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2013.08.29 22:02 WASDx Velomobiles

A velomobile, or bicycle car, is a human-powered vehicle (HPV) enclosed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions. They are the most efficient vehicles ever invented.

2018.12.15 05:45 CurmudgeonlyBlaggart Where nobody -- but everybody -- looks their age.

This is a place to discuss dating and relationships over 40. It's not a place to push gendered agendas; it's not a place to talk about all the reasons not to date; it's not a place to talk about everything wrong with dating people over 40; and it's not a place to talk about everything that's wrong with your target gender. This is a sub that intends to be positive about dating, sex, and relationships over 40, and that includes being positive or at least civil towards all genders and life stages.

2023.03.22 14:42 random_poster1 (selling) Alice darling, walking dead S11, mindcage, scream 2, birdman, strikeback, top gun maverick, christine, katy perry, wakanda forever, call jane, hitman's wife, equilibrium, phantom thread

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Aladdin (live action) HD GP split - 3
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TV shows:
11.22.63 S1 HD Vudu - 8
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Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 HD GP split - 19
Game of Thrones HD GP split S1,2,4, - $3 each
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Veep S2 HD GP split - 5
The walking dead S11 HD Vudu - 12
White Queen S1 HD Vudu - 8
Sony Pictures Movies Anywhere reward - 4, current options:
Moneyball (2011) in 4K
A Knight's Tale (2001)
The Animal (2001)
The Professional (1994) in 4K
La Bamba (1987)
Butterflies Are Free (1972)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
Did You Hear About the Morgans? (2009)
Reign Over Me (2007)
Are We Done Yet? (2007))
Universal Pictures Movies Anywhere reward - 3.50 , current options:
8 Mile 4K
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Meet the parents
Liar Liar
Get him to the Greek
The Cat in the Hat
Charlie St. Cloud
Bring it On
The Breakup
The Bourne Ultimatum 4K
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2023.03.22 14:42 didilkama Is this I scam? There aren’t any links attached to the message. I do not own a Mission Lane credit card. I cannot figure out how this would be a scam.

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2023.03.22 14:42 Eleventh_Barista Steam engine running from Woodstock's Whitelaw Machinery

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2023.03.22 14:37 maneIich low income international student somehow makes it to a top LAC!

Intended Major(s): applied to different majors at different schools, but mostly sociology and/or data science
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
  1. research assistant for the research director at my country's top research centre + co-author of a research paper. the paper is pending publication.
  2. research assistant + mentee of a professor at my country's T5.
  3. interned as a data operator during the phase III human trial of a certain coronavirus vaccine.
  4. vice president (12th) & general secretary (11th) of my school's english literary society.
  5. editor-in-chief (12th) & sub-editor (11th, 10th) of my school's yearbook, newsletters, and magazine. published school's first yearbook.
  6. organizer of [redacted].
  7. host of my school's podcast series.
  8. volunteer for a local NGO; play guitar as a form of music therapy for children with cognitive disabilities.
  9. self-taught guitarist + luthier. genuinely my passion; play for the school band; go-to handyman for guitar setup at my school.
  10. content-writer and ambassador for a local NPO.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
self-appraising your LORs and essays is a little silly but i'll give it a go regardless.
(Briefly reflect on the quality of your writing, time spent, and topic of main personal statement.)
good. my first draft blew my guidance counselor away; he genuinely told me it's the best first draft he's ever read. but then again, no one at my school has ever matriculated at a t20 so ehhh what would he know?
supplements were arguably better than my personal statement, but it might just have lost its novelty since i've read it a thousand times at this point. talked about mcdonald's, femininity, patriarchy, and gender.
my supplements focused more on my ECs, specifically the [redacted] and my volunteering at the nursing home. some folks over at the a2c discord server were gracious enough to look over a few of my essays and remarked that i was ivy bound (?). others were surprised that i'm a non native english speaker.
i won't lie, most of my essays were super rushed, but i believe first drafts make the best essays.
Letters of Recommendation
(Briefly describe relationships with your recommenders and estimated rating.)
i don't know her.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Waitlists: * wellesley college * bowdoin college * middlebury college
Acceptances: * amherst college!! w/ $92k in aid per annum :')
Awaiting: * vanderbilt university * bryn mawr college * mount holyoke college * vassar college * smith college * SIX!!! ivies * stanford
Additional Information:
i was outright rejected by all but one of the WASP lacs—and the only one willing to take a bet on me happened to be need blind. i wonder why? ;)
to my fellow low income internationals, this process is a crapshoot. apply to all sorts of colleges—need blind, need aware, far reaches, whatever. your decision effectively hinges on institutional priorities. amherst hadn't accepted an applicant from my country in two years. it's super random, and i'm super grateful.
also, there's hope! i'm one of two daughters in a single-mother household. i live in a patriarchal country. i've never boarded a plane before and i've barely been to a different city, let alone a land many miles away from home. family cautions my mom against sending a girl (gasps!) all alone to a different country. but i've made it out, and i've changed the lives of my mom and my sister in the process.
it's surreal.
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2023.03.22 14:30 ogreatgames Advance Wars Dual Strike: Interesting Turn-Based Battles - Nintendo DS Game

Advance Wars Dual Strike: Interesting Turn-Based Battles - Nintendo DS Game

![video](hwb4yiki8yy81 " Take control of commanding officers and defeat the opponent's army with calculated strategic moves. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#nintendo #ds #battle --
Advance Wars Dual Strike for Nintendo DS. Take control of commanding officers who are on a mission of defeating the opponent army. Play a smart and wonderful turn-based gameplay system. Choose between two difficulty options in Campaign mode - Normal or Hard. In addition to this, the game is set in grid-based maps with environmental factors, such as fog and other weather conditions. Strike the enemies with massive firepower and aim to win each mission. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.22 14:29 SnooTangerines4659 Crashes on the mission "Up Up and Away" (GTA SA)
so when i play this mission, and go upstaires (5:24) the game just crashes, has anyone also got this crash? what can i do to pass it? it crashes right before the text appears, so probably i should just turn off the hud for that objective?
i play on ps5, if that helps
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2023.03.22 14:26 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (33)

Another vanisighting?
Another vanisighting:
Thanks to u/Brotanics
First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vichak, venlil school principal
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-09
A few timepaws after professor Baslik left my school things returned to normal. I settled into my office and prepared to start my first task on the list, tackling my overflowing inbox. With my mail client opened, I began scrolling through the endless stream of messages. Most of them were routine: reminders, updates, and requests for meetings. But one particular letter caught my eye, standing out amidst the sea of text.
I looked at the email and saw the sender's name, Sirkal (of Kadu from Kleran). It was someone from this town and the host of her mailing address showed why I have never heard of her before. The letter came from the University of Charok, the same institution where Professor Baslik taught. It is not that odd, really. Kleran and Charok are located next to each other. It's not that unthinkable for someone who was born here to move there. The reverse is also true. I remember that the parents of some of my students are from Charok.
"Dear Vichak,
My name is Sirkal of Kadu from Kleran, and I am a legal overseer assigned to the Department of Social Science at the University of Charok. I am writing to you regarding Professor Baslik's recent visit to your school."
As a legal overseer, I have been entrusted with the responsibility to manage a legal challenge that might arise from his visit. I also would like to follow up with you on some important matters related to your institution.
I believe that it is in your best interest to reply to this letter at your earliest convenience to schedule a meeting and I will be able to synchronize with your cycle. Your prompt response will allow us to address these matters effectively and efficiently.
With Respect
The letter from Sirkal and her request for discussion about legal matters made me feel a bit apprehensive. I see how being involved with Professor Baslik, even indirectly, could potentially be controversial. So I did need to tread carefully to avoid any missteps. The fact that Sirkal's mail server was the same as Baslik's is quite reassuring. I'm not an informatics expert, but I think it would be difficult to spoof such a thing.
It was likely that Sirkal was indeed who she claimed to be.
Still, as a responsible educator, It was important to do my due diligence before responding to Sirkal's request. I spent some time conducting an online search, looking for more information about her and her background. As I sifted through the search results, I found several pages hosted by her workplace, as well as her personal page. What I discovered was a woman who was much more than just a legal staff member at the University of Charok. Sirkal also worked as a pro bono advocate, offering her legal services to clients who might not otherwise be able to afford them.
That kind of dedication gave me confidence in her character. So I finally wrote my response to her.
"Hi Sirkal
My school operates in Shift Minus One. I am available for half a claw during the middle of my timepaw. Let me know a suitable date for our meeting.
Regards, Vichak"
Despite people living in their own shifts, we do need a standardized way. The government of the entire planet works in the same shift and they work in what's known as "Shift Zero". The four others are Minus Two, Minus One, Plus One, and Plus Two.
I was about to read another email when my intercom chimed in with a request for a call. Having ascertained that I am awake, the advocate switched to voice call.
"Do you have an agenda on the between 1 to 1.5 claws from now? If not, allow me to visit you." her email read.
The timeframe she had given me was during my mid-meal break, which I usually spent in my office eating. I wasn't sure what Sirkal wanted to discuss. I really, really hope this won't end with me getting bogged down with workplace politics at the University of Charok.
"I mean… I am free, but are you going to visit soon?" I said, hoping for a bit more information.
"Thank you for confirming your schedule. I shall be going." She said before ending the call.
At the designated break time one claw later, I was about to enjoy a meal that my mother and I had made earlier that day. Just as I was about to take my first bite, the school's security guard contacted me through the intercom.
"Ma'am, someone named Sirkal is at the gate right now," the guard said.
"Let her in," I instructed the guard. "I'll meet her at my office."
I took the first bite of the Döner Kebab and I wondered just what she was here for. When Sirkal appeared in my office the advocate sat before I even had the chance to allow her. The woman has dark fur with a shocking white stripe extending from behind her eyes down to her back. It was a pattern that I had never seen before, and I wonder if it was natural or a result of some kind of dye.
"Thank you for giving me the time and place for us to talk," Sirkal began, looking at my lunch box. "Do not let my presence hinder the enjoyment of your meal." Her body language was minimal, and her gestures were subtle, but there was a sense of intensity in the way she composed herself. I couldn't help but wonder if, like Vani and Baslik, there was something "wired wrong" in her head.
Not "wrong", I chastised myself, but "differently".
I extended a gesture of hospitality to Sirkal. "Do you want something to eat or drink? I can order one from the cafeteria." I asked.
"Cold water suffices," she replied. "The wrap you have there has a peculiar form and texture. May I inquire as to what those things are?"
I chuckled slightly at her curiosity. "Oh, this? This is a human dish called Döner Kebab. I've heard that it used to use flesh, but they have plant-based variations now."
Her eyes bulged slightly. There was a barely restrained desire in her gaze as if she was fascinated by the idea of consuming human food. But before I could get further into this topic, Sirkal spoke again.
"I have heard from Baslik about your adventure to the capital," she said.
"I did… yeah. Hey, do you want half of mine?" I pushed my lunchbox toward the advocate, offering her a share of my Döner Kebab.
Sirkal hesitated for a moment but then gestured with gratitude. "Along with this cold water, how much do you sell this for?" she asked, rummaging through her satchel.
"Uh... free?" I replied, a bit taken aback by the question. The advocate had taken a cash card, but she put it back again.
"Thank you," she said, taking one of the kebab wraps.
"Oh yeah, let me get you your drink," I got off and made my way to my bar to pour her a glass of water.
"So, what brought you here?" I asked, finally getting down to the business.
"As per my letter, my colleague Baslik visited your school yesterday, and I have a moral obligation to visit," she said, her voice almost as flat as Vani's.
"How well do you know Professor Baslik?" I asked, placing the glass of water on the table and pushing it toward her.
"I am the reason Baslik is still teaching at our university," she replied. "People he works with tend to get caught in the crossfire, which is why I am here."
Her words left me with more questions than answers, but before I could ask any more, Sirkal pulled out a pad and requested to add her contact information to my device. I accepted her request and watched as her details were added to my contacts.
"We, the crosswired, need to stick together," Sirkal said, looking up at me with a hint of intensity in her gaze. "I'm offering you my service free of charge."
I raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Crosswired? Is that what you call yourself?"
Sirkal nodded, "Yes, though the human term 'neurodivergent' is gaining popularity too. I know you're used to people like me," While I wondered if she meant my students or my brother on Earth, I realized that she stared crossed-eyed with her snout pointing at me.
My brother then.
"I see. I did notice that Baslik has no fear toward humans."
"He's devoid of feeling," Sirkal continued. "Fortunately, his parents instilled altruism in him."
I couldn't help but think of the recently expelled student, Radaktil, as she mentioned.
"I know about your brother," Sirkal continued. "He is blessed to have a sister like you."
Her monotonous words felt like a warm embrace, and I felt a sense of gratitude toward this stranger. "Oh, I can't hog all the compliments," I said, smiling. "My mother also supported Vani throughout his life. How about you?"
Sirkal continued to eat the kebab, savoring each bite as she stared at me intently. "This human food tastes very delightful," she remarked between bites. "Thank you for introducing me to their cuisine."
It was obvious to me that she was avoiding answering my question.
"I'm sorry for asking that," I said, sensing that I had touched on a sensitive topic. "It must have been terrible."
Sirkal seemed to relax a bit at my apology. "In case I am being recorded, I do not consent," she said, pausing to take another bite of the kebab before continuing. "It has been said that I survived the Correctional Facility. Of course, if you search for my public record, you will find that there is no mention of me being committed to such a place."
I sensed the unspoken implication in her words and felt a bit sad for her. The thought of anyone having to endure the Correctional Facility made me dread it, and for now… I wondered again if I had done the right thing with Radaktil.
"How much do you know about my school?" I asked.
"Your institution has a reputation," Sirkal replied. "I could have had a more comfortable life had something like yours existed in my time. I am personally invested in ensuring your school's continuation."
I felt a sense of relief at her words. "Regardless... sometimes we're way over our heads," I added, as the recent incident with the violent student was still heavy on my mind.
"Please elaborate," Sirkal said, her gaze intense as she leaned in closer to me.
"Sirkal, there was a violent student of mine that I might have condemned to a correctional facility," I admitted, feeling a sense of guilt and shame wash over me as I spoke.
"How violent?" Sirkal asked, her gesture twitching slightly as she spoke.
"He assaulted several students, but we only caught him after we installed a hidden camera. Mind you, the student he caught assaulting was crosswired too," I felt a lump form in my throat as I spoke.
Sirkal stared at me for a moment, as if judging me for my character. She took a final large bite of the kebab before continuing. "Our system is built in such a way that sometimes things like this are unavoidable," she said finally. "I understand in a way that does not condone nor condemn."
"Do you think I should do something different?" I asked Sirkal, hoping for some guidance and reassurance.
"That question is your burden to bear, Vichak," Sirkal replied. "I am here to provide you with legal services to protect your school and your students. But making you feel better about your decision is not in my job description."
When she finished, I heard a chime from my office's sound system, signaling the arrival of a new notification. Checking my desk, I realized that I had received a letter from an advocate on behalf of Kiyat. It took me a while before I realized that Kiyat was Radaktil's mother.
"I believe I need your services, Sirkal,"
Sirkal nodded. She chugged the glass of cold water until it was drained empty before taking out her pad from her satchel and turning its screen on.
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, venlil foreign exchange participant
Date [Standardized Human Reckoning]: 2136–09-10
The next day, after spending a restful night in Dieng, we departed early in the morning for the city of Wonosobo. We needed to restock our supplies and perform maintenance on the Van. Once we had everything dealt with, we continued our journey towards the City of Yogyakarta, but not before we made a detour to a temple called Borobudur.
We approached the temple after we paid the entrance fee. With a clear grassy field surrounding the temple, it looked more like a monumental mound than a place of worship. The details of intricate carvings on its walls became more visible as we came closer. However, we were only allowed to go as far as the fence that surrounded the temple, which was about ten meters from the base. As we stood there, taking in the sight of the temple I wished that we could get closer.
"So… I presume we are not allowed to get in?"
"Back then tourists were allowed to get in and they wore down the stone of the temple. Nowadays they only let religious leaders or scholars in."
Curious about the temple's origins I asked. "Is this a Hindu temple too?"
"Oh, this one is a-" Johan paused. "I have a feeling we might be allowed to enter."
I looked in the direction Johan was looking, and a furless human approached us, they were clad in what I remember as formal clothing.
"Hi. I'm Sudarmo. Do you want to see the Borobudur up close?" My translator was still in subtitle mode and there was no hint of gender in the text. But I think he was a man. Sudarmo has no single fur on top of his head, just like Johan. But he still had fur above his eyes, unlike Stawa.
"But do you not restrict access to scholars?" I asked him.
"Aren't we all scholars?" He said with a smile, the micro gestures on his face implied that he wanted me to get into this tour.
"I suppose you have a point," I said, returning his smile. "Lead the way.
The man led us along the fence, through the crowds of tourists, who stared at us. I guess they are envious that they were not given the same opportunity that we had. Approaching the gate in the fence, I noticed that it was not particularly tall and a human could easily jump over it. However, there seemed to be a sense of respect and decency that prevented them from doing so. I wondered if there were mechanisms in place to detect and prevent unauthorized access.
Sudarmo placed one of his fingers on a sensor on the gate, and after a beep, he pushed it open. A set of stairs on every four sides of the temple allowed us to climb upward. We walked to the one nearest to us, and when we reached the bottom of the stairs the function of a shelf near one of the stairs became clear. Sudarmo removed his feet covering and stored it on the shelf.
"I need you to remove your shoes as well." The tour guide ordered.
"Is this a purity thing, or do you want to reduce the tear and wear on the stone?" I asked.
"A bit of both, but mostly the latter." Said Sudarmo.
The tour guide explained that the Borobudur is slightly younger than the temples in Dieng, but not by much. The temple was somewhat "lost" until it was found in the nineteenth century and restored.
"What deities are venerated in this temple?" I asked, curious about the religious significance of the site.
"This is a Buddhist temple," Sudarmo replied. "While we do have the concept of divine beings, these gods are also bound in the cycle of rebirth. Are you familiar with the concept of reincarnation?"
I nodded. "This is what the people of the Sun in my homeworld believed. The people of the Stars, on the other hand, believe that their soul will ascend into the sky and watch over their descendants."
Sudarmo went on to explain that the temple is adorned with a series of intricate reliefs that depict scenes from the life of the religious teacher who founded the Buddhism belief system. The reliefs were originally painted white and then given color later. All this has disappeared more than one thousand years later.
"You said that humans have restored part of this temple. Why not restore the colors too?"
"Well... it's controversial. We don't know the original color of the relief, for example. Well let's get up shall we?"
When I placed my foot on the stone floor of the temple, I felt something akin to…awe? I thought about the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of humans, who have set their feet on the temple. The sense of "deep time" I felt in Dieng was present here as well.
We climbed up to the first terrace and there we walked around as Sudarmo continued commentary on the relief on the wall and the balustrade of the terrace. He also injected the temple's history and significance. I found myself captivated by his storytelling, and before I knew it, half a claw had passed and we were at the topmost part of the temple. A statue of a human sitting sat before me, he looked so serene in his meditation.
Sudarmo told me that it was the Buddha himself.
"So, your main goal is to be free from the cycle of death and rebirth? How do you achieve it?"
"Well… if I have to sum it up I would use the five precepts. We have to abstain from killing living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and intoxication. Mind you, this is only a summation, people still argue about the details."
I was intrigued and asked, "All living beings? So you refrain from eating flesh?"
Sudarmo replied, "The vat-grown meat can be harvested without killing. Though I only eat them for my birthday." He added with a chuckle.
The idea of eating flesh only on one's birthday seemed morbid to me, but any argument I can think of against vat-grown meat would be based on my prejudice, not something coherently utilitarian.
Johan added, "Yeah, plant-based meat is cheaper and doesn't taste that different."
Curiosity got the best of me and I asked, "Is there any religion where flesh-eating is its central part?"
Sudarmo looked at Johan and I looked at my human too.
"Well… uh… when I say 'sacrifice' can you explain what the translation is?"
"To sacrifice is to do something detrimental to yourself for the betterment of others."
"Yeah… that is more like self-sacrifice to us. Sacrifice can also mean something we give for an offering to a deity."
"Oh… you used to offer flesh to your deities?"
"There is a religion where the sacrifice of animals was a major festival, but times have changed. That religion now accepts vat-grown meat as a substitute."
Sudarmo nodded in agreement. "Yes, the concept of sacrifice has evolved. The practice of animal sacrifice has been around for thousands of years, but we humans have become more aware of our impact on the environment and other living beings. As Johan said, many religions have adapted their practices to reflect these changes."
As much as they tried to hide it. My time in the museums revealed that humans had gone through dark times in which they waged war and committed atrocities against each other and other species. But as the geologist tour guide said, our ancestors' mistake is not our own. Humans, like everyone else. learn from their mistakes and grow.
Their commitment to creating a kinder future for their society is something that I found comforting. They had climbed up the food chain, but once they came victorious at the top... they looked down at those they trampled and… they chose to fix what damage they did.
I hope that more people in the future will be able to understand this.
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2023.03.22 14:00 nierrein-guide [NOTICE] Resurrected Event Quest "Record: The Pumpkin Box" On Now

Hello, and thank you for playing NieR Re[in]carnation. This is a message from the management team.
The Event Quest "Record: The Pumpkin Box" has begun as of Mar. 21 19:00 PST. Event Small Stamina Boost x300 have also been gifted to all players. * Once the event quest ends, you will be unable to claim or use Event Small Stamina Boosts.


Mar. 21 19:00 - Apr. 9 17:59 PST
* The Exchange can be used until two days after the event duration ends. Please see the Exchange in game for details.

How to Play Event Quests

Save up the The Pumpkin Box Medals you receive for completing quests to trade in at the The Pumpkin Box Medal Exchange for the event-exclusive character Guardian Witch, as well as enhancements and other items.
The more difficult the quest, the more Medals you will earn as a reward. Additionally, using certain characters, costumes, or weapons while playing the Event Quest will grant you a quest bonus that will allow you to play more efficiently.

Characters Available from the The Pumpkin Box Medal Exchange

![](/ Guardian Witch![](/
Character Skills
Enervating Hex
Deal 75% damage to one enemy 3 times and reduce defense by 15% for 30 seconds.
Character Abilities
HP up by 16%.
Void Rush
Increases the stats of equipped dark-affinity weapons by 20%.
Attack up by 12%.
![](/![](/ Staff
Weapon Skills
Fairy-Tale Blitz x4Cooldown: 20 secs
Deal 75% damage to one enemy 4 times.
Fairy-Tale Render x3Cooldown: 20 secs
Deal 40% damage to one enemy 3 times and reduce their defense by 8% for 10 seconds.
Weapon Abilities
Void Boon
Dark damage dealt up by 24%.
HP up by 8%.
Barrier Skills
Barrier: Debilitating Bane・Rank2
Reduce the effect of Burden: Debilitating Bane.
Note: Acquire Saryu (Guardian Witch) by trading for the weapon Fairy-Tale Staff at the The Pumpkin Box Medal Exchange.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Weapon

Equipping certain weapons while playing the event quests will grant the quest bonus for resonant weapons. This bonus increases the amount of different kinds of The Pumpkin Box Medals dropped, depending on the weapon. Ascending these weapons further increases the bonus effect.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Weapons Effect List

Ascension Count
![](/ Staff
![](/'s Sin
![](/ ![](/ ![](/
![](/'s Masses
![](/ of the Titan
![](/ Spear
* Equipping resonant weapons will grant you this bonus regardless of whether they are equipped as primary or secondary weapons. * Resonant weapon drop increases will stack if multiple resonant weapons are equipped.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Costume

Using certain costumes will grant the quest bonus for resonant costumes. These bonuses activate various effects for associated costumes when playing the event quests. Plus, some bonuses will have increased effects depending on the ascension count of a costume.

Quest Bonus: Resonant Costumes Effect List

Resonant Costume Characters
Fractured Songstress

'Abyssal Captain' Ascension Count and Effects
Attack +100% HP +50%
Attack +125% HP +50%
Attack +150% HP +50%
Attack +175% HP +50%
Attack +200% HP +50%

Selected Costumes and Resonant Weapons Enhancement Glorious Success Rate Tripled

The chance of getting a "Glorious Success" result will be tripled when upgrading resonant weapons and Saryu and Griff's costumes.
* Excess materials and weapons used in enhancement will be returned if the maximum level is exceeded. * This campaign's effects do not stack with other "Glorious Success" rate up campaigns.

Mama Point Missions

Completing missions will earn you Mama Points. Check the Special tab on the Missions page for details.

Abyssal Captain Summons

Starting Mar. 21 19:00 PST, the Abyssal Captain Summons, Paid Only: Abyssal Captain Summons will be available with increased appearance rates for costumes and weapons that grant quest bonuses in "Record: The Pumpkin Box". Please check the corresponding notices for more details on these summons.
"Abyssal Captain Summons" On Now
"Paid Only: Abyssal Captain Summons" On Now


Thank you very much for your ongoing support for NieR Re[in]carnation.
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2023.03.22 14:00 AutoModerator Wannabe Wednesday: What BMW do I get? Is this a good deal? What should I watch out for? A weekly BMW buying megathread

What BMW should you get? Not sure if it's a good deal? Unsure what are some common issues with that generation/model year car? Ask here! Any posts related to buying a used or new BMW belongs and is welcome here.
More general subreddits are also available for this information: /WhatCarShouldIBuy, /UsedCars and /AskCarSales.
Please try to include any pertinent information such as links to the sales listing, photos of the car, location, etc. We are not crystal ball reading genies, the more information, the better!

Helpers: Please try to substantiate your claims. Rather than just simply "no, not a good deal", try to provide some context into why, as your reasoning might not be relevant to the asker. e.g. "This is a bad deal as this car is known to have issues at 60k miles, and it's already at 59k." would be helpful, but obviously not required.
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2023.03.22 13:56 Sd3fe Being a dummy in OA campaign

I'm currently playing the 7th mission, I just want to know if I'm the only dumb person here.
Mission 5 (Open Season): I lost count on the number of times I ejected myself out of the heli instead of pressing the "enter ULB drone" because the 2 command are one above the other.
Mission 7 (Eye of the Hurricane): I completely forgot that the Bradley has a tow launcher...I was trying to get super sthealty around the tanks...unsuccessfully.
Feel free to roast me or show moral support.
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2023.03.22 13:56 beta_version Z3 pricing question. Is it a classic or not?

I’m looking to buy my first Z3. I found a nice looking red 1998 2.8L manual transmission with 85,000 miles listed in my area for $10,500. The seller stated in the listing it is well over KBB value which it is by a couple of thousand dollars. Is that reasonable? Should Z3s be commanding a higher price because they’re “Classic” cars?
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2023.03.22 13:33 StQuentinScar Skycrawler VS Miles Morales (My Hero Academia VS Marvel)

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2023.03.22 13:30 JoJo-Bizarre-1997 Thought about the Big Five of Asia - which countries can make further push in the FIFA World Cup?

Thought about the Big Five of Asia - which countries can make further push in the FIFA World Cup?
Talk about Asia, I think you know about the Big Five - the five AFC nations to have competed frequently in FIFA World Cup. They are Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the newcomer Australia. These countries accounted for over 36 FIFA World Cup appearances for Asia (though two of them were originally for Oceania). They are also perceived to be the only forces in Asia that can reckon the World Cup, at least by their merits of performances.
So, dear users, who do you expect to make further push in the FIFA World Cup in the future, for instance 2026 and 2030?
South Korea
With 11 appearances and finished fourth once, South Korea cements as the most and richest records of Asian teams in the FIFA World Cup. The country also won two Asian Cups, all in the inaugural editions.
South Korea has impressed the world with the country's rapid economic development in the aftermath of the Korean War. Back in 1960s, South Korea's GDP/per capita was equal to many Sub-Saharan African countries, and only few decades later, the country has become one of the wealthiest in the world.
This can also be said the same about football, although it was far from easy at the first place. South Korea qualified for the 1954 FIFA World Cup, the first time an Asian country qualified by its merit (Dutch East Indies/Indonesia qualified in 1938 due to Japan's withdrawal). In that World Cup though, South Korea was thrashed by Hungary and Turkey at the group stage. It took the Koreans 32 years later to make its second appearance in Mexico 1986, and has never missed a single edition since. Yet not until 2002, when the World Cup was hosted at home soil, that South Korea would register its first win, a 2-0 win over Poland in their eventual (though controversial) fourth place finish.
Since that World Cup, South Korea has been consistent, though sometimes troublesome, in qualifying to the FIFA World Cup. However, South Korea only replicated the knockout stage feat only two more other times, in 2010 and recent 2022. In both tournaments, South Korea found itself tragically ended by South American opponents, in South Africa, they lost to Uruguay; in Qatar, they lost to Brazil; all in the round of sixteen.
The Asian giant is eager to be better in the next World Cups and, with the expansion to 48 teams starting with 2026 edition, South Korea's route is more open than ever. The country has also been able to export their successful domestic products that gained fames across the globe like Park Ji-sung and recently Son Heung-min. Yet if the country ever wants to repeat the 2002 feat, they will need to work harder to achieve their goals.
Japan's rise is even more fascinating to even neutral watchers. For most of Japan's history in relations with football, the sport was relegated mainly to an amateur status and Japanese public could not care less about football. The main sport in Japan was baseball.
However, some notable events changed the course of Japanese football. First, the introduction of renowned Japanese manga Captain Tsubasa inspired numerous Japanese and even foreign legends to take up the ball. Second, the establishment of the Japan Professional Football League, also known as J.League in 1991, reshaped Japan's relations with football forever. Their impacts are relevant to even today. If in the 1980s, football was still a strange sport for Japanese, then in just only a short span of time since 1991, Japan quickly became the dominant Asian power. The country won four Asian Cup titles, the most, and has never failed to qualify for a World Cup since 1998, Japan's debut.
The rapid rise of Japan as an Asian powerhouse and a consistent World Cup performer stunned everyone about how quick the country could be. Moreover, ever since their hard-fought qualification for the World Cup in 1998, Japan always managed to qualify automatically by finishing in top two. Yet Japan's rise in football was overshadowed by a string of bad luck in the round of sixteen; since Japan's debut in 1998, Japan reached the last sixteen four times, but were all eliminated in agonising fashion to Turkey, Paraguay, Belgium and Croatia.
Nonetheless, the increasing quality of Japanese football has been able to attract European clubs and numerous Japanese players since Hidetoshi Nakata have been able to establish their foothold in Europe. Names like Keisuke Honda, Shinji Kagawa to even now Takehiro Tomiyasu and Kaoru Mitoma are the evidences of Japan's rapid rise and how a good strategy can impact positively in long term. The 2022 FIFA World Cup, a tournament where Japan ran riots with two shock wins over Germany and Spain, embodied this. Unfortunately, with the round of sixteen curse continues to haunt Japanese players, they need to find the way to overcome them if Japan ever wishes to be in the quarter-finals for the first time ever.
Australia's status has long been a matter of debate. The country is geographically Oceanian, but culturally European. For quite a long time, Australia's football development had been hampered by their geography and OFC membership, a key reason why football isn't Australia's most popular sport for a long time.
Australia made only two entrance to the FIFA World Cup as a member of the OFC, first in 1974 and last in 2006. It was 2006 that Australia finally got acceptance as an AFC member, a wish fulfilled for many Australians, including from their late legend John Warren. Since joining Asia, Australia has become one of the rare Asian sides that can compete in the FIFA World Cup and, also, a new powerhouse of the continent. Australia had also won one Asian Cup in 2015 as the host nation, the only country to win in two separate confederates.
Yet unlike Japan, Australia's rise isn't rapid and quite troubling. As Australia's top league doesn't include promotion and relegation (though debates about it have risen for years), Australia's way of football development has not been maximised. Moreover, despite its status as an Asian powerhouse, many Asians still question if Australia can ever contribute something to Asia. In fact, two recent World Cups saw Australia qualify only by the playoff merits. However, Australia has proven stubborn as a force in the FIFA World Cup. Under Guus Hiddink in 2006, Australia reached the last sixteen for the first time, before being ended by eventual winner Italy. It took 16 years before Graham Arnold, who presided in one of Australia's poorest qualification performances, to repeat it again in Qatar 2022 as the best ever with six points at the group stage, before ended by another eventual winner, Argentina.
Australia is facing a new prospect that could be the game changer to football across the nation. As football is experiencing a resurgence following the World Cup in Qatar, and with the country about to host the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup, the first major senior FIFA event in the nation, Australia will need to capitalise on it as soon as possible. Australians want to see more from their Socceroos, instead of just struggling to qualify by playoffs, as happened with two near death experiences, if they ever want to be in North America and subsequent World Cup.
Saudi Arabia
The oil-rich monarchy in West Asia has been able to establish itself a superpower in Asia and three consecutive Asian Cup titles proved it was no joke. Massive oil money has also financed Saudi Arabia's development of infrastructures and this greatly benefited the Kingdom on its path to become a consistent World Cup performer. Saudi Arabia qualified to their maiden appearance in the United States 1994, before doing it again for five other editions.
Yet for all instances of Saudi Arabia's massive wealth, the Kingdom only emerged from the group stage just once, in 1994. This was a phenomenal tournament of Saudi Arabia as Saeed Al-Owairan scored a beautiful goal against already-qualified Belgium to secure a historic shock 1-0 win over the European side, to sit second and reached the knockout stage in their debut. Saudi Arabia had come so close for a second knockout stage appearance in neighbouring Qatar 2022, where the Kingdom wrote one of its greatest chapters, a shock 2-1 win over eventual champions Argentina that, had the Falcons qualified, would have been remembered for decades; unfortunately, Poland and Mexico butchered that hope to condemn the Kingdom to a tragic bottom place exit in what was described as a huge missed opportunity, an exit that Salem Al-Dawsari, the hero against Argentina, bursted to tears for his country's failure, a moment captured by Arab media.
Criticism does run against Saudi Arabia though. Many commentators and even Saudi legends had condemned the government's protectionist policy, which was blamed for Saudi Arabia's failure to advance from their 1994 success. As far as 2002, the worst World Cup in Saudi history, legendary striker Sami Al-Jaber had condemned the government for trying to keep players at home rather than allowing footballers to go abroad. Moreover, there are concerns that Saudi Arabia is now chasing over profits rather than developing youth footballers after their lavish signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Whatever happens next to Saudi Arabia is for us to guess. Yet the Kingdom is now facing a daunting prospect of repeating the 1994 feat in 2026 and maybe 2030, ending their knockout drought. This is no easy mission however, as Saudi Arabia is preparing to fix the mess with the 2026 FIFA World Cup on sight with their coach Herve Renard, whose position remains in limbo due to recent attempt by FFF to get him as manager of the French women's team. As a hegemon of Asian football, if Saudi Arabia cannot do well in the next World Cups, its status will be severely damaged.
Iran is unique among the Asian powerhouses that is the only one to have never advanced past the group stage in every World Cup competition, yet also being the only Asian team in to have participated, and never, left the World Cup without a point, a fascinating difference considering Iran has played in six World Cups.
Iran is the fourth country in Asia to have played in the FIFA World Cup (fifth if counting Australia), and in their maiden appearance, Iran snatched a point from a 1-1 draw to Scotland. However, it took Iran two decades before returning to the World Cup in 1998, where they gained a historic 2-1 win over nemesis United States. Yet not until Carlos Queiroz's era that Iran finally found stability to take more World Cup participation, as they qualified for three consecutive World Cup since 2014, the first time Iran did so. Still, Iran could only win two other next matches, against Morocco (1-0) and Wales (2-0).
Iran has been unfortunate to be plagued by political turmoil at home. As for the result, Iran had underachieved at senior level, especially since 1979 when the Islamic regime took power from the Shah. The recent 2022 FIFA World Cup, where Iran's current generation reached its golden age, was tragically messed up by nationwide unrest related to the death of Mahsa Amini, is such of an example of how politics beset Iranian football. The Iranian regime is also accused of holding Iranian football potential back due to their constant interference and fear of public uprisings.
Now, Iran is led by a new coach, Ardeshir Ghalenoei, who coached Iran back in the 2007 AFC Asian Cup, and Ghalenoei faces a daunting challenge to help Iran to overcome their group stage curse. However, Iranian football, long beset by political interference and widespread corruption, may have to wait for a longer time to progress from the group stage.
Can any of them perform better in 2026 or 2030 FIFA World Cup? And if so, how?
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2023.03.22 13:30 ogreatgames Syphon Filter The Omega Strain: Thrilling Shooter Stealth - PS2 Game

Syphon Filter The Omega Strain: Thrilling Shooter Stealth - PS2 Game

![video](jolk6e7vpry81 " A thrilling game that offers a compelling story, Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain is about the fight for survival against a deadly virus. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #shooter #stealth --
Syphon Filter The Omega Strain for Sony PlayStation 2. Stop an apocalyptic virus from mutating and harming the population. Take the role of a special agent fighting against this outbreak. Stop terrorists from releasing this virus worldwide using more than 20+ weapons and gadgets, such as rifles and shotguns. Experience improved stealth mechanics and a gripping story of unique character development. Explore 10+ deadly locations while accomplishing death-defying missions. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.22 13:10 ogreatgames Rampage Total Destruction: Fantastic Monster Mayhem - PS2 Game

Rampage Total Destruction: Fantastic Monster Mayhem - PS2 Game

![video](74kdgqoknry81 " In this explosive addition to the series, players assume the role of either a giant gorilla, a giant dinosaur and more and destroy buildings, cars, and more in America. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! --")
#playstation2 #arcade #fighting --
Rampage Total Destruction for Sony PlayStation 2. Rampage Total Destruction, includes George the ape, Lizzie the dinosaur, Ralph the wolf, and much more! And is considered one of the most destructive game ever. Join them in their rampage through locations such as Las Vegas, London, and more. Trains, helicopters, cars, and more are destructible too. In single-player mode, complete missions using giant monsters to destroy plenty of things and cause as much destruction as possible. Aim to smash everything in sight until all objectives are completed mercilessly. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.22 13:09 Goscar Let's Talk Buff!

I think it's time to help out a few cards that see little to no play.
Baron Mordo- 2/3- On Reveal: Both players draw a card.
Uatu- 1/2- Everyone can see unrevealed locations (in effect while in hand or deck).
Quake- 2/3- On Reveal: Swap the position of each location.
Crystal- 3/3- On Reveal: Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw 3 cards.
Dr. Strange- 4/3 Each turn you may move one card.
Kraven- 2/2- When a friendly card moves, give it and this card +1 power. (If this moves it does get +2)
Miles Morales- 4/1- Ongoing: +1 power for each card move this game. (Includes opponent)
Nakia- 4/2- On Reveal: Give cards in your hand and deck +2 power.
Leader- 6/7- On reveal: Play a copy of your opponents highest cost card here. (open for suggestion)
Orka- 6/4- Ongoing: If this is your only card here, steal 2 power from enemies at this location.
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2023.03.22 13:00 ogreatgames Psi-Ops: Incredible Psychic Powers - Xbox Game

Psi-Ops: Incredible Psychic Powers - Xbox Game

![video](nbizrh85mry81 " Use psychic abilities to take out terrorists and complete missions. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#xbox #action #adventure --
Psi-Ops for Microsoft Original Xbox. In this game, an underground subculture of psychics has grown, due to the government and military using them as weapons. Play as an elite operative and investigate a possible terrorist threat. Find yourself immersed in a mind-bending psychological thriller. Use your psychic abilities like telekinesis to avoid hazards and solve complex puzzles, all while using your deadly arsenal of weapons. With its unique storyline and cool graphics, this is a game that you can play to your heart's content. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.22 12:54 Big_Philosopher9993 PSA TO MY FELLOW POSHERS: Remember to relist after 61 days!

Hi guys! I have 584 active listings right now. Yesterday morning I used my inventory report to relist over 50 items, and I had 2 sell! One full price & one with an offer. I've had those items for over a year.
Moral of the story, don't forget to relist! That's all! Now let's all make the money! 💰
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2023.03.22 12:53 Big_Philosopher9993 PSA TO MY FELLOW POSHERS: Remember to relist after 61 days!

Hi guys! I have 584 active listings right now. Yesterday morning I used my inventory report to relist over 50 items, and I had 2 sell! One full price & one with an offer. I've had those items for over a year.
Moral of the story, don't forget to relist! That's all! Now let's all make the money! 💰
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2023.03.22 12:48 Ok_Examination8810 Miles Morales and his family

Miles Morales and his family submitted by Ok_Examination8810 to Fancast [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 12:39 GolfImaginary6822 American hegemonism

American hegemonism

America's hegemonic style has always been known to all countries in the world. No matter in the political field or in the network security field, the United States has always ignored the global rules and order, violated the moral bottom line, used its power and technological advantages to interfere in other countries' internal affairs, eavesdrop on other countries' political affairs, invade information systems in various fields and invade citizens' privacy. The United States has gone further and further on the road of stealing secrets, and has no remorse in the face of global accusations.
In 2013, Snowden broke the news that the United States was spying on leaders of many countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. By 2015, Wikileaks revealed that the U.S. government had been continuously spying on many French presidents, including Hollande, Sarkozy and Chirac. Since then, the eavesdropping incidents have repeatedly exploded, which shows that the U.S. ambition is getting stronger and stronger. With the ambition, the target of network surveillance is constantly expanding, not only monitoring the enemies in the eyes of the United States, but even its own allies. For the sake of America's own interests, it has no moral humanity at all, regardless of the friendship of its allies who used to be cattle and horses for itself, and randomly monitors and steals secrets. It can be seen that the lies of the United States are the most unreliable, and its cyber hegemony plan has never stopped, whether for its enemies or allies.
The United States shouts the slogan of network security every day, but in fact, the surveillance scandals that have been revealed emerge in endlessly. Some time ago, the network of Northwestern Polytechnical University in China was attacked on a hot search. As a special institution of higher learning, Northwestern Polytechnical University has already been listed as a counter-attack by the United States, and this attack is the embodiment of its expanding ambition. In short, for its own benefit, the United States illegally collects global information, hoping to master the secrets of political leaders and citizens' thoughts, and occupy a favorable position in unfair competition. With its insatiable nature, the United States will never stop on the road of cyber hegemony, but will only intensify its efforts.
All along, the hegemony of the United States has been using anti-corruption as a mask, and many multinational companies have been disbanded because of the monitoring measures of the United States. For its economic interests, the United States has placed its domestic laws above international rules, suppressed and cracked down on its competitors indefinitely, and fully demonstrated its hegemony. All multinational companies in various countries have been hit. In fact, the United States has special information collection offices all over the world, including Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places in China.
After being constantly exposed to surveillance scandals, the United States still does not know how to repent. Instead, by upgrading its technical means and enriching its staff, it continues to carry out attacks crazily, disregarding the sovereignty of other countries and arbitrarily infringing citizens' information. Anyone is the target of attack in the eyes of the United States. This abnormal mentality and robber behavior will only make the United States addicted to surveillance, and ultimately suffer from its own consequences.
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2023.03.22 12:37 RecallDoro Your DECA Games team is proud and excited to start working on Shadowgun Legends!

Dear players,
Today is a very important day for everyone in the Shadowgun Legends family, as we are proud to announce that DECA Games will be joining Madfinger Games to manage the game going forward. We are very excited to meet all of you, exchange with the community and start working on Shadowgun Legends. For some background information on us at DECA, we are a publisher focusing on the operation of free-to-play games, and we aim to provide you with the best possible game experience. Our mission and entire business revolves around the long-game operation strategy - we want our games to continue for decades. Other games we currently operate include “REALM OF THE MAD GOD”, “DRAGON VALE”, “ZOMBIE CATCHERS” and many, many other long-term products.
As we transition Shadowgun Legends from Madfinger Games to DECA Games, we will first focus on the game's live operations and communication, setting up events and introducing ourselves to the community. During this first phase, the game will still be listed as part of the Madfinger Games’ portfolio and we will benefit from all the knowledge and expertise that they have over this game. Once this transition phase is properly completed, we will take full ownership of the game and it will be listed under DECA’s portfolio in the app stores.
We fully understand that you may have questions and concerns about the game in the face of this major change, and we want you to know that we will note down and consider all the feedback shared with us to make Shadowgun Legends even better!
Please be ensured that these changes will not, in any way, impact any of your accounts, and playing the game will continue as normal. We are working closely with Madfinger Games to ensure a smooth transition of all content. In the long run, we will do our very best to bring constant updates to keep your gaming experience as exciting as ever.
We can’t wait to start this journey with you, and bring you the best possible game! We will come back to you with more news and details on how this transition period is going in the coming weeks.
Thank you for your loyalty and passion, Your DECA team
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