commercial-real-estate
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2023.03.22 13:33 bookish_cat_ How do you guys deal with resentment toward your partner when you’re suffering mentally? (TW: self-injury)

Guys, I am not doing so well. I don’t feel like anyone truly understands what I’m experiencing and I have very little support. Unfortunately, I don’t have any close friends currently (moved to a new area and life with a baby makes it hard).
I’ve had PPD/PPA for a while now. My baby is 6 months. My mom offered to help every other week but it’s been months since I’ve seen her now (she lives a few hours away). I can’t share what I’m going through with her because she is not understanding of emotional issues whatsoever. Husband reached out to grandparents and only his dad has offered to come by to help if I have a meeting.
My husband, who has since admitted this and apologized, was pretty crappy since the birth of our child. He smoked a bunch of weed, went out to pursue his hobbies when I was afraid of being left alone, and one time took my leftover pain pills — just for fun. He helped and cleaned at times, don’t get me wrong, but it was not to the level I needed. He prioritized going to the gym after work while I’d been home all day working from home and caring for the baby. Needless to say, I am still recovering from how he behaved and I don’t feel like I can truly trust anyone right now.
Now, my husband has stepped up very recently and pitches in as soon as he gets home. He quit smoking and does a LOT more, which I’m grateful for. It feels more like teamwork more often.
However, in addition to working full-time (and getting home most night at 8pm), he wanted to start a business. This requires a lot more time, which he has very recently started to work on after our baby goes to bed. It does require him to be gone on some of his days off for 6-10 hours at a time (he fishes and is getting material for videos to grow his business). He is open to taking the baby when he gets home so I can do what I want, but honestly, I just want him to be around more instead of being obsessed with his business.
I’ve pleaded with him to hold off on the business until our baby is a little older and I have a more solid support system. I am so overloaded from working FT from home, caring for the baby nearly alone most of the time (sitter comes by for 12 hours/week; daycare currently not an option in our area - we are looking at other options), pumping, juggling house stuff that I am mentally unwell. I hit myself in the head hard enough to give myself a mild concussion and I tried to cut myself. I am ashamed to even admit this. I shared this with my husband hoping he would understand. He said I could quit my job, but we’d be losing a lot of money and that worries me.
He just suggested having time together twice per week (on days that aren’t as good for him to work on the business) after the baby goes to bed. I’m thankful he’s changing but it doesn’t feel like enough for me.
I just want more support and to be less lonely. I finally have a therapist, thankfully. My husband is not going to stop his business (he says it’s his dream and wants me to be supportive), but I have NO clue what to do with my resentment. Pretending to be nice, feeling it, ignoring it, exploding - nothing works.
I feel like I need to accept this lot currently, but it’s so, so hard, and I’m tired of being so lonely.
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2023.03.22 13:33 Pane502 (AITA) [39M] Playing the long game: Staying in a toxic relationship [33F] to ensure my future child's wellbeing

Hi Reddit! I'm a 39-year-old man who recently got my 33-year-old girlfriend pregnant. We've been dating for a little over a year, and both of us wanted a child. However, I must admit I made a mistake by overlooking some red flags early in our relationship.
At first, when we started dating, I noticed she was always getting annoyed at other people or the service every time we went out. She was so sweet to me, though, that I just overlooked it. Now, all that attitude she was giving other people is finally coming back at me. I've been slightly inconsistent, so her criticism isn't completely unwarranted, but her constant negativity is wearing me down. Recently, we had a disagreement over our child's last name. I told her she could choose the name but that I'd consider it the end of our relationship. She responded by saying that she and the child are a package deal, and if I'm not in a relationship with her, she'll move to a different state.
Since then, I've been playing it cool, being a supportive boyfriend, and slowly moving in with her. However, I secretly met with a family law attorney to learn about my rights as an unmarried father. From my understanding, there isn't much I can do until the child is born, and if she moves to another state, my options are even more limited.
So, my plan is to move in with her, agree to whatever name she decides, and maintain the relationship until the child is born. Then, I can establish parental rights, placement, and break up with her. I feel like a coward for doing this, and I hate having to fake a relationship for nearly a year out of fear that she might take my child far away.
Am I the asshole for staying in this toxic relationship to ensure my future child's wellbeing? Please, any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. I could really use your help navigating this difficult situation.
P.s. I know I shouldn’t be but n this is so comments saying d so I aren’t helpful.
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2023.03.22 13:33 bookish_cat_ How do you guys deal with resentment toward your partner when you’re suffering mentally? (TW: self-injury)

Guys, I am not doing so well. I don’t feel like anyone truly understands what I’m experiencing and I have very little support. Unfortunately, I don’t have any close friends currently (moved to a new area and life with a baby makes it hard).
I’ve had PPD/PPA for a while now. My baby is 6 months. My mom offered to help every other week but it’s been months since I’ve seen her now (she lives a few hours away). I can’t share what I’m going through with her because she is not understanding of emotional issues whatsoever.
My husband, who has since admitted this and apologized, was pretty crappy since the birth of our child. He smoked a bunch of weed, went out to pursue his hobbies when I was afraid of being left alone, and one time took my leftover pain pills — just for fun. He helped and cleaned at times, don’t get me wrong, but it was not to the level I needed. He prioritized going to the gym after work while I’d been home all day working from home and caring for the baby. Needless to say, I am still recovering from how he behaved and I don’t feel like I can truly trust anyone right now.
Now, my husband has stepped up very recently and pitches in as soon as he gets home. He quit smoking and does a LOT more, which I’m grateful for. It feels more like teamwork more often.
However, in addition to working full-time (and getting home most night at 8pm), he wanted to start a business. This requires a lot more time, which he has very recently started to work on after our baby goes to bed. It does require him to be gone on some of his days off for 6-10 hours at a time (he fishes and is getting material for videos to grow his business). He is open to taking the baby when he gets home so I can do what I want, but honestly, I just want him to be around more instead of being obsessed with his business.
I’ve pleaded with him to hold off on the business until our baby is a little older and I have a more solid support system. I am so overloaded from working FT from home, caring for the baby nearly alone most of the time (sitter comes by for 12 hours/week), pumping, juggling house stuff that I am mentally unwell. I hit myself in the head hard enough to give myself a mild concussion and I tried to cut myself. I am ashamed to even admit this. I shared this with my husband hoping he would understand. He said I could quit my job, but we’d be losing a lot of money and that worries me.
He just suggested having time together twice per week (on days that aren’t as good for him to work on the business) after the baby goes to bed. I’m thankful he’s changing but it doesn’t feel like enough for me.
I just want more support and to be less lonely. I finally have a therapist, thankfully. My husband is not going to stop his business (he says it’s his dream and wants me to be supportive), but I have NO clue what to do with my resentment. Pretending to be nice, feeling it, ignoring it, exploding - nothing works.
I feel like I need to accept this lot currently, but it’s so, so hard, and I’m tired of being so lonely.
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2023.03.22 13:28 WUTDARUT Newbie Purchase Help Please

Hello All,
After discussion in a few home theatre groups, I canceled my order for B&W603s2 and joining the KEF family instead.
I see there are amazing deals on the “non meta” R series speakers. So, I have a few questions for my purchase.
The room is going to be mixed use between music, games, movies. It is not a dedicated theatre room yet - but I am going to build a theatre in the near future (3 years), so I want to be tactical with my purchase so that I can move these to a dedicated room when ready.
1) I have not heard the Metas yet, are they THAT much of an improvement over the standard R series?
2) Can you mix standard R series with Meta in your LCR? If so, this might give me a nice upgrade path…
Basically I am deciding between:
Option A “budget”: R3 paired with R2C (Eventually move R3 to surround and get R5 or R7 - likely will be used since no one will have them new in 3 years)
Option B “upgrade path”: R3 paired with R6Meta (Move R3 to rears and get new R5Meta or R7Meta)
Option C “cry once”: standard R5 paired with R6Meta (won’t change LCR will just buy different rears when ready)
Option D “cry more once”: standard R7 paired with R6Meta (won’t change LCR will just buy different rears when ready)
Thank you and sorry for the long post, wanted to give all details :)
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