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2023.05.30 19:46 SerpentineJulia [M4A] [F4A] Your Partner Comforts You During Allergy Season [Established Relationship] [Caring Speaker] [Sick Listener] [A Little Flirty] [Comfort] [Sweet] [Wholesome] [Kisses]

Summary: It’s that time of the year again. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, everything is blooming… and you’re out there, dying from hay fever. Today has been particularly awful because your job required you to be outdoors for several hours. After returning home, you’re a sneezing, itchy mess. Thankfully, your doting and caring partner is there to take care of you. They’ll do anything to make you feel better, even if it means going out to buy the entire stock of tissues at the grocery store.
(Words in parenthesis): Sound effects
[Words in brackets]: The Speaker’s actions
“Words in quotation marks”: The Speaker’s lines
Words in italics: Scene change
General Notes: This was a silly idea I had while working on my lengthier, more challenging projects. The inspiration for this one, unfortunately, comes from my current battle with seasonal allergies, haha. As a side note, in the script, I use the term, “Gesundheit” in place of “Bless you” after the Listener sneezes. For anyone who doesn’t know, the word means, “health”, or in this context, “good health.” I actually say, “Gesundheit” in real life, so I decided to write that in.
Notes on Usage: You may record this script for an audio, but I do need to be credited. I would very much like to listen to it, so please send me a link so I can follow up. Certain types of monetization are fine (like YouTube), but please do not paywall this or any of my scripts. As for the script itself, you may edit the genders and you may change the title to “Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend” if you would like to. Please keep the rest of the writing the same, however. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Thank you!
Setting: The Speaker and the Listener’s home
(The front door opens and closes. Footsteps approach.)
“Welcome home, sweetheart! How was your…”
[Interrupted pause to take in the Listener’s appearance]
“…Your eyes are red, and so is your nose. You look like you’ve been crying. Did something happen at work that’s made you upset?”
“…Nothing bad happened?”
“I’m glad to hear there wasn’t a work catastrophe. That still doesn’t explain why it looks like you’ve had a rough day. You do know that if anything is bothering you, you can always come to me, right? Whatever it is, I’ll listen and help you through it. I promise.”
(A sneeze, coming from the Listener.)
“Gesundheit! Here, let me grab you a tissue…”
(A tissue is pulled from a box.)
“You’re welcome, sweetheart. Wait a minute…”
[Pause as the realization sinks in]
“It’s your allergies, isn’t it? They’re acting up today.”
“Why didn’t you just say that from the beginning?”
It is a big deal. Allergies are nothing to downplay. I can tell you’re struggling, even though you’re putting on a brave face. This time of year is always difficult for you, but you seem more affected than usual. Did you spend a lot of time outside today?”
“You were out there for most of the morning and afternoon?”
“I’m so sorry. That must have been really exhausting and uncomfortable. Come here.”
[Pause for a hug and a gentle kiss]
“You’re home now, so you’re safe from all those nasty, harmful things outside. I’m here, sweetheart. I’m right here, and I’ll take care of you.”
“You don’t have to thank me. I’m always happy to take care of you. Now, for the first order of business, let’s get you out of these work clothes…”
“Oh, stop smirking at me. I didn’t mean it like that!”
[Pause to chuckle]
“You have such a dirty mind.”
“You’re right – I do love it. But, that’s beside the point.”
“Aww, don’t pout. We’ll have plenty of time for that later. Right now, I have to make sure you’re not going to die from your allergies.”
“You can give me your bedroom eyes all you want, but I’m still not going to change my mind. Let’s get you feeling better, and then you can have your wicked way with me, okay?”
“Good. As I was saying…you should remove your clothes because they probably have a lot of allergens on them.”
“Yes, you could put your pajamas on, but how about I draw you a bath first? That way, you can stretch out and relax for a while. After the day you’ve had, it sounds like you could use something to loosen and soothe your muscles.”
“Mhhm, I’d love to join you, but I have to run out to get a few items.”
“You want to know what we could possibly need?”
“Well, we’re going to need more tissues since we’re down to our last box. I also noticed that you finished your bottle of eyedrops last night, so I’ll replace that with a new one. Speaking of things that you've been doing at night, you’ve been drinking more of your ginger tea. At first, I wasn’t sure why, but now that I think about it, the tea probably helps to alleviate some of the symptoms, at least enough for you to sleep. I’ll stock up on that as well. And to be completely honest, I’m not sure how effective your current allergy med is. It hardly seems like it’s touching your allergies. I know how annoying it can be to change meds, but it might be time to try something new. I’ll pick up a couple of options, so you can see which one works for you.”
“…What’s with the look?”
“No, you’re definitely giving me a look. And I can’t decipher it. You have this adorable, little smile on your lips, but your eyebrows are furrowed, like you’re trying to figure something out. Was it what I said? Did it any of it weird you out?”
“No? Then, what is it? What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?”
“You’re…surprised that anyone would care enough to pay attention to the little things about you.”
“I do care. Very much so. As your partner, I’m supposed to know you, and that means learning and understanding your likes, dislikes, the subtleties in your behavior, and your quirks.”
“Thank you for saying that, but I’m the lucky one here.”
[Pause to kiss]
“Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll have that bath ready for you.”
(The sound of retreating footsteps. The water begins running in the bathroom. A flicker of a lighter to light some candles.)
“Sweetheart! You can come in now.”
[Pause to groan]
“You just had to wear your silk robe, didn’t you? You know what that does to me.”
[Pause to sigh]
“Exactly. You’re making it very difficult for me to concentrate.”
“Yes, really. And stop biting your lip like that. Your seduction tactics aren’t going to work on me. Not this time.”
“On the contrary, I find you extremely attractive right now, even with your sniffly nose and bloodshot eyes.”
“I’m not joking. You’re always gorgeous.”
“Of course I mean it.”
“We’re getting off-topic again. You’re here for a reason, and that is to take a nice, long soak. I just tested the temperature of the water, so it should still be hot. If you're not too congested, you should notice the scent in the water. It's from your favorite bubble bath - the lavender and mint one. And in case you’d like to do something while you’re relaxing, I left the novel you’re currently reading on the bathroom counter, along with a mug of your ginger tea and a plate of those shortbread cookies you like so much. Last, but certainly not least, I lit candles to add to the overall ambiance.”
“I’m glad you think it looks like paradise in here. Hopefully, it feels that way, too.”
[Pause to chuckle]
“I’m perfectly aware that I could join you and find out if this really feels like paradise, but I should get going. Don’t worry, I won’t be gone for too long.”
“Yes, I can handle dinner tonight. You didn’t even have to ask – I was planning on it anyway. Would you like me to cook something, or would you like to order takeout?”
“You’d like soup from the bistro around the corner?”
“Yeah, I can stop by after I visit the store. It’s no problem at all.”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Yes, I know which soup to order. You’ll also want the French baguette, rather than the oyster crackers.”
“Like I said, I know you. Your food preferences were one of the first things I learned about you, actually. Now, enjoy your bath, sweetheart. I’ll see you soon.”
[Pause to kiss]
(The sound of footsteps retreating. A car engine begins.)
A little while later, the Speaker arrives home, juggling what appears to be a massive number of bags.
(The front door opens and closes gently. The rustling of bags as they are set down.)
“Hey, sweetheart. What are you doing out here in the living room? I thought you’d be in the bathtub for a while longer.”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Okay, that is a valid excuse to leave. I don’t like it when my skin starts to prune, either.”
(The sound of the Listener going through the bags.)
“Oh, these? Um…I might have gotten a little carried away when I was at the store. In my defense, I wanted to make sure you had everything you could possibly want or need!”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Yes, it was absolutely necessary to buy out the entire stock of tissues. It wasn’t like they had that many anyway. It was just a few dozen.”
“C’mon, 48 boxes isn’t that bad.”
“All right, fine. It is a bit…much. The cashier was having a field day, though. He kept laughing at me, saying this was like The Great Toilet Paper Hoarding of 2020.”
“Stop laughing! I only did what I thought was best.”
“Yes, I know I’m ridiculous. Hey, you asked me out first, and you’re still dating me, three years later. So, really, who’s the ridiculous one here?”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Still me? That’s what I thought you’d say.”
[Slightly longer pause]
“How are you feeling? Did the bath help?”
“Good, I’m glad. You do look much more at ease than when you first arrived home. Your eyes are still red, though. Are they itchy at all?”
“A bit? Hmm, now is probably a good time to put some eye drops in. I purchased the same brand that you normally use.”
(Rustling of a bag as the Speaker reaches into it.)
“Here it is.”
“You look like you’re about to ask me something, but you’re hesitating. What is it, sweetheart?”
“You’d like me to help you with the eye drops?”
“Sure, I can do that. Just let me put these items away first, and then I’ll give you my undivided attention. Which spot is more comfortable for you to do this? The couch or the bedroom?”
“The couch? That works. Oh, I have your soup, too. Would you like that after the eye drops or later tonight?”
“Later it is then. I’ll keep it in the fridge for now.”
(Cabinets open and close.)
(Soft footsteps as the Speaker comes back into the living and sits on the couch.)
“Everything is all set. I’m ready to…”
(The Listener sneezes again.)
(Another tissue is pulled from the box.)
“Here’s another tissue.”
“Sweetheart, you are not a gross mess. I told you, you’re always beautiful.”
“Yes, you’re beautiful, even when you’re sneezing up a storm and blowing your nose. Only you could make any of that even remotely cute.”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Do you feel okay enough to lie down, so I can put the drops in?”
“Good. Here, place your head in my lap.”
“There you go. Are you comfortable?”
“Good. On the count of three, I’ll place two drops in the right eye, okay?”
“I’m sorry. I know it stings, sweetheart. It’ll be over soon, I promise. Take a deep breath for me.”
(Sounds of breathing.)
“Are you all right?”
“Good. Are you ready for the other eye?”
“Okay, I’ll count to three again.”
“You did a great job with that one. You hardly reacted at all.”
“Can you open your eyes so I can see if the redness has improved?”
“They’re looking much better now. Do they still itch?”
“No? That’s good. I’m relieved to hear that.”
“Sure, you can close your eyes. Relax, sweetheart. We can stay here for as long as you’d like to. There’s nowhere else I need to be, nor is there anything else I have to do. This time is all yours.”
“You like the sound of that? Mhhm, me too.”
“Would it be all right if I ran my fingers through your hair? It’s comforting for me, and I think it is for you, too.”
“Thank you.”
(Sounds of the Speaker’s fingers running through the Listener’s hair – light scratching.)
“How does that feel?”
“Like you’re on cloud nine? Hmm, that is a big compliment.”
[Pause to sigh, dreamily]
“Your hair is so soft and silky. I can’t get over how amazing it feels between my fingers.”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Yes, that’s why I make up every excuse to touch it. I especially love it when you first wake up and roll over. You always have a strand of hair that falls across your forehead, and I tuck it behind your ear each morning.”
“Mhmm, that is a part of our morning routine, you’re right. Well, that and the ton of kisses that follow it.”
“I love every part of our routine, sweetheart. Even the part where you throw me out of bed because I’ve made us late for work…again.”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Speaking of things we usually do every day, tell me about your day. How was work?”
“Wait, that’s why you were outdoors for so long?”
“Your boss thought it was a great day for team building, so you had to travel by foot to complete a scavenger hunt around town?”
[Pause to chuckle in disbelief]
“Wow, and I thought my workplace was strange. The last time we tried team building, someone got punched, and that was a whole HR nightmare. Do you remember the Escape Room Incident last fall?”
“Yeah, that’s the one. We’re still dealing with the repercussions from that. Anyway, did you have fun doing the scavenger hunt, at least?”
“That’s good. It sounds like your sneezing and itchy eyes weren’t completely in vain then. Still, I’m sorry your allergies made things more difficult today. Hopefully, switching to a new med will help. There are two kinds that you haven’t tried yet, so I bought both. They’re in the medicine cabinet now.”
“What do you mean you’ll really get a chance to put a new med to the test? Will you be outside for another extended period of time?”
“You have a team building exercise on Friday? What is it this time?”
[Pause to chuckle in disbelief]
“Kickball, really?”
“Okay, your company takes the cake for being the weirdest. Although… if I’m being honest, it’s probably the most enjoyable as well.”
“Oh, the game is open to the employees’ spouses and partners? Do you mean as spectators or players?”
“I see. They're allowed to be players. That is pretty cool. You know, you’re doing that thing where you’re trying to be coy, but I can see right through it. This your way of asking if I’ll play, isn’t it?”
“I’d love to. But, wait… if this is a team-building exercise, then wouldn’t you be with your coworkers? That would mean… all the spouses and partners would be on the same team. So…we’d be competing against each other.”
“No, I’m not scared! Far from it. You’re the one who should be afraid. I’m going to destroy you at kickball. Just you wait.”
“Mhhm, wanna bet on it?”
“Yeah? If that’s what you want, then I’d be stupid to refuse. And what do I get if I win?”
[Pause to chuckle]
“Oh, I’ll definitely agree to those terms.”
[Slightly longer pause]
“You’re starting to look sleepy, sweetheart. Today has taken a toll on you, so you’re probably ready for a well-deserved nap. We’ll come back to this conversation, all right? For now, just rest. I’ve got you.”
“I’m sure. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. Sleep well, sweetheart. I love you.”
[Pause to kiss gently]
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2023.05.30 19:38 shinernoob Watermelon Brandy thoughts...

Watermelon Brandy thoughts...
For the first time, my wife was on board for this next run. Local grocery store was selling seedless watermelons for $4 each (best price I can remember) so I snatched 12 of them. Looking for any advice.
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2023.05.30 19:28 IBrixI TIFU by forgetting my cash for a grocery trip... twice.

I just arrived back home from this horribly embarrassing grocery trip.
Bit of added info: I have social anxiety and scenarios like the following are my worst nightmares.
Today I was feeling really exhausted after a fairly long day but still had to go out or I would starve. And I don't like starving. So, after over 2 hours of sitting on the couch, procrastinating this rather small grocery trip, I finally decide to get up and get going... worst decision of the entire month, easily.
I arrive at the grocery store, take a basket, put in my usual, some cheese, some meat products, bit of beer and some other random stuff.
Cut to the checkout... I am loading all my stuff on the conveyor and next up it's my turn... so I get my backpack ready for stuffing groceries in and reach to grab my wallet... not there... not in my pockets, not in my backpack. All I can think is "fuck, my socially anxious ass has to tell the cashier that I forgot my wallet". Luckily, they didnt start pulling my things over the scanner yet, so it's not as bad yet.
"Excuse me, I forgot my wallet. I live like 4 mins away from here so can I go grab it real quick? Maybe I can just put the stuff in the basket while I'm gone?" Cashier is understanding, tells me they'll go put it in the cooling area for the cheese and meat. And I go bolting off. So after one of my fastest power walks, I open my apartment door, look around for my wallet and find it on my bed. Grab the thing, bolt back out the door, do the same silly power walk back to the store. I go to the checkout and awkwardly wait until the (same) cashier is done with other peoples groceries, before he tells me to wait and gets my basket with all the stuff. While he's away, I pull out my wallet to grab my card... but it wasnt there. My heart is going faster than the beat on your wildest Hardstyle concerts... if that even makes sense, I dont listen to that type of music a lot.
Cashier comes back, I awkwardly tell them, I probably dont have enough hard cash on me, so I start sorting out the things that are least important... my panicking ass didn't even really put thought into that and left things like cheese and a salad in the basket to stay there while putting less important stuff like vegetable oil on the conveyor for the cashier to scan. Total was about 15€ and I was very lucky I had that in coins. So I paid and bolted off AGAIN, but forgot to tell the cashier that I'll be back a THIRD time for the rest as he puts the basket next to his chair on the ground as there was another customer.
So after I power walked back to my apartment for the second time, I searched for my card. I remember that I took it out yesterday to look something up and that I did so at the couch table. So I frantically throw stuff off and search for the card, turn around books twice in case it magically appears, but it didn't. So after 2 minutes or so I angrily looked back into my wallet in a somewhat hidden compartment which you cant see if you dont look for it... and there it was. My card was in my wallet the entire time, just not where it usually is, and Panic-Me didn't think of looking there in the store.
After a third power walk to the store and even more awkward wait at the checkout, the cashier tells me he put away the cheese and salad because they needed cooling and I didn't say anything about coming back again. So I go for another round, grab the stuff he put away, paid with my card and did a shameful power walk back home, not without apologizing tenfold and appreciating the patience of the cashier.
I am still calming down as I write this on the same couch I should've stayed on.
I apologize for any English flaws.

TL;DR: Realized at checkout that I forgot my wallet, went home to grab it, realized second time at checkout that I forgot my card so I went home just to realize it was in a different compartment that my panicking ass didn't check in the store. 10/10 cashier though.
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2023.05.30 19:23 sewagefashionicon This tomato I picked up from grocery store

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2023.05.30 19:20 trumangc 1 bedroom Lakeview apartment available

I am looking for someone to take over a lease for a 1 bedroom apartment in Lakeview. My fiancee and I have lived in this apartment for the past two years, and we love the Lakeview area, but we will be moving out of state soon for a job opportunity. There are multiple grocery stores, tons of restaurants and shopping, and the park is just a few minutes walk from the apartment building. The Brown Line and a number of buses are easily accessible as well. These apartments are currently listed for $1695, but our lease is only $1360 (includes internet and all utilities except electric) and goes until June 2024. This lease would start on July 1st, but we could work out an earlier move-in date if needed. Virtual tour and other details about the apartment can be found here: Please contact me with any questions or if you’d like to schedule an in-person viewing!
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2023.05.30 19:17 Usernamechecks0ut_69 Where to buy a tri-tip

Maybe I’ve just had bad luck but ever since moving here from the east coast where they’re not very east to find I’ve been looking for a place to buy a tri-tip for grilling but so far I’ve been to 4 grocery stores in OP and haven’t found one. I thought they were a pretty common cut in the Midwest. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 19:15 eth-vs-salary 🙋‍♀️Channel - Ethereum Salary - based on the life changes of a person who worked as a cashier in a grocery store. My name is Natalia. I'm not looking for free time! My experience of finding stability on the network is over 15 years!

I was in both network business and blockchain projects. The choice has been made! Unlimited and lifetime income - Ethereum smart contract. Here everyone can become a millionaire!
The main task of every viewer! When viewing a particular video, record information manually. This is the only way you can figure it out and really become a millionaire!
🙋‍♀️ Smart contract Ethereum! NOT a network business! Not Airdrop or Bounty! NOT an investment! Not trading! The smart contract has already been uploaded to the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. It cannot be modified or deleted by anyone, including its creators. A smart contract can provide you, my friend, with unlimited and lifetime income!
The task of a smart contract is not to store money, but to redirect it between the wallets of its participants. Accordingly, the balance of the smart contract is always zero! So there are no risks!
🙋‍♀️Your path is simple! To never work for someone again, take a pen, paper, open the 5 of the information sections of a smart contract and take 30 minutes of your time. Then, just once from your own funds, buy only the first level and invite 3 active participants.
Dear viewer, You can be a millionaire! Dreams come true when you do not give your time to the employer. Or are you used to getting up at work in the morning? Wait for a salary and Expect a miracle? I will be glad to see you as an active partner and channel subscribers.
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2023.05.30 19:10 blackcrowe79 Switcheroo Dash

Anyone get a Shop & Pay order (this one was $8.50) and then the app refreshes and it's now a $5.25 order for McDonalds for the same customer. The problem was I was already in the grocery store shopping when this happened. I feel cheated but it's not a cancellation.
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2023.05.30 19:08 LanaDelMantaRay I think I've decided on Minnesota, but I need help looking for the right place: new grad RN looking to relocate.

I posted previously about where I'd want to relocate in the summer of 2024; I am currently a student nurse looking to finish next March, and hoping to pass the NCLEX within the following month, so any nurses in Minnesota, any advice here would be appreciated!
The cities I am looking at are the Twin Cities and Duluth. From what I've read, Minnesota has a bunch of what I want: four seasons, colder than average winters and mild summers, bordering a body of water, blue in terms of politics, and most importantly, decent hospital systems. If there are any other cities in Minnesota that are similar, or you think I might like instead, please list them down below!!
The following are the remaining criteria I am looking to cover, but are NOT in order of importance:
I am not sure if St. Paul or Minneapolis would be the right city for me, depending on the majority of the criteria above. If I pick either, I would like to be able to walk or bike to work and to grocery stores near me if possible.
Similarly, I like the idea of moving to Duluth, because it is much smaller, right by Lake Superior, and it has nice bike trails by the lake. It also has St. Luke's hospital, which is the only hospital I know there. But I don't know how meeting people in Duluth is, or whether it's a good place for a 25-year-old individual. I wouldn't mind having to drive a little bit, but heavy traffic would be a turn-off for me.
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2023.05.30 18:58 Ok-Yesterday-6694 Weight Loss Plateau

I(F20) have been going to the gym regularly and have seen major progress in terms of muscle growth and strength over the past 6 months, however the scale number has gone up (I went from 125-132lb,5’6) and my stomach seems to be a lot bigger despite my abdominal muscles being much more visible. I’m having a hard time figuring out what to do going forward as it seems like I’ve plateaued a bit. I’ve considered that some of it can be chalked up to bloating, and I’m considering starting L-glutamine to help with that, but otherwise I think it may be diet related but I really don’t know what to change. I eat at around 1800 calories a day currently (sometimes more or less) and eat mostly whole foods. I do strength training on average 3 times a week for an hour each time. I don’t do much intentional cardio but I work in a restaurant and am on my feet there for around 20 hours a week, and I get some steps in just cleaning,cooking, going to the grocery store and going on morning walks outside of work. Do you think I need to increase my cardio or lower my calories? I’ve tried the online calorie calculators but I don’t know where I stand in terms of activity level so they haven’t been much help. Any advice is appreciated as I’m honestly willing to try anything right now just to see some more progress and hopefully get back to the 120’s.
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2023.05.30 18:58 InfiniteMrMeeseeks I'm making waffles!

I'm making waffles!
Found this at the grocery store today and now I HAVE to make waffles
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2023.05.30 18:55 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
CarolinaEast Health System LPN I, Surgical Care Unit Bayboro
CarolinaEast Health System Associate Manager, Orthopedics Bayboro
CarolinaEast Health System Staff Nurse Bayboro
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Burlington
CarolinaEast Health System Cardiologist 86360 Camp Lejeune
Schleich GmbH Manager Ecommerce Charlotte
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Columbus
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Fayetteville
CarolinaEast Health System Staff Nurse Havelock
CarolinaEast Health System Physician Havelock
CarolinaEast Health System CT Technologist, CT Scanner Havelock
CarolinaEast Health System MD Cardiologist Jacksonville
CarolinaEast Health System Cardiologist 86360 Jacksonville
CarolinaEast Health System Cardiologist Jacksonville
Walmart Cart Retrieval Kill Devil Hills
Walmart Retail Associates Kill Devil Hills
Walmart Food & Grocery Kill Devil Hills
CarolinaEast Health System Patient Care Technician I, ICU-Surgery Kinston
CarolinaEast Health System Patient Care Technician II, Supplemental Nursing Pool Kinston
CarolinaEast Health System LPN I, Surgical Care Unit Kinston
Walmart Grocery Specialist Kitty Hawk
Walmart Cashier & Front End Services Kitty Hawk
Walmart In-Store Shopper Kitty Hawk
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Knightdale
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Middlesex
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 18:54 Comfortable-Ear2157 Confetti eggs: breakfast of champions

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2023.05.30 18:53 Commercial_Look83 OPU Pilot - GM Batch Size change to max of 36 DPCIs; no change in goal time

OPU Pilot - GM Batch Size change to max of 36 DPCIs; no change in goal time
Re-upload bc I doxxed myself in the first one. You won't catch me today, Brian Cornell
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2023.05.30 18:47 atlasrisee Advice for breakfast places near Arc De Triomphe?

We have tickets for Arc De Triomphe at 11:10AM.
We haven’t been able to buy tickets for Eiffel Tower yet, and we have dinner planned at Les Cocottes at 7PM and would like to make it to the Eiffel Tower afterwards.
We also plan on checking out Champ de Mars in between, so would it be better to grab a nice lunch somewhere instead of breakfast or if we chose to do a picnic are there places nearby we can get ready made food or groceries?
Also, since we plan to stick around the area instead of going back to our hotel, are there places/stores you recommend us to check out? With the day not being so busy, we also just wanted to sit and take in the sights. Thanks in advance! :)
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2023.05.30 18:44 DonBonified Advice Needed for new Card Recommendations

Trying my best here! I am 21 trying to figure the world out. Recently bought my first home a few months ago, reddit and youtube have helped me achieve so much. It's just me against the world and the only thing on my mind is financial independence.
- Current Credit Cards: Discover IT Secured, Home Depot Consumer
- Fico Score: 720 Experian
- Oldest Credit Card: 1 Year 2 Months (Discover IT)
- Annual Income: 50,000
- Monthly Spending: Utilities 295$ , Gas 300$ , Mortgage 880$ , Groceries 600$ , Home and Car insurance 175$ , Other: 500$
I bank with Charles Schwab for Brokering and Checking, Chase for Checking and Bill Paying, AMEX for savings
I work at Walmart and hence shop there when items are better priced than other stores near me due to a miniscule small discount I receive and 10 cents off a gallon at select gas stations. Only 1 near me I use which is a Mobil 1 station. With fuel prices fluctuating I sometimes have to gas up at Safeway because it's cheaper than Mobil 1 even after the gas discount. I live with my girlfriend and she makes the same income I do hence the high grocery bill. I'm wanting to propose to her in the following year or two coming- are there any incentives for credit or advantages you can grab after you're married?
Currently approved for the following cards and the categories i'm looking to pay for with credit are: GAS, Groceries, Bills ( Property Taxes, Gas and Electric bill, Phone bills, etc. ) i'm currently fixing my foundation and will be purchasing a lot of equipment, tools, toys, concrete bags and a mixer. Are there any 3 card methods I can follow, any recommendations on anything I can read up on, tips and tricks? We've got our Roth IRA' , two savings accounts, when one house payment goes in we also put another house payment into a separate account. This is our only debt and for better income I am currently pursuing my real estate license working with a broker. Thank you.
Chase Freedom Unlimited: $2000 ($200 Bonus)
Chase Sapphire Preferred: $5000 (80k Bonus Point Offer)
Chase Slate Edge: $2000
Chase Freedom Flex: $2000 ($200 + 5% Cash Back Quarterly bonus)
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2023.05.30 18:39 Effective-Mastodon31 AITA for asking my handicapped coworker not to touch my belongings?

I work(ed) at a grocery store and I was fired yesterday for asking my autistic coworker to stop touching my things.
I’m a 19f and I work at a store that employs a few people with mental disabilities. I’ve of course never had an issue with any of them, they’re all very nice people. It’s very easy to accommodate for them working a little slower and most of them do a great job.
There’s this one man I work with that has a pretty severe mental handicap. I’ve had a couple conversations with him and he seems like a sweet and cool guy, it’s just he has a habit of touching other peoples stuff.
We have lockers and since I don’t have a lock and people never steal at my job, I just put my bag in the locker and shut it before I go to work. Well a couple nights ago I caught him holding my bag and going through my things. Just sort of touching them and laying them on the table. (NO DAMAGE)
I asked him really nice not to touch my things. Like super super nice. Like, “hey could you do me a favor and not go through my things? thank you” with a smile. Well a day passes, I come into work, and the same thing happens. I took all of my things out of his hands and put them into my bag gently and said, “I asked you once remember? So please don’t touch my things.” He just sort of whined and looked really bad but also kind of angry. So I decide to bring it up with my supervisor because it bothers me.
I was then pulled into the managers office a couple hours into work and he told me that I was being disrespectful. Apparently the coworker that was touching my stuff told them that I was really mean to him about it and that I threatened him?! I was so confused. I asked if they had cameras in the break room but they don’t for privacy reasons. But they would’ve been helpful in this scenario.
I’m not sure why he lied about my behavior but it got me fired. It could be that’s how he interpreted it. Now his mom is pissed at me and the managers. I also heard from my friend that I work with that some of our coworkers were gossiping about me and saying rude things about me.
I’m worried that he told them that because of how I came off. I could’ve seemed condescending or mean but I really was trying to be patient and nice. I feel pretty bad but also mad that I lost my job over this.
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2023.05.30 18:37 BraidRGaming Is this Risotto from Aldi, 15grams of fat or 4.8? I’m so confused

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2023.05.30 18:32 bakial What should I get next for my current setup? Any open suggestions are welcomed

* Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of: (list cards, limits, opening date):
* FICO Scores with source (see note on FICO score sources below): Experian 772
* Oldest credit card account age with you as primary name on the account: 5 years
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 6 months: 1
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 12 months: 1
* Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 24 months: 1
* Annual income $: 60,000
* OK with category-specific cards?: Kind of Yes. I like cards that have 2 categories in the same one.
* OK with rotating category cards?: No. I think I like consistency
* Estimate average monthly spend in the categories below.
* Dining $: 1500/year
* Groceries $: 500+/year. However, I usually buy stuff from Walmart, BJ's, or Costco
* Gas $: 100/month, I usually pay for gas at BJ's since it is much cheaper than other local gas stations
* Travel $: 2000/year. I only travel one time per year. However, I usually book tickets for my family (4 people including me) + rental car. This year, we will be staying at my relative house, but we might book a hotel if we plan on traveling somewhere.
* Do you plan on using this card abroad for a significant length of time (study abroad, digital nomad, expat, extended travel)?: No
* Any other categories (examples: phone/internet, insurance) or stores (example: Amazon) with significant, regular credit card spend (the more you specify, the better): $150+/month from utilities bills, and sometimes with Amazon and online video games like Steam
* Any other significant, regular credit card spend you didn't include above?: No
* Can you pay rent by credit card? If yes, list rent amount and if there's a fee for paying by credit card: $ I am living with my parents, so no Rent
MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply)
* Current member of Costco or Sam's Club? Yes, for Costco and BJ.
* Are you open to Business Cards?: (these are an option if you have any kind of side gig, such as selling on eBay or Etsy): At the moment, no
* What's the purpose of your next card (choose ONE)?: Travel rewards
* If you answered "travel rewards", do you have a preferred airline and/or hotel chain?
* Do you have any cards you've been looking at?
Thank you very much for helping me.
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2023.05.30 18:32 Lacherig The grocery store didn’t have an Animal Crossing cake available, so we got creative!

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2023.05.30 18:29 Junior_Pop821 Struggling with keeping things affordable

My fiance and I have been doing dirty keto for a few months now, and it's been great. We have an 8 year old and he eats the keto dinners and breakfast just fine, but I usually give him some carbs for lunch or snacks. I shop at Costco twice a month and then at H-E-B, the regular grocery store each week for fresh veggies and other things.. At this rate I'm spending about $200-$300 per Costco trip and $100 a week at the grocery store. We can't afford it anymore, but I don't want to give up keto. I know one thing I need to do is stop buying the keto labeled items. But any other suggestions? If anyone has a grocery list that they go by and are willing to share, I'd really appreciate it.
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2023.05.30 18:29 agv_p My 22 (F) friend eating habits make it uncomfortable when we hangout

Hangout with friend (22 F) who are always watching calories when she’s with me (23 F)
For the past years I've had a friend where anytime we go out she refused to spend more than 10$ in general. I feel uncomfortable whenever what we eat because she always tries to make her and I eat healthy. Anything I ever had a sleepover or hangout with any girlfriend what we ate was always a relaxed subject and never been a topic of discussion "like ya let's order pizza or pick up food."
For example on the 22nd birthday I had a party and we went out it for drinks. She showed up at the airbnb with a cup filled with straight vodka even though my boyfriend spend a lot of money on drinks. Because of the calories. She also did it to make sure she wouldn’t have to pay for her own drink when the party was us make mix drinks then going to a bar to hangout.
we only see each other once every 3-6 months. If we have alcohol she only have toquilla straight because of the sugar and I like fruit drink and am not try to do straight toquilla shots every-time I see her.
And insist on eating in advance every time we decide to hangout so she doesn't have to spend money. And whenever the subject of ordering food is brought up it gets awkward and I know she wants me to consistently be the one paying for the food. or try to get us to go to the grocery store to eat something she wants.
Lately that causes me to end up eating by myself and sometimes her trying to eat some of my food. It makes it really hard for me to want to see her. Has anyone else experiences this before with their friend? I've talked to her about how it's okay to relax about calories when we hangout but she insist on it. Every time we make plans to hangout the subject of what we will eat always makes to hard for me to not bail because she restricts so much food and I don’t want to end up eating by myself. She insist on bringing her own food and refuses to eat the food my parents make or I make. Also she told me when she goes on dates and is home eats whatever she wants but when she’s with me insist on us eating during her intermediate fasting times and makes us eat what she wants.
How would y’all approach having a friend like this?
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