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2023.03.22 14:50 nukethemofo Extreme Reality Serious RP - Community Lead, New Player Friendly, Whitelisted businesses available, NO PAY TO WIN OR PLAY

Welcome to EXRP. Give me two minutes of your time I assure you it’s worth the read! We do things different over here, we are a community lead server. This means everything is pumped into the servers content, many community votes for new resources etc. We have a extremely friendly community here that caters to helping the new players and giving great RP to the veterans. None of the rubbish abusive admins, we care about the community and the community cares back. Join our family and ask around! We are whitelisted and serious RP and we offer so much over here but to list a handful of things to peak your interests!: • Over 1000 custom cars available for purchase in a mix of player owned and government ran shops. • A lot invested in PD including car grapplers, K9 units, Drones, Custom non-lethal and much, much more them crims don’t have the upper hand it’s a fair playing field! • Fully RP Flight school with immersive lessons with a irl pilot! • Enough drugs to keep even the hardest grinders busy! All custom made and spread everywhere including Cayo so plenty to find! • Fair for all game play meaning no paying to get drugs or guns! You want it get it in RP! • Extensive mechanic script with all work done manually with install and changing of all parts! Honestly the best mechanic system I have seen out there! • Fully immersive engine swapping with a collection of custom made engines with real world performance changes. • Over 15,000 custom clothing items • Fishing, legal and illegal with sharks, dolphins, whales and more! • Diving legal and illegal with an immersive experience system leading to greater rewards and progression. • House robberies an immersive experience system leading to greater progression and better rewards! • All shops and Ammunations are able to be owned and maintained with in-depth stock collection and business maintenance systems. • Street racing, Drag Racing scene, Sprint racing, Slip Racing, Lap Racing • Custom made by us Nascar track, dirt tracks and drag strips all made in house! • Custom car shops all ownable without IRL costs all done in game! • Organised car theft/boosting • ATM hacking • Crypto System with mining and hacking • Shop robberies • Bank Robberies • Full Fraud system for card cloning and cheque creating • Experience based crafting systems both legal crafting and illegal attachment and gun crafting all custom • Custom weapons • Experience based mission work to unlock purchasable items not obtainable elsewhere • Legal mining with extensive customisation • Chain that are able to be robbed and are usable items to wear • Pool/Snooker Houses • Arcade machines that work with player vs player gaming! • Laser tag • Bowling • Mini Golf • Player vs Player poker • Custom hunting system with reputation • Player owned bars, nightclubs, restaurants with many more available on request! • Very active team that is spread around the world to provide support in all hours! AND MUCH, MUCH MORE….. Pop into the discord say hi, give us a try I assure you this will become your forever home!
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2023.03.22 14:49 kiwikountry My boyfriend (21M) is injured and I(20F) feel as though our relationship has changed

My boyfriend has been injured in a way that affects a lot of aspects of his left, especially his daily movement. He is very grumpy (understandably), which has caused him to say a couple of mean things to me. The main problem is just that, we aren't able to go out and have dates. Our plans for the next little bit have been cancelled. I still go over to his house and help out with making him meals and stuff. It's hard for us to cuddle, and sometimes I accidentally hurt him which makes me feel so guilty. We also aren't able to have sex, which as well makes me feel very insecure. Even though we could do other things he says he doesn't have much of a sex drive at the moment. I can't help but feel helpless and that there is a change in our relationship. What can I do to fix it?
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2023.03.22 14:49 SocialDemocracies At Hearing, Warren Calls out Wall Street Investors for Exploiting Tax Breaks to Buy Up Affordable Housing and Evict Families

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2023.03.22 14:49 EvenAmoeba What’s a fair amount to charge my sister for rent?

I’m buying a house which I could afford by myself but not without cutting back saving significantly so my sister is moving in with me for the foreseeable future (which was the plan the whole time with me buying a house, so we could live together again). If I estimate the total costs including mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities being about $1700 a month, what is a fair amount to charge her for rent? I’m leaning towards a flat monthly fee rather than splitting utilities every month but open to any ideas. We’ve agreed it won’t be 50/50 because in the end I come out ahead eventually owning the house or selling for a profit especially because our city is growing very rapidly. For context a 1 bedroom apartment in our city would be about $700-800 at a minimum but more like $1000 and up. Her income will be very similar to mine, same hourly wage but less hours so just a little less overall.
Some ideas I’ve had are maybe a flat $700 a month. Or split mortgage 60/40 then utilities 50/50? My only opposition on splitting utilities is having to do the monthly calculations. Would love to hear all other opinions though!
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2023.03.22 14:49 whatswrongyo How do people dox people so quickly?

Not looking for a step by step guide or anything, I have no intention to dox anyone. But I see all the time on Twitter someone will say something controversial and the Twitter users will find their place of work, their house, their family members, etc. There was one case where this woman criticized a popular tik tok influencer and she got death threats, she got people saying they had her address, they even told her the exact times she drove her kids to school with the implicit threat that they would hurt her kids or something.
My question is just how the fuck do these people get access to all this information? I mean I get if someone has all their personal info on social media then it’s easy to dox them but other than that I can’t think of how anyone would find all this stuff. Just curious because some of the info is so obscure I can’t possibly imagine how they would find it.
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2023.03.22 14:49 SocialDemocracies At Hearing, Warren Calls out Wall Street Investors for Exploiting Tax Breaks to Buy Up Affordable Housing and Evict Families

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2023.03.22 14:49 ATXclnt Are these really 3x the quality? I’m willing to pay a premium for something Huberman recommends, but 3x the cost seems a bit ridiculous.

Are these really 3x the quality? I’m willing to pay a premium for something Huberman recommends, but 3x the cost seems a bit ridiculous. submitted by ATXclnt to HubermanLab [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 14:49 jairusbibleworld Bible Study with Jairus- Acts 17

Bible Study with Jairus- Acts 17
In the beginning of Acts 17 it tells us that Paul and Silas came to the synagogue in Thessalonica to preach the gospel. Some people were persuaded, but it also led to the opposition of many Jews. The Jews wanted to bring Paul and Silas out to the crowd but could not find them. Because of this, the Jews dragged Jason out who had received Paul and Silas. Because of this, the believers sent Paul and Silas away to Berea, and upon their arrival, they started to preach the gospel in the synagogue. The people there were more open-minded than the Thessalonians. When the Jews in Thessalonica heard about it, they came over to stir up trouble again. The believers then sent Paul to the coast and escorted him to Athens, while Silas and Timothy remained in Berea.
When Paul arrived in Athens, he asked the people who escorted him to let Silas and Timothy come over. Then the Bible records:
17:16 (NIV) While Paul was waiting for them in Athens, he was greatly distressed to see that the city was full of idols.
17:17 (NIV) So he reasoned in the synagogue with both Jews and God-fearing Greeks, as well as in the marketplace day by day with those who happened to be there.
17:18 (NIV) A group of Epicurean and Stoic philosophers began to debate with him. Some of them asked, “What is this babbler trying to say?” Others remarked, “He seems to be advocating foreign gods.” They said this because Paul was preaching the good news about Jesus and the resurrection.
The Christian woman who was leading our Bible Study asked, “Why is it that the Jews of Thessalonica were so opposed to Paul's evangelism and when Paul arrived in Berea, why did the Jews from Thessalonica travel to Berea to oppose Paul? Why is it wherever Paul and Silas went, they went to the synagogue first to preach the gospel? And why is it when Paul arrived in Athens, he still let Silas and Timothy to come over? It seems that Timothy had always been with Paul, but why is it he didn’t mention Timothy when he was in Thessalonica and Berea? After the Jews brought Jason to the crowd, why was it recorded in Acts 17:7-8 (NIV) that: "Jason has welcomed them into his house. They are all defying Caesar’s decrees, saying that there is another king, one called Jesus. When they heard this, the crowd and the city officials were thrown into turmoil." Why were they thrown into turmoil?
Listen more on: PodBean
#BibleVerseChallenge2023 #biblestudywithjairus #BibleVerseSharingChallenge #bibleversedaily #bibleversefortoday #bibleverseoftheday #biblestudytime #biblestudy
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2023.03.22 14:49 gillenmeg Has anyone tried this lip stain?

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2023.03.22 14:49 ThrowRA15531 My (19F) ex (19F) fucked up and I don't know what to do about my other ex

Throwaway account for anonymity, will be using fake names
So for context, I was in a relationship with "A" (21M) and "B" (19F), we were together for about a year and A and B were already dating for 3 years when i met them. It was an incredibly healthy relationship, we never had fights and whenever someone was bothered by something, we just sat down and talked about it, I had never felt so in love and loved in my whole life. Even when we broke up in February (because B was unhappy) we ended it on good terms, promising to stay friends even though we were all hurt and extremely sad. B had asked for space to process everything, so me and A kept very much in touch, still hanging out together and discussing if it was gonna be possible for us to get back together once we were okay with the breakup.
Things changed a lot when recently, during A's birthday party, a friend of ours talked to me and said that he saw B and another friend "L" (22M) going out together. I was obviously very sad because 1: we had broken up almost exactly one month before this party and 2: L was friends with all of us and did sleep with my sister before all this happened. Some other friends who were at the party told me they knew, and from talking to everyone I found out that they were seeing each other since the same week we broke up and asked all of them to keep it a secret from me and A because "they were gonna tell us themselves". I told A the whole story the day after (didn't want to say anything on his birthday) which led to B and L getting removed from every groupchat we were in together (same friend groups) and almost everyone that knew anyone involved finding out about this whole thing.
So yesterday (3 days after i found out) i went to A's house to check on him, given that i had never seen him so angry at someone, and we talked about this whole situation, he showed me the conversation he had with B and L before he blocked them on everything, and we talked again about how we felt about each other. Basically, the whole issue since we broke up was that it's hard for him to separate our relationship from B, and he thought it was gonna be possible eventually, but now with all the anger he's feeling towards her it made everything way harder. He said he's not at all angry at me, told me he loves me, wants me to be happy and that maybe it's lack of emotional intelligence but it wouldn't be healthy for us to be in a relationship right now, and he doesn't think he will be able to in the future, also said that he doesn't want the feeling that brings us together to be anger. I told him what I feel, and that I do want to get back together because I've never loved someone as much as I still love him. Eventually, we decided that we're gonna have this conversation again in a month to see how we feel about this whole situation and about each other, think about what we said and all.
Basically, the point of this whole story is because I need advice on what to do, I feel like I'm willing to try as hard as I can to make this work in a way that's healthy and makes us both happy but I also know that I have to start thinking about the fact that as much as we love each other, it might just not work and I'll have to move on, as much as it breaks my heart to think about.
TL;DR: Me and my ex boyfriend love each other but probably aren't gonna get back together because of a shitty thing our ex gf did and how it affected him.
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2023.03.22 14:49 SwimSpiritual2413 An entire life in one night!

Okay so here goes, I'm not one to post anything that I usually experience but something strange happened last night. I'm 30 and have always had trouble sleeping. Since I can remember I've been on medication to help my sleep but as much as I took they never stopped my vivid dreams. In my early 20's these were all pretty normal, old friends faces popping back up, conversations with my Dad, but I could always tell it was a dream and something yanked me back to reality. The past few months however my dreams have begun to get a little more severe, being hunted by my old school friends through forests with what I can only describe as a maniacal intent to kill me. These dreams seemed to last weeks but in reality I imagine only a few hours had passed, and a re occuring one that I'm either inside of a plane when it crashes or I'm outside of the plane but very close the impact site and believe me they are chilling... The pandamonium and chaos and screaming all seems so real. I struggle to make phone calls to my partner and my Mum, I think of my kids and see my whole life flash past my eyes like a highlight reel. It feels as though my whole body is being torn part on impact before poof....nothing...silence and white and then I wake up, sweating and cold. I told my doctor about these dreams as they started to happen more frequently and he recommended I try a different medication, as they always seem to do. So I did, I started taking a different medication which at first curved my frantic thoughts it the day and seemed to stop the crazy dreams at night. Until last night. Last night I must of lived a 50 year life in an entire night. I had no partner, a different Mum and Dad, no children and worked on a fishboat in a little village with a Lad called Dan. I remember him giving me my first job and turning up that day and not really hitting it off with Dan, until he became like family. We would finish a day at sea and I would go to his parents house each night where I'd have tea. I'd learn knots that I swear I could tie now in real life that I had no idea about before. I woke up knowing things about a boat that I had absolutely no clue about the day before and it wasn't until I was scrolling through YouTube and saw a thumbnail of a video in which a ship had capsized and Bam! It hit me, the whole dream came flooding back. The reason I woke up that morning sweating and cold again didn't occur to me right away as I imagine the medication I'm on makes me a little forgetful in the mornings, but once I'd seen that thumbnail it was like a wave of knowledge and realisation overwhelmed me. I was in a Storm with Dan whilst out working but to begin with it was like any other day, we were bringing the pots in and just chatting, enjoying eachothers company. It was getting towards the end of the day so we started to head back when we got caught in a storm. I can still remember this storm now, I can see the lightning and the swell of the waves getting bigger and bigger. I remember it clearly as day, a wave in the distance the size of which I've never seen before, it toward over us, 80tf or maybe more. I remember the feeling of utter terror, Dan wasnt talking anymore, I just saw fear in his eyes and knew the end was coming. As he screamed for us to brace, the wave completely engulfed us. I remember everything moving at a million miles and hour, things crashing into me like I was my child's toy in a washing machine and then as something struck my head I woke up, cold and sweaty. Now although it took and hour or so for this dream to come back to me, when it did I genuinely felt like I'd lived and entire night in my dream that night, before as my dreams usually do it ended in catastrophy. The feelings and memories I have of this life are so clear, and not just the night in which the storm took place, but the streets I used to walk down, the pubs I used to visit and sitting down each night with Dan's Mum and Dad for tea whilst discussing ours days. I just wondered if anybody else has had an experience similar to this? My mind is a bit odd and in a way I enjoy these dreams, maybe not the endings so much but to live another life in which you've made different decisions and end up on a different path is... exciting..? Scary? You tell me.
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2023.03.22 14:48 Internal_Warning1463 Home buying

Hello, I am currently about to pay off my vehicle, which is the last debt that I know of (outstanding bills have not been arriving for a few months as I have paid them off). I'm a year and a half ahead on my vehicle (with a terrible 17.99% interest rate, I've paid between 10% -200% more every payment on the principal). I havent checked my credit score because "I can't get credit because I got sh*ty credit" (Rodney Carrington)
I've increased my gross pay from 35k to 85k over the last few years, (with the big bump a few months ago where I was able to hammer off debt) and have lowered costs by switching insurance and phone bills to new companies by paying in full for the year.
I currentlyrent. I could get a VA loan for a house 6 months ago but want to pay off everything first. (I have the $1,000 emergency fund) but was wondering what my best course of action is for my situation. (How much to save for emergency fund, down payment, inspections, etc....)
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.22 14:48 SocialDemocracies At Hearing, Warren Calls out Wall Street Investors for Exploiting Tax Breaks to Buy Up Affordable Housing and Evict Families

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2023.03.22 14:48 live_rabbits Insider Trading Weekly Update #031: A(nother) Buffett of Oil Financial Sector Insiders Buy Bank Shares in Droves Insider Trading Recap

Insider Trading Weekly Update #031: A(nother) Buffett of Oil Financial Sector Insiders Buy Bank Shares in Droves Insider Trading Recap
TL;DR - Buffet and Icahn cannot get enough oil. While Buffet drove the majority of purchases by injecting $466M into $OXY, Icahn sunk further into Southwest Gas ($SWX) with a handful of buys amounting to $26.58M.
Interestingly enough, it seems that the Fed’s decision to backstop Silicon Valley Bank may have influenced insider buying activity by insiders from banks. There are a few details that jump out in today’s update:
  • The Top 5 Percent Increases in Shares Owned came from regional/local banks
  • The CEO of Charles Schwab bought $2.96M
  • The CFO of Charles Schwab bought $289K
  • The CFO of East West Bancorp ($EWBC) bought $495K
  • The Buy/Sell ratio for the Financials sector was 3.1 ($61.3M buys / $19.6M sales)
  • 150 insiders from the Financials sector purchased shares - 6.9x more than the sales
  • $18M of C-Suite transactions came from the Financials sector - the highest overall
It might simply be a coincidence, though I have a gut feeling that this is tied to the recent turmoil in the financial sector. It seems that there could be increased confidence among corporate insiders that Jerome will step into either lower rates or bail out banks if others go under due to insolvency.
Would love to hear your views on the buying activity in the Financial sector. We’ll see what happens later today in the meeting…

Notable Sales

  • Mark Penn, the CEO of Stagwell Inc ($STGW / Media) sold 45.28% of his stake in a $77M sale on March 14th
  • William Rodes, the Chairman, President & CEO of Autozon ($AZO / Speciality Retail) sold 66.56% of his position in a $71.6M sale on March 14th
  • General Catalyst, a 10% owner of Samsara ($IOT / Software) exited its position in a $56.5M sale on March 13th

Notable Buys

  • Warren Buffet bought another $466M of Occidental Petroleum ($OXY / Oil & Gas) for a 3.94% increase in shares on March 13th
  • Alphabet Inc increased its stake in Gitlab by 49.38% with an $18.9M purchase on March 13th
  • Carl Icahn made 3 purchases of Southwest Gas Holdings ($SWX / Gas Utilities):
    • March 13th: $14.3M (+2.59%)
    • March 15th: $1.58M (+.28%)
    • March 16th: $10.7M (+1.87%)
  • Stephen Ellis, a Director at Charles Schwab ($SCHW / Capital Markets) increased his stake by 52.57% with a $2M purchase on March 15
    • Schwab also caught a $2.9M bid from Co-Chairman / CEO Walter Bettinger on March 14th, increasing his stake by 8.24%

High-Level Stats:

  • Purchases increased from $263M to $638M (+143%)
  • Sales decreased from $5B to $2.15B (-57%)
  • Transactions fell from 1,025 to 987 (-4%)
  • Companies represented in Form 4s decreased from 544 to 475 (-13%)
    • Net buyers increased from 105 to 155 (+48%)
    • Net sellers declined from 439 to 320 (-27%)
  • Insiders filing Form 4s dropped from 911 to 857 (-6%)
    • Net buyers rose from 163 to 271 (+66%)
    • Net sellers declined from 748 to 586 (-22%)

Transaction Selection

  1. All Open Market Transactions from March 13th - March 17th. These are Form 4 filings with a Transaction Code of “P” or “S”. This narrows the scope to trades where insiders are putting their money on the line.
  2. Both indirect and direct transactions are included in the reports.
  3. Weekly comparisons are to transactions from March 6th - March 10th.
  4. No companies without a ticker
  5. No penny stocks or banned tickers.

Further Context

  1. Form 4 data is impacted by a concept known as backfill which is par for the course with transactional data. The delay between the Filing Date and the Transaction Date is *roughly\* 2 days and your mileage will vary. This means that more transactions for past dates can arrive in future filings. That is why looking at larger trends is key.
  2. To combat backfill, filings through this Tuesday are included *if\* the transaction date is from the prior week. Otherwise, transactions from this week are excluded.
  3. Data is sourced by algos behind Form Fore

1. Market Sector

2. Market Cap

3. Dollar Value of Transactions

4. Transaction Counts

5. Top 10 Transactions by Category

Top CEO/CFO Purchases

Top 10% Owner Purchases

6. Company-Level Activity

7. Insider-Level Activity
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2023.03.22 14:48 chris424uk Making my Limited Co Dormant

Hi, I'm looking to make one of my businesses 'dormant' - I opened it, expecting to use it for contracting work but it never materialised, therefore it hasn't traded or generated any revenue or expenses. I don't want to fully close it, in case I need it in a couple of years, so just want to register it as 'dormant'. Has anyone done this before and can advise on the process and what accounts I need to file each year it is dormant? I know there's two types of dormant; HMRC and Companies House dormant.
My accountant only looks after my main trading company, not my 2nd business, so I don't have an accountant for this and struggling to make sense googling.
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2023.03.22 14:48 Cultural-Kale-2224 People do not realize that narc parents don’t have the same intentions as normal ones.

I have recently cut off my narc mother and although I am happier without her in my life, sometimes I catch myself doubting my choice of no contact. She gave me and my sister Barbie dream houses. Made my first Christmas with her family (was adopted/fostered) special. Would make my favorite dinner sometimes. We would talk for hours. Everything here is what any normal mother would do for her child which is why some will think I am a horrible person for doing this. However WHAT WAS HER INTENTIONS? That’s a question we as victims have to ask ourselves. Did they buy you that present to make you happy? Or to buy your devotion. Did they get you that outfit because they loved you or did they do it to show you off like a trophy? What have they ever done for you that they didn’t hold over your head??? So I may have some helpful HW for you guys. Write down a list of all the ways you have been wronged by them. Every time I start to doubt and think of letting her back into my life I look at my list and realize I would be crazy to consider it. Have a good day lovelies, and remember you are worth more than what they put you through.
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2023.03.22 14:48 airy_dair Pot calls kettle clueless entitled brat

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2023.03.22 14:48 SocialDemocracies At Hearing, Warren Calls out Wall Street Investors for Exploiting Tax Breaks to Buy Up Affordable Housing and Evict Families

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2023.03.22 14:48 Due_Set7720 200+ Free Udemy Certificate Courses - 22/3/23

View All Courses:

  1. Programming Network Applications in Java-

  1. The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training-

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2023.03.22 14:48 SocialDemocracies At Hearing, Warren Calls out Wall Street Investors for Exploiting Tax Breaks to Buy Up Affordable Housing and Evict Families

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2023.03.22 14:48 derkajohns Need emotionally registration. movie/show recommendations

I need a good cry, what are your favorite gay/ queer movies and shows that will wreck me, happy or sad cry is good, bonus points for both, as well as non-American. Things I've watched that fall in this category: House of Flower, Everything Calls for Salvation, Holy Family, New Heights, East Siders, Prayers for Bobby.
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