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2023.03.19 19:37 tnetrop Planes, trains and automobiles - Business casual - Multi location - I think I can just about do it in a 30L backpack

I have a bit of a whirlwind tour coming up this week. I am located in the UK but have a work trip in several locations in the US. Although checking a bag in won't cost me anything because the company will pay, I'm trying to keep to a carry on 30L bag simply for agility. I will be flying from London to New York, spending a couple of leisure days there, getting a train up to the office in Connecticut for a few days, a flight to Tulsa for a few more days, then flying home. The challenge is variable weather and also fitting into the trip personal days with casual clothing and trying to look smart for the office days. But I've just done a trial pack and think I've just about managed it.
Journey: London -> New York -> Connecticut -> Tulsa -> London in 10 days
Weapon of choice: Osprey Porter 30
Picture: https://i.imgur.com/j6mes6v.jpg

13" laptop
Small 65w USBC charger with interchangeable worldwide plugs (not shown in picture - I left it in the bag but it's very small)
Two powerbanks (one large capacity for the flight and a second smaller one with wireless charging that I can take out with me daily)
2m lightweight USBC cable
Budi 9 in 1 tool set with small USBC cable and various USBC type converters
Jabra Elite earbuds (forgot to put in picture - left them in the bag)
Electric shaver with hair clipper attachment and USBA rechargeable (I'm bald so clip my hair every other day),
GL.INet Mango travel router for connecting multiple devices to a single hotel wifi connection (not shown as a friend is returning it tomorrow but it's a tiny little thing small enough for a pocket). So I can connect my work laptop and my phone easily (also has a VPN).
Notepad and pen
Hero clip

2 x merino crew neck jumpers. One grey and one blue (I will wear one on the plane)
3 x chino's. Tan, blue, olive (I will wear one on the plane)
1 x blue polo shirt
3 x blue tshirt (I will wear one on the plane)
1 x black tshirt
1 x lightweight joggers which I will use in the hotel
1 x belt (I will wear it on the plane)
1 x down jacket (I will wear it at the airport check in and then hang it off the hero clip in its sack once landed unless I need to wear it).
1 x packable lightweight rain jacket
4 x merino socks (I will wear one pair)
4 x lightweight synthetic "microfiber" underwear (I will wear one pair). I prefer these to merino and they last longer.
1 x Hackett unstructured navy wool blazer for the office. This is so thin and light that it is about the weight of two jumpers although it is a little more bulky in the bag. I may still leave this at home but it does fit in the bag.
2 x button up shirts for the office folded in an Osprey garment folder. I deliberately chose shirts made of a very thin poplin to reduce weight and space. One white and one blue.
A pair of dark brown suede chukka boots with Dainite soles. I did try to take some other shoes and and a pair of sneakers but it just wasn't working as I couldn't fit one of the pairs into the bag. So I needed to find something that worked both in and out of the office. These are comfortable enough for casual wear, especially with some padded insoles that I added and smart enough for the office. They should also repel light rain despite being suede.

Osprey ultralight washbag. This has turned out to fit the bag perfectly. With everything else packed I would not have been able to fit in a normal bag. But this opens out flat and and the clear plastic section unclips so you can find an odd space for it.
Inside it:
Soap in a soap dish
Folding toothbrush
Small toothpaste
Dental floss
Hand sanitiser
Soap leaves for washing clothes (I expect I will only need to wash the socks and undewear)

Osprey ultralight packable day pack (not shown as it arrived tomorrow)
Osprey ultralight packing cubes in light grey (large, medium, small). I was really surprised that all three these fit perfectly in the Porter 30 if rotated a certain way.
Lightweight wash bag. I can't remember where I got this.
Glasses in glasses case
Flat rubber sink coveplug/thing in case there is no plug in the sink hotels (forgot to put it in the picture)
My Pixel 7 Pro phone (not shown - taking photo).

I have not yet had the trip so it will be interesting to see how it all works in practice. I will be leaving later this week. But it all fits in the bag and I think it's within all the airline carry on size requirements. Weight could be touch and go but I'll stuff heavy things like the powerbanks in my pockets if needed.
The key seems to be to pick a clothing colour scheme so that everything matches everything else (I went with blue, brown/tan and olive), along with layering and - very important - finding a pair of shoes that works in all weathers both casually and for the office. I am amazed the blazer fits but just by pure luck it is incredibly lightweight as it is unlined and unstructured. It's like a thick jumper that looks like a blazer. Another key is avoiding jeans and opting for lightweight chino's instead. Two of the pairs are stretchy and slightly water repellent so good for the wetter days I expect. I don't plan to bring an umbrella as I can wear the rain jacket; if I really need to then I'll just buy an umbrella there.
I have to say that I am really impressed that the Porter 30 can take all of this. It's quickly becoming my favourite bag. If I didn't need the blazer and shirts for work then there would be plenty of spare space for other things.
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2023.03.19 17:53 Cr4yol4 New England Free Jacks @ New York Ironworkers Match Thread

Matchup: New England Free Jacks (2-1, 10pts, 3rd in East) vs New York Ironworkers (2-2, 10pts, 2nd in East)
Venue: Memorial Field, Mount Vernon, NY Weather: 37 F, 3 C, Partly Cloudy
Broadcast: The Rugby Network, NBC Sports Boston, MSG
Kickoff: 3pm ET, 12pm PT
New England Number New York
Kyle Ciquera 1 Chance Wenglewski
Andrew Quattrin 2 Dylan Fawsitt
Cole Keith 3 Nic Mayhew
Semisi Paea 4 Nate Brakeley (c)
Conor Keys 5 Charlie Hewitt
Cam Davidowicz 6 Benjamín Bonasso
Joe Johnston (c) 7 Kara Pryor
Wian Conradie 8 Pago Haini
John Poland 9 Connor Buckley
Jayson Potroz 10 Sam Windsor
Paula Balekana 11 Ed Fidow
Wayne van der Bank 12 Teihorangi Walden
Ben LeSage 13 Fa’asiu Fuatai
Mitch Wilson 14 Andrew Coe
Reece MacDonald 15 Nick Feakes
Reserves Reserves
Mills Sanerivi 16 Kaleb Geiger
Foster DeWitt 17 Tevita Langi
Joel Hintz 18 Sam Davies
Sam Fischli 19 Hamish Dalzell
Mitch Jacobson 20 Joe Basser
Holden Yungert 21 Eamonn Matthews
Spencer Jones 22 Jason Emery
Taniela Filimone 23 Quinn Ngawati
Referee: Jack Gohl (USA)
Assistants: Lex Weiner (USA) & Marty Steffens (USA)
TMO: Miles McIvor (USA)
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2023.03.18 20:13 systematicTheology Antifa Attacks Pregnancy Center That Abortion Activists Firebombed Last Year

The New York pro-life organization CompassCare was attacked for the second time in nine months on Wednesday when an individual was caught on camera vandalizing its sign.
The Buffalo pregnancy center also was firebombed on June 7 in one of the first of many attacks on pro-life organizations in the past year. The fire caused approximately half a million dollars in damage and injured two firefighters, but the perpetrators still have not been caught.
CompassCare, a pro-life Christian ministry, runs several pregnancy centers across New York that offer medical and other pregnancy and parenting support services to help mothers choose life for their babies....
He criticized the FBI and Department of Justice for not doing more to crack down on the growing domestic terrorism. In January, frustrated by the lack of action, CompassCare hired its own private investigators to find out who was behind the June arson attack.
“This fits the definitions of domestic terror,” Harden said this week. “Those in the FBI and DOJ who refuse to treat it as such need to be fired and investigated. This is an act of intimidation and a violation of the FACE Act. America needs to return to a civilized order.”...
LifeNews has been keeping track of the attacks. Since 2022, they include:
  1. Florida – Pro-Abortion Students Arrested at the University of Florida for Allegedly Stealing Pro-Life Display
  2. Texas – Abortion Activists Threaten Federal Judge Who Could Block Abortion Pill
  3. USA – Actress Jane Fonda Suggest “Murdering” Pro-Life Lawmakers to Protest Overturning Roe
  4. Mexico – Mexico City Pro-Abortion Protest Turns Violent, Explosive Devices and Sticks Used to Vandalize Buildings (Mexico News Daily)
  5. Mexico – Pro-Abortion International Women’s Day Protesters Set Government Building on Fire in Monterrey (Reuters)
  6. California – Police Remove Abortion Activists for Disrupting March for Life in Sacramento (CapRadio)
  7. North Carolina – Pro-Life Student Leader Assaulted at Raleigh Protest (Students for Life)
  8. Minnesota – First Care Pregnancy Center Vandalized, Threatened in Minneapolis
  9. Virginia – Pro-Life Materials Stolen from Student Display at Virginia Commonwealth University (Students for Life)
  10. Virginia – Display Vandalized at Christopher Newport University (Students for Life)
  11. North Carolina – Pro-Abortion Students Stomp on, Steal Pro-Life Display at Campbell University (Campbell Students for Life)
  12. California – Murder Investigation Begins in Shooting Death of Catholic Bishop Dave O’Connell, A Strong Pro-Life Advocate
  13. USA – Video: Pro-Abortion Man Shoves Pro-Lifer, Threatens to ‘Knock Him Out’
  14. Illinois – Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Hit by Car, Another Pushed Outside Planned Parenthood
  15. Arkansas – Memorial Garden for Aborted Babies Vandalized (Arkansas Right to Life)
  16. Utah – Monument for Unborn Babies Vandalized at Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Salt Lake City (Deseret News)
  17. Connecticut – Torrington Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with “Pro-Choice” Graffiti (Family Institute of Connecticut)
  18. New York – Pro-Abortion Protesters Block Peaceful Witness for Life Rally in NYC (Students for Life)
  19. Tennessee – Abortion Supporter Throws Glass Bottle at Pro-Life Students in Chattanooga, Shards Damage Pro-Lifer’s Eyes; Steals Pro-Life Signs (Students for Life)
  20. Connecticut – Torrington Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with “Pro-Choice” Graffiti (Family Institute of Connecticut)
  21. New York – Pro-Abortion Protesters Block Peaceful Witness for Life Rally in NYC (Students for Life)
  22. Vermont – Fetal Model, Personal Information Stolen from Pro-Life Students’ Display at University of Vermont (Students for Life)
  23. Washington, D.C. – Abortion Activists Threaten Justice Amy Coney Barrett Outside Her Home
  24. Texas – Houston Pregnancy Help Center Vandalized: “Abortion for All” Painted on Windows (Houston Pregnancy Help Center)
  25. Florida – Two Pro-Life Banners Vandalized at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Riverview
  26. USA – Another Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with “Kill Babies” (Prolife Across America)
  27. Pennsylvania – Unborn Child Monument at Greenfield Church Defaced, Pro-life Billboard Vandalized (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  28. Washington, D.C. – Police Remove 2 Abortion Activists for Trying to Disrupt March for Life (Ford FischeNews2Share)
  29. Oregon – “Kill Them Kids”: Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Portland
  30. Georgia – FBI Offers Reward for Info on Pro-Abortion Vandalism of MLK’s Ebenezer Baptist Church
  31. Illinois – Pro-Abortion Activist Charged with Battery for Allegedly Assaulting Pro-Lifer Outside New Abortion Facility in Rockford (more) (video)
  32. Colorado – Bella Health and Wellness Pro-Life Ministry Vandalized in Englewood (Catholic News Agency)
  33. Michigan – Another Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Eastpointe, Pro-Life Leader’s Home Also Vandalized with Threat
  34. Virginia – Pro-Life Advocate Attacked, Injured at George Mason University (TFP Student Action)
  35. Pennsylvania – Pro-Life Advocate Attacked while Holding Sign Saying “Smile! You Survived Abortion!” at Gettysburg College
  36. California – Pro-Life Student Display Vandalized at University of California San Diego (Students for Life)
  37. Nebraska – Church, Pro-Life Students Receive Violent Threats from Pro-Abortion Activists (Omaha World Herald); Governor Condemns as Domestic Terrorism
  38. Washington, D.C. – Radical Abortion Activists Disrupt Pregnancy Center Banquet Just Months after It was Vandalized
  39. Indiana – Another Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with Red Paint in Greenfield, Indiana (Prolife Across America)
  40. South Carolina – Clemson University Pro-Life Student Group Gets Violent Threats for Hosting Students for Life Chief (The College Fix)
  41. Pennsylvania – Carnegie Mellon University Republican Club Competition Display Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Campus Reform)
  42. Alaska – St. Andrew Catholic Church in Eagle River Vandalized Twice Since Supreme Court Abortion Leak (Alaska Watchman)
  43. New York – Ulster County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Vandalism of Pro-Life Billboard in Esopus, Third Time This Year (Daily Freeman)
  44. North Carolina – Campbell University Pro-Life Student Leader Receives Violent Threats, Display Vandalized (Campus Reform)
  45. Michigan – Prayer rally to defeat Michigan abortion amendment is victim of ‘pro-choice cyber attack’ (Catholic News Agency)
  46. Kentucky – Numerous Pro-Life Signs Supporting Amendment 2 Vandalized, Stolen at Homes and Churches (WDRB)
  47. North Carolina – Attacker Shoots Up Home of Pro-Life Candidate, Bullet Barely Misses His Children
  48. Washington state – St. Pius X Church Vandalized with Satanic Symbols, Window Smashed (Lynnwood Times)
  49. Idaho – Police Investigating Death Threat, Vandalism of Pro-Life Republican Rep’s Billboard (Idaho State Journal)
  50. USA – National Pro-Life Chalk Day Results in More Campus Vandalism (Campus Reform)
  51. Washington, D.C. – Three Abortion Activists Arrested for Disrupting U.S. Supreme Court
  52. California – Elderly Pro-Lifer Attacked Outside Planned Parenthood (Life Legal Defense Foundation)
  53. Florida – Four Attackers Brutally Assault Marco Rubio Supporter (police report)
  54. Alaska – Pregnancy Center, Church Targeted by Pro-Abortion Vandals in One Day
  55. Pennsylvania – Police Search for Woman who Vandalized 5 Police Vehicles at Pro-Abortion Protest (Shore News Network) (video)
  56. Michigan – Elderly Pro-Life Woman Shot by Abortion Supporter while Campaigning against Pro-Abortion Constitutional Amendment
  57. Michigan – Abortion Activists Caught on Video Vandalizing Lansing Catholic Church with Pro-Abortion Graffiti
  58. Connecticut – University of Connecticut Students for Life Materials Vandalized and Stolen (Students for Life)
  59. Washington, D.C. – Police Arrest Abortion Activist for Allegedly Harassing Pro-Lifers at Women’s March (Students for Life)
  60. Virginia – Students Vandalize Pro-Life Memorial at the College of William and Mary (Campus Reform)
  61. USA – Liberty Counsel Website Hacked, Private Info Published after Dobbs Ruling (Christian Post) (more at CyberScoop)
  62. Missouri – Pro-Life Students told to Kill Themselves, Display Vandalized and Materials Stolen at University of Missouri (Students for Life)
  63. New Jersey – SFLA: Pro-Abortion Student Steals & Rips Head Off Fetal Model at Rider University (Students for Life)
  64. West Virginia – Police Arrest 2 Abortion Activists at State Capitol during Debate on Pro-Life Legislation (12 WBOY)
  65. Michigan – Mother and Unborn Baby Care Center Vandalized Twice Since June
  66. North Dakota – Man Allegedly Kills Teenager With His Car Just Because Teen Was a Republican
  67. Virginia – SFLA ‘Abortion Is Not Right’ Fall Tour Begins on College Campuses, Urine Allegedly Thrown at Pro-Life Students at College of William and Mary (Students for Life)
  68. Maine – Abortion Activist Accused of Vandalism outside Conservative Leader’s Home in Mount Desert (Bangor Daily News)
  69. California – Two Arrested at Pro-Abortion Rally in Hollywood (CBS News)
  70. Virginia – George Mason University Students for Life Harassed, Materials Stolen from Table (Campus Reform)
  71. Vermont – Jane’s Revenge brags about vandalizing PRC in Burlington (Live Action)
  72. Iowa – Angry Leftist Smashes University of Iowa Pro-Life Club’s Table With Bike Helmet, Targets Other Pro-Life Groups
  73. California – LACMA Pro-Abortion Protest Stops Traffic; Police Arrest 2 Women (Hey SOCAL)
  74. New York – Alpha Pregnancy Care Center in Schenectady Vandalized with “Fake Clinic” and “Jane’s Revenge” (Catholic News Agency)
  75. USA – Pro-Life Businesses Face Backlash, Harassment Since Dobbs Ruling (World Magazine)
  76. South Carolina – Swastikas Painted on Spartanburg Church, Pastor Attributes to Pro-Life Stance (WBTW News 13)
  77. Massachusetts – Pro-Abortion Extremists Vandalize Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Bethlehem House Inc. Pregnancy Care Center in Easthampton, That Helps Women
  78. Arkansas – Conservative Pro-Life Group Ammo-Can Coffee in Soldotna Is Vandalized, Locks Glued Shut (Peninsula Clarion)
  79. Idaho – Compassion & Hope Pregnancy Center in Pocatello Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, “Beware” (Idaho State Journal)
  80. Pennsylvania – Another Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti in Pittsburgh (Prolife Across America)
  81. Colorado – Catholic Church Shot Up as Wave of Pro-Abortion Violence Continues Nationwide
  82. New York – Police Arrest 5 Pro-Abortion Demonstrators who Harangued Pro-Life Catholics at Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral (Daily Mail)
  83. Maine – Abortion Activist Arrested Outside Home of Federalist Society Leader, Allegedly Threatened 11-Year-Old Girl
  84. Kansas – Calvary Temple Assembly of God Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, “My Body, My Choice” (The Lawrence Times)
  85. Kansas – Emporia Police Report Stolen, Damaged “Vote Yes” Signs Ahead of Pro-Life Vote (KVOE)
  86. Kansas – Pro-Lifer with Students for Life Assaulted while Campaigning for Pro-Life Amendment in Kansas (more at Kansas City Star)
  87. Kansas – Lawrence’s Victory Bible Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti after Supporting Pro-Life Amendment (Lawrence Journal-World)
  88. Minnesota – Police: Abria Pregnancy Resources in St. Paul Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Threat (KSTP Eyewitness News)
  89. California – Abortion Activists Vandalize Riverside Historic Courthouse, Five Arrested (The Press-Enterprise)
  90. California – Los Angeles Police Arrest 3 after Urban Light Display Vandalized during Pro-Abortion Protest (KTLA 5)
  91. Wisconsin – Pro-Life Sign Vandalized in Kewaunee County, Sheriff Looking for Info (WFRV)
  92. Massachusetts – Your Options Medical Pregnancy Center in Revere Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Threat (Catholic News Agency)
  93. Louisiana – Pro-Life Man Assaulted, Camera Smashed outside Abortion Facility in Baton Rouge (WAFB News 9)
  94. Georgia – Vandals Attack St. Boniface Catholic Church’s Pro-Life Sign (Effingham Herald)
  95. Illinois – Abortion Activists Terrorize Pro-Life Attorney, Throw Smoke Bombs and Firecrackers at His House (The Gateway Pundit) (more at The Daily Northwestern)
  96. Wisconsin – Police Investigate Pro-Abortion Vandalism at Abundant Life Christian School, Bernard Catholic Church in Madison (WKOW 27)
  97. California – Sacramento Pregnancy Center Had to Hire Security Guard When Abortion Activist Showed Up With Machete
  98. Louisiana – Woman’s New Life Clinic in Baton Rouge Vandalized, “Abortion is a Right” (National Right to Life News) (more from 4WWL News)
  99. Utah – Arches New Hope Pregnancy Center in Moab Vandalized, Black Paint Splattered Across Building (Moab Sun News)
  100. Pennsylvania – Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia Had Windows Smashed, Office Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Philly Anti-Capitalist blog) (more from the Pro-Life Union)
  101. Kansas – Derby Neighborhood Fence, Mural Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (KAKE)
  102. Kansas – Overland Park Catholic Church Vandalized with “My Body My Choice” after Speaking Out for Life (Kansas City Star)
  103. Ohio – Right to Life of Northeast Ohio in Akron Vandalized a Second Time, “If Abortions Aren’t Safe Neither RU” (RTL of Northeast Ohio)
  104. Washington state – Care Net of Puget Sound in Kenmore Vandalized with Spraypaint, Windows Smashed (My Northwest)
  105. Massachusetts – Two Worcester Pregnancy Centers Problem Pregnancy, Clearway Clinic Vandalized, Windows Smashed (MassLive) (more from Clearway Clinic website)
  106. Washington state – Two Churches Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti in Sumner (My Northwest)
  107. Washington state – Police Investigate Attempted Arson at Two Hearts Pregnancy Center in Everett (Live Action News)
  108. Iowa – Vandals Deface Pro-Life Billboard at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Vinton (Vinton Today)
  109. Kansas – Salina Police Cite Woman for Damaging Pro-Life “Vote Yes” Signs at 8 Locations (Salina Journal)
  110. Wisconsin – Four Catholic Churches in Chippewa Falls, Tilden Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Spectrum News 1) (more from CNA)
  111. Texas – Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Supreme Court Justices with AK47 (Fox News)
  112. Minnesota – Birthright Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency) (more from The Globe)
  113. Oregon – Radicals Smash Building, Attack Journalist at Pro-Abortion Riot in Portland (Andy Ngo)
  114. Texas – Abortion Activists Block Traffic in Austin During Pro-Abortion Protest (Insider)
  115. Michigan – Abortion Activists Block 4th of July Parade in Lansing (Newsweek)
  116. Florida – Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic in Hialeah Vandalized: “If Abortions Aren’t Safe, Neither Are You” (Martha Avila/Heartbeat of Miami) (more from Local 10 News)
  117. Wisconsin – St. Bernard Catholic Church in Madison Vandalized with “Anti-‘Pro-Life’” Graffiti (National Review)
  118. Ohio – Right to Life of Northeast Ohio Office Vandalized Hours after Roe Overturned (Right to Life of Northeast Ohio)
  119. Washington, D.C. – Police Arrest Abortion Activists for Blocking Roadway near U.S. Supreme Court (Bloomberg)
  120. New Hampshire – Pathways Pregnancy Care Center in Littleton Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Message, “Fund Abortion, Abort God” (WMUR News 9)
  121. Kansas – Cowley County GOP Office in Winfield Vandalized, Pro-Life Materials Lit on Fire (Fox News)
  122. Utah – Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City Vandalized Hours after Supreme Court Overturns Roe (Catholic News Agency)
  123. California – Abortion Activists Vandalize Mobile Clinic of Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Options Health in Concord (Catholic News Agency)
  124. Pennsylvania – St. Patrick Catholic Church in Philadelphia Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency)
  125. Tennessee – Pro-Life Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville Vandalized, Molotov Cocktail Found (Tennessee Lookout)
  126. California – A Woman’s Friend Pregnancy Center in Yuba City Vandalized, Window Smashed (CBS 13 Sacramento)
  127. Washington state – St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Renton Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, Windows Smashed (KIRO 7)
  128. Indiana – Monroe County Courthouse Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Fox 59 News)
  129. Colorado – Heart to Heart Pregnancy Center in Cortez Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency)
  130. Indiana – Memorial for Aborted Babies Vandalized at St. Therese Little Flower Catholic Church (Catholic News Agency)
  131. Florida – LifeChoice Pregnancy Center in Winter Haven Defaced with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency)
  132. Oregon – First Image Pregnancy Center Vandalized Again in Portland, Photojournalist Assaulted for Reporting the Crime (Andy Ngo)
  133. Washington state – Video: Man Smashes Bellevue Church Doors, Throws Rock at Employee (Fox 13 Seattle)
  134. Texas – 3 Statues Vandalized at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Harlingen (Valley Central 4)
  135. New York – Ascension Roman Catholic Church in Upper West Side Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Threat (Newsweek)
  136. Florida – Methodist Church in Tallahassee Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Newsweek)
  137. USA – Hackers Attack Pro-Life States and Organizations, Steal Data (The Byte)
  138. Louisiana – Tombstones for Unborn Babies Vandalized at Holy Name of Mary Church in Algiers (Live Action News)
  139. Iowa – Informed Choices Pro-Life Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Live Action News)
  140. Oregon– All Saints Catholic Church in Northeast Portland Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic Sentinel)
  141. North Carolina – NC GOP Responds to Abortion Graffiti at Raleigh Headquarters (News Observer)
  142. Rhode Island – Police Arrest Two at Pro-Abortion Protest in Providence (The Providence Journal)
  143. Virginia – St. John Catholic Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti after Supreme Court Ruling (NBC Washington 4) Vandals Allegedly Tried to Set Garden on Fire (MRC-TV)
  144. South Carolina – Police Arrest 6 Abortion Activists at Pro-Abortion Protest in Greenville (The Daily Wire)
  145. Virginia – Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center Vandalized after Supreme Court Abortion Ruling (CNN) (more from 10 News WSLS)
  146. Vermont – Windows Smashed, Pro-Abortion Graffiti Found on Vermont Statehouse after Roe Overturned (VT Digger)
  147. California – Paso Robles Tree of Life Pregnancy Center Vandalized after Roe Overturned (KSBY News 6) (more from The Tribune)
  148. Colorado – Abortion Activists Burn, Vandalize Pro-Life Pregnancy Center after Supreme Court Overturns Roe
  149. California – Abortion Activist Charged with Attempting to Murder Police During Pro-Abortion Protest (more)
  150. Washington, D.C. – MAGA hat swatted off pro-life protester’s head in front of SCOTUS (Richie McGinnis/Daily Caller)
  151. Washington state – Pro-Abortion Radicals Destroy Street Preacher’s Bible during Seattle Protest (Jonathan Choe/Discovery Institute)
  152. Washington state – Security Guard Hit with Metal Pipe during Pro-Abortion Protest in Seattle (Jonathan Choe/Discovery Institute)
  153. Washington state – Antifa attack and pepper spray pro-life woman in Seattle (The Post Millennial)
  154. Iowa – Pro-Abortion Protesters Hit, Try to Block Vehicle at Protest in Cedar Rapids (Andy Ngo)
  155. California – Pro-Abortion Protesters in Sacramento Surround Car, Block Driver from Leaving (Fox 40)
  156. Oregon – Pro-Abortion Protesters Smash Mall Windows, Start Fire Near Federal Courthouse in Portland (Andy Ngo)
  157. Oregon – Eugene Police Arrest 10 during Pro-Abortion ‘Night of Rage’ (The Hill)
  158. California – Los Angeles Pro-Abortion Protesters Shut Down Street, Hit Drivers with Sticks (El American/Andy Ngo)
  159. New York – Fox News Studios Vandalized in New York City at Pro-Abortion Protest (more)
  160. Arizona – Police Disburse Pro-Abortion Protesters for Kicking Doors, Trying to Break Senate Building Windows, Interrupting Session (Arizona Family)
  161. New York – Entrance to Expectant Mother Care Frontline in Brooklyn Vandalized (Religion Unplugged)
  162. Minnesota – Northfield Women’s Center Vandalized, Window Broken (Northfield News)
  163. California – Abortion Activist Rips Bible, Disrupts Church Service at Nesting Place Home for Mothers and Children in Long Beach (Catholic Vote) (video)
  164. Maine – First Step Pregnancy Resource Center in Bangor Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Christianity Today)
  165. Virginia – Bullet Hole Found in Virginia Attorney General’s Office after He Condemns Pro-Abortion Violence (Daily Wire)
  166. Washington, D.C. – Wall near U.S. Supreme Court Vandalized: “Abort the Court, Keep Abortions Safe & Legal” (Live Action News)
  167. Michigan – Family Life Services Pregnancy Center Vandalized Twice in One Week in Ypsilanti (Pregnancy Help News) (more at Live Action News)
  168. Indiana – Video: Abortion Activist Grabs, Restrains Pro-Life Student Activist at Indianapolis Protest (Students for Life/SBA Pro-Life America)
  169. Washington state – Options 360 Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Vancouver (SBA Pro-Life America) (more at The Post Millennial)
  170. New York – Two Pro-Life Billboards Vandalized in Esopus (Daily Freeman)
  171. Iowa – Republican Office in Cedar Rapids Vandalized (The Gazette)
  172. Kansas – Pro-Life Yard Signs Ripped Apart, Stolen at Multiple Homes Ahead of Pro-Life Amendment Vote (Value Them Both) (more at KSNT)
  173. Michigan – Two More Sites Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, Including Pro-Life Group and Congressman’s Office (Right to Life of Michigan)
  174. Michigan – Pro-Abortion Domestic Terrorists Destroy Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Redford, Smashing Doors and Windows
  175. Ohio – Pro-Life Billboard in Columbus Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Right to Life of Northeast Ohio)
  176. Michigan – Windows Smashed, Threat Spray-Painted on Dearborn Heights Pregnancy Center
  177. Wisconsin – Leftists Target Pro-Life Congressional Candidate With Vandalism: “F— Charity Barry”
  178. Minnesota – Minnesota Pro-Life Organization MCCL Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, Windows Smashed; Second Vandalism in Weeks
  179. Pennsylvania – Abortion Activists Attack Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia, Smash Windows
  180. Washington state – Pro-life Republican Lawmaker’s Office Hit with Arson Attempt, Vandalism
  181. Michigan – Naked Protester Disrupts Catholic Mass to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions
  182. Iowa – Abortion Activists Brag About Vandalizing Another Pregnancy Center
  183. Alaska – Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Nails, Pro-Abortion Graffiti (EWTN Ireland)
  184. Oregon – Abortion Activists Firebomb Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Fourth Bombing in Weeks
  185. New York – Topless Abortion Rights Protesters Storm Court At New York Liberty WNBA Game (Huffington Post)
  186. New York – Statues of Lúcia dos Santos and Jacinta Marto smashed and decapitated at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church (ABC 7 New York)
  187. New York – Tabernacle stolen, Holy Eucharist thrown on floor, statues of angels on the altar decapitated and destroyed at St. Augustine Catholic Church, Brooklyn (Catholic News Agency)
  188. Michigan – Police Arrest Abortion Activist for Allegedly Disrupting Michigan House Session (Bridge Michigan)
  189. California – Abortion Activist Arrested Trying to Approach Joe Biden to Urge Him to Promote Abortion
  190. Maryland – Police Arrest Man with Weapon outside Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’s Home, Allegedly Threatened to Murder Him (Washington Post)
  191. North Carolina – Asheville Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Lauren Muzyka/Sidewalk Advocates for Life) (more at FOX Carolina)
  192. New York – Abortion Activists Firebomb Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Third Bombing in Weeks
  193. New York – Pro-Abortion Protesters Mob Catholic Pro-Life Procession (National Review)
  194. Texas – Radical Abortion Activists Invade Church Service to Promote Killing Babies
  195. Florida – Pro-Abortion Violence Continues as Abortion Activists Vandalize Catholic Pro-Life Office
  196. Washington, D.C. – Abortion Activists Trash Pregnancy Center: Dump Paint on Door, Egg Windows, Write “Revenge” on Wall
  197. Pennsylvania – Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Pittsburgh (ProLife Across America)
  198. Oregon – Mother and Child center vandalized; Address was publicized by group that favors abortion rights (Catholic Sentinel)
  199. Oregon – Eugene Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Andy Ngo)
  200. New Jersey – Catholic Pro-Life Student Attacked at Public School, 7 Pro-Abortion Students Suspended (CNA) (video)
  201. Washington state – Radical Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Center, Smash 5 Windows and Leave Threats
  202. Michigan – Grand Rapids Meeting Adjourned after Unruly Protesters Shout Down Anti-Abortion Activist (MLive)
  203. Mississippi – Rural Black Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti
  204. Oregon – Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Portland: “Abort the Supreme Court” (Andy Ngo)
  205. Washington state – Four Churches Vandalized by Pro-Abortion Radicals in Olympia (more from the Washington Free Beacon)
  206. Alabama – Vicar, Parishioners Respond to Vandalism at Pro-Life Women’s Clinic in Auburn (Opelika-Auburn News)
  207. Kansas – Supports of Pro-Life “Value The Both” Amendment Report Yard Signs Stolen (KAKE)
  208. Arizona – Planned Parenthood Chair Brags How Her Husband Assaulted Man in “Blacks for Trump” Shirt
  209. USA – Abortion Activists Threaten to Burn Down Supreme Court, Kill Justices When Roe is Overturned (more at CBS News)
  210. Arizona – Watch: Pro-Abortion Demonstrators Attack, Spit on ‘Students for Kari’ Volunteers (College Fix)
  211. Missouri – Pro-life Student Group at University of Missouri Calls for Dialogue after its Memorial Was Vandalized (Campus Reform)
  212. Indiana – Pro-Life Student Advocates Shoved, Grabbed from Behind at Pro-Abortion Rally (Students for Life)
  213. Idaho – Two Arrested at Pro-Abortion Rally, Protester Allegedly Kicked Police Officer (KTVB 7)
  214. Maryland – Birthright of Frederick Vandalized: “F— Fake Clinics”
  215. Maryland – Alpha Pregnancy Center in Reisterstown Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Andy Ngo) (more at WBAL-TV 11)
  216. USA – Video: Pro-Life Student Activists Kicked, Shoved by Pro-Abortion Protesters (Students for Life)
  217. Michigan – Michigan Catholic Church Vandalized with Satanic Symbols after Roe Leak (more at The Tennessee Star)
  218. New York City – Abortion Activists Threaten to Bomb, Burn Down St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
  219. Maine – Republican Senator Receives Threats after Voting No on Radical Pro-Abortion Bill (Boston Globe)
  220. Texas – Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Denton (NRL News)
  221. Virginia – Pro-Life Organization Office Vandalized; Man Exposes Himself, Urinates on Front Door (Concerned Women for America)
  222. California – Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Sebastopol (SBA Pro-Life America)
  223. Colorado – Parish church in Fort Collins tagged with pro-abortion graffiti; police investigating (Catholic News Agency)
  224. Oregon – Oregon Right to Life Firebombed With Molotov Cocktail
  225. Texas – Catholic Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti
  226. Virginia – Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti in Northern Virginia (National Review) (more from Human Coalition)
  227. USA – Pro-Abortion Feminist Calls for Violence against Pro-Life Americans, Celebrates Arson
  228. Wisconsin – Abortion Activists Light Fire in Pro-Life Group’s Office, Throw Molotov Cocktails
  229. Texas – Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Denton, Texas (more from Students for Life)
  230. Oregon, Maryland – Radical Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers That Help Pregnant Women
  231. Washington, D.C. – Two Pro-Life Leaders Say Abortion Activists Punched Them at D.C. Protest (Stand True)
  232. Texas – Pro-Abortion Group Brags about Vandalizing Trotter House Pregnancy Center in Austin (Stop the Sweeps ATX) (more at Pregnancy Help News)
  233. Texas – Pro-Life University of North Texas Student Says Antifa Vandalized Door, Issued Threats (Fox News)
  234. Washington state – Antifa Assault News Crew during Pro-Abortion Rally in Seattle (Andy Ngo)
  235. Colorado – Catholic Church in Boulder Defiled Following Roe v. Wade Draft Opinion Leak (Denver Gazette)
  236. Oregon – Pro-Abortion Protesters Damage Property In Portland Following SCOTUS Leak On Abortion (KXL 101 FM News) (more at KOIN 6)
  237. California – Two Police Officers Injured at Pro-Abortion Protest in Los Angeles (more at CBS News)
  238. Malta – Pro-life Leader’s Office Vandalized in Malta as She Fights Radical Pro-Abortion Bill
  239. Spain – Sant Vicenç de Sarriá Church in Barcelona Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe)
  240. Northern Ireland – Man Bites Pro-Life Advocate at Rally in Belfast, Arrested by Police (Precious Life)
  241. Mexico – Pro-Abortion Feminist Groups Vandalize Monuments in Mérida, Yucatán (The Yucatan Times)
  242. Colombia – Abortion Activists Try to Set Fire to Cathedral in Botoga during International Safe Abortion Day Protest (The City Paper Botoga)
  243. Switzerland – Zurich Church Vandalized with Satanic Symbols, “Burn” in Red Paint to Protest March for Life (FSSPX News)
  244. Switzerland – Police Arrest 8 Abortion Activists at Swiss March for Life (Evangelical Focus)
  245. Northern Ireland – Abortion Advocates Assault Pro-Life City Councilman
  246. Canada – Windsor, Ontario Church Vandalized with ‘Hate-Motivated’ Message: “Abort Christ” (CTV News)
  247. Canada – Video: Man Assaults Pro-Life Woman, Threatens to Put “Bullet in Your Head” in Hamilton, Ontario (Campaign Life Coalition)
  248. Canada – Cambridge Right to Life Building in Ontario Vandalized after Roe Overturned (Cambridge Today)
  249. South Carolina – Abortion Activists Attempt to Intimidate Pro-Life Student at Home, Vandalize Sign (Live Action News)
  250. Czechia – Abortion Activists Block March for Life in Prague (Expats CZ)
  251. New York – Pro-Life Advocate Shoved, Smacked by Pro-Abortion Couple on New York City Sidewalk (Created Equal)
  252. Michigan – ‘I Love Abortion,’ Dead Baby Drawn on Vandalized Pro-Life Display at Eastern Michigan University (Campus Reform)
  253. Massachusetts – Abortion Activists Rip Sign Out of Pro-Lifers’ Hands, Scream Expletives (Students for Life)
  254. Washington, D.C. – Abortion Activists Push and Shove Pro-Life Students at Supreme Court During Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearing
  255. Ontario – Judge Issues Injunction Against Abortion Activists for Alleged Sabotage of 40 Days for Life (40 Days for Life) (more at Pregnancy Help News)
  256. Connecticut – Leftist Students Threaten Conservative Legal Group: I’ll “Literally Fight You, B—-,” Block Exit at Yale Law School Event (Washington Free Beacon)
  257. California – Cal Poly Investigates Alleged Vandalism against Pro-Life Display (The College Fix)
  258. California – WATCH: Pro-Abortion Handmaiden Attacks Pro-Life Advocate, Tries to Destroy Her Sign
  259. California – Pro-Life Display Vandalized at Clovis Community College (Young America’s Foundation)
  260. Florida – Police Arrest Planned Parenthood Leader for Disrupting Vote on Pro-Life Bill
  261. Arkansas – Abortion Clinic Owner Faces Assault Charges After Allegedly Trying to Hit Pro-Life People With Her Car
  262. California – Pro-Abortion Students Vandalize Pro-Life Flag Display at Cal Poly (Mustang News)
  263. Ohio — Video: Abortion Facility Worker Shoves Pro-Lifer, Says ‘Kill Yourself’ (PAAU on Twitter)
  264. Poland – WATCH: Abortion Activist Attacks Man Because He’s Driving a Truck With Pro-Life Signs
  265. Mississippi – Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Billboard, Celebrate Its Destruction Online
  266. New York – NYC pro-abortion activists curse at churchgoers, beam ‘God loves abortion’ onto St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Catholic News Agency)
  267. Texas – Pro-Abortion Rioters Attack Pro-Life Conference, Throw Bombs at Pro-Life Students
  268. Nebraska – Police: Man Charged with Threatening Pro-Life Woman Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility (Lincoln Journal-Star)
  269. Nebraska – Pro-Life Legislator Gets Death Threats and Rape Threats After Introducing Bill to Ban Abortions
  270. Illinois – Antifa Radicals Harass Pro-Lifers at March for Life in Chicago, Shouting at Pro-Life People and Calling Them Fascists
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2023.03.17 14:00 AthleticsBot Game Chat: Giants @ Athletics - 01:05 PM PDT

Giants @ Athletics - Fri, Mar 17

Game Status: Game Over - Score: 7-2 Athletics

Links & Info

1 Pederson - 1B 4 0 1 1 0 1 1 .278 .381 .333
Alvarez, A - 1B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .143 .250 .214
2 Conforto - RF 3 0 1 0 0 1 1 .300 .333 .700
Auerbach - CF 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 .308 .357 .538
3 Estrada - 2B 4 0 1 0 0 2 2 .227 .292 .591
1-Wilson, W - 2B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .267 .450 .333
4 Yastrzemski - CF 3 0 0 0 0 0 1 .067 .176 .200
Munguia - RF 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 .429 .429 .857
5 Sabol - DH 3 0 1 0 1 1 0 .407 .528 .852
6 Davis, J - 3B 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 .276 .300 .448
Proctor - 3B 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 .240 .269 .320
7 Pérez - C 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 .200 .250 .400
Wynns - C 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .143 .368 .571
8 Schmitt - SS 4 0 1 0 0 3 3 .433 .433 .800
9 Johnson, B - LF 3 2 1 0 0 1 1 .318 .407 .409
Totals 33 2 8 2 2 9 14
1-Ran for Estrada in the 8th.
BATTING: 2B: Davis, J (2, Kaprielian); Estrada (3, Steckenrider). TB: Auerbach; Conforto; Davis, J 2; Estrada 2; Johnson, B; Pederson; Sabol; Schmitt. RBI: Auerbach (4); Pederson (1). 2-out RBI: Auerbach. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Munguia 2; Yastrzemski; Schmitt 3. GIDP: Proctor. Team RISP: 2-for-8. Team LOB: 6.
FIELDING: E: Pérez (2, pickoff); Alexander (1, throw); Schmitt (2, fielding). Outfield assists: Conforto (Brown, S at 2nd base). Pickoffs: Alexander (Wade at 2nd base). DP: (Proctor-Estrada-Pederson).
Athletics Batters AB R H RBI BB K LOB AVG OBP SLG
1 Kemp - 2B 3 0 1 1 0 0 1 .130 .364 .174
Noda - 1B 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 .182 .333 .364
2 Díaz, A - SS 3 1 2 0 0 0 1 .385 .467 .462
Clarke - CF 2 0 0 1 0 1 2 .500 .688 .800
3 Aguilar - 1B 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 .250 .400 .333
McCann - C 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 .154 .267 .308
4 Brown, S - DH 3 0 2 1 0 0 0 .346 .393 .423
a-Soderstrom - DH 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .280 .333 .560
5 Langeliers - C 3 0 0 0 0 1 2 .241 .313 .448
Brooks - RF 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .167 .231 .417
6 Peterson - 3B 3 1 2 0 0 1 2 .259 .412 .556
1-Wade - 3B 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 .261 .414 .391
7 Laureano - RF 2 1 1 0 0 1 1 .226 .314 .258
Smith, K - SS 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 .367 .441 .633
8 Capel - LF 2 1 2 0 0 0 0 .321 .441 .607
Rooker - LF 2 1 2 1 0 0 0 .423 .583 .615
9 Pache - CF 2 0 1 2 0 0 2 .364 .382 .515
Gelof - 2B 2 0 0 0 0 1 3 .222 .333 .278
Totals 35 7 14 7 2 6 19
a-Flied out for Brown, S in the 7th. 1-Ran for Peterson in the 6th.
BATTING: 2B: Díaz, A (2, Stripling). TB: Brown, S 2; Capel 2; Díaz, A 3; Kemp; Laureano; Noda; Pache; Peterson 2; Rooker 2. RBI: Brown, S (2); Clarke (3); Kemp (3); Noda (5); Pache 2 (7); Rooker (3). 2-out RBI: Pache 2; Kemp; Brown, S. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Peterson; McCann 2; Gelof. SAC: Smith, K. GIDP: Pache. Team RISP: 5-for-13. Team LOB: 8.
FIELDING: E: Langeliers (1, throw); McCann (1, throw). DP: (Gelof-Smith, K-Noda).
Giants Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Stripling (L, 0-1) 5.0 10 4 4 0 3 0 30-28 6.75
Alexander 1.0 2 0 0 0 1 0 6-6 2.25
Rogers, Ty 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 6-5 3.86
Llovera 0.1 2 3 2 2 0 0 12-4 10.80
Adon 0.2 0 0 0 0 1 0 4-4 3.18
Totals 8.0 14 7 6 2 6 0
Athletics Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Kaprielian (W, 1-0) 4.0 5 1 1 0 4 0 27-25 1.59
May 1.0 0 0 0 0 3 0 9-9 9.64
Acevedo (H, 1) 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 5-5 1.42
Smith, C (H, 2) 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3-3 4.76
Steckenrider (H, 2) 1.0 3 1 1 0 0 0 7-6 4.70
Hall 1.0 0 0 0 2 1 0 13-4 0.00
Totals 9.0 8 2 2 2 9 0
Game Info
HBP: McCann (by Rogers, Ty).
Groundouts-flyouts: Stripling 7-2; Alexander 1-0; Rogers, Ty 1-1; Llovera 1-1; Adon 1-0; Kaprielian 3-2; May 0-0; Acevedo 1-1; Smith, C 3-0; Steckenrider 2-1; Hall 1-0.
Batters faced: Stripling 23; Alexander 4; Rogers, Ty 4; Llovera 6; Adon 2; Kaprielian 16; May 3; Acevedo 3; Smith, C 3; Steckenrider 6; Hall 4.
Inherited runners-scored: Adon 3-1.
Umpires: HP: Jeff Nelson. 1B: Cory Blaser. 2B: Jim Wolf. 3B: Chad Whitson.
Weather: 70 degrees, Partly Cloudy.
Wind: 4 mph, Varies.
First pitch: 1:06 PM.
Venue: Hohokam Stadium.
March 17, 2023
T: 2:25.
Att: 10,190.
T: 2:25.
Att: 10,190.
Inning Scoring Play Score
Bottom 1 Seth Brown singles on a ground ball to right fielder Michael Conforto. Aledmys Diaz scores. Seth Brown out at 2nd on the throw, right fielder Michael Conforto to catcher Roberto Perez to shortstop Casey Schmitt. 1-0 OAK
Bottom 2 Cristian Pache singles on a ground ball to left fielder Bryce Johnson. Jace Peterson scores. Conner Capel scores. 3-0 OAK
Top 3 Joc Pederson singles on a line drive to center fielder Cristian Pache. Bryce Johnson scores. 3-1 OAK
Bottom 4 Tony Kemp singles on a line drive to right fielder Michael Conforto. Ramon Laureano scores. 4-1 OAK
Top 8 Brett Auerbach singles on a ground ball to second baseman Zack Gelof. Bryce Johnson scores. 4-2 OAK
Bottom 8 Brent Rooker singles on a line drive to right fielder Ismael Munguia. Tyler Wade scores. Kevin Smith to 2nd. 5-2 OAK
Bottom 8 Ryan Noda singles on a ground ball to first baseman Armando Alvarez. Kevin Smith scores. Brent Rooker to 3rd. Zack Gelof to 2nd. 6-2 OAK
Bottom 8 Denzel Clarke grounds out, third baseman Ford Proctor to first baseman Armando Alvarez. Brent Rooker scores. Zack Gelof to 3rd. Ryan Noda to 2nd. 7-2 OAK
Team Highlight
OAK Seth Brown's RBI single (00:00:25)
OAK Cristian Pache's two-run single (00:00:19)
SF Joc Pederson's RBI single (00:00:13)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
Giants 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 8 3 6
Athletics 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 3 7 14 2 8


Division Scoreboard

WSH 11 @ HOU 7 - Final
MIL 4 @ TEX 3 - Middle 9
KC 1 @ LAA 12 - Top 9, 0 Outs
SEA @ SD 06:40 PM PDT
Last Updated: 03/17/2023 03:33:26 PM PDT
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2023.03.17 05:44 matthewkeys To lower the price, which YouTube TV channel package would you want them to drop?

Prices are going up. People are complaining. They say programming is too expensive. YouTube TV is kind of in a no-win position: They're forced to buy bundles of channels to put the most-desired channels in front of streamers, and those channels are expensive to carry. To get the cost of YouTube TV down, they'd have to drop one or more programming agreements.
Sooooo...here we go.
Lower your bill by choosing which channel packages you'd like to see YouTube TV drop. You can pick more than one, but if you pick a package, you have to be willing to lose all the channels in it. These are the most-expensive channels for a cable, satellite or streaming service to offer; the more packages you eliminate, the lower your bill.
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2023.03.16 14:57 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Suisse Miss by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (03/15/23)

"No signs. Nothing indicating they could not be there." - January 6 insurrectionist lawyer Carol Stewart, talking about people who came in through the Capitol windows

Return To Lender

In the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, things are feeling a little unstable around these parts!
The regulatory response to SVB and Credit Suisse have been prompt and at least temporarily stabilizing, but the confluence of current market conditions make this a vulnerable time.
Abuses in the financial sector are like guns: they’re ubiquitous in America, they cause catastrophic harm to millions of people, and the government refuses to regulate them.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

Congratulations to Hysteria for being featured in Amazon Music’s Women in Podcasting collection. Throughout Women’s History Month, this collection shines a light on the women doing the work to break barriers and recognizes the women in podcasting that have made an impact on society, history, entertainment and beyond.
Each week on Hysteria, Political commentator and comedy writer Erin Ryan and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco are joined by a bicoastal squad of funny, opinionated women to talk through everything from reproductive rights to rom-coms to the cultural stories that are affecting women’s lives.
Tune in every Thursday for new episodes on Amazon music or your favorite podcast platform, and subscribe to the Hysteria Youtube channel for more.

Under The Radar

As the craven Trump-appointed Texas judge weighs whether or not to invalidate the FDA’s long-standing approval of mifepristone, the most widely-used medication to terminate pregnancy, it’s clear that the worst of what we feared after the fall of Roe may be yet to come. Republicans in South Carolina are pushing legislation that would make any person who has an abortion subject to the state’s homicide laws, which are punishable by death. The bill is called the “South Carolina Prenatal Equal Protection Act” and describes anything from an embryo with a handful of cells up to a fully gestated baby as a “person.” South Carolina law hands down death penalty sentences or minimum sentences of 30 years in prison to people convicted of murder. The measure includes no exceptions for rape or incest. Over a dozen Republican lawmakers have co-sponsored the bill. South Carolina hasn’t acted on the measure yet, but Republicans hold control of both houses of the state legislature and the governorship. Thank you once again to everyone who told women they were “exaggerating” about what Republicans would do in a post-Roe world!

What Else?

Investigators in Fulton County, GA, reportedly have another audio recording of a phone call from disgraced former president Donald Trump—this one to the Georgia Speaker of the House—in which he attempted to toss out Joe Biden’s victory in the state.
In other Trump criminal proceedings, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen wrapped up his second day of testimony before a New York grand jury regarding the “alleged” hush money payment Cohen made at Trump’s behest to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Daniels met with Manhattan prosecutors today.
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) revoked the Hyatt Regency Miami hotel’s liquor license because it hosted “A Drag Queen Christmas.”
Speaking of Meatball Ron, allies of disgraced former president Donald Trump have filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics accusing DeSantis of violating campaign-finance and ethics rules as he continues his shadow run for the GOP presidential nomination without formally declaring his candidacy.
Sens. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Ted Budd (R-NC) introduced a bill to mandate tracking systems on weather and research balloons so the U.S. military can chill the hell out.
State officials in Texas announced a takeover of Houston’s public school district, home to over 200,000 students, in a move Democrats say is a politically motivated exertion of control by the administration of Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) over the increasingly blue city.
Honda recalled 500,000 cars in the United States and Canada due to a problem with the front seat belts. Elon Musk would never.
The Kremlin announced that it will try to recover the wreckage of the American drone it struck down yesterday.

Be Smarter

Something strange is happening on Pennsylvania Avenue, and it’s not Joe Biden ordering ice cream deliveries in the winter. A slew of real estate sales have occurred two blocks east of the Capitol building, and the properties have a common buyer: allies of disgraced former president Donald Trump. The Conservative Partnership Institute, a nonprofit (sure) led by Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows, bought a total of $41 million in properties just steps from the Capitol, and in the organization’s annual report, CPI announced that its aim is to transform that particular swath of real estate into a sort of MAGA campus it calls “Patriots’ Row.” Republicans are always going on about their disdain for DC and how it is run so it’s interesting that they are taking somewhat clandestine measures to buy up large swaths of it! It’s also borderline unprecedented for a nonprofit to purchase so many properties (nine in the past year!) in such a close proximity (on one street) in such a short period of time. Pro-insurrectionists having headquarters right next to the Capitol doesn’t feel great! FBI, u up?

What A Sponsor

Today's newsletter is brought to you by CARIUMA.
Spring has officially sprung, and we're trading out the boots and cold weather kicks for something a little lighter and brighter. Crafted with organic cotton canvas and spring shades like rose, off white, and green, our best seller OCA Low is sure to become your staple shoe of the season, and lucky for you, they just cleared a 77k person waitlist. With 10+ colorways, bold prints, and collaborations with brands like Avatar, Pantone, and The Peanuts, there’s a pair for every personality.
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CARIUMA is a B-Corp certified sustainable sneaker company. They are known for their reforestation efforts in the Brazilian Rainforest. Their co-founders, David and Fernando, both grew up in Brazil, so this project is especially close to home. For every pair of sneakers sold, CARIUMA plants two trees, and they’ve already planted over two million to date!
CARIUMA ships all their sneakers free & fast in the USA and offers worldwide shipping & 60 day FREE returns. They deliver right to your front door, using single-box, recycled packaging.
AND - for a limited time, WAD readers can get an exclusive 15% off your pair of Cariuma sneakers with code WAD.

Light At The End Of The Email

President Biden announced today that the government will subject 27 drugs to inflation penalties, aiming to reduce out-of-pocket costs for Medicare recipients and lower prescription drug prices more broadly.
A Nebraska lawmaker has been filibustering an anti-trans bill for…three weeks!!!
Medicaid expansion passed the North Carolina senate 43-2, inching one step closer to becoming law.


Rohita Kadambi on Twitter: "50 years old - 75 years old; Doesn’t eat bread - Eats bread; Avoids alcohol - Cocktail queen; Avoids sugar - Enjoys dessert; Jade eggs in genitals - Jeffrey Garten"
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2023.03.16 14:57 rivsnation PHF Final Standings, Semi Final Game 1 Schedule, and News Roundup (3/10 - 3/15)


A Win is 3 pts, OT/SO Win is 2 pts, OT/SO Loss is 1 pt. Standings are determined by Points > Head to Head > Regulation Wins > Wins > Goal differential.

Game Schedule

Thursday March 16
Friday March 17
*PHF games that are part of the ESPN International distribution network may be available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa via ESPN Player, in Latin America via Star+, the Caribbean through ESPN Player via the ESPN App, and Oceania through Watch ESPN via the ESPN App.

Week 16 Game Scores and Highlights

Friday March 10
Saturday March 11
Sunday March 12


- PHF Weekend Pulse: Mar. 10-12
- Packer, Watts, Ives Named PHF Three Stars of the Week
- Packer Named PHF Player of the Month for March
- Toronto Star: Playoffs await for Boston Pride stars, but not hockey worlds
- Pelkey Extends Point Streak in Beauts Loss
- Garát-Gasparics Sinks Beauts in Final Game of Season
- Marchment Streaking Down The Home Stretch
- Whale Will Face Off Against Toronto Six in Semi Finals
- Recap: Whale End Regular Season on Six-Game Win Streak
- Yale School of Medicine: Five Questions with Connecticut Whale Team Physician, Mark Dundas, MD
- Collinsville Press: Strong finish and another exceptional year for Marchment
- Metropolitan Riveters Stretch Win Streak to Three With 5-2 Victory Over Buffalo Beauts
- Metropolitan Riveters Beat Buffalo Beauts 3-2, Securing Sweep and Four-Game Streak
- Ex-Beauts Harley, Ganser Thrived with Riveters This Season
- Albers Not Stopping at 100
- Abbie Ives Picks Up Shutout Against ‘Caps
- ‘Caps Can't Complete Comeback Against Whale
- The Ice Garden: Q & A with Force Forward Kristina Shanahan
- Downie-Landry Looks Back on First Force Season
Toronto 6ix
- Toronto Six Overpowered at Home, Fall to Boston Pride to Open Second Half of Season Series
- Toronto Six Finish Regular Season Strong, Defeat Boston Pride 5-4 To Split Season Series
- The Ice Garden: Six in Five: Let's Talk About...
- CBC: Toronto Six seek to sink Connecticut Whale in PHF semifinal series


- Founding 4 Podcast: PHF Recap: All Roads Lead to The Mullett in Tempe! (length 1:12:02)
- Dan Rice: Around the Rink in the PHF 3/13/23 (length 1:18:51)
- What's In Your Bag? With Andrew Robinson: Ep. 14 - Saroya Tinker (length 1:08:22)
- Toronto 6ix: Get To Know The T6: Carly Jackson Presented By Canadian Tire (length 2:22)
- Zamboni Chat with The Metropolitan Riveters
- Paul Krotz: Audio from PHF media availability with coaches and captains before Isobel Cup Playoffs.
- NBC Sports: Exclusive with Boston Pride Defender Kali Flanagan (length 3:19)
- Founding 4 Podcast: PHF Regular Season Report Cards -- the grades are in! (length 1:11:24)
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2023.03.15 19:57 Kilroy_On_The_Road KICKOFF! The Start of my 2023 Expedition!

Woo Hoo! The day has finally arrived! 15 March 2023... the first day of my 2023 Full-Time RV'er Expedition; 232 days of travel ahead! This year's routing is charted to go up from Elizabeth City, North Carolina up along the East Coast seaboard until I get up to Acadia National Park, Maine on 1 June. From there, I'll cross over New England through the Adirondacks to Upstate New York to stay around Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes region. I'll then head down to Cleveland, Ohio to take in some Indians Baseball before heading south over late September and October to arrive on 1 November in Gulfport, Mississippi for my 2023/2024 winter bed down along the Gulf Coast (until March, 2024).
I'm Pumped! While this has been a comfortable winter down in Charleston, South Carolina staying at my buddy's 2nd home, I am totally stoked about finally getting back into my 36 5th Wheel trailer and starting this year's adventure!
Right now, I'm spending the first 5 nights on the US Coast Guard Base Family Camp in Elizabeth City. The next stop on 20 March will be at Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland to camp on the beach and enjoy the company of the wild horses that roam the park. I have 4 nights there before I head north for multiple stops along the way in Delaware, New Jersey, and the Army Academy in New York. After the Academy, I'll spend about two weeks crossing through Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts on my way up to Acadia National Park.
Given that I'm travelling north during March, April, and May I am sure that more often than not I'll be wearing long pants and a long sleeves when outside. But, that will be just fine. Hopefully, being along the coast I'll avoid any significant late winter weather that will no doubt hit over the next two months.
So... Off I Go! I'll keep posting along the ways and will include any noteworthy pictures.
Here is a link to my current route that shows the places I'll be stopping at along the way:
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2023.03.15 11:36 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Nor’easter pummels East Coast with winter weather, California hit with flood alerts NBC

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2023.03.14 12:23 RyanKinder Final snowfall forecasts (ch. 4,5,7,25,10) for boston a changeover will occur from rain to snow, winds increase

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2023.03.14 03:19 Different_Buy6063 Transferring

I'm currently a freshman in college and I am not happy with the location of my college. I want to transfer to a different state. To give you a sense of my situation: my current university is in Connecticut and in the middle of nowhere. It is always cold and I want to be in an urban environment with nicer weather. My GPA isn't the best, in my first semester I got a 2.9, but I want to attend a good school. Any suggestions on where I could possibly apply?
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2023.03.13 01:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Rough weather pummels California NBC

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2023.03.12 19:47 tonnie_taller Tracking a Major Nor’Easter That Could Bring Over a Foot of Snow to Parts of Conn. – NBC Connecticut

Tracking a Major Nor’Easter That Could Bring Over a Foot of Snow to Parts of Conn. NBC Connecticut Video: What we know about next week’s possible nor’easter WCVB Channel 5 Boston 12+ inches of heavy, wet snow possible in parts of New Hampshire from Nor’Easter WMUR Manchester CNY quiet on Sunday then tracking a developing coastal system Monday … Continue reading Tracking a Major Nor’Easter That Could Bring Over a Foot of Snow to Parts of Conn. – NBC Connecticut
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2023.03.12 18:49 tonnie_taller Tracking a Major Nor’Easter That Could Bring Over a Foot of Snow to Parts of Conn. – NBC Connecticut

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2023.03.12 16:14 tonnie_taller Tracking a Major Nor’Easter That Could Bring Over a Foot of Snow to Parts of Conn. – NBC Connecticut

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2023.03.12 15:28 jesskamb Maybe moving?

There's a job I just interviewed for with the state, so I would be moving to the Hartford area with my family (partner and a 4 year old) from Tennessee. I really, really want this job! But there's a LOT of negativity in the few city Facebook groups I've joined, which is kind of par for the FB course so taking it with a grain of salt, and some of the research I've been doing. Schools are our top priority so moving from Tennessee is going to make that a huge upgrade probably any way we slice in, but we're specifically looking in West Hartford and Simsbury because of that.
I followed my current job from Ohio blindly to the Nashville area and really don't want to make the same mistake again. Some of my biggest issues with this area revolve around infrastructure (not just roads but good libraries or even a health department), schools, severe weather (tornadoes and intense severe storms with massive flooding occur much more often that I realized), and not much community stuff to do like a parade or festival that isn't jam packed to the point of being unenjoyable. (Maybe things are also jam packed to the point of being unenjoyable in Connecticut too, I'm not sure, but I really hate it so let me know if it is.)
I realize the economy in the Hartford area is doing VERRRY poorly in comparison to this area. Like, it's making me question if we should even move because it's so poor and the future doesn't seem great, but then I worry that I'm just buying in to the negative (and probably somewhat political) talking points.
It's a tough decision. We don't have family in either of these places and are not interested in moving back to Ohio. I've travelled all over the country and there's no area that stands out as definitely where I want to live but I know of a bunch of places I *don't*. I know this is a personal decision at the end of the day. I guess I'm just feeling apprehensive about moving for my career and hating it more than here. My partner truly doesn't care where we go (other than they don't want to live in Ohio or Florida and want good schools) so I don't get a lot of feedback from them. Anybody been in a similar position or have good, guiding wisdom?
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2023.03.12 07:29 tonnie_taller Nor’Easter Could Slam Parts of Connecticut With More Than a Foot of Snow – NBC Connecticut

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