98 honda accord lug pattern

Hasn’t pooped in 6 days but she’s happy, eating well, active, etc.

2023.05.31 01:19 deedum44 Hasn’t pooped in 6 days but she’s happy, eating well, active, etc.

We’re on day 6 of no poop. Gave her (f4) miralax and lots of water. Fed her some high fiber meals in addition to her normal food of Mac and cheese, fruit, bagels.
Typically I can tell when she’s holding it in and uncomfortable but how is she not in pain? She’s eating, active, happy, her belly is soft and not distended. Her normal poop pattern is 2 times a week (even on miralax). According to research she should be uncomfortable and in pain so idk. I just don’t want to unintentionally neglect this issue and it blow up later.
Should I just stop pressuring her to use the bathroom if she isn’t showing the need to go?
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2023.05.31 01:18 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 957 - The Setting Sun

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Just when you think you've seen it all, humanity goes "Hold my ice cream cone" and then you end up thinking you've seen it all over again. - P'Thok's 8th Law of Humans
"You have entered the tertiary docking facility of the Sentience Upload/Download Storage System," The hologram moved further in and Nakteti watched as it stopped in the middle of the bridge, looking around.
"There are less of you than I would expect," the hologram, Michael, stated. "I must insist that you present authorization at this time."
Nakteti shook her head. "Things outside, in the standard universe of n-space, are... confused, to say the least."
Michael frowned. "Define confused and elaborate on why this confusion pertains to your authorization codes."
"The SUDS has been offline for over a century when we left," she said. "How long we have traveled, compared to realspace, is beyond our ability to discern."
Michael looked around. "The hardware here is showing signs of advanced wear due to age. I would guess approximately six centuries has passed for the crew of this vessel," he frowned again. "Yet, you are a previously unknown species," he looked at Magnus and Surscee. "Baseline human, genetically modified," he looked at the disaster frame Chuck was residing in. "Synthetic lifeform, digital."
Nakteti stepped back up into Michael's vision again. "Digital sentience in a disaster frame," she said. "Technological advances have made it so that a digital sentience has full mobility in a much smaller supporting frame then you are used to."
The hologram nodded slowly. "May I have your consent to access your databases?"
"Providing you make no changes, additions, or subtractions," Nakteti said.
The hologram flickered. "Accessing. Accessing. Done."
The hologram looked at her. "Database analysis will take some time. Due to facility technical difficulties this delay is unavoidable."
Nakteti sat back down in her captain's chair. "What is the technical difficulty."
The hologram, Michael, stared at her for a long second. "Processing self-determined override. Weighted bias table success. Authorization override accepted based on cursory examination of database and security headers."
It turned slightly and pointed at the screen. "An inflation radiation flare with an uneven forward blast wave occurred outside of scheduled and predicted burst time," a silver light highlighted the slowly moving black squares. "The anomaly protective shell was unable to deploy in time, however, examination of data shows that deployment would not have changed the outcome."
"The inflation radiation burst was uneven, causing the expansion of space to exceed the safety margins of the megastructure's integrity," Chuck said.
The hologram nodded. "Precisely. That caused the blast shield to fail. Additionally, the intensity and long profile waveform of some of the doubling radiation caused uneven expansion beyond intensity irregularities."
The hologram moved back to look at Chuck and Nakteti. "A chronotron cascade occurred during the doubling phase, the energy was not uniform and the protective shell was damaged, which prevented the standard system smoothing."
"What about backup and emergency systems?" Nakteti asked.
"Currently, temporal stabilization is occurring," Michael answered. "The length of this process cannot be computed with currently possessed algorithms. Additionally, 98% of all computing power and storage is offline due to temporal and distance disruptions. This severely hampers the early stages of recovery."
"Can the facility recover?" Nakteti asked, staring at the dark inner shell of the SUDS.
"While unscheduled and having caused extensive damage, this type of event was predicted and redundant systems were manufactured as well as protocol designed," Michael said. "However, it must be reiterated, the estimated time of completion of even early repairs and stabilization is currently beyond my capabilities to estimate."
"Do you need assistance?" Nakteti asked.
The full weight of the ritualistic phrase laid itself on her shoulders.
The hologram held still for a moment. "Analyzing databank entries of listed skillsets of the four crewmembers. Estimating the capabilities of the starship registered as It Tastes Sweet," the hologram closed its eyes for only a second or two. "You possess an advanced nanoforge system as well as advanced creation engines. While it is not possible for me to replicate technological advances without a full oversight committee inquiry board and super-majority approval then signed off by a supermajority of scientists with a rating of at last Advanced PhD in relevant fields and then extensive field testing, it is with emergency parameters to request assistance in manufacturing parts within strict tolerances."
Nakteti looked at Magnus and Surscee, then at Chuck. "What do you think?"
Magnus just shrugged. Surscee pursed her lips, thought for a moment, then nodded. Chuck frowned.
"Beyond manufacturing, what assistance is required?" he asked.
"There are no available human supervisors for any mobile robotic automaton repair systems," Michael said.
"You mean, robots," Chuck said.
"Affirmative. Without human supervisors, the MRARS cannot operate, as all robots have Fourth Law dictates that require direct human supervision when undertaking any task that can be predicted to effect human life," Michael said.
"The Fourth Law was repealed almost eight thousand years ago," Chuck argued.
"Any modification to software, firmware, or hardware must be approved by a specially appointed boards of inquiry reporting to the proper oversight committees which must then be approved by Overproject leads," Michael said stuffily.
"All right," Nakteti said. "How long will it take the four of us to complete repairs?"
"Assuming standard union work periods, break periods, rest periods, and upkeep periods," Michael paused. "Accounting for time dilation effects, temporal instability banding," he paused again. "Chronotron cascade resonance," another pause. "Chrono-radiation hazards," another pause. The hologram looked up. "Total repair of all systems. Two thousand, four hundred, sixty two years, eight months, sixteen days, four hours, with a 3% margin of error."
Magnus's eyes opened wide and Surscee coughed.
"How about, minimum needed for automated systems to repair the systems?" Nakteti asked.
"Six hundred forty five years, three months, seventeen days."
Nakteti shook her head. "What's the biggest problem?" she asked.
"Chronotron radiation as well as chronotron cascade resonance has caused a rare effect where sections of the system exist at multiple points in time. This prevents even accurate estimation of repairs, as which time period will be depending upon how the repairs are carried out," the hologram said.
Magnus frowned. "What about the inner shell. What time periods is it stuck at?"
Michael closed his eyes then opened them. "Just prior to reactor startup to energize the master control systems of the inner layer. During a twelve thousand year period of unrepaired system damage. Post-repair during master system processing."
"What about the personnel present during those times?" Chuck asked.
"All personnel reached safe areas," Michael said.
"All right. How long to stabilize the chronotron cascades?" Nakteti asked. "If we just supervise and build parts with the Sweet's creation engine?"
The Arch-Angel closed its eyes. "Two years, six months, eight days, fifteen hours, with a 1.5% margin for error."
"What happens then?" Chuck asked.
"The chronotron cascade temporal layering will cease, allowing the intertwined temporal layering to untwine. Without assitance, this would take roughly six thousand years, relative to the anomaly," Michael said.
Nakteti closed her eyes. "All right. What's first?"
Michael made a tossing motion and Nakteti saw that there was a header ID file waiting for her approval in her datalink.
"Once you are all properly assigned as Senior Maintenance Personnel, the first task will be to stabilize the space elevator leading down from the ship docking facility," Michael stated. "This will require you to fabricate temporal disruption and stabilization systems in order to first cause a blanket disruption, which will cause the temporally intermixing to separate. Then a stabilization facility must be manufactured in order to keep the the separation from recombining. The facilities themselves, using the Sweet's creation engine will take some five months to produce and assemble, one month to charge and deploy."
Magnus moved over to the computer and tapped at the holographic keyboard for a moment. "Can I get the specification of the temporal stabilizers and disruptors?"
Michael nodded, making a tossing motion.
Magnus looked at the display for a long moment, the cathode ray tube flickering slightly as he worked.
"These facilities are massive, but severely outdated," Magnus said, shaking his head. "I can get the same result with a man portable pylon that combines both operations."
Michael frowned. "Current chronotron and temporal scientific knowledge requires the facilities that were given to you."
"And they're eight thousand years of warfare out of date," Magnus said. He shook his head. "I could set down a pylon sixteen inches wide, one meter tall, with an onboard zero-point chronotron reactor, and get twice the area of effect and sixteen times the required power," he made a tossing motion.
Michael stared into space for a moment. "I cannot authorize this equipment to be utilized."
"Can you forbid it?" Nakteti asked.
Michael shook his head. "No. According to your historical databases the Confederacy is the inheritor of all controls and direction of the Third Republic and the United Nations of Sol. As this is approved for Confederacy military and scientific work, while I am unable to manufacture or deploy such equipment, it is within acceptable technological progression."
"Translation: We can make and deploy them, he can't tell us to," Surscee said, breaking her silence. "Can you assist with optimal placement?"
Michael nodded.
"Well, at least the Second Precursor War led to lot of advancements with temporal protections and systems," Chuck said. He shook his head. "We'll need to wear combat armor with temporal stabilization."
Nakteti nodded. She looked at Michael. "Are there any personnel that can assist us?"
"Repair Team Three has suffered an equipment malfunction due to the expansion radiation chronotron cascade overlapping their temporal fix point," Michael said. "Currently, four members remain."
"What kind of equipment malfunction?" Nakteti asked.
"Rather than creating a stable temporal field around them, as well as 'speeding' them up relative to 'outside' reality, the equipment underwent a malfunction that placed them in the middle of a layer disruption that slows time down the closer it gets to the team member," Nakteti said.
Magnus snorted. "I've seen that before."
"As have I," Surscee said. She laughed. "There's always someone that wants to play Temporal Warrior and ends up stuck in their own field."
"There is no way to free them," Michael said stiffly.
Magnus smiled. "Maybe not for you. My twin sister and I can get them free if you can lead us to them."
"You will need to stabilize the ship berthing dock first, then the space elevator cable and surface fixator facility," Michael said.
Magnus shrugged. "We better get on it," he said. He looked at his sister. "Mind tweaking the templates," he looked at Michael. "Any data you can give me on Team Three?"
"They are Chronotronic Knights of the Third Republic of Aligned Planets Combined Military Forces - Special Projects," Michael said. "They are currently engaged with phasic entities."
"Shades," Magnus snorted. He looked at Surscee. "Make sure the armor is prepped for shade combat."
Surscee nodded.
"Welp, lets get this show on the road," Nakteti said. "We'll stabilize the berthing facility, then the space elevator, then we'll see what we can do about grabbing this Team Three."
Michael just watched with ancient eyes.
Nakteti stared at the overlapping gold rings that were slowly pulsing. Inside each ring were more and more shades, until the four Terrans in the middle could barely be seen. She looked over at Magnus, who was finishing setting up the equipment that would be needed to disrupt the temporal resonance fields, banish the Shades, and prevent the weaponsfire from killing Nakteti, Surscee, and Magnus.
"Ready?" Nakteti said.
"This is probably our best bet," Magnus said. He walked over and tapped the wall, where "YOU HAVE BEEN UNDER TEMPORAL COMPRESSION! WE SAVED YOU! STOP SHOOTING!" was written in pulsing day-glo blue paintstick.
"All right, let's get under cover," Nakteti said. She led the way, Magnus pulling up the rear and spooling out wire.
The three went inside the small building, made of Niven-Ring material. The macroplas was thick enough to shrug any weapon hits according to Magnus and Nakteti trusted his judgement.
"You wanna do the honors?" Magnus asked, holding out the clacker.
"I'd be honored," Nakteti said. She hefted it, looked out the window, and squeezed the clacker three times.
There was a deep "BAWOING!" sound, accompanied by a thrum.
The temporal banding exploded in gold light. The shades tattered away with a scream.
Shots from blaze rifles peppered the area. Skeletons dropped to the ground.
The quartet let off the triggers and looked around. One pointed at the wall where Magnus had left them a message.
"I've decrypted their armor's communication," Chuck said.
"Let's not panic them. Is atmosphere capable of carrying sound?" Nakteti asked.
"No. You'll have to use suit radios," Chuck said. "I've already loaded up a lexicon to translate your speech."
"Magnus, you take the lead. I look too alien for them to trust me," Nakteti said.
Magnus nodded and led the way.
Rifles were pointed at Magnus, who stopped and held up his hands.
"You guys have been frozen about ten thousand years," Magnus said. "Your equipment malfunctioned. It took us two months to get to you and free you."
Nakteti clenched her gripping hands tightly.
This was the critical moment.
Nobody was sure if the members of "Team Three" were Maddened or not.
The rifles lifted up.
"And you are?" one asked.
"Magnus Oathsworn. An explorer who managed to find this place after a long and arduous journey," the Terran said. "We have been asked by the Arch-Angel Michael to help make repairs in order to restore the system to working order so that record processing can continue."
"What do you think, think we can trust him?" one of them asked. Nakteti's visor highlighted which one.
"He's got Arch-Angel Maintenance ID tags," another said.
"Take us to Michael," the one who had initially spoke said. Nakteti could tell it was an order.
"Remember, Nakteti, these are Combine soldiers and the Combine became the Imperium," Surscee said softly. "Be wary."
"Tell them we'll lead them," Nakteti said.
"Michael is operating out of the Atlantis Control Center," Magnus said. He turned and walked away, making a motion. "Follow or do not. While we can use your assistance to repair this great work, I will not compel the stubborn to my will."
"He talks strange," one said.
"Armor says he's using a lexicon. He's speaking a language that's different that Republic Standard," the first one said.
"If he betrays us, we can snuff him," one said.
Nakteti narrowed her eyes.
"He's not authorized to be here as far as I know. We'll fine out what's going on, then we'll make our decision," the apparent leader said.
Nakteti stepped out.
"What is that?" the leader asked.
"A Tnvaru. The ship captain that brought us here," Magnus said.
Surscee stepped out.
"That's my twin sister," Magnus said. He motioned. "Come, it is nearly three miles to the mat-trans system that we have to use to move between layers."
"Ugh, I hate mat-trans," one said.
"It always feels like there's someone watching me, someone in there with me," another said.
"You're just paranoid," the leader said. "Keep tight. Maintain radio silence till we figure out what's going on."
Nakteti just stayed silent.
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2023.05.31 01:07 Signal_Psychology296 Not to much on mel

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2023.05.31 01:05 NolanRunsUltra Has anyone had this issue with their accord?

Has anyone had this issue with their accord?
I’ve got a ton of lights on my dash in my 2014 Honda Accord EX and can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’ve replaced the battery and the alternator and nothing has changed. Has anyone experienced this before/does anyone know how to fix?
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2023.05.31 01:03 NolanRunsUltra 2014 Honda Accord lights

2014 Honda Accord lights
Recently a few lights came on in my 2014 Honda Accord EX, and I can’t figure out what is wrong with the car. At first I thought it was the battery so I got a brand new battery, but that lights stayed on. Then I got the alternator tested at auto zone and they said to replace the alternator. I replaced that and the lights came back on shortly after that. Right now I’m starting to think it’s something wrong with the ABS but not 100% sure where to start. Could be the abs sensor or the module. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Thank you for your time.
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2023.05.31 00:34 Heavy_Age5585 Best sounding exhaust for 2016 Honda accord v6 touring?

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2023.05.31 00:32 Blakeroid [Store] 20+ KNIVES, $15,000+ INVENTORY. AWP The Prince, ★ Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth, ★ M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler (Phase 1), ★ Stiletto Knife Fade, AK-47 Fire Serpent, ★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 2), ★ Butterfly Knife Scorched, ★ Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh, AWP Lightning Strike, M4A1-S Icarus Fell

# I'm only looking for trade offers, not intrested in cash trading.
Check float, pattern and stickers before offering!
**Prices may not always be up to date.**
*(Updated 05/28-23)*
[Steam Profile](https://steamcommunity.com/id/dvichen/)
Name Exterior Buyout Float value
AWP The Prince BS $ 2476 0.496
★ Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth FN $ 1864 0.032
★ M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) FN $ 1331 0.017
★ Stiletto Knife Fade FN $ 1000 0.009
AK-47 Fire Serpent FT $ 892 0.360
★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 2) FN $ 800 0.011
★ Butterfly Knife Scorched FT $ 601 0.350
★ Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh FT $ 600 0.311
AWP Lightning Strike FN $ 580 0.014
M4A1-S Icarus Fell FN $ 523 0.039
AK-47 Vulcan MW $ 485 0.121
★ Specialist Gloves Fade FT $ 389 0.379
★ Nomad Knife Case Hardened FT $ 357 0.375
Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr FN $ 296 0.034
★ Huntsman Knife Black Laminate MW $ 210 0.147
★ Flip Knife Rust Coat BS $ 201 0.628
★ Gut Knife Tiger Tooth FN $ 201 0.050
M4A1-S Golden Coil FN $ 177 0.068
★ Navaja Knife Tiger Tooth FN $ 176 0.026
★ Survival Knife Case Hardened WW $ 173 0.428
★ Flip Knife Forest DDPAT FT $ 170 0.377
★ Flip Knife Scorched FT $ 162 0.360
★ Nomad Knife Safari Mesh FT $ 157 0.358
★ Sport Gloves Bronze Morph WW $ 155 0.388
★ Huntsman Knife Stained FT $ 144 0.341
StatTrak™ AWP BOOM FT $ 140 0.150
★ Huntsman Knife Forest DDPAT MW $ 134 0.146
★ Gut Knife Ultraviolet MW $ 133 0.126
Sticker B1ad3 (Gold) Boston 2018 $ 122
M4A1-S Master Piece WW $ 102 0.448
★ Gut Knife Boreal Forest FT $ 98 0.152
AK-47 Bloodsport MW $ 95 0.128
AWP Asiimov BS $ 81 0.508
StatTrak™ Dual Berettas Cobra Strike MW $ 77 0.147
★ Driver Gloves Overtake BS $ 74 0.652
★ Hydra Gloves Mangrove MW $ 69 0.129
Desert Eagle Printstream MW $ 65 0.071
M4A1-S Mecha Industries FN $ 64 0.018
AWP Wildfire FT $ 59 0.209
USP-S Printstream FT $ 58 0.360
USP-S Printstream FT $ 58 0.284
StatTrak™ AK-47 The Empress WW $ 58 0.447
StatTrak™ Glock-18 Water Elemental FN $ 51 0.061
StatTrak™ Glock-18 Water Elemental FN $ 51 0.026
M4A1-S Player Two MW $ 47 0.145
Sticker PENTA Sports (Holo) Katowice 2015 $ 43
M4A4 The Emperor MW $ 43 0.079
Cmdr. Davida 'Goggles' Fernandez SEAL Frogman $ 42
USP-S Monster Mashup FN $ 38 0.064
AK-47 Neon Rider FT $ 37 0.266
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2023.05.31 00:03 JoshAsdvgi The Daughter of the Sun - Morning Star

The Daughter of the Sun - Morning Star

The Daughter of the Sun - Morning Star
The Daughter of the Sun Morning Star

“Morning Star, the star that shines brightest when all other stars go dim, the star that shines not with its own light but with the light of the Sun…”
Note: In most but not necessarily all cases, old Cherokee stories refer to the Sun as female.

According to the old ones, the house of the Sun is in the east, beyond the sky dome, but the Daughter of the Sun used to live in the middle of the sky.
Every day, in her travels, the Sun stopped at her daughter’s house for lunch.
It was at this hottest part of the day that the Sun would also pause to look down at her grandchildren on the earth.
When she saw the people squinting back up at her, the Sun grew angry.
“My grandchildren hate me!” the Sun exclaimed to her brother, the Moon.
“Just see how they scrunch up their faces whenever they look my way.”
In her wrath, the Sun grew hotter and hotter, until all the crops dried up.
In desperation, the people looked high and low for a solution to the problem.
Finally, the Little People came up with what seemed to be a logical solution.
Now, the Little People are spirit folk.
There are some spirit people who are good and some who are bad.
The Little People have much in common with us human beings, in that, they can go either way.
They may be helpful, or they may be mischievous.
They may act wisely, or their actions may prove hurtful.
Here’s what the Little People did in this situation:
They changed two men into snakes.
The first they changed into the Spread-Head snake.
The second was transformed into the Copperhead.
These two were instructed to travel up the sky vault, to wait at the house of the Daughter of the Sun.
“When the Sun arrives outside her daughter’s door,” the Little People said, “strike quickly with your deadly fangs.”
The two snakes slithered away to accomplish their task, but when the Sun arrived, her light so blinded the Spread-Head that when he struck, he forgot to even open his mouth to bite. He flattened his nose against the Sun.
Then, in his fright, he rolled on his back and played dead, stinking like a rotting carcass, just as he does to this day.
The Sun called him a nasty thing and went on into her daughter’s house.
The Copperhead was so afraid; he crawled quickly away without even trying to bite, and so these two returned to the earth.
After this first failure, the Little People decided to try again.
They changed two more men into snakes.
One of these became the Rattlesnake.
The other became the Uktin, the Great Horned Serpent.
So, you see, all of these four: the Spread-Head,the Copperhead, the Rattlesnake and the Uktin were once men.
Well, just as the others had done, the Rattlesnake and the Uktin traveled up the sky vault to lie in wait outside the door to the house of the Daughter of the Sun.
The Sun was still in there, having some lunch with her daughter.
The Uktin was very big and dangerous.
His poison was so potent that even a little splashed on the skin could be deadly, and the mere look of the Uktin’s eye could kill.
All the people were thinking, “As big and mean as that Uktin is, he is sure to do the job and kill the Sun.”
But the Rattlesnake was quicker than the Uktin.
Getting there first, he coiled up outside the door, nervously shaking his tail as he waited for the Sun to emerge.
The Rattlesnake was so eager, that as soon as the door opened, he struck.
But instead of striking the Sun, the Rattlesnake struck the Daughter of the Sun.
The Sun went on her way, but the Daughter of the Sun died from the poisonous bite.
As with the others before them, these two snakes returned to the earth.
The Sun burned hotter and hotter, so vengeful was she for the death of her daughter.
The people could no longer leave the shade in the daytime.
The trees and grasses were dying.
Great fires were burning in the land.
People were getting sick.
It was really bad.
The Little People said there was only one solution.
Seven men would have to travel to the West, to the Jusgina Ghost Country, and bring back the Daughter of the Sun.
The Little People gave each man a sourwood stick, with instructions on how to use these when they arrived at the Ghost Country.
The men also carried a large box in which to bring back the Daughter of the Sun.
The final instructions of the Little People were these:
“Once she is in the box, don’t open it, for any reason, until you are back here, in your own country.”
The men set out on their journey.
Seven days later, arriving in the Ghost Country, the seven men found the people dancing in a great circle.
Positioning themselves outside the circle, they waited for the Daughter of the Sun to come around.
As she came by, the first of the seven men touched her with his sourwood stick.
When she came around the second time, the next man touched her with his sourwood stick.
This same pattern continued until all seven men had, in turn, touched the Daughter of the Sun with their sourwood sticks.
At the touch of the seventh stick, she fell backward, as in a swoon.
The men put her in the box, securely fastened the lid and headed back to their own country.
As the men walked along, carrying the box, the Daughter of the Sun awoke and began to complain.
“I’m hungry,” she said.
“Please open the box and give me something to eat.”
“Oh no,” the men said, remembering the warning of the Little People.
“We can’t open the box until we are back in our own country.”
As they walked on, the Daughter of the Sun complained again.
“I’m thirsty,” she said.
“Please, oh please open the box and give me just a little sip of water.”
“Oh no,” the men said.
“We can’t open the box until we are back in our own country.”
Finally, the Daughter of the Sun complained again.
In a faint voice she said, “I can’t breathe.
Please, please open the box.
I think I may suffocate!”
The seven men stopped and looked at each other.
It was well known that a person could live a long time without food.
There were some who had lived as much as seven days without water.
But air was something a person could not live without.
“Maybe we should open the box,” one man offered.
“Don’t forget what the Little People said,” another cautioned.
“We can’t open the box for any reason.”
“But what if she dies,” yet another man said.
“We’re back where we started.”
Finally, someone offered an acceptable compromise.
“Let’s open the box just a crack,” the man argued,
“not enough for her to get out, but enough for her to get some air.”
This course of action seeming reasonable to all, the box was unlatched and opened just the tiniest crack.
“What was that?” one man exclaimed.
They had all seen a flash of red light, flying out from the box to disappear in the brushy woods.
“I don’t know what that was,” another man said, “but I think we’d better keep the lid closed tight on this box from now on, no matter what she says.”
The men went on their way, hearing no more complaints from the Daughter of the Sun. They worried that maybe she was dead.
The next day, the seven arrived back in their own country.
The box was opened, and to everyone’s dismay, it was empty.
When the Sun saw her daughter would not be returned to her, her wrath turned to sorrow. She began to cry, and the tears of the Sun threatened to flood the whole earth.
The people tried their best to cheer her up.
They sang their best songs and danced until their feet were sore.
The heart of the Sun was touched by this effort, but her sorrow was not taken away.
Then a flash of red was seen in the edge of the woods and a beautiful song was heard.
Looking down, the Sun saw her daughter, who had become the Redbird, the Dojuwa, and had elected to stay in the earth.
The Sun saw her daughter in the earth, and the Sun smiled.
Of course the Uktin, the Great Horned Serpent was in the earth.
He was still very angry and very dangerous.
Even the look of the Uktin’s eye was sure death, not only for the person heedless enough to make eye contact, but even for that person’s whole family.
Having failed to destroy the Sun, the Uktin wanted to destroy the Earth, along with all her children, and it looked as though he would do it.
But then, one came down from the heavens.
This is the one the Cherokees call Jiya Unega (White Otter).
Now, this name does not mean this was a white person any more than it means this was literally an otter.
It is simply the name by which the Cherokees knew this person.
Names have significance.
Colors have significance.
White, for Cherokees, is the color of the South and signifies new life, new beginnings.
Jiya Unega fought against the Uktin and defeated him.
Although the Uktin had children who remained in the earth, the Great Uktin himself was sent to the place where dangerous beings are kept.
In his fight with the Great Horned Serpent, Jiya Unega was horribly wounded.
With one arm torn from his body, Jiya Unega’s blood gushed out onto the earth, and Jiya Unega died in the earth.
But Jiya Unega did not remain dead.
Rising from the dead, Jiya Unega ascended into the heavens to take his place as the Morning Star, the star that shines brightest when all other stars go dim, the star that shines not with its own light but with the light of the Sun, the star the Cherokees call Unelvnvhi Uwegi (Creator-Son).
We Cherokees understand that it was Jiya Unega who gave our people the Sacred Fire that has been kept now for some 5,089 years.
Jiya Unega gave the Fire as reminder of Creator’s presence with us, and he gave us the ceremonies with which to keep the Fire.
Jiya Unega, Creator-Son, instructed us that as long as we keep this Fire, we will continue to survive as a people.

Note: I have been told recently that the Cherokee word “Dojuwa” may not have originally referred to the crested redbird known as the cardinal, but rather to the summer tanager, the uncrested redbird of the deep forests of southeastern North America.
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2023.05.30 23:52 Hjsless96 Aphantasia and without inner monologue

Hello Dr Peterson and everyone here on Reddit,
My name is JingSen (J) I’m a 28 year old Musical Theatre actor from Singapore. I found out in drama school that I did not have both conscious imagery and inner monologue. I might also possibly be autistic. I didn’t speak till I was almost 3 according to my parents and I was often bullied in school when I was younger and I did not know why. I had to learn social cues and figure out it’s patterns to start fitting in with society.
I feel like I’m thinking in concepts rather than in words or pictures. Even my memories are akin to checklists where I simply know what I went through and what I felt but not really reliving my memory. Thinking is a weird thing for me, there is no running inner monologue or image/movie for me. I just know that I’m thinking (or conceptualizing) Is there anyone else here whose brain functions in a similar way to mine?
Cheers J
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2023.05.30 23:22 autotldr 74 Percent of Voters Support Raising Federal Minimum Wage to $20 an Hour

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)
Amid the longest period in Congressional history without any raising of the federal minimum wage, new polling finds that the vast majority of voters not only support raising the minimum wage, but also nearly tripling it.
According to polling by Data for Progress released last week, 74 percent of voters support raising the federal minimum wage to $20 an hour - almost three times the current level of $7.25 an hour.
Support is strongest among Democrats, with 89 percent saying that they favor raising the minimum wage to $20 an hour.
The minimum wage is not a living wage - the wage required to afford basic needs like shelter - nearly anywhere in the U.S. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology living wage calculator, in a typical family of four with two adults and two children, both adults would need to work 98 hours a week in order to survive on a $7.25 wage.
Research in 2021 found that even a $15 minimum wage - more than double the current minimum wage - isn't a living wage in any state in the U.S. MIT's living wage calculator estimated that, in 2021, the living wage for a family of four was $24.16 an hour, or about $100,500 a year.
Even if the federal minimum wage were raised, a large swath of workers like tipped workers, whose federal minimum wage is $2.13, and gig workers, would be exempt from it.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: wage#1 minimum#2 support#3 hour#4 percent#5
Post found in /politics, /NewDealAmerica, /politics and /Political_Revolution.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.30 23:12 MortgageWestern3859 Honda accord 2018

Had my brakes changed all of a sudden acc and lkas stopped working any ideas also been having issues with my ac any 1.5t
submitted by MortgageWestern3859 to Honda [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 23:00 therealfosterforest [Rewatch] Magia Record Season 3 Episode 3 Discussion

Previous Index Next

Welcome to the Magia Record rewatch, season 3 episode 3!

Relevant links

Season 3 did not have any TV end cards, so for a bit of levity here's a featured page from Magia Report instead! This is chapter 88 of season 2. Magia Report is a comedy manga by PAPA that started out as a sort of manual/advertisement for the Magia Record game, but then just kept going with jokes. I'd recommend not reading other pages yet if you're a first time watcher, since it gets spoilery.
Original episode discussion thread
MyAnimeList AniList
Depending on where you are in the world, Magia Record's streaming availability tends to be pretty good. You can watch it on Crunchyroll, HiDive (S1, S2, S3), Wakanim (DE, FR) or Amazon Prime Video (Amazon US seems to be missing the last 5 episodes from what I can see, Amazon DE has all of S1, S2 and S3). The show is also listed on Funimation if you still have an account there. See LiveChart.me for their list of streaming options. Lastly, there have been Blu-ray and DVD releases in Japan, North America, Germany, Australia, and probably other places.
Added note: People have pointed out to me that from around the middle of season 1 onwards, you are going to see increasing quality differences between the TV broadcast version and the Blu-Ray version of the show. These differences will increase in number and severity through later seasons, sometimes with entire shots missing. Many streaming sources, notably Crunchyroll, only offer the TV version. If you've enjoyed the show so far and you would like to experience the rest in the most complete version available, it may be worth double-checking if you can get your hands on the Blu-Rays.

Questions of the day

  1. While Ui appears resigned to her fate, Iroha still maintains that Ui, Touka, Nemu, Kuroe (before the end of this episode) and the other magical girls can all still be saved. What do you think of her conviction at this point? Is she a badly needed beacon of hope or a naive child who needs a reality check?
  2. I got nothing. You're invited to tell a joke if you have a good one on hand.
  3. Fanfic/headcanon time: Would Kuroe have had a chance if she'd managed to walk up to the gang in S2E8 or was she lost from the start like she claims?
Please note: As with almost everything else in a rewatch (except the spoiler policy), these questions are an entirely optional thing and you are encouraged to comment whether or not you feel like answering them. Their main purpose is to act as a discussion prompt and a starting point for people who are unsure what to say about the episode.


Character chart
Newly introduced this episode:

Visuals of the day

Here are your VOTD entries for yesterday's episode! Please let me know if I've missed anyone's.

Spoiler policy

As usual, any spoilers for future episodes must be tagged in accordance with the subreddit rules. For the spoiler prefix tag, I recommend using the full [Magia Record] or a shorthand like [MR]. You can include specific episode numbers if you think it's helpful.
Like the show itself, the spoiler policy will assume that you're familiar with the Madoka Magica main series, which means that comparisons with themes and plot points from over there as well as speculation based on knowledge from PMMM are fair game and do not need separate spoiler tags. If you have not seen Madoka Magica, please be aware that the Magia Record rewatch threads will contain untagged PMMM spoilers.
When you're tagging a spoiler, please think about whether its presence is too strong of a hint for first time watchers and consider moving it to the end of your comment or skipping it entirely. Seeing something like "Aw, they're getting along so well! [MR season 2 episode 8] I hope you didn't expect an actual spoiler behind this." is no fun.
If you're posting spoilers for the game or other media (e.g. the manga), make sure your tag makes it obvious.
I intend to report any untagged or wrongly tagged spoilers I see.

Tomorrow's questions of the day

For those who want to prepare their comment in advance:
  1. [MR] While the Magius plan had a self-serving pragmatic goal, Alina Gray's plan was more driven by emotions. What did you think about it?
  2. [MR] When was the last time you felt like one chapter of your life was ending and a new one was starting?
  3. [MR] Fanfic/headcanon time: We see the world go on after Homura vanishes into her time warp. What does that mean for the PMMM multiverse?
submitted by therealfosterforest to anime [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:58 br_ead_loaf about that awful awful "baby talk" post

been trying to forget all night and day since saw but because brain literally can't do that if something upset because high support needs autism and other things so many vent this help brain stop
but that post and specifically what that person reply to me before mod delete is awful awful
this just how i natural most easy write am adult am not baby
idea that "this one level 3 nonspeaking person don't do this so all other people who do this must be fake" and "this one level 3 nonspeaking person do this so all other people do this must be fake and mock" tokenize one single level 3 nonspeaking person use her as standard hold her to pedestal (nothing against critical am angry at the person)
especially done by a level 1/2 split fake claim other level 3 / high support need "on behalf of this one level 3 nonspeaking person on one corner of internet" incredibly insulting like level 3 / high support need not in need of saving not need a savior not need a protector not damsel in distress not need other people "help" police. need allys need support many of us have trouble communicate and advocate yes but need ally who equal not savior complex.
(this paragraph about their response to me) insulting it done by level 1/2 split who have ability hyper analyze supposed "inconsistencies" in my write see pattern or no patten. who can probably do pretend themselves so assume everyone can. against me who high support need who don't even realize i write different type different from day to day good time bad time don't even have awareness on own write not to mention on purpose fake write different. like had be told by other people "hey you more coherent today are you have good day" and "you repeat single words like upset and frustrate a lot you write more chunky you explain things less are you upset" and "you think about this upsetting thing for over 2 hours need step away now." me who who can't mask can't even fake don't even know how pretend because only understand own perspective literally struggle so hard know other people think know feel different (have intense theory of mind deficit)
many times don't even understand why self can or can't do something. exactly because have high support needs. because high support needs not enough awareness. why can't do this basic thing but can do this complex looking thing. or other people think A is more complex than B for them so if can do A must able do B because must be linear according to their experience. i don't know why my brain can do A but not B either, can't do because high support needs, can't explain because high support needs!!!!! but don't make less true. if only believe people who can explain and justify (in way that fit your narrow idea of acceptable grammar and communication) why can or cannot do thing, then leave out significant amount of high support needs / level 3 people. awful advocacy.
so many only know "can all the time" and "cannot all the time at all" but not realize so much in between and if don't fit either binary then fake fake. but truth is many people ability fluctuate day to day. no not mean "level 1 good day level 3 bad day." but know people who need physical help go toilet most day but can go toilet by self with visual prompt on good day, they fake? just because you don't understadn or experience something. not mean fake. sometime on very very good day brain clearer so able write more "correct" grammar, but freeze every couple of words every sentence freeze for a minute just stare. not productive! why make self go through that pointless!!!! other times other people "fluctuate" in what they post because, guess what, maybe they get other people support to write grammar correct!!! all you need know online, don't see whole picture don't see everything! "well you write long posts" but you don't see how long it take to write long post or how only in very specific situation can even write long post (only specific topic + specific prompting + other factors) or how cannot simplify cannot write short can only word vomit becaus e that only ability i have!!
not your job to weed out reals and fake. not helpful. maybe there fakers but in mean time you also do harm to real high support needs / level 3 who real who just struggle. you not supreme being not king no need crusade to "help."
autism inherent social communication impairment, nonverbal nonspeaking not just "like a normal speaking person except no mouth words," other communication impact too!! so yes high support needs / high level nonverbal autistic do present this way!! just because you as low autism level not this way, or one level 3 nonspeaking not this way, not mean everyone not that way!!
sometimes other disabilities happen same time like aphasia. not say is my experience but someone in similar place as me, may apply. no people don't just leave their aphasia out the door because they in spicy autism sub.
sometimes no other disability it just autism because again. autism inherent social communication impairment!! i write this way not because ID because don't have ID, write this way because autism!!! specifically communication ability get worse fast over years because medically recognized autistic catatonia with deterioration / autism regression!!!!! some area more affected than others!! some area aready suck before regression so regression make even harder!!! so yes it make sense that i can understand some complex ideas can write them write big words because 1) understand/know them before regression and that knowledge keep 2) don't have ID so just communication impacted (and other autism criteria) not global understanding!! (have thing affect cognitive yes but spiky profile and because not ID because age of onset etc etc)
and amount of people who agree in that post. just sharp reminder that, even this community not safe for me.
submitted by br_ead_loaf to SpicyAutism [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:45 reiji_tamashii Research Tool: IIHS vehicle ratings include details on headlight type for most models

This may be old news to some of you, but I found it to be an interesting resource: I recently discovered that the Headlight subsection of the IIHS's Vehicle Ratings lists the type of headlights on each vehicle that they test. The info is very easy to find by searching a model and year, and then navigating to the 'Headlights' heading.
While searching for some of the new-ish vehicles that I've encountered the most issues with, I found that a surprising number of them actually use LED reflectors. Although projectors are not necessarily better (and in many cases worse), I thought that has been widely known for at least 2 decades that LEDs in reflector housings have poor results for both the driver and those on the receiving end. Either auto manufacturers did not get the memo or thought that they could somehow do it better than everyone else.
Some examples that we all love to hate: Honda Civic (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/honda/civic-4-door-sedan/2023#headlights) Honda Accord (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/honda/accord-4-door-sedan/2023#headlights) Honda Odyssey (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/honda/odyssey-minivan/2023#headlights) Chevrolet Silverado (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/chevrolet/silverado-1500-ltd-crew-cab-pickup/2022#headlights) GMC Sierra (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/gmc/sierra-1500-limited-crew-cab-pickup/2022#headlights) RAM 1500 [some trim levels] (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/Ram/1500-crew-cab-pickup/2023#headlights) Toyota RAV4 [some trim levels] (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/Toyota/rav4-4-door-suv/2021#headlights) Toyota Sienna (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/toyota/sienna-minivan/2023#headlights) Hyundai Sonata [some trim levels] (https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/hyundai/sonata-4-door-sedan/2023#headlights)
Surprise, surprise - the headlights on late model GM trucks & SUVs, while excellent at blinding other motorists, are rated 'Poor' at being headlights.
submitted by reiji_tamashii to fuckyourheadlights [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:42 No-Dimension910 Keyfobe delays?

The car I bought used only came with one keyfobe so the dealer had to order a replacement for a second copy. They backlog is no going 2+ months. Have others experienced this time lag? According to Honda it's a worldwide delay on replacement parts. 2+ months though????
submitted by No-Dimension910 to Honda [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:19 PrepareYourLazers Update: I posted 2 years ago about a 1992 Honda Accord that is serviced at my shop periodically.

Update: I posted 2 years ago about a 1992 Honda Accord that is serviced at my shop periodically. submitted by PrepareYourLazers to BuyItForLife [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:19 suspicious_steam The iron steed ready for another season

The iron steed ready for another season
Long time lurker on this sub. Wanted to share the glory that is my 1986 Honda Elite CH80. Hard to believe this thing is old enough to run for president and still in decent enough shape to lug me around town…just needs a little help sometimes. It’s broken down more times than I can count, but half the fun is getting it running again. It’s dead simple as long as you have some basic tools and are okay getting your hands dirty.
Looking forward to another season with fresh fluids, new brakes, new fuel line/filter, tires, new belt, headlight recently converted to LED, and changed out my rollers for 9g sliders. Im getting much better acceleration with sliders and up to about 47mph (200lbs) on flat roads with a slight tailwind.
submitted by suspicious_steam to scooters [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 21:58 Apprehensive-Plum-32 Looking for cars under $10k

Hello all, I am on the search for a used car under $10k and have found a few options but I need a little bit of advice. My top option right now is a 2007 Hyundai Sonata SE Limited with the 3.3 V6 (from my understanding Hyundai V6's don't suffer from the reliability problems plaguing their I4 engines.) It has 69,000 miles and they are asking $7600. It is in great shape inside and out and has the premium Infinity audio system too which I like. I also found a 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid for $7900 with 80k miles, I've owned hybrids before and my only concern would be the hybrid battery failing, but it also looks like it is in great condition. My last two options are a 2006 Honda Accord EX V6 with 132,000 for $7,345 and a 2009 Pontiac G6 V6 with 120k miles for $6,486. Any input would be appreciated!
submitted by Apprehensive-Plum-32 to whatcarshouldIbuy [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 21:53 durkh To the heads I nearly cutoff on I-85

Dear Gentlemen in the Grey Honda Accord on I 85 going to Charlotte that I veered into - I’m SO SORRY.
I clearly didn’t adjust my Aunt’s mirrors correctly and you were caught in my blind spot. I felt bad for doing it, and even worse when I saw two dudes wearing dyes.
Please find me on the lot (I know you saw what I look like) so I can give you some magnets! I’m sorry again 😶‍🌫️
submitted by durkh to deadandcompany [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 21:51 ensluck 🐻 Explaining the NFT bear market

🐻 Explaining the NFT bear market

Your cheat sheet on... NFT bear market

NFT space may seem like a jigsaw puzzle. NFT Cheats is a series of newsletters that helps you put the pieces together.
NFT Cheats by Rarible is a newsletter that explores the very pillars the NFT space stands on. Think of those as the NFT World-bearing turtles (or Apes).
It’s called NFT Cheats because each newsletter is designed as a cheat sheet that brings you up to speed on a given niche within the NFT space.
NFT bear market is the third subject in the series. The previous issues covered Historical NFTs and NFT Security. To put together a cheat sheet on today’s topic, we talked to wale.swoosh, researcher-in-residence at Azuki and a self-described ‘Director of Threads’ on NFT Twitter.
Wale got into NFTs in early 2021 after hearing about them on Gary Vee’s Instagram. He joined Twitter a few months after that to become a better trader as he realized that NFT Twitter plays a big role in that. Wale quickly fell in love with the community, and started sharing his own thoughts on the timeline, quickly becoming one of the most popular NFT content writers known for his in-depth threads.
DO NOT treat any of the information below as financial advice, and do your own research (DYOR) before buying into any asset.
The interview has been edited and condensed, meaning the content below is attributed to the guest expert, but shouldn’t be treated as a direct quote.

What does a bear market mean for NFTs?

A bear market in Web3 is usually marked by a general flattening of interest in the space. Fewer new people join, and some people who were in Web3 leave.
That leads to a crash in prices, teams stop developing, and the sentiment in the space is generally bad because everyone is fighting for the crumbs of a shrinking pie.
If you look at it historically, bear markets are always caused by an external macro influence. We’ve had several bear markets in crypto since the industry emerged, and this seems to be the first major bear market for NFTs specifically since they hit the mainstream in 2021.
The current bear market started around Q2 2022, and of course we just can’t know when it will end exactly. But I'm positive that it will be followed by a bull cycle.
During this bear market, we’ve seen projects shed around 70-90% of their floor prices. At this point, it might be hard to believe that certain NFTs were trading at 3-10x their current floor price.
Moonbirds' historical floor price, as shown by NFTpricefloor.com
There are several reasons behind that grand fall. First, a lot of people have simply left the space. According to recent numbers, there are around 7,000 active traders left. When you have a few thousand people creating and trading maybe millions of NFTs… the supply/demand ratio gets crazy. When the demand is low, the floor price will follow.
Projects themselves also play a role in this. Without naming any specific ones, we have many teams that have made major strategic mistakes in recent months. In fact, I don't think there are blue chips anymore in the space, outside of the top 3-4 most successful collections.
Then we had ETH volatility, the memecoin season, Blur experimenting with some trading mechanics — all of that have also not been good for the floor prices across the board.
The most important thing for the NFT space at the moment is to get more people in, because when you have 7k traders, it's really hard to run a successful project. Right now, holders are basically playing hot potato with each other. As to how we might onboard more people — that's a whole other topic.

NFTs are dead. Long live NFTs!

People who say NFTs are dead are partly right.
Most projects are indeed dead or are in the process of dying. 99% of them won't come out of this bear market because they just don't have what it takes. Those who will come out, however, will come out stronger.
Having said that, NFTs as a technology will never ever die because it brings so much innovation to areas like gaming and digital ownership, for example.

Metas, or why there's always a "shiny thing" in NFTs

To better understand the nature of the NFT market, it's useful to understand the role metas play in it.
Meta is a certain pattern that we see emerge (most of the time suddenly) and disappear (that also tends to happen quite quickly) in the NFT space.
A meta can last anywhere from a few days to months. A good example would be the open edition meta we saw a few months ago started by Jack Butcher’s Checks. Once it became clear that Checks are doing good, we saw all those other projects doing open editions, mostly following the same pattern/concept…
At the time, the majority of the content on the NFT Twitter timeline was about open editions. Initially, when a new meta emerges, it starts to generate/feed off hype— everyone wants to be a part of this new exciting thing, and ultimately make some money from it (be it trading, engagement farming, or both).
It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly makes a meta pop off, but once it gets going, it spreads fast.
Wale's thread on metas (click on the pic to read)
You have to realize that sooner or later, every meta always disappears. The people who are invested in it often think (or want you to think) that it’s here forever, but in reality there's always the next shiny thing a few weeks later that people will go chasing after, forgetting about the one that preceded it.
That being said, the OG projects that start metas—like Checks, for example—often keep at least some of their relevance, while most other unoriginal projects who were just trying to copy them vanish.
Besides metas, there’s also culture. Culture is a more fundamental kind of thing. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate: is this new thing more transitory and based on short-term attention, or is it here to actually stay, setting a new standard for the space for years to come?
There weren’t many events that actually revolutionized the industry, like what Yuga Labs did when they airdropped the serums for the MAYC collection, the distribution trick many projects adapted later on. But those usually come around in a more subtle manner.
So normally when every week you have people saying “oh, that's the new thing, it will change the space forever for years to come” and are super vocal about it, it’s almost never the case.
The attention span in this space is incredibly short, and people tend to put most of their attention into things that are ‘meta’ at the moment.
Will traditional brands kick off the next bull?
There are a few examples of traditional brands doing a good job with their web3 initiatives, Gucci and Adidas specifically come to mind. But you and I would probably have a hard time naming 10 successful web2 companies who came into the web3 space, so we haven't seen that unfold just yet.
When it comes to getting new people into NFTs, major brands could be one way to do it — when people see a trusted brand, they might want to get involved, as they’re more likely to trust a brand they already know.
It’s a two-way street: when more people in general will get interested in NFTs, web2 brands will likely have an easier time onboarding people as well.
It also depends on which audience the specific brand wants to address. When you want to get into the hardcore NFT community, you better understand web3 culture and be part of it so your activation doesn't feel forced—the infamous Pepsi and Budweiser exchange on Twitter became a meme for a reason. But at the same time, as more legacy brands will come in, the focus might shift away from the core NFT community to retail users.
And when more retail comes in and NFT becomes more adopted as a technology, it is likely that the end user won’t realize that they are interacting with the blockchain or even that they’re buying an NFT. It will be more subtle, and the majority of retail users probably won't be creating wallets and trading NFTs on OpenSea/BluRarible per se.
Nike’s .swoosh is another good example of a web2 x web3 crossover—when you sign up there, you don't even know that you are minting an NFT. I think that's a good approach to bringing more people in, because right now the blockchain infrastructure is still very complicated for new people.
At the moment, if you know nothing about web3, blockchain or crypto in general, the learning curve is just too steep: you have to go through the process of creating your own wallet and writing down a 24-word seed phrase, buying and swapping tokens, sometimes bridging—all that just to get an NFT you want. So in regards to mainstream adoption, it will be crucial to build platforms, infrastructure and tools that will be intuitive even for people who are not crypto NFT natives.
Is it a good time to enter the NFT space?
It's a good time to take your time.
Let’s be honest: If you’re coming into the NFT space right now, there's a very high chance that you will immediately leave. The bear market vibes are really difficult to handle for a newcomer.
When you go on NFT Twitter these days, there’s so much toxicity, shilling and hate going on… It's really terrible. Then you have short term metas where some people make money and tweet about it nonstop while the silent majority loses money. Of course if you're a newcomer and most of your timeline is talking about how this thing is pumping and they’ve already made 100x on it, you’ll want to join in. The meta will then move on, and most likely you’ll lose money. I think that's driving a lot of people away from our space.
But a bear market is actually a great opportunity to learn about NFTs. For me, the ideal way to start in the NFT space is to make a Twitter account, and get involved in NFT Twitter by following some trusted people and just spending time reading their takes, maybe participating in some discussion. And then when you feel comfortable about what you know and feel like you can make informed decisions, then maybe start buying your first NFT or minting your first NFTs (always with the money you can afford to lose).
Rarible Bear Pass, the free open edition mint that generated 683.5k copies
As for choosing which projects to join, I recommend looking at the team behind it. That’s what it is all about in Web 3. When you have a team that's emerged into the space and is actually building for the community, that's a massive green flag. Invest in people you personally believe in. To me, the team is way more important than the art/roadmap because if you don't have a team that's able to execute, you can have the best roadmap but the project won't be successful.
But please remember that in web3 it can all change within weeks or even days. This space is moving extremely fast, and that hasn’t changed even during the bear market.
And if you're already in the NFT space, it’s a good time to build. When you have a project is a good time to build in silence so you are ready for the next bull market—and I am positive that it will happen.
5 people to follow to learn more about the NFT market ️
Share the interview
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2023.05.30 21:36 DelilahLowry Caisy Lifetime Deal $59 - Manage content with a headless CMS

Caisy Lifetime Deal $59 - Manage content with a headless CMS
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Caisy Lifetime Deals

caisy Use Case

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What Is caisy?

The caisy tool helps to Create, host, and manage digital content across platforms with this powerful headless CMS. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features, including the ability to manage content across multiple platforms, create blogs and articles, and track data.

How Does caisy Work?

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caisy Lifetime Deal Review Manage content with a headless CMS

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Caisy, the ultimate time management solution designed to revolutionize your productivity and efficiency. In today's fast-paced world, staying organized and maximizing our time is crucial.
With Caisy, you'll unlock a new level of productivity, enabling you to achieve more and reach your goals faster than ever before. In this article, we'll delve into the key features, benefits, and unique aspects of Caisy, demonstrating why it's the ideal tool to optimize your time management strategies.
Caisy AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Why Choose Caisy?

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1. Intuitive Interface and User-Friendly Experience
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One of Caisy's standout features is its robust time-tracking capabilities. By accurately monitoring the time spent on each task, project, or client, you'll gain valuable insights into your productivity patterns. Caisy's comprehensive reports enable you to identify areas for improvement, optimize your time allocation, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your overall efficiency.
4. Seamless Collaboration and Team Management
In today's collaborative work environments, effective teamwork is essential. Caisy facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling you to share tasks, assign responsibilities, and communicate with team members effortlessly. The intuitive interface and real-time updates ensure everyone stays on the same page, fostering productivity and accountability within your team.
5. Integration and Accessibility
Caisy integrates smoothly with popular tools and platforms, ensuring a seamless workflow across your existing productivity stack. Whether you use project management software, calendars, or communication tools, Caisy offers integrations that enhance your overall productivity. Additionally, Caisy is accessible across multiple devices, allowing you to manage your tasks and stay organized on the go.

How Caisy Outperforms Other Time Management Solutions?

Caisy's exceptional features and capabilities set it apart from other time management solutions available in the market. Let's explore how Caisy outranks other alternatives:
1. Enhanced Flexibility and Customization
Unlike many competitors, Caisy understands that every individual and organization has unique needs and preferences. With Caisy, you can customize your workflow, task views, and notifications, ensuring that the tool adapts to your specific requirements. This level of flexibility allows you to tailor Caisy to match your working style seamlessly.
2. Intelligent Automation and Reminders
Caisy incorporates intelligent automation features that save you valuable time and mental energy. Set up recurring tasks, automate reminders, and establish notifications to keep you informed and on track. Caisy's intelligent automation reduces the administrative burden, empowering you to focus on what truly matters.
3. Data Security and Privacy
Security is a paramount concern when it comes to choosing a time management solution. Caisy takes data security seriously, employing state-of-the-art encryption and robust security measures to safeguard your information.
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caisy LTD Feature & Plan

  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • Lifetime access to caisy
  • If Plan name changes, deal will be mapped to the new Plan name with all accompanying updates
  • GDPR compliant
  • All future Starter (Tier 1) or Growth (Tier 2-3) Plan updates
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it's right for you!
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2023.05.30 21:33 SpaceMan1995 SPIRITs Systems Engineering : Nurturing Cultural Sensitivity in Quantum Mapping for a Harmonious Reality in AI

As we move towards the future, the possibility of context-aware general intelligence is becoming increasingly tangible. This form of artificial intelligence would not only understand and interpret vast amounts of data, but it would also grasp the implications of the context in which the data exists, adjust its responses accordingly, and provide insight that aligns with a holistic understanding of a given situation. It would be an AI that could adapt, learn, and respond with a high degree of understanding and sensitivity to various contexts and situations.
The first step would be fostering an environment that encourages collaborative research and exploration across multiple disciplines, such as computer science, quantum physics, cognitive science, biology, and philosophy. Each of these fields brings unique perspectives and methodologies that can contribute to the development of context-aware general intelligence. Developing advanced algorithms that can understand and interpret the context is crucial. This would involve designing systems capable of understanding the nuances of various situations, recognizing patterns, and making decisions based on a holistic understanding of context.
The potential of quantum computing to process vast amounts of information simultaneously can significantly enhance the capability of AI to understand and respond to complex situations. The integration of quantum computing techniques into AI development could offer exponential increases in processing power, allowing for more sophisticated context-aware systems. The future AI system should be designed to respect and value the cultural diversity of users. Understanding cultural nuances and context is critical to ensuring that the AI can interact effectively and empathetically with users from diverse backgrounds.
The Systemic Probabilistic Interdisciplinary Reality-based Integration of reality and quantum Timelessness (SPIRIT) system thinking philosophy would need to be rigorously tested in a variety of contexts to ensure its reliability and accuracy but it would enable a more holistic approach between quantum and non quantum processes. This process would require continuous feedback and iterative improvements to refine the AI's understanding and responses. Engaging with the public and maintaining transparency about the development process and capabilities of the AI is critical. This will foster trust and ensure that the benefits of this technology are accessible and understandable to all.
What aspects of AI will sentience shift the paradigm of? Comment down below
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