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2023.05.31 11:48 TopZookeepergame8175 Have you ever been in a situation where you had to forgive someone or be forgiven? How did you handle it?

What's the most amazing or impressive display of animal intelligence you've seen?
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2023.05.31 11:48 throwaway_photog762 TIFU (22F) by destroying my relationship (31M) because of a friend (26F)

I (22F) had been going out with my ex boyfriend (31M) for about 9 months. About 6 months ago I started my job which was my first job since graduating college. I worked at this job during a summer internship and they hired me back after graduating. Since I started the job, I made friends with the same people I was friends with during the internship, including a girl who I will refer to as friend 1 (26F). My ex was convinced that friend 1 had a crush on me even though she didn’t. She shaved her head and has a different sense of style but she isn’t gay/bi. Her and I went to the same gym and we would often go together with two other coworkers. She has helped me when I was in a very bad place mentally because she has been through similar experiences. About 3 months into the relationship, he had to leave for a month for work. Because I had recently graduated college, I didn’t have a lot of friends because they were either still at college or they lived far away. Friend 1 and some other coworkers were my only friends during that time. I really got to know all of them and I enjoyed hanging out with them all. My ex didn’t like that, especially since we were long distance. After 3 more months, I canceled my gym membership and stopped hanging out with my coworkers as much, and that included friend 1. She would still text me occasionally, especially if she was having a bad day. I told me ex that I wasn’t hanging out with her outside of work and that I would avoid her more at work. I stopped going to team sponsored events outside of work to avoid her because he didn’t like her. This past Thursday she was having a really bad day and said some things to make me worry for her mental health and safety. I offered to go on a walk with her for a bit to help her calm down. On Saturday, my ex and I were driving to go camping, a 3 hour drive, and he started looking through my messages. This isn’t he first time he has done this. He would go through my phone a lot when I was sleeping to see if I was texting friend 1. He did see the message about me asking her if she wanted to go on a walk and he got pissed. He told me I lied to him and betrayed him. He said friend 1 ruined the relationship. We ended up camping anyway and he kept bringing it up throughout the weekend. On Monday we got lunch at a restaurant before driving home and he told me to choose between him and getting rid of her in my life. I told him that I wasn’t going to choose. As long as I still work at that job, there’s no way of avoiding her. I can’t leave the job because I don’t have enough work experience to get another one with the same salary. He got mad at me and started yelling at me telling me again and again that I destroyed the relationship. He also threw a water bottle at my car and it bounced back and hit me. It was a very long and awkward ride home. He called me the next day to continue insulting me and telling me how much I ruined the relationship. I broke it off with him after he kept calling me and insulting throughout the night knowing I had early meetings in the morning. I ended up going to the hospital on Tuesday because I had a panic attack that caused sever chest pain, which made me miss a day of work. He is convinced that I destroyed the relationship even though I already lost a friend (friend 1), gave up grad school, a gym membership, and a lot of money on a vacation my ex and I were supposed to go on. I gave up weekends with my family and friends to stay with him where we wouldn’t leave his apartment because he didn’t want to run into anyone he knew.
TLDR: ex made me choose between him and a friend, I refused to choose, he told me I destroyed the relationship.
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2023.05.31 11:47 purplelight New to Crohn's :(.. pain primarily at night upon waking.. does any of this sound normal?

Long story short.. I'm wondering how many people here with Crohn's get severe pain at night after they've been asleep for 5 - 6 hours?
My pain started four years ago in my late 30s. When I wake up I feel the pain.. it almost always wakes me up 5 - 6 hours after sleeping.
Here's the kicker for me.. the pain goes away 99% of the time after I stand up for a while and especially after eating a meal.
Over the last 4 years the pain seemingly magically disappeared for some months here and there leading me to believe whatever the problem was was solved. According to the gastroenterologist I saw last week he said this is consistent for people with crohn's for it to do into remission and come back again.
Here is the gastroenterologist's notes from last week's appointment:
Performed a point of care intestinal ultrasound and found "bowel wall thickening in terminal ileum and caecal regions with prominent LNs."
from the doctor's memo:
"a/w ileocaecal wall thickening and prominent LNs
"ddx Crohn's disease"
The management plan:
  1. Ileocolonoscopy
  2. Keep in view enterography/VCE to evaluate rest of the small bowel
In fact, I want to want to do the colonoscopy ASAP but the other fact is I am traveling overseas (in Asia) for the next few months. The costs out of pocket for it here is high (Singapore). My girlfriend lives here. That's not important though as that's not why I'm posting.
I also realized from a quick Google search that CD is "2 - 4x" more likely to affect people with Ashkenazi Jewish. Welp, even though I had abusive parents and went into foster care as a child and very little communication with my birth family but according to my DNA results from a few years ago, I have 60% Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Fuck
So I guess it's safe to assume it's Crohn's.. 4 years of pain. But I don't have rectal bleeding.. I never vomit.. I rarely get fevers. Mainly I just have the stomach pain and discomfort especially at night close to 4 - 6 hours after sleeping.. and very light pain and discomfort between meals. Does any of this ring true for anyone else here? I don't have typical symptoms but things seem to be lining up to be CD. I know I need to have a colonoscopy done ASAP.. I just need to figure out how I can with my current situation.
When I was in the U.S I had an upper endoscopy done two years ago.. nothing found. Multiple other tests. I asked about having a colonoscopy done too but each time the gastroenterologist in the U.S said no.. it's not necessary to have a colonoscopy done. And now I'm in this situation where I urgently should have one done asap.. fucking hell
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2023.05.31 11:47 Round_Finance_9384 My part of story

My ex dx partner and I have to stay in contact due to formal issue and tonight we had a very unpleasant phone call where the conversation went to the past. He did a lot of bad things( talked with 2 women behind my back, downloaded dating app, had secret account etc) and I told him that all I expected from him was to say sorry and to acknowledge his bad.
He went fully arrogant and said ,, you're just trying to make me look like I did worse? I said I accepted it" . Minute before he said ,, what I did was not as bad in comparison to what you did" . He confidently said that it was not bad enough.
He claimed that trying to dump me over a text twice because he had RSD , talking with women behind my back and so on what I described was ,, MISUNDERSTANDING ".
,, what you did was intentional,you knew what you were doing that's why you tried to hide it" .
All I did was texting his coworker twice: once after he just decided to block me because he found profile on his friend dating app that looked like me and thought it was me, second time when he got annoyed by his boss and my profile picture with some quote and then tried to dump me with a text message. He acts like I committed the worst crime. All I texted her was ,,do you know what happened because I can't reach out to him" . Yes I didn't told him I did it because I knew he will go fully ballistic and break up with me. That's what happened. He told me I should have just broken up with him then when he did something wrong 👍
I totally know that he is in full denial and has no intention to take ANY accountability for his actions and he is gaslighting me by trying to act like he apologized. He never did. He laughed at me ,,yeah it's all my fault, you're fully sane" . I am absolutely devastated once again not because I didn't expect that but because it feels incredibly nasty. I am fully aware I should have left him after the second action but I felt so much injustice and I loved him so much that I tried to save it. He doesn't care that he caused it. He literally said ,, that's the difference between us and that's why it didn't work out ". No , it's because he took zero accountability. I am mentally exhausted.
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2023.05.31 11:47 kReOn-6342 If you don't look an Umberhulk in the eye, you're not looking at it: disadvantage?

This weekend, on the way to the Underdark, my party was surprised by two Umberhulks during a long rest. I narratively described how the looks from the Umberhulk's eyes were driving the characters "crazy" after I called for the CHA saving throw. By observing the effects, the bard has called out the warning not to look at the creatures. This caused characters to close their eyes, look away, or put their hand in front of their eyes. As a result, in my opinion, all attack rolls had to be made with disadvantage. Because the Umberhulk's status block says "If the creature does so, it can't see the Umberhulk until the star tof it's next turn, when it can avert it's eyes again." Now I had the discussion with the Druid player that since she was in bear form, she would only look at the legs and attack the legs because of the position of the bear's head. It was one of those conversations where people try to argue against RAW with "realism".
Did I handle this correctly with disadvantage when attacking?
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2023.05.31 11:47 bisaurus Munich, Germany - Cebu, Philippines: 26f, 09/12/23-15/01/24

Hi everyone,
I'm currently putting together my budget-friendly iterinary to go from Munich, Germany to Cebu, Philippines in Dec/Jan with the plan to explore multiple islands. I don't know anything about the Philippines yet, but would like to find a travel buddy to decide on common interests and sights we would like to explore together. You're a local and would like to show me around? Feel free to message me!
What am I like? I'm a fairly laid-back person with a knack for foreign languages, so chances are, I'll know at least some basic Tagalog by the time we travel. :) I'm good at communicating in a bunch of languages and talking my way out of difficult situations. I've travelled Asia before and know how to haggle. I'm fairly aware of my surroundings, but I'm scared of heights and have a bad sense of spatial orientation. I like running, hiking, nature and water sports. I'm also a big fan of museums and cultural sights, especially if they have a linguistic connection. I also love trying new food, the spicier the better, I love seafood, but I don't eat pork.
What am I looking for? I'm looking for a relaxed travel buddy to spend part or all of this trip with. I'm perfectly fine with doing things together while also giving each other space to explore things solo. It's important to me that you have a sense of humour, but at the same time a sense of responsibility. I would love if we both come up with an iterinary together, since this is a long trip to a region I know nothing about. I don't really care about your age or gender, or where you are from, as long as you're fun to be around. I'm a fan of budget-friendly travel options, and I'd love to travel with someone with a similar mindset. Thanks for reading! I'll meet you in the Philippines!
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2023.05.31 11:47 Accurate-Writer5257 Cash

If you’re a foreigner, bring cash when you go to Korea because you need to use them for the following things
  1. Topping up t-money card/ one-time Transit passes— it was really so baffling how we couldn’t top up using credit/debit card even at convenience stores. Even if you buy a new tmoney card using card, you can only “recharge” it using cash (??!!!) (1350won on average, 4150 from the airport, 500 won deposit for one time cards)
  2. Paying cab drivers (KakaoT). Foreigners can’t link their “debit card” because the only option is LinePay, which people without KR bank accounts can’t access. (10,000-20,000 won per trip on average)
  3. Some small shops (yes, even in Seoul) prefer cash, and will offer a discount if you use cash (we got a 10% discount at quite a few places)
  4. ApplePay isn’t a thing at many places, even at olive young, so bring your physical card.
It was helpful to bring some of our home currency for emergencies. I believe you can withdraw cash using some cards too but I guess you can always plan for situations where you lose your card.
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2023.05.31 11:46 zolmik Searching for a game (top-down, knights in a castle?)

Hi there,
I'm trying to find an old C64 game I used to play back in the days (middle europe), unfortunately don't have too much memories about that.
It was a "full" top-down game where you control a knight (or soldier?) in a castle (or military base?).
You start in a cell or a room. The game has good graphics and dark blue tone.
Any ideas?
Thanks :)
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2023.05.31 11:46 TopIll1997 Essential Elements of a Contract law

Are you trying to figure out how to learn about the Basics of Contract Law the simplest method possible. The following list covers 10 Fundamental Contract Law Elements.
  1. Offer and Acceptance: Understand how contracts are formed through the process of making an offer and its acceptance.
  2. Intention to Create Legal Relations: Learn about the importance of parties intending to enter into a legally binding agreement.
  3. Consideration: Explore the concept of consideration, which involves the exchange of something valuable between the parties.
  4. Capacity: Understand the legal capacity required for individuals to enter into a contract, including considerations for minors and individuals with limited capacity.
  5. Legality: Learn about the requirement for contracts to have a lawful purpose and not violate any legal principles or public policy.
  6. Consent: Discover the significance of parties giving their voluntary and genuine consent without any undue influence or duress.
  7. Writing and Formalities: Understand situations where written contracts or specific formalities may be necessary for certain types of agreements.
  8. Express and Implied Terms: Explore the difference between terms explicitly stated in a contract and those implied by law or custom.
  9. Performance and Discharge: Learn about the obligations of parties to perform their contractual duties and the various ways in which a contract can be discharged.
  10. Breach and Remedies: Understand the consequences of a party's failure to fulfill their contractual obligations and the available legal remedies for the aggrieved party.
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2023.05.31 11:46 Significant_Ask9931 Need help, not sure whether to buy more generals, what generals to currently invest in or what generals to sell

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2023.05.31 11:46 jayrocc_ Norfolk Southern Conductor in Baltimore

Does anybody have knowledge of NS operations in Baltimore? I have a start date for a Conductor job. I know I will start off on the extra board but is there any chance of ever holding a job or has PR made that near impossible? I don’t want to set my self up living a life where I am on call forever. Thanks.
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2023.05.31 11:46 alfarez Who reads lots of boring long documents?

I wrote a small app that simplifies long PDF documents, mainly to scratch my own itch.
It's one of those 'Chat to PDF' apps, where you upload a big PDF doc, and then ask it questions. The AI behind it helps to answer your questions in plain English, using content from the PDF.
On a larger scale, I'm thinking something like this would benefit people who come across the need to read large, dry, documents regularly.
People who read legal documents, policy documents, research papers, etc. These are good candidates.
Borrowing your brain for a minute: what other types of documents do you think can benefit from this type of tool?
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2023.05.31 11:46 mirandasoveralls Parents are visiting me in NYC (have a unique situation)

Hi all! My dad and my stepmom are visiting NYC in late June for the first time together.
I'll preface by saying my dad 1) used to travel to NYC from the Bay Area (where I'm from originally) for many years for work. He would usually stay in Hoboken (years 2011-2019) when staying here and then would traverse into Manhattan for his day to day during this time. 2) my dad and stepmom are in a biracial relationship (my dad is white and my stepmom is Cuban). My stepmom grew up in Cuba/Miami and is definitely a firecracker personality, However, my dad is more subdued, but eccentric in his own way. 3) I have never traveled with them together but they vacation multiple times a year outside of the US, HOWEVER have both proclaimed that they are only visiting NYC bc I live here). 4) they would be visiting me and my BF (Korean-American) in NYC. We live in LIC and moved here together a year ago. My parents are staying in a hotel near us (LIC Hotel -- I told them this wasn't maybe the fanciest but they don't care).
I'm originally from the Bay Area (SF/Oakland) and they are both okay with weird stuff happens in a large city like NYC.
My issue is when I was home most recently seeing them is that they really don't know what they want to do in NYC (they're staying a Wed-Wed so about 6 full days) and they are looking at me to dictate what to do. I know there are a ton if resources here. I, and my BF, have only live in NYC for a year. We have ideas of what we like to do but for a couple where they both tell me they collectively don't like NYC and are only coming to see me....what should I suggest as fun, interesting things to do with them?
BTW -- I understand if I get responses like "tell them to fuck off" or "there's lots to do!" but I really am struggling with what to suggest to 2 parents who are apprehensive of visiting NYC.
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2023.05.31 11:46 LikeCommentSubscrajb 701 '22 suddenly vibrates as hell

hello people,
i have a '22 701sm (absolutely stock) with about 7k km on it. during a ride out on the weekend (about 300km), I noticed that my bike started vibrating really hard - up to a point where my hands started to get numb. I can 100% tell that this was not an issue before. 1 cylinder bikes are vibrating, but not like my bike started to lately.
so far I have figured out the following:
- enough oil in engine - vibration does not depend on the state of the bike (warm/cold) - vibration does not depend on rpm, however, it does get stronger between 60-80% gas/rpm. - chain-tension is good - all the essential screws are adequately tightened (according to the user's manual and torque screw) - my tires are completely gone but that is planned and new ones are getting mounted on Friday.
help would be greatly appreciated! I still have a warranty but I don't want to visit the bike shop without being able to give at least some pointers.
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2023.05.31 11:46 GloomySelf Where to buy Disney 100 Minifigs in Australia

Hi so I just want Stitch because I love him
I’ve never bought these before but I know there’s a feel guide to get the one you want. Just want to know which stores in Australia sell minifigs from previous collections on the shelf - not over the counter where I have to ask someone.
Anyone know what AUS stores have sold the single Lego mini figures on the shelf that I can go to?
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2023.05.31 11:45 PralineCritical5339 If you could travel to any country in the world right now, where would you go?

What's the most unexpected act of kindness you've ever received?
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2023.05.31 11:45 Haunting_Ad4439 What are brush tiles, and how are they used in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities to manage airflow, reduce noise, and improve cooling efficiency?

Brush tiles are essential in managing airflow, reducing noise, and improving cooling efficiency in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities. They are designed to prevent the escape of hot air from equipment and devices and to guide cool air where it is needed most. This blog will explore brush tiles,
how they are used in server rooms and data centres, and how Netrack India marks India's best brush tile manufacturer.
Brush tiles are a type of ventilation tile that uses a series of brush strips to manage airflow. The brush strips are soft, flexible materials designed to seal gaps between tiles and other openings in server racks and cabinets. They come in a various range of sizes and styles to accommodate various server racks and cabinets.
Brush tiles are used in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities to manage airflow and reduce noise. They can help prevent hot air from escaping from equipment and devices and guide cool air where needed most. This allows us to improve cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption, resulting in cost savings for the facility.
In addition to managing airflow and reducing noise, brush tiles can also help improve the facility's overall cleanliness. For example, they can help prevent dust and other particles from entering the server racks and cabinets, improving the reliability and performance of the equipment and devices.
Brush tiles are an effective way to manage airflow in server rooms and data centres. They can help to ensure that cool air is given to where it is needed most, which can improve the cooling efficiency of the facility. In addition, by reducing the amount of hot air that escapes from equipment and devices, brush tiles can also help to reduce energy consumption and lower cooling costs.
Another benefit of brush tiles is that they can help to reduce noise levels in the facility. By sealing gaps and preventing hot air escape, brush tiles can help create a quieter and more comfortable environment for staff and visitors.
Besides managing airflow and reducing noise, brush tiles can also help improve the facility's overall aesthetics. They are provided in a variety of styles and colours to match the server racks and cabinets, which can help create a more cohesive and professional look.
At Netrack India, we understand the importance of brush tiles in managing airflow, reducing noise, and improving cooling efficiency in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities. We are a leading brush tile manufacturer in India, providing high-quality brush tiles in various sizes and styles to fit various server racks and cabinets.
Our brush tiles are soft, flexible materials designed to seal gaps between tiles and other openings in server racks and cabinets. They are easy to install and easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.
In conclusion, brush tiles are essential in managing airflow, reducing noise, and improving cooling efficiency in server rooms, data centres, and other critical facilities. As a leading brush tile manufacturer in India, we provide high-quality brush tiles that can help improve your facility's overall performance,
reliability, and aesthetics. To find out more about our brush tile solutions and how they may help your facility, get in touch with us right away.
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2023.05.31 11:45 MarioMSC Confluence-user group and ability to view confluence pages

Confluence-user group and ability to view confluence pages
Hello fellow Jira admins,
For the past few week we started to have an issue with users and the confluence-user group (default group). A user cannot view a space/confluence pages without being added to this group. Trouble is that when I add them to the group, they are also being able to edit the confluence pages, which means that they also get a license.
In the past, this group worked properly, they only got viewing rights to confluence pages (no edit). Once they have been added to the project they are able to view confluence. Recently, I started to get users contacting me that their access to confluence has been revoked and they cannot view pages. When I add them to the group (confluence-users) the Confluence button becomes green, meaning they get a license and can edit confluence pages. I checked all the pages, spaces, and the permissions are fine, where every user can see it. The groups are also added to every space, so that users can see it.
Do you guys have any ideas what the issue might be?


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2023.05.31 11:45 ResolutionHot5875 What to do if a firm offers, while you’re still interviewing with another firm?

I’m keeping the post quite vague for obvious reasons. I suppose my situation is fairly common, but I’m admittedly not experienced with interviews, so I appreciate any advice.
Currently I’m interviewing with two firms, let’s say A and B. The roles are different in nature, but both are very good, however I prefer role B for various reasons. Both involve multiple rounds of interviews.
Currently firm A is faster with the interviewing process and I think it’s likely (not a sure thing, but likely) that they will make an offer. Firm B will take an additional 5-7 working days to finish the interview process.
If firm A does grant an offer, how should I handle this situation? Ideally I would like to stall them a bit until I’m clear where I stand with firm B. However, I don’t want to risk firm A rescinding the offer, in case things don’t work out with firm B.
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2023.05.31 11:45 Remarkable-Loathing Write Your Title Here

Is it just me, or does anyone also refuse to get better out of spite? I literally know i could turn my life around, or at least make it "better" but i refuse to. I refuse to work, to do anything anymore. Since childhood, I've always been told exactly what I am, what to do. They see my "talents" and "potential" as tools they can use for themselves. They abuse me and do whatever they want, but im told evey day to get over it, move on, "rise above it and be a productive member of society!". Im the problem here, I need to change. I need to learn to tolerate abuse so I can live for other people. Living for other people will make ME happy somehow. I gave up on being happy a long time ago. They trained me how to be miserable, live in trash, take pain, take abuse, take being a prisoner and isolation. You trained me well, so well in fact that those things you threaten me with if i dont do what you want dont scare me much anymore. I just expect to live that way despite whatever choices i make at this point. I play a mean game of hard ball, I want nothing, and you want my very existence to be for you. Im funny and interesting, smart, multi talented. Im a great listener, I care about people, im sweet and nice, good with kids, and Im atleast average iq, i always tested higher in school. Ive been told all these things by so many people, including the ones who made me feel the most worthless. Despite my damage and problems, Im not that bad, really, I'm not. I know im desirable, and that makes me want to do less. The more im wanted, the more i want to die. I refuse to let anyone use me again. I hate myself only when I have to take others into account. I don't hate myself so much when im alone. Im good at being alone, I know how to entertain myself, and some of the happiest times of my life are the ones where ive not talked or seen anyone for days, even months. When im alone, nothing i do is weird or wrong or something im going to get in trouble for. I can talk to myself how I want to. I dont have to muffle my screams of pain or mask. Im free to be the little ape I am. Im a simple creature too. Someone got me a box of whale crackers from the dollar store yesterday and im so fuckin excited and happy. I want to just grab the box, run to my room, hide behind some furniture, and eat it like a little gremlin. Nothing is free, and im not willing to pay the insane fee just for 2 seconds of happiness and a box of cheesey whales. Im more than happy to die before I allow them to tell me im wrong for being what i am and that i should change. Accept me for the little pet i am, or get rid of me, but you're not going to sit there and beat the dog into submission anymore, because the dog is biting back now. Watch your hands.
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2023.05.31 11:44 Haunting_Ad4439 What is normal power distribution, and how does it provide reliable and efficient power supply to various equipment and devices in data centers, server rooms, and other critical facilities?

Normal power distribution is essential in providing reliable and efficient power supply to various equipment and devices in data centres, server rooms, and other critical facilities. It refers to distributing electrical power from the main source to various equipment and devices in a facility using a system of transformers, switchgear, and distribution panels.
The primary objective of normal power distribution is to ensure that the equipment and devices in the facility receive a constant and stable supply of electricity. This is achieved by implementing a redundant power system comprising multiple power sources, including the utility grid, generators, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs).
Power distribution from the main source to the equipment and devices is typically done through a series of transformers, which step down the voltage from high to low levels suitable for the equipment and devices. The transformers are connected to switchgear, which protects and controls the power distribution system. The switchgear is also responsible for switching between sources of power in the event of a blackout or other issues with the primary power source.
Distribution panels are then used to distribute the power from the switchgear to the various equipment and devices in the facility. These panels are typically equipped with circuit breakers and other protective devices to ensure power is distributed safely and efficiently.
One of the key advantages of normal power distribution is that it provides a reliable and efficient power supply to the equipment and devices in the facility. In addition, by implementing a redundant power system, the facility can ensure that power is always available, even in an outage or other issues with the primary power source.
This is particularly important for critical facilities such as data centres and server rooms, which require a constant and stable power supply to ensure the equipment and devices remain operational. A brief power outage can have significant consequences in these environments, including data loss, equipment damage, and reduced productivity.
Another advantage of normal power distribution is that it allows for efficient use of power. The facility can reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs by implementing a system that lowers the voltage to levels suitable for the equipment and devices.
In addition, distribution panels can be equipped with metering and monitoring devices to track power consumption and identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved. This information can be used to implement energy-saving measures and optimize the facility's power use.
Normal power distribution is essential in providing reliable and efficient power supply to various equipment and devices in data centres, server rooms, and other critical facilities. By implementing a redundant power system and using transformers, switchgear, and distribution panels, facilities can ensure that power is always available and energy is used efficiently.
At Netrack India, we understand the importance of normal power distribution and provide a range of solutions to help ensure that our client's facilities have a constant and stable power supply. Our solutions include UPSs, power distribution units (PDUs), and rack power distribution units (RPDUs) designed to provide reliable and efficient power to the equipment and devices in data centres and other critical facilities/
Our UPSs are designed to provide backup power during an outage or other issues with the primary power source. We offer a range of UPSs, including online UPSs, line-interactive UPSs, and offline UPSs,
to meet the needs of different facilities.
Our PDUs and RPDUs are designed to distribute power to the equipment and devices in a facility safely and efficiently. They are equipped with circuit breakers and other protective devices to ensure that the power is distributed safely, and they can be equipped with metering and monitoring devices to track power consumption and identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved.
In conclusion, normal power distribution is essential in providing reliable and efficient power supply to various equipment and devices in data centres, server rooms, and other critical facilities. By implementing a redundant power system and using transformers, switchgear, and distribution panels, facilities can ensure that power is always available, and energy is used efficiently. At Netrack India, we provide a range of solutions to help ensure that our client's facilities have a constant and stable power supply. To discover more about our services, call us immediately to learnfind out more about power distribution solutions and how they can help improve the reliability and efficiency of your facility's power supply.
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2023.05.31 11:44 No-Star8491 Have you ever had a déjà vu experience?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live and why?
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