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2023.03.22 14:33 natooral-skeptic If you think you'll never fully heal, please take a moment and read this...

I want to share some more thoughts after I received a lot of positive feedback on my last post here (if you haven't read it, you can find it on my profile). This one is for the dumpees who are so deep into their suffering they think they'll never fully heal. And this one is also for those who battle with mean thoughts like those of total hopelessness or even suicidal ideation. Please note that I am not a licensed therapist, so I want you to talk to one in case you feel suicidal. But here's my take:
I have been in that place before. Like you, I was so hurt I lost my faith in humanity and felt so lonely I considered ending my life. That was years ago, and as I am still standing today despite all that I had to endure, you too are able to keep standing. See, a lot of people I loved did hurt me in my past: I have been cheated on by several women I loved. I have been tossed like a fruit after investing years in building a relationship with some of my ex partners. Some of these women were so ruthless and uncompassionate, their actions caused pretty severe (mental/emotional) scars. And for quite a while, I hated being that scarred, cause I thought of myself as someone who's just too f....ed up to ever get better.
Then I had an experience which changed my life: As I am quite an adventurous guy who likes to engage in activities such as mountain climbing or motorcycling, I eventually had an accident so severe that I ended up injuring myself so bad that my legs did not work anymore and I had to spend years in a wheelchair and dealing with revalidation/physiotherapy and all. I count almost a dozen surgical procedures as of today, and looking back, I still get the shivers when thinking about that one day the doctors told me: "You will never walk again." Back then I literally collapsed in the sickbed and spent the next months crying and lamenting. After all, I would never be the same. At least that is what I thought for a long time, thinking about giving up about a bazillion times. Recovering from surgery after surgery caused so much physical pain. The exercises and mobilisation techniques applied to my legs did, too. Mentally I reached a point where I thought there'd never be an end to all of that misery, and not even the most loyal and supportive friends managed to keep my spirits high. I eventually started thinking about managing my expectations and cried yet again when I realised that even going for a simple walk out in the summer sun now seems as difficult as climbing a 3000+ meter tall mountain.
Fast forward to today: After fighting my way back out of a wheelchair and consequently fighting to first drop one and than another crutch, I can tell you that I went on that very sunny walk now that spring has come. My legs are still causing me pain and I wear a lot of physical scars from all the surgeries, but I finally reached that point where I proved all those doctors as well as my "old mind" wrong: I do walk again. Maybe not as elegantly as prior to the accident, but I walk. Believing the doctors when they told me I would never walk again now simply means that I was in the wrong for a long, long time.
So what does that have to do with breakups? Well, just like not believing that one will ever walk again, you might believe that you will never find happiness and true love ever again. Your scars might not be physical, still your mind might not look like the healthy mind you knew before you got hurt so badly. So chances are that you are like I was during my recovery: Stuck in the mentality of a victim, making yourself believe that you will never heal. Please get me right: I am not saying you aren't a victim. Of course you are, because somebody hurt you, maybe betrayed you and destroyed your capacity to trust others. You've been wronged, big time. And I certainly acknowledge your hurt, fears and worries. But here's the deal:
You can flip this thing around. See, for a loooooooong time I looked at my physical scars in disgust - I simply interpreted them as "bad" signs. As if I got a branding which is supposed to remind me of what I had and presumably never will get back: The ability to walk. You might look at your emotional scars as reminders of how you have been mistreated and might interpret them as symbol for never being able to recover from your broken heart and/or trust. Maybe right now, your scars seem to you as if they were messengers telling you that you'll never be whole again. And that approach is wrong. It will keep you stuck in your suffering and increase your pain unnecessarily. So here is what I want you to do:
Understand that your scars are reminders of how tough and capable you are. The reason you have been scarred in the first place is that you once were willing to take risks, trusting in adventures and uncertainty. You only got hurt because you exposed yourself to the world and happened to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and of course with the wrong person. So understand that you once had a lot of courage and guts, because despite the risk of getting hurt, you opened yourself up, allowed yourself to be vulnerable and simply ended up with a bit of bad luck. If you lock yourself up today, trying to avoid taking further risks, thinking that opening yourself up to other people will just result in experiencing the same trauma yet again, you are worse off than back in the days when you still had the guts to expose yourself to the world and maybe take a beating. Your scars don't tell the story of how damned and brutal the world is - they are a reminder of your old, courageous and proud self. Back then you were no victim, no coward, no self-loathing and self-pitying, lost soul. You were a king or queen who used to be strong enough to expose him-/herself to the risk of getting their heart torn apart. And only because you were so courageous, you ended up scarred. So the next time you feel as if you took too much of a beating, look at your scars and tell yourself that they are, in essence, nothing else but medals you earned for being that courageous individual. They don't make you less of a person - the contrary is the case: They decorate you.
See, so many people never take up activities like riding a motorcycle or climbing a mountain because they are afraid to get hurt or to even die. I never felt like that before the accident, but certainly did for a long time after the accident. I lost my confidence just like you might have lost yours in terms of dating and exposing yourself to others who, of course, might eventually hurt you. But isn't it horrible to think that not experiencing any adventure or risk in life is worth wasting that very life dwelling in the misery that comes with the illusion of safety and protection?
Again, I used to think and feel like this. I even hoped to "exit" life because I wanted the pain to end. I was tired, broken, without a grain of confidence in me. Looking back, I understand that this mindset was wrong. Because despite all the difficulties and pain, I did change what I thought could never change. And the same goes for you: You might not be half way there - but take a good look at yourself: The fact that you are reading this means that you have not yet given up. There is a spark in you that pushes you forward, because if you truly would not want to get better, you also would not take the time to read this. Heck, you even earned yourself at least one solid medal of honour by being scarred once, so you achieved something all the people who hide at home, never taking the smallest of risks will never achieve. Take pride in that! Understand that this toughness, which is buried underneath your worries, tears and fears, will lead you to a better place than the one you are in right now. You already have what it takes - all you need to understand is what you are capable of already!
I cannot promise you that your healing will be easy. Mine never was, regardless if I think of the physical healing or the many time I had to heal from having my heart broken. But if I could learn everything I just told you, you can learn that, too. If I am still standing, so will you.
Anyway, thanks for reading this. For what it is worth: I trust in you and in your capacity to outgrow the misery you're in. If I managed to reach that courageous part of you somewhere deep in you, please let me know in the comments - cause you damn right deserve to get better and to be happy. Be strong. Be courageous. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, but also to feel pride when being vulnerable. It is what makes you human. If you are hurting right now, it is because you have the capacity to feel. That includes: Feeling love. You are not gone yet. You are no dull and numb zombie yet. The spark is in you. Acknowledge its presence, nurture it and see it grow into a flame eventually.

You got this. I know you do. Good luck to you.

If you find this helpful, please share it with others who are in pain right now and consider pushing it with an upvote. Thank you very much.
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2023.03.22 14:33 Blorp5000 Nervous for appraisal - advice/opinions needed

I was hoping to get some advice or opinions on our appraisal. We are supposed to close on 4/28 but still have to do the appraisal. We offered 250K on a home that was listed for 225K. Comps in the neighborhood have a similar house selling for 248K that was listed at 225K and another selling for 238K that was listed at 229K. House is pretty updated and move-in ready, so we went with a strong offer over list price.
My question is - how likely is our home to appraise for the contract price? I am worried that it will appraise at list price and we will be stuck negotiating a $25K gap. Realistically we think the home is worth $250K but if it appraises for list we do not comfortably have $25K to offer as a gap. We would be comfortable with up to a $15K if we have to.
Some other background info: The seller is a family who is also moving into a new home in May. We are allowing them to live in the home rent-free for one month post-close. So they are also motivated to get a deal done since they are closing on a home as well.
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2023.03.22 14:32 neymarflick93 POA for transferring car title

This is in Florida. I’m buying a used car from private party and I need to go to the bank to pay off their loan. But it takes a few business days to get the title and it’s a 1.75 hr drive to where they live. so I’m trying to use POA (power of attorney) to let me sign for her to transfer the title at a dmv in my hometown.
I don’t think they can get the title ahead of time because I haven’t looked at the car yet/agreed to buy it (even though I probably will)
My question is, will power of attorney work in this case e.g. her giving me power of attorney to later on sign for her to transfer the title over to me at the dmv?
If not, she offered to drive the title over to me later, which I assume would be alright as long as I have the bill of sale and her info…I’d assume she can’t just take the title and take my money (in theory)?
Thanks in advance for the help.
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2023.03.22 14:32 Mico1212 Child on the way, Schnoodle barking

Hello all,
My wife is currently about 7 weeks pregnant. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs (Golden & Schnoodle), Schnoodles are natural alerters, so he does like to sheriff the other pets when he thinks their doing something they shouldn't. He barks a lot when he sees someone walking outside, if there is a loud noise outside, hears the cats having their zoomies, etc... he is very smart and listens to most commands right away, except for commands to stop barking. He does stop once he feels we have been warned or gets to investigate.
Currently, our commands are "AH-AH! quiet" or to comfort him that there is no threat by saying "You're fine" and letting him investigate or pet him. With people coming in, he stops barking once they say hi and let him get comfortable with their smell.
I don't want to punish him for who he is, but with a child on the way, I'm hoping to get the barking a little more under control before we bring the baby home.
Our Schnoodle is 3 years old, both dogs are puppy training class trained, fully crate trained, and are in their crates about 5-6 hours per day while me and the wife are at work and out all day on weekends. We have a shock collar (only ever used the beep/vibrate mode. Never shock mode) that we used for a few months to some success, but didn't want to punish his nature.
I'm open-minded to a point (prefer positive reinforcement training), but all advice is welcome!
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2023.03.22 14:32 afafe_e Article 222 of the Moroccan penal code is a human rights violation

Ramadan is upon us, which means the discourse surrounding article 222 reappears, amidst demands to remove it or keep it. Accusations are thrown from one camp towards the other. But try as I might, I could never see any sound argument from the camp demanding the article stays.
Typically, their reasons boil down to a) it's disrespectful towards the Muslim people, and b) it's haram and we intend to protect our religion. Both of these are sorry excuses to basically bully a minority of people who, for whatever reason, have decided not to fast during this month.
If the intent is to protect the religion, then where's the same energy for those who don't pray on fridays? Where's the same energy for the shop owners who continue to work during friday prayers? Where's the same energy for those who don't pay الزكاة? Last I checked, both of these Islamic practices come before fasting, so where's the intent to protect the religion by enforcing them?
If you're easily triggered by people eating while you fast, does that mean people with dietary restrictions should claim to be triggered by your consumption of what their doctors have forbidden them? Should we prosecute restaurant owners because the smells might waft out of their establishments, into the streets, where some poor starving person may be triggered? Should we start jailing children who don't fast because they trigger you as well? What about those who fast mondays and Thursday? Should we force everyone to fast on those days as well so that no one is triggered?
The thing is, we are constantly triggered by the sight or smell of things we wish we had but can't have access to. But as civilized adults, we understand that life isn't about getting everything your way, and that some self-control needs to be exercised in those moments. We literally have laws that prevent us from following our whims at the expense of others around us, we outlaw theft, rape, destruction of property, yet somehow, we allow a law that is all about bullying people for commiting the heinous crime of "eating in public during Ramadan in daytime hours." How is this in any way acceptable?
We need to remember that we're talking about a law, meaning people could end up with a record, if not straight up in jail, which could lead to them losing their jobs, homes, families, children. They could be denied loans, be forced on the streets, all because someone couldn't exercise the same self-control we expect them to exercise everyday outside of Ramadan.
Bottom line is, this law is just a tool for the majority to bully the minority. Because they know if they were to ask men sitting around in coffee shops while the friday prayer is taking place, everyone will straight up laugh in their faces. No one will be on their side, but when it comes to Ramadan, numbers are indeed on their side, because it seems everyone is miserable while fasting, so they hate seeing others not being as miserable, because if you were truly happy with this religious practice, you'd just preach about it, and let your peaceful demeanor invite people to join you.
Not to mention how the law is completely man-made, seeing as in Islam, a كفارة suffices to make up for any days you may have not fasted, which is just another proof that this law is about bullying, not about the protection of islam.
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2023.03.22 14:31 Proud-Adhesiveness-8 Over the moon excited!

I could totally shout from the roof tops this morning!
My son was born 1 week ago today. He was in the NICU up until yesterday. So I have been exclusively pumping. And not been able to put my little man to breast, and have been taking my milk to the NICU. Well yesterday he finally got to come home. My little man was only eatting 50ml in the hospital. So im still pumping to make sure he is getting the appropriate amounts of milk, but he was so hungry he went to breast after eatting 70ml from the bottle( and he has done this every feeding sincebeing home). On top of that I have only been able to pump 4 oz total at a time. I just got finished pumping and I got 7 oz for my little man. We are doing it! I am one happy mamma🥹
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2023.03.22 14:31 max10355 Does anyone else have problems with Dupixent delivery and storage?

I feel so dumb. I’m so lucky in so many ways. Dupixent is available to me, (right now) my insurance is good enough that I can afford it, and it works well. But it is stressing me out to the point of panic attacks. My fridge varies wildly in temperature, randomly drops below freezing on the lowest setting. Also I’ve been on this medicine for six months and only once has the delivery gone smoothly. I’ve dealt with delays, problems with the tracking number, one time the pharmacy shipped it a day earlier than scheduled. Last month the FedEx guy left the delivery outside my door when it requires a signature. I don’t even get regular packages delivered to my door because they will get stolen. Luckily I noticed in time and brought it in, but tracking still indicated Out for Delivery. It was marked as Signed For two hours later. Called FedEx, apparently the guy forged my signature. So now I am sitting at home, anxiously waiting to see what problems will arise with today’s delivery.
Does anyone else have problems? Any solutions? I could talk to my GP about anxiety I guess but I don’t get panic attacks about anything else. Any suggestions on storing it at least? I can’t get a new fridge because I rent my apartment. Landlord won’t replace it. I thought about a mini fridge but I worry those might be even more unreliable.
I am sorry for venting. Today hopefully I get my medicine and the very worst part is over until next month.
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2023.03.22 14:31 ThrowRAALIENBURNOUT I keep seeing white roses

I believe in synchronization so much.
When I was going through the darkest point in my life (2020-2022) I kept seeing “33” everywhere… it was extremely eerie. I would receive random messages on my phone from random apps saying like “33! it’s gonna be ok 👍 give it time ,, “ etc.
Before I met my boyfriend …. I was constantly seeing 222 on everything… I had a good knowledge of numerology back then, and I knew that the number 2 meant love and unity between 2 people. I took that as a sign to move in with him and it was the best choice of my life …
Fast forward this week … I’ve been getting so many synchronicities. The other day, my boyfriend came home with white roses…. He said “usually I would buy Color roses, but I couldn’t help but buy the white ones for some reason…” - after that, I’ve been seeing white roses everywhere… in the stores, people I know on social media posting white roses, my little sisters cartoons show white roses, etc…
I also dreamt about horses the other night …. And in my previous post, a Reddit user commented and used a horse analogy shortly after I woke up… and after I looked up “meaning of horse in dream”
So much synchronization… I was told that synchronicities are like little winks from your higher self that everything is working out on the path meant for you.
Just wanted to share my experiences, I’d love to hear some of yours.
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2023.03.22 14:31 smokintokinchokin Weird dream about banging my ex

It started off somewhere unfamiliar, but familiar at the same time. Friends and their kids were around. Somehow I was in a quiet but open place in the home/apartment and my ex wife appears. Not sure why but I pull her in, whip it out and start bangin her. Out of nowhere, almost everyone there appears in the room. They didn’t walk in, but just appeared. She pulls off of me and doesn’t say it but I could feel her saying, see this was a bad idea.
My father also appears, kindve pissed off and yelling about. Can’t recall what it is he said.
The weird thing is, I’m divorcing my ex, and we’re now at the final stage where we are negotiating the final settlement. I’m repulsed and disgusted by her weird sexual proclivities, for years now. My father passed away exactly a year ago. Just a weird ass dream to have.
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2023.03.22 14:31 bopwoop8888 22 [M4F] NH/VT/MA USA/ONLINE: 99 posts for the subreddit… what’s one more do it again, 100 posts for the subreddit

Hello! I am a huge nerd that is currently looking for a serious long-term relationship. I am trying to find someone I can spend time getting to know and fall for. I’m looking for someone who is serious about finding that lifelong partner. I will introduce myself properly if you send me a message!
So a little about me, I am a big nerd and a homebody. I am a college student going for CIT in my third year. I really enjoy playing video games (PC), watching movies, anime, D&D, and MTG that sort of stuff is where I feel at home. My hobbies are mostly revolving around those interests and I’d love to try and share them with you! If you wanna know what I look like just ask, I’d much rather send you a picture than try to describe myself.
What am I looking for? I’m just looking for my person. I want to be able to hold someone and look them in the eyes and know they will love me no matter what. I wanna give someone my endless amount of free time and be able to share a life together. I’m really just trying to find someone who will accept me as me.
What about you? I do want you to share SOME interests with me. It would be preferable if you played games especially if we can’t meet. Location? As long as we can make time for each other. Personality? I’d be happy if I wasn’t talking to a brick wall. Please be emotionally available. Physical stats? I’m not too picky but if you aren’t okay with me not making the average male height then this might not work.
I'd love to play something online, call or go on a real date if we could. I really want to give someone my time and effort. Don't be shy, send a message but please make it a little more than just a "hey"! Tell me why you messaged me!
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2023.03.22 14:30 Zutone88 LF: Last bunch of Specific HA Aprimon in Gen 7 (USUM) // FT: Breedables in Gen 7, shinies and PoGO shinies in HOME

Hi all,
This is what I am lookin for in Gen 7, all with HA:
In exchange, I can trade any of my aprimon here, I can breed them, you can also check the tab "On-hands!". I am willing to give 2:1 (me two, you one) for these creatures.
I also have a list of shinies and shinies from PoGO in HOME here (ignore the rest of the tabs there, only this one is valid the rest is templates, under construction). The ones from Gen 7, I got them all in this pokemontrades sub since 2017, the ones from PoGO are all selfcaught. I have no use for these shinies as they are not part of my personal collection, so I am willing to trade 1 shiny for 3 HA aprimon from Gen7 or PoGO.
If you want the PoGO shinies I can trade also in your game of preference (SwoShi, BDSP).
Thank you for checking this! Cheers!
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2023.03.22 14:30 Flipflops21982 Math Sequences, Growth and decay

Hey guys can anyone help me with this question, even a starter point/or guide will be appreciated!
Rudolph’s nose glows red because it is home to a species of bacteria, Aliivbrio Rudolphi, that luminesces when it reaches a certain population density. Each bacterial cell releases a molecule, 𝑀, at a rate of 1 molecule per minute. When the number of molecules is greater than or equal to 10^15, the bacteria will glow. 𝑀 also decays with a half life of 20 minutes, but the bacteria will divide every 30 minutes.
Sadly, Rudolph caught a nasty cold, which by the time he is better, has killed all of the bacterial cells in his nose except for one. There are only 24 hours left, will Rudolph’s nose will be glowing in time?
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2023.03.22 14:30 meditative_meow I got everything I ever wanted, but the effects of porn casts a shadow on it all.

Having everything I ever wanted and it makes me feel a deep sadness for what could have been.
A beautiful girl friend, a steady job, a good place to call home. But I cannot enjoy it all to the fullest because of my ED.. My girl friend is super understanding and we engage in different forms of non penetrative sex for the most part. The intimacy is very much alive.
But a part of me dies when I think of how things would have been if I was not so addicted to porn.
I hope to turn things around for myself. I am grateful and feel incredibly blessed for all the good things in my life. And for that sole reason, I will turn my life around, for how much love the universe is showing me. I will change. For me, for her, for life.
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2023.03.22 14:30 KimchiPunchi How to pay (and account for) the portion of rent (or fuel) for business use (LLC)?

I co-own an two-member LLC with my wife. We're in the US.
We own a car, and rent a home.
For operating our LLC, we'll use a separate room exclusively and regularly for business use only (admin and managerial stuff). We'll use our car for occasional business use as well.
As far as I know, we can deduct a portion of our rent and car-related expenses.
But I'm not sure exactly how. For example, (1) when we pay rent, do we pay the portion for business use using the funds in our LLC bank account (and the remaining using the funds in our personal account), making two separate transactions? I feel like paying the full rent from my personal account only (or the other way around) doesn't feel right. (2) when we pay for gas, do we do the same (paying using two different sources of funds, resulting in two separate transactions)?
Thank you.
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2023.03.22 14:30 bopwoop8888 22 [M4F] NH/VT/MA USA/ONLINE: 99 posts for the subreddit… what’s one more do it again, 100 posts for the subreddit

Hello! I am a huge nerd that is currently looking for a serious long-term relationship. I am trying to find someone I can spend time getting to know and fall for. I’m looking for someone who is serious about finding that lifelong partner. I will introduce myself properly if you send me a message!
So a little about me, I am a big nerd and a homebody. I am a college student going for CIT in my third year. I really enjoy playing video games (PC), watching movies, anime, D&D, and MTG that sort of stuff is where I feel at home. My hobbies are mostly revolving around those interests and I’d love to try and share them with you! If you wanna know what I look like just ask, I’d much rather send you a picture than try to describe myself.
What am I looking for? I’m just looking for my person. I want to be able to hold someone and look them in the eyes and know they will love me no matter what. I wanna give someone my endless amount of free time and be able to share a life together. I’m really just trying to find someone who will accept me as me.
What about you? I do want you to share SOME interests with me. It would be preferable if you played games especially if we can’t meet. Location? As long as we can make time for each other. Personality? I’d be happy if I wasn’t talking to a brick wall. Please be emotionally available. Physical stats? I’m not too picky but if you aren’t okay with me not making the average male height then this might not work.
I'd love to play something online, call or go on a real date if we could. I really want to give someone my time and effort. Don't be shy, send a message but please make it a little more than just a "hey"! Tell me why you messaged me!
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2023.03.22 14:30 CucumberOdd45 We got scouted for marketing agency’s that sounds like MLM’s

A couple of months ago I was looking for a new job, so I applied for a bunch of different things on indeed that seemed like a good option. I also had sales experience from my previous job, so a couple of jobs I applied to were sales related. I get called back from this company which was basically a marketing agency, and the woman on the phone sets up an interview time for me.
Fast forward to my interview, it was located in this nice office space downtown, and the inside had a really nice industrial feel to it, and very businesslike. There was a table there with 5-6 associates who had already been hired and we’re waiting for their orientation. I got the chance to meet them while I was waiting for my interview, and got to know a bit about their background and what they were like. Everybody was new to sales, but they all seemed so excited to be there in this office in their business-casual outfits. I kind of felt bad for them afterwards.
Anyways I go in the office for my interview, and the lady probably asked me like 1 question, then went on this big spiel about how much you can earn at the company, how easy it is to move up, and how they train you for management and lead your own team. She even told me that we could win an incentive trip down south and acted like it was a big deal. In my head I was thinking like okay this is a presentation for an MLM because it was really ticking all the boxes, and the product I was selling wasn’t really clear tbh. They would just keep saying we work with big brand retailers to sell their product. Once she mentioned that there would be door2door sales trying to sell Rogers packages I knew I wasn’t taking this job anyways. But of course she did offer me the job later that day, so I asked if she would sent me the contract for me to review it and she said she would send the acceptance letter, kinda dodgy, but I never heard from that company again.
Fast forward a couple months, and my boyfriend is also looking for a job. He had an interview with a marketing agency, that listed their salary on indeed from $40,000 - $70,000/year. When he went in the interview he said that the guy basically gave him a presentation and he just listened nodding his head because the interviewer didn’t ask him any questions about himself. It was door2door sales and he was really trying to hype that up, and said that some people make $1000/per day selling $200 packages. He also kept using language like “if you’re new to sales” which my bf explicitly said he isn’t. There was also a big emphasis on the fact that you can move up in the company really fast.
Also, both jobs were 100% commission based. The only difference with my company was that they start you off on an hourly rate until you’re making more money in commission. Then no more hourly rate.
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2023.03.22 14:30 whosaiddet Advice Needed! Teen doesn’t want to visit :(

I’m a father of 1 (14F), and soon to be step dad to 1 (9M). I just bought a nice 5 bedroom house and my daughter has the biggest room after the master since she’s the oldest. I always have fun things planned for my weekends with my daughter, even if it’s just game night at home or a movie night. Outside of home, we like to go skating, bowling, shopping, etc.
Before I met my fiancé, there were times when my daughter did not want to come over for my weekend with her. This bothered me but I probably made a terrible choice by enabling her to decide if she wanted to come or not. After I met my fiancé, my daughter was excited to visit again. Fast forward to 2 years later and she doesn’t want to visit anymore. I wanted to add this so that you all knew she’s been doing this on and off for about 4 years now.
She’s 14 now and normally, she only wants to visit one weekend a month. The feedback that I’ve received from family/friends is that I’m a great dad and I’m doing everything I should be doing. I know I made a mistake by letting her opt out of visits. How can I right my wrong at this point?
Her mother hates me, so I’m sure she gets a kick out of my daughter saying she doesn’t want to come over. According to my daughter, she has the smallest room in her house, it’s boring over there, she stays in her room all day, and they don’t do any family activities together. Recently, my daughter has been feeling down/depressed so she’s now in therapy. Why does she want to stay with her Mom instead of spending time with me? Does depression factor into this? What could I do to get her to want to visit more? I’m dying for any insight into how her mind works at this point. I just really miss spending time with her.
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2023.03.22 14:30 annndiOop Constant write-ups for documentation of possible termination

I got written up yesterday for harassment. I’m on a 2 week probation, where I’m being monitored at work and if my behavior does not improve I will be fired. The write up did not have details. Just the definition of harassment. It throws me through a loop because I’ve been degraded and humiliated the last 2 years for being ”too nice” from my superior. My superior is a bully, they do their job well, but they’re a constant critique so I’m constantly put under the most pressure and I can understand job performance write-ups (which I got one last week). Job performance can decline when your consistently being told your wrong, and not good enough in front of your entire team. I did what I needed to improve, started staying later. Killed it this past week. No performance write-ups or humiliation. But harassment write up? I asked what did I do? Since I was still in shock, HR and my manager were quick to say they cannot disclose who said what or what was said, I know that of course. I didn’t ask that, but it was a vague question. I had no choice but to sign the write up or I would’ve been fired on the spot. We have a zero tolerance policy and I should’ve been terminated if that was the case, but instead I’m on a 2 week probation where I’m being watched. So now I have 15 days to improve my behavior that I don’t have the slightest clue about, I am probably the nicest person there. I keep my hands to myself, I only go to work, do my job and go home and I truly feel like my superior is out to get me, making a proper paper trail in order to me fired.
I need advice, this is my first corporate job I’ve had and HR is unfortunately not helpful as she likes to gossip to other employees about what people come to her about in HR. I truly think this is all stemming from a personal issue my superior has with me that is now leaking into the workplace. Apparently this write up had others that agreed as well, which is still mind blowing to me because, I hate that I made anyone feel that way, but I truly feel like my superior is punishing me because I am no longer their puppet because I realized how toxic, manipulative and awful they were as a person and boss, and since this company has no intention on doing anything because multiple people within the last 2 years have either switched departments, quit or got fired because of them. All were bogus and I knew it. I guess my question is can I be written up for harassment like this, with no explanation at all of what I did? I feel as if I’m going to be fired anyways. I also do not have the copy of the write up. I’m going to get it at work today. This is also a smallish company that’s been open for 6 years. I need advice, I’m not well versed in corporate politics.
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2023.03.22 14:29 stewart72 Technology Bundle Question

Hi everyone,
Will I have a chance to provide an address for my technology bundle to be shipped to? Or will it be sent to my permanent address already on file?
I'll be interning this summer at the Denver office and have my home address in Florida as my permanent address, so I just wanted to see if I needed to email my recruiter about this ahead of time.
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2023.03.22 14:29 thatguybruv Surrey in the 2023 County Championship

This applies for the first block in the champo of 6 rounds

The following players wont be available for the start of the season:
Will Jacks was one of surrey's most important players in the last season scoring [email protected] in the championship, striking at 77 and was also hugely important opening in the blast which got him an ipl deal and England debuts in all three formats, county fans will never forget his demolishing of simon harmer to save the match against Essex. He is injured and out of the ipl, unavailable.
Sam Curran has regained his ipl deal after a great winter for england and reinventing himself as a death bowler and strong hitter, he played most of the blast as well as 5 champo matches, scoring 454 runs @ 75 with a strike rate of 79 including his maiden century in senior cricket. He'll be missed as he goes off to india.
Reece Topley also has his first ipl deal, he only played 3 matches last season taking [email protected] but with a much greater career record its another hit to the depth. He'll be much more important in the blast where he'll be available.
Tom Curran is currently injured and also has left red ball cricket for the time being, got his maiden century at Northampton after working on his batting during his injury.

The following players didn't play a first class match in 2022 or since then, some will be available but unlikely to be selected:
Laurie Evans hasn't played any cricket recorded on cricinfo since the hundred and hasn't played first class in a few years now as he comes to the end of his career.
Jason Roy after being dropped from the england t20 side wasn't able to retain his form in that format but did score an incredible 145* (63) for quetta in the psl and has scored 2 odi centuries from 9 innings in the winter, his last first class match was in 2020 but without an ipl deal or much england selection he may return to first class cricket.
Chris Jordan's last first class match was in 2019 for sussex, I don't think first class is included in his surrey contract.
Sunil Narine is T20 only.
Matthew Dunn only managed to get into the heavily weakened one day side in 2021.
Nick KImber only featured in the one day cup and is yet to make his first class debut, though the bowling all rounder could this season.
Josh Blake is surrey's third choice keeper and is yet to make an appearance outside the one day cup, may do if Jamie Smith is called up to the england side or is injured.

The following players are available and hasn't played a cricinfo recorded match since last summer:
Connor Mckerr played three FC matches for surrey in 2022, finding it hard to nail down a spot there so went on loan to kent at the end of the season for game time, he took 8 wickets in those 5 matches.
Dan worral was a key part of surreys championship success since switching his allegiance to england and moving to south london, in 9 matches he took 39 wickets at 24 with an economy below 2. He'll be very important this season.
Ben Geddes played three first class matches in his second season of senior cricket, captaining the youthful one day side and scoring 176 runs @ 44 including his second FC century.
Jordan Clark played 11 games in the championship and was incredibly important though he is most remembered for his roses hattrick of williamson, bairstow and root. He scored 481 runs at 43 and took 30 wickets @ 35.
Rory Burns, the captain leader legend won his second championship as skipper averaging 40 with 3 hundreds and was one of just 3 players to play every game, the reliable top order alongside him of Amla and Patel. He scored the winnings runs of the championship.
Dan Moriarty appeared just once last season as a victim of Batty's part time spin approach, he was much more important in the blast and got a 100 gig, I imagine that's where his career is going.
James Taylor played the first three games of the season taking 4 wickets but got an injury, he hasn't played since and I'm unaware of his progress, he may still not be available.
Ryan Patel nailed down his spot in the surrey side playing all 14 games and averaged 35 opening the batting and his medium pace entertained some fans at the oval greatly. He also earned a spot in the county select xi to face the kiwis.
Nico Reifer made his first class debut against the sri lankan development xi scoring 68, he's from barbados and the cousin of the West indian international of the same name. I imagine he'll earn a few more appearances this season.
Nathan Barnwell also made his first class debut against the SLCDXI but I imagine he will struggle for appearances.
Tom Lawes' debut season in senior cricket was really impressive, playing 6 championship games taking 18 wickets at 22 and a valuable [email protected] runs will see him play quite a few surrey matches this season as he also made his blast and one day cup debuts.
Cameron Steel, Will Jacks' understudy bowled well when used in his 5 championship matches after signing for the club, taking [email protected] but his batting wasn't up to his usual standard with a high score of 48, he was born in the US so I wonder if they've tried to sign him.
Dom Sibley resigned from warwickshire, he played well there scoring [email protected] and upping his strike rate to a mighty 42, his return should really help the top order with Amla's retirement.
Amar Virdi's only first class appearances was for somerset on loan where he went wicketless, despite lions appearances and an incredible record he's unwanted mostly by surrey, having not made a t20 appearance in his career. I think he could likely move for more matches.

The following players are available for the first block and have been playing other matches recorded by cricinfo in the winter:
Ben Foakes played 3 test matches scoring 2 fifties, batting well and keeping superbly as usual, when england doesn't take him i imagine he'll be first choice for surrey in the summer after scoring [email protected] in the championship last summer in 9 appearances.
Jamie Smith, second choice keeper who played superbly in his 8 matches, scoring [email protected] including a 234* at bristol on a pitch ollie pope called "a bit flat". He played 4 lions matches in the winter, scoring a century in a first class match at galle, a 50 against the sri lankan presidents xi and some top keeping.
Ollie Pope, invincible at the oval scored [email protected] in his 8 championship matches striking at 66 with 2 run a ball centuries at the oval. He scored 108 in Rawlapindi and 60 in multan whilst stepping in behind the stumps for an ill Ben Foakes. He scored 115 across 4 innings in the test in new zealand and played 2 franchise matches for the first time in his career for the gulf giants scoring 18 runs in 2 innings.
Angus Atkinson was extremely important in the blast for surrey and in the championship bowled very well in the 4 matches he was included in taking 13 wickets @ 28 and will build on those this summer I'm sure. He also had his first franchise winter at 24 years old, playing 10 of the desert vipers 12 games, taking 9 wickets with an economy of 7.8 and was unused by islamabad united in the psl.
Kemar Roach will return for the first block after proving incredible in his 2 previous seasons at the oval with 25 wickets @ 26 in his seven games last season. He played 4 tests in the winter taking 9 wickets including a devastating fifer at centurion.
Sean Abott makes his return to surrey, at time of writing he's currently bowling at chennai, playing well in this series in his international return in the last year. Played well in all three formats domestically including 21 wickets @ 29 in the sheffield shield for new south wales.
Jamie overton, plagued by injury played 1 match in the winter in a lions match in abu dhabi. Last season he played 10 games with his performances earning him a test debut with 34 wickets @ 25 and 355 runs at 29.

Thats your lot
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2023.03.22 14:29 ThrowRAsadbeau Update 1: AITA for ignoring my bf after our vacation because he brought his brother along?

So this will be VERY short. I don’t want to keep making edits on the original post. August (yay I can finally stop typing bf) and I did our usual thing. He got ready and I made coffee. Iced caramel macchiato with soy for me and drip coffee with whole milk for him along with the last Costco cheese danish. I obviously didn’t want to open that can of worms before it was even daylight out and he was putting on his socks & shoes to get out the door. I said verbatim “ when you get home I want to talk about our trip. Please get home at a decent hour, no later than 7.” And he kinda had a mild deer in headlights kinda look. He agreed to be home by then. He gave me a kiss and left.
Did I do this right? 🤔
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2023.03.22 14:29 yaitz331 The Battle of Cassville - the most underrated "What If" of the American Civil War

The American Civil War is one of the most popular settings for alternate histories. There are a number of reasons for this; it's the largest war fought on American soil, it retains great cultural relevance to this day, and it's just generally really interesting. However, these alternate histories tend to cluster quite tightly around just a few turning points. There are hundreds of Gettysburg, Antietam, and Stonewall Jackson alternate histories, a fair few revolving around the Peninsula Campaign, Shiloh, the Overland Campaign, and British intervention, and disappointingly few around critical points such as the Vicksburg Campaign, the 1862 Kentucky Campaign, and the Chickamauga/Chattanooga Campaign. However, there is one potential alternate history that falls even below these; a potential alternate history that I have never, not even once, seen realized. The Atlanta Campaign as a whole has a few alternate histories written about it, primarily due to the fall of Atlanta being one of the major factors leading to Lincoln's reelection. But the greatest Confederate opportunity of the Atlanta Campaign remains bizarrely unused. Here, I lay out the historical context around the Battle of Cassville; hopefully I can spark interest in this fascinating moment of a fascinating war.
The Atlanta Campaign began with Confederate forces defending a strong defensive position at Rocky Face Ridge, just west of Dalton; however, Union forces discovered that there was an undefended pass at Snake Creek Gap that could enable them to outflank the Confederates. While they did outflank the Confederates, they failed to cut the line of retreat (due to Sherman not listening to Thomas' advice and McPherson, leading the outflanking force, panicking), allowing Johnston to fall back to Resaca. At Resaca, Union forces launched a frontal assault (again against Thomas' advice), leading to the two-day Battle of Resaca; however, the battle proved indecisive and effectively irrelevant. A small Union column crossed the Conasauga River below Resaca, forcing Johnston to retreat again or risk being cut off. Johnston fell back to the town of Calhoun, some distance south of Resaca on the south bank of the Conasauga.
Calhoun proved a poor defensive position; there was nothing on which to anchor Confederate flanks, and the Confederate position was split by the Oothkalooga Creek. Looking for a better defensive position on his maps, Johnston found one at Adairsville. Both the main road and the railroad south of Calhoun ran through Adairsville, but unlike at Calhoun, they ran through a valley with difficult hilly terrain on either side, with the Oothkalloga Creek to one side. This was a much better defensive position, so the Confederates fell back to Adairsville and established a defensive line. Indeed, when leading forces of Howard’s 4th Corps arrived at Adairsville, their leading elements were repulsed by Johnston’s new line in the Battle of Adairsville.
However, looking at the maps, Johnston now began to consider an alternate plan. The repulse of 4th Corps meant that he had broken contact with Sherman, while Adairsville was a much wider valley then his maps had shown, reducing its defensive potential. South of Adairsville, there were two roads. One road, along with the railroad, ran southwest to Kingston; the other ran south to Cassville. From Kingston, the railroad looped back towards Cassville, crossing the Etowah River south of Cassville at the town of Cartersville. This gave Johnston an idea. Meeting with his three corps commanders and chief of staff on the evening of May 17, Johnston laid out his plan. Hood’s and Polk’s Corps would move south along the road to Cassville, while Hardee’s Corps would move southwest along the railroad to Kingston. Hardee’s Corps would make sure to leave behind plenty of signs of which direction they had taken, while Hood’s and Polk’s Corps would move quietly. From Kingston, Hardee would move back along the railroad to join with the rest of the army at Cassville, concentrating the Confederate army at Cassville. Hopefully, Sherman would be fooled by this, and would think the bulk of the Confederate army had in fact moved to Kingston. Sherman could then be expected to move his main force on Kingston, while sending a smaller force to try to cut the railroad near Cassville. The Confederates would then have their entire army against only a portion of the Union army, with the element of surprise. They could rout this portion of the Union army, and deal a heavy blow to Sherman’s numerical superiority, hopefully enabling them to continue the defense of Atlanta with advantage. It would require abandoning Adairsville, but it promised to deliver a decisive battle. The plan was put into motion, and the Confederate forces moved out of Adairsville that night.
The next morning, the deception worked perfectly. Convinced that the Confederate forces had retreated to Kingston, Sherman set most of his army on the road to Kingston; only Schofield’s 23rd Corps and Hooker’s 20th Corps moved towards Cassville, while the Union cavalry moved towards Cartersville. By evening on May 18, Johnston was in position at Cassville; Sherman was just north of Kingston with the bulk of his army. Johnston’s corps commanders urged an attack on Hooker’s and Schofield’s corps that night, but Johnston decided to wait to launch the attack until the next morning, unwilling to lose the element of surprise for a dusk attack.
Morning dawns on May 19, 1864. Union forces enter Kingston to find it abandoned. Sherman, now convinced that the Confederates had retreated across the Etowah, split his remaining forces in two, sending Howard’s 4th Corps and Baird’s division of 14th Corps with Thomas towards Cassville, while sending McPherson’s Army of the Ohio and Johnson’s division of 14th Corps to capture the crossings south of Kingston. Meanwhile, 20th Corps approached Cassville from the north along the Adairsville Road, while 23rd Corps was slightly farther behind and to the east on the Sallacoa Road. Johnston deployed his three corps at Cassville; Hardee’s Corps was left to watch the Kingston Road, while Polk’s and Hood’s Corps would cross Two Run Creek and attack the isolated Union forces. The plan was for Hood’s Corps to launch a surprise attack on 20th Corps, followed by Polk’s Corps arriving on the flank; once 20th Corps was broken, these two corps would fall on 23rd Corps. Meanwhile, Hardee would hold off any approaching Union forces along the Kingston Road until Polk’s and Hood’s corps were done, at which point they would join him, and the plan would be decided from there. Sherman had walked directly into this plan. 20th Corps would be subjected to a surprise attack and then a flank attack outnumbered two-to-one; 23rd Corps would then, in turn, be attacked outnumbered two-to-one. The corps-and-a-half Sherman had sent towards Cassville was a small enough force that Hardee could likely hold it off, and the remainder of his army was too separated to arrive in time. Johnston had the perfect setup to deal a crushing blow to the Union army. The Battle of Cassville, though by no means a sure Confederate deal, was a perfect opportunity, the best they would get in the Atlanta Campaign by far. I have left out only one detail; where’s the Union cavalry?
And here comes the potential point of divergence. On the morning of May 19, as Hood’s Corps begins to move to the attack, one of his staff officers noticed a column of troops approaching up the Canton Road to their east. The Union cavalry had gone further to the east than the infantry and now, by sheer coincidence, had arrived in the perfect spot to threaten the Confederate right and rear. In truth, the cavalry posed no real threat to the Confederate forces - the cavalry force, consisting of Stoneman’s and McCook’s cavalry divisions, was under 4,000 men strong and unprepared for infantry combat. In addition, the Union cavalry - especially Stoneman’s division - would later prove themselves of fairly low quality. However, Hood didn’t know the size of this force, or even whether it was cavalry or infantry; he only knew that there was an unexpected Union force approaching his flank and rear. With little choice, Hood paused his corps’ movement and informed Johnston of the approaching force. Shortly afterwards, Mackall (Johnston’s chief of staff) arrived, and told Hood that Union forces were also moving in from the west; if Hood wanted to attack, he had to do so immediately. Unwilling to risk the unknown force coming from the east getting in his rear, Hood instead decided to fall back to cover the Canton Road. This move, in turn, was spotted by Hooker’s corps, which quickly deployed and fortified. The best opportunity the Confederates would get during the entire Atlanta Campaign evaporated; Johnston had completely outgeneraled Sherman, and the coincidental arrival of two divisions of cavalry made it for nought.
With his plan ruined, Johnston decided to fall back to a strong ridgeline south of Cassville; he would still fight a defensive battle here. At noon, Union forces began to arrive on the field from the direction of Kingston, running into Hardee’s Corps deployed for battle; the shocked forces were relieved to see Hardee’s forces retreating instead of attacking. By 5:30 PM, Sherman and the Union artillery were on the field, and Johnston’s ridgeline proved severely vulnerable to artillery fire. That night, Polk told Johnston that his corps would not be able to stand for an hour if the artillery barrage resumed. Johnston remained convinced that the position was defensible, but believing that his corps commanders’ fears would inevitably spread to the troops and leave them demoralized, Johnston agreed to retreat. At midnight, the Confederates began falling back again, reaching Cartersville on the morning of May 20. Sherman still believed that he had only faced a rearguard and that the bulk of the Confederate army had already retreated earlier; as such, he sent only 23rd Corps in pursuit of the Confederates; this would have left them extremely vulnerable had the Confederates turned back and counterattacked, but they had no way of knowing that. At 8:45 pm, 23rd Corps reached the Etowah River to find the bridges destroyed and the Confederates over. With that, the whole area north of the Etowah was in Union hands.
Not only was the Battle of Cassville a tremendous lost opportunity, but it had cost the Confederates much land. The entire area between the Conasauga and the Etowah had fallen to the Union in only four days. The similar distance between the Etowah and the Chattahoochee would take two months; even accounting for the better defensive conditions there, that’s a major difference. Johnston had gambled, and his gamble had failed by the narrowest of margins. The best offensive chance the Confederates had throughout the entire Atlanta campaign had, by pure bad luck, become nothing more than a desultory skirmish. The Battle of Cassville could have been a turning point; even a Confederate defeat would likely have ended with vastly heavier Union losses on a scale that the Confederates would struggle to inflict the rest of the campaign. Instead, it was nothing but another brief stopping point on the road to Atlanta.
Cassville is my pick for the most underrated what-if of the American Civil War. I have never found it even mentioned in an alternate history context, but it provides such a fascinating point of divergence. If the cavalry had taken a different road, or if they had been delayed half an hour, a general battle would have followed, with all the possibilities a full battle brings. An entire battle arising that never happened historically is such a pregnant possibility for alternate history scenarios, and I hope that this post brings some attention to it.
My main source for this is Albert Castel’s Decision in the West, specifically pages 194-209. The book is available to read for free here (click "Borrow for 1 hour"), so you can take a look at the situation at Cassville yourself. I have simplified quite a bit here, and have not included a map; if you want to investigate further, that's the first place to start. Hopefully I have piqued your interest.
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