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2023.04.02 02:10 Stoned-Capone Nice try, I'm not falling for this one again

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2023.04.02 02:10 Thorium12 Valvtronics Adaptations

I recently replaced my valvtronics motor on my e90 n55. But when I relearn the adaptations with BimmerGeeks Pro Tool, I still have an error code. (2E0F valvtronic system deactivated adjustment fault too frequent)
I'm not sure what to do to make the motor work again. When I run the adaptations, I can hear the motor turning on.
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2023.04.02 02:10 RoketGuy966 I keep getting this error whenever I try to sign up

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2023.04.02 02:10 davt4 [CA] 13YO niece assaulted by homeless man. 26 YO daughter knocked out assailant.

Earlier today my daughter and niece were walking near the waterfront when a homeless man stepped in front of my niece and yelled, “I am going to f**k you bitch”.
My daughter stepped in front of my niece and told the guy to back off. The guy then put both of his hands on her left arm and tried to push her to the side. My daughter texted with a right handed punch that knocked the guy out and he hit his head hard when he fell.
There were two bicycle cops nearby and were on the scene within a minute or two and called for the emergency medical. After the guy was taken away the police got statements from both my daughter and niece as well as several witnesses. One of the cops told my daughter and niece that a detective may contact them.
My legal question is should my daughter talk to the detective given that she may have seriously hurt the guy in defense of my niece? Should I get a lawyer for my daughter Brie she talks to the police again?
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2023.04.02 02:09 Cheifs_Cruise What are some reasons it isn’t letting me order?

Every time i try to order it tells me to try again? Is there anything I can do?
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2023.04.02 02:08 Fraction25 Drunken Bedspace Roommate disturb me

Hi, I have been staying in UAE for 7 months now and I have a roommate who drinks regularly. Sometimes we drink together and have a laugh but also two times now, he has disturb me by pulling my blanket away, pulling my ear, slapping my butt, touching me (not sexually) which I don't find comfortable, etc. This only happens when he is drunk and when sober, we just crack jokes. I have problems trying to tell people that I am not comfortable when they are in their casual joking moment and he knows it that's why he disrespects me whenever he is pissed drunk. What is the best way to approach this situation if he does it again? Should I tell my landlord or to the police?
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2023.04.02 02:08 Specialist-Famous Modded Spydercos, Pena, Kunwu, Asher Spiro, MBK Old Guard, AD Jasmine

Good evening everyone. No April Fools jokes here, just doing some spring cleaning and reposting a handful with the weekend bro prices for ya.
Not really looking for much in the way of trades other than a Pena Bravo or maybe James Barnes for the right price. Prices are OBO for the most part and Shipped TYD. Can take Paypal FF, Venmo, or Cashapp.
This one's gonna be a big post and I am worried about the quality of these imgur videos vs. what I've got on my phone, but I already expect to have too much time wrapped up into typing this. If you are interested in anything and have any questions or would like better PHOTOS, please feel free to reach out!


Pena X-Series Mula - This is the "old mula" variant with the drop point blade and newer frame with black micarta inlays. OEM'd by Reate, this knife is amazing. Centered, snappy action, smooth controlled drop shut, sharp m390 blade. Easy to front flip too if you're into that. This has been lightly carried and used, but in great shape. Has only been stropped by me from what I can tell. I am only selling this to hopefully snag a Bravo instead. I bought this because I was excited about the new lynch deep carry clips, but they don't fit the best (in my opinion) Pena X-series there is. I love it, but deep carry is a must for me most of the time. Comes with box. SV: $240

MBK Old Guard Black Micarta ZDP189 - This is a catch and release for me bought brand new from MBK for $225. He posted it up on Instagram and I jumped on it spontaneously, but need to recoup from some other big purchases lately. Brand new razor sharp San Mai ZDP-189 drop point blade. This is a rare configuration from what I've seen. I just received this a little over a week ago, cleaned old locktite out, polished and lubed the washers, and reapplied locktite upon reassembly as the pivot was loosening like these always seem to do from the factory for whatever reason. Smooth washer action still breaking in, actually shakes shut with ease. Centered well, but does have some slight side to side blade play with the way I have pivot set for best action/centering. I'm sure it can be dialed in however you want. Take it for less than I paid just a couple weeks ago. You may not find another one of this variant any time soon. Comes in MBK pouch with cloth and spare hardware. SV: $190

Kunwu Tao Compact - I am the 2nd owner of this one, but it is brand new aside from some flipping and photo taking. Neither the original owner nor I have carried or cut with it. Just another catch and release for me, I've been wanting to try one of these for a while but didn't want to pay MSRP. Sharp and centered Elmax blade, great flippefrontflipper action, no play. Kunwu really does bring some quality materials and features to the table at a reasonable price. I like it, but there's just too many similar knives in the collection and I'm not attached to this one yet. Take it off my hands for what I paid and I'll eat the shipping. SV: $150

Asher Spiro Ti Thumbstud Modded - Not even sure I want to sell this thing. This knife needs know introduction, and will probably be gone in a few minutes. This knife is amazing for the price. This one has obviously been disassembled to flame the pivot collar and acid/stonewash the blade and clip. That said, the s35vn blade has also been sharpened. However, this has barely been used/carried otherwise. Fantastic condition, centered blade, awesome acoustics, no play anywhere, and great action. Not much to complain about here, just don't need it and want to continue trying other stuff out... Unfortunately, that requires money. Comes with box. SV: $125

Spyderco Shaman S30v Full Serrated - This thing is like new and still breaking in, but action is great and blade is centered. Drops shut with little effort. I disassembled to swap to Metonboss Frag Aluminum scales ($90 new out of stock) and also put on a blacksmith finish LynchNW deep carry clip. While it was apart, I also performed an amateur nub delete. I feel that this didn't turn out bad, but I did leave a little extra material behind in case someone else wants to make it a little "nicer". Comes with original smooth black g10 scales, original clip in original box. Absolutely steal this thing for SV: $225
WILL SELL THE METONBOSS SCALES SEPARATE FOR $60 (if yolo'd before the knife)

Spyderco Para3 Maxamets Factory 2nds - Just received this one a little while back. Had the itch to put these RC Bladeworks mexican blanket skinny scales I had laying around on something. Also has a satin MXG deep carry clip and RSD backspacelanyard tube. Other than the nick to designate it as a factory seconds model, I don't see much wrong with this thing. Blade favors lock side slightly like most Spydies do. Detent may be a little soft compared to some, but still flicks open with ease and drops shut nicely. Blade is mustard patina'd. Shows some bluing in certain lighting. See pic. Not usually a huge patina fan, but got the look I was going for with this one. This one has been lightly used, carried, and recently sharpened. Very sharp. No box as it is a 2nds and does not come with original scales, but will come with original clip, standoff, and lanyard tube. This would be a very expensive build to replicate and I will be losing quite a bit on this one. Take it at a deep "factory seconds" discount. Just these scales would cost you $150 new and some wait time. SV: $190 firm

Spyderco PM2 CTS-XHP Wharncliffe - This is a Cutlery Shoppe exclusive that I purchased brand new directly from them not too long ago for $199 shipped. It has been carried and used very lightly and obviously modded. The action and centering on this one out of the box was near perfect, but does have a very very slight ock stick that is still breaking in. I installed panzer green KP exclusive AWT scales, Flytanium bronze hardware kit, and blacksmith Lynch deep carry clip. Now the centering is off favoring the lock side as usual, but can probably be centered with some fine tuning. I was and still am happy with it as is. This may just be the ugliest and prettiest pm2 I've laid my eyes on and it is definitely the sliciest I've handled. It came to me with a very slight roll in the middle of the edge, so I did touch it up ever so slightly, but damn is this thing sharp. It does come with the original orange scales never carried, original clip and hardware, and original box with CS goodies. SV: $250 (much more than that wrapped up into this one and it's all near new)

Alliance Design Jasmine G10 - This one I am selling for a buddy. He sent this to me to check out, but rather than waste the shipping back to him requested I post it up for him. I do not know a lot about this knife, but what I will say is it seems to be a very high quality piece for the money. Seems to be very lightly carried if at all, but assume this is at least lightly used. This is a Ray Laconico design. Simplistic, but beautiful. Sharp and centered satin M390 blade on caged bearings. Action rivals much more expensive knives. Great edc size. Has jade g10 scales on it, but comes with black g10 scales as well. No original box, but will come packaged securely in an Artisan Cutlery pouch. Great bang for the buck at SV: $100

If you've made it this far, thanks for stopping by. Again, if you're interested in anything but need some additional info/photos to take the leap, let me know! Will entertain and appreciate all offers, but keep in mind I am somewhat picky and feel that these prices are already more than fair.
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2023.04.02 02:08 p0rtabello Cannot buy Acoin in steam Overlay

I am unable to purchase Acoin in the steam overlay. Every time I open up the purchase window I get an error when loading the screen after I click the purchase amount. It states “there was an error communicating with the Steam servers. Please try again.”
No matter how many times I refresh I keep getting this. I have also reset steam and cleared the steam browser cache and nothing has worked.
Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a resolution?
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2023.04.02 02:07 peershaul1 Problem creating manuver nodes in KSP RSS on linux

Hey, recently I started playing KSP again on my archlinux machine and I've run into a problem
Im on KSP 1 RSS on the latest version with the express install in ckan playing career mode with patched conics already available
I can see the blue trajectory markers on the map mode and the apoapsis and periapsis and everything but I'm not able to click on the trajectory to add a manuver node
Its important to note that I've tried in simulations and also in actual satellites that I already have in orbit and it doesnt work
Do you have an idea for what am i doing wrong?
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2023.04.02 02:07 dotdotca 28[M4F]GTHA/Online I think it's about time that I warned you I might cry in front of you(mom jeans)

But once the realization is accepted that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvelous living side-by-side can grow up for them, if they succeed in loving the expanse between them, which gives them the possibility of always seeing each other as a whole and before an immense sky.*
-Rainer Maria Rilke
Hey my name's David or Dave or Davie. No difference to me. I'm looking for connections really(Leading to something deeper is really awesome but I don't have expectations), I have the next two days off someone to just chat with would be nice or to watch a movie or some anime with. Specifically tonight I'm off work @ 1am(I'm going to the hospital this morning) and I have a desire to re-watch spice and wolf so if you're down :).
I'm working through some writing about language as a means of communication. The core thoughts are around - how it(language) doesen't accurately portray what we may try to explain or relate to others and how I often find myself feeling as if I'm not actually having conversations with people.(Often times it feels like you're not connecting, it's two people going through their dialogue tree) I believe there are a handful of people on earth that you'll be able to share deeper connections with despite how flawed language is as a medium to communicate and I'd love for this post to be a means to meet someone like that.
I'm going to be moving to quebec shortly. I've contemplated a few locations in Canada. I'm from the GTHA but I think the challenge of being in an environment where I won't only be socially isolated but I'll be isolated with language will either cause my brain to go boom or force me to become more of the person I want to be. I love the culture compared to a lot of other places in Canada(having travelled relatively minimally though). I love the people even though it felt like sometimes they didn't like me. And I plan on assimilating to the culture prior to the move and making sure I do what I have to when I get there to not just be the ontario kid moving there. Getting to know someone from Quebec who might have some similar interests would be awesome but this post isn't limited to that.
Goals for the post or what I'm looking for
A connection with anyone really. I feel pretty existentially lonely, and I value things that take that feeling away from me. Ultimately I don't know if a relationship will stem from anything(I don't do the online dating thing so we'd have to see) but getting to know people and seeing where those connections lead is valuable to me. I touched on other things in the introduction but more specifically about the individuals I'm looking for... I like chatting with people who have opinions, and who aren't too judgmental. The things you hate the most about yourself I'll tend to find the best beautiful or interesting. If you play vidya that's awesome because chatting gaming maybe learning some language would be a pretty amazing.
About me
People care about physicals so I'll get that out. (Pictures are newest to oldest) 6'2 - 6'3, dad bodish now but won't be for long. Still on the physical side I play basketball and walk way too much. Outside of that I've lived a life I think most movie producers would scratch out because it seems too unrealistic. There's a lot of things I'm processing in my trauma departments and I'm working towards being the best person I think I can be. I've seen myself fail there and I don't intend on that becoming a pattern going forward.
I enjoy film and music. Mathrock midwest emo, rap are kind of my go tos. I'm big into Nolan films or things that make you think. I write poetry and music. I just wrote a small book ish thing that's kind of about the last 10 years of my life that I'm pretty proud of. I just started to get back into anime, Vinland saga was kinda my gateway to starting again and if someone has recommendations or is down to watching something with me I'd love to.
I don't drink much. I plan on reducing that to very rarely going forward. I don't smoke weed often but I don't mind people who do(I don't mind being around alcohol either). Mushrooms are amazing but again a pretty once in a while thing for me.
I've had a really shit start to the year. Got really sick in December, broke my ribs aand then got pneumonia because broken ribs + not moving. Lost a close friend recently(OD'd) and now my mother(who I'm not close with) has cancer and I don't think she's going to make it. I intend on turning the year around though but it's been a rough start to it.
Tell me about yourself ? What's your favorite meal ? Favorite memory ? Let's play like word association or something I don't know.
I look forward to maybe hearing from you.
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2023.04.02 02:07 ThrowRAConcernedCell How can I(20F) help my friend(20F) get over someone who’s moved on?

I(20F) have known my friend, let’s call her Rache (20F) since elementary but didn’t become good friends until freshman/sophomore year of high school. I’ve seen and been through some of the deepest shit she’s gone through throughout our friendship and luckily we’ve both made it out largely unscathed… at least I thought we did.
Now, the predicament at hand all started when she and a mutual friend of ours, Max, at the time started something during the summer just before senior year — I’m not sure what it was at first, if it was a friends-with-benefits situation but it soon turned into a relationship between the two by the start of senior year. This was her first serious relationship, at least I think so from how long we’ve known each other. She’s quiet and reserved and doesn’t talk to a lot of people so I would have noticed if she had something going on.
She confided in me and another very close friend, Anna (we’re a trio excluding Max), about how intimate she and Max were in their relationship. They kissed, held hands, and flirted at school so I had no issue believing her. This is part of why I believe she’s taken the breakup so difficult; she’s not the kind to open up so easily to others and having been so vulnerable with Max was a big thing for her.
Everything was going smoothly until sometime in October when she and her boyfriend got caught by her parents. This is where it all goes to shit bc her parents are religious zealots and Max identifies as trans, FtM (yes, I know not all Christians are homo/transphobic, but in this case they are). Regardless, they got caught together and it became a screaming match. She came out to them and Max said he loved her and that he always would — that only spurred more bigoted bs from her parents. Her parents took it into their own hands that they no longer see each other by taking away her electronics and watching her go to and from school. Her mom even threatened Anna and me to stop seeing her, believing we were enabling her actions. Their church attendance increased tenfold hoping the gay could be “prayed away.”
It was a traumatic experience for us all. Anna and I were worried for her well-being at home. She was being stripped of who she was and it felt like we were losing her with everything her parents were doing.
The two of them, of course, continued to date in secret but that didn’t last long. I don’t remember when they broke up but it happened before March during the first lockdown. They had a terrible falling out and told each other nasty things in hopes of distancing themselves (childish, I know). Rache said she told him terrible things first to get him to leave her, and leave her he did. He’s not absolved of any wrongdoing either, he said some equally nasty things and said he no longer loved her and hadn’t for a while to hurt her bc he was hurt. Rache tried apologizing but it was all for naught.
Then the pandemic happened. Rache got accepted to a school up north and left the moment she was able to snag a dorm and stayed there. She tried distancing herself from her parents and took to become independent by studying, moving in with roommates, and getting a job. That’s how it’s been for the past three years. Her parents seemed to have cooled down a fraction now that Rache doesn’t depend on them for everything. Rache, Anna, and I have managed to keep in touch thankfully through Instagram calls, zoom, and the occasional visits back to our home city. We strengthened our friendship even more throughout that time even if we were miles apart.
All of this context to finally reach the thing I need advice on: Rache has been stuck on Max for all of these years, dreaming and hoping that someday they would get back together. At first, we entertained the idea (two years ago) that maybe they could rekindle something bc they had been friends before anything had happened. Then Anna dropped a bombshell by telling us she still kept in touch with Max — both Rache and I were shocked but Anna said that although she was incredibly cross with him, she still considered him a friend. I hadn’t kept in touch with Max for years because we had our own set of problems and recognized that I could never rekindle anything amicable with him, but I digress. Anna then continued and said that Max, although hurt, wasn’t angry with Rache anymore and had made his peace after moving out of state and building his own life. If anything, Max thought Rache was still angry, which was why he never reached out to apologize first.
We tried telling Rache not to have her hopes up, that it had been far too long since they had last spoken. Rache was hellbent on believing they could get back together and broke down asking “why wouldn’t he want me back?” Anna and I knew Max was talking to someone else and he had told Anna that he didn’t want anything romantic with Rache. Seeing R’s reaction firsthand told us why we couldn’t outright tell her why. Again, we asked her if she was fine with never having something romantic with Max and if she could stay on friendly terms and see him with another woman. Rache didn’t take that very well. Some time went by and Rache said she would try to start as friends but we knew her ulterior motives, she had told us that her motives were to get back together with him. Truly, we tried our best to get her ready… nothing could have prepared us.
Rache considered reaching out herself, but nothing came of it until a month or two later when, in a state of inebriation, Rache texted him… and Max accepted the apology. He apologized and they talked, catching up on their lives since they had last spoken. Everything was going fine for about a month, Rache seemed happy being able to talk to Max again and the two of us were happy too but we worried that Rache would only come out of this more hurt than before.
And that’s exactly what happened. Max told her that he didn’t want anything romantic, that he was interested in someone else currently, and that he no longer had romantic feelings for her bc it had been too long. She agreed but stated that she wasn’t going to give up pursuing him romantically in the future. He seemingly didn’t say anything against that (Rache’s words, but Anna told me that Max had established boundaries). Sometime earlier in March, he called her a friendly term in our language that means “friend.” She didn’t like that and told him to not call her that. He asked why, and she told him the reason was that she still had feelings for him. Max got angry saying that what they were starting again was strictly a friendship. She didn’t take it too well.
Both Anna and I had our private and group conversations with her and told her that she was rushing into things by being rash, blind, and stupid. I was rather blunt having known her for over seven years and need to be a little more honest for her to see things. She took some offense but we explained that we told her not to have her hopes up and that if she really cared about their relationship, she would take the proper steps to keep it healthy. She then brought up that “Why would he answer my text if he still didn’t have feelings for me?” “Why would he text me every day?” “Why? Why? Why?” You get my point. She’s deadset on being his partner and has told us that she was happiest with him — that she ONLY wants him and that she doesn’t want anyone who isn’t him. Anna and I are worried she’s becoming delusional.
We’ve coached her through writing an appropriate response to Max to apologize for having stepped over a boundary and asking if he could forgive her. He said no. She wrote another long apology and asked for a second chance. It’s been a few days. He hasn’t responded.
For a while now, she’s been using honey laced with THC that her roommates bought, which isn’t terrible on its own but she’s starting to build a habit every time anything gets too hard for her. She doesn’t know how to dose it right and has texted or called us incoherently, broken down crying, and shown other behaviours, unlike her normal ones. It used to happen once in a while and Anna and I have told her to cool it, but it’s becoming more typical of her. I’m worried she’s started abusing it so as to not feel like shit and she’s told me that it hindered her ability to work at her normal pace just the other day. This isn’t healthy and we’ve told her but she does it anyway.
I want to remain friends, at least for Anna’s sake but this is becoming too much and I don’t like seeing Rache like this. If I’m honest, I’m ready to cut our friendship. It’s been a rollercoaster the past three years and just when I thought she was doing better, she plummeted hard. Anna and I have tried our best to be there for her but she’s hundreds of miles away and it feels like I can’t do anything if I’m not there physically. Having her come home is out of the question, she can’t stand her parents, and rent here in the city is abysmal. She’s had a therapist before and I suggested she start seeing one again but that seems unlikely.
How can I help her?
TLDR: I think my friend is obsessed with her ex and I need help snapping out of her delusion. Can our friendship be saved?
This post is already too long, but I will answer any extra questions as best as I can to my knowledge.
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2023.04.02 02:07 Zodiac5964 Anyone able to buy verizon GC recently?

Just tried to buy a gc from the online store, and this happened:
This is the gc webpage I used:
While it’s possible it’s just their crappy website acting up, the pessimistic side of me thinks they are on to people buying gc with credit card to pay their bills (while keeping autopay discount intact), and are now going out of their way to shut this down….
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2023.04.02 02:07 robotalian96 Self Hosting

So I've tried googling how to fix our issues, me and my friend's issue with the connection failure and how to do it correctly, but no avail. Posts said to leave the the same, and change the Bind IP Address to your public IP, but joining each other just leaves us with a connection failure error.
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2023.04.02 02:07 tedfidosomber I need support with getting over my ex who I broke up with and destroyed our relationship

I know I sound like a broken record at this point but the feelings keep coming back every day. I wish I could find a time machine to go back before our final argument and make it better. We dated for 2 years and I truly loved her. Sadly toward the end I was burnt out with moving out of my parents house, being unemployed and broke, I was fighting with family and unsure of my future. I became preoccupied with myself and avoidant towards everything including her. I was in the mindset that I couldn't deal with anything anymore. I started smoking again and she got mad at me which I got upset by because I could feel her rejection of me. I also felt like she was controlling of me. The last time we saw each other was that night, then she went back home and I had to go out of state for a few weeks. Things were sour and I hated seeing our relationship that way, I hated seeing her start to think low of me. So we talked and I brought up thinking we should break up for a while because I couldn't be there for her. She agreed and we said we could still try to be friends after a while. This was over 2 months ago.
After that, I wasn't expecting just how traumatic it would be and how much I would regret it. I quickly realized I was doing everything out of avoidance and once I got moved in and was stable again I sorely missed her. She really was the love of my life and treated me so kindly, she was almost everything I asked for in a relationship. We tried to remain cordial, and started minimal talking for a week but still followed each other. A few days after the breakup she posted on her story "a beautiful woman wants me." It made me feel betrayed and like shit. All these feelings came up of wondering if she ever was committed or if she loved me. It felt unfair that I was trying to be kind and she was possibly posting things to hurt me which I didn't think she would ever do. I texted her asking who it was and that I thought I deserved to know, she said it was just a joke which didn't help. I told her that feelings were too strong and I had to try no contact for a bit and I blocked her on instagram.
We still had each others numbers and a week later she texted me she missed me and I said I know it's hard but we still shouldn't talk and we need time. A week later I couldn't stop thinking about her, and convinced myself that I could be friends with her again so I texted her. However she was acting so cold and uncaring to me, like she was well beyond the breakup. It got to me and I tried asking her how she moved on so fast and I asked questions that could help me get over her now since she seemed to be fine with everything. She gave me only shallow responses and said these things shouldn't matter anymore and I should just move on. I felt slighted, and upset. I'm asking her for help, I thought she wanted to still be friends, and she's acting like we didn't even spend 2 years together and we barely knew each other. I got upset and said I wasn't over it and stopped talking again. Then another week later I folded again and went back to her. I again felt like I could be over it. I tried being attentive and a good friend but she was just cold. Her cold behavior got to me again, I expected her to at least be reciprocal if I was trying to be a good friend, but she was even colder than before. At this point I was sure of my mistake leaving her and it felt like a nightmare seeing how little she respected or cared for me anymore. I said I regret everything and just wanted her back, and she called me selfish and impatient and said she doesn't want to be friends anymore.
Her calling me selfish felt strange so I knew it was probably true. It was the first real thing she said to me that whole time. After thinking it over for a few days and not really understanding why, but knowing I was selfish, I texted her an apology for how I acted after we broke up and that I just didn't want to end it all on such a shitty note and this would be the last time I talk to her. She said she didn't care and had her friends to make her feel better, and called me selfish again. I took it all and said she was right and ensured that I was being honest and didn't expect anything from this exchange and just thought we would be good friends later in life, then deleted her contact and left it at that. That was 2 weeks ago.
Sorry for this ending up as such a long story, I never wrote it all out before and felt like I had to do this to get the whole picture. I still can't get over this. I still love her despite my fears that she never loved me or if she maybe also wanted to break up and just selfishly played the victim when I did it first. Or how she could get over me so fast, or why she was so cold to me? How could someone who loved me so much just think so lowly of me and not want to help? There are so many questions that I want the answers to but they'll never be solved.
I've been reflecting on myself and I see I was toxic. It makes me feel like shit that I'm so fucked up this way but I've been working on myself and seeing what I have to improve. I just can't accept that it's fully over and I think it's holding me back. I still grasp onto any bit of hope and regret what I didn't do better. This whole time we never called. And it's so heartbreaking I never saw her in person during any of this and probably never will again. I never fully tried to get her back and I want to now, but I think I ruined any chances of that happening without seeming like a stalker or a clingy ex. I never showed up to her house in the rain and declared my love and asked for her back. It was all wishy washy shit because I had fears she never loved me. I'm kicking myself for how awful I handled all of this. I don't understand how to get over her with this hope. Also I don't want my motivations for improving myself to be rooted with being good enough for her. I told myself I wanted to get to a point where I could genuinely wish the best for her and be a good person but I don't know how to get there the right way. Like I've been fantasizing about sending her a letter in November for her birthday and saying such nice things and proving that I'm better, more caring, self sufficient and strong, then she takes me back and I can love her the way she deserves.
Basically I don't know how to get over this now. I'm a clingy ex and I destroyed her respect for me and my probability of getting back with her. I can't rationalize a lot of things about this situation. Can you tell me what I did wrong? How I can move on now? Is there a chance to get back with her?
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2023.04.02 02:07 RubiLop 24F christian woman living in Georgia

Hello 👋🏼 i haven't had much success looking for friends on here but i wanted to try again. i think it's been like a year maybe the community changed a little bit. As the title states, i live in Georgia currently and i am mainly looking for fellow Christians to bond with and if possible nearby or at least in the same time zone (EST) i am mainly free on the weekends and i can be seen mainly on discord. i love playing video games like pokemon TCG and Mabinogi but with the newest diablo coming out, i would be willing to go back to immortal.
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2023.04.02 02:06 shaner92 2 weeks post op - still hurts to sit

2 weeks post op, Lay open surgery for superficial fistula.
Things seem to be getting better but it hurts to sit for longer periods of time! I work from home, so its nice to have this privilege. But sitting for longer than 30 minutes usually begins to get uncomfortable.
Things I've Tried
Simply lying down and trying to get work done has been my main tactic thus far.
I've bought a donut pillow, but its had negligible results.
I also have a seton in, I think sometimes the way I sit might be causing pain from that. So I keep trying to adjust.
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2023.04.02 02:06 screwy_louie24 The Pandemonium Complex (The Interrogation)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
It feels like it’s already been weeks since Mila was forced to fight to the death. I can’t tell time here anymore. I just sleep when I need to with no sense of time. At first it messed with my head for a while and I think I went a little insane for a moment, but once you realize that you don’t need it because you don’t need a schedule anymore. It can make you a lot more focused on the now. Gunter has been staying with Mila and barely stays in his own room anymore. We don’t know if she got the previous tenants room or she got hers upgraded since she won the battle against Níðhöggr, but Mila’s room is an entire mountain range. Gunter has been cultivating at the base of the mountains and taking care of Mila. He really loved her cherry blossom trees and spider lilies. I stayed with them for a few days and loved it too after a while. Mila chose a cave in the mountains that she said would work best for her recovery.
Mila’s biology works like a snake’s in a tank and can grow as big as her surroundings. Due to her limited space and food supply in her room that she was sealed in, she was small compared to her full potential. Her new demon noh mask was hard to get used to, but I kind of like it now. It looks pretty bad ass with the horns and tusks. The human skin color it chose wouldn’t be my first choice however. Her new dark red exoskeleton definitely makes up for that though. She doesn’t look anything like the Mila we first met, but we love her no matter how she looks. Pushed to her limits she could wrap an entire mountain if she wanted to or be as small as several inches.
Gunter as well has impressed me. For a small 5 foot something man he’s pretty fast and strong. On his own he can track up the 7,000 foot mountains to get to Mila and back in a little under an hour. I’ve gone with him a few times. We’d track normally and talk for a few hours and he’ll either carry me with him, which still takes him a few hours, or just do the rest alone. Jim, Jon, Siete and her many children visit too. We have meetings to discuss the plan while the kids play in Gunter’s forest that he filled with insects and fruit groves. Gunter also spent a few hours building me a cabin with one of his picks. It was actually really good and the furniture that he built is extremely comfortable.
We went over some ideas and shared what all of us can do during our meeting. I feel like an average Joe sitting among superheroes when I heard what just their species alone can do, plus Gunter, Mila and Jim have some unique talents. When they asked what I can do I decided to lighten the mood by doing the removable thumb trick. No one thought it was funny and we waisted almost an hour explaining to Gunter it wasn’t real. He still thinks I can remove my limbs at will, but choose not to. First thing we needed to do was find Baba Yaga. The Host’s hive mind knows of Klaus and has some memories of him, but we have no idea where he is or if he has a room. Baba Yaga might have some insight and Gunter thinks she should be our main priority. I still think there’s more to what he’s willing to tell us.
Gunter says she was never a tenant as far as he knows and knew her way before he lived here. She practices the arts of the witches, enchantresses, sorceresses and necromancers to name a few. She also spends most of her time in her cabin. Her and her cabin are similar to Withorp and the complex as in wherever it is, she is. If her cabin is somehow either inside or trapped in The Pandemonium Complex then maybe we can find it. Gunter knows what her door looks like if they happen to come across it, but Gunter can’t just run around the complex wildly. One he might catch unwanted attention and none of us know how big this place is if we just search everywhere. Siete said she can send her children, but it’ll take an unknown amount of time for them to come back and tell her what every door looks like and who knows if it’ll still be there by the time they get there. She does have another idea though.
Her hive mind is strong when the spiders are many, but even stronger when there’s less. With less it’ll be like she can see through every one of her children at once. She definitely hates the idea, but it may be our only one. We gave them the best days of their lives as best we could. A few days after that meeting Siete showed up at the cabin Gunter built without The Host and with her children riding on her. There looked to be about 500-600 left from her thousands. We didn’t ask or pry what she had to do, so we carried on with our plan. Siete told us she can also connect us to The Host hive if we wanted to so we can all at least instantly communicate with each other. We won’t have visuals like her, but we can hear her thoughts immediately like a walkie talkie. To be honest I think we all agreed out of respect. She killed her own children for our sake, the least we could do is be there for her.
The smallest spiders from her cluster with long thin legs crawled up each of us and as much as we hated it. We had to let them crawl into our ear canal. We all shuddered hard and tried our best to let them do their job. I can’t speak for the others, but imagine a wild tickle in your ear that sounds like wind blowing hard directly in. Suddenly an intense pain in my ear drum started making it ring loud and hard. Once the ringing started to fade I kept hearing a beautiful woman’s voice saying, hello, softly over and over again. I looked over at Siete, who was standing on the dining room table and asked if that was her. She bounced a little while I could hear that voice saying yes happily. Even Jon had to comment how beautiful she sounded. Definitely a mother’s voice if I’ve ever heard one, which made us hate what we had to make her do so much more.
We played around with our new voiceless communication and had to tune it to not hear every thought. Didn’t think that would be a problem until all of us could hear Jon’s intrusive thoughts while he was staring at Jim. Ever seen a hulking big green apeman turn bright red? It is hilarious, but now I have images in my head that I’m afraid will never go away. Since Siete is now also without The Host she needs a new spot. We decided to keep her under Gunter’s cornucopia. We enjoyed our last day of peace, but now we had to start our search. Siete sent out her children and we listened intently to her kids updates of anything out of the ordinary. Gunter and Siete focused to show Siete what door they’re looking for. So far no door, but we heard a couple of interesting sightings.
The Wisps are back at their pranks again, little light fairies that can cast visual illusions that have been tricking tenants into entering unlocked rooms. Gulp, the bottomless traveling portal, ate the zombie horde, thankfully now I won’t get cramped in the elevator again when they were up to 13 zombies. Her was seen consuming that shape shifting lizardman who loved pretending to be politicians, near my room and tried desperately holding on to a door with chains. Girin and Kuba, the giant black bear forest spirit are fighting in the hallway near Gunter’s room because neither would move so the other could pass again. Adrenepae, the wife of Apollo who ate his heart, looks like she finally can control her avatar of fire form now and is roaming the hallways.Tate the warlock is stalking Beta, the techno organic virus, who has a new female host body; weird little creep. What caught our attention the most was the new tenant that entered the lobby.
He was a darker skinned man with long dreads that had metal links. He wore a long green coat with a satchel. The big headphones and reflective sunglasses were also a nice touch. Me, Jim and Jon went to the lobby to see. We are pretty nosy and we might as well kill some time people watching. Us breaking routine and avoiding Winthorp might also cause suspicion. We have people checking in all the time, but this guy was different as the complex was seemingly treating him as a long time tenant. The lobby works like a one way mirror and with new potential tenants it hides us and the current theme of the lobby before they get approved. I’ve only seen it a few times, but when someone new enters, to us they’re surrounded by a clear cube that limits what they can see when they’re inside. While inside they can only see what the complex wants them to see and nothing as far as I know can enter or leave this pocket dimension box.
With this man however there is no box. The complex didn’t feel the need to hide us or his surroundings for some odd reason. He was ignoring it all though as if he’s been here. He even walked right past Agatha & Mrs. Donahue, seemingly two old ladies that are always playing chess in the lobby and try speaking with anyone in a gentle neighborly tone. You must never speak to them however. They are a Lich and a Fae, but not a nice one like Gunter. The longer you talk to them the more they ruin and steal your life. I was lucky enough to have Jim & Jon stop me before I could reply to their hellos, their friendly faces immediately turned to anger when their meal was not taking the bait. The man paid them no mind and walked right past when they tried waving him down. He was speaking to Winthorp who also was paying the man special attention.
He kept referring to him as they and them when speaking. Winthorp also was standing at full attention before the man walked up. I’ve never seen him so eager to greet a potential new tenant. When it came down to signing the leger he did so without saying a word, but when he finished Winthorp said all new tenants must sign. We didn’t understand at first, when suddenly the man held out his arm and pulled up his sleeve. His arm was covered in a mix of branded and ink tattoos of symbols I’ve never seen before. His closed right palm began to glow a color I’ve never seen before and probably was never meant to be seen by human eyes. He opened his palm and a flash bright enough to blind half the lobby engulfed the room. When we looked back after shielding our eyes there was now a woman with him.
She had turquoise colored skin, long black hair, a beautiful purple choli that had modern accessories and a satchel bag that matched the man’s. She also signed the ledger and was greeted with as much enthusiasm the man was getting by Winthorp. I asked Jim and Jon if they knew who or what they were, but they had no idea. I then asked my internal host Siente if she’s seeing this. A familiar ringing began in my ear and I could hear her voice once again. This had her curiosity immediately when the first words I heard are, interesting. Siente has no knowledge of the man, but the woman is theorized to be a djinn and an old one at that. Siente said that physical djinns are extremely rare and are the most powerful kind, but what caught Siente’s attention was that she wasn’t bound.
Djinns are normally adorned with bright jewelry to symbolize that they are bound to the human world and must obey the law of the bound djinns when on the mortal plain. This djinn was somehow free and in full control which can normally only be done if wished to be free by the master. They also usually leave once freed to return to the realm of the untamed elements, like a fish running back to water. Once checked in we saw Winthorp provide them with what looked like a metal jewelry box that the man put in his satchel. They started walking towards the elevator when I decided to introduce myself. The man stopped first and raised his brow behind those shades, but the djinn stood between us and signaled me to halt with her outstretched arm. Or at least that’s what I thought.
I was thrown backwards by an unseen force, but was luckily caught by Jim. Jon stood in front and began to growl hard in anger. Jon’s size began to increase steadily with his rage and the air around us began getting hotter. I saw his gray fur begin to tense with his flex of dominance and I yelled for him to calm down. Jim put me down and rested his hand on Jon’s shoulder. Jon began to almost instantly relax. Jim stepped in front and apologized, but the woman held her hand back up as a warning to not approach. The man this time relaxed her by resting his hand on the top of her forearm. She looked surprised and shocked by this. The man walked up to Jim, took off his glasses and moved his headphones to around his neck. He looked Jim up and down like he was inspecting him. The man’s eyes were a bright mix of blue and green.
The man asked what tribe he is from and Jim answered. The 13th Wukong of the Nán Providence, but has been Omega ranked in the Tauá-Miri clan for a few decades now. He then looked over to Jon and asked him. Jon only replied with, nikto, and both Jon and the man averted their gaze when the man apologized. The man then looked towards me and apologized for his girlfriend's defensive behavior. We shook hands and greeted each other properly. The man’s name was Oddo and his girlfriend was Desiree. She still watched me with hard suspicious looks while we talked. The man asked me what I was. I told him I’m just human, he stared for a while. He then looked me up and down like he did with Jim and asked how long I’ve lived here. I was honest and told him it felt like years now, but I have no idea. He then berated me with questions I didn’t really understand like, what’s my faction, who’s my totem, who do I embody and when/where is my birth place. I answered as best I could and was only given looks of suspicion in return.
At the end of my interrogation he simply stated, So you’re…a basic mortal human? I could only reply with an embarrassing, yea. Oddo seemed surprised and turned toward Desiree who gave him an equal amount of confusion. He then bluntly asked how am I even alive or even sane in this place. I just shrugged and replied honestly, no fucking idea. I’ve never heard so much laughter since I’ve been here. Oddo, Desiree, Jim and Jon all teared up from laughter. Oddo dabbed me and pulled me in for a hug while still chuckling. It was so weird to have a normal person interaction in such a long time. I then asked about him. He was Oddo and then proceeded to give me such a long list of either titles, ranks and/or alignments to the point where we stood there for about 10 minutes before he finished. At heart though he was human, for the most part.
He introduced Desiree and told us that they met when she was sealed away in a decanter on a sunken ship that Oddo was excavating years ago and have been together ever since. He confirmed that she was a djinn like Siete said and that she was the last of the Jinn of Origin. One of the most powerful djinns. I only know their kind from the story of Aladdin and asked if that’s the kind they meant. I was given looks of confusion and had to explain the story more. There were some similarities and also that she had to grant him 3 desires into creation for her freedom originally, but only did one. Her freedom. Oddo and Desiree were together for 5 years without him ever making a wish. Instead he got to know her and enjoyed her company. They fell in love 2 years in and when they decided to be together forever he made a choice to make it her choice. He desired for her to be free.
Their lives weren’t easy however. They were hunted by men who knew of Desiree and her power. They’ve been on the run for years and wanted to be with others like themselves. Oddo hates humans and Desiree matched that hatred. I asked, then why are you even giving me the time of day now. He just replied with, you’re…different. I didn’t know if that was an insult or compliment. I told them I didn’t want to hold them up any longer and it was a pleasure to meet them. They began walking away towards the elevator while Jim and Jon collaborated their feelings on the couple. I was just happy to finally meet another human here, even if we’re clearly not cut from the same cloth. Siente began speaking again in my head and told me we need to leave the lobby now. She said not to look, but Winthorp has not taken his eyes off of us and he doesn’t look happy.
I told Jim and Jon that we should go check on Mila so as to not cause suspicion on our leave. They agreed and gave a slight nod to confirm. We began walking away when Winthorp called out to me and asked me to come over. I told him maybe later and that we’re going to check on our friend. I turned to leave only to turn to see Winthorp in front of me. We were somehow sitting in a small room I’ve never seen before. It looked like the old school integration rooms you see in black and white detective movies. This wasn’t good. Winthorp had a serious look and looked directly into my soul with those impossibly bright blue eyes. He then lightened up and asked how I’m liking my stay here so far. I told him it was good and then was asked why I’m keeping secrets then. My blood ran cold and I told him everyone has secrets.
He laughed and said that was a good answer, but then suddenly switched to bad cop. He slammed his hand in front of me and asked why we have been spying then. Sweat began dripping down my face. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about. He switched to good cop and rubbed my cheek. He asked in a light tone if I think he’s stupid. I told him no and then he grabbed my face to look into his. He told me he doesn’t read minds, but he has ways of getting information. He then cupped his hand over my ear and I felt an intense pain with a loud white noise. He held the hair on my head so I couldn't move with his opposite hand and opened his other palm before me. The spider Siete put in my ear was standing in his palm. He asked again if I think he’s stupid. I told him no and the spider began floating. Her legs stretched out and one popped off. He made it so I could hear her scream.
I told him to stop and he asked again if I think he’s stupid. I yelled no again and he pulled out another from the spider. She was a child and I could hear her cry and scream in pain. He asked a third time and I switched my answer to hopefully get a better result. I said yes and then he set her on fire. A flame that burned, but didn’t cause fatal harm. A flame of pure pain and torture. Her screams were loud and filled with sadness and confusion. I begged him to stop, but he kept asking that same question over and over until she had no legs left. He then threw the burning legless spider in the corner. Her screams stopped when she had two legs left. I knew she was alive, but just broken in mind now. I told him I just wanted to leave and he grinned.
Honesty, is that so hard? Those words sent shivers down my spine. I told myself I can’t break. He asked what we were doing and I told him that I’m just trying to find a way out. The grin went back to a scowl. He touched his finger tip to mine and my right middle finger he touched began to burn. At first it dried up slowly and turned black. Then white and then began turning to dust from the tip down to the knuckle. He told me he doesn’t like torturing his tenants. He just wants us to live happily and comfortably. Winthorp then asked why I would want to leave. I have nothing out there and he knows that. I replied with a simple, fuck you.
He sighed in annoyance. I suddenly was completely frozen in place and was unmovable. He grabbed my left arm and began twisting. First my wrist snapped, then slowly up my forearm began breaking. After that he pushed my elbow opposite to where it’s supposed to bend and caused a compound fracture. I was then unfrozen and immediately cried out in pain. Winthorp grabbed the back of my neck so I could sit straight up and squeezed lightly. He told me he knows I’m up to something and to just tell him. If I tell him all this will be over, but I’d be putting my friends in danger worse than this. I answered with, you’re insane. He threw my head forward and it bounced off the table in front of me. I held my face with both hands and realized my arms are normal again.
Winthorp then grabbed the back of my head with his open palm gripping the back of my skull. He told me to spill my guts. Before I could say anything I started projectile vomiting hard. At first it was what I ate, then bile, blood and after my organs began coming out of my mouth as if I was still throwing them up. Every organ was ejected out of my mouth and he made sure I could feel it all. Every time I would start passing out from the pain he’d jerk my head and bring me back. My tongue was next to be forced out and then my teeth one by one uprooted themselves to join the rest on the table and floor. My skin began to melt off my flesh with my nose and ears. My skeleton from my neck down also decided to leave. It moved on its own and forced its way out and through my muscle tissue like it was trapped. Lastly he made my eyes pop out to view it all. This was nothing compared to when he made it all do it again in reverse and even slower.
Ever felt your skeleton crawl back into your flesh? I do. He made sure the nerves felt it all and that I wouldn’t lose consciousness for even a moment while my body slowly and painfully repaired itself. Once I was fully repaired he asked again what me and my friends were doing. I told him it was only me. He sat back in front of me and stared long and hard. I was shaking with fear as to what he was planning to do next. He reached out his index finger, placed it in the center of my forehead and pushed hard. When I turned back up I was no longer in the interrogation room. I was in my room. My childhood room. I looked down and saw my pajamas I haven’t worn since I was 6 years old. I felt wet and warm in my bed and began crying loudly. My parents entered my room to console me and told me I must’ve had a nightmare. I tried telling them about The Pandemonium Complex and Winthorp, but was too broken to explain and just babbled on like the crying child I was now.
They told me it was okay and that I could sleep in their room tonight. A few years went by and The Pandemonium Complex was nothing more than just a memory of a bad dream. When I was 9 I came back home from school to see my front door was open. I entered slowly and saw that my house was a wreck. Like a tornado or wild beast came through. I called out to my parents and siblings, but no one answered. I went to the hallway and saw a blood trail leading into each room. I passed my siblings rooms first and only saw blood leading to their closed closets. I was too afraid to open them. I went to my parents room and saw they were torn apart. Looks of horror were frozen on their faces. I heard something behind me coming from my siblings' rooms.
I ran to my parents window. I unlocked it and jumped out leaving my backpack behind. This isn’t right. I ran to the neighbors house and they called the police. I lived with my aunt and uncle after that. Then my grandparents. All met the same fate as my household. I was placed in foster care at 13. I began questioning my memories and what’s happening. None of this seemed right. At 14 I was adopted into an abusive household. My adopted mother only beat and yelled at me. My adopted father was worse and did unspeakable things. I ran away at the age of 16 and was homeless for a year. I then met the love of my life. Tanisha, she was perfect. Kind, loving, empathetic and an all around good person. We were together for 2 years before I met my best friend, Tate.
They helped me get back on track and made my past seem like a bad memory. I was 26 now and was married with 3 loving children. My best friend Tate had a family of his own and we were raising our kids together. Life was perfect. Then one day I came home from work. My front door was open and I knew it was over. I entered my home. My children were torn apart and thrown around my living room like ragdolls. I went into our room and saw that it was torn apart, but Tanisha wasn’t there. I ran out when I heard a familiar noise coming from the living room. I jumped out my window and started running towards Tate’s house. I kept trying to call my wife’s phone nonstop. No answer. When I got to Tate’s house I saw that his door was also open. I ran inside to see the same scene happen to his children.
I ran into Tate’s room and found him and…my wife. She must’ve tried running here when she found our kids, I thought. A small red light caught my attention in the debris. A camera that was recording. I played the tape back to see what happened. My wife was cheating on me with Tate. The camera was filled with different videos from long before today. I started the video from today to my dismay. They were in the middle of it when screams could be heard from the living room. I was so focused on what was going to happen that I didn’t notice the presence behind me. A scream broke the silence before I could see what entered the room and I turned to see Sarah, Tate’s wife screaming with horror at me. I tried calming her down and explain, but she had the police behind her already. I was arrested and was found guilty for murder.
They thought I killed them all because I found out they were cheating and also pinned the past murders on me since whatever kept happening is following me. I was thrown into a dark cold prison to live out my days in a hole. My days consisted of starving, being beaten and cold. I wanted to die. The death sentence was banned since I was a child, so all I could do was wait for death. One day, when I had given up, a few guards entered my room. I won’t say what happened, but it ended with them beating me nonstop until I couldn’t fight back. They didn’t stop beating me and when I was finally getting my wish of death I was sitting in a chair. I was in a small room with a man sitting across from me. A small bellhop wearing a straw boat hat. Winthorp. All my memories came flooding back. Memories of the past and now mixed and formed back into my hellish life.
Winthorp asked me again what we were planning. I looked him dead in the eye and just answered, I will kill you. A grin formed on his face again and he leaned in. How? He asked plain and simply. I knew I said too much again and just went silent. I don’t know how long I was there for. He made me live other hellish lives and tortured me over and over again in ways that would make the devil himself want to die. I never said another word. I could tell he was getting frustrated and was losing his cool. His methods started becoming sloppy and desperate. One of the benefits of being a basic mortal human is that we die very easily, so you could do whatever to us, but in the end they start getting very similar and I learned to get used to it. Once he realized he wasn’t getting anything out of me he threw me back into my room in the complex. I was thrown hard through the air and saw my furniture fly past me before I hit my wall hard. That’s when I just broke and just cried for hours.
I just needed to release. What I didn’t notice was Gunter was on the couch the whole time. He sat silently and just let me break. I think he knew I just needed to let it all out. I don’t know if he knew what I just went through, but he just started getting some fruit ready for me to eat when I’m ready. The small spider crawled out of my sleeve and ran to Siete under Gunter’s cornucopia. I slept for an unknown amount of time, but my body definitely needed it. When I woke up, I ate and Gunter asked me if I wanted to talk. I just asked how long I had been gone. He said Jim, Jon and I left just a few minutes before I was suddenly flying through my room from out of nowhere. He asked more directly as to what happened. I didn’t give him all the details, but now my mind is set. Winthorp and The Pandemonium Complex need to die.
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2023.04.02 02:06 bkingPAC Am I being irrational/emotional?

Ok so I (28F) am 14 weeks pregnant with our first baby. My husband and I announced this publicly two weeks ago, but I did tell my sister’s (both older) almost right away.
My oldest sister seemed really moved that I would share that with her as we haven’t always been the closest. Over the past years, I have been trying to mend that and realized I used to purposely exclude her because honestly I thought she didn’t like me. She has always been closer to our middle sister.
Anyway fast forward to today and we are all at her 4 year olds birthday party. Her and her husband announce she is pregnant with their 3rd and due two weeks after us. Which I was super excited about and it will be nice my child has a cousin close in age! My middle sister then tells me she already knew….and I kinda locked down…
I had been sharing most of my pregnancy with both of them because I was excited and they seemed that way too. But it kind of just sucks being left out…again.. Now I’m feeling very cagey about what I want to share about my pregnancy in the future which makes me feel more alone…
My husband thinks she was trying not to over shadow us since it’s our first but gosh it just feels like I wasn’t important enough to share with. If my oldest sister doesn’t feel our relationship is like that then fine, but then I feel like I shouldn’t keep trying to include her.
I’m also a little sad because, even before this, I wasn’t quite sure I’d get a baby shower. Both of them just seem to busy to offer to organize anything and that’s likely even more so now.
All in all, is this pregnancy emotions getting the best of me?
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2023.04.02 02:06 Desperasberry (F25)(M30) My boyfriend refuses to spend any money on me. He offers me loans and acts very miserly overall.

I want to find out if I am the one asking for too much here.
I met my boyfriend 1,5 years ago. I work in healthcare with minimum wage, he works for a tech company and earns around 4k, after tax. He has a savings account with almost 50k in it. But he wanted all bills and expenses to be split 50/50 from the beginning.
When we order take out, we either take turns paying or he tells me what I owe him afterwards. If I try to hint on something I would like to have, like a keychain, he tells me to just get it if I really like it that much.
I collect cute date ideas that I see on social media. My hobby is art and I asked him multiple times to create cute pictures with me, like canvases with out fingerprints forming a heart. Or drawing on a canvas each and swapping it around in the process. He does not like those ideas as he is “not as creative” as I am. But when I ask about night outs of any kind its either too expensive or “we can do that one day for sure.”
I get a present on my birthday, on christmas and flowers for valentines, other than that I got nothing in the past 1,5 years. Nothing small, not even something “free” like a letter.
Now, we want to move in together and after signing everything, he now started demanding 50/50 again which would leave me with 100$ after all expenses while he would have almost 1500$ left. He saw no problem in that and only a talk with his siblings would change his mind to split 60/40.
But my last straw was a trip he planned with some friends and really wanted me to join. Travelling alone would cost almost 1k and I told him its to expensive. He suggested I safe up as much as I could and he would see if he can offer me a small loan. I broke down crying.
I can not stand this pressure anymore. He keeps money so tight, yet demands so much from me. I learned to cook from scraps, to look for every saving technique, to manage my money as best as I can. But I feel like I can not keep up with him. I do not want diamonds, he does not have to fly me around the world and gift me golden cars. I just want him to take care of us and I really want to pay my part.
And now I really struggle, because logically he is right. This is equality and asking him for money is not my business, but I would love him to just put in a little more effort for me.
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2023.04.02 02:05 Curious-Wisdom549 Relationship with Social Media

Hi everyone,
I am an HSP/Empath and I have been reevaluating my relationship with social media. To share with you about my past, I have been using social media since I was in middle school. My most dominant form of social media was Facebook, which I used from 2008-2017. I then came back from 2018 after feeling like I was not making any connections and missing out. I thought I could handle coming back, but even after trying to control everything, envy took in and I said that I did not want any more of it so I left for good in 2019.
As I turn 30 and attending a conference where I met some good people and made quality relationships, I am questioning again if I want to use it again. Right now, I only use Discord and Reddit, which I have been find with using. I also used LinkedIn, but sometimes it tends to get a bit "Facebooky" every now and then; but I do my best to stick to the intent of it.
Right now, with the field that I am in, higher education & student affairs, most people use Instagram, but I am so afraid of reverting back to my old self and when I was on Facebook, I did not take care of my well-being and mental health and I nearly lost myself during those years and the scrolling through things I did not want to see (with Facebook). What I see myself using it for it to connect and network, and follow some of my favorite organizations.
So, I know I have to make this decision for myself; but what have you all done to find control with social media especially platforms like Instagram?
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2023.04.02 02:04 QuattroBaje3na Could someone compile Marlin-H32 with X400 x Y400 x Z500mm with BLTOUCH enabled with 9x9.

I have been trying for several hours, so far have had no success with a Linux virtual environment.
Cant seem to get it to compile properly through Eclipse, keep getting a error saying its not finding the proper toolkit directory for ARM. I normally can figure it out but I am running out of time at this point to mess with further today.
Any help either way would be appreciated, just installed a Extender kit and need it to BL level properly, I can work around everything else through a slicer.
Completely new to compiling and I will have to determine what's wrong, added a link to the marlin H32 release below.
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2023.04.02 02:04 Serious_Programmer92 just signed up

just signed up
what does this mean
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