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2023.05.31 12:55 foreverallama_ Travelling in late July for a few days, need help planning an itinerary

Hey folks! I'll be travelling to Sydney from India in late July for work. I'll have 3 days to tour (Fri, Sat, Sun) before I'm busy with work for the next 4 days. And then one leisure day before I head back. It'd be great if you could help me plan my itinerary out!
Few points I'd like to plan around:
  1. Working/staying near Darling Street. Evenings (post 5pm) are completely free on my work days to go around the city. I'm planning to use these evenings to check out as many tourist spots as I can within the city, and leave my free days to whole day activities
  2. I live by the coast so I'm not too particular on checking out all the beaches, just the major tourist spots and then spend some time at a quieter place.
  3. I would love to spend a day just for surfing, diving, whale spotting, or basically any water activity (I love the sea). Will the weather in July will allow this? Any recommendations and bookings I need to make in advance?
  4. I'm comfortable renting a car and driving around, maybe a spend a day or two outside of Sydney. For e.g., I saw that Canberra can be done in a day trip. Also some national parks I could visit as well.
  5. I have people in Brisbane. Is it worth flying to spend a day there? I don't want to miss out on a lot of stuff in and around Sydney by doing that.
  6. I'll mostly relax on my last day after finishing work, checking out the markets, shopping for souvenirs/gifts, sample some nice baked goods, etc
Also have some general questions:
  1. What time does the city usually sleep and wake up? For tourist activities.
  2. Is the city safe to walk around late night? Any areas I should avoid?
  3. Any car rental agency recommendations? How much should I budget for rent and petrol?
  4. Any tourist activities that I'll need to book well in advance?
  5. Does July see a lot of tourists? Also how cold is it then (couldn't get a straight answer from Google)
  6. Is drinking water good straight from the tap?
  7. Does public transportation run 24/7?
Would love to hear your recommendations and suggestions!
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2023.05.31 12:55 Chicago_Synth_Nerd_ Is this a form of discourse analysis?
The author of this account tweeted, "Why be agnostic, let alone have Faith in notions so dramatically incompatible with everything we know about modern science? Because of some character in an outdated, manmade book that no longer makes sense, & threatens you if you disobey, if you don’t worship this alleged god?"
Their twitter biography states, "Advocate for peace, truth, honesty, reason, integrity, benevolence, moral justice. Critic of religion, because it polarises much of humanity. No DM please."
The wording of the tweet seemingly implies that agnosticism is a middle ground between atheism and theism. However, most antitheists and atheists are keenly aware that agnosticism means without knowledge and because knowledge of the existence of God (or Gods) is inherently unfalsifiable.
The author of this tweet suggests that they are advocates for peace, truth, and moral justice but because there are no universal, unifying moral frameworks, and if there were, it would take into consideration that subjugating a moral framework onto others is mutually exclusive with advocacy for peace (or truth). The usage of the term "moral justice" as opposed to social justice is also rather telling. Because of the misuse of agnosticism, and their previous tweet criticizing Islam and Christianity and contradictions in their understanding of moral philosophy, it is possible that the author is a troll account (which, actually, being able to potentially piss off religious people, atheists, scientists, and philosophers in a single tweet is pretty impressive).
The usage of the UK English spelling of the word "polarises" could indicate that the author is from a non-American anglophonic country (though, it is possible they are American, after all, I have used the UK English keyboard because I think I'm cheeky) or from a non-anglophonic country but publishes for anglophonic audiences.
Since it is likely and would be perceived to be a troll account (and because of how it positions atheism) originating from China because of their position on religion, I find it odd because the content isn't very convincing and does very little to sway audiences, especially because of how they flubbed their understanding of agnosticism.
With that in mind, I am somewhat confident that this is an AI propaganda account potentially being used by an intelligence agency.
A common tactic used by social engineers is the intentional placement of slightly wrong and half wrong information because audiences are more likely to engage in that content because it motivates audiences to correct that information. Any intelligence agency worth their salt, especially agencies that work in the propaganda space, would be aware of that dynamic. Additionally, polarizing content, and in this case, content that is polarizing to multiple groups that would be perceived to be in opposition to each other, would be another tell-tale sign of engagement in the propaganda space because it has the potential to promote higher levels of engagement.
Sure, it's possible that this content was authored by a US agency but, because of the possibility of blowback regarding US state-sponsored criticism of religion (or lack thereof), means that the political costs involved of a US agency engaging in that space would have diminishing returns. If this content was authored by a US agency, then it would be authored by an agency (or individual author) that is in support of religion and an author that is potentially unaware of how obvious they are being.
It's also an example of a potential "honeypot" where it would be presumed that intelligence agencies would seek out social media accounts that are AI or human-generated in propaganda spaces and that the author (and their nation's intel agency) would be interested in other nations' abilities in detecting those accounts because it may demonstrate a software's capability of performing semantic analysis. Further, considering how some hostile nations aggressively pursue critics of religion (up to and including hacking, and in some instances, issuing fatwa's), an inflammatory account like this could potentially be baiting hackers in those spaces.
If that's the case, because of Saudi Arabia's interest and financial position in Twitter and a nearly-universal acknowledgement that Twitter's algorithm has been pushing conservative narratives (and understanding that the private sector's semantic analysis capability isn't very robust) and promoting content that induces anger, a component of their algorithm would likely be taking into consideration the author (their location) and the author's social network (and who engages with their accounts), and secondary information about the data that Twitter has on their users in order to push content to users.
Therefore, I find it likely that this account is an AI account and it's author is based somewhere in Middle East/Persian Gulf. I also presume that their "cover" is that it's an educational account.
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2023.05.31 12:54 promisesam Revolutionizing Web3 Commerce: Are We Ready for the Next Big Leap?

Revolutionizing Web3 Commerce: Are We Ready for the Next Big Leap?
Hey Reddit community! I wanted to share some exciting news that has been making waves in the world of web3 commerce. Recently, a platform called Boson Protocol made a groundbreaking announcement, and it got me thinking: Are we truly ready for the next big leap in the evolution of online commerce?
During its closed beta phase, Boson Protocol collaborated with 48 brands and facilitated the sale of nearly 14,000 products. This is no small feat! They have been testing, learning, and fine-tuning their approach to create an authentic and trustworthy web3 commerce experience.
Boson's mission is clear: to democratize web3 technology and embrace the promise of decentralization. They are not just talking about the future; they are actively coding it. But the question remains: Are we prepared to embrace this new era of commerce?
As sellers, Boson offers a simple yet powerful set of web3 merchant tools, while ensuring trust by providing guarantees of item delivery or refunds for buyers. It's an ecosystem built on trust and transparency.
But what does this mean for us as consumers and participants in the online marketplace? Are we ready to embrace the potential of web3 commerce, where digital and physical worlds seamlessly blend together? Are we prepared to take advantage of the innovative features Boson plans to roll out, such as "Drop Physicals direct to NFT marketplaces" and a "Redeem Widget"?
Moreover, what challenges do we foresee in this transition? Is the broader adoption of web3 technologies necessary for the success of platforms like Boson Protocol? How can we ensure the security of transactions and protect our privacy in this evolving landscape?
Let's discuss! Share your thoughts, concerns, and visions for the future of web3 commerce. Are you excited about the possibilities Boson Protocol brings to the table? Or do you have reservations about the integration of blockchain technology into our everyday transactions?
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2023.05.31 12:53 RaccHudson [Wildcat's Revenge] Element-by-Element Review

[Wildcat's Revenge] Element-by-Element Review
I hope that you will come to beautiful central Pennsylvania, and ride the Panther's Retribution at Hershey's Park. Here is what you can anticipate to experience:
I'm just going to give it time to grow on me. I don't like it. The station is ugly and the coolest looking parts of the ride itself, most notably the mix of original and new wood supporting the underflip, are only visible from outside the park. Kinda bunk.
The park interaction aspect is improved slightly with the zero-g rolls replacing the helix but original Wildcat suffered from being a parking lot coaster with basically none of the park interactions that make The Hollow so amazing, and it's really hard to blame RMC for not magically fixing that. I'm an optimist so either I'll think it's less ugly later or they'll make it less ugly later.
The first half and at least a part of the lone switchback area, which sees you snaking back and forth about 8-10 times, is shaded by some but not quite enough trees. Much of the original Wildcat queue is reused, so it should feel familiar to most returning guests. Easily the standout 'feature' of the queue is the vantage point it provides you of the ride. Nearly all quality footage you'll see of this ride will be shot from somewhere inside this queue, and the flyby as the train rockets through the second wave turn and double down is almost as incredible as the head of steam the train carry into the brake run overhead. For a person you likes to gawk at the ride while waiting through the line, it's hard to get much better- but then again, Twisted Timbers does have you snaking through its infield and under elements, so that's hard to compete against.
On that note, Twisted Timbers is the only other RMC I have to compare this against. For a review from a more seasoned RMC rider I suggest you watch The Coaster Spot's first reaction who ranked it #2 behind Steel Vengeance and apparently ahead of Iron Gwaz.
The double-sided lockers are right before the stairs leading up to the station platform, and they're pretty big for free lockers tbh. Your whole group could potentially share one. Fast Lane does seem to go right up to the lockers so, be mad or excited about that depending upon your discretionary spending capabilities.
This is where the train lives. No- I'm sorry. This is where the train works, it lives in the barn. The station looks like a Pizza Hut, which may or may not have been intentional, and may or may not be part of the theme. Pizza Hut could be who Wildcat is Vengeancing. We don't even know the lore. The ride is very new and nobody has put in the work. I don't know. The interior is pretty dull, but can I tell you how? No, I don't remember any single detail about the interior of the station whatsoever. My best guess why is that it was super dull.
Kitty got things started off with a bang. It would be easy to overstate this moment by saying it gives three pops of rapid-fire airtime. Trust me: that sounds cooler than it feels. But it does make for a solid stinger to get your blood pumping, if somehow it weren't already. From moment one, even as its just trying to get you to the lift hill about fifteen yard away, this ride wants you to know that it means business.
Lift Hill
Anybody who appreciated the original view from Wildcat's lifthill will be glad to know that nothing about this lift hill compromises that. The lift was not near as obnoxious loud as I remember Twisted Timbers being, and consistently started at half-speed during three-train operations before transitioning to full speed- though sometimes not until at least halfway up. As a little bit of coaster trivia, this part of the ride provides the potential energy necessary to complete the ride course. Correct me if I'm wrong.
First Drop
If you were terrified of being let down by this coaster, I think first drop would have you realizing your deepest fears. While it is a very solid first drop, it is going to be impossible for it not to be compared to one of the best first drops in the country on Skyrush. And that's not where it ends. If I'm not mistaken, which I swear to God has never happened before, Wildcat's first drop is the fourth tallest in the park- and probably the fourth best too. I did get to experience this drop in the next-to-last row, and I want to be clear: it slaps. But this is one case where I feel it's going to be difficult for anybody not to be underwhelmed by it either because they've done RMCs with better drops, or they've already done one or two rides in this park that were better. But if you're able to numb yourself to any bias, you'll love the ejector for what it is.
Here is where we introduce the best things this ride has going for it, and the biggest issues for my review: sense of speed and disorientation. I don't think "force numb" is a common concept with enthusiasts, but I would describe it as a diminished sense of proprioception induced by disorientation or sense of speed. I think this is one major reason why some rides get better or worse with re-rides as you overcome that force numbness and can appreciate, or dislike, more of the ride.
And with the coaster hitting its max speed before immediately launching into its upward counter-clockwise spin, I can't say I felt the same lateral whip that everybody else did- but I'm certain that's not because it was there, it's because Wildcat's Revenge already had me neck-deep in what I feel at the two star forces of this ride.
The drop out of the underflip is a moment I was hopeful for some unexpected airtime, but I didn't feel any, but with the ride immediately diving back down to just above ground level there's still plenty to enjoy.
Camelback Airtime Hill
Undoubtedly the strongest moment of airtime on the ride, in the back row the airtime seemed to start about halfway over the hill but then kept me out out of my seat for what felt like ages. Although the negative Gs were incredible, my favorite detail of this element is not dissimilar from what also makes one of the better airtime moment on Skyrush: a high-speed headchopper. Despite how much it feels like copied homework, the sight of being hurled face first into the black steel of the upcoming stall gave me the first real spine-tingling holy fuck moment of the ride, the structure coming into view and narrowly buzzing by.
First Wave Turn
Spoiler alert, but at the end of this review I'm going to say that what makes this ride so amazing is the near lack of filler moments that feel more like transitions between elements than elements of themselves. The cute little outer bank leading into this wave turn is one of the few things that make me have to use that word 'near.' Maybe on later rides, with the ride running faster or myself just less force numb, something about it will reveal itself. But despite sitting on the left side to get the more aggressive end of this element, it felt like little more that a little bump in the road. But you'll feel more force and get more airtime driving 10 miles over the speed limit on 522 through Belleville.
But the wave turn itself, my first proper wave turn, was a revelation. Visually, these wave turn elements had never looked very substantial- and just seemed like a really inefficient way to get some negative Gs. But the pacing of the lateral whip, into positives, and into airtime before reversing the pattern out of it adds a wildly fun variety to the sensations.
It would not be fair to call this a 'low-point,' but front to back this was the closest this ride ever felt to relenting in its pace by even the slightest bit- but I want you to understand. That does not mean this part feels slow. That means the rest of it feels very, very fast.
Speaking of fast, this is one element I was initially skeptical of, but I blame Steel Curtain. After Steel Curtain's 'stall' felt like little more than a zero-g roll that changed its mind halfway, I was worried that this still might just happen too fast to have any real sense of hangtime. However, it is a little bit visually misleading, as the exit of the stall is higher than the entrance, so after you bottom out from the first wave turn you immediately begin that half-spin and continue rising as you hang.
It is not at all what I would describe hangtime feeling like on something like Copperhead Strike or Shellraiser- it feels more as if you were on an inverted floater airtime hill. In the back row, the feeling of the ride gaining speed even while still inverted was wild. That transitioned into the beginning of what was, for at least my one (1) official ride, my favorite sequence of elements on the ride-
The Second Wave Turn
Entering the tight right-hand turn into the second wave turn I found myself folded left-forward, to about 10:00 on a clock face. Turning you over onto your side, the second wave turn then delivers what I believed was, if not the strongest, the sharpest moment of airtime on the ride, before folding me once more in the same direction. Off-ride in the queue, it is an amazing sight to watch this element. Everybody has seen coaster structure bend and sway- this wave turn breaths. The sheer force of the trains entering into the turn push it outward, and when they blaze through the bump itself the structure is yanked inward against itself in a wave before, exiting into another right hand turn, the structure is bent backwards again.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't think I could craft the imagery that would satisfy to describe this force to you that you wouldn't better understand by watching a video, or going and seeing for yourself this great beast of a structure inhaling you like a mayfly on millennium force and spitting you out into the double-down.
The Double Down
But I said my favorite sequence of elements- that was just the first half. The encore comes in the double down, which gives you an abrupt pop of airtime before rudely interjecting it with a punch of laterals that continue even as you're being lifted back out of your seat for a second, more substantial pop of airtime. Imagine like you got about 25% through an airtime hill before Wildcat grabs your hand to yank you in the direction you were supposed to be going.
When I was a kid, Wildcat was my #1 rollercoaster, and it was for a very simple reason: It felt like it could fly off the tracks at any time. Not any other roller coaster I had ridden in my young life, including the newly-built Great Bear, had anything close to that sensation. This sequence between the second wave turn and into the first zero-g roll is the closest this ride gets to recreating that sensation- between the rapid-fire transition of forces and the manic and impulsive behavior of the double down this ride feels like it wants to escape. Skyrush feels like it wants to punt you- Wildcat's Revenge feels like it wants to bolt off from the track entirely and sprint back into the mountains it came from, and it doesn't care if you're strapped to its back, you're coming along for the ride.
First Zero-G Roll
This bowl section serves as the climax of the ride much the same as it did for the original Wildcat, and Wildcat takes its revenge with a full head of steam. It hardly feels like it slows down as it whips you up and over itself, feeling as if it wants to leap over the wall entirely and make its dash for freedom, before pulling into the tight lefthand turn and the only other element of the ride that comes close to feeling like filler, and overbank turn that sits square between Zero G rolls one and two.
Second Zero-G Roll
I felt this one was even faster than the first, and twisting through the structure as you do, one of the few things to genuinely catch me by surprise happened: the exit of the second roll drops out from underneath you into a curved double down, eerily reminiscent (to me, at least) of the infamous kink in the helix Wildcat 96 traversed after its station fly-by.
Run Into Brakes
Although the roll-bookended helix serves as the climax of the ride, Wildcat doesn't let its denouement fall flat. As you're turning sharply to the right the track lifts up and straightens out for one more ejector airtime moment, and an appropriately strong one at that. I love when rides end with one last smack of airtime, just to show you they've still got it, and while the profiling is completely different it reminds me in a lot of ways of Copperhead Strike's final airtime moment in how it will have the ability to take you by surprise with one of the strongest, if least sustained, moments of airtime.
But that pales in comparison to the brake run. First of all, brake runs are elements. Do or don't @ me it won't change reality. Some rides have better brake runs than others. The best brake run? Well of the ones I've been on, Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags America. And while I don't think Wildcat's Revenge manages to quite surpass it (both have a final pop of airtime leading into it, but Rossy has an airtime hill while Wildcat just has the pop up into the brakes) it is definitely up there with the best. The fold you feel on the engagement of the brakes is every bit as immediate and strong as on Rossy. The best thing about this ride is its unrelenting sense of speed, and the way you hit the brakes does not belie that. And despite hitting the brakes with about as much sense of speed as anything I've ridden outside of I305, the actual engagement of the brakes is extremely smooth. Unfortunately, it sounds nothing like a seal.
What you're not going to quite get from my going through each element and saying how great they all are is, unfortunately, the only thing that really matters about this ride: How it just doesn't stop. Wildcat's Revenge has, in my opinion an elite sense of speed and doesn't relent through its entire course. Not far behind the sense of speed however is the sense of disorientation provided by not only the four inversions, but also the twister nature of the layout that rarely sees you traveling in a straight line and rightside-up.
So in my mind, this coaster is elite even before you start a conversation about airtime, positives, laterals- which it has in absolute spades, too. No attraction is universally appealing, but I think a lot of people, and a lot of roller coaster enthusiasts especially, are going to come off this ride extremely pleased and while I don't think we're gonna start seeing the phrase "Wildcat-killer" out there but I think a lot of enthusiasts are going to end up rating this very highly.
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2023.05.31 12:53 Consistent_Bat_3792 Book your Aeroplane ticket in IRCTC Air

While most people like travelling, and want to avoid the hassles of standing in long queues, changing flights frequently, and hauling around heavy bags all the time. IRCTC Air is here with solutions for all your problems and queries. It is a one-stop shop for all of your air travel requirements. IRCTC Air, which was launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, provides travellers with inexpensive aeroplane tickets as well as a host of extra advantages. Due to low airline rates, easy access to air flights, and reasonable air fare ticket, more people gravitate towards air travel.
Numerous people prefer air travel not only because it is the fastest mode of transportation but for several reasons. While you're safely seated in your seat and travelling at a great height, you explore a whole new world. You may think of flying when you think of lovely vistas, excellent service, good food, and accessibility, but there's much more to it than that. There is nothing like soaring over the countryside while lakes, rivers, mountains, and other beautiful landscapes pass beneath. It is breathtaking to see the islands of light stretching across the planet below, even at night when darkness covers the sky. Other modes of transportation can also provide good vistas, but nothing else can match the aerial perspective of an airplane.
Discover how simple and hassle-free it is to purchase an aeroplane ticket booking with IRCTC Air. It allows users to book inexpensive airline tickets to any location worldwide through a user-friendly mobile app and a website. IRCTC customers who download the app on their smartphone can quickly and simply order tickets anytime, anywhere. You can also explore whether there are any available tour dates, access aeroplane ticket prices, and then reserve the tickets.
Now you know that it is possible to find a reasonable air ticket. To begin your IRCTC Air journey, download the IRCTC Air app on your smartphone, allowing you to book flights with any airline from anywhere. Select the type of journey you want once you have the IRCTC Air app on your phone. After entering all the necessary data, you will be taken to a new page with several flight ticket possibilities. If you have any doubts about the IRCTC website, head to the FAQs sections on IRCTC Air, or if you need any assistance, you can call the toll-free number 1800110139 or mail your query to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.05.31 12:53 AggroDog2012 Early Morning Ranting ☕

Good Morning PetCo fam. I need to get all of this out so just hang with me, it's gonna be a long one.
iPass is the, hands down, stupidest scheduling system I have ever seen in my decade plus of grooming and I'm absolutely sick of it.
This may not be totally an iPass problem but, Why is it when I put in for PTO 2+ months in advance and it gets approved, guests still can book online for that day? I have just had to clear out THREE days, 2 in June and 1 in July with notifications to guests that They don't have an appointment that day because I am not scheduled for that day.
This has been happening a lot more frequently, clients being able to book where they shouldn't be able to book, iPass double booking me some days (I have checked my individual settings and it's not supposed to allow this anymore - i was allowing up to three dogs in the same spot last year but after blowing both rotator cuffs had to slow down so since end of last year I no longer allow it.) I've also been having a lot more referred out clients allowed to book but part of that is they're just making new accounts to get around the referred out part, I assume there's not but if there's a way to stop it letchya boy know. I do get some satisfaction out of cancelling their new appointments and referring out the new account but it still brings more frustration than joy.
I also am still having a problem with iPass not updating phone numbers and vaccines. If i go in and update them, hit save it's there until the page is refreshed and then reverts back to the old information. Sometimes it's fine sometimes it reverts back to the old shit.ive gotten to a point where new vaccine information and new phone numbers are just typed into the notes on the account because I'm not going to have clients yell at me because "I brought you the vaccines last time!" Like sweetheart I know and I'm genuinely sorry but our system is clearly drinking on the job.
The only blessing is that I can modify things on my phone when my salon's PC is having a senior moment and doesn't want to work (which is about 50/50)
Unrelated to all of that we have our DGM and their boss coming in today and I don't know how well I am going to be able to hide my anger for this company, today may be the day I get fired. 😂
I've also been meaning to ask does anyone know what is with this Time Clock Survey shit and why it's still a thing? I've heard that if you "agree" to being offered a meal break but haven't taken one they're still taking the 30 mins of your time for the day? That can't be true, can it? 🤔 I have a block in my schedule for a meal break sure but iPass allows people to book there and honestly to keep up my numbers (as the only groomer) and make my "quota" I don't have time to stop working for 30 mins.
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2023.05.31 12:53 riceleb Behold - my curly girl journey attempting to replenish my hair after years of bleach, dye and straightening

Behold - my curly girl journey attempting to replenish my hair after years of bleach, dye and straightening
Hi all of my fellow curries 💜
I’ve been a lurker on this sub for a while, but never posted as I knew I was far from complete in my journey and knew I had a lot to learn first.
I have had quite curly hair all of my life (a mix of 3c, 3b and 2b I would say) however I never knew how to cope with it. My hair is very thick and would always be frizzy, bushy and ‘ugly’ compared to all my luscious straight haired friends locks. I hated my hair all of my childhood and began to straighten it as soon as I could to try and tame it in some way (spoiler: it didn’t work). I began to dye it with box dyes around age 13/14 and regularly dying, home bleaching and daily straightening obviously left me with a big dry ass mess of a birds nest on my head. CUE me trying to deal with this by straightening more, and worsening the problem. I have considered shaving my head many times just to make the problem go away.
The last time I bleached my hair was in 2021, which stupidly was after I had cut off a good 10 inches and it was probably as healthy as it had been for years. I got it done professionally but by a straight hair hairdresser and that is what you can see in photo 1 (bar the roots touch up which I very badly did myself, as you can tell). It was after this that I realised how dry, dead and overall tragic the condition of my hair was. The curls clung on but as you can see, were frazzled and not looking good.
I began to start my journey of trying to understand and manage my curly hair, as I would always feel in awe of others with beautiful long curly locks. Over the last two years, I’ve tried probably every curly product under the sun, had 2 curly cuts (see pic 4 for goal, pic 5 for unfortunate reality), and stopped bleaching my hair, instead now using natural hennas. I have learnt that my hair needed protein, and I no longer touch it with heat except on very rare occasion. I no longer towel dry, but air dry (albeit for approximately 1 million hours). The biggest game changer however, has been flaxseed gel. I completely stopped using my 5 step routine which included leave in conditioner, cream, keratin spray, mousse/gel and oil and now only use the homemade flaxseed gel when hair is dripping wet, scrunch and then prayer hands to release gel when dry.
As you can see from the last pic, my hair is finally manageable and I am loving my curls for the first time in a long time. It’s been a long journey and I know I still have a way to go, but I am glad to have taken the time to learn to love this natural part of myself instead of fight it every day 🙏
I always take the time to compliment a curly in public as I now realise the level of effort most people put into their lovely curls. This is your sign to do the same ✨ and if you were thinking about trying flaxseed gel, now is your time!
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2023.05.31 12:52 TheChumscrubber123 5.30.23 - Soul love & longing further intensifies!?

Somehow the soul love and longing for your soul ramped up even more today. All of today and tonight my heart chakra has been throbbing so intensively. It's like surging with waves of soul love and longing. Once again, have not felt anything close to this since I walked away, and have only felt this with you. You're also the only person who always pops up in my mind. That hasn't stopped since we met. I guess that part of TFs really is real--at least for the awakened Twin.
I can see now one of the reasons why TFs run. The connection is so intense, it's a little scary, even for me. As much as I've been talking about no attachments nor expectations, that's going to be a very hard thing to continue doing as this soul love continues growing (or returning). And of course the greater the connection, the greater the potential for hurt.
But what is there to fear? The way to Heaven is through the flames. I've never been one to live life in the safe zone. Living a boring life in fear of taking risks is not a life lived at all. What's even the point of that? You're just passing time waiting to die. And then you will just reincarnate and be forced to face your fears eventually.
Even if I crash and burn badly, the satisfaction of knowing I at least gave Union my absolute best shot and there was nothing more I could've done will alone be worth it, and I can live with acceptance of the results. Not only that, but in my case, any pain/suffering is transmuted into more Presence, so my rebirth from those ashes would be glorious.
I say all this as if I (the person) will be the one making these decisions, but ofc ultimately it will be HS who looks at our situation and decides accordingly. But it's fun sometimes to act as if I'm making the decision. And who knows, maybe HS will entertain it. The other great thing is whatever happens, I know I will be guided towards the highest good--as I am in the flow with the Universe Itself--so there really is nothing left to fear anymore.
You streamed all day (and night) today--in fact you're still streaming. Again, I wasn't allowed to interact in chat. But I did actually watch a good amount of it anonymously. You played 7 Days to Die. It's exactly my kind of game, and I was sitting there wishing I could join you. Who knows, maybe it'll happen.
While I'm certain "I" the person doesn't have much influence over anything meaningful in my life anymore and that HS is calling most if not all of the important shots, I don't know to what extent my person can still influence the important things at this point. I'm still far from enlightenment, afterall. I wonder, for example, if not chatting with you on Twitch might be me the person influencing that decision. Because "I" the person still feels discouraged from chatting with you via Twitch, as I feel it's pointless. I just can't see how that being our only means of communication could possibly lead to us building a real/deep connection. "Nice shot! GG!" I just become simp #47 lol. With your brother's streams it's different because I'm usually the only viewechatter in his stream, so it's usually like a private stream where it's just him and I chatting 1-on-1. So we can easily have deeper, meaningful convos. The discord DM convos between he and I also helped. DMs between you and I always seem to result in me eventually getting ghosted, so that's never worked out lol.
*An idea just came to me that maybe I can reach out to catch up with you on the phone or disc call tomorrow or sometime. Tomorrow is your day off afterall. Idk if that idea came from HS or the person. I guess if HS lets me reach out, it was from him. I'd definitely love to finally be able to have a meaningful convo with you after nearly 4 years lol.... But we'll see what happens tomorrow.
I miss you and love you so much.
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2023.05.31 12:52 MBAConfusion Duke ($$$) vs Yale ($$)? Which school is best for IB/Startups? Which offer makes most sense? Leaning to Duke Offer.

Lucky to get admitted to multiple schools. Had offers from 2 M7's (with a token scholarship) but have turned them down (yes some commenters will call me stupid, but I'm being risk averse).
Location agnostic for post-MBA, with a preference for Investment Banking, with a stretch ambition for startups (or perhaps VC). Coming from a technology background, and have worked in a Tech Strategy side of a company already overseas so have that counting for me.

Trying to weigh up the offers, some of my thinking points:

1) Scholarship
Duke has a substantially higher scholarship and that definitely weight for it.
2) Culture
Duke has been much warmer than Yale. That is not a slight on Yale who have been possibly the second warmest of my admitted schools. Though it sounds like a cult, Team Fuqua seems to be a real element to the experience there. Stupid things like emailing on birthdays to having the interviewer dial in and congratulate you after your acceptance just makes it feel like they want you more.
3) Location
In general, i've heard New Haven isn't a great place to live in. However, it is central to Boston/NYC which I can see it making networking that much easier? That said, I see just as many Fuquans in great IB positions as SOM alumni, so I assume that doesn't play a huge factor.
On the flip side, NE Weather sucks, so Durham wins out on liveability. Plus, UNC Chapel Hill, and some major companies like BCG have offices there, whereas no one really has offices in New Haven.
Overall, fairly even in my mind.
4) Compensation post-MBA
Both report almost identical median pay for both internationals & locals. Plus, all top companies are hiring at both. Am I missing anything?
5) Lay Prestige in the US
I think Yale edges this. Correct me if i'm wrong but HYP undergrad prestige plus its law school gives it name recognition. The Ivy name i
That said, both have top class law & medical, with Duke having the world's best Nursing program (though i don't see that as being a big plus to the MBA besides finding an amazing nurse for a partner lol).
Overall, Yale is ahead. How much ahead though? Say 95% of people know Yale, would 80% know Duke?
6) Lay prestige in my country
Both schools don't have much lay prestige in my country. People interested in academia/law or post grad will know both. However, in the Asia Pacific region, I think Yale would dominate Duke. Duke is heard of, but not to the level of Yale.
7) Recognition in the Business World and Quality of Alumni
This one is very tricky. Fuqua has been the much better business school, especially from 1990-2010 period. Heck, Fuqua was going toe-to-toe with the lower M7's at that point. Pretty much like Berkeley today. However, since late 2000's, early 2010's, Fuqua has declined a bit and stabilised. This is seen in the rankings dropping from consistently 7/8/9 to now about 11/12.
Yale on the other hand has boosted themselves into the spot Fuqua was once upon a time.
Despite that, shouldn't Fuqua's alumni base be better? The Fuquans of the 90's and 2000's are now the ones in those influence positions. Meanwhile, Yale's rise is really only the last 5 years?
Any hard stats to compare on this?
8) Access to Startup World?
Both schools don't compare to H/S/W, but both seem to have some activity. Duke has strong potential in healthcare/agri/cleantech space but its startups varies drastically year to year (just 1 in 2022), while Yale seems to be more generalised and consistent. Hard to gauge this one.
Guess this one comes down to resources available too. I think both schools have small startup programs, incubators and such, but anything which makes either standout?

On the above points, I'm leaning Duke, but would appreciate any comments from Fuquans, Yalies, or other MBA alumni/students/applicants.

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2023.05.31 12:52 -Megaflare- Playing Legend of Dragoon for the first time. How do you feel about the dialogue?

Finally got around to playing Legend of Dragoon and I just started disc 2. I've been enjoying the game so far but one thing I've noticed right off the bat is the dialogue is...wonky? It's just so weirdly written at times and really doesn't flow well, I often find myself feeling like moments in the game would have been so much better if the dialogue just wasn't so choppy. I've since read that the games had a bad translation which makes it make sense. Do you guys have any info on why the translation turned out this way? And how do you feel about the dialogue?
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2023.05.31 12:52 Aromatic_Essay9033 😬

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2023.05.31 12:52 aqueeb1994 Building a website. What do you understand from the first fold? How does the service probably work? Will make copy or design changes based on what you folks understand just from the first fold.

Building a website. What do you understand from the first fold? How does the service probably work? Will make copy or design changes based on what you folks understand just from the first fold. submitted by aqueeb1994 to userexperience [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 12:51 Unbridled_Ki How to survive living with a Psychopath that you can’t move away from for a long time?

I (35f) have recently found out that my “mother” I have been dependent on due to mental disability is a psychopath who may have intentionally tried to kill me by driving me to suicide attempts by intentionally aggravating my mental health. Let me explain.
First this is gonna be extremely condensed.
I won’t go into how she raised me and all the cruel and horrible things she lied about as being love and that I was the problem. That would be a books worth. I will just say after college I worked for a bit before my depression became too sever. Due to that I ended up moving back with my “mother”. I should say she had been putting on the nice and caring act for years after I left for college and I had bought it.
I ended up developing late onset psychosis and paranoid delusion. This involves thinking people were after me and breaking in and stealing items and moving things along with placing cameras and bugs(spying) everywhere.
I told all of my symptoms to her while I was experiencing them because I was scared out of my mind and thought I could trust her despite her reverting to her old self by then.
I realize now she perpetuated my condition. For instance I asked her to help me look for bugs. I was in another room and I heard the voices saying that she might find them and that she almost broke the dresser drawer looking. I went and told her what I heard and she said she did pull pretty hard to open the dresser in that room. This led me to believe what was going on was real as I did not think to suspect she would do that.
Another example is me trying to stop the people from getting into my room. I would tape the door at night and try to stay up because the voices were saying they would break in while I was asleep. She convinced me go to sleep saying no one would get in with the taped door. The next morning I freaked out because the tape was peeling. When I told her she told me she did kinda hear someone walking around in the room but she thought it was me.
During this initial onset period she never told me to get help or took me to a hospital and I never went myself because I thought everything was real.
To make a very long story short again. When I finally did go to a mental ward because I had tried to cut my throat with a knife (She finally said I should go to a hospital. I had stopped myself and came to her crying). I was finally diagnosed and confirmed mentally disabled. The whole time I was in the ward she would come every day available and stay for the full visitation hours. She became my representative payee after I got out and on disability. It was SSI since I had not worked long enough due to depression to get regular disability.
So I became completely dependent on her. Even diagnosed she would say things like how medicine was poison and tell me stories about people with schizophrenia made it without medicine. And heavily implied I was dumb if I took medicine because “I was smarter than to take the poisonous medicine pharmaceuticals put out to make money and they don’t even work”. She was so convincing because the first med I was put on didn’t work well and gave me bad side effects so I tried to go without. She also told me it was best I didn’t tell anyone in the family because they would be afraid of me.
To make another long story short and get to the point. I left the house she lived in and she convinced me to let her go and stay with me because she could help me and what if I had a bad episode I would need someone.
I found out recently thanks to years of therapy and finally being on meds awhile (which she said was “too bad”) That she has been doing serious lying to me. She lied about her house being broken into three times yet there was no sign of being broken into and she just didn’t know how they did it. I had used what I was learning in therapy and wrote it off as random acts rather than people now targeting her too. Me and my therapist were confused about it.
That she was a psychopath did not cross my mind because she was so good at acting like she had some kind of love for me despite her cruelty mixed in.
The first break in she said her expensive plates were stolen along some of my jewelry I had left there along with some other things. The next time she told me a lot of her expensive clothes she had brought were stolen. The final time she said they had taken her expensive shoes (she had a lot).
Fortunately, recently due to some circumstances and a new therapist (my old one left) I went as low contact as possible with her while living with her due to her getting too comfortable being cruel with me. My new therapist encouraged me to stay that way despite how she began to act after I went low contact (she had immediately gone into nice and caring mode when I started hardly talking to her).
I wanted to find a journal I had written in that was in that house to read to my new therapist. I had had enough therapy to not fear as much returning to the house my condition started in. I wasn’t talking with my “mother” so she did not know I was going back. I discovered all the stuff she claimed was stolen while looking for the journal.
That is when I finally started to realize how much she was lying. I told my new therapist this and she suspected she suffered from generational trauma and some mental disorder but was not sure. She encouraged me to keep low contact and work on becoming independent again. This is what I have been doing.
About her trying to kill me in the past.
I tried to kill myself from two bad episodes. (I should mention I had gone off my medicine due to side effects and did not have my old therapist because she left out of state). I didn’t want another therapist right away because I had become so attached to the one that left and my “mother” was telling me about how I should try natural medicine to cure my condition. (I was dumb I know).
The first attempt was kicked off because I had started hearing voices from right outside the house. I told her. A few days later I find the door unlocked and cracked open. I ask her and she says she doesn’t know why it was open. Cue my total break down thinking they had gotten in and my therapy had only convinced me it was not real. When I was at my worst my “mother” just stepped back completely. She didn’t ry to stop me. She didn’t suggest treatment. Just let me rip with my condition. I ended driving over an hr to drive of a bridge to kill myself until I realized I might not get thru the guardrails and driving into a tree. I survived it and only ended up with a broken leg and fracture to my back. During my hospital stay “Mother” would come for the full visitation hours. She did the same when I was moved to the mental ward due to the suicide attempt..
Yet, my “mother” told no one in the family what had happened.
The second attempt was kicked off because I had gotten into religion (Christianity) to protect myself. I have always been atheist. What can I say I was off my rocker and convinced now It was more reality than me being sick due to the very real unexplainable door incident. I used a bookmark I had bought to keep place during my reading. There is a reading room in the townhouse we are renting so I would leave the book there. I wake up one day and go to read the book to see the bookmark is gone. Of course I am freaking out and tell her about it. She just says that it’s “weird and maybe I misplaced it”. At this point I think it’s the people after me yet again and think It’s hopeless because no one will believe me due to my diagnosis. I fall into really deep depression as well with the schizophrenic episode. I tell her I am thinking of suicide again but she doesn’t really react.
That time I decide to try and get hit by traffic to be killed. I drive to the freeway and on it awhile before I pull to the emergency lane and get out. I guess I still had some self preservation in me because I was feeling fear about doing it. I kept moving to step out but would step back. Some cars would blow at me I remember. Luckily some guy probably saw a lunatic was thinking about running onto the freeway. He pulls up in front of me to block me and I tried to run away from him but couldn’t due to not making it over the concrete median before he grabs me. He holds onto me while his wife(?) calls the cops. Cue me being taken to the police station handcuffed and then the closest hospital handcuffed, staying there awhile before back to the hospital with the mental ward.
Again “Mother” would come to the mental ward each day and stay for the full visitation hours asking what I wanted her to bring me and what I did in there.
I realize now at all the mental ward stays she never asked how I was or said what she felt. It was just general conversation. I just figured she did not tell anyone because she felt ashamed of me and I felt ashamed too due to my condition and no one else I knew in the family trying to kill themselves.
I didn’t see it then because I had some form of hope or delusion that she had some form of love for me she just didn’t show it well. The only reason I figured everything she said was a lie was because she used her “sweet and nice” voice while being domineering and manipulative to me yesterday. She had never done that before ever. It was always an angry yelling or frustrated voice she used. So I had always assumed her using that voice was her having some form of sincerity.
After figuring this out just yesterday I looked back at all the “real” episodes of my condition and even a lot of the things that were off about her behavior, such as not telling anyone about my suicide attempts or condition.
She also had not bothered to call the police on either of my suicide attempts. When I first asked about it, since she said she didn’t know I was gonna kill myself despite me telling her I was suicidal, she told me she was praying for me at the house. When I asked again a few months later she said she didn’t suspect because “ I leave the house alone a lot” even though I was clearly having a severe episode when I went to kill myself.
I have had many negatives feeling regarding her. This is the first time I am fearful being around her. Unfortunately, my new therapist left the practice before I realized all this. My last meeting was last week and I don’t have an appt with her replacement until next week.
I have a small independent catering job now. A job that could pay enough to get me away from her, but unfortunately it requires a car and it’s her car. I also still depend on her financially to help with job costs. So even if I could afford enough to rent a place I would not have a car or probably finances to continue the job anytime soon.
She apparently does not like me having this job, even though she was so eager to help, because she has started to become her real self with it and is stealing items I use for the job while saying she doesn’t know anything about it. She is also doing things to try and trigger my conditions symptoms again.
At best I would not be able to save up to have a car and enough profit to run things on my own and be able to leave until midway into next year.
So how do I survive living with this psychopath that probably tried to make me kill myself twice? At least, until I can get my therapy appointment next week? I am assuming I should not act like I have figured out her behavior and what she did/is doing because that might escalate it.
I am scared but able to control myself so far from freaking out.
I really don’t know if she would directly try to harm or kill me. I assume she is capable of anything. Especially if she knows that I know what she is now.
Other family are not an option as they live on the other side of the coasts. On top of that no one would believe me. They all think she is a kind and loving person. I have and know no one near here.
I should also mention my father divorced her and has been gone with no contact with me since I was about two years old. I don’t know anything about him. The irony is that she always said he was the monster.
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2023.05.31 12:51 akankshabadaya I regret not slapping him.

Last year I met a guy via parents. A perfect guy on paper. Double masters, Dean's list award, ex investment banker, smart, tall and good looking guy. He grew up in Hong Kong and his family was famous amongst Hong Kong Indians. I went with my parents while he was accompanied by his mom. We were sent to a different table so we could talk freely ( that's how almost all arranged marriage set up works I think)
He chose a table where our parents can't see us. His opening line to me was - He: So you are daddy's Princess? Me: Kinda, Aren't you mama's boy? He : No I am not, but if you are daddy's Princess then today we will do everything you like. But remember "Day is yours and night will be mine"
It came as a bit of a shock. I thought he really meant what I am thinking he meant or am I overthinking. He could have meant something else. (Who in the right mind would say something so inappropriate to a stranger whom they have met a min ago while our parents are few feets away from Us)
I gave him a benefit of doubt but I did ask him what does he mean by night will be mine. Are you taking me out on dinner at night or something? He didn't respond. Our conversation progressed and it kept getting inappropriate and creepy. He : Dil badda hai kya? (Do you have a huge heart) Me : I think so Him : You are not trying to understand what I am asking here.
Everything I said turned into sexual innuendo. Me: I will figure it out. He: I will finger it out. He constantly asking me to shift a bit so I could closer to him. He : Are you comfortable? Me : Hmm He : What If I'd have done this (gesturing what If I would have kept my hand on your thighs) He: It is difficult to make you laugh, don't worry I am a hard working person. "I will climb the mountain and I hope the view is great from there" Btw how many people have climbed your "mountain"?
He : Are your parents strict? Me: No He : Are you strict? Me: No i am not. He : Then you are "flexible" Do you know yoga? How many "poses" do you know? Will you teach me? (I am sure he wasn't talking about yoga poses here)
He checked me out (looked me from top to bottom) I asked anything wrong He replied no I was just checking you out. Before I could process his previous statement he would end up saying something more inappropriate. I was giving him quite a benefit of doubt because this wasn't some Bumble/Tinder date. Our parents were there and who would behave in such an inappropriate manner.
And he also sang"Chura ke dil mera goriva chali" 1 hour of Over the top flirting, inappropriate behavior and doublemeaning talks. My brain kinda went numb because I got so uncomfortable. Whole meeting was nothing more than traumatizing. Till today I regret not slapping him as my brain was finding hard to process the whole incident.
He left India next day with his mom and his socail media presence is 0. So I never got an opportunity to tell him he shouldn't have behaved the way he did. For a long time that meeting gave me creeps.
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2023.05.31 12:51 Shadoallcaps Epic lost my day 1 Fortnite account and everything got reset

Started playing Fortnite before it was a BR and stopped in 2018, a little bit after the 2017 Fortnitemares event and following Christmas event. I came back in 2022 to see how the game was and it treated me as a new user. Same epic account, same email, same everything.
Tried to go through support and they can see my epic account is old enough (I was a paragon founder and that is still logged) but nothing about fortnite except my new stats starting in 2022. I definitely had vbucks from previous event giveaways and whatever shit you get from the old seasons, but it's just gone, as though it never existed. I have emails to confirm that I was invited to try Fortnite BR as a paragon founder and of my involvement in the aforementioned event but on epic's side they say there is nothing except the account that starts in 2022.
Their excuse is that my account was from before they started logging stats and because I didn't play for so long (2018ish - 2022) my account never had its stats created (or some bs like that, that makes 0 fkn sense as all my paragon and spellbreak shit is still there and paragon is from 2016 and the old emails are to the exact same address and username because literally nothing changed except they dropped the ball and lost my shit...)
So basically epic lost my account progress for a game where the entirety of its prestige system relies on having the oldest/hardest to earn skins, leaving me some basic ass smurf looking account and they say there is nothing that can be done. I literally have email receipts of everything about the events and early game, some of which include my credentials and stats at the time, but I never spent money on vbucks so they said they can't (won't?) figure it out...
Pretty pissed that the one company on earth with the money to bankroll generations of nostalgia can't keep track of a simple user account; when that's the entire point of their game... Like fuck man I have emails for all the old events and just nothing to show for it. No skins, no items, no vbucks, no stats. Nothing.
Does this mean others have/could potentially lose their accounts and everything they have earned as well?? Is there anyone here who can help me in any way? How is this even possible, these companies literally thrive off of holding all our info but not mine????
First fortnite email dating 2015/12/15
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2023.05.31 12:50 Doc_Den Warthunder economy evolution from F2P point of view

I’m playing WT since 2013. For me it was a first decent aircraft game inb4 all other stuff were added. Back ithen you didn’t need premium account to play comfortly. Yes, your RP progress might be slow, but you had tons of SL. How that possible? Well, let me tell you.
First of all back then GJN was generous (some new players might downvote me and say that I’m lying, but trust me!). You could get a lot of premium planes via easy tasks (smth like win 15 games using USSR rang 3 aircrafts). This way as a F2P player I got Ki-43-2, P-39-N-0, soviet B-25, Boomerang and couple of more. Having all those planes economy was not a problem – they earned decent SL in ARB. Even soviet Catalina in Arcade (sic!) was great farming machine. It was against biplanes and reserves and having decent gunners you could get 10-15 kills just flying around the battlefield. And get 100k+ SL for that, because Catalina had nice premium multipliers. In arcade! Granted, it was a bit unfair, and Snail NERFED it.
Then tanks got introduced and generosity of Snail went down. No more easy task to get yourself some plane, and premium tanks giveaways become much much more rare. I can only remember a sovier M3 Lee, that was quite easy to obtain. But that’s it, the era of crafting events, marathons and later battle pass begins.
But using my soviet B-25 I could still make decent money in ARB. Bomb a base, kill some guy with a turrets and here you are – 30-50k SL without a premium. So economy was not a problem for me still. Then GJN NERFED bomber earnings and NERFED gunners. So earnings with B-25 become quite low.
Around that time I started playing tanks, just for change of pace and quickly discovered, that you can take your premium plane in TRB, spawn in it, shoot down couple of enemy planes and get decent SL for that. “Nice! No more 5 min sideclimbing, that’s a great way to have fun, kill CAS and earn some SL!” So I started playing my T-34 lineup with premium P-39-N-0. And SL was not a problem still. But guess what? Yep, GJN nerfed SL for air to air kills in TRB, so this source of earnings also become not profitable.
Then GJN introduced coastal naval, that was not very popular and later bluewater naval, that they design with artificially increased SL multipliers to make this place a dedicated SL grinding playground. Overall this didn’t work. Mode still not popular, flooded with bots and game takes long to find (2 min+ on average for me). I play there time after time, SL earning is nice, but comparing to old SL earning ways it is not very fun.
Overall, you can still have decent SL with Ki-43-2 or P-39-N-0 in ARB, BUT you need premium account for that. Back then it was not needed. That’s the main problem of the WT – slowly but steadily making premium account required, rather then optional. And this means life of a F2P player becomes more and more difficult in our game.
TL;DR Back then economy was much better, but slowly degraded
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2023.05.31 12:50 ResponsibleElephant6 M29 experiencing body aches - most dominantly in the morning with intense pain and fatigue for hours

Background information (list of symptoms at the end):185 cm84 kgCaucasian
Symptoms (highlighted most problematic symptoms):Considerable levels of fatigue that are worse in the morningPain in upper arms both sidesEar painHeadachesMuscle weakness and stiffnessJoint painBlurry vision at timesLightheadednessBrain fogTrouble falling asleepMood swings -> mostly from anxiety to depression to anger
This has been a persisting issues for almost all of my mothers side of the family, which affected us in different intensities at different times. The issue emerges seemingly spontaneously and lasts for days/weeks or sometimes months and disappears as suddenly as it comes. My doc requested several tests and me to see different specialists - blood sugar is always good, iron levels are always good, endocrinologist ruled out thyroid related issues as my blood test and ultrasound returned normal (only one small cyst which was marked as clinically insignificant due to it being about 2mm). I had considerably low vitamin D levels, which was found to have returned to normal during the last checkup. I had some issues with a fatty liver, with triglyceride levels progressively getting better (also elevated ALT and AST levels for months, but they returned to normal). A heart ultrasound was conducted as both sides of my family are prone to heart issues and the doc wanted to exclude that - returned normal. An abdominal ultrasound showed a fatty liver, but no other issues. A neurologist assessed that I have some back issues that should be treated with physical therapy as things haven't progressed too badly but need to be taken care of if I want to avoid issues in the future. An ENT doctor found I have some mild form of chronic sinusitis that is treated with corticosteroid nasal sprays during flare ups and antihistamines during this time, as my allergies act up between mid-April and mid-June. A head scan was requested to check for other issues, but apart from sinus hypoplasia nothing was found. Last blood check showed (again) some elevation in RBC, low MCV and higher MCH which is why I am forwarded to a hematologist now.
As for my medical history, these issues have been going on and off now since about 2019 after I suffered from pneumonia for about 3 months. I have suffered from panic disorder and depression for some time and taken SSRIs twice with escitalopram helping me immensely (from 2016 until 2018) before it stopped working somehere around summer of 2018 while the second SSRI didn't do much honestly which is why I weaned off with my doc (if you were wondering if its stress related). I also found their side effects to be unnerving, which is why I prefer not having to take them, if its no absolute must. To be honest, in times where my body is functioning how it should, I don't have these issues except some mild anxiety that I can manage, but during these phases it seems that both mind and body just start to riot. There are times when I am unbothered by almost all of these issues for months at a time, but when they come back, they can immensely decrease my quality of life as I find 2 hours of minor activity to make me want to teleport home and lie down which is then followed by pain. The pain itself, I can't really explain as I am not sure if its muscle pain, or nerve pain (I highly doubt my bones are aching), but it feels like a hot set of needles is targeting specific spots in both arms. The issue know has emerged summer last year and has been pretty consistent, which is kinda discouraging as I simply want to spend quality time again but can't seen to overcome this, which is in turn affecting my mental health negatively.
I am doing regular checkups with my doc and I am trying to refrain from self diagnosing because I tend to look things up when panic creeps in, but I know that dr. google will follow up with CFS, Fybromialgia, MS and others. However, I wanted to look into some opinions just in case you experienced something similar or treated someone with similar issues to see whether something was missed
Edit: Because I forgot to list something
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2023.05.31 12:50 AutoModerator [Course] The System by Todd Valentine

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2023.05.31 12:49 Equitylogistic How to transport ship carry and move solar panels around

How to transport ship carry and move solar panels around
Solar panels are a promising source of renewable energy that is rapidly gaining popularity in India. However, transporting these delicate and expensive devices can be quite challenging. Even the slightest mishandling during transport, shipping or carrying can cause microcracks to form on the surface of solar panels, which could lead to decreased efficiency and even complete failure over time. In this blog post, we'll provide some essential tips that will help you safely move your solar panels around without damaging them so you can enjoy their benefits for years to come!
Pressure causes microcracks in panels
Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. These cells are incredibly delicate and can easily develop microcracks, which could significantly reduce their efficiency and lifespan over time.
One common cause of these microcracks is pressure, which can occur during transport or installation. Even a small amount of pressure can damage the fragile surface of solar panels and lead to long-term issues.
The formation of microcracks is more likely to happen if there's any debris or dirt on the surface when transporting them. The weight from this debris will add significant strain on the panel and create even more pressure points where cracks might start to form.
It's important to remember that even though solar panels look sturdy enough, they need careful handling. Dropping them, stacking heavy objects on top or applying excessive force could all lead to irreparable damage — something that will ultimately cost you both time and money in repairs.
To prevent such unpleasant surprises from happening, it's essential always to handle your solar panels with utmost care throughout every stage until installation – especially while being transported!
Transporting solar panels is a delicate process
Transporting solar panels is a delicate process that requires careful planning and execution. Since solar panels are made of fragile materials, they can easily develop microcracks under pressure or impact. These cracks may seem insignificant, but they can significantly reduce the panel's efficiency over time.
To avoid such damages during transportation, it is crucial to have specialized equipment and trained personnel who understand how to handle these sensitive components safely. The transport vehicle must be equipped with shock-absorbing mechanisms such as air suspension systems that minimize vibrations and bumps on the road.
Additionally, solar panels should always be packed in sturdy crates or containers that provide adequate cushioning against external forces. The packaging material should also prevent moisture from penetrating through and causing damage to the panel's surface layers.
It is equally essential to plan for potential weather changes along the transport route since extreme temperature fluctuations can affect the performance of the panels negatively. Therefore, timely delivery becomes critical when transporting solar panels since prolonged exposure in transit could lead to unwanted damages.
Transporting solar panels requires an experienced team with specialized knowledge about handling fragile devices while minimizing risks during transit.
Prepare for the pickup ahead
Before transporting solar panels, it's essential to prepare for the pickup ahead. This means understanding the size and weight of your panels and ensuring that you have the appropriate equipment to handle them.
Firstly, make sure that your vehicle is suitable for transporting solar panels. It should be large enough to accommodate their size, and its suspension system must be able to handle their weight without any issues. If you're unsure about this, consult with a professional transport company or mechanic before attempting transportation.
Next, ensure that all necessary protective gear is available during transportation. This includes gloves, goggles as well as hard hats if required by law or regulations in your area of operation.
It's also important to secure the panels correctly using straps or other fastening devices designed specifically for this purpose. The last thing you want is for one of these valuable assets bouncing around in transit and getting damaged due to lack of proper support.
Consider asking someone who has experience handling solar panels on how best they can be transported safely – particularly if it’s a long journey or through difficult terrain like bumpy roads etc., where additional measures may need implementing such as adding foam padding between fragile components.
In summing up: Preparation is key when it comes time to move your Solar Panels! So take some time beforehand so everything runs smoothly on moving day!
When carrying a panel, don't apply pressure
When transporting solar panels, it's crucial to avoid applying pressure when carrying them. Pressure can cause microcracks in the panel's cells, which can lead to a decrease in performance and efficiency over time.
To avoid putting pressure on the panels, it's essential to use proper lifting techniques. Make sure you have a firm grip on the edges of the panel and avoid bending or twisting it. It's also important to wear gloves with good grip when handling solar panels.
If you're moving multiple panels at once, make sure they are securely fastened together before lifting them. This will prevent any shifting or movement that could cause damage to the individual panels.
Additionally, don't stack heavy objects on top of solar panels during transportation or storage as this could put unnecessary weight and pressure on them.
By taking these precautions when carrying your solar panels, you'll ensure that they remain intact and perform optimally for years to come.
Transporting solar panels may seem like an easy task, but it requires careful planning and execution. As we have learned through this article, pressure can cause microcracks in the panels which can affect their performance, so ensuring that they are transported with care is crucial.
Before you transport your solar panels, make sure to prepare for the pickup ahead of time and use appropriate equipment such as padded crates or blankets. When carrying a panel, remember not to apply any pressure to it.
By following these tips and being mindful during the transportation process, you can ensure that your solar panels arrive at their destination safely and ready for installation. And if you're looking for a reliable Solar Panel Transport Service in India, keep these considerations in mind when choosing a provider.
Remember: handling solar panels with care is essential to protect your investment and guarantee maximum efficiency once installed. Good luck with your next transportation project!
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2023.05.31 12:49 urmumwaswithme AITA for ‘not trying’ to tell my ex bsf what happened between her n her ex

i recently lost both of my bsfs (s and j) to a misunderstanding. us three were inseparable and i believed these were my girls for life until now. i found out that s cheated on her bf w with o. she has said many times in the past how hot o is but i never thought much of it as she has also said the same about w.
she cheated on w with o bc one of my friends n mentioned how w is clingy and he took that to heart and started distancing himself from her. this lasted around less then a week before she cheated on him. she broke up with w the next week due to guilt and they stayed friends however he wasn’t aware of the fact that she cheated on him until last month when i told him.
around a week after they broke up my friend n invites me on a call with w to talk about s. i have been friends with w for a few years before they started dating so i didn’t mind helping him as i knew he needed it. during this time he wasn’t aware that she cheated and was sad bc he’s been after s ever since i met him and finally he got her and lost her. i didn’t have the heart to tell him and i knew i would betray s trust if i told him so i stayed silent.
i mentioned to j on a call that i was on a call with w and n and knew why he was ignoring her. she didn’t mention much about it for the rest of the facetime and i thought everything was fine. i did text s nearly everyday to try and get her to call me or see me so i can explain everything however i was ghosted by her and her sister c. around a week after they ghosted me s sends me an essay about how i have broken her trust by going on a call with her w and telling her why he was ignoring her. apparently j told s what she knew about it even though it wasn’t much and she made up half the story. she made up that i was on calls with her ex when they were dating however that is false as i would never do that despite the fact w is my friend.
i was sad that day at school i tried texting j about what happened and why she didn’t just let me tell s because she didnt know the full story but i was sent another essay on how i have broken both of their trusts.
when i told my friends at school they were pissed s and j didn’t hear me out and one of them typed a longer essay to s saying how i didn’t do anything wrong and have tried to tell her before many times. she didn’t know what to say about it and just dared me to say this to her face instead of online.
after around 2 months i find out s has been talking badly about me at her school (my old school) saying how i am a terrible friend and i can’t be trusted.
i was mad and decided that she can’t just cheat on w and act like nothing happened and make me the bad guy so i told w what happened. now most of her friends (w and s are in the same friendgroup) aren’t friends with her anymore. she barely attends school now and i feel bad and feel like i could’ve done more to stop this friendship from ending
so aita?
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2023.05.31 12:49 expert-sap Streamlining Business Processes: SAP 3rd Party Integration Services by Denpro Technologies

In today's highly connected business landscape, seamless integration between various systems and applications is vital for driving efficiency and maximizing productivity. As businesses strive to streamline r operations, SAP 3rd party integration services have emerged as a game-changer, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their SAP ecosystem. Denpro Technologies, a leading provider of SAP integration services, offers comprehensive solutions that bridge the gap between SAP and third-party systems, facilitating a smooth flow of data and optimizing business processes. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of SAP 3rd party integration services provided by Denpro Technologies and how they can drive success for businesses.
Denpro Technologies excels in seamlessly integrating SAP systems with third-party applications, enabling businesses to eliminate data silos and achieve a unified view of their operations. By integrating key business systems, such as CRM, e-commerce platforms, HR management tools, and supply chain management solutions, organizations can streamline processes, eliminate manual data entry, and improve data accuracy. The result is enhanced efficiency, reduced operational costs, and accelerated decision-making capabilities.
We understand that each business has unique requirements, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice. With our expertise in SAP integration, they offer customized solutions tailored to specific business needs. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to understand our objectives and challenges, designing integration strategies that align with our goals. Denpro Technologies' deep knowledge of SAP systems and third-party applications enables us to create seamless integrations that maximize functionality and ensure a smooth user experience.
By integrating SAP with third-party systems, we enable businesses to gain enhanced data visibility and access real-time insights. Organizations can leverage integrated analytics platforms to extract valuable information from disparate sources, empowering them to make informed decisions quickly. Real-time data synchronization between systems provides a holistic view of operations, enabling better forecasting, inventory management, and customer relationship management. With a unified and accurate data landscape, organizations can unlock actionable insights for improved business performance.
Denpro Technologies' SAP 3rd party integration services are designed to be scalable and future-proof, ensuring that businesses can adapt and grow without encountering integration roadblocks. We employ industry best practices and leverage cutting-edge technologies to create robust integration frameworks. Denpro Technologies stays updated with the latest advancements in SAP and third-party platforms, allowing us to seamlessly integrate new applications or systems as businesses evolve. This flexibility ensures that the integration solution remains agile and supports future expansion and innovation.
Denpro Technologies goes beyond the initial integration implementation by providing reliable support and maintenance services. Their team of experts offers ongoing assistance to address any integration-related issues, perform system updates, and ensure the smooth functioning of integrated systems. With their dedicated support, businesses can have peace of mind, knowing that their integrated SAP ecosystem is continuously optimized and operational.
SAP 3rd party integration services provided by Denpro Technologies enable businesses to leverage the full potential of their SAP ecosystem. Through seamless integration with third-party applications, organizations can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and gain a holistic view of their operations. Denpro Technologies' expertise in SAP integration services, customized solutions, enhanced data visibility, scalability, and reliable support make them the ideal partner for businesses seeking to optimize their SAP landscape. With their comprehensive integration services, Denpro Technologies empowers businesses to drive growth, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead in today's dynamic business environment.
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2023.05.31 12:49 APM-Tanks-A-Lot How much do personal trainers make?

Specifically at Puregym and The Gym, I’ve always been curious
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